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OF $500.
Extraordinary Scenes at tte Besl
4eae of Mr. Worlc;, at 6 wlnedd,
lluiitBonj.erv to, Pen a.
A sUoe j tr weighing aont foar
poirai, which was p'a'ted 01 a "BD'e
in tbe house of Fra k Worlt-y, at
GwinedJ, Mon gonoe y county, 8!kj
from thj bible at about o'clock oo
TharaJay ev.-niiiR aid mae an ex t
throat tte lear aor, t-iramgine
arth tb at ten f-et from t1 e 'ut rt'i g
place, br.aklrg It to a handtxl pi ce .
A reputt r arrived at the bo ihb at 8
'aloe in tba tvei ing, Just in time to
tee a tm 11 uiiror hanging in tbe fio .t
. t : . i r. i
pirior e act as luuau i nati oeen
heeled no ndiaf cf c old ar blown on
it. These myn'.irn us liappet ius hive
been g " g a at Mr. Wot ley a rn
4ance for oue week, and tie villain
ban be. n tit own into a grant atatt of
aztifmeut ad tie re-i dHLt. are much
myitia d T n trt t a sr. at maty per
9as visit d the m-ene of the atratga
- ocearreoces; na "y of them ventured
into t'ae po eh of the house, wt'ich is
atwaeto.y frame etrncture, but (e
baa the oarese to eut-r. The en
tire boaee wss lighted with caudle,
ni in t e second floor chaaibur
htm Mrs. Worley, who bae been pros
I rated by a at-rvoua shock rrcsived by
th etrangn l) fiaer.cs which appear
to tarn. 4 everything in tie home.
Upte last Fiiday evening nothing
vergirg on the sop1 rntnal bad evt-r
viatiea tbat part of Montgomery coun
ty, and (consequently the ex itement
is so mbi ate mure intense. Last
Friday mornins when one of the fam
ily wt-nt dawn in the callar, several
fruit i n were found lying broken
near tte window, and inquiry oh'
loeed t ie face that no one knew nv
thine ationt ttem, and n ws not
known where ta p ace the blame.
LaW In the evening, Muttnew, a
son cf Mr. Worhy, eajs that while
standing in the yard an empty g'ass
jar cume firing tbr ugh tLe celar
window as thongh it baa been thrown
oat by Bone one. JUetbougnt note
in j ef r, but when two more came
out be tbi nght it beet to investigate,
and acrordiOkly ha and his f t er
started to go down the ctl ar stairs,
Asaoon v the dour lea ling t the cel
lar wrs epxned eev ral crashes were
heard and the gists and chin;
war in the iwiua begin rat
tling at a terrific late, Bev-
eiai class cuts bursting as thongh
hea-d b yoiid the powers of encur
anae. 'thtr and sod then went into
the aellar,where it seamed cs if all of
the hundreds of jarj of f uit were try
ing to see wiiiih coad bunt the
quickest. Upon examination no hiag
coa'd be found which would ctn:u
them to fcret k, xenpt trat some of
them were a little warm, aud it wai
thought the fruit had become fer
mented Iram irnin reason. o nt g
more vtm nan or tnoauut ot the mat
ter until B tu day nifht when ihe
strange riroeutdiuiH began. 0 ockery
and glial wri oa the shtlves becan to
rattle, t ie lamps ehook, and evtry
thing bore the apnearat.cs of an earth
qaaka, w th the exception that there
. wis no s oek or jar to the house.
Tuesday toe brittle aril-It's hrgan
wai atng aronnd t ie room and su ot
ing tkr inei the windows a'-d doo s,
By thb time it b( ame noised around
the neig b rhood thut spooks were
workit g at Mr. VVorley'a house, and
many cuiioas people went to investi-
gte tne ma'ter. Annoug tnu wre
Mi&s 'a Witmer, Mrs. Theodore Fo-
lan and trrO'ge (Jdener.
They nm uned at toe house for over
an hour, and at the end of thet time
were repaid for their trouble by see
ing the gleai over pigtures hunxiog
on the wills break in a myeteiiona
maamr. Tne WRdows wt-.re left open,
and the g ass cap and two gla-i chim
neys placed on a table in the center of
the room gave a wa ni;'g tojke and
suddenly d snppeared us tnouh sh'.t
from a ainnon, paeeing thtoagh tbe
windows aad s'riiti a the ground fully
thiity fent away. Toe dest u :tioa whs
not aceorupanied by any suptraatoral
noise, the only sound being that
caused by the warrs stnkirg tbe
gronnd, ajmost couriy similar bap
penings t a atace, and the nvc-
ount hie doings are vouched for by
airs. Annm iiiviR, ivira. j. wiiibiuk,
Dr. D 0. Li' d, Willism J. Leonard
and others. By this time the tumois
that Mrs. Worley'a house wai be
witched pern trtited into the neighbor
ing towus, and every t ain brought
new recruits t) review tbe wonderful
working. The yard was fl led with
all the vanetif a of brittle ware, ai d
the ligt thing in mi bouse had all
, - been hi iri.td away. Wfdnesday ciiiht
enriona cbaniie took place in the
programme, and instnai of scooting
out ot tne wianows and doom the ai
ticlta b gtn to full from the tide boards
and lab Iks, smashing to pieces as they
struck the floor. The hou e was be
ginning to look like a total wreck, and
old carpe'a were spread on the floors
to citch the debris as it fell, to tbat it
coma De carried away.
