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Cottoi Steadj-Middlintr, 8 3-4e-Sales
1'esterday, 3900
Money rules in string demand at 8
yet cent. Local securities continue
Tbe locil cotton ma'ket wi steady
yesterday; middling, 8Jc. Falee, 3900
At New Yo'k spots closrd steady;
middling, 9 5-16c. Futures firm ; Oc
teber, 9.009 07c.
A leading New York cotton circular
ys of cotton futures: "During the
early portion of the day there was
some very gold baying and a gain of
56 point', but a failura of LiverpoDl
to maintain an apparent stronger in
clination led tJ prompt selling out
her and a reaction on prices. At tbe
clo-e tbe feeling was comparatively
siea'dy sgiio, bat the demand w:s
At Now Orleats yesterday spots
were qu'et and steady j middling, 8jc.
Futures steady ; Oc'ober, 8.818.82.
At Liverpool spots were ste?dv,
fair demand; middling, 5 316:1. Fut
ures were easy; October, 5 7-64d.
In the general market there wera
o features of note.
One hundred and sixiy-cne brls
apples, 2 pkgs buttpr, 2cJ8l rls bagging,
73 tikts bacin, 48 pkss boots a'd
shots, 20C0 bu c jrn, 3 p'ss chee, TO
ska coflea, 18 cais cotton situ, 40i'l
ska cc-ttoa seed, 102 pkga dry goo lc
17 pkgs egg, 780 brls fliur, 40 hd
horses and mu!fs. 489 pkgs lard, 112.
pks liquid, 170 ;brls moal, 705 kgs
nails, 300U:bu oa s, vu picsj tODacco,
iOi.0 bu wheat, 45 br's rice.
The f illowinit shows the amount oi
grain received, withdrawn and in s'ore
by mru ar elavnt irs, as repirtea to tne
Merchants EichaneD ve-terday:
Wheat none received or withdrawn,
in store 104 bu; corn received
2397 bu: withdrawn. 1806 bu: in
store, 8339 bu; oats received, 2402
bu; withdrawn, 372S bu; met re, 164,
5)36 bu.
taT-Daily Quotation of Cottoa
Oil Trrnila and New York Ei.
change fstneka are opeu to tlioao
lutereated, at my oilier.
roior jl.. mobtos
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Monev in ac ive demand at 8 pr
cent The Clearing House rep ait is
as ioiiowb:
Tburesday, October 14th, $274,
OH 37? t.Vina fir thin wpok. Sl.l 14
419 73; same time lest week, J975,
363 90; corresponding time in 1885,
$917,777 56; corresponding time in
1834, VO.
Thnrnlsv. Oi'intinr ' 14th'. ' f73.
265 50; thus far this week, $238,-
831 tie; ea'ie lime iai weea, nziz,
'991 73; c"restonding time io 1885,
$191,783 29; corresponding tirte in
loo! ioa riE oo
loot, ?iOV, .io.
NewYoik eight on all points, J
discount bnyinv, oar sailing; flew lng.
lard demand, J dir count buying; New
England sight, t discoat.t; JNewUr
leans, J- ducount buying, par selling.
Bank of C ;mnierce..l48 bid, 149 asked
First NaMora! 160 bid, 165 asked
'Carman Bank 195 bid, 20.) asked
State Na'ional 145 bid, 150 ask d
Union ana Flnnters..ln( bin', 103 a ked
Meccautile Bank 135bid,137Ja ked
Bluff City 100 b d, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... esked
Home 75 b'd. 81) asked
Memphis CHy Hbid, 105 a -ked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Phoenix 98bU,100 f sited
Planters 107 bH, ... asked
Yand'rbilt 25 bid, 26 asted
Arlington 35 bid, ... aeked
Factors 20 a kid
M. & O. R R. shares...36 jid, ... at.ked
M. & T. R. R. shire?...45 bid, 50 "kfd
M. A C. consols. 7tf 119 bid, ... a?ked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8S..105 b ... aked
Mi8S.&T.RR.cs.A...lllb' H3 asked
Miss.& f. R.R.CB.B..10I b , 103 asked
Tenn. wt. sjt. D 9 id, 93 asked
'Tenn. win. bit. E to J..8:: d. 8i asked
Shelby Co.6s 10s.. .HOaekcd
Tax. Diat. 4, 6s 97i i I, 98 aeked
Tax Dist. 6s 104 J b d,lC5J asked
Mem. U s bonds 101 bid.... aicn
Mem. Water bind 97 bid, ... asked
iiananftr Oil Works b d 65 aked
Am. Cot. Oil trust' f 3 bid, 54 asktd
Pioneer (Jotton Mills...2 bid, 3D esked
Mem. Stor. Com. O0...IO6 bid. 110 aifced
Mem. Uas stock 75 bid, 80 aiked
New York. O 'tober 14 Money on
call active at 47 per cent , closing at
55G- ritme merrantue paper vw
per csnt Ste' ling exchange steady;
actnfilrats 4S0lfor 60 day bills and
4831; for demand.
