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SUNDAY, : I OCT. 10. 1H8
BOB BUT L. TAILOR, of Washington.
JAMBS PHELAK, of Shelby.
" W. L. CLAPP.
R. A. ODMJM. :
" The whole country is rejoicing over
the fact that the Chicago anarchists
arc to be hanged. The convection and
execution of these outlaws will be the
greatest triumph wh'ch law and order
ever achieved in America over an
archy and coin mnnisin.Three yetrs ago
the popularity which Dennis Kearney
achieved while flemlog through the
country preaching antm-hy and
communism alurmad the American
people 8 to the permanency of our in
stitution?. Itut Kearnoy was driven
into obrcori'y, nd whenever he at
tempts to make his eppoarance again
before the public he is exec a'ed and
booted down by those be deluded and
who once applaudnd his u'terauces,
The late riots originating in the labor
troubles gave the anarchist a pretext
for the necessity of enforcing their
damnable teachings, and in Chicago
they made the fmt at'empt to pre
cipitate the country into a bloody
war. The ' ignominious ' failure
and the certain execution ol
the outlaws is a proclamation
to the world that in Ameilca anarch
isle and coinmunlonists must surely
die, and that our institutions cannot
be shaken by lazy vagabonds who
hops to profit by subsiitating anarchy
tor law. The very speeches which ti e
condemnod Chicago anarchists made
on Thursday last in vindication of
themselves, prove most conclusively
that the sentence is a righteous one,
and that they ought to be barged as
murderers and outlaws. They inau
gurated the riot, eltber directly or
Indirectly, which culminatod in the
' death of seven persons and tbo wound'
ing of many more. After a careful
examination of all the facts, the vor
diet of the jury is that foretimes so
bunions and cowardly they ought te
die. The public sentiment of the
country, with singular upanlmlty, in
dorses the verdict. All such mis
creants will hereafter be promptly ar
raigned and speedily executed. Thete
doomed scoundrels came to this coun
try construing liberty to menn license
and deliberately set to woik
to make other men earn the bread
they ats. A man with that idea in
his heart can be put to no better use
than to be hanged. Government, if
it means anything, means punishment
for everything proposed by the an
archists. Our iustltations offer to
every man an honest working chance
to better his condition, to go forward
from dependence to independence.
But the anarchists rail sgaintt capital,
against the rich and against the law
and precipltats a murJerous revolu
tion to destroy the Inititutiotis which
protect property. The fact that near
ly every large fortune in this oouatry
has been accumulated by men who
began a life that compelled the earning
of each day's bread before it wis eaten
proves that our laws and customs
are moulded In kindness to
labor. If some men have
gone on fom the necersity of dally
wrgs esrnlrg toil to the ownership of
great wealth, it is evident all men
have also a chance, by thrift and tem
perance, to achieve the same wealth.
The anarchieti take the prsition that
all itch men are robbers and therefore
ur justly rich and ought to be forced to
disgorge. But these outlaws foruet that
they Mre unjus ly poor because they
refuse ta work and economics as did
the men whose wealth they proprss
to appiopriate. When the Chicago
ou laws are seen dangling from the
callows the whole countiy will breathe
freer and diejer. Their conviction
has strengthened our institutions as
did the civil War between the Slates,
at it is a notice served on vagabonds
that the peualty for a war on society,
law and order Is death.
Ku-sian barbarism and savage in
sliocts a ill tontinue to display their
hideous natuie in Bulgaria, and the
l'.u pBrUi B slill manifest that Calm
nejc, modulation and peaceful res'Bl
ance to wrong that show the noble
manliness that U guning for faem a
world-wide admire tlon. The Caar,
who wrote the in fan ous and a-roganl
T?ply to Alexander, has sunt a man of
tiiiown s'nmp, Kau biis, to tVigcoo
ItulsiirirriB and to provoke a tumult
. that there may be opportunity of
c ushing Bulgarian rights and inde
pei dmca nrdir prctenio of putting
lonn disorder created and sustained
' by Kuesla itself. Could any policy be
mere hi tie and fat in it? Hut the
.-3traiiihtfcrwarJnpts and hontstcour
: e of Bugatia tallies the wiles ofRus
' sia to fur. According to the news we
receive Kaulburs ordered the Bulga
tian Colonel having charge of the pris
onHin who aidid the kidnapping ol
r.f Pince Alexander to libernta them.
The Colonel enugi tira'ly rtfuHed to be
.gniliy of an ac. of such tieach
vry toward his government
Whst should we think if one
of the foreign Ministers in this
ccuotry should travel,: from town
the town, striving to induce our paople
to turn arainst our government? Yet
'-th! Is what Kaulbars Is doing in Bui
garia. Finding that attempts to bribe,
cijole, or bally the government were
in vain, he has undertaken to "stump"
the count and set the people againit
their government Bat the people
are true to themselves, and the Czar's
tool Is reportsd to be furious at his
ill succour. At Wriln be could g' t
scarcely thirty persons together. At
Biitova the people did meet on hii in
vitation, but it was only to declare
their opposition to Russian interven
tion, lie then ordered the milituy
officers to meet and hear a .message
from the Csar. They ensaered that
that was no business of their', and de-
tirtdhim to address himself to the
Bulgarian Government Bu tebuk
wia called upon to receive Kaultari,
but the Prefect went away and no
public reception was given him. Such
is the spirit of the Bulgarians, but
supported by none of the Berlin tig-
na'ory powers In their rights ondar
that treaty, what can they do afaicst
Russian brutality and despot 'sna?
Many as are the Democratic speak
ers enlmted in the rauvass in Tennes
see, none are abler than (Jov. Albert
S. Marks; many as have keen the
speeches recently delivered in Mem
phis, none have turpaeerd In power
and e'oquence the speech of Gov.
