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SAT LED AT, I t OCT. 9. 1886
BOBBRT L. TAYLOR, of Washinfton.
JAMES rilELAN, of Shelby.
isaisiA ti re ticksi.
EX-VT. A. B. HilUR.
Tbla distinguished Tennrssean will
duress the people of Memphis to
night on the political hsues of tbe
day. Gov. Marks la one of the ableat
and mofet elcqnent speakers in the
State, and there should be a general
attendance of Democrat tonight to
bear fcim. He deserves, and mill
always rtcive, tho cardial good will
of the people of Tenre ste, for the
8tat never had a wortlrer or more
iaithfol eon. Gov. Marks will speak
at Jackson en Monday, and in MUd'e
and Eait Ttnresiee nntil the election
The Democratic party lias been in
power lees than two yours and during
that short porlod it has shown Us de
termination to legislate not for nio
nofKjlio, but to protect the p:ople
;, When Jxmisiaca was purchased by a
Democratic President tho opposition
condemned the purebajr. The Dem
ocrats annexed TeiRS in defiancu of
the hostility cf all the factions that
opposed Democracy. ' It was through
tbe ins'rnmentality of the Do mo
cratic party that California . was
acquired and the immense ' do
main cut ol which new States
and Territorial S a:es have been
carved, and out of .(whch.,(iUer Terri.-
(ttiorial governments and Stales will be
oraanizeii in due conrea of time. Tne
Democratic parly has not only ac
quired the territory which hai con
tributcd to the wealth and area cf the
country, but it has shown its willing
ness and ability to secure to the peo
ple the land it obtained for them
Since the inauguration cf Cleveland
the Demccrati have restored to tbe
pnblio domain 60,482,240 acres of land
which preceding Republican Con
greeses had granted to railroad
corporations which failed to comply
with the conditions of the grant?
The Vorty-e'ghth Congress passed billi
restoring 19,010,880 acres, and the
Forty-nitith Canvress passed bills re
storing 28,b71,3G0 arret. There was
also a contingent forfeiture of 2,000,000
acres, more. This represents 78,878
square miles, r,r 315,672 farms ot 100
acres each. The extent of these re'
stored lands will be butter understood
when it Is known that they exceed the
area of the six New England States
and New Jersey and Delaware, with
enough territory left over to make two
such States as Rhode Island. In ad
dition to the for eitums actually made
the Democratic Home has pasted
three bills which p.oprsi to restore
38,430,941 acres more to the public do
main. There are alBO on the House
calendar, with favorable reports from
the Committes on PuVic Laudcdlls to
forfait unearned grants winch involve
13,067,214 acres additional, Adding
those already forlt itod.end those which
it is proposed ti forfeit, gives Ilia ag
gregate cf 101,080,3iir acres, or 15'J,
344 rquare miles, equ il to giving farms
of ItiO acres to 037, S77 families. In
addition to all ths, Demccra'lcfxpet.
ditures for the Inst fiscal year wero
thiity milliont of dollart leu than Re
pub. lean expenditures during the la-t
year that party was in pontr. Theee
two items alone wake a very g od
showing of what the Democrats have
done, for tbe peoole. This record
ehowa tht tbe Democratic patty ia
truo lo tvraditioLS. The Republican
party organized ritigi ai d s ole ths
public domain, but the above figures
show tbat tbo DetntcrAtic party is re
covering much of the squandered do
main. We repeat ths Dttnnciatic
.party is the perty of the people. It
has always favored the acquisition cf
territory I r the occ upancy of the peo
pie in teed of railroad monopolies.
Foryeaisthe corporate finances ol
N.sw York have been spoils for one r.f
the worst fang of thieves that ever
ctirsd a country. From Tweed ti
Jahue raactli'y hasteau triumphant.
Yet New Yoik, dor key like, has
cairod its horrible burden. It has
nft?red a bray of indignation at times,
then gone on benrinn its load. Tho
nom ti'tion of 11,-ury Geoigo, tho
author of tin jutt y celebrated Progrm
and 1'urirty, shown that a chatiga is
comitg. A mi oiiug at Chiiker'ng
Hall wi'B 1 eld h f v evenings ago, and
ti e N w York pnpeia coucnr ui de
ter, bing ile c:owJi il attendance and
the ca.er en h; tvucm of the poo
pK Amoru the on the platfoim
were tho R -vi. J. V. Kramer, O. F.
"Wiigat", lleher Newior, Dr. Mc
Ulynn, L, F. 1'os' aud Father D. ugh
eity, a'eo Ttoff. D. Leon, Davidson,
Boo'.t end ISrripby. Crowds waited
long btforu tho doors wero open
Evt ry ftortion of the iiuiK-ive Lall
Wis tilled, including tie pHt)
sages between the Feus, tie
lobby end tie stairway?, aud
tho pillory w.s 11 Ld with ltdm.
