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VOL. XL VI MO. 211
y jo
Mb. Abbam 8. IlkwiTT, who is a
large manufacturer &nd for twelve
years vety ably and usefully repre
sented a Naw York cocstitaency in
ConzrjBJ, hcs eig-ified his acceptance
of the Tammany caa didacy for Mayor
of that city. A true Democrat and an
honorable znan of the very beet im
pulse, Mr. Hewitt, who hf s proven
hielf to be a friend of the laboring
clasies, caa easily be elected. LI ie
tha only manexc?pthisbrother-in-laT,
Ex Mayor Copar, wha can pjeeibly
defeat Henry George, the working
man's candiJate. Mr. Hewitt entered
political life in 1874, when he was
elected the Forty-fourth and Fory
fifth OonareBses. He was not a candi
date for the Forty-sixth, but was
elected to the Forty-seventh, Forty
e'ghtti and Forty-ninth Congresses.
Tut news of the storm which pre
vailed for three day, beginning with
Monday, along the Galf of Mexico with
special violence from the mouth of
the Sabine river to the mouth of tho
Rio Grande, prows worse and worae
with ecch succeeding dispatch. The
town of Beaumont, at the mouth of
the Sabine Pass, his btea almost swept
away and mwe than fifty persons have
lost their livw. Ia other places, ton,
thi destruction of life and property
havj been vary great, and the wind
traveling ai the rite of from thirty-five
to fifty-seven miles an hour ia a north
easterly direction made harcc on It
way. Ia Chicago it was especially
violent, and the ships at tea in Lake
Michigan are raatoaub'y snpposad to
have suffered disastrously. Accounts
from Indian) are aUo of disaster by
tha cyclone, and no doubt we sba'l
hear from Oh o and perhaps ts far as
New York of deduction of life and
property by this awful storm of lain
and wind.
Tub action of the Equitable Gas
light Company in securing an injunc
tion from Chancellor Ssmeis, of the
Eleventh District, to restrain the Tax
ing District government from inter
fering with their occupancy of the
streets is very well calculated to array
the people of Memphis (gainst that
corporation. Whether or not it is so
lit will be thought that there must be
something In the case that could not
bear the light of Chancellor Ellttt'd
Court that induced so uu usual a pro'
cedure. What is it? The old com.
pany had Injured itself with the pub
lic and had forfeited its status with
the Taxing . District government by
revoking its contract with it, and
the Equitable thus had the field to it
self. I; hud only to renew its offer of
terms to the city and it would, in all
likelihood, have secured what it want
ed. But that chance it has rejected,
and deliberately prejudiced its c as by
an appeal to a court of another juris
diction. It is now PiesidentHadden's
tarn to make a move on the checker
board. What will it be?
Mb. Fowdkbly has taken hold of
the race question in labor, as to him a
new thing, and has given directions
for the organization in. each of the
Southern States of bureaus for the ac
cumulation of stalibttcs as to nrgro
labor, and a'eo f jr. the establishment
of assemblies. To this tbeie can be
no objection. Bat Mr, Fowderly
will find, oil cbee examination,
more than half this work done
Here in Memphis the colored ar.d
white workingmen have long betn
thoroughly identified one with the
o'.her, and on more than one occasion
have made common cause without in
the Jeaet touching on the social line,
The mechanics of the South have al
ways worked willingly side by side
With their nesro fellows without
detriment or danger, whereas the
Northern mechanic has steadily r
Josed to acknowledge him. Mr. row
derly ooght to have known that fact
before he issued his instructiocs, and
to be consistent he should have ap
pealed to the existing Southern asaem
bliea to do the work he has thus cut
Thi resolutions of the Democra's of
Concordia, Mis'., which we publish in
another column, are pervaded by a
fraternal spirit so far as the negro is
concerned. The people recognize his
place in the body politic, and are
willing tbqt he shall hold such offices
as he has' education and capacity
for. This is just. The negro ought to
be lead, not driVen, and it is for the
Democrats everywhere in the South to
teach him the way that he should g,
The Republicans have failed to do that.
