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' Mlaaltnlppl Valley Koale (I.., B. O.
! T. Ky.) Traini on tbia road run a fol
low!: New Orleaat fat mail, daily, leave
at 4:90 p.m.) VicaFborg uree, daily,
leave! at9:16a.m. New Orlean fait mail,
dailr, arrirei i t 9:10 a.m.i Vioaaburg x
pr, daily, arriru at 5:45 p.m.
aSlsalmippi nnd TrnMMi.-Train
bot u follow! : New Orleani mall arrival
daily at : a.m. I learai dally at 6:00 p.m.
Hewavort Krwsaad Mlmlsslnpl Val
ley, Train mora ai follow! i 'ait ilna
leave at 10:00 a.m.) bt. Lonla faat Una
Ware at 5:30 p.m. i Fart Ilna arrive! at 1 :30
p.m. I tit. Louli fait Una arrival at 0:06 a.m.
lanlavllle anl NashTlll Train
-moves follow! : Fat mail arrival daily at
5:15 a.m.: laavai at 10:10 p.m. t mail leave!
daily at 10:10 a.m.; arrival at p.m.
Brownivlll aoooinroo datiom leave! diiilr'
xaapt Bandar, at 5 MX) p.m. I arrival daily,
xert6undar, at 8:50 a.m. (atandardtime).
Mali" Rt IHram ('Ity, Spring.
MeldaiMl Memphle) Tralm leave M. and
T. depot aa foliowa: No. 4, Kaniaa 1'lty ex
preli, leave at 10:46 a.m.; No. 3, Kaniai
City aipreii, arrival at 3R0 p.m. No. 2,
Kaniai City mail, leave atn:0n p.m. I No.'l,
Kama! Citj mail, arrive at 8:45 a.m. No.
f, St. Looi and Chlcaao iprea, leave at
6:00 p.m.) N. 1, fit. Louie and Chinairoei
preei, arrive at 1 :15 a.m. Ii effect Sunday,
April lMKHft.
M rat i. -i" 'harleslsi Train
move a follow; Through axpreii leave
dally at 10:40 p.m. Mail and axpreii leave!
daily at 10:00 a m. PomervlH accommoda
tion leave daily, sieept (Sunday, at 5:110
p.m. mrougn eipreii arrive! amy atn:ir
a.m. Mail and expren arrive! daily at lC'.UO
.si. bomervtii acoommnaation arrive
ally, exoept Sunday, at 8:30 a.m.
Memabia. Ulrnilnsliam and Atlan
tis Holly Spring Knute Train move ai
foilowi : No. 1 leave Memphl daily at3:45
ai.i arrival at holly bpringi atoisa p.m.
. 1 L.t.i llnllv Knrinvl dnllv at :00
.a., arrive at Memphil at 10:10a.m.) No.
leave Mempali daily at I : to p.m., arrive
at Holly hprinit at 11 :45 p.m. I No. 6 leave
B !ly Ppr'tngi dally at iilo a.m., arrive! at
ajxnrlili at 6:45 a.m.
lempbls and 1.1 Hie Rorh. Train
neve a follow (eentral atandrd time):
Jio. 1 leave! dailv at 4 :IM' p.m. arrive! at
tV p.m. No. 3 leave! at 5 :55 a.m. j arrive
at 1 i&O a.m. No. 6 (freight) leave llopefleld
dally (exoept Sunday) at 6:W.a.m.t arrive
at 7:10 p.m.
For Tennewe: Fair walker, followed
. by local rui'ni in the extreme western fior
tion; toutlxatlrrly winds; nearly station
ary temperature.
For Mississippi, Louitiana and Arhin
tat: Local rami; toutheoitnly winds;
nearly ttationary temperature.
eteoroloffleal Beporl.
Mxmfhu, Thick., October 12. IHHfl.
Time. 1 Bar. I Tuer. , VViud.lWWr
.7:00 B.m.300rii f.2 0 N.K
8:00 p.ra. :H 968 84 0 K.
10:00 p.ra '20.080! 75 0 6.E,
Maximum temperature, Hfr.u.
Minimum temper ;,tur?, G2.0.
Oiire, 11 a.m., 3.
Rainfall, 000,
In llie Colloa Keglon.
BlONAL SkBVICE, U. 8. AtlMY, 1
Ooiobei 12,1880-0 p.m. J
Div'finn of Uilegrnins and reports for
1he bie3t of cotauierio ai d auricul
tnra. flnttnn rpuinn liulli tin fnr lh
twentv-fonr hours ending October 12th,
jit H n VlrM'k n m. ;
-a k-o at w
TRICT. 3 ' . ?
