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THE SEASON OF 1886-87.
Two Siates Report an Arerage Below
Last Year and I We About
the Same.
Chicago, III., Oct bar 8.-Mal!ory
& r-on, a lire ttoik cjmmiesion fur tl
the Union Uockyarde, fttrLiahes the
followiDit rep:.r on Iho present out
look for tue i-top of cattle and hogs for
the at-acon of 1888 and 1887. Tbia re
poit ia the suruniary of over liOO ie
po;ta received by them from lllinow,
Iowa, T,3i a uri, Wisconsin, Indipna,
Obio and Michigan. The information
conws frtm autive live ftoik shippers,
who are contirAially riding tbroup.ii
tba coun'ry, and who have opportuni
ties to judge tcetraely. The repor a
are baaed on the crops cf 1885 and
iSKfi nnd 100 cer cunt, represents a
fiill averrea crop bb compared. Cattle
ronnrta infinite otly Illinois, Iowa and
Mm:nnri. as n' t euoueh cattle are fed
in the other States mtutioned.tj be of
material bentflt:
Illinois. One hundred and twenty
five nninta in all Darts of the 8 ate
were heard from. Oat of this number
61 places report a fall crop of cattle,
or more than a full crop compared
with 1885-80, while 64 poin a fallehort
of a full crop, and ame ctber points
report 50 poi cent, and lees of a full
crop. Ttirty-one places report a full
ciop cf h .'sa'or more, while 94 places
repoit less than a full crop, and 43
places repoit 0 per cent, and lose.
Seventy oie places report hew as
healthy, no diHeaee at all, and 64
places hogs Ojiug with cholera, at
many places the percentage of deaths
being very large. The quality of hogs
is rot as grod as the crop of 1885-86.
Iowa. One hundred and forty-one
. places were heard from, embracing
every county in the Hiate.
Thirty-nine report an average
crop of cattle with 1885-6
or above, 102 paces leia than a full
crop and seme pltcis 10 per cent, less;
50 report double the number being
fed, but thoBe points are where large
Wa arahoiriff f, (1 that have heretofore
none to market asfecdeis. Fifty places
report a full crop or owr of hegs and
hulow a full crop, no reports
being below 50 per cnt. Nine y-six
poinis report hops as healthy and 45
points as dyirg with cholera. Quality
not as good as 1883-6.
Missouri. Fortv-six places were
heard from in Northern Missouri, 5 of
which report as many cat;le as in
1885-6. At no point is there any more
reported than last year. Forty-one
places report less than last year and
. 29 points less than 50 per cent. 83ven
nlflr-es renort as many hots as in
1885-6. 39 places a shortage
from last year, at:d o:hera 50 per cent
and leas. At 34 points hogs are 6'
ported healthy and 12 as dying
with cholera. Quality not bs good as
Northwestern Ohio, Southern Michigan
and Northern Indiana. Of 75 places
heard from a large cent, report
atove an avers ge crop of both hogs
and corn wito. last year; 42
hIqivh renort heal'bv hogs and 33 say
nogs t.re dying with the cholera, whicn
is very t ad in some sect'ons. Quality
of hogs fully as good as last year ;qual'
itv nf cam belter.
Wisconsin. Of 46 points heard from
15 renort a full crop of hoes and 31
Ihbh than a full crop, and no disease at
all in the State. Quality about the
e l of Pee is bf was teen
aw:iy durum bis lifetim
tains tutich mstor nl that will M 'W
to lovers cf thH i-ecen'ric pwt. Mr.
Flora Adarr.s Dar ing's novel "A Social
Diplomat," a stury cf Washirgtjn lite,
is commerce:!, and promises o be
bright and racy reading. Mrs. Ilrniry
Ward Beecher's "Letter from Eng
land" is dev. ted to "'Swing tue
Sights' in Lo::t'o:r," and b?tides the.:e
f.-aturts there are e till tome fntyor
more pages of excellent popular litera
ture, exclusive of fifty other pages
containing Mr. B ecker's eermon in
England during September a id Dr.
Talmaga'a eerinons at home, bII re
vised hytheniRelvts the entire mag
azine beicg offered at 20 ceuls per
s;ngle copy. MtDs'ord hta it for tale.
Leave Work en Account of a Notice
of Keturn to the Ten
Hour Plan.
A Divaree by ibi Jewish Church
What K toil and How
Far It .
Ths first edilion of Inspector
Byrnea'e ProfrMwnaJ Criminals of Amer
ica. C!bhh11 & O.).. has been exhausted
by advance orders and a second of 5000
copies is now on the press.
A new portrait of Harriet Beecber
Stowe, engraved fom a recent pheio
graph, together with an intereeting
Bketcb of the author by S. I. Kinney,
isTbe feature of the October Liteiary
"ThbStokiksGbandha Told" is the
title of a collection ol etories by Mary
Ti. Pr ne. which Uaeeell S UO. win
nnliliRh at once. Tbev are in Mrs.
Brine's bappieft vein, which has
proved eo a t-active to the young
Edward S. Ellis, one of the most
ntmnlar writers of boys' siories, has
three of hiB bet in the pres' 'i (Jeesdl
& Co. They at e Lot in the ! Mb, Doun
. the Mitiwivoi. at.d Up tlie Tapvjos, and
are full of ae exciting adventure as any
boy need want.
