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llntmn ta MCRRAT RIDGKLY,)
Is In receipt of a larger, more varied and better
lestedsteck of ClSSWEKES.lTOKSTEDS.SriTlN'ftv
and OYEKC0ATI3GS. (all this season's Imn.rin.
il it a a . - "
uobs,i taaa was ever saown in ibis market. The
stack comprises the choicest deslrns, finest teinr
aad most darablo goi In gentlemen's wear.
W Samples and Prices on' ppliction to thoa.
who hare left measures.
OCTOBER 15, 1886.
Where a Colored Man Takes Two
Premiums for Brood MareE
Phelan's Speech.
-Cbaklis H. Yalc,..
-SoU Manager.
Krtr Conceived and Carr.'.i.
Monday, Ootober lth-R B. MANTELL.
inhil great ancc-ss, " Tangled Lives."-
Firo Nights and Sati-rdt Matii, Com
mencing JIOM)AV,K I. let.
Tha Romantic, Emotional Actor,
ltoujH.ur n.
(Under the management of Anenataa
Pi ton), in John W. Keller's New,
wuuun oucisiy unmHi
A PlayoCttrong Ilamao Intereit,
Illustrating 8ooi-'y and Bohemian Life in
New Vorli.
The Moral la rare.
'The Nlorjr Intrxavlj Interest In sr.
Tke Sllnnlluns Nlronic una Nnlaral,
and a brilliant rein of oomeoy permeitea
the entire drama,
Ita teachings will benefit every man and
woman n( the Nineteenth Century.
PRf.CmASUSUAL-8 leof seats willbe
Kin Saturday Oct. 16 h. nt Mu Hord's.
"I ROP. SAX HY'eJ Dancing Arndrmy
ie open for the season at Innialail Hall,
oor. Jeffersnr and "econd streets- Children
and Misses' Claa Wednesday at 3 p.m. and
Saturday at 1:30 p.m. Ladies' and Genu'
Class Bp m. lame day. lie will sir a (rand
Promenade Concert and Matinee every Sat
urday lrom 8:30 to 5 p.ra , with a fine
orchestra of twelve mualoians. All peraona
attending the matinees will be Instructed in
all the latett styles of danoing dating mati-
uoa uuurs. Aumiiston. iu cents.
Mrs. Florence Fin'ey Moore
Satnrriar. Oct. 23d, at 8 P.M.
Genteel Household Furniture at Ago
Haas, on the premises. No. 5T Court
treat extended, BIOBTDAT, October
18tb, at 10 o'clock. Chamber, Dining
room and Kitchen Furniture, Carpets, etc
A. M. S.Onp.HD. Auctioneer.
f Y wife, CAROLINE WIENER, having
i-'-L left my home without cause. I hereby
.?,,lf? P""01" that I will not be respon
sible for any debts ahe mav contract.
Ca'l and aee bira
to ft p.m.
Telephone number la 7fi8.
""JISTERNS-Builtandropaired and war
ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor and brick
layer. Telephone 8HK. 1IIQ8 CUUB1NS.
DR. 0. J. SCIIERKK, Surgeon Chiropo
diat. 211 Main atiaet. K..tn .r.
mouipnis. Charges moderate.
Qim. OlliCA hniin frn.ntt. ti.
r-ii' (lava from 9 to 12 m.
IjUIGIBLK ROOMS-With superior board,
It two bl ocha lrom Qayoeo Hotel . 463 Shelby
JAMK3 WASHINGTON, formerly cook at
t tne Uaioao, baa been employ d aa ca
terer lor 45S and 465 Shelby atreet, 2 squares
below Uayoso, where superb mails, with
prompt attention, will te served tor 120 per
NEWLY furnished or unfurnished rooms,
with the very b-st h-.ard. 87 t'ourt t.
ROOMS Furnished, with board,
, M m Shelby street.
At 4t Market street.
ROOMS-Pleasant furnish'd rooms, with
board, for ladies or rentlen en. Terms
TTT ''eas""able. W2 Court Eitended.
1 EoIRABLE KuOMS-With boa-d. at
00MS Furnished rooms witn board,
r: 121 Court lrn
SDJlK!i UoySK-68 Adams street.
Board and Induing. 15: day board. S3 SO.
BEAUTIFUL Irnnt rooms, sinala or en
I.U,.t?' f"7Jhad or unlurniahed, with or
without bord; otiierrooma, 1(14-106 Couttst.
DOtfMS-Wuh or without board;
Kerrvill, Tenn., October 14 The
crowd today at the grounds of the
Kerrville Fair Association is much
larger than it has been since the
opening. A sptcial train from Cov
ins ton brought qnile a patty from
that place ana frcni stations this side,
atout 200 in all. The special twin
from Memphis at 10 o'clock this morn
ing brought another large delegation,
about twenty ladies aod gentlemen
commit from the city. Tne grand
stand is well fl ltd, with little rcom to
spare. Every rod leading to the
town was lined with vehicles of every
description until nearly dinner time.
Eveiy stall on the hitching grounds
was taken before dinner time and at
ttiis nour, 2 0 clock, people are s:ili
arriving, ttie grand stand has been
completely filled and hundreds st tnd
in double rows vbont the railing which
suurounus ice rzniuinon ring. Alore
iLtertst seems to b taken iu the fair
by the ladies than by the other sex,
aod thecontequence isthattheamphi-
lEe&or preseuis a scene ot billliancy
anu uuiur vuty pieuar.1 10 tne eye.
