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Tbe Bnenlnff at Latonla and Jerome
Tark Wilkes Wlna the
Great Trot.
Tbe Joi key Club baa advices from
Gray & On. that they have shipped
their a'.able often to particlpa'e in the
fall meeting and RO into winter quar
tets at tLia puce. Mr. urty tnn
that be has reveial yeariinea that will
all make Jim Grays in the fu'nre to
compete as 2 v ear olds in the enrinx,
H. 8. Biown's Katie A., entered in
the Canton Hotel stakes hero for tbe
fall meetinu. was second to Griaetteon
FrMav in a nii BB lace, three-aaartera
of a miletime, 1:17J which was
good, considering tbe beavineis of the
W. Grate, a yinng torfinan and a
wealthy Pui adelphian, has written,
eognfriiicf Halls lor his stable c f eigh
teen for the winter Among bin horses
is the grand colt Elkwoid, who, but
owing to a mutake of bis jockey in
Stopping him batore the end of tbe
race, would have defeated the crank
colt. Elkwood had previously da
laated afield ionaiatin of Dewdrop,
Volante, Lncky B., Hen Ali, Hilver
Clonii and others.
Among the new s'ables engaged to
comppte in the races here are ttioBe of
D. T. PalBif.tr and Nlbq Armstrong,
both sterling turfmen with good
The, Surd owned by A. J. Cas'ett,
president of the Pennsylvania Ontral
road, won the Jerome stukes for 3 year
olds at Jorome l'ara on September
20 h. This victory would have s'g
naled as the greatest 3 year old of the
year, exc ptin always the Western
favorite, Jim Gray.
Harry Withe Wl she reat Trot
tint Kce.
Chicago. III.. October 2 A crowd
numbeiit'g fully 10,000 was presant to
witness thu great, trotting tbcv louay
between O iver K , Hatry Wilkes and
Belle F., including a great many
horsemen from all Da ta ot the coun
try. The horses gut oQ for first heat
shortly aftr 3 o ooctr.
Firi Tirol. llatrv Wilkf a won
Oliver K. oesond. Belle F. third.
Time 2:161.
Seoond Ileal Wilkes won; Oliver
K. second, Belle F. third. Time
Third Ileal. Wilkes won; O.iver
K. second, Belle F. tkird. Time
Tke RaaBcira at Jerome ParV.
Jbromb Park, N. Y October 2.
FirA Hact.UaAw, mile and one
sixteenth. Gl. annr won by a length
and a half; Estrella tecond, Herbert
third. Time-l:51,.
Second Race.Jfot two year olds,
three-q Hurler! of a mile. Laggard
Won by a Ivmik and a half; Enquire
second, Btiideaway third. Time
Third Raoe. For three year olds,
penalties and allowances, mile and
one-eighth. O.iamr won by half a
length; L ng Stop Bscond, Kalian
third. Time 1:58.
Fourth Race.-All ago, mile and
a quart r. Tolante wot by four
lengths; lomni second, Valet third.
Time i?:lUi.
Fifth Race Selling allowances, one
mi e. L t le Minnie won by a length
and a half; Edg.fiald second, Phil
Lewis thirl. Time 1;45J.
Sixth Race. Stefplefhass, full
courae. Major Pickett won by two
length! ; Diambcnce second, Judge
Griiliih third. Time 4:32.
Latala J or key t'labKace.
Cincimnati, O., October 2. The
second day tf ti e l.atouia Jockey
Club races bad btttar attendance with
sliiihtly more pleHBant weather. Tue
track whs in eood cjndit on.
Firtt Race,. Purse 200, of which
$50 to stcond. Htaners Kennil'fO
(97), Woral ; Tommy O n ti02), U
Dingley; Kebnnna (', " uara;
Kvangelina (lOJ), Co pur; Emma
Jnbnatin '": Poc moke (100),
CoTi"a n Wtch,Ein (102), Taylor;
Utvn Alni' nd (07). West; J.ty Ben J.
(106), It. IIrr s; Tih' npitoulai (10 )),
ATarrica: Andiua (1U2 , jntin oi
Vukau (10 i), K.l y;trce Lee (07),
Kylie: Prubus (07), T. llarrie. Pools
sou Deiore inu inn : n on Aimonu.
fl2: Poioia k, HO; Viil an, $10; and
the ft Id, 12). Ttio start wes m As
with Evrtiiuolina in the lo id and Hj-
bomid sa o xl, but at the half Ken-
not i0 bad Ultn thn mennd pi and
Vulcan was Hum. this was main
tained u 1 1 ntartl e finish when Ken
n b.c eitoJe away and won by a neck,
with Evangeline awond and Puco-
moke thir l. Time-1:32.
Sicmd Rare Bo Hug purso, J300,
Oi whlcli 0 to reciLd ; Hi lurlnmiH.
HUHer: II'Miplue (O), Mitohell;
Wahoa (lu5), Mov dl ; It -vpnge (9),
O'Hara; Lsand (107), Uiubaidin;
Dancing Kid ( 1 13 ) , Tu ner; Violin
(10U), Covington : L'lla (!)(), It llarrl
son; Jaiitort (95), llaruts; Elaie B.
(103). G dfrey; Art hbUhnn (97), Fa
ral ; Red m oi.e (1 iO), Kiahbtiin; Kl'tg
Geirge (105), K Iv ; T. nv Pa t t (95),
Bradl. rj; uttio unarit y (si;i),viihioh;
John AWxa. d.r (lOD.OiOper. W.th
fifteen hoi sen to ttmt, ttie ratienceof
tbe stmt r, epti:U!or, j ckeys and
horses waj torily tried. L tt'e Chir
Iot twine brukx aaav and ran all
around the course When the aturt
was nin llv ma e, Ittd t-tonn, who had
sold aa Uvont Ijr 1U. with K sie JJ.
