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TCESDAY, I j OCT. 6. 1880.
ROBERT L. TAYLOR, of Washington.
JAMES P11ELAN, of Shelby.
Tbe clearing hoass returns on our
commercial pige show that during tba
kit week there was an increase over
the corresponding week last year of
24.0 per cent, on tbe full total. Ex
cluding New York the increase ie 14
per cent. Out of over thirty cities re
porting, only five ehowtd a decrease
uaRaintt last year. This barometer
of the ttate of trade.thertfore, mill
givoa most satisfactory inOicHtioni1.
Demand, and preparation for October
flttlnminlii. irave hardening ton-
decry to money in New York la-t
week. Banker's balance averaged 0
per cent, until Tuursilay, when tbe
average r.te to 7J per cent., a ra'o w t
likely to be maintained. There
is an active outflow of money
to tbe interior which readies the full
capacity f tupply. Little is doifg
in called liBna or commercial paper;
tbe banks have other unea for their
money, si the Chronicle reports. Not
withstanding the bond call, tiBRBury
dieburBi'inenta have contributed little
toward aiding the barHs, but October
will bring relief, aad, judging by the
preterit urgent inquiry for money, all
the fundi) obtained will be absorbed.
In London there has been an advance
In bill), owing partly to demand for
speculative purposes and partly to
lore of gold by the Bank of England
and its failure to draw supplies, from
'the continent. No shipments are
like'y'to ' Continue through October,
and as the bauVs stock of bullion Is
down to about 21,000,000 the market
is sensitive and an inoreised a!e is
looked for. The Bulgarian difficulty was
exf rcUIng little influence in the inar
ket, its it was thought Austria's attitude
would lower the tone of Russia. The
mahiplicft'ioa of national banks is no
ticeable; the.'new ones lie mostly in
mall communities where there as
need of thorn. Since June 3d the in
crease is forty, within eleven months
the increaae.il 185, and the total num
ber now is 2849. The increase is tbe
more surprising as (be bonds upon
which banking currency is obtained
are not to be bad. The cause of the
Increase is that in 1882 the law de
creased tbe amount of bonds neces
sary to be held by banking concerns
under $150,000. Since that change
580 banks have been added, net, in
eluding others gone into liquidation,
a total addition of 761, yet during the
four years their average capital bas
amounted to only $106,725. The re
turns and estimates of the railway
companies for the last quarter fu ly
inett expectations. Thute is improvt
ment over the previous quar
ter and over the Fame
quarter last year. Silver was
lower, qno'ing 44) pencB an ouncn
in Lomlon, making the bullion value
of the silver dol'ar $75 45. The Wall
street au hority the indicator had
the fallowing laat Tuenday: "Last
July, when Tennessee Coal and Iron
was sellir.g at 43, we predicted that it
would (ouch 70. The time Ib not up
yet, aud lhe stock h&i nearly touched
the fignre predicted. It will bo there
in timr. And now we pi edict 00 for
that etock in tbe next nim ty days. It
is going there. Tbe dividend which Is
to be paid Ib not the only good point
ou this stock, although that is good
enough for the price we mention. A
cn Imitation between the Alabama
ra'dioud and the Inman party will be
effected, which will he a big thing for
tn ec-ee Coal and Iron, We hope
in a dav or two to be able to give the
ihIiIh history of the deal, but we can
aviso u.e purcusse ol ttie Block with
ionfidenc ." Oa Weduesdav the tame
p per said; "The Tennestce Goal
and Iron stock keeps on climb
Jrg fer higher prices day by
tj. i, uounu io get close to par
hortly. The company has arranged
o .consolidate with the Pratt coil
irrs recently purchatod by the In-
an pmty. The Fratt coal niiuoJ con
ef if some 70,0.0 acres of coal and
run liiiids near the city of llhminfc.
hum. This company mitniifucturis
Bteel fiom their own iron." OnTliurj
nay l a tiied: The K.ist Tennessee
securities aro still a ood pu'chfHP.
.Th y will go tlisr, and may juiuj
any moment."
Tenu rseo hue tikuu a nw depir
turn in ihsuondiict of political cm
te-ts - inaugurated methods which
will fb-vat and kivn decency and dig-
til y ;: ih polincj of the South. For
. years tbe election c.iutesta iu the
Suuthera Hints have been bi!t(-r, re
soiul and defamatory. Ti ia fceliiK
wss engo'idored by the reront-truot'o i
er.i, tlu dii k i!hb which room like
1 lueous cream, .wtion the ignorant
negro and unprincipled canet larger
ruled ind ruu.eJ the inti'lligent tax
piying Whi'es. As the R uthern stttes
wore given home rule, the tas t uyer
wcr i.nxio is to forgot the hoiro s nf
thepaitand lo:k to the gr-a' im;cr
isl iuttrdiU ot tin mum. u it m
every nu'ot'sive eloctiou they found
the i ii.nnt b asks unia in a s li 1
phalanx, ready and anil va to rneto ii
the ra kl'ts tztravdguice and ui -
bltuhi'ig corruption of tba past
But fi y are no long r lei by
tha &d carpet baggers w"; o b -ve Aa-
puted w th their swag. Decent Re-
pobiicics have supplante d tbe a J ven
turers and there has bsen a corre
sponding elevation in Southern
politics. This is especially so in Tan
nerwee. Bemembsring the bitter per
sonal contests of tbe past twenty
year, tho Appeal contemplated with
disiut and abhorrence the idea of
opp ting two brothers as caadidstfS
fjr Governor of Tennsrsse. Bat it is
a relief to Bee and know that the ten
dency has been to divert the contest
f all t-ermcal asperity and to direct
public atten'ion to the great hints of
the day. The novelty of two brothers
opposing each o:her for the highest
office in tbe gift ef the people, has in
vested tbe caavass witk anprecedented
Interest aid a full vote will be polled.