The sj eatera as they made a telling
?cinrk were ajiplnuded with (he,
keeue st enlhus'u s:n. The Uev. Heber
.Newton nude a moat effective speech
upon "the workman's fiiend," their
candidate for Ue ollice of mayor, a
. gcni.ua pt rare ability, who would
dri-re Uishonesty and theft from the
stations ihat supplied lhair opportani
ties for plunder. Mr. Ge-nge bad for
six years been sharply antagonized,
but cone bad detected a flaw in bis
unblemished character. He bad shown
witdom, ability and fidelity, acd was
candidate possessing sound seme
and a conscience. Mr. New'on jointed
out the wrongs and neglect toward
the poor, manifested by the cily gov
ernment. Fifih avenue and other
aiiitocralio parts of the city are so kept
that a lady can walk along
them 'with ont lifting her dress,
bat where the working p opln
retiii i tbe streets are fi'tby, sicken
ing and nnaanitsry. Political
ptrties are wrangling ever dead issue',
bat now qaeetions of sncial life most
bs taken up, and social al uses abol
ished. Frof. Scott said he bad left ths
inlet of bis stady for tbe first time in
forty years, to advocate reforms which
the election of Mr. George would se
cure, toe uev. vt. Hcuiynn spots
of Mr. George as a man who would
execute the law fairly and honestly;
I her was no office in the United
States that wculd net be honored by
bia accopling it. Father McGiven,
who was icceived with an outburst of
applause, sharply s4irr.es the pbar!
sees, dudes and mugwumps. Vr.
Newton mad a a telling point in his
speich hon be raid: "e'ome perpl
h&va heu turning up their highly
cultivated Doses at him as a liter.iry
man, as if no special mental force were
reeled to write a baok that has teen
transla'ed into a l the languages of
Kuropf. O.her objectors say he baa no
orj.apir,ing ability. Who knows tba'
hehasnotT Hasheevor beengivsn
atrialT There is a man in the Pre
idealial cl a'rloul che'eiing agaitst
whom this eame cry was tained when
be was before tbe p.ople. But now,
afrer a goid trial, he has shown wis
dom and ability, and the country
thinks he is doing pretty well." Here
we have clear proof that the people of
Now Yoik are nrou?ed at last. Such
a meutlng as that at Checkering Hall
la the beginning of a movement that
will not die ont, and Mr. Gtorgo Is the
nest' candidate' for Mayor New York
has cvar kin", and, be it remembered,
be was brought out by tho working
At the recent meeting in New Yoik
in advocacy of Mr. George as candi
date for Mayor, tbe Rev. Heber New
ton made a remark that deserves
earnest attention. He said "he hoped
this waa the beginning of a national
movement toward introducing tbe
social problem into politics. The great
parties were splitting on dead ltsues,
B;tb wero afraid of questions of the
day social question?. It was time
these quealiona weie briught to the
front, for In them lay the liberties of
the pnople, Every gnat iesue had
been docided by crystalling sent
raeut around a single thought. Let
tbe public thought be centered on
thia anbject, and tbe temperance and
other quoaliona could be taken up
later. No one reed fear frcm such an
agitation the establishment oi a per
manetit class party in this land. Tbe
interests of labor were not those of
c!ais but of the country: and tb
trno interests of capital lay in
wider distribution of wealth." In all
manufacturing countries the qusstiou
of labor has assumed ominous im
portanoe. Strikes, tumult", socialism
and tbe reckless diabi llsm of the an
arobis a are tbo fruits c f tbe Hurts of
labjr to free itaelf if the shackles of
leifdoni, which have clung to it es the
baleful heritage of ths dark ates rf tbe
lB8l. Even our own fair land has net
etcapod remnauts of the old strfdom
and no cluflng of the base bonda of
ths serf will the American working.
man submit to. Late events have
told us what tho.'e men ran do to tlifc-
turb the conn'ry and to obsiiuot tbe
wheels ol commerce. Those efforts
urn only precursors of coming d sas
torn. When tho working population
tho grand majority, band together to
cast their ballots against the rich, to
change ths lawa that protect property,
and to move taxation from the toller
and eaJdle it upon the capitalist, the
danger cf delay in contenting the
working people will ba only toj evl
dont. This is why far seeing men lik
the Rev. Heber Newton claim prece
doocs for social questions beyond all
others. They are the actud pressing
qnohtoDP, and Jonly ;the b ind
ness that will not see can
fail t) peictive it. The
labor qaettion ia a living and ever
present one. Hard limes, the pres
sure of want, the arrogance of tho
rich who have descended to banphti
nes, the difference made between the
rich ar.d the poor in tbe admiuintra.
tion of the law, and the galling sting
thnt tbo poor endure from tbe boirt.
lets or thovL'htless assunutiens ot
wotlth, ate inciting never ab.en
ami rets ihU supply life to SJcial difi
( out nt. With suck causes ontinu
ally lu opeiation, tho labor movement
will every y tar became mo-e formid
able, unless wise policy and s'ric
juatiro remove the ciiuses ol dargnr
ibat are impending. Where th
cau'.ea ol discontent are not removed
tie a irg Bnd chafe and nnueaing ir
ritat'on will keep d scontent and the
sphit of risis'anco alive. His'ory
tems win txampes snowing
that contluuod irritation, unrelieved
provekes an opposition tuat can
nov.r he put down uctil the suffer
era bio dia l with wisely and justly
or Ho'r.e, like tbe Itreuch a century
ag, what they consider their righ
iu their on mad way. How hope
has has eppeared the cause of Ire'and
Yet haughty England, with all it
might, is today compelled to undo th
pa t and to satisfy the demands of the
tret ont. Her army and her ships are
an powerful as ever, but today "the
P"or Irish" are mere powerful still
The labor problem, unlets tolved, will
reach a crisis tbat only fools can con
tsmplalo witkjut dred,
The Total Somber of Delegates En
titled to Seals In the Con
vention 755.
Richmomp, Va., October 8. The
morn.nga ssion was devo ea to dis
cussing tbe repoit of the Committee
on Credentials concerning th bt. Louis
contorting deleitadona.
