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It is very much to be regretted that
Gen. Milea exceeded his instructions
and has mt.de it imposible for the
President to pursue his plan of
having tha captured' Apa-lies tried
by a civil court for murder. The
Geaers.1, by the terms he offered
Geromino and his fellow but her,
has prevented tbeir idequate punHi
ment and ehittldt'd them from the
gillows, which they ric'aly de
served. But it wi!l be some
thing to know they are in FioriJa, and
are thus far removed from their
haunts and the pos sibility cf any moie
maesa"re3 or murder--. In the flowery
land they will be as bo many lambs.
Their trade of murdor baa forever
The committee charged with that
duty by the Democrats of Memphis
hive made all the necejetry prepara
tions for the reception of the Hon.
Robert Taylor, the Democratic candi
date for Governor, and it will no
doubt be worthy of the ci'y and of the
distinguished gentleman. That the
people will tnra out tonight to hear
him goes without saying. They are
not only anxious t ) hear and see him
tbat they may judge of his qualifica
tions for the high position to which
he aspires, but they will be attracted
by the novelty of a canvass that has
brought two brothers face to face as
the leading representatives of oppos
ing political principles. Every Dem
ocrat in the city will bs present and
thousands from the country,
The commission to investigate the
recent riots at Belfast is likely to prove
a farce, as was no dou': t intended by
the Salisbury government. At the
very outset of the proceedings the
lawyers in attendance for both sides
were met with most mandatory and
insulting treatment by J udge Day, who
regarded them as if they were under
his orders and were not entitled to
anything like personal consideration.
Of course, protest was made against
such autocratic conduct, but it is
doubtful if it avails anything. The
government cannot stand a' fair and
close investigation. Too much might
be proven as to the origin of the
bloody riots in tha advice and en
couragement so freely given by Lord
Rando'ph Chu'cUU.
Thb situation in Bulgaria is more
complicated than ever. A meeting of
50D0 citia ns held at Sofia on Sunday
pegged a resolution declaring Lr
the maintenance of the constitu
tion and laws as ecsantial
to Bulgarian freedom, and Gen
Kaulbard, who was present, when be
spoke for the Ctir, and declared what
he would and would not consent to,
was told in plain terms by those pres
ent that they did not want instruc
tions; they would take advice, but not
dictation. But Russia seems to be mas
ter of the situation sustained by B s
marck, who joined with Russia yester
day in refusing to unite with ArjH'.ria
in a peaceful and amicable adjustment
of. the Bulgarian difficulty on the basis
of the Berlin treaty. It is only a ques
tion of time when Russia will take
possession of Bulgaria, and perhaps
Roumelin, and aur.es" them to the
Empire. She would thuS shorten the
march to Constantinople.
The forrcml opening of the mee'ina
of the Knights of Labor at Richmond,
Ya.,yesterdiiy,wa'j eignalizjd by aa ex
cellent speech by Gov. Fitz Hugh Lee,
in which he ured the adoption of meas
ures of compromise for the settlement
of future differences between labor
and capital. The Governor traced in
the formation of our government the
effect of corapromisa when opposing
elements were so wide apart it seemed
impossible even to bring them to
gether in agreement. Bat the spirit
of compromise evoked, each agreed
to surrender something of view
and opinion for the common good,
and the resu't was the constitution
and the union, which have stood
every possible test, even that of a
bloody civi'. war. By this speech Gov.
Lee proves himself a statesman and the
workingman'e friend. By compromise
everything is to be gained, by con
stant warfare nothing bmt waste of
time, money and energy and eventual
Ma. Gladstone was yesterday pre
ssnted with the freedom of the cities
of Water.'otd, Clonmell, Cork and
Limerick in recognition of his manly
and statesmanlike espousal of the
cause of home rule in Ireland.
