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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, October 10, 1886, Image 9

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-ottoa Firm Middllnp, 9 7-8e
Sales yesterday, 2100
Bui eg.
Money rule) in strong demand at 8
per cent. Loral eecorilies continue
The lccil cotton market wis ea'jr
yesterday at unchanged quotations;
middlitg, 8Jc. Fa'.ee, 21C0 bales. At
New York spo's closrd dull ; middlinir,
Jc. Futures birely steady ; October,
t.l09 lie.
A losdirg New Tork ti'cu'ar on cot
ton futuies says: "The opening was
-weak, with ratber free oflering end
further decline ot 23 points. Th9
postirg cf efficial crop reports ehow
mujh Isia favorable condition than
expect id, chunked the whole tenor of
tbn market', and on a general scramble
to repmcbaia recently slid long con
tract) and tt cover in Ehorls, then
was a rapid advacca cf sb:ut 12
point-), with a large business, but with
'tbe mora ani'lous bujers supplied
tbeio was 2 or 3 pcints ec-t bick, and
eay feelir g at the cIoeo."
At Nw Orlears yesterday spots
were cjniet and MGs lower; mid
dling, 8 151Gc; futuraa quiet and
steady; Oc obnr, 8 80S.S3.
At Livcrpro1 spo's were dull in buy
era' favor ami 1 10c lower; nrddliDg,
.', d: futu.-ts were weak; October,
5 7-bld.
In tr.e pMtcral market hog pro
duct? wnietiimand advaacine; link
pork, clear sea Jc biiiher, 7 Jc ; clear
rib sides, 7171 a : long c;ear, 7c.
EiTi-s quiet ot li('')U'C Corn lc lower;
white, in Ink, 43:; in r.ackr, 4fic; J
nmed, in twit, 4ic; in ta:Ks, jc.
Other articles unchanged.
Tw.ihuirlrod and mvnty-ttri brls
apples. 51 pkiS butter, 600 rolls ha--ging,
139 pbts bacon, 198 rkgs bou's
audshos, 3500 bu cirn, 325 ski tof
fee, 10 cnrRCOttonsetd, lOCOsks cotton
sned, 800 Lund 65 cotton ties,
251 pks dry goodf, 51 fkgs fgg,
100 bid's hay, 42 pkgs ha s, 30 lid
cattle, 72 rid horses arid mulap, 128
pkgs lard, 29 pks liquir.', 20 brls meal,
300 kgs niil3, 25 br.s potatoes, 35 br's
sug:rand Stt2 pkus tcbaccj. .
The following shows the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and in
store by regular elevatow, es reported
to the Merchants' Exchange yester
day: Wheat, noDe received or with
drawn ; in ftore, 1045 bu. Orn re
ceived, none; withdrawn, 134 bu; in
stare, 8529 bn. Otto received, 2505 bu;
withdrawn, 2479 bu; in store, 164,
256 bu.
M-Dnlly Qnttntlnna of Cotton
Oil Trunin and Kew Tork 1i
ebaoee Ntockt nrc open to thoaa
Interetted, nt my olUor.
0 MadiKon St., Memphis, Tenn.
Monev in ac ive demand at 8 pT
cent. The Clearing lloma report is
as follows:
Saturday, October 9 h. $227,240 43;
total thii wpek, 1,473,035 37; total
last week, $1,147,219 61 ; correspond
ing tims in 1885, 51437,856 61; cor
responding time in 1884, $1,122,555 48.
Baturdiy, O.i oher 9th, $12 748 06;
total this wfek, $29 5,151 45; tatjl la-t
week, $if)5,9-;8 17; corresponding
time in 18s5, $.'10 381 32; cvrespond
ing time in 1884, a 229 319 17.
New Yo-k eight on all pdnts, J
discount buyinv, ruirsjlling; New Eng
land demand, di'cmirt buying; New
England sight, f discount; New Or
leans, J dir-conn b'ry'ng, par selling.
Bank of C mmerce..l-t6 bid, 149 asked
First Na'ior a; WiO bid, 165 osked
German Bank 19i bid, 20 I anked
fitate Na ior al 145 bid, lM)askd
Union and Plaiitere..l50 bid, lfi3 a ke i
Mercantile Bank 135bid,137Ja-ked
Blufl City 100 b d, ... asked
Hernando 10:) bid, ... sed
Home 75 b d, SOeaUd
Memphis Cny 02jbid. V a ked
Peonies 80 b''' -3 saked
Phoenix fl8b! ,100 nud
Pianten 107 ' ', ... asked
Tand rbilt 2 .1 20 as-ted
Arlington 3:"- ', ... aeked
Factors 20 asked
M. & O. R K. stares.. .36 oid, ... aeked
M. & T. K. B. sbHies...45 bi I, 5J aeked
M. & C. consols, 7e 119 bid, ... a?ked
It. & L. R. 1st m. 89..105 bid a-ked
Miss.&T.R R.cs.A...lllb'd, 1)3 asked
Miss.&r. R.R.rs.B..10tbit, 103 vskeil
Tenn. wts. s r. 1) 9,1 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. xt. spr. E to J..83 b d, 85 tteked
Shelby Co 0s 10S bH, 110 arked
Tax. D nt. 4, 6s 97i bid, 98 afked
Tax Dist. 6 104 b;d,lU6j asked
Mem. G sb nds 104 bid,... akd
Mem. Water b 'nde 97 b;d, ... asked
Haaaner Oil Wo:ks b d 65 Haked
Am. Cot. Oil trust' 4 bid, 55 askfd
Pioneer Cntton Mill...2 bi.1, 30 i sited
Msm. Stor.Com. Co...lt 6 bid, 110 a--ied
Mem. Oan stock 75 bid, 80 aid
New York, October 9 Money on
call quieter at 7 per cent , closing
at 5 askel. Piiin mercantile piper
4(5 Vs cart. StcrlinB excheng
Bteady at 81 i f jr 6J d. y b.lls and 484
for demand.
The vcekly itstrment cf the Bfso
ciatei b.inka shows the falbwing
changes: Ilearrvr-, dporea'e, 9i)ri,.
125; bars, inerenpe, $3 o(),200; specie,
increase, $1,613 900; legal tenders, de
crease, $1.726,i)tlO, ilepo.-its, iccreaee,
$3 168.5: 0: circulation, decreeee, $51,
100. The banks now hold $5,508,500
in excess of the 25 per cent. lule.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and weak. Stata bonds were dull
and steady.
Stocks New England stock was
uoticatile In the early morning for ttie
nnnsual de line at which it opened
and its wild fl actuations in the first
fifteen minutfs. Ttie e wre generally
attributi d 1 1 tha di?app :ii.tment at
the proceedings ol the nueting yef
trday a(ter;oo. Later it settled
down with the remainder of the list.