They s arranged their meeting and
conventions as that the "poor blank
man" was forced to vote en masse for
their nominees, and the perpjtuitioa
of vicious office holders, whose only
purpose was the securing . of the
"boodle." The white people of the
whole Yazoo bottom suffered from the
presence of these political scabs, and
it was essential to their safety and
growth that inch creatures should bs
driven out of office. This done, the
Democrats of Bolivar county recognize
it their duty to take the negro by the
hand, not in an offensively patronizing,
hut in a manly way, and educate
him to understand that they do not
want to force him to their way or
hinder him from the free expression
of his opinion. This we believe to be
the real and hearty desire of the Dam
ocrats of B ilivar county. And tbey
are right. No country can be built up
by repression or oppression. To be
prosperous every man in a communi
ty must ba free and feel that he is
iree with none to msk him afraid.
Saks Themselves Felt Throughout
the Country la the Destruc
tion of Lire and Property.
New Orlkanp. La.. October 14. A
specinl from Orangn, Tex., to the JPio
aynnestye: Details of the Ueetruetim
by the norm at t-abite Pas3 aud John
eon's Bavru come in slowly a'id are
vet indefinite, tbocgh ail airree tuat
there has baeu a great loss of life and
property. 1 wo brutnerj named roms
roy were nicked up by the scho mer
Andrew Biden in Sabine lake. Tbey
bad been ia tie watar tniity-six
hours, clinging to their capsized jawl.
Their moth r and sitter, Mrs. Capt.
Junker and eon, and aa little girl
of the party wera lost. Tee
Poxeroys report that fifty lives
were ion at toe rorter no me,
where the reiple had collected es tbe
bent place of safety. I; we at to pieces
at 9 o'clock. Mauy persons are miss
ing. Still greater loss is reported from
Johnson's bayoa. Whoie fimilics
were swept away. ijt a house win
left standing with, n five miles of the
lake. Parties were oran zed la it
niebt and left ou the steamers Lamir
end Emily P. with provisions aid
bf tiding. In y are expected back to
night when further particulars will be
ob ained.
Wer Sixty L'vea Lost.
Galvsston, Tax., Oc'ober 14 This
city nag been in a state ol levenen
excitement all day over the dreadful
news from Sabine Pass. Many anx-
ions persons have eagerly viuted tbe
telegraph offices, seeking fuither par
ticulars from the s'.iickeo town. Tne
details of the calamity are very diffi
cult to obtnin, because of the im
paired facilities for c immnnication ia
the vicinity of Sab rn Pass. Tele
graphic commu'.icatiou with B'au
mont and Orange, tbe nearest point t
the unfortunate tiwn, l as been rees
tablished, but the inhabitants of these
p'accs appeir to re waiting tbe return
of relief pat ti 8 that have gone to Sa
bine Pas. The village of Sabine Pass
is located at the mouth of 8abine
river, within half a mile of the ex
treme point jutting from the Texas
tide. Tbe town lies only lour lent
above the mean tide mark and is
bouudtd by a great swamp on the
wi-st and Lake Bab ne on tbe noita
Tbe entrance to Lake Sabine is a mile
and a half abive the town. 'Tne
lake is fifteen miles long by
ten in width, with an average
depth of seven leet, wbicn is always
maintained by the huiie volume of
water pouting into the baio from the
two raviitable rivers, Neches and
Sabine. I; was this lake, according
t i the most exp rienced rayigators on
this ccart. tbfct destroyed tne town
'I he hurricane of last Sucd-iy in the
West Indies blew the waters with
great vio'ence toward the Texas
coast. This hnrrkane wave was
first BO'iccd on this coatt a on
Sunday niortine. attaining ia max!
mum on Tuesday afternoon, and was
maint uned at a biga point by tne im
dsius i f the water babied. The bur
ricane itwlf did not reach these coasts
at all, as scarcely a breath of wind was
stirring when tbe tidal wave
firct touched the cos at. When its
max'mum was reached on Tuesday
afterncon. however, a fierce north
western ga e sprung np along the
whole coast, and at Sabine . this
Bale blew the waters iu of
Lake Sabine and drove tbem
toward tbe Gu'f, whera the hke wa
ters we:e met by tbegr-at i well caused
by tbe hurricane. Tnis resulted in
drivit g the lake waters ovtr ioto the
little town and submerging tbe conn
try for miles ground without a mo
mir.t'u noti e. This account of the
diea ter is e n, firmed by our experi
ence here wiih toe rame gale, and a'l
inform n io.i from Sabine also confirms
the abive theory. As soon as
tbe C llcior of Customs was apprised
of the Cisister, be ordered tbe govern.
ment tog Ptnrcsa to prepare t j make
a trip to 8ibin, and she started for
tbut place a', i o'clock tbis at'ernoan
wiih a rep esmtative of the Galvtston
JSewt and several otbers on b.ara,
The dii'ance to Sibine is sixty miles.
