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FBIDAT, t l OCT. 15. 1886.
ROBERT L. TAYLOR, of Wuhlngton.
JAME3 PHELAN, of 8blby.
The Appcal recently stated how
New Yotk la becoming victiujzed by
acombinaion of coal mine owners.
The supply wis kept down by mutual
agreement, then, because "coal was
scarce," while the demand, of courje,
remained, s before, the price waa ad
Vanes d. The result is that city is par
ing sums that make an immense total,
for which sums no value Is given by
the receiver?. A fair market profit
was made previously; this profit re
main?, and lo It is added a blackmail
' prcfit, which the monopolists pocktt.
This is not buainecs, it is cheating.
Were artits to conspire to wrong oth
ers out of their money not under covrr
of busico s they wuuld be prosecuted
and punished. If law ha justice, tan
law hold nif n to be right who defraud
under tbe cover of business, while
under another form they would be
nuoiehed? "A toie by any other
name would f mell as sweet," aud in
justice under the name of selling ccal
ia none the less foul and
hateful. In Pennsylvania a sim
ilar wrote to that perpetrated in
New Y.rk is inflicted upon the pub
He, and iU Governor has publicly de
nouiced the practice and called for
legal redrees. He says the monopo'
Ilbts "have cripplod the Indus
the 8 ate, restricted the develop
ment of its mineral wealth, kept
mines running on curtailed time,
thereby putting operatives on re
strictsd pay, discriminated against
local consumer! as to the price of coal
in comparison with other consumers."
Bradttreet'i points out that fifteen years
ajo the Supreme Court cf ronnsylva
nia, In the case of the Mori is Run
Coal Company vs. tbe Barclay Coal
Company, decided a caie analogous to
the present conspiracy to extott money
from the public for which no value is
returned. The Court decided.that the
acts complained ef wore illegal, and
' void, as being opposed lo the public
. welfare. Tbe Court siid the com
panles controlled an immt nse
coal field, and made it bring sums coal
would cot command if left to the nat
ural laws of trade. The article is one
of prime necessity, and the comblna
tion ia it jurloua in itsefiects, therefore
the combination contract is agaiott
publio policy and ia illeiia', and there
fore void, Buch a decision gives
ground to expect that many ezietiug
Combinations ol tho same character
would be broken up if the proper State
officers would do their duty and
prosecute them, as tbey would
prosecute a poor thief who picked
a pocket without any form
of bnslners. Coal combioa tans are
not the only illegal appropriate! of
publio money, nor are Now York acd
Pennsylvania the only places where
. there are combinations) do acts that
are ill gal and fraudulent, aud every
where and in every instance they
should be prosecuted aa other and
poorer illegal extoiteri tf the publ'c's
money are prosecuted. The combina
tions, conspiracies and monopolies
are spreading and itemising, and the
' country is beginning to sutler and
groan beneath their extortions aid
exec'.lcns, and it is time (but a
public outcry acd protest was made,
and the publio otfiuin's compelled to
tdo their daty. Tho othor day Jay
Gould hougU up, by an outlay of
' f6,000,OCO, thanoal fields of Illinois
and Kft'ttra Mirta-url supplying tbe
St. L u s it arket, a monopoly tha.
will iiijina tmda and "grind the face
' il the toor " Tho Trust Od Company
that has roabinod ninety out cf
every hundred colt oil mills, notonly
i extorts by raising the piica of tbe
i product, but opprtsens our planters by
, reducing the price of. the seed they
grow to what it pleases the company
to pay. Away with combinations and
monopolies- fisy are sgainBt ths pub
Tic welfare and ought tojbe abolished.
Away lh them I
-"'That "God helps tbem that help
t themselves," is a true proverb
'.AVhen effort is made, holpcomei;
I'o e who lie down on ihe way, wait
' lrig to be carii d, get none tf it. So it
bB been with tha S u h. Aa scon ta
it brtiuu t) develop and make
ktoani's reuicie, Ibnting iff ihe
torp .r if the as', i rospoii'y bet:an to
imi'e nj n it, and tuinus.lecan e
iMw." Ihe eouii'.ry bt liiro is b-
, cocnl) g flive tj .In rich prowls ti e
k u h I'il'i-rs to the enerr-otio and the
emc rpr i-icp. The publio prots every
whfe is b-roMipg aware of the h;gh
claitrs cf ti o Sooth, aud tithern
prom's" it holds out. if Cbio?gi, as
pubic fc.ndid reports, bus large
footed wameu, it bat !oti;(-headcd
men, and the ditcriminaiiors of tloio
men Las not failed ta discover tbe
value of tho treasures nature 1 as be
stowed urcm cur fuvored S ,uth. The
.Chicago Western World declared a ftw
days ego: "The Seuth his in be
climtta a fact-ir which iscf iinmecsa
commercial value, r.a also that her
main nauiral resourcs are practically
, inexbaufi'.ih'e. That a'l ti es ad
vaLt.'ges o rot preclude the cecc sal
ty of industry acd prudence tho
Southern riafut learning. The old
law of the sic eat tf the brow sill prc
. vails, will ever prevail ( bat the ma
terial evolution of tbe Sauth Is writ-
ten in intff.es able characters In her
mined, her woods, her rivers, and upen
the blue of her sky." In Western
eyes no part of the South offers at
tractions superior to those of Tennes
see, and the same paper says of our
own division of tha HI ate: "West
Tennessee ia a land of diversified pro
duction where tbe husbandman
need only to follow the plain teach
ings of toil and c' Innate to prosper. To
this land of fair and reason
able prom'se a cordial invita
tion ia extended the honest acd
indnstrioua of all sections and
countries. Old prejudices are dead,
new hopes bold sway. Thtt hos
pitality which made them famous
In old days, that quick sym
pathy and generosity that made them
delightful if, social life under olber
conditions, that warmth cf kindoeta
tl strrnjiors that ever characterized
them, bra survived the shocks of
change and ia as freeh and beautiful
aa in the old semi-bsrcnial lime."
