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fottoa Firm Middling, 8 7-8c
Sales lesterdaj, 200
Money rales in strong demand at 3
per cent. Loial securities continue
The lccal cottin market was qntet
and a'eady yeeterday at unchanged
quotations; middling, 82c Fales, 2000
bales. At New Yoik spots closed quiet
and l-16c lower; aaiddling, 8jc. Fut
ures weak ; October, 9.049 05c.
A leading New York ciicular on cot
ton futures Bays : "Weaker arid lower
Liverpaol ; very larger receipts for the
week and a liberal interior movement
kept the market under decided de
pression. The supply exceeded the
demand, forcing n decline cf 6 to 7
points, closing weak at the lowest of
the day."
At New Orlears ycsterdiy Bpots
ware e-y; middling, 9c; ftitura
steady j Oc'ober, 8 808.82r.
At Liverpool spots were dull in buy
ers' favor; nrddliug, 6ji; futures
ware dull ; October, 5 09-S4d.
Ia the general market there were
no features nf note.
S x hundred and eiabty-four brls
applet. 370 pkss butter, 2'52 rolls bag
ging, til pkts bacjo, 43 rkgs boots aud
shots, 5000 bu coin, USi6 pkgs cheese,
110 ska coli'aa, 9 cars cotton Beed, 6211
sks col tin teed. 30 pkus dry gooils,
57 pkea eggs, 550 brls II uir, 300 bales
hay, 20 pkgs hats, 14 hd sheep, 62 bd
horses ar,J mulee, 5S3 pkps lard, 01
pkus liqu;ra, 700 kgs mil?, 5 brls
Onion?, 1 car pork aides, 26 br 8 sugar,
102 pkf s tobico, and 500 bu whe&t.
Ths following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in
store by reuular elevators, bs reported
to the Merchants' Exchange jester
day: Wheat, none received or with
drawn ; in Ptore, 1045 bu. Corn re
ceived, 6159 bu; withdrawn, 6156 bu ;
in store, 8631 bu. Oils received, 4990
bu; withdrawn, 11,630 bu; in store,
167,030 bu.
K-Dailx Quotations af Cotton
Oil TrnHla and Hew York Ik
change Htoeaa are open to thane
letereeted, at 'my office.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Moaev in ac'ive demand at 8 per
cent. The Clearing House report is
as follows:
Friday, October 8h, $271.025 04;
thus far thii week.fl,24fl.3S8 94; same
time last week, $964,177 91; rorre
spondirg time in 1885, K1,259,457S0;
corresponding time in 1834, $951,
603 27.
Friday, October 8th, ' $37,411 60;
thus for this week. $250,403 39; same
time last week, $336,254 59 ; corre
sponding lime in 1885, $190,9S8 69;
corresponding time in 1884, 20U,
011 68.
New Yo'k sight on all trints, J
discount buyinir, oar selling; New Eng
land demand, J discount buying; New
England sight, discount; New Or
leans, 1 dit count baying, par selling.
Bank of Cbmmerce..l46 bid, 149 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 Baked
German Eank 195 bid, 20 ) asked
Plate National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and riontere..lfiO bid, 153 a kerl
Mercantile Bmk 135 bid, 137 Jacked
Bluff City.. 100 b:d, ... asked
Hernaado 100 bid, ... fstied
Home 75 b d, 8t) as-ifd
Memphis Cny 102 bid, 105 akel
Peoples 80 hid, M.nnl
Phe?nix 981" .lOOtsted
Planters 107 lu ', ... asked
Yandrbilt ?' n d, 26 asd
Arlington ' bid, ... asked
Factors 0atkd
M. 4 O. R K. shares... . aid, ... asked
M. 4 T. R. R. shares... ! bid, 50 asked
M. 4 O console, 7c 1)9 bid, ... asked
M. k L. R. Is' m. 8s..l05 bid, ... asked
Miss. iT.RR.cs.A... Ill trd, 113 asked
Mitl.4 r. R.K. rs.B..10l bid, 103 ssked
Tenn. wts. sr. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. ws. sr. E to J..83 b d, 85 asked
Shelbv Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 erked
Tax. Dist. 4, 6j 97 bid, 98i atked
Tsx. Dist. 6a 104 bid,106J asked
Mem. G a bonds 104 bid,... aekid
Mem. Water bmds 97 bid, ... asked
Hammer Oil Woks b d 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trusts f 4 bid, 55 askid
Pioneer Cotton Mills.. .25 bid, 30 isked
Mem.Stor.Coai.Co...l(i6bid, 110 asked
Mem. Gas stotik 75 bid, 80 a-ked
New York, O. tober 8 Money on
call active at 410 pr cent , closing
at 4 asked. Prim mercantile piper
45 per cant. Sterling exchange
duU, but stealy at 81J f ji 60 djy bills
and 484J for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and heayy. Stata bonds were
Stocks. Trie stork market agin
showed a decrease in tie volume of
busiress end ths net result of the
trading for t e day is that price3 are
lower in a rmjantv of the active lis1.
There was aiain shown this morning a
disposition to await events, but not
withstanding a flood cf unfavorable
rumors and rsiertions which came
chiefly fiom the Weft, the g. neial
market was firm throughout the
morning hcurs. Latrr. when the hope
that something d Unite would be ac
complished at the meetirg at the
Grand Centrhl Depot of New England
railroad managers was givn up, r'ces
declined, and the lowest figures
were reached in the last ncur.
The ma-kt c'oed firm on a
rally. Reading was the principal
featura in ttio traling, but fol
lowed thee miss of thng-neralinaiket.
Upon the announcement tba' Mr.
Cor bin would er.ter the Western Uaicn
directjry, which was interpreted to
mean that a cimprooji-e of airae sort
in the telegraph business wculd en-UP,
Western Union becarn epe. tally
strong and closed within of the bast
price reached. The trunk lines and
giangera, which p.ie principally af
fected by the t.oublna at Chicago,
werequet and fluctuated wit' iu a
narrow ratine. Toe opening wa. ir
regular, the dirT-rnncs between last
evening's final figures and lift prices
this morning ranging from ttecliues of
to a lvaoc s of a liko amoutt. Mew
England was a prominent exception,
being 1 per cent, higher Reading
acd New KagUnd were the features
of theeiriy tiading, the latter being
specially strong. The general market
wis barely firm. After the first hour
butioese became quiet and in tne after
noon prices gaggad off throughout the
list, notable txcaitons being the
Nickle Plate stocks, Indiana, B'.oom
ington and Western acd Western
Union. The market ral lied in the last
half hour and c'.csvd firm. A great
majority of the active stocks tonight
are lower, Manhattan being down 11
and New England, Union Pacific and
Wabish preferred 1 per cwt. each.
Thers wers a few fractional advances,
conspicuous among which were West
ern Union, Canada Southern and
Texas Pacifi Trast receipt'1. Railroad
bonds were quiet; salee, $3,131,000.