Bonds Government bonds were
dull and ) better for the 4. Stata
bonds wra dull and steady.
Ktojk There was 'but very li.tle
news ti a'tect values in the stock
market. The furcher engairement
of $850,000 gold for ehipment to
this country and the return of
the strikers of thi New York,
Pennsylvania and OAi were tbe only
liems of speiial Imrortince. Tbe
market, however, continua l the ai
vance begun yesterday, and b 'fore tr-e
movement was th'cked material ad
vances over last night's flguiei bad
been racorded. London was a buyer
early in the diy, its srec;al favoutes
being Rding, Lake Shore and Ncrth
em Pacific preferred. Tbere wai also
considerable foraipn buying of Ca
nadian P?c flc, Louisville Bi,d Nash
ville and Nickel I'la'e. Tbe stories of
the latter again astnxed the snaps of
an iesue of Donds by the Lake Score
take up the indebtedness of
the corrpiny. Tbe spcUl fta'.
nre of the day is the marked ai
Tanca in eeveral sp'c'a'.tits,
chief amirg wliich we e Mi-sonri
Pacific, tUBm Fran(i:c and Man
hattan Elevated. The Vnndeibilts
were favored by the Lake Shore nd
Nickel Plate B'orits, attiooeh New
Yora Central was qu'i t and st-ady
'throughr ut the day. Western Un'oi
was active, bu its fiuctnatioas were
small pndit fin d rhrRen insign li
can, New England wat bid np in
the moruinK. but it sag.ed of! lat'r in
ihe day, most of its final gain being
made at the opening. The grangers
were comparatively quiet and pre
sented ro feature of interest, which is
a'tribot- d to lack nf telegraphic com
muiii.at on with Coica.o. The go
eial market during the efternoon was
ra'.ber heavy, but recovered its tine
shar.ly before lha cln e. The open
ing WcB strong at advances ranging
from to i. Mifsonri Pacific. Jeraey
Central and New EuUr,d shoxed the
widest difitrencei. lhere was consid
erable irregular ty in the early trad ng,
tne cinepicuousiy Eiro .g etoeks Deing
New Englnud, MUscuri Pacitio, Louis
vil'e and Nashville and Pac'fii: Mai),
wli e Jersey Central and Wettarn
Union were noticeably wt ak. Alter
the firjt half hour the market became
firm to etrong and so continued uutil
just previous to the close,
when the list recovered and
the close was steady to firm, close to
the b'it prices of the day. titles, 424,
808 tharea. Wes'.era Uuion furnished
40,801 ; Lackawanna, 40,440; St. Paul,
32,203. There are a few decdnes, but
they are for ksiguiGc nt fractions
only. Manha'tin is uo 31; Mission
Pac fic, 2 ; Lackawanna, 1 g ; Canadian
Pac tic, li, and othera t j .
Rnilroad benda were ajiier. Sale',
$1,401,000. The Detr-.it, ackicac and
Marqueite firsts rite 2 per cent, t 87 ;
R:o Grand, coupou oflt, 3, to 71 J Jer
sey Central convertibles 2, ta 116;
Illinois Central 4, to 110.
Tbe total s ilea of s'o.ks todsv were
424,803 8hnrf8, including Canada
truthern, 12,190; Delaware, Lacka
Kaijna andW'es m, 40 44J; Dalaware
andHudsoD, 3U85;E' o, 5125; Kan-f-sc
and 3xa, 11,1.5; Lake Shor.,
17,010; Lvuisville and Naihville,
22,030; Michigan C-nt al, 7415; Man
l aitan Con oliilated, C49J; inisiouri
Pacitlc, 9430; No.rtTwestarn,! 11,9")0;
New Je-s-y Centrhl, 14,095; Padtic
Mail, 10.630; R adine,18,86l;St. Paul,
32,203; Union Pacific, 3.0.1; Western
Union, 40,01 ; Northern .Pac flu pre
ferre 8631 ; Or. gun and Trausconti
ien:s.l, 5025. Cl:sinir quota'ione:
U.S. 3s, 100. 4, coup, lffltf.
iYt', coup, llxA. Pucifiotrtof 16D5.123.
L. atnraim, 4s, "V4. Mitiouri 6, HM
Cent l'ao. lvtn.UM. Den. 4 R.0. 1U, 124.
Dn-AK.G.W lst.1'i4.Kri 2d.,
M K 4 T.Gf n.6s,i).N0rth.PH0.1nts, ItSK.
North. Pao.2iU.101S. N.Wostorn oon.143.
N.West dab.bt.lW'A. 8t.li.8.K.UoB.M.,1095i
Paul con, 1H1. Kt.P.C.Al'.UtJ.l-'O.
T.P. land grante, 53. T.P.R U.ex cou.70.
U. P. lata, ViYt. Wnt Shure.101.
TenD.6,ct'uit,Kn. 'lenn.5s,cet'mt,100tf.
lono. 3a,ict'mt,77.
Adnmi Kxpre'd. 142. Morris A E .nlTd. 140.
Allegheny Cent'l,-. Nashville AC , HV-S.