Buch encouraging expressions aa these
ihould arouse our people to make the
meat of (he advantages in their band.
Ic would be a disgrace to us (o let tbe
world see that outsiders rppreciate
our advantages higher and can meke
better use of them than we do our
Every race of people cn the fa"e of
the earth, save the colored p :op'e o'
ths fnitid States, have a diBtinct
nomenc'a'ure and are proud of it
Tbo blacks of tbe United S'a'ea
abhor the word negro, acd con
sider it an epithet to call them Afri
cans, They call themselves "colored
pecp'e," which means nothirg, t.ai
no signification, and is therefore ab
surd and ridiculous. A few days
tince ths colored editors held a meet
ing in one of (he Northern btatee, and
by a xieing vote a resolution was
pasted adopting the word negro aa
the name for the race: ThU is a wue
movement. Tbe colored people
shou'd not be ashamed cf this rppella
tion, as it limply means a black man,
a very da k person with crisp or curly
hair. The word negro ia tbe propar
name for the race, and tbey can conse
crate it if tbey will divest themselves
of prejudice and accept it with tbat
p ide which all other races . feel for
their national cognomen. Norace can
command respect which detests the
name by which it is known in tbe hit
tory of the world and by all other
races. Tho Confederate toldler is
prpud of Ihe name Rebel, given him
as a stigma of disgrace, and when the
covered people universally accept the
name of negro it will soon loose its
odium. Like aU other races the ne
gro should have lace pride, and this
he cannot do so long as he repudiates
his historical name and substitutes it
for one which means nothing. Race
pride la elevating, but the pride that
disowns a race name ii degrading.
"Celared people" can never ba sub
stituted for the word negro, and the
b acks should aocept the latter, and
so live as "to 1 make it signifi
cant of a praud and enlightened
people. Tbe negro can call himself
sn Ameilcanas he is;eoare Irishmen
Germans, Italians and Frenchmen
but they are a'ill known by tha rate
frjm which they descended, and tbe
bla k will be known in all lime aa tha
negro, and he should adopt the name,
and by race pride, confidence in race
capabilities, the consciousness of rare
achievements, make the word negro
suggestive of intelligence, progress
snd happiness.
To most people there is (omethir g
monstrous in the conduct of a man
wh -, when the lives of fallow creature s
aie ia danger, can stand by, making
no effort lo save the perishing, through
fsar that in doing so soma danger or
loss raiy ccme to himself. The clear
evidence given at the irquest held
over the victims that perished through
ths horning of La Maacotte, views
the captain of the Er1s as having
beoQ gull y of this monstrous failure
of duty from man te bis perishing fel
la w rreaturee. A push from his boat
wou'd have Bared many lives, but
that, are ether aid asked from him,
waa withheld. Taking the evidence
and tbe jury's verdict aa correct, wa
here see only an exemplification of a
maxim olten enunciated with an air
that rays this is wisdom 1 It is the
too well known "Take care of No. I."
Others may have life or prop
erty in danger; don't Interfere, or you
may get into trouble. This was tbe
maxim that kept the Eagle from giving
help. A selfish theory was carried Into
practice, and dead lips are now el
qoently denouncing its selfishness, and
through the Ooronor'a jury render a
deciaion that will fearfully show to its
object bow rhortsltjhted suoh selfUh
lisps is. Never from the moment that
jury's decision was pronounced raa
the selfish captain s'and among his
Mlow men where he stood before, and
his red ctionf.when solitude and mid
night' wakefulness bring the awful
rataalrrplis which he could have pre
var tjd before bim; will tbey leave no
ken arrow of self accusation to tbriil
hi soul with agony? Like all satan'e
bir.se, "Take care ol No. I" ia a 1 e and
a fraud. Sdlfiihuoss Is a boomerang
that flies back and wounds the hand
that cast it. Lt that captain, if hs
should be Intrusted still to run a boat,
find himself some day in tbe position
of tbe captain of the Maacotte. ai d
how wou'd the "Take care of No. 1"
maxim app ar to him then, if- a
biothnr No. 1 man naiall tbe help he
could appeal to? There is another
ranxina aa true as ths lips it came from
ara d vlcoDo to others as you would
other should do to yon.
IIavb given Tonga ine a fair trial in
many ewes of neumlgia and rheuma
tism, and find it the only reliable
remedy for the complain'.
DRL.TBrvM JLBlIliLX, Milord, Mo.
PALIAN'S tt ho Are Enamored of the Word
Catholic, as Significant ef What
Tbey Ought tv lie.