Thn'sday ttarwd in fair, acd proved
to roe tne iucm eventful day ol the
week. At abont 10 o'clock in the
morning, a' the little adopted dangh
"ter of Mr. Worley was carrying agasi
dish from the dining room iuto the
kitchen it broke with a craeh, and cut
ner naod severely in several plact s.
Experiment were then tried, d'shes
were placed on tables, and peoole
watcnea inem lor lew moment?,
when the dishes would either slide to
tbe floor or dart out of the windows
As the windows were kept closed it
made havoc wi'h them, and over a
score of pnes of glass wera broken in
this mo niag. Anootnoon, as Mat-
toew wtney was standing with a
mail cbina piat'er in his band he
ays tbat It began to move in a circle
He became fiielrtnpd and let it do.
thinking it would fall to the floor, bm
instead af doing as he expected it
went through a window as though
thrown by some inv Bible hfnd and
:Btrnck the laid about thirty feet from
wbeie he s'rod. One marble statue
was a. en 1 1 fly to pieces af ;er it had
"been placed in tbe wagon. Every
breaktb'e art'ele waj then temoverJ,
and the d ctmbance etaied. Itiset
tima'ed that over 1000 persons virited
thehnnee today. Glassware wastaken
in and laid en the table while an ex
cited crowd waited several hoors and
were rewarded at 10:05 o'clock in the
morning by seeiug it fall to tte floor,
dive rot the doer and buiet io the air.
Mr. Worley ray that his actual loes
will be abont IKK), Of the 300 jara of
ftuit in the cellar 280 were demonehed.
Frank Wor'ey is trf aiurer of the
Gommtrcial Ex ihanga and a member
of tbe firm of Slia-plefs, Woiley &
Neil, sraia and flour commission mer-
ehants, doirg bniiners at Broad and
Race streets, in thie city. Various
theories are being biougbt forward ai
ths real rause of the phenomen"
Among thee who have the least ten.
dency to believe in spooks, the general
opinioa is that the bous- U bit 'hfd
by magnetic irflaence. Th; it flaence;
they tav, comes from the li'Ueg"! who
sa r crtn'iy aaoptd by Mr. and Mr.
wo ley. ene t n rera 1 1 ase, ot
very rervous nanr.. and baa Wen
living wi h the family ab uts'x weeks.
0 hers, however, lanirri tt tbii i lea.
and cenneat the tra"ge happeuiugs
wuu i e re eat e.rtnqnaa s in
Ctiarlettjn. Several suient fio m n
from this ci'y called at tbe house today
and informed Mr. Worlev that t' e
pbmotnena was due to an elit ick It
pae4mi( UDder a cit rn in ths ce lar.
A number i f mtn ra around tbe h i se
all night w thlan en s, makitg regular
iounstfee II ai yttnag new nai
happen d A father iuvestg:t.on
Will Le made omo r. w.
Strlhlna; Coirt InTbrir Career
JNuahttt hu4 llartbolonew,
Boib of Hartford, Cwa.
New Yrrk Sun: On the 25th cf
Ju e last there pa-, at one of the
tablet in the Hotloian cafe a man
if pio ligioas size. He was six ftet
it tigh' bis neck wis lie i el-
nmn. he ehcoldcni more than three
f et broad, and Lis chest ewdlnd like
i he bulgt of a l.oirsne .d. He w
both a itonrmand and a gcurm' t. His
aie was amoo h (.fanveo. cbet-ks blot
ed, bat he bad a p'easai.t smile, ani
was ihe life i f thn pny with which
he was dining. Ha was dreeted in
g od 'as e si d in the la'fst fashion
He wore ra hi r cot bd'cuous j welry
He would have bfen picked out fir a
rther faet club m m, uud be woa. His
home was in Hanfo.d, wh-ra he had
lived fonie twenty e.irs tbe ideal me
for Har f rd of b man cf tre wt rid,
He k pt fait hofses, the e wai a breath
of comment nlwav- re puting his re-
la'io: a with certain worn n, no was a
cool t oker pbyer, he entertained as
no oth r bachelor in Hartfcrd did.
and was reg tided by the lively you -
men there at the . mod'
gool fallow. At the tame
t me nus ncM mm tesrected him. He
had cme from a rich business family
in Tit efl Id and b ouht some t70,000
t llartf rd. He eRtabliehed aod
marairdd re viral mannfactnricrg enter
prsip. LcS1 spring he went to St.
Louis witb Edgir Walls, in connettiou
th the pnrchaae of the Wabash
railroad system, and bis fl: arc'nl sog'
itettioi s were there deemed worth
cons doring. His name ia P!ankit,
and he is now a wanderer and a di
faalter for mary thousand dolhrj,
He baa been living dishonestly to
one kcows tuw loi g. When, thrpe
or four wet ka ate, P unkett rati away,
people ia Htrtfoid sa d that ar.o her
mau was ruioed by last and ri tous
livi' g, und that such a cou-sa of li'e
aaPlunkttt led ws sura to bring a
man to a Dishonorable end.
