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The Blair Bill and Tariff From a
Strict Constructionist
Standpoint .
T.t-Gor. Ae rt S. Murks arrived in
the- city jreeterdrfjr mornlnc, a d rlfdiv.
td a ringing a-patch .d thn b'nfl last
EUht aitcoiiDt of the continued
political xciteme?nt of the past two
we k, the audience was not as large
as it would otherwise hare barn. He
ir. g introduced by JuiJga Ii J. Mor
gan, who paid a hantlaoma tribute to
hi I character as a man arjd bia power
aa an orator, alluding; in compliment
y terras to his kind treatment (if
Memphis during the epidemic. As
Governor be took hia teat at a time
-when thev State debt had already be
i t j divide the Damoaiatic paity in
Xennmteee. In his mersage be urged
a cettlement on the bei at which ii
vitfl eventually a c mira'ied. He took
part in defeating the 100 3 bill in the
lit er ton that to'iowea. net oi an
tc ivif part in the Derm cratio Convf n
tion of 1882. and aided in aocnr inn liar
n.ony and the pla form i n wMub the
del t web anally reimcoa io qtmacen
aa a State if ens.
The speaker plumed at onre into
tbe two main quasiiona of national
teat e the tariff and tho lihir bill.
To t ii p in- ho dnlivereil an au'.lyma
of thii natio nil corictitii io '. H i
rtroiitri'at po'nt in reforeinriH to tin
ltla r lull was the necoistty c l una' jr
init the cpu titu'ion of tho Uiiitcd
But s belon Congres could claim the
powtr to dittrionto t o surpluar
among the htita, reinforcing this
poai;iun hvreciiini? tbe r-coinmciuli;-t
ons if Jiffeisin and JaukHon. Ho
qnotnd tbe g ear li-aler and found t-r
of the Wh'g prty, when, In 18-10, tliis
prenire point came unelr review, pro-
toning aiiHinit the esiHtonce of any
power taxing the peopln for ledia
triMition in any form. In referring
tn th tariff tbe ex-Uovernor was not
If g) forcible, saying tha lnKuae of
tlie ChicHgo platform waa so clear as
to apeak for itae f, tricunh his tors)
illustrations made its uner.ninu clearer,
by common consent, than was evnr
dunnb fore a Bhnlby couuty amiientte.
raaaingto the iienaiona que stion be as
eerted that it bad bten syatemr.tieally
naed ta turn Democ-ratlo vea towaiil
tbe perpetuation ot the Itopnblionu
party. When the peopln creatml the
constitution they understood full wtll
tho dangers which turrnunded it.
They knew i s integrity could ho main
tained alana by peipaiu'.lstruKgloand
vig Unee. They knew the point from
whence the assault would come, and
wi'h tare foresight and enrpasdng so
licitude tbey raised up every notsible
ta rfcr for its protection. Ihe evl
di nee of this fact has been perpetu
ated in unmistakable form. Intliefirat
seeaion of Uongreas, when every fact
connected wiih the origin of the con
stitution was, hvah in tho minds of the
members, Mr. Whit", from Virginia,
said tbe avowed otject of tho Fed
eral party was to sunstitute the dis
cretion of Gonxre-s for the constitu
tion, and the it publican party avows
a like object lie re ia the great dif
ference between the Democratic and
K"pub!icn partit a, uud as certain as
wood grows and the waters
run, the coi.fl ct must g) on
intil the Ktepu'ol'can party or
'he constitution falls to ripe no
nore. During tbe twenty-four yenia
it wai in powi-r, there wete no re
served lights of tbe H'atos or people
too sacred for It atjpault. It deprived
- tbe people ot their properly without
warrant of law. It sought to doprlve
a larg class of our ci'izens cf tho op
portunity to mako braad for tbem
solves and familius. It drove free citi-
, ioijS f '"in the jury box and the ballot
box. ItMibvotsd State government!
by military fore and permitted the
people to be deprived of their prop
erly and righti by lrrep "Bible tyran
nies. It itnpoachd a I'laaidtint b -caoiw
he defended the conatitnt oi
It refusfd to allow the pople'a Presi
dent to take his ollloe, and usurped it
for itself. It ulaur owned the people
and the constitution and tnurpvd tha
govcrninnnt for ttaolf. It baa nought
to perpetuatu ita power by br,bty
and decept on. It Ins ground the
face of tli-i people to enrich a lav irod
claaa. It HHer aurrende ed military
power until It w.s com elletl, and
now it claims public coatUeuce alone
on the giound that it is the only
friend ot the laboring man and the
nnlet'cred child. In the war with the
sword the const tut on triumphed, and
in tho war with the pniBa tho con
stitution will agnin triumph Tnn
teui) Ution the Kepublican parly of
lure i trem nil us. Many ba'ieeve it
would overuoma ihe fortitude i t the
Eeople. Ma y valiant aild ets of
'onwracy bava falleieil. Tt.eirgrert
mistiike was tbe want of ronfhlmia
in the people in the fic of thia g eat
t inpWtion. lint with that virtue
and patr otiom which haa alwaya din
tingxished the Democrat c poopla of
the Union, they ttanal forward and
declare tht they have set no price on
the cnnetitut.on, and neither silver
nor goM CAn buy it. Tint temptation
heid nut ia the anpt eeductive poaat
b'e. It no it en in iUelf tbe power cf
gold, nd that inllii, e fojd, popular
educKion. Tlie answer is Ibere la no
power k give the gold, and if the
ryatps Are ui t tquiu to the ta-k ( f
educition, then amend the rotisiita
tio'i a ai to ant hoi ir.e snub gift and
prohib' i g Cong-ris from atiaching
ar:y ctmluDi s io tbe g ft whatsoever.
Iuiheft cflered by ths Hair bill
eorn'iti ii s arj annexed to the sift.
1 Cor-g" si hve the power tj make
t'-e il!i i t a l, i may n ake it on lunh
tciiur m i ciiio u, aid ehangn t! o o
teiiiH s-t i v rv s a-ifin of CoiiKie s It
is ci rt 'ii, t o, if lie; ltpubllcaii party
a: n'n a qi:r.B c ntio' of the tovflin
fiient, ii- will iiinke it a lO'di
iion tlut' t'io Mhooln eliiill te
o,i n to wdi'O nml hluck ulika.
