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THURSDAY, t t OCT. 14. 1886.
We have recalved from the office of
"The Beard of rrornotion," appointed
by the United States Senate, a circu
lar calling attention to the proposed
'Permanent Exposition of the Three
Americas," to be lecattd at the capkal
6f the United B ates; the "Oonstltn
Uonal Centennial Celebration in 1889,"
by the sixteen American Republics,
in honor of the one hundredth anni
versary of the Constitution of the
pirent Republic the United Statts;
and the "World's Exposition in 1802,"
in honor of the tour hundredth anni
versary of the discovery of America
by Columbus. The events of the
adoption of the Constitution of the
United States and of the discovery of
America are of historic importance of
a chamber that Interests the whole
mnrU. for the effect of both has
reached every civilized ration in
the world, and, as everywhere,
produced powerful result upon
the social and political condition
of human society and its welfare.
Last June Senator Hoar brought these
meters up before the Senate, and the
committee for the primotion of ap
propriate methods of celebrating thete
anniversaries was appointed, conns'-
inifof Senator from Ohio, Mwisiclin-
setts, New Jersey, Connecticut, In
dians, Maryland and Louisiana. The
committee is required to consider the
propriety cf properly celebrating the
anniversaries falling in 188!) and 1892
as interes'iug "not only the citizens of
tliis Republic and of the governments
of the Weotern hemisphere, but they
alto mark occasions tf transcendant
importance in the history of the civil
ied world." Senator Hoar, in mov
ing his resolution, elated that no
doubt, the diplomatic representatives
and all other repressntatives of Ameri
can republics to whom the formation
of our Constitution haa been an ex
ample, and who are children
ol American liberty on this
continent , will join in celebrat
ing in bur'; jCoun'"" tue8B
great events in wuicftjtiiey have com
mon interest. From his own kuowl
edge, Mr. Hoar further stated that
historical eocietlos throughout the
country are earnestly desirous that
the ceaianlal wMpB of,
Independence snouiu do propeny oo
eerved. Spain has a large share In
the interest aroused by the fourth
centennial of Columbus's discovery,
and Mr. Hoar said the people there
are moving in the matter, and the
Royal Society of Madrid has taken
measures for a national celebration of
that event. The Board of Promotion
lias constilutad the . forty-six States
and Territories, Bnd the presidents
and secieUriea of all commercial or
ganizations members. The circular
contains copies of acceptances from
poisons in all the States, including
President Chase and Secretory Keel
in ir. of the Memphis Merchants' Ex
change ; Mayor Kerchival, of Nash
ville; President Hensley and Sec
retary Hight, of the Nash
ville Merchants' Exchange, and
Gov. Bate; Gov. Lowry, of
Mississippi; Secretary Welch and
President Lowery, of the Atlanta
Chamber of Commerce; President
Bush and Sucre tar y St. John, of Mo
bile, and Secretary Baitooll, of the
Helena Chamber of Coram"
These Brand celebration te vet ln
the future, but ny ' ' readers
wilt hn iattrosted in knowing that
6ttir having the celebrations in view
are already in the preparatory stage,
The early piricd at which preliminary
arrangements are proceeding, will
give some Idea of the g'and scale on
which the approaching anniversaries
are to bs celebrated.
with the business activity. The signs
of the times plainly indicate tbetnext
year will brlrg unbounded and un
precedented prosperity lo the country
aneof the most remarkable in all
the hifctory of American develoi ment
and general prosperity. These facta
show that the Repnblicans are no
prophets and that the Democratic
party is dettlmd to role the country
at least during the present century.
Now that the Democratic party haa
proved iti ability to role tbe country
wisely and to give the people prospei
ity.and now that the labor troubles ate
to be satisfactorily adj anted, and now
that the people know bow to put
down ' tbe anarchist and
the communists, under Dem
ocratic rule, the coantry will
reach destiny which the mcst san
guine mind has never anticipated,
The Union i young in year.', but
broad in cxten. There is no country
earth so rich in intelligence, in
The Sums for Levees and for the Va
rious Reaches Too Reasons Gov
eruing the lommlsslun.
material resources and the grandaerof
i's moral strength. It basaconstltu
tion with which there is no human
law comparable, and with the extinc
tion of strikes, labor riots, anarchy and
eectimal hatred, the Democratic party
marshing forward in defense ol liberty,
law, right and justi e, will give great-
hiss, peace and prosperity to the coun
What It la a Compared Willi tbe
StaBdard Oil !ompay, or Which
III an Otfaboot.
The Greenville Time publishes
upon tne authority oi nu. n. o.
Ferguson, commlesioner.who returned
heme last etk, the following sta e
ment oi tbe allotments made by the
Mia itsippi River Commission :
General lerrio.......