Tke Democrats will be the gaimer by
tbis excitement, as the dominant part;
always suffers most by a small vote,
and increases its majority when tbe
people tarn out a they will do in No
vember. The Republicans who pre
tend te see a hopeful itmure in
tbe solid South, by the ditaffection of
Tennea o, are claiming the election
of All Taylor. 15 it his brother's ma
jority ci not be less thai 4l
ijOO. Bib is the most captivating
speaker. Hie feople eee that Cleve
land baa redeemed bis ledges; tba
he hai never forgotten that "public
cilice U a public trast," and that mil
iums of money have ulieady been
sjved y his reform adininittrati n,
aud that his policy hai been B ) w so
and coiisorvative as to put an end to
wictionali in and tj bury oat of sight
forever the bloody shirt. Tho people
furtl er ato how all the pradiitions of
tke Republican party have beau
falsified in the fact that the Democrat c
party has been in power nearly two
years aud that the negroes havs not
been restored to slavery; that tba
rebels are no' again in the saddle to
inaugurate a new rebellion; that the
Confederate war debt bas n.t
bteu paid; that Confederate uldiers
are not pensioned; that the nation
a' debt has been rapidly diminished
and that tho country was nevef so
prosperjns and happy as now. There
can be no doubt of the election of
Robert L. Taylor Governor ef Tennea
aoe by en increased Democratic ma
jority. And the country is to be on
g'a'olated on the fict that he will be
elected en a bighpr p'ane, by a can
vass of decency and Jigni'y. Towards
b'B brother the Democrats entertain
a feeling of kindness and respect, ia
sinking contrast with the hatred they
cherished for (he Brownlows, tbe
Stokes, tbe Aintses, the CUytons aud
(he ltellrg(p, who arrayed the negroes
against the white.. Indeed, there is
more sympathy for Alf than Bob en
the ma principle (kat the crowd
feels mors sympathy for the culprit
than the hangs an. lie is leading a
forlorn bops, making a gallant fight,
but duty is inexorable, and after bury
lag bim beneath a majority of 40,000,
tba Deraocra's will give a graceful
shape to the hillock over his grave, ten
derly paw down the friendly earth
with their trusty snides and drop a
teur te the memory of poor A'f.
Members la BrmpXbr Wltb Irinh
Home Rule ftbatply Watched.
Ottawa. Ont.. October 4 -For some
lime pint the D, minion Government
has been watching with cotsideruble
suBpiciou 8' ve al members of the civil
service who are in sympathy w th the
Home itule puty lu Ireland, he a
whom it w.is feaied were endeavoring
to tow seeds of sadition among
other government officials. Iu view
of this an order was issued Saturday
compel ing every member of the civil
service to take an oath of allegiance
to tue u u en, lulling in wnicn tueir
pay wju!d be atopped. It is quite er
ident that the feirs of the govern
ment have been aroused, a?, in con'
nectloa with this movement, it has
been proved bryond douSt that the
recent robbery of the minutes of tbe
meeting of St. Patrick's Society, which
are now missing, were stolen from the
loom by a government official, who
recmtly joined the society for no
other ptirocsa than to secure these
booke, which the lOVerninent believe
will UibcIobo ceriain facts bearing evi
dome of several prominent members
of the civil service having spoken dis
loyally of the Queen and country, and
of having identified themselves with
tbe National party. It has boen an
opou secret for some time that there
are pevfral members of the civil
service who are in sympathy with, if
l hey do not belong to, the Fecisn
Brotherhflo i. They are being sharply
wftlchedby outside detectives.
The Ilea. J. II. Morgan Addrenscs
lie ('ttarnle.
looMturoiiDiKca or TBI irniL.l
Lnwihihiku, Miss. October 2. The
Jiulio has addressed his fellow oltiaens
ut live I'rocmits in tbis county during
he pant week, at each of which he
had a la g and a'tontive audiei cs to
which ho rendered a full and sat s fac
tory Recount of bis stewardship as
tlieir Rir. s-nt.itiveintlie Forty-nintn
Uong'eiB. lis is making an Active
and one of the most brilliant and eua
cjihIiiI canvgRte that has ever beeu
made ii (li s CongreBsinnal District
iu year1, and the general determina
tion ist)pr vo the indorsement c f the
JiuUo'r oou rse by both white and col
on d by r turning him to the Fiftieth
Th.s section has been wonderfully
excito I th-.1 laat f w das cn mad dogs,
two having patsed through heie,
biting many di g and some cuttle and
hogs. B)lli were killed attar doing
iiini'ti ii.'iiiiagu.
We havo l adsoveral light froel?, but
witti no material damage to vegetattou
up to tins unle. w,
l.nilll oaafBi.
l'UKI'AltK for ri,ooi;.