1 bnii v it w-'uld be unia, per
liai s em u it 1 tit i ua', f r the F.-deial
Gov-ruiu n to liii(i .e taxes f.ir the
purple,! c ' Ucii it iwr- mon.ythan
l ntc -eiaiy tn en ry on Ita affairs, to
the ml t ii' it n uhi l,av- a eiirplus
to di t i cte a'i.0 g th ritiile-; hut
thin I jLiI i-tiinilH on n (li'iV rent ground
It i a trust fluid which btd'iige,nol
to tin I'ilo'al but tj ti:e Ktio gov
ernmeiitf. Oil the aul j c; of tax-iiion
the p'iiu: p'e of the iii p-ihlicin pariy
ara ala i in diioci conll.ct with the
4sor stitii ion.
The Onciso piriform declares fliat,
"AH 'axvtnu shall be limited to the
requ riiienti of eooncuiical govern
uieit " This is a princi le cordially
Provcd by both the old Whig aid
lkmi'o at c p.rMis. Tt ii isauo, pro
eauUd by 'ho D. inocr.itic party on
this quest on, is ch ar b youd a rea
e nmbie iloub:. All tlie terms em
pb'yid aintoe'eir ilia' tl ey interpret
taen aeives Tne iri-at friuciplo b-
eett'diit at (Viniirrai haa no poaer
to levy a lx beyond a revenue
point. 8 ondly, ttmt Uongress In s the
power tnd ,t is iia duty to levy such
-datir-so i sii'h foreign uiticltiS coming
in codji ttit.on wita our domestic tn
dos'tief as will place them on a
peifeit equality with tbe foreign pio-
diiRiioai. Iathisrateef taxation tbe
wages of labor aie expresely em-b-seed
not only embraced, but to ex
clude all donbt the degree of taxation
ii if quired ty te ax) pie for tlie ae
curity d the wages of tbe labning
man. lleoce it appears It was impos
sible t employ stronger largnae in
evincing a Bett ed pu'poe to preserve
to Ikborinn mn tbe full-wage cf their
iabor. Hero the Democia'ic puty
atnpa It a'ocs at the point of fair and
jut com pet t on. There is, then, I re
peat, no power or author, ty in thi
veueral government to levy and col
lect uxoa to dietriou'e the proceeds
among the SaUa. Such a financial
pioje t, if any administration were
mad enaiih to aitopt it, weuld betla
grent uaiirtation." Tbe Kspublican
saya that Conirrera hai the power and
thit it ia its dutr to c impel the con
anmef le pay tiibtue to the capitalist.
Hers is trie real battle ground, aud
here tbe Kepnblicm party is com
polled tJ make the fight This ieaus
canriot be obscured by the nee of tbe
terms "fiee trade" and "protection."
The Daiuasratio party ia for tbe amp'e
p o'.oHen of American labir cs en in
cideat t the exercise of tbe rvenuo
lower if the government, snd f r the
arunle piotetti n of thetonsumer by
donyirg tt o Incidental power of the
government to r.b him to enrich the
niouop ,HBr. Oa the other bund, tne
R piibucnn prty is for tho protection
of Ubi r as a mere Incident in iis'g?n
r., e'es'iin of p'o'ectmn to the monop
olist in hii robbery of the concuiuer.
This trrtat aueatiou can tever be B' t-
t:el Suva npnn th'i priuciples declared
by tbe Democrat c prty. The fair
and hcae't ina nfa tun r does not nor
eaon ,t aak m re than lh Demo rut c
party e flt-ru. Allhamedi ami all he
ouglit t wnt. i H 13 miias a ihit nun
c r ain pr. fit. This much tho Demo-
ciat o party nsMirea him. Wp to this
puibt Coofir 'fs bes tbe power to ren
der aid, nnd publio policy require a
it idia'l ba rendcted, and
therttforj Hie silly charge mad-j
by the Itjpubicon p.r'y tbet
the emrcratio party U m Mentl-
ly to domestic inluftne Is grouaa ens,
Indeed, the Di m.icriit'c paity is neo s
sanlv mora friendly to the develop
inetit ot ihe wealth ot tlie M.tea tr aa
it is posit ble f ir tbe Kepuhli an party
to let. Tho pol cy ot tlie KdpuDiican
p rty is ti uerado the Htaie and
mavaify the uoneral gavernmont,
while the policy of the-Dernocrr.tio
uartv lito limit tre Ifeneral uovtru
tneiitte that simplicity precnood by
the restitution, and to pie?erve to
tbe htutos ail their mints ana a a ninu
lem opportunity far the dovnloiiment
of their wealth. By bitter expeiietie o
the people of tho Siuih found tho
consiitution to be "aa the ehadow of a
great fck in a weary land." In the
iroiibloui times after the war, when
the Boa horn popple were deserted by
all but tlod, tbe conctitu ion was
the fr pillar of bra in that awini nigtet,
All the freedom the South enjoys to-
day ia the gift of the constitution. It
was tho grrat rallying cry of tbe
Democracy of the Union, and in this
or. at eian it baa conqnera and re
stored tna crewn of the government
to tbe coiu titution and I tie people.
The fruit that the Kepublican
party holds out to the people
of tne Hou'h bv tie coratitu'ion
Is forbidden, and tbn dav it eats
thereof it shall surely elie. HUbiiity is
tbe gieat need of the meicliint and
ruanufucturer. Stability ia to be
found alone in ample eecuiity for fair
competition. This allows prices to
rise and fall in obedience to ttie wh"le-
pome law of demand and supply. Ex-
c ule the principle ot cjinpetltton
and f ice will be reitu atcd, not Dy ua
niand and annolv. but by the com
bined will of monoDolisis, and they.
will exact all they can from the con
sumer, it tlie iiepno lean party ib in
good faith In making tbe cec.laration
that It is tbe exclusive frier.d to labor,
it ouuht to dec'are its purprsie ta pro
vida bv law that the d tloreace be
tween the ccat of production and a
fair proui to tbe manuueturer, and
th4 enhaaofd pries above such rum
so tired by prohibit iry legislation
s liit 1 1 k4oni. not to tho rnanaf cturr,
but ail aiitti dineterco to tie divided
amorg h i laborers. Tbis it will neve r
undertake to do, became tbe lauorer
is the me incident, while tbe
monoi hat is the principal in its po
lineal ecliome.
tub pi:oiLR wr THE rtHIVEII.