Ottioe, etc
Mempnii neacn
Repairs ol Plant
Delta Point .
Lake Providence
Plum Point - -i -
400,(11 K)
Specific apropriationf by Congress1 4t.ia0
Yar.oo Front (Up. Dili) 1 10.000
Tensas Front (in Louisiana) juu,uuo
Tenia Front (Amoi Bayou to Arkan-
I'.itwl n.wi
In connection with Plum Point works lWl.p-0
K diuver Front (Morniai....... iu.uuu
Yaioo Front U unties' break ex-
..an.lilnr.1. PM.MrVAfl for BIlDrOVai
of tbe fcoeict iry of War 6,979
lKMtM!RATI4) rHUNriillllV,
The Republicans aie poor prophets
They told the country that the elec
tion of Cleveland meant tbe return of
the regroes to slavery, the payment of
the Confederate war debt, tbe pension
of Confederate to'diers, and that the
whole country would sink into irre
trievable bankruptcy and ruin. Cleve
land baa been Piesident nearly two
years; the negro is secure in Lis free
don); the Confederate toldier baa
asked for no pension and expects
ngne; the rebel debt has not been
paid and never will be, end lrsload of
ruin the country Is enjoying an un
precedented prosperity and tbe peo
nle have implicit cortldence in tbe
future. This confidence is bated on
the fact that the failures for the "Uist
nine months cf 1880 number 7582, as
c imp. red with 8433 in 1S85, with
8U02 in 1884, and with 7358
in 1883. Moreover, the felling
tfT in liabilities Bhows that tbe
ft ilu'i's recorded have du'ieased not
only in number but in severity. For
the tine months of 1887 thise liabill
t is nmotiiit to f 77, 110,644, while for a
like period in 188(i tl ey were $!;) 970.
38, and In the favorable year, 1S82,
they wire $71,1 62,000. 'The paH
thre; -quarters' dibts are,', siys Drad-
etrrct't, 'but SG.UOO.OCO in excess of
th se for a like period in 1882, or
about 7 per rent., alihough the to'al
number of failures tUs year exceeds
those for nine inon'ln of 1882 by
tea ly 43 per cent.' Those flguies
-tell all that ws need to know of the
preeett btnintss s'tuation. Coming
a? Viey 1) to reinforce reports fiom
every quitter o( mills and factories
lor.g silent but now running once
more, ol tusineis houses crowded
with orders, of tmployes working
niiht and day to keep pace with tbe
new influx cf tiade, of gen
eral confiJence and renewed
investment of capital, they, as
sure us In unmistakable language
that the long night of depreseioa is,
forr -the t'me being, at an end."
' Everywhere business men are satisfied
Now Orleans Timet-Democrat : The
Hon. C. C. Cordill, State Senator, and
cotton nlanter ot Tensas parish,
was las: Thursday made tbe euhjpct
of a Time-Democrat reporter's atten
tion lit the Cotton ExctiaDKe. The
onnveraation turced upon the snhject
of the American Uotton un irusi
Hnmnanv. and the reporter asked:
"llow do von. ts a planter, view
Hiia (Intlnn Oil Trust Oomoanv?"
"It seems to me the policy adopted
hv the O 1 Trust Company is wrong,
nri will hrinff about triat condition ot
ad'aiis the company desires to avoid
vis.: the formation of new companies.
Th Oil Timt controls 00 per cant, of
the producing capacity ol an tne mm
in tbe United cttates. now meir nr
move Is to '
, Bmiunii Tim PRiea or COTTON BKKI
nnrUa nnr nnl. compared Wittl tDl
., - I.
Urns one vear tao. men semi bu.u
forSlOper'tp'non the bnk; planter
are now ontlirt una year ago
nrmln nil RDM far IT cants per Ballon
it is now worh 29 'dents. Meal and
cake both command better prices than
'nr h nn. Ho vou see tne producer
is compelled tj sell for much leas
than he received one year ago, while
the products from his seed command
a much hlaber pries. I am aware of
nn InHtance in any country where
few iLdivlduals, to enrich lnemsBivei,
havA mat In nr attempted to make a
.nmliinatinn In compel the tillers of
tbe soil to take a certain nxea price
(nr thn nr.vIunU Of their labor. BUD
fhonkl fix tbe price
Cotton eetd, like ODtton, corn and
wheat, should have Its ups ana.uowns
In accordance witu tue iruipor
iinrmlntinn in open market.