Memphis 85 62 .00
Nashville 8U 62 .01)
rand Junction... 84 01 .00
Corinth 85 57 .00
TuBcumbla HO 57 .00
Decatnr 88 57 .00
Pcotteboro 84 611 .00
Hornando 80 55 .00
Bateeville- 81 02 .CO
Grenada R2 02 ,00
Oovlrglon 85 40 .00
Dyeraburg 80 55 .00
Arllnt,(n 88 M .00
Brownsville 80 58 .00
Milan 85 54 .00
Pari 84 40 .00
bolivar 85 58 .00
liolly Spring 81 04 .00
Oxford 04 05 00
Pums 1509 1075 .00
Means I 84 67 .00
DISTRICTS. a b S 1 1" g-
a o 2 T p s.
B 9 1 r
Wilmirgton 82 54 .00
CLarluBLoa :i 67 .00
Augusta 83 64 00
Biwaonah 82 07 .
Atlanta 82 68 ,' 0
Montomery 82 05 .00
Mobile 85 07 .02
NtwOrleaiiP 811 07 .01
Galveston 84 02 .01
V;clt8bnrg 81 fit) .
Little Itock 83 01 ,00
Memphis 84 57 00
Sum o4 738 .04
Mfana 83 (12 .
. Kalulnll 1m 4'nllou Holt Mr Wrrk
KnallUK October N, ISfiB.
Stationt. Total
Jacksnnvillf, Fla 0.03
New O.ltuns, 1 0.13
Foit Hiu.tb. Ark .0. 111
Galvfston, Tex 0.01)
pRleMinp, IVx 0 0'J
8au Antonio, Tex 0.20
Colt aibus, 0.. 0.00
Ticket No. 175!) drew $10,000 in
the Louisiana lottery yesturdiiy. It was
Bold in Mt niphis. '
. The sidew ks on Shelby slre't
muet 1)8 put into flood condition, 6
said President Haddun yestirday.
The Cbickaiaw arrived at 11
o'clock last night fruu White river
with 1074 baVs of cotton, 1427 sacks of
seed and a lot of sundries.
In Ibe a'lr.tment made by the
River Commission in Nw York cf
the amount appiopriated by Congrees
Memphis beacti gets $00 000.
The following marriage licensed
wore Issued yebterda : Matt Alkni,
eclored, to Nelia Komeiville, oidmvd,
and Ed J. Cotter to Miss Cora Ktier.
Tnere was an exorepalon of
genuit e and deep resr. t ameng Mem
pliiau yei'e-dny. when it was Tenrnod
thRt Mr. Hemy Furstenhrlm wis in a
dyi'.g condition.
Tim case of tt.e f-'tat aaairst
'ITet.rj II. Meyer, s ayer of William 11
Diuinivant, wtscillod jesterdiiy, and
cent mied bv cotisur.t nnt'l W'edos
viav, October'20th.
Mission services for tbo ponr are
held every Friday tight at r-t. Mary's
Uathtdral, Poplar sliect, at 8 o'clock.
l'rahing on Friday, Octobtrl5th, by
the lisv. Father Patterson. All are
The following were the lucky
numbers that drew the principal
iriies in the Liu'siana lottury yester
day: No. 20,442, $75,000, No. (ll,!Mi8,
$25,000; No.l75!),10.(KK); No. 20,104,
$(5000; No. 73,3112, $0000.
' McTighe, MtLaws & Co. and J. S.
McTig' e & Co. have, taken a contract
lor ovr 1,000,000 yads of lovying in
Tunica, Dsnoto and Coahoma counties,
Mifs. Ihe stcuring of this con'rect
giv.s evidence of the enterprite of
Memphis ejetrac'ors, as thee was a
lively competition for it Tblienablta
Memphis to control the labor and sop
plies far over ,500,000.
The jury in the case of Felix
LDg, charged with the murder cf
John Clark, alias John the Biplis',
brought in a verdict of guilty yester
day, fixing the punishment at ten
years in the penitentiary.
A fire broke cut about non yes
terday in a shanty on Tbird street
near Commerce. Tee fire lsds were
promptly on hand and extinguished
the 11 .men af'er a small corner of the
roof had been destroyed. Damage
about $25.
On account of a'ckness in the fam
ily f f Mr. W. D. Be hel, the conceit
that wai to have bren givtn at liiB
residence Fiiday evening) the 15th In
ttant, I r the heni flt of tbe titiangers'
Chu'ch, will b given a, tberesideuca
of the Rev. N. M. Long, on Hercando
Judging by the nuuieraui bills
presented ti the O unty Court asking
tompensatii'vn for inquiring into tbo
mental condition of alleged lunatic,
an alarming amount of ineaoity seem
to be lurking in this vicinity. But as
justici-a of the peaxe are paid for de
tecting these case, it is safe to assume
that tbey will not permit any snap of
that sort to get away from them.
Tbe cycle of tbe Jewish festivals,
which commenced with the new year,
clot e with the Ft ait of the Tabernacles,
the celebration of wbich commences
with the Betting of this evening's sun.
