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. lteNt to VORIUr t RIDGELT,) ""
ti In receipt of larger, more varied and belter se
tloni.) that was over shown
stack comprises the choicest designs, finest textures
and most durable goods in gentlemen's wear.
Jrgjj- Samples and Prices on
who have left measures.
Chablis H. Yale. .SuI. Manager.
l ' ' Ever Conceived and Carried.
Monday, October" ISth-R B. MANTELL,
in hi itreitt imcm, " Tangled Lives."
Fit Nighls and Sati-shay Matinh, Com
mencing MOSilsAT.mT. IS.
The Romantic, Emotional Actor,
(Under the management of Angnstiis
l'lloii), in John vV. Keller's New,
Modern Society Drama,
A Hay of Strong Unman Interest,
Illustrating Sooi"y and Bohemian Life In
New York.
The Moral in Pnrr.
The Nlnry liile.tel.v Interesting;,
The NUuhIIoiis Nlrttuic and PV Mural,
and a brilliant rein of coroeoy permeates
the entire drama,
Its teachings will bene8t every man and
woman oi tne .lr-eieemu iomurr, ,
I'RICKi AS liSUAL-Sle of seats will be-
gin paiUrU . VOt. 1UIU, ev iJimi v .
1DK4JF.NAX BIT'S Uanclnar Academy
is open for the staton at Innislad Hall,
cor. Jeffersnr and Second streets- Children
and Mines' Cla-s Wednesday at 3 p.m. and
Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Ladios' and Gents'
Class 8 p m. same days, lie will give a grand
Promenade Concert and Matinee every Sat
urday trom 3:30 to 5 p.m , with a fine
orchestra of twelve musioians. All persons
attending the matinees will be instructed in
all the latest styles of (In Doing during mati
nee hours. Admission. 10 cents.
Mrs. Florence Finley Moore
Satnrday. Oct. 23d. nt 8 P.M.
T2Ri:K HOIISE'-Twn stories, store and
JJ rooms. Apply atw yorth beeped t.
FARM For city or suburban property, a
good farm, near Brownsville, Tenn. For
further Information applv to A
Y. Heal Estate Agent. Main street.
(MOTION SHED On south side of New
J Madison street, near Wellinaton. lately
occupied by A. M. Boyd ft Pons. Rise ot lot
10 Madison street.
ward lor Its return to tuisoui"
TDOCKET BOOK -Containing one
sold ring, an amithyst ring and several
other little Articles, kinder will nleaie re
turn to Mr. A. Renkert, corner Main aad
Adams streets, end be liberally rewarded.
"IV TULES On the niiht nf Oct. Sd, 3 miles
, XVX east or Uollierville, z black mare mules
' one fthnnt four venrs old. in srood fix am
. trimmed up. with little whit spot under
jaw; the other, ten or twelve years old.
rough, and nit so well trimmed. Reward
for information
'ormation. or return of mules to J. W
. i . l
lOUDg, Mernpbis, or
men) pc is, it
W. T. PH ICE, Onllierville, Tenn.
"T7VEH v ONE Who is troub'ed with TAPE
TiR M. N
WORM tn nnn.nlt
Da. m
at Mrs. Becktcl's, corner Madison and Third
He guarantees all cases
"PARTNER With $6000 In an established
JU uram Business. u. p.. inrs oraoo,
A GENTS For a let (4) New CHRISTMAS
XX Books selling trom too to . a. new
vent .old 4K ihe fir.it wnk. earning 128 : an
other 69. From JHOtoJ.OOcHn be made be
fore Christmas by any one who can give a
few hours' time sach day. Address CAS-
8KLL A CO. (Limited), 4u Dearborn street,
ITUATION Have five or six thousand
dollars to loan employer. AdTess
A. K.. this office
As rorter; can furnish best of
.17 references.
Apply at lot rront stn-et
s iWRnVBOnVTo call and sns 'he eels
XLi brated Gipsy Clairvoyant, at 177 laird
street. ner ropier.
quick writer.
copyist or
Address i.
i., this office
VV Cunningham's Sho,
and Desoto.
"V ODNG MAN-Exper .
X tne. No. IQW.
one wanted at
j?ner of Monroe
d in Job Print-
t Court b'reet
C1A.T.RSMRM To sell netit ladcers and so
O lieit me-chants with ne novelty) big
profits, good positions-
K. G. LUMEN A CO . Atlanta, o.
nOSITION Bv a man with 7 years expert
ST ease in tosiness; very best of citv ref-
erences. Address p., Appeal omce
CHAMBERMAID With food referenoe,
at 138 Madison street.
TT1HH nannlete know that we have a fine
X stock of Furniture, all kind", and at
lowest prices. AM ICS, DBA 11 111 x w.
No. 363 Main street
DAT BOARDERS Or without rooms.
At fr2 East Court stieet.
T ADY AGENTS Our agents have had
I 1 inch wonderfnl success selling Mrs
Campbell's Combination Hkirt and Bust!
(some clearing SIM) a month), that we mak
thieennrtijil rertneat for all aeen s who wan
a steady, money making business, to send
etamp for tatalngne. Also, Furnishing
Uood. Addreis E. H. Csuipbell A Co., 44.
est Handolph Street, t hloago. 111.
VJ order in bett styles at
OOMS-Well furnished rooms,
No. I
Linden street.
"TTT ANTED Ladies, local or traveling
VV wonderful entirely new specialty for
ladies only; stdaily easily made: no
no painting; particulars free.
LITTLE, Box 443. Ch cago, III.
POSITION By a lady as mns'e teacher, or
to teach young children English branches.
balary expected moaerate. uooa nome ae
sired. Address "Teecher," Columbus, Miss.
MAN An intelligent.esrnest man to rep
resent, in his own locality, a large re
sponsible house. A remunerative salary to
ruht party. Steady position. References
exchanged, American Manufacturing Hjuso,
' 16 Barclay St.. N. Y.