"If all the oil mills can and are per
milled to comb'ne and tlx tne price o
ac1 at ir nnr ton all the cotton milli
can combine ana nx tne price oi ii
tnn at fi cents per pound. This com
bination is wea'.fi in Itself; it
stocked fjr an enormous sum zome
I believe five ox six times the cost of
ti. nltni. Their only strength is the
weakness of their opponents; thty
know that it Is almost impossible for
agricultural people and laborers to
combine ; fully two tilths of the cot
ton is raisad by colored people, who
sell t'joir seed at any pricu offered
them; the price now tffered do;s cot
pay tin expense of hauling to tbe
landing or depot, as tbe caee may be.
The in 11 men know this, and upon
this fact base all their hopes of suc
cess. If all agricultural piopleintbe
South would decline to sell tboir seed
for ono year, make fertile ire and re
store their poor land, this combina
tion would qo to pieces oi lis own
"What romedy would you suggectr'
"1 know ot no lawful remedy unlees
the producers would so on as'rike."
"What Is your opinion as to tne
difference between tbe Cot'on Oil
Trust and tbe Standard Oil Company
at the Ncrih?"
"I thick there Is s great difference.
la tne first place,
cannot compare themselves to the
Ktaudard Oil Comoinv. The company
owns its own walls, owns tne lamis
tipon which they are situated, and
their refilling factories. Now, if this
corpora Ion deeirea to place ltaeii on
tne same looting tney snouia Duy an
the plantations and make their own
product, and become independent of
every one, and then be able to do as
the Standard Oil Company does enap
timr ungirs ln tne lce oi courts, Leg
Ulatures and evervbodv else."
"Wliat would bs tbe euect oi tne
present polity of tbe Oil Trust Com
panv upon firricu tur but
"If thin company continues in Itsuu
just course toward
hostility will grow up and continue to
increase. A large number ct people,
manv millions, inhabitins and cou
...Il'.-ILIJ. ' L,.-. - " J l
truiung luineeu o aies, r rnn-KJ
growing cotton. The agitation will
contiuue until it spreads among them
and a r, inody for so great a wrong will
be fnunu
"What do ?ou understand this com
pany pioprses to do with Itspioduct?"
"My umleif liiulina is that this com,
pany proprses to absorb the cotton oil
business in all ot i's braccties, to re
fine all of iti cil, make coap, fertilizers
oleomaitrariuo, lard, lubricating oil
etc , arid practically forbid or crush
out all competition.
"What will be tha effect of this?"
"A few will be benefited and
great industry will be paralysed in it
The remainde-. $18,021. will ha ex
pended on levees tf tbi district, op-
ix Bite t and in connection with tha
Lake Providence work.
Of the specific appropriations we
HLeak with recie'. knowing that the
n mm'ssion's ile'ermination of that
s?t apart for Greenvil e will cause
Kieat d!8?ppolntmenr. it was re com
manded ttiat the sum be not ex
pended, for twj reaeone. The firt.
the want of the "plant" with which t
do the work. It was contempla'ed
that th's could be borrowed from the
Lake Providence woik Bu', owing
to the failure of the previous Congr is
to make an appropriation, this had
become much damaged from disuse.
It will take two months lor its repa r,
aod tb n It will all be required at
Lske Providence until bich water,
the end of the working seaeon. And
then the commiision cid not ne'ieve
that tha amount available, $37,500,
could be sately expended in accomp
liehing whfct it had atked $180,000 for.
While d ploiiog this overthrow of a
hope wtich we have for years wrought
to make a reality, it is not our custom
to indulge in repinin. And while re-
uret ioir tbis edverjn decision, we can
not, in fairness, condemn tbe commis
This appropnation of fJ7,o(X) re
mains to this purpose ; and we mint
ttrive to have it supp emented in the
coming Congress by a sum sufficient
to command the confluence oi trie com
Himi'ar recommendaiions were made
in the cjse of ine sppropriations for
Columbus and Hickman, ICy. The
Vickshura' appropriation wai nontin-
ir.nt : and half of it. $37,500. will prob
ably be expended on Delta Point; tbe
mmaiiider will not be applied.
The Memnbis appropriation would
have fared .-simliaiiy, but that its cm
ens have added to tbe $56,250 appro
nriated a sufficient amount to etltct a
nnmnlete work.
.-The specific allotments for NewO;-
bansand'Ue a cnauiaya win oe ex
nnnded. In the latter case a begin
ning of the iclcsure, in acoordance
with the plans of the commission, will
be maae,
proposed a meeting with the packers
at the Board of Trade this afternoon
and should they eccept the propor
tion, the matter will be settled imme
diately. Bbonld tbey not meet me I
will take otmr meats to enect a set
tlement, for this thing muHt be fixed
up quickly, as it is all nonsense lor
Armour to suppose that hu beef
bntchera will woik nnder the circum
stances by which tbey are now Bar
rounded. If I find that things are
as I sometimes suspect they are,
and that tbe packers are playing a
waiting game, I will take more ener
getic measures at once, and on my re
turn to Richmond shall tell tbe
Knights there that Armoui's beef is
not as good as it ured to be, and we
will sea how the opinions of 2,000,000
men throughout the country will ef
fect his trade." It was learned tbiu
morning that, in spita of the packers'
statement to tbe contrary, they have
combined against the eight hour
movement and have given bonds of
$o0,C00 each as a guaranty that tbey
will stick to their ten houragreemen'.
