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Aid More Tksa Fiftjr Llres Lost
Particulars of the Disaster
' Damage Elsewhere.
Galveston, Tax., Oct br 14. The
town c I Habii.e, atthainonihot the Ra
bioe river, the dividing lin betweon
Lmisiaua and Texas, ii repDited as
eutirely bathed away bv tbe terrific
a'orm of Tuesday night. Over fifty
Uvea tra reported lost out of a total
population of 200 All telegraphic
communication with town is cat off.
Sabine Pass ia sixty miles tip tbe
coast from Galveston and twenty
eigtit mi ei southrat of Bieumont,
tht county at at of Jefferson county.
It is thought that tbe bar in front of
ton will prevent any tugs from land
ing, and tag owners heie regard it
Hash as to attempt to enter the treach
r.,ui channel since tbe storm.
Telegraphic csmmuoication with all
p jinti ou'side of Texas was nearly
8U3tPcdt d last night owing to storms
in Louisiana, Arkansas and tbe Indian
Territory, 'ibe fallowing at count of
the groat disaster at Sabine Pa s wls
tel gr.pl t'd last night to Houston:
Bk4umort, October 1H88.
Our town is in a elu' of int-nsn ex
citemnt t 'ti ffl.t at news jus; rem ived
firm t-otjii e i'us. It is news cf a ter
rible 1-si of life nml dstiii( tiin of
projierty in that i Ikcb from high w. tfr.
We have now no telegraph communi
cation with tbe nncs, tbe wirt-s all be
ing do u, but nn ougine arrived here
tonight over the Kaat Texai r.ilway
t' at left there abont 0 o'clock. Two
cuiiem who rowed in a small boat
across an expanse rf totsing waterj, a
distance of revernl miles from tbe
town i f Sablue, tj the lallrocd track
ai d came in on the engiim, report a
Imnrtrendirg account f afl'u rs there.
They say tbe aateis bfgun toinvale
tua town from the Gulf and laki to
gether about 2 o'clock Tues iay aftar
no'n and rohe with unprecedeiitpd
rapidly. The cit zees of the doomed
place did not real z t the imminent
tWgr until it wa- toi la e to enapo.
When cafety by flight was rtcogoiz d
as be'ng out of the ques
tion, the people who were
situated so they rould do it, betook
themselves t houses and retorts
adjudged to be safe. The water
k ipt rising, and at 3:30 o'clock the
smaller hous's began to yield to the
r statics force of wsv-'fl, and not
only movrd from tbeir founds Ions,
but turned on tboir sides and top).
A litt'e laier the lar.er homes began
to give way and death by drowning
Benin ail in H orn for every cit' tun of
the place. With the yielding of
smaller houses seviral persons, who
Lad remained in them, were drowned,
and when tbe residences and bnninexs
places began to crumble, the fatality
began to double. Tbe following in
complete list of the drowned was
obtained fr.im the two gentlemen who
came over on the engine:
JIM VONUY nd family of ail,
MKS. A LTO MIOWJI and two childron,
IIOMKK KINU, wifo and ohildt
MliS. JUNKKR and son,
MHB. l'OMKKY andtliiulljof Ave.
MliS. STH WART, daughter and ion; '
MttS. MoDuNAM), daughter and grand-
""lUNK MULMOAN nnd family,
COLUMBUS MAKtUtteud family,
And about twenty-five colored people,
arhose names could not be given.
Tue abave list comprises over fifty
human victims of storm, among them
some of the leading families of the
p'ace. There are ofbers, an! many of
them doubtle-s, drowned with nit any
one now living kn iwing anything of
it. lr. is foa oJ ttiat whole families in
diffi rent parts of tho pines have been
swept away without leaving a person
or vestige to indicate their terr b'.e
fate. It is said that the s tuition dur
ing the latter part of the afternoon
bevgaia dtscripton. The n a iifes a
tion i:f terror ar.d egjny by people
looking face to face at death and
real til g that there was no cacao:, the
dying cries of women, andible but
rendered almost noUelen by the rotr
of the mud roa ; the hoarse voices of
pallid men trying to save tliote dear
to them all combined in add a scene
too horrible to be described.
On tecjipt of this new the litis ma
of ttearjuioiit immediately b-gtn pre
patatWi'B for relie'. The Fast Texts
railway has p ace I an euiue at their
di positl, and a party of men have
gone to Orange to rarry the news and
there procuie a Dial and etart for the
eceus. i'he damage to property at
babine has been Viry great. The
wharf property cf the town was owned
by New Yo'k capitaliats, whoals ou
tin aJjoiuing nroperiy and were aim
lug to uiak i 8 b ue Fa s an important
lo t ou ttiu Un.f roiist,
ltvorta i'rotn Wraugr, Tex.
Oiunok, Tax., Octjber 14. The
etprtn did gr at d-rrwge atlSabliiot'ass.