ALKSMEN-ln every Stabs In the lit Ion
torepreeent a PAINT MANUFACTUR
G ESTABLISHMENT having several
SraoiALTiag that an popular and easy sell
ing. Can be handled alone or in connectii-n
with other goods. Address THE WM. B.
forsale cheap at GLOBE 01b WOKKS
1 Hon MS. FEATHERS His host eash
XUl IV pr.ee paid by GABAY. Memphis.
next thirty days for II 60.
:- J4S Main sreet.
LD GOLD A eiLVgft-For eb oral
change. MULFORD, Jew ex. v4 Mai a
this seasoa's Importa.
In this market. The
application to those
Genteel Household furniture at loc
um, on tho premises, No. SS7 Court
street extended. H09D4T, October
1Mb, at 10 o'clock. Chamber, Dining-
room and Kitchen Farnitnre, Carrots, etc
A. M. STODDaRD, Auctioneer.
Telephone number Is ion.
1TSTRHNS Ituilt and renaired and war
J ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
end Cement fump. wontractor ana orice.-
ayer. Telephone 8K8. 11108 UUUBias.
IAR. O. J. RCH1.KKK. Surreon Chiropo
U dist, 211 Main street. Sixteen years
practice in Memphis. Chsrgos moderate
Call and see him. Office hours from 8 a. m
toft p.m. fur days from 9 to 12 ni.
ELIGIBLE ROOMS-With superior board,
twobhckslrom Gayoso Hotel. 4-3 Shelby
AM KS WASHINGTON, formerly eook at
the Gavosn. has been euinlovd as ca
terer tor 4A3 and 455 Shelby street, 2 squares
below Gayoso, whore siperb moils, with
prompt attention, will be served for 120 per
NEWLY furnished or unfurnished rooms,
with the very b-st hoard. 8" O-nrt t.
-Furnisbod, with board.
At hHI Shelby street.
At 4) Market street.
ROOMS-Pleaeant furnish-d rooms, with
board, for ladies nmentleu en. Terms
very reasonable. 3J2 Court Extended.
DESIRABLE R0OM8-With board, at
OOMS Furnished rooms with board.
ul Court atree.
ST. JAMES 1IOUSH-68 Adams street.
Board and lodging, ft: day bosrd, S3 SO.
BKAUXIKUL, front rooms, single or eo
suite, furnished or onfurnished. with or
without boird; other rooms, 104-1U6 Court St.
ROMMS-With or
without board; terms
TjlrCH From my fennel, a
black and
J white Heagle bitcn :
sulit in right ear. A
reward will be given for her return, or infor
mation addtessei to me, care of Peabody
AT F. A.
Jones 3c Co.'s., one nice gentle
M Ah IS that any lady can drive
or ride perfectly safe
ROCKAWAY-Brand new, at a sacrifice.
Address Postoffice Box 18;
LD 8UI100L I'U KNITI' RE-Apply to
Clara Conway Institute.
HORSE-Buggy, Harness, Robes, Blankets
and Covers, dirt rhenp. 575 MAIN ST.
LTRAMK Oof age, on enr. Rayburn av. and
J? Georgia st : lot 55x170, with a house nf6
rooms, in good order. Ihis is a choice piece
of property, and can be purohated on easy
monthly payments by paying pa'tcasn- Ap
ply M inter Parker or A.J. Martin, 289 Main.
OESIDENCB-Nos. 8ti and 88 Market St.;
A.V in fod repair: lot n7Siil4.
Aimly to
47H Mosby st.
Sideboards, Lounges, etc,
No. 301 Muin street.
TWO 30 Inch Portable Corn Mills; 26
inoh Corn Millet iwo 21-inch Cirn Mills,
No. 1 order, New and Second-hand. Mill
work of that description solicited. A good
stook of select French Burr Stone on hand.
THOS. DELANY, 124 front St.
CHEAPK8T-3"y)0 improved property in
tbe otiy. Apply to
W. D. L., Appeal cflics.
W little used, and in good condition. Ai
rpUK, len-e and fixtures of the St. El no
-L Hotel, Mo'idian, Miss, Tenty-five
commodious rooms, within three minutes
walk of the Union Depot; large sample
room on the street next door; now doing a
Eood business and popular. Can be bad at m
ariain if applied for within the next thirty
days. Apply to Charles Elmire, jropriotur,
Meridian, miss.
VLD MATERIAL Ip the storehouses and
V-f nenate Building, occupied cy n. iiow
enstein A Bros.'; must be removed at onoe,
Apply to JOHN RE1D, Builder.
ATEAT COTTAGE Of six rooms, and lot
i.1 200x44, 54 Dean avenue, inquire on
'tUEAP-One second-hand RoCIUWAY,
neany as good as new, at im unu n st.
KJ W. K. bARB-IN. LarSinsville, Ala.
one thoroughbred Running Horse; fee
t2n. One Trottinr Hone: fee. I0. OneJer
ley Bull: fee, 12.50 For Sai.i-30 Horses,
3 Milch Cows, 15 head Butcher Cottle, Pea
cocks and Newfoundland Puns. Horses on
pasture. S5 per month : Texas horses, lOo per
day Telephone JOSEPH BUHNKY, HM.
POPLAR STREET, two nicely fur
nished rooms to single gentlemm.
C5TORE No. 132 Beale street. Inquire at
VJ f o. 132 Ueale street, up stairs.
DOOM Nicely Furnished Front Room;
X- v every ui nvaunuuej m lit, giam.uu oi
T)00M Furnished room for rent at 154
It Hernando street.
C10TTAG E Four rooms. 68 Auotion street.
J Apply at 33 Third street.
"VFPICE? Two fine offices and fixtures
J over No. 17 Madison street. Inquire ol
Katsenberg, at Mechanios pavings liana.
OLKASANT Furnished Rooms; location
L fir.t-classi gents only. 93 Madison t.
Saw Mill.