Over tii ABnc'me-nt ThM Hriiii'
imw Ueuta 1 In Adlrna Them
on Ike sad Iaiilatit.
loaaRRaraaDaaoa or tbb jirriAL l
OiKjiin, Mibb., Oc'ober 8. The
C t rani hers are elated over th a''
noniiceinaiit that the Hon. J
OeeirkO. Iia 1). OjliBby a d Z. N
Ht'phena will addrees the peopl cf
I.afayo t" on the political is'U-s of the
day at the coarihousn on the 231
int-Unt, k-uch treats ae ind'edrare.
and in no county in the State are thoy
mote appreciated. We predict for
tlit-ui a nearly welome and an en
tlnuiMt c mi lie nre. These gentlemen
conin r. i lie invitation of tbe I'emo
o renin lOxecutlve C imm ttee of the
Second C iiKresilonal District.
A meeting will be held heie on Ne
ve in hi r lathy the freeholders of this
rounty to discuss i lie aurstion ot the
fanca," and to elevisa means for
rfquninn all owners to put their atock
up. h if eyetta has gotten thoroughly
tire 1 1 1 tlie expenaiva ana unneces
iarv lencis. or ts we neaid
fa-in r rmi.aik not long s noe, tired of
kai ping up a bunored dollar fence
around a tw. niy do lar ctop to keep
e ut t'ir. o diitl r.i worth e l live eto, k.
The f diets of this county, if put on a
s.ra'erot line, ten tails lilith, would
emh from New Orlen ns to Clucug .
Do wi'huiit them, and w will have
fa0' but hotter stock. Wa will look
at er them and will cta ie them np.
Wo will bow nrnRsea and elivetflify our
ciops. We wi l have moro t rue for
f jrn, a'tiu anil ditchir a our Units, n ul
we wiil n op tba who'e ale destruction
of whalrli tle rail tiuilur our t io de
pleted (orH a (till r.tUin. Delnpidnteel
anil i: Biilllcient fences me t Ilia trav
eler in eviry section of the com, ty
The ato'k dohttoy unre by b-eaking
into tha flule s than it would ccst t
bni:d tne poeturiB A fact that speaks
well for It is that wherever It haa been
trie d toople are deliithte i with it, and
under no cirenmttancea do they want
It repealed. Ity a concert of action on
trie pail nl tlie IrienrtH ot tins move-
meiit wa will be M).e to get the ten
ihta of it f r nur next cropa.
I he Kcv. K. i. rearenn, an evao
gn'ia, fomieiljrof thi Staie, Is con
iinct.inif a rliiiiom rovivitl at tho Cum
beiliind rroDtiyterian Chinch. As an
w t- iiBiaBtio worki-r and an elcqni-nt
a' d lmpriaive speaker be is a decided
Tne nnivfrsi'y opeiifd with a large
ht'enlanee. nnt ib worlniK lika
rl a-in ncd-r ita in w organization
Tbn f Indents are orderly and have
son 'ii down to ttie'r labor earlier than
in fo'tii- r yeais and the utmot har-
uiony prevails aaiong tbe faculty.
Fourth Da)'g Session Pel it Ion From
thotTomea's Temperance Union
Church Mlaaiooa.
CniCAao. Ilu. OctoberO. Tha fourth
e'a ) 'a i ei ait n of the House of Denntiea
of tbe Prot- stp.nt Kpiee opal Church
b ean at the Central Mn-ic Hall at i)
ci'cioek with tha resdirgeif the morn-
i'tt prayer bytte Kev Uue'avcs w.
Murrav, ot rew jersey, ami ma nt.
R.v. B'thop Bedell, of Ohi", pro
r.oanced the becedictiou. Whin the
hoase was formally opened for bust
tesi tbe prefideat snrounced various
appointments to fill vacancies in the
stindirg commitiees. The secretary
1 . 1 - t . U n U'nmn.l.
reau irie-irsiiiB iruui iud nviunuo
Ci,r s ian Tempera -en unlona of New
Jersey snd Masa?lu-et's, U'ging the
use ot ui.furmented wine lor'earra
menal purpeer. Laid on tbe table
to he referreei,jtha proper con mi I tee.
Dr. Davl', of l'ennsylvai la, in m
the lommittHe aDD' inted by the Gen
eral C nver.t'on of 1883. to f rovida for
the goJly d sclpline of tne lal y, re
poitv'd that in acco'danete with the
present canons and rubrics for her
i . , - . 1 .1 . L im.
li-giBia 10.1 w.a u:ei uiHut. tun ii
poit was adopted and tho totnnii tee
w?'i discharged. .
ar om iiiemor'ala were pr eon t.)''.
nuyges'.iug ci ane.i in t! o Pryer li lok,
which wete uid on ti:e tanm wttno'ii
further readies!, Io be 'aken np feir
re firoi co. Variona otS.er memoii.iia.
o-i the su1 je-t if lay radira ard
praRCbeia, Utir a ian ui lty, and oifo
i,n tlie eaif hliahmvct ' f 'a c mit of np-
pca s, had tiiuilur e.ct.ou taken upon
Dr. Atliley, of W.ce orain, prrsnted
a u.enio ial that the name of th-J Dio-ci-sh
ol Wincnnf-in thould be changed
to tb .t of Milwaokee.
Dr. L fling el1, ol Qnncf. Id., pre
sented a memorial to omit t e wrrda
Prote siont Episcor-al from tha title
pave o tlie Prayer 11, ok. Lbid on the
iudib i r liuuro re'ernce.
Judco Wider, of Minne ott, pre-
s n ea a pnpi r re'a'in to the election
of Dr. Gilbert es His' op of tho Miu-
nefota Dii'i'O'e Htferred.
Judge Bancr ft Davia, of Marylard,
presented a potition of tbeKi-v. G .1
braith B. Perry, e,f Maryland, with
ri-feance t the exte nsion of the mis-
sinnarv w rk amonii the colored peo
ple. Tabled f r futuie reference to a
sneclal conmittse.
A menu rial in rega-d to the decaaFe
of tiie Kev. Dr. Daehie1, of Diyton,
O , was properly re'ened.
J no ire CoppfO, 01 renneyivaoia, mo-
raitteil a memorial sskli a that the
ioint houFos ail Ire h a memorial to the
rrejaieiODt ot tne uniien o at, csamg
that the dhti of tho National Thanks-
eivinK Day be rained for an earlier diy
eai uyear, more in roniormi'y witn
tha reapiua rt the ra'vett?. Keterreo.