Alton A T. 11., 37. N.J. Central, 62V4.
A. A T.H.,pfd., Nor.AW.nld,46.
American Ex., 10). Northern Pac.,28.
II. C. R. A N. 55. Northern Fao nfd. 63
Canada Po.,72'4. O.A N.W..H7
Canada Sou.. 63. C.A N.W.pfd.,l424.
Central Paoiflo,48V. K.V,Centrl,113.
Chep-ake A 0.. 1U, N.Y.C.A St.l..,14Vi.
CAO. l-tpfd,17?i N.Y O.ASUL.pfd,27.
C. k O. 2d pfd.HH. Ohio Central, .
Chicago A A. .143. dhio A Mia.,2SS.
C.A A.ptd,160. 0. A Miss pM.SW.
C,B. AQ.13S. Ontario A West.. 21.
(!., ft-li. A N.O., Oregon Nav , Wv'i
C. Sl.h A P.. ViH Oregon Trana..
C.St.LAP.pfd, 32 Oregon Imp., 30.
C. 8. A C 45. Paoiflo Mnil,54.
O. A C Panama, 98.
O. A II. Vally..33M. l'ria D A E ,30.
Del. A Hud , 104'4. Pittsburg, 152.
Del.,L. A W , Pullman f.O.,146H.
Den. A Rio Q, S3 Readinj, 3)).
Erie, Rock Island, 125.
Eriepfd,77. Bt. L. A S.F. ,3ltJS
New East Tenn.. 1! St.L.AS.K arel'd, Wit
NowK.Tenn. pf.l,73,.t5t.li.AS.F.btP, 1174
Fort Wayne, l4ti C. M. A St. P., W..
Hannibal A St. Jo -.0. M.A Bt.P,. p, 121Vi.
H A St. Jo., pfd, -. St. P., M. A M..122U.
Harlem, 220. Kt Paul A Omaha,
Houston A T., 32 Bt Paul A O. pld, V.i
Illionis Central, 133.Tenn.CoalA Iron, 67
Ind., B. A W..20V4. Texas PaoiBo. 21)4.
Kansas A T., 3ti5. Union PaoiBo, ti2!4.
Lake E. A W , 13. V. U. Express, 65
Lake Shore, 9.'. W , 8t.L A P., 20.
Lou" A Nash.. &H. W )st.L A P. p., 37)4.
Lou. A N. A., 58. W. F. Kx.,126.
M.A". 1st pfd,-. W. U. Tel., 77'i.
M. AO. seconds.. Colorado Coal, 2TJ4.
Me. A Char , 40. Home Stake.
Mich. Cen.,95. Iron Kilrer, 210.
Min. A St. L , 2lS Ontario. 25.
Min. A St. L.pldJW QnraksllTer. 6.
Missouri Pacifio.llS. Quicksilver pfd., 23.
Mobile A Ohio, lri. houth Paoifio, .
M. L. S A W.. 62. Sutro,6.
M.L S.AW.pfd,94M.
London, October 14. Crn'ola 100
for money, and 100 13 16 for the
acoui t. Bar silver. 4e Jd per ounce.
Tbe annunt of bnllirn withdrawn
fiom the Bank of England on ba'ance
today is 171,000. Tue bullion in the
Bank of Englaod decreasid 271,000
during the pass w;ek. Tbe propor
tion oi t'eBaakof Eoglard receive
to liabil ty is cow 37 per cent.
Paris. O. tiher 14. Three per cent,
rentep, 82f. 42fl for the account The
wrekly statement of the Bank nf
France pr owa a decrease of 9,475,000
f runts gold and 1,350,000 francs tiiver.
New York, O ;tober 14. Bank clear
ir,gj,$n0,725,248; balances, $i,443,257.
St. Jj'-wm Mo., Oc'ober 14. Bank
cWiin;:e, $2,774,070; balances, $335,
605. Baltimore, Md., O.ilober 14. B;nk
rlenrings tol.-y, $1,98.1,343 ; balauccs,
Philadelphia, Pa.. October 14
Clearinva today, 39,011,360; balauces,
Boston, Mass., October 14. Bank
c'eirintts today, $12,838,335; balances,
Tbe l'cal cottm market opened
steady, and closed stead v ; middling,
8Jo. Sa'es, 3900 bales, 1750 to export
ers and 2 1 f0 to spinners.
Yesterday. Wednesday.
Ordinary Norn. Nom.
Good Ordinary.... Mom. Nom.
Low Middling 8 8
Middling 8J 8j
Good Middling.... 9 9
Middling Fair...... 0 9
Fair - Nom. Nora.