The I'orti Ho'.el, which contained a
large number ut gti- s s, aai swept
away and a bo.it containing a numbtr
ifjieople wa oveitnrned in the biy
auti ail on board wore drowned.
E'glr lives are ki.owa te be lost and it
is leared that the worst has not been
harned. A ectioouer picked up llir-e
men in the bay in an exhausted con
ditiou. The water con' linn d to liso Mon
day and renchod ti e ti ret lloira of tev
eral housor. Tliis created genenl
n'arm and ninny pernors left Heir
hou ee, taking refuge in tbe hotel at
i oit Eade. Ttie harrow neck of land
letwceo t,ie r,vt r tank and tbe sea
nmr, h borduring the. bijs a id the
jul! wis coirp et ly under witter,
which, in kiiiuo lacoe, was wa;si deep
At in u'ol irk .Monday night the wiud
lull, il d !i ile at d then cau.o iu s'roi g
T,je cl.itiiis wei-t Mtidiliug away, tiiu
htiivm.a c ca-td, and at miJniutu the
weitaer had iii:oni raemi ab y in..d
erute. T.io b irk Idn., lor l'uma
c la, bit: her nuin t 1
Tiie dsina.e ex ended a 1 1 atnii the
rivtir. At Culm Gup Jotia Wi-e lo-it
h n tinoitiH s, uh of )in ri e. his cit le,
in (.ut, tl.e.tiim inmlo a i hare weep
of hij t.o.itie. . -!W from Point ah
lit c le a- d i oints hi lo's!iow that the
first ncc aint of the damugu vrn-i mtl.cr
uudorthHticv le timatttl. 'Dure has
be:n almost a totd des'ru tion of
cripi if all kind from l'oiut a la
llac-he ti Port Kad-, on the eiBt aide
of ihe river. Tue tctuoner J. A J,
lumbrr la.ieu. wes driveu ouths levoi
thtrty-ti vo milcH buloar the c:t.y end
K ft iiih ttud d y. Two unknown lug
grt;s ai u il ti.o eamti f-te. What
orung s 'heie wer.i ou the trees were
to n t II. The diujiag I ft eon P.iint
a la llac'.ie and l'o t Kids in rice,
liardiiuu, cuttle, In ra-e, potilt-y,
fit n;o, et'-., ii eslimiitl at f:tXI,0L0
2o loes of lit i" rjported.
An Aecnuut Krin rrl Worth.
FoKT VVoi,Tir, lx., Oc toiler 14.
Kewi mi ived here trom Sabine Pass
ia to the euVct that the greater portion
of the town has been washed away,
ai d at out sixty or seventy persons
irowed by the torrible storm of
Tuesday night. Waters from the lake
aid Gu f iii-hed into the place with
great rapidity, and destroyed the
f inndat'on tf nearly every house. All
Hegrapblc cimmnnicat on east cf
Beaumont Is interrupted, and the only
ii.foima'ion procured that is strictly
reliable wra obtiinedfiom two merj
who rowed ever tbe vkbi expanse of
watar to Beaumont. These men iay
tl at th scene 1 beyond dee crption.
Tbe er tire town is wrecked, and the
inhabitants are fiersied with fear and
g ief. lh damage coca by the storm
at Bftiumont is also considerable, a
number of houses being blown down
and many of the principal lumber
mills damaged. The track of tbe East
Texas and t-'abine railioad is washed
away for miles ia a number of pieces,
bvidee damage done to bridges and
TrrHBetlal atC'bieage.
ChioAi, III,, Oc ober 14. A high
wind, accompanied by a driving rain,
has been prevailing here since early
this mornlnjr. The storm tors through
the trees of Douglass, Garfield and
Humboldt P.rks with the fury of a
hurricane. Hoft maples and siplings
were twitted off close ti their trunks
and La led over the t'p J of tbe larger
trees. Two loal esta'e arencv build
inisin Madieon street, near Gaifield
rark, wete picked up by th" wind and
pounded t) pieces on the prairie.
t-tr. et e ir c uduct rs and drivers who
were cauglit in tbe teeth of the gale
tav that It was only witti the greatest
dlli olty tliey saved themselves from
b lug thrown from their cars. All the
r eta in the we-tern acd tout h wet
trn pnrtion of the city are lit end
with uroken trees and shivered tixn
boatdf. Tue Sigual H-rv'c f llirte re
por s that tl o stoim ii ranidly ad
venc'ng in a no'thrast' rly diiedion,
and that it is becoming severe. Very
b gh winds will ptevail no lakes.
The Pt oi m has been atietid d with
nensi Jerable rainfrfll, this st it i'n show
ing half an inch of water. The wind
is blowing at the rats of ttiiity miles
an hoar and has a' taint d a velocity of
forty-Ovo to fifty miles on the lake.
Repor.s show that the stoim extends
over a very wide arcs, bu', no ra t en
lais can be obtained, as tbe telegraph
wire are d wn in almoat all direc ions.