A deputy from Onli'ornia ioee to a
question of privilege, and de sired to
read an interview with tne itev. vr.
Huntireton. publiKbed in a morning
pap?r, resp-uting the pnp-'aed changes
in tt.a Boole ol rrnyer. roe aepu y
snd t o w-is epprs d to this modi of
allectine tbe views ot the eieieea'es.
Dr. Uantington roe to siy that Le
hflil in.t aeuor read the lottrview,
and bnJ not iutbor z:d anything for
'Dm i,riBident ruled lil t the QUO
tion of privileges could not apply to
interviews published in the journnle
if the clay as snpposnd views of the
deb gates. T Applauee, which the Chair
SUpp CBHod.J ,
Tin llou e of Bif-h'-ps, throm'i J's
miSflor'g-r, anneiiinted i s concurrenete
In thereauestof the Houteof Depu
ties for joint se ei nif 'ha crnim tteis
rn ciiions, stnd also reque sted thet o
joint corrimtttee be a'pi-inted to wa't
upon tne memoarsoi ine r.ovinciiu
Si ncd of Canada, at pns 'nt in Ulil
c.iuo. and nooeet their presence on
the floor of the convent on ball next
Mciuluy. This wes cor c-trred in
Tbe House of Di pu ies then ad
louined. and beinit brimd bytheb'o-h
ops, retolved iistlf into a B ard of
M isaiot) B.
A ' Woman, After Twenly-Sleven
Tenrs', Hrlnrunllniiiei io Isliu
Her lalhrr'n Ettate.
GaaiMvii.i.i, Pa., O.tober 9. Mary
K irnlnlh Kditar, only child i f the 'at
,D. Kdgr, alt-i twenty s v?n years'
absence, returned to thia p'ace on
Mo day to cluim the es ato left by her
father, wlio diud in January, IMS-'.
Ovar quarter of a century sko, a'ter
astormy ec me with her fi tln r, she
left home, aid thnun alterard
soncot for, remained hidden, it-era
mo a clt sen of linen vile saw her in
Dayton, 0,ai,d t Li her her fitt er
eoHght ber, but mim bed gone. Then
she was seen iu California, and then
leitTa were sant, but of no avi',
When she left she was a beaut tu'
woman of 22. Now she returns a gray
haired woman of 50. Ten .yours she
has lived in Ciirrollton. Mo.
She was mar led to a man named
Hnyt, ami has a s n Hi-r a'her was
a Suiritnalis', and left instructions in
bis will to his exocuton that be would
appear to them to direct h a affairs
wittiin twoyeara after death. Naturally
they wai ed with tour and trenib ,lng,
but he c uue not. Then the pruperly,
including a hall left for spoituaiittic
me-tinga, was to'd and the money put
at interest. Adverligioncnts were
apt-end far and wide in all the Sta es
and Xerrltotles e-tl oinir 0 rewnrJ
for any mf rmation of tne m sting
dnugtiter. l'.veo in theldoru a papare
they publltdied the noiiuesof rewnrd.
Claitnanta appealed in that State,
Colombo and other p's'tea. An Onto
c'aimaT.tcame personally, t ut waseoon
proved an iiiipoato'. Mre. Hoyt saw
the not.ci in a fliusouri piper
and eauio en at cure. 0:d cit zein
recognixad h"r immed ate'y, end she
haa answered all O'l -ttiois ea islc
tonlv so fir. Shs will tatte steps to
fornially clhitn the proncrtv, which
amoiiiita t f l.o.ta o e r SJO.Oi.O Citi
zens who know all the fact-, und her
la. her a uuavailuis search, all sup
poped ber elead years ago The ttiniaut
hoirj bad juat tiken steps to l ave the
property legally divided among them
From Box and 4 lrn1alea Through:
Illy 1111 rark, Rfw Twk.
New York, October 9. A boa con
stricti.raboiit fiheo i feet in let gth con-t-iincd
in a largo wooden box. wi s be
ing cuiivoyod from the lUmhurK
steamship pier to tbe eat ibliehment of
R'ct.ie Bros., No. 55 Chatham s re ,
alinitly befor noon today, and when
opp ait- City Hull P,.rk it wi freed
by flio lid bocomii g ili p'aced. The
reptilo glided iuto the paik, and t ied
to get into a gresi pi it. Thnre ws
coneiders' leexiiteniHiit untl six men
fu;iteeded in throwing a bag over its
In ad and carrying it tlm remainder of
the distance. Fully 11)00 peoi le were
prerent when the reptile was recaptured.
riMiam Fllsrall, of Ike IrUk
League, I atribueea fSOOO.
Dktboit, Mim..Octorierb. R"grd-
ing the auti-evietinn fund, the Kev.
Dr O'Reilly, tre a nrerif tbe Irish Na-
10 on I League of America, has received
nc f liow ng:
Lmcoi.K, Urn , October 7. 1 !C.
Revbrknd anjj Dkab fin In re-
eporB io the appenl ad 'rrewed to me
by Mr. Penned, requesting aid for tbe
e victed tenantry of l e a-.d, I have
issued an address to tne officers a-il
membera ef the leegua and other
fiien-ts nf the oppretaed, in which I
requetted tha'. au ai.ti-c-viction fund
he started in every branch. We muit
come to t':e te cue of onr (.eop'.a and
save them from thasvetma ic a tempt
which is now b log made for their ex-
term nation. We mnet take prompt
measures to lave tbe honest yeoiatrry
of Ir. land from the workhouse. Tbe
iueiignity and eibgr-ce of ais vciatiog
tleai with workhnu-e riegrjdations
should not be peruii'. ed. Inc'osed
find dnfc fir $3000, ub my pers onal
eub'Cripiion to t'iose who are making
pu' ti a gelui t fight for lite and l.berty
iu I'tlaid. Yi urn. verv f ilbfnllv.
The New UnjroN.e.