Of this amount Atlant c and Pacific
incomes furnistird $54,000, Detroit,
Mackinac and Maia ietts firsts $151,
000, and Indiana, Blo-mington ad
Western incomes $142,000. The lat
ter wera conspicuously strong and ad
vanced tteadily the closa, which
nas 3J higher, at 30. Detroit, Mack
inac aud Mnrquut' rjra s show au ad
vance of 2j, at 85 J. Prices in the
gen-'al list were irregular, but genei
ally firm in the mo:nicg, luting ths
advance in the afterr.ojn.
The tital Silea of s'o ks todav were
398,422 BhrrS, including Cnada
Soutoera. 11,415 ; D awars-.Lfickawan-n
and Wes.eru, 4 .'50; Erie, fOOO;
Kansas and Texas, 8570; Lake Shore-,
32.000; Louisville and Na hville,
6326; Michigan CeDtral, 3489; Mis
souri Patdfl '3,4780; Koithwestern. 8085 ;
New Jeisi-y Central, 11,465; Pacific
Mail, 3900; R ading, 107,540; St. Paul,
28,000; S Paul and Omaha, 3170;
Un'ou Pacific, 3300; Western Union,
26,550; Oregon and Tran ontintntal,
5050. Closing quota ions:
London, October 8 Consols 100
15-16 for money, and lOt 1-10 for the
account. UniteJ S:a es bouiB-4i,
115j. The amount of bullion gone
into the Bat k cf Eng'and on balance
today is 00,000.
Fakis, Octiber 8. Thwe per cent,
testes, 82f. 87Jc for the account.
Nkw York, October 8. Exchanges,
$133,464,859; ba'ances, $4,377,930.
Baltimore, Md October 8. Ex
cliHi gfs, $1,763,983; balances, $177,
658. Boston, Mass., Oc'ober 8. Ex
changes, $13,455,786; balances, 1,S57,
667. St. Louis, Mo., October 8. Bank
cleminiiS, 3,48S,e50; balances, $451,
1S9. Chicago, III , October 8. The Asso
ciated Bank clearings today were $10,
051,000. Philadelphia, Pa., OHcber 8
Clearings, $9,892,066; balances, $1,
U.S. 38, 100.
41, coup, 11
4s, coup, 128M.
Pacific 6s oi l3,12u!4.
La. 8tra8, 4b, 78'. Mieouri 6, YYt.
Cnt. Pao. 1U. llS'-j. Hen. 4 R..1H, 124.
Den 4 R t W.lsts, 81. Krie lecouda, 116
M K 4 T.Grn.On, Wi. North. l'ao. lu, 116.
North. Pno. 2d, 101'i. N. Western eon., 141 1.
N.West deb.5i.l(l. St.L S.F Uen.M, KoJi
ft Paul con., 132. bt.P.,C iP.lstd, 122.
U. P. lsu, 115. Wet Bhore, 101.
Tenn.V, (et'mt, lmi. Tenn.Ds, set'ut, 100.
Tenn. it, fet'ait, 77.
. , . , STOCKS..
Adams Express, 141. MorrisA E.",otrd, Ut)i.
Allegheny Con.,-. Nashville 4 C, M'j.
Alton 4 T. II-. 38. N.J. Central. 62'4.
A. 4T.JI. nfd.,s0. Nor. 4 W. pfd,44'4.
Amerionn Kx., 105. Northern PHC.,28i.
B. C. K.iN.R Northern P. p d,
Canada Pao., 7114. C. 4 N. W m.
Canada Sou.. 62. C. A N. W. pld, 142.
Central Pacific, W,. N. Y. Central, IVl'i.
Che-aptake 4 0., 1 N.Y. C. 4 Bt.L., lu'.
C. 4 0. I t pld, MX. N.Y.C.4Bt.L.,p,23.
C. 4 O. 2d pld., US. Ohio.Central, -.
C. 4 A , 142. Ohio 4 Miss., ?8i.
C. 4 A. ptd , 100. O. 4 Mis, ptd, U.
0. B 4 Q., lS'i. Ontario 4 West.. 21.
C, tit Li. 4 M.O., . Oregon NaT., IOTAS.
C. St.L 4 P.. 12'4. Oreon Trans., Wi.
CSt.L4P.pfd, SO. Oreon Imp., t.
C. S. 4 C. . 36. Pacific Mail, 50.
C,K.,. Panama, tW.
n. It 11. Valley- 3214. Poria, U. 4 E., 2K.
Del. 4 Uud , 104'4. Pittsburg, 152.
Del.,L. 4 W., vtfi. Pullman P C.,1431,.
Den. 4 Rio Q , 3I Reading, WK.
Erie, 3.V,. Rock Island, 125'.
Krie nfd, 77. Ht. L. 4 6. If., 31J4.
New East Tenn.. 1. St L 4 S.F. pfd, &Vi
Newt. Tenn. f.i,744. St.L.4 S.F.ltt p, 111
Fort Wayne. 140 C. M. 4 St P.. W.
Hannibal 4 St. Jo -.:. M.4 St.P p, 121.
II 4 St. Jo , pfd. -. St. P., M 4 M., lVJ'i.
Harlem, 2i0. St Paul4Umaha,50.
Houston 4T.,3,r St Paul 4 0. pld, 112Vi
Illionis Central, 135. Tenn. Coal 4 Iron, 60
Ind ,B. 4 W.,2n!4. Texas Paoifi", 4
Kansas 4 T., 36?-. Union Pacific, 62'a.
Lake E. 4 W , 1 :'A. U. S. Exp-ess, 59
Lake Shore, W4. W., St.L 4 P., 1!.
Lou. Nash.. 51-tf. W .St.L 4 P. p.. 36.
Lou. 4 N. A., 55. W. 4 F. Ex.. l2o.
M. 4 i". 1st pfd,-. W. U. Tel., 77.
M. 4 0. seconds. . Colorado Coal, 28'4
Me-". 4'Char . 41. Home Stake. 1 '.)',.
Mioh. Cen., 91. Iron Silver, 210.
Min. 4 St. L , 2' Ontario. 25.
Mill. 4 St. L. pld.4l'M. Quicksilver. 6.
Missouri Pacific 115. Quicksilver pfd., 21.
Mobile 4 Ohio, h',. South Paoific, .
M. L. S 4W..76. Butro, S.
M L S.4W.pfd,3.
The local cotton market opened quiet
and f-tufady and closed quiet and
rtxtdy; middling, 843. Sales, 26L0
bnles, 170J to exporters and 900 to
spi oners.
, Yesterday. Tburaday.
Ordinary Norn. Norn.
Good Ordinary. ... Nona. Nom.
Low Middling 8 8
Middling 8 8,
Good Middling.... fii fcj
Middling Fa.'i.... 9 9 J
Fair Nom. Noia.