A cvclouo between Ypsilar.tuMtch.,
a id K khart, Iud., tore down all the
wire) in that neighbor, ood, and on
til Chicugi, B irlirg'on and Quincy
railroid tho top of a car was blown off
and carried againit the wires ailh such
forci as to break them all.
Tbe Nlorm ! the Houlhweat Still
Nsw yoHK,Oclobsrl4-.10:30 A. if
Wettein Union olll ials report that
the storm which prevailed in Texa
snd Louielana yenerday nod the day
before, is now traveling in a north
eis'eriy direction and is cutting off
telegrauhle tommunicaliun as it pro
gresses. New Orleans rrpor's that it
lias no wire wer-t, and tDa', the wnoie
roat territory from New Orleans to
Galveutos Is cut cflf. As the storm is
(till ragtag iu the Houtbweet it will be
some tonslderiibie time before any de
tails of the dita tor at Babine P:S cai
bu obtained. '
Water Work Twr Hlowa Down.
Kankakih, III., October 14. The
water works tower st this place, which
was completed last week, wai blown
over today, orusbing tbe bain i f U. II.
Johnson and a poition of tbe resi
dence of Joshua Aldrich. Aldrioh
and his wife were in another poition
t f tbe honee at the t me, and weie un-
itijarett. Tbe tower was 125 high,
taeity faet scrrs, wai of boiler iron,
and co it tli.OUO. Th wind blew
down tras and ihlmneyi and tore off
touts. JMullvesTtrere lout.
rift.Tw Miles aa Ilonral Detroit
Da but, Mich., Ojtober 14. Wires
thiotignont tho State era almost all
down, and it seems that it will be tin
possible to learn auything about the
extent oi the storm, lu this netgti
b rhord a gala has prevailed all th t
ef ernnon, the wind teaching fifty two
milts an huar. All tbe river cref
were ' ied tip, trees, mols, plate glass
and the electric light toweihotise
Buffered oinsli'erably. Oding to
ciO'Bsd wirei maDy of ttin electric
lights (ltd not appear, and a large por
tion of tbe city H in darkness.
Tbi Ualo at Toledo.
Tolko j, 0., October 14. The Btorm
todiy siruc To ed i about noon and
from that until abou . 3 o'clock the
velocity of the wind wai about ior'y-
live miles per nour. rtiere was cou
sitlerable d image done in a small way,
b owing coa-n chiiuueva, breaking in
show windowf. unrotflaar )uildirir.
blowing down telephone and telegraph
wires ana overturning shade trees.
An tirflnidicd two story building was
riis d to the a onnd. No flssuultiea.
Kepoils from Ni r hmettarn Ohio brlrg
tidings of similar damages, the most
serious nn fur heinx to the cou'thousi
1 1 Nn polo in. whith was injuied to the
exunt o' iutu. mere wai muoi ex
oiUmout he e during the afternoon,
aa four yuclit-, one from Detroit and
three from here, wore engaged in the
rac on uue fle. Tue yaclits, bow
ever, all arrived sjfo at Monroe, Mich,
Dutaraly Attentat at Aaaasslaatlosi
a wa sua iiaain.
laeactAL to Tai arrsaL.I
OxvjmV Miss, Oc ober 14, There
wis a moat dis ardiy a'tempt at awat-
siuatiou muds on the Ufa of Joho
Didior, a, his houss three miles from
Taylor, n Monday night ah mt 11
o'llntk. He was ciile 1 to Ibe door of
hit houee, from whiah he stepped into
t e passage just as a gun was fired,
if received the cont-uits of a shotgun
in the back t f IU hea 1, neck and am
lie 'hioksltthe result of an old d (li
eu ty, and that his as ailantt a ere Joe
Hrd n and George B.tomgardner.
Then part es ware promptly a' rested
by Mr. K. II". Kimmons, our cllic cut
uuil coiiiajomis deputy sheriO, s ,d
aie no in jail await ng Ihe action cl
th grnd j iry. Dudtor will n cover.
The many friends hers cf Capt. T.
J. A I vie, of Taylor, this county,
inexpru'Sitily Hlucktd to tier of the
d atli if liU eHtiinuble wife, that oc
curred st Lis residence on Tueeday
ii'ghi, if tor en illness of only a fe
days. Mrs. A I vis was tbe favorl e
child of Col. We ems, i f Duiant, Mia.
Mis was an accomplished lady, a de
voted friend, a in del w.f atd a
loving mother. She leaves a )a'g
fimiy and a numbtr of fiieiidt
throughout the Htate tl moarn her
Tuesday evening's express brool-1
to her o, a home bete tne remains of
Mr.'. W. J. Mayo, of Oarendon, Ark.
Sub died from an nitack of tiemitnna
sftr sn illneis of one week. Itesuti
ful, young, atcoiiiplished and but re
cently in ,.r ncd, tier sudden dea'h
has cant a alooiii of sudnSt over the
entire community, leaving ber paren s
l r n( i tricken and ber yourjg husband
LrjRPBOau's perfume, Edenii
Luudborg'a perfume, Alpine Violet.
