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rrrilong Leap to a Roof Bolow One
Fills to the Street, KecdvlDj
Fatal Injuries Crime.
Nw Yoes, October 7 A fire broke
cut thia morning taHy in the four
e'my factory bmldiru Nor. 03 to 67
Eaiard street. It 'a PavM Block's nld
tinware factory, nod hai been on fire
a number of timea before. Kiuce tbe
tinware fcc'ory hits bean removed
Taylor's cloak manufactory and auUt
mnker hae taken pneseetion (f IN
Ki iht different firms have shops in it.
In tbe three cloak marn'actories of
atrnel Paul, Joseph Weiner and Na
timn Fried, on the fourth floor, be
twiea fidy and seventy-five men,
moinen and children were at work
when the fire recurred. (Samuel
I'aul's tmployra escaped by the eatt
eta rwsy, wbich was uroVsttucted, to
the s'reet. The employes of the other
establishments could not escape by
tlie we-t ttiirway, their path haing
bi ced by the flames and denee
em, ke, to face which mnanr datb.
Tho lire was below them in Holland
er's quilt factory . Th frightened em-p.oyi-a
then ma 'c for the rcof f tbe
huiiUrp. The 1st rmcbed tho
flit ro' f with clothed alire
anH half rrot'iered. Alrpwly tbe
junt ibfettpd ro xm were od li'e, and
t a ay nu the root wrsto perish, be
ca'iHt) tbe flainei wme breaking
tt r iii(h the tcuttle. Adjoining the
factory wes a twottiry LoiiHinitha
Ca' roof. To leap to tt wat p.rilus,
ut to remain was certain djat,h. The
employes shrieked in (lo'jjHir, and a
laiKi cowd gatbend in the ttreet b
low. Wi'.h rh'ieksof tTror that were
echoed in a loud wail from the street,
niiMi and women Hung tlienisolvt s off.
Minnie Rogttnky, a young woman
living at Nu. 64 Bavard Rtrxet, fell in
the H'tel r.n her ln'H J, a:id was mor
tally hint, her eh nil being crushed in.
r-bo was removed to the lionpiul. A
li'tle boy wtio wai clinging to tie
coping of the l eaked house was res-cii-d
ttv Paul J. Kbappell, an old vol
unteer fl'emnn, with the aid of pome
citiz us and the p .lire. The police
wei t iipin tbe tool of the tall tune
ment No. 71, aril tbrew a rope down
to the factory empires at. 11 left npon
the roof of the burning buihlinn, and
tliny were rea nid one after the otter.
Otberj were taken into a window from
tbe peak roofed house. Uymau Rob
ert hurt his arm badly.
All this took but a few tninuUs, and
then the police and lire in on put uu
laddois. At tbis time tbe roof of tbe
factr.rywas on fire, but the firemen
wore soon masters of tbe situation. A
close search of the bnrntd rooms soon
showed that nobody had been burned
to death. The loes on building f nd
contents will foot up f.'O.COO.
Burned te Deatb In a 4 ollUlon,
Hsi.paht, Kas., Ontober 7. In a
dens.) fog tww freight trains on tbe
Rnflalo, New York and Philadelphia
railn a l collided, badly wrecking the
engines and many cars. The caboose
and several cue of one train wcr
burned. Conductor Frank Ingrim,
of Glean, was in the caboose and was
burned t: death.
Killed by a Hl vntioalnl.
Wabsaw, N. Y., October 7 The
town of Castile, Wyoming county, is
neatly excited over a murder commit
ed there laat night by Robert Van
Urunt, and Englishman, and a iitem
twr of the Hnlva'ion Army. Van
Brunt bearded with the f.unilv of 8i
mnn Rjv, and last night fonnu hisfon.
Will Roy, sitting np lata wiih Iiis htdf
Bister Eva. Van Brunt told Eva to go
to bed, and she refused. He then
draw aievolvr and fired at ycung
Roy. causing a laal wound in tbe
head. The murderer wat overpowered
by a brother r f Roy and handed over
to the town coruta'jlo. Van Brunt ia
very excitnb'6 and quick tempered. At
the Salva ijn A'my meatinns be at
tracted considurubU attetdion by bis
excitable ways. 11a wes subject to
euileptic flt3, Hud produied some sen
aa'iim at the metini;a by getting cm
aidorably wrought np and ihn falling
iost'n-ib u. He always carried a le
volver. Jani)a Fiom a Irnln and Karape.
Sr. L.m, Mo, Octobtr 7. Jamts
Kniitb, colored, churgd with arson in
Oharleton, Mo., while blng taken
from tbis ei y to thuBiiene if Ins ciime
by Slieiitr lit II" yenttrdty, eetaped
from custody. Thu Kherifl wi s'and
i"g by the p.-isonei's side in tbe a'els
of ihi err whan the train gave a Hid
den lurch and threw hiro to the llojr.
