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FRIDAY i i OCT. 8. mn.
ROBBRT L. TAYLOR, of Washington.
JAMES rilELAX. of Shelby.
The report mads to the gevernment
by the '(ah Commission is one tbat
ought to receive profound attention
Attorn every eupporter of law and order,
and especially from these who Uko in
terest in the moral condition oi tbe
people. In Utah tbe mass of the peo
ple either practice cr fanatically Bup
poit tie practice of polygamy. In
this and other States that prcctice is
pun'shed hy penitentiary inruiiaon'
meet.' One cf two things must be
done either pun'sbrnont for polyg
my mnitbs perm tttd in o'.l.er States
or it mutt be ebol.shed in Uiah. Con
gress lasrfsstd laws in favor of the
totter cour.e, but tho report of the
commission shows that the measures
sow taken are no more ( IT dual than
the Popo's bull against the inoou,
Where there is force to put dawn po
lvgamy it h?s decreased; where there
ia not such marriages go on as before,
and where Ihey do not the general
sentiment is in favor of thein as be
fore. What ca we exr.eit when the
United Siatea has no maniage law. If
it had tad cne polygamy in Utah
could no more prevail than burglary
and forg-ry. Kr act marrisgs law
and demand compliance with it, no
other mode of civil mairiag beirg
lawful, and a genuine bBginning would
be made toward cleansing Utah of the
vile pollution of polygamy.
It is a common belief that when
any country exports more than it tin
ports it is s gait-er, but when it iin
ports more than it exports it is a lover ;
and the published reports speak of
the one sot of returns as being "favor
able" and of the other as "unfavor
able." Suoh is not always the caso,
however. For instance, when Eng.
land, has built up great cities and vast
fortunes by importing -aoottan,. aiu-'h
..importation was far from "unfavor
able," and when our ta.iff excludes
raw material, by the manufacture of
which mony could be made, although
inch exclusion decreases import), it is
larfrom being a "favorable" palicy
India bat greatly increased its exports
o( late years, but the people there re
gard the change as ai unfavorable
one. From a statement made in the
Eoglish Parliament last summer, they
" are evidently corraot in their opinion.
From that atatument we learn that
. within forty years Indian export!
have increased from 18.000,000 to
f 140,000,01)0,. yet that country has, at
farthest, made no ma'erial progress,
and poverty t the vsrge of famine pre
vails. I m ports of cheap European goods
have destroyed maiy native indus
tries, driving thousands ti the tillage
oi tbe land that wes a'ready injured
by over tillage, or was too poor to
make any prolitible return. The
Undone generally view the vast ex
port of proJuce as impoverishing t
the country. A poople not over half
fed sea the food, for want of which
they era Buffering, carried out of the
country, to that the surplus of exports
over imports runs from 20,000,000 to
25,000,000 annually. Ireland, aleo,
present! a ewe whore bredntuits are
exported in abundance, while the
mass of the people live npon potatoes,
and die from famine when the potato
crop fill's. We have here pro f ot an
undeniable character tint the cxpoita
oi s country may stea lily surpass its
import', and yet thn proiluc-ra of
what is exported remtvn in povmty
that amounts to destitution. A popu
t nncUritanding of the facts here
pieeented would lend to very valuable
reforms In the construction of our own
, tarifl.
It la a matter of univerial satiefao
. tion that the improvement cur trado
ha experienced proves to bs no torn
pcrary "tpnrt," but an improvement
that only unf raeen events can prevent
becoming psrrxaijeut. To eecure such
permanency all that is reeded is that
ilen and for otir products shall be atlm
u'f.tsd by the recovery of our Eu
r pcan cunomi ra Irom a e'epreamon
thitt bai bcou lot ger and mote reveie
tt an we onrso'v. s hive experienced
A re-cet t art'cle in tho Lor.don tSlnliaf,
who: a n.ori cheering views are favored
tirttietary market reports, I'.BMires
i:a lliwt there U imprnvt'Uient iu Eng-
lar d, aod a gi neral e xpeciation in the
market t! at tlie reiiv.il ef tale will
hs diet n- tly ninrked e'tning the com
ing nutumn ai d w n'e r. In England,
and upon the continent, tho wco'en
trae'o lai (iperieneid decided ira
prove merit. There is no'O hopelul
n:es, aua an airniB; eieciuea re
ectirn egtinetthc years of drpie!nin
that bava beem enilnred. The lettetr
atats of things her are considered
sure hatbingera of better days in Eu
tope. The StaCtt says: "TbeVnited
Sates is new so ia portunt a factor in
ali buvnea", that wiien etTaiistakea
tU'tt theiear.d po;ple are beginning
to fe&l richer, thj greater ac;ivity uutst
react on all the counlrli'8 with whieh
the United Bttes do buinoss. As a
rule felccki in England are low, except
in iron ; therefore, if the improvement
in wcJ sliculd spread, activity nmst
quickly follow. While seeing good
. grouad for eocoutsgement, our' Lon
don cDDtcmporary li sot blind to pos
sible obstructions to the desired
change. Among these it includes possi
ble political convu'sion in tbe east of
Europe; war Between Austria and
Ruseia, with a consequent conflict be
tween Germany and France; a possi
ble financial csttstrophe in Biriln,
where for the I ait few years there ha?
b?en heavy specuhticn, largely in
Russian, Hungarian and other foreign
ttockg, with large amounts of capital
locked up, and a tendency to swell
and swell until a collapie conies.
