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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, October 05, 1886, Image 7

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fottM Lower-Mlddllsg, 0 1 ICe
Salts lenterday, 1250
Money rule ia active dem&nd at 8
per cent. Local securities continue
Tha eton market closed easy and
I- 16c lower yesterday. The aalca ag
negated 1230 ba'.es, on a bauis of
I I- lGi for middling.
At New Yo.k spots closed quiet;
eiddring,$c; fahireadull and steady ;
October, 8 16.lTe.
A leading Now York cotton circular
saya of tho "futures' market: Weak
Liverpool, full receipts and probably
free offering! from tbo South eased cff
tfae tone, and under considerable bam
mering the market went off s'ma 5
points oa mon'hs from N jvember for
ward. The offering was mostly ''long"
cotton, bat sjwe additional "short"
interest b-icame ea rafted upon the
market. TuwurJ the closi there was
a slightly fct-dHiliur fL'eiicg.
At Kaw Orleasg yesterday spots
were quiet, and 1-lCc lower; mid
ellinz, Djc; futurfs steady; Oeiobcr,
t 888.S9.
IJAt Livorpco! spoS were steady fair
demand, in buyo s' layer; middling,
JJd; futures were flt; October, 5 12
4d. In the general market corn is lower ;
white, from btore, 50.-. O.ter articles
Nineteen hundred and thirty-five
brls apples, 65 Iris bia is and pe s. 12
pkg? bmttr, 1513 rla baggirg, 120 1 kg
bacon, A't pkgs boUs ami hot s, 008 bu
orn, 38 pits thecc, 104 ska codec, 9
cars cotton eerd, 10,020 tki colt in seed.
240 pke,s drv goo ia, 38 pkgs t gg, 1537
brla flour, limbics bay, 2pkgsha'B,
34 hd hngs, 83 lid s'leep (ifl hd cattlo,
18 hd hones and mules, 272 pkgs lard,
105 pk4H liqu ir?, 115 brls med, 229 kgs
naile, 1000 bu oats, 20 brltt tnious, 375
brls poU o s, 14 can pork side, 510
brls sugar, 182 pk.e tobacco, 8500 bo
wheat, 21 brls r.ce.
Tha following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in
tore by rektilar elevator', s reported
to the Merchant' Ercbsnge jester
day: Wheat received, none; with
drawn, none; in ttore, 1015 r.u.
Cornraoei vtl,H42 bit ; withdrawn,1080
bu; instote, 72SG bu. Oitsrtceved,
4589 bu; withdrawn, 4!) 1(1 bu; in store,
175,221 b.
MrDntly nslallons cf I'oKoi
Oil Truaisi anil Nrw York ti.
linntrn ritoebai are open to (bone
interested, nt uij oHicr.
9 Madi ou St., Mcinpkls, 'Tenn.
Mocev in ac ive d"rnaud at 8 per
cent. The Oleaiing Housu report is
as folio we:
Monday, October 4 h. $222,025 04;
game d iy h at wwk, $160,84769; same
dav in 1885, $101,731 78; same day in
1834, $.'45,833 33
Monday, October 4th, $53,502 3;
same dav lart wek, $S0.8G? 37; same
day in 185, $35,354 U2; Biine time in
1884, $88,213 t5.
NewYerk sight on all p-ints,
discount buying, oar sailing; Iaw Kng
land demaud, J diicoiu.t buying; New
England sight, , discount; New Or
leans, J discount bay:ng, par Bulling.
Bank of Ojmmerce..l4( bi 14') anker'
First National 100 bid, 105 asked
German Bank 105 bid, 20 1 aaked
Ptato Na'ijnal 145 bid, 150 asktd
Union and Placterr'..l.r!0 bit), J53 a kert
Meroai.tile Bank 135 bid, 1371 avked
Usance sr cks.
Blufl C '? 100 b d, ... asked
Hernaido 100 bid, ... slted
Home 75 b'd, 80 as'teil
Memphis Guy lt2J bid, 105 a ked
Peonies 80 bid, asked
Phasnir 98 bi ,!di) rased
Planters 107 li' , ... heteed
Yandrrbilt 25 d, 20 aslied
Arlington !' id, ... enked
Faotors '.0 atkvd
M. & O. R R. shares. ..3d .Id, ... asked
M. & T. R. R. enures. ..45 bid, 50 aeked
M. & O. consols, 7 119 bid, ... a'ked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8s..l0i bid, ... asked
Misa.&T.R R.cs.A...lll bid, 113 asked
Miss. 4r.KK.Cfl. B..10 1 bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wt. st. 1) 9 ) bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. s'r. E to J..83 b d, 85 aeked
Shelby Co.Os 108 bid, 110 ar-ked
Tax. hist. 4, 63 97! bid, 98J arked
TaK. Dist. 0j 104j bid.lCSJaakcd
Mem. G s binds 104 bid, ... arkad
Mem. Water b nde 97 bid, ... aeked
Hanavier Oil Wo:ks b d 05 asked
Am. Cat. O.l t; ust' r C bid, 57 askfd
Pioneer Ootton Mills.. .25 bid, 30 sked
Mem.Stor.Com. Oo...ll!0 bid, 110 aiked
Mem. Oai sto.'k 75 bid, 80 a.k;d
New York, O tober 4. Money on
call active at 5S par cent, closing
at 6 asked. Prim mercantile paper
4(i)5 per cent. Sterling exchnng
quiet at 481 J f jr 00 dcy b lis and 484J
for demand.
Bonds Government bonds ware
qu:et bat firm. Stutj bocds were dull
and tteir'y.
Tlie ptxk ui rket wns cno rf in
tense exc-temenl at t;mea, and wai
feverisn und 'rr'gular th'ougrout the
entire day. The special f a urea were
Western Union, New EngKnd and
Manhattan E'evated, all of which,
were r:m'kab'y active a:;a ttions',
nnd 8uhjcc to sudden and wide
fluctuations. A depresaing efl'ect was
caused in the early hours by the action
of Oov. Piittieon, of Pennsylvania, in
regard to the ccal combination, and
the tr.ink lino poo', and tha coal
stocks tfp-cialiy sullered from this
cuso, mating rapid end wftrinl de
clines in fie ecr y hours. Larer, how
ever, New Englaud became the
cpecial feature and the trad
ing was accompanied by num
erorts rumoM, most of which t ad done
duty hef ire in one shape and another,
bnt this stock rapidly advnnced,
thoieh Bubjet ti frequent and heavy
reections. In the afternoon, Wt s'ern
Uni n jumped into firt pUce.acd thi
ramois ciraisted included the
statements that the Baltimore and
Ohio kid been absorbed, that an
amicable arrange rarnt had been made,
and that the cb e wrr hud been set
tled. All of ttiesa assertions were in
turn denied, but the stock was strong
nearly all the way rut. Manhattan
also came into promicer.ee with an
advance of 6 per coat, ou the old
stories of a nidtn witti the New York
Oitv and Northern, and a connection
wi'h Ntw Ergland, etc. All thee
rumO'B met with doriinl, but the
stocks coHtiousd to rin) much to the
mytti float on of the n et Tha
opeokgwas about s ready, first prices
genera-iy showing only ia-ignificint
changes from the pool prices of Satur
day. The tradirg was feverish and
grnerally weak, a. id New KngUnd.af
ur advancing , lost it ait, and a
Email f 'ac ion, bnt later teovered and
reichtd the highest price yet re
corded f ir that stock, and the general
market responded with the exceotion
of the c al stocks. Wts'ra Union
then gained in the advance, and the
trading in that stick ws very large
from that time rut. Tbe general
market then mbaidud, and became
quiet witb small and irregular fluctua
tions, generally in favor of lower
prices, but the market finally closed
firm on a rally. The biiBines of tha
day wps 689,980 shar Weftarn,
Union furnished 137,iW0. New Eng.