At tbe atternoon session Mr. row-
der.y's address was finally read and
tbe report ol tnecommitt appointed
to investigate the cess of the Home
Clnb, of New Yoik, was made and
tooted. With regard tor the nature
of that report Mr. Powderly declined
to lurnisn any inlormaMon. uomaut
tees were appointed upon law, ap
peals and grievances and upon tt e
state of tbe order, and a spe
cial committee upon the dittiibn-
tion of resolutions. O ber busiaess
which earns befors the convention
was appropriately referred. A resolu
tion was adopted providing for tbe ai
pointmentof a rpecial committer t
ake into constdeiation tnoee par s r i
Mr. Puwderly's a ldress whicii rehte
o tbe education and t 'amine of youth
for the performance of their duties as
citz-uiH. A teeolu'ion was aleo
(1, pto I auihoriing ihe appointment
of a special ccmmittae ol five to pre-
are ar.d send a ttlegrarn to ome
prop r person in rrovidenc?, K. 1 ,
to regard 'o tuo umitatioiis ot Hi)
right of euffr.g) in tke State. Toe
commiltre dralt d and sant the fol
lowing communication:
To Chnrlm K. Gorman, Chairman of tbe
Kqual Klglili Democratic Aarociation,
l'ruvldenoe, H. I. : .
Tbe order oi the KoigV.acf Libor,
u odr,rn aiaembly convened at Rich-
moi d, Va., indorso yonr eff rts in be
half cf tbe elim nation of utiiuet die-
criuiinRtion from the constitution of
your rotate, and pledge its mo al sup
po't to you until success is achieved
Tne o immit es was ilso ctrecteu to
a?nd a similar telegram to the District
of Columbia, ia view of tho dulran
chieed condition of i'l inhabitants.
This committee was appointed in ac
enrdance with a resolution at the
Cleveland Assembly. Mr. Powderly
was anown tiniKlit a newspaper con
taining a telegram from Montreal to
the effect tbat deegatea are about
to ba sant bere from tan
eda to consult with him as to
the possibility and expadiencv of
so changing the constitution of the
Knights of Laocr as to render it unob
xttiocabla to the Roman C.tholis
Chuich. Mr. Powderly said tbat he
bad received ni information with re
gard to it. He alei denied the truth
of the B'atsmont published this morn
ing to the tllct that ri calltu ldBt
evening upon B shop Keane, of this
city, for the purpose of cor suiting him
witn reterence to toe atiairs ot las
order and with reference o the
position taken by the Knights
of Labor upon tbe color quee
tion. He said that he had called
socially upoa the Bishop, as ha had
been accus'omed to call upon tbe
clergy of any city in which he haft'
pened to i), but tbat he bad no con-
vera tion with him concerning the
Knights of Labor or the color quo
tion. Now that it ia known exactly
ho are qualified delegates, it Is b und
that the total number entatled to seata
in tbe convention ia 755; number
present. 710.
It is understood Ironi ucotticiat
cources tbat the report in the home
club casts ia satisfactory to the mem
bers of the club aud iis friends.
In the l.ane for the Prnt So
Mmit Neat Tear to Plajen
liricuL to tbi arriAt,.)
NASiiviniK Txnm.. Octi ber 8. The
Htu'liern Ltague beld their second
day's suesion todav. A motion that
the season of 1887 begin on May 1st
and close October 1st was adopted.
Mr. Kerr. Irom tbe commit ee to
look Into dropping one ( f tbe clubs at
present holding a fra-chine in order
that Mobile or Birmingham crvght be
admitted, rep'r ed that they bad con
aidoreJ the mht'er and deemed it ad
visable to let the whole thing drop f r
the present, and asked to be die
oharged. Tbe lept rt was adopted.
The q ut b tion of fixing the limit to
which clubs should g in emp'oying
playi rs was taken up, and the dia sua
sion which fodowed was participated
in vory ea'niatiy by every gentl-raan
preier.t. Meters. Tupper and Wood
advocated the adopti n of an ironclad
provis on on thia sutiject, and if ibis
tou'd not bs done, then let it be an
opeu flidd and a fair fight.
Mr. Tupper offered a resolution fix
loathe limit fr players' salaries at
$175 per month, and tbat the rules be
enforced, but he subs qnently with
drew it. Mr. Wood said that unless
thero were stringent provisions in thia
rt gard the sma ler cities would be
practical y al tne mercy of the larger
ones. In order to barmenias all in
terests. Mr. Tupper mads a motion
tbat the salary limit bs abolished.
Tne resolution offered by Mr. Rjan
tn continue the rule a'lowing umpir.B
f 200 per monto, and they to pay tbeir
own exptn-es, provoked a spirited
dm' uaa on. It was adopted.
The president waa requested to con
fer with tl e Conference Committee of
the leaaue ai d as-ociat on w tb a view
to s 'curing i r vpctim again next Rea
son under tbe N ti nial Agreement
Uo'nra the motion to adjourn was
put, I'n sulent Morrow said that he
deeired to thar.k the delegates lor the
honors couleired on him and the
Naahville Ara c a'ion,and to congrat
nlhti all upon the sloiit us work wbich
bad been accnmpliahed at this meet
ing in t'i int rni'. of the Southern
League. In rvgird to himse f be wcu'd
etriva to advance the mte:ests cf the
league in evoiy honnrablo and leititi
mnt) minner and hoped that when
the season of 1887 was brought to-a
close tin re would be no came 'or regret
at tbeir ec ion in electing him their
exfeutive ofllcsr. Hj would eudeavor
to iiiplituts tome radical reforms in
the manner cf urnpiiinc, ec ring, etc ,
and would lo. k ilo;oly into all cliargi a
of nvsconduot upon the part of man
agers and players. They could U
r.at a'Bimd tt at tbe auur.n f the
league wi-u'd be coi ducted iu anch a
ma air ts to n fl c' credit and hnnor
on ttie gi'iit tmna who coinp sod the
orjun's tion. The meeting then ad
Tho 1'iidilluK H'auin to Wet lalo ttao
laraouLTOTaa arraiL.I
Birminuham, Ala.., October 8.
