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(acoe.or to MCRRAT RIDGELY,)
is In receipt of a larger, more varied and better se
lected stock of CASSMEEES,
tions,) thai iras ever shown
stock comprises the choicest
and most durable goods in gentlemen's wear.
tSJ- Samples and Prices on
who have left measures.
Tb Charming Little Comedienne,
Wednesday and I
Thursday! : )
Fogg's Ferry.
K1 The Culprit Fay.
0UV6aPEE Sea Sands.
Eaoh lady t" receive a bandsema Cabinet
Phoioot Mips Erani.
swSeatsat Mullord's SP
Monday. Oct. ll'h Tim Dicvn.'a ArcTiox.
Mrs. Florence Fin!ey Moore
SatnnMy. Oct. g:M, at, it P.M.
LLEY row With white stripes on baok
end roa sides: ears split: aboutoyeurs
n row ird tor ner return to
M RSI. M ATTHKW3. 2IS Tennessee Ft.
"TAR. C. J. SCH ERER, Surgeon Chlropo-
XJ uist, 211 Alain street, bixleen years
practice in Memphis. Charges uioderate.
tan ana lee dhq. vince aour. irumoe.ui.
tn p.m. frnr djyp from 9 to 12 m.
C COTTON SHED-On south side of New
J Madison street, near Wellington, lately
ccuoied by A. M. lioyd & Hons. Size n lot
8s;xl4Si leet. JOHN JOHNSON,
10 Madison street.
TWO 30 inch Portable Corn Mills: wo 26.
inch Corn Mills; two 21-inch Crrn Mills,
No. 1 order, New and Second-hand. Mill
work of that description solicited. A good
Stock of soleet French Burr Stone on hand.
TB03. DELANY, 124 Front st.
"lOn WADS old SHINGLES for kindling
J-Uv at 50c per lond, at 180 Linden street.
"HPIAPItST tOn ImnmnJ nmuri, in
J the otiy. Aj'oly to
W. D. L., Appeal office.
OHSK A good young rookaway and
hack horse. Arp'vto
HOOK X LaORILL, 289 e'econd st.
i-T: State Female College, lor sale on easy
monthly payments, at 84 to $t per front foot;
two blocks from street cars, in the most de
sirable suburb of Memphis. Only $50 cash
down required, and balance at $10 per month.
T. A. LAMB, 10 Madison stroet.
LOT I have a beautiful corner lot. VOX
135 feet, in the finest suburb ol Mein-
An KlnnW 4,.m .. In - .11 1 k f I
neighborhood, which I will tell at the very
low price ni co per loot, 'arms: eniu casni
balanee, $20 per monih. Well fenced, with a
now stable on lot. Splendid for Investment
or home. T. A. LAMB, 10 Madison street.
W little used, and in good condition.
ply at,
THE lea'e and fixtures of the St. Elmo
Hotel, Me-idian, Miss, Twenty-five
commodious rooms, within three minutes
walk of the Lnion Depot; large sample
-Toom on the street next door; now doing a
Eood business and popular. Can be had at a
artain if applied (or within the next thirty
days. Apply to Charles Elmire, proprietor,
Meridian. Miss.
TIN Lot of tin,
a large ice box
suitnMe for roofing Afro
. At Gahay's.4"9 Shelby.
OLD MATERIAL In the storehouses and
Senate Building, occupied by B. Low
enstein & Bros.' ; must be removed at once.
Apply to JOHN REll). Builder.
"VTEAT COTTAGE Of six rooms, and lot
U-N 200x41, 54 Dean avenuo. Inquire on
HEAP One Foeond hand ROCK AWAY,
neany as good as new, at IPS Uni' n st
W. R. LA RUIN, Larkinsville. Ala.
VY one thoroughbred Running llorio; fee
t(20. One Trottink Horse; fee, $10. OneJer
toy Bull: fee, 12.50 Foe Sai.k 30 H.rnes,
3 Milch Cows, 15 head Butcher Cattle, Pea
enckfl end Newfnuidland Pups. Horses on
. nasture. $5 per month: Texas lior.e. 1IM rer
dv Telephone JOSEPH 1U ' H N F Y . H52.
rt AM 1.1).
MEN Two live men lor electric
-Li light work. At on
W orks under Oayoso Hniri
rpEN GIRLS-To wap Ko Ko 'lulu. Aj-
X ply at once to
corner Exchange and Main streets
onceto KO-KO TUL.U FACT' KX,
comer Exchange and Main sts
and two
Skirtmakers, iramoilit'lv, a
OITUAT10X Bya8ootohr' .. 0 years old,
LJ without fimily, on a stM ,. (arm; under
standi the business thoror , .y. Re fere to W
A. Crosrett, merchant an
nando, Mies. Address
Box 8!
lock raiser,
, Her
. L. H RAx .
ernaudo, Miss.
UNTIL June 1.1887, r
out board, with a
VAntlama.n, must be ti
or rooms
rate family for a
y, ttstetuliy lur
nishfld and welltaken eatL.of: looationmus'
'be good. References given and asked. Ad
dress R. L. F.. care 11. U tter, Cotton Ex
AY BOARDERS Or without rooms.
At f2 Kast Court street.