'1 his is one ttory. Now for a-.otbe'
On the very day (hat Piuckeit was
dining and wiping at tbe JUoilm.n
with bis jovUl, f isbiot aMe toinpa
i oua there liurri'd up Broad a a
slender, Bharp-fenturod, Brillow f-Cid
mn, who entwd the fit. Jam n Hotel
and eeUed bimHtdf in the l.bby, as
thongh awaiting f.oma one. His
clorbrs ere plain, almost shalby.
Thefror.tof hla cott wai spatted, as
th ugh he were carole s in his eatii g.
His boots were not well oloaned.
From under bia bushy eebrows there
ti end, however, a pir tf very biih.
quxk eyes, remark. bly eo fir a man
tf hm apparent jear, h's age was
nla niy not lar from 70, A prosperous
bus nfes maa came into the lobby,
and the re-pect with which he treated
tbe old man indicated t''at th latt r
wasaptrson of tome coLaequt-nce,
noiwubs aading bis nla'n appearance.
The conversation bet een them hav
ing a-etn finiihed, tho old nun went
to tbe cloak room, called for a baket,
and then retiring to a secluded tlic
took out eoxe bread and butter and
ck'.s ml ate bis ftugi mal.
II bad spent the uiubt at an-pu-
tblo but cheap lodging hotel, and be
had brou.ht food enough in a busket
from hie borne to Buttaiu bim for two
days. Ytt this wan was a power in
the financial wo'ld. He wai reputed
to be wortn $1, 00,000. He had B-rved
on railroid dnectories with such men
as Satnutl J. Tildon, Ila w s presi
dent nf ball a ib zen great corpor iiiona
and his credit wes so great tbat banks
eagwrly accepted bis paper and railed
it gilt edged. Mn accepted bis finan
c al views as the b.'et to be had, and
l is name end experience a one had
floated more than o:ie onua y from
embarrassment to Eurcess. Ua, like
Pluokett, was a Harford man, but,
unl ke the younger man, he was a
pero i of sineultrly correct habit tin
private l.fe. Ilia food w.-soi the plain
eat. He ntver knew the taste of wine
or tt -Oliver spirits. He never used to
bacao. Ha nevtr had a fact horse. He
never vieited thentDis, nor. in lact, ever
a lowed himself milder forms i f scal
pleas ire j. He was ve-y active in h's
cnurcn, which he almost carltd
on lii ehouldorj. He was a
frequent dxlegate to misaanary
end charitable gatherings. He
was an enthusiastic member tf the
Whitt Or oas League, and mad many
address-1 in favor of active eiToiti to
reclaim fallen women and to pu'f'sh
nachueti-v in men. When in New
York, where be spent much of bh
tim be alw vs declined iuvitatiors of
his buiness colleagues to par icipate
in dipaipations, harmless or otherwise,
and te was everywhere regarded as a
mat ot mod: 1 lite. Xbia was Ueorge
M. Btrtbolomew. and lat week he.
too, wai admittedly a defnuitr for
some $120,000, taken from tho firm of
the great Charter 0k Insurance Com
pany, of which be watt president. He
has fled like Plnnket, taough Barthol
omew's hiding place is known and
Piunki-t'd is col. His dishonesty has
involved Btvjral corporations, will
cripple probably a number of banks
and cansrt loes to many individuals.
Here, then, we find tbat the riisu-
pved, frahiouabln, fast living, poker
Paying man of tbe world and ths ab
stemious, plain living, moral man and
profeesirg Chrietian here been doirg
tbe fame tt ing eicbuzlitg and th
scondmg. It is no wonder t opt Hart
ford people are somewhat dazed by
these yerv conspicuous revtlations of
similar dishonest practices on the part
H a man tf mcral snd a man of im
moral life.
'Twn on the boaeh he met tor,
And iho; oft fat hand ia hand
Upon tho cool piaita,
Ai they liuened to the band,
De totd her that he lored her,
Praiied t,er hair, her cheekt aed eyea,
And aha limencd. bluihina redlft
And ihe anawarod him with aiftJ.
Thin they parted. In the city
Now he u eete the maiden tweet,
Btt'. ehe doei not recoa-nir,e him
Ai the tweepi along tbe etrcet.
'Tj" the tame with mmt flirtation!
That occur b.aide the tea:
. ",,n undir houaemtid.
And a dry goodt clerk waa he.
JJotloa trer.
Des-lltute and Forlorn, Qoeg te
Pooruoufe to End Her Bays
Iler Sad ILsiory.
London, September 21. Caroline
Guelph, an agd wn ao, appeaivd i
the Oambi'rwi'll Workhonte veste
day and asked f r re, in', suppleoirn
ing he an-wer to the ujuh! r qntst
ur cer name wi n the lnt rmi-to
t-at se waa the d.ug' t r of Geo-ge
iv. roar cor.-eapouoent beam g
he- eppiicat:on and lemarkaile i t e-
meni. oncxrnug ber origin, vis te
the wcrain t idty at her lodging,
u h .ndsorr e old lady, dispit j ber
yeara ana evioe:.t s ru ig'ei with p v
erty, and bea-s nnmitt kabln trac a n
high brwediig. Iter hair n eilve
wt ite, har t-artiag stately and ber
lenturea nndoub ediy th' si ot the
Gu Iph type, t-ha was found in
scant ly fmnished room in a home til
u-ti'd on a fiirly veutcel street, uuon
which waa tailed a eignb ard an
nonncing that c othts were mingle
within. The bed ia one corner ol th
li tie room wa if the primitive sort
known as a "rtraw shakedown," and
waa placed on t j bare floor for war
efa bedstead. The old lady had juit
Dougo t nny-g'x poar.di ol coal, waic
the boy wuo delivered it plaesd in
She grestsd me with Iho utmost po
liteness, and in the meet ladylike
manner pi torn i r me ths only chat
tho room aff rdel, eeatirg berselt up
on the coal box. Learning tbe tbj-t
of ray vityt, s e walktd to the door
and locked it to prevent in ru ion
and re-eumed hr eoat with au txrres-
tion oi u qmry upon her tace.