Marks la t night. It was a refrediing
political deliverance btciuia of is
clear-cut, incisive and unequivccil
discussion of the vital issues involved
in national and State politics. It Lad
ii uiio of the hesitating tircumlccution
or shivering evador! which has be
come so common amoog po.itical
trimmers. On the contrary, right or
wrung, it was ftarlesc, squire to d and
emphatic on every question it touched
sn agreeable nDve.ty in its courage
ud candor in these days of dodging
and double dealing In civil affairs as
in civil war Gov. Marks has proved
himself t e gallant soldier, patriot
and Btateatnan. lie merits the hon
ors he has won In war and in peace,
and that confidence which the people
of Tennessee impose on his honesty,
integrity aad great abilities.
The Devil's Auction,
Mies L'r.zle Evans and her comnany
closed their engagement at the Mem
phis Theater wuh Sea Sand at mat inee
and Culprit Fay at night.
Tomorrow night the Devil'i Auction
reappears for one week. The Louis
ville Courier Journal says of a recent
performance tnere: This is the third
engagement of this company In Louis
ville, and i s popularity has steadily
increased. Ths time it is btt'tr than
ever. Many if the peop'e are new
and the business is aleo much im
proved. The scenery' is new and
prettier than ever, the transformation
scenes being very effective. The
ballet is the drawing card tf the
company. The girls are pretty,
and the premiere. Mile Staccinni,
is a most graoeful dancer. The
Mikadtt ballet wsh vrry effective. It is
a version of the opera in ballet and
pantomime. 'J he airargemont and
costuming were very effective and the
ulancing was pretty. Toe peacock bal
let was also excellent. The dano ng
of ;the Ha'amonnky brothers, rscently
brought over from Runeia, was the
finest exhibition cf acrobatic and bur
lesque dtno.'ng seen here in years.
The Lorillas aud tbe Snow b:o hers,
the latter being excellent gymnat,
added good specia'ties. Altogether,
the perfjrmaice was a great success.
The romantic scenery and the hand
some costumes afford a fine setting
for thea-torr. The lie al tableaux ate
Chicago, III, October 0. Seldom
has such interest in a basuba'l cham
pionship race been manifested In this
city as during today, when tin re
ports cf the Philadelphia Detroit
games at Philadelphia, and the Bot ton
Chicago games at Boiton were being
received through the "tickers" end an
nounced on the bulletin boirds about
the city. It was known that, to make
sure cf its hold upon tbe penant, the
While Blockings would have to win
the game with Boston, or De
troit would have to Irse one
or more games with Philadel
phia. When the news was received
of Chicago's victory and the Detroita'
defeat there was cheering by the
crowds. Oi learning of the club's
i tory, President Spalding, of the
Chicago Club,Hnt a telegram to Os.pt.
Anton, in which he aid : "Yon
have clinchi (I ths pennant in great
style. Knew we could depend upon
the old war borrei in a pinch. You
have won ths loague championship;
now orae home and win the world's
It is roughly rs i mated that the
amount realized by the cotton crop of
Egypt Ibis yar wilt be 9,000,000.
J. II. Moors. Krsbvil'e, Tenn.; A.
Warren, New York; Miss Emma Gra
ham, city; J H. MeOlellan, Cincin
nati: Wm. Harper, Liverpool, Eng
land; Mi's Aline O'Neil, city, Miss
Annie Riper, city j W. Adams. Tennes
see; D. R Cousin, Liverpool, England;
ObaB H. True, IVrtland, Me.jMr. and
Mrs.W. H. Brudd, Glenn Falls; Frank
M. 8mlth Jcksin, Tenn., and W. E.
Thompson, Lilt's Rock, Ark., were
vlti'ora at the Cotton Exchange yes
tordey. Every Citizen
Knows the importance of gond shoes
III titling and poorly made foot sear
are nuisances, and ebould b" avoided.
.1. M. Hill A 0 rorner r.f Union and
Main, re expeir enred dealers, who
have their IVmts and shoes mads of
the butt lenther end by 11 ret cla s
workmen. Tbey shII at lowest rate..
The Luat Day
For the sale of tickets in the next
drawing of the 1 ouisiana Lottery will
be tomorrow. In order to furnish the
fullest opportunity to those who wish
to purchase, the c (lice will remain
ontm till 9 o'clock tomorrow night.
Th'sisoneof the lotUry schemes in
which each ticket holJer has a fair
In Odd Fellows' Building, is the store
where the ladies tan find all the new
etylts In ba's and bonnets. Lavigne
is a careful buyer, and ran always lur
nihil the bf st g oils to b found.
Itu.Hln WUhilrans from Bnlgnrin.
London, October 0. Tho Russian
p jU at 8 fu h s returned to Ruaeia.
In a circular note be announces his
intention of forthwith ceasing diplo
natic rela'ions with Bulgaria,
By ''orernment Contractors A Com
mittee Sent to Cnlcago to In
terview the Packers.
Eichmomo, Va , Oitober 9. This is
theaixtnday that tbe General As
sembly of Koigbts of Labor hasb;en
in eess'on here, and tbe firet to begin
with matters in such shape that tbe
t.u-ineas cf the conventioo can at once
be taken op and carried through.
Each delegate, as he pa'sed through
the doors entering on the convention
ball (his morning, waa nreected with
a bundle of printed pamphlets and
circu'arr. One of thoee was the sup
plementary repoit written by Ralph
II. Beaumont, chairman of the Com
mittre on Legislation, in which be
proposed a congress of workingmen at
Washington, to sit while tbe United
S'a'ee Cengrees is in aetsirn. Anr ther
wss a propi s'.tion tf A. M. Dewry, of
Detroit, Mich., to es ablish a weekly
jonrnal as the crgan of the Older.
The pnrprss of triis we 8 that eech
merarter thou d be f u ly acquainted
with the reveral subjects when b:ought
up (or discussion.