GIN And 7(100-Feet
O DWELbING-HOUbES-Withinfivmin-Zl
utea' walk of Court Snuara. Also, aix
acres in southeast suburbs, with eood houte
and stable on place, suitable for market
garden. Apply to GASTON'S HOTEL.
LVfOKK-KOOM On Main str,et. dwellmg-
O house on Court itree'.ard sevrral vaoant
lots. Apply to R. B
38 Madison street.
TjRICK HOUSE Two stories, nine rooms,
XJ on Mulberry streot,
Artnl to
QTOREHOUoE Four story and basoment
KJ storehouse. Mi. 2.'i4 front street.
U00MS Hell lurnished rooms, ho. 81
IV Linden street.
lOTToN t FFICE Apply to K. M. Apper-
J son A Co., do. 304 ront street.
TniNE 0FFICES-65 Madison street, next
B. M. EST ES, 35 Madison St.
11 ruiSKS On and near VV alker avenue.
II on Elrawood street oar line, fron the
1st September, several houses, trom two to
eight rooms, in good repair. Apply at 36
Union street. JOS. LENOW
IT otISE 220 Washington S .;7roomsand
LI bathroom. Apply at 133 Poplar St.
No. IWMain Slrset.
No. 205 Main Street.
Vn. 907 Mnin Street.
Apply to J AMES LKE, Ja., 4 Madison St
"DOOMS Two furnished or unfurnished
ATv rooms at 40 Madison street,
l.tl.F.UANT newly lurnishaikrooms, bath
Pi rem, etc. Inquire at 116 Court street,
QTO REHOUSES The three new first-class
kj Storehouses on blielby street, next nnrti
of tbe Gayoso Hotel. Terms tessonable
Apply to
5H Madison street.
CUOIOEOFFlCKSJnrecond story, oo
cupied for many years by tr J. W, Nel
son, Dentist, corner Unionand Main streets
Anrly et w I'nlon street. .ICS. l.KW'w
Urethral Stricture Cured
Removal Complete. Neither knife, esustio
nor duation. da pam. tio bumoug.
Adr's DR. B. IV. TUTU ILL,
How the Victors Spent Their Time
and What Tbej Think of
The Missouri excursionists were op
betimes yesterday morning taking in
the eights of the city. Some in public
conveyances and others, and by far
the larger number, on foot, preferring
to b troll leiemvly end driDk in the
beauties of the Bind City at theirease.
At 10 o'clock a party numbering some
thing like 109 persons, inc uding
twenty or twenty tiva ladies, ol a type
of beauty that our local bachelors are
anxious to see more of, repaired to tbe
Cotton Exchscgs where they were re
ceived by
who addressed them as follows;
"Ladies and Qemtleuen It gives
me pleasure to welcome yon in our
midst and to tender yon tbe hospi
talities of the Memptiis Cotton Ex
change. Tbe city c f Memphis is but
on the threshold of her prosperity,
and the predictions of her futue
greatness mat have long been enter
Mined nere are Deinning to do ac
cented with tradit by thinkirc mfu
everywhere. It is hi ra that tue rich
grain harve ts cf Missouri will some
day seek nn unlet to the see, and it is
rloubtleES some tnch thuuiilit as
that inspired this pxcurjun. If
it proves that the cili-
ioiis of Clin'on and neighboring
cities whoso representatives are be-
ore me, are peopled by live, ecetgetic
nd entftrpriB.i K nieu, constantly on
the alert lor new fi lls of industry, and
quicker and unre profitable avenues
of commercial divtlopment. If such
bo ycur mttsion, gentlemen, you ere
thrice welcome, but he your errand
what it may, busioers or pleasure, you
are equally welcome, aud 1 gladly
ender you the hand of cardial greet
President Crawford's remarks were
heartily applauded, and when silonce
was restored,
the leader of the Clinton, Mo., Bir,
stepped forward and in behalf of his
pmy eaid:
have been deleea'ed by my Iriends
nd fellow cit zeus who surround me,
to act as their spokesman on this in
teresting ccciBun, and to express
their thanks for thisgta:cful welcome.
I conld have wished that tbe duty
had fallen into abler hands, and
that some gifted ora'or bad been
cboten to perform this duty. The
city of Clinton, f om which most ot us
come, is more than rezdy and willing
ti extend the hand of fellowship to tbe
Bluff Uitv, whose bospita ity we are
now enjoying. Tue geographical
toaitionof the two cities is euon that
an interchange of courteeies and the
establishment of intimate commercial
relations cannot fail to prove mutual
ly profitable. Stated in p'ain but inesa
terms the situation is this: You have
got something that we want, and ws
tiave a variety ti inings mat, you mnei
have. You need our corn, and our
mules and hoisei and other live stock,
and we need the product of the trop
ical climates, which can ba purchased
nowhere to cheaply as here. Louia
ana sugar and ric, Floiida oranges
a-d the product of the West In
dies tan bere be purchased on btt'.er
trms than we have been receiving,
reruns, vou are rearer than we to
the point of production; and, on the
other hand, the shorter d stao.ee from
here to tbe s-ta must make n preier-
able to send it in th e direttion than
to a Doint north of where we live.
Applause. Ko that tbe logic of
events inevitably points lo the con
clusion (but Memphis must eome day
be one'of the great distributing points
for the products cf the West, and
notably for the great Sta'e of Missouri,
of which grind comoaonweaun i am
p;oud to be A citizen, ureal ap
plause.! ThankinK you again for your
friendly welcome, I will conclude by
eznreesins the wish that no time may
be lest in bringing abont that condi
tion of mutual profit 13 which l have
advm tad."
