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pwKERTors PEr roues,
Chicago Tacking Establishments,
Where Thej Were Begrde4
With Interest and Hatred.
Chicago, III., Oc'.ober 9. Advices
ltom the ttoikyardg report the titua
tion unchantied tbeie this nioicinp,
god no clistuibanre of any kind has
occurred. Armour & Co. say that the
report that their beef killers Lad also
joined the strikers is a mintuke, and
that that part of their establishment.
ai well 88 thtse of the otherpackero, it
runnirg as usna', the strikers being
confined to the hog killms. About
2000 heaJ ot ta'.tle and OMO hojs were
rereivtd at the ycrds today.
Orer 150 Pinkerton men were lodged
snd breakfasted at the Transit Home
last n ght, nd at 7 o'clock this
raomirg, emetgfd frrm thed inicg
Tcom and thoulJered their Winchester
rifle?, which weresUeked io irm cor
ner, aronnd the lobby. Caut. Fooley
called the won to "attention," and
tbev were mar bed off through the
yards. At each packing house a
Squad of men left trio line, and In
charge of sergeant, defiled throngh
the yards and were ttat oned at the
various corners where they coald
ommand view of the entire
premise!. They were watched
with intrnt end hatred by the
men in working cK thep, at d by hun
dreds of men without dinner pails and
attired in their Sunday clothes, who
by this time had assembled in force in
theyr.:B and obstrved the proceed
ing t the various packing Houses.
Thi mnmirff it a ruuiorfd that
ihrnmrhnnt. it, a vards the DEckera had
annoii tud a eouimhtee to arijuit the
diiliciilliea with the men. It was a
nmHii thst the nackers hart been mak
ing money unc'ur th new icbedule of
wflL'cs and were sai'tneu wiia mo
advance, but cou'd not afford to a'low
the machinery tu lay idle for two extra
hours. Th te'ins of settlement
to be offered to the men,
it was claim d, was to advance the
wages for ten hours' work to the same
rates per hour paid during thela-t five
months for eight hours. This, it was
said by some oi the men, wouiu oe
atis'actory, but others BHld that noth
ing but eight hoars' work would be
accepted. The great mass of the men
wore non-committal on the snbjcc',
and referred all questions to tie
The situation from a business point
of view is a dec dodly gloomy one.
The market is veiy dull, there being
no demand for Ul hogs for packing.
There is, however, some little demand
for light hogs for the Eastern market.
The buyers are fitting around the
office wniting for piicea to go down.
Commission men have advised their
customers rot to ship in any more
cattle, and telearams of inquiry ss t
the condition of things are being re
ceived. The (OuimifBion men are
very gloomy.
The Amour employes continued at
work t day .deciding to remain on duty
until the ten hnnr ru'o abmlulely en
Urd Into efldit. When a fjrea of
aimed l'.nkertin men entered the
building this morning the men ceased
working and informed the foreman
that they would not work while this
armed force was presaut As a result
the Pinkerton men were tent away,
and the men returned and put every
thing in shape before leaving for the
A noUci was isftisd by the assembly
of the Knights of Labor, of which
nearly all the strikers are membeis,
aBking the saloon keepers io the town
of Lake to close their business during
the strike, and the men have been
cautioned not to uee violence in any
A rjln Hand Whlnn Hit Default
4 Iniorcal-llrrelver Wanted.
St. Louis, Mo., October 0. The
Globe-lkmocrat this morning prints the
following: During the rtiotoct waek
there have been iu fit. Louis a Com
missioner and a United 8 ats Marshal
engaged in the task ot s?cuiingthe
depcs:tions ol the officials of the Mis
souri Pacific railroad with reference to
the operations aud earnings of the
Kt. Lou's, Foit t-'citt and Wichita rail
road, a recent rcuuisitinn ol the Gould
system. The fct is developed that
Attorney Moran, representing a urn
ioritv of the stockholders of the Kt.
Loni, Fort frott rnd Wichita, has
filed p;perj in the United 8 a!es Court
at Topeka asking that the line be takt-n
out of the bunds ol the Missouri Pa
cific and that a rccoivi r be unnoiutcd
to I'M k i It r the in'eiei'a of thu b.md
holden. The suit is based upon tho
claim that lie roml in s piovtd a per
fect gold mine, end that, notwith
standing the hHiidaome returns re
ceived from the property by Mr. Jay
Gould, tlmt Bor.tlnn.in has failed to
fiay a cent cft'ie overdue interest on
he bonds and inh nds io avoid pay
ment. Upon this theory tho bond
holders piopo's to demand au ac
counting, and claim to be aMe to show
that t ie property has paid a handsome
surplus over expenditire.