Lundborg'a perfume, Lily of the
Luudborg's perfume, Marthal HiJa
Bt 3000 PEOPLE.
A Clone Contest Between the Tlsks
burg Monlhrnns nnd the Capl
tjl Light Guards.
Ibpicul to tub arriAt-l
Jackeov, Miss, October 14. Fu'Iy
2 ( 0 to 3000 people witness' d the com
petitive t'lili tday. The day w
bright end clear a-d not urcomfort
ably warm. The fiis: tl i g on the
prop ran tee w: s a bicye'e rase, tbre e-qasile-B
of a mi'e, between Mee n. T.
A. Per, Paul Buie t aid Wilson
Hemingway, which was win by thj
les' named geLtleman in 3:50.
Ia drawing for paces in tbe drill
the Viokebu g Southrons draw fist
place, tbe Capital Lght Guards
second, and tbe Miss eeippl Guards
third. At 1:07 this aftirucoa the
Vickeburg Bouthrocs marched on 'ho
field, and at 1:12 tbe inspection b -gan.
To all appea-ances tbeir insp c
tion wai faultier, occupy irg t.n
minut-8. Th'ir eiejrtiju it tbe
manual, with or wi h nt tbe r.ninb-rs
was very flue, with stms individu-il
errors. Tbeir field niovtments wire
most excellent, thcugh with several
ragged edges e pecially in tbe wliro'
ing. Thtir fi-ing whs almost pjif ct.
Their cadence was cood. In Ltu.r ,
ilnypu. up a epbndid nrill, ocopv
ing foi ty live ii.ii.utei from the te
giuniug of the intpict on to tbe cl' bj
of the fitld u,ovtrnnt'. B lore
marching off tl'e field t iey palute l
:eir epulis r, Miis Kflio Ntely, of
Jack no, aid ber itadi tf honor,
Mist Waddei', cf Vi'tkabtirtr, and Miss
Lula Hamilloa, of O int. n, h i w ne
the company's coUrs if eld go d end
At 2 o'clock p m. thwCapit.il L'ght
Gu irt's at p ared and, aft-r tbe mos
eary pre iiu nary movement), 1 1 2:15
o'clock the inspection commenced
ai.d occupied flfe-i irii.u ea. They,
tio, stroii a fdultites inepection. bo
far as a ni n expe t ciuld determine,
tin ir execution of the mania, wtii
aod wi'houl the r.umbtrf, seamed pir
iec Th- ir whelint'S and g ne al
field movenien s wire si)'e..d'.d; their
firing was bid, C8j.eoiiil'y by file;,
th ugh it was fl e in i)in down.
They seemed to get down ai.d up as
one men Toiir c denco was first
clbsi. lh-y got through tho pro
giamme in fiity a i antes from and In
cluding inapt c ion, being fiv minutes
ljnge,- than ttieHouihrone, which time
was taken up in the inspemion. Tke
it all in ail, they put up a most exed
lent diill. After ealu'ing tbeir spon
sor, Miss Kate Pier and htr unids
ol lienor, Miste Madie Fea-n and Le
lia Beatty, of Jackeon, wea-iog tho
while and yellow rob ri of tbe com
pany, tht y it ft tbe fieJd.
At 3 o'clock Dm., ih) Mist's ippi
Gutrds m.irchtd on the field and at
3:10 o'clock their inspection began,
which was without fault, letting teu
m'nutes. Tiiev executed the manual.
and without numbers, very well
Though there were a number of indi
vidual e'rors, tbeir wheeling and gen
eral field movements were very 'air,
t hi ugh the laft four made a very bad
break, marching at one time in the di
rec tion opposite to the command. The ir
firing was very g jcd. '1 hvy made by
far a better drill than they ma le in
the m.tiden diill yesteidty with a
much mo'e difficult programme today.
Their time in ext eating the pro-
g'amms, including i spectton, wai
fifty-eight minutes. Tht y to ) saint d
their sponsi rs, whose names were
given yetUrday, a d left tbe field.
That the race for the first pr'se li
bei ween the Vickebu'g S uthronsand
the i apitil Light Guarda a 1 admit. It
is furti or universilly sdmitt- d as be-teenh-se
to companies it iirt
markably close, ai'h bt)t a ve y few
po'n's difiertnee. Both ccmpinies ate
bndly fr ght"i.td, an it is too c'Oie to
be c imfortable to either. ich c m
pany bava nuny who claim the ad
vt nt ie (or It. Tbe bulk of the opin
ion anjont vi iticg memb rs of military
romp tides rather give the odds in
favor of the Cepit l L'ght Guards.
Tbe tett rg is even b it ween them.
Theiunnirg tace of ine ba f mile
daeb for a 175 purse, between II imil
ton, L.cy Johnst u, Fanchon and Red
Put lit, a won by Lucy Johrihtjn,
with Hd Pullet second, in 0:52.