The Pemo3H cannot git beck before
tomorrow, when the details of this
awful disaster will ba known. Private
teb'gnms from Beaumont this evening
confirm the rtpoitt previously 8ont
resarding tbe loss ol life. Ths dam-
sgs to property all along the Texas
coast will be gieat. At Beaumont and
Orang thegae d d serious damage
It played havoc among the lumber
mills, but occasioned no loss ot me.
The latest repo ts place the numbar of
lives lost at Sabine at over sixty.
Tbonsnnda ot Cattle Drowned.
Lakb Charles, La . Octobsr 14.
The loB of property along the Came
ron parish gulf coaa', and for tome
distance west of Sabine Pass, by the
ftorm of Tuesday night was fearful.
The mail boat from Cameron parish
reports that the water at Calcasieu
Pass was eight feet deep at
tbe llgbthonse, and that tbe
entire country etst aud west
was submerged Tuesday night, drown
ing thousands of cattle and mining
crops. No lives were los'. at Lf sbura;
or Calcasieu Pa;e, bnt the following
are reported lost at Johnson s Bayou,
La.: The entire families of Alfred
Lambert, Marion Likes, George
Ntriver, (Jbarles Diancbet, Rradford,
Berry, and two lamuies by tbe nsme
of Franeewar, besides many others
who-e names have not been ascer
Damage ts the Wulrra Talon Tele-
Krp a.
Chicago, Iix , October 14 At the
office of the Western V nion Telegraph
Company one of theofliceis stated that
this storm had given tbe company
mora trouble than any storm that tbey
had bad for five yet rs. The ompany
has large gangs of men out repairing
lines as rapidly as poseible. In this
city several frame nou;es were blown
down, and in one ot tnem me in
mates were seriously injured.
The Wind Caatea Mmaahna.
LouieviLi.K, Ky., October 14. A
bard wind s'orm prevailed throughout
the State this mo-ninn. hut no special
damage is reported. The wind started
a freight car from the siding near Old
Deposit, Ky. It ran on tbe main track
and was run into by a south bound
Louisville and Naebville freight, caus
ing a wreck. Two unknown tramps,
stealing a ride ou tbe cowcatcher,
were killed.
The Storm at Clinton, Ho.
Kansas City, Mo., October 14. A
Journal special states that a heavy
storm swept , over Clinton, in S' uth
weBt Missouri, last night and blew
down Falkner & Woodley'a po'tery
eto;e. a two story building, thecolored
Bap'ist church and several small
houses. No one hurt.
The Relief Party at Beaumont.
Biadmont. Tsx.. October 14. In
addition to the engine placed at tbe
disposal of'ths relief parly by the
East Texas Railroad Company, an
other tas b-.en furnished bv.the com
pany to go down the road as near as
posiD.e to oamne rsss ana ptvereiiei
to the suflVrers. It is saidth&tnota
house at Sabine Pass has escapsd
damage and tbat all have been lifted
from their fou-ii'atons.
. Fire at Fort Wayne.
Fobt Waynb, Ino , October 14. A
terrifio ga'e trcm the south passed
over this city this afternoon, and at 2
o'clock raged in full force. The Odd
Fellows Temple, Centivtr s brewery,
Hakes 's battling works, the Adams
Express office, together with some of
the principal bmiue-s buildinss, were
unroofed. At 1 o'clock a fire broke
out in tbe outskiits of the city, and
nvs frame dweiuncs are in ri'ines,
ith the gale spreading the conflagra
The gale the afternoon unroof -d
half a dozen large buildings, including
tne Odd Kellow's Temple, the French
brewery, lUke s bo'tlmg works and
Driscolls Hall. When tbe wind was
the moit fifrious a firs broke out in a
frame dwelling near the Bass foundry
aod mactvne works, which era-
p'oy 1000 men. The fiie
spreed to to other dwellings
whici were consumed. Tub lia s
works were shut down and lines ot
hose laid through the work', bat they
suffered to damage. At M roevi'le,
filfteen miles eatt of tort Wavne, a
brick barn blew down, killing M s. S.
M. Williams who wis witbiu. No
o her casualties reported.
Lota If Ufa and Ureat Damage at
Buffalo, N. Y., October 14. A ter
rific gale accompanied by rain set in
btra tbis afternoon and continues
with increasing fury. At midniirht
tbe wind is b'owing s'xtv-five miles
per hour. N"I'he Island," inhabited
by squatters, is flooded aid water
rufhinsj in bufte waves alt over it.