Jnrhae So Tll All He Nnom
Nsw Yobs, October 0. Ttie Com
mercial Advtrtiter th'a evening rays:
Tho latent alory in legard to the in
dicted Aldermen, and one that comes
with a considerable degree of author
ity, W to tlie elT-;nt that Convict Henry
W. Justine will mnko a clean breast of
the dealints of Ja're Sharp snd others,
and thus b( u e for hiinsell a commu
tation of his long sentence, and per
haps an absolute pardon. It is known
that Dietriit Attorney Marline had a
long snd (a iicbt consultation with
Gov. Hill on .Thnrsday night, ami
thoBS who ere in a condition to know
wort that tb.9 conference wat in ref
eience toa paidon fi r Juuhue.'
Appllrnliom for n Fnnlon for I'lsh.
. Washington, Ociobet 1). The Prts-
ident bus received Rfvoral applies
ti 3ii9 I r ths pprd in of James D. Fish,
president of t'.c defunct Ma me Na
tional B-ink, end has r f-ned them all
to the Unite.1 States District Attorney,
who conducted trio prosecution of tile
cbb s against Fish for report.
Premlania A wnrl.-fl Kr4jrnl I
rut Modrla.
Ciucaoo, Octoher U A meet:ng of
the trui tees of the Grant Monument
Fund was I old hirs yesterday. Model
No. 2, snt'Uiit:od fcy Louis L. HehbR-l
of Cincinnati, wbn awaided first i re
niium, f 500 ; nr del No. 15, by J.inus
Mahoney. ol Chicag-i, the second p-e
mium, : JNn. ic, Dy 1'.. U. l'o't r,
cf B stun, the tiiird premium, $M),
The ccntr-ct (or the slatuo 1 nsnot jet
bem awar.Vd.
Ifullouitl C'alllo Uiowcri' Aorl
CiiicAtio, III., October 9 Fonuul
calls have betn iaseed for the arnua!
meeting of the Natioi.al Cattle Griw-
ers' Arso' iation of Aoioiha, to be held
in tiiis city Monduy, November lfllh.
This metting, it is expected, will ratify
the artlc'ea of consolidation agreed
opon last fall between committees
representing the Chicago and Ht Louis
associations, and on tne torn a j "
meeting of the two organizations will
be held at the call beard hall in the
Board of Trade Building, for the pur
pose of effecting a permanent organi
sation, to be known as the Consoli
dated Cattle Growers' Association of
('nalmers to B Hurled Ho Irp He
W4!i;Beer Be Heard From.
Ismcial to tbi irriAL.I
Bardic, Mifs., October 9. The De
mocracy of this place snd vicinity bad
a rousirg demonslMtion here last
night, amid the booming cf cannon,
the I'ght of brollies and the rattle of
the drum. Tho eld pntrd were out in
force and the yrung Democracy were
entbusirsiic, and all are confideut cf
success. A Morgan Democratic Club
was organ sd in tho courtrrom, and
we are determined to bury Chalmers
bo deep in a few weeks ttiat he will
never again imagine he is alive and
amorg men, and Gabriel will have to
give Ins horn a heavy blow to awaken
him at the last dav. The club will
meet every week uutil alter success is
assured, and your readers may iook
fbr oncd resnha frrm Panola county
and the heme of Cbalmere, and Mor
gan will be bia own succejeor lrciu
this district
Harmony for llarrell UuesU Ulld.
lug; Homeward PrrMMl
and Ueneral.
IcoRBisposnisci or thi irniL.I
rtAii.RY,TKNi.,Octobor 0. The dust
is deep.
Pleasant weather has revailed for
the pait week.
Miss Kate Uawlrg is vibiiiig rela
tives at Miliiugton, T nn.
Mr. W. U. McLean aud family re
turn) d io their home in Grenada,
Mini., last week.
Miis Lena Parr left yes'erday, in
company with her little biotoer,
Johnnie Parr, for MotCDW, Teno., on
a visit to relatives.
