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Cotton Steady-Middlinsr, S 3 4e-
. Saks Yesterday, 8500
Money rales in strong demand at 8
per cent. Local securities continue
Tfae local cotton market wis steady
yesterday; middling, 85c. falee, 3500
At New Yoik spots close d steady
middling, 9 5-1 Gc. Futures steady ; Oc
tober, 9.049 05c.
A leading New York cotton circular
Mjaof cotton futures: "After gan
Ing about 5 p.infs the market shaded
back a trifle and closed steady. The
undertone his be en pretty well pre
served tniongnout, aca woue seme
lull offerings were made they found
continuous exhaus iog demand."
At New Urlears yesterday spots
were firm; middling, 8Jc. Futures
Steady; Oc'.ober, S.7i8.80?,
At Liverpcol spots were dull, in
buyers' favcr and 1-16J lower; md-
dling, 5 3 16d. Futures were firm
October, 5 6-fi4d.
in ue general market tuera wtre
no features oi note.
Three hurdred and fortv-o:cht brls
Bppies, US4 r.3 nagging, ou nkes bacon
Oub likes boots aid shots. 30i:0 bucoin
o pKcs chveee, 14 sks couee, 2 cats
cotton seed, 0390 eks cotton seed
327 pkge dry goods. 16 pkss
eggs, 02a u is n.ur, sol baits nay
34 pfeDg hats. 66 hd hoza. 81 hd fa' tie!
CS.COO eet lumber, 32 pkis liquors, 125
Dris meal, 9U tgs nails, 4UUO bu oa s.
13 brls onions, 53 bris potatoes. 110
br's sugar, 86 pk.s tobacco. 3500 bu
The fjllo wing shows the amount ot
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regu ar elavetars, as reported to the
Merchants Exchange yesterday;
Wheat none received or withdrawn,
in store 1C45 bu: corn received.
2285 bn : withdrawn. 2546 bu : in
store. 7903 bu: ot! a received. MB.
bu; withdrawn. 290 ba: instcre. 166.-
Star-Dally Quotations of Cotton
Oil Trnst and New Tork li.
rbange Moctas are open io Iboae
Interested, at mj office.
Toiler J,. sroRTO?.
9 Madison St, Memphis, Tenn.
Money in ac'ive demand at 8 per
cent, ine Clearing House report is
as follows:
Wendeeday, October 13 h. $3("6,
350 80 ; thus f ir thii week, J839.5 13 6 J
same time list week, $761 265 13; cor
responding time in 1885, 683,770 89;
eorreeponding time in 1884, $640,
524 30.
Wednesday, October 13th, $18,
680 48; thus f this week, $165,
65 56; tare time last week, $164,
868 13; corresponding time in 1885,
$133,933 02; corresponding time in
1884, $95,473 64.
New York eight on all points, J
discount buying, par selling; New Eng
land demand, J ditennnt buying; New
England eight, discount; New Or
leans, discount baying, par selling.
Bank of Cjmmerce..l4G bid, 149 asked
First National 160 bid. 165 esked
werman .Bank 19a bid, 20:1 aeked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and rianten..150 bid, 153 a ked
Mercantile sank 13obid,137Ja:ked
Bluff City 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home 75 b d, 81) asked
Memphis City 1 02 J bid, 105 a -ked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Phoenix 98bid,l00fsked
nantera 107 bin, ... asked
Vandrrbilt 25 bid, 26 as'ied
Arlington do bid, ... atknrl
Factors "0ked
rumor that the Manlattan people had
rruurru control oi the JNew England.
Nickel Plate et ckswere sgin very
active and strong, w.th the nsnal
story of a sett em-nt with the Lake
Shore. TLe Vanderbilta were ell
more active end eiracg. Ths money
market rultd etBier, aud a faither
drrp iu etirHng exchange rattS oc
cuned, which hsd a favorable eflect
upon pricis. The opening was strorg
and active, advances urging fiom Jr
to io, Lake Snore, New
York Central and Omaha ehowirg
the greatest advances. The trading in
the mcrnicg hours waB active, and
prices advanced almost without a re
action until noon, whon Lake Shore,
Pacific Mail, Canada Southern, St.
Paul, Michigan Cantral and Nickel
Plate hud made conspicuous gains. A
somewhat lees active' acd fever'srj
market succeeded until the last hoar,
when the general rife was resumed,
with Manhattan as the chief feature.
Thera was no s ay to the rise until the
clcs, which wis acivea&d strong at
the bett prices of the day. Sales, 624,
794 shares. St. Panl contributed 1)9,
25, Pacific Mail 28,605, Lackawanna
32,220, Western Union, Lake
Shore, Reading, New Eogland and
Northweetern came in the order
named. Not a single active stock
shows a decline toLigbt, and gains
range from J to 2J on the general list,
woue Aiannnttau is up 11 per cent.
Other notable advar.es are Michigan
Cantral 2J, Ncrthwe&tem 2J, St, Paul
and Nickel Plate preferred i each, alld
others Baaller amounts; tin great
majority were 1 per c nt. Railrcad
boi.ds we'e without soeciil f; atuie:
a!(S, $14,744,000. AU.ntie end Pec tic
incom8 furnished :'40,0LO; Erie
funded Es, $;94,(!00. aud Indiaue.
Blooming on and Wcistorn inctnies.
$130,000. Prices were firm, especially
in the af emoon, mil firm changes
are almrs', invariably in favor ot
higher prices. Miisiuri Pacific con
sols are up 2, to 227; Shenmdoah
Valley firs 8 7, to 75. and the aenfra!s
6i 2i, to 39; IVlr-do Pa-itic and West
on trust receipts 5, to 105: Wabath
convertibles 3, to 93.
the total sues of s'o ks todav were
!4,794 sharrR, including Canada
Southern, 14,755; Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Western. 32.22J: Dalaware
andHudsan, 43C8: Erie. 15.770: Kan-
eag and Texas, 21,699 j Lake Shore,
20,426; Louisville and Nashville.
14,003; Michiga-i Central, S325; Man
hattan Conrolidated, 6225; Miswiri
P-icIlc. 4525: North weitern. 24.5:t5:
New Jersey CaLtrtl, 11,890; New York
Central, 3112; Oaio and Mis'teatoDi.