With the Land t;avire. ths harapinnn
galloping in generous rival) y about
me ring, tne gay cos urn as ot the rus
lie D9l!e!i, the scene is one of consider-
ahle animation, and a Mempbian nat-
urany ieeis jobions tnat Kerrille, a
mtre villag?, cho make so exttelleut a
showing, when it teems that Mem .his
takes no interest whatever in exhibi
tions calcu'a'ed to create emulation
aniougthe farmers acd stock raifcra
of Shelhjr. It is a, mistake ti surpo e
that the iLfiuonce o( the fairis merely
local. It fxtm's nr.t only ovnr this
end of the totiniy but into Tiptori,
Hardeman and Fayette, and there are
quite a number bere lrom towns in
iortn Mississippi and West Arkansas
Tbeothctrs cf the assrciaiion efftr
very gojd premiums, everything con
sidered, and give thuir servict a free of
cnarge. iney have been euccEssful
every year acd tbeie is a little mcney
in the treasury, and the result
of eight consecutive fairs is
plainly visiole in the Increased
iQurBi uien in ttock ra'tirg
vy iub larmers wumn tne innuence 01
the fair association. Every otaer man
you meet is a good j udge o! stock, and
from learning what qualities are re
quired to take a premium has come
tne desire to have the blue ribbon
tied to products of Ih k own. Even
the darkies about here are catchins
for the LegiVa'ure returned ti the
city last night except Justices Harrell
and Allen.
Mb. Jam is Phblak did not find it
necessary to set anybody to introduce
him today. The voters vied with each
other ia their attentions.
Onc of the young mm ja the rack
ing horse exhibition, captured the
crowd by holding tre reins in his
teeth, and bis n'ao it the bnad nf t h
Kingmastib burro: is 70 years of
ape, and takes ai tnuih dtd'glit in the
festivities as a boy o' 20. He rides a
splendid while Lorte, which dances
gaily to the music.
M ihs Btssta Ward, a daily at'end
ant at the fair, aad ore of the mot
charming young ladies whose pretence
graces the grand stand, will spend
next week in Memphis.
Thi quarter-mile track will be put
in condition for the bicycle races to
morrow. Several ol ths members of
the Memphis- Cycle Club a e coming
out to contest for the premium.
Thi regular but gentle rain began
falling at 6 o'clock yesterdav eveninir
and continued with wind until after
10 o'clock, laving the dust, and iu
absence, a btight eun and a plepmnt
brers, makes to:fay is delightful as
could have been dtsiied.
"Trxri are cot ha'f the good horaes
in this locality enUred here," said ens
of the directors of the fair ytsterday,
"but tie exhibition is much better
every year. Five yeais ego you
couldn't find anything but sorubf,
and now there ara scores of superb
W. A. Coixikr and wifp, P. W.
Hampton, Mrs. Hammond, Miss
Wood. Mrs.. YatfS and Miss Yntup,
Mis. Kerr, Jamts Phwlan, the Hon,
Zttk Taylor, T. A. Hamilton, W. D.
Cannon, A. J. McLendon, J. D. Mon
tsdonico, Ralph Davie, D. O. Slaugh
ter, j. v. Alien, r. u. winters, li. A.
Oiilum, Mr. Rjberson, P. Heffernan
and Dan Schloss were ou the grounds
today, coming out oa a special from
niiat Grand Mister Workman
Powderly lias to Say About It
Jhe Negro Recogulsed.
Hie Memory Becomingly Honored
by the Taxing- Dlatrlct Uovern.
lnenl and Medlenl Students.
BRICK HOl'SE-Two .tories. store and
rooms. Apply at 62 North Second t.
A buy MA hk that anViad mn'ri?!! the infection, and in the brood mare
or ride perfectly aafe. and co t show today one of them look
R0C1IEWAyrBrind J?ew- "criflce.
Address Pcttolhce Box 18.
Clara Conway Institute
leave at Appeal rfnee.
will please
DIAMOND 6TUD-WU1 nay. liberal re
ward tor Its return to this offire.
P0CKETB00K Containing one plain
gold ring, aa amythyat ring and aeveral
-other hula artielea. tinder will pleas re
turn to Mr. A. Renkert, corner Main aad
- Adams atreets. snd he liberally rewarded.
HORSE Bufgy.UarnoPB, Robes, Blankets
and Covers, dirt cheap. 675 MAIN ST.
FRAME Cot'age, nn cur. Ravburn av. and
(iecraiast : lot MilVO. iih . hn.,.. nm
rooms, in good oider. This is a choice piece
of property, and can be purcbatej on easy
1 m- ii l. ' vmzlu P. ca.n. AP'
L3ES1DENCB Nos. 86 and
Martin, 2H9 Main.
Market at. 1
lot S7iil4i'14. Apply to
y, losay st.
BITCH From my kennel, a black and
whita Beagle bitch 1 S. lit In right ear. A
reward will be given for her return, or inlor-
inauuu iuu'iiim 10 me, care or Peabody
MULES On 1he night of Oct. 3d, 3 miles
east ot Collierville, 2 black mare mules:
one about foar years old, in good fix and
trimmed up, with lifle whit spot undor
Jaws tba other, ten or twelve years old.
roush, and n' t so well trimmed. Reward
for information, or return of mulea to J. W.
xourjg, Mempbia, or
W.T. VHtCE. rVIHerviHe. Tenn.
I V in -.wl
2-f bidebnarda, Lounvea, etc.
No. 363 Main street.
TWO 30 inch Portable Corn Mills; wo26-
inoh Corn Mills; two2l-inch Crrn Mills,
No. 1 order. New, and B-oond-hand. Mill
work of thatdeaonption aolicited. A good
stock of seieot French Burr Stone on hand.
Til 08. DELrVNY, 124 Front t.
CHEAPKSX-rt300 improied property in
theotiy. A Dili v to
W. I).
two premiums, a first and second.
Joint Debnte
At 4 o'clock in the evening a wpgan
was orawn np in front of the graud
stand and speeches were made by the
in.. . -
canuiuates icr uongress.
Mr. JtrofS Phelan was introduced
by Mr. o. a. Douglass.
jur. rneian Faiu ne and his c:m
petitor bad been called on unci
pi ctedly to make a few remarks. He
did not intend to go into drv details.
He did not think the ieadingqnestinns
of the day were fully understood. His
competitor accused him of having said
nn woum not sop: ore the Ulair bill.