Mxmphis, October 8, 13i.
Stock Sept. 1,1880.... 4,009
RCfiivert tody 3,594
Received previously ...28,309 35,912
Shipped today 803
Shipped previous'y ..10,5:'9
Home consumption to
date J05 11,537
Stock rcntiioe account 4,375
Thus far this week 18,257
Thus far la t weik 9,M9
S.nce Btp'.ember 1st 31,003
M. and O. R. R 305
M. & T. R. R - 1,(02
L. and N. R. R 517
M. & L. R. R. K 258
C, O. & 8. W. R. K 331
L.N.O. &T. R. R 7
M.,S &B. R. R 130
Steaixers 844
Wagons aud o. her Biurets iOO
Ttal .'. 3,594
Thus far this wrek 5,197
Thus ir la' t week 3,4)3
Since 8. ptemtier ltt 11,332
M. A O. R. R 407
L. & N. R. R 381
M. e!. & B. R. R. 5
Total 8'3
New York spots oponei qaiet and
steady, and closed quiet and 1 16c
lower. Middling, 9Jc. Sales, S73
bales. Quotatiors were as follows:
Y'tsterday. Thursday.
Ordinary 61 6 13-16
Good ordinary. 8 8 3 16
Low middling. 8.15-16 9
MiddliDg. 9 9 7-16
Good middling 9 9 13-16
Middling fair.10 7-lft 10J
Fair .-11 1-16 Hi
New York fu'uies opened easy and
losed weak. Sales, 53,400 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows:
9.12(a 9.13
9.10,i) 9.17
0.23W 9 24
9.31 9 32
9.390 9.40
9.470 9.48
9 500 9.67
9.640 9 65
9.710 9.72
October..... 9.04 9.05
November.. 9.06 9.07
December. B 09yi) .
January 9.10$ 9.17
February. . 9 2MA 9 24
March. 9.310 9 32
April 9.390 9 40
May 9 4S0 9.49
June 9 560 9 67
July 9 62;i 9 63
August 9.700 9.71
9.780 9.79
New York cotton statement for the
week ending Friday, October 8, 1886.
Net receipts at all United Bales.
States ports for the week... 196,115
Total receipts to date 585,129
Exports for the week 87,759
Total exports to date 245,074
Stock at U. S. porta 401,660
Stock at 16 interior towns... 64,887
Stock at Liverpool 348,000
Stock of American afloat for
Great Britain 93.C00
The New Orleans r-pct tucket
opened quiet, end c oied easy. Mid
dling, 9c. ria'es, 10J0 baits. Quota
t ons wtreas f';low.:
Ordiuarv tij
Gcod Ordinary 7
Low Middling 8J
Middlinu 9
Good Middling 91
The New Orleans
oreied ttoady, aid
t quotations. Salpp, 27,100 baler.
Qaotationa were as follows:
October ....
December .
January ...
8.800 8 82
8 (iti; 8.7
8.68 ri) 8 69
8.70:5, 8 77
8 840 8S6
8 040 8.70
8.720 8 73
8.81'a 8 82
8.92 8.93
9.030 9 04
9 130 9.14
9.240 9.25
9.35 9.36
9 440 9.46
8 87 8 89
Mirch 9.97M 9 98
April 9.(80 9.09
Ma? 9.180 9.20
June 9.280 9.30
uuly 9.380 9.30
Kec. iPrices
6,479 9
6,471 9
49518 J
8,259 HJ
3,999 8j
N. OrleanB
Mobile ....
ea y.
Norfolk ...
Ne iv York
Philad'a .
St. Loui..
Augii'ta ..
nom 1
9 1-10
9 9-16
Receipts at ports, tbisMay, 1886..33 678
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.36,738
R'tl U. S,
n'rts 7davs
Ex. Gr. Br
If 6,1 15
203 497
Ii'ts Sept. 1
For'gn Ex.
Dtcroato in reieipti this year.. ..41,055
At noon: Liverpool spots wn
dull in buyers' favor. SaVs, 8000
bales, of which American 6300 bales.
Receipts, 2000 bales of which Amer
ican, 2000 bales.
Closing qnotutions were ai follows:
Ordinary, 4jd ; good ordinary, 4jd ; low
middling, 6 3 16d; good middling,
511-10d; middlins uplands, 65 101
middlingOrieanp, 6 71Gd.
Mancncs'er Cloths qniet, limited
inquiry. Yarns dull, somewhat ioact
ive. Thepricet aregiven inpenceand CAths.
thu: 4 63 means 4 63-64d; oncf 5 01
meant 5 1-64(11
At noon: Liverprol fu'ures wre
dull a', decline; Ojtcber, 5 0905 10d;
0(toher-November, 5 03d; November-
D cember, 6 02d; PfCsmber
Jamiay, 5 02d: Janury-February,
5 02 1 ; February-March, 5 03d ; Mrcn
April, ; April-May, -- ; May
Juno, .
At 2 p.m.: L:verpool futures were
quirt aDd steady j October, 5 lOd, buy
ers; Oc'ober-November, 5 03d, bnyt-rs;
November-December, 5 02d, buy-rj;
December-January, 5 02d, valu?: Jar,-uary-Februarv,
5 02d, buyers; February-March,
5 03d, buyeis; March
Apiil, 5 05.1, buyers; April-May, 5 08d,
sellers; May-June, 5 lOd, value.
At 5 p m. : Liverpool futures were
easy; 0;totier, 5 09d,eellers; Octcber
November, 5 0 d, bayers; November
December, 5 Old, sellers; Decen'ber
Januarv, 5 Old, sellers; January-February,
5 Old, sellers; Fehrnary-Maich,
5 02rH value ;Mrch-Apiil, 5 04d, value;
April-May, 5 07d, tellers; May, 6 09 J,
Liverpool weekly statement for the
week ended October 8, 188):
1886. 1SS5.
"VTeeklv sales 63,000 67,000
Of which American 40,000 39,000
Incluilin? for export 4,501 4.700
Intl'gforspec'lation 2 400 3,800
For w'd I'm ship Bide 6,000 5,300
Total stock 348,000 395,000
Of which Amrrican. 183,000 267,000
Week's leceipt 26,000 20,000
Of which American. !3,000 21,000
Tot'lrec.fioceSep.l. 139,000 85,100
Of which Ameiican. 85,800 65,700
Ait ial week's exp't. 3,700 7,000
Stock adoat 123,000 85,000
Of wh'ch Amer.cn. 93,000 77,000
Week end
ing Oct. Since Pop
8, 1886. tumber 1st.
cbivki). This Last This Last
Yenr Year Year Ycur
M&CRR.... 2255 1140 3416 2515
M&TRR... 267H 1726 6081 4li.'4
L&NRR... 2732 778 3779 1020
MftLRKR 2738 3231 5994 7319
CO&SWKK 1250 574 2015 1197
L.NO&TRU 471 968 861 1762
KC.S&MKK 8.1 520 J 296 1207
M.B&AKK 406 462 62" 852
Miss, rivor... 2529 ?4)4 4459 9727
White river. 978 1151 1684 2572
St.Fran river 14 2:2 16 032
Ark'sas river 178 190 432 474
Wagons, etc 1225 1175 2350 4110
Total 18257 15581 31903 3S011
M'&CRR... 133 1181 2473 1331
M&TRR... 434 3 631 4
L&NRR... 2693 1GS9 6914 7416
C.O&SWKR 200 4307 4911 570
L, N O&TRK 421 1147 629 1147
M.B&AKK 86 2W 1H3 392
Steam's n'rth 1355 IB.'J
Steam's s'ulh H 171
Total 5197 996V UXU 20207
Corn mi al Standard, $2 2002 25 J
pearl, $3 2503 35; roller, $2 45.