I i the trott.ng r,.c, th ee-qutt trn
of a milH beat', two in thr", for a $75
nurse, between L dta, M ssi ippi,
Wilkt-a and Helim L-tta won two
straight beats. Time 2:03, 2:07).
An entertaining progra uma is ar
ranged for torn rrow. AH tbepr zes
will he awaided to morrow.
Misi Marion B lotba has presented
ti i he aseociatiun a harideomo silver
pitcher and goblet, to be awarJed t
tie spineor ol the winning company
in todty's drill.
hvllivah ad miru antont.
Fritndi, ilDinri, tought, et al.,(ive mo
your euh;
I entne to bury IVinr sot ti ilug him,
BecKuae I llufneJ biin yetter eve,
And that ii wiiy he lie here now.
ihe evil t hat men do liren aftor themt
The good it olua plntd with their bonei,
And Juliui It n. g. Ibis ait. The proat
tietb told you Craar wai ambiiiout
And the preu tl nut much luhttiiiied
Ouuide of nueh rellgtout wsikliet
At ye are net tubnoribiag lor at i re-ent
And, lellow citittni, 1 ihii.k he waa.
Or he would neear hare utood up before
A men of my talente. You bet he wouldn't!
0"r tiJn t knuw what waa good for 'iin,
'Till Boitoa'i pride and joy knocked htm
out, .
And than It waa too late to utiliie hit
But ye'Urdey your Jullun Cu'inr might
ilare atwd againit the world; now Ilea he
And none 10 poor te do hire reverenco,
While I elaod bare, unrcittbed, un-oratvhed,
Aed all my porltala AlleJ with gate money.
II yoa bare tn to ahed reare to abed
Ibem tixw.
You all do tn iwthia mantle. I rcTembor
I be lal tuae Crir put it out to aoik ;
II gut luur d llmi aud a gunrteron it;
o i with that iuiu oat-aioleJ ell Romeredl
liul 1 eta ff uy te. That Ca-aar it
e uiited out
la yyiaia. end iiu at plain I knocked him
t :
I retiirbi kifui lie tbe 'bin ret Cirtar fell,
ft, Dai e lui m itHt-e toy eouulrrmen I
wan aivt, !!. Ut atral away your
f eat ttv v ivr. tu evaie aen are,
but a f-'O tiiv a eil. e plain, blunt man,
iLal lur, aiy IrtwaiU aad gill lull occa
aivtjiiJif .
Tbtrrivte. tbaaiki' fit t'lt your attention,
I ui vi leir. Joba L. nuUivan.
I.leblg (.' Coca Bcrf Tonic.
''My peitorti derive marked and
deidtd beofit from it," aeya Prof.
i. M. Carn(cliai,M I), I'roftss ir Sur
rry, New York Mtdctl College.
rr biwl lane in the mouth, bad
Ireutb, featt ti n. tain in a'oinath
aid loeeli, fla iili-ncy, t onttipaib n
(e)uil tvniiS of ityiejisia and Lronen
Jown d g-etion), It ia invalnaiile. A No
in b l ioi.ai.i-s-, nialiirla. debility, liver
t: ,nt plairi w, auk hesdacbe.
t allwa Aanndal -The ITrrl of Pro.
tlaltlwM-Meliaiaae Siewa.
(ciaaaaroanix e or rue arratL.I
tV'ruimv t'nv li,. 11.1,1,.,, 11
Orttin Is coming lu raiddlv, and our
rtierchants ste kept very buey until
long after ninh fait' in attending to
their customers.
Tht town tl not suffering seriously
because it i "dry." Bents are high
and bouses in great demand.
An Ex-O.tnfedera'e Ass:ciation bus
been organized, and a reunion will bs
held in Auguet, 1887.
Win. Gartner, who stinda charged
with the killing o! Vinas Nicho'B and
John Nicho's last snrnm-r, was a--reited
st Helena lost Mondav. while
on board a tra'n with a t'eket for this
place, in 1 Marshal King btought ni n
up and he isnowlo lred in the county
jail. II a trial Will pr jbably cccar this
The Circuit Court, Jsdge Stnders
presiding, -s now in ee-s;on.
r.. HI ... 1 i
build a new houss cf wo'Sbip soon.
Eders Fnlbright and Daugherty,
who have been bb sted a evar gelists
at Carliele and IIain with fl ty-six
D'of -eeions. ate tere siditg in a meet
ing at the Bapt:a'. Cnurcb.
Ibe Aikttisas L.pti't BM Ooc
enticn will meet with the Beptist
Church at this p'ace November 4tb.
Tbe Rev. A. B. Miller, D D., of Little
Bock, will ptach the iutrodurtoiy
eermoo. We are existing a large
gathering cf tbe Btpt sts here.
JUItK 30, ItSS.