It is lolemnized cs a thanksgiving day,
as a feact of the harvest by lire Jews at
the present time. Divine ter vices are
held tonight at lbs Temple at 7:30
o'clock, and a thanksgiving sermon
will be delivered by the Rev. Dr.
Lis's for the s:gnatures of Demo
crats who wish to become members of
the Phe'an and Shelby C )ui,ty Demo
cratic Club have b en left at Wright
Bros, and Job mi t in & Vance's store,
wbt re all who feel an interest in the
success cf the Dernocr.t'c ticket in
November are urged to call and sign.
Other lists will be left at placis to be
announced, and it is hoped that a rous
ing crowd will be at the Courthouse
at tbe meeting on Friday evening.
next. North Memphis and o her por
tions of the city will be thoroughly
Dr. 8. A. Pool, of Beale street.wai
yesterday made thedttfoDdant irfasult
brought in the Circuit Court by
Henry Ilempol mid Frances llempel,
his wife, for $ 0,000 damages. Tbe
papers in the case allege that
while Mrs. llempel was in Dr.
Pool's otlice to pay him $20 for rent
due that tbe doctor locked the door,
taught her in his arms and threw her
on his bed ; that she rrsialed ttontly
and B'TAnm' d so lustily for hilp Hint
tbe defendant released her and un
locked Ihe door. The plaintiff's de
mand for dart agea will probably lore
much of Its force from Ihe fict that
his aitirrey is alleged to have at
tempted to s tile the matter anvcably.
In an interview with an Apciai.
reporter yesterday, President lliulilon
said that inasmuch as tbe Gas Com
pany ' bad backed out of its contrac
with the city, that other methods ol
lighting Ihe stieota would probably
be considered. Personally he was in
clined to favor the plan ol lighting the
city by electricity, as the expense of so
doiDg would not exceed Ibe amount
appropriated for etreet lighting pur
poses. The electric light companies
of Memphis wcte together prepi-red
to furnish 350 arc lights, which would
be amply sutliciont for lighting tbe
streets, and the quality of the light
furniehed is in itself the strongest
argument lu its faver. : From tbe
draft of President Madden s remark?,
the reporter ventures to predict that
the day Is not far distant when all the
streets of Memphis will be lighted by
Cbaurery 4'onrl-El let t. Judge.
Calendar for today: No?. 5118, Topp
va Topp j 6123, King vs Krb; 6148,
uotierisnn vs JioDei'snn; 01 lu, smith
va Hm.th: 615?. Mitchell vs Knslev:
5155, KawlingBvs Rawlinps; 5102, Tay-
mr vs uerman wtoui mole; 6103,
Cannichael vs Oarmkhsel; 5164, Plant
ers' Insurance Co. vs N. Mill Co. j 610(1,
Kink vs Hink ; 5211, Harrell vs 8audr-
lin; 5213, Mate vs Nmith; 5218, Mil
bu rn vs Mullallyi 6210, Uounsy vs Ly
ion; 5222, Henry vs Hfnry; 5220,
Drury vs LaFarge; 5231, timith va
Loaguej 5234. Shoa vs Ciilibige; 5235,
Uowling vs Cubbage; 6230, Browne
vsCubbage; 5237, Catawba Oil Co. vs
Milburn; 6243, Old Folks vs Mil ard ;
6245, Gocdloe va Goudwiu; 6240
Memphis and Cbaile9ton Railroad vs
Memphis, Birmingham ad At'anlic
Railrjad; 5218, Itoyd va ltarnts; 5240,
Miller vs Newport; 5250, Warner vs
Mumlinger; 5250, A very vs Jonei;
6257, Baek rvs Harvey; 5258, Boiry
vs Fatts; 5200, Kppis vs Vienna; 5201,
Frayfer vs Holt; 6202, Atullnily vs
Miibnrn; 6204, Flick vs Warner;
6205, Bealtie vs Johnson ; 5207, Downy
vs Downy ; 5201), Htewart vs 8. B. A L ;
5270, Kamiaut vs Beaumont; 6271,
Plnmmer vs Galloway ; 6:78, Batoman
vs Boyd.
Chancellor Kllett beard and decidt d
fiom the bench yeetordny the case of
Lnytou va. Hat roll in favor of com
plainant. All matters of divorce, in response
to fiequent inquiries made of the
clerk, will be hi nnl only on the regu
lar call cf published cases on the hear
ing deckot.
Circuit 1'oart-tlalee, Judge.
Jury calendar for today: Nos. 8016,
J. E. Gjodwin vs Kennesaw Manu
facturing Company; 8700, George
Campbell vs Taxing District: 8703.
Samuel Liudeidalevs Taxing District;
8781, Bowling, Jones A Co. vs J. H.
Ku-e; 8(05, G. Diricenx) vs Her hers A
Filck; 8700. Hunter Bros, va W. A.