"You a sort, I understand, that
George IV was jour father?"
"iep, i an; oua mo eover, i can
prov it. Why, only two y-a-a ago
the Queen visited meet V.-mxhail,a.id
11 teuen to th-) whole oi mv etory
Her Majesty ept freoly dnrirg its rs-
citai, sua upou leaving gave me
shilling. Her attendants suggested
ihrt pr.ip'ie'y oi sending me a t un
of 500, but as I have wince r c ived
nituu g, Icouclade that II. r 11-iest.y
hue foro t n me. I nm pocitive that
mv yiei or wai tr.e yueeo, lor she her
self til l me bp, and I was al o a ml
Icrly IlI rniHil by d fTeiOLt members
ol tne Bono etttBding ber.
' George IVtomriCte I a morganatic
marriage witn my mi ttier lu Ger
many, where I wan bom. I wur oh nut-
en eo in St. Peter a Cnnrch in Vienna
and the Duke of Wes'niinxWr hes tu
bis posi-esaiou the certificate showi
tbat I was b rn on Ja ua y 16. 1810
I do not lem ruber my father, nor
iia-o l any rccoutct on oi ever eeemg
(jaen u-ir line.
" wnen 1 was 0 years oi age I was
handdd over to ths care of a Mr.'.
8pnton, who received a lurge sum of
money to adopt me. lfce bpan'o
tad in their possesion a great muny
letters and documents reterring to me,
inoiuding my mo ber's marr age cer
tificate. Thee tbelJoke of Wcetmin
ster obtained fr. m the ftpantona by
c.eio ery, n et piouiisiog them money,
in eipecthtioii of wh'ch tbe t'paritous
surrenu re t pirt oi mn pap-r, and
atierwa'd, tailing to luibll bis prom
is. a, ir gnt n.ng tt em into relinquish
ing tne rest oy threats.
''In addition to tbe f. ct that I am
the law ul daughter of Ueorge IV.
am entitled, as t e nearebt ie ative of
the Duke of B u- swick, to money
m unliugto2i',0()i),0OOBterllrg. The
Duke of Brunswick made love to me
while I was living with the Bpantons
on their farm in bufiolk, and made me
an tfier of marriage, which I ref ;s.d
i nave writ.ent) theism eior wniian
ol Germany, beggi: g bim to mist me
in ohtaiuing rxy rights, but have ie
ceived no ans'tr t) my appeal. The
la e Duke of Brdfoid h.d in his cus
tody eone of my papers and the
preset t Dake upou eucceedingto the
tide trarsfaned thcmio the ke-ping
oi tne i'uke d Aamale, to whom be
gave 700 annually to preserve them
and prevent the r fallirg iuto other
nanop, tear ng, no doubt, tt.atit would
n-tb.i w-llf,r him to be known to
the Qieen as their cu-todian. I have
no pioo's now. but thongh they are
ceyond my reach tboy exut, and they
in whose po-seasion tbe proof ere
oare not dastroy them, ttooner
later they ntust come to l ght.
in oues' il ttieBe pronle. 1 went to
the ton e of the Marquis ofTaviet- ck,
the edest con 1 1 the Duke of BLdford.
but his servants wrre ordered to tlait
the dcor in my face. Et 11 hoi inc in
i bta'n tome proi f tbat 1 am what, 1
claim to be, I wtnt again, and this
time I was admitted by tbe JU a'cbion-
ess of Tavistock, to who I upturned
the obj ct of my vitit. t-he treat d
me very kindly, acd exprt esed her bo-
ii f ihat I had beeu ehamufully de
prived -t my nth s. Khe untie itat
mg y said cue thonght the least my
prbdocutt ra could do waa to provide
tmnUf-omjIy tor me as long as 1 lived,
bnt contested ber inability to in
fluence the improvement of mv cob.
d tion, to which she believed me en
titled, net- g thus left powerless to
secure my ri.hts or even to provide
mvself with the attual necersries of
Mo, 1 was compelled to apply to the
Workhou-e for relief."
Ia cjnversa'ion with the autboti
ties at the Woikhousa your coma
ponoent orosirved one oi tbe moat
Birgular leatures of tbi) poor woman a
caee. Accuutorxed es they are to
hosring all sorti of Murjcbaa.en tales
concocted for the purpo-e nt working
npon tbeir feelings, and inclined as
they are to receive tvery story with a
copions eprinkling of salt, the reliev
ing officers give full credence to the
woman a statement.
The hlM Btanlrlniih tf Italy and
Itaelr tjael Lt-J uvea tie) Vf relet.