Twenty-cine houses have been to'ally
destroyed and over 100 persons are
homeless. Peiple ere moving their
household eflecis to tbe maiu land.
Offic-ra were sent to the rescue of the
family of Charles Lambert.
Lambert was savfd but hie
wife and daughter were
drowned. Several others ate report
ed missing. Tbe basements of all tbe
houses on Canal ttreet are flooded,
the inmates taking refuge on the
upper floors. The roof of tne Western
Transportation honse was blown off,
raiiBiug a blockade of tbe Lickawanna
track. Mxhigan and Main streets are
flooded 700 feet from tbe dock. Oh o
street is completely fl oded. AH tbe
lumber yards on tbe island are
wracked. Tre damage to shipping is
very great. Barges are floating over
Evons's dock and a number are report
ed smashed. At 8o'elock this evening
the ier wall of the new Munc Hall
went down with a crash, oonewas
Conflagration at Saatport, Maine
Eastpobt. Ms.. October 14. A de
structive conflagration broke out this
afternoon in Capen a sardine factory
and is now sweeping through the
business portion of the ttwn. Four
sardine factories. Smith's siloon,
Paine's larg store, Warren Brown's
bou e, K C ark's hou-e, and other
dwellings baveaiready b en destroyed.
The Pa'saniaquiody Hotel has just
ciught fire. Toe wind is blowing
from the southeast, nd there are no
hopes of preventing th fire from
sweeping the whole ot Water stiett
The greatest excitement prevails
The merchants are all moving their
poods out of their stores. Thera is no
fire apparatus in the town except Iwj
band engines, two years ng in is
month the town was dtBtroyed by nre
Tne telegraph poles ara burning. Tne
telegraph office has beea abandoned
on eccount of the near appr a hot
the lire, and all te'egraphic communi
cation is s opped tor the pressnt.
The fire s arted in tho southern part
of the town and in the territory
which, tha dispatches indicate, has
been burned over, were the following
buildinps: George W. C'peu's Sal
dino factory, the gnvercnient c al
wharf, owned by Peabody & Cum-
mings: Woolfe & Ke8ua's sardine
favtorv, J. D. Ynnna'e sardine fac
tory, International Htenmship Wharf
and rebuilding?, Smi b'n wharf,
Stephen Thorpe's boar ling house,
Buck's warehouse, Heory W'beelplay's
d w elling, Paine Broi.' store, warehouse,
ti'h tiouee, gram store, coal bouees and
wharf, R. B. Clarke's residence, the
Furbush House, Andrew Bradford's
residence, Warren Brown's residence,
the fatsamaquoddy House, the
Eastoort Savinus Bank, East Buxton's
large livery stables, B. L Milliken's
wbarl and warehouse, u. f. woods'a
grocery store, Henckley AO.i.'s stove
and hardware sore, Joseph Ander
on, carpenter and luTibsr dealer; the
block owned by the Gillis estate and
Patrick Gillis, of Ludicf the
Western Union Telegraph ofll'e.
and a number of smaller
buildings. The loss in this district is
estimated at$18000. It is likely tbat
the whole of Water s'rest has been
swept away, and if this proves to be
the caie, a large number of buildings
and business establishments are uu
doubtedly destroyed.
The Fire Still RaKlng.
Portland, Mb., October 14. A
special from (Jalais says that the tele
graph and telephone offices at East
port have been suspended. Ths re
flection of the fire on the sky can be
Been at a distance of thirty miles. In
dicating that the fire is raging with in
creased fury, and it is feared tbat the
main part of iaetpoit will be de
stroyed. When the fire started, the
tide was low and ebbing and the reser
voirs bcama exhausted. The latest
intdligDcs from Eattport is that the
Pasamaquoidy Hotel, Burton's livery
stable and tbe telegraph office have
been burned. A telegraph official has
lft Calais to re-establish communica
tion, and until tbat is done nothing
more can be learned.
Blorm at Rorheater. If. T.
Rocbbstbr, N. Y., October 14. A
heavy wind storm with occasional
showers has prevailed in this section
all day. Little or no damage has
been reported.
So Snakes at Charleston SI nee Sal
Charleston, S. C, October 14. It
has been perfectly quiet today, and
tbe weather has been sultry. Theie
has been no rain for weeks and no
shakes have occurred sines last iAfnr
Mr. J. Pch BADBB. No. 11 normin
street, Biltimore, Md., "believes in
Salvation Oil for rheumatism."