FoutulittioiiB, cellnr walls and build
ingH subject to overflow fhould he con
Htnicteil with LouiBvlile Cement. It is
the HUinlard.
Adinirnl Porter Seller.
Nilwi'okt, U. I, October 4. Admi
ral IVrt.n wuscorsuli'mlily better yee
terdty, und it is believed be will be
cntinaf.w weikj. He is now able
to take nourijhment.
VThbn teset with headache and
other pains use Salvation Oil, the
greMen cure oa earth for pain,
At Brighton Reacb Bast bull
the Lfagaes-Other Sport
log News.
Cincinnati. O.. Oclober 4. The
third day of tbe Latonia Jockey Club
raws had a good day. fair attendance
ana a very dmty track, it was an ex
tra day, with purse races. There were
twenty-lour starters lor tec nnt race,
and it was divided into two races, an
ext'a purie being oflVred.
iari Jiace. Maidens, two years;
five furlongs Starters: Hairy Glen
(luo), Jtiaggins; B wit tiro (iuoj, J.
Harris; Mishap (112), Hasey; El
woed (105), O'Brien; Cora L. (10),
Cooper; Galatea (1C2), Blunders;
Tam O'Shanter (105), Richie; Nina
B. (102), Smith; Paisinn (102), Faral;
Outcome (105), Hill; Volcauo (105),
Hyilop; Marv Porter (U'2), Hathawav.
Pools sold: El woo J, $7; Cora L., $6;
Harry Glen, $105; field, $25. Ha'ry
Gien led at tbe stait, with Passion
and Galatea close behind, Paei-ioo
soon setting tbe pace to tbe head of
the stretch. Nina B then rame np
and took the lead, holding it until
Learly at the wire, where C ra L.
came to the front and won by a l.alf
length; Nina B. se.ond, Pa sioa ttiiri.
Tint 1:044-
.Vconcf liacf Starteis: Roe (102),
O'llira; Lida Payne (102), Dirgley ;
Darodmont ('02), Rogrtrn; Monong
beU (107), WhntlHy; E iz Hinuuo
(P 2), Cooper; Violettfl (102) Godfrey ;
Lady Mux (102), Ba nes; Virgin a
(102), Curtis; Overton (105), lavlor;
Va-iiu(108), Went; B:ic box (105), R.
Harris; Mies Cleveland (10:'), J. Har
ris. Linda Payne to'd fint, $10; Lidy
Max and Overton' $10 each, and the
fi Id for $25. Violette sprang to the
front and made the pace for tbe rest.
Linda Payne wai a close second and
Lady Max third, the e:t straggling.
Th 8 order ws maintiined with i light
changes of in'eivls until the third
quarter pole, where R so came from
Hi ; cmter of the procexion. aud, tak
ing the pole, led in the last hundred
vardM, winning r y a half length ; with
Liudii Payne second and Violette s i
c'o: en third that many doubted which
stiou'.d have second place. Time
1 :04. Soon after the etaat Mis Cleve
land threw her rider and injured tiui
Third Itace. Soling, purse $300, of
which $.! to second, seven fur'ong
8 arterat'Dawn of Day (I0U),O'Hara;
Wahoo (105), JobuHton; Rfve:igi
(97), Lehmar; Barkis (01), Covington;
llaudyAndy (10&), West; Krt
mer (106), Ford; Skobeloff (115),
Wheatley; Montezuma (uo), li. llai
ris; Village (100). Feeney. Pools
Skobelofl, $25; Waboo, $18; Handy
Andy, $18; Field, if 25. The horses got
off fairly well, with Ssobi-lotf setting
the pace and the others in a ragged
bunch behind. At the half mile Wahoo
began to push Sk bsloll, taking second
place, with Dawn of Day third.
Arcuud tbe turn Dawn of Dy gained
on Wahoo aud took second p. ace at
the third quarter, but as the horses
entered the stra;gtt Wahoo pulled out
and won easily by two lengths; Dawn
of Diy second, aud Skofae off a tad
third. Time 1:110.
Fourth Kace.-Vatte $250, of whi h
$50 to second, one mile. HUiters: Lit
tle Fellow (105), Arnold ; Kirklin (104),
West; Tommy Crusa (105), Diogley,
Emma Join son (101), Tally; Pruhus
(101), J. Harris. Poo s Bold: Ki klin,
25; Li tie Fellow, $20; field, $20. Jbe
stait wai not entirely sitirfaciory to
tli s backers of the favorite, Little Fel
low t iking tbe load, with E runa J: hn
bou second, Probus third, Kirklin
fourlh and Tommy Cruse hst. 'lbcre
was a fierce itruggle among the four
last rami d througu the first quarter,
but Litlie Fellow still held his leader
ship by a length, with Probus socond,
Kirklin third, and Tommy Cruse and
Emma J oh neon tied. At the half
Little Fellow had increased the lead
by a half length, while Kiiklin had
stcond p'ace, a length ahead of Pr
bu, tbe others even. There was no
change until in the close, when Lijt'e
Fellow ran awav and won easily by
wo lengths, wi'h Kirklin second,
three lengths in advance of Emma
Jobnfion. Time 1:45.
