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Cottoi Steadj-Mlddliij, 8
Sales Yeslerdaj, 2S00
Money rules in strong demand at 8
per cent. Local securities continne
The local cottin market wis ttta.ly
yesterday; middling, 8Jc. tales, 2800
At New Yoik spoil closed eay;
Qiddlicsr, 9 5-1 6c. Futures easy ; Octo
ber, .019 03r.
A leading New York cotton circular
Bays of cotton futures: "Ibemarktt
has been quits unsettled, openings
little tame, but there was afterward
quite a demand oa which values
strengthened seveial points. 8ud
derdy, boweve', the temper of the
market changed and wert cfl sharply
come 6 or 7 points from the Li)ihet,
closing easy at a fiaction balowlnst
At New Orleans yesterday spots
were steady; middling;, 8Jc. Futures
steady; Oc ober, 8.7G8.78.
At Liverpool spots were dull, in
buyers' favor; m'dJling, 5JJ. Futures
were steady; October, 5 5-64d.
In the general market there wera
no features of not.
Sixty s"x brls apples, 15 brls hears
ad peas, 95 pksa hut er, 224 r's
bapgiog, 35 plr,8 baon, 51 (kes
boots and shos, 600 hu cn, 1294
pkgs cheese, 176 ski loffoif, 20 cuscot
ton seed, 1734 ska cotn s'-el, 63
EkRsdrv goods, 655 b 1p fl 'ur, 472 bal.s
ay, 240 pkps la'd, 0000 feet lum
ber, 5 pks liqmrd, 42 hrls rnolaes,
300 kgs nil, MOO bi oas,
100 brls potatoes, 3 cars pork sids,
50br's sagir, 95 pk.s tobicc, 2500
bu wheat.
The following shows the aimuntot
grain recsiver, withdrawn and in s'ors
by regu ar e'a vt irs, as repntud to the
Merchants Eichaug) je-terdiy:
Wheat none leceived or withdrawn,
in store 1045 bu; corn reuaivtd,
1122 bu; withdrawn, 1122 hu; in
store, 8169 bu; ovs received, 1695
bu; withlrawn,:2705 bu, inst ra, 165,
695 bu.
aterDally quotation ef Cotton
Oil Trnxta and New York lx.
change Ntoeka are open lo Ihaee
Interested, at mjr oftlcr.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenu.
Monev in ac'ive demand at 8 per
cent. Toe Cleaning Ilotiaa report is
Tuesday, October 12th. S281.450 40
thus far thia wi'ek, $533,162 56; sam9
time lust week, $-3(1.3(11 69; o-r
spending time in 1885, 1494,107 60;
corresponding time in 1834, $483,-
978 DO.
Tuesday, October 12th, $75,659 03;
thus far this week. $116,885 10 ; tare
time la-t wesk, $116,(08 29; corre
sponding lime in 1885, $88,22l No
err'spending time in 1884, $66,
848 93.
New ok eight on all p-int,
aucou-.touyinv. rarsiluiu:: Jirfvv Knu-
lard demand, I di-cmr t buying; New
Jingland sigiu, J riiscouiit; Isew Or
leans, 1 discount buying, par selling.
Bank of 0;muierp.l46 lM, 149 anke-l
First National 160 bid, 165 aakxl
German Bnnk 195 hi.t, 20 l akeit
Siate Na'iotiai 145 bid, f0 ask- d
Union and Plttiiter..l50 bid, I S3 a keit
Mercantile B-nk 135bid,!37Ja ked
Blnfl Cy 100 b d, ... asked
Hernando 100 hi, ... r-slied
Home 75 b d, 80 asml
Memphis Ccy ID2J bid. l5a ked
Peonies 80 hid, 83 usud
Phcesix 98 bM.lOO asked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vand rbllt 25 bid, 26 asted
Arlington 35 bid, ... asked
Factors 20 aiktd
M. & O. R R. shares. ..36 oid, ... asked
M. & T. R. R. shtres...45 bid, 50 aeked
M. &C. consols, 7i 119 bid, ... aiked
M. & L. R. Is- m.'8s.,105 bid, ... aked
Mius.jfcT.R R.c.A...mbid, 113 asked
Misa. & T. R.K. cs.B.,101 J bid, 103 naked
Tenn.wte.BT. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. ww. scr. K to J..83 b d, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 10S bid, 110 arked
Tsx. Diet. 4, 6j 07 bid, 98 aeked
Tax Diet. 6s 104 j bid, Hj6J asked
Mhib.U sb:)mla 104 bid,... Bik-jrt
Mem. Water b mds 97 bid, ... aeked
Hinaner Oil Wo ks b d 65 aaknri
Am. Cot.Oil liuat' ? 4 bid, 65 askd
Pioneer Cotton Mills. ..25 bid, 30 esked
Mi m, Stor.Com. Oo...l('6 bid. 110 ahed
Mem. Oas sto::k 75 bid, 80 a:ksd
New Yok, O tober 12. Money on
call active at t9 per cent , closing
at 07. Piiine mercantile paper
405 per cent. Sterling exct ange
ouiet hutsteady; nctual ratrs481 f jrOO
day b lis and 484 for demand.
Bonds Government bonds ware
strong In 8 tat"! birds Louisiana 4i
were a fra tion Ligber, a' 78Jj.
Stocks -Stoiks wera es active
And majority of them are lower.
Xte sews of the day wai almost
mrst entirely of en umavoiable char
acter, and related chiefly to the (trikei
at different points. The uncoitainty
and delay in the formation of the pools
a. Chicago slso served to deprers
values, aid the con inued cloe work
ing nt the moiey market was also a
ficior in Ihe declire. The Pacific
Mail wa again the Ipadirtg weik srock,
and stoiies of a suit by the Pnsma
Railroad Company agdi st the Pacific
Mail, and rumors of au intention on
the part of thn former to n fue freight
Vova the lattir were u:ed with effei t.
ew Kniilind wts cinpicuiuly
strong, and ajain shows ahumlsimo
a-vaace Keirerdl new s'ories were
circulated w ti regard to the property
with more or lesi effect. Ppnrts in
Coasolidatid (ia and the Nkkol Plats
stojks tccurred during the a'teraoon,
aod Mauitoba was cospicuously strong
in the mcrnini hours. Wee tern Un'on
was active, Dnt noctua'ed witoin
very narrow range. Prices t the open
log worn euwewnai irregu ar but gen
erauy lower, aeciines raniting from i
to fc, but Aew iork and New Erg
land was 1 pe? cen. higher. Tne
trading was comparatively quiet and
prists weie weacin tae ear.v uealinas,
T . . V. I . J
liiwt mo uirm)i, was marked by con'
eideiable dullness and narrow fluctua
tions, p'icts makipg little progress in
either direction until the list hour.
when a general decline took place
which waa checked just previous to
tbe close, bat it cl.'twd weak at the
lowest figures of the dy. The day's
buine-s was only 304,709 shares. St.
