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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, October 12, 1886, Image 7

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Cottoa Lower-Middling, 8 8 4e
Sales Yesterday, 8000
Money roles in strong demand at 8
per cent. Local securities continue
The locil cottan market wis steady
yetterday and Jc lower; middling,
8Jc. Faler, 3000 bales.
At New York spots clojrd qniet and
l-16c lower: middlina-. 9 5-16c. Fut
ures steady; October, 9.019 05c.
At New Orleans yesterday spots
were steady and M0c lower; mid
dling, 8Jc. Futures steady; Oc ober,
At Liverpool spots were steidy,
fair demand; m (Idling, 5j i. Futures
were quitt aid steady; October,
5 7-64d.
In the general market hog pro
ducts were firm and advancing; bu'k
pork, dear sides, 7J7Jc; clear lib
sides, 71J j; long clear, 7Jc. Eggs
quiet at lEfe'lCc. Other articles un
changed. IMPORTS.
E'ght hundred and tfonty-fivibrla
apples, 91) brig bea-s and pen", 1454
rls bsgAng, 184 pktabacm, 80ti kus
boots acd sho-s, 60,0 bu cun, 220
pkjs cheese, 100 sks coffe-i, 16 caiBCot
toa 89id, 12.8S1 'aks co!t n sd, 5
hdls cotton tie, 229 pkus drv goofo,
48 pkga ggi, 1G12 b 1h tl ur, G0L hubs
bay, 20 nka ha s, 141 lid hc, 49 bd
eheep, 155 hi cat:'e, 16 hd horses acd
mult. 7:15 pkusla'd, 00 000 feet mm
bar, 79 pknw liqu ?w, 85 br's meal, 010
kgs nail?, 0000 bu oa s, IGlbrhoaiorjp,
89 br.'fl potatoes 13 cura pork sid-B,
264 br s sag r, 524 pk.s tobitc, 4500
bu wheat and 155 brls r.cc
The following stiowa the amount of
grain received, withdrawn and iu
store by rtaular elevator', is reported
to the Merchants' Exchange ester
day: Whea, none recrivart or with
drawn; inito-e, 1045 Vn. Corn none
reeeivtd; withdrawn, SCO bn;in stire,
8109 bu. Oitnrfce ved, 42(5 bu; tith
drawn, 1850 bu; in store, 100,065 bu.
VDitiljr Quotation f Cotton
Oil TruNta and New York li.
changa Ktneka are opu to thoHe
Interested, at my oHier,
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Monev in ac ive demand at 8 pr
cent. The Cleaiing Hotua repjit U
as follows:
Monday, October ll'b. $252,712 10;
same time Ibs'. week, $222,025 9( : eo--responding
tirni in 1885, 213,;-91 65;
co'refpocdmg tima in 1834, $224,.
51 66.
Moadiy, Oi'ober llti, $11 226 07:
sane time la-t we?. $ai,o(jj y:i, c
respondinir limn in 185, $41,602 50;
cirrsspondiDgtiroe in 1884, 34,903 61.
New Yo k eight on all p-,irjr, J
dijcouit buying, oers tiling ; Nhw Eng
land demaod, J dUcount buying; New
England eight, discount; New Or
leans, J discount baying, par selling.
Bank of C.)mmerce..l46 bil, 149 asked
First National 100 bid, 165 ssksd
German Back 19) birl, 20 1 aaked
Hate Na'iona1 145 bid, 150 ask' d
Union and Pianter?..lS0 bid, 153 a ke i
Mercantile Bmk 135bid,137Ja-kud
Blufl City 100 bd, ... asked
Hemaoilo 100 bin, ... rased
Home 75 b d, 80 as terl
Memphis Ci y 102 bi1, 105 a ked
Peoples SO hid, 83 tsied
Pbce jix 98 bid, 100 asti d
Plan'cri 107 bid, ... asked
Vand rbil' 25 b d 26 as red
Arlington 35 bid, atkeii
Factors ;.. 20 a-k.d
M. & C. It R. stareb...3 jid, ... asked
M. & T It. Ii. Bbe?...4i bid, 5J Hekul
M. & C eonco s, 7c 119 bid, ... aked
M. & L. K. Is m 8i..l05 bid, ... akeit
Miss. & T.K R.ci.A...lll b d, 1 1 3 aslie.l
Misj.A C. K H (S.B..10 i bin, 103 rskwl
Tenn. wf. s r. D 9i bid, 93 asked
Tinn. wtj. a r E to J..83 b d, 85 acked
Btaelby Co 6s 103 bil, HO Rrk'tl
Tax. D 4, 6j 97J bid, 98 srkei
TiiZ D.st. 69 104 J h;d,lL61 asked
Mem. G sbindi 104 bid, ... twk-ni
Mem. Water b 'nde 97 bid, ... asked
Hansner Oil Wo ks b d 65 MsSrd
Am. Cot. 0,1 ti ust 1 4 biit, 55 ask- d
Pioneer Cotton Mill...25 bid, 3D tsien
Mem. Stor.Com. C0...I1 6 bid, 110 asked
Mem. Uaj stosk 75 bid, 80 asked
Niw York, O tober 11. Money on
call active at 610 per cent , closing
at 6 asked. Prime mercantile piper
45 per Cint. Sterling exchange
quiet and weak ; actual rats481 f i 6d
Uay b lis and 484 for demand.
Bonds Government boor's were
dull and weak. Stati b3tids were dull
Sto ks Stocks opened rc'.ive. Pi
cific M.il vaa told - hfavi'y, and the
P"rtisient bamiucrirg of mis st ck
limliy efl'rcted the ntire liet. Tho
talk of an opposition line by tje Cu
iibdian Paciliu I as siitken out maiy
weak tio d-rs who have bfu waiting
for a fe t'exent of the Tian-CDiit -re
ta difiialty. A rep t wai sorted
tba. the nhor tiou ilea had extended
to the E"e, end tue lck of co. fidence
in tve favorhbls oinc jine of the con
fertnea of rrilrnad i fliciale tt Cbhagr-,
together witb ihe rstherdieajpointinx
report of e&rniciys from their q'iBrte',
createl a d'prostioa in the marret
Liter in t:edty it wis aonounc d that
there was a brighter pneptct fjr an
agrerment at tne Cbkagp ronferonce,
and tne market resouOed quickly.
New E g'and wis tne strongest s ock
on tbe list, reports rf an txcunion
over tbe toad bv certain tfficiala help
ing the ri-e. Keadii g aud Wes'ern
Uuion were both ext emely active,
altbouuh there wis nothing of a ca
ure to afft ct value in either of them.