land, 101,f.00, tnd St P.ul, 47.090. A
maj ity of the active liht are higher
ti. night, and Nuw Erg and is up 5;
Manhattan, 4J: Wts'e n Uaiou, 4;
Kansas and Texas, U; Cxnadii
SfUibem, 1J; Louisville and Nhh
vi!ie, 1, and the others fractious. Dfla
wtiirt and llnd-on down 1 und a few
o'.hr, frrc'ions.
Rad oad boLd we-e a:tivo and
firm in the early tradirg, but later
yielded, and final p ices show ins g
1 ifljnnt changes gererally, wbich are
about equally divided be wen gains
and l 8-tS. The f -a uria oi i the deal
ings were the Atlstntia nd Pacific in
couies which iurniflt-.ed $4S0,CO0, aud
New York Ci'y and Nurtheru- Tru4
rweipts, tf which the piiIph w-re $105
000. Tli9 total day's business was $1,
995,0:0. Ti e totai sdes of sro kg today were
5S9,9SJ Bhfir-8, including Canada
Southern, 22,865 ; D ''awar ,Lai'kaa:
na and Western, 29,110: De awareand
liudBon, 5,0'0; Er.e, 22,9110; Kansas
and itxf, 33,155; l.alie Shor , i0,050;
L'iui6villeandNa'hville, 12,775; Mich
igan Control. 9585; Mhdi a tan Con
HolidHted, 3U30; Missouri Padflj. 3878;
North westro, 13,815; New Jers;-y
O ntrai, 9220; New York Central,
557 ; Patitic Mail, 2)0; R adine, 35,
945; Sr. Paul, 47,090; S Puul end
O'naha, 7850; Union Pacific, 7090;
Wrstern Union, 137,99 ; O.-egoa
Tran.cjntinental, 3535. Closing quo
tations :
IT. S. 3s, 10X
iVtt, ooup, 112!-.
4, coup, 123.
l'aoific tin tit lSW.i, 120.
La. atrmp9,4s, 79. Mipjouri Gj,
Cent. Pao. Ifl'n. 115V(. Ilen. A K.M.lt. 122.
Ueni tt W. Ms, MVS. Erie eecoodii, 116
M K AT. Q n.6n, W7Vi.No'th.l'iio Mi.llrt.
"Nnrth.Pne.adt.liiOVi M Womtirnoon.. HO.
N West dob.5, 1IW. St L.S.F don.M, WJV,
M Paul oon., VMi- t V.,0 Al' l.-U, 120.
T.P. land grants, 55 VJ.T.P .R.G.ex cnu. 6i.
V. P. lata, 115'4. Went Shore, m'A
Ie!in.63,aet'mt,HW. Tenn 5s. net'mt.lOO.
Tenn. 3s, set'mt, 7ii.
Adams Express, 141. Morrin & E.,otf.l,1 19.
Alleuheny Con., . Nushvillo 4 C, 1'1''4. .
Alton A T. H.,35. N. J. Cent ml 01'.;.
A.AT.JI. pfd.2. Nor. & W.tifd, -ik.
Amerioitn Ex., 105. Northern Pao., Wl.
li. C. R. k N 55 Northeru 1'. p d. Ul.
Canada Hue, M. C. & N. W.,.llti.
Canada Sou.. 5J. C. A N. W. pld. 142',.
Central Pacific, Wi- N. Y. Central, Il2'.
Chersp akeA0.,H' N Y.C. ASt.L ,V.
C. A 0. 1 t ptd, ItiH. N.Y.C ASt.L.,p,21.
C. A O. 2d I'M,, U.
C. & A , 142VS.
C- A A. pld , li'it.
C M A (i., 137.
C, H Li. A iM.O., .
C. St.L A P.. S?i.
unio uei.tra', .
0 M Mix', p d, W)
Onttrio A West.. 10.
Iireson Nay., 1I1 '4.
Oregon Trans.,
C.t-t LAP.pfd, 21J4. Oration Imp ,
C.K.AC.. 3. P.ciiio Mnil,67v'k.
O. AU.,65. Pantuua, Hi- . .
A II. Valley- . PiMiria, L. A E., 31).
l)f 1. A Uud . 104. Pitttburg, 152.
lol.,L A W s 137. Pailm .nP 0., 143.
Don. A Rio U , 31. Kcadinn, 3t"8.
line, 35S. Rook Island, 12(1
Krie pld, Kt h. A S. K , M.
NnwEiifitTenn.,12. Bth A S.F. pfd,
Newt.lenn. iifd,73. fct.li. A S.F. l.t p, Ul
Fort Wayne, I4f C. M. A -t P . S5.
Hannibal A St J .. M.A St.P,, p, I2fl'.
II A St Jo pfd, . Sr. P., M A M., H7V5.
llnrlnm. 2S0. Kt PaulA O.uaha. 51
I Houston AT., 38V Ht. Paul A O. pld, 113.
Plllionis Central, 13i.Tenn.0nalA Iron iKi.
Ind ,li. A W..1H. Texas facing 17.
Kansa.t A T., 3iVa. Union l'aoific, lils.
Lake E. A W , l .'i. U. B. Exp es?, 5H
Lake fchore. U1S. W., St.L A P., l'j.
Lou. si Nuch .51. W .St.L A P. p., 'Ji.
Lou. AN. A., 54. W. A F. Ex.. 125.
M. A '. 1st ptd. -. W. U. Tel., 77 i.
M. A C. pcconds. . Colorado Coal, 2S'i.
Mo-". A Chur , 4i. Home Stake. l'JJi.
Mich. Cen., )X)i. Iron t-ilver, ltKJ,
Mm. A St. L , a'1 4 Ontario, 25.
Mill. A St. L. p'd.45. Qu:ckiiiler. G.
,Miaoi!'i i'hciIic lll'-i. Unu-k.i'lror ild., 21.
Mobile A Ohio, lli'l. Couth Purine, .
M. L. S A W ,6 . Sutro. 7.
M L.S.A W.pld,91i.
London, October 4,4 p.m. Consolp,
100 15 10 for money and 101 1-ltt for
th p.ct!i.'Utit. United K it.;s toads, 4s,
1323 ; do 48, 115J. T ie naiount ol
bul i-n gone into t.ho B nk of Eng
land on balaccj tod.y is 33.001
Paris, O. tiber 4. Three per cent,
rente?, 82f. 77 Jo for the account.