Thb October Literary Life appears in
a new t over designed Dy a nrm
New Yoik artists and engravers,
which areallysdds to the atirnctive-
imu nf thin ntmrisirjB magazine.
is said to be the mobt artistic and
handsome cover design in mageziue
If anyone thinks that aclots are
poor illiterate fellows who can nee no
language but that put into their
months by playwright?, he should
read the two papers by Edwin Booth
in the volume tust issued py lessen
& Co., of Matthews & Button
Actors and Aclrette. One is -on
Edmund Kean, the other on Junim
Brutus Booth. The one on his father
is a tonching tribute to the heart and
the genius of that lamous actor, ana a
most imporlant contribution to the
literature of the stage.
In the October Literary life Miss
Cleveland di?contses on "Vacation
Reading for Girle" in a quaint style,
and has a lengthy editorial in com
mendation of tue American Associa
tion of Writerp, an institution recently
established at Indianapolis. John
Burroughs criticises Oliver Wendell
Holmes, showing bis failure as a
critic, and Claiborne Addison Young
contribute vivid pen pictures of
Elizabeth Peahndy, Bronson Alcot
James Russell Lowell, George Taruon
Lathrop, Rosa Hawthorne Lathrnp,
Christopher Crancb, W. D. Howella,
Julia Ward Howe, Elizabeth Boynton
Hartert, James Maurice Thompson
and Lew Wallac. Edgar Fawcett
contributes a notable paper on "The
Two American Dramatists." and Olive
Logan writes a piper embodying hia
experiences as a householder in Eog
Thb "catching" title of the article
"Is the Stage Immoral?" will insure a
wide reading (or Fannv Davenport's
paper in the -October Brooklyn Maga
zine. Mies Davenport warmly defends
the morals of the stige. Mrs. F. G. da
Fon'aine's "Memories of Histpric
Charleston," a timely anecdotal arti
cle of tbe unfortunate Son r hern city,
that tells many thinis cf Charleston
and her ruined buildings thftt will be
new to hundreds of people. "Autumn
Peace," by Edith M. Thomes, is given
the place of honor in the number,
which Mr. William II. Kideii-g fol
lows with the first of a series of sketchy
gapers on "The Iyal Navy of Great
ntain." An article by Mr. Henry
W. Austin, entitled "Tao Glimpses of
Edgar Allan Pee," narrate the cpin
ioni of Epea Sargent and Judge Bora-
O.. Ottr.bsr 4. Hebrew
circles here are somewhat excited over
the following skry I old Dy n-rman
k'.Qoanr to his Ipjal adviEere: "I was
married three jeara ago next Christ
mas, in Rues's. After beitg with my
wifa about two weeJts i reii uu mmo
n thio pcnntrv 1 1 hetter mv ccnd.t 00
I eot in bus nets here I
wrote to mv w fe tj como and sent a
tic ket. Bbecme. I had in the mean
time started in the tailoring Dueineas
by myself and employed ab utadozn
fir s. We began 1 1 have our troubles.
Mir wifa was verv re'irious and d'd
net attend ti her Donsehold duties as
thought she shuuld. She was to
ligious that she wruld not ccoc on
8 durday, and tht-n she became jea'ous
nf the ehoa cirls. She would fls) g)
down on Sixth stro-t atd taiK aDout
me. Finally ehe declared she wanted
divorce, and to return to the oiu
country. 1 greed to give our
.livnrnA nnd SUM), but liraed hi T iO
think over tne matter. At lart Bne
made me so much trouble that it
broke np my ehop and I went to work
wir.h Mr. Lvv un Uentrdl avenue.
On hia advice I concluded to give my
wife another trial. Finally, three
woeka airo. she said. 'Go see the rabbi
I want a divorce. I replied, 'Very
wall, hut, I want evervthine settled.'
At last I went and saw tbe rabbi and
he advised ma to get a divorce. I sud
I would not do anything until my
wife ws preeent.
"When I cinie home I told her
there were three ways: She conld get
a divorce at ones: if she would etick
to me we would live together, o- she
could get a divorcs when our child
was born. She replied that eue wan:ea
a divorce at once so she could go back
to the old country. This was Sunday,
three weeks aa-o. and we went down
tck the rAhtv.
"I asked what a divorce would cost,
and he said 25. 1 did not have the
money then, but went away, and we
came back tho B8ma evening. I give
him $20. He laid he could not aiv
na a divorce before Thursday, and if I
did not come then I would lose the
$20 anvhow. Tuesday I said to my
wife: 'Drees jourself, nd we'll go
down to the rabbi again.' We did so,
and I ta d the ra ibi : 'Here's my wne.
We want a divorce Thursday.' I sug
gested we talk it over, and I to d her
if nhn wnnM live with me I'd let the
120 go. I asked ber to say what she
wanted and made the same three
propositions as before.
She insisted on a divorce, and de
clared ehe wanted to go back home.