$U. Dan. 1 k Ki l $!). toe fll I $25, was
praalically Udi at tue pott, llu sprang
forward, however, aud manave I to
make af .ir thiaing in the finish.
Lteland led fiam the start, with Elaie
B. aad Wihoo mar her, and these
Uiree iTaclicaiy male t tie racing,
LisUnd W'S r over h-aded, and won
bf a lerg b ; WhIi in soooud, Dancing
Kin t itMt. Jirre-liltiJ
Third R'Ct- Purse 1600, of which
$100 to toconii, oho tnne and seveuiy
yards. Mtries: is g n (lit)), Bueri.
dan; Mom cmt (108), Vh alley; (Sir
Joseph (119), Wtat; Jim Gray (112)
Ctvington; Gol t Bin (100), 8. v..
Before ibe it rt r,r,lls soM : Jim Gray.
$10; Kir Jannpli, $25; Uo d llau, $13;
ueld, Jl.). J tin aiart gave .Monorra
cood led, ai'h Jim (.iray etcond, N.r
Jo eph thin), Ciol l I! a i fourth and
Elgin away behin . At the quarto
Jim Gay riad a clear two lengtua the
lead oi Aionocr.it, w.tn Mr Josopu
third. At tli" btlf the order woa
changed by S r J si-ph taking sec
ond pla e n 1 M.mccrat dropping
to lonrtn, winle Kg n wis cutot the
race f r gnod 'J be h irees were pret'y
well bunch id at tli t third quartcr,"and
down the s rite i H.r Joi'ph m'de a
gallant pnnh gi,d t ok llrit p'a e under
the wire by a le g h ; Jim Gry s c
ond, Mo'.o rt t urd. T me 1:47.
FnuilkJiiuteVivue S350, of wtiich
$60 to stoi.d for thn ey uro d fillief,
mile and bidl a f iri ig rita tfis:
Ladyllimbl tn (97), Coo ur; L'era
(1C6), 1U iT Lor.g igt,t (97),
P.ke; M.lta I'. (H"), Goil'r y: Hat
tie CVrliil (It 7), Hys op; viay P-yue
9), O Ha a; tiora L, (mi), Wt'S';
Juiuii Bue (J7), O liren; A.aiia
favorite in roolf.aelHng for 125 with
$10 for Malva R ,$1 for Ira, and the
field 10. LVa a bad a a'ight lead at
the start, and kept it at t je wre w
Acaria second and rtora
Flora L. taak second p!ae at the half
mil, while the others alternated, H it
tie Carlisle in the rear. After passing
the third quarter Flora L. pulled out
and easily won by two lwrgths, w.th
Ller s'cond.LoDg Alight third. Time
1:51 J. , ,
Fifth Race. SpringhioDk atakfa, for
Ihr.e year olds; mile and fiv fur
lorim. fltartoa: Gu-nn (120), Kelly :
Moutsna Eegent (123), Godtrey; W-
ver Cloud (123), Murphy; isroouuu
I.swin: Harr. ditmrir (118). L.
Jones. Rilve r Clind was bawd iu the
nnnla unlit in t h-i,ir fieatcrt. GuKnn
nld for 25: tha field. $J7. H.Ivor
Cloud started to make the race, with
Mor.tura Urgent at bis flank. Ur.ioa
iu'l third. Guenn fourth end Harroda'
bureliiet. There we e to changes in
thcae position until the lnrecs carao
to the wire, wnere uuenn nau mm
third dIud and rirnoifilli fourth.
Montana Rf gent idiowed himself able
in hanotntriB flinkof Silver Cloud.
At the balf mile po't they wera fide
by side, snd eeon after Silver Cloud
showed signs of di-tejs. At the third
quarter Montana Usijent pasned him
and won by a longth in a car.tsr;
Guenn sfcond, Silver Clond third
Time 2:5.
kmt A T in inn Wli irlT9 FOB MONDAY
Following are the entries for
Mnmlav at Latonia. There wai to
Vifi'tinu tnniffht.
Virtt AW. Five furlnnw. Harry
Glenn (105). Withrow (105), Mishap
(102). Miss Keep (H'2), El wood (105),
Cora L. f!02). Galatea (102 , Tm
O'Sbanter (103). Lena B. (102), Pat
Mon (102), O itcoine ('05). Volcano
(105), Mary Porter (105), Kosa (1C0),
I. ruin ravnn (HO . UT. tticmnnim
(10.'),Mo3oi)gahela (105), Eliai Hindoo
(102), Violette (102), Lady Mx (102),
Virginia (10.), Ove tin (105), Varina
(10 ), Bandbox (105), Mius Clevtlaad
Second Race Seven-fl ghtbs ( f a
mile. Dawn of Dav ( 100), Nat Kramer
(101), bkobekir (115), Montr.ama
(Do), Kivengo (17), B.tiki (8B), Hazily
Anity (100), wanoo (luaj.viiwge ,v;).
Third Raw-One mile. Tommy
Oruae (105). Little iellow (105), Pro
OUR llUi;, xvxruuu Viut;, Muiuuim wuuu
ton 101 .
Fourth Race. Thri-e-fourths of a
mile. Flirimo (97). Caus (100),
Comcdie (102), Modes' (100), Alimony
fi)7). HornniDO (100). Donnybnok
(lt)5), Allegheny (102), Ovid (102),
Km han'rees jacomn (iw).
F'fth Race.M.l and a sixteenth.
MIbs Nelson (88). Eflie II. (105), Ken
aineton (105). Surprise (88). Pannana
(K)itj, BKitb'ank (113), Long Alight
80), liottie 8. (), Birthday (i
Daudng Kid (1), Berlin (110).
How It Mar Be Solvcd-Mr.
lack's Views.