BRi, n, October 4 The statement
of tr e Imperial Bank of Germany
shows a decrease ia specie of 34,070,
C00 ixarks.
Bor.TON, Mass, October 4 The
following table, compiled from special
disp .tidies to the Pott from the man
ager of the leading clearing houses in
the United S ates, givs the grots ex
changes at t-aco point for iha week
ending O.itober 2, 1880, and the per
centages of increases or dtcieisea as
compared with the groea exchanges of
the corresponding week in 1885:
New York, 4754,433,027; ire, 30 2.
Boston, $80,809,729; inc., 17 1.
Philadelphia, $00,002,820; ire, 18.9.
Chicag i, $54,504 000; inc., 9.1.
St. Louis, $17,382,358; inc., 19.1.
San Fiancisco, f 15 K34.302 ; inc.. 19.3.
Baltimore, $11,600,743; dec , 27.
New Or can-, 5 202,900; dec, 12.5.
Ci'icincati, $10,350,000; inc., 13.
Pttsburg, 7,O40,O02; ice, 21.8.
KangiS Ci'y, J5,. 04,310; inc., 9.8.
Louisville, H 194 750. dec, 8 9.,
Milwaukee, $4,290,000; die, 13.5.
Omaha, $4,111,078; inc., 63.9
Providence, $4,74,( Oil; inc., 11.8.
Minneipoli?, S2.9W.079; inc., 51.2.
Clev. laud, 52,417,033, inc., 10 3.
Detroit, $3,40X958. idc , 11.1.
Olumriris. 33,058 092; inc., 42 4.
Hartford, $l,574 7!7; dec , 2i4.
Indianapolis, $.',414 727 ; inc , 81 5.
New Haven, $1,193 248; inc., 6.5.
Galveston, $1,4:0,078.
St. Joseph, $912,570; i"C, 19.2.
Memphis, $1,147,219; inc., 10.1.
Portland, $1,059 000; inc., 7.9.
Peoria, $1,034,250; dec, 8 9.
Worcester, $l,ifi,190; inc., 26 7.
Spiinsflrtld, $827,00J; inc.. 22 4.
Lowell, $553,350 ; inc., 10 8.
Syracuse, $495198; inc., 8.6.
Tot l, $,055,21 '1,270; inc , 24.9.
Outside of NtwYoik, $310,713,243;
inc., 14.
Ne Odearo par ly eB'imated
Gal vest -ju not included in tola's.
New York, O.:toi tr 4. Exchanges,
$1.53,239,350; talanci-e, S4,7o9,b01.
Baltimorb, Md., Ojiober 4. Clear
ings, $2,337,513; balances, $242,403.
Pdiladklphia, Pa., Ojtcber 4
Clemrgs, $11,832,217; balances, $1,'
Boston, Mass., Oc'obcr 4. Ex
changes, $16,681,601; balances, $1,607,
Chicago, III , October 1-The Asa
dated Bank clearings today weie $14.-
Si. Lonia, Mo., October 4. Bank
clearings, $3,286,818; balances, $521,
126. Exchtnga on New Yoik easy at
75c diecouLt.
t ii i i
The local cotton market opened
quiet, and closed easy aid l-16c
lower; miauiing, i-ioa. ej'es, ii'ou
bib s, 1000 to exporters and 250 to spin
Yesterday. Saturday.
Ordinary Norn. Nom.
Good Ordinary.... Nom. Nom.
Low Middling 8 8
Middling 9 M6 0
Good Middling.... 9 5 16 9
Middling Fait 9J 8,
Fair - Nom. Nom.
Mimphib, Ueiooer 4, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1, 1886..... 4,009
K'.csived today 4,617
Received previously ...15,925
Shipped today 729
Shipped previously.-.. 7,271
Home consumption to
Stock running account
Thus far thi week
Thua far la t wek
S:nce Svp'ember 1st
SI. and O. R. R
M. &T R. R
L. and N. R. R
M & L. R. R. R
C, O.&S. W.R. K
L., N. O & T. R. II
K. C , S & M. R. R
M.,S &B. R.R
Steaix era
Wagons and oilier Biurets.,
. C,M0
. 3.4S4
, 20,542
Thus farthia week
Thus far lat week
Since September let
L. A N. R. R
C.,0. AS W, R. K
L., N.O. &T.R.R
New York f pots oprned easy, and
closnd qu.et. Middling, Die ,salea,
3U6 bales. Quotations were as follows:
Yesterday. Saturday.
Ordinary- (ij 6J
Good ordinary. S 8J
Low middling 9 1-16 9 1-16
Middling.- 9J 9
Good middling 9i 9i
Middling fair-.lO 910 10 9 10
Fair -..11 310 11 3 10
New Yrrk fu'U'ei opened steady and
clr sed dull and steady. Sales, 81,400
bales. The closing quotations were as
Yesterday. Sa'nrday.
October, 9 10. 9.17 9.10 9.17
Novembar.. 9.18 9.19 9 22r
Decamber.. S 23. 9.24 9 27j 9.28
January 9.29 9 30 9.33 9.34
February.... 9.38 d 9.39 9.42 9.43
March 9.4tf 9 47 9.50 9.51
April 9.r,4(5) 9 55 9 59. 9.00
May.... 9 63 9 04 9.08 9.09
June 9 72 9 73 8 77 9.78
July 9 79f 9 80 9 84 .i 9 85
August 9.87 9.83 9.91 9 92
The New Orleans spot market
opoued q'liet and easy, and closed
esy. M (Idling, 9 Jc. Sa es, 3750 bales.
Quotat.oas wt-reas follows:
"Yesterday. Saturday.
Ordinary 7 7 1 18
Good Ordinary 73 7 3 10
Low Middling 8j 8 11-10
Middling ; 9, 9 3-10
Good Middling...- i)j 9 7-10
The New Orleans future market
oreied barely f-te-idy aad cioaed
ftaady. Sales, 19.100 balep. Quota
tions were as follows:
8 88 8 89
8 70 8.77
8.79 'A 8 80
8 87 8 89
8 98 8 90
9.08(11 9.09
9.19 9.21
9.V0 9.31
9.40i 9.41
9.49 9.60
8.92 9.93
8 81 8 82
8.83 8 4
8.92r 8.93
9.03 9.04
9.13 914
9.24' 9.25
9.35 9.30
9 45 9.40
9 54 9.55
December ..
January ....
Februnry ...
Tone. I Rec. iPricasI Stock
64 339
49 327
38 910
N. Orleans
Mobile ...
6,055 81
Norfolk ...
B ltirmr
New York
Bof ton
Philad'a ..
St. Loui?..
Augunta ..
2,550 9 1-10
s eady
3399 409
18 D
Receipts at portp, this day, 1886..37.872
Receipts at poi ti, this day, 1335..39 ,004
R'tl U. 8
Ex. Gr. Br
05 338
304 496
17 450
R'ta Sept 1
For'gn Ex.
353 285
Decrease in receipt this year....43,r08
At noon: Liverpool spots were
steady, fair demand. Saieg, 10.0CO
balec, of wh'ch American 8800 bales.