T ADY AGENTS-Our agents have had
I J anch wonderful success selling Mrs
(Vmnhall'a Combination Skirt and Bustle
(some clearing $150 a month), that we make
thisspeoial request for all agen s who want
a steady, money making busipess. to send
stamp for latalogue. Also, Furnishing
Goods. Addre's E. H. Campbell 4 Co., 44
West Randolph Street, Ohicsgo, ill
nurse or housekeeper
Apply at
104 Court htreet.
oometeot ofiioi
capable of taking oharge of set
double-entry books, in otho ol sawmills
ninety mile' lroni Momphis. Please address
glvinrexparience. refnrences, and salaryex
peeiea, l iDJU i a
Portia, Arkansas
A At COi K-Dirst-oIass.who understands
both pastry and moat conking, lor ran
road eating house. Apply at Goodbar ACo.
order in belt styles at
iiiVEKYliODY-To call nnd ice the cele
JJj brated (tipsy Clairvoyant, at li7 tun
street, near fopinr.
OOSiS Well turniihed rooms, No.
Linden street.
-l X T A MTK.Tl I.ailies. local or traveling.
VV wonderful entirely now specialty for
ladies only: 81 daily easily made; no pnoto,
no painting : prtiulars tree. Mils. U
LITTLE, Box 443, th'cago, 111
POSITION By a lady as music teacnor, or
to teach young children English branches.
Salary expected moderate. Good home i de
s.red. Address "Te aoher, Columbus, Miss.
AN An intelligent.earnest man to rep
resent, In his own locality, a large re
sponsible house. A remunerative salary to
risht party. Steady position References
exchanged. Amerioan Manufacturing House,
10 llarclny r't.t N. Y.
SAbKS.VSEN-ln every Siat in the li ion
torcprenent a PAINT MANUFACIUR
ING ESTALLISUMENT having several
Bracui.Tus thatare popular and easy sell
ing. Cao bo hsndlcd alone or in connectipn
with other aonds. Address THE VVM. B.
C10TIONSKKI) WANTED. Hulls and Meal
Jorsale eheap at GLOBE Olb WOKkb.
fCf LI'S. FEATHERS HiVhest cash
XU' V) pnee paid by GABAY, Memphis.
f.lVKHVlMlllY Til KNOW That
1 w
-next thirty lays tor II 60
, 243 Main sreet.
LD G01D A SILVKR-Forcash orea
ohange. MUWfORl, Jewaer, eaiaiB
tills seasom's importa
in this market. The
designs, finest textures
application to those
10W One white and black (potted cow.
J lonr. noma, white fee., marked upper
crop in leit and split in right ears- An in
formation or her eturn to 69 Jones av. will
be suitahlv rewarded. (1KO. B. CQLKwAN.
" TFLE One dark liny mare mule.
XYX Vi years oia, it, bands high.
imnr rntit nf tail, shod nn all four feet, in
good order; $ir reward for the delivery of
aid mule to jonnson s stable, suo eeconu
street, Memphis.
il Curtis'. Decisions (I, niter States Su
preme Court), was lost In moving from 310
Second strret to No. 19 West Court street.
Keturn, if found, to tins oluc. nr Jo. IV
West Court street, and be reward' rl.
T. li. Miuuu
"IITATCU A. small silver wa'ch, marked
V V L. J. K.. on uond nr Market streets.
or Carroll avenu. between the L. and N.
it. H. and tiara Uonway lnmute rinder
ill please return to this vuice and be re
lANK On Octnhnr 4th. l,tn 110 Mad
V J ifon street and corner nf Hulina and
She'by streets, one solii-headcd ebony cane,
engraved Mrs. VI. II. Woo!. Liberal reward
for return el same to Hill. I- ontaine X to.
U'HVEijUl'C Aonressen to J. i. ijUi.nu
LLi oontainirg i-7 6U. Finder will please
return to J. X. L ng, corner Oayoso and
peonnn streets, una he rewarded
board, at Nn. 00 Pontotoc street.
Furnished, with board,
Atil Shelby street.
At 4'4 Market street.
ROOMS-Pleasant furnished rooms, with
board, for ladies nrretitlen en. Terms
very reasonable. .wzt'nurt fc,i tended
DESIRABLE ROOMS-With board, at
H00M8 Furnished rooms with board.
121 Court street.
T. JAMES HOUSB-68 Adams stroet.
Board and lodging, to: day hosrd. 83 ftp,
ijiljiwiBLir. tiuumo- nun superior ooara,
JPj twoblickstrnm Gayos-i Hotel. 4;.3Sbelby
TRA11TIFUL front rooms, sinala or en
D suite, furnished or nnlurnished, with or
withont hotrd : other rooms, 104-106 ('our tit
ROWMS-With or
sithont board: terms
1411 M A lxSON KT.
TORE-ROOM-On Main strtet. dwelling,
house on Courtitreet.ard several vacant
lots. Apply to K. 13 HMOWUiSM or J. ii
OOODLOE, 38 Madison street.
TORE No. 40 Madison street,
Apply to
J. p; AWUKKWt. Wenken
"TEW Briek House, 133 Madi'on; 7roou.s
XI and stable, two diooks irnm otton til
change: large yard. Apply 32 Medison st.
TOOMS Sleeping rooms for single gentle
XX men, er gentleman and wi.e without
children. Rent reasonable to the right par
tics. Call at the hat shop, 1H8 Hecond st.
tJRICK HOUSE Two itor'es, nine rooms,
XJ on Mulberry street. Apply to
QTOREHOUaE Four story and basement
storerjimse. vta. rront street.
OOOMS Well lurnithed rooms. No. 81
Jli Linden street.
1-nrPK TtKSIDENCE For rent or lease
IJ Nn. Kft Murlison street, near Third, oc
cupied by tv-e late Dr. R. M. Buddoke. To
a reliable tiartv the property will be leased
or one, two or three vears at a low rent. Ap-
ply to J. S. ANUKttWW, .Memtn X ui),
rlTT,,T T.VDieV , 1 - - V M li,n
son x Co., No. 301 Front street.