Cuicao?, III., October J4. The
Protestant Epittopal Church Conven
t on, today, e f e-r rtcaivirg numerous
memorials and resolutions, ail of
which were di fnrred for future (ction,
renewed tbe debate oa the proposi
tion to drnp tbe words "Protestant
The Ktv. Phijlips Biooks, of Eo:
ton, argu' d strorg'y against tbe prop
osition, snd waaaupported by tbeRnv.
I)r. Haiwood, nf New Haven, and Dr.
Courtney, of Boiton. Dr. Adarr s, of
Connecticut, and Dr. Robsio, c f New
York, argued for tha proposition.
At the opening cf the afiernoon see
aion the Kev. . B. Spalding, of Cali
fornia, took np the debate on tbe
Ju Id reso'utlorjs. lis said it bad been
his privilege to second timi ar resolu
ti' us at Hiiladelphia, cffrtiei by Mr.
Judd, and he hoped before bis end
came to see ths Church acsume her
lrn tii le.
The Kev. Dr. Greer, of Ehole
Island, claimed that though the pies
ent name of tbo Church trai in a
mersure aixidenlnl, it wasa still more
provident al appels'ioa. Ha l the
Church of Borne changed? Had tbe
Epscipal church changed? If not
then there remained tbe SHine need of
protestiug as in the ptst. At this
juncture tbe bouse delayed a faw
minutes to determine if it ehould
authoritatively shut off debate at a
certain hoar or have all the free
ep-fch it wanted on this important
subject. The house fit ally crdnrcd
by a vote of 100 to 113 tha-. tbe dibite
gi on.
The Rev. J. J. Fande, of Indiana,
said he did not bentitatidoclard tba'
the spirit which gave the name tf
"Protestant Episcopal" should ba re
pudiated. It was a negative, shirk
ing, craven spirit. He waa not so ' au
cuine about tbe great accessions to thu
church from a cbange tf name. The
I pomt a, t0 do tt,e right whether
come prrapi-ruy or i4iiuri.
alt. j. rackarJ, ol Maryland, quitd
cert-in proejnc al acta of J 09.2 and
1717 to thow the t the spirit which in
spired the adoption of the name was
no craven one. but one most cour.
azecu, and eusiaiued by tbe people
wno aooa Dy lueircnnvictions.
Tbe Rev. B. A. Rontr., ol Texas,
maintained tbat the attitude of thoce
demanding a change was an arraign
ment of ths reformation io Gaimanv.
The Rev. T. F. Gailor, of Tennessee,
made a good impression in sn eloquent
epeech, which was cbarac erized as
''progreaeively orthodox." He was in
clined to tavor a change, and euggested
that if the pendirg proposition was
adopted it would have to lie over until
another convention, giving time to
comider the name most applicable,
The Rev. Dr. Royce, of Wisconsin,
objected to the present name because
he Wanted tbe church to have no
bobby, or be plaoed in the light of
continually harping about tbe apos
tol'c succession.
The Rev. Dr. Bsere. cf Califom'a.
favored tbe idea of a change, but not
a charge at present. The lime wss
not yet ripe, Tbe great body of lay
men would ba confused and worried
over a cbange just now. but at another
convention perhaps they would nn
deratsnd that it was a short cut that
was be rg taken to tbe truth.
Jba Kev. J. X, utrault, el Louisiana,
and Mr. W. U. LJenelt, ol Houih (Jaro-
lina, both opposad a change. Mr.
Benett thought it as easy to try to
tu-n the course of the Gull it ream as
the course of popular acceptance of
any term of the English language.
i he Rev. Dr. Hopkin, of Central
Pent sylvania, at lest claimed the
II ior, making soma go:d pcints for a
chang. He did not expect it at once,
however. It would take some time.
Adj'inrned. Tomoirow the conven
tion will sit chic fly as a Board of Mis
sions. DYER9BUKG, TEN 31.
A Ktiro Lynched lor Raplua a
Wblle Winn,
laraout. to thi appear..!
Dvehkhubo, Tbmm., October 14.
Matt Washington, a negro, went last
eight to the home of a wid jw worraa
named Leech, who resides avoot a
mile and a half from town, and find
ing her alone committed a criminal
ass cult upon her. Her life boy give
tbe alarm, and a patty of men stated
in puranit and raptured tbe criminal
and btought him ti th e place, where
he was lodged ia jail. He seems to
hi.VA foseen the late tbat awaitei
him, for th s morning at an early
hour he wio e tbe fallowing letter to
h s sister:
DiiRSiiutn, TiNK., October 14.
Fannie Jaokioa, B.rtlett. Tann i
Dkab Sister -I take pleasure this
morning in writing to you for the last
time. I do not expect to meet you on
eaith aaln, but hope to meet you in
heaven. By my disobedience caused
m to die. Tell my younger lister
goodbye. I will row bring my letter
to a cVe. I will be executed by
about 0 o'clock. The deed that
brought about my dea'h was rape,
committed last night. Your broth r,
At 10 o'c'ock this morn'ng an infu
riated crowd broke into the ji', car.
ried He pr saner acroie the river and
hung him to a tree, a'rer he had con
fessed his crime. His victim is in a
precarious condition.