Panl furnished 36,070; Wettern Union
31,125, folowed by New England,
Reading and Lake Shore. Almost
everything on tbe acive lis! was
lower, and S;. Paul was off 1 J per cent,
no. new xorat ueotiai, l percent
1 tie re was moderate business in
railroid bonde. Stbs. $1,682,000,
Tnere was active (radios in Atlantic
and Pacific incomes, of Wh'ch tie siles
weie 6 1,000, Indiana, B oomington
ana westtro, blu h.ai saj snd Iexs
rr:c;s were steady until late in
the day, when they gave way and
final prices generally show dtclins,
The total s.les of s o ks tndav were
304, 90 sharrs, including Delaware,
Lackaffaona and Western, 7700; Erie,
IZ.Z1U; Mis:ouu, Kansas and Texar
5750; Lake Shor, Vlfi5: Louisville
and Na hville, 828; Northweiru
10,765; New Jes?y Control, 3000; New
lork t'entral, 13.310; Pacific Mail, 13,
655; Radinir, iS.CiO; 8 . Paul, 8t,O70
Union Pauitic, 7380 ; Wistern Union
tl. S. 3s, 100.
'A, coup, 111.
if. coun. 128VS.
Pacific On ut Wi, 126,
La. stamita, 4, 78J(i. Misiou'l fit, K0.
Cent. Pac. Ht. 1M4. Den. i K.G.lfU, 124
DeniK W.lBta,7t''B. Krie tocuEilf, lUi
M K T.O. n.rt,S'N'i. Kuith.l'ac Uu, 110
North. Pnc. 2ds. llll '-i. N . Western con .. 142.
N.West deb.5. 1UD. St.L.S.F Uen.M, HW4
.-i raui con., i.u. M f,,u Af.lsU.lu
T. P. land Knint,55.T.P.,R.U.ex cou, Ti.
U. P. lau, II5V4. West Bhore,
Tenn.6,et'uil, lCfi. Xenn.5d, aet'uit.lOO.
Teun. 3j, tot'tut, 77.
Adams Express, Hl.MorrifA E.,offd,110.
Allegheny Cn., . Nashville A C, M.
AUod & T. II., 3f.H. N. J. Central 6l-'4.
A. AT. II. pfd., "i.
.Nor. t W. pfd, M',.
Northern Pao..28'i.
Auiencjn .x., 1U
U. O.K. AN. 55.
Canxda l'ac. 70.
Northorn P. n d.
Cannda Sou .
Central Pacific il'.i.
Clie-Bpake AO..ii'!;
C. A 0. 1 t pfd, 17'4.
C. Jc O. 2d pld U.
0. Jt A , 1421-4.
C. Sc A. Pld , 109.
v. a x. w ii-ft.
C. 4 N. W. pld, 14254
N.Y. Central, lll;'i.
N Y.C. St.L-.ia'X.
iinio i cnlra', .
Ohio 1c Miss., VGK.
O. 4 Mis. p'd, 90
Ontario & West., 20
rc(on Nav., HXV
Oro.on Trans., 33.
Oreinn Iain., 2tJ4.
Pacific Mail, 52.
U U U., 137i4.
C, St L. 4 N.O., .
C. St.L AP..14.
C.Pt.LA P.pfd, 81.
C. S. 4 0.. 45.
4 C., 67.
Fanauia, y
n. A II. Valley. 31 Pforia, 1. 4 E., 20,
uel. una . in.i'4. Kitttuurg, Ui,
l'el.,Ii. dt T ,
Pulknm P C, 144.
Den. 4 Kio (i
tveaaina:, &rA.
Kock Island, 125
Kt.L. 4 8. K..31M.
Erie, 34
Erie T(d.
New East Tenn
(St L-4S.F.pld, 115
Newb'.Tenn. pt'd,72.'tn.L. A S.F. Ut p. 114
fort warne, Ho u. M. 4 ht P..
it 1 . , a. a. t - . , . . . . . , 1
H 4 St Jo . pfd. ,
P., M 4 M..121V4.
Harlem, 230.
Houston 4 T.. 35
St Paul4 0uiaba,4'J.
nt raul at U. pld, 111.
Tenn. Coal4 Iron, 60.
Texas Pacific, 19.
Union Pacific, 61.
U. ti. Express. 50
Illionis Central, 133,
Ina , li. a, .,21.
Kansas 4 T., 35.
Lake E. 4 W . .
LakeBhore, W,.
. W., St.L 4 P., W6
W ,St.L.4P. p., 36.
Lou. A Nash., my,.
Lou. 4 N. A., 55.
M. 4i'. 1st pld..
M. 4 O. seconds. ,
Met. 4 Char . 40.
iv. it p. ax., IS.
W. U. Tel., 76.
Colorado Coal, 28,
Home Stake, W'i
Iron Silver, 210.
Ontario. 25.
Mich. Cen., t2.
Min. 4 St. L , 21.
Min. 4 St. L. pfd.40
u:. . ti (I- n il
Quicksilver, 0.
Missour- Pacific. 113!. Uuirksilver i.fd.. 23V4.
Mobile 4 Ohio, 15. J-outh Pacific, .
M. L. S 4 W , 62. Sutro.O.
M L S.A W.pld.VO.
Lindon. October 12 Con-oh 100
1310 ior money, and 100 1510 for the
count. Uo'ted Hla es boni s 4
1314; A; Uil; bar silver, 44 15-16d
I er ounce.
Paris. O 't iber 12. Thrre per cent.
iei:tec, 82f. 50a fdr ttie account.
St. Lu'is, Mo.. Oc oher 12. Rank
cleiiiuss, t2,993,c02; balaaces, $344,
173. Hoston, Mass., Oc'obrr 12. Bank
cWiinste, $15,lS0,2-5; balances, 1,
717,959 Baltimore, Md., O itoher 12. B-nk
clehrins tol.y, SV-88,478; balsnces,
Philadslphia, Pa., 0.;tt.ber 12
Clearings, 111,895,980; balances, $1.
New York, Oct ier 12. Bank clearing-
toduy, $127,901 ,6i4; ba'auctp,
$5 821.571.
Chicago, III-, October 12. The As-
B'lcia'Hii iiqs ck'Kiiog8 today weie
The l eal oitm market opened
st-ady. and idosfd steanv; middling,
81;. es, 2800 bil-s 1(30.1 to exoon-
eid and J200 o spi: ners.
Ytielerdav. Alondav.
Ordinary Nona. Nom.
Good Ordinnrjr.... om. Nom.
Low Middling 8 8
Middling 81 -81
Good Middling.... 9 9
Middling Fair....- 9J 9
Fair Nora. Nom.
HmrRii, October 12, 1886.