Iiata-12 50 toil p .lay, ncoording to leoi-
tn n ol ru'iiua-
I. R Nnp. MiM II E liiileill. N Y
0 A W HiiKin", S Y Miff A -h iihertl, Va
Mi'i t nlmpi era, v J ii liiiiiin. n-no
P P Morriei, 'lonn W M fciieed.Toun
Mi L Hmho--. Term K 1. huiilli, To nil
J Tl- r, N Y VV Th.,nii'itor4w,Tnn
W V hullivan. Mm M j inousinnn. ,uim
I. k A tnid. Ky J 'in'k.un. N 1
It t tittiru, hy e; r rupo. .un
I) 1, Piiennrr, Ohio 0 U Powell, Mo
KJ hiiiiikinin. Wo M S liibmii, Mie
b E Hutchiiiiii,MiilU M linvone, Ark
KS Hunt, Ark A U Wintnr, Ark
K H Uliiuiit, lonn fll-s' flieneunuri. aim
Mm. I Jminron, iU J W .loliiison, Mim
VI KSssmiri.T-nti H.I Morn n, ' euu
J P e 1, pton, Tenn J ,Vi-L)iwll, Ky
T I) II illnnl, l' K 1-iiik. lenei .
11 T lUrrin, Aio W t e rhvroiht Tonn
J II Mi-Luwa, Mij M II I.'iinlioifc-r, 111
J It llillhouMi, Mias K H NiKhnlls. Ill
CB.l'rawitt, III L T Pieyno, Jll
11 Al into, lenn e. n r-ruuuor, ir
A h KwiiiK, Ark K l Jci-kina, Ark
II K linvl.urnB. Ark KJ Johnion, lenn
K M Prawl'i.Tenn T 1) I'o koia, 'lenn
II K linni itninn. lonn ft A notera iw. lenn
WM Farrintiio,'lanD R L Crime, N 1
E bl'aae, Miaa K K Kulka, Ala
I. K Collin. Ala J T Feriunon, Ivy .
T 13 .louax, Ky AH llendorfiiu, Ind
I K Keevta, Mo h It r.vans. mo
S V Morria. Mifa II n Mortiaon, Miea
! v Monr, Miaa b J Hirrio, lenn
T 8 brailley, Tenn K J Kveraon Ar, Oa
Miaa M Kve'aon.uU L Rl unutull, Ky
II te Davie. Ky M b,Movall, Ky
It J Hailey. Miai C II burnea, Mna
K J Ita a, Miaa Ww UomoDy, Ala
II E llaldwin, Ale, C S (iuodwin, Tenn
li M Co iiwocit, Ark L B Alorton, Ark
H M iilovh,', Ark.
leabody Hotel.
C. B. AIiL0ffA 4C0 PeoearsTORB
Kuta U 'HI and f.i r day. according to
ane and loontion of room Special
mnde at.
I Mnrx, NY K 1) l'alnn-r, Conn
F E Merriflalel, Mich W Smirn, Masa
T K llnird, Miaa A L Veisinor, Miaa
0 A Williams. Miaa J H Monro. Tonn
J P Jonea. N Y
li Ciion. Fa
M O Andrews, Ky
A Mnrkhnni, H U
A H Mnrka, Tenn
K II Hohairor, N X
U U I'oraey, Mias
LP Fiabor, Mo
II M Mo.u eh Mlsi
W 1) Heard. Tenn
II L Hall. Ohio
VV' Vick, Kt
,1 S Urownbridire, N Y
0 II InKomon, Mo
K C Wilkors,n, Mita
F. I Edwards, Mais
Tlioa Downey, Mo
11 11 Harrow, La
E f Smith, Tenn
Q li Poraey, Mi'a
w L H.rd, a.y
H J MoDowell, Tonn Tllnrlman, Ark
R J Ilnrri', Mo Jas MuDnna'd, Mo
Mra 0 Knorman Wia Mrs 11 S Wells, Wis
C J Ji tins. ui, N Y D 11 Woitervolt, N Y
J J Dubose, Tenn .1 Hhenatd, Tenn
J H buxbauin.Tenn J Orgille, Tnn
M Kdwards, Term 11 L lluion, Tonn
R D D iodwIn.Tenn D W Fly, Tenn
J 11 Pouter. Tonn
j Ij Wietta, lenn
T li Alton, Tenn
W S U, odwyn, Tenn
S W darriion, lenn
T Mill, lenn
II Langft,ill, Tenn
J A Denie ir, Tenn
G Jiuiiea, Tenn
It M llatea, Ter n
11 K l'ullen Jr, Tenn
D VV Lake, Tenn
I! I. Pnllnii. Tenn
W r I ay lor, lenn
W r Wils. n, Tenn " it m uarry, u v
H C Roberlann, Tex L W Springs, N C
'l De Forest Ely, i' W 1' jNeleon, Md
naitim e llole-l.
W n. TtlMlllAM Mm.neH
European plan. I'.iila'K-iil nnH r furnished.
rnoi a aannruinv io siao auu eoL-a
tinn ol' ro-nis
P M Custor Aw, Miss W VV Murphy, Tenn
A V etannara. Ark J C lliildninb. Ark
Mrs LombarriAo.Misa Vlisa K orusiis. Miss
Miss ArrniRion, .uisa J uuannon, lonn
1) E Lowry, W ia E V Hiason, R H
J U Temple, Mo TP Turner, Tenn
P Traoy, 'lenn I. Uruham, Tenn
J M Uoleinan. Tonn 0 U h to, Ark
KBorendes, Kv J '' Barhee, Ky
C A Titrable, K 8 Krunkel, Mo
L II Tolar iw. Ark Miss 8 Jtranson, Ark
W A Adama, Tenn .1 J Mason, Tonn
Misa .lolinaon, VlaflS Mii-a Cooper. Ma s
Miaa Ciiilr. Mafia Miss Lonir. Masa
Miss Wi sou, Masa -I II- ndrnn Af, Tenn
J A llo er, lenn " " rora ii. oenn
IV M -nnle. I.n It W llreen. Ark
W K Thoinpsnn, Ark Mrs II W Faison, Miaa
it w Pilison Jr. miea ii-s n r moil, itii-b
F P Well". Ark A II Snuthworth, N Y
M Collins, Mi"i l I' Ma. ee, ArK
'V A Fain a, Tann T F Duffin, Tnn
D T I'orter. lean D Nii-hola in. Ind
J K Ball, Miss R S llrooke, Tena
W W Ilioolie, Tnn K II Collius, Ohio
Mra C olilin Alio.Ark N M Jones, Tenn
I Falti, Tonn hll JolinsonA w.Masa
llniry'a I nreiii'an Hotel.