Alto a possible silver panic
in the Unitod BtiUs. Toe project is
against such a panic, the Stalil (ays,
"yet tlis possibility cf it has always to
be considered. " Also a possible revo
lution in France, where taxation is
heavy and leverely felt, dispesiog to
revolution, and Ihers are o'her signs
that revolution ia In the a r. Bpesk
ing of these adverse clouds in the
b orison tbe Statist ob:erves: "We
are disposed to think, looking st tbem
all dispassionately, that on balance tbe
chances are none oi these clonds will
Brow irnmcd'ately to n:uch. At the
same time, the n ost optimist in bust
ness mutt allow that with all these
CiouJb on the prose:tit will not be
wise to be smguine." Markets are
affected from two sau ces it fluecces
aiising within tiadj it e'f, acd in
fljonc s alio, ting trade but arising
from wiihout. Within thai sphere of
trade, tierefore. the condition of
Eaiopa appears to be promising; out'
side iLiluuuces on the contrary pre
sent unfavonblocontirgeiciis. These
latter influences, we must remember,
would nbo tllct cur own trade, and
therefore, a eortd knowledge of the
state of allalrs in Europo is esrential
to the American merchant and trades
Briar tbe Publle Health Associa
tiva -.view, the Hnnltary H la
tarj of Hemphill,
larsctat, to the Arrsai..
Toronto, Ost October 7. Dr.
Thornton, cf Memphis, read a pi-par
today before tlie Amencjn rutjiic
Health Association, which is a
verv fiitbful review of the
sanitary history ol Memphis.
The paper begins with a review ot
the sanitary condition of this city im
mediately prior to atd alter tbe epi
demlc o' 1878. It then describes the
t .pngrspby of Memphis, and reviewed
its hie-tory sine the site f r the town
was first smveyed ia 1819, giving
prominence to periods when yellow
tever and cholera appeared, and show
ing how local sanitation was neulecled
and only restored in time of danger,
when in the piesence of au epidemic
disease- Then follows a history cf tbe
yellow fover epidemic of 1878 and tbe
demoralisation that followed its rav
ages Tbe organization of the Taxing
District and the creation ol a Board cf
Health of clearly defined duties and
iortdictlou is next referred to, fol
lowed by a graphic accouut of
the first practical steps taken
in the direction of sanitary re
form, tho result fee nipliehed and
the expense involved. Oa this sub
ject the doctor said: "The annuil
current expanse for six years la main
taining the health service, exclusive
of sewer construction or repairs, which
belong in the engineer's department,
is (22,720 08. as shown by the snnual
report! of ths Board of Health." A
graphic description of the sewerage
system ot Memphis was then given,
aud was listened to with deep interes
by sll preeenr. The cost of tbe svs-
tem since 1880 is stated to be as fol
Contof removal of obitruotioni....! 8,709
ATorte ooat of each obilruotion... Ill 411
Total ooat ot olsiniD wain newara l,i!75 3."
Total ont ofwer ynlom.... H10,8i;t 82
Deduol from tliii olntruptiom re-
aoTFd, nuuaa connf ction,
oloantnR, eta., whi:h will l.ave
toraowari proper 1291,000 62
The eiiaouitine and inspection ser
vice is briefly mentioned in the itaper.
The paner, with eketches ol the dath
rate of Memphis fir eleven years from
1876 to 188s, showing an average death
rate to he 24 40 tier 1000. Tbe total
number of dea'lis in non-pidmia
yeri is siven rs follows: 1875 1174 ;
1876-1028; 1877-12-4; 880-10.r)4;
18811471; 18K2-1119; 1883-1403;
18841007; 1885-1484.
The doctor a paier was extremely
interesting and ably propired, and
'as one ol the most impo'tant con
tribution) of the meeting. It attracted
deep attetn ion, aud was received with
gare.al nnrlaiue.
The next meet ins of the rub to
Health Assodution will be held iu
Canadian pacific railway.
Bhouldl AnnafKitmntet With thnSraad
Toronto. Ont.. October 7. Sir Ed
ward Watkio, one of the lsrtest share
holders in the Grand Trunk railway,
was tmerv-ewftl bare while en route
to Montreal from It itiah Columbia
yeatentay. He stid be was very
favor .ilt'y impiersed wit1) what be had
seen ol the Canada rac nc railway.
He thought the Br t sh Government
ought to be o'eued tn make the Ci-
adian Pacific railway their great mili
tary and postal highway. It would bi a
great tmprovcmnnt over sending
troops by way of thi 8ae x canal. As
to an smilgamaiiou between the Ca
rs 'ian Pacitlo and the Grand Trunk be
tlioiuht it was one cf those good
things which per tile ure net entib!e
enough to sgree tt. There is, he raid,
al ays a great deal of talk nb ut nio-
tiopoltos ami uooftrnte ol that a rt but
there is tioihlt'g in that object on. If
the rnid were amalgamated there
would be a large raving in worliii g ex
parifeaandit would be altrgethor a
dee'ded imnrovHni-rl.
A bHDKtrililiitry llrnilqnnrlrra.
Wahuinoton. Oc!ower7. A Beneral
order has botn prenared at the War
Department charging the heailqna'
tera of the l)eprtu ent of Df kota fr.:m
Purt Nielling, Minn, to 1st. Paul,
Minn., on Novewbr Ist.and the head-
quattora division cf the Pacific from
fie 1'ieaidio, of California, tj San
Francisco, ou the fame date.
Tbe rtnbititjr fund.
Nrw oi-k, Oitobar 7. At a meet-
i g tit the trustees ot the Peabody
fund ths fihovinir rxecu ive com-
nuttoa wasapp.-Jut d: A. H. II. Ktiurt,
Hoiistor Evart, Chief Justi'-s Waite.
Ei-Preaideiit Haye-1, James D. Por:er,
Chairman Wintlirop. A resolntou
waa adopted for rh increase tf allot
ments to South Carolina lo view of the
devastation cmih.hI by eaithqnakes.