An Italian workman in Paris needs
no meat and no wine; he can vegetate
on watt-r aid maccaronl, eay a Milan
correspondoutof the r-an Francisco
uironicie, end e eep on a plank bed in
a rickety loft, while his French brother
must have bis rxattieas in bis room,
his pint of claret and bis stewed beef.
iroiJCUltuo U1UUIH 10 pUt OU
whi n Sunday morning comes around.
One franc a day will sttitdv th nii
of one, while it takes four franca to do
justice to the emergenclei of tha
ctber, and Ihus it is why Italian work
men are to be fonnd ready and will
ing to toil during ten, or even twelve
hours for 20 or 25 cents. Many of
these Italian exilep, however, whom I
have encjuntered in Paiis, Brutsels,
Lusanne and Ganeva rarely stoop to
manual labor in order to eke
out a living. Beforo leavinir thnir
raive hud th-v kidoan Vino a
and girls who have good voices, or
bring their own children with
them, and train them up to play tam
bourines and concettinas, or master
the flute and the violin, snd once they
have receivid this tlemen arv ii.-
etrnciion the impresario travels a 1
Europe with them, and sometimes
cioamm over ti America, where ha
g-nerally fancies tht a iii I r nie
ia to be made cat of ihi material
which he hi a got it ady oa btcd.
Cafes a-e genera ly the ham ts cf the
itinerart n.itiatrel". When l etrirgs
tnem into any town or city he tufeeo
up his qu-r era in one of ti e back
lane1, aud seal's them out to sing. If
they do not lay a C'ttiiu amount of
money at his JVtt at n'g'it, when they
come home, be teats li em aud semis
them to ued eupperleep, tnd tho if
eu t is that when they gmw ti yera f
matniity they bndo . tt e old tyrant
and he is forced to - k "other field;)
and ra turei Lew" lor his fortune
- The craelties prcti.ed on theae
bt Ie onna are fearful to con emp'a'e
Of en bave I seen a da-k ey d N a o
it in eignorn.a lookii g pa'a amt l ag
ga tl at the eatlv aga t f 12 or 13 sum.
uoers-h r feature rolib.-d of trat
r ch rfd color of South rn c imes, aad
a pitiful harrowing nti in ber orha es
ahe glanced meekly at yu sad
rlesd d mutely t r a ropier. Others
I bave beheld with b;i.im and biui-tH
on their cheeks sad reminders of the'
fe.oc ty cf thoir owr.eis, who p i-ket
t e swag and loll lanlv at home all
day, while their mietab e lb tie backs
ar wa-t ng tbe r livoa away in the
ftd atmc8ihere of low drinking
Biloons crying for almp, nd foic d ui
li-ten to the ribald conversation of
beso.ted drunkards. I found one of
these palefjced childr n tugging at
my coat-:a la one evening es I as
leaning ever the batt'eaieata of rae
of the bridges ovricoking the Rhone
at Geneva. Whtn I la ned around
I saw a prematU'e'y aged ch Id, wiih
tear h.deu eyis, bo ding i a t'.e po ao
of her Land and in king up preus y
at me. the held a very old vio
lin under her arm, aid a p.ir af tiny
cymbals was attached to a hempen
cord that encircled her waist, "ah!
monrieur," ehe cried in broken
Itrercb, "I have b.tn out a 1 day
playing; but the times are bid and
the peop'e have tio money to throw
away on mo. I o:dy earned l l Bonp,
and papa always bats me wt ea 1 do
m t bring bim a fra c, and now it ia
too la e to p'ay at y more, ard I feel su
ili tba' I fear 1 wM die il he kuoiki
me down and k ckg me as he often d d
before. Will the monsieur for the
love of the Mad. noa hate pity on me ?
Ocrilt inr-pire monsieur to have pity
oa me'!"
Tbe Ewillete freuiler Ilamhoaalea
Taurus An ipltotle Milk
Mr Gladstone's v eit to Tegerneo ia
a enbj not of gieit in ereet in Germany.
The Uermania, ccmnnng him t Cin
c'n etas, nubilahes s'ima r. miniecesof
fo-mer visits tt the la e Premier to
"ihe most lovely of the Bnarian
1, kee," to d by a pergonal friend cf
Mr. Gla's'ote. 'Formerly," says
Herr on A., "air. Gladstone was very
fo d of tl.mbiog mountains, and I re
mrmbcr vay well an a cnt ol the
Whhlbcrg, ou which occasion ho was
not behind the mist h'uiljle of ns. He
Wfs driS'ed in the ciutomary Alpine
coBtume, and his 1 vdiuist aod rgility
became proverbial in t',e little colony
of Strang' ra, Oa anottor occasion Mr.
G'adst me and his family .accompanied
by a party of f' tends, matte a tour by
ini' ibuB to Fischbacau, Bukenatein
and Bayrisibze i. Tbe tour being
rather a lor r one for one day, we
s a ted very early from Tergensee.