Receipts, 3500 bales of which Amer
ica", 300J bales.
Closing quotations wera ai follows:
Ordinary, 4jd;R0id ordinary, 43d ; low
middling, 5 3 10d; good middling,
611-16d; middling uplands, 521;
middlingOrltans, BJd.
The prim are given in penreand Gilht,
thin: 4 63 want 4 03-04d; aud 5 01
means 5 1 01i. 1
At noon: Liverpool futures wro
steady at (lec'.ine: Ojtobor, 5 12
5 13d; Oitober-November, 5 00
5 07d; Novembar-D comber, 6 041;
December-Janna-y, 5 045 05d January-February,
0 015 05d; F,:bru-ary-M
-.r, b,5 00d; M .roh-April, ft 08.1;
April-Mny, 5 101 ; May-Juno, 5 12d.
At 2 p.iii. : L verpool futures were
steady; Octobsr, 5 l.'ld, valua; Octc-ber-Novemb
r, 5 07d, value; Novem-ber-Decamtaer,
5 05d, sellers; Djcem-ber-January,
5 05d, sellers; January
February, 5 05 J, 8;llera; February
March, 5 07d, peil n; Maich-Apiil,
5 09d. sellers; April-May, 5 lid, sell
ers; May June, 5 13d, fiellera.
At 4pm.: Liverpool (uturrs were
fUt; Ojtnber, 6 12, sollors; Octt.ber
November, 5 Odd, sellers; November
December, 5 01, buyers; December
January, 5 041, sellers; January-February,
5 Old, seders; FebrnaryMarch,
5 05J, buyers; Marcti-April,5u7d, buy
ers; April-May, 5 09d, buyers; Muy
June, 5 12d, s-lUrc.
Cornmkal-Standard, $2 2'02 25;
pearl, $3 25 3 35; roller, $2 45.
Hat Choice, from More, 75c: car
load from levee or denot, $12 l3;
prime, from store, 6570c. ; car load
from levee or depot, $1112; prairie,
from store. 60c; car load from levee
or depot, $7.
Corn From store, white,50c;mixed,
48c, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 44c; in sacks, 47c; mixed, in
bulk, 42c; in eaiku, 45 jo.
Oats From etore,white,37c; mixed,
35c: from levee or depot, hile, in
bulk, 32c; in sacks, 34e; mixed, in
bulk, 31c; in sacks, 33c
Bban From store, 70c ; from levee
or depot, $13 10.
Flour From Btore, No. 3, $33 25 ;
family, $3 503 75; cnoi e, $3 764;
fancy, 44 25; extra fancy, $4 26fo
4 50; patent, $65 51
Beans Navy, $2; medium, $1 60
1 75; common, $1 25; German ruiliei,
$1 201 40.
Rica Loaisiaca, 4tJ5J?; CareUna
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $3t3 35
from store.
Crackers Sods, extra, 4c; soda,
treble txtra, 4Jc ; lemon crackers, ex
tra, 7c; lemon cream cracknrs, treb'e
extra, 7jc; ginger snaps, extra, 6c;
ginger snaps, treble ex" ra, 0c; assx rtiid
jumbbs, 9c.
Cracked Wheat Ia haif-barreli,
$4 25 from store.
Uomint and Garrs-Fr:a stere,
$8 15(ij3 25.
Ciirjw, III., October 4 All the
speculative markets ru'el weak and
lower on 'Change today. Thera was
only a fair degree of aciivi y in wheal
trading. The fine weatln r aud higi.et
consols piovoked free s .hng. The
maiket opened Sic lower, f II hick
a additional, rallied i'a. i ; t ut again
became weaker, and closdon fie rg
nlar board jc lower than Saturday. On
tbeaf!ernoo:i bonrd thera was a shade
liruier ftelini. The vieib e mpply re
ports showed an increase nt 1.7-0,000
bu, which was somewhat 1ms thau ex
pected. There was a wetk op-nirg in
corn under a heavy prts.me to sell,
and toe decline brought out a eons d
eraule long property, ceus ng a declir.e
r f lc. The deer, asa of 000,(00 bu in
tho visible supply aided in Ktea 'yi. g
the market, aud prices tloaed at 1
o'cl.c r.m. jo undorSamrdav and re
covered Jc (.dditionalin the Rfterio.iD.
Oats Mi the ii lluenee of tha o h
er markets, dtel ned Jj, ral
lied, and'lcsed about c. nndtr
Saturday. Flour was quiet end un
changed. Tho followiug are tlin cur
rent pr cs for cash property: No. 2
whet, 7272Ja; No. 2 red, 73 Jc.
N . 2 corn, 3 Jo. No. 2oais, 24.'. No. 2
rye, 48c. No. 2 baney, 55c. No. 1 Hax
eed, $1 0. Good to choice tio.othy,
$1 711 78. Tne following shows the
range of prices f.r options in the rtg
ular board, closing at 1 o'c ock p m. :
Wnea' October opened at 72c,rang d
7U721c closing at 72Jc; Novenuier
opene.d at 745c ran.ed 73J74js,
cli:sirjg at 74c; December rpjuedat
70:;, ringed 7o76le, closing nt 70jc;
Mayopened at 82 Je, ranged 8.'j82io.
cloBing at 825c. Corn Octibur
opened at 33c, lunged 34 J35i3, cloa
ii:g at 35o; November opened at 37c,
ranged 3037c, cloHing at 30jc; Dt
rembi r opened at 37Jc, langod 3GJ
37i ', clo3ing t 378c; May opaued at
41 Jc, tanged 40j4 1 J'?, closing at 418.!.
Oars-Octobar opened rt 23 J !, ranged
23j2l2, closing at 24Jc, Novemtier
npeaed at 253e ranged t5i2ct
closing at25Jc; Deeember opened at
20Jo, ranued 2020Jo, clo:ina at 20c;
Mayopened at30i,-, ranged 3Cl30c,
closing at 30 Jo.
Afurnoon Board. -The market! all
ruled steady. The following were
ttie doiing figures at 2:30 o'c'ock p
m.: Wheat October, 72Ji: Novem
ber, 74J5-I0c; Decunher, 70Jo; Vay,
8-Jc. Corn October, Lftjc; Nojem
her, 3013-;0j; December, 37 1 ii ; May,
413c. Oats - Ojtobor, 24(;; Novemboi",
25; December, 20Jn; My, 30 11 10c.
K-:coip's Fliur, 15,000 bairels;
wheat, 79,0(0 bushels; corn, 213.0HP
bushels; oa!?, 169,00 J hiiBbnls; rye,
4,000 busui-li ; barley, im.i ud duiubis.
Suipmoutf Fiour, 18,000 bane's;
wheat 09,0(0 bushels; corn, 580,000
bushels; oat, 100.00J bu-hels; rye,
none ; barley, Ol.OoO bUHhels.