Wfcat he bad eaid was that a bnter
way i f getting at the eamo thing could
D4 luund. Ua tnoug ,t it W'U to ad
vocate a measure which should ba of
aid to tbn State in supporting its
schools. He was fcr Federal aid to
education. He bad opposed the Blair
bill and proposed to oppose it until it
ws snown mat nothing better could
be done. That is the Doeition
occupied by all the most bri liant
SITUATION-As porter or house boy; can
tve city references. POHTh'R, Appeal.
epo RENT HOUciE-C. ntaininr five or six
-V rooms, within ten minutes' aalk of Cot
ton Eichange.- Addrca F., tbisofli.-e.
F. A.
wnrk t Ansitln
J 'N KB CO.'P. 61 Monroe at.
( J JWf lSlJKtlATB Pp-.TAGB STAMPS Apply to
ou, iuu. ior oaeo. tueavaata pa on
envelopes.) Highest references. S-ndto
J- B '0HEN,
23t King at eet. Charleston. S C.
L., Appeal rfiice.
W little used, and in good oondi lion. Ap
T, 1 r, ; uiauuidu uw mil lac ujiBL uri iiani
"MV&Xl ,hTw.nt,Elfifflv. leaded of 8antbernDernocracv. He'
commodious rooms, within three minutes dlu Bot think it necessary to say more
"''a f the Union Depot; Urge sample on the question. He believed in a
.h .-.-.-. 0WtlD revision of the nresent crohibitorv
Bargain if ,pPi,.d foi within tb! Ext thirty1 tariff. BUch revision as would protect wi'h1 . Dcuvered 1
ulr-Ai "'aZ 10 charlM Elmire, proprietor, the catuia' interetta of the country, ha'ed breath while the
FERSON8 To do wriHr.g at their homes.
, . Send lOo for p'nmr, eto , to J. U. NICH
OLSON jjaciinton Plate, N. Y.
TWO CARPRKTERS For rough work.
Apply at 22 j Pecond s ret.
VErt ONB-Whoietroub ed with TAPE
WUHM to coni uit
at Mrs. Beck tel'a, corner Madison and Third
atreeta. He riiarantcca all canes
PARTNER Witn liOOO in an established
Brain Bnsineas. O. B.. thia oflioe:
AGENTS For a set (4) New CH'USTM AS
Books selling from LOo to fj. new
agent sold 48 1 he first wok. ea' ug2Ht an
other. 69. From tltO to i00 c-11 be made be
fore Christina by any one no ean give a
leW DOura ttm. fink liar lilJu.. n A W
I. Lt li UUa
. (Limited), 4" eaiborn etrtet.
dollars to loan emplu''
r tix thousand
' Address
h!.. this office.
POjITION-As rorter; en furnish bestof
references. Apply at "51 Front ttr et.
LjjVEBYBODY-To call and re. -he cel
r-JI!f u 1"T ""ojt, at 177 Tnird
atreet, near Poplar.
POSITION As copyist or amanuenses;
Quiok wrltor.Addreas L S., tkis orBoe.
WOODWOP.KER-A gold on "wanted at
Cunningham 1 Shop, oorner of Monroe
and Deaoto.
"V .UN0 M AN-Experienced in Job I'rint
J. Inw. No. 10 Weat Courts reet.
SALESMBN-To sell petit Udwrs ar d so
licit merohanta with net novelty; big
profits 1 go d i'0i'ions.
E. fl. LhMEN A CO . Atlsnta, O .
The history of the Republican party
is n uiagmca 10 every man in 1',
Every man they have put up for IVeS'
idem from brunt's time down, has
betn eithtr a rogue or the companion
luievus. ua me otner hand Umoc
racy went into power, its banner rar-
ried by Grover Cleveland, whose s!am-
nss pumic t ie naa attracted the ad
miration and the respect ol the whole
count, y. I charg i that my competitor
rtpudktas the principles of his own
patty in maoy of the nUorancea he
makes. It has been a pleasure to me
to be brought fjes to face wi h the la
dies of th.s SRtti n. I lecogniza tbat
it is your influence which has lifted
up ircm the gloom which resulted
from the war. Their pure rpiiit has
made all the barren placts to blcssom
ai tbe roee. To you I confide into
jour bands the principles of tbe De
mocracy. Mr. Douglass then introduced the
Hon. Zach Taylor, who eaid:
Ladies asp Fsxlow Citizsns Two
years ago the people of this district
nominatt-d me to look alter the r in
terests in Congress, and a few days
since my party ratified that choice.
I he people cf the countrv do not ex
pect tbat we shall dig down into the
graves of tbe past. The old stale
charges against trie leaders of the Re-
Dnhlican nartv hava hnnn Vinriorl
ri ""u&nr-iwp stories, nine rooms, the ballot box time and again. Iam
t-J on iBulburry street. Annl.i,. t -j 1 v . .. . .
z;.rr v . 1 uu. nuu never uavn bepn ann riAVAr
OLD MATERIAL In the storehouses and
. 1hnt Building, occupied by B. Low
enstein A Bros. ; must be removed at n net.
Apply to JOHN REID. Builder.
NEAT COTTAGE-Of six rooms, andlol
2011x44, 64 Dean avenue. Inquire on
OHEAP One second-hand KoCK.tWAY,
' u.mlj wnwu bb new, at iui unp p St
rjEDAK KNCIN PObTS-For sale hy
W W. R. LARKIiy. Larsinsvillc Ala.
WOODL a Wi Sl'tiOK FARM-In the stud
thoroughbred Kunning Uorae; fee
tai. une iroitma tiorse: tee. s i . ()n.l.r.
"r.Bull! fee, 2.h0 Foe Sah-30 Horses,
" vu,.., u uoau ouioner untile, lea-
oooks and Newfoundland Puns. Horses on
pasture, 15 per month : Texas horrea. Hie per
irrinpnnne .Mini'.rtt KI'KnKl. iVvZ.
2H0USE8-On Robeson street.
A rpjy atjtll Robeion street.