There wa smie activity among the
graogerj, bat. they were heavy
r throngtout. Tte opening was stiong,
firt prices (pnerRlivat.owingtdvsnc-s
of fiom Jiojiercent. over the clts
ing figures rf Siiurday, al honnh
Omai.a, New E rflntd nn.i I'uioa Pi
nitic weiecHih down J per c?n". Tlie
features if ihe tiaoinK w.re New
Eogland, Texas end rauifj,-. Wes tra
Union aid Pacific Mail. J hey were
all strong except the lasr, at d tie gen
eral market w.s firm. B;for nom,
however, it bgn to yield, aid Rad
ing bicanie prominent, andconiinued
to, with cow; t vely quiot t ad'rg
nntil tha ltst hcur, when the entire
htt ullid, and the m.rket
clofea nrm at lrrrguhr changes
cjmpnu w.m taun'ay even
log. uecinn ae in a majority
i jiiigus uuii uo me exception ol
c flc Mail, which is down 2 per cent.,
Dxawareand Hudson 1J and Cleve
land, Columbm. Cincinratl r il Indi
anapol S 1 pr cent., thi-v mn for frac
tiorjs only. New Eng'and is up II per
ceuv. nuiiroai Dotas were lees active,
The toal salts tcday anerf eat d $1.-
569,000, of which At'antc and Pac lie
iucomss furnished $457,000 Tbtre
was very little chane in nmUtions
in tbe general list, but advances p'e-
aomiDaieu. ine-e was some interest
in tbe Indiana. B o mioeton and Wi-st
ern incomes and tbe Texas Paoiflo Rio
tru t receipts, but the remainder weie
qniet and featureless,
The total sales of s o ks todav wers
400,870 shsrfs, including Canada
Soot hern. 21.42a : C. ntral P.cifis. 3040
Delaware, Lackawanna and Wes ero
14,400; Erie. 21,440: Mis omi. Kn
tas and Ttxae, 9050; lake Shor, 21,
uiu: Liouisvuie and .Na hvillc 9260
Northwestern. 9800: New Jaist-v Cen
tral, 3S10; PacificMail, 38.700: R ading.
81 1,355; S . Paul, 36,44(1; 8t Paul and
Orahn, 4625; Texas Pacific, 22,650
tnion Pauihc, 3240; Wtstern Union
6264 ; Northern Tac lie, pre'e.-rtd, 6i)05
Or.oj aod TrdnscoLtii.en'al, 690,
Closing quota 10ns:
U. S. 3a, 100. 4s, roup, 127J4.
4)4', coup, Ill's. roitiousot IstfJ.lM,
L. atntnpg, 4, 7S'4. Missouri 61, l'OVi.
Cent. l'ac. Ibis. llfl. Pen. A; R.U.Ut.. 124
Deni K W.ljts.TH-. Krio (eninda. Ill)
M K AT.O.n.tiJ.fS-J No'th.l'ao. UU, 11
North. Plio. 2d. 10114. M U'trn nn..
N.West dob. 5". 10S. H L.H.K (ien.H, UW
pi ram con., mi. rc t'.,u ii'.iris,nn
T.P. land grants, 57K.T. P., K.Oi.ox fu. i.
U. P. Ism. lis;. Wost .Shore, m
Tenn. 6., tet'mt, 105. Teun.5s, set'iut, 100.
Xenn. At, set'tut, 77.
Adams Express, Hl.MorrifA E.,offd, 110.
Alleihonv Ci-n..
JNasUvnlB a V.,
N. J. Central 61.
Nor. A W. td, 44.
Northern Pac.ai'i.
Alton 1st. II.,
A.4T.1I. .fd.,3.
Auieiirn Ex., luO
li. C. R. & N.65
Canxda I-ho.,
Aorinern v, i a. w;.
Canada tou . I31H.
CAN. W. Md, 142,
Central Pacific, 48'. N Y. Contral
Che'Hp.alie JcO., M!4 N Y.C. 8t.L.,10;
C. A O. 1 t I.I'd, 17'4.
N.Y.C 4St.L.,.,i4.
v. uf u. 2d pid,, 10.
O. A: A , H2.
C. A A. pld , int.
C U 4Q., 137M.
!., St L. 4 .0., -C..St.LiP..m.
O.f-t.LA f.pfd, 81.
C. S. Js C. 40.
Ohio Centra', .
Ohio ii Miss., iVi.
O. i. MiM. Did. W
Untario A Went... 20'i
I'reiron iNav., JU4.
Ore. on Trans., 33.
Orciion Imp ,
Pacific Wail, bVA
L. & C., ti8.
f. 4 II. Valley. 31 Ptoria, i. A E 20)i
runama, us
1,.t a. ft. .J Inl
Pittahurs. 1S2.
Del.,L. iW,B.
Den. & Kio G , Slii
Erie, S4?.
Erie ntd, 75K
New East Tenn.. II.
Newb.Tenn. nf 1,73.
l'uilin.n P C, 141.
hpodinit, 36.
Ki ck Island, 12
Ht.li. A S. P., 3lv'.
St L 4 8.F. Dfd.
tt.L.S.K.htl, 113)i
fort wayne, Wn
Hannibal 4 St Jo .'. M.A St.P,, p, JlXVJf
v. m. a. M f.. H.
H A St Jo . ufd.
St. P.. M & M.. Hit.
Harlem. 230.
Houston A T., 3"
lllionts Central, 134.
Ind , B. A '..Mr4.
Kansas A T., 3H.
Lahe E. A W , 17.
Lake bh,ro. 91.
Lou. A Nah.,.M'4.
Lou. A N. A., 53.
M. & ''. 1st pid, .
M. A C. sccoods. .
Mem. A Char . 40.
Mich. Cen. ,).'. '
Min. A St. L . Mi
bt l'aulAOa)ah,4i
t Paul AO. pld, 111.
Tenn.CoalA Iron, 6o.
Texas 1'ncill . 211
Union Pacific, 1.
U. h. Exp ess, Ki'-i
W .Bt.L A P. p.. k.
w. x r. fix.. ia.
W.U. W..VH.
I'nlnrado Coal, M,
Home Stake, 19.
Iron Silver, 210.
Ontario, i
Min. A St. L.DldMWi.Ouicksilier. 6.
Missouri Facilio 1144. Quicksilver pfd.
Mobile A Ohio, 15J4. South Pacific
M. L. S AW.. 62. Sutro. li.
M L S.AW.pfd.Vl.
London, October 11. United Sla'es
bonrs 4-, 132J; tar silver, 4 i per
Paris O.tiber 11. Thne per cent
leutee, 81. bo: Ic r the ai count.
Bkelk, Octoter 11. The staterm ni
of tbe l nparigl Bank of Gruntny
Bhows a decrease ol epcie of 11,740,-
UOO m rss.
Sr. Louis. Mo., Oc obar 11. Tank
rleuinus, t2,9l51254; ba'aaces, Sl-0,-
9 5.
Boston, JIass., Oc'ober 11. Bank
cVntiniH, $14,557,035; balacces, il,-
Baltimore, wd., O itober 11. Bnk
leiiririos toJ. y, $',:il7,710: b.iiauces,
PniLADSLPHiA, Pa., 0,:ttber 11.
Cleiriugs, ;9,26",6'J4; fcalaucer, $1,
316,4 0.
Kv York, O 'tober 11. Bank clear-Ir-gn
loriay, $14?,107,:J2; ba ancte,
Ciiicaoo, III , Octolier 11. -The As
Kocia'cii Biuit eluaiings tojay weie
WEKKLY clbaringb.
Bh.tin, Mass, O.iioher 11 Tho
'ollow,i g table, compiled fiom special
disp tJiss to th- i'oni Irum tiio mnn
ag. r ,f ihe lHilii gmeanng h jueis in
ih-! United S ates, iv-s tt e grots ex-,
ihangi-a it iacti point f, riheweek
tnding Oiober 9, 18S6, and tho per
ceiitaa'-s ol iuc (-a e ordiceiees as
coki nr-d wilt, the ir is txchat grs of
tbw c'jr,'s."iotiding wtekinj8;5:
Xew York, J 830 726,858; ire, 25 9
Bo to , !)3,12S Ho3; nc , 28 6.
Philadelphia, $'13,493 2 )2; ii c , 32.4.
ChiVag ,$66,6431,00; inc., 24.2.
St. LuuiB, $16,61-2,874; me., 10.
San K ancisco. f 12 222 973; iuc, 13.5.
Baltimore, 12 217,750; ioc , 5.0
Ciuciru at., $11,3 tO.OdO; inc , J5.9.
NewOrean , '7,347,2JO; dec. 5.7.