Deeply touched by honors prompted
by the national laith and hope,
his voice was husky and he was only
able to as sura the delegations repre
senting four of the most historic of
Irish cities that the people of Ireland
will always largely share his interest
and his affection. Mr. Gladstone
at the same time received a
petition for home rule signed by
690,000 of the women of Ire
land, which, no doubt, he will present
to the Houss of Commons at ita next
session, The whirligig of time is said
to produce many wonderful changes,
but there ia none more wonderful than
tha. which has made the once
Tory Minister, the hope of
the Tories and their best defender,
the champion of Irish rishts and Iiish
legislative independence. Let us hope
that ho may live to s.'e home rule an
accomplished fact mainly by hia own
Aid aud help.
And Will Uphold Their Constitution
and Their Laws as Essential
to Their Freedom,
Sofia, Oc'.cbfr 4 All but seven of
the vtlicen who were undtr a-rfut for
complicny in the deposition of Prince
A'ex -.ni'e.- have been released.
Five thousand persons attended the
meeting held yesterday t) hear from
Dr. Voultcheff his ret ort of the con
fnrouce lust Thursday between Gen.
Kaulbars and the 114 Bulgarian
notal) es, headed by the doc or, who
tailed upon the Kuesian agent to re
quest mollifications in Ru.sia'a de
mands. The audience cheered Dr. Voultcheff
during his narrative, and uitertd
groans for Russia. Dr. Voultcljeff pro
posed, and the meeting, adopted, a
resolution declaring c infidenca in the
government, aud assurance to it of
moral and rmt onal Bupportso Ions as
it cont nucd to maintain the inde
dependence of Bulgaria and the Con
stitution and laws f the country.
Luring the proceedings a Russian
arose and shouied, "Long live the
Cz -r." "Down with the government."
lie was at once set upon by the
audience and roughly handled, and
would probably nave been killed if
the police htd not rescued him aud
conducted him to a pi -ice of safety.
While tha procetdiigs were in
proems G-n. Kaulbars suddenly and
unexpectedly appeared and nionnUd
thet-ibune. His appearance made a
lensation. The aud ence became
quiet and respectful. He addretsed
them, aud fitud he was there to ex
press the Czar's desire. II r was at
once loudly interrupted by shouts of
"We want no dcBire; we will l:s'en to
advxs if it is good." Gen. Kanjbar,
'when order had been restored, con
tinued, saying: "1 tiave hiard that a
Russian was beaten ho e btcjme he
cheered for the Czar." Here thera was
frtsb interruption and shouts of "Ttie
man was not bea'en forcheerii g for
toe Cz ir; bat because be cried 'Down
with Bulgaria!' The same fa e will
befall til saying the same thing."
Gen. Kaulbais then atterap ed to
explein the three pjiLts in tlie Rus
sian demands. Tney cried out that
t'.iey would receive no orde s. Among
the shouts were: "The etate of eiega
has a'ready been ra'sed!" 'The po i'
ical pritouers will not b9 leltastd!"
'The pernio will stone them if they
are free!" "The elections will not be
a'jonrued!" "The law must be re
spected, otherwise progress is impossi
ble!" Wtien the crowd had ceased
shouting Gn Kaulbars declare J tbat
the Czar wou d refuse un'e-s the
e ections were pos poned to recognize
the ore at Sohrarje elected to choose a
successor to Tmcs Alexander.
The andience again became tumul
tuous. They ebouted at Gen. Kaul
bars: "We don't care; we will stone
whoever violates the c institution. "
G n. Kaulbara's patience finally be'
came exhausted and in a menacing
tone throw the responsibility lor re
fusing to listen to Russia's advica on
the country.
"Toe Bu'gprians as a nation." be
said, "do not d sire a constitution.
Only a few men in the couutry want
The shou'ire here became m'at vio.
lent and Gen. Kaulbars was compelled
to withdraw from the tribune. A
popular orator immediatoly ascend -d
it and a-k-d the reople if it were tiua
that they decidt d toaboli-h the const i-
t lit on. The crowd loudly pmteutd
ttiHt it wai cot truo and made threats
cau st any one who thoturi attempt to
tamper witn the cons ltu ion. A com
mittee wai appointed to go lo 1'rcmier
Rado.davoff'a residence and present
him w:tn a copy ol the reso
lution adopted, and the meeting
then adjourned. The Premier
received the committt'e and
listHned to the rea ling of the resolu
tion. Ho declared he would always
fo low the policy he had hitherto
ad pted, aiid m nt-.in the laws and
constitution of Bu'garia in order lo
assure its indepeuce and hbeity. This
declata iou was received wi h eroa
applause by the coniuiitiee, and when
communic ted to the great crowd
wbioii had loif.wed tae coinnn t e,
the Leop;e oecfme extremely antbrHi-
astic. They crowded in upon M. Rado-
avotl and carried him about in their
arms, cheering wi dly and singing the
nstl' nnl onthem.