9,1 7 ""PPLAB STREET, two n-cely fur
nx. I nisbed rooms to single gentlemm.
St,k-r,s,":.n,0,- Peale ""'t. Inquire at
w. 10L upkib nreei. up stairs.
LiOl lAUK-Kour rooms. 68 Auotion street-
' ... APPly at 3;l Ihlrd street.
OFKICES-two fine offices and fixtures
over No. 17 Madison street. Inquire ot
n.Lsuiiuvrir, aiviecaanios oavings llank.
LW.lt a 15ANT Furnished Rooms: location
. ur.t-oiass: gents only. U.l Madinon , t.
X( ) BAW COTTON GIN And 7(K)-Feet
raw mill. F. L. WARNER.
OTORB-ROOM-On Main str.et, dwelling:
houre on CnnrtitpMi. ..1 . -... i
G0'6Dr8iVK.dSonBtoBW M J- h-
POSITION-By a man wi h 7 years experi
enojin business; very best ot city lef
erences. Addres P., Appeal office.
CHAMIIERMAID-With good reference,
. "tljlMadison slreet. '
TAY BOARDERS Or wi bout rooms,
iL At (2 Fast Court street.
order in belt styles at
. DK B. A. POOL.
(JlORKllOUoE-Four story and basement
U storehouse. No 264 Front street.
KOOMS-Well luinisbed rooms, No. 81
Linden street.
ply to E. M. Apper-
ront street.
ROOM8-W.il turnish.d rooms, No.
Linden street.
WANTeD Ladie., local er traveling.
1 j- """"ful. entirely new specialty
uuiji vi uany easily mac
?-KT-'i,rti?'r ' Prtieolars fre
LIT1LB, Box 448, th cago. Ill
no photo.
Luiiin iriuri Api
1 son A Co., No. 364 F
TfiINE OFFICEST85 Madison atreetTiTxt
. H. M. KSTES. M Msdison 6t.
H0USE8-0n and near Walker avtn-'e,
on tlrawood atreetcar line, fron the
1st eeiitember. aeverkl hnn... 1 ,A
eight rooms, in good repair. ' Apply at. 36
iiuion a:reet. J0S. LENOW.
HOUSE-220 Washington 8 .; 7 rooms and
. bathroom. Apply at 133 Poolar St.
No. 166 Main Street.
No. 2i6 Main Street.
Nn. 2117 Mnin U- .
Apply to JAMES LEE, Ja., 4 Madison St.
T300M8-Two furnished or unfurnished
-- - rooms ai iu Madison street.
Tj'' LEG ANT newly turniahed rooms, bath
LU room, etc. Inquire at 116 Court street.
QTORKIIUUSES-The three new firt-cl7s
to Storehouses on Sh. Ihy street, next north
of the Uayoso Hotel. Terms ressonable.
Apply to CARR1N010N MASON?
ft1 Madison street.
ppSITION-Bya lady as mn;c teacher, or
. w nauu juiiK uuuuron ADKiiBD orAnoDes.
Bired. Addreaa "Tewcfaor," Columbne, Mim.
"TAN An intnll.ffefit.eiirneftt man to rep-
icDgsnt, iu uiB uwu njcuiiiy, larre r
ponsibla bouse. A remunerative i alary to
rieht party, titeady petition. Kelerencea
fjnana,mfrioan jftiinaraoturiiig lljute,
1ft Uarclfly Ht.. N. V.
ALESMKN In every StnU In the lf ion
1 to rnriras.. v a 1)11 luT Vf a XI 1 1 V A 1TTI l
o "isjv uaijji tv nil x ua v tug Bvrci
t. ' 1? '.""afa Popular and easy sell
'.V bamllod alone or in connection
BBrnS'ST! jr?od"' Address THE WM. B.
COTrONSRRDWANTED.HullsandMeal XTnnll'jS Pnr 4 nwrt
fors.lecheapat GLOBE Oil. WoitKS. JJLUU S JC tlt.JjlOrO
"111(1(1 lus. FRATHERS-HUhest eash
lJrl pr e. .iti b- f aBAY. Memnhia.
EVf P.WLOP KNOW That I will
next thirty lays tor II 50.
-! : ,. A. WESSON,
0, 243 Main sreet.
Ll) ttOLb KlLVK-F.rcas oral
ohange. MULFORD, Jewe er, 21 Ma"
Urethral Stricture Cured!
Removal Complete. Neither knife, caustlo
nor aitauon. No pain. No humbug.
Adr'a DIt. 11. H'. TUTII I
" ATg.aa.va ri.a
Manas one Hardware Co.,8t. Louli.Mo.
utiii a 11 km Uv Tot uavo UCriA BI1U J
will be, in favor of the Blair bill. My
competitor fays if he can take noth
ing baiter he will take it. He seems
to have undergone a change of heart
Bince his uomitiat'on. Mr. Taylor
went on ti rpetkef his objections ta
tne Blair ni l, and cone uded with
elir rt sormon on the tariff.
Neither speke more than ten min
utes, and the confusion was so great
tnr.i tr e QvUHie a. a not have much
visible etlect.
rlr No tea.
No dcit today.
The sheep show is ct editable.
Tomobrow'8 programme is an Inter
esting one.
Th crowd on the grounds (oday
cumbered fully 1000.
Tin boss male kine of this locality
is owxed by Mr. James Payne.
Mkmpiiianh were plentifully sprin
kled through the grand etind today.
SnHRiFP Cahnosj was clrculatirg
smmg his friends on the grounds
Two of the bandsimest horse In
this locali y are owned by Mr. S. A.
Kerrvtlli is a prohibition town,
and tbe duciors accordingly do a tti riv
ing business.
Tagtiumlercf two-wheeled ligs at
the fa r is the bst proof ol the iutereit
taken in fast stock.
Tua horse ss well as his rider
seems to know when the blue ribbon
is tied to bis b idle.
The $800 etallion of Mr. A. J. Har
ris a' ti acted cnniiderable attention by
his superb movements.