P ttsburg, 1 8 900 1 55 ; he, 35.6.
Kans'SCi y, 6 20.000: inc., 41.1.
Louisvill", H 636 662 dec, 9.1.
Provnlei.ee, I4.8H8.103; inc., 12.3.
Milwaukee, 4,484,0(JO; dfC, 15.3.
Omaha, $4,602,285; Inc., 54.9
MiiiLe.jo'ii', J5.633 5C0; inc., 43.5.
D -river. $4,061,604
Galveston, $2,t'57,451.
Detroit, $3,772 36i : hc , 12 9
Clev land, 12,600,448, inc., 27 4.
Indianapolis, $2,872 933 ; inc , 15.
Memphis, $1,47335; inc., 2.5.
Oolurnhiis. $1,750 000; inc., 25 4.
Harttord, f 1,8)0,118; dc , 15.9.
New Haven, $1,268,6 8; inc , 7.6.
Peoria, j999,912; dec , 5 8
Portland, $1,200 U0.; lie, 191.
Spiinnfl-ld, $950,00.); inc., 27 7. .
St Joseph, $915,860; it c, 19.9
Worcester, $1 043,801; fen , 15 3.
L.well, S568,23'4; inc., 17 3.
Kvracase, 4b22,97-i; inc., 19.1.
Tot 1, $1,174,3 4 056; inn, 25.3
Ou'"iieof New Yoik, $34:!,58S,108;
JJeuer aid. Galveston not incluJed
in tot s
Ojlumbu i par.ly estimated
The local c ittin market opened easy,
an I cloai'd steady and jo iwe ; mid
dling, 8Jd. 8i es, 3000 bobs, 190J to
exporter and 1100 to spi oners.
Yesterday. Sa'tirJay.
Ordinary Nom. Nom.
Good Ordinary.... Nom. N'om.
Low Middling 8J 8J
Middling 8J 8J
Good Middling.... 9 VJ
Middling Fa."i.... 9 J 9J
Fair.... Nom. Nom.
' Mcvpuis, October 11,
Stock Srpt. 1, 1880 4,009
Received tod y 7,561
RiceivjJ p ev.ouely ...35,232
46 802
Sbippfd todav 3,79
Shifpel previous y ..12,383
Homa conaumption to
date... 05
30,4 2
Stx:k rnnnlng account
Thn. f.p 4)na wa.kr
Tho s far la t week..
Since (September la:
6 896
M. and C. R. R
M. & T. R. R m ......
L. and N. R- R
M. & L. R. R. R ...
C..O.&8. W.R.R
L.N.O. &T.R.R
K. 0 , 8. & M. R. R
M., O & H. H. K.
Wagons and other sourcts..
4 843
1 bus lar wis week...
Thus far latt week
Since September Ut.
M. A O. R. R
M. AT. R R.
L. A N. R. R
C, O. A 8 W. R R ...
L., N. O. A T. R. R....
Stcameis Ntrth
3 79)
New York ip-ita ornned qniet, and
closed quiet aud 1-16 ? lower. Mid
riling, 9 516c. Salps, 454 hales. Quo-
tatiors were as lollows
Ordinary 6 11-16
Good ordinary. 8 1-16
Low m'ddling 8J
8 15-10
Middling.- 9
Good middling 9
Middling fair. I1 j
Fair 11
10 7-16
11 1 16
New York fu n m onened weikaid
cli Bed atesdy end 5 tt 6 points h'ghf r,
ai", tv.ovv HiifB. Tlie clcsing que
tatioas were as follows :
Ypsterdav. Paur'av
O tober 9 04fi 9.05 9.10; 9 11
Novembtr.. 9.05 9.06 9.10 9.11
LOCmiir v 10 9 1 (& 9
January 9.16 9 17 9.22(a 9 23
February. 9 23'al 9 24 9 30(.i) 9 3i
Ma ch........ 9.816t 9 32 9.37 9 38
U.-iU(a) 9 41 9.46(4
9.4S') 9.49 i) 54 ,
9 57 9 58 9.62 9 64
July ...
9 64(o 9 6i 9.69
9.70 9.71 9 75yt 9.77
Ihe New
Orleans snot ma. kit
opened easy, nd cored nt-dr and
1 I6u lower. M'ddling, Hji Sa es,
ZL'fiti Dais. Wuo:a' os were as ft.,
YistprJay, Sa'urHav
Ordinary OJ 6 13 16
Good Ordinary 74 7 !l 16
Low Middling 8j 8 716
Mid;llin SJ 8 IS 16
Good Middling 9 3-16 9J
The New Orleans future market
otened barely fteadv. ad need
etetdy. Salee, 37,800 balce. Qioti-
tions were as lollows:
8 77 8.78
8.63 8.64
8 6V 8.66
8 73,-a 8 74
8 84 8 85
8 04 8.95
9.05 9.1 6
9.15 9.16
9.: 6 9.27
9 35 9.37
8 80 8 83
October .....
8 70 8.7 1
December .,
January ....
February ...
8.72 8
8.80 -i 8 81
8.91 8.92
9.0 '.'to 9 03
912 9.13
9.23W 9.24
9.34 9.35
9.43 9 45
Galvpg on
ea y.
7,095 815-16
10114 815 16
70 830
N. Orleans easy,
viobile ....
6,978 8 g
5,085 8i
1,400 8J
2,085 82
Norfolk ...
qu et.
r e w York
Ritton ouiet,
Philad'a lBrm.
St. Loui--.. dull.
Anitnua .. qnh't.
Receipti at porte, thi . day, 18S6..42 830
Receipts a' poits, tiiis day, 1885..47.019
It 80.
R'H U. S
70 741
268 3'ry
3! 17, 190
Ex. Gr. B
St ck
R'tsSept 1
t61 913
For'ir" Ex.'
Dccruuee iu reteipti mis year ...4,199
At noon: Liverpool sno'a wvre
st'aly, fair demand, all Amrican
er d.fl l-16d. Sa's, 10.0C0 balfF,
of wlvch Ameii an 9.100 hale. Kj
cipts, tiOOd ba es, aH An.erirao.
UltsMK qnoUtioi s wera ai lollows:
Ordincry, 4jd;soid ordinary, 4 jd: luw
middlii'g, 6 3 16J; cool miildlinp.
5 ll-10d ; middiingupiauits, 5ili iiiid-
dl'na Or fan, cjd. '
I Ihe vnret arenirtn in penreand Githt,
thus: 4 63 vt'ant 4 03-64d; and 5 01
means 5 1 64et
A', nii'iu: Lverprol fn ifes w re
dull a' t dvance; O :t bir, 5 rod ; O' to
hoMoveml)er, a 02d; Novembr
D cember, 5d; Drcemer-Janna y. 61;
January-Febrnay, 51; Fcbruay-
Marh, 6 02fn& Old; M ircb-Aon',
04d; April-May, ; May-June,
6 08d.
At 2 p.m.: L've'pool futures were
wenk ; Octobtr, 6 ti7d, buvers ; Oc'ober
Novembr 51, buytrs; November-De
cember, 4 63d, selh n ; Ddcemhar-Jan-
iiRry,462J, huytrs: January-Febiua"-,
4 62d, bnyers; February-March, 5d,
buyeis: Marcb-Apiil, 5 02 1, buvers;
April-May, 5 04d, buyers; May-June,
5 06d, buytr.".
At 5pm.: Liverpool lutur's were
quiet and steidy ; 0;tiber, 5 07d, fell
ere; October-November, 5d, selleis;
November Decembor, 4 63J, sellers;
December-January. 4 62 J, buyers; Jan
uary-Ft-brnaiy, 4 62d, buyers; Fe--
ruary-Ma'ch, 51, ellri ; Mrch
ADril.5 02d,slltr8; April-May. 5 04d.
tellers; Mv J'vn, 6 001. bnyerf.
