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Brilliant Speech -RopI J br Grand
Master Workman Tow-
RicHu wn, Va.,Octoher. 4. The tap
ping if Mrs'er Workmnn T. V.
To wderiy' gavel at 10:15 o'clock thia
morning gave the aigral f r tbs open
ing i i t o first cession of the tenth
animal convention of the Knights of
Labor, in iha armory of the Fimt
Vi'gmia K giment in thia (My. Ha
at' o i alonn unan a am&ll, plain pine
p'litform at the farther end of the
p&cinaa room and looked cut upon
thefa:eaof a thoaeand delegate aa
tn,bUd from every part of this
conntiy, representatives ol a nvllion
raen aud women. White and Limit
Jaes, the facea of men and women
boiin l tjg'ther by a common olg'eet,
met his view. The aeeei n wa to be
an rpnn one, and in addition to the
lai jje bedy of delegates were Rfl many
others not of the order as ould liud
seats or r.hare what little Handing
room there was with lis members.
The laige room lojrd lik tin im
mense banqueting hail, w;th tables
frrraad f plain piim boarla near the
lemah of the ronm, ii rowi as cIoh
together as tbs pisiliiity cf
moving between them w til 1 per
mit, ('ii either mdo ot tiirsi
ta'ilei wore Heated the delfga'es.
Neit'-er llug nor ttr- auierH broke the
Bevd'O sin.piiciiy (f tiin whitn brick
wu!)i) anil tlid nibiok n white pant
of tho air.!.; (1 ceiling. Tlie en y thing
that i vrn bint d at a discrr itivo pur
pi'i with lithograph portiaiU of
M st-r Wo knian Powderly and Gen
eral Seeretury Turner, that hung on
ei'lier side vf the room, and a largo
gilt frame enclo ing phot g uplis of
members of the J' Cl I'arker As ocia
t on that l;ir g behind tue littl plat
form. Tho latter is the property of
. tho regiment in who e quartern the
convention met, and was smip'y per
mittnd to remain. While the sound
of the MuH'er Woikinuu'a gavtd atill
rf-ecliod, foota'epi were heard
approaching the entiancs doors. A
mem'tiit later CJ.'ii. Fitz'iUifb Lee, the
G ivernur ol Virg n a, entered. A .t he
walked uo the ceulnl bIb'p, leaJingto
the nl t for in, emorled by Wil
liam II. Mu'lan, the Matter Work
man of the Richmond DUirit.t, and
Tom O'lWlly, of the Talt graph
era' At aembly, of New York Oily, he
wai greeted with tnthuuiastic elieer-
iig, wl-ich redonb'ed ni he atoi d on
the pla' form bswing In response to this
greeting. When the applause bad
aiibnidid and Mr. Mill en had pra
B"iUhI Gov. Lee to Mr. RjwJerly, the
latter stepped forward and introduced
him to the members, announcing tha.
Gov. Jiie was to deliver to them an
ad.lrttps of welcome and through them
t tliime they represented throughout
the entire rountry.
When tho applause that again broke
forth at the in ntion of his name per
n ttsrt him to do so, tlie Uovernor de
livered TUB rM.OWINft SI'KKCH OK .Yt'fiLC jMEl
Oae of Virginia's greatest Blntwrjon
hps raiid: "It is proper you should
undereand what 1 d.em the essential
principle of government." What
wore the principles of government, laid
down by thiswise maui? "Kqual and
exact j nut ice to all men of whatever
ner ina-iion religions, or political."
Fly from the fluttering fuldH of your
flag that sentence and the ground on
which yr inarch will always be
strong and firm. We are (old, gentle
men, tio organiza'ioa.rou rorasi-nt is
formed t) eleva'o and protect the
rights of the working classes. Why,
whusra interfering with yur rights,
and whotiaiupiesnpin your ivivileges
a? Amrrinn citizunfi? Oyarrzid
ctpital, do I boar? A gal rat that S
war declared; will it be war to the
knil.', and the ki ifn to the hilt? Or
wiil there be a peaceful issue to
the coi Hint? Wuich, in your
opinion, is necessary ti promote t'e
inteiostaof both? The helm of tin
ship of this Uopubllc was con
airuc'.od by men of diffrtiont
and appareully irreconcilable
viewn, au.l the cors itntion
ws only fiamml by a coinprotiiiso of
all corfl ctiug niinior.s. Compromise
t.ieu givea ud our constitution, and
coiiiproin Be will solve the (Hlh ult
problem ol tho hour which you have
fe 'iib!ed h.ie to gupp!e wi'h, The
b.itile, we era told, ih one of labor
ajinins!. capital. I! it what class of
casiUlielB are oppressing you, and
whn'ocouree is n.jiiiioua to the lines
muktd ou', by tlie f,,und rs of the
Jtepu''iic? I 'divide enptdis'g liitl
two kinds, and will go w th you and
uive the critnmand forward, and will
field l.v your tide agiinat one of these
cleso!'. .Make war ai;iunt-t inn rpo
ratsd nscality, anil we will help you
to li ie it down. Combat gtea. mouvo l
rorporalions that rhi k to cai t ol your
I-etisUtn es, Federal and Mate, by
bii; try and corruption, in ord ir that
they may gut vot a m tho Foiloral
hlis of legislation t.i perfect anil
Jmten np n the who'e c ui' try legisla
ti in for their bencih, and nut for the
bwnelit of the pacple at la'ge.