Stock Sept. 1, 1880 .... 4,009
Kceived toUy 2.845
Received piev.oualy... 42,793
Shipped today 2,399
Shi opel previousiy...16,175
noma consumption to
date S05
Stock rnnning account .'10,8t8
Thus 'ar thii wek 13,735
Thus far lat wetk 8 374
S.nce Sep ember 1st.,
M". and C. B. R
M. & T. R. R
and N. R. R
M & L. R. R. R
0., 0.&8. W.R.R
L.N.O. AT.fi. R
K. O . S & M. R. K :
M..S &D R. R
Wag ins and o.her surcis..
Thus far this week 7,242
Thus far la-t week 2,847
Since September 1st 18,574
M. A O. R. R 1,229
M.&T R R 14
L. h N. R. R 3G9
C, O. & 8. W. R. R 787
Total 2 399
Nnw York (pjts opi ned steady, and
clos;d pay. Middling, 9 6-16c.
Sales, 330 balos. Quotatiors were as
Ordinary o ll-iu
(iood ordinary. 8 1-16
L-w m'ddllng 8j
Middling,. 9 5-16
Gooi middling 9 11-16
Middling fair. K!
Fair 11
6 11-16
8 1-16
9 5-16
9 11-16
New Ycrkfu'urej opened e sy and
closed easy and 3 points lower than
Uoaday. Sales, 100,000 bales. The
closing quotations were as follows
October..... 9.01( 9.03
November. 9.02(a)
December . 9.06Va)
January-... 9.130 9.14
February... 9.20(a) 9 21
March. 9.28 .4 9.29
April 9.37 9 38
May 9 45(3) 9.46
June 9.54 9 55
July 9 6l(ot 9 62
August 9.68 9.70
9.04 9.05
9.05 9.06
9.09 9 10
.lb 9.17
9.231a, 9 24
9.31 9 3
9.40(a) 9 41
9.48 9.49
9.57 9 58
V 04(a) O
9.70 9.71
The New Orleans
spot market
opened quiet, and c of ed steady. Mid
dling, 8K'. bales, 4500 bales. Quota.
lions were aa ioiiowj:
Ordinary 6J
Good Ordinary ...7
Low Middling 8
Middlinit 81
Good Middling.. .9 3-16 9 3-16
The New Orleans future market
opened steady at dtcline, aod dosed
steady and 1 to 3 points lower tha
Monday. Sales, 37,800 bales. Q jota
lions were as louows:
October 8 76 8 78
November. 861 8.62
December . 8.62 8 6t
January .... 8.70.'. 8.72
February... 8.81 8.83
8 77 8.78
8.63 8 64
8 65(a) 8.60
8 73 8.7
8 84 8 85
8 94(a) 8.95
9.05 9.16
9.15 9.16
April ......
8.92 8 93
9 03 9.04
9.134 9.14
9.23 9.S5
9.33 9 34
9.' (1 9.2
9 35 9.37
N. Orleans
ea y.
8467 81
7706 89-16
3762 88
1307 8?
Mobile ...
Norfolk ...
iVew York
Bit ton
Philad'a ..
St. Louii
Augusta ..i
12 21
724 9
19 516
3119 7-16
54 91 .
lOliO 81
1401 8J
Receipts at porte, this day, 18S6..44.99;
Receipts a', ports, ttiis day, 1885..48,31o
R'ti U. S
Ex. Gr. B,
R'taHept. 1
For'gn Kx.
423 6 !3
127 504
439,( 82
Decrease in receipt) tuis year ...46,823
At noon: Liverpool spots were
dull in buyers' favor, t-'a'fs, 7000 batw,
ot wmcn a men. an 64UU tialee. li
c?ipts, 3000 ba es, all An.erirao.
Closing nnoUtiors were ai tol'own
Orcinsry, 43d;Rondor(iiiiery,4jd; low
miudline, 5 3 10d; eocl nuddlin
5 ll-16d; middlingapiaads.Sid; mid
dling Urleans. old.
The prim are given in pmeeand ditht
thut: 4 63 meant 4 63-64d; and 5 01
means & l-tHO.
ai noon: Liiverpcoi m'U'es wre
Hat and irregular ; Ojtobr. 5 075 06d
October-November, 4 62d; November
iKcember, 4 614 601; Dcemle
Jantiay, 4 62d; Janmiry-Febrtia'y,
4 624 Old ; February-Mar. h, 4 63d ;
Murcn-April, ft Old; April-May, 5 03d
May-June, 5 U(i'ar 05J.
At2o.ni.; L verDOol futures were
du 1 ; Uctobt-r, 5 ( 5d, sell' rs ; October
November. 4 63d. rellnrs: November
Decsmbtr. 4 Old. havers: D.icnmber-
Januarv,461d, value: Ja.iUHry-Keb-u-
arr, 4 Old, Duyers; I'ebruaiy-Manh,
4 oju, ceiieis: iviarcn-An ii, & Old,
sellers; April-May, 5 (3d, SMlieis;
fliay june, o Ood, va ue.
At 5pm.: Liverpool fulurls were
ste dy; Ojtiber, 5 05), teilerf; Oc
tober-November, 4 63d, Belleis; No
verabeMJeoember, 4 62J, sellers;
JJeceiri bei-J annarv,4 (ild.biiveis : Jami
uary-Fbrnaiy, 4 62d, sellers; Fe-
mary-March, 4 63d, feller; March
April. 5 Old. sellers: Anril-Mav. 5 (13.1.
tellers; May j one, o U,xl, buyers.
CoRNMBAL-Stmdcrd. S2 202 25:
pesri, j zoiaj do; roller, 53 4&.
iiAY uiio ch, irom store, oc: car
load from leveo or deool, $12l3;
prime, from store, 6o70 ; car load
from levee or depot, il12; prairie,
from store 50c; rar loid from levee
or dep.it, $7.
Ljkn 11 ram ftore,ivhile.50c:mix9d.
48', from levee or dput; white, in
mute, 4.ic; in ecks. 4(is: m;xed. 1a
bulk, 41c: in naks, 44jc.
Oats i iom store.whiie.37c: mixed.
J.'ic: irom levte or depot, whi'e, in
bulk, 32c; in sacks, 34Jc; mixal, in
bulk, 31c; in tacks, 33c.
Bran from stoie 70c: from levee
or depot, $13 10.
Flour From store, No. 3, $33 25 .
family, $3 503 75; tboi e. $3 764;
fancy, 44 25; extra fancy, $4 i 5
4 on ; paienrs, totaio ou.
Beans Wavy, $2; medium, $1 50
75; common, $i 25 ; Germaa miller.
HI ZU(a)l 4J.
Rica Louisiara, 451c: Carolina
Oatmeal In hal(-barrls. 3(W,3 25
irom aiore.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4ic: soda.
treble extra, 5c; extra, 7c; ginger snans,
extra, 56c; assorted jumbUs,9llc.
CRACKkD Wheat In haif-baireis.
$4 25 from si ore.
Hcminy and Grits - Ftom store.
$S 15(.)3 25.