1T1INE 0FFI0ES-65 Madison Btrect, next
JJ to Clarendon Hotel.
11. M. ESIKS, 3-5 Madison ol.
1 1 (IliSKS On and near VI slker aven' e
rL nn Klmwood streetcar line. Iron the
1st September, several houses, from two to
eight rooms, in good repair. Apply at 36
Union siroet. juo. miw".
TJ OUSE-220 Washington 8
7 rooms and
Apply at 133 Poplar St.
O No. ltM Main Street.
No. 2' ft Main Street.
Nn. 207 Main Street.
Apply to JAMES LEE, Jk., 4 Madison St.
00MS Two furnished or unfurnished
rooms ot 10 Madison street.
iiLEUAT newly-lurnifhed rooms, batu
'J room, eto. In'inire at Uri Court street.
The three new Brut-class
Li HtnrMhmiKMA nn Mielhv It,
Storehouses on Shelby street, next north
of the Gayoso Hotel. Terms reasonable.
Apply to
SH Madison street.
CtHOIi.'E UFFlChfi Uu tecond story, oo
J cupied for many yearsby Dr J. W. Nel
son, Oontist, corntr union and main streeis.
Apply at XV Union street. JUS, tili.au" .
ootton-room and otHoe; terms
moderate. Apply to
Crab Orchard Springs,
LINCOLN COUNTY, KT. The eieellen
of the ouli-ine, and anooasmodations ehar
aiteristie of this hotel during the past three
years, shall be felly maintained this season.
Excursion tickets to the Springe by the U.
and N. Railway are good via Leaisville, both
going and returning, te proeaed on first train
succeeding arrival in Louisville.
W T. GRANT. Pres't. J. C. KING.
Removed to 308 Front St.,
Between Monro and Madison, Nearly
Opnntlte Postofnce.
Special Notice to Shippers
HiSJiasirri Ann TnNNxaasg R4ii.h(iapCo.,1
Memphis, September 3, lbSei. I
rpHE eomp'otion of the Yaioo and Missis
I .lnnl vIIaw U U.. Irnm .l.lr.nn. MisB.
to Greenwood, Miss., OPKNS UP AN ALL
RAIL LINE, without Break or bulk or trans
for of freight, to following named points:
Yusoo Clly, Eden, B. Lake, otMl
llono ln, IMilenTille, Bhnrklpfurfl
Tchuln. Krirn, 'r utter, SiiUn, Bilnar
Sua, Orernweod,
Shipments to landings near thee points
should be made to nearost station nami
hn.a Your htlsinAsa is reanenti'llllv So
licited over the M. and T. Road, as freight
reaches its destination the following day ol
delivery at our depot. A.J. KNAPP,
General Fro i ght Agent.
Have Removed to
Where they will continue to sell House Fur-
nisning Uoods uneaper Than Anybody,
and on Easier Terms.
MafUTFrl AWttHXB.Men and worren.
WHilltU , n "THK CHILD'S
BIBLK. ' Introdnotion by Hev.J U. Vin
ornt, b.D. One arent has sold to In a town
of 674 people; one 73 in evillate of Wl on
new agent 8& tn 10 days t one U two s icces
sive weeks 1 one 40 In S days altwo di6'ent
timet- Kzperlence not necessary. Address
OAbSKLL k CO. (JU't'd.)
to Wwboi a itretl, Chioeje.
The Ben. Zach Taj lor Ably and Com
pletely Answered hj Mr.
James Phclun.
IsricuL to fgi xrrtu
Lucy, Tknn , October 0. Tbet:aiu
wLich left Memph's at 10 a'clock this
motning bad quite a party of political
leaders aooaiu. among tuem toe lion.
R, L. Tylor, the next Governor of
TsnneBsee; his brother, the lion.
Alf Taylor, the Republican nomi
nee; Mr. James Pnttlan, the next
Congressman for this district, and tbe
Hon. Zach Taylor, his Republican
opponent. Tbe two latter quitted the
train upon its arrival here, and a little
afterwatd began the opening debate
of tbe campaign, Capt. lis E. Douglass
introducing tnem to an audience of
about 250 voters.
The Hon. Zarb Taj lor.
Mr. Taylor began by Having that
two years ago tue Republican party
placed him in nomination for Con
gress, ine nominauon was rat, lied by
toe people at Ine ba!lot box. Now
tbat he bad served his fellow citizens
be congratulated himself upon tbe
feet tbat his conduct htd not been
condemned. Certainly, wben the in
terested leaders of tbe bemocrncy did
not find weik Bpo!s in Lis armor, he
felt ju tified in icgatdiiu it es
tolerably gnod. He taid tho Republi
can party had nothing to fear from
an examination of its record. AViien
it came, into power it found tho Treas
ury depleted aud tbe governmeLt's
boads dppraciaied. Two years ago,
when tha Deixocrats assumed con
trol, the bonds tanned far above par
and there was a heavy burpliuinthe
Treasury. Ho alluded tj lh growth
of the country dundg the past qunner
of a cen'ury m dm in a mesanreto
wis admiui.-t:ation cf natioral aflaiis.
Hedtlirtd the (iilloreDt iileas whit'b an
imated the two parties. The Democrats
always held a btritt, iron bound con
struction of the constitution and claim
that the naiioual govrnment po. ses
(es only those powers expte.-sly and
clearly delegated to it in tbat instru
ment, while tbe Republicans, in com
mon with some of the founders of our
government, believed that tbe constit
ution was made for tbe country and
not the country for the constitution.
Id consequetctj of tbia broader, widai
view, the Republican patty believed in
internal improvements, in widening
and deepening rivers and in educating
tbe people. TbeWbigs adopted tbislat
ter view, while most of the people in
this section of country dated into tho
narrow view ol tbe Democratic party.