Fith Race. Pur e $250, of which
$.r)0 to second, six furli ng'. Starters:
Flo: imore( 105), Johnson; Cams (100),
O Bnea; Alimony (07), raral; llorn-
did (1UU tooner: lhotinvbrnnlc 1 1116).
O'Hara; Allegheny (12). Warwiik;
Orvid (lOi'j, Uodiry; li,Qcbantreap,
(97), Barnea; Jacobin (105), Fieh
burne. Pools fold: Jccobio. $25; Oi
vid, 11; Donnybrook, $11; field, $25.
Hornpipe Bpranor into the lead at the
stirt, with Jacooin second and Orvid
third, the others bunched, wi'h Ali
mony last. At the half O vid was
leading by a length and Jac biu in
third place. Orvid held his place at
the last quarter, but Jacobin ws clos
ing up. while Floiimore, Alleghny,
Donnybrook and Hornpipe seemed
detei mined to win. It was a fine fin
ish, with the firit four ho s s lapp-d,
Ja:chln winning by a half length;
Donnybrook spcond, a half length
ahead of Florim re, third. Time
Sixth 7ac.-Pu'se $450, of which
$100 to s cmd, $50 to third; mile and
half a furlong. Ktarters: Mifs Nel
soi (88). Jones; Effle II. (lift), Finh
birn; Kensington (105), Ford; Sur
prise (88). Richie; Panama, (109), R.
Hanis; Bootblack (103), D.-neffe;
Longa'ight (8(5), Barnes; II-ttio 8
(tti), Johnson; Dancing Kid (108),
Turmr: Beilia (110), Gcdlrav. Pools
told: Fanams, $:!0; Berlin,$S; Boo'
black, $0: field. $12. The lead was
taken by Berlin, with Ellie H. second
and Panama third, Bootblack a bad
last. Po itions wer changed o'tan,
and at the ha f Effie H. was a half
leneth ahead, with Kensington retv
ond, It -rhn, Pana ra an t D.mcing Kid
side by side, and Hettie 8. lonrth. At
the third uunrter Panama, Kensing
ton, Etfie II. and Benin were running
neck and ncek. The fiaieh wes a
pushing one, hut Beilia came in a
leng:h and a half ahia l; Panama sec
ond aud II. t ieS. ihird. Time 1:51.
Fallowing are the entries, weights
and pooling for to romw's raco-i:
first .my Mile a'd an eighth
Elsie B. i SS). $); Bob Swim (110).
$7; War Sign (99), $4; Lilian (99), $1;
Leroy (92i, rt; Unnt Mush (9i), $9
King George (80), $4; Athlono (91),
$4; PatSbeeily (101), $8; Warrington
(101) , 19; Taxgthrer (101), f 10.
SVcHiiif Knee Seven eighths of a
mile. Ulen Almond (97), $1; Ha'
rodslmrg 00.1, $15; EvangeUno (105),
J.r; Jos-ph R. (loft), $; j4V lte J.
(108), 52; R-hound (108); Ibid, in
clmlii g So ic tir (113), Graco Lee
(100), Ki.nro (Kis),5
Third lweo e mile and seventy
yards. Lafiite(i00),$5; Flora T( 107),
$12; lUitie C-rlmla (102), $: 8 nta
Anits Bel e (93), 5: Fu ctn, (92), $2;
Wanderon (110), $8; Mountain Barge
(102) , $4: Porter Atdie ( 102), $J ; Birth
day (102), $10; DestrucUon (92), $1;
Llera(1C2),$ll; Big Three (100), $7.
fwirin rutre. .nue ana a Biiientc.
Monad ri.i tin- T.Hw Wiiwtni nri
$4: Jim (ir. :! Fnnt IQhS.
$11; Sir Joseph (112), $27; King
Robin fl05I i:i: Little Minnie (1001.
$21. ' "
Fifth 7?M . Onamila TltirMirn (Q7
$105; Insolence (100), $11; Nellie C.
Terra Cotia (113), $11.
Brighton Heeeb Track.
Bbightom Bkacit. N. Y.. October 4.
First Race For to-yetr olds,tiiee
f mrths of a mile. Pool Box won by
nan a length : Georgie i . eecDnd, Lady
Msy third. T.rae, 1:19.
becond Raee. Selling allowaucfs;
seven furlong'. Wynona won by
half a length, L'rzie Mack second,
Laclair third. Time, 1 :32J.
Thrid Raee Seven, t urlunss. S iU-
dan won by a length and a half; Bill
0eoa second, Grand Duke third.
Time, 1:31 r.
fourth Hwe Mi'e end an eighth.
Ferg Kyle woo by a neck; Harefoot
eeoend, Msmie Hunt third. Time
Fifth Rnu. Handicap, mile and a
qmner. Boni-ie Prince won by a head ;
s cugtiton second, Sam Brown thi d.
Time 2:124 Certiflcatfs pid $1409 ).
S:xth Race. One mile. Top Sawyer
won by half a hng h; Young Dutte
sscjnd, Elizibeth third. Tims J :40J.
Tbe Eugllaliuien Win Ibe Cricket
Philadelphia, Pa , October 4
The gnie ol cr.ck-t boun on Satur
day between th Eogiisb gentlemen
ar.d the P. i.ajelphia eleven, was
ccmpleted ted iy, tho visitors winning
by six wiclrcta.
or tbe New Koman Cmbullo horcb
at Wanliinicon by aril.