A Falnl tulllns Hrrnpe at Coal
larasuL to the ArraiL.I
Little Rncg, Akk , October 14. It
wash anted bete a', a la e hour lat
nitrht thitt a man named Tayl tr, of Coal
Hill, thia S'ate, was yesterday fa'a'ly
cut by one Fans', a resident t f John
B n county. The trouble grew out ol
a previous row between Titylor and
tbo eon ol tbe maa who did the cut
ting. Fauat was accompanied by his
son. Both are now in jail.
Letter to Ihe ttrcrrtnrj or I be
Treasury hj the Third Auditor.
Washington, October 14. Third
Auditor Williams tins wii'tetn a letter
to the Secretary ol the Treasury, in
which he says that under the act to
indemnify 8 atea for expenses in
riured b them in defense of the
Union, during tho lute war, Vermont at
vriui limea file I d iirs Rgvregat'Dg
f!).'4,73Sof ahich 185 ,843 haa bn
ptid, having a taUute if $06 890
wtvcb tbe SUt is row asking to have
paid ; iht he(the Third Audit r) finds
upnn examination, that there is s and
tig in the booke of tie Ordnance
Departments charge against that Mate
of J640 644, for a nia and equipments
furnished during 1883-64; that there
are certain credits which reduce the
Indebtedness to a net balance ol $543,
7t0in favor of the government; that,
In 1860. while thia sum waa actually
due in the United Sitte, the State of
Ve mont received, under act of Con
gress, tl6,4t4 fo- the coet of def-.nding
tbe froiitera 'from invasion from
Canada in 1864, and finally the Third
Auditor sayg he ia informed
tbat the State cf Vermont sold these
arms snd equitmett for $170,000,
which wcb put into the State trezsury.
Tbe Auditor concludes br calling tbe
Saire'ary'a attention t3 the fact tbat
tbe Veimont Legs'atire ia now in
session, and tha', pendirg such action
as the 8fcretery may sve i" to taku ia
Ihe ore mis b, the claim of the State
of Vermont will he held suspended.
la CoBvealloa at Hahl le-Firat
Daj'e Proceed lag.
Israelii, to tbs appbal.1
Nashvilli. Tsnm.. Orober 14. The
twe'fth annual S ate Convention of
Teoteaeee baptists convened here to
day. The following officers were
elected : freaidant. Dr. J. V. Robert
son, of Cha tatiooga; first vice presi
dent. U. u. k own. ol moesv (Jreek :
second vies president, W. P. Jones, cf
aasnvilie; secretary, tl. U. I by, ot
Jackson. Receiving repor's occupied
most o' tbe time f the Convention.
The Board if M'niitniial Relief le-
nr rted. Tbere has he 'n received and
eipe'idrd during Ihe conventlonel
year$8,15; oftlrsamosnt Dr. J. R
c-iraves bus o'Wtcd a-id forwa-dtd
$31)0. Tbe assoc iations in West Ten-
re see have contnhn'ed $53,5115, and
two asirciations in MiddU t'enn'ssee
hive contributed $4150. The lellow
Irg re.olnti mB were adopted:
ll tokcd, Tin t it is the sime cf thia
convention that there it iio scriptural
raute for divorce rave tv a-, ef f ornica
t'on; tbHt t o Difn isrc ip'uially qual
ified to fill the i tlice cf biahr p or pas
t r who has been put a way by I'm wife
for coy causo sava that ol fornic.tion
aud baa b:eu married eg ins that the
party who ts put away for the cause
of forricaticn is not released thereby
so tl at ha or eh- many aguin. The
resolutions cined a spirited debate,
which ws not finished when the con
vention adjourued.
Aa Uohmowa AuiimIii Murders a
. loreil Ho jr.
Kirrvuls, Tknn., October 14. At
12 o'clock today two or three parsons,
near the depot, ware e ar led by tbe
ci ies of a negro boy, who jumped from
tbe engine ol a truiu standing on the
side track and fll bleeding and dving
to the grouud. I; waa found that be
bad ben tabbed in four or five
places, one ol the wounds baing near
the heart ard the ethers in his head
and neck. He died almost instantly,
and a jury of kanest, summoned by
JuBtice Jones, failed to find much
upon which to base a punuit of the
murderer. Tbe only one who seemed
to kuow anything at a I was another
half grown daky named Liuis
Smith, who said ha came upon the
train with the deal boy, Granville
Brewer, from Milllngton on tbs spo
clal train ; that, when he was standing
no thn eide of the t.ack he be.rd
Brewer q y out and the next moment
ne tell . against mm, covered w.tn
blood. Two boys were seen to run in
the direo'iou ol the la r grounds im
mediately afterward, aud at this time
no cisjw raa been d acovered.
or thai jtblenao Packing Ilonaea
What ireorgnte Barrjr Burr.
taiCAOO, III , Ooicber 14. At a
meeting touiuht of Dietnct Ass mhly
Ho. 67, Knights of Labor, it waa de
eded to ortier. out tomorrow all the
employes of Armour & Co 's beef de
partment. Thia move will add sev
eral thousand men to tboao already
ou' and will mka the strike general,
at least so far as the Armour estab
lishments are concerned. At mid
biuht the members of District Ascem
bly No. 57 were still ia session. Mr.