6150; Pacific Mail, 38,005; R ading
27,340: St. Pant, 99.255 : ti. Paul and
Omaha, 7620; Union Pacific, 10,30;
Western Union. 29 530: Northern Pa-
c &i preferred, 4418. Closing quotations:
TJ. 8. 3s. 100. U. cnun. 158V4.
4',coup, 11 l'aciioiijotlnas,.
L. tnm, 4, W. Mltaourt 6, lf()!4.
Cent. Pao. lta. 115 Den. 4 R.G.Utn. 124.
iren n'w. ms.iia. t.rie lenondn, lit)
M K kT.Qrn.6i.ik4. Nitih P. l.t. rid
North.Po.2di,im!4. N. Western con.. 142.
N.Weft deb.&a. 10. St L.S.F (ien.M, Visfii
T.P. land jrants.M. T.P.,R.(i.x cou, 70.
U. P. U:t, 115. West Shore, 101.
Tenn.6, tet'mt, 10. Tenn.Ss, et'uit,100.
lenn. 'it, tet'oit, 77.
eased off Jc, but toward the close fair, 1825c; prime to choice Mr40f
..rengtbened .ga n and closed strong, svrup,)40c ; wmmoniofaJrfS
11j higher ttan yesterday; No. 25c: prime to choice, 30fa35c centrif-
2red.ca8h 73ic; November, 73jS74 jc, ugai,?ancy, 32o 33c!" Me' cemnl
lOBACco-Uommon, ll-inch. 271f3k
Thus far this week 8,933
Thus far latt week
Since September 1st
M.40.R R
M. A T. R. R
L. A N. R. R
C, O. & 8. W. R. R
L., N. O 4T.R.R.
Total 1,691
New York ipnts opened easy, lower
to sell, and cloefd eteady. Middling,
9 6-16c. Kales, 4S9 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
Yesterday Tuesday.
Ordinary 6 11-16 6 11-16
Good ordinary. 8 1-16 8 1-15
Ltw middling 8J - 8J
Middling.. 9 5-16 9 fi-16
Good middling 9 11-16 9 11-16
Middling lair.. II lol
Fair 11 n
New Ycrk fu'ures ppened steady
and closed etesdy and 3 to 4 point
higher than Tu-sday. SaUs, 78,600
bales. The closing quotations were as
October 9 04 9.05
November.. 9.05(5) 9.06
December 9 09,4 9 10
January 9.17 9.18
february... 9 24'ak 9 25
July :..
The New
9.32(S) 9 33
9.41(4 9 42
9 4fi) 9.50
9 5S(?) 9 59
9 6r.jt 9 66
9.72 9.73
9.01 9.03
9 02
9.13 9.14
0.20 9 21
9.2S 9.29
9.37CH 9 38
9 4 9 40
9.54 9 55
9 6U.4 9 I
9.G8 9.70
spot market
opened quat, and c need firm. Mid
dling, He. ba es, 3350, ba.ts. Quota
tions wtre as 1 ulowi:
Yesterday. Tuesday.
Ordinary 6j ;
Good Ordinary. ,.7i 7i
Low Middling 8J 8
Middling 8; 8J
Good Middling 9 3-10 9 3-10
The New Orleans future market
orened barely tteady, and cloBed
eteedy and 2 to 8 points higher than
Tuesday. Salop, 22.400 bales. Quota
tions were as follows:
Yi sterday.
October 8 78 8.80
November.. 8.63 8.64
December 8 64 r) 8.65
January .... 8 73 8.74
February ... 8 84 8 85
March 8 04() 8.95
April 9.05 9.08
Ma7 9.15 9.16
June 9.V5 9.27
July 9 35, 9.38
August 9.37 9.39
8 76 8 78
8 61 8.62
8.62 8 63
8.70 8 72
8.81 8.83
8.92 8 93
9 03 9.04
9.13 9.14
9.23 9.25
9.33 9.34
Adam Erprefi, 112. Morrini E.,offd, HOl
Allegheny Con., . Nanhvllle A C, 4S.
Alton 4 T. H., 37. N. J. Central. 6l.
& 1.11. ufd.. H2. Nor. k VI. ,M.
American Ei., 1U5J4. Northern Pao...
Northern P. p d, b3.
N. Orleans
Mobile ...
Norfolk ...
New York
Fhilad'a .
St. Loui?.
Augtieta .
ea y,
Reo. I ?ricei
2533 8 J
6609 89-16
3874 85
9 5-16
9 7-16
closed 74jc hid; December, 75i76jc,
closing at 76o bid; May, 84 j 85tc,
closing at 85je b:d. Corn active and
very strorg, c'os ng ijc higher for
ilay delivery, and jo higher f ir other
futures; Nr. 2 roixfd)C ah, S:5Jc; No-
vemb. r, 331M33J , ch s ng at 33Jc;
rrecemner, ( tojing t 34$$
34lc; Way, 38y,38j :, tiding at 38.
Ots mora a the. Bt-o g and jc
higher; No. 2 mixed, cash, 2!c; Ko
vemter, 26c; l)cmtor, 26ic;
may ovjj. iy j u uiner, 4oJc. .Bar.
ley dull and nom nallr unchansvil.
Hay quiet and steady at the rex-eat
decline, flaxseed unchanged. 11 an
steady, 47c. Uornn e il Bteady, $1 90
Receipts F.'our. 300.1 brls: who', in..
000 bu; corn, 49.WH) bu; oats, 34,000
nu; rye, iuw ou; ray, 36.0CO bo.
Shipments Flour, 6000 brla; wheat,
11,000 bu: corn, 13 000 bo; oats, 2000
bu; rye, -'t'W du; utriey none.
AfUrnoon Board. Wheat strong and
gjc higher. Corn firm aud JCjo
uiiier. vaia c urgrier.
Chicago, III , October 13 The
cpen board call the morning was
very uninteresting, .Novembar wheat
opening and closing at 72Jc, but be
tween tint time and the 'opening of
the regular b:ad reports if a decrease
in wreit on paag) rama in m-d
firmod up themaikoU Therowiea'so
an improved tone to cables. Novem
ber wheat opened on t!;e remilar board
at 711c, sold to 72ic, tl en bai k to 725n
and recovered to Tln, November
corn opened at 35Jc but srld quickly
to3.")J.-. Theimpoavedcab'esBp knol
brought in a good a, any bujingorders.