Hay Choice, from store, 75c; car
load from levee or depot, $12013;
prime, from store, 6507i(r. ; car load
from levee or depot, $ll(nl2; prairie,
from store. 60c.; car load from levee
or depot, $7.
Corn From store,white,50c ;mixed,
48c. from levee or dpc;t; white, in
duik, 44c; in picks, ne; nnxeu, ia f
uuiK, 42c; in eaits 40)c.
Oats Fom store,hi!e,37c; mixed,
aoc: irom lnve or uepot, wliiie, in
b.i k, 32c; iu sacks, 3ljc; mixed, in
bulk, 31c: in tacks, 33c
Bran rrom stoie, 0c; Iron levee
or depot, $13 10.
Flocr tiom s-ore, ao.s.j;: 25;
familv. f 3 5003 75; ci.oi e. $3 76(4:
fancy, !404 25 : xtra fancy, $4 150
4 60; patent, 1505 6!).
Bkans Navy. $2; medium, $1 600
1 75; or mmoD, i 25; Garmna millet,
$1 2001 AX
kick LotisucB, 4(wc; Uar,ira
Oatmeal in nan-Darren, '
from store.
Crackcrs Sods, extra, 4c: soda.
treble extra, 5c ; extrs,7c : ginger snaps,
extra, 66c; assrrtd junibl(H,9()nc.
Crackid Wheat la half-barrels.
$4 25 from store.
Hcmin v and Grits -From store,
$ 1503 ?5.
Kansas City, Mc., October 8.
Whest loer: No. 2 led, cjah. 601c
bid; November, 61 Jo ask--d; Decem-b-r,
63Jc Cora etady ; Nn. 2, cash,
3fjc; November, 31 Jo bid; December,
32c bid. Oats nominal ; 24 Jc bid caeh.
(" t. Louis, Mo., October 8. Flour
qr.iet snd steady; XXX, $2 t5(i'2 4i;
fdnily, S2 t.'KuS 10; cnoice, :t looy
3 2.1; fancy, $3 400 3 50; exlrn, $3 6t'0)
3 81; pateut, f44 35. Wheat quint
and r.bout s eady. The ninrket opnd
Jc ligher, but soon fell b.ck to Wed
nesday's closing fi:iur.e, and clo eJ
s ejdy and c higher tlian Wednesday.
No. 2 red, cash, 74c; November, 74J0
743c closed at 74Jc asked; D.ceniber,
76407611c, cloeed at 70 jc aaked ; May,
85jo85sc, clcaetl at 85j(a8"i,f. Corn
weak and lower; prices (stinted weak,
eased off stenriily to the close,
and finished J0Jc lower; No. 2
mixed, csh, S4c; OMober. 34c; No
vemb r, 34c; December. 34Jj; Mav,
38c. Oats weak and lJn loer; No.
2 mixed, cash, 26 .ibid: Oc'ober, 26c
hi 1 ; November, 26026j -: Dtcsniter,
270 27Jc; May, 31Ji. live stssdy,
48J : k'd. Barney dull and nnchanged.
Hav lirm and active; prairie, $90
10 50; timothy, $11013 50 Flaxseed
lower, 96c. Bran sleady, 48.'. C irn
meal steady, $1 90. Rceip's Flour,
6U0il brls; wheat, 18,000 bu; corn, 64,
000 bu; oats, 64,1)00 bu; rye 7000 bu;
barley, 61,000 bn. Shipments Flour,
11.000 brls; wheat, 9000 bu; corn,
133 000 bu ; oat', 15,0C0bu; rye, 1C00
bu; barley, none.
Afttrnoon Board. Wheat weak
and ila lower. Com weak and
l.Jc lower. Oats unchanged.
CnicAGo, lit, , October 8. The ten
dency in wbsst was downwstd ajain
today, end in ths latest trading prices
were ut the lowe6t point current since
the present docliae began. It was rs
pr.r.'ed that there was some buying ou
foreign account, but if so it had very
little bearing on the course of prices.
The market closed in the latest trading
ls lower than yesterday. Ths offer
ingo of corn were very la'ge, and the
market broke off to the lowest prices
prevailing for ssveral years, and the
closirg prices wsre about (he lowest
of the day. Oa's were again weaker
ami prices again lower, the fpcnla
tvu offerings being la'gi. Trices
ruled !! lower. Flour doll and un
changed. The fol owiog were the clos
ing piici a for cash pr peity : Wheat
No 2,epring,71J; No. 2,ted,720721
C rn-No. 2,3410313c. Oat No. 2,
23J024c. Rye No.2,4Sc. Birlei
No 2,530531c Flaxseed No. 1,$1 030
1 03 J. Fair to prime timothy,$l Mm 70.
Futures ranged as follows: Whea'
Octoberopened atljc; highest, 71 Jc ;
lowest, 703; clcsing at 1 p.m., 7lc;
closiDg at 2:30 p m., 70J.-. Novem
ber opened at 73 jc; lrghest, 73Jc;
lowest, 72Jc: closing at 1 p.m. at 73Jc;
clt sirgat 2:30 p.m. at 72sc. Decsmher
rpned at 75Jc; highoat, 75 J c; lowcs;,
74ji; closing at 1 p m. at 75c; closing
at 2:30 p.m. at 74 jc. May opened at
8i;c; highest, 81J(i; lowest, 81Jc;clos
ini at 1 p.m. at 81c; closing at 2:30
p.m. at81J Corn-Octiber opened
at 35Jc; h ghis', 35Jc: lowest, 34lc;
closing at 1 p.m. at 342 :; closing at
2:3 ) p. no. at 34Jc. November orened
at36jc; highest, SOJc: lowest, 356c;
c!ou.g atl p.m. at 35ic: closing at
2:39 i'.m. et 35ic. December opened
at37Jc; highest, 37Jo: lowest. 36Jc ;
clom t 1 p.m. at 36i)c; closing at
2:30 pm. at 864c. May opnned at
41 je; highest, 4lii; lowest, 40gc; clos
irg at 1 p m. at 40J 1 : closii g at 2:39
p.m. st 40JC. Oats-Octob" opened at
24c; highet, 24c; lowest, 23Jb; closing
at 1 p.m. at 23c; closing at 2:30 p. nn.
at 23j c. November opened at 251c;
highe-t 251 0 ; lowest, 24 Jc ; closirg at 1
p.m. at 24jc; closing at 2:30 p.m. at
24Jc. De ember opened at 26J :; high
est, 26 Jc; lowest, 25 jc ; clotiog at 1 p m.
at, 25Jc; clo?iog st 2:30 p.m. at 35 jc.