After a thorough inspec'ion of the
Cot on Exchange and an interchange
of friendly greeting with its members,
the paity proceeded to the Merchants'
ExchangH, wneie tney weTe weicomea
in a bnel speech by 1'resident w. J
Chase, who then introduced tbe
who addreseed the visitors as follows:
"Lawks and Gentlemen - It is
with great pleasure that 1 welcome
you to Memphis, the future great city
cf Ihe Southwest. You are citizens of
a great State app'ause, perhaps the
great. st in the great West applause,
and vour vieit today cannot but re
sult in good. Memphis has a great
destiny bsfora her, acd the world is
juit beginning to nod it our. in i
lew vsura ws win nave a unuuo uuu
necting with the Arkansas shore, and
that bridge, ladies and gentlemen, will
be in tbe nature of a fuonel through
which the wealth ol tbe great
West will be poured. Ap-
nlanne.1 Railioads will come
nere not from chnice, but
of necessity, and that bridge will be
the magnet to draw them. Applause
Bui, ladies and gentlemen, tbe pros
perity and future greatness of the
city dots not depend upon the con
struction of a bridge. Katuie gave
ber sdvantages that tbe hand of man
csnnot destroy. He can only improve
them. Tbe geograph cal position of
this citv is tbe foundation ol its com'
mercUl strength and upon that the
ornst etructure of its prosperity will
be built. But I didn't come bere to
make a long speech. My purpose is
imnlv to extei.d to vou, on beha f of
the city of Memphis, a heaity and a
cordial welcome."
Jndue McBeth replied in a vein eim
ilnr ta bis response to Presidsnt Craw
ford, but raised a round of applause
by aiverting (o the spectacle that bis
i yes bad been enriched by thesight cf a
ruler of a city with unlimited powers,
whose ru'e was so juit, so honest, so
capable, and so thoroughly beneficial
to tne ciiy ana Baijsiaeiory to us in
habitants, that his re-election was
next to uDanimouB. He trusted that
the Taxirg District would continue to
enjoy the benefit cf bo gcod a govern
After Judce Mcteth s speech wa,
cooclnded tbe visitors wereintroduced
to such members of the Exchange as
were present and a very pleasant
half hour resulted.
After leaving the Exchanges the
riaitv senareted into small detach'
metta, whotcokin the sights of the
citv st their own p'easure, some uu-
dtr the guidance of residents, others
reiving on their own resources. The
Federal Buildirg, the Co tnn Com
rresi. Elmwood and the Mempt
F'ouricg Mills were tbe princ pal
noints visited.
Tbe excursionists will return at 8
o'clock this morning. They all de
clare themselves highly pleased with
their visit and regret to be compelled
to make it eo brief.
A few words about Clinton, the
home of the majority of the visitors,
may not be without interest. It is
sUnated cn the Kar.sa City, Clinton
and Springfield railroad, about fifty
miles this side of Kansas City, and
has a population of "000 inbab tants.
It is claimed by tbe excursionists to
be the livest town tf its s'n
m the universe, - and tbey
make good their c aim t ) tbe title
by citing the following fasts in its sup
port: Tney have pas, waterworks,
elecriu lights, two daily ' and three
we kly newspapers, a street railway
(projected) and tbe ui"st pioeperous
and well conducted female seminary
in that eectirn of the Ute, and one
that will compare f.vo ably with the
best of its kind anj where. It is
pleasant to note with what unanimity
tbe citizens of Clinton speak of their
school. They are evidendy prouder
oi it than of any other pnbdc institu
tion in their city. And well they
may be. It was built at a cost of
$o5,I00, fonr-fiftbs of which wai con
tributed by the citizens and the other
fifth by Pior. H. T. Bird, its
accomplished piiocipal. It is a
large four story brick balding,
snierbly constructed and famished,
and stands in a campus of fonr acres
beautifully ornamented by s'otubery,
flowers and evergreens, foreshadowing
one of tbe most attrac ive and beauti
ful educational homes the eye could
behold. There are rear 100 rooms in the
entire building. Ihore is a museum,
art room, chemical and philosophical
departments, library, society rooms,
young ladies parlors, chapel, cUsi
and recreation room?, with line black
boards, charts, maps. etc .appropriate,
and about sixty-live dormitories,
nicely furnished, end as cloin as
human skill can mnks them. Purely
this is an establishment of which even
more pretentious cities than Ulinton
might ba prond. Its success has been
unprecedented, .inooiru mi sntu dui
vear. it baa now ito boarders and
seveity-five day pupils. All honor to
city that win r spond so nauu-
somely in a matter ot the most
ital imporlaoce to its praspemy.
Grain and live stock are the leading
ancbea of trade at Ulinton, and upon
these they largely rely as sources of
prjtit. JVlanv ol tne mercnants in toe
party yesterday were kept bujy Inter
viewing dealers in their commodities
n Memphis with a view to the estab
lishment of busimss connections.
Grocery houses on Front street were
also visited, and satisfactory aseurances
received that a- profitable trade with
Clinton may be expected.
Resolutions Adopted Yesterday la
Reaped lo (be Memory ol Ilessry
The announcement of Mr. Henry
nrstanheim's death was received
with universal regret yesterday, and
the many virtues of the generous
hearted deceased extolled on every
side. The Memphis City Fire Insur
ance and the Home 1 Ire Insurance
Companies had black craps pendant
from their doors, acd at the ollics of
the latter company a meeting of dl
rec'ors was held, at which tbe follow
ing resolut;ons were adopted:
VV hebe as, tois -directory pas neara
with profound regret ot tbe death of
their esteemed confers, Henrr Furs
teuheim, it fee's hia due to his mem
ory ts give expression to the esteem
in wh'cn he wai held as a man, as a
merchant, and as director of this com
pany; be it therefore
linolved, That the Home Insurance
and Trust Company bears faithful tes
timooy tJ the widespread deeds of
charity which have identified tbe
name cf Henry Furetenheiui with
every benevolent enterprise of our
city, to his marked integrity and up
rightness aa a mBrcnani, ana to nis
ability and attention in furthering the
interests of this company.