The Committee on Dht ibutlon ret
to work even before tbo convention
met diisicting ihs va-ious pamphlets,
etc.,incniding Mr. Powd-rly'saildrets,
and tlislribu'ing tor'inns of tt em to
ih committees chargtd with Ihe duty
cf considering the subjects of which
the reepective vtrtiois treated. Of
tbe committees to br appoii.tsd only
a portion were named yesterday, and
when tbe convention met ths work of
completing the 1 s'. v. as at onca re
sumed. Even ti.day Ibo work being
done is mainly rr-limiiinry. D. ubts
are expressed as to the p nihility of
tbe convention tomp'eting its work
w.tl in rim two weeks f ir waich Ar
mory Hall is erirsirud, but Mr. Pow-
dcriy say he thinks it can bs done.
1'. is the pre ent intention of the
c mm tteemen and delegates to carry
the woik through as expeditiously as
p'rsHible and mnke every endeavor to
be ready for adjournme nt a weea frcm
Ai the close r f the morning session
tbe fo lowing adlitinnal acc untoithe
proce'dlngs was obtained from Mr.
Reports were received from commit
ter, among tbem the repoit of the
committee at the laet convention at
Hamilton, Ont., on woman's labor;
tbe report of the committee api oint-d
at Cleveland tn the revieion of the
eonet.tution of the order; tbe report
of the commi'tee accompanying tbe
Congres-iocal Committee on tbe tour
to Inveetisa'e the boutnwes ern rail
road strike. Mr. Powderly was author
ised to send tbe followirg telegram :
Michael Cudahr, President f tba Packan'
AitooUtion, Chioago, 111. :
Will you postpone the contemplated
t etion on the imnendins tr uDies he
tween tbe packers and the stockyards
employes until the Ueneral Assembly
can aunuint a commi'tee to call on you
with a view of settling the difficulty ?
Answer. t. v. powdkrlV.
The followirg tele gam was sent to
II. IS. Sullivan, (Jonocs, IN. i.:
Will you open the factories at Am
sterdam and allow all emplojes now
out to return to work as tbey came
out and meet our Executive Board for
settlement of ibis trouble and to pre
vent futurs troubles?
On motion it was resolved to seed
Thomas Barry, of the Executive
Board, to accomcany Master Work-
mn M. J. Butler, of Distr ct Ko. 57,
to Chicago for tbe purpose of endeav
oring to nettle the trouOle between the
packers and employes. They will
leave here on the first train, which
staits at 9 o'clock this evening.
It was ordered that a telegram be
sent to the Poitoffice Department at
Wasbirgton, D. C , protesting against
the letting of contracts for erectirg
public buildings at Beitimoreto per
sons emploving convict labor. This
was done, Mr. Powderly said, becadse
it was undent od that a firm employ
ing such labor intended to bid. Tbe
rjli was called for tbe presentation of
resolutions, etc., and fifty or sixty
were ricsived.
A'l were refened to the Committee
on Dirtributioe, which will die-tribute
them to the appropriate committers.
Toe same actum was laken in refer
ence to all reports of committees sub
mitted nd tli reports cf the secre
tary and tieasurer. All the reports
wre presented in printed form. The
roll of districts was then cilled, and
occupied the remaining time of the
ses-ion. This afternoon the roll call
of the local assemblies will bs called,
and it is expected it will take up the
whole afternoon. f
Aftrmooa Urn-ion.
At the afternoon session the roll of
the local assemblies was called and
each presented such resolutions as it
desired to lay before tbe General As
rembly. The total number presented
was 282. Tbey were referred to the
Committee on Distribution for sub
m saion to appropriate committers.
Printed copies cf ths reports of tbo
Executive Board, tbe general secre
tary, the trensurer and other officers
were given to each delegate. A Hand
ing committee of thirteen on finance
waa appointed, as well as the follow
ing special commit'ees: Cbinere and
Foreign Contract Labor, Emigration,
Legislation, Relief Schemes and Penn
sylvania and Baltimore and Ohio Rail
road Corporation. The assembly ad
journed until Taesdsy morning to
permit Ihe delegates to take part in
the parade ai d other fotiv;ti s ar
ranged in their honor by the Rich
mond Knights of Labor.
Tit ANSFE lt8
R D. Goodwyn to Mary W. Folke',
part of lot No. 570, soivh side f Madi
son etree', deeignated rs Ko. l':(i,
Marii'on street, com-lder.it on, $4500.
j.j. riPKier et ux to u. Dor too
et ux, lot No. 12, blo k el, p'an of Mem
Flits, northeast corner of Virginia and
ndiana avenues, coDMderat on. lot
No. 10, block 50, Brown's avenue
S. C. Rodgeisto 8. L. Finly, east half
of lot No. til, Armour's subdivision,
consideration, $V.'0.
E. A. Keeling et nx to Rebecca M.
Wihou, lot No. 102, J. M. Provine's
subdivision. Williams's avenu?, con
sideration, $000.
N. Calhoun to Wiley Johnson, 10
acr. s near Wells 8iat:on, Shelby coun
ty, f 120.
E. O.gill et ux to W. P. WPson.lots
Nib. 22, 23 and 24, of 0;gih' subdi
vision of Maguolis, cols deration,
D. C. Slaugh'er to Ei Stsck et ux,
lot on south aide of Carroll avenue,
quit claim.
Ten Prnaloaa aad Po.loinrra.
lariouLTOTui rra.i..
Washington, October 9. The fol
lowing pensiotis wra allowed today
to people in Tennessee: J. F. Strader.
(Clinton; W.Yatea, Beckwithj W. D.
Rickard. Dandride; A. D. Taylor.
Happy Valley.