Wa left, and on Thursday morning,
two weeks ae between 8 and 9
nVlnnk. we went to tbe rabbi's house
There were several people there, but
they left the room, except the raoDi,
while we af ain talked it over. My
wife wanted the divorce, saying she
wi.nld leave Friday for home. Sbe
aked for $90, and I 8greed to give her
that and $13 for a ticket. Tne raom
then Raid he would not nive the di
uorrfi unb'BB I cave him $5 more. 'I
sbail lose $20 tor $57' I asked, and he
eaid, 'Yes.' He tben told me to get a
nots fiom Mr. Lsvy, my employer,
saying he would be responsible for the
$h. I refusrd. and the rabbi eaid I
must liive him fromethir c. I to;ik off
mv (diver watch and chain and throw
them on the table. The rabbi took
them bath.
"Five witneape3 were then called in
and tho rabbi wr i te out in Hebrew a
divorce, which al the witne3e.es s'gned.
I suppose the paper was kept by the
rabbi, but am notceitain wuo got it.
I then gave $90 to the tnbbi and J13
to my wifa's brother. Ibe writing
covered a sbeat of paper and aaid that
we could have nothing to do with
each otber and ciuld not live together
again unless we wore married again."
Kraeger, who is a Kussion Jew, aleo
claimed that the rabbi Fa d that uo;n
were free to marry again.
The Herald correspondent visited
Rabbi Hillkowitz this evening. He
presides over a synagogue on 6ixth
street, and is the rabbi alluded to in
Kraeger's statement, A son of tbe
rabbi appeared for him, and admitted
that there was this much foundation
for tbe story. "Kraeaer." said the
rabbi's son. "abandoned his wife im
mediately after marriage in their own
country and ran awav with tbe wed
ding portion given her by her father.
He never sent for her, as he claims,
but was found by the wife's bro'her,
and enamelled to care for her. Lately
it has become impossible for them to
liva together, tbounh mv father, the
rabbi, frequently urged it upon them
He finally gave ibem leave io separate
according to a custom of the church,
but told them they could only t e di
vorced that ia, free to marry again
by tbe usual legal process."
Correspondent It wn only a sort
of religious dispensation lo teparate?
Rabbi's son Exactly.
"And the fee?"
"There is no regular fee, but tbe
papers are often tbe occasion of much
Prominent Jews seen tonight say
they never beard of any such custom
of the ckurch aa is claimed by Rabbi
IltllkowiU, who is in appearance a
Russian Jew, with long black beard
and shaven bead, covered with a
black skull cap and wearing a long
caeeock-like gown.
Chicago, III., October 8. The
great strike of tbe employes of the
Chicago packing houses eginst the
preposition t: return lo the ten hour
woixing day Degan tus mormrg.
Toe Da-kine Irongo owners htd put
up pointed notice noutying their
men that, begmmrg next aionday,
the meu would be expected to work
t?n hours instead cf eiirht hours a
day. This morning a cimmittee of
1500 nun employed by tbe Chicago
racking and Provision Company
waited on the foreman ; 01 the worns
and demanded that the notices be
taken down. Tbe demand was re
fosed. and tbe reiiiment of working-
men at onre left the bnildir g, and
were soon j lined by the 800 men em
ployed in the Silver Horn Works.
1 litis reinforced, the large torce went
in a body to the Armour works to in
duce the men there to stop work
There is great excitement at the
yards, but bo trouble has as yet oc
Hundreds of men were s'anding
about the Pinkurton headquarters this
morniDg, making applic ation lor post
lions as guards. Mr. W. A. Pinkertou
was verv rsticent as to hia intention?,
but said that he had not yet received
any call tor ispeeial uo ica lor the pur
pose of guarding the stockyardH. The
crowd of tt.ikets failed to induce the
Armour employes and the Anglo
American workmen to stop work and
departed without attempting anything
compu sory.
Shortly before 2 o'clock p.m., evi
dently I y pr-concerted action, a'l tte
men employed by the following stock
yard tirms retuscd to wnra and joined
the strikMrs: Armour it Co., John
Morrell. J. T. Hit-key & Co., John
Oudaby, International Provision Com
pany and the Anglo-American raca
ine . Company. There are between
6000 and 7000 of them, making about
8000 in ail wbo airack during the day,
Some of Morrell a meu, alter going
out. decided to return to work. The
strikers at once invaded the placet)
compel them to quit and emp'oyed
violence, which for a time took on tue
dimensions of a serious riot. The
police are now at the ecene and hops
to restore order.
Affairs became more qmot after tbe
arival of the police. It was lound
ttiatsomeof the employes weie in-
inred bv the attack nude upon them,
but none seriously. Three hundred
Pinket t:n men are guarding the houe.es
The representatives ol the rsuoer-
horn Packing House declared that
New York and ether Eastern buyers
were eendine their orders to Kansas
City, which necessitated the change to
tbe same hours here.
Armour & Co. nosted a notice to
night notifying their men to come and
receive their pay tomorrow. Jt is
deemed positive that the houses all
contemplate keeping clorjed down for
a short time at least.