Smith quicsly opened tho window and
threw himself out. The train Wfs
utopDHl and a thorough senrch was
made (,r him, hut. no trace of him
coo:il In louml. The train was run
ning at the me of tHitv nti'-Hier
hour when he made his etcape, but he
wnt unhurt.
A r rent or au AbortlouUt.
NewYouk, Oitiber 7. Dr. Chas
Borequet e was arrnhrned today in
Jotters n Market Po!ic0 nr charged
with ciiminal abortion. He was ai
res ed last night hv or dor of a oroner
and was held in $10,000 bail to nswer
ho charge. Tbe woman iu tho case is
Mr. Carlot'a l) Ovie. She nays
tt.ntidieis 21 yeard o.'d and is the
dauitliter of Martin Do Campof, win
wai Aimteter ol fie Interior of fcpatn
tn years ago. K gbt yea's ega tho
Ja'iy imirriei a wlioleiiie eiirar man-
uf'ftoier of Asninwall, Is limus of
iMiiama, iinmg Lrnrto 1)mOv;09.
Found Only Two Indictments.
Uii.umm-s, O., October 7. The
naukiiii county gaud jury, which
ha been 1 vAtr.a-in nii......i
S'.cHliiiK I'y Hiei us under llin fiun-r
a imin dr ,tio nt tiieObtn pt nitentirry
lusde a r.-porl tlrsniirn:ug,btit found
only to in liotmtiiita i,t counertinii
' h tin p -i.nn manngeniPiit, cm
i'kiur u.a ii-u ji. ii. M.irn.ili. tx
tl-Oil'V W lirdi'll. . hilir. it u.-1 1 1, tt.i t...
ail 1 o' e i ca ht I s Supcriiitendebt ol
.ta e .- t,l r ttt Id ' .,!), vzle'm-nt.
S t i.dittiMis wire fjuud in the
e oi t on 1 J ? uy iMse.
'luLo i la rr Foraluv a l lt.rk
Kv oiiK, O.-loSr 7. -Mr.u
K 'ee:if.;M, t ie tu'.hi.r i f n miuitier of
ite'l kr.own var'miy H'iiiih, ainmgo'li
.ne "Climtt n Up th-t i Mi en Suirs,"
)leailed guilty ! Ihv to tor.-ui ' a check
I r SJ'iO u ilia G r nHiiia Bank. Tt e
pr n cutt ti was itiilir.ed to be lenient,
and 11 s v.i ltd J ws reinatni.d until h.a
u:it cciI-ium mere incjni'ed itit).
Hi" II j aria llotrl i,t Hold.
Kot'TtiKsa Momiok, Va , ()ct )ter 7.
The Hg-w Hot I tn t s Id trday.
T.i execnto'8 tixed li e limit tt $l;"0,-
u; u, ou ui. re weie no hide.
The Peuuylv4iiln and OliioNlrik
Pl.kVUI.iM). Ollin Ok nhar 7 il
fitua i mi on tim Youii!itowti division
of the New Yor. I'm unylvania and
OKin rilil.i A 1 . dIm. .MU.l..lln1.
vu.v ai.iiit i .:uniua r U JHI mill All
the tame ne yett rc'ay. Toe men ar
dtteroi ned to remain out until tb
advanne in wages it allowed. T' e
local height which ia due to leave at 7
o'clock was abandoned. Tnere are
now only two crews ont on the divis
ion, and it is expected that when
these trains rtach tbe city the brake
men will lain the ranks U the strikers.
No troubiM is anticipated, as the man
agemeut disclaim a desire to force an
ikcus. prefeiring to give the men time
ti recontdder tbeir action.
By the Soldier Wk fought forth
ardralktale Llili or 1 hone
Wka Died for Ike Canr.
"Militaiy Annalaof Tenneee;Cca
federate. Firat Series. Embiacing a
review of Militiry Operatons, with
Regimental il'stories and Memorial
Rolls Compiled from Original and OlH
rial KourAs." Elite J by Jobn Berria i
Llndsley, M.D , D.D. J. ti. Linrisley
&C .Mtehri Is inblishers. buchiitbe
tt eof a wnrk that will bee mi a house
hold gem ia Tenutssee. In it are co -let
t d memorials of the great atrngde,
a i it affected this K tat. Iu itteiat s
revived and becomes living. Ev.uib
which alleoted thoutands of house
hob's iu TenriisHt-e are rtcrrded for
tbe prudent and for future ireneritions.