Another instilment of men was
brought from Milwaukee to Amour's
houee this morning. This makes
about 400 imported men now quar
tered there. Mr. Armour's repre
sentative said IhW morning that the
packers would rema n a unit far tbe
ten hours, and there would ba no
comn omise on their pait. Armour
loaded eome filty cars yesterday witu
dressed beef ad provisions, aod ex
pected fo lead for:y cats with provis
ions today.
Lord Randolph Churchill at Tlenna
-Political Affairs in Spain
Cable Flushed.
Ofllhe Old I lu lil I'nrly Were
the Kline aTlieorilie Krul-
lican lUdiculed.
Paw. Tkkm. October 13. Hecr
county has had her citizius stirred
rdav a? never before in her biatory.
Ti e Dmocia'ic hosts began parading
at 8 o'clock thn morning, and iu
creased for two hours, when trie cav
fllcade marched around town tirtusn
the minp.inal atree's. beadtd by a band
of music and Bob drawn by a pair of
blacx horses. Bam A. Hawkins intro
diitifd Alf. and F. M. Thcmpsoa our
Bo Bob spoke of Alf, saying he
was a Republican because ne was
once an Old Line Whig, and that their
principles are identical: and uod
thouirht that if Cav and Webster
conld have heard Alt sspeecn today
they wou'd have turned over in their
ffiaveawhen told their practices and
principles ara uoliuul vtxiu xiepuu
licaoism. v , . . .
Bob, in opening, told them ne nad
been; eent to preach the goepel of
Democracy, and to can eioneis ana
not Democrats to repentance. HU
c .ntrast of old Whiggery with re
publicanism was forcib e and extreme
iv witnetTinB. eiioiune iremenuoue ap'
plause. Alt's spteob filled his full
tirueand was labortd acd lather drier
than usual, while Bob spoke only a
little over an tiour, mait'ng a nappy
hit tbroughcu', and nowhere e'ss has
ne peen more coraiany receiveu wnu
hisher appreciation. F. ewers came
in profusion. Tallinn frrtb happy re
sponces. Two li'tle girls were pufirg
on Tose before soing to tne speaking
Onft aairl: "I will wear tbe wnnerose.
and Emms, you can wear the red,
an a Republican mrL" hmmaeaid
"I rnnnnt wear the red rose as a Re-
Sunday school
Parts, Octobsr 13 M. Cmille YA-
lettn, in an sni.de in La Justice, com-
meniirg on ftl. Lavedon s statementin
the itgaro that Geo. Boulanger has
t spared a plan for acnct,nntalcam-
pago, sys: France does not desire
war, pat the wa cloud hanging over
lifr may break at any momer.t. No
French general on materially affrct
the situa ion eitoer for peace or fjr
war. bm if a general haa activitv of
epnit loai insp res conndence no jtiod
nenenman snou a blame mm. Ku-
tope enjoys a truce, not peace. The
sitna'ion of France and Germany has
Deen created Dy trie victnry ol force
over right. Can that offspring of
f jrce, the German empire, go on living
except by the continued victory of
From a tier man Roarer.
Paris. Octobar 13. The Soir't Ber
lin correspondent 'earns that England
in renewing nor ell. rt) ti induce Swe
den to allow her to estiblih a coaling
station on the ieland of Golt'and or
on a neighboiing ielaud. The coir
e pondent sirs that during the A'ghan
nnsii negotiali' ns for the ctsei nofl
Giulmd to Ejgiand were on the
poin'. of beit;g cont'luded, but that
thny fell through owing to tr e erer-
gHtic oppojit.on of RutHia and Germany.
To Attend tli Icnliun of Liber
ly m BtKiiie.
Pabis, Octjber 13. M. de Lessens
will 1kv) Ha. re on Katnrday for
'ew York, where he will lake .art in
te cer 'monies in connection itn
the dedication of the Ba tholdi Stitue
of Liberty. He will be accompanied
byUouut Napoleon iNey.
Keault of the Elrcllona for Members
or the Uraud NbrDje.