8. w. Meek, attorney for the fciec-
utive Board of tbe Knights of Labsr,
tonight, io belulf of the workingmtn
involved, iswed the loiiowing atate
ent to the press:
"The posting of the announcement
of a return to the ten hour system on
'I hnradav hv the ni' kers. without ex
plaoation. caused the men employed
by the Chicago Packing and Provision
Uompany and tne oiioeruorn voiu
nanv to leave their work, not for vio
lenc'o and mob rule, but thoroughly
organ'ztd for a determined reeutancs
in a fa:r and honorable way; and they
aBk that the people bs not prejudiced
against them by hesty and erroneous
reports of violence written in tne in
tprpRts of tha packers. The working-
men have taken their stand only afier
every offer of a fur and honest settle
ment of their differsnces has been re
fused by their employers.
Contracts embodying the agree
ments already had between tho pack
era and the;r cmnloves have been re-
jec!ed by the packers, and it ia simply
a question of the packers keeping
their ag-eements. They ore on trial,
and not the workinemeo.
The action of the cutters in return
log to their work and ctirrtfully clear
ing np and completing their work in
hnud by the direction of their leaders
aimwR both the pniiit of fairnee s wit"1
which thev regard the iuterosts of
their employers and the absence of all
desire on tboir p:rt to raui-e loas or
waste of the necessaries ot life. It
ahnws. moreover, the perfect organi-
zaiion never before attained by the
workingmen a portion of them re
turning to their work for a definite
time by direciion of their leaders for
the express purpose of saving thejr
employers from loss ol peiishab'e
The wotkiogmen involved ask of
the public a fair and honest judgment
on their actions, and to remember
tbat their interests are the interests of
the whole people of America.
The First Sign
Of failing health, whether In the form ot
Tsi'-lit Sweats and crvouinesi, or In a
tcno of General Weariness and Loss ot
Appetite, should stisrpwrt tne use of Ayert
Barisaparilla. This preparation la moat
effective for glvln; tone and atrenjtb
to the enfeebled rystem, promoting the
digestion and assimilation of food, restor
ing tbe nervous forces to their normal
condition, and lor purifying, enrteuine,
and vitalizing the blood.
Failing Health.
Tmi mri afro mv lir-nlfh ht-rcn ta fall.
I was troubled Willi a iliitrcsMiitr Couch.
Night Sweats, Weakm-is, and Nervoua
netm. I tried various remedies prescribed
bv dim-rent pnynieiuiw, but iieranio so
weak Unit I could not po tit) stuirs with
out itopplng to rest. Sly fi-li-nds reeom
mended ine. to try Ajer's Snrsiinarllla.
which I did, and 1 urn now 8 licnlllir and
stroin; ni ever. Sirs. K. L. Williams,
Alexandria, aimn.
Unvt iiP(i Aver (i S:iriji-- .rittn. in mv
family, for Scrofula, ami know, If it
taken fuittifully, tlmt it will tlioroiiKhty
eradicate this terrible disease. 1 utive also
prescribed tt as a ionic.ui well as nn alter
tlve, and must say tliut I lionextly believe
It. to be the best blood medicine ever
compounded. W. F. Fowler, 1). D. S.,
11. 1)., urecnvuic, icuu.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would be Impossible for me to de
eribe whnt I sullcn-d from Indigestion
and Headache up to tlio time. 1 be'im
taking Ayar a Mtrnmnlla. 1 was under
tho care of various phvVclims and tr ied
a emit many kiiuis or iiiciiiciucm, put
never obtained more tuan ter- joniry re
lief. After taking Ayer's Sarsajmiilln for
a short time, my !cr.dache cNiinpenred,
ml mv stomacn p formed ' -, duties mora
perfectly. To-day my healt'. is com
pletely restored. Mary liai-Iey, Spring
field, Alata.
5 Notice to Contractors.
OK MEM1-H 8 BRANCH ROAD. 300,000
eubio jard of eioavatioa to let la
quantitiet to .-nil site ot outfit.
Ala-, wanrod, bi ardir oullti to aoaom
modal Svebunclreit men. ,
TVyrn-. -Uan.as.
Proposals Wr Constructinc Leyefa.
For Tint ;'th T.oi.ihkxa Larsa UiTai-r, V
OKALI-.I' PKOl'OSAl.-" mil De receiv ! at
O tr e nffl: e of the board of ' oiiiuiissK n r
of Sih Louiriuna Levoe uisinm, ui uim.
Madison iia'itli. La , or at the ofuce pf the
t reliiient, irSKburir, .tllds., lip io li o cii.-k
noon on Monday, the 1st li toy o' Ootob.r,
is!, (or
levots :
Ibe eonstru uiin of the follownc
Vlutual Life Insurance Co.
HICIIAltU A. M'C'UKIJY, I'rcNldenl.
The Largest, StrongeHt and Cheapest Company in the Werld.;
FOUNDRY & J1AC11INE DKrT,l0trt 174 Atliims St., Moniphlc'
Anorez- Deros-
Levee. Lcoility. m ate, it re-
C. its. quired
E. Carroll, 1:I',ikn1 Hki d0
:,uu khi uu
2S0 WO
Kalfi- n. ..