Kansas City. Mo.. Oclobtrl2 -
Wheat h'ghr; No. 2 re 1. cnah.59ic:
Decembr, Clc b'd: Mv. 694-. lora
higher; No. 2, casi, 283!Rbked; No-
mbdr, 29i 3; December, 30c h:d.
Oa's iominal; November, 24 Jc aeked.
Ft. Lons, Mo., Ontihor 12. Flour
ac:ive er d ftad; XXX, $2 ;-5ra245;
family, $2 60fi2 75, ctioice, 3 103 2 ) ;
fancy, $3 4')(S3 50; extrs, $3riii(3 8);
patent-, I44 35. Wntat fairly ac'
ive and firmer; ths market opened
s eady, but ths feeliogbecamenervcua
and unsettled in the early dealings,
prices flue mting within a range of Jc.
Towsrd toeclo-e a firmer feling pte
vailed, and pticei finished JJc hither
than yeetfiday; No. 2 red, cosh, 72
728?; November, 72J733c,diHng at
73jc bid; Decfmber, 74J76c, ilos
inn at 76a bid ; Ma, 83 84jc, clcs
at 84 1 bid. Corn very dull, bnt firm
and Jjc higher than yestnday; No.
2 mixed, cish, 32J33;!; Novemb-r,
33331c, clr-sing at 33jfl asked; De
cember 33 jo akfd; Nav, 87i'd383
akt d, closing at 38J8 aekd. 0tsdiill,
firm snd t'aja higher; No. 2 mixed,
cash, 24j(S125u; Oj'ober, 25c bid; No
vetnber 25i) bid; Di csmber. 26c hid ;
May, 30J ! nid. Ryo. firmer, 48ld. Bar
ley very dull and nnchang-d. Flax
seed dull and w-air, 93c. Hay active,
but wek and lower; piairie, t"f';
timothy, $1012. Eran slnady, 47c
Oornn etl, $1 90 Receipts F:our 4(0 )
brls; whea 11,000 ba; corn, 64,000
bu; ovs, 31,u00 bu; rye, 5000 bu; Par
ley, 23,0i;0 b. Shipments Floor, 5000
brls; wh'at, 40O0bu: crrn, 14001) bu;
oat?, 4310 bu; ry.", 2C00 bu; barley,
AfUrnvm Board Whrat easy and
Jc lower. Corn weak and Jc lower.
uau easier and a stiaae law r.
Chicago, 111., October 12. The
wheat mine, was dull and heavy t
day with very little news to affect the
general course of prices. Values were
a shade firmer than yesterday but
clo-ed for tbe day at about yis erday's
naares. xne receipt continue free.
Tnere was some baying to over short
sties today, which was about the only
ieaiure 01 tne trailing, uorn was only
lightly traded in. Tbe weather con.
ditirns were reported excellent aod
with continned free rscem'a mires
tiled easy. The closing figures were
about tbe same as yesterday. Oa s
were in little stronger demand and
pr.e s ruled steady to a shade stronger.
Flour was ouiet and unchanged. Cas
prices were as follows: No. 2 spring
wnent, Yt'i(a)Uc; no. z red wheat,
"Oit. No. 2 com, 3oic. No. 2 rat,
23J24c. No. 2 rye, 48c. No. 2 bur-
ley. 60c. No. 1 flsxseed, 983 1. Prime
to choice timothy seed, $1 68 I 73.
Futures ranted as follows, witn the
c'osi ng pr ces at 2 :30 p. m. : W bra'
October opened at 0c ; liiaheet 70 jc ;
uwus , iui, citBiuK ni uc. iovem.
ber opened at 71 Jc; highest, 72 jc;
lowest, 71 jo; closing at 71 c. Decem
ber rpsnod at 73 jo; highest, 74jc;
lowest. 73; c'osmg xt 73Jc. May
opened at 80c; highis, 80go; lowest,
80s; closing at 80Jc. Corn Oct ber
onened at33Jc; highrs', 3;(;c; lowe't,
33c; closing at 33J . Novemb-r
tceDed at 343c; bighe-t, 351c; low
eat, 84c; clnaing at 34 J l)cembfr
opt-'iedat 85Jc; bighe.-t, 3tilc; low-
tst, 35j3; c os:ng at 35jc. May
npr.ed at3i)Jc;hilhe9,, 4(iu; lowest,
39jc; closing a. 39jc. Oats-Octibar
opi-ned at 23o; bighH't, i3jn; lowtst.
23c; closing at 23c. November
oienetl at 243c; hlgte t, 24ic; low
est, 24j :; closing af.24ic l)j ember
opi-ned at 25J t; hiahes', 2')jc; ljwett,
253'3;c'o-ingat258o May npenei at
29f :; highest, 30j i; lowe-t, 292c; cloi
ing at 29jc. Rweip's-Fb ur, 20,000
ta rcls; wheat, lOJ.lilU hiiBliels; orn,
283,000 bushels ; ontj, 182.00) buahln;
ry, 2000 bushels; biulcy, H2.C00
biHtiels onlpmentf v lour, liO.000 her
re s ; wheat 22,010 buslil: corn, 250,.
OtiO buslie's; oat, 20",000 bushels;
re, ncne; barley, isj.ouu bushels,
BriTKB -- Butterine, 314c;
crtamery, iitiV! -; oairy, ib(ii.uc
coir try butter, 1618e.
IIoo pRonocTS Mexs pork. 110 25;
siin r cuied hams, 12l2Jc; brtakfast
nacon, 8j9Jc; clear rib sid"s ba;nn,
7jc; bHccn ehouldots, 773c; biflk
pork clear sides, 7J(a"Sc; clear rib
siilei, 7J73c; should trH, 6Jc; long
clear. 7 sc.
Lard Tierces, 6Jc; hilf-barrels and
keifs, b jc ; choue kettle, 1 Jc.
Frksk Meats -No. 1 beet, 7c; mnt
ton, 8c; hind quarters of beef, 8Jc;
lambs, 10c.
Popltry Chickens fpring, $2
2 7); old hens. S3 75 W3
Chee'E Fnct ry, 9c, nominal; full
cream, !313jc; young America, 13c.
V ios r ekt. xJarrois, i) &(I10; ball,
barrels, $4 755j kfg', fl 75.
St. Louis, Mo., October 12. Pro
visions active and higher rxcppt pork.
woicb ruled easier at 9 374(09 60,
Lard firm, $3 50. Bilk mtats acdvn
and strong; loose lota Ion clesr and
short rib?, $6 60; shoit c ear, $3 90;
boxed lo(e 2030c hiher ,'oni clear.
J6 80; shoit ribs, $7; short clear, $7 25,
liacon s'rong and 1 jc nitiher; i"ng
clear and snort rib.', $7 27 37j;
short clear, $7 62. Hams sttady.
1213it. Butter fairly active and
firn; ciesmery, 2427c; dairy, 12
23o. Fgge dull, 1213c.