M. Neklindoff, the new Russ'au
u ploma'ic a.ent at eona.accnmpanied
Gen. Kaulbars to the Voultcheff meet
Gen. Ksulbars, before leaving Srila
on a tour cf Bulgaria, no'ifW the
government that Russia Would nrt
consider f actions to the Sobranje
Unfavorably Beecived.
Vienna, October 4. Russia and
Germany have unfavorably received
Austria s Bngge tton lor a confaren.ee
to settle the Bulgarian question.
Reported Rerointlou.
BceuARisT, October 4. It ia re
pottud here that a revolution has
broken out in Bona and T.rnova.
la the Elrcllou Frauds at Chicago
Arrested on Another Charge.
Chicago, III , October 4 William
J. Gallagher was arrested this morn
ing fcr alleg d complicity in a city re
bate warraui fraud. It was rumored
that thousands of dollars on rebate
warrants had been secured by the con
spirators. That some employe in the
special assessment department played
into the hand-i of rogues ts admitted.
O -mpttoller Schwab denies, however,
tbat the conrpirators have pocketed
any cons;derable amount of money.
'1 think," he said t) a rpporter, "that
there has been no serious Iraud com
mitted. Of comae, it is within the
bounds of possibility that the thing
may have orcutred in a fttw instance-,
but I think this was only the inception
ol an attempt to defraud the taxpay
era, and I am sure tbat it will not 0'
cur again." Gallagher wan one of the
perrons indicted with Mackin for the
Jvghteerjth Ward election frauds.
A moni ment should beercled toibe
memory of the late Dr. J. W. Bull, dm
coverer of that, wonderful remedy. Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup.
Murder and Attempted Suicide.
Hartford, Conn., OitbBr 4
Heuryllotchkias, a mmician, rged 35
yearB, has for Heme time been in
trouble with h's wiff, from whom he
is supposed to have separated. They
had two children. Yestoiday after-
noon they met on Market street. He
drew a revolver ana iird two shots et
I, or nn nf which took effect in her
head, and the other ia herb v'k. She
died in a few minutes, llotthka
than firu.l nnp shot into hin own head.
bu'. the wound inflicted ts thought to
be but slight. H was taken to the
hospital, ine tragedy hss caused
great excitement.
Bnlnea Cbauge. and Hew Flriua
IIklbna. Ark., October 4. Ihe 1st
of October biough with t to the com
mercial circles of He'ena a greHmany
changes, not only if ba-e, many lirm
moving into the r new eto es erected
in the bnrnt district, but also of the
style of firms. J. H. Brooks &. Co.,
Brocerie", were rjougnt out by slaugh
ter Tilson. Toe firm of Meyers &
Ross, grocers, difflolved cnDartneishtp,
Mr. Ross discontinuing. Jon J. Por
tr & 0v, a new wh"liBale grocery
house, S. Getty, drugs and Meyer
Bros., dry gcods, are now candidate)
for favor in the commercial world of
The Competitive Itrill Movement-
New Kntry.
Jackf on. Miss., Ocober 4. Tho
Mississippi Guard, of Meridian, have
been added to the list cf competitors
for the approt.chii.2 competitive
drill of Musiss'ppi military com
panies, several other companies are
expected to en'er. Great interest is
being manifes'ed in the enterprise by
the citizens generally, and they are de
termined to make it a euccess.
lulled Ntatea Conrt la Menilon-Itlu
.and 8le.