Sofia, October 13. Tbe elections in
Buluaria for members tf the Gracd
Sobrar.je have resulted in the return
of 480 governmer.1 cHuaiai"ieB, oi
twenty-six members of Zankofl's party
and of fifteen adherents ot m. Kara-
tieo. Kaulbnra Awaiting Order.
faviA. October 13. Gen. KaalbEH,
who is at Varna, has exchanged vitits
with tbe f ireign ccnsuls toere, and
both the Austrian and the Jbrencn
consuls have accepted invitations to
take tea with him. Gen. Kaulbars is
awaitirg orders as' to whether be
shall remain in Bulgaria or return to
Russia. .
Correspondent nr the "Irish World"
T)nni.rs. October 13. John Bshan,
hn m Raid to hs correspondent of tbe
Jrtri World of New York, was aireettd
laHt nvenins at Kindveart, ooumy
Clare, on a charge of disorderly con
duct in' the streets.
Hinff Otto'a DUeaiie Incarable.
MiTMirn. October 13. The oflicifl
report of the medical expert appointed
to investigate the cse of King Otto
has been made. It says the King a
disesse is incurable, paranoia, which
does not affect the duration of life.
Sorgb-um Brills,
Or ocers & Cotton Factors,
jSm. 88 Kmim Street. Qyw Blofk.
peer's Cotton
Hilling from Mulberry to St. Martin Streets
- Q
-Insurance and Sacks free. ..
"The Largest and only Complete Gm in tne city.
Mr Best ield. Best Sample. -
IVo. 831 Front Street. Cor, union, meinpnit
nnVkltpaitj Int. I am a
The levee expenditure, f 100 000, in (r,hnar." A Democratic darky came to
connect on with the Flum 1 oint parj8 yPBterday and the Radicals ran
woiks, is aesiKneu at ius ucgiuuiun ui
the closure of the sunken lands out
flow. This nronosfS to etHct a cor
rrction of the greatest of all disturbers
of the lower nver regimen; and a
potent ard most huriinl factor in our
Yeoo JJolta levee prooiem.
'I he lit eral allotment to the upper
Yazoo Delta district is most gratifying,
With that sum and the funds in hand.
and the current revenues cf that dis
trict the levees of the upper lasso
front will be p'aced quite on a footing
witn moss ot me lower, juib win
lace the vouna dis'rict fairly on its
a', and onm ud the poisibililiej to
s achieved through a perfect levee
line from the Df soto Hills on the Ya
zoo river, which have been so often
dnnicted. For this substantial recrg
nition, tbe people ot tne Udira era
greatly Indebted to Piesident White
and Engineer Dabney, mainly through
whrsi able and earnest enoits tne
J 100 000 was secured.
Unr own diBtrct s snare in tnis al
lotment was meagre. Indeed, with
the condition of our levees we ex
nected no more. And the liberal al
io'ment to tbe upper district should
quite prevent disappointment.
While our Arkansas neighbors are
considerably chagrined that a larger
sum was not allotted to them, we
tmst that with their own funds and
those of the Louisiana parishes a sub
stantial beginning at least may be
All of the recommendations of the
commission have been approved by
the Secretary of War.
Rtoli'i F.malalon
pure Uod Liver uu, wiin Hypo
fihosphites, is a most valuable remedy
or consnmnt:on. scrofula, waiting dis
eases of ciiildten, colds and chronic
coughs, and in all conditions where
there is a Iobs of nesti, a iscic oi norve
power and a general debility of the
iloverninrnt Hmi )) nod EpoH
W AsiiiNOTOM. October 13. Tl
government reieipis ro far this month
amount to n b47,uuo, anu me eiprn
. ' . i . . . i IJ..O
unurmj auuni ins sama peuuu iu o,
Snr.OOO, showing an exoees of $c.240,
him out of town it night because he
would not teke off tbe write rose.
The bone ar d sinew of ibis coui.ty are
Democrats and old Henry intends to
contend for the banner and notifies
others to spread their sails ai they
will not gain the porta in all counliea
equal to Henry. Bob's majority will
be 40,000. This evening at 5 o clock
Bin and some otfer invited guests
were sumptuously entertained by Dr.
Porter and his excellent family, where
they found a priceless fearl.
A Tote on Ihe Governorship.
Pabis. Tknn., October 13 AVhile
a train over tbe Louisville and Kash-
ville road, containing a crowd of peo
ple, wa on its way to this place today,
a committee of one from each party
van annolnted to canvass the vote
on the Ooverni rship, which was done
rlth the foiloin(r emit: inenon.
R. L. Taylor, 58; Brother Alf, 21.
Gen. Qanrlrs at Klmlra.
IsraouL to thb ArraAk.l
PtifinA Tuns.. Orto er 13. Gen.