CoRNMHAL-SHndfrd, $2 202 25;
pcorl, $3 253 35; roller, $2 45.
IIav Jno:c, Iiom store, inc : car
loal from leveo O' deoot, $12i3;
nrime, from store, 6570 : ctr load
from levee or depot, J-1KS12; prairie,
from store 50c. ; rar loid from levee
or ritpit, S7.
jorn rrom nore,white,ntic:mixed,
48i', from levee or dnot; white, n
bulk, 43c; in sacks, 40.;; mixed, ia
bulk, 41c: ineaik-i, 44Jc.
Oats Jtiom store, wliite. 3c; miieti.
35c: from levee Or depot, whi'e, in
bmk, 32c; in eacke, 34jc; mixtd, in
bulk, 31c; in tacks, 33c.
Bran rrom store. 70c: from levee
or depot, $13 10.
Flour rom store, No. 3, $3(i)3 2o ;
family, $3 503 75; cboi e, $3 76 4;
fancy, 44 25; extra fancy, $4 k5
4 50;paten'e, J 5 5 50.
Bkans Navy, $2; medium, $1 50
75: cminon, $1 25; German millc,
2(1('01 4 r.
Ri(-b Louisiaca, 45c: Carolii a
Oatmeal in liHll-barrels, iiui'i ii
from store.
Crackkw Soda, extra. 4Jc: soda.
treble fxtr, 5c; extr,7c: gmiffrsnatM',
extra, 6c : aast'rtud iumbli s 9llc.
CrackiiD Wheat la haif-bsreie.
$4 25 from store.
IIOminv aid GaiTS-Fiom s'.ore,
fg 15fc3 25.
Kansas City, Mo., October 11.
Wheat lower: No. 2 ed. cb. 58lo
ea; isovemoer, os4j id; My,
68j!-. Cora lwer; No. 2, tash, 2Sc;
November, 28Jo bid; December, 30e
bid; May, 35c. oa'sro quotations
Ft. Louis, Mo., October II. Flour
qniet ard weak; AAA, $2i5(S2 45;
lmily,$2 002 75: choice, 31032);
fanry, $3 40(!3 50; extr, $3 tKl
sm; patent, mn i. wotat weak
and lower. Ths marke; opened firm,
out tne leeiing soon Defame weak and
pricei steadily declined is. Theie
was a slight ra'lr before the c!o e, nd
the finish wa- c lcwir than Satur
day. No. 2 red, ceh, 72J72J; No
vember, 72J'S.73jc. closed at 73c aeked;
Dfcembor, 74j75Sc, rioted at 74h;
Mav, 83 a 84 Jc, closed at 83 J c. Cora
dull, weak and lower, closing
under Saturday. No. 2 mixed, osu,
83i; Novemb r, 333:tjj, clrs d at
33Jc fsked; Decsmbtr, 33 J 33 J,
cloeed at 33 Jj; May, S72 38J ,
clcsed at 37 J) bid. Oils dull and
very weak, a,d Is.'ower, Nj.2 mixed,
cash, 24J24Jt; Notember. 25J?;
D-carnter, 25o b!d ; May, 2!)jj bid
Ry Jc lower, 48 J bii. Barlev in light
demand, and nnchanged. Flaxseed
quitt b tt firmer, 95!Hi Bran ea-y,
47. Oirnneil stedy, $l 90 Re
ceipts F our. 000;) brls; wheat, 37.C00
bu; corn, 67,000 bu; oatR. 72,100 bu;
rye, 6000 bu; bar'fy, 41,0"0 bn. Ship
menta Flour, 14 OCObrla; what, 7000
bu; c-rn, 178000 bu; on, 6010 bu;
ye,.3C00 bu ; hurley, 3t 00 bu.
AJl-rnoon Board. Wluat weak
ami Jo lower. Cjin eaBy and Jc loaer.
Oats Jc lower.
Chicago, III, O taler 11. The
s'e,idily downward movement in the
nric of wlieat crntinu d again today.
l;e viaib'a ftipnly diico8:d an ln
ce 84 cf l,r)(i8,0l'0 fctuhels and tie
fi.a! estimaifS of tbo Government
Bureau pla d th wluat yn 11 t 100,
rt 0,01)0 bueh.-ls in exm of la-t y -ar.
T ie ix oit dealings rorit.ntia lilit
aud rec ip's qui e )i0tr.tl. Tne pruo
of cFti No. 2 BDiir g wt.e.it waiq loted
i t 0!tJ;, which is ab r. "low water
mi-ra" in nr'c?s ever enrrent on the
OMcf g' Board. Novpmber wtiett i!e
clined u from the lu'ts' figure oj
Saturd y and closed a1 lo'clovk 1 7 -1 f.
In ttie aft-tnoon there was a rally of
Wit Dm cioBtu neavy. uorn wai
1 ,wnr, in sympathy Willi wheat, and.
owirg to antral reieuit', clur-mg for
ihe (tav about Jc lower Hun Saturday.
The fft.ling wis r'ull and heavy in nais
nut: I rio-s enoed itttm clunKa ut tin
rlosfi. Bar ey w.s dull ami cler, s. ed
Loral malsitrs ard bteworB we e bu)
ing little or nothing owing to tt e em
ploye ' f thenin t ho'ihefl having ma le
teuarcU wLkn Hive n't been arc -ded
to. t.aneed B'is'aiotd a plnrn de.
rline owing ti the rcreintt f 217 cats
the mark't dec lulug m, uutrdiymv
and rtciveriog a po t'.oi) cf ibede-
ebnc OiS1! prices were rh fullowei
No. 2 spring whett, 6070c; No
ed wheat, 703 1. Nn. 2 c rn, 33
33jc. No. 2 rat-, 222'S 23c No. 2 rye,
48c. No 2 birlt-y, 00c No. 1 fl.x
seed, 983 i. Ooimuo i to p'iine tiuv
o'hy, $1 64l 71. Futures ianed
s 1 llows, witn nit cioeing
prc-'s kt 2:30 p.m.: Wrjea
October opened .tOjc; highsr, 70 ju;
owes', 69io; cUBinu at OSUc. Novotn
btr opened at 72Jc; hig"est. 72Jc;
lowest, 71jc; closing a, iljjc Deci-m
her rpred at 7is; hiift est, 74 i
owesi, 73ii: c'os.ug at 73Jc. May
opened at. himc; nicnis , hiijj; iowpb
7983; closing at 79i . Guru- Oct ber
0"Hued at33ic; h ahsl, 33c: lowe t,
331:; closii g at 83J-. Nnvetnb r
ujered at 351c; bighe-t, 35jic; low
eit, 314"!; closing a.- .ill . Im.nnb:r
npeted ht t6Jc; t.iklie.-t, ?6ls; low
st, 354:; c using at 353c, May
pred at 403o;hiBbe?, 4tMo;low't,
39Sc: cloHirga', 39J-. Oais-Octiber
nnenedit 223;; higbut, i3": lowtst.
221c; closinu at 53c November
opened at 241; nitre t, 243); low
es', 244''; clneu g a'24'Jc. Oe ember
oiii-ntd at, 25Jo; hinht'Hi, 25Jc; 1, wait,
251o; c'o ma at 25jc Jli-yoretel tt
293 ; h ghwt, 293c; loa eat, 2 Mc; do
ing at 29jc. K-iep's -hi, ur, i8,ti00
ra rels, wneat, 1 1 2,,t () bushels; oin.
ifcO.OOO bnshe x; OHt, 243.(10) hnsh-le;
rye,5000bus els ,barb y,77,' 00 lunhelp.