Wi will march should r to
ahnnhler with you in that. Draw the
f.-.ng Ii )m tiia mor.oy kings who sek
to tekn p sws'on of the great tole
i?'opii lines of tho country and dttljct
thi ni from their hgitirua'e purpoaea
ny coni.ro:it-g mem to aiteat tlie will
oinirej jp ip'e in en attemut to de-
tranJ th who o country of tneir con
aiituti uial r.ghti to elect ruler'', and
i'i wi-1 rHUy to your e.uppor', hots,
ieti.nd dti'g on, in tint. Orgautxa
agdiiB' cup tal ets who furnish money
t icmy ete-ti'iis Hiid then claim as
their r ward the s 'ert on r f t tie meu
up m wNommIi nlilttrsnhall to thrown
the pirp'. r. be oftlm in liciarv, end
w.i mo w.t'i y ju in thnt. l!n all rap
ta', my 'r n-id, is n t tucd in tti s
m av, no- tor unci vicious purposes.
I.i t u i n a ni ?'o ivar npo-i thmn who
r the r yc.i I f jr'nne t ) al e.'i ds the
fult.'iiiijs of mankind and whose
e-ulon'c a-u written in the luMrts of
V on i- i d on ac'i.int o! their v nor
f:"n d isiht.oii a id noble d-eds,
a d w o,e in n ey is emph yed
t) wnt n tin ore vi with sails
and ens.i tin wnaives to be
JU Ion wiih ciiiimnrce. Ivnplovers
K'. I:is b -on well n i.!, hive no lixht ta
loc'c rut a wLole nlu p toll i f bends ta
ti irg h few nnwill'tig unra ttrrtia;
i or liavi they, i:a my opiuion, tin
itght I ) ena o with o ner o.op oyors
l. fix a r.-.t.' for thorn to " or compol
.ill to rji;iain idlo; lut they l ave a
t'lOXTiim thfir ji'.B' j'tugmont
u i to what f iir C on ! 1 1 g ii'ui iislico d -v.i.umI
ml wiiat lin y would b wd'ing
t ' j:'"ve for the work t'jey tia t, and
.VlorwarLH of niiftainiug a lo.p, to Fay
thev w ii d r:ot be able 1 1 give eo
n.u.'.i, 'U can l.avo bell in your
fact iry, any s ashu:gtjn Ulatilen, or
you c n h;ivj heaven there, jut as
-on wiah. If it is he'l you wnt,
bnild jour brsineas on the la o' hell,
which ;s simply, "'every man for him
sel', 0'i'1 tie devil tika the hlndmoet."
Out of that you will get fighli. g peren
nial aad orelenting. If h is heaven
yon want, then build your business on
tho law f f tke kingdom of heaven,
"i nna BHait love thy neignnor as tny-s-lf."
That will lead you in the path
of peace. Nor caa it be aJmitted on
your aid that yon have a right
oy combination or ctnerwui
to prevent ethers working upon
the terms and condrions y u have re
jected if they desire to io so. The
peop'e f this count y can never be
aatibflad. until I krly of acioa is cm
ceded t all. Ksrasijn ovi-rthrnw the
temple of the Ptiiiistinea, but it is in
structive, says a wise writT, to re
membiir what bocn e of f-'ainsm. The
invei tur the guillotine per shed hy
its b ade. 1 be French revolutionists
who worked it moat freely on lun
finally raid tribute to it with their
heed?. The law will protect b th capi
tal and labar, and behind the statute
laws a great aody of law which has ex
isted all through civiliited life and
which 1b known as common
'aw. Kai'h S'ata in the crown of the
Union inherits Ibis eygam of law and
ita co arts ebforce it. "Students of po
litical economy are universally agreed
that tharigiitof the workingman to
coMjine oann'it hs qnwtioned," says
Ulailiou, and adds: "The comh na
tions On both sides are so B r ng that
they ought to be abla to do each ottier
and the wl.olo country a great d a! of
damage and para yrs the industries
of the nation aid wae'e a good
part of its ravings and dig the cham
that sopara'es the employer and em
ployed a great deal deeper and wider
man it now is and ti sow tho see s of
jealo f and spiie that ni l yield a
woelul iiarveet through msny genera
tions." It is a nr. at mistuke to tliink
that all cla usn are bcs.ilo to the la lur
ing CiiKS
Tno largo Binl'nnce listened with
close atti'iil on and f eqil nt aiip eusi
mtrked their app'oval of the p'incipal
poiiila made. When the O venor
had tskon bin seat on ilnplatfrrm
Frank J. Karcl1, the coliri-d member
of the delegation of District No. 4!),
whose a son a es rofusvl to take up
their qna.toro in the kotnl in which he
wan refared admisuion on an equal
fo iting, eatendod the platfirra, and
taking his stand bns.'de the pro tiding
t llicer'a thle u.iid:
Ilin Bnllen7 itin (lo arnnrof Virjinii and
(ifiiClomen t ike Uunvenliun s
It is with much pleasure and gratifl
c tion that I Introduce to you Mr. T.