Per Mayor of New tori -The Broth.
i rs Taj lor at Ilantlugton
Oar "Dob" at Camden.
Israel al to tbs Arr-tiL.I
Hmtinotom. Tbnn., 0:trbfr 14.
The crowd eecoriing pur Bjb froai
McKnix'etLis rrrorning was swelled
to tOO when tbey nea'ed lluntingli u
near coon, wheu they ba led and Ihe
grand procession went out from town,
j lining the escort. Wh le this was
g ing on, Alfa grand procession was
coming in from East Min street, and
tbe two cavalcades mnvea around the
Square in opposite directirn. pa sing
and rfpissirg eich other. Bib wss
in roduotd by J. A. Walte s, an 1 giva
a rousing spcecn oi oub iiour, lam
basting Rupnblirauisffi ia his own
picu iars'jle H'sope ing was like
vtsterdfty and he made All sore of his
claim as to Whitrgery and Re; ub-
I'cari'm. and b s ana-gnrient of
that pa ty was nnanswo-ably power
fu1, and they felt. iU lorce. He
beardetl the Hon in hi den aud made
him rear, aud results will f How. Boh
c o edaud weut 'o Camden, where he
speaks tonight. The ladies ere out
in full frce to ley to near tne cr tn
e s. Sam Hawkins introduced Al',
who orccted d to make a fair avrraae
spech in defense ol the Republican
puty and I s theories, dodging many
of the points mnds by B ib iu his in
dictment against rdualiBm.
Miss Marv AtlaU llier.oi vich.fni p.
pr?sent?d Bob with a b"iutifut flower
fiddle, adding ttist inou.n ins couiu
n-4 vote for him her napa w iu d. and
tbat. she would rend him a b mquet of
white tos s to wear on bis bosom on
tha occa.-ion of bis inauguration next
Bob at Camden.
lenouL to tbi arraiL.I
Camden. Tbnn.. Oiloher 14. Bob
wai me.t at Ihe depot of Camden by an
immense crowd, and was pi iced iu a
carriage drawn by fmr white horses
and driven at the he id of an im
men proceision to tbe home of O.
K. Wyiey. He was intr diniea in au
elooueot speech by Walter 8. Ayres.
BoJ spoke for an bou'ft'id a hall to a
vaHt audieic, arousing great enthu
Accepts the Nomlumlon ConUlllon.
Nbw Yobk, October 14. A b. -am 8.
Hewitt has agreed to accept the Tam
many Hall nomination f r Mayor, an J
has written a letter snnounning tne
ttc.t. Mr. Hawitc Btionlntw. however.
that the bilance of ths ticket stiall be
satisfactuiy to him.
Another Candidal for Mayor of
new iora,
Nbw York. Ootober 14 The Com
mitten of One Hundred tonight nomi
nated Tbeodcre Koosevelt for Mayor.
A Sick Caadlttato NoiHlaated to
vppoao acHae.
IsrsctiL to Tbi arnaL.I
Littli Rock, bbk., Ootiber 14.
It is learned here ttinlghtthut Judgs
John H. Rogers, oandit.aie for' Coi-
eress from this dietrlCAs so ill thit
beisiorceato ananoon nis appoiui
mens to speak in different puts of
tbe district during the pres?nt cam
paign. Helivts at roitsmttn. His
Discs will b-tfl led by the District Cen
tral Committee at once and the work
of slaughtering Brother Locgley, the
Republican candidate, w;ll go on ju t
as though nothing had occurred. A
man named Ray was yesterdHy r onai
tat'd bv the Mugwump Eepuulicirs,
of tha Third Distr ct, to ectir thecin-t-st
agaimt the Ho i. 'l'hnmas 0. M )
Rae, who hasmccetdsd i i laying out
Rue Hi'l, nnmir a e i tome days ago by
tbe Wheelers. McRse will cany tae
dial rict by 61)00 majority.
Connreaalonal Nominations.
Tax ark ana, Auk., 0.vpbr 14.
The Republicans of the Third Amn
sis 0,miie s onil District nominated
H. B. Hnl'i'an, an ex Con(edrate cap
ta;n, for Congress this m irning.