Col. J. F. Frank's family have all
returned to their home in your city,
which is a Brent lo s to the ecciul con-
grn'a'ity of lliU community, which is
their summer Home.
Mi s Annie New, cf Clarkedale,
Mies., iivisitiotr her narerit-j with her
biotlior, Mr. (J. 1. o.ee, wlio returned
to his home in Mississippi tns morn
Mibj Kate Uwariney Jett tins wee
for her home in Kaidix. M ss., much
to the regret cf the many friends she
had gained during iiorsurumer sojourn
with relatives here.
Col. T. II. Ward, formerly rf Dick
son. Ala., but now oi mis pmce, re-
turned a few days since from a tour to
(Jlarketort. Ark,, w litre lie nan Deen
looking after his farming interest.
The weather has been quite favor
able to farmers whoso otton fields are
white. Moch of tbo crop hes alreadv
been gathered and marketed, and
should the weather continue fnvorable
there will not bn much left in the
field bv the 1st 6f December.
The nomination of Judge W. It,
Harrell. of this district, bv the Demo
crats, for our Itepreacntitive in tne
next Legislature will he indors a Dy
everv patriotic voter who has the in
terest oi nls country at tieart, ana trie
local element t f this district will vie
with raih other for the front position
in the grand Democratic column that
is to bear his banner to victory.
Tliey Are Not Sorrjr.
There is one thing nobody ever re
gretsthat is, the dBy they first adopt
ed Parker s Tonic as ttieir regular lain
ilv medicine. Its range is so wide
and its good effects so sure, that noth
ing else, except good nursing, at'
Deeded in a ureat majority of cases
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise hom us.
A Tlrald lUi-lirlor Auawered.
Correspondence Buffalo Newt: That
young man whom you quote as being
ulru'd to marry on S7u a montti
wise. If it tkes all he earns ti kep
himself, he Hhuld remain single. But
there must lis vry many eligdde
young men in this city upon wiicss
minds such reasoning an he ndvanct 8
will have a marriHire tetordinr effect
The ninttor should be ret rght. No
man of Blonder income need be hp
pulled by the annareutly elirming
barrier to matrimony our timid friend
erects. I am a voting wile was
bride three veers ago aud my bus
band and I started with a half less
thsiIv nionev tl nn this $75 citric
flaunsnn. Wefirnished four lojnis
comfoitnbly, carpeted throughout, an i
then staitvd to live on our income of
about tho B.uiio as his. There ha
never betn a tin ment when e thei one
ol us legretted tho ttep. We have
now a little larger houie, a buby and
contentment. Ia our little home sac
rifices must be made, and are nntde
every day, but unhappiuesi dots not
lollow. indeed, I em not sure nut
what the raakieg of lit'le saciiffees for
those we love bi gets the most lasting
happiiiHi'. Hoping to hear more ou
this subject, I am tiulv vmim,
A iuusu rtira.
A DOST l.llir.KAIj OFt'KRt
Tub Voltaic Bklt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bklts and Electric Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debility, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet in scaled envelope with full
particulars, mailed free. Write them
at ouco.
Indicted for r llrnvy Kmbeaile.
m !-.
Boston, Maps.. Ojlober 1). lawyer
James I Wl it'ier was indicted in
the Kuivricr Criminal C. ti't tiday, on
ten counts for the unborx'eim nt of
ron e hnndr ds ol thou?ni di of do
lars from 11 niet lteod, a c liont. The
caee was crntinn d untd Tuesday
next, ai d the princner was reniMiidoi
t jail in default of bait.
li:mo Ei.ixuti
OKrio or "SesnAT Tki.koiiaii,''!
Atlahta, Ui., Oct. t, IM. i
Pit. Muki ky Allow me to thank you mott
1.! I l . . .1. 1. I t I L-l.!. I
KlllUir lUT IIIO DUIIBOl 1.C1U'II riltAII. 1 I IU
not much of a h linvAr In medicine, hut be-
inc overtaxed hr exoesnive ofiino work,
concluded t try your Lemon tillxir. It
uroveii ell end more than you elauned lor It
It nr-ti like churn) on llie liver, etiiniicb
end bnwela. aive a check to aervouai.can
nd iiroducea what 1 eraved moat, nanoly,
(ilf-aiaiitni d refrchhirf reitt at nivht. J cor
dially rrcowinrn 1 your remrdy aa a dolitilit
lul Ionic in all cn.ca ol indiaeatioa, billioua-
ncm and nervoun irornti n.