Aberdeen. Mies., October 4 The
Utited States Coart for th Easiern
Division of the Nor!h"rn District of
Missieeippi. Judga R. A. Hil', presid
ing, convened at the United States
courthoue in this city today, and
among the visiting at'orreys present
are Judge J. A. Orr and E. T. Myites,
f Columbus; C. H. Alexander, of
Starkville; R. C. Beckett, of Wet
Point; Col. Jno. A. Blair and W.
J. Cole, cf Tupelo. There are many
others in attendance, as jurors, wit
nesses, etc. The Hon. Cbas. B.
Howerv. United States District At
torney, is at his post of duty.
Twenty-four hundred acres of lich
piaitie land, belonging to the Ward
es'ate, about eight miles west of here,
were sold to Mr. l'ernn, ol Marshall,
Mich., today for JL'4 000.
Whleh Nailed l'rm nagaw Sep
tember 16ib, Not Tet
Heard From.
New York. October 4. The steam
ship Anchor ia, of the Anchc r Line of
steamers, has rot yet arrived at this
port She left G asgow on September
lotb, and stopped at .Londonderry to
take on 132 pa sengers. In all she h.d
about 450 passengers on board and
wag due at this p rt on Wednesday
last. The company's officials profess
to believe that noihing hus occurred
beyond the breaking down ol eone
machinery. This would necessitate
the steamer having to re ort to her
sails. From the fact tbat heavy
wea'her hss prevailed lately fears are
entertained for her safety. Friends of
racseneers on the over due steamer
are at the office daily inquiring Lr
Gen. A. J. Vatighan, .g-and mar-
slvl, is-ues the following:
The profession to receive tae lion.
R. L. Taylor will be formed promptly
at 11:30 o'clock to-miirrow morning.
All Democrats lire rt quested to aid
aud assist in mitkii-g the reception a
succesj, and it ia requ sted that all
Democrats who have liorsi s and can
not go in line will leud their horir-s ti
fri" uds.
Ladies aro cordially invitad to lend
their prcb-T.ce to tho occasion. All
ladies in carnages and citizens in
vehicles will bo assigned a pleca in
All men mounted on white or gray
horses and all on blatk hnrsss wi 1 tt
pnrt at the ea t gite of Court Squarp.
All nvtn on h r- s of other colors will
repoit loan as i tant. narBhal at the
corner of Madison and Second street".
Ail rren oa mules will leport to Cul.
John A l'ow 1, at the corner of Mon
roe and Hecond sirt'ets.
All ladies in carr ages and citizers
in vehicles will report to assistant
marehal Joe Thieis at the corner of
Madissn and Second etreets.
The Hon. J. R. Dornan st Ilollr
UntOliL TO THI ArFIlld
Holly Si'iunoj, Mies , October 4.
Today, afier the ergamssttion of the
Circuit Court, the Hon. J. B. Morgan,
the Democratic nominee for Congress,
addressed a large and attentive audi
ence at the courthouse. He discussed
tbe labor question, cu rency end the
tariff and then devoted some time to
the effort of Gen. Chalmers to organ
ize the negroes on tbe color line. Col.
Morgan's speech was able, clear and
logical and wus well received by tbe
Democracy. Ha speech was p o
nounced as one of the strongest expo
sitions of Democratic dncttiue that has
been heard here for some time. AfUr
Col. Morgan's speech Gen. Chalmers
presented his candidacy in a speech
of two or three hours.
Petition to Rtmove Saloon Keepers
from tbe Tlckol.
Chicago, III , October 4. The anti
saloon forces of Chicago propoee to
move on the Republican Campaign
Committer. The Executive Commit
tee recei tly appointed a special com
mittse to dtaft a petition to the cam
paign niauaners asking for the removal
of the saloon keepers from tbe ticket
and the substitution of men engaged
in other business in their placrs. Tne
petition is in the shape cf a formal,
urgent request, and is is yet only
signed by a few. Tbe Anti-Balnon
Executive Committee will be called
together goon to discuss the petition
before it is presented to tbe Campeiim
Committee, and also to decide
whether the awociaton wiil bolt the
ticket or not ii their request goes un
Appointment for fpBkluff.