V. i'owdjrly, of the Bite of
Pentisyivaaia, who will reply to the
addre-a of wetc me of G iv. Ie, of this
Htdte, which is one of tho oldsi S ales
in the arena of politha' influenca of
our oouutry." When Mr. Powdnrly
stepped forward he w.is rrcjivad with
loud applause. The Grand Mae tor
Wo kinau expressed his g'atificall in
at ih welcome which ha I be- n given
the Knights by the oeople of Virginia,
and aaore especially the poople of
liickinoid. Mr. l'owdnrly, continuing,
eaid: The men who owe allugiauce
to Ik Knights of Labor are engaged
in a coi.dict, but it is in a war of truth
aiiaini-t oiror. It is not, as many hon
estly believe and many more diehon
estly assert, a war of labor against
cipi'ul. It is a war in which the
manhood i f tlie American 1 ihorer is
llijktiag for recognition. In this wa'
it must be determined whtdi shall
mlo, monopoly or the American pac
ple, grid or manhood. Our baitles
are not fought for the purpo e of de
termining whether an Individual shall
tuie a a: at or an lCuonre. batt
ilccid i whother a people who are
entitled to lifa, liberty and happi
ness all nil itve in the full en
joyment of their rights and liber' y
as becomes citizens r f a republic. No
member must fi elf as he turns awny
Iront the c lr of Richmond after our
work hore ia doin, that his can safely
or coiibcieutioas y thrust aside the
grave responsibilities and diries of
our Amor can ci'izonshlp. I'oi u'a
disregard of political duty and toler
ated continued political corrnp'ion will
weaken our government aud destroy
our libertlos, for the worm cm eat i s
way through the oik which storm or
tempest could not bend, and po'i ical
di honesty will strike here the 1 ght
ning could nev.-r re-cb. If this hind
was w. rlhy that br.ivo men should die
for it, it is at leaet worthy that nn
BHlilih, tboui;ht'ul men should live
and work in a grand devotion to the
ideas nf a real, a true democracy. We
come here not alone to fo't'e the
question of a dispute in regard to
wanes or hours of labor; we come
partly to study and learn some leesons
of tho bond and heart in practical
citiaauahip. We are engiged in a
work which to the thoughtful ob
forvor means more than child's play,
more than the regulations ot tia le
matters. And iUb work will
not end to.lay, nor will fie
young snt among tig live to
see It completed. To remedy the evils
we campla n of is a dillkult and dan
geioiis u udm taking. The need of
strong beatts and active brains was
never bo j;rn.t as at the present tinn
Tho Issh was stricken from the h ind
of the s'ave owner of twentj-five
years asm, and it must be taken from
the hand of the new s'ave owner as
weil. Tho monopoti' t of today is more
dangerous than the slave owner of the
paet. Monoi oly takes the land from
thii psop'o in million acre plots, it
sends i's agents abroad and brings
hordes it uneducated, d sperata moo
to this country. It imports ignorance
and sca'-ttrs it broadcast throughout
the land. It, and it a'.nnp, is reepon
tihla for evoty manifestation of an
archy that our country has witneea?d.