Retolved. furtlier. That these resolu
tions be spread upon our miou'ee,
published in the city papers, and a
nnnv be fo.rnis.hed tbe family of the
deceared, and that we attend the
funeral in a body, and, as a itirmer
mark of oar raspett to hii memory,
this m-eting do now adjourn.
Merchant' t.K'hanse.
A c tiled meeting of the Board of
Directors of the Merchata Exchange
was held to take ection in rega'd lo
the death of Mr. Henry lurstenbeim
The meeting was called to order by
President W. J. Unas?. Messrs. u.
H. Taylor and 8. J. Camp were ap
pointed to act as pallbearers.
Mes ra. It. G. Crai. Tom Gale and
J. II. Martin, who were appointed a
committee to draft resolutions, made
tbe following report:
Whiriab, It has pleased an All-wise
Providence to remove from the busy
walks of life our late brother member
and merchant; and whereas, in his
death we are forcibly leralnded of the
nncertainty ot life and caitainty of
death ; be it
Remlvtd. That in the dea'n oi nenry
Furs' enheim the city of Memphis
has lott a worthy ciiizen, the poor a
sealons champion, and tbe Merchants'
Exchange an honored memoer.
Retolved, further. That we, as an Ex
change, sustain, a deep and almost
irreparable lore in generous and grand
co-operation with every laudable un
dertaking. Aa business, men we loje
his ever ready and active council.
lieiulved. furtlier. That we tender to
his bereaved family our deepest sym
pathy and condolence and hope our
young businees men will emulate his
example, and that an All-wise God
will temper bis riovioencs to too
good ol the surviving family and
R, (1. I'KMU,
J, 11. MARTIN,
The leoort having been adopted,
the meeting adjourne).
Tbe luneral will taae piaco v
n'nlnck this aflornnOD. Dr. VV. E.
Boees will ffiiclate. The lol owing
cnntlmnn will r: sn call bearers: I,
e .. . ... . . , . ii .i. . I.
N. Nwnnrien. W 1 . uaiDreani, tne
Hon. E. 8. Hammond. Capt. Ed It.
Hart, J. A. Qmberg and K. B. Know
M'. Furstenhefm was a member cf
the Knights of Honor, the Disoto Ma
sonio lodge, aud a number of other
benevolent ordere, all of whom will
doubtlees attend his funeral in a body.
A lard from N. A. Pool.
To the Editor, of the Appeal :
Genilemeu In your isiue of this
morning you publleh the commence
ment of a snit of damages against me
by Henry Hemple ard wife. I wieh
you had published all the facts in the
esse, as it would chow a malicious and
disgraceful piecs of blackmailing of the
mo.t scandalous kind that ever waa in-
etituted.whlch I will prove tothe com
munity when it comes to trial, and a'so
tbe character ol all parties concerned.
OCTOBER 14, 1886.
Names of Famous Flyers Engaged
Ketulls at Brighton and l.t
tonla YestcrJaj.
The official programme for the fa'l
meeting cf the Memphis Jockey Club
was is-ued yesterdar, and contains a
pi online of good sport. The meeting
will continue fivs days, beginning
Tuesdty, October Utith. For the first
day there aro live races onttiecirci,
inoluding the Ptabody Hotel Handi
cap, one mi'e and a furltng, for
which the following hors s are en
tered: Jim Gray (3), 115 lb. : Aretino (6),
113 lbs.; Hopadale (4), 110 lbs.;
Spalding (4), 110 lbs.; B.r Joseph (3),
110 lbs.; Lizzie Dwver (4), 110 lbs.;
Punka (4), 108 lbs ; Bonnie S. (4), 108
lbs.; lush Pat (4), 108 lba.; O Fallon
(8), 107 lbs. ; Mona (5). 105 lbs ; King
Robin (5). 100 .b.; Wa-renton (4),
100 lbs ; Dancing Kid (4). 100 lbs ;
Lit le Joe (B), 100 lbs. ; Panama (3),
98 lb-. : Pat Sheedy (3), 05 Its. ; Cub in
Qaeen (3), 85 lbs.; Jim Nave (4), 05
Ins.; Ha tie Carlisle (3). 95 lbs.; Ligan
(5), t3 lbs.; Ennn Manley (),:!
lbs.; Lucas (3), Vi lb'.; Grny Cloud
(4), 90 lb. ; P. acock (4), 90 lbs; H z -ma
(41, 90 It's.; Boomerang (4). 90
lbs.; l'arnwll (3), 88 lbr.; t'arbata (4),
88 lbs. ; DouHinan (3), SS lbs; l'rohua
(3), 88 ibs.; Dos ruction (3), 85 lb
For the sicoud day there aso fiinr
racsp, including the Gattin Hotel
etnkes, for two year olds, three-quarter
nf a mile, for which the fallowing
enr lies have bten made: Brotheir
Ban, ch. c , by King Bin War Keel ;
D. T. PalBifer. John Grsy, ch. , by
Monarchist Alice Gray; Gray & Co.
Alimony, b. f., by l'owbattau Patri
mony; Highland Park Ktock Farm.
Qiuen Alfoneo, -. f by King Alfoneo
Simplicity; Highland Park 8 oik
Farm. B xby, b. c, by Onondaon
Beatrice; G. M. Rye. Slickaway, b.
c, by H. Martin Hypacia; G. M.
live. Breakdown, blk. g., by Vir-
ginius Roealie; Wm. Mu kv. Tara
gin, ch. c, by P.enip wbizzlg;
Alack Lowden. Nina B . b. f , by Vol
t:gur Miea Ilitt; C. H. B ackett
Ilelle liracketr, a I., ny Miioer iv jbo
McDirmott; O. U. Brackett. Fester,
h. ir.. bv Fanslus Lightheait; L. R
Ket hum. ltan Y'an, ch. c , by Imp.
King Ban-Hiva; W.O.Scully. With
row, ch. c, by Long Bow Linda
Lewis ; A. B. Goodwin. Volcano, b. c,
bv Volturno-ExpeiienceOaks; Mike
Walsh. Monongahela, b. f., by Count
LaUraoge Sweat Bay; James Hurget.