Jacksok, Miss. October 4. The
Hon. Charles E. ILicker, Democratic
candidate for Ci ugreas for this dis
trict, has a list of anpoiutmcnts for
each county in the district, commenc
ing at Raymond, Hinds county, on the
llt'i instant,
Before the Commission to lum'lgate
the IleiraH Riots, rakes a Step
Toward Defeating the
Ends of Justice,
Bki.kaYt, October 4. The remtrs
siou appointed to inviaiite tt.e t-ir-cunetihces
lausii g and attending the
recent riots met tooay. Ah ihs tar
risters engfged ti at end the invert -gnt'0",
excepting two, in istad rn ad
journment for a few min it., fifteen
at least, in oraer o deculo en wht
ccurse to adopt. Justice Day refined
to grant the adjourLme .t, sayi.ig it
would be a wate of time. The
Juice th;'U, depite thn pro
tests of the hamster-, procetdsd
to examine a wltnee s, wheri-u;ion tho
barristers pre-ent rose and left the
courtroom in a prisceeeion, taking
their bags, brief and b u ka with
t' era. Several polici'm, p'itsts and
O.angeu.en interested in the iiivetii
gation 'ollowed tho ba'rists-r. Barris
ter O SbanghneS'ty said he wps indig
nantat Jus ice Day's conduu', and
added: "The Irish bar is not used to
such treatment."
The only wimpsi eximined by the
commission was Inspector CWr. Ker
eral meetings were held ton:ght to
draw up iniignar.t prot s's ag.inst
Judgo Day's treat uient of th lii h
bar. It transpires that Mesiis. F.ench
and Admin, Iiish membsrs of the
commissioo, supported the request
f,ir adjournment, while Messrs Bul
ver aud Jlcllardy supported the
chairman. It . is rumnr. d in le
gal circles that Mi. AdaniB
will rettro fr.im, the commis
sion. Tbose acquainted with the irue
bta'e of aff lirsare of the opinion that
tbe whole thing will end in a farje. It
is thought the cons'ables will be the
only w.tnesses. Tne inimt) ra of the
bar subsequently returned to Ihe
conrtr lorn and presented a pr deat
against the action of the commitsion,
ai opposed lo t'.o interns of tlitir
clieuU aud the public.
The "London Times" Think Hint
t'hurrhlll Is m HncceN.
London, Oct.ber 4. The Timet,
enmmenting on the success of Lird
Randolph Churchill in the tew Min
istry, says be has so far disappointed
the partisan opposition which haB
been eagerly wutcbing to cat.th him in
some iudircreet eal y pr un'im-ly
enrcasiu. "It is eatisfictory," adds the
Times, "to find Lord Randolph
Chu chill's eminent capac ty for pol t
ical affairs now di-.plyed wituout
levity cf purpose of reck'esnefs of
Determined to Preserve the Union.
Diblin, October 4. A deputation
from the Dub'in Chamber of Com
merce waited upon the Lord Lieuten
ant today and presented to him an
address expressing ennvhtion tha' the
Prosperity of Ireland is bound up in
gislative and meicantile union with
Great Britain. The Lord Lieutenant,
in reply, slid that tbe government
wa determined to preserve tbe union
and to maintain the supremacy cf tbe
law. .
Joaepn Arch on t'linrcliill.
London, October 4 Joseph Arch,
speaking at Fording Bridge this even
ing, es ii he was convinced that if
Lord Randolph Churchill was not a
Rad cl hef ire he certainly wai one
now. Tbe demrraliz4i( n of the Rad
icals, he saidcou'd not be greater than
the demoralization of the Concerva-
litriia vhn vi ra apnilinui nv women
to do their work. Chuichill had eaid
that when the government met thuy
would prepare a "three arre3 and a
row" miasure, but the ep aker warned
Lis bearers not to ne deceived.
4'hnniberlnlo lnniiicea thn 1'iir
mil still.
Linoon, Octolitr 4.- In a letter Mr.