The great mnjor.ty of the 'r impactions
of the roorn'ng wre cnn6ned to Nr.w
England, Kemiin end We te' n Union,
-and in the afternoon Pacific Ma 1 at
tracted cootid-T4rt)e at ention. and un
der great preFBUie to cell declined ma
terially. Tnt-re ttere rumors of a
hiteb in the Reading reorsan utian du
ring the afternoon and the itcck de-1
clined under heavy sabs. The market
Btioas evider.es that the operators
are agin aaitng dtvilopments,
and flue natioos today, except in the
three wtk ttocks cf the afternoon,
were cocflned Within n range of 1
pfr cent, tienerilly. Westt rn Union
wfb very prominent iu the trading,
but remtined comparatively stndy
tartughcu: the day. The granges'
and ironk linss wtre quiet. The
opemng pr!c 8 ehoweil irregnlarit es
ncd ditierencfs btinj geceraliy from
i to . while New E g aud was down
3 per cent Ti:e pritic pil ec'iv ty in
the mornirg was in New England,
Reading ond Wtstern Union, and the
former, after several violet t fluctua
tions which left it about 1 p-r cent,
below the opening price, and having,
in the meantime, touched both its
bighrst and lowest points for the
day, bectme heavy to weak, and Read
ing sympathized to a certain txent.
The remainder of the list was gener
a'ly fi-m until toward noon, whn it
raggrd off. Pacific Mail at this time
btcame decidedly weak and eo con
tinued until near the clo.-e, at which
time a general ra )y took place. The
maiket closed barmy firm, close to the
lowest of the day. Almost everything
is lowi-r tonight, New Enland b-ing
down J, Pacific Mail 2, Hocking Val
ley 1J, ar.d others tractions. The
buMnecs f ir ths w-ek as 3,095,305
shar.s, egaiust 2,532.606 for the
previous wetk. There was the
i:shh1 quilt bieinefs in railnad
bonds, the rpscial fentures
of wt.ich wtte tie Atlantic and
Pacifkinc mes, whici fundahed $050,
C00, tind the Texas TariUe Kin's Tturt
rtceipts, wtich famished $J 0,0(10,
out of a total day's business of $1,
790,009. Pricis M ow d tlie course of
trie share marke. Closing prici-s show
irregular clangs. Sales for 'be weok
411.778,000, agim-st $H',O4,0i'O for tue
pr-v:om woek.
Tle t itai sdes cf s oks todav were
331,057 simrfs, irchiding dnada
ontuern. 9S75; Daware, I,ackn an
na and Wes'.trn, 635:); E-:e, -7010;
take Short, 8-00; Louisville and
Na-hville, 6845; Michigan Ceutral,
32.H); Missouri, Kmsiis and T-xe,
8tTl9;New Jeisey Cmt'ol. 4700; Pa
eific.Ma l, 10,140; R ndinrr, 77.400; S .
I'a'i', 15,t 0J; Wtstern Uniou, 14.59J.
Closing quota ions:
U.S. 3,100. 4, roup,
i'A', ouup, 1114. l'acifiu (is of 1SU5, 126.
La. Ktm,s,4i, 1. Missouri 6', V t.
Cent. Pac. lhi. Pon.Ji R.M.Uts, 124.
Den .W.latn, HO. Krie seonnds, llli
MK4T.G-n.Bs.WS. North. l'ao lsts, 11ST.
North. Pao. Ut, 1(11 . N . Western con ., 142.
N.West dob.5..1(W-K. Pt.L.S.K (ion.M, lli9;i
M Paul oun., I'M. Ht P.,0 il'.lhts, 120
T. P. land gnints,505.T.P.,K.(l.exooii. 72.
U. P. lsts, 11, West Khore, lOlvS
Tenn. in, cet'mt, 100. Ionn.5s, let'iut, 1(0.
Tenn. 3s, aet'mt, 77.
Adama Exprean, 142. Morrif.l- E.,offJ, 141.
Allegheny Cn., . Nashville C,
Alton & T. II., N.J. Central. 62.
A. AT.H. iifd.,1-0. Nor. & W. .fd, ti'i.
American Ex., Northern PicWd
B. C. R. & N, 55 Northern P. pd. Hi.
Canada Pao., Wi- C. A N. W., ll(i.
Canada Sou.. 62. C. N. W. p(d. 142.
Central Pacific, 48H. N. V. Contral, 112.
CheHptake A O.. illii N Y. C. St.L., ld' j.
C. A 0. 1-t pfd, H't. N.Y,C.ASt.lj.,i.,2U54.
C. A O. 2d itd 11. Ohio Contra:, .
C. & A , U2. Ohio A Miss., 'it,.
C. A A. ptd , 100. 0. k Mis. pid, vO
C 11 A Q.. l;t8V. Ontario A West... 20.
C, 8t I. A N.O., . "Iregon Nav., 104'.
C. 8t.b A P.. W4. Oroiion Trims.,
C. H.L& P.pfd, 30. Oreon Imp., .
C. S. A C. 38. Pscifio Unit, 645-i.
O. AC, 60. Panama, 8.
O. A II. Valley. SOJi. Proria. o. A E., 28.
Del. Jr Hud., M,. Pittsburg, 152.
Del., L. A Vf , VM",i. Pulluinn P C, 143.
Den. A Uio U , S2. Heading,
Erie, 35Hj. Kock Island, 125
Erie Pfd, 77. ISt.L. a 8. K., 3i;a.
New East Tenn.. 11M. St L A 8.F. pfd, (15
NewK.Tenn. pt'i,73;a. bt.L.A S.F.ltp, 114.
Fort Wayne. 14 C. M. A M P.. a4.
Hannibal & St. Jo M.Jt St.P,, p. 121.
II 4 St Jo . pfd, . St. P., M A M.. lPtf-H.
Harlorn, 2.t0. St Vaul A Omaha, .
Houston & T., 35 St Paul AO. plil, 112
Illionis Central, 1.34. Tenn. CoalA Iron, 60.
Ind , 1). A W..21. Tae PacitK M
Kansas It T., 30. lltrion Pacific, tUli.
Lake E. A W , 13. U. ti. Exp eas, 59
Lakebhnre, 91. W., fit.L JtP.,1
Lou. Nash.. 50. W ,St.L A P. p.. 30.
Lou. AN. A., 53. W. A K. Ex.. 125.
M. A '. 1st pld.-. W. U. Tel., 77.
M. C. socoods. . Colorado Coal, 2S.
Me'". A Char . 40. Home Stake. l'..
Mich. Cen., 1. Iron Silver, 210.
Min. A St. L , 2 Ontario. 25.
Min. A St. L. pld.40. Quicksilver, fi.
Missnun Pacific 115. Quicksilver pld., 24.
Mobile A Ohio, 10. South Pacific, .
M. L. S A W., 07. Eutro, (i.
M L.S.AW.ifd,t.
London, October 9. C.msola 100
15-16 for mrney, and 10; for tne
Hccouet. Un ted S;a es boucs 4?,
13.J; 4J, llJJ.
Paris. Oitiber 9. Three per cent,
i emes, 8-f. 90 j f( r tbe account.
New Orleans, La. October 9.