CnicAoo, III.. October 12. Pro-
visious were general y firmer. Tbe
demand for moss pork was more active
aud prices ruled firmer, opening 10o
hi)bor and ciomrg a iliaiie nigher
than teterday in tbe luto-t trajing.
Cash prices we e ss fallows : Jklesj
pork, $9; lard, $5 60; nhmt r b side,
loife, so 70: mo t clear Fides, boxed,
$6 6i(S.6 70; dry salted shouldois.
boxed, $5 405 45, Fuuir.s ranged
ai follows: Pork Oct 'ber opened
at $8 95, bivlie-t 9, lowest $8 93,
clofUg a' 19; Nnvemler ipend st
$8 9), higher $9 05, lowest $8 S2J,
rinsing hi 9; January opened at
$10 0"), lrg'.e-it $1010, low.tst $9 97 J.
cloine at $10 l.ard Oi'oberopeiud
at J5 574, highest S5 60, lowtst $5 57J,
c'oM'ig at $5 61; November npe"td l
$5 72 J, lilgeit S5 75, lowest fo 7i',
cbioing st $5 75; jHRimrv opened Rt
$.5 92j, highes' $5 (5, lowest 5 2j,
closing at '5 9"). Short r hs-Octobt r
npenfd ht $6 70, h'mhiKt id 70, lowest
SO 70, cloKiuv at 0 70; January
opened at f5 07, higlie.it. tn 10, low
ps" $5 07, closing at ?' 10. On the
Prod ue Excbngn buHer ruled imre
qiiiul; -leiimery. 1026c; d.iiry, 10
Zi. KAtlf, l(ii17c.
Coffre Ciimmon. IPe; orJinary.
101llc; prime R o, 12)13u; choice
to fancy, 13143; old government,
KiAr 3- jc per pound.
Candies Hiicks, all czep, in boxes,
pails and tarrels, 793.
Uandi.ei it all weight, 9(j9 jc.
Sai,t-$I 20 per barrnl; scks, floe,
fl 351 45; cosrre, $1 101 15; pock
ets, bleached, 27c; car-loads from
eves or depot, 5c cbeartr.
(Jan ked Goods. Etc. Prices per
doz n: Pineapples, fl 251 50;
peaches, 2-lb, standard. $1 151 25 ; sec
ond', $10il 10: tomatoes, 2-'b stand
ard (S$l; 3-lb,$li 15; strswhe--ries,
$1 101 25; raaii'berriea, $1 10
1 25; b'acltberrien, HQvl 10; green-Kii-es,
$1 601 75: pea-s, $2
2): plum', $1 601 "0; asparcgui,
! 60 I; ureen corn, lt 35; green
pia'. fl 6)l 05; cove oysiers, lull
weight, 1-lb, 8595c; cove oyeters,
nil weiiiht. 2-Ib. $1 6I1 80; cove
oysters, light we!gr,t, l-lb,60c; enve
oyfters, l'ght weight, 211), $1; con
densed mi'k 0"wr. $5 50(5 75;
Eau'e, J 7 507 75; Uaisy, $1 75.
MnLASMS Louiear.a. common to
fair, 182ic; prims to choice, 3040cj
evrup, ayj-KIc; common t mi', zw)
25 i ; prime to choice, 30fo35a; centril
ugal. lancy, 3233a.
Ion cco Common. 11-inch, t7j
28c; r.ttier orn'es and s vie.', 3 5(5. 85c.
Snuff (Barrett's, $10 85 p" nose;
Ralph's, $10 25 per raie; R. R , $9 25
10; Gail A Ax's, $8 75.
SuaiR-Pnra white, OSOjc; off
white, 6j6js; yellow clarified, 6
;; open aeit'e, (a)6c; renoea a,
s; trunulfit d, 6jc; powdered, 7J
3; cot loaf, 78c.
New York. October 12. Coffee
Spot fa'r Rio firm; opUors active
and hiirher4sa'es, 72,000 pairs :()ctober,
9 85',a,W.iH)c ; "Vem-.er, 9 8ll(!l;9.!K)C;
December, 9 859.9;c; January, 9 85
)Dc; February and Marcn, u.u(a
95c; April, 9.90(5)10,!: May, 10;;
Auiiist, 10c. SncAro'iii't and weak;
ceutr fiigal, 5 316o; rcfired eR"ier;
mould A, 5Jc: piwderd, 6 1 l(ifi(V,
granu'a ed,hj5i3 Ki3;cubes,(i l-16c.
Sloluetea uu.l.
Apples Aip'es, fl 50 2 50; dried
apploi. l4 ijo oer p itind Irom store.
Drid peachc, 2J3j from store.
ve(iktabi.e3 Onions, j.i rrom
o-. CahbKe.$2 50: ner held, 8 10c :
1 75 from levee or dpot per crnt".
Kr:ut, brls, $55 75; hull brls, $2 75
Fbcit Oranges, per box, $5 50; per
barrel, $9 5010 Lemrn8,$5508 per
nox. mmiiw, i dume 60 per burcb.
Cocoaouts, 15 per 100. Peanu's Vir
ginia, iic; lennessee. farmer's etock,
34c; roted, 2o higher; shelled
10c. Almonds, 1820.-.
RAi'iNs-London layers, $3 40; lay
ers, $2 75 ; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504. '
PicKLts-In jars, pinfs, 95c; quarts,
$1 50 ; half-gallons, $2 75 ; gallons,$3 75 ;
loose, barrels, $6 607; half-barrels,
$3 751? 4; mixed, barrels. $10 50; mixed,
half-bairels, $0.
PoTATOis-New, $1 251 60; North-
ern tioca, i iowi.
Cider New ork, $6 507 per bar
rel. and $3 764 per half-barrel.
Vinkuar 10 15c per a-allon.
Pecans Texas, 8 10a for small to
medium, 1014o for large; Arkanras,
Fish Mackerel, balf-barrels, No. 1,
$5 2ft5 75; No. 2 $4 755 ; No. 3,t4 25
(h to : lo-iD ait, o. 1, oc : o. 2, 75c
151b, No. 3, 65o. Dry herrings, fam
i'y, 25c per box.
Walnut French, 12c ; Nsples,15c ;
urenoDiet", 10c f iinerte, il'c
Game Game fiih. ll12c.
Eous-Dall atl415c.
lorron skid eitonri-TN
In car loid lo's: Prime crude
coton sied oil, new, 28(n):t0c; off
crude cotton seed oil, old, 24
L'Oa; prime snmmer yellow cot'
ion seei 011, 3o&id c; orr summer
yellow c dtin teed oil, 3?343; min.
erf,' summer yellow cottm teed oil
3335c; ririmo fummer while cotton
sed oil, 35c; chi ice cooking yellow
couon seeu 011, sy.nwj ; prime cotton
seul meal, $14 6015; off cotton teed
meal, 13(a)! j.
Baooinc Jute, 2 Uu. Klct H lhe.
jc; ij us, c. ax, a ibj, j
TIKS $1 0.r)(ol 10.
Nail' Common, $2 20(72 25: steel.