Mr. Mallock'a "one good Idea," :n
the GazeUe't opinion, comes as a se
quenca to tbe question : " vv nere does
our dutv lie-in which cf these two
oppo he things in renouncing our
. . . ii.il r.ll l
poUllon or in neing u r mr. jnauouK
insifcts that "political economy aad the
social conditions of labor have become
in our dav indeed a part of theology
itn youngett unncu," and ne prcpneos
to reoonclie political economy, social.
ism and religion by the following f x
pedient: "Why should not the old
monastic renui ciation cf riches be re.
vived in tbe modern world, under the
form of arenunoiat:onof profitaT If all
the directors of industry, the invditorv,
the sharp men. t'ie men of energy
and enterpihe, through whose means
IndUBlry grows in projucuveuma,
would still exert themfletves to mmn
tain and inert ae production, end at
the same time fo ego their claim to
tbe inc reasod prodmls, theD, phe says
and she is pei feoiiy, sue is otiviou ty
riibt the so' ialij id problem weald
be tolved. Hut, to we taid just now,
to forfffn thece natural claims would
be notbtrg le a than a special monastic
virtue of prfoixcly the asms character
as poverty and cohbicy. " Tbe
idea is not that. What has pre
Bunted it elf t the mind of MiBi Con
snelo Burton it a vision c f some new
industrial order, or ordsis, under
which tbe monastic vow cf poveity
m'ght be applied ,ts our mo ltn fac
tory syfiteiu. tier notion, in lant, ot a
in 1 1 n:Hiory or a c invent ia a mo-lorn
Jnc'ory, whero tke hands should be
in nts or nuns; wnere ttie ep roa
choulil rife side by eids witl the chim
ney; and the cioiat cloht-r shonld re-
fr all t'uo inid after the rattle of
whceV, mid loom?, and lu lls. The
ptoliis, of cmrse, icot ad of g ing to
the capitblisls, the uiaunger and the
ep cia ly g feed fw, would ho ttie
pronei tv of the whole liotiy. Ttiey
wjuUI not, however, be ciivlde I amnng
tho workers and thus take tie f )ira if
ircreisoi aat. That result would
ftu ti'y tho whi l jBchcmo. The winds
mmii8 io body w inld livn in volun
la y povi rty , r lower wagos, rather
thuit ou hikber wages, ttian : tue avnr
age worker ouhide; and all their pr f
its would be s t by as a fund to relieve
distress especi ill v such aa is cattstd
by cummercinl c r sjHts "
On ProhlbtilAn ihe Rnln Wraaabt
bf MCrsBd ltrluH .
Nsw York, Octob.'r 2 Margaret
Ma' her, a confiroiid inhrlhte, was
found daad yeeter 'ay afternoon in her
room at No. 413 West Forty-first
street, where she a'si kept a grocery.
Her liusband banged hiinwlt in No-
Vr"rab'r, 1884, on account o! his
druiiken habits, and the Kev. Father
l),)iielly, of 8.. Micha l'a chnrrh, took
chntgn of the two little boys and Math
er's l) n k bioks, which showed de
pmis of several thoinand dollars.
About the end of August lant she was
arreetJd n t' e s n-et winle intoxi
cated. On s a ching her room the
po ice fon i d the dead body of her in-
I nt dHtuht'r. who had died Iiosn neg
lect. The Rrv Fdtber Keefo, another
pri'S1, rorm ii'etl her tog.ve u Jto hicn
the bank bioka to keep for the other
children. Hie thxn sank lower than
ever, and the neighbors complaint d of
tier as a nnl anrp. MotisoReeper Joi n
Fri-r ob ained a disp 8 es wairatil
yes'erday, and when he knocked rf-
pi.tcillv at the ctoorno one reppomioa.
He broe op: n the wind w and found
Mrs, Mather ly'ng on the bod deml,
with arum bo tlecla-pedto ber bosom
and eeviral other empty mm and
whisky bottles lirg about the ronra,
The b. dv wai already in en advanced
s ate o' dec imposit on. Ibe public
a lininifttri.tor tiok charge ot tlia prop
eity found in tha rooim
For the llrnrfll af 'rrIHore.
ffN Franoihoj, Cal., Oclobur 2.
Slueve A Wo f. ile 1 is in guns and
s:0 tir g u.a eri.ls, bave n.ade nn eg
Biiriiiii-iit 1 1 11 R Skinner.tbeir boi k
keener, for ihe bment of thuir c-redi-
to's, wlio ore n ost'y Katirn flrMn.
Ltahlilt'e-, $i0.H0l): aHaetj, f l5,Ot.O.
Tulixrco Arnrly mlnrU by rroal.
LvKciiniiRn, Va., O. t ibir 2. Tbeie
wac a I caw fuu t tt i m rn ng Vega
ta ion is ballv damaiied. A large
Talk Witk Sig. Roberto Majl-
ImineBse Work lie Has Un
der Construction.
Sia. Roberto Maynl, cbial engineer
of tue City of Mexico, who Las been
in tbe city several days inspecting tbe
eewer rysiem, was eeen bv an Appeal
man at lh rooms at tue iBimmy
Hoti'l veattrdav eveninK. Big Majol
is accompanied by his wife, snd epeks
entlinfeis icullv of Ai'cmnUa and of
tbe people he bad met s nee a s ar
rival here, lie has never vi'it d tr:e
UniUd KtaUs bnfori, but speaks iJg
lith very p ainly, making faw gram
matical errois and choking bis words
wiih ailmimblj tiete.
"1 bad been but a ion inurs in
Mempnis," he ea:d, "wben I knew
without being told that tbe ci y was
growing rapidly, and it did not re
quire anr great length of time to find
leieonslor Its prosperity, xue biiu
ation ia excellent. Nature has dene
eo much tbat tbo lab;r of tbe
engineer becomes very easy. Tbe
ground lies so that the construction if
gewerj is child's play to the task we
oiuut perform at borne. 1 have kep',
up with the expeiiinent which was
made here after tbe last eiidem c,
takicg a double interest on account of
the presence in Mexico at tint tims of
a nephew of Col. Waring. He kept
me lully lnrormeo, anu x uscame so
much convinced of the special adapt
nhilitv of the system for Mexico tbac I
s icceeded in hsviug it panially adopt
ed by the goveruineuC. Uue great
difficulty that yoa have do.s
not stand in our way. iue gov
ernment owns its waterworks. Bu.