Wm. A. Quarles spoke to a large acd
eninuciaai'iu nuuit ml i.uid .ub ,w
Want ninlmer ( ei for ooa;rcaa.
8. 8. Cox, United fc'taten Minister to
Tuikev. who reached New Yoik on
Sunday la't, in Li Champagne, says
that if tbe rrt siuent win consent, iu
appoint his succepsor he will re-enter
at once into politics. It is under-
otnrnl that a nnminatinn awa'ts him in
the Ninth uongieseional District oi
that oltv. We tru t he will accept
it. and return to a saat lo tne iioueo
which be should never have vacated.
Hnlaiac rrlovda by lbs Admirable
Bebavlar of tbe Men
Locked at.
Chicaqo, III., October 13. The
quiet that baa attended the gteat
strike is the wonder of everyone ho
comee to the yards, and has made
thousands ot friends to Ihe Knights of
Lab Dr. to whosn tll.irts the admirable
order Is due. The importation of men
by Armour A Co. is making snme of
ihettrikersa tr u.) restive, ana tne
taik of controlling the youngfr ele
ment is becoming mere diiiicutt
Everything this morning was as it
was yesterday. Armour's beef
butchers still remained at work
by order of the Knights, although
they are restive under the fact that
the cars are being leaded by clerks
and outsiders. The Pinkerton men
have completed their culinary appa
ratns and will now live entirely in
Washington Butchers Sons packing
house. They cannot buy anvthing
outride, except at the Transit House,
as there is a rigid boycot against them
Delegate liany was seen by a re
porter at noon today, and said : "The
men have their minds set on the
eight hour rule, and will agree to
nothing eUo. We made a proposition
this morning lo the packers that they
adopt the tight hour rule, and our
men will astco ti work all the over
time necessary. This will be practi
cally a recognition of the eight hour
quf stion. and will be accepted by the
men. The paikeis submitted a prop-
O'ition that the men work and be
ra d by the hour, but this will not bs
accepted, as tbe men are a'rid the
BTBtem will work to their diead
vantage, and if the pickers desire
to do to they can give tbem an hour
Tas Voltaic Blt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bkltb and Electric Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debility, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
n&rticnlars. mailed free. Write them
at once.
the Plenro-Pnf mnnnla at Chicago.
Washington, October 13. Commis-
.!n flnlnian this mnrnina received
a tolenrain from Dr. Salmon, Cnief of
the Bureau ol Animal industry, in
which he states that the investigations
of tha oast week show that pleuro
pneumonia is widely icauerea imom
the cattle of Chiingo. Hois pfrfect
ing arrangements to secure a quaran
tine of the eipjoed cattle and slaugh
ter of diseased ones. In this work ne
has the beany co operation or uio
State Cattle Commission of Illinois.
A new quarantine notice has been is
sued in which the penalties provided
by the national law are set forth.
Havb need Tocgadne in facial new-
ralais with happy eUect, obtaining
relief in a short t'me.
Lord Cbnrebill at Vienna. ,
Vtinna. Ontnbar 13. Lord Rac
dolph Obnrchiil and tbe iu. tion.
Wm. tienry emua. criutu nr on?
retary, whi are eojourning hera, ex
changed cards yetteidav, but hive
not teen each otber fb yet.
What England May Bo.
Paris. Octobar 13. The Tempi says
tbat England will snnd ciriuUra to tbe
powers preparing tbe wav for conefn
trated moral soppoit to Bulgar.an in-
To Be Armed With KepeatlnsKllltw.
Bbblin, October 13 Germany has
decided to supply tbe whole a' my
with rep'atirg nflea. The four corps
stationed on the western frcntbr of
the empire are already equipped wiin
the improved arms. It is rumored
th t all tbe government niaufact iriee
aod aisenals are to be run continu
ously, day and ni(iht, on the wcrk of
converting tbe Mauser rifle, tbe
weapon at p esant in uss by the army,
into repealers, holding ten cartridges
each. .
Political AffHlra ln Spain.
Ciotnhur 13 The Conserv
atives have lesolved to at'sek the Min
laft.v at tha nnniilff of the Cortes fcr
their delay am iaca oi euuigy iu
iog with the insurgents in tbe late re
volt, and for their hesitation in the
work of trying acd puniehing the of
fenders. The Conservatives will alto
denounce Premier Sagasta lor c insent
irg to comn u e the sentence imposed
on Gen. Villacampe, tbe leader of the
insurgents, and will, m racr, oppuao
any government which has Sagasta as
its head.
bl Vlaitbea.
Torw n.mher 13 The British
troop ship Tyne, whici strended near
Sheernese, has been floated, without
damage. ,
Dublin, October 13.-'ine .vmin9
Afnil tnrlnv a.v that 108 XvOV. A.11-
gnttns S opford Brooke, the emment
Unitarian preacher, has become wazy
and baa been confined.