Kt. Locis, Mo., Ofiobfr 4. Flour
quiet end weak; XXX, $1 353 45;
tain ly, $2 002 75 ; choice, $3 103 20 ;
fancy, 3 403 60; extra inncy. $100
(a3 80; patents, $44 35. Wneat
Wfak end lower; the market opened
easy ad dedim d i!c, ra lied iOSi 't
ruled quiet without mat-rial Mm illa
tions, aiid closed J8) lower 'ban Sat
urday; No. 2 red, cattb, 7474J; No
vemhi r,75;a.70 j'Milosing a' 75Jo fskd ;
DiC!iiiti r,7iiJ77Jc, clcsinir at 77Jc;
Mnv, .SO&sOSc, eh sing at Htijc. Corn
active biltw.ak and loaer; pr.css weie
di'inrral'.ad early in the s ssi in, nnd
fell oil ;lo, but rallied J( Sc, and
closed SJc lower than Saturday;
No. 2 m.xed, cash, 83Jc brd; Novem
ber, 33ii3Uc. closng at 34 Jc bid;
Decamber, 34gj; Mav, 3S839io,
closirg at 39jc bid. OjIb weak and I
8c lower than Fatuiday N 2
mixed, cash. 26o ; October, 20c; No
vember, 203 bid; DtCDQjiei, 2?io
sckfd; May, 31 Js asked. Rye ease,
48J48ji Barley very dul; values
ranged from 5058c, ancordiog to
quality. Hay dull bat firm; prairie,
$910 50; timothy, $ll(5il 3 50. Flax
seed weak, 98. Bran, 49c. C irnmeal
about steady, $1 00. R-cip'B F.our,
3(tOil brla: wheat. 29.000 bu; corn, 69,-
000 bn; oats, 58.000 hu; rye, 0000 bu;
barley, 38.0C0 bn. Shipments Flour,
70U0 brls; wheat, 17 000 bu; cr rn,
2000 bu; osti, 1000 bu; rye, OCOObu;
barley, 10U) bn.
AfUrnoon Board. Wlipat firm and
Jo higher. Cam stronger and l c
better. Oats tteady and a shade
Kanbas City, Mo., Octobr-r 4
Wheat lower; No. 2 red, cash, OIJa
bid; Novembar, 6230.'Jc bid ; May,
72c bid Corn lower ; No. 2,tash,29c bid ;
Novembar 29c bid; December, 31 Jo
bid. o's nominal ; cn-h, 21o bid.
Bctter Bnttririe,12W,13c ; cream
ery, 22(r20'!; dairy, lO&iac; country
butter, 1610c.
Hoo PuoiiucTS Me-iei pork, $10 25
1050; snr cti'ed hams, 12Jc;
breakfast naon, 8j9c; clear rib
bUIhs baaor., 7Jri,7 Je ; haccn shoiibjnis,
7J78c; bnlic DO'k clear sidea, 7jr!;
clear ribs. rn.7J7B; sliouldtrj, Oc;
long clear, 7Jo.
Laud 1'ierc jp.CJc; lull-barrels acd
kerjs, Ojc; ch i'o kettle, 7Jc
Faitsu Meats -No. 1 h-'et, 7c; mut
ton, 7c; hind quarter of beef, 8jc;
lambs, $2 503 50.
Poui.tky Cbicke'-.s, f pring, $2
2 75; ( Id hens, $2 753
Ciike?k Prime flits, 8jc, nominfil;
factory, 8(3 9 J, nimina'; full cream,
1313Jc; young Aunoriia, 1313Je.
Piaa Feiit. Barrels, $! 5(1 10; calf
tarrelfl, $1 75(0;5; kg, $1 75.
St. Looih, Mo., Oj'obir 4 rro
viaionH a 'tivn but er sv. Pork lower,
59 5!1(9 62J. Lard 'marly s'.endy,
$5 75. Bilk ntrats loras IjIs: 1 nu
ll .r and fhort rib, $0 70; sho-tc ear,
$0 75; boxed lo's: lonu clear, $0 02J ;
slnitribsi le,$l 70; Bhoitelei r, $0 85.
Bacon espy; ung nlea', $7 2U7 25;
shcrt r b," Sf7 2; short clear, $7 60.
Hamfet?8'Jy,SI213 5!) Bn t-r quiet
bnttt-aW; creanmry, 2 J25 . ; ri ia y ,10
(W21c. Eg9 about stejdy, 13jllc.
Chicago. Ill .October 4. Provisions
ru'ed ea-iy. Mess pqrk declined 12J
15c. rail ed 7idftl0c and ilo ed ttaady.
Lard was a met and steady, Mesi
pork, $3 708 76. Lard, $5 90,
Short r.b sides, lore J 6 70. Dry
saltid ehouldeis, boxed, $5 705 75;
short elear sides. boXfd, $7 05710.
Tfae following showB the rangn of
prices for optios: M as pork Oc
tober opened at $8 80, rarrid
$8 658 82J, closad ht $8 75; No
vernier ripened at S-8 80, ranged
$8 tiji)8 85, clt.spd at $8 75; Jannary
onent-d at $9 ir, ranged $9 8L'J(i
10, closed at $.1 92J. Lard On
tober opened at 6 77,, ranced $5 75
5 77, clwe.l ft $5 7J; Novemher
opentd at $ 77J, ranired 15 755 77J,
closed at $ 77J; Junnnrv opened at
$5 , ransed $5 7J5 92, closed at
5 02J. Short riba October opened at
$0 6L'J, racgrtd $0 62J, closed at
10 02; January opened at $5,
laiiRHd $4 973 071, closed at $-5 05.
Afternoon Board. Pork October
ad November, $9 72; January,
$9 92. Lard October and No
vember, $5 77; January, $5 92.
Short rib Bides Oetcbtr, $0 50; Jan
uary, $5 05.
On the Produce Excharga bnlter
rnlid firm; creamery, lti(a27c; dairy,
15C20c; paclingsiotk, 88(!. Eggs,
scares and firm. 17c.
CopritB Cnmmnn, 10c; ordinary,
10Jllc; prime Rio, 12.13c; choice
to fancy, 13J14v", eld government,
Soap 3Sc per pound.
8alt-$I 20 per barrel; svks, flue,
$1 351 45; roirr p, $1 10 1 15; pock
ets, bieached, 2Jf7c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 5c eheiper.
Caviiii-s Slicks, nil Biaac, in boxes,
pails and barr-la. SffOr;.
Canplk8 KhII weight, 09c.
Canxed Goons, Kti Prces per
doin: Pinenpplrs, $1 2.5(41 60;
peaches, 2-'b, standard, $1 16 1 25 ; Bri
ont, $K.ftl 10; tomMoes, 2- b stand
ard, th) (.e$t; 31r,$li 15; strawber
ries, $1 10 1 25; ran berries, $1 10
125; b ackho'rie", $l(,nl 10; greii
gaaea, $1 60 I 75; "peaia, $2
2 25: plum?, $1 6P1 70; ppparcgu,
$2 O0("l; ireen com, $ll 35; giean
peai, $165105; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lb, 8595c; cove oytttrj,
full weight, 2-lti, $1 60 1 80; cove
oyi-tera, lijjht we'gl t, l-.b, flOn ; cove
oytters, l ght we'ght, 2-lb, $1; con-tlen-ed
ini'k Cnwn, $5 60S 75;
Eair'e, J7 60 7 75; Daisy, $t 73.