A Moat Eneottrusina Ealilblt, and
One Tbat ttpenka Well r..r I tie
lutrlllyeDl Jlnuaaeitieut.
Frcm ihe Y.,rk Iiulicilvr we
copy the f jllowir g eynopeis ot thtv re-pjrtofth-
Louisville and X ehvul ;
Ka Iroxl Com pan f 'or tae fiec d year
ended June 30, 18SG, as prts-utod st
tbe annual mtietit g at Louisvi le lau
work. A summary cf iti princi. al
ims wid douiitlcs' bs read with int r
efl'. Tbe tnlv i otii eabi-change in mile
age operated during tin ye.nr c niais B
ot the stirrenoer f the least) of the
Selmadivis n of tb- Wett rn Kmlrohd
ill Alabama, filtv nrits long.
Toa moitgn, e d bton June 30, 1S85,
amonn ed to $ During tue
paet yt ar $101,0D0 ui 0 end 7 er cent,
tion. s bav t e m is iud, end a total i f
$726,010 retired, having tht Hpgrepste
lU'iced debt on June 3'J, 1880 $01,3:13
2o5. This indicates a re due i id t f i Cl'5,
(.00 during the p itli cd year, but to
th b ought to be ad ed $ii9 OOd of i ity
of Louisville 6 per cent, bonds that
weri lent to t ih corcptny. and winch
have bten pa d by it during taeyear.
The general lesultB from opeia ions
for tbe past fisrml yarwere: Gross
earnings $13,177,018; ope-a ina ex
pnee", 62 33 pr tent.. 18 213 20);
net earnings frnro trefiic, 37.67 per
cent., $4,003,723 ; income from invest
ment!!, $;'07,807 ; total t creLt of in
come accounr, $, 171,630; cha ges
aainet iinoue, iut r st, rentals, etc.,
$1,272,012; t-x-s, 3370 814; total. J4,
643,727 ; net iucoae for the year, $527,
803. The growlh of thu traffl'j of the rail-ro-d
is showu by the following ttbtn
frobi the report, showing mileage and
gross earnirgj for ewht years, to
which we have added the net earnings:
Operated. Grott Net
Yean. Averaqe. Earning. Earninqt.
1878- 79 072 $ 5,387,55 $2,231,772
1879- 80 1,310 7,436.843 3,227,644
1880- 81 1,840 10911,000 4,198,518
1881- 8? 1,071 11,987,744 4,558,374
1882- 83 2,032 13,234,910 6,Vih.m
1883- 84 2,005 14,351,092 5,527 310
1884- 85...2.07 13,H3tl 310 5,754.001
1885- StJ.... 2,023 13,177,018 4,903,723
The tett' fl' atlng d-bt of the com
pany on June 30t'i last wa. f'l 1-19,020,
aKeinst $l,783,3SO on June 30, 1885
Tbe totd expent'dturs for construc
tion, equipment and changs of ganse
during t h-t p;8t yetr wat $-118,159
During tbe year 140 miles of st? el rails
were put in the track, of which t loven
miles were to replace iron end twenty
one milt s to replace eieel, ail of which
was charged tu ''operating expence-t."
On June 30, 1883, ti ere wer e in the
truck: 8:eel rails, 1661.72 miles; iron
rails, 30D.0.1 tt ilee; to's', 2022.64 Ol
fieee 2023 milts of ioid, 1757 miles
ar main lines, cf wh c i 1658 milesars
laid in ttte aud ninety-nine miles are
still in iron.
Tbe fix-d annua' charges agiimt
income account for the flscsl yer
1880-77 are estim td at $4,200,877,
on a principal debt of $72,642,142.
The rep ut sro s thai, tbe poiicy of
the company has been eminnt)y con
Berva ive. Tho obj -ct has been, dur
iug a period of great depression in tbe
trenfportiti n bu inue-, net only to
keep the pioperty in g. oil c ntlition,
but by conforming ih- road to mod
ern r qtiirerreats to ptt it in a condi
tion to a' c iunniodntn its growing
trufllc to tho best edvant ge In future.
It is r nly a few year ego -iote this
company was paying 6 and 8 per cnt.
per annum on its stock, and it is
rapidly getting i'lto a position to do
tbe Biine again.
Taa Voltaic Bslt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bklts and Electrio Appli
ances qn thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Dubi ity, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. ILIus rated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
particulars, mailed free. Write them
at once.
A Cine of tot Imposed..
Ottawa, Out , Octobor 14. Tbe
Cabinet Council ves erday on firmed
the 1400 flue agairst the American
rchooner Marlon Grimes, but removed
tie extra 5400 floe that bad been ini
poied A letter cf very strong cen
sure vt ill be sent to Cept. Quigley, of
the Brthconer, for his aciion in haul
ing down the Amnr'can fit. The
council was egreed tht Ultra was no
precedent for euch an act, a d con
demned it in nomensnred terms.