Tho p an of tbe bcok is an excellent
cn. Fust ia given tbe genetal hiitory
of tliH war, and of tho events thai pte
cjded it and led to it. Then fjlliju
tbe d taiU of regiment by re.iment i f
Te. iirt Kio her-jee how maty heaits
i'l burn with eauer inter.t
and so:r with gnorotis . prido
aa thdne details aru pernwd! i ; u t
cones "IVnnt'Bsee, for Four Yere
the Theater of War," from the pen of
J. M. Keating, of this citr. After a
glance at the pst war hiitory cf the
bta'e, tbe writor giv. s the story of the
war preparations and o;.eialiot.9 in
the fctatH. lug'nwing language that
could c jine only from oni who him
bhII bad pirticipatitd in the nu'inent
ous events of "die timu that tried
men's auule," tho p.'gof p. Httri.dp,
st'iignles, HiflVnng and toils cf the
people of Teiinetsesd'iring four event
ful veers Is opened before, th.e leader.
In elcq'ient words, colored with the
vivid buss of farm at 'reality, a pano
rama IB unrolled of vivid iniernt
The reader who has bimrelf witnessei
tbe occurrences htre no s.rikingly ru
cotdeil will eagerly turn the pages that
hting before him tbe hot discuss oun
tint pre orled the Boneislon of Ten
nessee, and the eventful dmuia that
fol'owed tba' stop. The etern resolution
of the people; the eager volunteering
of krdeui ycuth and brave manhood;
the msasnrtd tramp of tbe armed eol
dhry throtiith tbe Btre'ete; tbe boom
ing of cannon, the Inspiring eilains ol
military musio, and, at length, actual,
encounter with the enemy ; too feats
and hopoa excited by current and ex
citing rumors; the weary waitings in
thousands of homes after a battle bad
been fought for news of tbeir love 1
ouea who wore in it; the genercuaself
tacriflcea made by citizens at home for
the comfort of tbeir fellow cttizns i i
tha field; the privations endurtd ; tbe
noble deeds done by noble women for
''the toys" in tho camp. Those wio
bavegiown np sines tbe war will sea
what their fathers bad toumhrgo, ami
will learn hat their heroism Wc.s on
many a Moody field. But our own
recollei:iioi!S, stirred by tho vivid
norrative of Mr, Keating, are leading
us to dwell upon his pages beyond tbe
apace we huve at command. It is
followed by a finely written record of
tbd doings of "The Army f Ten-
neBteu," by A. P. Stewart, of Oxfotd,
Miss. Air. Keatinus naria'ive re
late tbe doings of tbe Ten-
nesaee army - within the State,
Mr. htewatt'a showjtho acbl vementt
of Tenne-sen heroes wherever the fat-)
of war called them. In Ixngnaiie that
thrills nu as wa reid, we pursne with
theee devoted lennegsoeans the toil
some march, endure tbe weary monot
ony of the camp, and gfizn fascinated
upon tho horrors, the CRllft'.t cecd ,
and the intrepid daring of men who
won plauUi s evon from the euemio
they fought with. Mr. Stewart's lucid
and brilliantly pet nod statement.
which be modestly t-ram "a sketch,
will enthral th reader by i'g power.ol
and p'ctttreeqiio delineations. Tlrs is
fallowed by do: ailed accounts cf the
several regiments individually. The
rolls oteacn c impaoy ate given iiow
many eyes will 11 1 with tears as tbe
names of those nar and dear to them
aie caught sight of I Tbe history of
each r g'uuent is given; its hard hi ph,
dtttigjrs, msrehes and heroic achieve
ment in t attle after battle are related.
Keen is the interest inspired by thei-o
il.'tnil; many anecdotes occur nfLinili
vidual brive deeds and t ut-cf-tht-way
adventures. Tbeto individual por
lioi s are of ei deeply electing from
tbeir pathos, and sometimes highly
Btniiaing for uit-ir quiet humor or irre
sis ibis drollery. Aa pareiita and fam
ilies (tevtmr thesa pages, and many of
them (lad rfcuded tne dees and ad
v uiurts of tli'irowo connurtionsand
fii-nris, what. flood'of varied emrtion
will ba evoked I Wo feel bow faint
and Intubquatt) are the lines we have
written 1 1 convey au idea of the value
and intort of the pogos Mr. Ivndsley
lies bo tkillfiilly grouped afcer f mr
Team f( pa'.ien', laboricus and patsln
tent t iron. Toe value of the work is
g'eafy inc.reasfd by the introducliou
ol hundreds ( portrait of actora in
the ktiiring scenes here depicted ia
t'o'ors eo slowing an1 vivid. Tho vol
ume contains over 000 pages, and to
Mean's. Indsley A Co. inlluito credit is
due for the brautv and excellence dis
p'ayed in the getting uo and binding
of The JIMilcirt Annals rf Tenwtfft. All
f iat gi od paper, e'ear iype and Brand
wn'kiuiiiiflhi.i cuu d do, is lavished
wi'h nnsnarlnff innuctry and b' B:nes
ki I The Military Antmh of Tennttwe
will tiever die while Tennoaeoe is a
Nta'o. The book will he treaaurtd hh
a h niBohold p BSFSion, and be hand
ed down, with the family Bible, frm
Hie to iui;, a d in futuro days, when
triiiibHui limes citi'e, future Ten
ikbikh heroes wdl imbibe crarage us
tliese paites atiniulato tbe:u toemulnte
tbe d. oils of tbeir hernia fathers.