All men may not be wiling to admit
that this atet 'inont is tins, but when
monopoly dies no mote anarchis's
will be born into this country, for
ansreby is tho legitimate child of
uiounpo'y. While 1 condemn ami do
timirei tbs deeds of violence commit
ted iu tho name of labor during the
prawit year, I am proud to lay that
the Kuigh's of I. b ir, aa an orgamr.s
(ton, is not iu any way responsible for
pucli conduct. He ia tho true Knight
of Labor who with one hand clutches
anari.hy by tho thro it and with tin
other i t'.ingl'S monopoly. We are
told V'n. it is became uf thelmporti
t'on ol oo many ignorant forfig oers
that anarchy b a rttiown its head in
our c miit-y. Hather is it true that
became of tho importation of foreign
iiirs, manners and graces by the
wealthy w have forgotten what it is
that coiiHtitutes the true citia?u of the
Hipiiblic. lbs man who still bo
lievei in the ''little rad dcboolhonse on
the hill," ehonld take one bo:iday and
visit the mine, the fa'to'y, the coil
bre ler ami tho mill. Tnero, d dug
the work of men, will be llud the
fntura c.itiaor a of the llepublic, breath
in.H an atinoaphvra of dust. Ignorance
aud vice. The history of our country
is not taught within theee walls. Tho
s riiig'.e for independence and
the causes hadiog to tint
s'rugta ro not spoken of there;
the mine of Wasl ing'on is
unknown, and tho woreis that rang
out trumpet tongue I from the lips of
I'Hr ok llnnry aro nevar mentioned.
Our country, her bist.vry, hir laws
and hor inntitu'ions aro unknown to
these p"or cb ldrHu. How, tnen, cin
tiia cldld of the forsign le-rn to appre
ciate the freedom that they lave
never been told Jab jut, much lees ex
perienced. Q lemons of wages or
hours of tabor, Bhop dieclp!in, or
soats otber ma ter may caasearap-
inra nere ana tr.ere bstwe-n the woik
men and their employer, but they can
readily ret le it if mutual tolera ion
and common sense are brought into
the controrerBy, and once eett ed, they
should be a lowed to rest. Continual
reminders of past t cables of en create
new ooes Tnoia who have (alien
inti su -h habi s, I wonld recommend
the advice jou io approjrriately gave
to a critic not long since: "rf op fight
ing wnen the war is over."
I thank you, and thr ugh yon the
perpla of l ue historic old city of Rich
mond, for the warm reception given to
us. When we separate to go to our
homes we will cairy with us a rt-mem-brince
of this day and bour. We will
also n mombtr that it was from this
city that the bill of revolution wbicb
crushed to dust tin power of a king
stirti d forth on its mitwioD. I trust
that in the providence of God we may
be enabled to ena-it socb legis'ation
while her ai will help to strike to the
eath the last Yttiga of monopoly a ad
compel all men, whether rich or poor,
to stand equal before a ju t and hu
mane law."
In concluding his apeflcb, Mr. Pow
derly said that somo of the members
of the visiting delegatiocs who were
of darker line than their brothers
could not find place in come o! the
hot'dp. This was la accordance with
what bad long been the custom h re,
end (Id cu-doms ard prejudices
do not re d ly vanish. Then
had hcon particu ar mention mado o?
one instircs where a dob grtion num
bering six'y mc-mb'rs had on'y one
coloie I member among them, lie was
rehired admicsiou to tin hotel where
they int 'iididto go, and toe delega
tion by the pi i"ciples of the order,
which rscogoizrs uo distinction o!
cred, n .tional.ty or color, wont with
their colored l rothrr. Tnat, he said,
was what made tin ejection of bat
brother toin ro lure him to them, so
that it might go firth tint they prac
ticed what i hey preached.
At tlie close of las aildresry Mr.
Powdeily requested, that all those
present who were n t doleateaehould
retire, and thanked tbum for having
c .me to the opening aeiieioa.
Mr. lionnett, of toe Richmond Dis
trict, moved a vote ol thaiks to Gov.
Leo, a id after this was heart! y
and unaairnousty given, it was fol
lowed by a hnn t of rousing cheers for
Virginia's G ivemor.
All but the delegat' B then left the
ball, and ths convention settled down
to ttie practical work that bad called
them together, aid in which they bid
fair to be engaged for the nexc two
weeks or more. In secret res ion the
only business done was the appoint
ment of a Committee on Minor Cre
dentials. An adjournmeint was thea
taken to 9 o'clock romorrow morning.
An Increased npinnml for Money at
Loudon Trade IinproTlnKV
London, O.itobor 4. Dhcnunt dur
ing the piBt week wts quoted at 2(32
There was an increased demand for
money. The et ck te tlement wasnn
UbUilly heavy. Vulne.s advanced, but
speculators cheerfully paid the h gber
tales. A large amount borrowed irom
the It irk of Brglpnd and put upon
the market restored rates to their
former levol. The d'stribution of )s
lol cr dividends will rem t in increaaed
t a-lnes for a week or two, when it is
I'kely ra'es will harden. There is no
doubt now that the t a ta is improv
ing Reports from the chief industrial
centers etute tbut business is either
expanding or is car ain to improve at
an early day. A lf,rga incrense of or
ders from America ia notid at l?i r
miegham. Woden mauufacturers
ere buoja'it a L eds and Leicester,
whore the fautorits are working over
time. Prion MrK nt I'ari.