Innl Ulliboim.
Wasuingtim, Oc'ober 4. The cere
mony of laying the corner stone and
b'ess ng the new St. Paul Roman
Catholic Obiirch wai performr d yi s
terday by (.'aidinl Gibbons, n the
presence of a h'go assembl ge. The
Cardinal wan a s Bt d by the Rev. Dr
McColgan.VicarG. nerl,the Rev. Dre.
Foley Mud Clarke, of Bahimorc, and
a number o! Wissington prieste. In
the corner si ce, in addition to a copy
of each of the Catholic and daily
papers of this cry end a number of
c .ins, was placed a parchment felting
forth that trie churcti was erected un
der the pa'.rounge of St. Paul and that
the corner r'oiih wat laid by Cardinal
Gibbons To this decumsnt were at
tached the nanus of Pope Leo XIII ,
President Cleveland and ather Uhap
pelle. Rsv. Dr. Foley preached the
sermon, and at its cIobh Cardinal Gib
bous spoka a l?w words of piaise for
the energy which had started the
work and o! hope for i'e success.
Of tbe Amrrlenn Academy of Med
icine. PiTT8uuHn, Pa., October 4. The an
nual Bsenti'g of the Ameriran Acade
my of Med cine will be held in this
ci y October 12'h and 13th. About
200 delegates from ell parts of the
country are expested to be pre?ent.
One object of the asrociation at its
Pittsburg' convention will be to en
deavor to have paiud laws, eiiber by
State j or the National Congress, for
the regu'gtion of tbe admission of
Candida es to study medicine and the
demarklng of physicians who have
not graduated from firat-clnss mediCHl
college, such as are considered firtt
c'ass by tbe academy. They elso
want the appointment of State cr Na
tional Boards, cmposed of skillful
surgeons and learned phys'cians, to
examine candidates for the stndy of
medicine. A movement will a'so be
made egainet third or fourth-class col
lege", wnich the acad my say must go
or elso raise their standard very ma
terially. The convention will also
considtr tbe appliction of a home
rpitbiBt for admsionto the associa
At Chicago noi-a Not Meet Hltb Sac
ceu-Anticipated Boycotl.
Chicaoo, III, October 3. The re
tail clerks of the city who have for
s me time leen agitating en eaily
dosing uiovcinent held a arte meet
ing today, the elTect of which is likely
to be a serious boycott. It was stated
at the meeting tbat petitions to em
ployers in tbe interest of tbe move
ment had resulted in little short of
f -ilure. Those retail merchants who
had acceded to the r quett of their em
ployes bad mostly gone back to tbe
old system of kieping open late at
night, while others wore combatting
tbe ruovemant in other ways. After
an earnest discussion a committee o!
fifieen was Appointed and instructed
to wait on the different trade and la
bor a eemblmj and ask them to refuss
to patroninj any merchant who kept
bis store open la'er than 7 o'clock in
the evening.
At Wllkeiburre, Pa., for Parauloa
and BhonilDii nuuday Blabt.
Wilkebbakrb, Pa., October 4. For
some weeks patt a Bection of tbe Sal
vation Army, led by Capt. Joha At
kin, of New York, has been parading
through the streets here with drums,
fligi and tnmborinea, singing and
Bhout'Dg. Last night, regardless of an
otlicial no Ice from Mayor Sutton to
discontinue the practice on Sunday
night, the a-my appeared ss ueual. A
fqud of police mad a raid on them
as ihey mirched around the public
square and arrested Daniel Morgan,
the leader, John A'kin, Ohas. Rothick,
Thomas Vaughn and George F. Bark
ley, Boston. When taken before the
Mayor thev dropped upon their kneea
and prayd. Tney were charged with
disorderly conduct, and in default of
$3 fine each were committed to the
Lm rne c um y priaon.
Tubacto Badly lanHsed lu Ken.
Lodisvii.lk Ky , Octobnr 4 Courier
Journal specials report frost all over
the Stats. About half of the tobacco
crop is uncut and so much has been
injured tbat one-half to three quarters
of it will make on'y fros'ed lugs. To
bicco in lowlands is much damaged,
while that on aplands is Utile hurt
An experienced broker and handler
thinks FriJay night's frost will much
impair th- quality, but not reducfi tbs
qiiHntUr of the crop. Reports from
the fanionn Hat Lick stction, noted
!or dark, rich tc i.tcco, f bad. E ti
mutes ss to the ex'tnt t f the lo?s v.iry
widely, but all aree tbat the damage
is serious.
The Wreehed Simmer frnflulk.
London, October 4. The wr.ck of
the strainer Suffolk, which went
t-shore a few days ago at Lizard Point,
has dieappeared from view. Gangs of
men are kept busy saving live cattle
from dangerous places mong tbe
rockB. Some cattle are kept alive by
fodder and water lowered from tba
cliff above,
OCTOBER 4, 1886.