Ntriking Miners.
Sham kin, Pa, O tober 7. The
mrii-a cf tbe Phi'aih lphia and Read
ing IVrl b Colliery B'tuik txlay on
accMiutof the b areity of car?. The
lm'Her (Hjiuot prepiM cral s'ea lily,
atni mveral miners demanded that the
t ine I)h allowed them which was thus
lis-, Tne.r roiueet was romped, end
the c untniitao was oidcrtd from tbe
miiiea. The reet then Btiuck for their
iuMatnnoi:t, Tbre huudted per
piiiih at . hns made idle.
Ilulnrn to the Ten llonr IM.tn Mon
dn. Cimcaoj, Ii.i., O tobtr 7. No'.lros
wh!h ti m moming pi Bied in all ti e
ttncky-r.la utid ppckii g houss t3 the
ellVc. that on aud after next Monday
i he, lioMr.s of work would be tan, in
s'e id nt i UU, ns is now tbe rule. Tbe
I'Oiltii'H w, rs finned I y nineteen firm",
co-i priii-g all the packers of conee
quence in Cldiagn.
NnbKcrlbe for the "Appeal."
Adieus by the Chairman of the
Democratic Committee A Plain,
Matter of Fact Statement.
Uuagsvn.LR, Miss , Octobsr 7. The
iaauei between (ien. Ctchins, tbe
Demoera'ia candidae for Congress in
this ilistiict, and Judge Simrall, the
Republic in candidate, are fairly
joined, and theie is every reason to
believe that the former will be re
elcttd ib a triumphant vindication
of h a conduct in tbe present Con
gress. The f il.oairg addresp, irresist
ible in its logic, lyn just been baaed
hy tbe chairman of the Democratic
Address of the Dttraaeralle Commit.
To the Votara of th Third Corjf renlonal
Dutriot of Miaaiuippi:
In inaugarating tbe present canvafs
for Ocngress, we deem it proper to
briefly revitw the situation and call
jour attention to the issues iovolved.
'I his ia the only tiittrii t of tbe State
which has, outside of the issues in
volved in iieneial pol'tic?, direct, vita),
mater al interests to beprissnt'd to,
a'lvota'ed and urged, before the Ka
li -mil Legislature.
Tho improvement of the lower Mis
nits ppi by the general yoveri ment,
and ilie btcefi s to be eeiived there
from by tbe commercial ci!i :8 and the
aliuvial lamia t.f the d strict, has fir
ytarspBt been ajrreid by commoa
c insei.t to be a su-ject of prime im
portance to their material develop
mniit and prosper ty.
Two yenrs ego the D mocr.it'c party
p'eo"ned itself for tho zial, tflijieiicy
and ability with which its then candi
date, Qn, CatciiirgB, stould servs ti.e
d st iiu in this, i s mos'. important i titer-et
Tiint pledge has bet n amply
and fully redeemed. Th Congresi,
then about to expire, had refused to
miko any approi riat.on for th- river,
or to eubstmtally rtcg dzs turhar
bots. O EN. .,TC1IN(IS,
u;ou his entrance into Co? gross, was
enabled at once to obtain a position oa
the Rivera and Harbors Committee, a
position which he still holds aad
which may bs said to be essential to
the eflLinrcy of the member repres
t'ng this district. To his holding this
pontion and ti his earnest individual
ellott is alone due the fact that the
commercial importance of Vickjbnrg
and Greenville was rectgniz d at the
liiB. s.ssioncf the present Congress,
and appropriations mida f :r the pro
tection of ihe'r bar-ore.
But vast y more important to the
district generally was tne obtaining if
renewed recoguition by Congreaa of
tbe clairis of tbe Mississippi r'vnr
upon tbe public Treasury. The diffi
cultiej tlut stood in the way are bnt
lit'le undorfctuod by the geneml pub
lie. The riverj and hatbjrs bill had
b n defeated by the preceding Con
gtes', mainly becimw of the item for
the benefit of the Mistis ipp'. The
flrjt and mont important work to be
done at the lastsessicn was to Bcuie
favorab'e action by the committee.