New York Twonty-.-iA'b Dis'r'ut,
Milton H. Delano, Republican ;8i v. n
toenth Dstrct, Win. lOiiiisbeny,
DL-mocrat; First Dittrii t, Terry Be) -raotit,
Democrat, renomi aii in; Fif
teenth Diftr ct, Mbsts I). Stovurs, liv
publican jThiny-feconit Dittrict, John
M. Farquharson, Ilepublicm. Ponn
sylvania I'weuti-ioartii Uiotrict, 7, i
bina Fallen, Greenbacker; Sjveutu
District, Elwin Satthetthwair, Demo
crat; Fourteenth D.strict, Fiankliu
Rounds, Republican, runomination.
Massachusetts Ninth District, Dr.
Edward O Bnrnait.
Often the fondest mother's care U
no protection agair.st coughs, colds
aod boa'ssness. Dr. Bu'i's Cough
Syrup sbou d be kept in readintss.
25 tents
Cabinet Meeting.
Washington, Ojiober 14. Tbe
Cabinet meeting today wes attended
by a'l the members except Secreiary
Manning. Toe Treasury Department
was represented by Acting Secretaiy
Fairchild. The Miles Geronimo com
plication Wis (gain under considera
Henry fnratcahelat.
Orrioa ok Mmiriiis City Fia 4 0mrau)
Inr. Co., No. 1Mami8iinStiikrt. V
Memhl, Tenn., October 14, ISSrt. )
At a special roeetlrtr of the Board of I)i
reotora, hold thia day, the following reaolu
tiona were preiented and nDaniu.oaaly
adniited :
Whkhias, It haa pleased Almiihty Ood In
Ilia ioaorutable proridenre to remove our
friend and brother director. Hkniiv tuaa
TiNHRia, by rieath, on (he 1-th inrtant :
lU olrtd, That in thedeath of Mr. Fnas
trnb Km our company bu) l't 'l' oldeat
director, one wbo waa aluaya aatire and
ealoua in buildinc np and promotinr ita
every intereat, pronounced in all hia viewi
relatina; ta commeroial affaira, elear in
judnment, aafe in counael and atroni in Ml
convii-tionn, and let witbal enoeedinfly lib
eral and reneroua in all tliinxa.
ltrtolmd, That we have loit a truated and
valued friend, hia fa mi y a kind and in
dulgent protector, and our whole commu
nity one of our moat liberal, charitable and
public apirited ckitenn; an upright man,
who, familiar lace will be aadly mimed
In the varied walka and wart of oomiueroial
Kenlvrd, That we tender the family of
our deoeased friend our ainrereat. ajmpatbr
in thia tbeir aaddeat hour of affliction and
Retolvrd, That theae reaolu' ioni be apread
at lengtn upon the recordaof the company,
and alto tbat the Km nubliahed III tbe
morning papera, and, a further mark of
ateetn tor our valued friend, inai we aiienu
hia funeral in a body. . , , ,
NAl'OLKON Hlhli, Preaident.
Att-nt: lUxitr J. I.vnv, ''mhier.
Orrii'i ok ths Board or EntiCATro,l
Memphii, Oclooer 13, lHi, f
BIDS For repairing and repeating the
rootl ot the Market a'reet, Clay atrent
and Peabody Schoolhouei will ba received
at thia office up to 12 m. 'JM ioatant.
ily order of the Board.
A. ii. Ulll, Secretary,
COTTER K LI RR III tHii citv. at lha
rsiden- at the RT. Fxthur Walf, v r.
KnwAkD J. cottkr and Mtas uoai KLiti.
Cairo pari pleats copy. I
Tha (room ia a riiinc youni bulncai man
of Cairo, 111., Vioa P.eiiiicnt of tbe New
Tork Store Companr- The bride, tbe dauah
terot Mr. Frank Klelr, of Weat Memphia,
haa beea emilnrd al caahlcr on Meun
Seed k Phiilipa' wbarfboat linre ill re
moval from Cairo. Ihe happj eouple, fol
lowed br the b!t wiihw of their Mend, It It
on th evening train. Nn rantii.
A. M. Will meet la ttcd-eo-nmuniratioB
thli(FaiDAT) en V J
in, Oot. 1Mb, at o'oloek, for d.-Vr
'inch of reanlar boiiDen. All' -M
M.'i in rood itamlinr fratornallj InTited.
By order W. J. UlUiWiX, w.M.
Attett: C. R roi.l.Ap. Kfiretary.
abeautilul atao tiuen' oT Woolen DrenPat
terna, embrao ng every now and known de
aim of hia iein in gooda lo- Viaitlnir.
Proirenade and Tailof ouiU. Thtae pat
term will be offered
AT 7.50 EACI7.