Shipments rlnur, 29 000 bures;
wheat 91,010 bush-Is; corn. 461,010
bushels; oata, 93,00!) hii-hole; rje,
1000 busha v. b-rNy, 54 000 busbtls.
BrTTER Buttfrine, 13J14c;
creamery, d'J(aJ2'; dairy, 18'.0cj
coti'itry butter, 1618i
lioQ fRODUCT'8 irtet-n pork, T10 25;
8Ui!-rcu ed hsn,g, 1212Jc; briakfaut
naron, ejfOJc; clesir nh 8i"s lawn,
7c; baccn BhiuliV's. 7Jfe7Jc; bulk
poik clear aideB, 7A(7gc; rlear rib
Bide, 7J72 :; shouKltrs, 6Jc; long
clear, 7Jr.
Laud ilercep.Ojc; hil'-liarrels acd
kero, 63c ; chnii e kitt e, 7je-
Fiusii Mkats-No. 1 beet, 7c: mut
ton, 8c; bind quartets of bef, 8jc;
lambs, lOn.
Poultry Chickens, fpnng, $2
2 7; ild br,8, $i 753
Chke'8 F.ctiiy. 9j, mrnlra ; full
cream, 1313Jc; young America,13r.
run f kkt. liarrels, n atKniiu; uall-
barrels, $1 75(55; ktg',$l 75.
bT. iiouis Mo.. Uc oaer il l'ro-
visions ab mt steady. Pork un
changed, i9 50. Lard, $6 f56 60.
Bilk meats fir a: lorse loie lorn
clear and short ribi,$660; s)0.t e'ea',
$6 90; bo ted lo's long clear, $0 70;
short rib i, $175fi 87 J; short clear,
$77 10. Bacon str ng; long nltai
nd si ort r b1, $7 2); snort cirar,
$7 507 52j. Hami stady, 12J
161c isu ter active ai d higher;
creamery, 2J(S27c; dairy, 1220i:.
eggs essior, 12l3u.
Chicago, 111. October 11. tne
t'adm in provisions wa light. Mens
oik opened 5lil liiither, receded
7JC10c, rallied 10jil2Jc and closed
stea ly. L ud w S easier. PiioiS re
ceded E10s. but rjllied and rlo'ed
steady. Cash prices v, e o as follows:
Mes. pork. S8 85: lard, $? (w; shoit
b aides, oiee, $660: drv Haiti d ehiul-
de b. bi ied. $5 7('(",5 75; tho-t clear
Hides, lox-il, S6 6h6 70. Fulur.s
aoged ai IoIIowh: t'.irk Oct iber
opeue ' a $8 72j, tiii!v e t 8 " ), iowchi
$8 70 clofinga . 8!I0; N ivemher rp?n
ed at $8 7o, higijint &S 9.'J, lowttt
$8 72), clcsing at $8 92J ; January
opened at $.0, h'gf;eit S10, low-st
$9 85, closing at $10 La'd Oj'ober
opendat5 62J, mghef-t $5 62J, low
est $5 50, cloei g nt $5 60; November
open.d at S5 7d, lrgnei-t 5 72J, low
en 6 65, cl wng it $5 72J; January
orenedt $5 10. highes- $5 92J, lowest
J5 87J, cto,iig at 5 92J. fchortribs
Oc obt-r openul kt $6 0j, lnvtust
J6 721, loweot $6 60, cloaintr at $0 60;
Jantiaiv opened at J5 07), highest
5 10. lowar, $5 05. closing at $ 10.
On the Produci Kich.uge tu'ter
ruled s'eaity: nemery, 2(127c;
dairy, lr22 p'lkirg Block, 7j9c.
ltiti scarce and 1 1 -r r Ht 17c.
Coffkb Ci mimn, 10c; ordinary,
10Jlljc; prime It o, 12A13u; cioicn
to laocy, 13J'nl4;; olu government,
S.iAi' 35jc per pound.
CA.viins SuckH. all t)f, In boxes,
pails nod i amis, 7J''9J i.
(;andle Kali weight, OCiUji'-Sai.t-
$I 20 nir la'rel; BarHs, fin.
$1 351 45; cove, $1 101 15; pock
ets, bleached, 2il'7c; car-loads from
evee or depot, 5c cbearer.
Uankbd Gooih, lvr:. rr.ces per
OOi'n: i'lreannu ti q3ii ko
peaches, 2-ib,standkrd,$l 151 25;sc
ond, $11 10; tomstoes, 2-lb stand-
aia,u (.in ; 3-iD,Jli 15- ttriwle
ties. $1 101 25; rasi berries, $1 10
"Ji u i;mirio5, jii.i. 10; green,
gases, $1 00(,1 75; peara, $2
2 25: plums, $1 60? 1 70; aspangui,
uuvt, urnru corn, i(ju 3; green
peas, $1 551 65; cove oysters, full
weight, Mb, 8595c; cove oytter.',
full weight, 2-lb, $1 601 80; cova
oysters, light weight, l-!b, 60c; cove
oytters, l'ght weight, 2-lb, $1; con-
oeneu mm urown, jj bo5 76;
ixnfu to; .uaiay, tl 75.
aiolasas Lonisara, common to
la r, l82Sc; pr. me to choice. 3040c ;
avrup, 2l'40c; common t- fai', 20
253 : prime to choice, 3036o; centr I-
Dgai, jaocy, as(iu3A
ToBicco-Commoa. 11-incb. J7Jiift
xoc; oioergTaoes ana s'viee, 3 8&c,
Snuff Barrett's. $10 85 dv iubo
Ralph's, $10 25 per rase; R. R , $9 25
10; Gail A Ax s, $3 75.
Sugar Pure white, 6r6le; tff
white. CKtlie: vellow clar.flcd. rlra
J'!J open kettle, 66Jc; refined A,
6J3; granulat d. 63o; powdered, 7J
i; cut loai, j(npc.
Saktos, October 11 OofTea Re
ceipts during the week, 79 000 bg
purchases for theU'iied Stttet, 00.0
rings: cltarancts f or the United S ates.
s,wu cag ; s ock, liiti.ouo t as.
Rio D Janciho. October 11. Co'.
fee regular first, 4750 reis per 10
kilos; good second. 4150 reis. Re
ceipt during the wenk. 142.000 hair":
t tirobaets fur the United Stto, 5000
pairs; clearances lor the I nit d hiatjp,
0,000 bms; etick, 3 9,OC0 bags.
Nkw York. October II. Coffee
Spot fa'r. Ro firm, 1 1 Jo ; optiors
antive ami 20(ii25 1 o nts biirHfr; Bales,
66 7.0 bags; October and Ni vem' er,
9 75 fa) 9. 80.?; December mid January,
9 7(!(a9.803; February and Match.
5t9 80,!; April. 9.80f3i9 85c: Mav.
90 . 9.90 1. Sog.r dull and nomlr al ;
retiued duU; C, 4jf.4jc: etraC, 4 5
4Jc: white ex'r C, fiW5Jcj yellow,
t4; off A, ti 3-165Ji': itandard A,
5ilc; cin'ett'cmerb' A. 63o. Mi hunt s
steady. Rice firm.
Api'les Arp'es, $1 602 50; dried
aopiej, ; l31u ir p itind from store.
l)ri"d pfHtlie1, 2J:1J.! (rom store.
VauKTAnLKS Onions, J3 from
s ore Cabb ge, $250: per held, 8gHK:;
$1 75 'rom Wee or di pot per cat".