Mkh phis, October 14, 1888
Stock Sept. 1, 1886 ... 4,009
Received tod y 3,936
Received previously ...49,710 67,655
Shipped todav 3,148
Shipped previously 20,208
Home consumption to
date 05 23,621
Stock running account 34,034
Thus far this week 21,734
Thos far )a t week 14,663
Smce Sip ember 1st 53,646
M. and O. R. R.... 744
M. & T. R. R - 495
L. and N. R. R 605
M. & L. R. R. R 445
C, 0.&8. W.R.R 350
L , N. O. & T. R. R 152
K. O , 8. A M. R. R 76
M..S 4B. R.R 163
Steamers 516
Wag ma and other sources 300
Total 3,9:0
Thus far this week 12,084
Thus far latt week 4,394
Since September let 23 410
M. A O. R. R 61 '3
M. A T. R R 758
L. A N. R R 605
C, O. A 8 W. R. R 800
L., N. O A T. R. R. 300
M .8.AB. R.R. 42
Steamers Nr. rh 5U7
Steamera Sou'h , 15
Total 3,148
New York epota opened quiet and
steady, and closed steady. Middling,
9 5-16o. Sales, 756 bales. Quotations
were aa follows:
Yesterday. Wednetdav.
Ordinary - 6 9-18 6 11-18
Good ordinary. 7 15-16 8 1-16
Low middling. 8 13 16 8
Middline- 9 6-lfl 9 fi-16
Good middling 9 11-16 9 11-10
Middling fair.10 510 10
Fair 10 1516 11
New York fu'ures opened firm, and
closed firm and 2 to 3 points htgker
than Wednesday. Sales, 92,800 bales.
The closing quotations were aa follows :
Ypsterday. WednesJav.
October O.CO.'ar) a.07 9.04 9.05
November.. 9 07(.i) 9.08 9.05(a) 9.06
December. 9.12 9 13 909 9 10
January.... 9.20(a) 9.21 9.17( 9.18
February..- 9.28- 9.24 a. 9 25
March 9.35(5) 9.36 9.32(3) 9 Zi
April 9 44(5) 9.41(S) 9 42
May 9.52 9 53 9 49 9.50
June 9 61 9 62 9.58 9.69
July 9.69 9.70 9 65 9 68
August 9.75 9.77 9.72 9.73
Tbe New Orleans spot market
opened firm, and c'nted quiet and
steady. Middling, 8je. Sales, 1600
bales. Quolatlons were as fojlowj:
Yesterday. Wednesday,
Ordinary 6j 6
Good Ordinary... 7j 7
Low Middling 81 8
Middling- 8J H
Good Middling 9 3-16 9 3-16
The New Orleans future market
opened steady, a id c'osed stepdy and
1 to 3 point higher than Wednesday.
Sa'co, 13,700 bales. Quotations were
as follows:
Yesterday. Wednesday.
October 8 81 8 82 8 78 8.80
November. 8.64 8.05. 8.63 8 64
December. 8.6i(4 8 66 8 64V) 8.65
January .... 8.74 nt 8 75 8 73 8 74
February... 8.84 8.86 8 84 8 85
March 8.9.V 8 96 8.94(, 8.95
April 9 06 9.07 9.05 0.08
Ma; 9.16rt 9.17 9.15 9.16
June 9.27 9.28 9.26 9.27
July 9.370i) 9.38 9 35 9.36
August 9 39 9.40 9.37 9.39
Tone.! Kec.?iic Stock.
Galveston tesdy
5019 85
19 7i8
N. Orleans firm
Mobile .... steady
8721 8
6351 8
Norfolk ...
New York
Philad'a .
St. Louis..
1(61 811-18
6026 81516
1971 8,
1592,8 7-16'
Receipt at ports, this day, 18S6..40,5 tl
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885. 34,11 8
R'ta U. S
Ex. Gr. Br
R'taSept. 1
For'gn Ex.
193 6S61
68 254
Decrease in receipt! this year. ...38,798
At noon: Liverpool spots were
6teady, fair demand. fc'ates.lu.OOO bales,
of which American 7300 bales. Re
ceipts, 9000 ba'es, cf which An.erican
4800 bales.
Closing quotations were as follows:
Ordinary, 4Jd ; good ordinary, 4 Jd ; low
middling, 4 15-lGd; good middlinir,
5Jd; middling uplands, 5 3 161; mid
dling Orieane, 6 5-lCd.
The prim are given in pence and ditht.
thut:- 4 63 meant 4 63-64d; and 5 01
meant 5 1 64(7.1 7
At. noon: Liverprol fu'ures w?re
eteady ; Ojtcbar, 5 055 C6d ; O: tober
November, 4 635d; November-December,
4 634 62J; December-January,
4 62d ; January-Febrna'y, 4 62
4 63d ; February-March, 4 63d ; March
April, 5 015 02d; April-May, 6 03
5 04d; May June, 5 055 Ofld.
At 2 p.m.: L'verpool futures were
firm : October, 5 C6d, buyew : Oclo-ber-November,
6d, buyers; Novem-ber-Deccmb.
r, 4 63d, buyers; D
cember-January, 4 63d, buyers;
Jauuary-Febiuarv, 4 63d, buyers; February-March,
6d, buyers: Match
Ap: il, 5 02 I, buyers ; April-May, 5 04d,
buyers; May-June, 6 OOd, buyer?.