The French were repor;ed baying a
good many cargoes oil co.vt, aud elsi
liir buyers oi indues. Tnese caeeB
wcra Miflkient to pat November wheat
no to 7:ijc, but it s -on eased brck to
72J t. Corn sold up to 36J3, and back
to 35jc. The ieelirg us regards the
"war" situation Wr8 just a little bit
nervous and unsetded. Xuw York
exportt rs were said to be doing a par
ticularly active busineHS. It was
claimed yesterday's takings were 22
boat lcadr1, and today's 140 boat loads.
Ttils was very ttrengthening in its
effect, and bulged -November wheat to
73l('i73Jc, but when this enormous
export movement was unconfirmed,
there ws a reaction to 720. Flour
was quiet and unchanged. Rye. No.
z casu, -lie. .parley, no.z cast),
sc; otner grades and ntvW :tv.sr.
t-uuu -mitill B, flu so pr URgB
fiainn a, tu 25 per erne; R. R , j 2!
10; Gail A Ax's, $3 75.
fcoaAR l'nre white, 66Jc; off
wniie, oat'ioic; yellow clr,tip.i r.ir.a
CJs; open kettle, (l6Jc; n-tlned A,
Cia; granulated, 6Jc; powdered, 71
ihi cat loaf, 7jsp. ' iKJ
Niw York. Octibei- is nnfr
spot lar liio firm, 11 jc; options J
10 poin'slowe-.fiirly active; sales,
ju.uuuoairs: uctober, .!H)c; Novem
rer, 8o!al.90c: Decamhtr.
v.mK, jniiuar, v eotijuuc; ebrnary,
9 909.95c; March, 9.90.9 955
April, 9.909.95c; May, 9 9510o,
cugr ami; moiBBies sugar, 4 je; r
fined quiet: off A. 5 3-16o: nowdril
66jo; granula'ed, 513 16c Molas
ses iteauy ami quiet.
ArPLKfl-Apples.fi 6002 50: drini
ppies, iiwijo per pound Irorn store,
Dried peache, 2J3jo from Btore.
ko stables On ons. J3 Imm
sore. Uabbige,f250;perbead,810i:
$1 75 from lvee or denot tinr ernt
Krant, brls, $)("5 75 ; half brls, $2 75
3. Garlic, 4060.3 per 100. Turnips.
50! per bmliel.
Fruit Oranges, per box, t5 50; per
barrel, $ 9 50 10 Lemrns, 5 50 0 per
nox. llananae, si o(K.i2 50 tier bunr-h.
Cocoannts, J5 pr 100. Peanu's Vir
ginia, jc; reunessae, farmer's etock
34c; rotated, 2jo higher; shellod
10c. Aliuirdx, 18CS20.-.
Rai'Ikh London layers, f.t 40; lay
er.', $2 o; California, ; Imperial,
Pii Kt-KB In jars, pints, 95c; quarts,
$1 50 ; tia!f-gall..nB, J2 75 ; gallons,! 75 ;
loose, barrels. $6 50f.i7: hatf-bHirMl.
j to i; mixeu, barrels. J10&0; mixed,
uHii uaireiB, jt.
PoTATOH-New. 1 25(oil 50: North.
ern rioci, f i tows.
Cider Now York, JO 507 per bar
rel, and $3 7.i4 per hall-barrel.
ViNKOAn 10(c4l5n per gallon.
1'kcans Texas. SGrtlOo for small tn
medium. 160414a for lartre: Aikamiu.
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 2f 5 75 ; No. 2 $4 755 ; No. 3,t4 25
W-iro; lll-lb Kit, JNo. 1,90c; No. 2, 75c
15 Ih, No. 3, 65b. Dry herrings, faiu
ny, zoc per dox.
Futures ranted as fjllows. with the Walnuts French. 12r! Xanln. irn
closing prices et 2:30 p. in.: Whea' Grennbles, 15o. Filberta, 12o.
B. C. K.AN.55.
Canada Pao., 71.
Canada 8ou.. 63.
Central Pacific, 48TS.
Cheispinke & 0., 0
C. AO. 1 tiifd, 16'4.
A 0..i!d pfd 11.
A A , 142S.
& A, ntd , 160.
A- U V LOU 'A'
.,St Ii.iN.O., .
. Bt.L 4 P., VSY,.
St.Li P.pfd, 31X.
8. AC. 45.
. A H. Valley., 3354.
el. A Hud . IMM.
I)el.,L A W.,
Den. A Rio i ,
rie, 3.)V4.
rie nfd, ,6.
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886..32.628
Receipts at ports, this day, 188532,014
inern r. p d, b3.
k N, W.,
r N. W. pld. Uyt.
O. A
N. Y. Central,
il I . u. a Ol. Li., 14.
Ohio Central, .
Ohio A Mist., J8'.
O. A Minn, pld, W
Ontario A WBt..20.
Oregon Nav., 105Vi.
Oreion Tram., aii.
Orernn Imp., 30.
Panama, 1W.
Peoria, l. A E., 30.
Pullmnn P C, 1.
Keadinir, 3fi'.
Kock Island, 125'i.
Kt I.. A H If Ml
ew KiistTenn., 1 St L A 8.F. pfd, (tii'i.
ewE.Tenn. nf.1.73. Kt 1. ,rS IC l.i,, m
Fort Wayne, 146 C. M. A St. P., '
1886. 18S5.
R'ti U. 8
p'rta5dav8 154,364 l.r9 518
Ex. Gr. Br 77,130 48 355
St-ck 426.258 431,373
R'ts Sept. 1 739,533 785,742
For'gn Ex. 340,431 3'. 8,627
anoiDai a ai. jo .u. m.X Bt.l',. p, l'il'i.
or. f., m j m., VSi'i.
Xr Kt .In ..1.1
Ilarlem, 220 Did. Kt Paul A Ouiaha, fiW,.