I enslons were increased to the tal
lowing: G. W. Graes. Bis Creek Gap:
W. E. Ki by. May Day; CI. C. Fvane,
BuH'Gap: J . Dicksrn, Edon's Ridge;
B. M. Miudleton, Nenmoneville; 8. P.
Hargis, Lafayett"; J. Mc Alexander,
Porterfield; C. C. Bord. Jocesboro;
B. Lane, Bristol: L. Gully. North
Springs; L. R. IIet,ry, Chucky Valley;
1. Yi.uog, Jones S ation; C. Mayo,
Firib Mls.laaippi tui Bectlaa and
Kotciusxo. Miss.. Ojiober 9. Tbe
Fifth Congressional Dittr ct mass
meeting an J b.iherue took place, in a
beeutiful grove west tf town, here to
r'ay and was a grand suete s. Folly
15u0 persona were on tbe grounds.
Tbe Hon. J. P. Allen, chairman of the
Ccngreesional Executive Committee,
introduced tbe txrrcises by readiog a
patriotic let er frem Col. Mngleton,
wkich was highly complimentary
to hla successor, the Hon.
C. L. Andercoo. Mr. Anderson
being then introduced spoke
biiefly. Gen. E. 0. Waitba'l was the
next speaker, and for an hour aud
tjceoty uiinuus be diecus ed ttato
ai d national affairs in an ek quent and
m tateKy manner. His indo'sement of
Mr. Cleve and and bis administration
was emphatic and was well received.
Tr.H dirner was aoiple. Af er dinner
Hcator George iosIh one of his forc'
ble speeches. B th Senators are grett
favorites iu this sc t or, as e'sevshtrj
througbont the N:ate. Col. J. L
Power, of Jackson, also male a br.ef
reap icee to a ca I np'm him.
The lion. Green B. Hucdlestou, of
Sro t coui,ty, is addressing a large
ciowd at the co.;rth'Uee tonight.
Forlunai Karnie From a Destruo
III Fire-A New Paper.
CoviNurroN, Tlnn., Oct-ber 9. A
flr brckout in a veiy myetrions
munuer here last night, nt 7 :l 6 o'clock,
in a lo't over a bUi.Io, 30x50 feet, ou
tbo prem ees of Dr. (Jillrspy, whico,
together wuh a negro's cabm near by,
was totally coi.sumeil. Ilxrd work
alone prevented the fire from extaiui
lng iu tbe direction of trio residence,
which, together with tbe newly con
structed mans on of Mr. J. C. Clark,
was lor some lime in gr.at danger.
Fortunately theie was no wiud, other
wise the remit would have been very
difatrtut t, cur litlle town. Mr.
Jiui Cook leixived a veiy dangerou.s
kick from a hnr-e he waa removing,
but this morning be is recovering
from us ttlecs. In these days 1
great fires this one, it may be, would
not be w.rth notice, was there not a
lesson to be learned from it and that
is, never store large qu.-mtitirs of new
made hav in hmldiuiis, partlculaily
when continuous to other and more
valuible p.optr y. Toe apparent mjs-t-ry
is easi;y expiBined iu two words,
"spontaneous cjnibusiion."
Our Dew Daner, the Covinnton Leader,
came tut last niiit.t. It is publ shed
by Mr. Hamoer, late wub tbe Appeal.
It is a new.iy, e ght column sheet, and
witlrng itsicctee, wo bops it will sus
tain its name and lead us onward and
upward, not backward and downward,
and it wi lbs a greit benefit to our
ciiy and county
. tirrult Court-Entea, Judge
Jury -cjltMjdar J ,,MoDdy : Nos
3rM8, A. McGiimis & Son vs A. Han
cock i t al 5450, W. F. Sharie etal,
vsTaxii g Distr ct; 5933, IV of, P.iillips
& Uo. vs i'j. K Hart et ai.; OL'OU, Mite,
lor u e Mctlenry vs Ben May et al.
7111, Salin P. Cleuderrin vs Memrhia
and Ch r'e3!on railroad; 7115, Mr-
earet Dolao, adminis.iatrix, vs Louis
ville end Neshwle ralrond; 7707,
Samuel Funk eta1, vs W. II. llerron
8031. H'r-ca E Andrews vs Geo.
Smith: 8211. L B. Etonvs M.Steger;
8380, Louis Fiitz vs C. O. Hein; 8437,
Cna les tstewari vs Mi I hum tun ana
Machine Company: 8439, New York
Iron and Paint Company vs Milburn
Gin and Mactrni U 'lnr anv: Wt.ou, 1
A. B ad ford vs C. C Hein; 8451, Din
G. Maiden vs (J. (J. Hem.
Chancery Conrl F.llett, Judge,
Calendar f ir Mor. day : No.4829,Finch
vs And vson; 4St9, fimith vs Dovsl;
4884, CjI1 Manulaeiuiing Company vs
Gaycso Hotel; 4897, Amonette vs
Beard; 4901, Craf on vs Wells; 4902,
Bluff City vs w atkics; 4t)00, Uctlwiu
vsTodd; 4919, C oth vs Roper; 402,',
Wel s vs We ir; 49:3, Schuolfield vs
Williams; 492H. McDermot vs Water
Company; 4929, Walsh vs Henley;
4931, Mob'ey vs Mobley; 4939, Low
enstein vs Misiieeippi Valley Insur
ance (Jompany; 4947, fleece vs tra
der; 4950, kllen vs Bntley ; 4982, Or
oill vs T ad. r; 4997. O'Neal vs Good-
lett: 5002, U II vs Hill; tOOO, Tenny
vs Tenny.
Lot 37, 8r wait eubdi vision, 65 foet
front on Hernando road, to M. F.
Folkes for WW.
Lot 38, adjoining above, to John
Rosa fr ft 30U.
Lot 10, block 62, Dixon subdivision,
70x150 feet, west side Walnut street,
to W. P. W I icon tor 140.