Editor snd Fronrietur "Munday Tolctrram
.--old hr druK.i.13. 50 rvnta and 11.(0 per
bntile. Prei arod by II. Motley, il.l).. At-
unit, ueorgta.
rinvrrlu Recenlonrrd.
li.ciiiioNn Ya . O.t 'ber 9. Thomas
J. i;iuveriiie, convicted ol ttie mutder
of Fimnie Lillian Mudisou, was rten-
tei.ced t- dny to l e bange
j 10th next.
hanged Dccem'jex
For teveral min hs past the prv
prietors of the Api-ial have been en
doivoiirir to ascsita'n what machine
cou'd nwt saloly be relied on to fold,
paste sad cut the pacer. To select a
machine that could ba attached to the
prees w;s deemed necessary. The
Dextir MtinufaBturing Company re-
cived th nri"ra"' mi' twi r in ,
Interesting Morcments of the Illinois
Central and the Baltimore
and Ohio.
The work tf construction on the
Kansis City, Memphis and Birming
ham road tnrcUgn Monroe county is
baing actively pushed, and will be
completed from Tupelo to 8tate LIlo
without delay.
IlllnolN I'ruiriil.
It Is thought that the Illinois Cen
tra! wiil purchase the Ueargia Pacilio
road, or at leait obtain control of it,
thereby eecniing a direct line frrm
Birmingham to New Orlmm over the
Canton, Aberdeen and Na-hville ai d
its own ma n line south 1 1 Uurant. it
is caid tl at the branch from Mnldraw'a
to Colnmbus will be comple'ed by the
1st of January. A smveyiug party in
the employ of the Illinois Cenirul rail
road entered the field yetterday at
Muld raw's Station, about twenty miles
south of Aberdeen, on the Canton,
Aberdeen and Nashville railr. ad, for a
survey of a line from that sla'ion to
Columbus, Misi, to concect wi h the
Georgia Pacific, which is now being
rapidly completed from that point to
Birmingham. It is passible that the
Illinois Contra', having secured the
Mis.-iseippi and Tenntssee, intends
having a line alto from Memphis to
Baltimore and Oblo.
Railroad circles here and eltewbere
are deeply interested in the move
ments ot the Baltimore and Ohio ia
the South, of which the Appsal has
kept its readers advised from time to
time. It is now repcrttd that Presi
dent Gam U has secured the necefsirv
funds to extend the Valley road S.,utn
to Fensacols, Fla., and the n ute is to
be over the old lino, direct into alcm,
Ga., via Buchanan, thence south, to
the famous Cianbury irjn m nei of
North Carolina, Birmingham, Ala,
Dalton, Ga . otid lo Peueacola, Fla.
The object thus of ex ending si far
South is ti itet an opon and direct
route to the Gulf of Mexico, which is
row blocked to ' the Ba'tiruore and
Ohio by the Richmond and Danville
I.onlayllle and Nnwhvlllr.
LouaviLMt, Kv., Oct bir 9 The
direct rs of the Louiaville and Nash
ville r.iad leturncd from their South
ern if epectbu trip this afieronon, and
complt tjd the elec.ion of officers, as
follows: A. M. Q mrrier, tecond vice
piesidnit; K B. S ah nun, third vice
president; li. K. Wmron, secretary.
Mr. M II Smith, who wns succeeded
in the pie-idmicv b Kx
Norton, ot Mew York, accepted tne
first vice pneiilei cy. His outus and
salary will remain unchanged, and bis
heudquarti-rs will bo in LouibviIIc.
The only chengs will bo the removal
of the head id finances to New York.
fceuernl Natea.
The Bald Knob branch is boiog
acUvely pushed toward Memphis.
R B. Mauuy, j8., has bfen appoint
ed h eal passenger sgeat of the Missis-
;p(ii valley railroaJ.
Ths gsnernl superintendent of the
Southern Exprose Company, in a re
cent circular letter, snnrutces the ap
PGlntment of Mr. C. L. Lrop as gen
era! auditor of that company. Mr. F.
J. Virgin is appointed auditor of the
western iiepunment. and Air. A. J.