Clearings ol the banks, $1,118,320.
New York, Oatobtr 0. Exchsnges,
$U-(i,l!U7,912; ba'.ancte, $4,985,677.
Baltimore, Md., October 9. Ex
chaigs, $.',0:5,5U9; biiatces, $261,
808. Sr. L-.uis, Wo., Oc'ober 9. Bank
cleiriots, 13,225,799, balances. $450,
491; for rhe wef k; clearings, tl6,002,
874, balance. $2,St23,8J4.
Philadelphia, Pa., October 9.
Cleirmgs, 19,691,742; balances, $1,
318,087. Cearinjssf.r the week $63,
495,252; balances, $3,797,913.
Chicago, III, October 9. TheAsio
Hart Bank clearings today were $9,
873,000. Tbe total cleariDgs for the
w. kwere I6f,63.000, sguintt 153,
64S,00Jhr the coirejpondiBg week a
ytar ago.
Boston, Mass., Oc'ober 9. Ex
canif8,14,llU.645; balances, 11,379,
587; for tbe wet-k; exchanges, f 93,
12,653. bull-nces, $8,6' 6 609; for the
corrdsuonding week lait year; ex
chDgfs, 172,425,489; balance?, f 9,351,-619.
The local cottin market opened qui -t
aid ttody and clost d easv ; middling,
8,3. Sies, 2ir0bnlK8, 140) to ex
porters and 700 to epitinerc.
Yesterday. Friday.
Ordinary Nora. Nora.
Good Ordinary.... INora. Horn.
Low Middling 8J 8J
Middling 8 81
Good Middling.... HJ
Middling Fa.' 9 fl
Fair Nora. Joui.
Memphis, October 9, 1SS0.
Stock 8?pt. 1,1886 ... 4,009
Koceived todiy 3,329
Received pfev;outly...31l905 39,241
Shipped today 1,048
Shipped previousiy...ll,332
Home connamption to
date 205 12.E85
Stock rnnnlce account i'6,65ii
Thus far thii week 3,329
Thus far la t wefk 2 279
Since be p. ember 1st 35 232
M. and C R. R 513
M.&T. R. R 613
L. and N. R. R 534
M.& L. R.R. R 6:H
C, O.&S. W.R. k 268
L.N.O. AT. R. R 11
K. C , S & M. R. R 123
M.,S &B. R. R 107
Stearrers 266
Wagons and other s jnrcts 100
Total 3,329
Thus far this week
Thus fur latt week
Since Stptember Ht
, 1,136
, 12,380
M. A O. R. R
L. & N. R. R
C, O. & 8. W. R. R
M. S. & B. R. R
Steamers North
Total 1,048
New York fpoti opine 1 qniet, and
closed dull and lower. Middling, 9jc.
Hales, 154 bales. Quotations vera as
Ytsterdav. Fridsy.
Ordinary 6 ' 6J
Good ordinary. 8J 8J
Liw middling 8 15-10 8 15-16
Middling.. 92 92
Good middling 9 9j
Middling fair.10 7-16 10 7-16
Fair 11 1 16 11 1-16
New York fu'uresopened steady and
clrsed ba'e'y steady and 4 ta 7 points
higher. SaVe, 53,400 b ties. The clos
ing quotations were as follows:
October 9.10(a) 9.11
November.. 9.10 9.11
Decambsr.. 9 1 (a) 9.16
January 9.22 a) 9 23
Februnry. 9 30 9 31
Ma-cb 9.37(5) 9.38
9.04(o 9.05
9.0t 9.07
9 09
0.16 917
9 2M 9 24
9.31 0 32
9.3tl() 9 40
9 48 9.49
9 56 9 67
9 62'l 9 63
9.70 9.71
April 9.46(4
9 54'.5 ...
9.62(S) 9 64
9 75v 0.77
The New
snot makt?t
oponed weak, end c o-ed quiet and
l-iiii? lower. JU iMiing, 8 15 lti?. ra es,
1500 baits. Quo!avo::s wtre es f ji
low ) :
Ytsterdav. Frdiy.
Ordinary 6 13 16 6;
Gcod Ordinarv 7 9 10 73
Low Middlmit 8 7-16 8J
Middlinc 8 15-16 ' 9
God Middling 0J 91
The New Orleans future market
ore id etesdy, aid c ohpcJ quiet and
htwly t qiv.tati inn. t'aieH, 27,200
bales. Qiotatiana were as follows:
October 8 80 ,i) 8 83
Novernbnr.. 8 70 8.71
December - 8. 7200 8 73
January .... 8.80 u 8 81
February... 8.91 8.92
Mnrch 9.0 '() 9 03
April 9 12 9.13
Ma 9.23'at 9.24
June 9.34 9.35
July 9.43 9.45
8.80 8 84
8 6(1 8.67
8.68 ri 8 69
8 76 8 77
8 87 8 89
9.97N 9.98
9.C8 9.09
9.18 9.20
9.28 9.30
9.38 9 39
heu. iPnc s
8 703'9
705 8Z
5,9 H
N. Orleans
.in ut
ea y.
7,619 8 11-10
5,800 8 S
1,369 m
2,725 81
9 J
181 9
Norfolk ...
New York
Phi lad 'a ..
St. Loui?..
Aueufta ..
qu et.
1,966,8 15 16
2,095 183
Receipts at ports, thisjday, 18S6..33.914
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885..32, 139
R'ts U. S
Ex. Gr. JJ
St ck
R'ts Sept. 1
ForVn Ex.
619 083
214 766
Dccieabe in receipt) tins year ...o!,'..S0
At noon: Liverpool spots were
dull in Slivers' favnr, ail Ameri
can gr des tfl l-10d. - Sa' s,,7000 balf-p,
of which Ameriian 58,00 balee. Ra
cipts, none.
Closing quotstions wsrs ai follows:
Ordinsry, 43i1;kok1 ordinry, 4 jd ; low
middling, 5 3 16d; good middlinir,
5 ll-16d; middlingupiauds,51d, mid
dling Oriean", 6jd.
Thtpricfi aregiven inprnrtand &ith,
thus: 4 63 tiwu 4 63-64d; and 5 01
Twain 5 1 Old.
At uoon: Liverprol fu'ures wre
dull a. decline; Ojtobsr, 5 085 07d ;
October-November, 5 015d: Novem-ber-D
cenber, 54 63d; Dfcember
Janna y. 54631: Janmry-Februa y,
'(" 03d ; February-Man n, 5 015J;
M'rnb-Anril, 6 035 02d: April-May,
5 0 5 04; May-June, fi 075 0!5d.
At 1 p.m.: L ve-pool futures were
weak ; October, 5 ()7d, sellers; Ocfober
Novenib r 51,eelhrs; November-De-camber,
4 6'.'d, buyrra; D.cember-Jan-urv,4
62J, sellers : Jaunary-Febtuarr,
4 62d, eeMers; February-March, 5d,
Felleis: Maicb-Ap.il, 5 021, sellers;
April-May, 5 04d, sellers; May-June,
5 06d, value.