$2 35 ''2 51).
PowDKR-Krgs, $4 : half keirs. $2 25:
quarter kegs, $1 25.
Clear tub washed, 3156s; grea .e
wool, 2326c; hurry wool, 1318c.
P1111.AEBi.pniA, Pa., October 12.
Woil quiet ; prices tteidv : New York,
Michiiian, Indiana and Western, me
dium, 3738:; coirse, 37383: britiht
unwashed clothing, medium, 3031c.
St. Lodis, Mo., October 12. Wool
in good di-mand at firm pric-a.
Medium clothing, 22'.7e: cinibinir.
25(i26.i; low and c an's. 14 22c; fine
liph, 2025c; heavy, 1621c; blck,
Boston, Mass., October 13. Wool
qniei; but firm; Ohio ami Pennsylva
nia fleeces, X,34c XX, 35J36!; XX
and abDve, 3(ij37c; Michigan extra
fleec'B, 32i 33j; No. 1 Ohio comblmr.
3240.'; pulled wool, 4445c.
Coal Oil Prime white, whohsale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland. O . October 12. retro-
leum niKteady; s. w. 110, 7c.
PiTTsiiURO, Pa , Oc'oher 12. Pe't.'o-
leum fairly active and firm; National
transit certifies opened at 652c and
closid at65;; bighe t,65jc; lowest,
WnisKV Straluht Kentucky Bonr-
bin, $1 505; renistilled goods from
85oti$l50, according to proof; rye.
$1 750.
Ciiicaoo, III., October 12. Whisky.
$1 18.
St. Loins, Mo., October 12. Whisk v
firm, $i 13.
Cincinnati, O .October 12. Whisky
steady, salts of 939 barrels of finished
good 011 a brsis 0! $1 13.
Cattle Choice, 313c; eood, 2!
3Ju;fsirto medium, 2J a2c; scal
iawgs, llc.
common, 3(i)Mc.
hiiEEi Uhoice, 3j04o; medium. 3
3Ji!; common, !U1 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4jyj5c.
Kansas City, Mo, October 12.
The Live Slock Indicator ropoits: Cattle
leceiuts, 4117 ht ad ; (hipments, 1254
bead ; grais range weak ; teedins cteeia
fu rly active ; good to choice, I4(ai4 50;
common to medium, $.'i 303 90:
etoi'kers, $2 25(2 75; feeder, $2 80
(aj;( ou; cowk, 1 oo2 00; grata ringe
sues, $2 253 15. Hogs receinis,
49")6bead; shipments, none; the mar
ket, opened 5i higher but clo?0(i ex
cited and 5 10a biiiber: enod t
choice, 14 30 t 60; common to medi
um, JJ 70(a,4 zo. bheep reoeipts.
2(95 head; shipments, 995 head; the
ma ket is quint ; gjod to choic, $2 50
3; octillion to medium, $1 602 25
CiircAoo, Iil., October 12. The
Droren' Journal repot ti: Cattle re
ceipts, 801)0 head; shipments, 2300
beai; market sir org larly, closing
week ; shipping steeis, 950 to 1500
lb, $3 505 12; s'ockers and feeders,
$2 2(11 30; cows, holla and mixed,
$100 3; buls, $2 252 75; tlirong'i
Tens ca tle steady; cows, $2 252 50;
steers, $2 603 40; Western rangers
steady ; natives and half breeds, $3
3 90; cows, $1 30& 2 90; win'ered
Tex ins, $2 853 56. Hog receipts,
4000 bead; shipments, 0700 head;
frs'hand stile s'ock nearly all sold,
hist 10c higher; rough and mixed,
$3 60 a 4 25; packing and sliippina,
$3 954 70; liuht weight,$3 654 45;
skips, $2 203 40. Sheep receipts,
4100 hfa l ; shipnent4, 800 head; beet
steady, others wsaker; natives, $2 2")
4 15; Western, $3 3003 (6; Ttxans,
$2253 10; lambs, $3 754 80.
New York, October 12. The ex
ports ot demo t e c ttons the p st
week have been 4319 packages against
2033 packages thj same week la?t
ycer, and for the exnired portion of
the year a trtalof 190,(50 packages
agains' 165,812 packages fur the same
lime last yiar. 125,100 paokeges in
1884, and 132,972 ptckngBS In 1883. A
largirunbor of buytrs ae present
aod iIih general reqaett for co't n
goods was very greJ. AgnU have
advanced the prices cf Paqiteta and
lijston wide hi e ings 10 per cent, and
Langdon 70 bleached shirtings c.
Removed to 308 Front St.,
Between Monro and Mtdtion, Neirlj
Opnoilte PoatolHoe.
1KiMmi.TN,ll, T.-IJoardon the 11 ill.
Mn. II. 0. Howard, am Wuhinaton
Park. Hoo ma laraei location deliiihtfal.
Convenient to onri to Munhi'Un lleaoh,
ConerIland, Loo Bewb andUeotral Park I
alto to Maw York plaooa of ixuitmciil,
3. Garlic, 4060c per 100.
50a per bushel.
13, 1886.
frlan Point. Jamks Lai, 5 p.m.
WhiU River CuickaBaw, i p.m.
New Orlcani C't Nrw (,i.ins, 10 .m
Otceola........ Coahoma, 6 p.m.
ArknijCity.......KiTi Adamb, S p.m.
Tirtonrille Coksahah, 6 p.m.
St. Looii.... AaiAHPAS City, 5 p.m.
ArrieaU Joe Peters, Arkansas riv
er; uayeso, u.'ntordu; Ohio, C nciu
naii. -
Departuret Ohio, Ciccinnali; Ed.
Foster, St. Francis river; Joe Peters,
Arainras river; uayoro, UoECO'dia
BomU Ihte Ihuni Ouabo i.a, City of
Providence and City of .New Orleans.
Boat$Due Vp. Chickssiw and Jamea
Keoelpla Tmurtlnjr
Gayoso 9 bales cotton. 15 bgs set d
couon, i JtM 1 ks seed and v pkga sun
dries. Joe Peters 374 ba'.es cottm, 131
sks toed and 16 pkgs enuiiii"8.
Ohio 43'9 pkgs nu-ruhandiee.
The Arch ir Line steHiner Arktr sis
Liny, vap ii. v. ttro a ki, will piss
tip tomorrow evening ai 0 o cloca lor
St. Lou s.
Tn Conhoma, Cap'. Henry Cooper,
is the pecktrt this evening st 5 o'clock
f ir O.'cenla and the np;r bonds.
Wm Smi'her la in her ollice.
The Chicka aw, Oapt. E. C P.Hal.
is tbe packet this .v min.; at 6 o'clock
for White river. O. M. Postal
John Childreu a e her clerks.
The Jsmej Loo. ('apt. Thos. CUg
gett, is 1 he packtt this evening a 5
o'clo.k for llele:.a, Fiia-a Point and
all av landings. W ill Ashford h in
her rfli.-e.