Moi,asja8 Loninana, lommori to
fa'r, 1825c; prime to choice, 3040c;
svrup, 2('40c; common ti fair, 20
25o; prime to idir.ice, 3035c; ceulrit
ugal. fancy, 3233.
Touacco Ctniunon, 11-incb, 7
28c; r.tucr graios and s'vlaa, 3il3c.
Snuff Barrett's, $10 85 pr ense;
Ralph's, $10 25 por is; R. R , $9 25
10; Gail A Ax's, $3 75.
Suqar Pure white, fl$tV6Jc; cff
white, 080j!t; yellow clarified, fi
OJrr; open ke t'e, 00jc; refined A,
OJj; dranulat d. Ojc; powdered, 71
7.t; cut loaf, 7.-
Santop, O.tober 2 (Joilea Re
ceipts during the weok, 82 000 bi'g;
purchases for the Uni ed St ite?,44,0C0
rings: clearances for the Unitod S ates,
68,000 bagi; slock, 192,000 bas.
Rio Ds Janeiro, Oct iber 2. Cof
fee regular first, 4950 re's per 10
kilos; good second, 4350 reis. Re
ceipt"! during the week, 122,000 bag;
purchasi s for the United State', 64,
000 bai's; clearances fur the I'nitsd
8tats, 8000 bass; stock, 14 ',000 bags.
New Yobk, October 4. Coffee spot
far Ro dull, llo; options 20IIO
points lower and lairly uctve; sales,
65,250 haifs; O t- ber, 9.309.35c;
Novembsr, OOSfa-U 20c; December,
9 1 9.10c; January, 99 05c; Febrnary,
9u.9 05c; Mch, April, and May,
(iQiKOS.". Sugtr quiet ; refined quiet;
g a mUted, 6,5 15-168. Moliisses
H4t'St:ilOI.I HVPrlillH.
Are . kr Arplea, $1 602 BO; dried
aoie j'a'ij tner pound nom store.
Iini'ii p.-.., he, '.'Afai.iAii irom store.
Vkoktarles Onions, $3 from
s'o-o Cabbage, $2 60; per bead, 810c ;
$1 75 'rom lvee ordi pnt per crat".
Kr.ut. Oris, $5(,rV 75; ii Iff hrl,$J75()
3. Garlic, 4O00a per 10J. Turnips,
60" i er bud el.
1'iiinr Oruancs, per box, so; per
baru!,$9. Lerm ns, $0 5()7 per box.
Hana .IB", $1 60(r)2 60 per Uii'CU.
Cocoa -nit', $5 pr 100. Peanu's Vir
ginia, 7 jit ; rennessjc, farmer's sto -k.
t4c; roislt'd, 2o ffiigber; ehellea
10it. Aim n'd i, 1820it.
Rai ins Londi.n layers, $3 40; lay
er $2 75;, California, ; Imperiul,
$3 50 4.
Pickles Io iars, pin's, 05c; quart',
$1 50; ha!f-gRilonEi,$2 75;palloti8l$3 75;
loo-e, barrels, $0 507; ba'f-bairels,
$3 75fn 4 ; rw i xod, barrels. $10 60 ; mixed,
half barrote, $0
Potatoes New, $1 2)(r)l 50; INortb-
ern tt ck, $1 751
CiDiiR -Nw Yirk, HO ri()7 per bar
rel, and $3 7o4 "or hulf-barrel.
Vineuar I0(ul5r p-rgaiion.
rucANs Ti us, 8IOj f jr email to
madium, 1014o for large; Aikansos,
FimiMackerol, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 2C 5 75 ; No. 2 $1 755 ; No. 3,t4 25
475; 10-lb kit, No. 1,90c; No. 2, 75c;
15 lb, No. 3, uac. ury Herrings, iam
ily, 25c per box.
Walnut French, 12c; Naplee,13c;
Grennblo, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Game Game finh, 11 12c.
Euos Scarce, 1718c.
Tn par load lots: Piimn crude
cot'on seed oil, new, 2830c; off
crude cotton esed oil, old, 24
oftr nrimA nnmmnr vnllnw pot-
ton seed oil, 3i)37c; off summer
yellow cnttin eeeil oil, ai(o,.)-c; miner-,1
summ-r yellow cotton seed oil,
air;; ft.r; nrime snmmer white cotton
Bi'i'd oil, 35c ; choice cooking yellow
ci.lton sea 011, ,ij:aiirc; prime couon
Hud meal, $14 50 15; off cotton seed
meal, $13(4;
Ttinrukm Tntn 2 lliq. Rlr 11 llin.
73n;llts, 7c. F ax,81bs,9i3.
J 1KB 1 UOt3)l 1U.
N ail' Common, $2 202 25; otoel,
$2 35-2 51
Powder -Keir. $4 : half keen. $2 It ;
q :a tor kegs $1 25.
(tlmrtnh wbbIioiI. .tl(ni36R: crcaie
w ol, 2320c; burry wool, 1318c.
Sr. Louis, Mo., October 4. Wool
quiet but firm; medium cloth
ing, 222tijc; combing. 2425c;' low
and c:arae, 14 ' 22c; fine licht, 20M
25c; heavy, 10ilc; black, 17.
rKTROI.El.il niKULT.
Coal Oil Prime white, nholfsftlo
lot?, 11c p?r gal'on.
Cleveland, O, Oct ber 4. Petio-
loum qu et s. w. 110, 7Jf!.
PiTT-muRO, Pa , Oc ober 4. Pftro
lenm quiet but firm; opened at 01'lc
ard remained th 8ime at I p.m. Tho
h'gheil prict of the mcrulrg WiSOji
and tho lowe-'t 031.
wiiisur, wi.M, i.Htioits, kit.
Winsirv Strakbt KHiituokv Itonr-
bm, $1 505; redistilled goods from
85c t' 100, according to prooijrye,
$1 758.
Sr. L-uis,Mo., October 4. Whisky
firm, $113.
Chicago, III., October 4. Whisky
steady, $1 18.
CutciMUTi, O., Oetober 4, Whisky
firm; sabs ef 960 Wrala of txiihia
goods on basis of $1 13.
Choice to extra corn fed cattle, none
received ; good, none received.
Grass Cattle Choice, 3J3e;
cood, 23ic; fair to medium, 2 a)
2e; seallawagf, lle.
common, 38ft).
Suair Choice, Si3n: medium, 2J
3c; common, Jli.nl 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4J4Jc.
Kansas City, Mo., Dctober 4.
The Lit Sttck Indicator lepoits: Cattle
receipts, 3011 head; rhipmonts, 90S
head; market itfa'y; good to choice,
$44 60; common to medinm, $3 30
3 90; Ktorkeis, $2 252 75; f -edera.
$2 td3 60; cow. $l6(Xiii2(iO;gran
range sit e'S, 1 253 20. II, gs re
eeipte, 1694 head; thipmeii'i, 733
head; market firm; good!) choice,
$t 2fU4 35; common to medium, $4
f14 20; gr sera anal pigi, $3 603 95.