Krjnt, brm, $ i(.is5 75 ; hxlf brl, $1 75
3. GrHc. mmj per 100. Turnips,
50.' per Im.tel.
Fri'it Oranges, per box, $6 50; per
barrel, $9 5010 I-ottn ns, $5 50W6 cer
box. BanaiiRP, $1 502 50 per b inch.
Cixoanntu, $5 p;r 100. Peanu's Vir
ginia, 7 Jc ; Tennessee, fBrocer'a etock,
34c; roasted, 2jn higher; fholled
Hie. Alnnrdu, 1820'. '
Ramnh London layeis, $3 40; Ibv-
er', $2 75; Caiilornio, ; Imperial,
PicKXKH In jrs, pin's, 95o; quattj,
$1 50; ha f-gHilmie,$2 75; gallons,$3 75;
looe, batrels, $6 507; balf-bairels,
$3 75Cfl 4 ; 11. ixed, barreie. $10 60 ; mixed,
naif bairels, $6
PoTATous-New, $1 251 60; North
ern etc ck, $1 752.
Cider New Yi rk, $0 607 per bar
rel, and $3 7?4 ner half-barrel.
Vinegar 1015o pr gallon.
Pecans Tixae, 8I0j fjr email to
mediuai, 1014u for large; Aikanias,
Fish Msck rel, half-barrels, No 1,
$5 2f5 75; No. 2 $1 755; No. 3,f4 26
475: 10-lb kit, No. 1,90c. No. 2, 75c
161h, No 3, 65 '. Dry herrings, fam
i'y, 25c per box.
Walnuti French, 12c; Nplep,15c;
urpn'ibiej, ioc. rdnerte, lc
Game Game fih. ll12c.
Kdns-Dill at 15 Kiel.
Baooino Jule. 2 lba, 8Jc 1
7je; 1J lis, 7c. F ax, 8 lbi, 9j ,
TiB8-$l 051 10.
Nail Common. $2 20(52 2: steel.
Powdkr -Krgn. $4; half kegs, $2 25;
quarter kegB i-l -')
Clear tub wBHhed, 3130i; grease
wol, 2326c; bmry wool, 1318c.
Sr. Louis, Mo., October 11. Wco'
in goid d-n aiid at thin pric e.
Medium clothing, 2227c; combinir.
25Cri 26 : low and ciaree. 14 1 22c: fine
linh', 2024c; heavy, 16ilc; bl..ck,
17 2 If.
Coal Oil Prime white, whahsalo
!ot, lie p r gnl'on.
Pirrnnuno. Pa. Octo'ierll. P.t-n-
leum dtnl and heavy; Na ioual transit
certifl !t s opened at 65Jc and e'ns d
at6"l ; highe t(16c; lowest. 651
Whisky Ira'aht Kentucky liour-
Inn, $1 505 redistilled giods from
85c t $160, according to proof; rye.
$1 756.
8t. Lruis.MoOc'ob9r 11. WbisW
firm, $t 13.
Ciiicaoo, III.. O.tobor 11. Whisky
steady, $1 18.
Cincinnati. O .October 11. Whisk v
active and firm; sales of 1276 barrels
of fioisutd goodi on a basis ol $1 13.
Cattle Cholcs, 3131c: (rood, 21
3J.i; fair to medium, 2J a)2jc; scil
lawagn, 11p.
Jlous - Uhoiee,4 j4 Jo; good,44 jc ;
common, 33Jo.
UnBiP Choice, SiOAio: medinm. 3
3Je: common, Ka 60. Choice
lambs, per pnund, 4i5c.
Kansas City, Mo. October 11.
The Line Sock Indicator reports : Cattle
lecoip's, is'll heal ; rhipmen's,
nne; gra ranue slrmg, active and a
fch'd higher; Mhnis uteady ; good lo
cho re, J4'-V4 cotr.ni' n 10 meilinm
$3 303 90; itocke-s. $2 25 M 2 76;
f iHlin ateer", $2 8U3 00 ; cow, $l 50
V'2 CO; gra's ranire etteis, $2 253 10,
If, gn recei.ilB, 1502 head: thinnien'H,
! head; market itronir and sctive
ar d 10c luul.er; good 1 1 choice, $4 20
di) i 40; common to medium, $3 91)64
15. bheD receipts. 1574 head:
shipments, no"e; ma ket s eady; gd
to cho c-, i2 503; common to me
dium, $1 t02 25
Ciiicaoo. In,.. October 11. The
Droveri' Journal repoit": Cattle r-
ceijts. 62u(l head; thlpmetits, 1C00
heai ; mark-t for fat catia a shade
higher: shiptiing stee s, 950 to 1500
lb, $3 60 0)5; sockets and feeder,
'l 2o1 30; cows, hnlls end mixed,
$170410; hnl.$2 30250 throngii
Tt x is t a t e tea )y ; cowb, $2 202 65 ;
steers, $2 90Cj3 40; Wistern rsngtrs
strirg. IIrg ie elp'r, 8000 bead;
eli if mont-, 8(;00 hi ad ; market for chip
ping g ade 10: higher; rmgh and
mixed, $3 60:4 2.); packing and
shipping, $14P0; lik-ht wo:ghti,f3 60
4 20; ekii s, 2 153 25. S,ieep-re-ct-ii't",
22(K) lual; iii.iike' steady; na
tives, $2 2V,i4; Western, $3 604 75;
lnns, $15(1 4 HO.
The IhtivTt' Journal ippc'nil L ;nd( 11
cnl.'e.jiH'ii repoita ihn catt nurket
lit b'Uer tinder very small supply.
15 t Aiteritaa s ofrs, 13j per lb
d re s d.
1 1 on flip In l'hMn1rliiii .
tut tho i'twHifiMr Aiivt r
IImIiii Airt'iK'V nf MairL
ft, W. AV IK bON, out autl-urUca ugvu
Arktmai River .-.Joi Fitiirii, 5 p.m.
St. Fruooii Rirer ...Kd FimTH, 8 p.m.
OiTeaii, 5 p.il
Cincinnati ...
Vicktburi ....
hOhio, S p.m.
....-C'r orl'aiinuKKia.Hia.ni.
. Jiaaa Ln,5 p.m.
C't NawdtLtADH, 10a.m.
ChioiaSaw, 6 ..
CtlAHIIMA. I p.m.
Frian Point....
Naw Orlni...
Whit River...
......Kati Aoiao, S p.m.
CmcaAPHAKK, 5 p.m.
Arrinih City ( f Na'ctf z New Of
leans; II .lie Memphis, Vicksbnrg;
Kate Adams, Arkansas City; Jam s
Iiee, Friars Point; I). 8. L. T. Ivy,
St Imis; Helena, Kt, Louis; Cheia
res k , Wpton ville ; Coahoma, Osseola ;
I'M Foster, Golden Lake.
Drymrfumt. Oily of Natcbt t, 8t
Iouis; Pelle Mcmplvs, St. Linis;
Cnesaoeake, Tioton ville; Coabnma,
Oaceola; Ivy, K.uih; Helena, New
Greats; Kae Adams, ArkaneasCity ;
Jamfs Lee. Friars Point.
Boat ia Port Ed Foster.
Boats Due Down Oil 0 atd Olty of
Boatt Due l'p. Gajo 0, Chickasaw
and Joe Peters.
Kwelpla Yrntcrdni'.
City ( f Natchi-7C0 ikgs reerch.it
dis. He ena-50 br's (I ur and lot tun
dries. Biillo Meinph's 4i bales ctt ir.
. Kate A.lKint-41 1 bales coit-n. 16
bags seed tottjn, 1319 11 1: 8 sed and 20
pkes sundries.