The am' unt will probab'y be $10,U00.
IU vc used l nif.Uee in a case of ar
ticular rhmnnti-m. in wbica it ae,ve
Tiry prompt reliff.ftnr the triirddt se.
W. U. K1MU, U.I.,llabaUhi,llM.
Be Hasty in Making Changes In tbe
Book of Common Prayer
Proceedings Yesterday.
Cuicaoo, III., (ktober 7. Bishop
Scarborough, of New Jersey, who was
chosen by lot, pie ided at Mains this
morning, sou the Kev. llooart unei
wocd, of Oakland, Cal., rend the ser
vice prior to tbe opening of the con
vention of the Protectaat Episcopal
Church today.
At 10 o'clock Dr. Dix, clad in an
academical gown, called the conven
tion t3 order. The R;v. Edwin Har
wood, of New Haven, Conn., moved
that the roll call be dispensed with,
which was c (tried. The appointment
of the standing committees for tbe
convention were aoLomced a d the
rejection cf tbe Rs. Henry Anstinre,
A. O. Ktillson, E W. Wjithingtonand
A. J. Mil er as asdatant tecretaries ap
proved of. Dr. Benjamin Franklin, cf
New Jersev, presentid a memorial te-f.-rrinz
to the prouer commit ee the re
sio) ing of the office of the holy com
mnninn to its patural order as in the
First Book of King Edward VI. '1 he
C mmitree it the Committee on the
Prayer B-c k, but the memorial was
Dr. Dalz'll, Of L'jnisiar.a, pneented
a memoritil urging ti e convention to
abandon the pfssivo attitu'e hitherto
aa;uu.eil by the cbu-ch toward the
Protestant bdic. I', was referred to
the Commit1 ee on the fctate of the
Wii;ira Cornwall, of Kentucky,
presented a memorid on the r.-vision
ol the Prayer Eook, wfi h was also
Dr. Bradley, of Milwaukee, wiehed
to present a memorial on the subject
ol "Christianity," but did not wian it
referred to the Committee on tbe
titi.ln of the Chu di.
Ihe House refu-ed to sive unani
mous content to Dr. Biailey's propr
siticn to have his memorial presented
to the ronventioo.
Mr. ISorgwin, of Pittebarg, present
ed a memorial looking to a uniform
judicial eysteru throughout all thedto
c sw. O.t his own motion the memo
rial w;s tabled.
Dean Hotman's memorial for a sup
plemental hymnal and permission to
us the Hymns Ancient and Modern,
was referred to a special committee.
Dr. Shaltuck, of Massachusetts, pre-
Netited a innmorlal fiom tbe tree and
Open Church As'oo a ion layicg down
tbe doctrine that ownership in pens
dors not give ownership In the church
property. Referred to tbe Com mi tee
on Cations.
The Rv. Cornelius Swope presented
a memorial embodying a re-olution
from the New York Diocesan Conven
tion, declaring among other things
that it be expedient to consult tbe
convocation of Canterbnry and York
end tbe Eulecopate of Scotland to ee
cure uniformity of use thronghout the
Anglican communion. Mr. bwips
also presented a mnmorial request ug
nnifortnity In the marriage law
throughout tbe United States.
A number of memorials were pie-
sntitd relative to tbeprnpo'ed change
of the Fraver Book, and mid upon the
table, the intention bei. g tn refer
them to the Committee ou the Re
vision of tbe Prayer Bock.
Dr. Hopkins, of Central Pennsylva
nia, presented a memorial for tbe ee
tahl shment nf an Appellate Court.
The hour for taking up the order of
the day havtns arrived, Dr. Hunting'
lon, of New York, arose. He is the
champion of tbe brok annexed. He
d fended tbe appointment of a com
mittee to rocs tier the revis on of the
b o, and refeired to a dispatch
in a New Yotk paper in which
t"o action of tbe C mmitte of Re
vision was f 3tecaat, to tbe effect that
the committee would require ten
years to complete its ltbus and ten
jera more to conclude negot'a'i"ns
with Canterbury and New Yoik. He
t greed with the journalist. Tbe cne
quahflcition whicu the Committee e n
Kevision ought uot to lack soula be
Americanism. Applanse 1 '"Mr. Presi
dent, at the ri-lt of a iena.ing sympa
thy I (hall cbj ct to appiHiiss. "
The Chair called Dr. Huntington to
order, as he was exceeding the time
allowed The house cried "Goon!"
"Go onl"
Dttputy McDonnell moved that Dr.
Huntington be requested to prctel,
bur. be declined, saying tbat the rule
of the house was a salutary one.
Before proceeding to tbe d-ba'e the
number of clerical and by delegites
on the Revision Committee was hied
ar. five.
Dr. Bwrp-,'a amendment, that a enm
miasionoi five b;shcp', five pres'ijtus
anal five lay delegate take the re
visiou of the Prayer Book in hand, to
report at the next general conven'ton,
wes then called np. He said: "lam
not an obstructionist. I, like my col
league, am for peace, but I am fcr
i lasting peace, not tha. cf today or to-
r morrow. Linger time Is also required
for such an important wotk. The
stveial dioosjs it the church in this
loantry within the laet eighteen
moot us nave expressed themselves so
aa to make It certain that tbe book an'
nexed will never be adopted by the
caurcb. un all sides thi re are ob
iectione. Three years hence, I hone,
Homething totally different from the
I) ok annexed will he presen'ed. Ac
tion now would s'ave off anything de
sirable lor ntty yeara to come.