All of the Democratic cand dates
If Henry Funtenheim could have
foreseen tbe character of the sssem
bligs that stood around his coffin ar.d
followed his remains to their last rest
ing place, he would have felt that he
had cot lived In vain, and had died in
the possesion tf the respect, the con
fidence, the esteem and the sincere
good will cf every right thinking
member of the community in which
he lived. Few men have been
more honored in death
than he, and it cannot
but be a soothing source of consola
tion t) his bereaved familv to remem
ber how hick their cherished relative
stood in the gcod opin.on of this com-
paid him the signal honor ot adioarn-
ing in his memory, n honor rarely
paid to one not in nubile life. Tim
meeting bad been called f t tbe trane-
action of important business, but ss
soon as it convened Gerv Patterson
offered the following resolution, which
was adopted: ;
AcsolPf a,, Xdat thia council adjourn
until tomorrow t2r'4tlock r m.. as a
token e! respect to the memory of II.
Fursteoheim, one of our most liberal
and public spirited citizens, and that
the members of tbe council attend his
funeral at 3 o'clock this day.
At 3 0 c ock p m.. the bmr an-
nouDctd for the luneral rervices, the
parlors of the deceased's late residence
on Adarjca street weie crowded with
visitors and the erouods sur
rounding the house were cov
ered with men, who itood
with uncovered heids and
cad cervices
were being conducted within. Dr.W.
E. Boggs, itb a patties tbat moved
a 1 hearers, read the solemn service.
and a choir of female voices softly
chanted a requiem. The co nposition
of the assemblage that had come to
pity tiieir last trliute cf respect to the
dead was of a character not often seen
at funerals. Men prominent in every
rank of life merchants, ban ken,
lawye s, pbysic'ans, editors, clerks, ar
tisans, met hanies, every avtcaiion in
life was rpresn ed and in every caee
by the very pick of the men in their
respective callings. The President of
the Taxing Dis rlct and Commissi . n-
ers Montgomery and Lee represented
the city, but ihey were there also in a
private capacity as ciliz?ns who felt it a
duty to testify y iheir presence
at bis remains, thiir high appreciation
of bis woith as a man and a nublio
pointed and open bear e J citizan.
This sentiment seem el to be general
and pervaded the minds of all nresent.
and the sorrow tbat was apparent on
the faces cf all who were gathered
there was genuine and sincere and the
trne expression of what was casein 2
It was nearly 4 n.m. when the
funeral cortege started tor E mwood.
The pall bearers were I N. Snowden,
J. L. Wellford. Judge E. 8. Ham
mond, John S. Toof, W. B. Galbreath,
J. A. Omberg, Oapt. Ed R. Hart and
R. B. Snowden.
Notwithstanding the fact that in
defeience to a frequently expressed
with of the deotas'd, no carriages
were ordered except lor the ue of tbe
family, there were, nevertheless, up
wards of fifty vehicles in the line that
slowly wended Its way to the ceme
tery. In
the students were found drawn up in
line in the road with nncovertd heads,
a touchirg tiibute from a source not
given to these things. Ths services at
tbe cemetery were brief but impress
ive, a.d cot a few wh witnessed
them were unnerved by the touching
It ia pha ant to be able to sta'e that
the deceased, who leaves a wife and
nine chiidipn, left an tstati that will
furnish cc mfurtible pr vision for their
future. It is estimated that it
will realize 3250.00J. independent of
his life insurance, wi ich will alone
reach the handeonie sum of 175,000.
The Memnhia Cilv Fire and Gen
eral Insurant e Company adopted reso
lutions of respect to tbe de 'eased yes
terday, which will be found in another
kicbsicnd. VA., Octobsr 14. The
Executive Bscrd cf the Knights of
juauor utsiu a Hieeur-g at 0 0 clock this
morning to cons dor the question of
nruuiugaiu ine locxed out cotton
workers Augusts, (in., the curriers
and tanners, Paleni and Pnahndv
Mass , and tbe journeymen plombirj.
nun auiauiiy. xiie uenerai Asaem
b'y hsd already voted that money
should bs sent to their relief. It wts
r.SDlved that tbe sum of $15,000 should
ds aevotea to this purpose, J5000 in
each of the cases. Considered that
lurtner snnis be sent as needed.
Mr. Powderly held a conference at
Ford's Hotel last night with fifteen or
sixteen colored delegates to tbe Gen
eral Asfembly. Thev represent the
colored assemblies of Knights of labor
cf Virginia. Georgia, Florida, Missis
sippi and other Southerh KtUes. The
obj act of the conference wai t he forma
tion of a bureau of coloted Knights
throughout the Southern Slates for
the purpose of prrcarirg accurate
etat'iBtiis relative to the condition of
the colored people and their lolation
to while laborers wherever tbey Hie
employed togethor.
These statistics are to comprise
everything iu ennaettion with the
hou'B of labor the trra'ment they re
ceive from their employers, their
weges, cost if living, e c. It is pro
poted to leirn whether they reneivw
the full l bjity and rights to which
Uisy rrs I. gaily entitle I. But Mr,
Powder y said, in speaking of thee in
ferent e and its object, that the on n
tion rf social equality is not one of the
ol jects Li ti e tin rr an Its ol jo't ih
to s'lniiiltto thi c.lo-ed people to
work fir tl eir own elevitinn. The
delegEtes he met were bright intelli
gtnt men, whi seemed well fl ted to
aid in Improvicg the condition of their
racs. It was decided to elect a chair
man r.nd secretary and have ts:is!ants
in each ol tbe sou hern States.
Immediately af er the General As
sembly wr s called to'order t 9 o'clock
1 his morning, ths wnrk of biillot'ng
formemheis of the Executive Board
began There are six members of the
bra'd to be elotited. The General Mas
ter workman the General Secretary
and General Treasurer are ex-uflieio
members ol the Executive Board.