Imfnro coiner to3 far I preferred to
come on in peison and make an ex
amination. 1 am more tuan tatiaucd.
While there U some dilticully ou as
count of the muddy water, I can readi
lv see what could be d ne were the
nnnlv clear as cura is.'
I 1 J . Ol ff i
In answer to queauum oig, mayui
aave tno Ultowiug accouni oi toe
work be is preparing to do at borne:
"The City of Mexico, though 7000 fi et
above tbe level of the sea, is built up
on 11 it Kround and entirely suirouc,d4d
by mountains, l b waiar sipp'y is
purs and ample, being furnit-hi-d by
three aqueducts, which are built down
tha aidta of the adjacent mountains.
The larce-t is the Aq'ia Gjida, wo.cti
is thlrtv-iive mites in lengtD, araw
Ing its supply f ou a piint 2700
feet above the level of the city. Ttie
Aqua Delgada ia two miles and a half
, IL.i..lU.nn...tB.IU. Tl-n
long Bull LmUB bun pui env n uvgi .
Anna de la Villa duct ia four miies in
length. The combined supply is 8,
100,000, or thirty gallons per capita
daily, the population Deing Z7U,0U0.
Tbe cost to lami.ies is abjut 11 25 pot
month, and tbe supply is not it nt id.
It is collected in reservoirs, which
work automatically, and not drawn
diieet from faucais. The sewer eys'em
s, however, very imperiect. The
sewers ate of bricst una stone, bunt
square, and empty inio a canal ahich
connects a laae to tue souiaeaac oi me
city with a lagoon couth c f tbecity,the
latter Doing lowest, into cms an
the sewage is finally deposed.
Tbe result is tbat tbo bo.tim. of tbe
lake has been raised a. vcral ftet by
the denosit and es it was very shallow
to begin with, there is now gieat dan
ger of the lake overilewini the ci y.
Pub io health, tx, is nae y to De im
paired. This danger has b.oa seen
and epnrecia'ed for a great nvny
years. In 1808 it was determined to
build a canal to tbe mountains, pierce
the bae of the mountain with a tun
nel and empty tks snwegi in a ttreara
on the other tide. The canal will be
thirty mile in lenuth, the tunnel six
miles. The fall in tbe cnm wilt be
two feet in every 10,000 fett,
and in the tunnel one foot io
every 80 1 fett. The cast
to build thn tunnel and canal will ba
i bout $3,nOO,000. Toe tost of the
sewer svste u ia the ci'y prop-r will
ho $2:5(XI,Ol)0, and it ia expect id that
the woik will be finished in the next,
four years.
o g. Miyoi leaves this nvrtimg for
Pullman, HI., where a evBt-rn copied
frnathat if Memphis is in nm. lid
will aleo visit Naw York, B sto i,
I h lailolphia and all of tbepr nci,al
citi p, returning to Mexico abjut Jan
uary Is'.
I llurlrd kylhe Mile llaDUraritpd
In Hi Tnulb.
The dead body of a man, with "No
friendH" li.lt tied on bis blue collia, w, s
taken from Itdlevue II spi a, New
York, on t-a ulay morning and plaoeul
iu tbe in rue. Hews iouu I uncon
s ioui in tho Biwety Hopttmber !'2d.
.Sunday af urn on, wuile the body aaj
n.-ing prepar-'d lor buna1, a cair.age
was driven to tho c Hi :e. and a rnuld e
sgod lidv ljuk'ed. r-hs arked it the
naiuoof ll inryA, S.ott ws on the
bt o.'s Waea shown the remains she
was visibly allcc'od. saaiDB nnon the
st II fo tuns for many momeuis. and
sudlenly turning and burryirgaw y.
"I will attead to the huial of Mr.
flcolt'a rr'qi jin-i," she sid to the cleik.
"lie was my ha band." La er in the
day an umleitaker removed the body
to Mrj. Scott's home. No. 188 Lexing
ton avenue, Brooklyn. 8 ott died
friendieaa and alone in the h ispi al.
Yet he bad led a life fall f adventure
He was born forty years ngo iu Troy.
Ilia parents weie wealthy and he waa
well edaia'ed. At the biginnirg ot
tho war hi entered tbe srvice and
sirred bravely aoj gallantly antil one
uinlit he eh pad with a brother oflic.r'a
wife, althnukh at tho time ha had a
young and lovely wife himsxlf. 8cdtt
drttortie) tho wamaa in Kaisai City,
lie wai than a tunaer 0r ho els aud
gambling hnaiAa. Tboa lis entered
the marino corp. Ha rrse to be a
sjrgonnt and aciompini.d Gon. Grant
iu ids tour around ihe woild. Ile bo
cms a great favo ue of the Ooneral.
Returning boiaa ho dcwettid and
w it to Dover, U.w lljmphire.
There bo was f-tritkin with mr-
tial prr.djsis. Ha came to New
Yotk and wandered about the streets.
Oncih Fiirremlored himself to the
Unit' d Stilus Mushal is a daerter.
He hoped by tl is means to bi im
prisoned and ba able to get something
to rat. lt.it tbe Miishal pitied rc .tt
and a'ti r inve igting the case in un
mis aliiiile kimiu.-is oiel ar.ed him.
Siuk ai.d worn out, he wandered one
night to the orncr ol Houston street
ai.d the Bowery, nnd, ax he ia'.), l. y
down to din. Ti e wf whom he had
deeerUd yewra bii re found hi body
in the n.oruu aud t,ave bim a Chris
t an buii-1
To T1-1C Ibe lr(.u Mlale I'nir.