Muci d aappoinimeni ia felt in base
ball circles at Birmirghnm'a failure to
get a p ace in the fcoutbern league.
An effort will bs made to buy the
f racchice of some other city.
Oamea Yrrdy.
At Washington Washington, 2;
Kan? as City, J.
At Philadelphia-Detroit, 11; Phi'
adelpa, 0.
At New York-New York, 4; St.
Lonis, 2.
AtBotf;n Ccftin, 7; Chicago, 0.
At Cincinnati Cincinnati, 14; Bal
timore, 8.
At Louisville Athletic, 11; Louis
vil r, 8.
At St. Louk Brooklyn, 11; S:.
Louis, 7.
a. I
Reports ea Ralni-le A Fa ad for
(inarch Extenaloa List or tbe
Blameless Saperaaaeiailei
Isrxouh to ths arriiL.I
Clabkbville. Tbnn.. October 8.
In attendance, the tnird dav's se a on
of thetoofereuce has notciflered fiom
its predecessors. The building is
cowded to its capacity. A fra'ura
this morning was tbe "'tendance of
the joung ladies of the famale eca.r
emy, a school, that was for maty
years under the care of the Tarn e3tei
To.tay it was found expedient for
the expedition of busiin es tbat an
atternoon Bibs on ba l e u since ine
rne-'tingtf the Liahops' cabinet was
Tbe Leeds of the mission in Brnr.il
were net forth in a letter frcm Misr M.
II. Wat s,-in ctargd of tbe mintion
fcliool for girls at Riv'clcat
Her petition was referrud to the
Board of Missions. The' report
of the trustees of Cnlhoka AadBmy
as referred to the Biard oi Educa
tion. Qnottion 20 "Are all tho preach
ers b'ameless in their life aad official
ac'ministration?" was taken up. As
tbeir names were called acd character
prssed upon, e ch preectior reported
bis year's work, and in remark
ably few irstances wee les es io
membership rep Tied. Tneir reporm
on fa ari s waa in interesting feature.
Not a half dozen re c jived $1200. few
went to 4700, and many to $'.i"0 and
$400. In tome instances li tla more
than half of tins aaeeeemont wes
paid them. 'The class of traveling
preachers mentioned yeater.iay were
admitted into full cnnecion. Ar
rived before tbe alter Bishop llendrix
aiked them the s archirg quttions
cf admission, and delivered a most
profound and ab e charge npon their
new relationship to tbe church.
A resolution was passed pledging
$5(103 as a conference fund to tho
Board of Church Extension. An an
peal was made for tbo Co'lege for
Young Men at Pueblo, Col. One
thousand dollars waa wanted, which
Bisbop HmJrix a nurtd its agents
would be f ntlicommg' The Rev
Julius Mctiitth, a converted Jew, of
the North Ouoriiia Conference, ad
dressed the audience on the coaver
tion of Hebrews to Christianity.
Tbe afternoon s&iion was taken up
in parsing on those who sustain su
pernumerary or euperanuated rela
tione, and on the lives aud 'character
of tbe preacher.'. All tboBe whnee
ctses were yrsierday referred to the
Committee on Conference Relations
were granted eunerannited or super
numerr relations. The following
preijcberS were in active wcrk
nfsed tippn end their lives found
b'ame'eBs: W. J. Collier, J. J. Corner,
R J. Ciaig, A. T. Ciawford, J. W.
Cullara, T. S. Cnllum, Jos. T. Curre,
ft h. JJ.irnall, Jno. M. Currs, E. K
Denton. A. (i. DinwidJie, W. G. Dor
is. W. 11. Don. W. J . Dye, J. li. ft
win. J. W. Farr s, B. G. Ferrill, T. B
FiBhr. O. P Feink, C. S. Gahard. W
H. Gilbert J. G. Gibson, A. T. Good
loe, W. W. Graves, R P. Gray
W. M. Green, G. D. Gwinn
R. M. Haggard. C. G Haliburton
J. M. Hxmlin, J. R. HrriB, B. F,
Haynes, W. G. Hens'ey, J. W. Hens
ley. C. ft. lleruef, w. li. Hickman
J. G. Hineon, chuuman of the Gov
ernmout Board of Finance, made the
agneahle etateinent that tt.ey were
now able to pay borne missionaries
their fall salaries
In New lersey-Mtale Trinrln
Ordered lo InveMlaale,
Caudkn, N. J , October 8 Pleuro
pneumonia recently made i's appear
ance near Vincctoan, Burlington
countv. and 't ht-s epread to an alirn.
Ire extet t. The State Boaid of Utalth
hts at'empted to eradicate it by kill'
itg infected animals and quarantining
berds.Dai caws ate bti'l lounn tbrougn-
out the rountv. B'a'e Vetennary
Surgeon W. B. Miller, of Camden, has
bten ordered by the Government De
partment ot Agriculture to examine
into thn cm ag on and .report tu the
national bureau.