Lot 11, adjoining atove, to same for
Pait of lot 49tl 37x250 feet, on the
north side of Market street, to Mary
C. Reeder lor Jlxo.
Part of lot 475,60x148 feet, on tbe
s-inthwer-t corner of WesbinKton and
Fourth street', n sjms for 700.
Mortuary fteport.
Mortality report for the week end
ing Saturday, Uotober 9, 18S0, at 8
o clock p.m..:
Oaaia Death.
Bru-fth Hoton...
I) TIlOOiplOD .
l,i he Davis....
MiiBui. Morns
M Lavalla
Felii Ailania.
A tirhav.nalla
11 Uuxtiairm...
Walter Jonea.
O Tinneuian..
P Kobinion...
Nettie Bonliy..
1,0. lie Mnora.
Jamel Kehn.
Sul tuiith
Miller llrien...
Heorge Mon
V V Weakley
Kteltn llioaa...'
Ini U Hardy...
Kiiiina rtoed...
Manila I.ana.
K Jithason I
B lliiimon
U' ... lt....kr..
ui a I e
flol'ed 'dropsy.
white'prem. birth.
white 'consumption.
white'heart disease.
whit, dyfontury.
whit. burn,
white dvsenterv.
ool'ed lyph uml.fer'r
noTed mai. fovec.
white mat. lerer.
col'ed typhoid fever.
ool'ed inanition.
li male
sol a,l int. hem.
- ol'.ilit.fllhini.
wl.i e ..insamptlon.
e.il'e.1 diarrbsea.
If Uarmna .;
K Mail. more
I Lee
Kline Darlle.
Mollis Mill...
P bhallette
.Tano Murpliy.
let Sheridan
1) lllair -
Lulu IiaTls ...
ff male
ed heart diiease.
feniwuai-oi'eil still born.
niali wiiite perf.intestlnel
male .while unknown
famale whtte,irem. birth,
male jooi'ed peritonitis.
f-iiia en-cil'r.l inf. of bowoli.
temate white lyientery.
Irmaleirol'ed inf. rem, foyer
Distribution by Wards First, 3;
Second, 3; Third, 1; Fourth. 1;
Fifth, 0: Sixth, 1; Seventh, 6; Eighth,
3; Ninth, 7; Tenth. 8. City Hospital,
5. Still born, 1. Whits, 18. Colored,
19. Total, 37.
OCTOBER 10, 180.
Surnc thing of His History The Man
ner In Which the Agreement
Was Reached.
The Board tf Designators reached a
conclusion yestrrday alter tbnedav's
drliberation, appointing Capt. J. W.
Stanse-ll, ef Helena, Inspector of
Hulls. Tbers wera e zat name bs-
f .re the board, Capt O car Pogial. Jo
sph Flynn, Jese VV. Pa, Oscar W.
11 .Howell, n.l J. D. Kandall, of Mem
phis; J. W. Stareell, of Heleta;
Jixeph Bucher, of Lit le Bock, and
Uapt. James u utii. ot et. iou8, wno
is an old aod practical s'e.mboatman,
and who ha' been for some time ia
he employ of tbe Anchor Lane. It is
stated that tbe board waa not at log
gorheade, but would have reached a
conclusion at once if 'hey had been
cer'ain that Caut. O'Xeii would ac
cept. They wautid two days to hear
trom nim, ann yesteroay received a
letter in which he declined for the
reason that the salary was insufficient.
It has been well known thatlnspret'.r
Dugan's choice ws Capt. Sum
sal'., and the only thing that
made his appointment ths leaai
doubtful was the la tthat he did not
have the exclusive right to appoint.
He only cn nnmineto ard tbe two
or her members may connnuo to v-tn
ny until he sunm ts soma nme
wbich one of them will egreeto. IIv
intt rrcs'ved Capt. O'Nnil's rt iusul,
hieh eould eHBily have been pre.
dieted, tin r-t whs nuibiog in the wav
cf bis f w rite. As s on ai the board
met yes'erday lie enbmitied Cipt
Htanioh's nait e, and Capr. To'oin v t
ing with him, Helena carried of! tbo
irize. Juile Hammond, Uih otoer
mrmber if the brard, declioed tj
agree to me appontment on tne
ground that Stansell did cot have tbe
practical knowledge required Dy tue
Htatnte The becietjry of the Treasury
has the lnet sv, but it is not certaiu
that Judge Hamnsood will lorwurd
any formal pro.est or explanation of
his vote. The oihtr ollices in In
spector Dugan's gift having been filled
from tue epp.icaiiti in oiner states, it
bad been conceded 'lnt ArkHneaa wus
eutited lo tbij, and it is said the de
partment at tVisliiDgton sgniHttl
such a desire. Ai m gtit have been
expected, there was a great deal cf
kick ng yes erday among, etoa a. boat
men, each having hs pelt rer.co
nug tbe appi.autp,. but tie ap-
pou.Ue b muoreements are as aoou as
could have been desirud. He wa
warmly ricnuimendnd by Senators
Jones and Berry, of Arkansas; Con
gressman Bro kiinidg?, ol 'hat Hta e;
Judge Horner and Geo. Tappsn, ol
tielent; uapt. Jonn u aoiih, oi kit
tle Rock, and by Judge Eliett,
and Cant. James Ls.', jr., of this ci'y.
They cot only signed his petition, but
wro e strong letters to tne memDers oi
the board, aid sms if them supple
mented their written recominenda ion
in person in the meet vigorous way.
Tbe appointee served gmiantiy in
Gen. Pat Cleburne's division in the
lata war and was taken out of the
army to serve in an important position
on one of tho war veseel. After the
close of the war be wcrW for two
years on boats in tba Yazoo rvar
trade, and for two or three j ears was
superintendet t of ete amboat repairing
at Helena. Afterward ne Became
City Marshal of tba1; place, aod bas
lately been in the sand butinees here.