Mr. Taylor intimated that the differ
ence between lhe industiial position
of the Noitb end 8 iu'h was due to the
different views he st by tbe two teo
tions in regard to the proper methed of
and tbat the railway sye terns of the
Aorta and ner large manufacturing in
etitutions weie ii d.rectly tbe results of
tbe looter methods of construction
prevalent n that section. The South, at
the beginning ol tue late civil war, bad
no factoiies, no lailroeds and no pub
lio improvemects aud, of course, in
that struggle ou) ooe resu t could
follow, tier people did not bulieve in
fistering enterfrme in the direction of
maDUldctuniig and the k udred ar s
Mr. Tavlor declared bimeelf in favor
of the toriff views maintained by
the Kepubl.can party, because tbey
not only protecied our people and
their capital, but because it brings a
higher scalu of wages to the Ameiican
workinyman. Tbe Democrats have
always c ontended for free trade, lie
dweit upon the epecial need for pro
tection at tit a day, wben the booth
was attempting tj develop bor vust
scores ot natural - wealth, but
added thaf, in spite of tbis
incei.tive, the tendeney cf tbe
Democratic party had always ' been
toward free trade. For twenty vears,
iu their platforms and rpeeckes, the
Democrats have Deen telimg us wbat
tbey expected to do acd wbat teforois
tbey expected to muke so soon as tbey
come into power. They promised to
reform the tariff and tj collect only
enougn revenue to deli ay tbe ex
penses ot the country, which would b
couomicauy aominiatered. tie called
era to account. His competitor, be
umletstood, bad taid he would have
vutid for the Morrison bll h d he
been in CoDgrrs?. Mr. Taylor sa d
said tbat this bill, wt,ich was intro
duccd in tbe icteiest cf free trade,
was deleated, thanks to the co-opera1
tion of a few protection Democrats.
Wben tho bill was Dendine in
Corgrees the British Minister came to
the diplomatic gallery and encouragi d
its advocates, me Morrison bill, be
sa;d, was deeigoed for tbe benefit c f
British tree traders. It took someartt
nlan r t eninov imnA.l.nM . , 1, Hat
UVD v. u,.uv. tuiuvi mui VIA IUD I1D',
believing that persons now interested
in tbe maintenance of customs duties
on those artic es would not oppoee a
further encroachment upon the list,
Tbe Democrats intended to give tbe
country an economical government.
yet daring their first year the expenses
of the government were increased
25,GO0,0UO. The good wotk is still
eoingon. Ihree deficiency calls have
been sent to Congress by heads of de-
oattmen's of tbs government, and tbe
financial affairs of the country are in a
worte state than when tbe
began. The civil service ref irm pledge
proved equally visionary. In practice,
' . i i) ..Ll; . 1 i ...
it reiuriueu jv-uununus uui nuu iriu-
ocrats io. He commented at Bime
length uron tb9 i umlierof Dew ofliceB
cteated during the eiogle yer ol Dem
ocratic rule, Baying they tar exceeded
those cl any previous vear in the his
to-y of tbe countiy. It wss intended to
lekabiii'ate the navy, yet when the Re
publican Senate appropriated S6.000,
tlCO for that purpoee. tue Democratic
Houst i u' down the figures to f 3,500,
0C0. Ia spite of their promiocs, tbe
Demncra'sdo not want to build up a
navy, neither do they inteod to pro
vide adequate aeienees lor tbe conn
trv. Tutv make ere at promises to the
laborina peopln, but what have the
wvrking'iien rfceived? Nothing bnt
glrikep, bloodshed and aesesinations
have followed, and for the first
time in the history of 'our
country tho ted fltg of atarchy
and socialism has waved clove the
stars and stripes. A revered li adcr c f
the Democratic pa:ty, foreseeing; the
labor troubles which would follow
bueinees deprorsion.suggested a policy
of s rengthening our const defences,
a work nf great magnitude, wbicu
would luruisu enipioymeoi to a vatr.
numlx-r of workingmen, but bis voice
was disregaraeu oy tue party leaaors.
Mr. Tavlor then to k up the Demo
cratic position on the financial con
duct of the Democratic administration,
which is now attempting todry npthe
res-urces of the people by making a
single standard. This would enhance
tbe value ot money, in comparison
with other representatives of wealth,
make debts harder to pay and make
tha rich grow richer while . the
poor btcame poorer. Tbe Demo
crats, after charging the Repub
licans with maintaining a large
reserve idle in the Tressiuv. are
-guilty of the same fanlt, and that, too,
on a greater scale, tney were guilty
of positive neglect of duty in nt ap
plying it to tie reoucuonoitne public
t"ebt. Mr. Taylor then toot up the
B air bill. There are in Shelby county
alone 30,000 childi en who rever look
The school year iu this ciuntry is
160 days, aiid lhe public rthcols have
only about 5000 pupil; yet, in face cf
these facts, which should appeal to
every thinking man, tte Democtats
do not uvor in is ir at eoucnuonai
measure. The people of tkis Congres
sional district should vote tbe Ke
publican ticket and thus aid in
blotting out Ignorance. Mr. Taylor
spoke at some length on tbis sub
ject and then closed with an appeal
for the parity of lhe ballot box. Men
who will not lorge cnecks and who will
not break into a bank Bhouldnot com
mit tbe greater crime of tstapering
wiih tbe ballot, ah our laws ema
nate from
It is not so heinous a crimo. there-
fote, to violate a law as it is to pervert
the ccutse of influences which are 10
shops themselves into la as. This is a
ciime for which a dreadlul retribution
is provided. It leads to other crimes,
and tends to a destrmtiou of Ameri
can institutions Already in M Rsis
sippi, so Mr. Taylor i informed,
ana believes, they have progressed
front stealing elections to Healing nom
inations. Afttr a really eloquent trib
ute to the sanctity of the ha lot box
Mr. Taylor closel and Mr. 1'lielan took
the stand. Mr. lla Douglas introducsd
the speaker with a few remarks.