Ho Cattle ! I la the Hlasrttoa
(uni.) District.
Kingston, Ont., October 8. The
American Consul here, having b en
atked by the United States Gov. rn
ment to report if any dieea e existed
among cattle in this district, made b
close ioviBtig&tion and reported in the
ne gatl ve.
Aaawera an Appeal of Ihe Knights
of Labor.
. Wabhington, October 8. An af er
no n pnpr Bavs a t legram was re
ceived at tbe Nsvy Dopartment from
Sfcrctary Whitney in response to tbe
appealaol tbe Knights of Labor and
other organ a .in.ns and irom tnaivid
lia s, aikmg ti a interference to setuM
the re'ns'atement nf dischmged em
ploves c f the Washington Navy Ya d
lie autboiizes the reply ti all stub
appals tha' he will not hin s lf inter
fere and will not permit eii her ofti ia's
of tl'e eavy dep rtmnt to interfere or
r xr-n ise any intlii -tire in this matt'
The KBpont-ibi.iiy for the removl
reteutiou and iipprin'mntn at the
navy yard mui-t be left entirely to the
olliceis of the yard, who are direct y
reeponsiD'e mr tne worx.
jropntby for SorlHlint.
Milwaukkk, Wis, Odo' er 8 At a
large y uttended mee ing tonight R
ert Scbi'lirg, S a'e orgn;r. r of the
Knigl.ts of Libor, dennumed tbe pro
rosed execution of tbe Civc go en
arctihta as an or tmgc as infamous as
tlie hanging of John Brown. Hs mid
eympathired with ancinlista. Ti e u
tinietit met wi'h uproarii us nnplons
from th"ee pres-nt, many of" whom
were Ku'ghtsof Labor.
Bapllat Amiirlailitn of Arkanaaa.
arciA-u TO THI APP1AL. I
LiTTM Rik-k, Ark., October 8. The
Carotins Bant st Association of Arkan
sas conver ei tomorrow at KlPaei
White county. The introductory Ber
mon will be preached by the Rev. Dr.
A. B. Miiler, of Little Rock, one ol
the ablest Baptist divines of 'the State.
OCTOBER 1), 18S6-
Ilie Acgregatei of Clearings yome-
thing Over $200,000 000 More
Thau Last Week.
New Yobk, October 8 Pn'clal
-It grams to BraiLtrft'i, while r-t ord
cg a moderate check iu sales cf some
staples, as txpected-at this time, make
plain new evideLC4 tf the excjp ton
ally hiavy volume of bnekess. The
hank cleariDts now bee n to reveal
the fall proportion! of commt-rcial
transaction, wi h a veiy heavy total
for tbi' ty cities. Daring the ennent
week, as tsnecial v wired to
Braditrert'i, the aggregate clearings
are $1,200,255,487, agiioat $ 998,843,628
last ween ana VJio.TiH ido in tbe like
week of 185, shoKiogsgin of 20.4
per cent, this week and i.f 28.1 per
cent, ageinst last year. Heavy deal
ings in the New York stock market
ill account lor a tbare of thia in
crease at New York, th total fjrthe
wee a amounting to 3,2UiJ,0U0 shares,
against 2,845,00J last e.k and 2,397,
OuO shares ia ibe like week of 188)
and 1,150,000 in 1834. The lotil earn
ings of foity nine tailways for SepWu-
oer repotted to ISratUlneVi is JU.oU,-
000, egninat fl8,C65,iOJ in 1&85, aud
$18,124,000 in J881. For nino months
he Bgnregnto is $129,5t)8.0i;0. or So,-
258.00U mure than in 1884, and $H91,
100 more than J885. Tte Hxw Yurli
sttck market was ec iva, f verieh
and iiliei.C3(l by a highly spjeu-
ative foiling. Prices t.dvauced
iiiegulaily, alinough totvaid tue do e
cf tba m.iritt a qu.et.ir foling pre
vailed, li nida were h'w, money vi-as
extieu.ely finu and furtiyn exchange
was week i.nd close to the old im-
p :rting p.mt. The talis of dry gojds
.ottoti, wool, a: d to some clcgiee ol
lumber, bitve been somewhat checked,
bnt tbere remains couli Jence on ail
eiJe8ofagcod demand in tbe, near
future. Pig iron U now $1
per ton Ligher in all diieu-
iions. boutai-in and vveitern
furnaces are bi-avily so'd ebetd,
and a demand for 300 t no from a
dozen consumers iu New York for
early delivery would put No. 1 np $2
per ton. rot tbs grade is now
Hhked, with a pryb-oiiitv ol $20 by
January. Dry go. da are firm. Piint
ciotus are higher, and brown ana
bleached Bhee.ings are fractionally
hiuher. Stocks arj Lot increaiiug.
Wool ia quitter, but strong. In spite
uf speculative buviug, home prions
are below loieuu. ine lots oi
cotton in Texas by the late storm ia
repotted to amount to over 3U,0CU
baies. ftaumates ot tne loss to me
Western tobacco crop ate placed at
Irom 5 to 10 per cent., Lou aville re
ports inclinu g to the lower figure.
There appears to be come couht
as to the extent of the Iocs by
fiost in the Viigima ar.d Notth Caro
lina tobacco regions. Cctton and to
bacco, as well as petroleum, remain
dull, featureless and without material
change in price at New York. Hog
products aie depresied and lower.