The Rev. Dr. Daniel R. Goodwin, of
t'ennsyivama. said be tbousht the
convention cu ht to do what itsetout
to do wiihout further delay. If it did
not suit,why then it cou'.d be changed
again. Dul nil this while the femien
tation of laxity of us in publ c wor
ship was goii.g on and authority dis
James Parker, cf New Jersey, pro
poeed as a substitute fur b th Or,
Uuntiniiton's resolutions and Dr
Kwope's amendment, that the subject
Oi iue ravia oa oi un rraver licok bs
maiie tne order oi tbe day.
Dr. Moore, of Ling I-lnnd, was in
favor ol Dr. Huntinetou s 'tsluiion
Dr. Gold, of the Western Ttit-olonical
Seminary, said while h"i waa in favor
nf Dr. Swopa's amentlment, be wa
ttill mr.re in favor of that of the dele
gate from New Jersey. He tho 'Kb
Dr. Uuntiniiton's plan savored (f
"Will you walk into ri y parlor? said
the spieler to the tly." inrs
much as it wr s p'amly at) opp srtm,ity
to spring a repetition ot the unto tu
nate action oi the last conveiittun in
accepting the lrport in the laat days
ol the session. "It is trun," s-rnl the
ep-aker, that thore is a la k ol nn
fi rmity in tbe celebrtirn of thes-i
vices of the church. 1 et me a-k if t' e
adaption of the book annexed will
cure this?"
Dr. .DurcbMi, oi rennrrsee, en
nounced Irs suppoit ot Mr. Swope'
amendment, and watet ougly in favo
of delay. "As to ti e metier f diver
sity of use, I adm t tl at I myeell in the
double rally etneea begin with th
Lird's Prayer, bat oa IrJaintb' days
there is no deviation Irom tbe book
There wa, in this city some years ago,
a notable exception, but tbe exception
proves tbe rule." He sat down, say-
ma' trrat, tie would ricoiu nis vote
against Mr. Parker's substitute.
At er several speakers on a unrent
s'des of the question, among whom
were Archdeacon Taylor ot npnn
field, f-tepben P. Nash, lny deputy
from New York, and Dr. Hull of Long
Is'end, the question was called for,
but the Cbair imed that every dele
gate had a right to te hiard.
Ue. J. II. n tiaiop. ol Central reno-
sylvania (Capei'a weil known, oppo
nent, made a strong spencn lo lavor
of Dr. Swope's auundment. Ihe
bouss then adjourned one hour for
lun hron.
Tbe House cf Deputies upon re
convening resumed besicess promptly.
Tbe secretary of the convention WdS
added to tbe Committee oa .expenses,
and it was ordered If at all questions
of expenses be refeired te this com
mittee be fore being considered.
in from the House rf Bishops, s;gned
by the secretary, the Rev. Dr.Tatiocx:
Resolved by th$ House of Bithop, the
JJuuetof Lfpuliei Concurring, Ihat a
Committee of Conferecc?, to cone it t of
members of each order, be appoin -ed,
to whom shall be referred all me
morials preented to either bouse,
whether by ir dividual members or on
behalf cf dioceses with reference to
the suljict of litn'icil revision, and
it shall bs the duty of such jo'nt com
mittee to cona'dir ar.d report not later
tl an the tenth eley of this seeeioa
what action, if any, ought to be taken
by the general convention t'U'ih'ng
toe resolutions contained in theb ok,
enti led "Notioca'iaus to tho Diocce et
of Alti-Mtiucs and Adeliii- ns to the
B "k cf Common Prayer," et?.
Tue ii tro luct on ot this me sine
from the bishops into the fi i!d of di t
cu sion, already a little cornp'icaled
w.th t'ie coriunction of mea ure oo
the questions of hjw and whetlur er
not io go atths revieioa oi tne rrayer
Bo.ib. did not particularly fac.lita'e
the parliamentary disposition of the
u-Vmlii matiav
Mr. Patker, on the reac'ing of the
bishops' rxefeaae. bad withdrawn bis
substitute in order that the house
might concur with the propodtlm of
the bi hop i for a ('ommitteeof Con
ference, and the pending qiestion was
laid on tbe table. A motion was 'hen
made to concur in tbe message of the
At this junctnie Tudge Sheffey, of
Virginia, t ok the floor to agne
against toe unparliamentary procedure
ol appointing a coule once and net a
ioiut committee. He reminded the
deput ea cf the m schief wrought at
th"s last c-uvrnt;0!i through resort to
a Committee of CutifereDca. There-
p rt of a j lint committee, he said,
would be made to both houses and
either might tct first upon the matter.
The Huntinuton reto'ution. pro
viding or a joint committee of five
from eacn order, was accepUb e t)
Judeeehi fl.iy, and the bouse unani
mously ordered that tbe eu' i-ci cf re
vision bi ent u-trtl, eo far aa provided
in the Ilun'-njtton resolution, to a
joint commit ee of five b shops, five
clerev and five lavmen.
Tbe Rev. D'. Adams, of Wisconsin,
off-red the following:
Resolved, That this chnrch in the
Untied states is by her descent fr m
' The Ecclevia Angliiana," "The Ec
clesia Americara," end, therefore,
should be cilled "The American
CathoI'C'' Cburch."" The resolution
was rejected. , .
After temporarily disposing of eev
erl matteta of lesser importance, the
heme edionrned until tomorrow.
' The'lldu'eof Mihbr 'completed
tbeir crranlrtticn today. The ap
pointmPLt of committees completed
the day s prccedings.
Neawlon Testerdny The Place
of Sex t Meeting-.
Dks Moinis Ia . October 7. An im
mense sud'e"oe was praeent in the
opera bouse this morning when Presi
dent Hopkios called tne Americin
Board to order. Devotional exercises
were conducted by the Rev. W. E.