I'anis, Oiilober 4. On the Bonne
diirinc tne nest week niics were
btronu, oing to the m-rj oncourag!ng
political rew.. P.inama canul shares
c'osod at 38S.75.
At Ilerlio.
Berlin, October 4. Prices on the
Bnuree dur.ng tho week were firm;
bears wiris coveii ig. Money closed
at 21. 8; Canadian I'.icIIj closed a;
At Frnnkrorl.
Frankimiit, Octjb.r 4. On tlio
Bourse during the week prices were
fi in. U. H. funded 4s closad at 125 60;
exchaiiga on No Yo'k at 4 24.
At Vienna.
Viknna, October 4 Tue Bru-se
closjd fl-mer. Kxchaoga oa London
at 125.40
A Urphie rearripilon of the Plare
llio laKHiie An) luni l'ro).
Bolivar, Tbnn , Orobtr 4. Bolivar
Is the c uiity s at of ilardemun, and
Is a thrivirg place containing about
1600 inhabitants It is not 'd for tbs
aeneronsness and hcsoitslily ef its
c t rsue. It is the home of the Polka,
Feutre sos, Millers, McNeils and a
host of ottier eminfiit men. Harda
man county is also the banner 1) mo
cratic county in the State. Your cor
respondent visited today the site
where tho S ate is now building the
Weit Tennesson Insane Asylum. It
is a beautiful lrcition, Bitnated two
mi'es west of the town on a beautiful
elevation, 753 feet above the level of
the Eta. There are now sixiy-five or
feventrmen burning brick and laying
the foundation ol the building. It
will lake two years to complo'e it. A
more healthful and debgbtful placa
could not have been found in west
Tennessee. It is above ma'arial in
fluence and eurrounded by gushing
rprings of pmo water.
Bo ivar is improving, and tbo (un
rounding ccun ry is blessed with good
pIroll'K KmnlHlon.
Of pnto Cod Liver Oil, with ffypa
phoepbites, is a most valuabla romodv
for conauuipt:on, scrofula, wasting dis
eates of cl ildien, colds and chronic
coughs, and in all conditions whore
thero ie a less of Hush, a leek of nerve
power and a general debility of the
A BrilNh Nliln niwn, linl ilia
t'rw ftNrHie.
Pan FiiANciero, Cai,., O. t ober 2
Theeteanier Alameda, which arrived
today from Sydney and Hono'u'u,
biings news of tbs loss of tho lHtish
ship lhinnatiir Cat!e, on Ocean
Island, 1200 miles from Honolulu,
Julyl.Vh. flic- le't Sydney July P h
for Wilmington, Cal. All the crew
reached shore in safety, but as the
island is batrou saven of them loft for
the Sandwich Islands, which liny
rraeluil after a perilous voyage of fit-tv-two
days in an o; e i bout. A te'ief
et amor loft Honolulu to tumor tho
K'lnaiuderot the crew, cmsietou ot
tweiity-Uo persons, on September
14th, and is exp' ct -d back O. tuber Ut.
Why Has laautlout
Become the a'aple dentifiics cf Amer
ica? Simply because it is impotBible
to uee it, oven for a week, without per
ceiving its hygienic eflect upon the
teolb, the gums and the breath.
To Base Action Cinifllcfing Sfate
niebts of t hi ir Condition ut
tlie Surrender.
WAsmsoToif , Ootriksr 4. It is stated
official y at the Wa- Department lha'
nothing has baen riet-rmi' ed upon in
legard ie ttie surreuiter of Gronim
and that the department is s ill Incit
ing the iaforma i n uron which to
bai;e any act on. Hen. Mill's want
of frankatss in avowing at the outeet
lha: he had granted bbe al terras to
the captives ia eeverely cr ticieed. It
is no tf underro-.d that iha lnetrnc
lions given to Gen. Crook not to ac
cept the surrender i f the Apaches un
less tiny came in without conditions
were transmitted to lien. Miles for his
information and guidance. These in
structions were inspired by the desire
of the President to undertuke a new
policy of dealing with renegade Indian
marauders, which policy couiemp'ated
thftir tdal by uiv.l c ur s and iht-ir
pr mpt puii'Sbmnni for tho crimes
thry uad corumitt d. A r. qui'iition,
it is understood, has air. edy been
made bp ihes Governor of Arzora
upon tin Governor of Ttx 8 for
the kur ender ed (Jro'iim) for trim",
but uud r tin terun ot' t e bu rondur
the Pruridunt ,atin t psnn t i.he chief
to b8 nnrretid-sred to "tour Governor.