WA8niNiT )N,Oi: obtr2 The Presi
dent will vit-it tlie fair of tha Vi'utnia
r-t.te Ag iculnrrd B.eetyat K ch
mn. don U oL'l t mi a .t. ,vlr. Clevt
luud will prolalily aocoirpaoy h.m.
NnbMorlbe lor the "Appeal"
Tha Sew
Rt( U 50 toU per . 1, areatding ti leo-
ti, d of ri'ini.
F R Slroi Af, Tenn A Eirnmon, Ark
L Lucy, Ark j U ntlen, L,
Win M McKny.Tenn J t Jute-, L
UiM W,kin, Al W H.rry. 'fann
A D Zno, l'B1i h l'ic t. N
t-arn friehutt, Tenn 11 0 t'ricbelt, Tonn
IFCUard .wnyne.NY U M Siune, feno
D K Scutt, Mo K A Konwihain, N X
H il Whburn, Me M A Kiii'tb, L
Ml- Beeker, L LOMowart. Ark
W lluuiibrey, Mit U 1 Kwkweil Me
Ayerj Hart, ie 1. H Memeu, aid
J Hcbf ibler. Term Cart A H biuiib, Ark
C,,KO')lliinw.'lcin.Mt. Uenthiiw. Onio
J S Wbeelei.Teuu M Hrilcbett. lena
1, L lUiloy, Teon W Feritu-on Tenn
K B Priro, Jnil C K Pdiker, ind
M Kilo well, ind
K U Cieuienlii, Aio
U A Stone, Misi
8 M blewart, Mita
K T Hnuncer. Ark
K J Smith, Mo
It i Sbom, wu
B J ColeiDn, Miss
T J Wallers, Alk
M L Kiiauld.ng. Ark
b H hi) i. lenn
A P Carrol, Jenn
K J Morelnnd, Ark
PL Hon ton, lima
K KLhanilier, MiO
L E hu.eillev. K v
T J Keyuu.'dt, lenn
1 J L vy, Ark
M Andrew, Ark
E J Holly, Mis
1 emit NX
J J Childs, N Y
K K MoUuiley, Misi T B,Jobinon, OUio
L A Hon-t'jD. Uliid
HP Bethel, Mo
L J Curaon, Tenn
U U Knuton. Mo
p K Mockn ell, Tenn
K K Lyoo, Mini
J 1) took, Ala
Mi.-a torut-.a, Ala
b it Uellalm, lenn
A K ".tarliDer. Minfl
b HBcrugti&w. Ala,
LM Luiui.k n, Ala
Prabnily Ilotri.
0. B. OALLOtVAV 4 CO Pkomietom.
KateaS DO and n lr uay aunn,u,u ,
ane kti location of room optoial
rutea mdn.
W R Cody. Mo
J Currie, Tenn
W II Nance. Miaa
8 Powell, Mifa
11 P SeuiDle. Mr
H K P.umnier, Tenn
M M rim. Ih, Ohio
Mica M McNeely.Tenn
Rl, Alaabrook, Tenn
B V Liillo. A a
Mra II Saundera, Mias
Mira Hill. La
ti J Sn.ilh, Tonn
J F Hurna, Tenn
S J Hi luiiin, III
WillQumn, N Y
J Urabam, Tonn
J 1 W illvlt, Mil
T II Hic-key, Mail
1 J Heaume, Mich
A J Mapea. Ky
W White, iN I
A B Carrier, Tenn
K 11 King, N y
Ki Ingalla, N Y
P Scunuea, Kv
IlI)Uig(ria, Ky
L Tour, eo Atw, l'ez
U 11 Ineoreon. Tenn
Ham echlo-a, Ohio
b Duval, Tenn
0 B Criltendnn, Ark
E Kobinaon, (ia
FOrgill.N Y
W I) Beard, Tenn
J M Brii.kley, Tena
E F Servire, Mi
P 11 Kme, Kaj
S Hom.0. N Y
StJ Wgddell.Miaf
1 Smnolson, loan
B F Lililo, Ala
J rt Hanaell, Ark
II 11 Locuwo' d, . i
BO.Viitlce, Moa
W P Wilfon, Tenn
T E Sauodora, Alma
J Uill jr, ha
W i.illeipie, Ten
J II Fojt-.r, Mip.1
I1WH Heed, Pa
S C Freeman, Toun
W J O'Neill, Obio
L Benton, Oliiu
K K Weat, Maaa
John Diamond, Fa
J M uli', Ky
J C Norfleet, N I
B Krank.e, N V
M H Warrior. N Y
V bbtherlaud.N Y
A I, B)lTefter, JN Y
F Pierce, Ky
J K Bell, Mo
C B Iiarria, Ohio
T 11 htuirt, Mo
B bcbnpker, Mo
J K t-catef, fonn
J R Yemer, Mi-s
L Hichardaon, Mic
F Merixolil, Mite
W L Uii, Tonu
(J VV Curtii, Mo
J 1. B Ka.lo, Ho
Wli Knell, Man
M D Howell, Mn
J M llompton, hy
J II II irkneaa, Ky
F Gordon, La
dantan'a Hotel.
W. H. BINUHAM MiKiara.
European plan. Hnlarged an( rriurniahsd.
Pnora aoenrding t fiie and looa
liou et raoma.