Chamberlain denounces the Piruell
bill e.s a ' (lishonet jiiece of pnr.v
tactics intended to divid j th L lio-ftl-Ui
irinisti, end to provok" agiUtiuti in
IrelaniL" "It is probabb," he aaye,
"that the 'nil u"KO i.f thps well p.icl
patriots ill c illapsj in thufutt" ol the
detsrminatiiu of the people rf tir.'at
Britain not to yield another inch ti
the vile conepiracy supported by out
rage and aFsruniniit'on."
Eicnnloni for the llrnrllt or the
dulferen-No More Nbocha.
Chabliston, 8.O., 0 tobor 4 -There
have been no shocks heie for the pit
forty-B'ght hours, and tw.i or tliree
ehgtit tremors at oummeiv lie. ine
weather was pleasant tt.tl.iy, coal
enoiuh fcr light overcoats and flies,
lieiigious services were held by all the
conureiiai.ions yeBteidav. Tho Preslijr-
terianB held a union meeting at West
minster, and other cougregitions wor
shiDDed wherever practicable in
church bui dings. Today about
800 excursioiifets nirived here by the
Atlantic; Coast line, many coming
from Richmond, .Washington and
tialiimorj. ine proceeds ol tne ex.
eursion will be turned over to the re
lief fund by the Atlantic coast line
and connecting roads joining in the
Charleston, S. O., October 4. The
day passed wiihout the slightest shock
and the (oeling is that the disturb
ances have ennrely ceased.
l'r.-eident Cleveland has sent $20 to
the Confederate Home, accompanied
by a sympathetic letter. .
Nntlonnl Woman MiflraK Aaaorla-
Lkavenwobtii, Kas October 4 A
three days' setsion of tbe National
Woman's Suffrage Association, in con-
lunction with the etate o'cnizauon,
began here this evening. The ripen
ing address wes made by Sun in B. An
thony, mere is a lare auennancs,
Jiinlln Het'arthx Lfclnrea fort'nar-
Nkw York. Oc ober 4. The an
nouncement that Justin McCarthy,
M. P., wus to speak tcnight f jr ttie
bent tit cf the sufferers by the Cua-let,-ton
earthquake dtew an audience of
immense size to the Academy of Mu
sic. The fpeaker was introduced by
Mavor Grace, and sketched in a clear
and scholarly wav the prts"nt polit
ical situ.it on in Ireland, lorchirg the
characterises of the prominent men
on both sides in the fight and closing
with fie prediction that homo rule
will soon come.
Havb been us'n gTonga'ine and am
well pleased with its results; it super
sedes all other so called rheumutic
C. S. W0KSUAM, M.D Mareugo, III.
I) I Ell.
JONES M.mdny evening, Uetnhw t,
st 5 o'clock, W.i.TkK Kiisk, tired I year ami
months, infant eon of W. K. and EIIJ.
Faneril will take pUc from re.iidonc, Ko.
2 Burn avenue, thil (Tl'BSUAY) af.'crnnoo,
atSo'olock. V'rioada of the family are in
vited to attend. Carriages in attendance.
ZIMMKRMAXN-U renidcnee. No. ti'4
Hi ii h .troet, Mordiy morninir, October 4,
1k.n1, at 3 o'clock, iittii, aced . v.ara and 14
dajrt, eon of . and Johanna Simmerinann.
Knneral will take pi nee from renidcnc. tait
(TUKUAY) atprnincat 10 o'clock. Krionde
of 111. rnnn'lr are invild tf attend
ALT. WOOL, S0c ier yard, embrac'nir 52-inch
Knglifih Royal beruei, Kouri'o'or. Rich
Heavy (looue. 42 INCH WIPK WOOL
SKKUKS In 5 t-hadee .il INCH KN
OLlll CHEVIOT-., for Tailor t'mli,
Four Illuuiiaated Mizturoi.
4ii Inch Diagona' All Wool Faille, If'ive
New Colorinpm the Nereland l'relttent
Material lor Stylish Weir.
HOOPER YAKD, all Kilra Fine. Uoavr,
Kioh Qualities. M-lnch Kraliih Wide
Wool berne. Stripett Camel tiair Berirei
and Checked Tailorings.