Gen. M''es has d feuderfl among th
uuihoririm, as w I us c tiz ine, en I i
is orged in juitilici i'rn of bis course
the.t tisb ttjrro lo'vo povisioa if
trie Indian, eveo . i the opjor unity
of makii g au exniiijilrt f tui-m to de
terotlie'S from f n wing in tho foj-flte-ps
be :o-t tlnn to pH in't them to
gooo indefinitely oo tlicirc u s-i of
raii'dor and nVstm: tioa. Ti-ra is a
conflict of opinions and s'am(iits' in
respect, to this conciti n of the Apaithes
when tiny amo i . It I as been sai 1
that ttiev were rs! oc-il to tlie lowBt
poi it r f (atigne n id privnt on, and
that, their auirm ii r w-sit-e retult.
Ibis, ia ttie ab-ence o' olliiial in
forniati T, is not everywiieia cred
ited. Oilic rs win kno theAtac'ies
i-l , aesurt that die kind rf lif.i they
have been Icadii g b-.tely is 'he norma
ita'e; that w nnu aicoriipanied f ieni
everywhere, and 'hut children were
bo'ii and tinivi-d while the troops
were in hot pnr.s ut. Ia siiorr, the
savages weri all w.ll pr.ipfrd, wbon
t-iev surr mdered, for cirt n:i ngtoir
raids, as they- weioaye.nr ago The
Burre-udcr und the cess -tion cf ho.tili
'i 's is said ta be ead b "W t n cir
tiin cinfs f wbi e3 upon both aides of
tho liae nnn wbom e nnrci andine
of the miefortupes nf the sett'eis, who
pecuiod v ul liable mining aud rasch
properly fo" a ra l ion of their valuis.
in contoqnenco rd 'he terror inspired
by the savages, a d who would have
supplied tho latter wi'h mesiiH to
carry on their nut dcrois work indrfl'
nitsly, Lieut, 'ia ew o I, the ifiicer
to whom the Indians tirst surrende-ed,
has n"t yet been In a d from through
any chaunol with rn-i e.rt to tho con
ditions gran'ed ro'he p isonere.
nrencli of I'romine Mull.
New Yokk, Oc'ober 4. Ohrhtcpber
Meyer, a millionairo tea timi-s over,
and presidisiit of the Meyer Rubber
Company, hi;s been B led for hreach of
prom s s by Miss Annette S.boucir.
Mi-irfScbanck is a deseandant of un o el
Knickerbocker f-unilv ar d ie about 3d
vears old. Tin vbinliff laces her
d m ir sat. Hunroo.
rnwrnl with ntl-tct r,mnl toT'iirltr.Rtn'nirtli nnd
lli-iui tirulM"--. r. rft.v'IWikhiir Powder conlnlia
no Aiiimonla.I.lino.Aliiiii r 1'hunphatiM. Or. ITli'i'
Kxtl-auls, Vuuillo, Louiun, etc., llttvor dcllcloualy.
PRICE BAKING POWDER CO. Chicago and St Lmite
Tail J3BLT or tl
donor, tori made e
preHnly lor the onn
ot defeneration ol
the lenorative or
ftinr. There if no
mistake abon thisln-
r.. . . fliruuient idv Dun
,if W'.l! Y EhHl TRICITY per
IlLll Jip- Ultl.l nartu mnsi restore
thorn to boitlthv action. Do not oonioood
thia with Klootrlo Belts adrertined to cart
all till from head to toe. It ie for the ONR
ipeoifio pnrporo. For olroulars givini full
nformatlion, addrest Cheever Klootrio Bell
Co.. lill Wmhlnrtnti tre. Chl. . IU.
"To the VICTOR the LAUREL."
Prs-emirttint In every higlier quality, tl
HANAN SHOE hot become th recoprnred tlindani
for f it.o woar among discriminating guntloncn,
A lan u Hit IlrnliiH nntl ron lnioc
will (Imp iiniv jircdimiiif!! nirelonvly pkkrd up
lirn truth kniu ksnt I In- iloor. Smh iirt; inviud
liUry one pair nf " llannn's" slmr. Wr know
tlie rrsuli ; fverv m;tn who wntts the best anil
finest nrtu lc in the iiKirU-i will lu-tumc a pcrpei
Oal " 1 lauaii " man.
A aluable Patent.
Dnary's (llorae) Corn and Pra Fla.