Faires; 8802, W. A. Smith vs M. G.
Darmod ; 8855, Charles Hicks vs Kan-
las City, Kpringtleld and Memphis
railroad; 8802, T. O. Jnrden vs Mem
phis and Charleston Railroad Com
pany; 8801, Francis Rodgers vs Chesa
peake, Ohio and Southwestern Rail
road Cemnany; 8805, Tliouus Kelly
vs A's'.on Boyd.
Criminal ('nrl-liibne, Jnitae.
George Houston, charged in two
cans with Bfsau'.t and ba'.terv: For
tune Dow, petit larceny, and Walter
AVi likens, charged with a'sault to
murder, nil plead not gnilty in the
Criminal Court yesterday morning.
in uie cphb ol lleury Jackson recog
nizance was taken.
Judgment was delivered in Dm char
of Felix Lang, found guilty of mur
der in the second degree, and sen
tenced to liltoen years in the peniten-
unrv. a motion was made for a new
Kddie Austin, a biwulnllial nf tha
Sab' ath day, was fined $25, but the
iiuuibuinent is neia up during good
Tt.e raso of tbe State v Wm Ttath.
rburgod wiih the murder of John
Kelly on Ircnt strtet in Anirust laL
w as called to-day. and a iurv ia being
selected. Eleven members of the
panel hid been eelec'ed at nnnn vm.
Miss Aaaia Jonm, Mis Mary Gra
ham and Arthur H. Jones loft Saturday
afiernoon for ti: Louis on the steamer
City of Vicksnrg. ,
J. Nkwtoh Scvtt. for several years
connected with Z liner & Co., has re
turned from Haliftx, N. 8., with his
wife ard child. He can bs fouod at
bis accustomed place, and will serve
bis pa r-ns aith bis usual politeness
and alTabi'i y.
Peabudy Hotel.
Hafei ti u and (3 iter day. according to
,ae and location of room Sixoial
mtde ratM.
J J Wllltami, Ga R Hick. Tenn
J W Wiieoian, Ky T H JackxuD, Ark
P Harris, Neb 1 1' Sherman. Pa
J Heward, Ohio J 11 Jones, Ark
J H Hm.n Aw, Ala J W All ion, Tern
Mil! K Keevea, Ark Mr M Moraan,Tox
W VV Murphv.Tena PT Sutton, Ala
J W llarria. Mil J P Morris, Tonn
II M liradler. Kr K Sr-lillo inir, N Y
CHKindsltolT, N Y H Milburn, N Y
C I, Cauiiibell, NY C N Kdwardt, La
E (i Lanaborne, Va J P Clapton, Ark
L Sydney, Ma Mr Ssott ,tJ, Mir
Mn llaldwin. Mil W Lawrence, T-nq
J 0 Orillith, Tenn T K Milliben, N i
K V Beniam in, Ohio CDJ oyoe, Pa
A Warren. N J . W Tho tnpaon. La
W KooU, Wii ' W W Wo.d, La
Rev Job Turner, Va Oenrae Prentisi, Mich
W A l'oroy.jr, Tenn K llenjaniin, Ohio
II 11 MeCaltb.Mii 0 II Ingormn, Mo
M K I'billipi, Ark J W Keile, Ky
J (1 Walker, 111 W C Callioolt Aw.Miss
IA8keen,Kv F B Jonei, Mil
Ml) Howell, Mn W L Boyd, Ky
J K I'bi llpi, N Y Hoi Kosenbium, Ky
ASUilhert.Ky J K lloikin, Ky
E P bin th, Tenn J J Kl ah iff, Ark
Joel Urabain, Tana 11 Patton, tenn
W 8 Moore, Tenu.
Uaitn'a Hotel.
W. 11. BINOHAM.... Mamoia.
European plan. Knlarmd ant retarniihed.