Prot. Chs. Ludwij Von Seeger
Prnt .w of Jtfwfictaent . Fowl PnrnertiV
AnwAloflAa 'VI "o" Order o Aa i Iron
(otmt AawAt taimoarferolAa pni !"'
i.k Order i Jmbrlla; Kniehl thr Huyal
Onfar of the Hrd Snoltj Vhnalur
of tht Lrfiimof Honor, Aic, iic , aayll
I.IKIIIH VO.'H vova Bitr.r TOSIC
honld not be oontnunded with the horde
o traahy oure-alle. It ia in no tenae ot the
word a patent remedy. I ara thorouably
oonerant with Ita mode ot preraration,
and know it to be ootonlj' a legitimate phar
tnnooutiOH) product, bul alt worthy of the
high ooiiimendeiinna it hm rrcoivod in all
purta of the world It roataina er-aenoe ol
lleof, Co, Quinine, Iron and Caliy.
whirh are dlfeolved In pare genaiae bpan
ieh Imperikl Crown Hherry."
Invaluahle to all who are Run Down, Ner
voua, Dyareptie, Uilioua. Malarioua or at
flieted with weak kidneya.
Her naJMt7a Favarlte CooneeUe
Ufd by Bar Royal HifhneatU PrtnctMOt
Wnlr. and the nebility. For the hkln. Com
plexion, Kruptlona, Chapping, Konghneai.
l . OfdruiflaU. ,i
liaraanarllla la guaranteed as the Mil
Saraaparilla in th market.
15, 1880.
atMBa BF . Bal t
Trnrnml with itriot rtmrA to Pnrlt r. fltrwnirt It tv1
liealtlirtilneitii. Ir. Price'-. Baklnr Fowder contalna
no AmmonlaiJ.im.Alumorl'hobjAiate, Dr.l'rice'
KxtnuU, VeUiillaV, Leiuou, etu., fletror elvUclotuljr
mC BAKJNS POWDER CO Chisago mi St Uu?&
Question la enticglnaonr agricultural com
munity. Merari. K. G. CH AI'J & CO., No.
87 and 39 Union itreet, Momphla, Tenn.,
are daily in ro;o!jt of
ropcrta on growlh in diversified cropping
eorn, oati, wheat, rjo, barley, rereali, and
orchard, lirrds, clover, tall meadow oat
gn;a and timothy jraa
All our wornont cedje lendj may be re
claimed by lowing rre and clover on them in
fall or ipring, or eowing- oow-pesa in May,
June or July, then turn coder, and
improve the land.
II. U. CHAIO afc CO.,
Agiicnltura Implements and Seed Dtalire,
"To the VICTOR the LAUREL."
Pr-minnt In very higher quality, th
HANAN SHOE his be com the recognized itandard
for (in wear among diicnm mating centlerr.en.
A ITI an with nralim and Coiinrlrnec
will drop prtiy prcdjudices carelessly picked up
when truth knocks nt the door. Such are invited
lo try cne pnir of Ha nan's." shoe. We knuw
the result: every man who want the bet and
6nct article in the market will become a ix-roei-nal
' Hana n " mun. ,.
Copartnership Notice.
THE undersigned hire termed a copart
nership, dating from the 8,h inntunt.
nndir the orru name and style of Oh, AN et
LILLY, for the purpose of nondurtting a
Wholesale I ofloo. Tea and r pice baiD"a at
2lf Main street, Lee Block, Memphis, Tenn.
The burin s will be conducted at 111 Poplar
street nnt 1 the mno inery and filuroaat
the new stand are oomp'-ted.
Mkmpbis, September 20, 1886.
William Dim,
Joss Lilly.
Coffee Roasters.
205 main St. (Leo Block)
fiauiy perfect eubatltuta for Mothsrt
invuluj.ul in rhnlara Infantum
slara Infant unt
and Taethlrtat. A pr.dletd food fur Dyer
peptloa, Cpneumptlves, convniascenia
Parfaot autrient In all WaatlnK Dlsaasea.
Rwi.IrM nn onnVlntr. Our Hon
Our nook. The Gar
and Faadlnarof I nfnnta. mailed free,
DOLIBBH. OOOI)At,H a CO.. Bonton. Mewa
Reopens October 4, 1886.
PUPILS prepared for "The Art Students
League," of New York, or any other
first class art school they may dealre toenter
AddreM. .
wi:mphi, Tr.nn.
HJAKTVSI'H t'tmStKtHI, aoi..
i' 1.KHK.313 rtlh St., Washington, D. 0.,
opens October 1Mb. Trov dsa a iTHOtioally
uaeful bu-inesn education. Xrrnia: Lileaohol
arahipi $11) lioardinr, atntionery, etc..
twlve weoka 0"ure, I" ft. For oiroular tlree)
addreaa Martyn's Commtroial College.
UK Oft' At. BS.fAtSTnr.Jll
Tulano VniTersity of Louisiana.