Everything went on beatiti ully till
we renched tte well known idvlio
Eost office nrar Miiebach. The
gh risd winds at this place
i om xoeiz - legerrste to M o
bach down a seep incline, t
xiee egain, equally sudden, at he oi her
Bide ot thn narrow valley of Mangfall
Among tba tteeo mouutai.i s des and
tudden precip es the road betomea
aometirxes so nnrrow tbat it is im os
Bible for two carringes to pass eicb
other, snd tn o-aer to avoid lncon
yeiJence, n'nl ei have beeu hewn iuto
the rojks where one vehicle ran wait
t II tte other his pjsflod. Numeroue
columnp, charact insti ally nimed
martyr fLbi in the j rgon cf the jiw
trict tell of the da ueriol tbe road
Mr. GUdsloiib'd pertv ws at one nart
of hia road in the grea'ett danuer.
Alter passing a suduen turn tn the
road a herd f ct tie, headed by an
enormous bull, wet the cam. ct.
The bull, inttead of going aBido, obsti
nately waitiin jui t in trout of the ra -
nai;e, aid t'.o ycuthful be il.men
were unabla to.movn him from where
he had it k n up.lii i position. Nor
was the driver's whip, which nat vig
orously applied to t;.e hull's bck, of
any a.e, for, in t"ad of fr gtitening the
bull, the leshii g ex ited tbe boree,
Inch beiian to rer aud shy ti,l the
eitnution became highly critical. Tha
ladies ehri.kwl, and were abiut to
jump out of tho carr aje, when at the
last moment Mr. Giad t.no jumped
cown, tun one ot the wrap, ap
proached tne Dull sideways and tbrt w
tho blanket over tho ai.uiial s hi a
Tne surprised bu 1 s'ood uio ioo!o;s
ar.d a lowed a roue t bo tied around
his horns a d bis hot to he
tethered. Obedient ns a lamb he
followed his leader, who led him back
to a lees nanow part of ihe toad, tne
whole herd fo lowing close behind.
The road was free, and without fur
ther disaster the tour was concluded.
Mr. Glitdidonn was. of cour e. erea lv
complimented and congratulated for
bia presence tf mind and n s energ-tio
action, cf wbiih, howeve', be would
net bear, and disiuss-d the nilij"ct
emilii gly, with a l?w wrrds tt au in-
timit German frier d, with whom he
walked the re-st of the mountain
'Never miiid; it wai the raooe wih
this follow as it is with John Boll
You most catch him by the horns if
yoy want to overpower him.' May a
time, concludes the wr.ter, "1 bave
remembttred mr. uiad tone a word",
You must catch him by tbe boms if
you want to overpower hime, when
tfterward I wa ched the remarkable
r-talisman taking a leading part ia Al
b on's polite tl evocti. Is the English
ex-Pri-m.er going to verify this re
marknble raying ones more? From
ab I know of him and his country
men, I veri'y believe tbat he will."
WeN V not a lr nking man;
lli hnliit E Z arowt
To an X 8, do hat he can
K aught can X L hit woei.
'Tie rary R I) firvli to ttnp,
Thuutli oft he will K A;
Then fail aad 0 K whiikyihop
Jin torture! to L A.
Bis pockntalwaya M T It,
And C 10 are h-i olothei
lie can't attend to N U "bli,"
Hed doth K A hit noto.
Drink hold him In IU I N grip;
Boon Ii V lie Kelt in tin:
Sura in the N I' iluwn will lllp,
t illed wita 1) K within.
Thongh of no II 0 often taket
ii U of rlovet to quoll
Ilia breath and then in D D maket
Thoee II Q k ow who tinoll.
Hit 'rlernta all have an I C way
Wheu far 'heir A 1 poet.
Tbey can't X (J't bia vile diiiilay
And tf T not hit woei.
'In K Chu awife to alay
Her heart will A K lot;
Tbe dibt heO Z ntaltet her pay,
And leara ber 1 1 will blot,
6 K Pcan'thia doom aright;
rod I ere o d A lea;
Tbeanakea be C 7. t-i-t to fight
And Willi .nt P C diet.
. V. Uodu in Utlroit tre Prtu,
Fararus In England and America la
Couuectlon With tbe Stage '
From Garrlck to Gilbert
"It ie erroneonr-ly supposed that the
cdd' taut wear an 1 tear of an actor's
c tiling wake l is stay uonn the e'pge
of ii f j b i f compar-ti with the rest of
bumar.ity in g neal.
Tlier wor n wte uttered to a New
Y rk Mail oi.d Exprm reporter by an
actor who tnjoB a rips old tge.
"W rat cave you to prove your aa-
Eertioti ?"
"S attat'es tt at cannot be eacrers-
fu'ly cit.t ovjrttd. I wil heg'n with
some of tbe most need actor t and
ai'tea es, and give their sues when
tl e final curtain w.-s rung down.
Ii era waa it ger Krmble, 'he tub-r
of Chailos. who led a bard 1 fa iu hit
youth, and reacbtd tbe tine nee cf 81
yeata. ( h-rta Kemhle, the father of
tt e brilliant tunny, was 1 0 when lie
passed awy. The grta-int of tlii
g eat family tf ait re, John PI i ip
Kembl", gf.ve up theg'ios: at t'6. I la
wo ked hard and ec implisbed a
gieat deal during hi eucceseful
career. Obarei Macklin, the great
'bhylcck,' went fiir over the tint
allo'.ted by the Bibli, and died at 107
yaoM of -age. David Gtrrcf, the
tragedian and comedian, wo e out his
woni'crful vitality a' 62. II s wife,
who wfb a coed cVieeuae, cme
within three years of hving a oentury.