May opened at 30Jc; highest, 30J j;
lowest, 29Jc: clodng at 1 n.m. at 30Jc;
closing at 2:30 p.m. at 29; c.
Raceips Flour, 18,000 ba-rels:
wheat, 82,000 bushels; corn, 247,000
bushels; oat, 154,00 J huBlnds; rye,
2000 bushels; barley, 71,000 bushels
Shipments Flour, 40,000 bBrre's;
wbeat 14.0C0 bushels; corn, 125,000
bushels; oat, 118,000 bushels; rje,
3000 bushels; barley, 41,000 bushels.
Bdttr Butterine, 12013cJ;
creamery, 30(a32c; dairy, 18020c;
country butter, 15016c.
lloo Prodcctb Mens pork, $10 25;
sagarcuied hams, 120121c; breakfast
nacon, 8j09jc; clear rib sidsa bawn,
7Siii7Jc; bacon shoultlets, 717Jc;
bulk pork clear sides, 71c; clear rib
sides, 7c; shoulders, 6Jc; long clear,
Lard Tierces, 6Jc; half-barrels and
keen, 6c; choite kettle, 7Jc.
Frisii .Meats -No. 1 beet, 7c; mnt
tDn, 8c; hind quarters of b)ef, 8Jc;
lambs, 10.!.
Poult., y -Chickens, ppring, $20
2 7 ; nl-1 nam, $1 75'.i3
Cues k F-ct jry, 9c nomina'; full
cream, I3013jc; young America, 13c.
Pios Fkkt. BarrelB, 9 50010; half
barrel j, $1 7o5; krg'.fl 75.
St. Louia Mo., Oc'oher 8. Pro
visions ac'ie, strncgand higher. Pork
firmer, J9 37J. Lard steady, $5 62J.
B ilk meats lots' lots: I n cler
and ehort rib', $0 5(1; sho t e'ear,
$6 75; box-d lots: long clear and
shoit ribs, S137J; shoit clear, $6 75.
Bacon fi'm: irng clear, H 201 25;
ehnrt r.b, $7 25; short clear, $7 37J
07 50. Hams easy at Il)j0l2ji
Buitxr adive but unci aoged. Fggs
wak at. 12j013Jc.
( nicAOo. III.. Oatoher 8 There
nat a nervous and U'uer'am feeling
in the market ' for hoir products, and
only a moderate sptdlaiive trade
occurred. Tl e S'.rilie cf ths packing
h i;si einrloveS mada operators cau
tious in th-ir dealiniis. Meas pork
opened 5(7rt lower. ralliJd 15017 Jc,
rec-ded 10? 12Jj and closed quiut at
1 o'clock. On the af ernoon board
nricfs fell off 5 5:10a additional. L'rd
was quiet end weaker and cloeed 5iaJ
7Jc lower than vesterdav. Mesipork,
$4 70. Lard, $5 7i05 75. Short nb
ides, lone, f6 70. l)rv salted shoul
ders, boxed, $5 7005 75; abort clear
side?, boxed, $6 6506 70. Mess pork
October openel at JS C5, highest
$8 82J, lowest $8 65, cing at 1 p.m.
18 72J, closing at 2:30 p.m. $rt 62J;
November opened at IS 77J, highen
$8 71 J, lowest $8 62, clrsing at 1 p m.
$8 76, closing at 2:30 p.m. $8 62J;
January opened at $9 85, highest
$9 95. lowest $9 80, eloMng at 1 p.m.
$9 87, ciodng at 2:30 p.m. $9 80.
Lard October opened at J5 72J, high
est $5 75, lowest $5 60, closing at 1
..iu. tJ wt uiurit'K ab p.m. 90 OS;
November opened at 6 75. httrheet
95 77 J, Is west J 6 674, closing at 1 p.m.
$5 70, closing at 2:30 p.m. $1 70; Jan-
nary opened at $5 9 ', highest $5 iH),
lowest f5 85, c'v'iig at 1 p.m. J5 85,
closing at 2:30 p.m. S5 85. Short ribs
October opened at $6 70, highest
$6 70. lowest $6 70, closing at 1 p.m.
$6 70, closing at 2:30 p.m. $0 70; Jan
uary opened at 15 024. highest J5 05.
lowest $5 02J, closing at 1 p.m. $ 02J,
clrsing at 2:30 p m. $.5 02. On the
i'roducs .xcnnir cutter ruled nrm ;
creamery, l02c; dairy, 14020c;
packing stock, 709c. Kggs scare at
OoPFii Ccnimon, 10c; erdicary,
lOi01Uc: prime Rio. 124013c: choice
to fancy, 13J014c; eld government,
Soap 30"jc per pound.
Salt $1 20 per barrel; sacks, fine,
fl 3501 45; coarte, $1 1001 15; pock
ets, bleached, 2J a.7o; car-loads frost
evee or depot, c cheaper.
Candhs Slicks, all S'tap, in boxes,
pails end tanvls, 7J09a.
i'andi.85 fall weight, tK'UltJc.
Canned Goods, Kr. Priceo per
doz n: Pineapples, $1 2501 50;
peaches, 2-'b, standard, $1 1501 25;see
omK $M 10; tomstoes, 2-lb stand
ard, 90 0$1; 3-lb,$10L 15; strawber
ries, $1 1001 25; rasebsrrios, $1 100
126; b'ackberne, $101 10; green-
gases, l 60(.l 7o ; pears, 5L'()
2 25: plum, $1 6001 70; separegas
$2 60(.iM; green corn, $101 35; giesn
pra $1 5501 65; cove oysters, lull
weight, 1-lb, 85095c; cove oysters,
full weight, 2-lb. $1 6001 80; cov
oysters, light we'ght, 1-ib, 60c ; cove
oyfters, light weight, 2-lb, $1; con
densed nuik Orown, $ nlKvnft to;
Eg!e, 7 500 7 75; Daisy, $! 75.
Molassas Louieana, common to
fa;r, 18025c; prime to choice, 30040c;
syrup, 2()40c; common to fair, 200
25f; prime to choice, 300353; centrif
ugal, fancy, 32033
Tobacco Common, 11-inch, 27J0
28c; other grades and stvles, 3"0l5c.