UnloBB the bill as reported from that
committee contained an appropria'ion
f r
further tffortwas idle end hopeles'.
Without it, tbe river would not be
able to obtain even a hearing on the
flo rof Oongros'.
Of the fifteen members of that com
n.ilt only two, Messrs. Catchings
and Blacchaid, lepiesented districts
immediately in erected in tho lower
Mifsin;ppi. Upon their effirts uia; il
ly it had to tely for recognition by this
commi'te?, and t their efTorta is
main'y due the fact that tbe bill as
reported by tbe commutes con t lined
an appropriation of $2,000,000 for the
lower river and appropriations for
M iiiiphis, Gr.enville, Vicksburg and
Nov O.lr mis.
When tie bill came before the
IIuuso the appropriation forthaMi-:-eia.-i
t i river movoked bi ter and able
opposition. The railroad in'eresta of
tbe North and Ka-t, directly inter. fl ed
in prevtn ing cheap wa er way
traneper.ation, enmbiuing iih thoe
who antagoniz'd it on cooit tu ioiul
grounds, those who deeirrd to
u.akd petty capital by a show of econ
omy, thote who were unwilling to
voe anything that lunched tbe
South, and with the largs number
who felt indifl'erent aud vottd on gen
eial principles agiinst theexpoi di'ur
of public money, exoept wliere ih'ir
own districts were immediately bene
fice I, made a formidable combination,
which was led by the ablest men ol
boh pir'ies in Oongresa. Tho name
combiiiHtion had defeat -d ths app o
priation lathe p-eneding C agrees.
and bitter. It demanded at the hands
of tse friends cf the rivor all of iheir
energy, tint, zeal and industry. I' re
quired work, hard, pem'steut, unfiag
ging work.
Alaays in tbe right plncf, always on
tbe aler. nevrr uumimlful of duty to
his conitituency, with his whole soul
and every eceigy o' his mind era
batked in the cou'twt, it can be safely
as?ertel, and proved by the record,
that to no one of tbe gallant little
band of meml ers representing directly
the lower Missitsippl, was the final
BuicasBuf the appropriat on for its
benefit more justly dun than to Gen.
Catchings. His priRiilon on the com
mits gave him iitlnence in framirg
tbe bill; his ability and personal dig
nity of cbarao'.er gave him weight on
the floor of tho House, and bis indus
try and ardor mt.du t:ie lies', ute of
kiw opportunities.
Service of th s kind tr positive,
ttgible. They can ha gensib'y fe'.t.
They amount to au intinita deal more
thnii the reflected glory obtained by a
d'strlot ' from the eloquent airing o1
hiniaeif on general submits by one of
i s favorite b ns. They signify with
taia district
protection from oveillow by tlxs
nbunlaot reeonrces of the govern
ment, and, throuuh the s uno meaus,
rfs:uing our rivi'r towns fr un ne
B'rnction. A wise aid tbouiihlful
people would not radi'.y be peiBna led
to pub:-titu'.e f'r the man to whoin
tiny owe so much, and occupying a
posrion enabling bim to bo of eo grat
eerv.ee in tbe future, any other man,
of either party, in the eJi-trict. li s
untnimiiis ind o.-peiiioi t and ronoini
natiou by tht inteibgeiice and prop
erty i-,to:estof tbih district, as cm
bodiod in the Danio.'ratii'Ccnve'itiotiof
lat Bummi r, iB evidence of tbe appre
ciation of bisFervicis. Nophtrioticc.ti
z n, with an expression to unanimi'iis
Irotn a onven'iou ciinpi-Bcd of the
mater al of which th-t war, and rep
rjsen ing the cla-s of ei izsns ai;d tl.e
grant piopsrty intereeti which It did,
won'd, one w.;u'd think, dispute its
choice, nltbough he might ba of oppo
site poli ics. Tba', l'tarcu should
have claimed two years ago tt repre
sent tbis district wa, from his staud-
point, not unnatural. Indeed, tbeia
was a certain kind of logic in ii,
were greitl in the major ty. H was
a nearo. it was prop"r, theretcre,
tbat the m' jrity of the voters thoald
ho represented by ot,e of tiemiw-lvea.
The itsui presented by his cat-didacy
was narrow and eesilv uudereto id.
The Dc-moct'C patty b w tbe dunger
undi rlying i 8 succe-.s; it reJiz id the
Hlort io mata one race avaust on
other, brute nnnb rs against property
8Ld ittrlligencp, and ri,iig. equal to
tbeeuietgercy, nnde-rClec. CatctdDgs's
lefd, it promptly defeated trie efr.rt.