There ia no feign of a gain in wheat,
deepite the late excellent export de
mand. Receipts at the Wst and
Northwtst have declined some. Flour
is depressed and lower, with contin
ued heavy foreign coueigomonts. Tbe
industrial situation is disturbed by an
extended etrike and lockout of textile
operatives at Philadelphia, a threat
eued lockout cf knitting mill 1 ands in
the Hudson R.ver Valley, acd the
threatened strike of 20,010 pork pack
ing employe at Chicago against the
enforcement of the ten hour day. Tbe
improved cans crop prspec:s have
fuither depressed sugar, and intnasd
receipts ol cc ti'ee have caused a de
cline of ic.
An Fxcnrniou Pari) to Union Cily
lo Hear the Taylor Brolbera.
IcoRattsroNDEXca or thi apphl.J
Maktin, Tknn., October 7. Mr. Lon
J. hnson baa gone to Mayfield, Ky., io
lemnin eeveral ets.
Mr. Holt and family have returned
home Irom a thne weekb' visit to
frind3 and nhtives in Bradford,
Mr. Cayce, of Fultrn, Ky., has lo
cated in obnin, and is .ubiishiog'tbe
Primitive Baptist,
Mr. Lafayt e Sammme, publiehf r
of the Baptitt Gleaner, Fu ton, Ky.,
was in Mattin Thnnday on business.
An excuri.ion train will run from
Martin to Union City on the 6tn to at
tend tbe epiakiug of the two Taylor
Meaers. Loe and McWhirter are
hauling ihe brick and sand fo their
new two-B"-ry brick, which will he
ericted on Weat Main street.
Mr. Dave P.ieat, Dave Gray and
Willie Tanstl raturned Monday from
Texas, where they bave been tbe lest
six weeke, Bel irg a patent horae de
tacher. ,
Tne infant of Mr. and Mrs. Marian
Gray died on 'ho 3rd initant.
The Methodists commenced their
annual revival meeting laet Sunday.
Mr. Charley Trevatbiao, of Union
City, is now foreman of tbe Martin
Mail. Charley's intelligerc?, good
looks aud polite, gentlemanly v.ays
will make him friends wherever he
CharlMton-BllKbl Shock
Cuani-asToN, 8 C, October 8. There
wera three shocks at Summetville to
night. Reoorts differ widely as to the
intsneity cf the shocks, some residen's
declaring that they were more severe
tligti any disturl ances since Aneut
31et, while ethers repoit that they
were sl'ght tremors.
There was no new earthquake dis
turbance hote today. Busino s ii
sti adily crowing be t-r. The receipt
nf cotton thia week are 9,757 ba ts, is
agninst '2tl,17(i balos in the correspond
ing week i f ltst year, ar-d all cotton
prtsseo are working on full time.
r.arlliqHnke at Hau Cal.
San Dikgo), Cai;., October 8 A
sherp earthquake occurnd here early
thia mrrnii a. The vi'orationB weie
fiom east to wtsi. No Berinua damage.
An Embeaaler Bane.
TCrw fRi kan. La . October 8. A
r.o.inl in tha Titntt-Democrat flora
Natchei, Mbs., eys that ex r-heifl
ftliana. nf (l.onrordia v t sh. La., baa
d eacpeared pending an inves'ig'tion
liU .nihpir'nniont cse. lite fnond
d.ii Iia iq in I til nd. His offic al bout's
mo prevrtited hta arrest some itm
mko, aatbey thouuht he wou.d remain
to atone for hio crime.
An aso.aoo wrntter.
PiTTseiBXP, Mass., October 8.-Con-siderab'.e
exene.uent was ore s on-d
here tonight by a report that Ex-loan
Treasurer Jos'ab Carter ba I been ar
rested for embexa emect of the town
funds. The amount ol the deficiency
Is said to be $30,000.
Sorgliura Brills-
The Han Who Befriended Him la
San rraarlano Tbe a lory or a
Very Wayward Life.
Saw Fbancisco. Cal.. October 4.
No man ever dropped mere complete- .
ly from public sitrht than JWgr. La-ei
s nca coming to Clifornia. Ho came
here with a flourish of trumpets and
for a litlle while appeared fro quently
in public, and l is neme ws oft-n
men ioned iu the r apere. Some wb;s
peis, n. t abogether complimentary to
bis character, however, had prectded
him, but aa it waa well advertised that
he wea coning to Sanx Frnnciaco, it
ws thouht, of course, th't the
ctiurch riiinitaries would extend a
we'coiiie beti t ng so t i(ih en offi ifd
ia tue P. pj'a bo'irebo'd at toe Mori
sigror. Coufcquenily Mgr. Cr pel's
f lluw-travele.-s were mu.h surprised
when the train arrived at Oakland to
find a toliia'y priest, accompanied
by a layman, tue only chuici rpre-
ei-n'f.tivei on hnd to receive
ihe p.i-la'e. Imtead of going to
the Archbishop's residei ce, as other
church dignitariiS have when visiting
tere, Mar. Capel ma le the Palace Ho
M his heaclquart-rs Toere are two
factious in tne Ca'bo'ic Church here,
one headed by the Archb sb.op auo
the other by the Soiie'yof Jtsup, who
have the ex'entivo College of Ut Ig
natius nd own much valuable prop
er y. Owiijk to diepuus, the two
branches are anything but cordial.