T. P. Barry, who was one of tao
dole g t tea sett I e ,e b the Richmond
couvtntio", with au'hori y to settle
tbe strike, sits he wi 1 probably leave
for Richmond . tomnriow night.- He
says he has srrived at the conclusion
that the packers are merely playing
for time. He hioadly intimated thac
his mistion to R'chmond will ba to io
atttute, if p' sable, a boycott against
Armour, whom, he is convinced, is
alone in the way of an amicable settle
ment of the sto k raids trouble.
la Conferemee at Harlon, O. Pru.
Marion, O., October 14. TheTwen
ty six h General Conference of tbe
Free Will Biptist Church convened
w'nh a larg4 delegation in Marion,
Thursday, at 10 o'clock a m., snd was
called to order by the Rev. Dr Stsw
a't, of New Hampshire. The Rev. C.
R. Holt, of Michlaan, was chosen tem
porary chairman. Tim election for
moderator was int-ieslinir, ar d result
ed in the chnic i f tue R-tv. Dr. J. L,
Phillirs, of Indirsa,ith the Rev. Dr.
Ba I, of Bofia'o, N. Y , and the Rev.
E. W. Porter, of New Hampjhire, for
aaiietant moderators. The conference
'ermon waa preached by Pro'. J. A.
Howe, of Bit'JB Co h gp, Value. D''.
Howe took for his text, Matthew ix,
10, "Toy Kludom Cjtue," snd
pr'i;ched a se ra.on if much power on
the grandeur ard rerudn sue a s of
Go I'a kingdom on the earth. Corre
sponding mes'ergeis t other hudies
rapmted a'.tcrda.ne at follows: Dr.
Ball, to ttie Gnneial Bxptist Church
of Englard; Dr. Cnenev io the elder
ship ol the;Chi rch cf God; Dr. L. D.
S eward aud the Btv. J. Malvern, to
lha American Christian Convention.
After whfcli the Rev. C. A. Tilling
ha t, of the Christian Conven t n,
gave aa address, which was received
with much eiithus'a-m, on the ques
tion cf the union tf ths two deromt
na'ion", and adv.cating with much
I oice that tley be one. This evening
themee iog waaclevotid to the sub
ject cf "Onr Ministrv," with addresses
i-y the Rev. W. D. Waterman, of New
Hampshire; Pro'. Dunn, of Hillsdale
College; the Rv. O E Biker, of
Rhode Isand, ar.d the Rev. J. J.
Keyes, a colored minister from Ham
burg, N. Y.
Sjalrlded bj Hawaiaa.
North Adams, Mass , Oc'oberl4.
The body ol Uayard Putnam, etiief of
the Government Toprgrapbical Snr
vey, was totoad btngiDg to a tree thia
mt rning, a abort dietance from the
geoliigihta' camp, where he l ad been
w rking He had been miesinn from
the camp tor a week. No causa for
Lis suicide is known.
ill Not Receive rerlnbable Freight
Chicago, III., October 14. The
Rxk Island road today not.fied Hb
agents that owing to the laVr troubles
in the Northwest no perishable fre got
will be accepted for K. Paul, Minne
apolis, or Minneapolis transfer, and
eon perishable fre gbt only on tha
stplulatioothat it is subject to delay.
The Agent of Kutala, Still Prosecut
ing Ills NefUrious Mission -Salomon
tbe Bigamist.
London. O t. ti .-n
, w n ..I, V. U ' '
Edward Salomon, the compnssr, who
was arretted for bigamy tt the in
stance cf bla first wife, waa again
ailed np today, but the witn a ea tor
he nro.-eRiitinn hn wa.a Bvn.rl
from Ameriaa, had not arrivad. The
mavi trHta mil ihor o, a nm. i.
b eu al owed to produce them, end
tuti, iv wumu oe unjutt to keep tbe
firisoner in custody. He therefore
iberated Lim on ).l.nn
in $.'500.
Would Bo Deolvrable.
Dublin. October ia a rnr.niolinn
wou d be deplorable it tbe temper-
ouio suwieuKB m i eiana, undar a pre
text Of Colitinal nmitra itv ihnnU
ceed in impeiiig tbe pr gresi and
ritardiog the triumph ot the national
Baa Beached an Acute Nlag-e.
London. Onlnhor l4T.nrt 1,1,1,
lptPh. For. lull Haoruiarn IiqH a lrx
iuie-rv ew to Jay with Bnrn de 8 ail,
iuo xuioran auioaseainr. it is unue
naole that the cr R14 in Tinier,-,, lui
reached an acute stage.
The l il urn Trade.
Parii, Oct bar 14 The Fror.oh
Oi vernment h i deuuEded thnt Uhina
shall ix t restiiit the trade in opium in
1 uu staa ana xonqu n.
Ctoue to Balebuk.
VABNA. October 14 (ipn. KAiilhnrs
Ife:h rth8 moriiiog on a scecitl
train for Ruttih.k His dfDiiture
Wis sudden anil n,;eTrr-r Ip.I Onl.ra
were tent to RoBkhuk lo hive supper
prepared for him and to have Lor.-ea
in r a lirete for an immedia'e journev.
It is believed be is going to Tirnova.