Toe posit on is n very impcrant oi e,
but pays on y triout) a jeir, tne Dna
beine J 10,000. Cent. 8 aneell will
have jurisdiction ol over 100 steam
beats plying from Cairo to Greenville
and in tributary rivers.
, Exclliua Itarca at Latoolit.
Cincinnati. O . October 9 Fifth
dry of the Latoaia Jockey Club taces.
Good weather and treck.
Fir it Ract.- So li ne, pnrse $300, of
which $o0 to secoud, six furlcnga.
Skobe off won by two lengths, wrtti
Revenge cecond ar:d Dawn of Day
tbird ; Red Buck, tbe favoiite, he'd a
middle placs throughout, and finished
fonr h. Tim l:16i
Second Hact Purse S350. of which
$50 tosecond; for three year t Ids and
upward; suven furlongs. Finality
came from filth to the front end won
by three lengths; Evangeline second,
Kennebec tbird. Time 1:30.
Third Race. Purse $400, of which
175 loseioiod; mile and three lur
longs. Down the s retch there was a
gallant race, which ended in favor cf
Annie Woodiock. fl'at by a length;
Pat Sheedy second, two lengths in ad
vance of Bob Fishe third. Timt
Jiwrfi Race. Purse $500. of whiih
$100 lo eecond; free haudicap, one
mile and thie-s:xteenths. Taxgath
erer won bv two lengths: Monocrat
second, who bad a close race to bFat
LeM, third. Toe time, 2:03. showed
how botlv Ihe whole distancs bed
been ron'e-tcd.
Fifth .Race. Maiden stakos for two
year old non-ninnerj; three-quarters
of a mile. Gnliah won bv a leng'h
and a half; RUhttway second, Bau-
burg third, lime 1:10.
Ths mi ltrunklvn.
Gbavksknd, L. L.October 9. Brook
lyn Jotay jiud meeting:
First Race. One mile. Little Mln
nia winn ho a lanoth and a half: Her
bert second. Ten Stiike third. Time
Second Rare. Mile and a sixteenth
Hit max vnn htr tiolf a lnrrth : BeffaraE-
hu-h second. Jecsie third. Time
1 :49l.
rrl.: r T vr:1 A a nno.tcr
Frank Ward won by a head ; Rupert
1 ,1... Tv - , . I. : .1 i:n. A
reconu, Jim ujugiata tuiru. xiuio
n .nu L
Fourth Race. The second October
sweepstakes; mile ana an eignin. nar
numwon by aleneth and a half; Millie
..... i m: . .CI
terocu, voiantu tnrro. nine j. :ou.
i...l.ii.ui. t.. ih I'rrstJ nt.
Washivqton, Oct ,ber9. The Pres
idiit today appointed Michael F. Bat
telle, of Aiiiuns 4a, to be Uegis er ol
.1... l . n 1 ini',, .A b-ur.n T)nlr 'I lina
iiiv, .-.u v ' i ii i t- n. i u , - , .......
Priestly, of Wisconf-in, to be Agent
J T I: , . . V- . u : . A ii .... ....
I'll- lUUiailS Ol UIH IBRiii'n npivwujl
Wash. Ter.; and C. K Darley, of Ari
sona, to b9 Reuister of the Land Ollice
at 1 net on, Ariz.
rr?Hli Meats anel (amue.
V. I) Fuchs, 39 and 41 Jeirereon
street, is the lending house in fresh
meats and game. He a'so deals largely
in oyet rre, and retailers will lino u.ui
a nnod man to dial with, hcuirrels,
quail, venison, fl h.and all teasonab'e
g.me, can he lound there.
Filed Auawrr in I Ben.ailf'
Nkw Yor.x, October 9. Lord Lons
dale has 11 ed an anBwer to t"e com-
Sa nt auainBt him mads by David de
enfaude, in which be denies every
allegation contained therein, exespt
thai Violnt (lamornrt 'Is da Bsnsaade S
wife and that she has issue of their
onion, one child.
iifinnsi Aim nnTTftM nnn
Sorgrla-ULxn HVIills,
TUET. n. V. A.
Preparing- for Lecture. Sociala and
llhr JEnierialaiiiteals Tlila
Tbe mmbera'- mcn'h'v businnes
meeting of tie Young Men's Chris ian
Association wes beld la-t weelt
at their hal', No. 207 Main etre.
Yio Pres deiit L. H. Eites opened the
irirntiiitr. with devotional exerctee?.
Tho secretary then read the minutes
ol the last meeting, wbich were ap
The Memebrehio Committer re-
port d e'lih'. spplicaiiins lofmtmbir-
ship, who were eh cte:?.
lnelj,'c!uro fjommlttee is aria'g ng
for lectures, souials and enler.aiu-
mer.t', 'o be given during tho winter.
Mr. b t33 reroried orgdnizirga new
PBSOijititiiin, witi thirty-ooe members.
ne"r Lucy, Tenn.
Too K om Committee renor'ed fu"-
nishine a parlor and secretniv's tffice.
at il will meki farther addi'l ms soon.
The S'creti'y made the following
report f r September:
Gospel moetinKS.t; attendance 310
Young mon's uieetinga, 4; attendanoe.. 114
Young men's onoir meetiiigt,4; attend
ance. m, 6)
Business meeting, 1; attendance 20
Ladies' Auxiliary moetiDg;,3; attend
ance 40
VUitors iSi
Books takon from library U2
Total attendance at rooms 1,205
The Stat Conven'ion meets in
Knoxvi lr-, Tenc, on the 21st to 24th
inettnt. All members who can lossi
bly a fund are rfqu'sted to do to, and
raj ort to Mr. R. G. Craig at once. Re
rucid fars has been secured, and all
delegates will be entertained by the
Kti'rxviile as'ocia'ion.