Shti'l-'" H
Mill-r Firlil
l)oer lrk
Lake Concortlia,
ff'o 1)0
2.-5 00
ko no
2(SI 00
220 00
4MI 00
Id) 00
800 0 0
I have beeo greatly 1
prompt uso of Avar'
boneilted by tbe
prompt uso oi Avar Bursupiiruia. it
tone and lnvte(HMt berystein, rcK'iilatea
tbe action of IM utxmuva ami assmiiiativa
orirnns, ami vi. inzci tne niomi. ir, is.
witbotit tloutit, the most rciianin moou
puriller yet dlscovi-rcil. II. 1). Jolmron,
8s3 Atluutle avc, uroouiyn, .
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
by Dr. J. C. Ay or k Co., Lowell, Mass.
fMJa i; s hotue, ss.
President of the Oreat L0UISV1LLK COU-
idd TiillUN 1 I. t'l ..II. no.
he knows of
Wintersmith's Chill Cure.
Orrtcaor Tin CorHisa-JocRSiL,
n. WiirmMitk Sir: 1 waive a rule I have
h..ri-d for many years, the value ot your
remedy iromptinir mo to say, in rei.fy to
TOlir reOUeSC. WOat X anow Ol your v.um
Cure, 'the private assurances nf its ernc-HC
i h.. . .nil rtiA mna tobuii. oi us .anru
had obperveii on Mr. R. W. Mereiith, who,
f... m.ir. IK., flfipon venrs. bad teen tore-
man of my omce. inaucea wo to h it in
say family. Tbe result have been entirely
(atial'netory. The Br.t euse was of two
ears' etanilioir, in which I beliove every
nown remedy had been tried with tempo
rary reliet tue eniris roiurninf periouicanj
mnA with sAninlniriv inoreated severity.
lour euro broke mow m once, ana taore om
i.A.n nn ruAurrenne of them for more than
ii months. The other case was ot a milder
form, and yteiueu more reauuy io omer
remedies ; but the chills would return at in
tervals until your medicine was used, sinoe
hinh t.l m a. now several months, they have
entirely disappeared. From the opportu
nity I hare had tojtuUe, I do not hesitate to
express my belief that you' Chill Cure is a
valuable speoino, ana reriorms ail yog
prom... It It. J 'AALD--AN.
ARTHUR PKTKK k CO., Aiteats, Louia-
ville, Ky.
Iron ami
ttrlnt- Mllla'
t'nints a
,,"vf. - t A--.-::
I ' AaVC
i li m. N Jli fa M a a a
Hi. j lrftn,
Hollos Irost
Him, Xinmi
-ij-."! Kola,
v i ii.tvr.ta.
K. Carroil.
Vsdipon ...
K Carroll,
Concor 'ia,
IMntison .
Mailiion .
Prom als for shove nanitd works must ba
separute, and e ich p -opnsHt must bi siKned
by the iorton ninkinxthe suuie, anu toaira
In its own ourclupe and marked " frnpo'sla
to build levee, til parish
iroiu . riviiik name of Uve. ana
of parinh, and of person n akiiiK proponl.
A doiost ol ourron' inoi.ey. is icman
check is requir.il for ench lev, to tha
amount aliove stated, whi-h should he en
eloed in the sealed enve'op;: d .iemsit
to be forfeiti-d lo Ilia M-.snl ot Coiiiiiibsina
ers Sth Louis-ana l.evce litrirt in cii-o Iba
person to whom tne worn ti ny no uwkroeii
shall fnil t-i pin artic el ot nur.emr'iit, and
comp'etn bond within lorly-eiiiht hours nllor
notice nf sdjudioiition.
ll'itiil wnl tie rruuirou iisium nin mri-
eed live IS) lenls pr-r eiibi-i yard rn tko
mount al-nve Haled in niivenifniioi i. wiiai
two t.) sureties, who will tie ruiuiieu io
nuiVe ostli that lh-y endi worm, over
and above liabilitirs ni.d c.xruiiilion.i, ths
ninunt ot tioml.
Tho Itourd res.r e the riclit to relci"! any
and all bids, witliclriw from luttinv iwa
levees as they mny I'oem i roi-or, and to in
oreae ordiirinih t- e oIlVrir.K us tl ev si e Ot.
lnL rnt'ition as to n i-uiion nnu rnnr.n-ior
of work and terms ol payment us :s .ills.s K
fi rms for i-r i-iai1 . may i-o i btiiined nt lha
otlico of Doard Mute Kn-im-ors. N;-w tlr
lonns. La. 010. C W AUDI Lb. .
I'resi Im.t nth LmiiMana i.evcoi'iKiriri.
Kl .KM.
(Successors In this lepartment to JOHN V ANOUl'K.)
rWrttens for information on AN V TIIINU in either line.
Tlio Planters Firo aiul Marino Insurance Co.
OP M KM I'll I.
j,e In Corasan'a Ilnildlsisr, Ko. 41 NadlHiin Kireel, Memilila, Tenn
0, X. FORTKR, Pre. I JWss. iiVKKi'iiH.Jr., vitm-s-rsisi. i aa. anil sa, '..-i- j
aw n r sja. manBsaanHB nrvivi .
itlKKITOKN-R 11. HKOoks.oi Brooks, Neely A Co.: It. L.t'bVFIN, ofDIIIaril ACofflnt
1). T. POHTER, of fetter Jk Macrae; jiuui uv an i"i;, ., v.