SucceBgfal Ixueriiuents WHh Sor
ghum Cune-Resauied His Duties
WASniNGTOK. Otnhnr 4. Tho oen-
eral dictributiou of the $1 silver cirt fi
cates began tcday and will be contin
ued nniil the demand, which is very
great, bas wen entirely tuppliid The
rotes are now btiog prmted at the
rjte of 30,000 a day. The new $2 sil
ver c? rt ficat b wnl not be ready for
beue for two weeks yet.
me .treasury Dcpaitment has pub
l'shed a statement showing the popu
lation, net revenne and net expendi
tures of the government fcr the lst
fiscal year, with th par capita of rev
enues and expenditure. The popu
lation is given at 58,420,000, and tbe
nn revenue ut $330 4.9,727, being a
per CSDitt (jf Si 15. or 24 r-nnia lt-R
ttan that of tbe previous year.
Appointments by tbe Pieeidrnt.
WABUINRTaw. Oiln;r4- Tho Prrn-i.
dent today aopnir.ted James A. iLn
lcn, of Medina, N. Y., to be Oollecti r
of Internal Revenua for the Twenty
e ghlh Db-trict of New York, which in
cludes Bufl iln and Rochester, vice H.
8. Pierce, suopended.
Postmasters appointed Corrad
Durbes at Franklin Grove, III:, vice
i. w. bcoid, resigned; tamuel L. liar
vey at Ctnierv.lle, la, vice E. C.
H.ye, sunpend?d;Johu H. O.nrtm
at Bionn, la., yi,e N. W. Si'jjuioon,
snspeaded; Georg-j E. O. Rodman at
Washiiigron, la., vice Wm. M. Bell,
pnjpenfjicn of Berthold Greanbzuco,
uniieu ornea t;onsul at Apia, ..ui;b,
and will probtbly appoint his eucccb
aor iu a lew doys.
line Keenmed III lu le.
Wabbington, October 4 Attorney
Geoerid Garland, who leturned to the
city Saiurdiiy iiigh', resumed his du
ties at the Department of Justice to
rlav. He is verv much Improved in
health, and r-ays he never felt belter
in hie life, lie had a long and pita
ant interview with tbe President this
morning, end atlerward received a
grea. many visitors at the depa.tmtnt
Successful KipcrlmpnU With Sor-
Kuain tnur.
Washington, October 4. Las': year
the Department of Agriculture b-gan
to experiment in a srnali way in Kao
bas and Iowa with the diffusion sugtr
making procea ai applied to so g lum
cane. Instead of cruabing the cane as
in the Higar cane process, it was
shaved off in minuti slicee, and tho
sucrcsaor sugar vieldirg sip extracted
b? streams ol water. The results ob
taincd were so encouraging tbat the
fUld of operations wa? removed to Fort
Scott tbis year, and with a largely
increased plant. Experiment! are
now in progress cn a scale cf some
magnitude. Tcday a telegram wai re
ceived from Prof. Wiley, the chem it
of tho department, who is in charge of
the works, announc ng tbe comple'e
success of the expeiiments. The tale
gram states that syrup has been ob
tained from trie rorghum cane cf light
color, coed flavor and crys'a'izkg
well. There was complete extraction
r-f sucrose in fix cells ol the oa tery.
Comm'Bsiouer Colman is very much
elated at the lemil s of the txpeii-mi-nts,
and reaids them as of great
value from au econrm'cjl point cf
view. Iu the process used in tha
South there is a less of nearly 50 per
cent, cf the saccharine matter con
tained in the cane, while the experi
men's nt Fort Scott show aa ab.olu'.e
extractiou of all the sugar.
Tbe Finest or tbe Hind Ever Wit
noNRCit at PilthburK,
Pittsiiukq, Pa., October 4. The
trades' demonstration to-day was the
largest and finest c'i'playof its kind
ever witue:sed in this city. The pro
cersien wes twelve mi es long, ai.d
occupied three b urs in pasring a
given point. It was made up pnee
Dally of the wholesale and ret4l
grocers, Hour aod grain dealers, fu'ni-
lure dealers and clotnrere. xoe anair
wound up wi h a grand picnic at
Homewood Park.. The cay wa
aiiepicious and the business and
nrivate houses alonir the route of tbe
nrocession weie tistefully deccrsted.
It is estimated tbat at; lea 1 40.000
strangers are in tbe city. Tomorrow
tbe anr.uil parade of the Grand Army
o'tne Kepub ic will tiice piace, anu
the city ia filling up wth persons to
pan c pate in tna uemonatranor,
which promises to excel any pre
viously held.
Heetlna; of the Biiard of Wovorn-
ment Kralneera atC'blcano.
Chicago, III., October 4. The
United States Government Boird of
Engineers on ths Illinois and Micbl'
anand the'lienncpiu cbohib, com
nr ami nf Gen B. Coms'ock, of Vil
)se Point, N. Y ; Gen. O. M. Pae, cf
Detroit, and Major J. O. Post, of Cin
cinnAti. waa in session in th s city to
dav to renort ou the canals. Besides
the board several other gentlemen
wre nresenr. Gen. UomstocK pre
sided at the meetirg, and called for
some remarks on the subject of ths
canals. Gov. Oglsby eaid bs bad not
studied tbe ma ter ana waa noiprc
nartd to crive anv definite information
With the great "Lke Michigan lying
useless, nnu iae m8BiB:iJii nvoi
thenthersideof the S ate, it seemed
as if nature intended the canals for
hip. He atkfil if the govern
ment rould. iust f.ir the
sum of $10,0(10,000 cr $20,000,000,
flftnrd to lot the great natural
arterv or chinnel remain idle. He
1-nL.rrad in tha vKt increase cf ropula
tion and the marvelous incresso of
coal, corn, lumber, grain and flour
shipments dining the patt thirty-two
jear.', and wanted to know what the
incrta e w ould be in the next thirty
two je. rs. The object of the canals
whs to reduce to the lowest possible
a umtar.l lhn intn of trunro tlti U.