Receipts ttiia week 138,121
Same week in 1885 124,413
Same week in 1884 109 840
Increase coropired with 1885... 13 708
Increase coaipared with 1884... 28,281
Shipment? this week 09,200
Same week in 1885 1110,510
Same week in 1884 91,229
Increase counparel with 1885... 7,310
Increase compared with 1884... 7,971
Stock this week...., 111,575
Same week iu 1885 89,785
Same week in 1884
Increase compared with 1885.
Increase compared with 1884.
.. 21,790
.. 43,467
The New York Financial Chronicle
of Octaber 9th gives tbe following
figures: Total visible supply, 1,337,333
bales, against 1,320,212 in 1885. TIibhs
flgnresindicatean increase of cotton in
sight of 17,121 bales, rs compared with
tho same da'e in 1885, and a decrease
of 248 8 '2 hales as compared with fame
date in 1884.
Cornmeal -Standard, $2 202 25;
pesrl, J3 253 35; roller, $2 45.
Hay Cho':c, from Hore, 75c; car
load from levee or dooot, 12I3;
nrime, from store, 6o70 .; cur load
from levee or depot, ll12; prairie,
Irom Btore 50c.; car load from levee
or depnt, $7.
Corn From store, whito,50c :mixod,
48o, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 43c; in eacks, 46c; mixed, in
bulk, 41c; in sacks, 44 jc.
Oats From stoie,white,37c ; mixed,
35c: from levee or depot, while, in
hoik, 32c; in sacks, 34Jc; mixed, in
bulk, 31c; in eacks, 33c.
Bran From store. 70c; from levee
or depot, $13 10.
Flour From s'ore, No. 3, $33 25 ,
family, 53 503 75; cl:oi e, 3 764;
fancy, 44 25; extra fancy, $ 4 5
4 60; patems, 55 60.
Beass Navy. $2; medium, $1 50
1 75; common, $i 25; German millet,
tl 201 4 .
Rich Louisiana, 45Js; CaroHca
Oatmeal In half-birrels, $33 25
from s ore.
CaAcxiaa Soda, extra. 4Jc; sods.
trebleextrs, 5c; extra,7c; gingersnaps,
extra,f)6c ; assorted jniublis,9llc.
Crackid Wheat In haif-batrels,
$4 25 from store.
Homint and GaiTS - Fitis stere,
fg 15t.3 25.
Kansas Citt, Mo., Ootob.r 9
Wheat weaker; No. 2 e.l, iwb, 59c
bid; Novembr, OOicbd; Itty, 70j.
Lorn lowr; N . 2. cas:., 29t j; No
vember, S.ljo Wd; Dewrtibe', 31c
Oa g nominal ; 24lc bid vuh.
f?T. Lonis, Mo., October 9. Hour
Hull; XXX, $2 t5(;!:2 45; family,
$2 0;X2 2 75: choice, J3 103 21;
Unvy, $3 4.)3 50: extiv, $3 6n
3 8J; patent, 44 35. Wneat active,
but wak and lower. Th-) market
opened easy, ruled h' avy, and fell oil
j'ilc; la tt prices improved a little,
but closed easy at lowtr than
yejierdav. No. 2 red, cash, 73s; No
vember,' 73(74Jc. closed at 73c;
December, 75j701c, rioted at 7fijc
anked: May, 84j n8oJc.c'xed at 842
84Jc. Corn dull, weak and HJc lower;
Nn. 2 mixed, crsh, 831'!; ftovemb r,
33j33Jc, cltstd at 33$c; December,
34(.a34iv-, f loeed at 3434;; Mav,
37i'38J! bid, closed at ::sja bid. Ots
dalf and very weak, r ojirg 3lje
lower than yrB'erday; Ni. 2 mixed,
cash, 25Je; Oc ober, 25Jc; November,
I'SJn: December, 26jc; May, ;jn. Rye
steudy, 48J. Bnrley very dill, and
prices ranged 47J58i', uoc rdieg to
quality. lly niarft ovent cited
and pricfB weik; praiiie, J8 0(iv9 50;
limoiny, $10 5013. Plus ei we k
and lower, OoCilO:-. Bran weak, 47c.
C irnmpal steady, $1 90. R-reip's
Flour, 31 01) brla; wbea, 14,t!tK) bu;
corn, 26,600 bu; oa's, 4;,(00 bu; ryp,
4000 bu; barley, 20C0 bu. Shif.ments
Flour, 50110 oris; lr nt, 1000 bu;
ccrn, 24 000 bn; oat.', KH0 bu; lye,
4C0J bu; barloy, 3C00 bu.
Chicago, III , O taber '.i. The feel
ing was heavy in the wrest pit t.iday
end pricts were ttie loweu on ibis
crjp and approached v'ry iifa Iv tho
lowest point at which cash No. 2
spring wheat has sold in the Chicago
market for twenty yeari. T,e umn
ii tluenefi on the roaike'. to civibo the
deprtssion in wheat wh-? the fn
ncruocement of tbe failure of ttie Fer
guson gia!n and provision lir n. For
eign sdv:cej qno'eJ dull and nitpy
niavkcts, while there wts on'y n light
export demand. The market ilnally
clos:d Jo nnder that of yesterday. In
fluenced by tbe same causes ss win a,
and supplemented with tlu lino wt a'h
tr and liberal receipts, corn enrterad
another di cline. Cash No. 2 decliuing
to 33Jc, wh'ch is tie lowest p-ice
kuown for the cereal on thij nurkst
for many ytars. Oals were weak and
lower, ilui to larger receipts and
the h avincss in ihs o her
markets. Csh oits wtra about
le lowtr tban yetterday.
The fo lowiug wore the prices cnrroi t
for cash proparties: No. 2 wheat, 70J
70Jj; No. 2 red wheat, 71 Jo. ;No, 2,
c. ro, 33J33jc. No.2 catr, 23c. No.
2 rydi, 48Jc. No. 1 flixsesd, U. No.;2
b trlev. 52c. Common to fair limotbv
sm d, $1 6E1 70 ; prime timothy, $1 72.
Futuies ranted as follows: Vha'
October opentd at 71c; higheit, 71c;
lowes , 70ic; clcsing at 701c. Novem
ber opened at 72jc; highest. 72Je;
lowest, 72 Jc ; closing at 721c. Decem
ber tpuned at 74 Je ; higber-t, 74Jc;
lowest, 74 Jc ; c'ositg at 74 Jc. May
opened at 81 Jc; hietus', 81Jo; lowesr,
8uj; closing at 80Je. Corn Oct iber
opened at33ijc; h'ghes', 33ic; loweft,
3;ijc; closing at 33J: November
opened at 35jjc; hi,ihe-t, 3oc; low
est, 35r; clrsmg at. 35Jc. DHrembtr
opened at SOJc; bighe t, F6joj low
est, 36u; o osmg at 36c. May
opened at 40Jc; highest, 4t jc; lowe-it,
4i'lc; cloairgat 402". Oats-Oct b"
oiinncd at 22Jc; hlghftt, 22 Jc; lowest,
223c; closing at 22Jc. November
oiened at 24jc; bighet, 24Ja; low
est, 24Jc; clnnipg at24lc. De'ember
opened at 2)5 ); highest, 2 J,-; lowest,
25c;clo.dog a(25ic Aluy opetiert at
298 :; higher, 29, 3 ; loaeat, 295c;
clodng at 29 .