Alleghany, ch. f., by Count LaQrange
Mary Forrest: James Surget. Tom
Hoed, b. o.. by Virgil -La Belle Uel
ene; J. T. Wd.iams. Hahony", ch. c,
by King Alfonso-B iUimart; J. T.
Williams. Union Jack, b. -., by Fern
cliff Banarettoi W. M. Williamson.
, b. f ; by Longfcjllow Venturis;
W. H. VVillijmson. -tjteve Jerome,
ch. o., by Lisbon Peaceful; B. fJorri
gsn. Nellie B,br. f., by Knquiret.
Bonny Mead ; 8. 8. Brown. Kate B ,
blk. f., by Hyder All Jennie Kowett;
8.8. Brown. '' . '
The third day b races will consist ol
four interesting eVBnts, one-of aix fur
longs, and the others of one mile, one
and three-sixteenth miles, and i one
ar,d one-quarter miles, respectively.
The entries will not be closed until
Tuesday, October 2tl'.h. '.
Thn fourth dav'a events will ba Of
unusual interest, covering a selling
rai' for a mi e and half a furlong, sell
inir race, six furlongs, a mile heals
ram. an rl the Gavoso Hotel "sweep
stakes, ml e and a quarter, fof which
the following cracks have entered:
Hir JoseDk. Jim Gray, Uopedale, Pun'
ka, Mona, O'Fallon, War Sign, Hsttie
Carlisle, Panama, Wanenton, Wauke
sha, Wicklow, Alley, Rowdy Boy,
Hibernia, Gray Cloud, Tarnell, Boom
nrAnrs anil Hazarus.
The fifth day's eventi will embrace
a selling race seven furlongs, a six
furlong race for two vear olds, free,
iwndii on mile and half a furlonit. and
a handicap Bteeple chase one and
three-fourth miles, for which the fol
lowing fanous Jiimpeisare entered:
Hop Sing, Aurelian, Ascoli, Grant G.,
Mjstic, Judge xiurneu, xennesee.
Itonlst Jockey Clnb Haees. ,
Cincinnati, O., October 13. Latonta
Jcckey Olub, lull meeting, fifth extra
day. Fine weather, light attendance
track in fair omlition.
'. Race. Purss S200. of which
$50 to second, for maidens 3 year olds
and onward, seven furloogs. Emma
Johnson won ; Clatter second, Probus
third. Time-1 :3(Ji.
.VwnnrI Race Purse f 300, of which
$70 to second, $30 to third, for 3 year
old non-w;nnets, one miie. u
doroo won by a neck; Birthday
eorond. Time 1:44.
Third -Roce.-Puise $200, of which
$50 to second; for maiden fillies, two
year olds, hall a mils, vioituowon
by tWO lengius, suusr enuug un ,
l.adv wax Beconu. variuo tuiiia,
Fourth Race. Boning purse i.haj, oi
which $50 to second and $25 to third;
one mile. Florlmore won; King
George second, half a length in front
ofL;ttle Fellow, third. Time 1:45.
Fifth Race Pane $500 of which
$10d to second, $50 to third; for two
year olds, six furlongs. Katie A. ran
away lroui tne iavorne, uviu, wiuinug
by more than a length ; Ovid second,
a half length in advance of Poteen,
third. Poteen had been barred by the
bookmakers, being regarded as a sure
winner. He cams in under whip.
Time-1 :17.
At BrlKblon Beach.
BaioitTON Bkach, N. Y., Ocfo ber 13
Firtl Race. For two year olds, one
mile. GeorgieO. won by a length;
George C. Bennett second, Bonnie L.
third. Time 1:18.
&contJ Race. Selling race, seven
furlongs. Frolic won by ahead; Its
vokesecond, Grand Duke third. Time
1 :30J.
Z'urri Race. Selling allowances,
seven furlongs. Sam Bennett won by
half length; Zimora second, Bay
Rahnl third. Time 1:304.
Fourth Race. Selling allowances,
thres-fourlhi of a mile. Kiddle won
byalengthand a half; Orlando sec
ond, Sea Foam third. Time i:iJ.
i'ilA Race. luree-iou'ins ci "m".
Bass Viola won by two lengths; J. w.
White second, Duke of tyonnaugnt
third. Time 1:17.
Sixth Race Mile and a quarior.
Bonnie Trince won by a lengtn and a
half; Bonanza Becond, Glendon third.
Time 2:11 .
Bozodont the ladies pride,
(inly rivals it deride.
Zephyrs of flower ladden air
(July with it can compare,
Doing good to everything,
Ou every side its praises ring;
Neglect to use it, ladies wont,
Tbey all must have their Sozopomt.
Subwrtbe for tbe "Appear
Tailor and Importer.
BIT PALI, STOCK Is now complete. The I.argost, Choicest and
Most Varied I have aver offered la Memphis, consisting of all tie
PANTALOONS In great variety, all of the LATFST DIKSIGINB,
Introduced by the Leading Importers of Kngland, Fraooe and Gar
many. 1 wish tn make SPsT. IAL, KIRNTION to my customers and
Uepiibllotocalland Inspect my nAUNlVlCraiNT SIWCK. at ny
Cor. Second and Jefferson
To Make Room for ('apt. Themes P.
Tobln, Who Tokos Charge of
tbe Building; Today.
Unitsd Statkk Ci'MTim Hoiisg,
MsuniiM, Oi-lober 1, lS8(i. )
That I may be correctly placed in
my connection with Capt. Tnomas F.
Tobin, the newly appointed custodian
of the I'nited Slates Custom House st
this place, which tbe Ledger nl this
evening, in a parsgragh beaded "Mr.