Ilouaton A T., 35 St. Paul A O. pld, WM
Illionii Central, 133.Tenn.CoiilA Iron. 66
M.40. R. R. shares... 36 d, ... atked
M. A T. R. R. shares. ..4! :.i j, 50 asked
M. A O. consols, 7i IH' ltd, ... aked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8s..li id, ... aeked
Miss.&T.RR.cs.A...lli .J,113asked
Miss.AT. R.R.cs.B..10ii ;.,d, 103 asked
Tenn. wts. sr. D 9.1 bid,93asked
Tenn. wis. s?r. E to J..83 b d, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 aeked
Tax. Dist. 4, 6s 97 bid, 98J aeked
Tax. Dist. 6s 104 b:d,106J aeked
Mem. G s bonds 104 bid,... aeked
Mem. Water binds 97 bid, ... asked
Hanauer Oil Works b d 65 aeked
Am. Cot. Oil ttust f3 bid, 54 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills... 25 bid, 30 esked
Hem. Stor.Com. C0...IO6 bid, 110 asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid, 80 aeked
Naw York, O tober 13. Money on
call active at 27 per cent , closing
at 1 asktd. Prime mercaatiie paper
45 per cent. Sterling exchange
weak and unsettled ; actual ratts 48uJ
for 60 d jy bills and 4831; for demand.
Bonds Government bonds ware
dull and steady. Stats bonds dull
but slrong.
Stocks The temorr of the stosk
speculation underwent a sudden
change today, and instead of the hesi
tancy and caution lately diep'ayed,
there was a rush tt buy for boto sides
ofthaaccinnt The fl ret great cause
of this was the change of froDt by fie
Chicngo people and the news coming
from that direction was alm-st a 1 of a
favorable character, and this induced
free buyirg of tbe grangers from all
directions. London was a buyer all
day long, its special favorites being
Lake Shore, Sc. Paul and Louisville
and Nashville. The entire list
participated in the npward move
ment which, however, was eubject
to frequent reactions, bat tbe baying
in the htt hrtir was heavier
than at any previous time during the
day. tt. Paul became tbe favorite,
being bought by bath" London and
Chicago. Pac'fiii mail made a baud
sime advance on the statements made,
Bhowirg the state of the company's
affairs. The ollitial announi ement of
the new right on Miesmri Pacitlc was
made today, which helped the stock
materially. The great feature of the
day's transactions, however, was the
sudden advaice in Manhattan E'e
vated in the last hour, from 149 to
160. Tbs buying was done by
specialists and was accompanied by a ,
nd . fi. A W..21.
Kaneaa A T., 86;-i.
nke E. A W , 13.
ake t-hnrn. 'U
Loa. A Nutii.. bV-i.
tou. AN.A..6J-4.
M. A n. i,t pfd. -.
M. A C. rorondi.
Mo. A Char . 40.
Mioh. Cvn.,WA.
Min. A bt. L . 2V..
Min. A St. L. ld,46.
Texas Panifln. 1ti..
Union PaoiQc, 62.
V. 8. Express, 50
W., St.L AP..MT,
W .St.L.AP. p.. 36J8
W. A F. Ex.. 125.
W. U. Tel.,77?.
Tolnrado Cool, 28.
Home Stake. IS.
Iron Silver, 215.
Ontario. 25.
Quicksilver. 6.
Missouri Paninn.llfv1. (Ji,.lr.iL... ..CA 01
Mobile A Ohio, ltK. South Pacific, -.
M. h. S A W.,62. Sutro, (i.
M L.S.AW.pfd, 94. DU"'U-
London, October 13 Ccmols 100j
'or money, and 100 13 16 for the
' court. United Sta es bon'-s 1,
131 J; 4; 114 J; bar silver, 4fjd per
Paris. October 13. Three per cent,
lentep, 82f. 60j fcr the account.
Sr. Loots, Mo., Oclober 13. Bank
coatings, f2,C05,517: balances, 267,-
Naw York, October 13. Bank clear
ings today, $123,226,611; .balances,
Boston, Mass., Oc'ober 13. Bank
Clearings, $14,729,402; balances, $1,
691,169. .
Cleaiins,rll,755;258 ; balance8,$l,583,-
Baltimore. Mn.. OnlnVmr 1 3.Ranlr
rlearings todty, $.',372,365; balances,
Decrease in receipts this year.. ..46,209
At noon: Liverpool spots were
aun in Duyers' lavo', and cksed 1 16d
lower, ffa'rs, 8000 bales, of which
American 6800 bales. Ricsipts, 7000
ba es, cf which An.encan 4600 bales.
Closinar onotationa were asinllnwa:
Ordinary, 4d ; good ordinery, 4Jd ; low
middling, 5 316d; good middling,
6 1 l-16d ; middling uplands, 6 3 16d ;
miuoung urtean, b o-l6d.
ThepriceB aregivtn in prnceand 64(7i
thus: 4 63 mean 4 03-C4rf; arid 5 01
meant 5 164il
At noon: Liverpcol futures wre
dullard inactive; October, 604d; Oc
tober November, 4 61d; November-
D. cember, 4 601; December-January,
4 60.1; January-Febroa'y, 4 60.1;
Frbruary-Maub, 4 61d; March-April,
6d; April-May, ; May-June,
5 04d.
At 2 p.m.: L'verpool futures were
quiet and steady; October, 5 04d, sell
ers; October-November, 4 61d, buy
ers; novem uer-uecember, 4 6ud, buy
ers; December-Januarv. 460d. ecllnra:
Jautiary-February, 4 60d, sellers; February-March,
4 62d, buyers; March-
Apul, 51, sellers; April-May, 5 02d,
sellers; May-June, 6 Old, value.
At 5pm.: Liverpool futures were
mm; ujtober, 5 u8d, sellers; Oc
ttber-Hovember, 5d, sellers: No
vember-December, 4 63d, sellers;
December-January, 403J, tellers ; Janu-
ary-februaty, 4 tHd, sellers; beb
ruarV'Marcb. 6d. buyers: March'
April, 5 02d, sellers; April-May, 5 04d,
vaiue; May June, o iwj, value.
COTTON MARKETS, from store 60c.; car loaf from levee
The local cotton market nnened
steady, and closed steady; middl!ng,
8Jo. 8a!es, 3500 bales, 2C0J to export
ers and 150) to spicners.
Yesterday. Tuosdav.
Ordinary Nom. Nom.
Good Ordinary.... How. Nom.
Low Middling 8J 8J
Middling 8i Hi
Good Middling.... 9 9
Middling Fair....- 9 9J
Fair Nom. Horn.
Mimpbib, October 13, 13S6.
Stock 8ept. 1, 1886 4,009
fieceived today i,ms
Rcceivad previously... 45,638
Cornmeal Standard, $2 202 25;
penri, j zw&a ao; roller, z io.
hay wioice, irom store, oc: car
load from levee or depot, $1213;
prime, from store, 6570; car load
lrom levee or depot, $U12; prairie,
or depot, $7.