Coaiioma 18 1 bales cotton. 2CH bans
seed cotton, 1 .'20 tils st-ed and 19 I'kirs
sonuni s.
J in en L-p 505 bales colon. l,"i)
iiBgx tctd eoiion, loni sua sed. 4 Ld
s oi k ani 4 p gs meicliaud se.
1: niurtr-31 bslea coltOD. 13 buis
set-it cottoa a -id 126 Hks eetd.
hi ro t'i-14 1 bales io:tiiB. I'Jba.s
sieii cotton ami .(.(i ths eetd.
Chesapeake -llii ha u 1 cotton. 41 1 a
ed c Ton, 33 0 els s ed atd 44 nkirs
eiiniirit s.
till -iK JlllVKJIl N IN.
The Kd F.wer, Cant, O. K. Jmilin
Is ti e pnektt this (-vtviirg at 5 o 'click
lor m. r rancis river.
Ilia Lie L no p'likels (onnrrow
evening nie the Jain-ii Le (or Friuis
l oint and CoRQuna 1, r Gscco a.
The Cl ii 'taaw. fniit. Kd C. Postal.
ii the packet tiiiioriuw evening at 5
fiV.ock lor White nver. C. M Postal
is in hur itli jt'.
The Ci y of Provuleiic. Cant. Gen.
Carvel', ii the Anchor Line packet
tins niurning at 10 o clock for Vicks
bnrg and tho hem's. Frank Pe k jib
is l.er clerk.
The Chesapeake, Capt. AV. P. Hall.
is in-pteKBt lliuisd y uveninir at
o'clock for Hales Point, Tiptonville
enua'i way landings. col.J. u. l-ul
Ur lies cha'gi of her cilice.
Tub Gavoao, Capt. A. L, Cuininiii".
is the i acutt this evening ai 6 o'clock
for Helena, Finrg 1'oint, C nnordia
and a'l way landing?. Lew Price is
in her (Dice, i eased by Uus Cum
The Anchor Lino atenmer. City o
New Orb an', Capt. A. T. Car er, will
pass down tomorrow niominu at 10
o el. ck for New Orlo u s end ail intor
mi uiKto I olbtf. Archil) WOwds ie bar
Tim Ka'e AJnm. Cant. Mirk R.
Cheek, is the Uni ed Hates Mail
tucket Tiling Ik v eveninu at 5 n'clock
1 ir Helens, Ark acBRs City and all way
lan linge. W. C. Hianktr bai charge
1 1 tier omce.
Tut Joe Peters, Cap'. K. B. Smith,
is the p..ckt tb.'S evening at 5 o'clock
lor a I io n's rn AisaiiBa river, going
through to 1 nio t'lutt. Clia . Mill'
ee I in in hi-s chii'ga of her ollhe, a slst.
cd by Idif m Foster.
Tim Ohio, Capt. M. M. Diem, le tho
packet this evening a' 6 o'eloo for
Cdiro, lonisville, Cii cinnaii and all
way isndi gi i n the O lio river.
11 rry 1V ctor and Hurry 11 st aie her
thrk-. Tne Ohio will give cliBiip
ratea to a 1 points Ninth aud K it.
Pl'SINIiHS briBk.
Wbauihk c etr and pleasant.
Mai. John O. Adam mni in the
cily yestoiday.
The L e lin patkelti weie in and
out yo.-t inlay with I) g trips.
Thk li'tiry You' g at d b iric" pawed
down yo t-tday uioruing for New Or-
The rivor here i lands 6 feel on the
gauge, a fall of 2 tontbsiu the last
tweniy four hour.i.
Rkikii'is by fiver yesterday: 1721
bi'ea ol ci tt'in,447 bajis if seed catton
and 91:68 s cks of seed.
The Unlle Memphis passol up ye--terdayaf
ernooti forHt Ljiii?. 8h put
efT here 4(1 bales of cittou and added
627 bales of eaatern boand cotton.
Tub Chesapeake arrived yeslerday
from Tiptonville with 96 bales of cot
ton, 41 bags of seed cotton, 3310 tacks
of teed and rtturntd last night with
a fairtiip.
Ths Kate Ad ima airived yesterday
morning from Arkansas City with 414
ba'esol cotton, 16 bigs of said to' ton,
13!H)H:kso( seed and returned last
evening with a big trip,
Hiiii'i'iitH are teqnrs'nd io do'lvor
fnighs emly and nnt (May boats in
leiviiK en tirre. Tne river ia veiy
low and (tHmb ati llic-ron'e anx oils
to go' ovir l'r,Bi !i'iit'd li anil cIikiihoI
in dnyli:ht.
Tim 11 g Ilolena, dipt. A f GiHEom,
pes ed ilowu yentcr.tay morn ng, ou
her liist 'riii of trio seii'on, for Now
O ba'swit'i lOl'O tin,sof irfliibt. Khe
added her 1000 micltHof nil meal, aud
will g' t ut lleli na 1010 bales i.f c.it on.
IIknky WmitiB. pilot cn the Bteamer
JaiiiiK I. '!, fin nithiH the following in
fo million to pilots: ' President a u uu
nel d iwn by the bland. Go d-iwn
ft-r j on po nt cf Arksnsts and light,
on inland, nntll stern on cjalbca s on
Aikmsas point and hunch ol wil owe
below island light, and go on iu that
way and stern a width below light on
Is'aod and N inconnah light."
The United fita'rs beacon light
s'esmrr Ivy, In (ommand of Capt.
t ap iter, pinte;! honlli Sunday morn
ing, nd rep.irtrd tbe fo'lowing
ehang's between Cairo aud thia port:
Lutsk Hna, moved down 4iioytrds;
St. Wn'fhland, mnvd up 4C0 yards;
Donalilsoi I'jin', moved npK O ja il;
foot No. 10, moved np 300 yards;
Toney'n towbea'), moved up200yards:
heal 1 mine tiend, moved (toarn itiu
y , rii i ; rata s, ti B!'ot, ti n in u ; ai ucnei n,
new ng"i; v i onncuv, moveu ur viihj
yurd.a; Is and 34, moved up ti 1 x:e
Uold; mfinth ot Hatchie, di cotti"ud ;
Worcans 1 int. now Hunt; Joie.
man's, moved no t roint; iridley's.
moved d wn 1(10 yar ie.
Office Riqka t SKavica, U. 8. A.,
Mkmi'iim, October 11, 1 p.m. i
The M owing obcervations are takeu
at all stations named at 75s meridian
t me. which is one hour faster than
Memn' is time:
Ab'vu Low
Water. Change,
R se Fall
Feet. lO'.hs lOtbs 10:hs
Cairo 6 7 3
Chattanooga.... 1 6
C 1 cnca'.i 5 9 8
Dubuque 4 8 2
Fort 8mith 2
KKiktik.. 2 4 1
ileleua 6 8 .
LiCroise 4 3 1
L aven worth... 5 2
L ttlo Rock 2 2
Louisville 4 5 ." 5
Meniphls (5
Nashville 1 4 ...'. l
New Orloaus... 4 7 5 "
Ooiuba 6 7 1
PitMnirg 5 6 1...... 3
1"'" 7 2
St. Paul 2 3 3
Wirnvepott 4 5
Vii'ksburi? 4 1 '""I
lAimr l.lno-
-Foct and tentba of a foot
ab v ero of jiiune:
Cairo, 40 font.
lUtlll,U, ill.
Ksokuli, 14.
ljiioron-e, 21.
Little Hock, n.
McMiiithiR, 'M.
Naihville, 40,
Oiniiha, IS.