Prioi aonordina ti iir.e and loca
tion of room,
J R Mnore, Ark W 0 Browrr, Ark
Mr 1 U Uowxe-MIn 0 M Davia, Tenn
A I) Dei'k, Ten! K J Lowenitein, Mis
II Clinkexoales. Mil J K Robininn, Tenn
K M W hitney, N Y Mn uunningbam.Miea
MlakCunninKhniu.MiaO P Melohior, Mill
W A Uodinn, Mo HP Beach, N Y
(1 T ilnwnrlon. Mil J I) Jonea. Mif
() W Hmith, Ark K llockinir, Ark
HnraCBKherman.WIMrU 8 Well. Win
J V Fondren ia, Ark A J iJrillilh Aw, Misa
I) o Aieiaauor, Ara t; u noune, Jenn
h M Walsh, Tonn R U Merritt, Tonn
J B Klleit, Cal Mrs L Kllett. Cul
Mr R K Dnl, Cal R R Smith. Tenn
T lloluian, Tenn R A Brown, Mill
J M Brown, Mien (J B Harrison, La
JBlIall, La KVrennn, La
N J Miilley, Tenn W A Wailo, Tenn
H 0 Miller, Tenn Mr J J Koitc h, Tonn
(1 W Johnson, Tenn A II Martin, Mlii
K i Lnwenatein.Mi! II W Pratt, Ark
J R Aleright, Ark D 8 .lucks, Ark
F M Johnson, Mil J C Perry, Ark
J H I'arnoll Aw, Ark II McLaurin, Mia
J J Kl.liell. Ark T Johnson. Ill
P J t'oltinan, 111 W K Robinson Af.Ark
J K I'irJin, Arc n i tlailoy, Miss
I) R Bailey, Mill II He' derion, Tenn
T J Kliiinln. Tenn T A Wriaht. Tenn
J P Chapinan,Tonn J 11 Leuvenworth,Uia
rt a iiumpnreis, lex v w jett. Ark
Mr R Levy, Me M McTighe, Ark
U llaker, Tenn J W Little, Ky
JW Alton, Tenn 0 I) Hughes, Tenn
J W Coleman, Tenn J Blackwell, Tenn
1) C blaughler, Tenn J C Page, Tenn
N B Jones, Tenn L llnnauer, Tenn
P T Koriythe, Tenn B Bingham, Tenn
0 Bidden, Ark Z Taylor. Tenn
W CJuokion, Mo MP (inillard. Misa
J W William. Tonn D (I Duller, Misi
Mrs K Miller, Mis J P May, Ark
J OHilmer. Mis N Y Bailey, Mis
0 U Builey, Ark I II MoKoak, Mil
W W Murphy, Tonn J J Fletcher. Mils
J C Moore, Ark W J Untcs, Tonn
0 W Jnbine.Tunn W M Keller, Tenn
K J Mean, III Miss M Rourke, lnd
A llynann, Ark A W Chaimdii, Tenn
A lloodman, Miia A I BaU, III
8 Lyons, H Y T Taylor, Tonn.
The New Unyoon.
Ratal $2 50 to W per t'ay, according to leca-
tlin or rooma.
W W Wood, Ky R N Temple, Va
JK Blake, Misi K L Cobb, N Y
L C Downey. Ky JF80rane,NY
ChasLewit.NY W K Grata, N Y
JMFouli, NY A A Green, Mo
Mn Hoyae, Miss Mrs Adama, Mil
Misi Adam, Mis W M Parker, Mo
(I L Rockwell, Kaa B J Wilbourn, Mlaa
W J Atkina Aw, Mia (i L Uurley, N 0
A Allen, Ga W Barnett, Trnn
R O Kelly, Mls W B Knooh, Miss
U IIHpencer, Misi C R Perkins, lnd
J Robinson, Mil W R MoUann.Miii
A Psttison, Miss 0 C Armstrong, Mil
J S Mithnn, III 1, Dana, Mn
J B llillhouie.Tenn O Miller, Miss
R U Mitshell, Tenn II 0 Moore, Kaa
Mrs MoWheiter, Kaa 11 T Hainea, Mo
T While, M in CTHUIoui). Ark
W P Watkini, Mil Thoi II Collins, Misa
0 L Robinion, Miia A A Hiarp, Miss
Mrs Htrosser, Tenn Misi Brioaley, Tenn
K R Page, Mis L II Hhulor, Mo
K Morton, Tenn L II Jenkina, N Y
RJStorri, NY MLKaton.Ho
T JThur.ton.Ko.
DHlly'e I nroirnu Hotel.
Corner nf Adama and Main ttreets. Rooms.
500, 7Ro and tl ear day i American Plan,
ti per day.
Firt classltestaurant in the Hctel.
J. M. DUr FY (10 years with Peabody Hotel),
T D KilnntrioW, Mo KM Jonoi, Tenn
0 B Guthrie, Tenn
W U Maliory, Tenn
U Luhlinger, III
A H Knuling, Mo
W P Painter, Tonn
w K Fill er, Tenn
W L (lilmnn. A In
KM Naoe Aw.Ua
II Weniell, Mn
C II Cheek, Ark
J Smith, Tenn
II T Butler. La
II K Rovno ds.Tni
J M Shivers, Tenn
Miss L Shivors, Tenn C I, Keightly, Tenn
m n I'snnoi'or, ill l w Acal, lenn
L B MeMill. Miss J llnitihle. Ark
K TlioinpsonAd.Tenu Airs J B Baxtur, Ark
Mra A Brown, Ark G W llumplirya,Tonn
J G Monro, Tonn
J Wood A w.Tenn
L Nelson, Tenn
W 0 I'resby, Tenn
T Ilol.y, Tonn
J C Britton, Tann
H F Avilliind, Mils
W T Prenby, Tenn
BL Winn, Tenn
A C Roarko, Tonn
J K Criwl'ord. I'nnn
n A Pont -r., Xonn
J R Galloway, Tenn II L Roff. Tenn
AHun.e.Tean 11 Roynolda, Tenn
J N Mol, Tonn J 11 Miller, Tenn
J W Aleaander.TennJ M Watson, Tenn
N Tbhotwoll, M.