Signaigo is appoint d cashier of the
Westein Dana tmeut. Oilices in this
liny Fever BnUVrera.
The number of people annually af-
11 cted wrh tins mo t annoying mala
dy eeems to bo greatly on theiucroase.
The ec.itor of this journal is
an ennu ti vic.im, and wiin a view to
di-cover a S( ocitio bus tried numerous
remedies. Ot U'esa "Ely's Croam
Balm" is brail odditlie (iui.ketand
must satisfactory, two applications
uretvtly a laying tne u'uhI eyinntoms in
the nose and eyes. We would recom
mend i s Ufe by all sulreet to hav
fever, snd we gladly bear unsolicit
testimony to ileefli iercy in our own
case. " jirfm ( I'n ) liecurd.
DrllberaK-ly l.niil Ilia 11 rnd an Ihc
Samshuhy, Me., Octrbsr 9. The
Kav. J- U. Pennell, a membEr of the
Maryland Mitliodiet Conference, 7G
jeasol are, yist-rday took bis own
life In a mom singular manner. Ho
knelt down by the railroad track while
a r oi klit t a n was pasting, and as the
last car reached him, laid tn head on
the rail. The hir.duiost truck parcel
over his i eik rnd severed his head
fiom bis li- dv. Mr. Penuell was a re
liicd c!ergyiu n. mind is be
lieved to havd btcaine deranged re
Why Una Haaadant
Become the s'aple di ntiliicn of Amer
icaT Simp y Uuse it is impoeiblo
to ufo it, evui fir a wick, without I er
ceiving iU hygiouic eflcct upon the
tcotii, me gums and the breath,
in the Appeal prees roam. They have
tow lnen used about one month, and
have given entire satiefac'.ion. It is
essy to attach them ta the pesi; they
teke up very little rojm, snd require
but little engine power. The pasting
apDaratris is iniply srransed and ees
to get at. The i u ttsrs are strong and
dnrflbl". Tho noiiora oro n'roioh pnft't
The Latter an Out-and-Oiit Friend
and Derendor or lh "White
Flamed KulKlit" for Freal
drnl. Nkw Yojk, October 9. A special to
the Herald, from Union City, Teun.,
rajs: The good feeling which charac
ter zes the campa gn Detween tne
Taylor brothers in Tennessee, was
wed illustrated inu'suav at jyers-
ba:g. Alf had ths tecond speech, and
-. . ... .t l T 1 1 1
wnen he nad linisneu jou removeu
his overcoit, and. eager ti reply, arope
an ) put h s papers on the table. "Bob,"
f ai 1 A f, "I am physically unable to
mak a rrjainder'" "Well, gent'e
mer," Bob announced, "1 can not
inaku my reply.
The cr wd shouted, "uo on, uoo,
No, g?nilemi n, tt woum not db i.ur
ti my brother," eaid Bob, as he
waked away. The enthusiasm lorthe
dutinouished brothers isgrrater thin
it was before the novelty of the can
vass woie oil'. The whole Etat ia
aroused. The t rot hers are the subject
of conversation in the cities, in the
towns and in the country. Bha'p ad
versers use their nams to draw at
tention to their busmrss, and tne
traveUr on every road is decaived into
read ns many a patent medicine
Doeter. Bod and ah are laminar
names in every household in the State,
Their meetings are discmeed every
where. Alf's physical condition was
better than it hat been, but he spnke
with difficulty. It has transpired that
while, Alf Tavlor was in Memphis
he met a number of leading Republic-
arm from several of the Southern
Statts, and a consultation was held
concerning the probable leader of the
Keputmean tarty m tne next rresi-
(Untial contest. Since that consulta
tir.n. Alf bus paid everv dav upon the
Btump that James G. Blaine wrs the
great leader and exponent of Repub
licanism of the United States, and
tl,at as Bure as the j ears roll round the
Plumed Knight wculd bear the re
publican banui r to victory. His men
tion of Blaine tlicitad tremendius ap'
a i b nnvaicai enmunon win nin uui-
mil him to proci-ed further in the can
vis?. Several teleirrams have passed
between Eaners-in Etheridie and him-
lf. and it is probable that AH will
retire from the canvf ss Mond ly and
Km ram Eiheiide wili fill the re
mnining appiintmentB with Bob.