Mr Jnuies Vhelnu'a Iteply.
Mr. Thelan began by ayirg te
wished, first of all, to correct a fnw
false impressions which his opponent's
addrers might have left in ttie minds
of hrs heaierc. Tbe c n'tst between
bimeelf aud his opponent is one of
ideas a warfaie of principles anl of
politicsl beliefs. Upon these mm
will differ, and may differ hones:ly.
The speaker is a Democrat. The span
of bis Hie has been snort, out ait mere
is in his being, all that ho has in
berittd.all that be imbiberl from wha
be has read, ana itom wuat ne nas
seen and learneu, mane inn
a Dmccra He appreciated the
hnnnr be bad received at the bands
cf his party, and be trusted that by
the exercise ol ins tkst endeavors,
he might prove in a measure woitby
of it. Returning to tho address juet
dnlivered by his opponent, in which
the two great
were arrayed against each other, he
said: In order to examine into the
nuture of tbose tbnga which shall bs
we must look into those things which
have been. The stream is but a con
tinuation of its source, la all its
corns the bread liver bears traces of
tlirt influences prevailing at its loan
taiuhead. The history of the Repnb
lican party biats out tbe simile.
Whatever of eood has been in the
mission of tbe Republican party has
been accomplished'. It has seen i s
day. Tbe very fundamental idea of
the par;y was tbe violation not only
of the spirit but the letter of the con-
aii'ution. Since its organization great
things have besn conceived and con-
summat d. .
may be iiRonea to ine convuiemun
cf tbose violent .forces of nature
which are called inrd equisittou oaly
on rara cccas'ons. tt cauiu ieve
have grown up Into power excepting
durtDga great upheaval (if political
forces, it may no useneu, wiuiuut
impiety, to the flood, which cl old
time devastated the earlh. But when
the floods came the ark floated out on
the sui face of the waters and perpet
uated the race of mmkind upon the
face of the globe.. The crest D moi rat c
party is the srk in which, durinir all the
violent convulsions attending the birlh
and career of tbe Republican party,
was pieeerved to the people the prin
ciple of good government. There is
no ciime wrought againB'. ine popular
will in AmeiiCAU which had not its
origin in
As you aU know, lima are two antag-
on,s.:C tneories regarumit imv io
the proper method of adminiE-
ti.r.no- the Bovernment nf our
country one represented by the Dem
ocratic and the other by the Ropubli-
r-an mrtv. Tbe Rflrulilictn idea is
that cf a strone central government,
According to tbia idea the govornment
is like an octopus zieat and power
ful in the center, and sending cut its
tnnfacleB to crush and al sorb ell wilh
initsrepch. A governmental poucy
actuated by tbis idea holds iu con
tempt the const tution iramsu ior ine
protection of tbe cit aens of the land,
and is characterize! by a lack
of replied for the wisdom and
Inmnioht of our forefathers, whose ex
nnriflnce mcfzestad and created safe-
Duarca ur oar we mre. uuuor iud
. ,, T ' 1 . U
operation of this idea all the Btiength
aud lorce ot
ws made to cenler at Washington, to
tbe partial destruction ol that local
control which was and is the basis of
American governmental institutions.
Tbe Democracy constitute a party
whose central idea is tbat ot ren
govtroment by tbe people. Tbe
Democratic party protects uuu
has always protee'ea the in
dividual and the community
which is an aggregation cf individu
als- from the encroaenments cu mm
centralized powrr. A term often sp
plied to a man who was in himself
thotougniy represemauvo m iuo eu
liticsl faith to whicn he belonged may
well b used in connection with thu
Repuhi can party. He man on
hrrseba k'Ms a flttirg emblem ol th
Republican party. It is a party oi
wboee i- variable prclice it is to over
ride and t ample down all barriers
which cannot be otherwise overcome.
As Thadde.'H rVtevers (lid not hesitate
to declare, on uu ccMtion whjn pnrly
success demanded questionable meas
ures: 'At all bezrtrda t.ur cwj-ci iuu
be sustained.' And this has been the
rulii g idea of the Republican party,
hitb, alter the civil war, euipiuyeu
a 1 tbe orgauizjd forces oi tne
government, so that a free
expreesiou oi tne win vi "
people could not be given. Citi.'ns
of the United Slates, proud of lhe in
stitutions ot our great government.
may well blU'h whoa loreiunera re.uu
tn thm the r.jopa which contain tbe
I.Utnrv nf onr mnn'rv durina the past
quirier of acsntury, wncntne ttepuo
t ncan pariy irism
Not a
RiNriT.it nnptmi.it'AN prsbidbnt
nf th 1'nltfid Kiates. except1 na the
first.ret.ired from cilice withont stain of
dishonor. Grant, for two terms, was
Prpnident. and one of the Republican
ladders. Senator lira', arose in hia
place and sa'd be conld nnt deny that
tha shameful tracks of bribery and
nrrnntion lad straight to bia door
then read tha letter on tbe parity of
OCTOBER 7, 1886.
tbe ballot box, about which my oppo
nent speaks so much in the etorv of
the election of 1176, and reflect that
Hayes, the greatest fraud of all,
rewarded every one who aided
him in the swindle, from
John Sherman down to the lowest
member of the Returning Board; or
Garfield, as a man in private walks ol
life, nothing ill cm be said, and of the
d-l nothing ill should bespoken,
but a3 an apxtlo of purity he was
tadly deficient-there are too many
chatgns to leave it a matter cf douh.
tbat tbe
clung to him as it had to his pieiltc?e
gors; and last of all came Aithur,
placed in the Preeident'al cbair by ec
cident, whose cllicial record in con
nection with civil tervice reform was
so foal tbat it was lepudiated even by
so rank a fraud as Rutherford B.