1. 1 C r , XT r !...
rarK, Ol viriiivuruviiir, i., nitvr
which the Committee on r rescuers
aud the Next Place of Meeting re
ported that ihey recommended Spriua
nelii. Mass.. as ttie place, tbe it v. 11
Nob e. of Chi'Bao. ti pre icb the
ennnal sermon and President D aright,
of Yale Co b ga, as a eubttitute. .The
report was adopted
The H v. Dr. Lanison, chairman of
the Commi t te on Mieeioas in Turkey,
read a report on that work, culling at
tention t i tbe dithculties in the way
of ttie niHtionaue'B there, and rt
counline tbe tiroaress made. Dr,
Clark, the foreign secretary, stated
tbat tbe wore ot tne deputation ap
pointsd four years a.o, to adjust the
relations between the Miesion Board
and the native charch-s ia Turkey,
hps been very successful, and the
church there tad tntsted upen an era
of ereat prosper!' y.
President xsartiett. ot Dartmouth
Co'lege, read the report of the com
mi tee appointed to review Dr. AI
den's report on the borne work, in
eluding the conduct ol the Prndential
Committee in rejecting candidates for
m ssions who be leved m future pro
The evening session of tbe bowd
was devoted to routine business, re
torts from different mission fields be
ng given. Tbe old officers of tbe
board were re-elected without excep
The Coroner InTentliatlns; Few
new vetcmpniente.
Capk Gibahpkau, Mo., October 6.
There are tew new particulars in re
gard to tbe burning ot the river
b .earner LiMtscottc. The coroner
is holding an inquest on the bodies of
tlioae who lost their lives in tbe disse
ter. The captain and pilot of the
Fade were bi hre him yatt rday. a'id
teetitied t ht they did hII in their po er
to its ue the pas-entre and crew on
the I'tiroirg boat. The captain
teethed that lie cou d n t run
his hi at near the La Maecot e,
for his own ves el would surely
have taken fire. Capt. Ebough de
nounces iheciewol the La Maecotte
for cward'csand etU'nhnets ia look-
ng to their own safety and rot at
tempting to tescue the drowrit.g and
binning passengers. Capt. Thompson,
of tte La Mas;.Ue, says the Eeglit
conld easily and without arty eianirer
to herself have pushed tbe horning
boat ashore. Tfl testimony of the
passengers wbc npie resctied coin
cides with tha cl the officers of tbe
La AlaaC'Qlt".
U4,UO 'rdc or Wood Barned.
ButTr, Mont., October 7. In S.lver
llciw c etijon, st 6 o ( look ttis more
in, 24,100 crtt" cf w od in two
ratias, owned by Wil iains tt Co., and
intended for ttie C lornl i 8me1ting
C lrrpnnv. was bred by sn incendiary
and u tally destroyed. Loss,il0(0i0;
itnured. folium A reward of iO.
000 I as been ofirred for the gutltv
pertiee. Trains 'annot pass the scene
ot the conUagia ton owing to tbe prox
imity of the track to the homing mass.
Tpe Their Rights - CharchllPs VI It
to Berlin Explained -Revolt
of the Foslleers.
Scfia, October 7. The eovernment
has not nd the lorpiu Cunsu s at
K'ifia tbat Gen. Kaulbirj, through the
K'lesian consul at JKua chok. ordered
the military commander there tor--
1 a se the political onppiratbis in bis
cus'ody, tbreatenir g to bo'd Lira r.
sporsiule if i e disobeyed, promis'rg
as a resara tir compiisnie promo loa
to ibe rit-k ot Commander General
when tr.e Rossians arrive, and in
forminn him tbat the peraltv of re
fusal would be reduction tj tbe ranks. I
The commander ief,rmcd the troop,
under bis command that he had re
ceived and declined the command, and
thn so d'ers applauded b s conduct.
uhp. K.aulb, on tbe ru e to
Plevna, summoned the mayor ot tbe
city to meet him, and urged tbe
official to petition toe Cz J U occu jy
A bureau of paities supporting tbe
goveinm9nt has hsued an apieal ti
toe people and army to refuse to al
ow Gen. Kaulbara to deceive or bribe
tbem. The eppeal says: "Rather
uphold the hcnur e.f the coon'ry atd
tne army and show yjutsolvei waithy
of indepnt'ence."
The eliuere of ths Saumla Bsr.uon
havi) telttimpbed to the ovtrnmen ,
netting if it is true, as is reported, tbat
tu t-nria intt-n :s to meke wtr i n Ku
en. The govtrnmout has prjrcp iy
denied that, any eucli inteixton w s
enrertiiutd, e nd waried the ir.quiring
i lliUHis that they woa.d be puuis :ed
u they eg,uu ques'ioned the govern
ment aseu: its allair
A Bebel FomeutiUK Rebelllan.
London, October 7. The newspa
per Independent Uulgaria stigmatizes
Gen. Kaulbais as a rebel fomeuiinic
rebellion ainorz tbe people and army.
it also u g- ttid government to bi'd
Geo. Kauibarsand tend h m aenss
tte frontier.
Odious and Also Midiculom.
PAirrs, October 1La France say-; :
Gen. Kmilbtra, net content with reo-I
donng Russia odious in iii'garis,
makes her also ridiculous, lie le,
ados that paper, a commit voyageur en
4 burctiiU'a Vikt lo Berlio.