At 5pm.: Liverpool futurts were
easy; Ojtober, 5 07d, sellers; Oc
tr ber-November, 6 Old, sellers; No
vember-December, 4 63d, sellers;
Dacnrnber-Janoary,4 63d, sellers ; Jann-ary-Ftbruary,
4 63d, sellers; Feb
rnaryMa'cb, 5d, buyers; March
April, 5 02d, buyers; April-May, 5 Ood,
sellers; May-June, 6 07d, value.
CoRNiiEAL-Standerd, $2 202 25;
pearl, $3 253 35; roller, $2 45.
Hat Choice, from store, 75c; car
load from levee or deoot, $1213;
prime, from store, 6570. ; car load
from levee or depot, $1112; prairie,
from Btore. 50c. ; car load from levee
or depot, $7.
Corn From store, whlle,50o '.mixed,
48c, from levee or dtpot; white, in
bulk, 43c; in sacks, 46is; mixed, in
bulk, 41c: in satks, 44c.
Oats From store,white,37c; mixed,
35c: from levee or depot, while, in
bulk, 32c; in sacks, 34c; mixed, in
bulk, 31c; In eacks, 33c.
Bran From store, 70c; from levee
or depot, $13 10.
Flour From store, No. 3, $33 25 .
family, $3 603 75; cboi:e, $3 764;
fancy, 44 25; extra fancy, $4 25
4 50; paten's, $55 60.
Beans Navy. $2; medium, $150
1 75; common, $J 25; German millet,
$1 201 41).
Rick Louisiara, 45rj; Carolina
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $33 25
from store.
Crackers Soda, extra, 4c; soda,
trebleext.rn, 6c; extra,7c; gingersnap,
extra, 66e; assorted jumbl8,9llc.
Crackkd Wheat la half-barrels,
$4 25 from store.
Hominy and Grits -From store,
$C 15 3 ?5.
Kansas Citt, Mo., October 14
Wheat lower; No. 2 red, cash, 60c
bid; NovembHr, 61 c bid; May, 69 Jc
bid. Cora lowrr; No. 2, casb, 29 r:
Novemb,r, JWjc bid; D?cember, 30c
bid. Oa's nominal, 24c b d,
St. Louis, Mo,, October 14. Flour
quiet and ready; XXX, $2 5(3245;
family, $2 602 75 ; choice,! 3 103 20;
fancy, $3 403 50; extra, $3 60(3,3 8;);
patent', I44 35. Wheat lower. The
market eased off at tbe opening, but
there was a slight reaction, but later
pr.ee (rave way and the market closed
lc below yealerdsy; No. 2 red.cash,
73c ; November, 73J 'a,74Jc, il-.fpd
47c ;Dpcember,75i76 jjc,cloein at75j
b:d; May, 84j80Jc, clrsing at 81 j.;
a k-d. Corn tbee was little trading
an! pi ices were Jc lower than yes
terday; No. 2 mixed, cish, 83c; No
vemb r, 33ifo),33jr!. clrsing at 335c;
December 34,34ic; cloaing tS4Jc;
Mav, 38a38K dosing at 38380
b d. O fl'm ; No. 2 cash, 25J2c ;
November, 261c hid ; December, 27 io
se ed; May 30(330io. Rye steady;
48tc bid. Barley steady with no
change in prices. Hay dull and
steady, unchaneed. Flaxseed nominal
at 9394c. Bran, 47c. Corntxeal
steady at $1 90 Receipts Flour,
4(00 brls; wheat, 24,000 bu; corn, 27,
000 bu; oats, 23,l)00bu; rye, 1000 bu;
baley, 23,000 bu. Shipments Floor,
6000 brls; whcat,2000 bu; corn, 24-
000 bn;ota, 2010 bu; rye, 3000 bu;
barley none.
i'trrnoon Board. Whrat o
lower. Cjm t any and uucLaned.
Bcttbb BntUrlne, 13114e;
creamerv, 30a32-j dairy, 18L0c;
couVtry buttor, 1618c.
Hog Products Me-a pork, $10 25;
susr cured hams, 12l"lc; breakfast
bacon, 8J9c; clear rib aid- bacon,
7Jc; bacon shtiuldars, 7J7c; bulk
pork clear sides, 7( 7jo; clear rib
side, 77j; abouldtra, 6Jcj long
clear, 7,c.
Lard Tierces, 6c; rnlf-barrela acd
ker, 6c: choice kettle, 7Jc.
Fresh Meats No. 1 beet, 7c; mut
ton, 8c; hiud quarters of baef,8c;
lambs, 10c.
Poultry Chickens, tpring, $2
2 75; oldbpns,$2 75g3
Chee. Factory, 9c, nominal; full
cranm, 1313c ; lyoung America, 14c.
Pigs Feet. Barrels, $9 5010; half
barrel, $.755;keg',$l 75.
St. Louis, Mo., Oo'oVr 14 Pro
visiocs slow and weak for dry salt
meV.s and becon, and lover for cork.
Ma pork, $9 259 30. Lard, $5 70.