In every pattern will be included the fulleat
quantity 01 gooda and trimming!, pro, erly
and taaufuliy combined.
aaw-lhe price per pattern, $7,110, ia guar
anteed to be ti e lowe-t niure at which theae
goudi will ever be lold.-kn
The nnbbieit aaaortment of 7Ao yard French,
Engliah a-d Wurman Dreaa ) oda in the
marke'.. The Hit) HT and PHOPKK Trim
minga for BIYLI8U Gooda not to be lound
J a,o lie t m
KREMER'8 have the moit complete itock,
and Mohbicat Stylea. Price them -tluy them.
A Janket for eve r Lady, every Mifa. every
Child. Kremer'i have 1504 Jaoketi to aelect
The rablie Is Tory Resprctfallr and
Earueety Invited to Inspect,
Dissolution of Partnership.
- IT. J. H.KRNT haa thia da withdrawn
iVX from the Brm of npeed, Martbuil A
Kant, and tha baatneaa. liabilities, etc.. Will
ho assumed by the remaining piirtnere, who
haveaaioniaUd with them U. W. MoKIMo-
tl' . . y . u LI. 1- . .....n--al.. t..m
AniiUl naauvui., iu n vi u, u if
. , 1 Ar l. MWln kI t. aMlnm.
meroial Law and Voliectloaa. Tbe stU ef
tbe frm w',", -ke Bf-BU, iahb
MoKINriTHY. Uffloei. No. 8 Mdlaen itreet,
Memphia, fenn , and Do. 143 Wa-bingkon
atreet. vunriourg, ansa, iwiaosr i-. m-i.
And Conntrw Mnra Inanranea eiwea
Npecial A Illation, by
Room 1, Cotton Exchange Building,
t aiillal Hiraeatl, IIO,000,000.
aerlnvitea Correspondence and Interview.
DK. It. L LA8KI,
I'bydiciaii, ftarateon tad Acconcher,
8i:t MHltiNtrecl, Xeiir Uiilou.
Tnlnnhnne No. S.
nF.NOVED AI.IVE, In from 40 to W
minutes, complete, with head, or no
rhnre-e. Medicine pleaaant and har'i.lexa.
NO FA8TINU. Can be adminiate.ed witn
aafety to child or adult. Call on
At Mrs. IWk'el'i house, corner Third and
Madison ata. Cowsui.TATit'N Frk.
To Contractors.
a- 1,000,000 oble Tarda Levee Work
in Tunica and Coahoma countlea, Mlu., to
let in quantitiea to lult oatflti.
10D0 elation men oan find employment it
12 to 18 eenta per yard. Alio, 600 teami.
Apply oa work, or to Toof, MoOowan A Co.,
274 Front atreet.
With Practical, Buecenful Iiperlence To
Travel, Emplov and Inatrnot Canvassing
A genU lor rlrtinal, Htandard, New, Sala
ble liooki. Addreaa, atating salary expected,
wi.h eiperienee, book! canvaiaed, degree ol
success, etc., uaaraatM FublUliloa;
l o , IUII I'iaei , HI. Uinla, Wo
ALL pennni deilreni of lecarlng "afa
and tillable I wan run re, al I.of
ml Hatee, on UIN I10UHKH, can be ac
oommodoted by applying to the
rianters' Fire and Marine
At 41 tlasllaan Xt.. Memphia, Tonn
rou h aIa k.
Plsntaiion of A. 4 Co. on Island 34
tor division o' an eat ate. It contains ahont
2600 acrei of Hob, bottom land ; about . )
aire in cultivation I leveral hundred aorei
above any overflow. Can be made one
of the finest stock larma, completely aur
rounded by water, which prevenU the ea
eape of alack. Alio, about 140 liead ot Cattle,
which are in tne condition, including seve
ral bhort-horn Durham llulla, Cuwa and
Yearling!. Addreei
A. hUA A CO . Fulton, Tenn.,
or w. A. UAOK A CO.,
Wo. aO Front atreet, Memphia, Tenn.
Non-Itldnt MoIIcp.
Mo. 69TO In the Chanoery Court ef Shelby
rounly. Tenn. Biale of Tenneaiee va.
Tbouiaa Dnyleet al.