The entire morning scs ion was cm
sumed in bill ting for members of tbe
tienirjl Executive Board. The vo'e
stood aa follows: Thomis B. Barry,
301 ; John W. Hayes, 284. Barry w.s
eieciea on tnnt Dano'.
Second Ballot-John tV.Hayes.335:
a. a. uaneron, in. Hayes elected.
Third Ballot Wm. H. Bailey, 307;
a. a. uaneion, 10. isailey elected.
A recess was taken st 12 o'clock
nntil 2 o'clock p.m., when balloting
mr tne remaining three members ol
the Doard will be begun.
The remain ballots for members of
tbe General Executive Board resulted
as follows : A. A. Carleton, 292 ; T. B
IVfcGuire. 07. Carleton was elected.
T. B. McGuire. 331 ; Joseph Buchanan,
281. Mr. McGuire was elected. Ira
II. Ailesworta, 315: Joseph Bnchsnan,
282. Ai eswotth was elected. There
was a preliminary ballot for the eleo
tion of two members tf the General
Co-operative Biard to fill the nlnces
of the two letirlng members, and ths
asseniDiy then adjourned to tomorrow
morning, when tbe election of general
omcera win ue concluded.
Tailor and Importer.
rm u r a, a. aa caa'sH .
M1VKU ikn a rAlii
an LSIS.IT lit
The Largest, Choleest and
rs Ta7"i.l,J.;!!M,OM"a'TCIsa Iff ALL
P A NT A !..,. h, .:.:,,..r Aran irl,Clf
Cor. Sicond and Jaffinon Sit.,
Mimphli, Tinn.
MJiAJiium ,
1 1
Anal Enroll Thei, i.nM aa Worker.
a.r g-arly or Victory and
ribe Right. .
A meeting cf Democrat itl K i,.,t,i
st the Courthouse at 8 o'clock this
evening for tbe ntirorae ni tir...un
anorganizition nrdar the name and
sialn I ll 11 . 1 .... .. a a. v
riyiu in tun 1 ne.uu ana tshelby County
Democratic Club. '
Ihis ia done in
ia done in nitlar in i,,
ntinnt a n.A.A .1. 1 .'a
luBiuo ins part v. and tn
inoure in election ol the conn
j vuiiKii'jiuni,i iicKi't in
Novemter. Ail Democrats who d.
sire the succtsiot the ent r ticli
are earnestly invited to be present.
rvrvurs win no mniie Df varicna
eauinircu'sensanii t m 1. ant in ...
tion, to be kent moving nntil victo-v
ciowns cur efforts.
B -sides the organization of tliecluH,
a above mentioned, the meeting will
appoint committees from each ward
iu worg ror tne success of the ticket.
Lst every man tlaimirg to be a
frmurrui leave en DtiFiness for at
iei an ncur or so and come out to
mats rertain the e ectioo ot th
splendid ticket already nominated.
ihe Kepnbiicaas are in the field
a ort and active and will leave no
mona unturned to e'oct their men
yetnocrata 01 eiielby, afer the sjden-
iuu wora 01 August, will you rgiin al
low Shelby county and the Tenth Con
giessional District to be baralded to
the world as the stronghold ci Repub
licanism? If not. thnn mm ,h.
- -1 wvaaau vr UJ
vourmouse tonight and organize.
An Earnest Appeal for Help
lug tbe Year 18MS-87.
TheMemphis Exchange for women's
work will aoon enter upon the seoond
year of its existence. Our Institution
is fjnnded npon membership, and
cannot exist without ita assistance.
The object of tbe Exchange ia not to
lurnlsh gratuitous support, but a
means of self help to worthy women,
We provide a market for th,e products
01 their labor, and ara at tbem to Hnd
employment that tbey may rise above
dependence. e can only accomplish
this by the co-operation of a benevo
lent pub ic in giving us their patron
age, we cave accomplished much
good, but there are la'ger fields of use
fulness within our reach. Mat.y
women in our city and btate are need
ing our assistance, and we can help
them if the women will send ns orders
for wo k for which anxious hearts and
id'e hands are waiting. It tas been
proven thst the safe and general anti
dote against sorrow la employment.
The Exchange has secured the com
modious house, No. 306 Second street,
and will soon throw open an inviting
caf j to the public, aa well as the sales
room, where beautiful and useful artl-
c es can always be found. We hope
to rent the upper rooms lo business
women, where they will fird a home
under the protection of the ladies of
the Exchange. We do most earnettly
ask the generous women and men of
Memphis to assist ns bv a renewal of
insir meniusrsmps and contributions.
Give ns your cordial and practical
Mas. g. T. A miaiw, Secretary.
Tbe Equitable Uawllgbl Company
Enjoins (be City.
The Equitable Gaslight Company
made a move yesterday which sounds
nae 11 e nrst note 01 what promi-:es to
be a heated cor, fl let. It will be re
membered that the Equitable, after
obtaining a charter, applied for privi
lege to use the streets to lay its pipe",
which privilege was denied them
by the Tuxing Dis' riot because it was
under contract to give Ihe exclnsive
right to the old gs company. That
contract having been rejected by the
stockholders ol the company, tbe way
was open for ths Equitable to again
apply for right of way. This plan was
not adopted, however, aod yesterday,
through lis attorney, it applied for
an injunction restraining the Taxing
District from interfering with it in
the etr.rt to exeicise the privileges
granted by Its charter. Tbe order was
granted by Judge Homers, of the
Eleventh Chancery Dihtricr. The
next step will bo watched with interest.
Latonla Jo key Clob Karea.
Cincinnati. O.. Octohnr 1 4 i nt;.
Jockey Club, fall metlnor. Nv.,,ih
day. Attendance fair.
First Race. Selliinr. nnr J.tnn f
Which $50 to second : for thrna voma
old and upward ; seven furlongs. Lia
land won by a neck: Red Hi una avs.
ond, two lengths in front of Berlin,
third. Time 1:351.