Corner of Ail" tna and Mainetreets. Roorna,
600, 75c and $! per day; Ameiican Plan,
i per day.
1?i-e nlnaftltHtHUriint in tha TTntel.
J. M. DOFFY (10 yearf with Peabody Hotel),
aroprii ior.
J F Johnson, Tenn 8 I) Henry, Tenn
M M inxfleld, Ark A 1 Calhoun, Tenn
M Ilere', jr, Ark , M F Ho,e, Tenn
J II Broolts. Ala To"n
J I'eun, Tenn W b lluirhea. Tenn
Ii II Chapman. N Y Ji; braderiek, Ark
K 8 Marshall. Tea 11 l'n'kett, Tenn
J R Viillerl'enn W H lluire, Vo
RIIKsrr.Tenn E h Jacobs, Vo
Wl'HU HV II 0 Tnoknr. Toil
j I. Pnnnyman, Mo J W Wiiliauia Aw.Miss
C 0 Veeiable. Tex J Itandwerker.TenD
J 11 8nepheril, Tnn n a i.iitnins, in
Mrs ShMrnian, Mias Mrs Vi'olls Ac, Misa
A II Dennison, Ark H B Randle, Tenn
I) P Hobson, Tenn L Lrhmolnr, lenn
J Windier, Tonn J K liuil, Tena
J R B'oan, Tenn.
Idi'blir Ce."s Coca Ilei f Tonic.
"My patients derive n arked and
demded banent irom it, - saya rroi
J. M. 0rnrcbari,M I) , Professor 6ur-
... Van, Vor M.iliKil Cnllu
For 'bBd taiie.in tho mouth, bad
b-eitb, heatt n n. vam in s-omacn
and boel, fla ulcncy, lont-tipati, n
(lymitomsot eiy.'repaia ana oro-en
.e.,.. .1 .einn il i.4 invaluable. Al.nn
in b liioi si es , malsria. debility, liver
C. HllllUniP, BICa liro.ii-iruo,
wa.-v tiiuii nut eiomiN maatitET
New Your, Ooiober 9. Tiie market
baa te n intlu'r epii t in demand, aa
. . i , , . i
usual OU raiuru-j m '-im ivkkiu ui
the year, but more eo 1 cmhm o' the
e-bs-.rva.ice of the II-biew fast Yom
K'l'pnr. AniO-K""' in-n:iiB,m- s i n
advance I jc. On Wednesd iy.ihe 13t
instai)'. Faulkner, Pne & Co. wi.l ee
at Biiotn.n, through Wilmerdiiig, H
giKt & Co., 10W ptickaescf wool lla
nela. compriBiog all colore, styles an
Phov A. Raves, M. D , LL.D., edit
or Afeiiion Umtc, Jiicbmond, Va ,saye:
"Liebg Co.'a Coca Ba Tonic is a
wondeiful reconi'ractive ant, build
ing ap the general Bjliem otid enpp y-
111(5 lost net voM eneriy. iuauwa-ei-inir
ilie-fxe-M ami hfok'Mi down couali
lutiotiB it ia ih- airent." AIbi in foniala
eomplaii't, shattered neives, dvsep-
kia an 1 bi iou.nees.
SnzopoNT the ladii s pride,
tuly na s it d- ride.
Zeuhjrae f floaer Udden air
Only with it csn compate,
Do nn good to everyitiirg,
Oil every aide ita praises ring;
Neglect to nse it, 1 dies wont,
Tbey all mutt bave their Sozodoht.
Te-sela Have Experienced Terj
Konifh Weather Twenty-three
Data Siuce Her Sailing.
New. Yobk Octob?r 9. Tbe steam
er Ancboiia hs not yet ben heard
frnm, ar d tbe nnmbe' of callers at tlie
office of tbo c mpaoy la daily increas
inr. Tne offis'als still hold tt their
oiijiioal theory that the vessel ha
biokn her shaft and that tha caDvs
which she ca-iied ts not sufficient f r
her to keep ber course, t-hawas in
goud condition when she 'ef t Scotland,
Ihey say, cr she would cot have been
allowed to sail, as by tbe English law
a government survey has to be made
of every ship before she leaves htr
deck on every occasion.
A Poi( Boi oa spec'al aavs: The
crew of the eteamer Bulgaria, which
airived tcday, renoiti that when about
fifteen days out thy paned a etam r
which was evidently disabled, es she
was i titdicg still and had no steam.
She did rot signal, and they paed
ber by. She was heeding westward,
and wes under sai'. Tbey thought she
wa? of tbe Anchor Lire, but at that
time tbey knr;w nothing cf tbe over
due At cnoria.
Tie New York Mail and Espreit
saye: Another dreary day bs paseed
fir those who bavo rh.tive8 and
frieni s 01 the over r'ua Anchor Line
eteamor Anchors. Ttie vei Bel failed
to pnt in an appeamt c, and no news
of i er atrival a- auot'ur port or nf her
luviru b.en tiii.tjt.iu at sta lian Dtca
livi n the moree conserva-ive ttiiam
ihip men of the Maritime Kucbenge,
wbo always "he pa tor toe ba', "ra
now f' r;ed to the be ief tha' the t-'hip
h;:8 been loet, end ti.at ai o'ber oc.-jriti
honor has to ba added to tho long
bet. The amenta of the vessel, Mestre.
Hondtr.-on I5ro3 . fctill rontiuue to
atlum that they ate Botin the least
alarrxed. In nn'i'y, however, they
are g eatly worried, as is evld r.t from
the many private cenferences cold
Ureal Anxiety at Glasgow.
Glssgow. October 0. Anxiety ron
ceriiinirthe overdue s earner Anchoria
is lncrereing in Scot aid, owing to the
fact that several well known ijia:gow
iriin.leniin are umonif the pieeeners
Expsrience d A'lantic captains b ilieve
thu Bteamer's ele ay is caoeed by some
rtiswa-g'niant of hi-r Bear ami tnst
she ia i-roceedinn slowly urder rail.
It is understrod that a premium of ton
iriiire,,s for insutanca on the steaooer
has bden tiki n.
No Truth la the Report.