UUDWI. of J. K. Idwln Co. t J. M. tjm; luk of OoodUr A to. ,
4 oiuiuencrel lluilnraH In lnr. ssaas-a I'hmi, Ovr llair miinoa-,
i aiiiiii-i w isi'PiH i v irrnirru.
Also Represents the Rratanriai.D Kia. ol, Mirin.neld, Mass. i Oiokoia Uona iMBPRAiin
rasne r vij4iMy mn.
ly portoct aubatituta Mothart
auil Taathtna. pro-dluooi.-il food lor Uyv
OnMl'ANVi MonTiw
I, T. f AKtABOIf,
0. 0. H1IK. R. A. PARKBB.
J, T. FAR6AS0N h GO,
I. L. V09PM1
f Si
nantlCfu Cnn.umnt voa. Oonvnteacania
I'srf.ot nuulotit In all Waatlng Dlsenaea.
liqiilrn no ooolilnir. our nook, Tho Ca.ro
Hnd FeediKK Ol Infants, mail.d ivue.
DUUBEK, UUODA1.B A CO.. Boeton. Kfeem
II KlMIT.tVTI lis Foil
CORRUGATF.D ?f?lv-N f 'n!?i
Aixd Iron ILnot'iiK
Ubolcsale Grocers & Coiion Facta,
S6ft Front Stroet, MempMi, Tenet.
Oattoa eeastf aed to at will kava oar oarefnl attentloo.
fifvvati ivuvn vi
We earry at all times a wall-
Staple &. Fancy Groceries, WittsB, Liqucr8,Tobj.ceo&Ci(jira
a nit wll lew St. jm
iiTT. A WT. T.TMT?
Si ft fl
u. hnnnln Arllcln Ttiea-rpal
. .. ......... i i nj.
Lopularityoi --wunnr s vompounu ui wu
iver Oil and Lime" bas induced some un
nrinnipled persona to nttetnpt to palm off a
simple arttole of their own manuraoiurei
but any person wno is sunonns trom voukhb,
Onlrls or Consumption, should be careful
i... . nn.rtk.mM tht. arttole. Ihe re
mit, nf its n are iui hest recommendations.
.ml lh. nennrlntiir tins amine eviuenoe on
file of its jrreat success in pulmonary oom
plalnta. The Phosi hate of Lime possessos a
most marvelous nranna powor, . uoi.i mmou
tm n.... nn. 1-1. iver Oil h Dr. V i lior.
It It nresnrihed hv the medical faculty. Sold
by A. li. Wilbob, Chemist, Boston, and
IW, .'1 .
I :4
Monulacturor'sZAgents lor
Iunlol I'rutt Cotton .ln,
mmili:t, smith a
Manufacturers of
Pratt llp Hellsr Ulssa, rKl
rra sssl Wist Hs-aMalrnra,
08 to 104 Toplar St., Mcmphla
T-Pratt HevoWlni-Head Oloi i one
qualed. htock now complote. rrlcel
reduced. Correpondona ano orueri
.olioiUsd. Old llins llepaired In First-
la s Ord . All work guaranteed.
lr. Wind. Water sail IlKlUnlnsj
irof tiuitahle for all kinds of buildinn-e.
Kor prices and estiuialos at faotory rate
oull un ur addruss
m & 440 Main St., and 21 23 Mulberry St.,
Headiiuurtnri for Iron Fcnrji s and Crestini.
(ialvanUed Iron'orolce.Tin Hrol4 yv"".
I). H. Kunsssa Orrica,')
No. ittW Front 't-eet. Y
Menu Ills, Tenn., Stptemher ', lBrKt. I
SKALKIl I'HDl'OSALS-ln duplicate, will
heienelved at 'his offise until n on of
October 11, IMtVi, anil then and there puhl cly
opened, tor the delivery, on barges, oi tia
following app-ozimate vuantitios of ma
terials, via. i
Nino eords ol Willow brush.
Till) cords of Willow or Cottonwood rules.
(Ml lineal foet of Cypress miag.
For ins-ructions for bidding, specification
and conditions nf delivery, S' ply to thai
above address. The right I reject any una
all bids is reserved. ....
hSIlllI H. LKAt'll,
Captain Kngineers, V. S. A.
i and WndlNon Hi : liteimlil. T
rr" I ', 7.- II -
.:'vv F.. '.: O KtiBLorAiHif a sn s
ro ftT. oar. TPONT STREET. MEMPllXS.
ses, Csttte. Sheep
In iimo for over 20 roum ly I'limcrU,
Stockbreeders. nrr.a K. it., i--
Uocd by U. S. Covot nment.
Kounted oa Rollnrs t Book Mailed Free.
Kiimnlirovs Med. 4:o.. 1 18 Kiilton St.. N. T.'
Saliafartory fSeilloment Villi Be
Nkw Yokk. October 8 It was stated
at the headquarter ol the B'riking
atnnar-nttnra and demekmen today
that a aatisfactory arrangnment would
be made with the employera next
week, aa the latter had communicated
with the journeymen with a view to
the nettlemunt ol their mapnie.