R-re;p's Flour, 21,000 IbtpIs:
wheat, 78,600 btiBhels ; c irn, 203,0110
huahels; ot?, 178,00'J biishr-la; rye,
3000 bushels; baThy, 95,(00 bushels
Shipments Flour, 1000 bane's;
wheat 13,0(0 bushels; corn, 123,(K10
bushels; oat, 138,00:1 biif-bels; rye,
2000 bush U ; b'rley, 44 000 buehelH.
Better -r- Bntterine, 1213c;
creamery, 30ia32it; dairy, 1820c;
cntntrv butter, 1616c.
lli.o l'ltonncTS Mess pork, f 10 25 ;
suit rcu ed hams, 12!2je; breakfast
na 'on. 8j9Jc; clear rib sides bann,
7S'a7!c; bacon shoulilrs, 717Jc;
buls pmk clear sides, 7 3 cr ; clear rib
sides, 7J71c; sLoubkri, flc; long
clear, 7c.
Lari Tierces, 6c; lnlf-barrels and
keg, 6ijc; chnite kettle, 7jc.
Fbshm Meats -No. 1 beet, 7a; mnt
ton, 8c; hind quarters of b- ef, 8Jc;
lambs, 10c.
Poultry Chickens, fpring, $2
2 7i; old boos, $1 75 i3
Cheb!K Fctry, On, nominal; full
cram, 1313Je; young America, 13c.
P103 Fkkt. Barrels, ill 5010; half
barrels, $4 755; keg,fl 75.
St. Louis, Mo., Oc ober 9 Pro
visions fairly active snd fbm Pork
biiiher, 39 50. Lard steady, f 5 55
5 60. Bilk meats strong; lnoss lots 6
lOchiijherj lon cleer, 16 50; short
ribs, $6 50 ; sho. t e'ear, $ii85 ; boxed lota
higher; long clear and shoit ribs,
$1621; short clear, $7. Bacon firmer;
long clear and short rib?, 17 2; short
clear, $7 50. Hams steadier, 10J
121c Butter fairly active and sleady ;
cieamory, 2326c; dairy, 12()22c.
Fgirs in liberal supply and easy, 12
CnicAOo, III., October 9 Provi
sions were iiDSott'ed and irregular.
Tne market for rnecs pnrk opened 10
12 J i hrgber, broke ofI'2527Jc. r -lied
l7J('i)20 , and closnl s'eitdy. Lard
wait qui t and ewy, ibrirg a abnut
yetterdiy's figure-. The ftdlnwitig
weie the prices curre'it f"r cn'ti prop
erties: Ves pork. $8 75 " 8 871; lard,
5 0557O; -bottr bsii'c, lo.e, Hi 70;
bhort clear eides, boxt d, $-i ':$ 7);
drv saltfd bh nildeis, boxed, $5 76
5 75. Fnnris langeil ai follows:
Pork Oct lie-r openet a' fS 75, hivh
ert 18 87J, st 8 00, c n. ir g a' J8 75 ;
November cp ned at 8 7j, bigbest
$8 871, lowebt $8 69, cl ai" at J8 75;
Janua'y opened at ?9 771, highest
$10 121. lowest $9 75, i iD'ing at $9 95.
Lard O.rober opened at 15 60, bigh
et $5 62J, lowest $5 52J. eloeing at
J5 62 ; November opr'i"l at $5 65,
highest 15 77, lowe.n 6 65, closing &t
$5 75. January opened ht $5 87, high
est $3 92, loweeit 5 82J, closing at,
15 90. Short rlhs -Oo obtr openrd fct
$6 70, hiyhfft 10 70, lowed $6 70, ib.s
ing at $0 70; Janus-v opened at
15 02, highest 5 10. lowest $5 02,
nlos;ng at S3 07. On the Produce
Exqlmnun butter ruled e'eady ; cream
ery, 1827e;Hiiiry,.13193; pickirg
Stock, 79u. Ej-tfH firm at 1717j.
Cokkrk Comtnon, K'c; ordinary,
10'.llo; prime R.o, ll'l13r:: choice
to"far.cy, 13114s; old government,
S iAP 3Mc per pound.
Candies S(icks, all s see, in boxes,
paiU and barrels, 7ra ll3.
Candle Fall weight. 99c
Salt-$1 20 per barrel; sicks, fine,
f 1 351 45; coarse, f 1 101 15; pock
ets, bleached, 2 a 7c; cir-loads from
eveo or depot, 6c rhrper.
Canned Gooim, Eti Prices per
doi-n: Pineapples, $1 25(41 66;
peaches, 2-lb, standard, $1 151 25 ; sec
ondj, $10til 10; tomatoes, 2Mb stand
ard,90.(!?l; 3-lb,$li 15; strawber
ries, $1 10t 25; raspberries, $1 10
125; bcaberries, $11 10; green
gnecs, $1 tHV.i 75; pears, $2
2 25: plum", $1 60Jr 1 70; apparrguj,
$2 60(l; green corn, $11 35; green,
pea, $1 651 65; cove oysters, full"
weight, 1-lb, I5(i;95c; cove oysters,
full weight. 2-lb. l 601 111; covo
oytters, light weight, l-,b, 60c; cove
oysters, l;ght weight, 2-lb, tl ; con
dened milk Cr-iwn, $ fiOW5 76;
Eag'e, 17 607 76; Daisy, $1 75.
Moi.as'as Looitana, common to
fa:r, 1825c; prime to choice, 3040c;
svrup, 2040c; common t fair, 20
25c; prime to rhnice, 30(S 35c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 8233e.
ToBrjoo Common. 11-inch, 27
28c; other grades and s'vles, 3'85c.
Snuff '-farre't's, $10 85 pr i-ase;
Ralph's, $10 25 per raoe; R. R , $9 25
10; Gail & Ax'e, $3 75.
Sugar Pure white, fifV0in; off
white, 6J6j; yellow clarified, 6
6c; open ke't e, 661c; refinod A,
6e; yranuUt'd, OJc; powdered, 71
7r; cut loaf, 78c
New Y'ork, October 9 Coffee spot
fair R;o dull ; optlors nne t ed and
lower, fair to active: sales, 31 2i0baa:
Ducmber, 9.l59.50c; Jnnuary, 9 45
W'9.500; February, 9 459 60.:; March,
9.50c; April, 9.50.9 65c: Mav, 9 55 r.
Sugir dull, nomiial; refined dull;
standard A, fi(;;5 7 16c; mould A,
5 15-16c. Mt lasit s dull. Rice steady.