.SrcondiJace. Purse of J.WO. nf l!li
$50 to seoond ; for tw j year old non-
winoers, six lunongs. Dark Hall
Won bv two lenirthn: Clarinn
Lady Max third. Time-1:20. '
JTurd Race Purse of JUKI, of which
1 50 to second ; for three year olds and
upward, non-winnora. fat Sheedy
won eauly by two lengths; Mountain
Range second. Time 1 :55l .
JourA Rac Purse of ttm. nf
which f 100 to second: free handlrant
one mile. H gt flight won easily by
uvo ioiikiui, jiupeusie second, the
BaiiiB untunes m advance or Jirilliant
third. Time 1:47.
Race Tobacco stake : for
three year old non-winners, with ItiOO
-.1 - 4 1. 1 a,..i . . ' .
Dng. ui wnicn u o to second, the
iniru 10 save entrance; one mile,
.inma Johnson won easily hv
length; llarrodeburg second by
head, Andella third. Time 1 :4!l.
Cincinnati. O.. October 14. Pnl.
lowing are entries for tomorrow's
races st i.aionia:
i rst Race. Seven-elirhthB of a mile.
selling. King George (107), $20; Lea
:io), jo; monarcn t,iu4), 14; i-oateral
112), $22; field. $0. Inc'udinir Simoon
;:), wa cn x-.m (muj, nangle (101).
Second Rtice. Three nuarters of
mile, selling. Handy Andy (98), $10t
(101). $10: Lord Ulif-
den (118), JO: Bob Saim (1()),$I0;
Lttt'e job (), 'u; rJisie 11. (Mi), $12;
MaMy Coibett (102 . $0: flu d. 4. In.
eluding MontPEuma (88), Surprise
(107), Prn!ms(99),Jay Bee J. (107).
77iirii Race.- One and one-sixteenth
miles, selling. Falls City (107), $1:
Little Fellow (113), $10; Foeteral (125),
$8; KingGeoige (108), 28j Athlon
(108), $.
Fourth Race. One mile. Harrods
burn (t5), $18: Uattie Carlisle fA2).
20; Wanderoo (105), $30; Hottenb ,t
(00). $12; Het le 8. (02), $10; tteUI,$3l
The reaeb PleTwUsTdasne at Lit
tle Rock.
larioiAt. to yea arrsAL.1
Little Rocx Are., October 14.
Owing to tbe rain of yesterday no ball
was played on the at sociatiou'grounda
today, lbs second game between
Tb.r.iPeh,Pi?"'of 8t- Lou;'. ndthe
L'ttle lt-ck nines tcok placs and the
way the P-aeh Pies gnt away with all
rivals on the field wts a cintion. Both
clubs did excellent work but a two
days' rest put Ihe St, Louis boys in
such tip top trim that there was no
holding them when the game was
called. Score. 7 to 4 in favor of the
Peach Pies. H is bnt fair to sta o that
the light buttery of the home club ws
In the Hold. T.-morroiv It ia ih in.
tontion to pit the heavifst men in
town agaiust tl 0 St. Liuis crack club,
and if they are defeated to turn the
whole bakery over lo her haeeta'.l
team. HdbVld, foroman of the Ar
karnaw Traveler, and a professional ball
tosser, bad his nose broken, a tooth
knocked cut and both ejos blackened
by a pnwed ball as ho was umpiring
the game.
A Contest for tbe l.ooal Champion.
St. Lotus, Mo., Ootobsr 14. The
contest for the kcal championship be
tween the League at d the Asto. iation
Ba eliall Cinhj ommeoced today.
ive thousand people were present.
Score: Browns, 8 Maroons, 0. Series
of nine games lo be played.
Lnalavliie onsen t.
Foundations, cellar walls and hnlld-
Irgssnhjm'ttooveiff.iw ehould be cor
tiucted with Louisville Cement It is
the standard.
Mire Upton ia now at 402 Shelby
s reet, sontl e. st corner of McCall, op
poei'e the Guyoso Ho:el, prepared to
make dres esln the latest etyles. Good
won ana reasonable prices.
including Mountain Bange (92), Gov
xiata (hzi, woooorait (Wi). 1
Wm Hac4 rlve-ehibths of a m e.
Vat a A .'lll'; iB. nnn..k.uliinll
$10; Ovid (100), $10; Van (100), $8
Banberg(97), 20; Allegheny VlOO)
$20; Easier (100), $18; Linda Tayne
(102), $12; Tom Hood (110, $1$
field, 8, including Derochmont (97)
Wlthrow (106), Comedia (100), Tam
O'Shanter (97). ,
nrooklyn JonhevClnb Racea.
GaAVKNgNu, L. I.. October 11.
Brooklyn Jockey Club Rases. Fir
Race Tbree-yoaiters of a mile.
Gleaner won by half a lenetb : Millie
second, Mamie Hdnt third. Time
Second Race. Oat mile and a half.
Won by Rupert by ten lengths; Stone.,
buck second, Beggarabutih third.
Time 1:651.
J7iird Race. For two yesr olds.three-
quarters of a mile. Nallle B. won by
a length and a half; Jeeste second.
Rebellion thud. Time 1:151.
Fourth Race. Handicap, one mile
and a belt. Ferona won by a neck;
(1 nfalon second, Boaarzs third.
Filth Race tot three year olds and
upward, selling allowances, one mile
and a sixteenth. Ferg Kyle won by a
length; Florence M. second, Pontico
third, lime 1:49 j.
1 1 . 1
The Newmarket Rares,
London. October 14. This wss tbe
fonrth day cf the Newmarket second
October meeting. The Champion,
Stakes wss won by the Duke of West-,
minister's three yesr old colt Ormonde ;
Mr. Manlon's three year old colt sec
ond, Princa So'tykotT'e three year old
filly Argn .Mavis third. Uimonde won
by a lenuth in a canter. Her Mait stv's
p a'e was won by Maj. Brace's, firo
year old hore St. Gation; Mr. Viner's
tour ye roiii nny Mone ciins: second.