The usual gospel and song service
this afternoon at 4 o'clock, conducted
bv T. H. Rice, at the rooms No. 207,
Ma;n street (Lee Block). All persons
aie cordially invited.
Young m-n's meeting every Tuesday
tight, at 8 o'clock.
Will Be Held Today at the Tnrioea
Cbarolira at the Hoara Named.
St. Maru'i Cathedral. Ponlar Itreet.
Trees at 7 and 11 a.m. and o p.m.
(ieoraia Street M'thodUt.The Rev. D. D.
Moore, iiastor- Preaching at 11 a.m. and
1:i0 p.m.
ArranireiVCAurcA. Union street. The Rer.
N. M. Long, pastor. Servioet at 11 a.m.
and 7:45 p.m.
Immanuel Lhurch. No. 254 Third itreet. be
tween Jefferson and Court. Service at 11
m. and i iM p.m.
Cralrnl Melhodinl Church. Union (treet.
Serrrcei at 11 a m. and 7:lt0 p.m. K. 11.
Mahon, D.O., pastor.
.Evangelical Lutheran lrinitu Church (Ger
man) Washington street, between Third
and Fourth. Service at 10:30 a.m.
younu JUVn's Chrinlian Avtociation Will
hold a Gospel meeting at their rooms, 205
Main street (Lee block), at 4 p.m.
Cumberland Pretbvterian. Court street.
Usual services at II a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Uev.H. A. Jones, pastor.
Ohrulian Church. Corner of Linden and
Mulberry stre.ts. J. 13. Tlriney. pastor.
ServicesatlO:45a.m.and7:3Up.in. .
Second Pmbuterian Church. Conn Main
and Beale streets. Servicns, at 11a.m. and
;M p.m. by the K.cv w. HI. Hoggs, puktor.
Central Baotiit. Second street.near Beale.
Preaching at 11 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. by
Rev. A.W. Lamar, pastor. All seats free.
Hr$t Pretbuterian. Corner nf Third and
Poplar streets. Preaching at 11 a.m. and 8
p.m. by tue ftev. Eugene iranioi, v-u., pas
tor. Htrnanrfo Srrasl ifethoditt Church. Corner
Linden and Hernando stieets. Preanhingat
11 a.m, and 7:30 p.m. byKev.J JU. Bpenoe,
tint Methodvit. Cornerof Seoond and Pop.
Ur streets Tbe Rev. Dr. Wheat, nf the
University or Alississippi, will preacn at 11
a.m. ana i :J" p.m.
Lauderdale Street Preebyterian Church.
Corner Lauderdale and Beale streets.
Preaching at 11 a.m. and 7:30 n.m. Key. S.
C. Caldwell, pastor.
Rotcan Minion. Fort Pickering. Ser
vioet at 11 a.m. and7:30p.m. Rev. J.II. Snow,
Kastor. Laying corner stone ol ttowan
tentorial Church at U:3tl p.m.
Calvary Caurr, Corner of Second and
Adams streets. Karly communion at 7 a m.
Regular service at 11 a.m. and 8 p.m.. Rev.
W. (1 u. ihoinison officiating.
tint BnptUt. Services at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. in New Chapel. Special services
at night. All seats tree. All are nviUd.
Rev. K. A. Venable, pastor.
Alabama Street Preebvterian Church. Cor
ner at Alabama street and Jones avenue.
Sorvicesat 11 a.m. and 7:39 p m. by tba
Rev. James L. Martin, D. D., Pastor. -
Avcty Chapel, A. M. . CAurca. Desoto
street, near beale. Th Rev. beorge Dard s.
paa or, will preaoh at 10:30 a.m. General
olaas meeting at 3 p.m. Preaching at 8 p.m.
Grace Church Corner Vanoe and Lauder
dale streets. The Rev. Geo. Patterson D.
D., rector. Morning service and sermon
at 11 a.m.; evening prayer and service at 8
p.m. Early oommunion at 7 a.m. .
Western Onion.
List of undelivered telegrams re
maining at the Western Union Tolegraph
Office, New Cotton Exchange Building, cor
ner Madison and beoond streets. Office
hours from 8 to 10:30 e'olook a.m.. and from
6 to 8 p.m.:
I, A DesstMnei
T 8 Darant, 4
Sam behlops,
Hutchers' ilideAss.
K W How,
J W Cochran It Co,
Joronh Mash,
C A Desausrur,
J M berntnes,
John A llailey,
Towner ii Co,
K 8 Topp.
Chas llurborn,
R J Woods, 2
J W Leonanl,
(1 onion Urns A Co,
Vallev oil Mill
,1 W Kudi,
Mrs W 11 Harney,
Mrs A'Mio Scott,
Jno II Walker,
P W Anderson,
J A Hughes,
Hill, Fontaine A Co,
Mrs F F Uradway,
Mrs llcakei,
R E Lee,
Portor & MoCrae,
Tol J C Neely,
OrgiH Bros Si Co,
J X Fargason,
J 1' Jcffi-rson,
Curler & Mousing,
II Warren,
Cooper Co.
Y Vanilerbetg,
J II Colli o A Co,
T Landman,
B Hughes,
J M Williams,
Chickaaw Coop Co,
II 11 Thayer,
Dell Ellington,
J tf Williams,
ALL re'sons desirous of securing Slafe
hiiiI H.linblr laararf,al Low
eat Knlea, on WIS HOUSES, can be ao
oommcdoted by applying to the
Planters' Fire and Marine
At 41 allan an., Mmshl, Tena)
Security Bank of Memphis
Feema to be dniag a good business at No. 4S
jaaisoa atreei. It does a general Bank
ing, Safe Deposit, Trust andiMvlnsr Biei
business. Iu oOlcers and Hoard of Directors,
whoaa namai tnnjiu In iiinil., .nlnmn. are
second to none In this section ia point of
Business ana UQenciei sunaing.