London, O.tob?r 7. The Standard
morning ssys: "Assuredly bun-
ne-e, not pleieure,is tsking Lord Ran
dolph Churchill to Berlin, for en
EouliBh Minister tog) to Berlin and
not to fee .Bismarck, is nice a visit to
R ims without teeing St. Petei'i?. We
appreciate the ta'en s and Tecogn zv
the grcwirg oietinc ion ot iicra Ran
dolph. We may also claim him as a
dudi . because since re has guinea dis
present position be h s abandoned the
foolish schoolboy tr cks which disfig-
n red bis ear ur career, li s trip to
Bail n is evidence of anew departure
iu diplomacy, the introduction ol di
rect instead of amhastadorial commu
nications." The Standard endeavors
to refute the st. teme nt tbat Charcbill
has adopted radical me:suies. It ssye,
alludinir lo the Dartford speech: "As
sumingwhich is st present only an
astump ion tbat it :s the auinor-
iaad coverament programme, what
is uiaie to aiaim ttie mrsr, csu-
tious Corservatlve. Tbe truth is
all the proposed measures are cm-
eervative or radical, acrorciing to the
anirit tn which thev are sppreacned.
I be JJarttnrd soeecn sni ras no gtouna
whatevtr for the beliet that the gov'
ernment contemplates rs'onishing the
world with a ciar-ngor eccentric policy
)k lv to undermine thn etibitity ot
Conservative interests. Ttere is notn-
ing at variance with Cjn'erative tia-
cliuons in the new programme." -
The "Journnl" nn Chnrehlll's
Paris. October 7. The Jaurnal D
Debatt, rrferring to Lord fiacdolph
Chnichill's D rtford speech, ea;s:
"Ru'sia will little heed Auetriaa dis-
int Rljrt. nn or Encliih theoretical nro-
t sta so Irng es she can rely oa Ger
many's assent or InOiu.rduce. to ner
policy iu the Balkans "
Pralsea tbe Irian I.eeeaue.
London. O toker 7. John EJ-
ward Ellis. Liberal member of Par
liament for tbe RushiditU divisi n of
Nottinghamshire, has iust returned
from a tour cf Ireland, undertaken
and made tho-ouirhlv for the purpose
r.f examining on the spot the case of tbe
Irish innantH. He era eea the worK oi
tKe Irish Ntt oaa.1 L'ague and sends
tbe organic itinn a donation to us useu
in a;s sting evicted tenants.
rimllrera Bevolt.
LonnriN. (tetoher 7. The Royal In
niskillen Fusi!esrs, stationed at Alder-
shot, went in a not last night in re
sistance to a dralt tbat was beiog
made for service in Africa. A ssvsgs
ft iht ensued end tlie Irishmen we e
only subdued fter a numb r of sol
diers and police were wouooo. r ony-
oce ol tbe rioters were arrest, u.
A LUKe Houiier. '
rtimLiw. O.-tnhe-r 7. United Ireland
descr bes Lord Randolph Churchill as
"a little monster."
Iron and steel Iaelltutea,
London, October 7. At the annual
meeting "f the Iron and Steel Insti
tute, btld in London jest rday, Daniel
Adamson, ot tuancneaier, was nwu
nrae.ident for the ensuing yar. rret i-
lnt P,rcv. the tetirioa efflcer, deliv
ered an address on the iron and steel
raaHngr'SOUrcistf Great B itatn and
t' e United Statea. He showed tiat
the Briti-h outout of B ssemer steel
ronntantlv ducre amrg. and be
wA-nd his hor.-ra that if there shru'd
be a wsrorc mmerc:al etrngile blind
'.islipf in tl.eir own siipieraa y w u.u
hn daoverms. end that dierseaid tf
their antagonists power would result
in d Hast sr.
To Accent Ike Due UAumale's Be-
Paris Octobnr 7. The French In-
stitotis nut yesrerdsy and accepted the
b qu-st i f the Ct antilly eeta-e by the
Duo D Aumale. J be instiuisopieu
a reso'ut on declaring gratitude for the
Duo D'Aumale's pt lotic generosity
Uenleneea I'oinmaled Slaves Freert.
MitiHii (i.'tnh'nr 7. At a Cabinet
council toJay Queen Chrit-tiana s'gne.el
a decree commuting the sentecc s 01
the crndemt od ineurgentf. The Queen
al o signid a decree 1 ee'ng thn slaves
in Cuhaf om the remainder of their
terms of serv.tu e.
Murderer or the Blubop of Madrid.
Maduio. Oftnhr 7. Fa'ber Galeo-
ta, ti e priest who killed Mgr. Isquler
do, Bishop o! Madrid, on Palm San
day, in revenge for having been
silenced as pr est, attempted dunrg
the progress cf his tril toay to read
ti tbe Court a long narra'ive oi big
nnitlnMi laalnfll C Via VliahOD. Tte
friest was much excited and tbe Court
refnsed to permit the reading and
ordered the mannecript left with the
Judge for fuitcer consideration. The
prosecution then closed and the de
fense asked for the prisoner's acquit
tal, oa the ground that, he was not
reaponsb e for his aciioES when he
kil.ed the bistop. The Court reserved
its decision.
Cholera Returns.
London, OcTobsr 7. Yesterday
there we ra nine deaths from cholera
and twenty new c s?s in b'zegedin,
Hungary ; io ali Italy, five deatt s and
fourteen new c ase. Cholera returns
from Austria Hnntary: Trieste, thir
t en new ease, t?io deaths; Pestb,
thirteen new casaf, seven deatts.
Tu Atlcnil th I'uvrlllnic r Ike
hlHIiie ol i-ibi;rly.
Paiiis, Oc'ober 7. Ser.a'rrs Lafav-
ctto aod Gun. G'evy, thi Presidont's
brother, will lepteseut the Fiench
Senate at te ceiemonies attending
the r.nvft'iing cf the s a:ue cf Liberty
a. JNew io it.
Archdeacon C'nt anngh's Foneral.