Organization and Advantages;' Av A.
fc'malley, Jackson, Tenn.
8:30 to 9 "Advaotige of en Aseo
cia'ion Building, and How' Secured,
illus rated by ttereopticoa views; C.
A. Lieklider. general secretary,
Lynchburg, Va ; F. D. S. Helmer,
geneial eecretary, Atlanta, Ga.
8:30 to 9 "Bible Readirg;" M.B.
Williame, state secretary, of Georgia.
9 to 9 :45 "Aes viation Library, and
Its Place in Our Work;" T. M. Hurst,
Nashville, Tenn.
9:45 to 10:15-Delegatei' Question
10:15 to 12 Report cf Committee
on State Committee's report.
Work of State Committee pre
sented. Work of International Committee
2:30 to 3 Text meeting.
3 to 3:45 "State Secretary-His
Arlvn'tBuft tn the Woik O ville E-
ine, Chattanooga, Tenn.; M. B.
Williams, state secretary of Georgia.
3:45 to 4:15 Miicelianeous busi
ness. 4:15 to 5-' Whsn Can Our Asso
ciation Do for the Physical Devalop
mtof Young Men?" JatresBowron,
of Interoa'ional Committee
7:15 to 7 :45 "Promise Meeting;"
B. H. Bransford, Union Citv, Tern.
7:45 to 8:15 "Everybody's Ques
tion Driwer."
8:15 to 9:15 -"Work Intruded to
A RinmntionB in Institutions of Learn
ing;"E A. Elmo e, MaryvilleCol'ege;
James H. Fultz, McTyeire Institnte,
McKenzie :: John Webb, Belbuckle ;
W. M. Anderson, 8. W. P. University,
8:30 a. m. Consecration service for
3 p. m. Special mee'ingj for young
3 o m. Soccial mestinn of women
of Knoxville in the inteiest cf young
7:15 p. m. Farewell service.
Copartnership Notice.
THE undersiiraed W formed a copart
nerahii), dmin Irom the 81hnitni;
thn arm nnme and ilyla of UbAJN 41
LlbLY, for the iurpoe of conduoting- a
Wholesale t offee, Tea and t-pice bainei at
2H5 Main street, Lee Block, Mempnn, tenn.
The butm(!' will DeconouonraiJ i"'
utroet until the m.o iinery and fixtures at
the new atand are oomp'-ted. . -
HlliUiai'i ay j i A,i i
Miufhis, Eepteniber 20, 1886.
Ofllempkh-Faelaand FIu.reTIiat
Khotaltl Not B Lost Sisbt of
by Oar t'l.laens.
John Lilly.
Coffee Roasters,
205 Main St. (Lee Block)
mmm m m n arr.-.nsi an va w yi
a r
.jwar a-
Of the Tonus; ! wrnn
ft. A.
alrlhlaBIia aamM".
Olkvblaud, O., Octcbar 13. Lst
niel.t tbe strikinn brakemen on ine
main line or iceixew ior, truiojr
vania and Ohio railroad, agreed to
the company's terms and went to
Onr Baby's Flrat Year,"
by Marlon Harland, with other valua
ble information; fory-eight page hook.
Bent free on receipt of 2 cent stamp.
Ad1ra! Reed CarnrlcK. mercantile
to uo to tuev cau give taem au uour Aauress w "
or two houis woik a dy only. I have Exghsjige Building, New York City,
The Young Men's Christian Asso
ciation will hold Its Eighth fctate Con
vention at Knoxville, Aenn., auu
day, Octoter 21st, The programme
for the week will bs as follows:
"Words of Welcome," Col. W. F.
W.,knrn nf KnnXVille.
Evening-Ad.lrss on "The Neces
eity of Perioral Effort," by the Kev.
J. W. iachman, t f Chaltaucoga.
8:n0to9-Prayerandsong service;
W. R. Craig, Pu'aeki, Tenn.
9 to 10-OrganUation and rfpotts
from associations.
10 to 10:15 Reading of Slate Com
mittee's annual report.
10:15 to 11:15 'Conversation on
Our Religious Work Among iouuK
Men ;" E .rl M. Cook, general secretary,
Knoxville, Tenn. .
11:15 to 12 "Hints on Training
Class;" F. A. Hatch, general secretary,
Kansas City, Mo.
2 to 2:M-"Bible Reading;" T. A.
Harding, general Eecrttary, Waehing-
tjn, V. V.