8nnff Oarrott's, $10 85 pr ras;
Ralph's, $10 25 per cass; R. R , $9 26
010; Gail& Ax, $8 75.
Sugar Pure white, 6j06Je; off
white, 6J06Jr; yellow clarified, 6J0
CJc ; open kettle, H(ic; retined A,
6Jc; granulated, 6c; powdered, 7J0
7 Jo ; cut loaf, 7J0Sc.
New York, October 8 Coffee spot
fa Rio firm at HJc; options active
aud higher; sa'es, 81,750 haw; Oct'
bsr, 9.70c; November. 9.5509 65c;
December, P.SO'i 9.6ftc; January, 9 65
09.6Oo; February. 9.6509 65n; March,
9.5509 65c; April, 9.609.70c; May,
9 0O(a'9.7O& 8ugr steady and quiet;
molase sugir, 4Jc; centrifugal, 61c;
retined dull; extra C, 4105c; white
extra C, 5Jc; yellow, 4J0l3c; off A,
51c; stamlaid A, 5 716u; confoction
era' A, 5ic; powdered, 6Jc; Rrano
Uted. 6 3-1605jc. Molasses dull. Rice
steady and quiet.
Apples -Apples, $1 600 2 60; dried
anploi, 2l03jc per pound from store.
Drid peache", 2103 J a from store.
Veoetarles Onions, $3 from
s ore. Cabbage, $2 50; per held, 8010c ;
$1 75 from levee or depot per cratn.
Kraut, brls, $505 75; half brls, $2 750
3. Garlic, 40060a per 100. Turnips,
51) rer buibeY.
Fia iT Organes, per box, $6; per
ba ral, 9 Lemma, $0 5007 per box.
Bunanap, $1 500 2 60 per bnnoh.
C coauutu, 15 par 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7Jc; Tennessee, farmer's stock,
304c; roasted, 2J.t ighor; shelled
10c. Almonds 18020 .
Rai ins London layois, $3 40; lay
er., $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
S 50(if 4.
Pickles In jars, pints, 05a; quarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 75 ;gallons.$3 75;
loon, barrels, $6 5007; half-b- r-da,
$3 75'u 4 ; im i xed, barrels. $10 50 ; ui ix ed,
Lalf-bairele, $6.
Potatoks New, $1 2501 60; North
ern ftock, $1 7502.
Cider New Yi rk, $8 5007 per bar
rel, and $3 7."4 oer half-barrel.
Vineuar 10015c per gallon.
Pecans T-xs, 8l0a for email to
medium, 1014c for large; Alkaneas,
305c. '
Fish Msckerol, half-barrels, No 1,
$5 205 75; No. 2 $1 7505; No. 3,f4 25
0475: 10-lb kit, No. 1, 90c; No. 2, 75ir
15-lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c per box.
Walmut French, 12c; Nsples,15c;
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
, Game Game flh, 11012c.
Euqb Quiet at 17c.
I a car load lota: Prime crude
cotton seed oil, new, 28030c; off
crude co'ton seed oil, old, 240
26c; prime summer yellow cot
ton seed oil, 36037 Jc; off summer
yellow cotton seed oil, 310.1 !c; min
ers' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
33035c; prime summer white cotton
Boed oil, 35c; choice cooking yellow
cotton seed oil, 87J'a 40c : pilms cotton
seed meal, $14 60015; off cotton seed
meal, $13014.
New Orleans, La., October 8.
Cotton seed products quiet; prime
crude oil, 28c; snmmer yellow, 33035;
cike acd meal, $19 60020.
Bagoino Jute. 2 lbs, 8Jc: 1 lbs,
7jn; 1J Its, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 9Jc.
Ties-$1 0501 10.
Nail1 Common, $2 200 2 25; steel,
$2 35' 2 50.
Powder -Kgs, $4; ball Hags, $2 25;
quarter kegs $1 25.
Clear tub washed, 31036c; grease
w ol, 23026c; burry wool, 1318c.
PiiiLACEi.rim, Pa., October P.
Wool quiet; Nbw York, Michigan, In
dlanaand Western, medium, 37038c;
coarse, 370380 -. bright un w ashed cloth
ing, medium, 30031c.
Sr. Louis, Mo., October 8. Wool
in good demand and higher; medium
clothing, 22i7c; ombing, 25fo2:;
low ana came, 14 i 22c; fine light, 20
025c; heavy, 10;olc; black, 170 24c.
Bobtom, Mass., Octobnr 8. Wool
active and firm ; Ohio and Pennsylva
nia fleeces, X,31c; XX, 35J036j; XX
and abive. 3iiJ037c; Michigan extm
fieeces, 32JV33:; No. 1 0:iio combing
304Oj; pulled wool, 44045c.
Coal Oil Prime white, whubsale
lots, 11c p-r gal on.
Whisky Straiuht Kentucky Bour
bin. $1 60(?,5: redistilled goods from
85c 1 1 $150, according to proof; rye,
$1 7508.
Sr. Louis, Mo., October 8. Whisky
firm, $1 13.
Chicago, III., October 8. Whisky
steady, 91 18.
CinciMHATi, O., October 8. Whisky
firm; tales of 693 fcarre's of finished
goodi on a bsis ol $1 13.
Receipts ot cattle have been ligiit
the vast week. Prices were firm
at laet qnotUio-s. Tod4y thesupplv
is vey light. In fac', no gocd butch
en.' giad- s on e ale at all. Dcnand I r
this claas, ard al-o young ftven, suit
able for feedeis, vpiy good, Llogs in
light recilit. Market bare today.
Pricoi firm as ipioteit. L'gbt butctierV
in good demand. N 1 good grai'ei of
sheep on sale. Prices firm as quoted.
Dumand quite g .od. Ma ket tiare of
lambs. I mmd very good for best
tiaies. Pne3 firm, flotations:
Cattle Choica, 3l01Jc; good, 2
031c;falrto medium, 21 2jc; scl
lawags, 101Jc.
common, 3031;o.
Sheep Choice, 304c; medium, S
031c; common, H1 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4J5c.
Kansas City, Mo., October 8.
The Livt Slick Indicator reports: Cattle
lecelpts, 237 head; ekipments,
none; gta a tange active and 10c
higher; cows and batchers' stuff
steady; atockeri snd feeders firm;
good to choice, $404 80; csrcaaon to
medium, $3 3003 90; stockers, $2 26
02 75; feediu steers, $2 $003 60;
cows, $1 6002 60; grats rargs steers,
$2 253 20. Hogs-roceip's, 3073
head; ehipmenls, 2138 head; light,
mixed weak and 6010c lower, others
stia ty; good t choice, $40 1 15;
common to medium, 33 ii0;.i 3 9).
Sheep receipts, 109 head; shipment,
nono; stead? ; geid to choic, $2 500
3; common to medium, $1 (.002 25.