Dublin, Ot:tnb?r 7. Archdeacon
Kavan' gh, rf Kildare, who was killed
by portions of the altar fal ing while
he was celebrating mss', was buried
today. AicJbishop Croke was pres
et t at the services. Tbe pall bearers
were Messrs. Dillon, Jines F. O'Brien,
Kenny, Lahv, Redmond, Harrlneton,
P.tr cK O'Brien and P. O Brieu, a 1
members of Parliament.
Cable FlHRbea.
Sofia, October 7. Karaveloff hes
retimed at agent.
Pabi, Oc ober 7. Advices from St.
Louis, Senegal, sta'e that King Tr ar
ias has bee a murdered by his
Madrid, OttoVer 7, The whole
Cabinet has dec'del to res go. It is
believed tbat the Queen will ask Zeno
Sagaeti to form a new Ministry.
Paris, October 7. P.emier de Fiey-
ciue. has iotorm d bis colleagues in
the Fretch Cabinet that the oispntes
between thn Malsgasey and tbe
French, in Madagascar, . are almoBt
Morrow Elected President, and
t'nruee Tlce President New Or
leans Admitted Into Ibe League.
IsraoraL to thi apreiL.I
Nashvii.lb, Tbnk , October 7. Tbe
Southern League directo s met at -10
o ch cc. a.m. t.day in the geutiemea s
park rs cf tne Maxwell llouss. In tbe
abienceof President Proudfit Becre-
tary Watir R. Brown, of Atlanta,
ca led tbe meetirg to order. Mr.
Tsnkesley, of Crjht anooga, was mads
temporary chairman. The following
clnbs weie reptetented: Nanhville, by
John Mtr.ow and Will I. Cheiry;
Memphis, by John L. Sneed and John
Keir; Atlanta, by S epben A. Ryan
aud Wlier Brown; Chatranooga, by
A. M. Tankes'ey and Mr. Wayne; Ma
con, by J. E need ; b'avarineh, by M. M.
Wood (pr.'xy , Charleston by ivirby o
Tupper. AtiKUrta having forfeited her
lianch 8', was not represented i'ep-
renetitUiv-s weie present from New
Oilean", Birmingham aod Mobile. Thn
secre ary made a repoil ot tte s'ard
ing ci tbe clubs a follows: Atltn a,
t'Jo; Havaonab, 639; Nashville, 554;
Memphis, 4U1; Charleston, U6; Me.
c.n. 342
Considerable discussion ensued
over ar siitnion int oduced uy ivir.
'lurper, in oecati ot Charleston, cen
soring Atlanta for conduct prejud cial
to baeebitl). Hhnrp wrrds followed,
but in the a eeccs cf any proof on
either side ton matter wis dropped
Mr. .tupper oared a resoiu ion, that
the At ama club be censured and
reprimanded, and tbat such proceed
ings will not be tolerated in futura
t orn toe Atlantis by ins southern
A motton wps madetoinciuds iNash-
v lie on accou tof the Macon-Nath-
vde game, and Savannah for re
fusing io play st Atlanta. An effort
was made to have toe eot're league
cemu e irlf forat'eged bad prac ices,
but calm deliberation ruled and the
qu'rtlon ws loriura'elv drop ed.
Mr. Wayne, of the CQkttanooga es
socia ion, called up the charges pre-
f erred agatt Bt 'he Cnarles'ons because
of her it-fusal to play on account of an
alleged injury to one of ber players.
'Ihe Savannah-Atlat ta imbioglio
came up and an animated discussion
followed, participated in by Mr. Wood,
holding Savannah's trrxy, Meanrs.
Ryan and B own nf Atlan'a, Mr. Tup
per of Cbatleeton and others. Af er a
lengthy exchange of opinions, the en
lire mit er, t ge her With the Chat'a-ro-ga
and Cnarleeton charges, ws
referred to a spscia' committee.
On mot on the elettinn of officers
waa taken up, and Mr. Krr moved to
cunsdidats the offices of pres'deut
and eer. Urj and treasurer at a sahry
Mr. Brown moved to amend by ex
cepting the office of treasurer sni pay
the president aud SrCietary $1000 a
ye.rforbis services, the secretary's
salary lo te iiain at $100. Lost.
Ths mot on to consolidate all tbe
oflVes was ihun taken up snd adopted.
. The bond of tha president, secre
tary and treasurer was made $20C0
more than the entite forfeit money,
and a committee appointed to exam
ine nd approve the bond.
Stephen A.Ryan, in b-ha'f of the
Atlanta Club, cominated John Mor
iow, of this c.ty, fr the offie of presi
dent, set rwary and treaiurer, and ba
was, oa motion, ucanitnou-ly elected
to the c ilice nf p'esi ieat, secretary
and treas'irer for the ensuing year.
The c flice cf vic preeiJentof the
league wa creat' d and C apt. Sam
Can es, of Memphis, was elected by
Applications for membership were
ro-d f'Oiu Bi m oghnm, Mobile ai d
New O leans, the latter city pre seut
ing three.
The league was called to order rgain
et 3 o'c'o-k po. Mr. Morro, ss
cba rmau and spokesman of jbe Com
mittee on Firfeiited Gamee, reported,
verb d!y, as follows:
: Teat Charleston be fined $100 tor
her actioa in leaving the Cha'tanooga
grounds, and that tbe money be pa d
over to the latter clnb; tbat Stvannah
be fined $100 per game for refusing to
play as scheduled at Atlanta, tbe
money to go to the Utter clab. i
That there were no grounds for At
lan'a'a protest agatrst Macon for for
feiting a game in the former city, atid
tbat toe ma' ter be dropped.
On motion the reports were adopted.
A resolu'ion was adop'td requicng
clubs to seed in their foifeit money
between the ltt and 15th of January
next. The leegus du-s ere placed at
t-O pr month, end the firet mouth's
dues weoe oroered to be paid ia by
April 5, 1887.