Molid(illverWMr Hi Mnlford'a
The Hon. Zack Taylor, the nominee
of the Republican party for Couirree".
and Mr. James Plielan, nominee of
the Democratic party for Congrese,
will addrers tse citizens of the Tenth
Congressional Distrht, in joint dis
cussion, at the time and places stated
below, namely:
Brunswick, Wednesday, Oct 13,
12 m.
Uermautown, Thursday, Oct. 14, 1
Colherville, Friday, Oct. 15, 1 p.m.
S imervllle, Saturday, Ost. 10, 1 p.m.
LaGrarge, Monday, Oct. 18, 1 p.m.
Williston, Tuesday, Oct. 19, 10 a.m.
Moscow, TuoMlay, Oct. 19, 4 pm.
Pocahontas, Wednesday, Oct. 20, 10
Mlddleton, Wednesday, Oct 20, 4
Haulsbury.TbmsrtHy.Oct 21, 10 a.m.
Orand Junction, Thursday. Oct. 21.
4 p.m.
Toors, Fridav, Oct. 22, 10 a.m.
Hnlivar, Saturday, Oct. 23. 1 p.m.
Whitoville, Monday, Oct. 25, 1 p.m.
Whitehaven, Wednesday, Oct. 2", 1
uaplevilie, Thursday, Oct. 28, 1 p.m.
Memphis. Friday. Oct. ill. 7::!0 D.m..
at Exposition Building.
Aiason, batnrday, Oct. 30, 1 p.m.
Chn. Republican Cong. Coininitlee.
. K. V. A DAM 8,
Cha. Democratic Cong. Couimitlee.
Order "MdIIoihI M ule Meilaln.
St. Mary's Miwdon to Ihe Poor
Of Memphis makes urgent appeal for
money, coal, warm clothing, blankets
and material for supplying the ponr
wnn worn, inis micsion is actively
engaged in the aeeeial care tf the
sick and needy, and asks for the iyra
pathy and Btipport cf the citiimis of
Memphis. All contributions in money
or in kind sent to the clergy house,
No. 340 Poplar street, will be thank
fully acknowledged.
Monogram Uanglea Mnliord
m To Imi
How to Go From the Bluff
City to the Mound City
for Nothing.
The Plan as Arranged by the
Misfit Clothinj Parlors.
THE ItOUTE-Eithcr direct by
river or by steamer to Belmont,
Mo., tbence by rail, or all rail, via
Nabhvillo and Cairo.
room for all excursionists, but no
sleeping-ooaches on the boat, or no
steamboat bar on the cars.
The Misfit Clothing Parlors are
not issuing free tickets to St. Louis,
but any one buying a Suit and
Overcoat there can save enough to
pay the expenses of tbe trip up the
When you buy a Suit or Overcoat
at tbe Misfit Clothing Parlors you
got really First-class Cloth and
First-class Work. You really get
Double Value for your money, so
that vtlie difference between our
prices lor fine tailor-made clothing,
and what the tailor will charge you'
would pay, for a trip to St. Louis.
Hundreds of Fine Suits.
Templing Array ol Spring Over
Big Stock of Fine rants,
all selling for less than the oloth in
them cost.
Make no mistake, as MifcCts will
save you many dollars.
Open evenings until 9 ; Saturdays.
until 11.
Reuiembor, all alterations to in
sure a Perfect Fit, DONE FREE
OF CHARGE, by a Frst-class
Clothing Parlors
262 Second Street,
Opp. Conrt Sqnare, Memphis. Tenn.
Young & Brother,
Hook sellers and Stationer--,
3 IS Main Nt., HemphU, Trim
A KKW atllfl'LT or
UWA I- N'i';Kfx
Mas. J. II. StATSR, t.aiberof Ger
man, Gayoso Hotel.
P. M. Stanley, funeral director and
embalnier, 55 Madison street.
Dks Mitch ill fc Mauhy have re
moved their oilier to their new sana
tarium building, No. Ill Court street.
P. M. Fattkrbon & Co, are receiving
larpe shipments of Alabama Splint
coal, clean and dry from tbe cars.
Ollice, 278 Second street.
Miss Cadrie M. Kkati.no, pianisf,
mav be found at tbe store nf E Wili
mann & Co., 221 and 223 Second
etrfet, from 3:30 to 5 p.m. every day
till tbe 15th inttant; after that time at
(lie OayoEO Hotel.