In tbe ll.'iir Old Iays.
Wo differ in creed and politics, but
it are a unit nil the earae ou too de
sirableness ol a tine bend of hair. If
yon mourn the loss of this blessing
nnd ornament, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Maleara will make you
look as vou did in the dear fid days.
It is worth trying. The only standard
60 cents article for the hair.
Over Many a League
Spreads tbe miasma, or polronous vapor,
that beaots malarial and typhus torer,
Wherever there is stagnant water io which
vegetation, or rofufe of any kind decays,
there, as surely as the sun rises, are gene
rated the seeds of fovor and ague, dumb
ague. nl othr endemic maladies of the ma
larial type. For the effeota of this enven
omed air, tlostet'er's tttomach Bitters fur
nishes an antidote, and prevent both the
Kitnnrtlinn and recurreaoe of such mala
lea. Even aleng I he line of eicaration for
the Lesseps ranama Canal, woe re maiariHi
diseases are not only virulent but deadly,
u...i.tt'i Rtnmafh ttittera has demon
strated its Incomparable protective quali-
H.i Anl fur fhrilji nnmnlninta. but
also for disorders of the stoma h, liver and
bowals, for rheumatism and Inactivity of
the kidneys anu ouiunor, it ia very omiu.o.
It connteraeU the etTeots of fatigue, damp
and eipoiure. i
Our Baby'a Ftmt Tear."
bv Marion Harlnnd, with other valua
ble information: fortv-eight page book
Hunt frfi on receint of 2 cent stamp,
Addrt-SJ Reed & Carnrick, Mercantile
Exchange liuiiding, New York tJity-
Funeral Directors.
AFU lib and oompleta stock of Wood and
. Melallio vases and Caskets, Cloth-tJov-ered
Caskets and Bnr'.al Kobe always on
hand. er Orders by telearanh proinmi
filed. ,
Xoticc to Contractors.
y-vw aipPHTS IlHtNPIl ROAD. 300.01
( I .i,i .ar,l of KiiFRvation to let in
.,.nlitin.nuil MiKn fit nutflt.
Ais , wanted, b ardii-.g outJU to acoom
Wynne, Arkansas
before they reach the cutler. The
packe is a vast improvment on those
'ormcrly made. "tr. Dexter put up
the machines and f4;ly guaranteed
tiem. They hav-i corr-e up to our
expectations, and hve phased evary
presmati ar.d machinist who hai i
spected them. Tne Dexter Company
oiwcb m-l timn to -x'"ine snd tct.
Copartnership Notice.
mill! nndoraiirned hire termed A conart-
L nerahip, dutinit Irnm the Sih instant.
under the arm name and style of OKAN A
LILLY, for the nurpoae ot i
urpose ot eonductiDfr a
'aa and hntce bulinfss at
Wholesale loffee, Tc
2HS Main street, Lee Block, Memphis, Tenn.
"he buiine'S will be conducted nt no rooinr
rrnnt ntiM the mac ilnerv and fixtures ut
the new stand are compl'ted.
Memphis, September 2U, 18,16.
William Dxan.
John JjIllt.
Coffee Roasters,
205 Main St. (Lee Block)
M,rtof the diaaoB wlncll aiuict raunkiiid are n!"
ally caused by ailisttrderedcuQltionot tlie LI V t R .
lor all ooinulainW ot tlii kind, audi aa 'loruidity ot
the Liver, hiliouanem. Nervoiia Uypai. Indwea
tiua. lm,gularity of the Bowels, Cooaiipation l.itu
lencV. JEruolati.ms .nd burning of the Momach
(aoTOtiniea called Heartburn), Miaenia, Miliaria,
Bloody Flux. Chilla aud lever, Breakuone lever.
B oody e'lux, tinilia aua rever, iou
fhX XS of AppetiU,, Uewlache. 1'oul Bwith.
Irregularities incidental to reniuea,
cliaiunM the conipluium trom a waiy, yenov. n"a.
to a ruddy, healthy color, it entirely nanorw .
Bloomy afrits. It ia one ol the f
I I'uriw iif f, lltowl, audit a vnlualilt Unr.
For eale by all UruKgiete. Price 8 1 .00 per bottle.