Tue Chesapeake, Cnpt. W. P. Hall,
is th packet tomorrow evening at 5
o'clock for Hales PoiLt, Tip:i nvill
sndad way lnndingB. ol. J. D. Ful
ler has clia'g ot bur olllee.
The Anchor Line steimer City ol
Now O lenns, Cipt. A. J. Cirtr, will
P"ssdown ttiis morning at 10 o'clock
lor Nw O l' ans and ad intermediate
p( ii.ti. Ar. liiu WooJti is her e'erk.
The Ka'e Ailanv, ("apt. Mark II.
Cheek, is the Uni ed S atea mail
r icket toni'irrow evening at 5 o'clock
ir Helena, Arkitreas City and all w.iy
lan iinge. W. C. Blmiktr hao charge
tf her ofllce.
Bi'siness dir.
WsArBER c ear and warm.
The river hero ttnmls 5 feet 8 tenths
on the gauge, a fa 1 of 2 tenths in tbe
last twenty. four hours.
RaiKirrs by livor yeRterday: 383
biles of cotton, 15 bngB of seed cotton
and 1414 sacks of seed.
The R. 8, Haves, from New Orlean,
with several barges aud the snag
bat O, G. Wagaer in tow. pasted to
Mt. Louis Monuay night.
Jkbry Johnson, tbe well known
levee watchman, r turned Monday
night on the steamer Ohio, having
spent the summer at Cincinnati.
The Uayo'o arrived yrslerday morn
ing from Concordia with 9 ba'os of
cotton, 15 bags of teed cattoti, 1283
sacks of seed and lot ol tundries, and
ret imed on time lust evening.
The Joe Peters arrived yeslerday
morning from Arknnsai river witti
374 bales of cotton, 131 lacks of seed
and lot of Btindrlrs, m il returned h.st
evening wi'.h a go id thowing of
The Ohio arrived M inlay night
fr 'in Cincinnati with 4309 packages
freight, and roturred agaiu last even
ing with 600 bales cf cotto.i, 75 links
of raue, 1200 sacks of oil meal, a g)od
lot of eiiiiiiiioi and a fine li jt of oo
pie. Tee Lin'iBville canal was closed
Monday fur dredging and repa:rs.
The old locks ware opened, by which
smaller boats will bo ublu to go thr .iuli
without delay. It ie nnderetcod tliat
six dajs will be requited to complete
the wo k.
The Kt. loui (llolie-Democrat of
Monday say a: The Charles P. t hoti
toiui, after a most successful exenninn
season, will come up to the Ci ntr.il
wl nrf this moruinv and load out to
Now Orleans next Wednesday under
the "Anchor."
Office Kkinai Hervice, U. 8. A.,
M km rn h, Octnhor 12, 1 p.m.
The followiiiKobEervationa are taken
at all B'ulioua named at 7& tnaridlan
t'nie, whinh la one lionr fa tter than
MBmpliiB timw:
Ab've Luw
10 the
Fort bmith
Li Crof 8e
L'ttle Rock
New OrleanB....
Kt. Lonia
Kt. Paul
V ickahurff
Hanger Mae-Koet and tenthi ol a foot
ab ve aoro of gauge:
Cairo, 40 foet.
Cincinnati, .V).
Dubu'iue, hi.
Keokuk, 14.
Lacroare, 'H.
Little Rook, 23.
Memphia, 34.
Omaha, 1H.
Ht. Louia. :12
Bhreveport, 28.
Chattanooga, X3 feet.
Davenport, 1.
Kurt Huiith, 'ii.
Leavon worth, 20.
Louiaville, 25.
Mew Orleana, 13.2,
Fittirburg, 22.
Nt. Paul, 7.
Yankton, 24.
PiTTSBOBH, Ta., October 12. Noon
River 5 feet 5 inrihe.i and stationary.
Weather clear and pleasant.
Wheeling, W. Va., October 12
Noon Kiver 2 fuel 3 inches aud full-
in?. Weather clear and warm.
CiaciaiiATi, O .October 12. Noon
River 5 feet 7 inches on the ganKeand
stationary. Weather clear; thermom
eter 70".
EvANRVii-LB, I a i).,Octobr 1 2. Nijtlit
Kivei 5 feet 1 inch on the gang and
faling plowlv. Weather clear; ther
mometer 119,
Louibvillb, Ky., October 12. Noon
River 4 feet 4 incliPH in the canl nnd
2 fpPt 2 incliea on the fidldund f dlirg.
IluHineas du!l. Weather clear and
Cairo, III., Ortober 12. Noon
River U fuel ti iocht s on tl) Kanxe and
falling. Weuthr clear and mild. Ar
rived: fitella Wilds, llrownavillB, 9
a.m. ; City ol Providonce, Ht. Louis, 11
a.m. Departed: City of New Orleans
New Orltane, 1 a.ra.
Ht. Loom unit Sirw Orlrnuw Ahr
I.tael'.ft tlill-OkiKW ORLEANS.
A. J. Carter, matter.
Wlh leav tha levitor KPN KSUa k . Ii,.i
llth, it 10 a.m. For fro if h' or iwai.-oai.ulj
f I,, Him, dlv f T 'T'lK V . inp'i.
all. l.onl it ml Nr llrimm Anrliir
Mur-li. h. JSnll-CAIHO Jt ST. U)V I
Arkansas City, tS
BroUkI...m.tr. SVjii'fi!
Will leTe the IlernK.r THl.'RSDAT, 0t.
ltth, at 5 p.m. ior freight or pimate apply
C, L. Htt.i.. Paw. Agt. Ai) MTiKM , Hap't.
For Ofiola, Halei Polet, farotheMTllle,
Uaroio and TintonTUle The new lide-
wheol j'aapenirflr itean.rr
W. P.Hall mwler. j. D. Fill.r.....oUrk
Will Uave an above. miJ til wrtr nolnti.
p.m. K"rtreiKlitoraiiiiarnlyon board.
lcriMphla, trlar-' I'oiri rino rrnij,i.
Mil. I UI,1K l'rl.ft tlOYXIilkUJ.
tor Helena, ttlen'lal.,, Yru, Point rBv1 al
w aiai-n(e ninittier
el niiiew Bjcc,
J'i.lvV9.,?! " vn' K'VK.Ry"M0Nd'aY,
WKUMbSDAY and HIUAY atSo'elook.
Hi. 1. LiUAlIK rl, I U...I...
JKnr Ktindolithi FnV.oM
('ci,! an V ay
j. n. iwitn Mnmer.
and FRIDAY at S ..in. The bnata ol tui
line reserve the right to paaa all landinaa
the eipiain way dpem unmitci. OIBoe, No. ti
Madinoml. .IAMKS I.KR, Ja., Snp'r.
Arkansas Mlver Tk't Co.
E. B. Hmitfi maater, &Wft2W
Loavei Memi hit livery TUKRDAY, at 6 f.m
II. (1. 1.IIWK. A..nl
OUmi, No. t Madlpon Telephone No. 1!.