Ciiicaoo, Iiu, O.tobor 8. The
l)ioeri' Journal repoits: Cattle re
coiLts, 550O head ; ehipmonts, 20U)
heal; market strong and a shade
higher; shipping steers, 950 to 1500
ib, $3 6905 20; Block his and feodorp,
$i 20(.A 0; cows, hulls and mixed,
$1 7503 15; bnlK, $2 400 2 00; thrmig'i
i'ex-is ea'tle Cc higher: cows, $2 200
2 75; steers, $2 7503 40; Western
mngers firmer; nativesaml Im'f hreedH,
$3 1004 10; cows, J2 7lK'i)3 26: win
tered Texuns, $2 903 6J. Hogn
to e p'e, 10,( 00 heid; fliipuienti, 8000
head; market atia.ly; r.mgh and
mixed, $3 50 .1 4 10 ; packing and ship
ping, $3 900 4 55; Unlit wo'ght",
$3 5(K?.4 45 ; skips, J2 500 3 50. Sneep
receipts, 6200 head ; shipment-i, 1000
bof d ; market attiva but 10($25c lower;
natives, $2 604 ; Western, $3 400i)
3 70; i'exans, $2 500 3 25; Um!;s,
$104 75.
New York, October 8. Tne charac
ter of the genaral demand was mod
ified, as slocks a e b nailer and ar
rivals more contrivt'd by orders.
Agents have advanced Pride of the
AVei-t 36 inch bleached fottnns Jc and
Farwell 36 Inch bleached to 7Jc; Clar
end in crochet quilti 7 Jc. and Monad
nack Marseilles qu its 10 per cent.
Printing cloths very firm, at 3Jc for
64 squares and 3jh for 56i00 cloths.
Meiupkl aad Mew Orlea VUt. t'o.
Alf Orlsiom maaior,Sam'
Will Uara th Klavator eiUNDAI, Vat.
loth, at 10 a.m. For freight or naaaai ani'lr
O. I,. HM Pass. Aa't. Al Sl'uHM, Ag't
1. I.onla aail New Orlrnua Aaehor
l.lue-H.N. M1I-0A11(U bT. LOUIU.
City of Vicksburg,
Will leave tba Klevator TllIS DAT, Uotober
9th. at p.m. Fur trelfkt er cur aaply
For Cairo, Kvansvllls. Lculville and Cin
cinnati Tte aleaant
Sir. OHIO, e.
M. M. Peen, master,
Will leave TlllSUAV, Oot.l2tb,at 6 p.m.
For Iralabt or imnage avplr to 0. V. HU6
KKLL, it. V. A X. A., U Madlion it. Tele
phon. No. W7.
For Osaeola, Hales Point, CarutheriTlHe,
Uar.no ana iiinoriTiiio ine new iiae
wheol pasieainr stairer
W. P. Hall master. I J. I). Falter ol.rk
Will leare as above, and all way points,
KVKKY MttnuAi ana luunnusi at
p.m. Portreirhtor passage applyon hoard.
IKril)t,rrlnre folni and tnniiltl
anil OntxiIn Fnckrt tumiiaur,
ITor Uoleoe. Olondale, Kilari Point and al
wa iianaingf oteamer
JameM Ie, -CaJ
K. T. CLASaKTT Master.
Will leave as above on RVKKY MONDAY,
WEDNKSLMK and SH1UAI aloo sleoa.
For Randolph, Faltoo, Oioeota an Way
Lanaluii ntamer
Coahoma, jS
J. U. COOPKK 7.. Master.
aad FRIDAY at ft p.m. The boats ol thl
line reserve tbe right to pass all landings
the otplain may deem nnaale. Office, No. 6
Madison sr. Jim i.r.r,, ji., nop i.
Arkansas Kiyer Pk't Co.
K. H Hmlth
master. KkMmtr
Leaves Main j his Kvery T
UKHI1AY. at 0 1
11. 0.LUWI, Agent, .
OITIoe. No. . M'dison st. Tnlenbone No.
Memphis and Vlcksborjr Packet Cov
pany u. n.jnau ijine.
For Belena.t'onoordla, Terrene and Arkan
sas Oltr The elerant pnseenger steamer
aaMarAaa ire .
M. K. Cheek ...maator I W . 0. Blanker ...olerk
l.ves mempnii
For Concordia and all wy landings.
The Hteaaier
A. u. tsmminH. ij now ..vv
Leave! TU K"DAY and SATURDAY at5p.a
For general Information apply at
No. 4 Matlison streot.
&. nALiWUIllU,
JOHN ft A PR. P'r Arent. Tli.horie
rin SLFrnncIs River I runsnortatloi
Co.'g Fine Birfe-W heel U. S. Mail BUamel
MA Foster, r-liT"
O. K . J opt In ...... """"m ""''.
WILL LLAL ais'..na-aaar anal
at 6 o'c'ock, for Marianne, tbe Cot-Off,aB
intermediate landinirson St. Franoli river
The oai.Kin reservos tbo right to pass al
tandinas he ueems ansaie. ono. lu, jn,
Hi,in.nAt,t tlrtle. Mo. 4 Mmlfon st
Slemplii8& White Iyer Tkt.Co
For 4)Mrmlen, Ivlle Klnfl,, ItM
Are, Augusta, Hearoy. Newp rt, Jackson
port, llntnsville snd all Way Landings,
R. 0. Postal master,
Will leave KVERY WKDNKHDAY st 5 p.m.
hir. ALUEKTA NO. 3,r,n
Albert U. Hmith master. 1
Will leave KVcKY BAiUKDAY at 5 p.m.
ThroiiKh rates givon to all points. Freight
consigned to the Men phis and While River
Packet Co., at Memphis or Terrene, will be
forward-id promptly. For general informa
tion api ly at (.nice, No3 Madison St., ort
Pali Telrphone "2 H. ft 1.QWW. '
Kockbri.Ue Co., Va. High up In ths
Virginia mountains. Plotureaquesurroand
lngs, extensive and beautitull shaded lawn.
Uaa, electric bells, and all modern improve
ment,. Two daily nixlls, post, telegraiih and
eipresi offloea on tbe premises. Table ths
very best. Loturioualy furnished rooms:
ui erb band of musie. Send for illustrated
fiamphtet. Charges moderate. Open for via
tors. June loth. Waters; Alum. CKalybtak
Concordia Oareso, 5 p.m.
White Kiver ALiiara Ne. S, 5 p.m.
St. Louis Cittof Vic-asm .;, 4 p.m.
New Orleani IIbi.sxa, 10 a. in
Friari Point......... Jina Lai, I p.m.
ArkansuCity ..Kan Adims. f p.m.
Oseeola ..Coiboha, t p.m.
Tipteaville Cpreiriiia, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati Ohio, S p.m.