In Jndge t:i in i all's camiidecy the
fame ieaue is aa n preeeuted to thi
oeop'e of the ois riit, but without its
former irgic f leidersMp. If the ne
groes, ea a lace, were to govern the
district, and c icate the tepn senttt oa
of its fcreat material intArests in Con
gres, t ws logical and right that that
renn senta'ive ehru'd be one of them
selves. Somewhat of patriotism, an
igno'antsoit of pa ri -titm though it
might b, somewaat of iea:OD, though
c f an iiifirrior kind, m gbt be predicat
ed of
He desired and thought that it was
liit t that be should eprese:it his race
in Congte s, becau4 that race was in
tbe majority. He was its nit st iiuel
Imen; repietatntative, aud would in
bis own person il uetra e i;s fi'tesi for
self government. Iler.i was a motive
which, at least, wai aho con.cnipt
Hehadeocne reason t)o to suppoee
that the iote lignte md prope rty of
tt;e i triet, tuib .ditd in t- e Dtiuo
ciat!c party, miLt ccipiietce. It had
d ni no iu tbe premdiug elect on,
when .Tuilne Jeffords obta'.rie-d t Reseat,
But .laUe im rail's ctdid-icy ia on
a vaa'ly lower pltne. H i does ni t
pimuse to iiluaua o ihe fitoKS cf the
one rt c i "r the otcer fur telf g ivtru
niBUt. He :s not of t at ra; which
needs ilinst a ion and t .e rate which
does i.ot mi d it simply ipuriiB t im.
lie bud no rigi.t to siippss tht the
imellig-uce and pro:c:ty inter a'B of
the d s net would acquiesce in his
caudi lacy, beiausn ii bad a're .dy
unanimously Be:ect i (ice Catchings.
Hi c jiiI i n ,t have b 'eii a.tuated by
any i atriotic deaiiu to 6irv the ma
t'ial iii'er.-Bta cf the district, brciuso
tf bis know'ejge of tb t Gen. Catch
ings b. s (lone an t cf h 8 holdiug a
p: b t on to do moro in the f iture; one
which Judge Siiurill Kuows he could
not tecare.
is a 1 nig time resident of Mia issippi ;
he is thoioiichly familiar with tbe pe
culiar cooditious of this d strict; be
has had familier a qoait tante with
the at cial and inttnst iil condit'ons of
tho people of M e-issippi, b th a,; a
citi'en and r-s cue ef us Supreme
Judges; he knows that ti secure a
well crdflied govern meat, it is neces
sary that intei.ig nne, educa'ion and
prop'.rty intj enie sbi uld cont'ol; he
knows that the doroitiancu of tbe
wh ta race if, at least for the present,
essential; be kcosrs tl a', that race,
reprcseuting as it docs tbe :ntelligence
and wealth of ;h:s dittritt, spoke i s
wish and dts'ie in the nomination of
Gen. Catchingslabt8U!nir,er; be knows
that it was no sort ol wish or desire to
be represented by bim.
What met vd then prompts hiscan
di.Ucy for Congress? PcsoDal grjed
tf 'Hie, pure and simple.
Uprn what vote does he rsly ? Ths
negro vote; and upon two grounds.
First, he te under the delusion that all
negrooBare Rpub''caiiB and that he
his but !o B:a'e that re is a Repub
lican to g: t their vote, Sscorid, hs
feels that the ben', c'xm to Ihe'r vote
ia thadhiir wlite fallow eitiza s will
vote rga nit him.
Judge Sim-all is fuVy aar', none
mo e to, ot the evil cfiocta of such a
cacv.us. He kiowa that it is legard
ed with BDxitsty and apprehension by
the be't cit z ns of the district whicn
he Bneka to repieeeo'. lie knows t t av.
83 far as b 8 candiilany is cnuci r aed it
is the result end offspring of a meeting
of n few oharacterlees and unau hor
Iz'd negroep, got'en together by h;m
telf ia
ca'l rg itaslf aa Executive Commit'ce,
followed up by an iqtially character
liBS and nnreprefentutiVd conveution
of the ssniH kind, from which be came
forth dubbed the "Repub'icaa caudi
dete L-r C .iiiir?fs "
Pea roe could net lave been prop
etly ixtected to eo 8'tfer very ma
turely or t ) herd trnr h the wo fate of
tbe lute i eoplo cf tins diB'rio'. H a
cand.dapy bad in it sentiment, ttie
aspirations i a man for bis rtc, tho
desire us odh of ihi! lacs tj iepre3e-nt
Judge Slmrill has o such sentiment
or sBpiratirn. Hedi-iires theoflic.