Thoincs B. tt.-ron, the Drury L ne
t'pgedi n, wb tarried to WeBtmlnbtsr
Abbey at the rg t of 75, while hie con
tempo ary, This. Gray, the Covent
Garden clown, tea. ho i a en
tury. Mrs. Kndal's mother,
who wai Mrs. Roberts ju, wai
87 when her summons came,
Dowton, tl-e jollv lomedian, waa one
t ear older than M s, Koberteon when
bis humor was pnufl'od out forever.
At 80 vtucrcjdy ce.ised to write in his
jomnal a-id joined tbe choir invisible.
Mis. Ahington'a theckerod career
spun oat to 83 ya's, end "sweet K t y
Clive" was just 74 when her bright
smiles ft Jed lore v.r. Mi sFoote, who
b oca me a c antes', wss coneiilered
very cba'mi g at 70, when she del.
Samnel I'he'ps wis 70 and Buckatune
78. The g eat S nth Biddoce, nf whom
the pout O.mplie.l wrn'e a blogtapt y,
st'ained the ae i f 76 Mr. Lester
Wai ack's grenumoth'T, in the) pater
nal line, lived to b 00, his uncle Hen
ry to be 78, a id bia brilliant fa her
reached 73. Ja k Johns one, nn-dli- r
arc b or of Mr. LeBtr WalUck on tbe
mateiml aid , wb a famous Irish
comedian, who dit d at 78.
"The come Ui s are long lived.
Henrv and Thomas Placide were 73 j
Jack Ban'ster, 77; Paul J. B'dfnd,
78; Joe Oowell, 72; William Farm,
7j; Henry 8 oman, 80; James (in n,
t.h favorite of Gemge III. 70; the
dashing L s'm, 74; Tl oma Kit g t'm
tr g n-l 'Sir Peter Teaxe,' 74; T. P.
Cook, 78, and John Oollir b, anlrhh
coinedien, 70, when iheir deaths
nccuired, ' James II. llackett, the
'FaBtafl' which rlhakspaare drew,
wsb over 70, and semed to be in b s
prime, when he obeyed nature's o ll.
John Brougham, so famous erd be
loved, It-it us at 70 to Bleep in Grten
wood. "Opeiatio artipts, dtnseuies ard
cnmpr.sera often a'taln ripe old ngc.
Onlley O bher reached 87, R-ynoh's
77, O Ktete 80, Mrt. 1 chbaltl 70,
Nheridan Kuowhs 70, Samuel I.ovel
70, Oomberl.nd 79, Murphy 75, Pierre
1-an 77, t harles Dance 7i, Sir Henry
BUhop 69, Dr. Arne 70, Ball 84, Mey
t rbeer 7i, R ipsiui 70, Haydn 77 and
Handel 74. All there illu trlcui men
he d something to do with
the et ge, ' The ' once lo
rn us p ima donua, Mme. Saporiif,
added one year to a century, and the
noted tt nor De Roea was in bis IX'th
year when he tiled. Tambur'ni's won
derlul voice was bnehed at 70, and
John Braham's at 79. Mine. Pan a
who could look lika Norma, at(i8; and
Henry Phillips who had a rich, deep
bss voice, lived Until 70. At 65 Oara
i or i-A Han sung In concerK Mme,
Cata'ani died at 70, Dibdin at
70, Fi zbill at 81 and Horn
casile and Inoledon at 70. Cliar
Id to Oushman wax near upon the sev
enties whim she left theicc rd nf her
m hie life behind, Ge rge Holland
narwrd ttriv at 78. Amot o- the rro-
fce-ion s ill aliva. hale and boar y hut
1 - Vi i iirini ...
no in jtturti. are jorin vt'ictt t, v iiiinni
Warreo, Mr". John Drew, Jotm K
Owei s, Joe J ffer-on, Kt d tart, V. W.
Couldnck, Uharles Thortie, sr., and
Mme. i on iii.
Iudlctrd bjr t Urnn Jury
Jtraltet or Itutf.
Naw Yoek, Octobor 2 The Kings
CU' t' grand jury to' ay banded man
indictment eg dnet t'harly Uimmig
sione's W. II. ltay, Thomaa W.Hin-s
nnd Job ph Re-, ve, wtioai th y accnsi
ol the crime of wi. fully neghc'ingto
P'ovide safe and surah'e aoci mmoila
tioos, ctrj and attendat cn for certain
insane pers ns under their car -, cus
tody and keeping. Tbe Commission
ers are aoensed of misdemeanor by
the indictment, and will be tried at
general se eiona. The foreman of the
g'and jury ret orted that teirand
fnry had t fficinlly visited the Flaibu-h
tiinarie Asyiom on otni.n.ner .inn.
They fr.and it in a wre chad londi-
t on, endangering not only the health
and well being of Its inmates, but,
through Imperfect fewer age connec
tions, a source ol d.trg-r to the city
of Brooklyn. Br the renori the
B'ard of Supervisors of Kings county
is leqnested to provide new quarters
I r the Inmates. F.iling in this, tbey
will be held accountable for neglect.
Tbe Old Stary-Tne llce(o a Knew
Nathlnff r It.