Arkansas River.... Jog Pivaaa, I p.m.
St. Franeis River , le Foaaaa, I p.m.
mivilj. Jamofl Le, Friaia Point;
Kate Ailama, Arkan?ai City, D. R.
l'owell, Vickabnrg; City of Cairo,
Vickobnrg; Giyoao, Concordia; Al
berta No. 3, Wuite river; Coahoma,
Dcfwtttren.T). R Powell, St. Lmia;
City ol Cairo.SU Louis; Coahoma,
Oaceola: James Lee, Friara Point;
Kate Aoatrs, Arkanras City.
Homlt in J'ort. Uayoso and Alberta
Ne. 3.
Jlt Ihte 7um Arkanrai City.
Iloat Due I p. City of Vickaburg. .
Berelpta V ratortfae-,
1). U Powell 10 bales cottjn and
40.) ska s 'ed.
'City ol Cairo -12 bales cotton.
Alberta No. 3 (tiroughtoutof White
riv r) 245 bait's cott in, 293 ska seed
and lot Blind rien.
Ivayosi 111 bales cotton, 82S aks
oct. In ml 7 pkK fiii:nlri(g.
Coahoma 312 tales cotton, 70 bag!
soed cot'on, 11)70 ska need and 14 pkgs
Kat'.t Adams- 2:2 bales cotton,4 bag.
Bfod cottin, 1157 ska toed, 1 home and
l(i pkgn sundries.
James Lee 147 bales cottnn, 34 bags
seed cotton and 1211 eks soed,
Kd Foster 14 bnlei cottin, t5 bags
eotd cotton and 310 tks seed.
Tint Arktuifaa City is due down for
Tin K.l Foster is the Tuesday packet
for Ht. Francis river.
The Leo L-ne nacket Monday
evnriiug are the James 'fe for Friara
Point and the Coahoma lor uaceoia.
Tim Ohio, Cai'. M- M. Deem, is the
Tuesday mi k t lor iho Ohio river aa
far aa Ciciunutl, aid all way points.
The AlbHrt No 3, Capt. A. U.
Ninitti. lathe packet this evening at
5oVVck lor While rivtr. H. C. WiK
con la in hor c lUcr,
Tub City of Vick-lmrg, Cai t Dan
Able, is the Anchor Lina packet this
evtning at 4 o'c oitk for Cairo and Kt.
LotiiB. Geo. Waltcu Is her clerk.
Tub Chesapeake, Capt. W. P. Hall,
ia the packet Monday evening at 5
o'clcck for lla'es Point, Tiptonville
and all way landings. Co). J. D. Ful
ler has charge of her odlce.
Thh Kata Adam', Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the United St itea mail packet
MondayeveningRt5oVock for Helena,
Arkansas. City and all way landings.
W. C. Wanker liai charge of herotlice.
Tub Joo Ptters, Capt. K. B. Smith,
is the picket Tueeday evening at 5
o'cloek for ft'l point! on Arkansas
river, geing throuuli to Pine Ulufl.
Chaa. Mufso'nian ii in charge cf hor
Tub Gayosn, Ci't A. L. Cummins,
Is Dm packet ti i- evening at 5 o'clock
for 1 If long, Frr) Point, Omrordia
and all way lai dirg'. Lew Price has
charite of her ollke, aea'mted by Uus
Tub great cctton carilor, tbe big
Helena, Capt. Alf Oussoni, will pasa
down tomotrow morning at 10 o clock
for Helena, Terrene, Arkanaca City,
New U leans and all intermediate
Bi'hinkss brisk.
Wbatiikr clear and pleasant.-
Tub river here is on a stand, with
0 feet on the gunge.
Tub Lee line pnekete were in and
out jehterday with good trips.
Cait. Irwiw Duqan, Supervision
Inspector for this district, is in the
city on basino'B.
Rkcbittb by river yesterday 1021
bales of cott in, 173 baits ol seed cot
ton and G1U9 sacks of teed.
Thb big Helena, Capt. Alf Grissnm,
Is due down tomorrow beund for New
C) liana on her fiBt tiip of the teason.
Tub D. H. Powell p ased up yester
day morning tor Ht. Louis. She dis
charged here lit biles of cotton and
400 racks of Beed.
Tub levee opposite the tarpaulin
shed is being graded and repaved by
the City KtiKioeer, a portion below
Monroe street being nearly done.
Tub City ol Cairo pafS'd up yester
day morning lor St. L mis. She dis
charged here 12 bales of cotton and
added 31(1 bales of eastern bound cot
ton. Tub Gayoso arrived yesterday morn
ing from Conro-dia with 01 bales of
otton, 828 Backs of seed and lot sun
dries and returns tbiB evening at the
usual hour.
Tub E J. Foster arrived , yesterday
morning from SL Francis river with
14 bales of cotton, 05 bags of seed cot
ton, 810 sacks of seed, and returns
again Tue;day evening.
Thb Vicksburg Commercial-Herald,
of Friday, says: The United Statea
snagboat, J. N. McUornb, arrived yes
trday, eu route up the creek. She
laid over here to clean out and lay in
some supplies.
Tub Alberts no. 3 srriveo yesieraay
from Whi'o river, with 197 bales cot
ton, 203 sacks feed and a lot of sun
dries. She reshippod at Terrene for
Nnar Orleans 4t) bail B Ol cotton, one
leaves again this evening at the UBual
Cincinnati l:nqmrer,'oVs: Lapt. M.
V. Dalev. nre3idnt ol the Southern
Transportation Lin, wai on Saturday
elected Mayor ol wewpori oy a very
(Litterina vot". ll 19 reportou mat
Mavor Daley has oOored the prsition
ol Chief of Police to Ctnt. Lew Katfg,
Thb Kate Adama arrived Thursday
n'g'it f-oin Arkansai City with 232
bales, cf cotton, 4 bars of seed cotton,
1157iai kaof setd lOpackngoiof sun
dries, 1 horre, and cleareJ again lust
evening with a good trip, and will be
back on time to h ave again Monday
Tim .Sr.. Luiil Republican of Thurs
day B8: The steamer Helena cleared
for New Orlears ut 6 o'clock p m. yes
teidny, taking all wav freight to icks
bnrg. The City of Providence came
out ol ht r retirement and resumes her
reeular place in the Vicksburg tiade
in place of the I. K. Powell, the
Powo'l being bahiud time, caused
principally by heavy f"gs.
Cincinnati, O., October 8.-N001-
Kver8feet 1 inch on the gangeand
stationary. Weather clear; thermom
eter 70.
Cairo, l.x.,0.tcb ir8.-Noon-River
0 'ee 5 it ch. s on the gangeand falling.
Weathr fair and mild. Arrived.
John Gilbert. St. Louis 10 p.ir.; C.
of Florence, St. Louis, 11 p.m.; Huo
son, St. Louia, 4 t.m.

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