In im M jfiirs. Tlie only -o-eeff-lt remeily lut
Ksrvous Dehiiiiy, Vital Weaknr,
end I'niKtratlnn, from .,ver-wi.rlc or oilier i-l ..a
I per vial, orr, yiale nnd li s" vial pomli r. Ir. a
Siil.uUYlRl'nolH'ia ,iri'litpot.Hlo.iriici. M
price. Il.ailir.y.,nllrlei " '"""
Klecla Dr. Melobrtg;, of Baltimore,
President and A.ijoaraa.
A Bpeolflo for all diseases tie
collar to women, such as Pa u
ful, (Suppressed, or Irregular
Menstruation, Leuoorrhwa, or
Hay Fever Sufferers.
The number of people annually af
flicted with this mo t annoying mala
dy deems to be greatly on the increaae.
The euitor of this journal is
an annual victim, and with a view to
di.-cover a specific lies tried numeroug
remedies. Of these "Ely's Cream
Balm" is bv ell odds the qui; kest and
meat uatisfuctory, two applications
groatly a'laying the usual Bymptoma in
the nose and eyes. We wmld recom
mend its use by all auVect to hay
fever, and we gladly bear unsolicited
teetltnnny to itBeffn ienoy in our own
CS8. "Media (Fa ) Record.
Toronto. Ont.. Octcbar 8. The
American Public Health Association
concluded its business this fcrenoon.
A resolution waa adopted that it Is the
opinion cf the aeeociaiion that an ex
amination is to protection by vaccina
tion of all paFsangers arriving trim
Europe, including cabin paisengers,
ha Exacted at all poitiaod in al' caeer,
f-.ven if no raafg of sniallpox have oc
curred on the voyage. A resolntion
was also adopted ttiat all rairs regarded
as euspicioua and capable of having
infection be dis nfected before being
allowed to enter the country, and that
in tho ere ent state of knowledge as
to the possibility of thorough disin
fection it might be sufficient to disin-
frrt the exterior ot the bales at quar
antine stations, and to complete the
disinflation at the manufactories.
AftnrDr. ftteinbere. of Baltimore, waa
elected president of the association
t.Kn meeting adjourned sine die to
jxeet neit year in Memphis, Tenn.
Peof. A. Bavca, M. D , LL.D., edit
or Medical Clinie, Kichmond, Va ,saye:
"Lipbig Co.'s Ccca Beif Ionic ih a
wonderful reconalructivu agent, build
ing up the general flystcm and supply
ing lost nervous ermrgy. in an was;-ino-
dieeaaes and bribeu down conali-
lutions it ia the agent." A Is-) ia female
compliiintu, shaiteied netve?, dyspep
sia ana uwomnees.
If taken durina the C I ANO E
OF LIFE, reat sufforing and
danxer will be avoided.
Send for our book, "Meuase t Woaio,"
Atlanta, tfa
hreron rmtgh. Urnnrliltls. Arthma. IndMrnrtlon 1 1 U
(l.KlR'l TONIO elthout Uelny. 1l hu cure
iS" o'"e woT.V!!i" "J ' l"Ar"",i1,.riri;
fom Impure 1iIk1 aiul eiliausl i.,n. t i. fe.1. will i l -I
iriiiulliia mini llse. anil slowly diirilnir to tl
fl.t,.7!7Jver their Health l.y Uietlina
W or 1'lMl.H t T..SU-, Imt rlelay toilaiiaeriiiis. I
lll.n l-uraa h.n all i falls. Clive. new lit. as
reagih to u cwt MJimUm. lat urunuu.
Pennyroyal Pills.
"IIHIVHKhH-'N K.M:s.irit
Tha Strlirlmnl null OSllT --Onlnt.
bate and always Hslianle. B'',0?'in,?Iri5l"
i. . i ...ii. l,l;.oiiulli:t.i . A-lr.i".
oh your ISri'taa'"' l" " tl letr'
l-.sia-Ii "and tase no other, cr inclose 4r
tamps) to us lot -particulars l "y
rrlurii msll. - r'rl a, JII-
rlx-nr.-r i licmlt-iii .
n'itt m ..v. lu.... imnnrr. tellltli.. s
IxKAimsnnolied by K0. C.U'JODWIN
i- i .
Wiiot-iHe Aitrimn. Bataa, aii
Lata J. T. LaPrade Co
iniiN MoiiaATll.
Late with J. T. LaPrade Co
No. 304 Front street.
Memphis, Tenn.
H.l retired from tha (Saddlery
we are pleased te anaoaaca mour irn
i u aerve vuem " uul ... r , . . rt-. UJ,
J.rl o. In tha eld line, we trust te merit and receive
5? "5.tl ,,l.lin..neralLr that we are now prepared
Returnln. thanks for the very liberal ,"
. v. t.. mnnr invnr. in iiiv inw,
bOllOu laUllii uiiuwaflw iuwu-i
1T. 11 TTufnn Htreet. i t BTempliUa Tenn
W. A. MIMITH, Froprmiwr.
HAiturifrTUBit or
W. A. Smith'i'at. Neparator
p.io-Ib Ei'ilnan Hnller (Una.