Not Suited With the Bulgarian
St. PuTBRSBUiiG, October 14. The
Journal de St. Petertbourg denounces
the manner in which tbe el. ctions in
Bu gar a for mimberj cf the cobrat ji
were conducted. It accuses tbe gov
ernment party cf leirorz'ng the
minority with stone and cudgel and
arse ta tbat Ihe regency pravet ta the
circalatiou abroad cf news showing
the true situation of affairs Thi',
hriwever, and the resu'ts of Geo.
jutuioaras mission, tbs Journal bits
will be eventually known, and it w II
ba shown that Geo. Eaulbars baa
acqnited himself wi h the devotion
and self abnegation worthy of the
i ame whosi triumphs he seeks. Tiie
Journal says in additinn : "The Vipnna
Fremdcnblatl, like ourselves, sutTers
trom inadequate information and an
pears ignorant thnt terrorism bad been
employed in Bulgaiia, since it coo-
eiders itself juatifiad in praising the
regency tor get ping order and quiet
during tne elections.
A. Warning; to Bulgaria.
Vienna, O tobrr 14. The official
journals warn Bulgaria agaimt elec:
ing a Prince until the cowers have
agreed upon the most suitable person
to select. They also counsel her to
ab tain in every way in m ptovoking
Russia. Diplomats here believe tbat
Russia has telec ed Prince Alexander,
ot Oldenberg, as ber candidate for toe
Bu'ganan throne.
Kefuse to Concede thirlr Demands
London. Oc'ober 14. The coil mine
owners cf Fifrehire, Hco'land, refusa
to concede the demand of tbe miners
for an increase of 10 pir cent, in
wages. The n attes tarcuhrut Ssot-
la id are in favor i f a genr d 1 ckont
nnle b the men abate tho r d mtnd,
Thirty five tbcuand mixieia would be
involved in sucb a iTkon. ,
The t holers Return.
London, Octobnr 14 Ia Pesth since
Ibe ltst report tbere have been Zo raw
rases of cholera and 1U ''paths, and in
Triette 8 new cases and 2 deathB.
Cable Hale.
London. October 14. Geo'ga God
win, tbe architect, is dend. He wa
71 years of aga.
London. October 14 Lord Ken
mare's mmeion, eiluated on tbe lower
Ink? of Ki laruey, u reported to b
London, October 14. The stearcer
Sa-de. which sailed f om Boulha rii.ton
today Ur New Yoik, baa tn boaid
344,01)0 in gold.
1 be Qnealloaa DUcwiaetl at tba Sec
ond Dsjr'a Neaalon.
Knar Yn. f)ntnhr 14. At the eec-
ond day's Beesionof the National Ru -
road Time Uoavention, toe qusuun
nf tho mnvamnnt of Iranian a eiuula
track, when the block Byetem is ns.d,
snd tbe manner of giving signals in
times of sciident, teas ciscutstd The
rules prepared by the committee have
tieen aJopted, witn oniy a i iw at. t ra
tions. These rubs will govern tae
mnvnmni.t of trains on all the
-nor!, tn th ITnitad r-'tatea end
Ca-mda after Noramber 21th. Acom-
municaiion was read from the Oar
Accountants, Aeeociation, astiegthat
acommit.ee ba appointed to devise
a uniform way of kdeping accountc
The ctimrbittes was appointed. The
O. mmittae on the Tweuty foar Hour
System of Time reported progress atd
waa continued. Able railroad men
n,i. lr thn iv.tnm is imorHC
Hrahla. Several Canada rjsdi
tin. flilnntpd it. One of the sub
Jects of discussion wa the signal
By-tern now in use. Manyroudauie
dill'erents sets of s'gnals and lues
This of en creates coniaaion ana ren
dfra accident a common occurrence.
Th ..rnnmillM rnl that tha uniform
train 1'orialft rdnntid thrae veari aeo
are in use on 8(i per cent of roads of
the ccuntry. At the next neit-
i.v nf the convention a
uniform net nf lll'ei will be
adoctd. Many roada have already
conformed their rules to thosot toe
ronnrr. A c.-ntrftl chanira of timi on
all the roads in the countrv wid te
made November 14th. The next
meeiing f f the convention wilt be held
in this city on the eecond "Wednesday
of April, 1SS7. Ojo hundred thousand
mi!ea of road were repre3enttd in tte
Thb "Exposition Universelle de Tart
Oulinaire" awarded the highest hon
ors to Angoa ura Bitters ai the moat
aflinarlniin nt i umlaut to rxctte the an
peiiteand to keep the digestive cr
mill tn unoit n-Htp Aak for the Ben'
uine a tlclc, manufactured only by
Dr. J. O. B. Siegert & Hons, and be
ware 01 mutations.
Tnraa coMPLAiMNO of Sore Th'O't
or H a'MDKM should ns Bbowm's
TtunNrHiAL Tanrnn Tha fleet ia ex
traoidinarv. particularly when caad
by Biutieis and speakers for dealing
ine voice.
B. D. FaAvaaa, PrM. W. N. Wniaaso. V. V. R. J. Black, Caahiar.
w B R.ev,.n. T T7 Alln. W. V. T.Tlnr. R. Dudlar Fiimr. R. B. Saowden. J. R.
Godwin, 8. P. Read, W. A. williamaoa, Jonn CverUn, Jr , b. I. McDowell, W. N. Wil
keraon, R. J. Black.
Depojitji received nom B0 centa npwerrl, and Interest allowed on fane peml-annnallv.