Shipped today 1,694
Shipped previously.-.. 18,574
Home consumption to
date 05
Stock running account
Thus far this week
Thus far ta t week
Since September 1st
M. and O. R. R
M. & T. R. R
L. and N. R. R
M. & L. R.R.R
C, O.AS. W. R. R
L.N.O. AT.R. R
K. C , 8. A M. R. R
M..S. AB. R.R
Steamers ,
Wagons and other sources.
, 64
..... 64
Corn From etore.white.50c :mixed.
48c, from levee or depot; white, In
bulk, 43c; in sacks, 46c; mixed, in
duik, 4ic; in satks, 41 jo.
Oats From store, hlte,37c; mixed,
35c: from levee or depot, white, in
buik, 32c; in sacks, 34 Jc; mixed, in
bulk, 31c; in sacks, 33c.
Bran From store, 70c j from levee
or nepoi, niiu.
Flour From store, No. 3, $33 25 ;
family, $3 503 75; choi e, $3 764:
fancy, 44 25; extra fancy, $1 25
4 60; patents, $55 50.
hbans JNavy, $2; medium, $1 50
i o; common, jio; uerman millet,
Rick Louisiana, 45e; Carolica
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $3(J3 25
irom store.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
trebteextra, 6c; extra,7c; gingersnaps,
exrra, oi,oc; assortea jumble s.VOilllc.
Crackbd Wheat Iu half-barrelB,
i zo irom s:ore.
Hominy and Grits -From store,
Joo'.iJ zo.
Kansas City, Mr., October 13
Wheat higher; No. 2 red, cash, OOJo
bin; rovember, ttue bid; .December,
61c; May, 70j70jr. Corn etronger;
No. 2. cash, 29J29s; November,
303P,(j; May, 35 Je. Oa's nominal,
St. Louis, Mo., October 13. Flour
fairly active and steady ; XXX, $2 S5
24"; family, $2 602 75 ; choice,! 3 10
3 21; fancy, $3 403 60; extrs, $3 60
3 83; patents. I4r4 35. Wheat veiy
active and higher. Prices opened
bifber, and advanced '.eadily Jc,
Octoberopened at0jc: niahest. 72c:
lowes', 70ia;clcsing at 72c. Novem
ber opened at 724c ; h'ghest, r38c;
lowest, 72Jc ; closing at 73i73c.
December rpnned at 74 jc; highest,
Stock. i5Jc;lowest,74jc; cosing at 75Jc. May
opened at 81o ; highest, 82c! ; loweer,
72,117 81c; closing at 82c. No. 2 cirn Oc-
'4,835 tober opened at 34jjc; bights, 34jc;
8,839 lowest, 34js; closing at 34 Novem-
91.410 b;r orened at 353c; highest, 36ic; low
62,303 est, 3S8c; closing at 36e. December
16,414 opened at tOJc; biiiliest, 371o; low-
16 923 est, 3tga; closing at 37c. May
3,932 opened at 40Jc; highest, 413c; lowest,
87,221 4i'jc; Closing amfc. jno. a oats Uc-
louar opnneu ai 214c; nigneti, Z4jo;
1,655 lowest, 24jc; closing at Z4jc. Govern
14.875 ber opened at 25o ; highest, 25 jc; low
es , zoc ; ciostpg ar, 204c. ferember
opened at 26c; highest, 26c; lowett,
26c; cloring at 26Jc. May otreced at
30c; highest, 30Jo; loaect, 30c; clos
ing at 3t!fc. Receip's Flcur, 36,000
1884. la'rela; wheat, l3D,ut)U bushels; corn,
418,000 buehels; oats, 2I6.C0J bushels ;
rye, 1000 bushels; barley, 162,000
164,76 bushels Shipments Flour, 14 000 bsr-
39 690 re s; wneut a-.viu ouBiieis: corn, aia.'
428,324 000 bOBhels; oat, 97,000 bu-hels;
791.517 rje, suw ousoeia; baney, yu.UUU
338.501 bushels. r
Bpttkb Butterine, ' 13J14c;
creamery, au(an.'c; dairy, 182Uc;
country butter, 16W18&
Hoo Products ftleB pork, $10 25;
sugar cu'ed hams, 1212c; breakfast
bacon, 81W9io ; clear rib skIhs bason.
7c ; bacon shoulders, 7J7Jc ; bulk
pork clear sides. 7(a75c: clear rib
Bides, 7J7jc; shoulders, OJc; long
ctear, yjc.
i,ARD llercep.64c: halt-barrels and
kegs, bic; cnotie kettle. 74c.
xresh Meats No. 1 beet, 7c; mut
ton, fic; hind quarters of beef, 8Jc;
iambs, 10c,
Poultry Chickens, fpnng. S2M
i io 01a nens, $2 ttvjiA.
Cher e tactiry. 9c. nominal: fill
cream, 1 j(h.jjc; .young America, 14c.
rias r ket. uarreis. W atKailO: hall
carreis, i (Otjjoj Kfg',l 70,
St. Louis, Mo., October 13. Pro
visions active and very stroBB fcr
everything except pork, which ruled
steady at $9 37J9 60. Lard 1015c
higher, S-li 70(a,6 75. Bulk meats lOo
higher; loose lots Ion 1 clear and
short rib?, $8 70: s'lort e'ear. $7:
boxed lore long clear. $0 80: short
rt08,irHjyu(27; sboit clear, ?7 257 27J.
Bacon a'rong and 10(-12c higher;
long clear 7 27J: short nb. $7 37:
snort ciear, oj(o7 75. Warns 13Jc,
Fggs dull, 1213c. Butter steady.
Chicago, ill.. October 13. The
whole provision list was fituisr and
rather higher. There was an advance
of 25c in pork at the very start,
incugn 11 was not maintained. JNo
vember orened at $9 25. bnt within
an hour had fallen to $9 07. Prices
ranged follows: Mesi Dork cash.
$9 12; October opened at $9 25,
hlgheet$9 25, lowest $9 07, cloeiog
at 19 12; November opened at
19 25, highest $9 25, lowest $) 07,
closing at 1912: January opened at
Sluuo, n'ghest $10 15, lowest $10 02,
losing at $1010. Lard-Cfsh,5 721;
October opened at J5 62. 'highest
j BU, lowest $5 62, closing at 15 72 ;
November opened at $5 77, hlgheet
f5 80, lowest $5 77, closing at $5 80;
January opened at $5 97, highest
$0, lowest 35 97, doting at 16.