M'aa A Y Hall, Tenn Mra B Hall, Tonn
Mr u I weod, lenn mrs i uarry, ny
7 P Turner, Itig
0 H BoBancon, Alias
11 AT Kotewarne, III
uM il,r,Ark -K
M Lcrcb.Tenn
A Q Withers, Miss
V D Board, Tenn
PTr .cy, Tenn
J M llurko. La
Dr A Perkins. Tenn
Mr Month, Tenn
DP Aleiai.dr, Ark
L VsiuVn. taiea
C A HrauniuretTenn
A D Ferguson, tla
II Lnl.kor, Ark
TK llnderwood.Tean
j 0 Manley, Tonn
J K Miller, ArU
J A Woodson, Ark
J h ttie. Ky
D P H.dden.Tonn
J BereLdis, Ky
II Beard, lenn
P li Brysnn.Tenn
Mra J M Hi I, Tenn
Miss Wither, Tenn
Q II Mint, Cat
M F Embiey, Teen
J Kinmsn, Ark
J R.igin, Tenn
H Khr.ioh, Ark
W K Rioe. Ark
K b Uobka, alias
W W L'amnbe I. Mira (I S Allen, city
P Jem inn, oily W Walker. Tenn
H He m. Ark J N MoMillen, Misa
Mis L Wright, Misa M fs A Taylor, Misa
Mrs MoKennn, La Mis VoKenno, La
Miaa A Mar-tin, Misa O W Shirks, Miss
Mrs Uardoer, Ala TDYuung, Misa
Crtaor of Adams and Mail ttreeti. Rioms.
75oani tl per days Ameiican Plan,
ti per day.
F'r't olaRef tiurant in the He tel.
J. M. DUl'i'Y 10 yean with Peabodj Hotel).
Propria tor.
J J Hartnett, Ala J LCurtia, Tean
0 rammon, Tenn C Davies Tenn
C R Ihte, Miss J Kngli h, Mo
0 Quentol, TVna Allen Neathery, Tex
D M Leary, Tea W C Brooks, Tenn
K W Piokens, Miss J J fswain, Misa
WU Burnett Ark J P Alct n, Tenn
Andy Cobb, Tenn W .1 Smith, Mo
J T Dewberry, lenn U Brown, Tenn
R J Mitchell, III M Jennings, Ky
H 8 Morgan, Tenn F J Caldwell, Tenn
H B Mercer, Teon C M Hammond, Tena
J B Diver, Mo It VI Baker, Ark
J II Walkor. Tonn W (i Mu-selmi, Ky
B M Seward. Tunn l r J T Cheairs, Ark
L C Ward, Ind W I, Phillit.s, Tenn
11 II Pen. y, T.nn BCTuoer, Ark
CC Wiidir.an, Ind W L Wil.iams, Mo
H L Taylor, Miss T L Ho e. Mo.
hot Himself While Ilaniing.
PouaiiKKKrsn; N. Y .October 2. A
torn R man na mil K Kic, vf h ie out
cxn huniinK, la t nigVit, his d 'K8 g' t
into a qianui t-ivl he attempted t Lit
oriH ol t rem wiili t'ie butt i-uil of bis
ijun. Ths triftf-r nf the ruh hit a tiee
Btd tha gun wtmt off, th i durg en
tering ltou'a nhilouiMii, killing him,
fiern nius n Itncc.
Linden, Oi: n!icr2 Aracuba'weftn
W. Q. George n 1 V. (Juannirga. for
the ten iniiu cha:np;OQiihip and $"()0
a nide, was run at tha Aslou lowtr
sround?, B liniuiiliatn, to:inv. ad wra
won by tiearH. Cumra'ngi etapped,
ov riappeJ, after luoniag a .ittle over
liv miles
V.n.nni r.ln,e.'Alumorl llioi. .Pr.l'ncrt
KiuauU, VaiUlla. lmon, etc., llavor aellclouuy.
PRfct tAKINS POWDFR CO. Chlemte and SL Leu'tH
"Locultci" Trouser
Patented in Europe and llnl
ted Stales. Nole Alrels la
I mini Htnie for celebrated
John Hamilton A Co. btretoh.
r. Takes hMsarlBC (( tl
kafM restores pantaloons tc
ordinal shape. Only patented
ntretcher oonibiningacrew ri
in combination with olaoips.
Ml others tntrinvetnenta
Original and alnlli
lir srstilfnieti' nsio. ur
Express securely packed. Price 12 Ml. Wrlti
'nr circulsr-. Asents wnnted In every flits
ft W.filMaloaa,
a Valuable Patent.
nnacj'a (Ilorae) S'oi-o and Trit FIbo
BAVINQ perfected my invention, I wish
o pUea it bofore tho publle, especially
m mutaoturera. As a Corn Planter, it is a
pertMit suooeaa opeas the drill, distribuud
the seed accurately, unininred, and ooverd
the same theret. odsj man perloruiing ths
r i in
J I L I I 1
work ot three, l oe have been nsea ia
this section ior over a docn years with per
iod satisfaction, tan gie respoi sihle teat!
uionials. d'lross
JOHN U. lUNCY.Daicyrtile,
iiy wood oouuty, lent.
OCTOBER 3, 188P.
Between Baseball and Toboggan Parks-Tlie Bluffs and All
Other Urouhds Too Small
With All the Freatliness of Sprlug ami tho
Odr and Fragrauce of JSew Moan Hay,
In It Vast Fntlrety aud Itoyal Wagnlficcufe
With All the I'ouip and Splendor Surround
Ing the Greatest of t arthly AiniiKCiueut Enterprises, ur
Cauixed hy the King of howmen and tho IiDLi:!. OF THE
nnfTTHTP To Creale a Kew E,"a 1,1 Amucracn1s In the
UUiUlrVU South, and Provide the People With What
They Wever Saw Itefore.
Entire, Complete, Whole and Undivided, Transported From
to Seventy-Five Feet Long,
rComintt Praoiaely aa It Exhibited Before Enthuiiastio Thoaaanda in the Great Cittea
of New York, Philadelphia, Boaton, Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, Chicago, Cincin
nati, Nashville, Pittaburg, Louisville and Kansas City, and Where It Waa Visited and Ex
travagantly Indoraed by Leading Statesmen,
National, State and Foreign Governments, and
isvr'iyef'i . HwlSlswewssmww'lsewwssrww
The Only Circus Giving Exhibitions in New York City
"T itinnM lib if T linl time In visit vnur
whole season, there ia so much to see no one
"More can be learned in an hour in your
iTi.. .i..n, hniD.l k M, R&nnm rnallv mnritt Its nretentious title, and is of more
actual value as an educational institution ior
for it.
ajlrst and Onlj Sbow to Visit tlio South
Read Ihe Voucher From Rnilroad Men and Boubla Will Be HI-.-pelled
Like Dew Before Ihe Mornlna; San.