2 :30 to 3:30-"How Beet to Arrange
for a Course of Lectures and Enter
tilnments:" C. A. Lieklider, general
secretary, Lvnchbnrg, Va. "
3:30 to 4:30 "Work Among Bovs,
J. B. Milllgan, general secre'ary.Uhat
tsnooga, Tenn. t T
7:30 to 8 "Service of Song, J.
Wilson, Mntfreesboro. lenn.
8 W 8.30 "Wuwes
Auxiliary ; Its
To the Editori of tha Appeal :
When I was bets years ago the
pr.-j'-ct of building a dnect read from
Memphis to S ,mi was ag tated. That
prrject has lost none of its Impor
tance. In fac, it has been increased
by the buildiDK of the Kansas City
toad. I propose, with your permiE
s;on, to submit a few facts on this sub
ject. This is a subject of deep interest
to the citizens of Memphis and of
Kansas City. The number ot bales of
cotton raised each year ia thecountiee
between Holly Springs and Selma ia
170,000. It is far mere tnan tne
amount laistd in the counties on any
line of railroad now running into
Memphis'. The number of bales of
cotton raiB'd each year between Mem
phis and Vicksburg is 128,000, includ
ing Warren ccuniy. These facts
show the importare of the
road to Se'me. Where th!s
ctton ieroi ed theie i va?t demand
fnr mnat and breadstuff's. These can
and will be supplied from Karsas
City and Memphis.
MoFtrf these 170,000 ba'es now go
tj M'bile and New O.leanB, but when
this Selma road is boilt the greater
portion of that cotton will come to
Mnmnhis Tnere are on the line of
thatoad several important town,Oko-
lon, ACerdenn ano ioiuiuiiuh, iuimj ,
and Pickensville, Eutaw, Greensbor
ough. Marion and Srlma. all of which
do a largn trade, none of which now
comes to Memphis, and a greater part
cf which will come here when this
road ia finished. Ho road wnicn is
now in existence, or which can be
built, will b ing more trade to Mem
phis, and through Memphis to Kansas
City,' than this Selma road. It can be
very cheaply built, for there are co
heavy grades on the line.
One of the main arguments made
years ago in favor of the Selma road
was that it would inevitably lead to
tbe building of the Memphis and
Kansas City road.
Thn Kansas Citv rosd has been
built, and it makes the Selma road a
matter ot necessity. It is the nearest
and bsBt line t) Monteorjerv. Ala,
and also to Eufala. I, should be
under the control of tho Kansai City
road, all the way to Montgmery.
This road and the Nashville, Memphis
and Texas road will .make a perfect
system for Memphis. tyf j
To Contractors.
as- 1,000,900 Cubic Tarda Leree Work
in Tunica and Coahoma oounties, Mlai., to
let In quantitie to inlt outflti.
100 itation men can find employment at
12 to 18 oenti per yard. Alao, NX) teama.
Apply on work, or to Taof, KcUowaa x vo.,
274 Front atreet.
J. S. McTIQHK X CO., Contractor!.
TaaotraLaVta'AJ nana:.
O.Liu iiK.itiit for M other!
mflfi, InVaiuable In Cholera Infantum
uid Teething. A pra-dlgeMwi7ood tor Dy
peptics, Consumptives, Convalescent
p.rfeot nutrient id U WastlnB Disease.
BeqKlree no cooking, Our Boole. The Car
and reeding Of Infants, mailed free.
DOUBBB. OOODALB to CO.. Boston. Msea-
Special Notice to Shippers.
Hisiraaippr aan TNitR Railroad Co., V
Memphis, beitember i, lbftri. J
THE oomuletina of ihe Yaaoo and Min
npi Vlley R.B., from Jackion, Mies.,
to Greenwood, Misn., UPKNS UP AN ALL
KAIL LINE, without break of bulkor trana
ferol freiaht, to followinit named pointi:
Tazoe City, Kden, B. Lakr, lood
Hope Clin, IWilraville, Minchtrford
Trhuln, Kelrn, 'rnf r.SldooBlBlns;
San, Grvenwooil.
ShinmenU to Isndinn near tb points
should he made to nearest itatioa named
nbove. Your bo?lnen i respeotfully . ao-
licitedorer tbe M.and T. Boaa, iremaj
reche Ua destination the foliowin day of
delivery at oar deinf. A. J. kNArl ,
General Fteiht Agent.
J. P. H0LST & BR0.
(soccEssoas to o. h. moLss a bbo.
Funeral Directors,
Ho. 330 SECOND bT., MEiPHIS.
A FULL and oomplsU itock of Wood and
Metallic Oatet and Oaaketa, Cloth-CoT-rad
Caeketa and Eor'al Robea alwaya oa
hand. -asrOrden t)V tlw(ak PpU
Ilea, i -

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