Mr. Woods mr v. d that tVe question
of adm:ttit g ano'l er city to fill tbe
vacancy otcusioncd by the Augusta
Club d oriping ou' bs tnken rp.
M'. Tatikesly moved to admit the
New Oilcans Club as represented by
Mr. Kauflmanr.
Mr. Monow made a speech favoring
Birmingham, but the reetting was evi
dently bent on admitting the Orescent
City, and 6he was taken in.
Mr. Tupper moved to appoint a
committee to investigate the standing
aud ability of tbe clnbs 6t pieeent in
the league and see if some veak town
cu'd not te drrpped;sdoited. Pres
ident Morrow named as such commit
tee delegates from Charles on, At'anta
and Savunnah.
Mr. Brown moved that a vote of
tbaiiks be tendered Mr. Retch f ,r the
quality of balls fundehed the pas
season. Adopted. A motion watals
adopted to give Mr. Brower, repre
senting Mr. Reach, an opportunity to
make a propnxjtio ' tomoriow in te
gard to luri.ishing balls for next sea
son and irint.ng tl.e new Southera
League Guide.
Mr. Wayne moved that tee next
meeting of the league bo held iu Chat
tanooiH, which was ad op tad. -
Mr. Tupp:r made a few remarks in
regard to tbe present system of rayirg
umpire. Ue ineisted thit umpires
should ba paid a stipulated salary by
the league aud allowed traveling ex
penses. No scion waa taken in this
matter, however. The meeting then
adjourned until 3 p. ran. tomorrow.
Eztenalve Contracts for Building- to
Be Let October 18th.
IsriotAb to the arraab.l .
' Vicksuurg, Mits., October 7 The
following circuit r waa issued by the
president cf the Filth Louisiana Levee
District: V
Liiuisiana Lkv District, !
Sklti, ha., October ej, 1836. J
Fealed prouoea s will be received at
the t Mice o' the Hoa'd ot Crmmissiot
eraoftheFfth Louisiana Levee Dis
tant at Ddta, Madison parish, L. or
at the office cf tte president, ,Vicks
burg, Mies , up lo 12 o'clo k noon on
Monday, tbe 18 h day of October,
188(1, for the constiuition if tbe fol
lowing levees: ' '
Wyly levee, East Carroll, 139.C00
cubic yards, J400 cteprsit.
Rale;gh levee, East Carro'l, 136,000
Cubic jards. J400 deprsit.
Shipp's Bayou levee, Teniae, 100,000
cubic yards, J325 deposit.
Lee levee, Ter sas, 72.C00 cubic
yards, 5225 deposi .
Miller's Field Uvee, IvJaditon, 42,500
ccbicjardp, $180 deposit.
E ton l v Eeet Cairoil, E0.0C0 cu
bic yards, $200 dr posit.
Deer Park levee, Concordia, 57,C0o
cubic yards, $2:'0 d po it.
Lrke Concordia levee, Cocccrdis,
1E0,( 00 cubic yards, S450 deposit.
Killarney levee, Madieon, 12.CO0 cu
bic yaids, $100 depo it
Prop-gals for tbe above named
works mcs be separate, and etch pro
posal meat be Bicned by the person
making the si me, and sealed in its
own envelope end marked "Proposal
to build levee in parish '
from ," givir g name of parish and
pe'non making proposal.
B nd wi 1 be required in a sum not
to exceed 6 cents per cubic yard on
the amount tbove cited in the adver-
I tisemerr, vtitn two sureins, wr.o win
be reauiied to mase ia'n iubi.
are each wcrth over tnd above lia-
hili iea and exemptions oi tte amount,
of the b md. ' . .' " .
Tbe hoard reserves the Tight to re
pel any and all bid?, withdraw f -om
tbe let ing suth levees as they may
deem proper, i nd to increase or di
minish tbe offering as they see &K
A depotit of current money or certi
fied bank checks is requ'red for each
levee to the amount above stated,
which ehculd be inc osed in the sealed
envelope, sdd tepi6it to be forfeited
totheBoaidof Commissioners of the
Fifth Lsvee D.strict in case the person
to whom tbe work may be awarded
should f l t o sign the art else of agree
ment and complme the bond wnhin
fortp-e go.t hou s after notice of adju
dicitiou .... ,
Info mat'on es to the locition and
charcerof the work and the terms
of paymmt, as a so blanks for pro
pieas may be oh'a ned at the office
i f theB ad of Btote Engineer.', New
Orleans, La.
Presi d cnt Fifth Lou jiina Levee District
But Decline to Tel I Wbal Ue Know
for Ibe Present.
Chicago, III, September 7. II L.
Leavi t, ex-inan gjr of the Standard
Thee-ter f Sioux Ci y, chartied with
complicity in trie b agination of the
Rev. G.orge C Haddmk, the well
known Iowa probib.tioniat champion,
delivered himself up to the authorities
to-day a id a few h. urs later left here
lor the scene of thn s matioi al crime.
Attorney D. W. Word, tf Sicux City,
bat beeu in 'his citv for a week fol
lowing up clewe. On iVonday Agent
Adams tleg'ahad to Leaviit, who
Was in MOD if, ur, ii'K cim eo
come hero, lit at orce complied, and
surrendered to Mr. Wood. Tbey left
on the roon train for Sirux City. It
is i ot claimed or brlieved tha Leavitt
is ihn niurdeter, but Mr. Wood is sat
isfied tha be knows nil about tbe plot
to commit the mureer, and tbat be
can no; 0'ily tell who tha murderer Is,
hut who Were in the conspiracy. Mr.
Lvavi t has so it is understood, ce
cdntd to tell what he doss know un
til he rsrehes Sirux City and can
make hU statement ta the authorities.

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