Miir Capri fiateraized with the Jeau
lis and delivered several lectures un
der tte r auspicts, tut ws almost en
tirely ignored by other Citbolice. He
waa re allowed to occupy tbe pulpit
in any church. Mny cf the most
prominent and wealthy society penple
aro Romanists, arid Mgr. Capel made
every effort to secure tbe entres into
the charmed circles, but it was almost
entirely unsuccessful. Perhaps the
publishfd statement in tie local pa
i ere tbat he had c me bere expeclii g
in some manner to s core a lare
amount of money to pay hia ebts in
England may have had some effect in
preventing the realization of bU
ambition. ( Mgr. Carel had not
been here long befote turners as
to bis personal hub te, altogether in
compatible with Lis religious preten
tions, were in circulation. A great
i caudal was ciuFed by tha prvlate, so
it is end on gncd authority, woi e un
der tbe influence of a heiny dinner,
making hi way into a resp'cabe
house wh'ch be m.istook for one of a
radically different chnractr. Tbe oc
cupants of the bousn were ddepl v scan
daiiz d by the conduct of the Moneig
tior, end, to make matter j worse, tbe
lady insulted as prominent in the
Catholic church. Capel fiardtv fell in
w.th an Italian Count ntiui' d Valeusin,
who bad married the daughter of one
of the wealthy families of this S ate
named McAnley. Valeusin owned a
beauti'ul tanch on tbo Sicramento
liver, and there Capri took np his
abode, and from that lima was no
mora heard of m public.
in a short time, however, rtranse
rumors were heard benoath tbe sur
face, at d before long tte couits wera
appealed to f ir a e eitlement of d Ser
enes letvreen va'eumn and his wife.
The former made to eecrot of the
condition of sfi'airj at his ranch, but
a id tt at Capel had dehaucbed his
wie and I Token u,o h 8 home. The
ttory cf the prelate's doings on the
Ka.T.imento nver is a long one, bat
the sequel is that Mir. Capel and
Mis Yal. m-in ara now said to be liv
ing thera alone. The affaiis cf
estats are in con'usion and ro
knows what tbe outcone will be.
The lovprvllle Tracody.
UricA, N. Y., October 8. In the
case of the Glnyervilla tragedy in-
qu. sswero held nt tr at place today
upon the bolieiof Berenger, the drtig-
viat who was found dead near the vn- J
lace, and Mre. t-iente', his mistrers,
who was fcu"d dtad in a house of as
signati :n on Thursdar. Tha autopey
on Mrs. Genter showed that herdeatb
resulted from natntal Cannes. It is
piobable that she died suddenly while
with Berenger and tbat he, fearful of
tha c .nsquences, committed suicide.
Botb inquests were adjourned until
Mantoa Surrendered.
Galveston, Tix., October 8. A
sp'cIbI to the Ntw$ from Lsredo says:
Oflicers of Karner county, Texas, to
day received from the Mexican au
thorities the prisoner, Juan Santos,
who ia charted wi'h the murder of
Sheriff K der, of Karner county. The
Mexican Court surrendered San'os at
the r quest of an extradition agent
from Tex 'a. It is thought Santas will
certainly be banged.
Removal of tha RemMns or Ibe Iate
Btaliiion 1'. t'liBwr.
Wabuinqton, Oiitobar 8. Thn a
raneements for the r -moval of the re
mains oi the late Chief Jusiice. l a'e
to Ooio are about to be c mp'eted.
The Jnatices ol the Snrrsme Court
wi'l meet tomorrow to appoint a cobc
mit'ee to repreFect thm in the exr
rioi at Cincinrati. The btr oi tbe
Dietriitof Columb!a will also mee' to
morrow to lake eirnilar action. Tbe
ex- rcines here will consist aimply of
escort ng the remains fiom the ceme
tery to the depot.
Lleblg Co.'g Coca Beef Tonic.
"My patierts derive rrarked and
dejidrd benefit from ir," pays Trof.
J. M. Corricchan.M I, Proleesnr Sur
trry, New York Midical College.
For bad taste in tbe month, bad
b'P' tb, heart' n-n, pain in B'oinnoh
Bt-d bowels, fla nlencv, tonstipatii n
(ym toms of dyspepsia and t:roen
doti d;eebtion).it is invaluatd". Also
in b loitBces-", malaria, debility, liver
complaintp, sick headache.
SozonoKT the ladies pride,
Only rivals it dtride.
Zephyrs of flower latfden air
Only with it can compate,
Doing good to everything,
On every tide its praises ring;
Neglect to use it, ladies wont,
Tbey all must bave their SoaoooKT.
At Chicago Bootlne Bnalnaa
Transacted aad Ad learned to
Chicago, October 8. The Hcu?e of.
Diputiesot the Protestant EpisoOpa
Convention began tbeir third day's
session at 9 o'cb.c th s forenoon.
After the morning prayer the House
wa called to order by the president.
The Committee on Rules and Oder
reported that tha twenty-ninth ra'e
of order ehould read as follower
"Tbai no applause shall ba permitted
duiiug tr.e session of the House," a&d
taut present rule No. i9 should be
cumbered 30. Tbe report if the com
mittee wos adopttd by a vote of 205 to
17 on the fiist clause and unanimot'siy
on the record.
Tim Conimiit30 on Amendments to
the Constitution reptrt-d that they
had Dr. 8ooot'a re;olu:.iou on the
subject of uidformity in the marriage
law hefora it and reported t o e.t they
found no cor stltntinual question and
Btked to be disdiarped.
The R-v. Dr. Hall moved that the
questiuu bs referred to a joint Com
mitter on Mtirri.rgts and Divorces.
Tbi6wn agreed to, .
1 be sme ccmmiltea renoifid tbat
they had the r8olntion of Dr. Adams
before them reearJing tbe reduction
of the number of deputies They re
po'ied that tbe change waa inexpedi
ent. Adop'ed.