La rubor 1 's three year old colt Chelsea
thir l. Tueie were six starter. ,'St-l
Gatien won by three lengths.
Rallrd for Anatralta..
London, October 14. WilUana
Beach, the oarsman, embarked, tuhyj
for Anatralia, . -. y r, it ,1 J
Hobacrltxy for the MAppcaiP SatMcrltr fcr Ui MA.ppMLjvi
Ad vice to Mother.
Mrs. Winslow'a Soothing flyrup
should always be used when children
are cutting teeth. It relieves the little
stiflerers at once; it produces natural,
quiet sleep by relieving the child
from pain, and the little cherub
awakes aa "bright as a button." It is
very pleasant to taste. It soothes the
child, softens the gums, allays all
pain, relieves wind, regulates the
bowels, and ia the best known remedy
for diarrhoea, whether arising from
teething or other causes. . Twenty
five cents a bottle.
The Hon. Zack Taylor, the nominee
Of the Republican Uartv for Cnnoreae
and Mr. James Phelan, nominee ol
the Democratic party for Congress,
will sddro'S the citizens tA tin '1 Anth
Congressional Dlstrht, in j dnt dis
cussion, at the time and places stated
below, nauie'y:
uouierviile, Friday, Out. 15, 1 p.m.
S mrvillo, Saturday, 0;t. 10, 1 p.m.
LaGra: go, Mondt y, Oo 18, 1 p.m.
Willis'on. Tuesday, Oct. 19, 10 a m.
Moscow, Tue clny, Oct. 19, 4 pm.
Pocahontas, Wednesday, Oct. 20, 10
Mlddloton, Wednesday, Oct. 0. 4
Kanlsbury.Thu srlny.Ott 21, 10 a.m.
Grand Junction. Thursday. Ort L'l.
4' aft - -
Toors, Fridav, Oct. 22, 10 a.m.
Bolivar, Saturday, Oct. 23, 1 p.m.
Whitevlllo, Monday, Oct. 25, 1 p.m.
Whitehaven, Wednesday, Oct, 27. 1
Uapleville, Thursday, Oct. 28, 1 p.m.
Memphis. Friday. Oct. 29. 7:30 n.m..
at Exposition Building.
mason, Saturday, Oct. 30, 1 p.m.
t . W. J. SMITH,
Cbn. Republican Oong. Committee.
m K. V. ADAMS,
Cbn. Democratic Cong. Committee.
Hbln OI.eaaea Inalantlj Relieved
by Cnllrara.
TRKATMRNT. A warm bath with Octi
OPBA Soap, and a ain.la annlU.llnM S
Otinooaa, th. greatSkln Cur. TbisrepaaUet
daily, with on. nrtwodosee ot CuTiouaa Hi
aui,VRNr, th. n.w Blood Purifier, to keep the
blood OOol. th. naranirattnn iiura ami unlh
ritating, the bowels oi,en, the liver and kid
neys active, will speedily eur. Rcsema, Tat-
I. . H ,h..i.rin I ....... 1 . I I - V II !,..
Z, ij ,1 , , .uiiaiii, u,iia.H arurivu..
Scald Head, Dandruff and .vary species ot
Itching, Scaly and Pimply Humors of the
Scaip and Skin, when tb. b.at physicians
and remedies fall.
VoUP IttlUt V.ln.hl. Cnvmuai V.u.m.a
have done my child so much good that I ieel
Ha. saving tbie for tb. benefit of those who
ara troubled with skin direaaes. My little
air! was trou'elad with Knan mi. anrl I tri.il
several doctors and medicines, but did not
ao ner any goon until 1 used the CVTiouaa
rlauiDISa. which ai.a.illlv cnr.d liar. Inr
which I ow. you n any thanks and many
nighlsof rest. AM10N UOSSMIKR,
Edinburgh, Indiana.
I Was allnast nerfafltl bald, aaiia.il h T.e
ter of tbe top oi tba sealp. I used your C
TICVRA rtaaatiiaa ahout ala waali.. anil tha
cured my scalp perfectly, acd now my half
il coming bask aa thick as it aver was.
J. r.CUOIUK, whitsjeboro, Texas.
I want to tell you that vnnr CitTtnnai Ra-
soi.ysst 1s mainiOoent. About three months
asomr lace was covered with Blotches.and
alter using tore, hottlea ot Uholvt I was
perfectly cured. FHKDKKIOK HAITKB.
4i Ot. liberie! street, New Orleans, La.
I cannot anaak In tan M.h tarmi af fnnp
OtiTiuuBA. It la worth ita weight In pure
gold for skin diaeasea. I believe It has ae
aqual. W. W. NO Kill HUP,
lulo uarnav atre.t, umana, Nab.
Bold .vervwhare. Price, rirnntraa. ftOct
Cuticura Soar. Siftfli CorinuaA RaaoLvanr.
II. Prepared by tbe Potts a Dana ad Ciibk-
ioa 1, t;o., Hoston, Mass. Hand lor now te
Cure Skin Diseases." , '
PI SS PLUS, Blaokheada, Skin Blemlsha
1 '" and Baby Humors, use Coriouaa Soar.
Bout Wttli r'atlm
Due tn Indimed Kidneys. Weak
nd Loins, Achtna Ulps an
sne ininnaa
At drug-
k).i See for II. ID. rotter
and h.'T'lci' t'o., Ho.ton, Waaa.
"T1 Back and Loma, Achtna
Y hiues. reliea1 In .ae
T I I by the Caitieura As
1 1V s-lnalrr. Never falls.
1 Jltists, iho.l ttve for 11.01
Hnn and hci'lci' On., Bo.ton. M
Removed to 308 Front St.
Between Monroe and Madtion, Nearly
Opnoalte PostorBce.
m. v. Tor
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 272 Second Street,
(Ayr BioekJ
New and Latest Styles Stack. Hew
Type, Mew Machinery. '"
Prices as low as aay where, Hertll '
lncrsajie4 racinties ror stouc sua
kladi UUoiravhlag,

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