B-ilk meat?, loose I. its Ion cl"ar
s'dfs, $6 70; shoit rib eides $6 70;
short cear,$7; boxed lo'a long clear,
$7 37 ; sh'iit ribs, $7 87 J ; short clear,
S7 62J7 75. Hams s'ladr, lt)J12Jc.
Bulter ateadv and uni'lianed. Fggs
sttady, 1213c. 1
CoFkrb Oiunmon, 10c; ordiuary,
10ijlljc; prime R:o, 12J13c; choice
to fancy, 1314o; o'.a government,
Soap 35c per pound.
Candus Slicks, all aiase, in boxes,
pai's and bawls, 7J9Jo.
Candles Full weight, 99c.
Salt-$I 20 per harrnl; sacks, fine,
$1 3ol 45; coarse, $1 101 15; pock
eta, bleached, 23' 7c; car-loads from
'evee or depot, 6c cbsaper.
Canned Goods. Etc. Prices per
dozn: Pineapples. 11 251 50;
pencbes, 2-lb, standard, $1 15 1 25 ; sec
ond', $11 10; tomttoes, 2-!b stand
a'd, 90 $1; 3-lb,$lt 15; strawbe--ies,
$1 10l 25; rasrborries, $1 10
1 25; blackberries, $l(U 10; green
giees, $1 00 I 75; pears, $2
a 25; plum", $1 60(1 "0; ssparagua,
$2 60t; orafneorn, ll 35; green
peas, $1 551 65; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lb, 8595; cive oyetera,
full weight, 2-lb, $u 601 80; cove
oyfte's, light we'gbi, 1-lb, 60c ; cove
oyfters, light we'ght, 21b, $1; con
densed milk Crown. $5 605 76;
Eiirlo, $7 507 75; Daisy, $1 75.
Molasab Louieana, common to
fair, 182"ic; prime to choice, 3040c;
svrup, 20 10c; common t ) fuir, 20
25o; prime to choice, 3035o; centnf
ngal, fancy, 3233c
Ton Kcco Common. 11-incb, 27
28c; other grades and stylee, 3585c.
Snuff Garrett's, $10 85 pr ras;
Ralph's, $10 25 per caw; R. R , $9 23
10; Gail A Ax's, $8 75.
Sugar Pure white, 68Jc; off
white, 636(i; yellow clarified, 6
6Jc; open keitle, 661c; refined A,
6b; firanulated, 6Jc; powdered, 71
7a; cut loaf, 78s.
New York, October 14. Coffee
Sf otfa'r Rio Aim, Jr ; optiors
610 points higher and fairly active;
sales, 48,250 baes; October, 9.05c;
November and December, 9.9510c;
January and Febrnary, 9.9010c;
March and April. 9.9510c; May,
10c; June, 10 05c. 8ugr quiet;
centrifugal, 65 3-1 tic ; refined steady ;
off A, 5 3-1651a; confec: liners' A,
6i5jc; powdered, 6 l-166Jo; gran
nta ed, 6J5 13 10c; cube-,66 1-168.
MolasEea quiet ami unchanged.
Apples Arp'es, $1 605i!2 CO; dried
apples, iJ:)jo per pound from Btore.
Driid peache, 2J3j from store.
Vegetables Onions, i'i from
s ore. Cabbrge, $2 50; per bead, 810c ;
$1 75 from levee or depot per crate.
Kraut,'brls,$5 75; half brie, $2 75
3. Garlic, 4060o per 100. Turnips,
50(i per buthel.
Fruit Oranges, per box, 6 50; per
barrel, $9 5010 Lemr na,$5506 per
box. Bananas, $1 502 50 per bunch.
C' coai nt-, 5 pir 100. Peanuts Vir
itidia, 7c; Tennessse, farmer's stock,
3 4c; rotated, 2 Jo bigtier; shelled
IO. Ahnrda, 1820.-.
Rai ins London layeis, f 3 40; lay
er, $2 75; California-, ; Imperial,
$3 50(a,4.
Picklbs In jars, bin's, 93c; quarts,
$1 60; half-gailons,$275;gallons,$3 75;
loo'e, bairels, $0 607; balf-barrela,
$3 75 a4; mixed, barrels. $10 50 ; mixed,
balf-bairels, $0
Potatoes New, $1 251 50; North
ern f tock, $1 752.
Cider New York, $6 607 perbar
rel, and $3 754 t er half-barrel.
Vinegar 1015c per gallon.
Pecans Txas, 810ii for email to
medium, 1014o for large; ArkauEaa,
Fish Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 25 75; No. 2,$4755; No. 3,f4 25
4 76 ; 10-lb kit, No. 1, 90c ; No. 2, 75o
151b, No. 3, 65o. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c per box.
WALNUTa French, 12c; Naples,15c ;
Grenoble, 16c. Filberts, 12c.
Game Game fish, ll12c.
. Eggs-DjU at 14 15c
In car load lots: Prime crude
cotton seed oil, neir, 2830c; off
crudu cotton seed oil, "Id, 24
26a; prime summer yellow cot
ton seed oil, 353'c; off summer
yellow ott':n seed oil, 32342; min
ers' summer yellow cotton eeed oil,
3335e; prime eummrr while cotton
sed oil, 35c; chr-ice cooking yellow
cotton seed oil, 375f.40.:; prime cotton
satd mnal, $14 50i5; off cotton seed
meal, $13 14. ..