C. F. STADICER, Proprietor,
140 SO. FRONT ST., Phlladelph a, Pa.
BIBLE." Introduction by Bev.J H. Vin
eent, D.D. One ai;enl has sold tO in a town
of 674 people: one 73 In arillase of one
new acentife in i daysi one -i two siooes
nve weeks; one 10 in 3 days l two difftent
times. Brrere"e r.nt necessary. Address
:. -. i. u M Ou. (L't'd,)
-.. .i,-K"-
U: Liiit
For 0yapepla,all ternje mente
of the Dlft-oetive Orfftme und th
PitTer.Skln Dlaoaaos. Cuts, Barns,
Bosaldi and Kruiecs. ACID I RON
EARTH la a apecllio.
Khenmatlam, Malarial Dleor
phmniii ninrrhojia and ob-
tinate cases of Blood Polaonlng,
yield without tall tt wonder.
fail smllTS powerr.
As to inFhlet, t 1
f all dealers seat, petmd.
from the A. I. E. Cs., Blcklle, Ai
At Wholesale by TAN YLEET & CO
Svm, AmrrionllioD, FIshlnfr lacsfe
anil portsmens' Mipiilloa.
lf4 Hutu Mtrerl, memphle, !'
Sltnntectnrlng end BPi"" ' 7'" ,
BnentlT. Lsritest Slock. West essortmenU
FOR Alt.iSf-W'eeR Md
exi-enies raitt. !"""
and psTtlcnliits tree. u
tr. V VIIUA.MY, Augusta, Maine.
' Aattd. Iron Earth.
SkM Habk.
ROM ffiraipf BAfit
machine;. Their wark, to far as we
en learn, always gives fatiffaciioa.
The company has testimonials from
Hawley. Good''eh & Co., Hartfird,
Conn.; George E. Williams, Pitt-borj
O. M. Lanier, fit ston ; 8t. Louis Tribune
C rmpaov; Bugle, G and Itipi-ts,
Mich.; 0. L. Hail & Co., Cinoinnntt;
flrome'. Aiki"R (tr, Ora-"". Milnnk"".
tiaa & $3
All Cotton Covered by Insurance on Se'aworthy Vessels CI
Ginhouse. Sacks furnished to responsible parties.
124 and 12G POPLAR
Doors, Sash, Blind-, WollisiKs,aIl kinds of Door uud IVludow
Frames, Ilracfsict1, f croll-Work, Itoiigli and Dressed
Lumber, Miinglcs, Iiiiths, Water Tanks,
All kinds ol Wood Work .Executed at Short Notice.
Nos. 157 to 173 Washington street, Memphis, rem..
w fa
SLEDGE BROS., of Come, XliS.
Hot. 356 and 358 Front Street MaropMa Tenmi
Cottl Ml
2ttl Front Street. Opposite CnMnni House.
iUFOLEON HILL, President.
U. J. LYNN, Cashier.
I. COU ,
OClce 10 Hadisnn Street, Meapuli, UCenJj
' vtVi.l- .imMr . . ' i
I - OS S-l-
' 1
t t.
Doors, Sash. Blinds, Molding, Lnmbo
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Coiling and Cedar Posti, ,
Woods & Swoope5
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
Sloaiti I iiKiiiois Machinery of All lrfsi-rlptiont,
Wb; Pc-tt & riiohaii!, Rf. L-.uis;.
Texan Siftingt; Sunny South, Brown
wiid, Txs; Duhnqua Tttegiapk
Meet of these lette'S wre written be
fore the machine lnd been improved
to iti present cooditioo. Those con
templating the purchaie of machines
for folding ran ineptct those in the
Appbal rir'SBroim.
Chickasaw bGoworks
98 Second St. Memphis, Ten;
k nglnes, Boilers, Maw mills,
Bradford Corn and Wheat Mill j
Cotton Press, Cotton tiiu.
Shafting, Pulley, ru.
(SPECIAL NOTICK We are prepared to fill orderti
cn oor notioe, for the eolearated elrt Patent
Wroniclti. Pulley. We oarry in stock oyer
Two Hundred Assorted Mwl.
-Bond for Catalogue and Price-list.
F. M. NOBFLEET, BeeMeat Fartmer.
& Cli.
s.WMesale Grocers
W. W. W1LIEKS05, Tice-FreiMeBfc
JAMES RtlLlir,
. zjt,' ' i -
i. e. ' tT t Mm
.itisr p

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