Will bur and fell local leoarities, act aa Truatee, heeaiver, etc, fur oorporatinni or Indi-
viclua'n. H.ve a eoinmodioul vault for tbe depont of valuable! for the benefit of KbWU
LAH CUSTOMKRS, free nf obarge- Safe Deposit Boxee for rent. Nnvluga SpecUIlr
hulicllrd. Aulhrla'l lo It, a Uwarrnl Hnnhlnar Itiiliif.
t.r a eoltrjr or in.
J. S. DAT.
Lata of Meaeham A liorloa.
Lata of J. H. Bar 4 Son.
360-362 Front Street Memphis Tenn.
Wo. 3I Front Wtret. Cor.
Hard Liaea for Two Reputable
Peaunt Hooter.
Cincinnati, O., OcU b r 14 Two
heavy Jailurea occurred here within
f iurhru'8 todav in aconnt of de
falcation. The first tVm to sounder
wss that of Jacob Wells r & Co..
wholesale dealers in pariuts and
pick'es, at the corner of Watt r acd
Vina etreot. Th's firm has always been
conndered Wf-a!thy, and the asi-isn-
ment wai a creat eurnr se. A rouen
estimate of tha liabilities places them
at $100,000.
It ia claimed that the isie's will
nearly retch ihis amount, T'ie caue
cf tbe failure was the forge-y bv their
confidential clmk, R. M. Do 1, of many
thousands of dollars nf warehcu e re-
ceiD s Doll has fled to Canada and
has written a confession to the firm,
but does not s ate what his shortage
ie. It is therefore imp'ssthle to state
with any arcumry what the condition
ol thn firm i. Dull is 40 ) ears old acd
married, and the only causa of his act
probably is that be lo.'t money in spec
Four houra later the announcement
of thefailuretf Skacts, Edaards &
Co,. anothr peanut commission firm
at 83 aud 85 Water street, was made.
They hold; about 130,003 worth cf
Waller s pt per and their lubiht'es will
probably ttaca S60.C00. They hope
to pay dollar for dollar. N i thing defi
nite can ceettted about ltber failure
until the amount of shortaga is known.
Clroaa Earnlnaa-Election of Offi
Cincinnati, 0., October 14. The
ounnal meeting of the ttockholdm of
tbe Ohio and Misueslppi railroad was
held this mcrnin?. President Pe
body's arnuil report shows gross earn
ings of $3,671,9 9 54; opeiating ex-
penara, 2,o,7UtJ 3!); net earnings,
$I,074,';11 15. The following! directors
were elected: J r. Bernard, Ueorge
S Morreon, Iri.s Oiruirgham,
Gorge Mpgown, James H. Smitn. F.
P. D.mnrei, A. Orecie Kins-, Wm.
Lbby, F. W. Whittaier, E. R. Flin,
Ri bert Gaire!t, J. M Tracy and 8. M.
Felton. jr.. The direc'ora at once
elected John F. B .rnard president and
Uapt. w. vv. i'eabedy geaeial man
At Blrmlnt ham llrnnhcn
Am K Jltuera.
laetcuLTOTaa trriiL.I
Birmingham, Ala., Ojtob'r 14.
A ri'eager sec u;it reaches the iiy
today o! a bud sh'O'ing scrape in the
northwestern pirt of the county.
Tom Simpson and two brother.! named
Houghton, fell out about a girl. Tha
Uougbtoos wet t to ths Simpson
honse yes erday for a settlement,
and be shot both of thm
with a pistol. Bo'h are represented to
be in a cii iral condition. The men
a-a white tenant farmeiB.
In a drunken row in th's city to
n;ght among ball a dcaen miners
from tfe P.att min e, cn, named
N. MuligJn. waa seiiou lv cut, an
other ramed Sullivan btdly beaten.
The parties all jumped on a train acd
pr caned to tne mines.
Absolutely Pure.
Thia powd.r never vartei. A in arret ei
parity, itrenirth and who'cotnenara. Mara
eo, nom cul than tha ord'nary kinda, and
cannot be (old in competition with tn mul
titude of low teit, abort wairhl alum or
lbo'lne powden. B'i.D oni.t tn cans
106 Wall atreet, New lark;
& R0VAL KWfll Jk 4
r i wnm.. -tfn
Lata of Bailey A Coviagtoa?
Fnloii. Himnlil. Tenn.
At Mlnnmpolla Tbey Take Poases
aloat ot rive Knalnea.
Minnbapolis, Minh., Oclober 14.
The Milwaukee saitubmen joined the
strikers last niiiht, but their places
werrt filled thia moving by men im
poitod from Milwaukee, and trains on
that road are moving as ueual. A
strong euatd of detectives and police
mm is maintained at ad tbe yards.
The Manitoba steitshmea thi morn
ing made a personal demand, lor
higher watea. Alifnight is blocked
except on the Milwaukee toads.
The manege of all the loads hre
held a meiiog ted ay, end decided
tbey would not grant the increase of
wegia de manded - t'y the S'rikirg
Bwitchmen. Tbs Manitoba ofliciala
called for police protection, and the
effijera fmud that the strikers at the
Manitoba yards had killed four en
gines, and had possession oi a fifth,
vshico, however, tbey surrendered
without ies:stince.
Another Mirike Mettled. .
Fhiladilpjia, Pa., Ostober 14.