Short ribs rash, ftl 75; October
opened at $8 75, highest JO 75, lowest
$6 76, cloeing at !6 75; January
opened at 15 15, highest, 5 15, low
est $5 12, closing at $" 12. On tbe
Produce Exchange: Butter was low
er; I'leamery. 15(ff,2()1c: dairy, IS
19c. F-iRB a shade lower, 1616c.
Game Game fish. ll12c.
juias atuu ati40)l5o.
(otton BKtn pRoncirrs.
10 car load lots: Prime crndn
cotton seed oil, new, 2830c; off
crude cotton seed oil. old. 24(nl
.III-. ! ' . . ' v '
ioa: prime summer vellow cot
ton seed oil. 35(5)3t'c: off anmmnr
yellow cotton eoed oil, 32344; min
ers' summer yellow cotton seed nil.
3335c; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 35c; choice cooking yellow
cotton seed oil, 37ra)40c: prime cotton
seed muBi, $14 60i5 j off cotton seed
meal, 1314.
Clear tub washed, 3136a; grease
wool, 2326cjburryiooT, 1318a
Coal Oil Prime white. luf
lots, lie per gallon.
Cleveland. O.. October 13. Pnbn.
leuus quiet; s. w. 110, 7c.
WntSKY Straight Kentucky Boar
bin, $1505; redistilled goods from
85c tt $1 50, according to proof: rve.
Chicago. III.. October 13. Whisky.
$1 18.
Sr. Loins. Mo.. October 13. WhUkv
firm, $1 13.
Cincinnati, O .Octnberl3. Whisky
Bteady; sales of 644 barrels of finishul
goods on a basis of $1 13.
Cattle Choice. SlfiMo: uood. 3
.3ic;fairto medium, 2 a2c; scal-
luwaga, i(a)ijc.
ltous -Uhoice.4404io: good.4ffi.41c:
common, 331c
hnRkP Choice, 3Ot34o: medlnm. 3
3n; common, l(ol 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4 5c.
Kansas City. Mo . October 13
Tbe Live Stock Indicator reooits: Cattle
receipts, 3780 head shipments, 2287
neaa; native smpperj steady; grass
range weak and 6c lower: ctw 5foU0c
lower; stockets and feeders active;
good to choice, $4(514 60; common to
memum, ;J 3U3 UU; stockers, $i 25
2 55; fHeding steer', $2 803 00;
cows, ti out'4z uu: grata range sire's,
$2 253 20. Hogs-receipts. 7390
head: ehinmentn. I1166 hauH tnnrW.t
nrm ; gnou 11 choice, J4 30 50 ; com
mon to medium, 13 754 25. Sheen
receipts,1470 head ; shipments, none ;
market steady; good to cholc. $2 50
3; common to medium, $1 602 25.
Chicago. Iil.. October 13. The
Drover $' Journal repot ti: Cattle re.
ceipts, 8600 head; shipments, 2000;
beet, steady; common, lower; ship
ping steers. 950 to 1500 lb. $3 60
5 20; s ockers and feeders. $2 10
3 30; cows, bulls and mixed, $190
t3; bult, $2 252 70; through Texsa
ra'tle a shade lower; steers. $2 60fS
3 40; cows, $3 202 60; Western ran
gers steady; natives nd half breeds,
$3 10 4 05 ; cows. 4U'i2 85 : wintered
Texans, $33 65. Hogs rereipte,
7&00 bead; shipment". 6000 head:
market steady, closing weak; rough
nd mixed. $3 50.a4 30: nackinsand
shipping, $44 65 ; light weights,$3 50
4 45; Bkips,$2 303 45. 8neep-re-ceipts,
6500 head; shipments, 1090
head; market dull and 25c lower: na
tives. $2 15(a 4 : Western. $3 5()'fl)3 f 0 :
Texans, f 2 203 10 j lambs, $3 754 75.
ArkanaaaCity Kati Adiwb, S p.m.
Tiptonrille Crksai-kakr. 5 p.m.
Bt. Louli... Arkansab Citt. 5 p.m.
Frlan Point..... Jaurs Lix.Sp.m.
Oaoeola . Coahoma, S p.m.
Vlckaburg. Citt or Cairo, 10 a.m.
Concordia (1ato, 5 p.m.
White River... Ai.bikta No. 3, 5 p.m.
lrnWa. Chickasaw, White river
Coahoma, tisceola; Ciiyof New Or
leans, St. Ixiuis; Jmes Lfe, Friats
Vtpartwtt City of New Orleans,
New Orleans; James le, Friars Point;
uoahoma, ( ceola; Chit kaeaw, White
nver; job reiers, Aikantas river.
Boati lkie Down. City of Providence
on imespeae.
Boat Jhif Up. Kate Adams and
Arkansas uity.
Kocelpla Teaterditr.
uti'cEasaw-1074 bales cottoa and
a. sits teed.
Coahoma 106 baVn nr.f 'nn f! hi
b"-u c.uiua arid ziuo BKSfeed.
fnqnlrer 29 ba ea cotton. 9 !
seed cotton and 305 eke teed.
Janus L-o2otl b iles cotton. .IShiwi
seed co ton, 1390 eks seed end 10 pkgj
The Gavoo. Cant. A. I, Ciinm.iii
10 Hie cmuiuuy pncsei ior Loncordia.
The Albettn No. 3. Can'. A 11
MmtD, is the Saturday packet for
White river.
Tin Lio L:ne packet tnmirrow
eveuing ia the Coahoma for Osceola.
The Arkansas Citv. Cant. II. W
Brohskf. is the Anchor Lino tim-ltuf
this evening at 5 o'clock for Cai o and
St. Louis. W. 11, Pritcharlt in hpr
The City of Ca'ro. Cant. Rlioi.
Lightner, is the Anchor Line packet
tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock lor
Vickeburg and the bends. J. C. Kt.
ton 1b her clerk.
The Chesapeake. Cant. W. P. Hall
is the pr.cket this evening at 5
o'clock lor Hales Point. Tintonvilln
and all way landings. Col. J. D. Ful
ler ties cha'gs ot her office.