Bagging Jute. 2 lbi, 8c: li lbs,
7jV; 1 Us, 7c Flax, 8 lba, OJ ;:.
Ties-$1 051 10.
Nail Common, $2 202 25; steel,
$2 35 -2 50.
Powder -Efgs. $4; half kegs, $2 23;
quarier kegs, $1 25. ,
Clartub wsshed, 3136o; grease
woo', 2326c; burry wool, 1318c.
St. Louis, Mo., October 14 Wool
steady and firm at unchanged prices
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lot-1, 11c pr gal 'on.
Cleveland, O , Oct bor 14, Petro
leum steady; s. w. 110, 7a1"-
Whisky Straight Kfutuoky Bonr
bon, $I60(5; redistilled goods from
85(!t)$160, according to proof; rye,
$1 758. '
Chicago, III., October 14. Whisky,
$1 18.
St. Louis, Mo., October 14. Whisky
firm, $113.
Cincinnati, 0.,Octaber 11 Whisky
steady; sales of 1235 barrels of finished
goods on a basis of $1 13.
Cattle Choice, 313c; good, 2
3tc;fairto medium, 2J a2c; seal
lawags, llc.
common, 3;.M.
Snaxp Choice, 34c; medium, 3
31c; common, l(.i'l 50. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4)(&oc.
Kansas City, Mo , October 14
The Live Siock Indicator re ports: Cattle
-ecclpis, 2300 htaif thipments,
uonn ; pood grau range? slow ; common
of il rlasica weak end 10c lower; good
to cbo'ce, $44 60; coKinr n to
n edinm, $3, 3('3 90; ftockers, $2 25
(J2 75; f-edinti ttcr', $2 8'13 60;
cow, ft 50(2 60: gra-s range stie s,
$2 253 10. Hogs receiots, 74(H)
head; shipments, likO head; marktt
steady for beet, wink and siade
lower for light and common, closing IOj
lower; god t )cholce,f4 30 1 50; com
mon to medium, 53 754 M. Sheep
leoeipts, 10) head; shipments, none;
niaketet ady; g-od to choic, 12 50
3; common to medium, $1 602 25
New York, October 14 As'da from
all clasws of co't.n fabric", for which
the derrand is well uipintiincd and
BPijonbla woi'o.j ape ciultiej in fair
duplica e rsn rimente, tin) market has
devtlopid m ic ivity. Still prie s ae
ve.y 8trnng nnd a-e higher. Agen's
hi'va tdv.-nced Be kley M:dapohm
ebirtinas 6 per cent. ; Fcarlrss and
Monadock 4x4 bleic':ed coturs to
iw r t tit WJg i
V. 8. KxoiNKtrt (Hticb,
street, y
rtl, 1886. )
nu mini st
Memphis, Tenn., October
SEALED PROPOSALS In triplicate, tub
ject to the usual conditions, will lie re
celveil at this office until noon of October 2V,
lSNl, to be then end there publicly opened,
fur the furnishing of all necssnry material
and l 'bnr, and luying oi about 8U0 squares 0 1
tin rooting.
Speciflcatlnni and blank forma for propo
sals can be hid on application at this office.
The government resorves the right to waive
detects and to reject any or all bids.
Captain of Engineer', U. 8. Army.
Ads jam ntntler for fcie Original S3 Khoe,
- lu.waroof ImltHlltma, -
Kone Gcnnlne anleu brariug tMaHtainp.
H&40 In Button, Uomrmaa and Lacst. Best Oat
aru-e. A postal card si-nt us
oswlll bring you Informa
tion linwtuKctthls Khoe m
Bluloor ierniorj.
41 unooin m4
Thla ahoo etamli hlrrhcr In the estimation of
IFmnn than any other lu Ule world. Thou
snmJsVho wear It wW lU you the nmuu U yoa
A Valuable Patent.
Dnnfj'a (Horae) 4'orn and P' Finn.
HA VINO perfected my Invention, I wish
:o 11 1 nee it before the puhlle, espaolallj
m.inniarturers. As a Corn Plantar, it if a
perleet (.cofess openi the drill, distributed
the seed anctratoly, nninfured, and oorerd
the same, thereby on man performing the
work 01 three. Tuev hav been used la
this section for over a doien Tn with per
fect satisfaction. Can give responsible Uatl
monlals, Address
JODN U. DANCY.DancyTllle,
Hawnna .nnntv, Tlf
Slipriff's Hale Persuuul Property
rpiIIS la to sire notlcethat on Thn4y.
I irt 14, Itssta, ks lu oVIuok si.sii.,
will sell, to the highest bidder, the Stock 0
(loods, tirocerirs, (Merchandise and Fixture
in storehouse No. b'JH Main street, levlrd on
as the property nf 11. boharff and others.
This Ootuber t), 18t.