Have ward to nay in retard to Hutu.
KH KM Kit's are Par Escellenc tho II AT
110ll.SK not only of Meuiiiriii, but of the
entire 8outhwe-t. Now. if you want the
Correct London or l'arii Hhape of the
f recent time we will roll ynu one f, r 1 t t.
f our American tityle will luit you. we
will neli you an excellent one of Heal
Foil or Real Far Felt, at $1 W.are
(imply able to annihilate any proposed
competition for trado. Now, aga n, if
you wautthe Correct hare in Wool Fo't,
we will tell It to you at ibe, but we have
a line to sail you at 4Ko.
HAVE BEEN the talk of the town. Kich
and recklera In aiortment and protu
pton. The very ehoiouiit tiroductionn of
t'inaat, Worth and Jourditn Aubrey
grace our counters. We hao tho utock,
ami we are nellinii them. TUIe) W r Elv
KHKMF.H'S MaKnilicout Wraix will be
on exhibition. Come to heailquarte'i
and i et the correct garment.
A LINK OF JACKETS for immnliate wear
at $' M. JACKHT8 are Nl VLI.H1I nnd
FHOPKR. llolcneatKH.EMEn'8. Vou
will look well in it.
Dareninn. WHAI'S of the kind we have
especially tuitable for yen. You can buy
them cheap only Irom KHBMEtt'eJ.
WE HAVE some Wonderful Bargain in
Kceitional in t)li ALITV ami HKMUV
These are only to be found at KHKMER'S
Prices wi 1 astonish you fur low nets.
ply superb. Uet one, and enn-reiiuentty
be happy and well satisfied with yourself.
And Country Htoro Inanranre Cliven
Nurclal attention, bjr
Room 1, Cotlon Ei eh anna Buildinn.
iltnl Ili'iirracnlnl, 9110,000,000.
e-Invltts Correspandence and Interview.
ItCarOHCII, Nria.
nlj Fr-i A yictirn
youttilul unuru-
deace, eiunina; l'remnture Deoy, Nerrcnn
Debility, l(nt manhood, eta., Having men
in vain every known remedy, has discovered
a simple soil. euro, which he will send KhKli
to his fellow sun'orer?. Address
tj J. M AH'liM,
Post Olficn Box 317'., N.w Vork 'Mty.
.rt .
giiijf WfirraiitiMl nbr oluti'ly pur a
Cocmi, from which Ihu vxrvnn at
OilhimlnTn rcinovi-il. It hiMthret
(ImrttVie atrrvgth of Coi'oainitnl
with Hlan h, ArrowronLurfliicur,
nntl U iluM iifnro fur innrri'iuin'Mii
U nt costing lm than one cut t
cup It Im dcllclmin, iiourUhintf,
trviit ImnltiK, nwlly illgintctl(
uiu ml 1 11 i rub I y odupkMl fur liivul
id in well an for jwriwuirt lu liunlth.
Hold by (.rocri eforytrhcro.
I BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Mass.
W. 11. BA I KN.
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayrei Block)?
N ew and Latest Stylett Stock. Heir
Tjpe, Hew Machinery.
Prices as low as anywhere, North
or East.
Increased facilities for doing- all
kindH LlthofrraDhinic.
Security Bank of Memphis
Beema to b. doing a fond businessat No. 43
tlniilaon alrrot. It does a irnnnral llank
im, Sale Deposlt.Trust and NMvlnita llitnk
business. Its otficers and Hoard of Directors,
whose names appear in another oolumn. are
second to none in this section in point of
business ana nnsncini slanging.
I'byslclan, 8arxeon and Acconcher,
813 Mnln Street, Near Uulon.
Telephone No. 88.
Koch's Pat. Store
Nil EI.VIJIU is adjustable to meet any nd
or business. It is cheaper than old style, t
he put up by any on.. llBrqaalml iof
l'nulry aud Boon Mielv... Address
KOt II A. II. O., Mfi H,,
341 Mil NT., I'KORIA, ILL.. or,
Nlmmona Hardware 'o.,Rt. Lnnls.Mo.