Plain 10-Iat-h Uln, and
... ... asnn..j aisA
"it r-ru-. ai acMirr. w---.
t asrAll klndi of Gins Repaired. Bpeclai
Diaoonnt to tho Trado.-M
aal an.l Sa FrossC tat., Mnailila.Taii"
Wholesale rocer, tton Factor
And Commi88iOii Ktarchants,
232 and 234 Front S!., lemphis, Tens
Jakai .lllvaai.
rnoe. OiatrM,
, . Olav k.
.naafft AHB JKFFKMUaf
ATHIT davotai hll whula time to the "elfhipt and lala pt JI OoHoa atratM
1 oar cnars.
,Cotu.o .Warelmuse.'.'S WasMnatoa itrrU
4akt jam ntnllw for t'ia Orlrrlaol 93 HhonJ
Hade la IJuttou, uonsmes and usea. io-srt via-
sunn uih'xoviiiwi ,ii Mj..wt
hiMy.Comjortantl AtwMr-.
ttrhvl. AlmeUlloarlsi-Ilt to
tiHwIll hrlHK you Inroriua
tli in liowtuKi ttlilsSlloo la
biiiloor lerniory. J
T tnm ft, Pn 1
41 Unoolil r
fiostua, ilusa.'
If ' irft-i r ill.. ias.
This- shoo elands hlnher In the estimation of
awrs Uinu i y ol o r in mo worm, n hp
aaniia who vrUUTltWlUUiuyou uionaiiu u yui.
ask lUoiu,
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMl'llIS.
IKstaklished In 18fi0.
I kK.JOHNHON Isaoknowle.lirndhyall i-ar.
I r iIm. I ii l ii res l eil as bv fur the most sue-.
eessiul physician in the troamieiitof privata
oraeoretdiHoiisos. liuii-k, permanent ouraa
uarunteeil In every case, mine or i.ii-.io.
Keoent canes of Uonorrhea nnd Syphilis
oured in a fi w days without the use of uier
eury, chunire of diet or hmdrant-a from
business. Heoondary Byrhilis. the last vea
tiao eradicated wltho-itthe ue of uereur.
Involunssry loss ofheinon stopped in short a
timo. buflorors from iuiimtenoy or loss of
seiual iiwnrs restore to tree vianr in a row
woeks. Vinlillll 01 sell-aiiuse sun eaeerei.w
venery, sutioring iroiu ein'riiniioiiuoi.
loss of physiiml nd mental nower, Sieeilil
and perniiinoritly cured. I'lirt'oular att.io
tion paid to the I)isones ol vtoiuen, and
cores auariintrod. l'i-es and old sores c-u'ea
iihimi tho ui-e of i-HUstio or iho knifo. A il
consiiltiit'oiis strletly cirllilontial. Mulr
cines sunt by espioss to all parts ft too
oountry. ...... i.
aerWorKinmnen enreu at nan ine wsubs
rates. Olhce hours trom ho k'o-k a.m.. "
o'clock n.iii. p. ii. J ( HI N SO , tv..
Oil?".,;.l. ....
Mr. fliu. i-.uT iT.tuirw ir-.
ii.-. '.-liflliri-ii. r.o' r-e.
i . ;e.iii,iv-iie:'ori.iiori,e I.I0I3-.
r -iA Kojla. 'faWoa. CUaifl
' i'En Book Cases, Loungtt;
'ancy Desks, c,
i loo. llonlMnl
tree. 1-o.liure 4
T JioJla, 'fah
j'tVjy" Witj Book C'acc
frr:? l. 'i""" '8 Letter Press
tarife'Ji Pi-'l Ladius' l-'an
lja--lv-H-K? , ;i".t o.i
imiiiI. (Vl.
KK4l,(H.-lll. e. c.
- W sof. HsKva sxu IRia lataTsttat,
a guaranteed speoifio for Uysteria, Iiit
ness, Convulsion's, Fits, Nervous Neural
gia, lieailaohe, Norvc- Prostration, canseil
by tha one ol alcohol or tobacco: " "
fulness, Mental Depression, BoHenlaa of ta
Brain, resulting in insanity and les. Ing to
mlsory. decay and death; Hrematnra ' 4
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power la either
Iuvoluntnry Losses and Spermator
rhea, can ,, I by over-osertlon of tha b.-aia.
sell-abuse or overlndulaenee. aaoh boi coa
tnins ono month's treatment. 11 a box, o
six hoses for ftf, soot b Dia.il prepaid, oxr
receipt of nrioe. We ejuarsntce bi Doiea
to oure ant oase. With each order ro-eivea
ey as fo' sis boxes, aoonmpanied wit';
we will eood tho purchaser our wnttea.
tuivrxpt-e lo refund tho money it ttr treat
ment due ot eifoat a ou'e. Ourauteei
Issn'd o. A. KKNRKfX Jtt'tr.. Drug
gists, 51eminiiTeriti.
.TrTTTv! l" I--I i:i'-i I'. I'"""'1"
. ". j -1. . hi" ' ii i j
r ;;7 ,'. . . v !' ' 1 " i-., it'-r. t

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