Boston. Mssj. Ortobor 9. At the
office of the company to which the
Bulitaiia b jlongs it u said there is no
truth in the leport about tbe Anchor
Line steamer being sigbt .d by tbe
pnlgana 1
Browns Iron
Trie qnwrtifm hu probably been Mkfd thoaBfcnda
of timo8liow cun linmn'B Inm Bitten cure overy
IhiiiKr'1 Well, it d'MHn't. But it doB cure wiy diBmnB
ft.r tvbich m repuUMo phytticUa would pretcri be IIMiS
PhyMioinns rocoBtiifct Iriin tut tlie boat ruetorrttiv-a
aunt known tn tiiH nrofwinii. and inauiry of any
li'idiD chemical tirm will nuhstantiate tiieaftsortiiiu
tuat there are more preparntitms of inm than of any
other Biiutitancfi uaoa ia meJU-ine This hows ou
cluairely that imn ia acknowledffnd to be the numt
tiuportant faottir in mieeeettful mttdical practice. It ia,
however, a remarkable fact, that prior to the discoF
eryof It itOW.V I KON HlTTIaKMnoperftMit
Ly aatiafactory iron ootubi nation had ever been found.
headache, or produoeoonstlnstifm all olhe-rlron
uiedlcinpado.llUOWN'NIKUN IIITTliUS
ruree inellgeatinn, lillionanean, Wenkneaa,
lTpreiln, Malar in, ('till! nml Keren,
Tired Veeliaff.Genrrnl Di-bilily.Pain in the
Nlilr, Tlarkorl.imbs.lli'nilnrhcanit Monrnl
Kla for all theae ailments Iron ia prescribed dnilj.
minute, t ike all nthor thoroTiffh modK'-inM, tt aot
lowly. When taken by m-n tlie flmt aymptotn of
benefit ! renewed irnrffy. The muHclea then become
iinner, the diffffttion impniTs, tho bnwln are active.
In Kmm thenlTnct in umnlly miri rapid and marked.
The eye biffin at onrn to brtnliten: the skin clean
np: healthy color comen to thu rheckfl; nervonaneas
dotapuitam; functional dfrantfement heoome reffU
lar, and if a nunting innthtT, nbundnnt mitten ai ice
inaiippllod for the rhlld. Remcmtwr Brown's Iron
Bittera iathe ON iron medicine that is not in
jurioua, I'hyiicimit ami lruj:fits recommend it.
fhe Gsnntne hat Trade Mark and crorwd red linefl
onwrapner. TAKK NO OTHFlt-
Koch's Pat. Store
Nil F.I.V1MJ la adjustable to meet an; need
or business. It ia oheaper tlan old style. Can
be put up bv any one. I'i-iiiiile-l lor
Paulrj and Book hlielvea. Address
KOO& A. II. CO., ItiTrs,,
S41 MAIN NT., PEOKIa, I LI... or,
Nlmanona Harlwr'o.,St. Louis. Mo.
(mporten and dealers tn ena,msnn.
iilllon and riahlasa; Taekle, Biller'
nnnolatora for Hotels and Hsidenoes,aao
Main nirrot, atensphla, Teaaai. Kleotrit
1 . L.KJ Dnaataltttf flaaoktl
npi'liva aiwaji va uaaua vw "-
don. -
Boiler Works.
SHEA & McC AUTIIT, Propr'a.
110, 142, 144 Front, Memphis.
in tha Hont.h, and the only eompleta
Bollor and Snoot-Iron Worka In theoity.
IKauafisctnwra of baeawj !elfi lru
wort at e-erery ltcrltoia. SpaoU
.e.eio- - - ' Ion work
Frank Schumann,
Importer and Tlealer la
Onus, rinhlua 1'acaila nnd Nporia.
men's Nnil Ira. atsr Special attenttos
tlvan to MANUFACIUKlNu and as
PAIRINfl. -aa
413 Mli H.wWew ratlin. Term
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationorf,
a IS Mln Kt., MeiuphiH, Tfim
A M-'.W M 1-l'l.V OP
ytti l t t ? 51 to 2&
The First Sign
Of falling health, whether In the form ol
Night Sweata and leervouaneaa, or In a
aenae of General Wearlneaa and Loet ol
A ppetite, sbouia anggeat tne nae of Ayert
Euraaparilla. Tbla preparation ta moat
elective for giving tone and atrengtt
to tbe enfeebled system, promoting Utt
digestion and assimilation of food, Testis
lng the nervous forces to their normal
condition, and for purifying, enriching,
snd vitalizing the blooei.
Failing Health.
Ten years a?o my health beiran to f all
I was troubled witn a distressing Cooaria.
Night Sweats, Weakness, and Nervous
ness. I tried various remedies prescribed
by different physicians, but became so
weak that I could not ao up stairs with
out stopping to rest. Sly friends recom
mended me to try Ayer's Sarssnarllla.
which I did, and I am now as healthy and
strong as ever. Mrs. K. L. Williams,
Alexandria, Minn.
I have used Ayer's Snrsaparllla, In my
family, for Scrofula, and know, If it a
taken faithfully, that it will thoroughly
eradicate this terrible disease. I have also
prescribed it as a tonic, as well as an alter
alive, and must say Unit I honestly believa
it to be the bei blood medicine ever
compounded. W. F. Fowler, D. D.
JI. I)., Greenville, Teun.
Dyspepsia Cured.
It would be impossible for mo to de
scribe what I sulfered from Indigestion
and Ilenducho up to tha time 1 bctian
taking Aver's Sarsnpnrilla. I wiia under
tho care of various physicians nnd tried
a prcut mnnv kinds of medicines, but
never obtained more tlnsn toi lornry re
lief. After taking Ayer's Sarfnpnrilla for
a short time, no;- I-eVdache tiisnppeiired,
and mv stomach )K -formed : -. duties mora
perfectly, lo-day my licalt . is com
j.letelv restored, Mary llarlcy, Spring.
Held, Masa.
T hava been sroailv bencflted by the
prompt use of Ayar'a Siirsupurlllii. It
tones and in'te-watesa tberystein, regulates
the action of tne digestive and nssimilativa
orpins, and vil ilizes tho blond. It Is,
without doubt, tlie most rellulilo blood
purifier yet discovered. II. I). Johnson,
fob Atlantic ave., Brooklyn, N. Y.
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Pwpjuatl by Dr. J. C. Aver & Co., Lowell, Vaas.
ii Si traUles, 85.
Question ia enanginiour agricultural com
munity. Messrs. K. G. CH AIG A CO., Noe.