Hayes. Then, lost to all sense cf de
cency, in 1 134 they chose for their
candidate that most statesman-like
sham, the meanest, moil despicable
one of them all, James G. Blaine, of
whom it may be said, as it wai of
Bacon, that he was "the brightest, wit
tiest, meanest of uankiud." But they
bad gone too far. All the respectable
element within the party felt outraged,
and the great political cabai was
broken by the very vices which
bad kept it in power so long, and
which it believed were invincible. It
had gone too far. Tbe American peo
ple are too noh'e to rermit such a
msn to enter the White House.
Tbe Republican party have com
mitted evry possible crime avalii't
the people. 'Since the days of Nero
aud theCVaarstlicra has been noeuch
record. We must, however, give them
credit for not a litt'e found political
sens. They evtry row and then go
oubsidn of their own partv linoi to get
some thing fresh and tempting to place
before the people, ju t as they did two
years a.'o, when they nominated my
opponent, Mr. Taylor.
Mr. l'helan then began to
delivered by Mr. Taylor. Owing ta
many ciicnmttanccj the line of tie
markation between, the two political
parties was not so closely drawn as it
might bo. Cjrcerningtue main prin
ciples, as s'ated in tho earlier portion
of bis address, there could be nodouht,
but owing to the immense size of the
countiy and the many conflicting in
Uresis wnich had weight in different
sections, both patties were divided
within themselves on questions
pertaining to the details of leg
islation. The position of Pri si
dent Cleveland on tbe silver bill,
for example, is not in (coord with
the v ews of all the Democratic mem
bers of the Houso. The Republicans,
too, are divided ou this and other
questions. It mult be remembered
that these are new quretions which
are now in prccistof disjuision, and
upon which publio opinion has not
had time to crystnlize. He would
mention, however, that a Democrat
introduced tbe free coinage bill into
the loweriouse. If the Republican
party bad been in
they had an opportunity for passing
tbe bill, but ninety-one voted against
it. The question is still in the in-
ciptency ot discussion; it is not now
a pressing question oi importance iu
a pattv sense, ss some would have
youlieliove. As the national btnk
notes are retireu irom year vu yot,
the Issue grows mote and more im
portant, and ia the meantime the
char wine of correct public opinion
rises to tbe surface as the fermenting
proceBi cf diicnB?ion goes on. wnen
flu nnnminn becomes an active issue
the political parties will b prepared
to deal with if. Concerning the
t k about the turplus in the Treasury
r.n,. Dunn nratic cartv hes not been in
ituwtrlui g enough to cany out and
complete the extravagant contracts
made ny ineliepuoiicaiis. vruen iiirss
ero disposed oi it win tie reaoy to buu
mit the results of ltHftewanlship.
Unwished next to up a nties
tion upou which bis opponent had de
vtvud much time the question of
it is the custom of Republicans to
smiak of protection bo as to coofusa
the peup'o and produce wronn in-pret-sion.
It was a question which .n ipl
tion 't walk miles to hear. The t ifl
jaws certainly need revision, s he
won'd e ideavor to show by po'niiiig
nut iraiifest dnciminations. . lio
then reviewed tli customs duties on
a Inner list of article.', end closed by
saying tbat tho prot'Cion bills of the
past bad boan passed not so much in
the interest of the American media- ic
and working man ss for the bene
fit cf capitalists in certain sec
tions of the country. The froutb is
now beginning to g-t a Utile berellt
from it. Another question upon wh ch
grett stress was laid by his opponent
wai the uistr mil. ire tavoreu mo
principal undetlyii g tbis bill, but the
Republicans had incorporated so
many clauses that the principle ol
Federal aid io education was lost sight
of In the party questions involved.
It was a
on a new fiald. If the bill as origi
nally placed before Conareas had been
accepted by tbe Republicans it would
have passed. But tbey desired, In the
linn nf the Tjolicv of the Dartv. to reack
out and assume con1 rol of local insti
tutions, which policy wai repugnant
to Democratic principles. A compro
mise, or lather a substitute, for tbe
itlair bill proposed to give the pro
ceeds of sales of public lands to the
States for school purpoies. The
speaker read a letter from the geaeral
land office, giving data which lod to a
belief thBt the proceeds from this
eource would equal if not exceed tbe
amount to be disbursed nndor
the Blair bill. lie spoke
at some length of tbe giant
of tbe past, made by Republicans to
railroads to bs built through uninhab
ited sections ol the country,, and con-
trm.ti.d tha nolicv of the two names in
his regard, lhe public scnoois oi
T.ntiHSHce and several other wtaies
wara founded with money obtained
t.hrnuffti Democratic influences irom
tho sules of public lands. Mr. l'helan,
in hia diecmsion Ol both tue
tariff enrl thn nnfwtion of pnb
lio sid to education, quoted
frnm authorities to show the position
occupied by the Djmocrt;c party. He
deprecated exlromo views, and favored
that moderate courte wnicu ne ibh nn
sured would bring b:st results to the
Minntrv. His address was well re
ceived, and at its conclusion tbe meal
ing adjourned.