It appearing from the Sheriff 'a return In
ihia eauae that the defendant. Marv Mor-
riaey, John Mnrriaey and Alice O'Neal, are
not to be found In bii countv:
It ia therefore ordered, That they make
their anpeurance bertin,at the courthouse
of Hbelby county, in Memphia, Tenn., on or
botore tne first Monday In December, 1WW,
and pload, ar,awer or demur to complainant'!
bill, or the same will be taken for eonfoased
aa to them and set for hearine aa oarte t and
that ac ir ol thia order be pulilitlird once a
week, lor lour aucceasive weeaa, in tne
Memphia Appeal. 1 hia 14tn day ol Uctober,
imi. A copy-attest :
fl. I. MuDOW ULL, Clerk and Master.
By T. R, Caldwell, Deputy 0 and M.
K. II. AC. VY.ileiakell.boliciloriforoom
plaipant. w ... . Ii 1
ill has
lemphis Jockey iub!
Foar and Five ItaccN F.aoh Day.
St?pl4'hiiMca and Hurdle Hacer.
Many f the Faatent llorwea In Aiiiorlca will participate.
Itucr couiuirnre at 2:SO oVIoc- p.m.
1I4I.F KATF.si on mJI Itrtllroadai and MoitiuIontia.
trirVA'A Ptlicj-II .lders In 1885,
Contented t
but Such a record la rnallv remarkablo in
men' and liVeral treatment uf I'ollry-noldo'e.
the Sew Vurai 1.1 r- haa ever made and
t ommrrriiil fndrtiH, 'Oraiirr li, IBM)
lioom 1, Cotton Exchange llniMIii?:.
Confections, (i.aees, Nougat CarainclH, French Fruit (! laces.
Croftin lion lions, Fine French Handmade Creams audXU
Bon Bons, Chocolates, Ices and Nongattnop.
Ton can Cnd theae gooda " AT RETAIL," in any quantitiea, nt
The rctcrs & Siuvrlo Co.'s llctail E.tabllshment,
JSo. 43 Jetl'erNon Mrtf!, Opposite Their Fnotory.
Theae are the limit Confectloni that tbe Memphia I'ubllo have ever had the opportunity
to purchase.
oar-Try Our "yew C!riii l.oiir "HoHoloiiwa
Dry Goods, Motions, tlosiory
Not. 328 and 228 Main St., Memphli,:Tj.
OOMPLItTE THAN bHI. and ear rrloei will eoaipaxe wlU Ueae ef any haaL,
ia the Halted btatea. We are Agents for "
TtueuM Manuflict.rl Co.'i Plsld, DrlHn, HhwUif , Sklrtlif , K&f
BOi-XUD OXf TTlTJ-iT !!.
sui.uu-ur u l'M iris nTi mi out vu.iu b-U'L noi nuuriii
ar Depoilti received la lomg oi SI and upward, and intereat allowed on lam Semi
annually. aWWe buy and sell local Investment Dnnda and Vecnrltiei generally, pay taxes, acta)
trustees, and. In general, execute any financial busineag requirluga aate aadreaponaibia
V? e iaane drafta, in nail to lult purchaser!, on all parti of Europe.
tur We have a oommodioui Vault for the deposit ol varueblea, which la at the lorvtci ol
our cuatomera, Vrea of elliarr.
I). P. HADDKN, PreKlilent, EVYD, HOLDSMITJI, Ylce-PreeldODt.
Capital, $200,000.
69DWIN, prett J.M.H001)UAK, Vlee-Pres'U C. II. KALNE, C ikttV
Soaal, of Dlrootoraj
J. M. 800DBAK,
J. M. I
. WlLllnnua. K. T. vttur-fin,,
A aM IrlTAAD. 0. B. BRYAN.
ieeealwrr af Ntate of Tesiaixaue). Tranaarta
Bnalnaaa aat ajlwaa IpMlal
3XTo"w Firm.
No. S31 Second Street Memphis, Teuu.
arPlno Htoo lc . srHtyltsili Turin trit
Liberal Advances ou C'ouKignnieuU'.
200 Front Street, : : Mewplilse Teim,
And Commission Merchant,
Ifoa, 31 and 8G IlndUon Hired, mtxhli
W,sl.,HflWSllMW' lelSlslasa - ". ..'C'.t. '.. .?. :.
ASSETS, $G,800000
S OOO.OOO, and Not a Dollar of
lnlm I -vj.tfl
Ita eihlhlt of enerretie and skillful manare
The present auitement Is plainly the bei
that ii saying all ihatnoodbe said.
Surplus, $25,000,
j. r. aoDwra.
H. K. COr-FIN,
a eairral Baa as.
AiBtla to Ualletleta.'se "

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