To gain it hs is wil ing to anttgon ze
tbe wit-hss of tbe best citz ma cf this
district aud t use tbe hsimful and
evil working race antaonis n of an
ignorant ps.iole. Against the insidi
ous wiles and ineinctre prot&titions
of Biich a caoeiida?y, we wain the
D.'mocratic votera of tbe disirict to be
on their guards The old i-aue Is pre
Feut1 el rgain. Shall wn allow ignorant
numbers end rac prejudice, without
an effort on our rart, to control the
intetes's and d-et ny cf our district?
The outlook in every way but ejpeci
Blly lor rur material interests, was
never brighter then now. The future
is in our own l a- ds But if it ia to be
a lu:ue wnth living lor and leaving
as an inheritance, it must be wrought
cut by vigilarce, activity end loyalty
to the high principl e which prompt
trua and hntiorabl" citizens.
By oidor of the D.'Uiocrat:c Execu
tive Committee.
W. A. l'liRCY, Chairman.
Cn)lpe of Water Work.
SHKErsiiRAi) Bay, L. 1 , O tober 7.
I he Wiir wpiks her collapsed at
1:30 o'clcck with a terrific ciash as tie
water tower went, d ow.
1 CEAftj
TVcjinnvl with utrlct nvttrA to PurifT. Ntrrnirth nd
11 i.r I ) 1'ri.v'N lljiklnir IViwitt-rrotilnltifl
li. AmnniiH'i.r.tMie.AliHiioreiio'lKiit'. 1'r. I'ru';,,
Kiu.uts Vuiilll. 1.UUOU, .-., iwvor atuoiousijr.
f UOKI.YN,N. T. -Board nn th Bill,
Mra. II. C, llownrd. a Wfhinto
Park. Rnoma limt loention dnliulta'.
Convenient to ra to Manhattan hrah,
Conej IiUnd.Luni Uoh nd Central Park;
f I
aiio ut ctm I or I placet oi axuieuaDi.
OCTOBER 8, 1886.
S 9 For Fifty Years the great Remedy for S
S I Blood PoisonanaSkin Diseases. I S
j For' 50 rifiCSII "nev
Interesting Treatise onBlood and Skin Diseases
mailed free to all who apply. It should be
wnw ii nu mi.iimijimiij M.iuiiiiiun'iiiMwnmM
ssssssss s s s s s
MDJHH Giiillll
Steam Engines, Boilers and Tank Wort, Cotton Gins, Cottsi
rresses, ooa ruiieys, Kfiaitms, Agucuuurui
and i'laiitation Work,
Corn sorrel
W Wa have the LAV.QEST WORKS of the kind in the I'nited States, iind will meet
piicuf furaauio quality ot vork. eon J far Catalogue, rnco-Luts
and 'l'eJUuionialii."
Hilling from Mulberry
Insurance and Sacks free.
Er The Largest and only Complete Gin in the city.
ar Best Vield. Best Sample.
Cotton Factors
gl Front Street, OppoBMloin ITowsc,
Corner Adams
JtlKBLti. We are iirep&red to furnish new work from latest deinns on shoit notice.
In every rose cot and to give entire satisfaction.
We loHmt vniir Datror atrn anil rnn.4t thnt xrrn null. TfLTntn tur ainnlr. nrinil. fn .
before riurohn.inir else bore.
No. 331 Second Street
w "F lno HtocU.'W rrBtyllwIt TTti --ii t
And Commission Merchants,
Wo. 3C7 Front Street, : Mem oh In. Tenn.
ir ocers & Cotton Factor
Pio. 303 Main Street. Gyoo Bloeli.
IToods &
Buggies, TVagoiis and Harness,
Steam Engines, Machinery of AH DeNeriptionH,
U Chickasaw Ironwork?
fli WXM Seooud StMemphis. Te-
MiYaA HKiuem Hollers, Maw mi Us,
T ,1? Eradionl or ii niml Wheat Jttiil
iw-Wt kvxl j on .oon boUm, to h" "l..ratf Mh
"H'C wroiniii ... eulleji. Weearryin
H'H-fe-W V Two Hundred Awortscl Mtc.
,f-iiSHW. M-fcicnU lor Ctttalonue and Prioo-ltst.
All Cotton Covered by Insurance cn Seaworthy Vessels c;
Ginhcuse. Sacks furnished to responsible parties.
Positive Cure for Tiles.
tot ialo hy ll droggliU.
So, - w IIills-
T iua,,e
to St. Martin Streets
and Second Sts.
Memphis, Tenn.