G. W. Millbb & Co., Patent Asbestos
Fire Proof Koofers. For durabilitv.
equaled by none. Used on wood, tin,
iron, felt and gravel roofs. No. 65
Madison street.
Thi Herbal Chill (lure, the best
tonlaand antl-nriodia known. A Mrtaln
and mra our for ohill- Frio II par bot
tla. Srm.l Hump! for olroaUrt. Any rof
areno ilnn. Addreil John 0. Haokar,
bynounarc. v.
All authorities agree that tbe milk
of a healthy mother is tbe beBt food
for an infant. Next to this, and con
taining all tbe elements for perfect
nutrition, is Mellin's Food, which,
after a long test, ia highly indorsed by
prominent medical men.
Fine Watcb repairing at Malford'p.
I am now ready to wait on bit
friends and the public at larse with
the choicest of meaU, oys'ors and fish.
Komoinber the place ; it is at the cor
ner of High and Poplar. Telephone
NO. 870. H. HKK89IL, SB,
Ladies' Fur Trlmmlnga
For Dres3"S, Cloaks and Harks. You
will s.we money by examining these
sooda and comuaring my prices with
other establishments. I am introduc
ing tnese gnoils lor toe nrst time, anu
will sell them cheap to get them
Also La ' ire' Furs of all kinds. Muffs.
St oils, Captsand Caps in all kinds of
rur. Call and se them.
MAKTIM C0I1KN, th Hatter,
21i Main atreot.
IIaUin! llathMl Itaths!
Clear water, fresh a'r. warm rooms:
baths of a 1 descriptions at No. 222
Second street, near Adams.
Xnlforu. Jeweler. 14 Main. t0
Helta, orders from the country.
Sklrlti! Shirts!
All stvles and prices to order.
Memphis Steam Shut Factory, 224
JAMES C. ISEIX, President.
t&" bPECIAL PKICES k Kallroad
aurOar Fall and Wintfr Stock of BOiT4 ABJI NIIOKS-thalartta't in Ifala markor, and one of the argtst o bs found In any market
ii no eomplete, and we invite tbe Mercbanta viiitmg: Memohie to call and l imine the came. Tbe faot that we aell more than any other
honte here, and erhani more than any houre "ou'h ot the Ohio rivxr. I auSnient evidence that our (004a and price are eatil aotory to
the trad. We elill carry a large line of UM'OM-.HAOE UUOUS, innludtng the oe ebruted Ueo. Hooker Oalt' Doota, Krippendori,
Duluiari A Co. 'a Ladies' Kid, tioat and Call, beaidoa a large variety of uther make. Our Kaatern mae ftoodi cannot be aurpanted by
anvhnii.. (Jive roll '. HOniHla itm-PAr.
Buy Only the Best and
Save Money!
FOItV 75
We oHVr yon Id.ja' booil, Mrona;,
Neul Ilullon Nbors, Micb aa yon
nfvf r bonaht bifjre fur loai IIihu
e)l 2A lo S3 OO, iliealzea rui nluR
from It lo 3.
FOR $1 35
We sell an Excellent Doable Tip.
ped tihue for Children, 4 to 7,
worth rKulr 81 00. lor ftl 85,
imm kind. t)iaa 7 1-2 lo 10 1-2,
worth regular $1 80.
BvChildren'a and Misoa' School Shoe
hoaper Than Erer, or Anywhere Else.
Call and Convinoe Vourso.v.!.
TOIt $2 OO
Ton can buy or in a pair or La.
die' Kid Button Shova Unit you
cannot aubailliKe elaewlicre lor
3 DO.
FOR 3 35
We offer you LadUa' Pebbled Goat
Bntton Shoe, fully wortU $t 70.
FOlt $i OO
Tou ran buy a Hirf Bfcn'a ti ni
ter", Lace Bala or Button aliori,
full- ateek. ralfakln, neamleae
vamp, aulid aoie leather and
counter, every pair warranted,
worth at least 83 70 to 81 OO
FOlt $1 35
Ton enn buy of us a pair or Wen's
(liitchilowB! Bncltle or Tie he
that cost you elewhera 91 73.
Deviled Crabs, fthrlintt,
Salmon, fresh Can flncrfeerel,
Sardines, Lobsters,
Brook Tront, Oyaters,
Maekerel In 'loinlo C'atsnn,
Sweet Mailed Pickles,
Sonr Pichlea by thegnl. and In Jars,
Pichled Onions, Hot Kellsh,
Wooster Saure, lomnlo 'nlop,
Capers, Jrlastaril, Cnrry Powder,
Nnlnd Irrsinr, Ollvi'a, Olive Oil,
Oram Cheeoe, Celery Sunce,
lelery Suit, -'e , I 'C
J. F. BUniCH AM & CO.
Hons, Ammouitiun, flsUinir Tackle
and !Krlsmenh' Niipiilies.
aa Hnin Ntreel, .feuipiils, Tens;
Mann(aotnrira; and Rop&iHrgot Worm t
Bpenialtv. I,argB3t Stcrk. Bout assortment.