G. S. Jordan to turn orer bis woik lo
Cftpt. Tobin," does not do, but rather
makes him, by ii ot Bta'ing what bis
oHlue is and its diit'CB, my Eiiccereor as
Superintendent of Cjnairuciion of the
Cuetom House, 1 beg to sity that ho is
not more than the custodian of the en
gineering instrument, plans cf work
already completed, books, papers, etc.,
connected with this office, together
with all work finished or in court e of
completion, the Infer, to far as
authored by the department, being
aa iron fenco for the sou. hern bound
ary cf theee grounds, whit h was
authorized a month ntid a half ago
from Konton, O 1 advised the de
partment that the last work author
ized, the pu'.ting down .of cement
walks on the giounds, would be com
pleted by the 15th of October, and
having been pteviously requeued, In
contracting for the work of said walks,
not to exceed a certain ' limit.
as the available appropriation for the
Custom House was nearly exbausttd, 1
fully anticipated that I would no
longer be needed, as the work for
which I was first appointed, that of the
reconstruction of the wet retaining
wa 1. together with the subsequent
woik ordered upon the rcornmni!da
tion of the Inspector of Public Budd
ings, W. 'E. Speir, of Washingtop,
when bere last June, beingall finished
save the iron fence, which will not be
in place tor a month cr mors, n the
patterns lor the same baa.w m ny--
and I was not surprised wit,
ceived the following J;Mr',,'l letter
TatA WiaTMSNT. )
Mf. 8. 8. Jn'aa rtnperinienueoi iuiioin
u...f Innlnsa von herewith letter
of even date from the Honorable Act
ing Secretary of the Treasury discon
tinuing your tervices on the 15th in
stant. On the date named nleass turn
ver the work and an cooks, pnpers
and other government prcpeny re
naming in your possession to tae cus
todian, Mr. Thomas F. Tobln. Take
hie receipt in detail tnereior, anu iur-
ward the same to tins omce lor exam
tnnttnn and file. In this connection I
shonld state that the above). BBtion Is
rendered necessary by tne near com
pletion of the work and the condition
of the appropriation tnereur. ive-
tpectfully yours, ,
Aoting Bupervlslng Architect.
The economical methods of the
present administration admit of no
expense which can bs avoided, and it
will, doubtlees, make use of the skill
of Capt. Tobin aa an engineer, reii'iit
ing him for his ability With tbe usual
thanks for all gralltnitous work, ten
dered alike by individuals and Hiatus.
I retire from the position believing
thht 1 have hadporlormed woik of the
best character, and I am conscious of
haviDg in every way artod ltt ths
Intoreat of the government, as much
si, indeed, as I could possibly have
done hr myself. o, g, JORDAN,
Superintendent of Construction, Cuitom
House. mmmmmm
Ihe New Hempbla Theater.
The Devil'i litction drew a fair honse
laat niiriit. In spite of bad wea her.
Tk Mikado ballet grows pightly more
I opular, and is alone worth the pric9
of ad mint ion. ,- ; , v
Mr. Robertas. Hantell, ;
Wall known to all nlav goers ss the
most charming romantic, emotional
..inr identified wiih the American
stage and a great favorite with Mem
phis amusement pstrons. will cem
mence an engagement of five nights
nd sutnrdav matinee at the Memphis
Monday nigm, uciooer
prlnc'pal Northern and Eastern cities,
on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and
Tiinradav evenings and Saturday mat-
inee. Friday night nas peen set apaxi
- . . V . . . - I L
lor til prCUUOHOU Ul IU mwitm aao...
nn lAhieh occssion Mr. Mantell and
the entire ttrengm
Ol I lie company
will appear.
Robinson's Hasensn,
As Monday, October 18th, the open
i ,i.. nf t li uliovfi hnnse approaches
our amusement going public, both old
i in nati en t
for the grand event The management
have In store a long list ot curiosities,
freaks of nature, etc., which will more
than repay tbem fur patiently waiting.
f r h I trim A Robinson, the genial
nmnauor. arrived in this city yesterday
i.nm New Orleans. La., and reports
hm rowtnino of his mu'.eum in tbe
ri.,.nt I'.iiv an ntibonnded succees
this buing his fourth season, and he
lo-jka forward to his opening in this
city with confidenca, hoping to sur
... all crevious eflorts : in
.1.;. una nf amusement. Mr,
ijhinaoi and h s able alstants
have spared no pains or labor in their
exertions to nu mo niruiuel.u
,alu ilav. and Mr. liouineon uaaaitu
aviehed motaey and skill in beautify
(.,.. hi mnHetllll. which win preBBUt I
' si . ........ IK.
most atiracuva ojil'"1"",
opening, mo diubouiu hi
id daily receipt, of collections, etc., by
expreta. ' "t ;
oanv unicaaeu a ruro tui m;i,.un
animals, birdi, monkeys, reptiles, eto.,
wnicn p-:--
their new quans iu iuu uxvu.i,
ilenartmeni oi tue museum. ; . ,
T Mnannn'l napfnms. iT.ilflfltfl
i nnilhorz's perfume. Alpine Violet.
I.nndborg'i perfume, Lily ol the
Valley. ' t
Lnndborg'l pertriiDe, VtArcbal Nils
Theater on Monday nigiu, uutouor . . ififw ,
18th. Mr. Mantell will appear in his i-.gos-i. fli' AriH Y,Z' ,ro
new-pUy. TanoUd Live., 7n which he ASM
v... ma.lM a nrononnced succees in the ,7.jL ,i. u..l K...U: Cknalur
... I!
i ii-
Memphis, Tenn.
At an annual meeting of tbe direct
ore of tbe Home losurar ce and Trust
Company, held yeiterday, the follow
ing officers were elected: E. L. Mc
Gowan, president; John K. Speed,
vice preeident ; Bun F. Price, secretary-
VisrTORS nn 'Clianira vfietrdnv; W.