HOITNt.llOt.ll M rfl.IlN
Aiti.ks Anp'es, $t 502 60; t'red
applet. ij3i) pr piund from store.
l)rid pemhe-', 2J3 : from store.
Vkoktaiilks Oninns, J3 from
h o. Cnbbjgo,$250: per boul,810c;
$1 75 Irom lvee or depot per crnt'1.
Kraut, brlH,$iM5 75; half brl,$175
3. Garlic, 4060j per 10J. Turnips,
50.1 per btubel.
Fruit Oruants, per box, Jfi; per
barrel, $9. Loom ns, $6 59(m7 per box.
Itinaiiaf, $1 502 60 per bnrctt.
Ciicoaniit, 5 p?r 100. reaptils Vir
ginia, 7jc; Teunessee, farmer's etock,
34c; roisted, 2n higher; Bhollod
Hie. Almondi, 1820.
Rapins London layeis, $3 40; lay
er', $2 75; Caliloraifl, ; Iinporial,
3 50(f 4.
Pickles In jars, pin's, 95c; quarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 75 ;galloP8,$3 75;
looe, barrels, $11 507; half-barrels,
$3 75'a 4 ; inixeil, barrels. $10 50 ; mixed,
Half bairels, $6.
Potatoes New, $1 2ol 60; North
em ftock, $1 75'i.
CiDER-New York, $6 .r)07 per bar
rel, and $3 75 4 per half-barrel.
Vineuar 1015c pergnllon.
Pecans Trx as, 8IOo for lunall to
medium, 1014u for large; Atkamas,
Fish Mackerel, bnlf-barrels, No. 1,
$5 2?5 75; No. 2 $4 755 ; No. 3,t4 25
475: 10-lb kit, No. 1,90c; No.2, 75c
151b, No. 3, C5e. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c por box.
Walnuts French, 12c; Naplep,15c;
Grenoblei, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Game Game fhh, ll12c.
Eoos-Dull atl610o.
la car load lote: Piiine crude
cotton seed oil, new, 2830c; off
crude cotton ssed oil, old, 24
26u; prime summer yellow cot
ton seed oil, 363iic; off summer
yellow cotton seed oil, 3234j; min
ers' summer yellow cotton eeod oil,
3335oj prime (ummer white cotton
sed oil, 35c; chfire cooking yellow
cntton seed oil, 3740.! ; piime cotton
s d meal, $14 5U15; off cotton seed
m.-nl, J13(i4.
ntuni.'vu a iv o Tins, etc.
Baihuno Ju'e. 2 lbs, 8o: 1 lbs,
7J-; lHs, 7c. Flax, 8 lbi, 9jit.
Tiks 11 051 10.
Nail Common, $2 202 25; steel,
$2 35- 2 5 ).
Powder -Kgn, $4 ; half kegs, $2 25;
quarter kvgs $1 25
Clerr-fnb wsBhcd, 3l30(i; prraie
w; ol, 2326c; btltry wool, 1318c.
Sr. LoriH, Mo., October 0 Wrn'
act and lirra nt the recent advance;
medium clothing, 22.7c; cunbing,
2526c; low ami c arse, 14i22c; fine
liidit, 2025c; heavy, 1621c; black,
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lot", 11c ptr gal on.
Cleveland, O., Oct br-r . Petro
leum qu'et s. w 111). 7jc
Whisky Straight IC'iitucky Bonr
bin,$l 605; redistilled goods from
85c t $160, according to proof; rye,
$1 756.
Sr. Louis, Mo., OclobBr 0. Whisky
firm, $ 1 13.
Chicago, III., October 9. Whisky
stesdy.fl 18.
Cincinnati, O , October 9. Whisky
quiet; sales of 398barielaof finished
good J on a basis of $1 13.
Cattle Choice, 3J3n; irnod, 2
31c; fair to medium, 2J2c; seal
lawn, llc.
Hocis-Choice,44Jc; gaod,44Jc;
common, 3Sfc.
Sheep Choice, 34c; medium, 3
3ic; common, 1(1 60. Choice
lambs, per pnnad, 45c.
Kansas City, Mo , October 9.
Tbe Live Stick Indicator reports: Cattle
jecelpls, 1103 head; skipments,
nMie, ma ket firmer and more active;
goo 1 to choice, $4(at4 60; common to
run lium, $3 3('3 60: ftockers, $2 25
2 75; fnedori, $2 883 60; cow,
$1 602 60; gra'S range steers, $2 50
3 20. Hcgs receiots, 1903 head;
fhipmen's, 251 head; market active
Mid 610c higher; good t3 choice,
S4t 2 : common to medium, 13 75
4 ('6. Shffp leceipts, none; ship
o.ei t, none; good mil' ton in demand ;
go d to choice, $2 5P3; common to
me liurn, $1 f 02 25.
Ciiicaoo, In,., Ojtober 9. The
Diweit' Journal repoit-: Catile re.
caitts, 16)6 head; ehipmords, 8100
heat; market slow and nominal;
shipping steers, 950 to 1500 lb', 13 fiO
6 10; B'ockers and feeder"", $2 10
3' 40; cows, hulls end mixed, $1 70(a)
310; bulk-, $2 302 60; thrniigh Texts
rate 0lfic lower, et$2 20f'3, owing
to cann--rs stoppiug on aconnt of a
Btrike; Wtstern rane'-rs steady; na
tives and ha f brcoile, $ '1; wintered
Texana, 32 90o)3 20. Hog" le e ptc,
9010 hed; ihipmonta.OUOO In ad; beat
Bteady; packers' idle 10a lower; r.iugli
and mixed, $3 45fn 4; packing and
shipping, $14 50; liubt we'gbt'.fl 45
4 25; skii s, $2 5U3 25. S-eep re
ceipt.', 2o(i0 hial;sliipmei,ti,900t:o .d;
marke' e'owand lower; natives, $2 25
(a 3 75; Western, $3 40.24 70; Texanp,
$2 253 16 ; lem! s, $3 5t'f-ii4 25.
Sheriff's Sale Personal Property.
THIS Is to itv notice Hist on Thnrmlny.
rt 14, IHNtt, ki iu nVIek n.in., I
will tell, to the bitthrst biiirler, the Stock of
Woods, ( oerit s. Merchandise and Fixtures
in st uehouse No. !VH Main street, levied on
s the property of 13. boharrT and others.
This Ootober ,
W. D. OANNC, Bberif.
By 0. T. Smith, Depnt Bueriff.
Mew Orleans Hrcr.in. Ill a.n
Friars Point..... Jims LK,5 p.m.
ArkaMasCity.......i(ATi Adamr, 6 p.m.
Osceola.. ....... .... Coihoma, b p.m.
TiptonTHIe CuKaAFKAic, S p.ei.
Bt. Louis II sr. ii MiMi'Hta, 4 p.m.
Arkansas RIt....Joi Pktsbh, S p. a.
Bt. Franels Rirer ...Ko Fkhihr, 5 p.m.