The Un'ted S a is cannot i ffrrd to let
tbe nridect no by uunoticed. The
government should not wait a day to
avail itself of this water way.
Th fiovpinnr's remarks were fol
lowed by a running dabate by tbe
s-entlimt-n nnsent. all of whom
favnrft.t t.lin iiroii t.
Tha nn-pti :m then sdionrr.ed with
out any action being taken. The
bosrd will submit its renort to the
cvernment some time in .November,
I vliiem orrilly Ier Cent.
St. Louis, Mo., October 4. Tbe re
ceiver cf the Providence SavinitB Bank
acnounced to the Court today tnat
econgh of the hank's assets 1 ave been
renbud upon to warrant the diclaia
lion of a dividend of 60 per cent.
The C mrt ordered such a dividend to
be declared, and it ia now being paid
to the depositors, '
Corner Adams
HAKBLIi. We are prepared to fornub new worklrom latest deniijna on short netill,
In every respect and to dive entire satisfaction.
We lolioit Tnnr ratronflae and reaneit that von onll. examine ou Iteck. Drices. et(u
bdrore pnrBaln eltewhere.
.SiicrciNful Eflorta of BatmiinV
A toii I Courier In Hfhairol
the lre!H.
Wiihout it whb still and dark, with
in the electrio lights b'azd, the st'iE
poro of the manning euiior retiiorse
leaaly clicked, the sheets of manifold
on the telegraph editor' desk ra'tled,
the office Cht gnored toorously uton
a file of exchanges in r ne corner, ttin
mice nibbled at the oUice hoy's hrel
aud4ialf a dozn Fabers raced no se-
hssly ever as mtny tars cf while pa
per. tor e'ant minutes net a word htd
been spoken. Sudduiily the press be
l'jw bf gan its regul'pr, c'ock like heat.
"iNow 1 (eel b'ter. Kiehard a him-
relf again," exe'anned a voire, and
Col. Charles Siowe, who hud been
watching the smoke which issued iu
lizv curls from hbi cigar, d ew a d ep
s gh of relief. "Do you know," he re-niiiik-d
tn the circus editor, "I never
leel eo much tt home as wt en I am
Bitting where I can bear tbe music of
Lue prts.4, as it tbraenes alng in per
fect rythm tell you what's a fact,"
he broke off, "I had to writealett-r
todsy to tbe folks at hotpe, end
couldn't do it at la rue; 1 bad to go
over to ths neareet newspaper office,
and then my pen rattled a ong almost
witcout an ettort. Habit is a great
thing in this life. As tbe Governor of
North Caro'ina said to the Governor cf
Bouth Carol: No? All right, then,
come other time. And, by tbe way,
there is the picture of one of the livt
lirst old culla i ut:ide of the circus
iiUSinetB, the Colonel declared, turn
ing a tender ere upon a portra't of
Pieeident Cleveland. "1 used to take
a lively interest in pilitice," he went
on ;' just received a letter tbe other
day fr im the chairman cf mv crmm t
tee np in Ohio asking when I expect-d
to 'arte tbe stump this fall. Thought
1 had it liertt," Jib Bdced, step
ping his pockets; "tut I don't find
it. But never mind. I told bim
I thought thirty yeera tf service in tin
party entitled me to a release. I don't
intend to let go en irely though. I
mean to iu-tle around with my litlie
ir fluelice until I gtt the press properly
recogn red. I hope you won't think
it too much for nie to admit that I
have done a little in my qniet way.
Not much, you know, but Btill eom
thing. Me and Grover used to play
together like kids up:n the green, you
know I"
Ihe hrr.re reporter ett'.lrd down
tbre-e inches in tiis chair.
"Me n 1 Grover were great friends
in thoee dayf, and it has lasted. You
know what a thing early friendship
The bES3ball reporter slid under his
,;I wrote to Grover laet spring, and
told him kindly but firmly that be
wes not doing the square thing by the
newaiapsr men; thet he should le
mtmber how much they had done to
elevate him, and he ought to reward
triem. I wrote to Lamar at the a me
time, and gavs bim a hint tbout a
cu zeu ol the bovs. Ha wrots me in
reply one of the kindest letters I ever
received. 'I will take great pleasure
in tailing on Grover today, Charlie,
my boy,' he eaid, 'and impress upon
biin tbe necessity for ti-kiiia tbe ac
tion you request. And he kept his
word, too, Lamar did, and before we
staled South I bad the pleasure of
Knowing mat ail ol tne near Doys nau
been remembered with good offices.
Tbe latt one. I bear, bas bren men
tioned for Weraucg's place. He can't
stand the racket, you know. He's got
to resign;" and Col. Stowe sent up a
lovely curl from his Havana as he
bowed gracdly and retired into tbe
outer aarkners.