TS Tanmvlvania Railroad contracted to
York to Washington, A3 cars of the I! a nuui
ceive on UOlober a, 18fto, al Aiexanuria, va.,
same numbor of ears, via ,83."
' The Lake Shore and M:chigan Southern
road, delivering same at Chicago."
The Missouri Pacific Railroad says: "Yes,
to Knnea City.
Tho Union Pacifio Railroad says: "We are
The Kansas Citv. Springfield and Momphis
Missouri Paoifio. at Po't Soot', 8 of B .rnum
Heuiphis, and then delivered to the Louisville
kl. t : :n- ..i w.i,tii. 'WatiavA
from Memphis, being aame number transposed
lgl " A.
CAPITAL $4,000 000.
T.armst and Rinheit Amusoment
Trinle CIraus Company in Throe Big Ring).
Two Immense Double Menarerlcs ol v id in lrvnen jseaita.
Mammoth Museum of Living Iluimn Wonders. '
Grand Roman Hippodrome With Glorious Races.
Doora Open nt 13:30 and 6 p.m. Performrwiens) at 1:30 and 7 p.m.
Tho Polished'Ivory
Only Elophant Skeleton
OIA.NXSIntrn4lional Congre"
The Most Marvelous
In Wonderful Performances.
JjXCE-The Affectionate and Distressed Companion of Jumbo.
Myriads .C Intensely Interesting and StarUing Features Colleoted at an Enormous Expense
Trained Ilorsca, Dogs, Pigs. Ponies, Lions, Tigers. Panthers, Bars, Uyenas. Leopards.
Camels, Elephant!, Monkeys, Birds, and Even Reptiles.
100 Startling Aots and Furious Races.
300 Phenomenal and Daring Artiata.
11 Ants Going On at the Same Time.
Containing Over a Mile of ttiah Objeots and Kara Features, will Leave tha Groands
m Odor a.m.
a-Erenbcdi BhoaH Bat It, aa It Will
not Afford to Pay a Finer free Sihtbltion oi
in tbe Tent of Ar Other Show.
.a-kivrrr api'I nr.M of Wild
Elephants. Ani rials In Lesh. Camels and Elophants Harnessed to CharioU. A Doien
ru.i. r ..,...;. v I Militarv Bunds, and Myriads ot Rare Features. Rotite as
VH... I..a flrnnnd. at 8 a m. 1 down
to Main ftreot, to Vance Itlreet. to ihow grounds.
rtllnrlubia to Everymisia;, j
For the acconmodation or those wishing to
been e tabli-h.d at IT. WlilUnte'ej Booh
numbered ticketi can be bought at the regular prioe, and admission tickett at the umai
slight advanct, on the morning of the ahow.
for tbe Monster Tents,
Judges, Lawyers, Doctors, Representatives of
Even by tho Clergy.
aiirantic exhibition onco a week during the
could dj the rna t-r juarice in less time
tents than in a month &robj"k'.''
tno youiu oi nn country jmin i ne ciaims
ii,ak n, liunuraiiuuir.
WHliaut Catting Its Perfdrmaactg
and did transnnrt over its road, from New
and London Shows, and has contracted, to re
on mo ouciuMon i jour nJtt.ueru blip, mo
JOHN B. WILSON, Uen. reight Agent.
Railroad transported 3 or your, oars over it)
J. . .lAMh.3, Aas't. Uen. 1! reight Agent.
air, we a'e to transport 53 of Barnum'a oars
u. a. anbnoun, uea. freigui igeni.
to take 83 of your cars nut or Kansas City."
A. 6. STKBBlMd, lieu. Ticket Agent.
Railroad says: "We. are to receive from the
a cars, Octoh-.r 1st, to be transported by us to
and Hashyiiie Kaiiroa i on uoiooer rn.
ill. li. DuAnUAlli) UUU. CrBIBUIDIBUI,
Antracted to transnnrt 83 of Barnum'a cars
bvus troin Lou'sv lie to Nashville in June
Enterprise on the Face of tho Globe.
Hage E evated Stage for Olympian (iamoa
Boned Articulated SKEIiETON
on Exhibition Anywhere.
oi the Bigwst Men A"ve
Troupe of Semi-Barbaric .I,A.15S
10C0 New Features and Wonderful Attractions
Prove a Revelation, and Give Those Who Can
iw i;osy uujeeva iu.u i.
Animals, with a Keeper In Eaeh. A liord ol
Boale Stroet to Second btfeet, to Conoord Street,
....... .
avoid the cowds at the wagon, an office hat
Siore, 379 N .In Ntreet, where roaorved
No. 238 Main Street.
THE course of study ia extended, thorough,
and iiraotieal, affnrdiDH superior fneili
ties forohtitininrrasotind businos education.
For Catalcgue call at. the achoolroora r
addreaa T. A. LEHDIN, Principal.
Reopens October 4, 1886.
PUPILS prepared for "The Art Studenta
League," of New York, or any other
first claas art school they may desire to enter
WEMPaian, TKltST.
DRAWING, Painting and Vood Carving
taught by the methane of the celebrated
Cincinnati School of Design. First snccest-
lully Int'oiuotd here by Miss Carrie Des
londe Dobyns, Principal School of Art, tbe
lligbee School.