. w. x.
Browrae), Na. tit Hecoad
The already large and constantly
increasing demand trr thorough and.
anitary plumbing has nec-'ssitated
ths carrying of large stocks ot
supplies in tt e latest and most ap
proved styles of bath tubs, waan
stande, water clrsits, traps, eock?,
valves, etc, ts well as the employ
ment of a large fores of the most
skilled and reliable workmen, in order
to execu'errinp'.y the orders for this
woik, end "Browne, the Plumber," is
preptred to fn!ly supply the wants of
the city and snrroucding cruntry. It
is not neceesaiy, or even rrotitible, tc
go elsewtere for p'nmhicg work, or
for tbo lines in which Browce is en
g'ged that's the fnrniehurg of gas.
aau steam i ipe?, CDck, valves, inapi- .
raters, etifin pumps, hV'it'g and en
gine tTiinra-ngs fir tho country aud
city trade wh'ch is ceined in large
quantities end all siz 8, from six inch
pipe acd fitting down to the
emnllest s'zes, aod in order to
fill ti e orders ol ths jobbing trade
as well ai nri l-i and lac ones promptly
and in ihe b-st manner, Mr. B owne
hrs recently eddtd steam power in
his establishment with capici'y for
cutting and threading p'pes from the
smallest liza up to ui.d including
eight taclcs iu diamnttr, wbieh is
equal to the capacity of auy bousa in
the West or South.
In the gas fixture line Ihe la-gest
slock and most varied selection of
newest des'gos are to be found bere,
acd at prices ss low as in the Eastern
markets. I', may te proper to say
bere that this house is now tbe oldest
and rxoit BUiCr-Fsful In this line in the
city of Memphis, and it will prove to
tbe interpsr of ell to place their orders
with J. W. X. Braane, 251 Second
or Buck's Brilliant Base BirrDeia
Somethlna- to Be Appreci
ated by Honackecpera
and Unelneaa Hen.
It is uncecAfsa'y to remind our
readers that "Bin k's Brilliant" Stoves
have stood for the last twen'y yosrs
aad still stand at tbe heed of all stoves
made in this country. Our old citi
zars can remember the many laure's
which they won t our county fairs
in the good eld days when a commit
tee of la lies would take charge of the
genuine cooking matches wbich were
then in vogue. -
Their "B se Burners" ere equally
superior to all others, biili in beauty
end sal'd worth; beside', tbe prices
are so a tenable thut anyone wbo-do-ireg
a gnorl et e can etsily afford
to get a "Brilliaii'' instead of being
toihered with inferior etives.
At th- Memphis Metal and Wood
Manufactory, Ne. 438 and 44U Main
stree', there is a magnificent display
of these stov.s, and a viiit there will
be interestinn to ncy peri on, no mat
ter whether they desire to purchase a
stove r r nor. All ara cordially invited
to call and incpect them, and the gen
t ernaoly clerks will ttke pleasure in
giving any ioforroa'ion desired.
Amorg our leading, citiaens who are
ueirg "Buck's Brilhant" Brse Bu ner
are Ospt. Ad 8 orm, Poplar Street
B ulevard; Col. B. M. E:tee, No. 397
Adams street; A. O. lljven, Tennes
see etreet; Viis. E. P. Htratten, No.
212 Carroll avei'ue; R. M. Msns'ord,
No. 345 Linden streer ; J. E. Beasley,
No. 3h7 Vance s'reet; H. O. Warinner,
No. 89 Tate street ; W. P Miller, No.
12 Linden s rest: R. L Cofflo, No. 468
Shelby etieetj Mrs. 8. E. Cochran,
No. 418 Poplar stree ; Judge E. S.
Hammond. No. 412 Poplar st'eet;
Judge A. H. Donela 8, No. 401 Stielhy
street; Judge II. T. Elltf, No. 543
Shelby s.reet; Dr. R. E Billirgt n,
No. 351 Meio street; J.N. Ford, Mc
Lmore aver.ue; J. V. Johns on, No.
S"9 Vance street; G. D. Raine, No. 71
Union street; O. E. Tucker, No. 412
Orleans street; II. Mette, No. 118
ln,. W W Rhnnni-: No. 147
I w iaii D v i uuv ( -- l
Adams utreer, and o hms.
At tbe abive place can also be 'onna
the most complete xesirtment of
Cooking and Hearing .Sioves to be
found in this c ty, and at prices that
defy comp'it on.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder never varies. A marvel of
purity, strength and whoie-omans. Wore
economical than the ordinary kinds, and
eannot be sold in oomiietition with the mul
titude of low test, short weight alum or
Dhonihate powders. bnLD onlt is tiNB.
lmi Wa'l 'treat. New York.
Special Notice to Shippers.
Miatiaairrt inn Tknnkshf.ii Railroad Co., I
Memphis, tScpteinber 3, lt.
THE completion of ihe Yaioo and Missis
sippi Vlley K.R., trom Jackson, Miss.,
to Oreepwnod, Miss . (ll'KNS IIP AN ALU
RAIL LINE, withouihreak of bulk or trans
fer of freight, to following named points:
Taaoo CUT, Viton, 11. Lnkr, UooA
Hope- tVl", MilMvlllr, Ntiaaklrrnrd,
Trlsiilai. HrirI.'ruKrr,Nldasl, Kialna:
las, UiHSlwiit.
6btpmenU to landings near these points
should be made to nearest station named
above. Year bnslnesa Is reapeotfully so
licited over the M. aud T. Road, as freight
reaches Hi destination, tie following day ot
delltyl t0t4uw;'' A.J. KNAPP.
T Ovatral Irsiiht Agsnt.

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