StnlenientK or tho ritlag-o and Hew
New York. October 4 Tbe follow
ing whs the vis ble supply of grain on
October 2d, as compiled by tue New
York Produce Excbanze: Wheat, 51,
220,352 bu; increas-, 723.921 bu. Corn,
13,425,030 bu; decrease, 530,761 bu.
Oats, 4,0(15.003 bu; increase, 05,177 bu
Rye, 518,334 bu ; decreat e, 22,302 hu.
Bney, 1,550,07!) bu; imrtase, 172,-
U4i DU.
The Chicago Bilatcmeal,
Chicago, III., Ocloher 4. The fol
lowing is the report ot thevisib esup'
plyot grain October 2d, as compiled
by ttio secretary of the Chicago Board
of Trade: Wheat, 61,220,000 ba ; com,
13,395,000 bu; oate, 4,0 5,0. 0 bu: rye.
622.C0J bn j barley, 1,538,000 bu. Com
pared with cne weeK eg , the figures
etiow an increase of 1,720,000 bushels
i f wheat, 9(5,01 0 bnth"ls of onta and
20,000 buBhe s ot bsrly, and a -de
cr-aue of 004 000 bushels of c:ru aud
19,000 bushels cf rye. The stock of
grain in store in this city O.'tober 2J
wai as folloas: Whent, 8,550,0i 0 bu;
corn, 4 031,000 bu; oatB. 1 ,130,000 bu ;
rye, zuo.uoj bu ; barley, v ia,ouo bu.
Flrat Conviction I'ndcr the ll-
nu rlii Law.
Cincisnatti, October 4. John J.
Oeehan, Fond CominisBioner for the
Souihern Dis'rict ot Ohio, recently
naused the aire.'t r f four trocers of
ViU citv for violating the SUte butter
law Today they pleaded guiitv in the
I'olice U ,urt and were heed $ eacU.
The Initgu rromisd them the full ex
tentcf the law. $500 fir e and ninety
days' imprisonment, in case they
came before bim agaio. These are
the first crnvictiona under the new
law rtuuiring the posting of the sign,
"imitation Butter Sold Here."
and Second Sts.
Special Notice to Shippers.
KliBSiBBirpr and Tknnksskk Rah. ROAn Co.,)
Memphis, September 3, 11:86.
THE oomii'otion of ihe Ymoo eart Mii8i8
fippi VtHey U.K., Inim Juckeon. MifS.,
to Greenwood, Mim., UPliNS VP AN ALL
HAIL LIKE, without break of bulkortrani
forof freiulit, to followinir named roiotn:
Tazoo City, Rln, 11. I-alic, Uood
Hope l.ln, Milfhvlllr, Kbacalrford,
TcliulH, Kclrii,'ru(fcr,81IO!i,KNing;
Sun, Greenwood.
Shipment!! to lunilings near these pcinta
ehoutil be made to nearest station named
above. Your businrts is rerpeotfullr so
licited over the M. and T. Boad, aa (roiiiht
roaches its destination the following (ny of
delivery at oar dopo'. A. J. KNArr,
uenerai rreignt flgeni.
Thursday, Oct. 7fh
A. F.Davis, Painter
No. 35? Second.south of Union.
J. F. UOLST & mio.
(bucukssobs to g. h.holst a bbo.
..k on !i'.TS'ijtL- SjL
Funeral Directors,
AIT ULU and eomplete stock of Wood and
Metallio v'ases and Caubete, Cioth-CoT-ered
Caskets and Bnr at Kobwi always oa
hiiad. aar Orders by telecranh prornptly
C. B. BRYAN tfc CO.,
ALL rersons desirous of scouring Safe
aud KvliMbl lannraaee, at Low.
eat HHtrn, on tilN HOUSES, can be ae
onmmodoted by applying to tba
Planters' Fire and Marine
A 41 madlaon wt.. Mfmplil. Tfis
Otto Schwill&Co.'s
Remavsd to 308 Front St.,
Betwaon Monroe and Madison, Nearly
Opposite PoKtnffice.
To Rpn thtate Owner and Agpnts.
eAKTIEihavinir sidewalks to pat down
will find it to thoir interest to apply to
W. II. LOCKET, 32 Mndion, or (hop, 83
Second. Contractor lor Stewart s Uraon
ilhio Havi'menf.
Non-HeHident Notice.
No. r3Tl, R. D. In the Chancory Court ol
rrholby County, Taon. State of Tennes-
foo vs. 8arh Znnone et at.
It appearing from the-iff's return in this
riiusa that the defendant", Mrs. L. Hull,
HortioIlull.net Hurry Hall, are not te be
found in his county!
It is thereioro ordered. That thoy make
thnir appearance herein, at tne Court-House
of Mielliy r .ni.ty, in Mrmphts. Tenn., on or
be tor. the fimt Monday in On ober, lSiti, and
plonil. answer or demur to complainant's
bill, or the same wi 1 be tnken for confessed
as (o them and set for hraiinir exparte; and
that a copy of this order be published once a
week for four successive weeks ia the Yem-phi-
A ppeal This 2d day ol September, 18H6.
A O'ipy Attest :
S I. McDOWELL, Clerk and Master.
By II. F. Walsh, 1). 0. and M.
F .11. AC. W.ileiskeil, btjlioitort foi Com-plalnaot.

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