We differ iu creed and politico, but
we are a unit all the same on the de-Blrahlnne-is
of a fine head of hair. If
you mourn the loss of this blessing
and ornament, a bottle or two of
Parket's liair Balsam will make you
lnnk aa vou did in the dear old days.
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mom BRinsEN.
Notaries Appolwted-Report ol' Rn
irlBtrnleDl Sole Olber
Vonnty t'ourt Matter.
The County Court reumed ita ses
sion yesterday.
It whs resolved to pay guatds at the
Woikhome $30 per month.
A cortifloate of gorol cititjnsliip was
issued to Hunsdon Cary, preparatory
to bis making applcat on for litense
to pra ties Isw; also to K. I.. Mc
Ciowan, jr.
The following notary publics word
appointed: 1 Inuh B. Ciil'en, G. I. Mc
Donald, J. J. liiirrv. llnnsdon Cry,
M. B. Trtzovant, J K Dillnrd.
JtiBticos Slaughter, Strickland nnd
Croes were BUllmri. d to soleet a car
pet fir the Rgis'er's ollice.
Jus ices Slaughter, Huttenberg and
B.trry were appointed a committee to
look into the propriety of moving tho
County Court to the room st present
occupied by tho law library, with
power to act.
1'. m. winters, ,i. M. uoiemsn, J. ti.
Itiackwell, J. G. Mooie and Spencer
Davie were appointed a cnnmitlea to
suggest tiiooi r pirsous to hold the
November mect'oi s.
Jns icts Ma on, Thomas and l ose
were appointed a committee to fix lhe
compensation of the d roner for hold-
inn the wet election.
IC M. Cjle, bridge superintendent,
submitted a very graphic and some
what PAtbetio history ol tho iron
btidgs muddle, and let gthy reports
were also submi ted by the committee,
wh ch was in the emiarm aineti by tue
c mit, the contiact to Neebitt A Co. lor
4 050 beina continued, met. ftierri-
wether was employed to act with Hu-
perictsndoct Uoie ana ine committee
in constructing the bridges at salary
of 1J per cent, on the outlay.
KrlUa to, He Hulll.
Sunerintendent Cole submitted the
fnllnwinir. which was adopted:
By permission, i woutd asit ur ine
following bridges and repairs:
A bridge across West, near creeit,
on tho Portersvlllo snd Island No. 40
road : cost not to exceed $12.
One across .ust near creea, on ssme
lasd; cost not to exceed fl2i),
Recovering and new abutment and
railing for Noith Big cteek, on tae
Mil nir'on ana rverrvuie roui ; cost
nnt In vxcead SSfi.
Kenairinir Blouuh Ixidire. in Big
orek bottom, on the Woodstock and
Ihiba road t CdBt not to eSAJeed 7S.
Repairs on tbe bridges In llatchle
bottom, on tho Big creea plauk road;
oust not to exceed
Same new rai ing and huhboards
on the Hindman Feny bridge; cost
not to exceed f L'O.
New bridge on tho Raleigh snd La
Grange road, across a creek about a
mile ea t ol Ra'eigu; cost not to ex
ceed inn.
A bridge on the Ra'oigh road across
Spring creek ; cost not to exoeed $100.
Some railing and floor patching on
the llatcbie bridge, on Brunswick and
Covington road; tost not to exceed
Slough bridge on Wolf river, on the
Germautown and Fisherville road;
coet not to exceed $S0.
A bridge on the Seventeen Mile
branch, outbe Germantown and Fish
ervilie road; coBt not to excoed ifHO.
A brlilgs on the upper Nuncounah,
on the Colliuisville road; cost not to
R-pnirs on a bridge on tbe middle
Memphis road ; cost not to exceed $15.
New bridge across onconnau, on
the middle MeniphiB road; cost not to
txoaed $400.
Now biidgs across South Noneon
nsh. on the Winchester Stste Line
road ; tost not to exceed $140.
N'sw bridno across sloutrh In Non-
connah bottom, on the Wlnchestsr
Httto Line road: cost not to exceed
Two a outrn brldaes on me iiireon
. a il . 11'
Roost road in Nonoonnah bottom ; cost
nnt to exceed $2 per foot.
New bridge across Day's creek at
David Hilderbran'sjccBtnot to exceed
Bridge on tne uernunuo roau at
Bridgetown ; cost not to exceed $80.
Now Hour on a oriuje acrosa a
hranch on tha Piaenn li:ost road,
three-quarters! of a mile above Oak-
vil la; nnat not to exceed $50.
New bridso on the roau running
from Somerville road to Macon road,
near Mr. sJnowden'a; cost not to ex-
X.1 iu.
Court adjourned until next monuay.
Visitors on 'Chanao yesterday: W
S Kransford. NaBhville: W. L. Hen
, nr n 7 Hmnlutt
New Orlesns; J.M.Ward, Golden
Lake. Ark.; W. S. Mooie, daexson,
Tl,o Onntntlnn Committee of the
Kxchantre was freoly criti;iBcd
for nuotina the market
"airnnu"' in the face ol a decline of 1
of a cent. The committee probably
mount that ttiaro was a -.trong ois-
position on the part ol lue .ore to lot go.
Mr. J. Juevshat has sent to the
New Orleans Cotton Exchange a bale
of iimie snd to the Produce Ex
change a bale of Jute, which he asrerts
are the lust bales Ol ineee pruuui'is
aour tnmlM in thn United SUtes. In
bis letter ti the president oi tne cot
ton Exchange Mr. Juevenat incloees a
t.tempnt. ehowina that in Louisiana a
net prrtit ol JU'J per acre can be maae
by cultivating ramie, and In his etttB -
m..nt tn the Produce lixchsnue he
nhnwa tha'. the cult.ivat'on of jute will
yield a l elprcllt cl per acre, a
aeeonil bale cf ramie bus been sent to
l.n.lon Aim a recondbale ot lute to
Nsw York.