Dissolution of Partnership
THE iiarlnorsh'p h.ratnfnra exiatintr be
twrnn Jnhn Calhoun and II. II. Ilinlnrd,
under th. firm nam. ot Calhoun A Co., Is
this day by mutual consent dissolv.d. I).
II. Bintord havina imrohastd tha Interest of
Juhn Calhoon will rnntlnue the business as
heretofore, under the Arm nam. of H. II.
mt. 43 m.imho.v iTiti:i:r,
R. D. Frayhik, Pres. W. N. Wu
V T T) -1 1. .. 1 1 T 11 111 ID E T1 . ..
... u . udiiii'ii, x. ,t. niip ij , ... r. in. lor. n. x'UUit1 ri.jrvr. iv, u nniiwucii, iv.
Godwin, H. P. Head, V. A. Williamson, Joiin Overtoil, Jr , b. I. McDowell, W.N. WU
kerson, R. J. Black.
Dennslia rncelved from .M) nntj nnwarrl.
WIU buy and sell local securities, act aa Tru'tra, Keceiver, etc., for cortiorations or inrii
vidua's. lUva a rwmraodiou vault for the doim.it of valuables for the henctlt ot KKillI
LAH CUSrOMKKS, free o chnrire. Safe l)eio8it Holes for rent. NiiiitK Nirrlnllw
Niilifllf .1. A M hurt a '.t l, Ik., at S4'nral Hnnlttiiir ltiilit.
8LEDUEDROS.,of Coma, Wis. F.
Hob. 358 and 358 Front Street MeropMa Tenm.
JNO. 8. TOOF. E. L. MoflOWAN. .1. B. McTIGUK. W. 0. PATTliSON.
f oof, Iclowaj & So.
Wholesale Grocers
Ami UvalcrM in Iat
No. 274 Front Street
Quarter of a Century in
Nos 322 and 324 MAIN
LAHbo Arr 6
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
J. Be 60 Wl rres'U 3. M. ttOOMIAK, VIee-Prea'U C. H. BAINE, Catkloa,
Board of Dlreotora.
T. B. HI Mr,
W. H. lIRUCi.
J, M. BMITtl.
mm an d m iiiuiiiisu II V fiAirui
gajrA aNipekallwrj Ol las ni.M ni swRBMrei. araasacia ai wrcrjm smbubi4
Haialairaa ucl (Iv.a Mprolal ailffsstlou to illnllutH.
I-3CetsB KTo Siaperior.
m lry and lcn rroiu the 'ra In tniiilltla lo Null I'urrlu.acr..
Office. 278 Second St. !ZrM:K ) Yard, M. & C. Dopet
I.MHDI9 A (Mil
imwm m
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Nob. 326 and 328 Main St., Momphli,:Tonn.
arm ntoch or rai.i, Air wintrr goooh is larokr akd Mr?l
COMHIETK THAN tK BKCKI. and our fries will oompar. with thoi. of tar ksttt)
Mk lb.Uait.dtitat.1. ff. ar. AsonU for
Teaneuee Manarneturlog Co.'i rialiln, Drllfs, Sheeting, Hhlrtlnr, Et
ii ' 'aid
D. W. FLY. F. B. HKRH0N.
Lata ot Comui.ro.. Miss. LaU ot Coffeevill,. Miss.
till, n&iWMli & WMAW
Cotiou Factors and Coiumission Mcrchanta
324 Front Street Memphis Tenn
And Commission Mercnants
ITo, 84 nnd SO HndIon Street, fJcr.Episll
- - - TKXItf.
mdhimiin, ti:.ji.
kkrx.in, V. P. K. J. Blaci, Oashior.
I II l...ll. TT II n t. 1 - - . D
and tntMri.i nllnwflil nn lame eiini-anna&llv-
B. NORFLEET, Kebideat Partatr.
mii Cotton Factor.',
ami ffiillroml Siipplit's,
Memnliiq Tennessoe.
the Hardware Business.
i. R, eODWIH.
RAM 1I0B10N.
Lata of lirooks, Neul X
- i
v i

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