South Fhaminoiiam. Maps.. October
2 It was lea nd this aiuruing that
H. K. 8imond. -president of tho
Franklin Ununty National Btnk at
Greenfield, Maas,, had resigned on ac
count cf an inve-tigati n of the bank's
sfrdrs by Bank Examiner Oi'cht.ll.
Director Sanderson was elected presi
dent pro tern. It is alleged tlia' about
134,000 wtvth of paper of very ques
tion b a thurait-r has come into the
s es ion of the bank, moat v tbat of
monds. r-imonds ia a largo stock
botder in the back, the prosperity of
which bai been comawbat impaired of
lat. and it is thraieht he re ported to
improper me hods ti make good his
los'e". The examiner atates that the
tank is s ill solvent, and cn continue
businets by pawing dividend". Tna
directors stat4 that they were entirely
ignorant of Nimomli's trans-tc ions.
rrelght Brakrinea an t Strike.
Willi a mhport. P.. Oo'oher 2. The
freight brakemen of the Jeraey Sbore
aod Pine Creek rail oad are now oa a
trike. They are incensed at an order
of the snpeiintendent which requites
them to rem in on the outside of cars
while on duty.
arloapoeiti reoelved la mmi of 1 aad upward, aid inUrait allowed ea tame -aait-annuaily.
tW W bny and tell loeal Inveattnent Bondt and Senarltiat generally, pay Uxat, a-taa
trnttMi, and. In general, eiaonte any Inanoial bntineti requiring a tale aad raaponatbla
" We lean draftt, In tnmi to nit pnrchaaara, oa all parte of Europe.
ajW-Wehareaeommodiona Vanltfor th depotit ol ralaablet, which it at tka mmt f
our oaatomen, tfrtm of i'harse.
D. Pa UADUEN, President.
J t I'M
IFew Cotton Gin,
Nos. 201 and 203 Madison Street, Memphis, Tenn.
-JWEJIT Tnrioni and Nainplo (Juarnntorel. flood weight,, and rrattln-i nrfimc
pi cation. Wa una the "hI'ui iulvdrr"
. : nn vun.'n in-urpn wone
HirOLEOX BILL, PresidenU W. If. WILIERSO J , Tlee-rreaKei U
II. J. LTSIf, Ca)ilr.
8. MANHV11LD, O. . atHUd, yf. D. BKIUILL.
j.. . ' . i u ;.a
"OY MUTUAL CONSENT, the firm of Alaton, Crowell A Co. it thla day rtltsolred, K. W.
Uroweil ratlrlnx
ttnae the butireaa at the o d iiand, corner
and eolleotlng all outttanding aooountt.
jj vrowmi reiirinx. jne remnming tarinert.
. Memphla, Tenn., September l.lRHfl. il. It, MiURV.
trOn retiring a a ioire. I beaiieak for roy taooetaori a eontifcuatlon nf the lllieritl patron
gt beretolure extended tbe old firm, K. W. CUOWbLL.
V4wiaM-liiWrtiHta-t4'?.' p
Doors, Sash, Blinds, Molding, Lumber,
LAtn na yuingies, f looring, Colling and Cedar FoaU.
H. 0. PKAR0K.
Coflon Factors & Commission Here: ' s,
'Hnti Wnrhfin-. HH and an lnlna tret.
M. J0NBS, Pre.ldent. 1. 1. PETERS, Vloe-Pretldewi, '
iff. I). If. BAWRIi, Feeretary aad Treaaurer.
(Mnraeaaore l Potttra at Mawrlti,)
30 S uikIJO Jeflcrnon Street.
Bt. M. J0Na. JTVO. K. RPrRft, f, f. PKTftWM, QUO. ARVQLT), Vf. P. F. WAWR" I
M, H. CS8YES & CO. .
Doom, Nnwh,Hllnt,WolliaK, all klntls of Door ami 1VlitIaW
rruniCM, iSrMCht-tw, Scroll. Work, IIoukIi and lrcit4vi
I.iiinhcr, MiIiikIcm, I.ailiw, YVhKt Tank.o,
All klodttol Wood Work JCK't'tttt'd at Short, Xolit?.
Xos. 157 to m Washington sfrrct, Mnn)lils. JVnn
L. 1. MULL1H8, of late J. R, ttodwln A Co.
Cotton Factors fiCommission Slerchanb
Nn. 1 HowariFH Row. Cor. Front and Union. iWnwhm.
W. A. GAGE & C
Cotton IF0;Oto3ro,
I-"o. 300 Front Htrcl. : STesnlils, IVmk
wa stand. No. 9 Unioii St., jroTiinliis. 1
W. K.BROWXf,;'; J
Liberal Advances
SGG Front street, :
EWD. H0LIISX1TU. Tlne-Prealdnat.
MTHN. faehler.
in t ranaiv and at um. paoKt lurtitrhea
and unload a l wagon cotton.
on a
Uira ua trial
ire & Gen'l Ins. Co. ;
V. K Alaton and tl. ii.
Utaarv. will tfon-
iront and Union ttreeta, at'uming all H i
it. w. oowi.ti,.
& CO.
JAB. YON US. laia ol J. W.
Oaiow.ii A u
'Jk.GOI 7
on ConNlgnmeutr.
: Heniphls,

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