The steamer James I. en havlim
botn detained by low water and bad
weather, will leave this morning at 10
o'clock eliarp. She will also lov on
Saturday at 10 o'clock a.m. instead of
6 o'clock p.m. Friday as heretofore.
The Kate Adams. Cant. Mark R.
Cheek, is the United Slates mail
picket this evening nt 5 o'clock fir
lioiena. Arkansas City and all wav
landings. 7. O. Blanker bas charge
per ona issistod DV Amos lar
and Morris Q. .is.
Business dull. Weather clear and
pleasant. 1
Cairo, III., October 13. Noon
River 6 feet 6 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather cloudy and mild. Ar
rived: Belle Memphis, Vicksburg, mid
night. Departed: Jay Gould and
barges, St. Lou's, 9 p.m. j Port Fads
and barges, New Orleans, midnight;
Belle Memphis. St. Louis, 4 a.m.
Nt. I.onln una New Orlrnn Anchor
l.ln-u.n. JHllK0R VICKSUURii.
CI,!oi c,llro5rw
LUntner maprer, HcSrvcha
Will Imvi the Kltor FRIO.iY, Ootober
nth, at 10a.m. ior rreijhtor pena apply
C. L. llAi.r.. Mh.k A'h.. AD BTilHM.Wi,p't.
I. Loo la and Nw orloaaa Aarho
Arkansas City, m,
win ,B"lkl...rna1Ur. 4wS
li.u '? tht Klevator THURSDAY, Oot.
inn, at 9 p.m. For Ireitbt orpunaaa apply
CLHm.i.. P.m. Art. AP 8t liRIVf. Pny't.
For Oioaola, lUlee Point, Caruthariyllla,
Oayoio and TiitonTllit-Th new aid
Wnoel paflwenfrer ataanter
.-P-.fa'l maater. I J. D. Fuller clerk
w.V.',Jf,,T.? V. above, and all way potnti.
p.m. Portreiitbtnr imnie apply on board.
mMMi,irlrr I'ulutaud --i ,U
al ia1lu FMeNril'ntnnn,,..
Forilciana, tfler.ilnle, Frian Point and al
Hay LiMi'li'iff Htaamar
Tniiu's late, itiSs
Will lMe anabi voon KVEKY MONDAY.
V. LDNKSDAY aud FRIDAY at 5 o'clock.
For Randolph, Fulton, Oacaola an Way
Aianmats steamer
Coahoma, i25Si
j. 11. coopkh uTwZr
Leaven Kvrv IMOVDAV. WkiiN KinA T
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. ThabnaUof thi
line reserve the riiiht to pn all landint a
the otprain may (loom unniite. ( (Bo. No. &
un.nwn nr. ,1 vi i;s LKK, Jr. . "np't.
Arkansas llivcr i'k't Co.
inr npYrnn
""7' JX?
Leavei Meuii bit Kvery TUKSDA Y, attj".m
11 n.Vnwi A.i.
Omna, No Mdlnnt. Telihon S. SJ.
Memphis and Vlcksinirg Picket Con
pauy U. N. Mail Hue.
For Helena, Concordia, Te'rB and Arkan-
KATE ADAfJS. - ja.
. K. Chik...mr I W. 0. BlanH.r.. olera-
TliDKauAY AT"' M.
For Knoordia and all landing).
Bi'Sinens brisk.
Weather c'oudv lut, arm, with
gbt rains.
The rlvsr hr is on a tUnd with 5
feet 8 tenth- tbe Kge.
Riiroina by river vesterdav: 1705
ales of cotton, 111 baus of seed cotton
and 6887 seeks of seed.
The City of New Orleans nassed
down yesterday evening for New Or
leans with a good trip.
The Chickasaw arrived Tuesday
night from Whits river with 1071
bales of cotton and 1427 sacks of seed.
She roslilpped at Terrene 114 bales of
cotton for New Orleans, and returned
'ast evening ith a good trip. '
The Vicksburg Cirnimerota-craM of
1 uvsnay rays : Mearn was raised on
ths United States soap-boat John It.
Meigs yesterday, and the maohlnorv
an thoroughly tested and worked
satisfac'orily. She will receive orders
In the next three days, from Capt.
Wil'ard, United States engineer in
charge, to leave for the Yazoo and
Ta'lahati'Me rivers. Her officers ate
Capt. 1. It. Blarr; Wm. Moore, clerk;
Win Shannon, chief engineer, and W.
A. Simons and Will O'Dell. assistants;
John Wilson, pilot; J. O. Lindsey,
carpenter; un i. Havens, black
finitb, and James Gillespie, mate.
Tub United States lighthouse tender
ivy passed up tbe river Tuesday night
She only worked down the river as
far as Friars Point, and reports the
following changes: Lisht head of
Presidents Island moved down 400
yards; Nonconnah moved up 800
yards; head Cow Island moved np
400 yards ; Norlolk moved down 100
yards; Ship Is and moved down 200
jari's; Island 00 moved up 600 yards;
light below Delia moved down 200
Yards; Clara field moved up seventy
live yards. The Ivy will go to Bt.
Paul and either her or tbe James
Henry will be down thfa way again
aoout uecemoer isr.
Office Siqwai Service, U. 8. A.,
Mkmpiim, October 13. 1 p.m.' I
Tbe following observations are taken
at all stations named at 75 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
Price (lark
T. nmn,ii, Mati'r Lew Pr
LmvesTl'K-'-bAYand SATURDAY atop.u
Vot trentrai inioriuaiioa apply at
Kt, Madteon itroet.
JOHN (1ARH. Pam't Agent. Telorhnna
Tbe St. Francis Klvor Transnortutlui
Oo.'i Fin Hidt-W bMl U. 8. Mall Bte.m
I2d Fooler, ijC,
OjK.JoplIn .....ma.ter,
at 5 o'clock, for Marianna. the Ont-Off,
Intarmadtat landinia on Ht. Franoia rWer.
The captain reiervei tha rltht to rail aj
landlngi ba doemi nniafa. JAfl. LKB, Jr.,
Hniirlnrnilnl ompe. No. 4 MadiKon t
Coffee Crmmon. 10c; ordinary,
10Jlllc;prime Kio, 12113c; choice
to fancy, 13lM14c; old government,
ooap 3('ifijc per pound.
Candifs Slicks, al) s:ias, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7J(3).9j3.