Cincinnati -Oinii, 5 p.m.
Concordia (Utoi,6 p.m.
Vlcksbarg .C'v or Povii)i,l a.m.
White River Chicxadaw, S p.m.
Arritiilt. A ri AnRAS (Tii.v Hr T.nla
City of Vn'ksbtug, Virk-burg.
Departure. Citv cfVicksbnrg, St.
Louis: Arkansts City, Vicksbarg; Al
bsrta No. 3, White river; Gaycso, Con
cordia. Bits Ihte Down. Coahoma, Chesa
peake and Helena.
lioati Due ' James I,e, Kate
Adjms, City of Na cbea, Gayoso, Joe
PcterB and Itello Memphis.
BcrelplM Teasrrdny.
Knnnlrnr 28 halm e-ittim IS Kim
seed cot tin and 82 sks seed.
Citv of Vickeburg 11 bales cotton
and 2000 sks seed.
Arkanes C ty 1"8 bides cotton,
1SS5 ska seed and 164ti Vi8 moveban
els'. ruTir.Kis mevKsiKxis.
Thk Kd Foster is the Tuesday picket
for Ht. l''.ancis river.
Tna (lliifkaww, ( apt. K C. Tontnl,
U tbe Wttlnosdny pueket for While
Tim Ohio. Cant. M. ltl. Denm. i ti n
Tuo-icay pneket for tbe Ohio river ks
iar nt uinuuiiu:i nun an nay point.
Thk City of Provident', Capt. Oeo.
Ctrvell, U the Anchor Line, packet
Tuesday morning fur Vicksburg and
the bo ml.
Tim Coahoma, Capt. Henry C ope-r,
is the pucket Monday evening at 6
o'clock for O.cwla and ihe upper
bniuln. Wm. Smittier is in fur olluo.
Tim cotto i carrior, tho biglfeleiiji,
rtntlt. All liritflmi ia 1 il. m-ii ti.litu
on her fits' tnii il tlieueatoa bound
T .VI . .
ior nw UiicuuB una a i way luml
ing?. Tim lljllo Memphis, Capt. George
Hiker, is tbe Anchor Line packet
Monday evening at 4 o'clock, for Ca'io
and .St. Louis. Al Hinipsm is ber
Ths James Lpo, rapt. Thomas Clag
gett, Is the packet Monday evening nt
6 o'clock for llttlens, Kiijis Point and
all wav landings. Will Ashfoid is in
her ollics.
Thk Chesapeake, Capt. W. P.Hall,
in the packet Moiid'y evening at 5
o'clock for Hales Point, Tiptonville
and a'l way landings. Ool. J. D. Ful
ler has cha'gs of her olllce.
Tuc Joe Peters, Capt. K. 13. Smith,
is the picket Tuesday evening at 6
o'clock for all points' on Atkansas
river, going through to Piue Plutf.
Cha. Muaeelman is in charge of her
Tub Kate Adnmi, Capt. Mark It.
Cheek, is the Uni ed 8 u'ea Mail
racket Mondny evening nt 5 o'clock
ir Helena, Arkansas City anil all way
landings. W. C. Blanker hat ell urge
r f her oflice, assisted by Ames Day
and Moirii Gans.
oenkual Ni:wa.
Bpkinkhs fair.
WuATiimi clear and pleastnt.
Pilots report 8 feet of wa'.er from
here to Cairo.
Tub Alberta No. 3 departed last
evening for White river wi n a good
Tub Gayest cleared lift evening for
Concordia with a good showing of
Tub river here ttanrln 0 feet 2 tenths
on tbe gauge, a rise of 2 tenths in tbe
luBt 24 hours.
RKcr.iris by river ypstorday: 177
biles of cctton, 15 bags of seed cotton
and 3H67 s:cks of seed.
Tub St. Liui Globe-Democrat of Fri
day lays: TbeCkar.P.Chauteau.kingof
st-rn wheel boat', louls out to New
Orb aim next Wednesday night, nnder
the aiispicis of ttie Anchor Line.
Capt. Wm. II, Thorwegeii commands.
Tub City of Vicksburg passed up
las' evening for St. Loui?. Klie bs
on bo.trd 300 bales of e 'S'em bound
c tt on. taken on below here. fSho
i nt pit here eleven baits of co'ton
and 2000 sacks cf sred. Hbe addsd
here 5: 0 Imles of esstern bound cniton.
Thb Arkansas City arrivod yester
day afternoon from fct. Louis. Kho
disi'hniged bere 1S) bales of cotton,
1885 sacki of seed and 1646- packages
if sundries, fcbe added here 35
tons of freight for points below hers
and departtd late last night for Vicks
burg. J. W. Btinbbll, of Helens, Ark ,
was yebterday selected for appoint
mnt as inspictor of bulls, vice Capt.
Uirim Brimrl, resigned. Capt. Dugan
and Hurveyor l'obin voted forHtansell
and Judge Hammond against. The
latter s ohjeulion ta bim was that he
did not prsiess the practical knowledge
of s oambodti which the statute re
quires. The Vicksburg Commercial-Herald,
of fcutnrdav, says: "J. E. Hukill, an
old time stetmhratman, and one of
the beet known men on the Missis
sippi liver, died suddenly yestiirdiy
morning ol drop-y of the heait on the
bend Bt'amloat Pargiud. Hdkill was
a nntive of Montgomery, Ala., and bis
fir. t trip on a steamkiatwas niailo
when eteHmhoa'ing was a science.
Lie served as steward on many of the
fine old bra's and wai widely known
along the river from N w Orleans to
K. Louie, llin hst Work was on the
bend steatosis, where he regularly
muli every irlp with bis boat for
neaily twelve years. He was 65 year-i
o'd anil left a wife ai d children in
Montgomery, AU. Tho remaino are
to be sh pped 1 1 that place." The de
cpr m1 wai a b other of Capt. Dave
Hukill and was well known here.
PiTTHBOHft, Pa., OcUber 9. Noon
River 5 f:-et 5 inches and stationary.
Weather cloudy and pieivant.
Evanhvii.lb, In a., October 9. Noon
Ki vol 4 'eel 7 incut 8 on the gang-.' and
tis ng. Weather clear and piens.nt.
Cincinnati, O., Oc tober 9. Night
River 7 feet 4 inches on the ganeaud
falling. Weather clear; thermometer
Locisv ills, K T.,Octobt'r 9. N ight
River neiLg, with 5 feet 3 int:h3 in
tho canal and 3 :eet 1 inch on tbe fallc.
BuMineHs dull. Weather clear and
Oaibo, Ii.i..,October 9. Night River
7 'eel 3 inclieo on the gauge and falling.
Weetber fair and cnl. No arrivals of
regular packet. Departed: Henry
Lourey, bt. Louis, 11 p.m.
Okpicb Kionai. Hbwvicb, U. 8. A.,
Msai'iii', Ojtoherl), 1 p.m.