HA VINO rerfeetoU mjr invenUon, I wlnh
o pl.ice it before the putoio, opeoially
m rialoturer. As a Corn Planter, it ie a
rerteot mooeii otwrn the drill, ditributd
the leetl aootrataly, nniniured, and ooverd
the name, thereby one men performing the
work of three. Tnet hava been need ia
thii lection tor over a doien jreare with pe
teat latiifaotion. fan lire reiponible tetli
monialt. ddre
JOUN U. PANCY.DanorTllle,
Haywood oountx, leal.
n at m
OCTOBER 5, 188
Centaur Liniment is tho most wonderful Fain-Curer
the world has ever known.
Speer s Cotton Gin
Hilling from Mulberry to St. Martin Streets
H'T Insurance and Sacks free.
Br The Largest and only Complete Gin in the city,
ear Best i?ld. I3cst Scrapie.
jf or rmy xears ins great itenieay lor
Blood Poison ana Skin Diseases.
Interesting Treatise on '-Blood and Skin Diseases
mailed free to all who apply. It should be
carefully read by everybody. Address
39 Union St.,
BE06KS. 1IELY & i.
And Commission Merchants,
Wo. 3G7 front Street, : Mem,slii. Teun.
r ocers & Cotton Factors,
So. 393 Slain Street, Gayooo Block.
Woods & Swoope,
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
Sltam Engine, Machinery of All IlescrintloiiH,
JXTq-w Firm.
No. 331 Second Street Memphis, Teun.
erPlno Stoolt.'w erHtyliwh TurnoTttw.n
it. A .:.
f. .iC
All Cotton Covered by Insurance on Seiworthy Vessels ti
Ginhcuse. Sacks furnished to responsible parties.
12 i and 12fi POPLAR 8TKEET, MBMPIITS.
Colli MowB mm
291 Front Stteet, Opposite Cnslom llonse.
rcn ot
11 M.
Memphis, Teun.
U. M. NE15LY.
Cliickasaw frenworkt?
83 Second St. Memphis, TW
f UKlueM, KoIKth, SawinillH,
12ra!(orl Corn nnd Wheat Mli!
C'otou Fren, Cotton. ilp,
rVihnlllns, Pnllcyet, m.
SPS'.t'IAli MOi'irB Wo arorrorred to fill nrderi
(.(or notice, forth ce'.ei rated MwlBrt I'aicul
WrouKl11-"" ,,llt. Wo oairy In itook over
Two Unndrad Annortocl r,(
-K.nd fur Cutttioeno acd Prico-Hat.
jo.i:rii r.iii:K
No. 233 Main Street.
THE conrno of itud v i extended, Uorah
and prAOtionl, aflordinir mperior faeiii
ties forobtainincaaonnd bneineee education.
For Catalogue call at the eaheolraom ar
add rem T. A. LKDUIN. Pnmlpal.
Recpens Cctobsr 4, 1886.
PHPIL8 prennred for "The Art Students'
League," of New York, or nny other
first class art school they may desire to enter
DRAWING, PaintirR and Vood Curving
tiiUBht liy tr,e mrhd of the cideliratod
Cincinniiti .School of Design, l' irst ucre8
fully (r tro iuccd horo by Miss Carrie l)e
Innde Dobyns, Pricciii.il School of Art, the
Jitubee Sohool.
Ncntl for Kpcrlnl rinulnr for Art
Georgetown College, D. C.
t'oniiriPd 171.
s'IIOI.!open September , VM. Apply
to President of the Co. lege.
THE M1IOOI, vf JI1 lM'IIVE opent
Kopt. 20, 1S.SH. Apply to Prof. J. W. U.
Lovejoy, M. D., 900, 12th atreot, N. W.,
WashuiK'nn. D. C.
TIIK 9 HoOI. F LAW opens on th
First Wednesday in Ootober. Apply to
6atul. M. Y' atroan, Sec'y, corner bra and
i'. street?, N. W., Wnihirgton, D, C.
JAMKS A. DOONAN, S. J , Prea't.
I.E.i.,313 6:h Sr., Weehington, D. 0.,
opens October lSih. Prov d a i raotieully
useful bu'inoss education. Xi rms: Life schol
arship, 610 lioardinr, etatinDery, etc.,
twlve weeks' curse, (16. For circular (lree)
addrefs Mnrtyn's Connn rcinl College.
School of Drawing and
46 BT. Court St. CI. W. Dale, Frio.
PROF. DALE, a graduate of the National
Sclmol of Klfcution nnd Or itory, Phila
delphia, Pa , will reo'.lve a limi'el t umberof
pupils in (rrnyon and P is'"l Ilrnwingand Elo
cition. erhitil OpeiiN 0'lobcr JS.Termi
lle-isonable. Public heading- a Sneoialty.