UANOLES mi weight, U(ajUlC.
Rai,t-$1 20 ner barrel; sacks, fine.
f 1 351 45; coarfe, $1 101 15; pock
ets, bleached, 2fi7c; car-loads from
'evee or depot, 5c cheaper.
Canned Goods. Etc. Prices vet
doz n: Pineapples, Jl 25fil 50;
peaches, 2-fb, standard, $1 H1 25;sec-
ond, $i(d,l 10; tomatoes, 2-lb stand
ard, 90. rr SI; 3-lh.l("U 15; strawber
ries, $1 101 25; raspberries, tl 10
125; b'ackberries, $!($! 10; green-
gapes, l oofrtU ": pears, sl'm
2 25; plums, $1 600'1 "0; asparagus,
$2 60('i' t; ereen corn, lt 35; green
peas, j-1 biHsil 05; cove oysters, lull
weight, 1-lb, 85(59.r)c; cove oysters.
full weight, 2-lb, $i 601 80; cove
oysters, light welgt.t, 1-lb, 00c j cove
oyrters, light weight. 2-lb, $1; con
densed milk Crown, $5 606 75;
Eag'e, 17 607 75; Daisy, $4 75.
Molasjas Lomsana, common to
New York, October 13. Notwith
standing tbe general attention com
manded by the auction sales of flan
nels, agents cf similar fabr.es and all
styles of citton goods have a good re
quest, with a very fair business
reached. Regarding the auction sale
of flannels, and tbe lateness ot the sea
son, tbe prtciB r?al'zed are looked
npon as fairly satisfactory, rcfl'ct ng
bat a difference of 5 to 7 Der cent, on
tbe cilored giods, tho usual variation
between public and priva'e sales and
recognized as supporting valnes with
agents, who did a fair busineFS at un
disturbed quotations. Ameng the
urchasers were Marshall. Field 4
J. V. Farwell & Co.. Carson.
Pierre, Scott & C. Storm. Hill & Co..
Chicago; Samuel Davis & Co., Crow,
Hard gun & Co., J. H. Wear, itooeher
A Co., II. Y. Himon A Uegnry, E y
Walker Dry Goods Cornranv. Kioe.
Stix A Co., St. Lmis; tha John Shilito
Dry Goods Company. W. McAlpin &
CO., Lonls Stlx & Co., Alms, Doopke
A Co., Cincinnati Bamberger, Kloom
A Co., John M.BnbinBon AOo , Louir-
TUle; wenofces, Warner A Schtiemier,
Auerbach, Fiuch A Vanttyn, St. Taul ;
U. Lowenstein A Bros.. Memphis:
Foote, Ho3e A Co., Britanny, Charlit
on A Co, St. Joeph, Mo.; Murphy,
Hadden A Co, Indianapolis; Foote,
xr.. jl ru it . r
Mauls A Co., Omaha,
, Ab'veLow
: Water. Change. ,
Rise Fall
Feet. lOtbs lOths lOihs
Cairo 0 8 -
Chattanooga.... 1 6
Cincinnati 5 7 .,
Davenport 2 4 8
Dubuque 4 3 3
Fort Smith 1 8
Keokuk 3 3 -
Helena : 6 6 2
La Crorsa 4 1 1 ,
L-avenworth... 5 1 ,
Little Kock
Louisville 4 2
Memphis 5 8
Nashville 1 3 1
New Orleans.... 3 8 21
Omeha 6 5 2
Fitti-burg 5 6
St. Louis 7 1
Ht. Paul 2 3
Khreveport 4 5 1 ...... .
Vickahurg 4 3 M
ItanKer l.lua-Feot and tenths of a foot
ab.ve aero of (auger
Chnttanooga, 33 feat.
Davenport. 15.
Helena, .
Leavenworth, 20.
l,ouiville, '.
New Orleane, 13.2.
Pittxburg, 2.
R. Paul, 7.
Yankton, 2.
Cairo, 41) feet.
Cincinnati, .r0.
Dubuque, 111.
Keokuk, 14.
I,arrone, 21.
Little Rock, 23.
Meinphiii, M.
Nnehvilla, 4U.
Omaha, IS.
Ht. Louii. 32.
Khreveport, 2S.
Pitthhuro, Pa., October 13. Noon
River 6 fet 6 inches and atatinnary.
Weather clear and plee.ont.
WnKKi.tNO, W. V October 13.
Noon River 2 feet ' inch and falling.
Weather clear acd pleatatit.
Evansvillb, lNn.,October 13. Night
River 4 feet 9 inches on the gauge
and fating slowly. Weather clear;
thermometer 70, . i
Cincinnati, O., October 13. Noon
River 5 feet 1 inch on the gauge and
stationary. Weather clear; thermom
eter 70.
Louisville, Ky October 13. Noon
River falling, with 4 feet in the
canal and 1 foot 9 Inches oa the tails.
Memphis: White Hirer l'kt.Co
For (ilarendan, Do valla BInfl,, Dea
Arc, Auaueta, Beamy, Nawacrt, Jaokioa-
port, uaieiviua ana an way iiandlnii,
8TU. CHICKASAW, - w,ir-
!. O. Poetal mait.r.iW' i i fT""
v n i, .. . i . ,
n. v. . uiuii uiK.itir,
Will leave UVERY WKDNKBUAT at p.m.
.11 . tl U ... I . k 1 --
Will leave KVKKY HA1 UhbAT at B n.n
Xhrouvh ratal liven to all nolnta. Fralaht
jonelinod to the Men j.hli and WhIU River
at Meiuphli or Terrene, will ba
Packet Co.
forwarded prom
tion apply at oQlce, No
cull I elcpnone ri'i
For aeneral informo
ladinon at., ort
817 and 810 JrTCvCT in ?
gav RW W W
WH . ixa. COHN ? V,, ia
't .K T.K" '".J7
HAivtrrAOTDnini ot
Tan BKLT or R.
(anantor la madee.
prtiaiy lor tna onre
o( deaenaratloa ot
tho . ceneratlTa or-a-aBl
ThoTo'is no
mltokbou thliln
trument th oon
tlnooqf itream ol
meatlnt Ihrouah tho
narta mnet raitoro
them to healtbv action. Do ajt confound
thla with Kloctrlo Delta adverilied lo onro
all llli from head to toa. It li for tha ONI
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