Tbe fol owing observations are taken
at all Blations osmcd at 75 meridian
tine, which is one bonr fatter than
Memphis time:
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
R se Fall
Feet. lOthe 10:bi 10 ha
Cairo 7 3 2
Chattanooga.... "1 0 i
Cincinnati 7 4 - 6
Dnvnnort 3 6 1
liibucti 5 1 - 2
Fort tMiiiih 2 1 1
Keokuk 3 4 -
Helena 6 7 2
La. Creese 4 1 1
Lnavenworth... 6 3 1
L'tt'e Kock 2 3 1
Louinvillp 5
Memphla 6 22
Nashville 1 6 1
New Orleans... 3 6 4 ........
Orniiha 6 8
Pittsburg ;5 9 1
fct. Ixmis 7 2 1
St. Paul 2 3
fchreveport 4 1
Vicksbtirg 4 1
ISHitsirr l.lDf K
ab. TO sero of (uuie
eet and tenths of a foot
Cairn, 40 foet.
Cincinnati, M.
Puhuque, 16.
Keokuk, 14.
l.scrof'e, 'J4.
I.iltlo Kock. 2:1
Memphis, ;vi.
Nashville, 40.
Oiuxhii, IS.
St. Louis. .X!
Chattaneona. foet.
llavenpori. ",
Port Smith, a.
Helena, .
Leavenworth, SO.
New Orlouns, 1.2.
I'ltt-liura. 22.
r-t. Paul, 7.
Vicksburi, 41,
-,nl"n, 'H.
Meuilihls niil Kew Orlenne I'll I. Co.
KOll NKW t'HI.KN8 Sloanicr
Alf !lriHom master."
Will Icure the hlevstor liNUAi. Oct.
loth, at 111 a.m. For freight or passage apply
C. I,. IIai.v, l'ns. Ae't. All sT'iMM. A't.
Ml. I.oiiIn nnil Kew Orlemi Aueltov
I liie -U.S. MmII-CAIKU AKT. Lull 18.
Belle Memphis, a-Wr
(Ico. Baker l.mMtr.iSSBrSJ
Willleuve the Elovator n ONDAY, Oololjer
11th, at 4 p.m. Por Iroiaht or vassaipi "PI'ly
O. I.. Mali.. Pass. Act. A l "TIKI Snp't.
Ft ) li ViOKMlURtt.
fit. I. net la nml New llrlrsns Anchor
l.lur-ll.N. nll-FUU VICKSPtlRd.
City of Providence, A?33
Oeo. Carvotl. ...master. ?iW'
Will leave the KIvator I'UKUAV, October
12lh, at In a.m. Fur triiri or p.isHnae apply
C. I.. II r 1, AVt 1 S'V'iK V.wnp'i.
For Cairo, Kvanrville. Lcuisvillo anil Cin
cinnatiThe elCRant
Sir. Oil IO, rm
M. M. Ice-. master, tSmJm
Will leave XURSllAV, Oct. I'Jlh. a( f p.m.
Knr Ireight or passnae M'I'ly to 0. I). KUS
BKLL, (. F. A X. A., 12 .MaUison it. Xele-
phnn. No. V;'7.
For Osceola, Hales Point, Caruthorsville,
Oivoio and Tiptonville Xhe new sije
whecl paaseniter steanvr
UlllJSAl'EAKK, r-g
W. P. Hall mastor. I J. D. Fuller cltrk
Will leave as above, and all war points,
p.m. Por I reiyht or pnisage apply nn hoard.
Uemplila.l'rlnra folut nnd Moinplne
Hmil 4toiini kiipKet tiniijauj.
forlielena. (llecdnln, Friare Point and al
Way Laniiir-its ateamer
Taillt'M It'O, r-trtfZZjr)
K. T. CLAdflKXT Master.
Will lavo as above on F.VKHY MONDAY,
WKONHSUAY and K1BAY at 5 o'olook.
For Randolph, Fulton, Osoeola an Way
Landlnii Hteamer
J. II. COOPKK Master.
and FRIDAY at A p.m. The boats of thl
line reserve the right to paas all landing)
the osplain may ilecui unsafe, (lalc'e, No. fl
NmliFi.n s(. JAMHS I.KNt, ,1a , Sup't.
Arkansas Itivcr Pk't Co.
v n u ... 1 1 l. ..
Leaves Mow 1 his Kvery XII USD A Y , at 0 p.i
n. u. nuiiLD...s uiitsirn
u. V, l.uw m. Agen,
OtTtce, No Msdlsnn st. Telephone No.
Memphis and Viekshnrg Packet Cos
pitnjr U.N. Jliiil Lluo.
For Helena, tlonoordia, Terrene and Arkan
sas "Hv The elegant passenger steamer
H. K. Cheek. ..roaster I W. 0. Blankgr...olerk
Leaves Memphis
For Concordia and all w y landing!.
The Kt'-Hiner
A. L. Cummins, Mnst'rJ Lew Price O.erk
LeaveiTUK-UAY and SAllJHDAV at 5 p.i
For general l.i'ormation apply at
No. 4 WaUiiun street.
.TOIIV fHRrt. P...'r A sent. Telephone A.
The Mt.FrnnclH River Trunnportatloi
Co.'l Fine Bide-W heel U. B. Mall Bteamw
Md Roister,
O. K. Joplin maiter,
tvr.no AT,
at 5 o'clock, for Marianne, the Oot-OIT, aif
Intermediate iandtngs on Bt. Franoia river.
The captain reserves the right to pais al
landings he deeias nnsaie. JAH. LKK, Jr.i
Pnnerlntnnftnnt. tr.r. Mo. 4 Maillsoe st
Uemphls& White KiTer Fkt.Co
rer 4'larrntlnu, Dvvwllsi Bleirl,, 0a
Are, Augusta, (Searcy, Newport, Jackson
port. llateville and all Way Landings,
K. O. FosUI master, ' '
Will leave KVEUY WKDNKUIJAY at 6 p.m.
A lhart It. Nmlfh mauler. -
Will leave F.VKRY BAlUKDAY at 6 p.m.
Through rates given to all points. Freighl
oonsigned to the Mo 1 phis and White River
PackotCo., at Mernphis or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For general informa
tion apply at olllce, Nn 3 Madison St., ork
OhII Telephone ' II. O. I.OWK. Ae't.
sit mtasinrST. LOUIS,
MaNrFACTnning or
Electric Belt Free
rpo Introduce It and ohtala agents we wtl
1 lor the neit silly days give away, fr
of charge, in each county in tbe U. B. a lim
Ited number nt our Wfrmsiei fclrctru l.
vmuIo Nnaprsiaory Holla. Price tot
positive and unlatline oura for Nervous D
billty, Varicocele, Smisslong, ImpoUnoy,
tti. lwo.tsj rUwari raid tf tvtry Belt wt
manuiautsre dot Bp) asneraU t tV"
Jlectrl onrrett. Aidrta Jf S0, 'fSr
KIO Balf AfllSCY. P. 0. Boa ITS
irooklya, H. T.

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