Formerly, 1S47-1884, the University of
ITS advantagea for practical instruction In
diaeaaes ot the Southwoat are unrivaled,
as the law aocurna it aupornhundant uiateri
ala from th. grr-nt Charity lloapitel with its
7(10 beds, and Bi.OiU patients annually. Stu
donti have no hnap tal-foes to pav and pe
oial inatrttction ia daily given at the bedmde
ol tbes.ck, aa in no other institution. For
catalogue or Inf rmation, andresi
Prof. 8. K. CIIAILLB, M. I)., Dean,
V. O. rrwr"iil Now Or'cmia, l,a
RROom.TJf.N. T.-Board on the Hill.
Hre. H. C, Howard, art Washington
Park. Rooms large t looatios delighlful.
Convenient to ears to Manhattan lleach,
Coney Island, Long Beach and Central l'arkl
alw to New York plaoeg of amass menu
T a a o t T; :'-i-jTjisa . i
D. B. SMITH, ef Guthrie, Ky.
All Registered in the Holstein-Frieiien Herd Book at Iowa. City. Iowa.
Will Positively sail, to the higbeat bidder, at f. A. JONtSdt CO. 6 Commieiion Stable,
oa. 61, 63 and 71 Monroe street,
Hrmpbie, Tenet., October 27, 1SN6. Sale la eommenca at 10 o'clock prompt.
Nora-Mr. Smith is one of the first to embark In the Holsteirt eatt's in Kentuf ky. and
paid down more money in tbe atari for the foundation of h.s herd than any MB in ths
South. With care be has rejected his Cattle, and his herd w ill show lor ihe a a-We
joined by the well known breeders and importers, J. W. htillwell A to., who I baT. old and
mporied more cattle than any oth.r breeders ol this breed in Ayi.riya. In th s lot will be
2.7fine Cows, ranging from 2.5 3 yenrs old; 20 coming 2 year old Heifers n calf; 20 (tr
Calves and 15 finely brd Bulls. The beat Utter families will be repreaented-suoh as Mer
eides. Prince ot 1 wiak, Aaaie. Ecbu. and many others. This will be a fine seleHioo, ell in
fine th.pa. end in cal t to notel Bulla. 6an.t in your name ft' eatalognea to 1). B. tmTa,
ot Guthrie. Ky.,er J. W.bTILLWELL A CO., Troy, Ohio. Don't lorget the day. ow is
the time to buv at our own price. Kainorehinetheya.il. .riiiarii fa
R. K. KDMINr-ON. Auctioteer . K. M1I?VJT,."W1'!! C?".
J. W. Stillwoll A Co. will sell 75 head at Chicago during tha Pat btock bhow in November.
ii 'MnlHU Enters
291 Front K(rel. Opposite Cnslom II on so.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
fS-S9S jFront&i., Hezapliis. Tena(
Cotton Factors, Cornmissioi. ierchaeit
77 o. 11G South Mali. St., fit. IVenJa.
Window Shades, Picture Kail Mouldings and Mixed Taints.
Grocers & Cotton Factors,
Kk 83 KTain Street, Gayexaa IHook.
Corner Adams and Second Sts.
flaKHLfi, We are prepared to furnish new work lrum lateti deiins on thoit notice.
In every Tespeot and to give entire satisfaction.
We solicit yonr patronage and request that you call, examine our stock, prioes, etc. t
before ptfchaning elsewhare. mm
Manufacturer of Alabama Lime,
CHIMJIKl 1W8, l.OSil'xVll.lE CEMENT,
TILC, FlUft: HA1 mod F1E IiICK,Et(.
Mew Cotton Gin9
Kos. 201 and 203 Madison Street, Memphis, Tenn.
"ET Tnruonl and Hnmplej Onarantord. Oood weights, and remittances promr'
1 made. All Cottnn In-ur.d while in Transit and at din. Saoks furnished on an
pl;ction w rje th. "PHtoi l'litlr" and unload a'l wgf-n cotton. Mire na a trial
Speers Cotton Gin
Huliiig from Mulberry to St. Jlartiii Streets
0 -
8ST Insurance and Sacks free.
seT-The Largest and only Complete Gin in tJie city.
lor Best Vjeld. Best Sample.
Quarter of a Century in
v i
Nos. 322 and 324 MAI W ST.. - MEMPHIS, TENN
. Sana.
a), salllwaa.
'BEL. &j&T&TCE ; CSOa
7boleaale Grocer a, Cotton factors
And Commission Merchants,
232 and 234 Front St., Oemphis, Tcua
inwm aVDAJts a xcrrzauoa.
Mr. L I. aUDITr aerotea kit ernole time U the weighing aad gala ef Ml Oottea MtrNaa
Aaxakarg.CotM W arehoae.. Waahlagte etreaU -"
J. W. 6TILLWELL k CO., Tr7. 0.
& CO.,
ths Hardware Business.
B V rA
' Xk
rnoe. Cilarkt. tl. J. Claik.
ifll jl Jlfi

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