Sheep receipts, 1S3 head; shipment,
284 head; market steady; getd to
choico, $2 503; common te medium,
$1 f 02 25.
Chicaoo, lit., October 4. The
Drmtri' Jtunuil repoifci: Cattle re
ceipts, 70J0 bead; rhipinonts, 20 8
heal; market ttroag fnd 10!fc
h'gher; shipping steeis, 950 to 1500
lbs, $3 65 20; s oukma and feodor,
$2 25tt0; cows, hulls and mixed,
$1 5;l3 25; bulir, $2 3il2 00: througi
Tes ia tie strong, i 3 55; rows,
$2 252 60; Western raueri firm;
nativt s snd lin'Mriod", $2 90(.i4 ;
cows, $2 40J.2 tl); wintered Tt-x-ii a,
$2 55i3 45.' Hegi io oiptc, lftOO
I ead; shipment", 60 0 htad; tnaikrt
ftrorg, 5('til0c higher, ilosing with ti e
R ivalled lost ; rough and mixed, $3 70
if 4 35; packing and eliippintr, $4 10
4 63: liiiht weight?, $3tjO4 5.5; ski h,
$2 253 25. 8:ieep-recetpt, 3010
hi ad; ehipiiiei-t', 300 bold; market
firm; nativce, $i 2i(u4 25; Western,
$3 40 .713 00 ; Tcxaus, $2 253 25 jlaml.s,
$1 75 4 25.
The Droren' Journal's Bfe-inl Lin
don cablegrum rjporiH Viiry hoav v sup
plies and the pr.co for rattls. 11 per
I Hind lower; tit at Aniori.'an bteers,
lljil p"r pinnd.
Ml. I.onl nutl Niw trlenK Anchor
1.IU..-I1. N. MHtl.-VUU VlUKbUlilU).
Belle Memphis,
Oeo. llaker -.miwtor.-.ife&W
Will leitve the Klevator HI KhOAY, Oct.
fill, at 10 a.m. For Ireiuhl or inussiie Kpply
tt. L. Hsi.i., Pnm, A'. All HT HM. Air'r.
For Illrkman, Cairo, 8t. Louis and all Way
liHndmirihe e eiriint fatouuitr
I. 16. i'owf H
Trj.kH aiii tor.
Will ln&Tfl tb KloTfttor Tl'IfcOAi, Out.
Mh. at 10 ft.m. Fur frmbt
0111 i 1
C. h. II
r iiasone apply
l STiiKlil. Swp'l,
Ai.i.) Vftnn. Ant A
til l.oma and New Orlcnna Al'rhm
City of Baton Rouge
K. J. Whitlod...maWr, M5a
Win tk KinTator W KDNKHDAY. Oet.
fth, at lta.ui. For (rolehi r i.iiHre Pi'l
L. II ai.i., Pass. Art. an htk n . Mir
For Oseeola, Hates Point, Oarutharsville,
Uayoso and Xiiitonrille The new side
wlienl rassensrer stean-'r
W. P. Hull master. I J. D. Filler 'Ink
Will leave as atinre, and all war points,
p.m. For Ireinht or pussa-re Siply on hoard.
Iiri,iilil,rlr Point nuil Mniijiit
asitl tiMla Piu'Sk lwrnisiny.
JTor lieleea. UleniUle, Frlaxs l'oirrt and al
Way Lantllnft tjteamer
.1 aillS Ia'C, KJkSi
K T. CLAflUETT Muster.
Will teve asab veon KVEKY MONDAY,
WKllNKdUAY and HID AY atio'slnck.
For Randolph, Fntton, Osceola as Viay
Landtntt Hteamer
J.U. COOPEn Ms.ier.
nnd FRIDAY at ft p.m. Thekoutsof thl
line reserve tbe right to pass all landings
the etptain may deem unsiile. (.ffioe, No. 6
Madison sr. ,1 A V KH LKH, Jr . -ni't.
Arkansas KlYcr Tk't Co.
E. 11. Smith maeter, W'rfiSt?!.
Leaves Memi his Every TUKKDAY. tf p.n
11. C.LOWE, Aiient,
OSlee, No , Mndlsnn t. Telephone No t.
Moiiipliia aud Vlcksiiurg 1'ackct tou
puny U.N. .Uni) liinct
For Ilelena, Concordia, Terrone and Arkaa
ls Oily The nlnrant passenaer steairei
M. It. Ckeok...master I W. 0. Blanker ...clerk
l.eves Memphis
For Conoordia and nil wty landlnis.
The Hseniuer
A. L. Cummins, Maat'rl Lew Price 0 erk
LeaTeaTHB-DAY and SATURDAY at. p.
For aeneral iulormatioa apply at
No. 4 Madison street.
JOITN PARR. Prnrn'r Aront. Telephone aH.
The St.r'ranclrt River 1 ransnortatlo
Oo.'l Fine Hide-W heel U. B. Mall Btearaes
0. K.Jopl(a....i.-.a.jniMtT,
WILL AiAA V r. nnmiruaa
at t o'olook.forMnTianna. the Cat-OS. a
Intermediate landings on Ht. Franols rlrer
The oaptain reserves the ilaht to pass al
landlnrs be doems unsafe. JAM. LKK, Jr..
Hnt,erlntnHn (tei,.. Ne. 4 Med'. en t
Memphi!i& White Kiver l'Lt.Co
For t'larrariuss, Dttyislle BlafJ,, Dee
Am, Aurnsta, Hearoy. Nowp rt, Jaokson
port, llate.ville and all Way Laadims,
K. C. Postal master, ""' r1"'""
Will leave EVERY WEDK KSDAY at 6 p.m.
Will leave KVfcKY HA l UllDAY at B n.m.
Through rates siven to all peints. Freight
nonsigned to the Meirnhis and White River
PsekutCo., at Memphis or Ierrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For reneral informa
tion apply at ouVe, No. 3 Mailison ist..ort
Cell Telephone ,,H-- LOW K. Ar't.
Copartnership Notice.
TUB nndorsignsd hive lormed a cepart
nerahip, dating (rom Iho Ik iastant,
nmler tho arm name and style of DKAN
LILLY, fur tho narnose ol enndunting a
Wholesale t ofliie, Tea and t-p'ro business at
iff, Main stroot, Loe Block, Memphis, renn.
The limine s will lie eoadiiiiicd at 11 roplar
sireet unt l the miOi lnery and fixtures at
the new stuud are oonipt"d.
n ii.nin.,1
Mguenis, Septcui
Wll.l.IAM Pk.
JllMM LlI.I.T.
Coffee Roasters,
205 Main St. (Lee Elook)
MEJiruus, ten ar.
Arkansas Elver ....Joe Farias, I p.aa.
Conoordia -...Oareso, 6 p.m.
St. Franeis River .Be Fesysa, t p. as.
Vi'ksburg. Bills Manram, la. n.
St. Leuis D. R. Pewer-w, Ka.m.
Friars Point . Jiwta Lib, 5 p. as.