Send for Spcrlnl Clrrnlnr for Art
PE1ERSBUKG, VA. The Twenty-second
Annual Session of this Soheol for Hova
begins tbe first Mrday in Ootober. Thor
ough prepnrationa for University of Vir-
lnia, leading hngmeering bcbools and
Inited Statea Military and Naval Aoade-
mies: hirhlv recommended bv Fncuitv at
Univenityot Virginia; Iu I staff of instruct
ors; situation heulrhicl. Early application
adviacd. as nnmber of boarde-a ia atriotl-
limited. For catalogue address
w. OHDON MoOAUB, Hnd Master.
Georgetown College, 0. C.
Fenlel 17si.
at'IIOOt,- open September 9, 1BS6. Apply
to President of tho Co leire.
Tllllhl lllMIL or Mi niCINE open)
oepi. zu, Apply to rrot. J vr. ti.
Lovj.ioy, M. D., 900 12th street, K. W.,
Washins-tnn. D. C.
THE SI HOWL skF LAW opens on the
jrtrst Wednesday in Oelober. Apply to
Saml. M. Y-atman, Son'y, cornor 6;n and
F. atreets, N. W.. Wn.,hington, D, C.
JAMK3A. DOONAN.P. J., Pres't.
I- EEH;,313 6 h St., Washington, D.C.,
opens Uctober loth, f rov d a a i Tactically
uselulou'inoss education, lvrms: Liteachol
arship, $10 Boardinv, stationery, ete.,
twlve weeks' course, f i. For oiroular (Iree)
addresa Martyn's Comm rcinl College.
School of Drawing and
46 . Court SI. O. W.Dalr, Prin.
PROF. DALE, a graduate of the National
School of Kl.cntion anddratory, Phila
delphia, Pa , wiilrecrrve a limi'ed t urn ber of
pupilain (Jrayoi and Pst. I Il-nwingand Klo
ction. airhotil Upeas tlebr 13. Termi
Reasonable. Public Readings a Specialty.
The Higbee School
Education of Young Ladies
Beale, Lauderdale and Jessamine ts.,
Inearsorated vrltb Collegiate Prlv.
in area.
Fall Term Opens Monday, Sept. 20.
eXarTboront-h English and Classienl Course.
Modern Languages by Forerun xeacners.
Book-keepin, SLort-hand and Type
writiog taught.
Schools of Art, Music and Elocution noted
for exoeptionMl advantaaea.
Speoial atudente receivod In every depart
ment. A new and elegant building will be arreted
during the summer and tall, wherein will be
lurmshed a spacious rtadr haP, large pri
mary school-rooms, clars-ronra", laboratory,
library, gymnasium and artgallery. which,
with the elegant man-ion nt for boarding
pupils and the wooded pleasure grounds,
will form one ot he most complete school
foundations in the South.
Catalogues ready August 4lh.
For information addrras
Me o. phis. Tena.
MEUItAX BKftlli It E.X
Tulane Unirersity of Louisiana.
Formerly, 1847-1884, the University of
IT3 advantages for practical instruction in
diseases ot Ihe Southwest are unrivaled,
as the law sooures it suporal undent materi
als from tho gwat Charity Hospital with its
7K beds, and 2(1,0(10 patLnta annually, btu
dent havenohosp tal-feoa te pav and spe
cial instruction ia daily givon at the bedside
oltheaick.as in no other institution. For
catalogue or inf rmation, address
Prof. 8. E. CHAILLK, M. D., Dean, .
P. O. Drawer Vtil. Nw Or'rnns. T,a.
rif:"' 2' moMiiiiti.ov"rliiNw.Orte
ueaaa, xaDiea, vnaut
Book Oaaet. Lonnirs.-
LetterPresaea.Cabinec: '
Ladies' Fan cy Desks,
VinMt CkMMl. and Lowef ,
Price. Uiurautwd. CaUl0(j
tree. I'wlw. Sc. Ho poatuej
w Naava and Baiia TaiATHtaT.
a guaranteed specific for Hysteria, Diiai
ness, Convuls,one, Fits, Nervous Neural-
gia, Headaoho, Nerves Prostration, caused
y the use of aloohol or tobacco; Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Setten ing of the
Brain, roaulting in insanity and leading to
misery, decay and death l Premature Old
Age, Barrenness, Loaa ef Power in either
o-x; Involuntary Losaea aad Spermator
rhea, oauai j by over-exertion oi the brain,
solf-abuse or overindulgence. Each box con
tains one montti's treatment. (1 a box, o
atx boxes for IS, sont bv mail prepaid, en
roceipt of trrioe. We arnarsntce Six Boxea
to cure any oase. With eash order received
hy ns for six boxes, accompanied with II,
e will send the purchaser our written
guarantee to refund the money If 'he treat
ment doe -ot effect a cure. Guarantee
lasned only bv A. HKNKtHT A t;0., Drug-
gista. Memphis. Tenn.
rositiyc Curo for Piles.
:.ri r'W fta
mm mm
fv. ,l-iv ... ' --V, - 1,- Ul
For sale hy all drnggiats.
TriiHlee'H Navle.
BY virtue of the te-me of a deed o( trust,
ex-cutel and deliverrd to me as trustee
by M. W. Polk and tl F. Polk, to S! care the
Indebtedness therein ruentiened, recorded in
kuiil llonk No .VI. ni, tliv). , f the hr lis
ter's ofliie of She by ooniit, I will sell at
Kublic outcry fo ca h. to the highest and
.t hi.lrinr. en ihe nreiuisea. No. 3(lt Second
street. Memphis, lean., oumuencing at 10
o'clock a.m.,
On Tneaclny, rreber O, ISSO,
fctl ef the personal proterty loeited therein, j
bsing the entire ou'llt ot 'ha b .arding house 1
of ihe r-a'd M. w I'oik and Ji. r. roia.
Katrl nroneriv if nl iect to instrectir.n of per
sons dis ring to pnrcnaso Irom and alter thi
date. I-K- " Aninu, irusiee.
A. M. BTODtAHD, Auoticaotr.
(105), Covington, ll.ra L. was the
pun of tbe tba.CJ cop will be ruined, j

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