87 and 311 Union street, Memphis, Tenn.,
are daily in receipt of
reports on growth in diversified cropping
oorn, oata, wheat, rye, barley, ocreals, and
orohard, herds, clover, tall meadow oat
grasa snd timothy era's
All our wornout sedge lands may be ra
olaimed by sowing rye and clover on them in
fall or spring, or rowing cow-pess in May,
June or July, then turn coder, and
Improve the land.
Agricultural Implements' and Seed Dealers,
ptvI.IM ife 1,AIIS1.-Ua. K. C.
a guaranteed speoifio for Hysteria, Diisi-
neis, ConvnlsioDf, Ifita. nervoni neural
gia, Headaoho, Nora C" Prostration, caused
by the uao ol aioonoi or eooacooi naae
fulnesa, Mental Doprossion, Ss'tening of the
Brain, resulting in insanity and lon 'ingto
misery, denay and death; 1'reruature i d
Age, IiarronneJS, Loss of Power en either
,r Involuntary Losses and eperrpator
rhea, oan-.' ' by over-exertion of the brain,
self-abase or ovcrindalgenee. Unch bog con
tains one inortt. f trea. Lieut. 11 a box, o
six boxea for 85, son- t mail prepaid, on
roeetpt ot orioe. n n uan'inr oia
io oure auT uiw. " wv.. . - - -
by nsforalx boxes, aconoipacied wttl- si,
0 will aonu m. (,ur,-u,ir..i u" .
gnarar-too to refund the money It the treat
ment doe 'Oi efiece. a cure. Onaranteea
u.na nni n- s. HFNKKHT Ai o.. Drug-
gi a ts. Memphis. Tenn.
AMOITHa A KPr.fi wtntw.. OOfx-ltfeil
tuB arti-;. l'i tV wrM. I asmple (We. Ad
4 V fl. 4Na-tOV,rr.trolt.MIP-
T oof, I
Wholesale Grocers
And Dealers in Levee
No. 374 Front Street
. A. GAGE & CO.
Cotton "F'GLGtojrm,
No. SO Front Street. ; Wetupyg. Tew
lTpTmULUINS. ol lata J. R. Godwin A Co.
Cotton Factors & Com mission Merchants
No. 1 Howard'H Row, Cor. Front anfl Pnion, Kemphtn.
OM Stsiml. No. 9 Union St., Wenu.l.is. .
D W. FLY, F. 11. H Kit HON. Ti BA M H')BS'()S.
LaU ol Commerce, Miss. Late ot ColTeoville. Miss. Late of llrooks, Ncely A Co.
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants
324 Front Street ..Mctop'H Tortn.
T. B.MSM.l'rea't, EO. ABSOLW,
UoTtomHry Mores, Dwellings and Ginlionses a Speelaliy.
le-LosHoa Adjusted Promptly, and Paid at Memphis.
IO -V lTi
JJ J f
No. 238 Main Street.
THE coarse of study is extended, thorough
and praotioal, affoedins superior faoili-
tiea for obtainiDg a sound Dasine'a eoucaiioa.
l?or Catalogue call at the schoolroom m
address T. A. LKPDIN. Prineipal.
Reopens October 4, 1886.
PUPILS prepared for "The Art Students
League,'' ot Mew York, or any other
first claaa ait school thry may desire toenter
DRAWINfl.Pniritieigand Vood Carving
taught by tt-e uiethnita of the uclebrated
Cincinnati School of Design, k irst suocesa
fullv int'o tuord hero by Misa Carrie Des
Innde Pnbyns, Principal Sohool cf Art, tha
lligbee School.
Sen4 for Mprrial Circular for Art
Mnilr ill. -
l.Kwr..S13 6ih UK, Washington, D. C
opena Octnher ISth. Prov;dfS a iractieally
useful buniness education. Trerma: Life schol
arship, ;u fnardinr, stationery, etc.,
tw-lve wroks' o urse, $ 5. For circular (tree)
address Martyn's Cmnm-rcisl College.
feciiool f Drawing and
46 . Court Hi. O. W. Dale, Frill.
PROF. PALE, a graduate ef tbe National
Hrh"ol of KUcution nnd Orstory, Phila
delphia, I'a ,wiilreeivealimi'ed r.umberof
pupils in Crayon and P.isM D'awingand -location,
isrhueil poniO libi-r 15. Terms
Kensnnnhle. Public Headings a Brecialty.
The Higbee School
Education of Yeung Ladies
Ceale, Lauderdale and Josramine tti.,
Incorporated ail eh Collegiate Pri
ili gra.
Fall Term Opens Monday, Sept 20.
anrThoronrh English and Classlenl Course.
Modern Languages by Foreign Teachers.
Hook-keeping, Snort-hand and lype
writicg taught. . . .
Hohools ot Art, Murie and Elocution noted
for exoeption'l advantages.
Special students received in every depart
ment. A new and elegant building wilt be erseted
during tbe summer acd tall, wherein will be
lurnished a apacioua study ball, large pri
mary school-rooms, class-rooms, laboratory,
library, gymnasium and art gallery, which,
with the elegant man-inn used lor boarding
pupils and the wooded pleasure grounds,
will form ce ot ihe most complete school
foundations in the hnuth.
Catalnnues ready August 4th.
For infui-mrtion address
MISS JENNY M. UIU13KE, Principal,
Menphis, Tenn.
atr.rm-Ai. 2:FAttTMEvr
Tulane University of Louisiana.
(Formerly, 1M7-IR8. tbe University of
ITS advantages for practical instruction in
diseases ot the Southwest are unrivaled,
as the law secures tt superabundant materi
als from the grrat Charily Hospital with its
700 beds, and 211,1X10 patiants annually. Stu
dent have no hosp tal-foes te pav and spe
cial instruction is daily given at the bedside
oltbesok,as in no other institution. For
oatalngue er fnf- rmation. aitdress
Prof. S. B. CUAILLK, M. D., Dean,
P. O. Drawer t'ett pw O-'eant. La.
Have Removed to
Where they will continue tn sell House Fur
nishing Goods Ci esper Than Anybody,
mill on l-'.wipr T.rine.
and Cotton Factors
and Railroad Kuppliest,
Memphis. Tennessee.
JAB. YONGB. laU oIJ. W. Caldwell k 0
i k to.
V. - lrea't. W. M. KENIEBiT, tiac'j.
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