The nr. s'dent said the Hoose of
Bisbcps having concurs ot in the mo
tion of ths House of D puties for a
joint commi'tee on the Revision of
the Grayer JJooir, ne wcuto appoint
the fallowing committee: Rev. Dis.
Huntington. Edg-ir V. G.nd, Hall
and Hart; Judne SbefiUy, Mr. Naeh,
Dr. Shattup, Jui'ge Gil Dei t aud Mr.
The Hous) of Depnties then ad
journed, and, being joined by the
Houie of Bjshons, resolved ihemeelve
ioto a B. aid of Mission, the Rt. Rev.
Lee. of Delaware, prendn g. Th or
der of tminesB obwtved at the preced
ing B(8-i' on of the Boaid cf Missions
Wks adopted.
lu the afternoon both houses rgsin
mtt as a B.a d of Mieaions, and after
bejiing the rep rti tf tbe mieeionary
bishops it was annoanced thnt the
hour for adjourning bad arrived, and
the convention waa diimi'acd with the
doxology and benediction. The two
foasts will convene again tomorrow
niorr ing ai a B ard of Missions.
Question in ansa gini our agricultural eom
inuaity. Messrs. H. Q. CltAIQ A 09., Noi.
a7 and 39 Union street, Memphis, Tenn.,
arc daily in receipt of
reports on growth in diversified erontina
corn, oats, wheat, rjo, barley, eereals, and
orohard, herds, el over, tall meadow out
trasa and timothy irans
All our worn out sedge lends may be re
claimed by lowing rje and olever on them in
fall or spring, or toning eow-peas in May,
June or July, then turn under, and
improvo the land.
Agricultural Implements and Seed Dealers,
Aon-ltesiileot .Notice.
No. 6262-In tho Chanoery Court ol Fhelby
county, TeDn. Martin Urifiia vs. John II.
Williams et al. , .,
It appenring from Phe-frl' return in this
eauss that the defendaats, Morgan Wil
liams, W ll lo ti. Vvilliauie and Kobert M.
Williams, are not to be found in his county;
It is therefore ordered, That they inako
their appearanoe herein, at tne Court-Ilous
of bhelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
betora the second Monday in November, 1886,
and plead, answer or demur to-onipluinant'e
bill, or the same will be tuken for confessed
as to them and set for hearing exparte; and
that a cony of this order be published onoea
week for four succesnive weeks in the Men
phU Appeal This 1th day, ol October, 1836.
A copy Attest j
s. 1. uovuw r lib, uiera ana master.
P. T. Tt. nl,lll. I). O. an'd M.
Estes A Warinner, Sols, foi ooropl'nt.
Nen-Resident Notice..
N. 631J-In the Chancery Court of Shelby
county, Tenn. J. 11. Stuait ts. Mattie
It appearing from bill which ts swrrn to in
this oause that the detendant, Mattie Bluart,
is a non-resident ol the Mate of Tennessee
snd that she is a resident of the Territory ot
l'iV therefore ordered, That she make
her appearance herein, at theeoart hruse in
Memphis, Bholby county, Tenn., Ion or before
the first Monday in Docember, 1886, and
plead, answer or demur to aomplatnant bill,
or the same will be tuken for confessed as to
horandset f. r hearing ezpnrte; and that
copy of this order be published once a week
for four successive weeks, in the Memphis
Appeal. This "rh day of October, 1886.
A copy attest: ....
B. 1. mciiu" merit ana master.
By T. 11. Caldwell, Deputy C. and M.
(,wo. U. 1'eters, bol. tore mpl t.
Kon-Ketddent Notice.
No. 6311-In the Chancery Court ol Bhelby
county, Tenn. R. J. Blaok et al. vs. John
S. Hough et nl.
It appearing from bill which Is sworn to in
this cause that the d. tordanis, John brock
ton llounh and S. J. H Hooth. his wife, ore
reeidonts of the State of 1'ennrylvania and
nou-rchidetit? of the State of Tennessee. :
It is therefore ordered, Thut they make
their appearance heroin, at the 'ourt bouse of
Shelby county, in Memphis, Tenn., on or
before tho first Monday in December. 1886,
and plcsd, answer or demur to complainant
bill, or the same wi'l be ttken fur oontossed
as to thorn, and sot for hearing ex parte i ; and
that a copy of this order e publwhod once,
a week for lour successive weeks, in the
Memphis Apreal. This lib day ot October.
1HS6 A copv attest: -
S.I. McbOWKLL, Clark ad Mnster.
By T. B. Caldwell, Deputy C. and M.
J. 1. Sykes, Sol for comprint, sat
B1BLK." TDtroduocioa by Her. J H. Vin- j
tart, D.D. One ajent haild '0 in a town
0(674 people! one 73 In tvvtltage of 7f4; on i
new agent 85 in h dy int i two SJtees-
live woeksi one fl In H days nt two dilTnent ;
times. Kxpvrience not necessary. Address :
CAUHBM. 0l. 'L't'd.)
t lQrbiT, vet CbiesgO.
fj fl W when bnlnss Is doll snd prices ara
,Vt".Vimi0,wo BUY 4Y0UR?tuifitfSlI :
nnot;ng. Oreat bargain. Send tor new :
I'RKK catalogue of Watohos. HI N5S '
RlHei. Bpoiting oodi.and
, tl. w. ll.iri.is,
Oi-oe Saaaa iri,'Jcw Yrh

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