Work will be resumed tomorrow
mrruing at all the Frankford cttton
and woolen mills, wtiiohv have ,bten
Itu g icile f r the p et nit e das, ar.il
in which about 11U0 hands wer em
ployed. 'lh trouble aroe through a
demacd fTan increase tn wages. Ar-
li:r.t cn haibet-n agreed upoo.
riiet Offlcera aait Adjourn Tbeir
Rt T.nnia M O ..tt bar 14. Thn
Boadmtistera' Association completed
itasissicn taday, and alter urc;ing
the followiog oftiere, ac'j turned:
Pre i lpnt .T.,hn W Piaiv. Cll.arlpi-ton
andSivaonnh railroad: fint vine pies
lueni, v.;. Ji. jonee, uiiictgo, jjhiiit g
ton and Quircy road ; second viua
niaalti'til T TI Pmotnrv Cthlliaon nnrl
Rrck Inline! read; e-tfetary, D. H.
iyvei', tcencvi, ra. ; treasur r, xnoe.
Aaims.n, Aurora, ica. tne next,
ir.,A in will h lip il ar Olnvnlnd. (..
th itul T1pBr in rex' O oner.
Aoii.Ketddeiit o:lce.
No. 5820-1 n tha Chanoery Court of 6he!by
county, ienn. btate ot ienmute Tl.
John Q. I)aidr.n.
Ttainnarinr from bill whi. k fa aworntoia
thia oause tint the detendanta, Harriet E.
Niuith. Kll.n None. Luune N'ooe, Janea Mu
mian, ara non-re.idenla of tbe Btate ef Ten
neaiee; and it ai.i eiring Imiu the return of
tha Sh.riff ttint Michael Atahrr and Nellie
bmiiU ar. not to be found In hia county:
It ia therefore ordered. That they mane
their appearance herxln, at the oourthous
or fthelby county, in Weiophla, Tenn., on or
before tae firtt Monday in leeember, 1886,
and plead, anvwer or demur to complain
aot'i bill, or the lame will be taken for
eonfeised ai to them and aet for hearing ex
partes and that a eopy of thte order be puo
lithed onee a w.er, for four rtfceMiTj
weeka. in the Memphil Appeal. Tall Hta
day of October, IHW. A oopv attart :
Bi T. B. Caldwell, Deputy 0. and M.
F. H. A 0. W. UeiRkell. tjolieitori foroom-
Special Notice to Shippers.
Misaiaairrt ahd TNnsaaa Raihoid Co.,1
- Mempbia, September S, ltaB. j
THE eompietion of ihe Yaiooand Mlmi
tippi Valley R.R., Irom Jnekfoa, Hiia..
to Oreenwood. Mim , OPKNS HP AN ALL
RAIL LINE, without break of bulk or tram
ferof freight, to following named pointa;
Taioe fiir, Idea, B. Lake, Wood
Hope fcln, ailleavllle, StiacL letord
Trhnla. Helm, rrnaer.Sldon.Blalnsi
Sun, Urrcawood.
8hifmenti to landinra near theie poinla
ihould be made to neareit itation named
above. Your bunincn it re.iieotfully . 10
licited over the M. and T. Road, ai Irenht
renohea iu deitination the fol'owine day ot
delivery atom depot. A.J. KN APP,
General Fretxht Atrent.
Jioii-ltesideiit otire.
No. 3U In the Cinncnry Court ol Bhelhy
county, Tenn. R. J. lilaca et al.Ti. Joha
8. Hough et ill. .
It appearing from bill which if aworn to In
thitfuunath.it the tl' tondnn i, John Stock
ton Hiiunh and S. J. M Hnueh, Inn wife, are
retidentii of the State cf Pennsylvania and
nou-reaiilonte of the State of Tenneaeeel
It it theretore ordered, That tbey make
their appearance heroin, at the courthouse of
Shelby oounty, in Meniphia, Tenn.. on or
before the Brt Monriuy in December, 18H6,
and lead, answer or demur to complainant a
bill, or the lama will l tihen for eonlewed
aa to them, and net for hearing ex parte it and
that a copy of thia order be published once
a week, ior fuur Buccenive weekj. In the
Mcmphid Appeal. Thii 7th day ol October,
18Sd. A copy attest:
8. 1. JlcUOWELL, Clerk and Maiter.
ByT. B. Caldwell, Deputy C. and M.
J P. Pvken, Sol, for conipl n'-
on-KeKidcnt otlce.
No. 6'fi2-Tn tbe Chancery Court ol , Shelby
county, Tann. Martin CJriffm Tl. John H.
William! et el.
It appearing from bhe'ia'i return In thia
eaaae thit the defondanta, Morgan Vil
l ains, Willo S VC ill aii.1 and Hubert M.
Williams, are not to he found in hit county t
It ia therefor" ordered, That they make
their appearance herein, at tne Court-House
ol Shelby oi uuty. in Memphis, Tenn., on or.
before the sco nd Monday in Nnveniber, 18S6,
and plead, answer or demur to complainant'!
bill, or tbs same i 1 be ti ken for confessed
aa '.0 them and fat for h.arin eipartes and
that a copy of this order be published onoe a
week for lour successive weeka in tha Mem
phi" Appeal 'lhisHhaar otOetob.r, IS.
A c py Attest :
8 1. McDOWFLL, Clark and Master.
ByT. S. Caldwell, D. 0. aid M.
i tti A W aiiaser, 6elt, let toaipl 'at.

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