White River .....CaiesiSisr, f p.ai.
Niw Orleans CittBitos Haega.lta.sa
Osneela - .....CoiBOMi, t p.m.
Arkansas City .Ksti Apamb, i p.m.
liptoiville CasMAraiga, I p. en.
ArrimU. City of Vicksburar, St.
Loais; Coahoma, O c-ola; Ohesav
peake, Tiptonville; Jon Peters, Arkan
sas River; Kate Adams, Arkansas.
City; James Le, Friars Point; Kern
Marrady, Padncah.
Departures. City of Vicktbri
Vicktsburx; Kate Adams, Arkansas
City; Jamps Lse, Fr.ara Point; Ooa
homa, Ooceola.
Bouts in Pwrfc Job Peters, Che'a
peake, tiayeso, Ed Poster and Ren
Boats Jhit Down. Rolle Memphis.
Bsmtt Du Bf. Chickasaw and D. K.
Itorrlpt Teaeerdny.
Enquirer 2i) bales cotton, 10
seed c itton and 1 lr ska send.
Ka'e Adams 378 balos cotton, 8
b 'gs reed cult n, 10U3 ska Bead and 50
I kii3 snnd.-iis.
Joe l'etora 178 bales cotton, 18$
6k 8"f d and 43 i kita sundries.
Coahoma 2-17 lalts coitjn, 93 bags
600.1 cotton ai d 131. S aks seed.
Janios L c 3:8 ba!8 co'.ton, 8.'t
bitus srtctl c. tt in and 141!) ski ated.
Ctusapt aVe 3S baliis cotton, 55
bnns seed c t'on, 2()ti5 sks soed, aid sks
com and 40 pkga euntlrips.
City of Vickstmrif 115 tons mor-
riuntK iievtivRMTi.
The E I Poalor, Cast. O. K. Jonlin,
is the parkttt thl t vnning at 5 o'clock;
for t. Fniiiu s rivor.
The Leo L'no pcckels fomnrrow
pyoniiiK aro Janios L-e for Friars
Point and Coahoma for OJctol.
Tub Oliickamw. Cant. E. O. Postal.
in the Wcdneadsy packet for Whits
river. CM. l'OH.al n m her clnce.
Tiik D. R. Poivo'l, Cant. Geo. W
Vicktirs, willpasiup this morning a',
lOo clork for Cairo and tt. Lnuia. C.
M. Pel kloy is her clerk.
The llrtllo Mniiiphifl, Capt. Ooorgs
Biker, is tbo Anchor Line packot tis
morning at 10 o'clock ft r VickHliu-p;
and the Lend?. Al Wuipaou is Lor
Tub Clioenpmke, Capt. W. P. Hall,
.the packet. Thmailiy evenii'K at 6
'tl'ck for Ha'os Piiiut, Tiprouvilla
ann n WBy poin'p. Co1. J. D. Ful
ler is In k,.r odluo.
TiisGavoflnci.,, t. a. L. Oummins,
ia the packet this Vir(? at 5 o'clock
for lle'ona, CiTCjullB ,i Hl wny
landiiigs. Lun Price has clia.,, 0( Der
cilice, assisted by Qui Cummtus. v.
The Anchor Lino steamer, City of
Baton R 'U)i), Capt. R J. Whitledge,
will pass down tomorrow mornlna at
10 o'ch.ck for Now Orloats and all
way points. W illiam Masson is ber
Tns Kate Ail am", Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the Uni'ed M( mail
packet Thurdny evuninx at 6 s'clock
for Helena, Aikanas City and all way
landing". W. C. Blanker hi chargs
of her otllce.
The Joo rotors, Capt. B. B. Smith,
is the picket this oveidoR at 6 o'clock
for al pnirti on Arkansas river, ro
Iiir through U Pine Blutl. Chai. Mas
se man ha clurfrfl of her office, assist
ed by Kuius r ester.
Br in ess brisk.
Weather clear and pleasast.
The Los Lino packets mere In and
out yeett rday with hip; trips.
The river here is on a bland, with 5
and 4 tontha foot on tiie gaao.
Recmpts by river yestwrday: 1189
bules of cotton, 251 bags of seed ottom
and (1(138 sacks ol soed.
The City of Vickahnnr tiapsed dowat
Funday aiternoon f ir VitkAtiurg. 8hs
dm bargtul beio 150 toni of Ireinbt.
Amos Day shipprd bill clotk on the
Kate Adams yo-terJay, and Lew
Price stopped ofT to no clerk on the
Gayo o.
Tub name of tbe fonybnat Mark
Twain ht-s been changed tj Alice, and
she hat b 'en la d up I r repairs. Ths
John Overton is doiiix the ferry buii
nesa to Mound City.
Tub Joe Peters arrived Sunday night
from Aikmsas river with 178 I ales of
c tton, 188 sarks of (ead and 43 pack
axes of sundiies, and returns this
evening at the usual hour.
Tub Kate Adams arrived Sunday
ranrning from Arkansas City with 37S
bales cotton, 8 baa.seeil cotton, 150$
ska seed, 50 pkgs sundries, and re
turned last evening with s good trip.
Tub Chesapeake arrived ytsterday
at neon from Tiptonville with 38 bales
of cotton, 52 bagi of teed ootton, 206S
sacks of teod, 30 sacks of corn and 40
packages of sundries. brie leaves
again Thursday evening f jr the upper
Tub 8t. Louis Republican of Satur
day Bays: The Helen, which his
been here all m turner in the ezcursioa
businufs, will load out in the Anchor
Line to Orleans nut WednesJay.
The Chsrlei P. Chontean will prob
ably follow next week.
Whbkmno, W. Va., October 4.
Noon River 4 feet 2 mhti on the
gantre and falling. Weather clear and
Cincinnati, O., October 4. Noon
It vtr 7 feet 10 inches on the gangeand
rifling. Wialher fair aud slightly
Cairo, lu,.,Octob3r 4. Noos River
7 feet on the ganire and rising. Weather
clear and cnol. No arrivals or depart
ures of rt'Kular pockets.
Louihvili.b, Ky October 4. Noon
Rivor 4 feet 1 inch in the canal and 2
'eir on the falls and falling. Business
dull. Weather clear and enld.
WE, the undersigned, having bonsht th
entire business of m mafii'ianag
Furniture, Mattresses, Awnings, Tenta. ete..
irom Henry Buttenberg, would respeotlully
ask a share ol your patronage, knowing roll
well that, rum long rgpenenoe, we can ana
will give entire satis'antiun to all work en
trusted to us. Wo will be rea;ly at all time
to furnish Awnings. Tents. Faulin. and ail
kinilsofoanvswt,rki niakeall indsof flrst
olass Viattreisess repair, Tarnish aid make,
all kinds of Furni ure; rui.holsterlarlor
Kuits, and del ver go nils fret ol oha-ge. Lar
i.et renovated In the true l'ersian tyle. All
Crab Orclianl Spriugs,
rieristio of this betel during the Past thr
tear. ihal be fully maiuUin.d tW. eeaaos.
c.r tioa.u to 'vo.ri. ktoiv

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