Th7 Are Sat Korry.
Thnre is one thins nobody ever re
grets that is, tbe day they first adopt
, . i . i i- o1-,. .AM,,ia.tam
llv medicine. Ita ranee is so wide
and its good effects so sure, that noth
in a else, except good nursing, ait
needed in a areat maiority of case
Bay it, try it, and afterward it wlU
require any praise irom qa
Mamphlti Ttnn.
Tbe Odd Dorstsssesat HastslsMl 1st
Ileadqaartrra Te.terday-A
ter Bark Dews.
The question ol public lighting does
not saeiii to he any nearer a settlement
now than it was three months sgo.
Then it was agrcoi', so far as it was
nossible. that no other company was
to be allowed tbe rightaof Iho streets
for ten yearp, during which time the
Memnh.e Gas Company was to enjoy
a monopoly to light the city free and
to pay over m'o the city treasury
all the r net pr li s above a tertain
ner cent. The submission ol the ques
tion to the ttockboldeis was regarded
es a mere matter of form, but it ap-
ieaiB from the following, which woa
banded ne at city headquarters yester
day, that it was something more,
though there in a disposition to keep
the Council on lira siring for a while
longer :
MiMi'in, Tki., Oelobor 4, lMo.
To lhe Hon. D. 1. Madden, l'rolideit Tax
ing District, Mrnii'UM, teun,:
DbabSih The (tockboldera cf tbe
Memphis Gaslight Company met to
day, pursuant to notion, and the con
tract entered Into between the Board
of Directors aud the authout'ea of the
Taxing Diet rict wessubmitted to thorn.
There was rtprcBeutei in tue con
vention 5SH71 aharas ol the cspital
stock ot the company the whole
atork being 7415 shares. A resolution
wai oft died that .the contract be ap
proved aud adopted, and the
vote upon tbat resolution etnnd
thns: For the contract, 23001
shares; against tbe contiact, 358H
shares, co lhe resolution failed, and
the contract was r j-ctd. Before ad
journing, lhe convention -adopted a
resolution, of which I inclose you a
copy. You will see that the resolu
tion, which was uuaniinouaiy adopted,
authoiizts and directs the directors to
make another contract with the Tax
ing District, if it be pr iclicitble to do
ro; and the board, which met imme
dia'ely alter (he eon volition adjourned,
d rected me to commui.icaloihe result
to yon, and to cooler with yon upon
tho rubject ol anrther contract. I sin
cerely hope that it may bs poolble to
negotiate with the authorities ol tha
Taxing Duttict some arrangement
w hich will men the views cf thoetock
livldeiB. Very rt spec' fullv,
N. M. JOMK8.
President Msiuihls (liislliht Compauy.
limolvtd, That, although, in th,eopin
Ion oi ttm msjoiity ol tbe stockholders
reptesented at this meeting, the con
tract this day Submitted to them is so
one sided and onerous in Its condi
tions and stliMilii'ions that the same
should bo rejiiet-'d, yet we believe that
it would be best both for the company
and tho Taxing Dii-trlet. to make same
contract in order to adjust and finally
ssttle the differences heretofore exist
ing between them touching the mst
teis embraced in rejected contract.
Accordingly we hereby authorlzs and
instruct the directors of this company
to renew negotiations with tbe Taxing
District authorities and have conli
tlencs in (heir bnsinefs skill aud judg
ment. We direct them, in the event a
satisfactory contract can bo ma 'e with
said Taxing District author! ies, to
close out and consummats shuis witn-
out further reference to tuo siectt-
holders. .loam-it cbaio,
8 1 ero lay Memphis (Ins Maul company.
Election of lllreelora by lhe Homo
laaurnnre nod Truat t'oinpaay
A ntionc Hoard.
This company held an election yes-
terdav, wbicli resulted in the selection
of the following Braid of Directois:
K L. McGowan, Jot n Jt. Spi od, U
Hanauer, R. B. Snowden, Jmes
Yonee. P. Mcl'ittr'. 11. Waller, j. n.
Harbin, H. Lnehrmann, H. Furnten
heim, L. Erb, W. D. Botbel, A. Vac
caro. All of tbdBe gentleman except
the laat two were re-elected. Mr. sue
Gowau was piesident last year, and
Mr. Speed was vice-president, ineao
ara lpadina business me Dv well posted
as to insurance affair, aad their man
agement, with the co-operation oi tne
worthy secretary, nr. joun r. ru,
has been very successful. The stock
holders have revived, a, div.dend of
10 per CBnt, and a considerable
amount went to the reserve fund. It
is one of the strong, hoaae companies,
with a good capital, and exconeui
officers. Its growth and prosperity
daring the part few years has been
very decided, and it is likely to In
crease its business, as well as to give
attraction to i's patrons.
Absolutely Pure.
tvi. nnwder never viries. A nierral ot
nnrTlv firlnjth aid wholesomen.ss. Mora
.oooifcal tVaa the ordinary kinds, an5
;.i.ni he sold In oompotition w:.h tha
" titud. o low test, short weight , alun. or
?u..T,l..i n.,l.ri. Sold olv wtca: K?'f
T.Va powosaCo.. 10 WrII wt..Newvnfa.
ly sfROYAUiBanj It J
ti s miHTB TH08. r.ei.
rAlfl' A kj Waihington, u. f
,.sk.d for patent antU obtained. Write.
ir Iarsntor's Oalds

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