The Kigbee School
Education of Young Ladies
Beale, Lauderdale and Jessamine fcts.,
Incorporiilrd with Cutlegiate I'riv
Fall Term Opens Mouilaj, Sept 20.
BfWTnoroncli Entilish and ClarslftKl Course.
Modern L inKiu.fcs hy Foreign Teachers.
Book-keepinj, Suort-hand and lypo
writirg taunht.
Schools ot Art. Musio and Elocution noted
for oxceitionl ndvantaRes.
Spocial BtudenU recoived in every depart
ment. A new and elegant building will be erected
during the summer and (nil, wherein will be
lurnished a spacious stud? h all, large pri
mary school-rooms, olass-roomi, laboratory,
library, gymnnsiuui and art gallery, which,
with the elegant man-ion ustd lor boarding
pupils and the wooded pleasure grounds,
will form one nt 'he most complete school
foundations in the South.
Catalogue ready Auguat 4th.
For information address
MISS JENiiY AI. UIUCFE, Principal.
Moo phis, Tenn.
MEMt'lL B PAtir tlENr
Tulape University of Louisiana.
Formerly, 1847-1884, the University of
Louisiana )
ITS advantages fur practical instruction in
diseases ol the Southwest are unrivaled,
as the law secures it superHhundant materi
als from the great Charity Hospital with itf
TOO beds, and 20.000 patii-nte annually. Stu
dent" have no hosp tal-fees to pav and spe
oial instruction is daily given at the bedside
ot the sick, as in no other institution. For
catalogue or rnf rmation, address
Prof. 8. hi. CllAlLLE, M. I)., Dean,
P. O. Drawer SRI Dew Or'cnns.
K&tfiTirTKisSf Book CasesTlonngfe
t1 - iwift I Letter Presses, Canines
J$5iWK5SI ladies' Fancy Deski, t.
trsi" t-.ivi,H l''init Good, and liomr,
SfxWSteSi.' T .iSS Priooa Guaranteed. Cntaloj
MEAfVIII in KA1.I H.-Da. K. C.
WitiT', Nikvi anp Vr.ti Tkkaturrt.
agaaranieod speoifio for iiysterla, Dizii
noes, Convp.leiorjp, Fits, Nnrvnas Neural-
Eia, Headache, Nerves Prostration, cansed
y the use of aloohol or tobaoeo; Make
fulness, Mental Depression, Seltening of th
Brain, resulting in insanity and len Ing to
misery, decay and doath; Promature d
Age, llarrenness, Loss of Power in either
a-: Involuntary Losaas and Spermator
rhea, orum I by ovor-exertioo of the brain,
elf-abuse oroverlndnlgonoe. Each box con
tains ona month's treatment. SI a box, o
iz boxes for iS, seer by mail prepaid, on
receipt of Drice. We guard) tro Six Boies
to our any care. With eaoh order received
by ns for six boxes, accompanied with $1,
we will sond the purohaaor our written
gnarnrtee to rofnnd the money if the treat
ment does -ot e.Tcot a euro. Guarantees
Issued only l A. KtCNKKHT A CO., Drug
gista. Memphis. Tenn.
Positive Cure for Piles.
" - . ' K " I .1 I IU u
gor sale by all druggists.
"LonsScn" Trcuser Stretcher
Patented in Enron and Uni
ted States. Nte ArmiI In
I utlcil sttnirx for celebrated
John Hamilton A Co. Stretch
er. Takes bilr oat ol
knem restores pantaloons to
or ginal shape. Only patented
Strotcber combining screw ro
in combination with dumps,
All others infringements
i ... . lnn;w u( ri.llltiu.
I I I I lirilTluai Hill, ....
sJl fyfdf gcileiiieir ne, lit
fexi ross soi urely packed. Price t2 SO. Writ
for eirenlir". A cents wanted in every city,
iu w.MWM"M A- '.. Ht.wlrn.vm
BY virtue of tho 'cms of a deed of trust,
ex iuto I and delivorrd to me at truMee
by M. W. Polk and If F. P Ik, to senre the
inilebioilno-s therein mer tinned recor odin
t butiel Ho.ik No 3t. p.igo rf the he sis
ter's otli o ot Kbo by cn nt , I will sell at
public outcry fo ca h. to the hi.hct and
besl biili'er, en he premise No. 30rt Kecond
Mree', Memphis, lonn., ojmmencing at 10
o'clock a.m.,
On Tiieadny, October 5, IBH6,
a'l of the pe'"nal P'oierty located therein,
being tho enrire ouifit ot he h arding house
uf the sa'd M. W Polk end B. F.Polk.
Said property is subject to inspection of per
sons desiring to purchase Irom and alter thii
dato. T. R. W A h ING, Trustee.
A. M. Stodbabd, Auctioneer.

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