Cotton Gm
Cottou 1'reN.s Cotton Uf,
NPFCIAI. KOTICK-We are proporeit to )) rd7i
tea Jnwtri jtckcili
took ovei
Electric Ml Sva
TO introduoa it find obtain tgonts wtril
for lit nest siity days Kive sway, frj
of ohanroi in aaeh oounty ia tho U. b. a lim
ited uuintorof our Uprinaii fclM'lro Mai.
vhi.Ic MUNpeaimtry Hnlta. Trie tS; a
po.itiva and unu.lini cure fo? Don out lia
bility. Vanrooala, Knualcci, Impotent,
eio. tltiOM Rawari raid if a:y Bait na
maamaotire dcaa not (icarata a nnnina
alaotrlo current. AiJ-ou at raoa ELKO.
TRIO BiCLX ASHCY. P. 0. Bob ffi.
Brooklyn, H. T.
Thursday, Oct. 7th
No. 238 Main street.
TUG course of study i extended, thorough
and practical, arTordinn tuperior fncili
ties for obtaining a aound bunino'a education.
For Catalogue call at the sohoolroom or
addresji T. A. LKODfN. Principal.
Reopens Cctober 4, 1886.
PUPILS prepared for "The Art Students'
League, of New York, or any other
first class art sohool they may desire to enter
DRAWING, Paintina and Wood Carving
taught by the methods of the celebrated
Cincinoti School of Design. First success
fully introduced here by Miss Carrie Des
Innde Dobyns, Principal School of Art, the
11 it bee School.
Hend for Sprrlal Clrrnlar for Art
I.KWK.3136 h Sr.. Wanhinetnn. D. C.
opens October ISth. Prov d s a tractically
useful business eilucatian. Xtrins: Lie schol
ars liip, $10 Boarainir, stationery, etc.,
twMve weeks' cure. t 5. Vor circular (tree)
addrens Martyn's Comnv rcinl College.
School of Drawing and
4K ID", ronrt SI. (i. W. Dbl-, Prin.
PROP. DALE, ag'aduate of the National
School of KUcution and drntory, Phila
delphia, Pa , will receive a limi'ed number of
pu ils in Crayoi and PhsI- 1 U'nwingnnd Klo
cation, nrhoul Openw 0lbir 13. Terms
Kenimnable. Public Headings a Specialty.
The Higbee School
Education of Young Ladies
Beale, Lauderdale aid Jessamine fcti.,
Incorporated wlih CoMcglale Frlv
11" KM.
Fall Term Opens Monday, Sept. 20.
eThorouvh Hnplish and Classical Course.
Modern Languages by Foreign Teachers.
Iiook-keoping, 6i.ort-hand and Type
writing tausht.
Schools ol Ait, Mucioand Elocution noted
lor eiceptionil advantages.
Special students received in every depart
ment. A new and elegant boilding will be erected
during the summer and tail, wherein will ba
lurnished a spacious itudy hall, larga pri
mary school-rooms, olaps-rooms, labomtory,
library, gymnusium and art gallery, which,
with tbe elagaot man-ion ustd for boarding
pupils and tho wooded pleasuro grounds,
will form one ot the most complete school
foundations in the South.
Catalogues ready August 4th.
For informs lion address
Memphis, Tenn.
Tulane University of Louisiana.
Formerly, 1847-1884, the University of
I , Louisiana
TS advantages for practical instruction la
diseases ot the Southwest are nnrivalad,
as the law secures it superabundant materi
als from the great Chanty Hospital with Its
700 bads, and 2n,(m0 patients annually. Stu
dent! have no hosp tal-fees to pay and spe
cial instruction is daily given at the badsida
of the sick, iu in no other institution. For
oatalogue or inf rmation, address
Prof. 8. E. CUA1LLK, M. l., Dean,
r. O. Dniwer Wl New Orion"., l.s
817 and 810 aAwrST M C
J.H. otiuuim f vmisssuiri.'
KT CC 1 Ci. . I ev
P". L.v-.
Jtf WUITfi VOTt. CATAlOClBi, "Sr
Dairy's (Horwfi; Torn njirt Vn Flu.
HAVING perfected n.y invention, I wtrh
io pl.'.oa it tic'cre tbe public, especially
miiroiaclurers. As a Corn I'l ntr.r, it is a
pertoet suocass opens tl.e drill, distributed
tha seed acicrataly, oninicrvd, and ooverd
the same, tharety ono ii-do pertorming the
work ol three. Thoi have been seed in
this section tor ever a doren yeara with par-,
fact satisfaction. Can give responsible tsistl
monials, Address
JOHN U. DANCY.Daneyrllla,
Haywood oonntj. Tan.
tuNrFACTurxi-.s or -"iiIt'

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