Boiler Works.
MO, Uli, 114 4'ront, Memphis.
J la the Soutb, and the ooiy oomplet
Boiler and onset-Iron Wurka la the city.
aiaoinrrn or v
work or every dewfa-iptlon. BpeolaJ
Importer and dealera In Ones, Ammo,
tllioa and l lshlaiar Taekle, aasillderaj'
Hardware, Lleeirie Bells tend
nnnelntors for Hotel! and Keldenoe!,0
Main street, Memphis, lean. Elaetrie
npplls alwayi on hand. Rspairla neatl
done. ,
Frank Schumann.
Importer and Dealer In
duns, nstalua: Taekle and Sprta
' Supplier r Speoial attentloa
lia Main Stneniphls, Tenn
Harness? Collars,
ant levee Contractors for Wagon, Scraper and Cart Harness. "Sal
B8TA.DIjI8Xr.Bir3 lOOO.l
Wl I,. VLAttK. E. J. aJAKBl.VGTOX.
PAID HP CAPITAL, ::::::: $1M00
Intoront Faid osx TJepoaalts.
M. II. KATZENBERGKB, rres?dent. T. KATZEVBliRUER. Cashier.
W. H. OARROblj,
Z. N. ESTE9.
S. 8.
VLolesale Grocers and Cotton FacEora
Nos. II 1-2 and 13 Union Street, Memphis, Tenn.
Have attained, ha induced unprincipled manufacturer to place on the market a ba
imitation. We hereby oaution Ihe public that all Oonuino Cigarroa will bear A BlU teal
on each box, and our Factory umber, 20O, 3d Oialriet, N. Y.
The only all long Havana tiller cigar on the market for 9 centa.
Factory 200, 3d District, N, Y.
FOR SALE BY-S. A. Franaioll, P. Carlin, II. J. Heiiter, R. MiiBter, B. G. Campbell & Co,
MllflN JflYMEB. Whnlpssle AnGIlts.
Iffl & Mil ORGANS
ssrTXRMS-Cua. or eaay Monthly Initillraen'. Write for IlluatraUd CatJtu.-w
O- K.- HOUCK dS3 OO.
No. BOO IVXcalxi St., ZVCoxxx-iolxlase Tonn.
. Id Cation Street. MashTllle. Ko. 1IUU Oltv Streo. Bs. IbK
Wbolesule Dealers and Piibllsbers
Sols Aaenta for the following-
PIASTOS Kranich &
OKGANS Clough & Warren, and Smith American.
Write for CUb1okuo. 3ToS21 mid S2S Second Mreet, Memphis.
((in;t'i:ssoK! to . i i.r.h), jobbers r
Cigars and Tobacco
275 Main MrrW.Opp. Court Knare. Mciii,lilw.Teiiii
l.OOO liaffs TVew Crop (Season ISSft), Rio Coflee.
3,000 hcKs Iron and Steel Naila-beat brandi.
1,04K barrels Itetlned Sugar all Rradci.
IOO barri-l New Crop (eaon Klce.
1,500 pkKH. Leal and Rellned L.ard.
ISO tierces auvHwel llains.
IOO boxes IlrenUfHsi ftacon.
l.OOO bajjs Shot, Powder and Cans,
lit OOO biaxes Canned Moods, Sardines, Oysters, tic.
J.OOO bxs. pure New Cream Chetue silver Moon Ilrand.
1,000 bags ban d-plcked Vir;lula and Tennessee Peanuts.
w f w 1 i .1 l.H.,n,la a kit. 4
1 nanniaciiirern 01 tiie vr if!a-ic r....
,VEB MOON and RtrJlflUI'iire Stick Candy, and ltahlnff
3 nniralill
f i-i-tM of I't.i'cf.';a. IVollS lemons. Oraues,
: TICiilsiiiM, NiK Etc.
INos. 2S4 and 2Sfi Main
sex isfcjTisr t.
comii unU vftjr. ofliuuruinE noi gniy
rlinm. Humble aVDd Itvlisl. sTrirtiia. whinh wa n 11
TO 'TH K TBAOK w, cS.r epaelal indnoementa. Carrjinr mo.t ol our good iln
uni.rn Rl.KS. we are i-r.n.r.,1 i fill nr.l.r. mr !iecial iei at NO KATKA COST, tliu
enabling Merchant to. ill In without being
j tents for Ihe.Celebraled W. I.
arojrs snoes io r
F. METEK, ec and rreatt.
w. B. DOAN.
Firat-Claaa Imtrumentas
Bach, Gabler, and Wheelock.
Street, : Memphis, J'din.
nr fjkt low lKUT6f
compelled to buj good sot needed.
Poaalas M Me. Calf Sbesiid

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