Meuiil)ls and Vk kMhnrg Packet Cob
imuy u.N..T!!!ll Line.
Kor llolnna. Honeordla, Terrene and Arkan-
i i tf i r,e eiejnnt paa.ieaaer iteanjer
St. lt.C!,eea...ii'.uiar I W. 0. Blnrjiior...olerk
I..tii Memphta
For Conconlia and all w .y landing!.
The Htrmiter
A. I,. 0nmmln, Mm'r J Low Price O.erk
LnavesTllK-DAY and SA Tt'KDAY at5p.M
for voneral lnlnrm&tinn k,.i,l at
Ko. 4 MuJilou itrocr.
.IOIIV CARH, IN.,'r Airont. Telephone 1.
Thfl St.FnuicIs Ulvwr 'I i'nnninrtittitia
Co.'l Fine Hl,le-W heel U. B. f.'.all Hteamef
lisl Foster, r..T
O. K.Jfoi-lin r.vtor.
at B s'alork, fcrMi,rib"n, tta Cut-Off, at.,'
loterrreillite landliissrn tn. hrancln rive,'.
The iiui.nin retervei the rikhi to ;iii a
Unditim he deeiur nnraie. J AH. I.ktfc", Jr.,
n,.,ru.,l,,t no,.. njr. i Me,ii.,.n
MeiuiiliisiV White ltiver I'kt.Co
ror inrenuleB, Itrvnlle llliifl,, Itrt
Arc, augueta, bearay, Newpi rt, Jaohioa
port, Uateiiville and all Wty Landing!,
vt I vaini, (iKtSiari
Will leave KVKKY WEDN Kbl)AY at 5 p.m.
Mr. ALKKRTA W. 8,g,Q
Alhert 11. Smith matter. I'i I 1 1 i 1 Bewfc
Will leave KVH.RY HAlllRDAY at 5 p.m.
. Through ralea Kiven to all point. Fro'jhl
consigned to the Me.i phi and While River
Packet Co., at Meinhii or Terrene, will be
forwardod .roimtly. For general inlonuo
tion apply at office, No i Mndiion at., or)
(lull Telephone V2, , ft. LOWK, Air't.
e-erC'tl'I I Ai. IKI7.K. a7tvooo -
Tickrla uuljr 85. Minrra In rukiur-
Louisiana State Lottery
n iro aervoy Certiu th'il lee fMperv
arranatmnt fur nil the Monthly and V'
terly Urawmo of tht AouiaioHn .SVnle Aofi u
i orMiiiiut unit in iert(n ntotiriM ftnal forilnjt
(Ae irawiito fAcm.cr,', onil thnt the fomeare
cofiiticfcd icift Imnrnly, fuinienn, nmi in good
fmlh foicnrd atl liorlim, ntir ,re ouAnrue fAe
Vumpnnl In ve lltin Ct-rltfi-tite, rrllA fue-nimilet
ttf tmr lionnturrn allwiint, in ill elterft'
manli." We, the nernVnrd, Hanhe nnd Banket $,
wilt ptiv nU irwe drawn in The Louisiana
Hlntm Lulieriet which nay be prMenrect af oar
J. H.4iUl.tIHT,lrmi. tM. Naii'l Hnuk.
J. W.KII.IlKt: I'll.rrea.Mitte Nnl'l Ilk
A. HAVLDWIN, fraa. n. O. Nnt. Kit.
Incorporated In lHhdfor twenty-five ye- a
by the Legialuture for Kduoatlonal a-d
Cnarilable purpoaea with a eapital of !,
("Mj.iNai to wlilnb a roacrve fund of overl'iVi,
OHO haa alnoe been added.
Uy an overwhelming poimlai vote ita
rraiiohine wai made a part ol the preaent State
G'onatltutlon, adopted December Hd, A.D.
The only Lottery evtr voted on and endoreei
by the people of any State.
it never emlee or poalponee.
Ita Uritnd Nina;!) Nnnibor Draw
ing lake) pineal inniillily, and the
r.xtraoriliiinrjr llrawlega roicnlarlr
every Tlirna Manilla lualead of eeuil.
anainnlly aa fireiiofnre.
Nfl r.lMlkiia rFiKTIl"IITT TO
Novriuber 9, ixna-iaiith Monthly Draw-
lOO.OOII lipkvle al t'lvfi llollanKaca,
Fraclloaia, In t in he, In
roiorf Ion.
I Capital priie I 75.W0
1 Capital priie-.
1 Uapltal rl
2 l'riiea nl I'Kl..
5 I'riioaof 2imi . M.ia
10 l'riiea of liau 9
20 l'riiea ni Nil l'l.n
pal l'riiea ol 2nd 20,19
.Hill Priiea of lot) 3ll,il't
Mm l'rlteaof 50 afi.lHJ
W Priaea of 2o igJ.lA)
U Approiimatlon priioa ot DT.Mi 6,7' 0
II Approiimation priiea of ft"M 4,'0
9 Approximation priaea of i 2, 0
1W7 Pritea, amounting to f.rxV'O
Application for ratea to eluba ahonld be
made only to the office of the Coiupanrat
New Orleana,
For further Information write clearly,
giving fall addrera. fOM'AI. SOTHI, Ki
nreaa Money Ordora, or New York Kiohange
In ordinary leiter. Currency by Sapreea (a ;
ear expeuie), addreaaed
M. A. nAllfUIN,
New Orleana, l a,
r Int. A. HAIiPIIIN,
aaililuiiiou. D. O.,
or at V Woal i'onrl Kt., Mempbla, Tenn
Xake P. U. Money Orders payable
and aildrcrw Ki'gi.slpreil Letters to
Niw4lrlein. I.n.
UrAMTPIl AUliiNTd.V.rr, and Woxen.
AH I ull (0 ,, xiik CHILD'S
DIl'.LK." Introduoii'n by Hev.J 11. Vin
oerit, D-D. One areot hex i!d tO Inatewn
of tiv4 people; oneTJ In arlllste of TM; one
new agnt m in lodaya; mi,, two aacoea
aive weeka; one 4VI fn 1 daya t two diflfi- eat
tiinea. Kiiieriennr not nceiary Addreia
OA-HKLL a ii. 'L't'd,)
411 1V.,? -.- (rhle-jf
Sheriff'! Sale Personal Property
THIS l to give not:ce'hat on Thnaliy,
.! I. Ish,,.i III ii'rlnrk e.iii,,
will tell, to the highfat bidiler, the Stock, o
llooda, Urorerirn, Merehandiae and Fixuire
in atorebouae No. Main atreet, levied un
aa the property of li. r-hrll and ethera.
Ihii OotoberU, JAi.
W. D. CAHNOV, Bheriff.
By C. T. Smith, Deputy bheriff.
gpiamwce-tevteMpnjyi' eeeaaj'i 'nj,m

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