C. Dorlon, Bolivar, Tenn.; W. P. Lin
g'e, Cllnt::n, Mo. ; H. 8. Day, Green
ville; W. T. C'.iapmsn, Randolph,
Tenn.; N. Wilzroi, Greenville,
Miss.; Charles E. Morrison, Indianap
olis, Ind.
t'hnnrery Court Ellett, Judge.
Calendar for Oclober 14th: Ncs.
5271), Boy! vs Cannon; 6282. Jones vs
Jnnes; 52S5, Harman vs Hnziierty;
5i88 Alexander vs Kdon; 5292, Mc
Lean vs McLean; 5295, Boa man va
Cox ; 62W, Smith vs Smith ; F3 1. Don-
negsn vs Young; fi-iU, Kaunas rail
road vs R'chmoud; 6303, IJuinn vs
Robinson; 631)5, Hobaon vs Fraini;
5307, Jonts va Lee; 5,108, Glius vs
Tavlor: 63(19, Sm th vs Slaughter;
5S10, Hettinger vs Scbellnrila'im ;
5312, Wilkins vs Wilkins; 6313, Chan
cullor vs Wheatley ; 5315, Wil iams va ,
Williams; 5322, Schoo field vs Willi-
ford ; 5320, Cloyd vs Cloyd ; 5329. Fin- '
nie vs Meters; 6331, State) vs IV r g
wald; 5333, Uty ve MlLr; 6:?1,
Oardner vs Gardper; 5335, Stat vs
Ander.on; 5337, Mc Andrews vs Mo
Andrews; 634U, Sao vs Anderson;
5843, Liwlv-rn s Fanabee; 6345,
Browne ve r'arrlng'on; 534'!, My vs
Burton; J317, Mciowan vs Car;
5319, Vacaro vs Dully; t:n0, Flaherty'
vs Shipfov; 6351, Sh plev vs F,alierty
5355uWe Is VB Well.,; B3tio, IrOigtl" VS
Arpold; 6308, Wlntens VS Hlggt"
ll,Kl, - '
r,'iifT Pnv.rs ws Mp il-nn k ''
vs Mriua'on
tfgler vs Cowgil
fiill'i 63119. iVg.l.ur -ts
Podoata. '
" itity rajeudar forO.'t'ibiT 14 h: Nos.
htfilj; J.E Ooodwin vs Konnesaw Man
ufacturirg Company: 8795, G. D vice
ncz vs Heibrs A F.iak; 8819, John
T. Matthows vb Louisville, New Of-,
leans and Texss Ra'lr:ad Company ;
89114,11 A. Thorns vs John Hheehan;
8930, W. 8. Robineou va Williams;
8931, Wm. Foger y et al vs George P.
Munch; 8932, Wm. Fogeity et al vs
El Stack; 8933, M. It. Cru.er vs Odd
Fellows Hall and Library Association;
8934, Thomas 11. Allen et si vs W. E.
Scanlan; 8935, Henry B. Winn vs. 8.
B. Read; 8914, K. F. Bottls vs Mem
phis City Railway Company; 8918. C.
M. Waldran vs 0. E. Waldran.
N. J. Jones et ox ti Samuel HlrBch,
triiBloe, to secure the Memphis Build
ing and Saving Association in the sum
of $1200, psrt of county lot 494, north
side of Union.
H. L. Roytter to Janet A. Koyeter,
17J acres, north i-ide of Germantown
roud. UooBideialion, love and affec
Sydney J. Wilson to A. W. Parks,
bill of sale 1200 volumes of a novel en
titled "Stanly Huntingdon," lor SUU.
ILL Cra'ghcad et ux to Thomas Dies,
lot S58, plan of Memphis, northeast
corner of Georgia and Main streets,
62x150 feet, for the sum of $3937 50.
Thomas Dies to U. . urosvenor,
trustee, to secuie II. L. Craighead
ux, same property ai above, in th
sum of $2937 60. ,
R E. Prince to J. K Prince, lot 6 oi
lot 67, of Willoughby Williams's sub
division, east aide of McKinly street,
43jxl5& leet; comliieraiion, fiw.
G. K. Duncan et ux to W. T. Pryor,
242 24-100 acres in Thirteenth District,
consideration, $5180.
Thomas Boyle to Patrick uoyie, pan
of 3 loU in country lot 499, Poplar
atre:-t; consideration, $750.
Prof. Chs. Ludwig Von Seetjer
Royal Untvtrrityt
J.aj.yaea f)rtiT tit i
atht Uaum al Honor, Ate, A'c , sayst
i.ir.ni t'o.'fs voca BEr tosw
should not be confounded with the horde
of trashy oure-alls. It is In no sense of the
word a llenl remedy. I am thoroughly
." ".'.? -in. l. mnHe ot oreparation.
Snd know t to beeotonly a la-UtmaM phar
mVceutioal product, hot also worthy of the
hi.h commendations it ha. received In all
iiarts of the world It contains essence os
Kef, Coo. Quinine. Iron and Caltaaya.
Which are dlsolved In purs genuine Spaa
isb Imperial Crown Hherry.
Invaluable to all who ars Rub Down, Ner
vous, Dyspeptic, oi iuu..
flicted witn weaa siuueje. -
Mojoa1!'" Pavos-lte SJeatsaesssj
Vtrd bv Her Roval Uighne- thtfSrncHt cf
Wf and tbe nebility. For the bam. w-
pleslon, eifupiinnB, .uei'iue,
SI on. Of druaglsts. . . ,
MESKJ SO.'i Uenolns yrP.0I
HstrsiMpiirlllH) is guaranUed as the bast
Barsaparllia in tne uiareet.
Depot. n SlltKK AT WTBTE sr. a
OltoSchwil'.ck Co.'s
... c
RemOVed tO 308 FrOnt bL,
Mi.o. Nearly
i uetween aionroe "
, n , i Owa.:.o
I I Irill) UrtUtllU railllHoCj
i . -
,.tinU 17V TV, eallT
Zoini and returnins. tsrN
" V.' , .ir t.inad this season.
I nratwsAat

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