St uii. .12
.Shroveport, 2S.
rhntt innnta. M feat.
DHVeuporl, In.
Vort Muiith, 'ii.
lleluna, ,
LfiMVenwortii, 'JO.
l.iiui.villn, i".
iw Orloanp, 13,2.
J'itt'hurK, tl.
M. Paul. 7.
YickHhuric, 41.
Vuuktun, il.
PiTTSBUKia, Pa., October 1 1. Noon
Uivir 6 I'll t 5 iuchoi ami stoticuary.
Weather c'tar and p'ea ant.
Wiieelino, W. Va., October 11
Noon li;vr 2 hot 5 itcha and fall
ing. Weather c'.ou'ly at d ploa.aaut. .
Cincinnati, O , October 11. Noon
R ver 0 fi-ei 1 inch on the gauge and
fai'ii'g. Wt-ather clear; thermometer
Louisy;i.i,B, Ky , O tober 11. Noon
Kiver 4 feet 7 inches in the rannl hi d
2 Feet 5 inches on rh lulls ami f iling.'
ltiiBineas do. I. Weather clear and
Cairo, Ii.i,., O, t. k"r 11. Noon
H: vi r 6 lei 8 it.clns on in gmiire snd
fil ling. V'iHt,li-r char snd mild. Ar
rive, I: C.tv of Virkhhnig, Viekehurp,
5 ii. in ; City of New Orlna"S, Si, L uiie,
9h.iii. Ii. parted: Cily ,f Vicksbnrr,
St. l.nti e, 1 1 H.in.
Nl. I. on l niial New irinn Am liur
l.luo-lt.N. Mml-fOl'. VT';K?l:l'K(i.
City of Providence, ...r
Will loave the Elnvaior '11' 13 SU , Oii oIht
1-th, at 10a. in. For iruir.; i,r im-niu :ii-ii y
II. ! H u 1,, i'n A'ut ADST'iltM.-..,.'!.
Ml I.ania nitd .Vanr Orlcneia Arelior
l.lu-l'.S) aaiatl -JOK NEW OH ..KANb.
City ol New Orleans ,-ffirTN
A. J. Carter, ma.lrr. aaWMr
Will lear the Klevatur BU.N1.SUA1, Uet.
l:ith,at It a.m. For IreinW' or iiai: ai'i ly
O I.. Ham.. Pim. Art. All HTIIHV, Sui.'t.
Fur Cairo, Kvanrville. I.rulirllle and Oln
oinnntt 'I'hs eleKAtit
Sir. 4MIH,
M. M. Deem, ninnter, SV
Will loavo XI KSUAV, Oot.U h.ai ft n.m.
Knr ireiirh' or iiannniie iirl in 0. 11. KtlH
SKLL, if. F. A T. A., 12 Muilisou t. Xele
lhin. No. y.!7.
I OK Tll'TONVIl.l.K.
For Oaoeola, llnloK Point, CarutherivH'e,
(lajrimo anil Tiiitonvllle The new lide-
whenl pttsHenicrir eteao'or
W. P. Hull master, I J. II. Fuller clfiK
Will leave a nliove, and all way iiolni
p.m. Fur f reiKlit or pniiFaire npi'lyon ho.
Irmtiln,a'rlre I'olnt mil Mxnipi
hiiiI tarelH l'ur. . i JoniMu7.
for Helena, Ulem)ls, F11.-1 Point aud al
War Lamtlng-i Htoarcer
fames r--rfSft
Will lonve ! nl veon KVUKV MONDAY,
WKIi.NKDAa aud fKllMi ut 6 o'clock.
For Randolph, Fulton, C'oo,la an
ueunian bteauier
J. II. flOOPKK M.atxr.
anil FItlDAY at 5 p. 111. The l)"at ol thi
line renorvo the riiiht to !' all liindinR-f
the oilnin limy doom iiiimile. 1 nice, No. 6
Mmllion m. .1 A M US I.KK, ,1h , Snp't.
Arkansas River Pk't Co.
K. U. Hmith marior.
Leavei M01111 hit llvnry it' KNDAY, at 6 11.
11. t. l.Urt h,, Agent,
OtSp. No S MwilinoM wt. '1'nli.ohone No
Jliiiiiihls mill VIckHiiurg 1'ucket Con
uniiy U. S. .Hail Linn.
For Ilelena, iioneordla, Terrene and Arkan-
iai:itv The eleitunt I'Anaenaer iteamer
M. K. Cbeek...iotor I W. 0. Blanker ...olerk
ln.ven Metniihll
For Conoordia and all w j landinjl.
The StBamer
A. h. Cumminii, Maiii'r I Lew Price 0 erk
LeairesTUK-DAY and SATURDAY atSp.r
For fenoral iufuruiatlon apiily at
No. 4 Madiion ttreet.
TOH1 OARIl. Pami'r Aeeni. Telephone A.
The. St. Frauds Kivcr Transportatloa
Oo.'l Fine Ulde-W heel V. B. Uall Hu.mel
JI FoMter,
0. K. Jonlin..
at S o'olock, for Marlauna. the Cnt-OS, au
Intermediate lumlmcscn rSt. Kranoi rier.
The iir.itio reaerve the rifht to jiaei ai
IkiiiHiii he droiii" ontafo. JAS. lir.K, ,lr.r
'J,iti'.lni.i.'lil line,,. "III. l i.1,.r'T
lli'inpl.iscV U liile lliv.'i- l'kt.Co
lor 4'litreiKluii, ItrvnllM Itlnr?,, II eel
Arc, Aususta, Searcy, inewp rt, Jaoktoa
liort. lUtnAvllle nnd all Vi'ay Landiuan,
Silt. CUICK.VSAVV, -fcaT,.,
!. 0. Pnntnt. n.imtor. --Ka
Will hmve KVKRY WLUN iiSI) Y at 5 p.m.
Mr. Al.HERTA M). 3, - .f
A liert U. Smith manter.
Will leave KVKKY BA 1 U KDAY at 5 p.a.
Throuirh rate v ven to all imints. 1 reiiini
oonHiKiied to the ,Me phis and White River
Tucket Uu., at ,leinhi(i or lerronp. win am
fnrwardud nromi'tly. For general informa
tion apnly at office, No 1 MaJiton it., ort
'1 I ali'iihone II. r. I."W K. I.
AinoiiL' the Northern Lakes
of Wieoonein, Minnesota and Iowa, are hci
dredt of doliahtlul planee whe.-e one can paaf
the lummer uionthe in iiuiet reit aad enjoy
ment. and roturn borne at tne ena ot
heated term eoiupleUily raiuvenated. Laoa
recurrina acaaon brings to Oconoaiowoe,.
Waukorha, lleuver Dinu, Frnntenan, Oko
biji, Alinnotouka, Whito Dear, and.mna
nieralile othur ohiirminit loculitien wita ro
niantic names, ttiounandu of our beet peoiil
whose winter hniuai are on either side ot ..
son and Diaon'i Hue. Kleaance and ooui
fort, at a moderate cot, can be rcadilr ob
tained. A lift nl summer hoii.es, with all
neorssury Inloruia ion rortainin thereto, if
boing distrllmtoil by the CaiCAno, Mn.w4v
Ka aki) ST. I'ai'L rtAM.n-AT, and will ten
free upon applicatl. n by letter to A. V.
Cariientiir. (Joneral Pasiei ger Agent, MS
waukee. Wis. -
Urelliral Stricture Cured!
run: ii:kn.kext.
R-moTil Coii p'et-. Nei'her knife, raustls
nur dilatiuu. Ha pain. io huuibua
BUS int. AtliSTA ci.

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