W. D. CAIINOW, Bhorlfl.
By C. T. Smith. Deputy Sheriff,
And Iron Roofing.
L; rt'f.'.nVl
Fire, Wlssd. Walrr nitel I lrhlnln
proof Suitable for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates at factory ratal
oall on or addresa
438 a 440 Main at., and 21 A 23 Mulberry it.,
Headquarters for Iron Fenon and Cresting,
Galvanised Iron Cornlivi.Tin Hrnls AKtoves.
817 and 819 ftST LOUIS
kW'l-"-""-Dixie ",rVV. ?
asAjrrrrAcrorigjia oi Uib,
Toil BELT or K
Sner tor is madeai-
pressly lor tne onn
of deireneration of
ecv'ti'-t otr lDfY )
the generative or
gans. There il no
mistake abon thialn
trument the con
tinuous stream 01
nentint through the
Darts mas' restore
them to health? action. Do nst confound
thla with Klectrio Belts advertised to curt
all ill! from head to too. It li for the ON I
anooifie purpose, for circulars giving full
nformatlion. addrot ObeoveT Kleetrio Bolt
Co., 103 VYashiaitoB atroet, CUloasu, 111.
f i
Oseeola .... Coaaoaa, 5 p.m.
St. Louis AinniAB Citt. 5 p.m.
Vicksburg Citt or Cnao, S p.m.
Arkansas River ft. L. Coaa, 5 p.m.
Concordia (liveso, 5 p.m.
White River Ai biht No. 3, & p.m.
Friars Point. Jiaia Lien, 12 m.
ArrivtUt. Kkto Adatna, Aikanraa
C.ty; Chewpxske. Tiptonville- City
of Providence, tit-Lcuta; Stolla AVilde,
0-j'o river.
Departure. St-11 Wilde, New Or
Irane; Ka'e Adams, Arkansas City:
Chesapeake, Tiptonville; City of
Providence, Vicksbuig.
Boat in 1'ort. R. L. Oobb.
Boats Due Down. Coahoma and City
of Cairo.
Boat Due ( Arkansas City, Al
berta No. 3, CmyOcO, Ed Fester and
Jatnei Lee.
Hswrlpta TMlrrday,
Chesapeake-122 hales cotton, 67
bsgs seed ro ton, 210!) sks teed and 33
pbga sundries.
Kate Adams 202 lulea cotton, 40
baas setd otlou, 1740 eks seed and HI
pkvs sundries.
Cily of Providence 30 biles co'.ton,
3100 pkgs merchandise.
Tub Jamei Lie, ('apt. Titos. Clng
gett, is lh packet tomorrow at 12
o'clock for Helena and Friars Point,
The Alberta No. 3, Cap1. A. B.
Smith, is the packet tomorrow evmiit g
at 5 o clock for Wl.ilo river. 1J. G.
V ilaon is the ollice.
The Coahoma, dipt. Hoary Cooper,
is the twk-it this evoninir st 5 o'clock
f-r O'ceoia and the upper bonds.
Win. Huiither is iu her otHce.
Tub R. L. Cobb.Capt. Kd Nowland,
is tlie packet tomorrow evening at 5
o'c'ock for all point on the Arkana ia
river, going tnrough to P.ne Bin 11.
The Arkansas City, Cant. II. W.
BroUskl, is the Anchor Line packet
this evening at 5 o'clock for ttni-o and
Mi. Louis. YY. II. Pritchattt is her
Tns Cily of Cu'rj, Capt. Shap
Liithtner, is the Anchor Line packet
this evotting at 8 o'clock for Vicka
burg and tbe bends, J. C. Klton is
her clerk.
The Gayoio, Capt. A. L, Cammina,
lathe packet tomorrow evening at 5
o'clock for Helena, Friars Point,
Concordia and all way larding. Lew
Price and Uus Cummins are her
Bi'sinkss brisk.
Wiaiueb e'ear and pleasant.
Tiie river here Is on a stand with 5
foot 8 tenths on the gauge.
The James Lee leaves again tomor
row looming for Friars Point.
Receipts by river yesterday; 354
biles of cotton, 107 bags of seed colton
and 303O sacks of seed.
Tns City of Providence pased down
last evening for Vicksburg. Hhe dis
charged here 30 bales of cotton and
3100 parkgesof miscellaneous freight,
and added 10 tons for points below
The Kate Adams arrived yesterday
morning from Arkansas City with 202
)alis of cotton, 40 bats of seed cotton.
1740 sacks of seed and 01 packages of
sundries, and relumed last evening
with a good trip.
Tiie Chesapeake arrived yeatorday
morning fr.rna Tiptonville with 122
bales of cotton, 67 baits of seed cotton,
2 It)! i racks of seed and 33 packages of
tumbles, and returned last evening
with agr.od showing of freight.
Office Piatui Sebvicb, U. 8. A., 1
Memphis, October 14,1 p.m. J
The following observations are taken
at all s'ations named at 75 meridian
t'me, which is one hour faster than
Ab've Low
Water. Change?.
Rise Fall
Foot. lOths lOthr lOihs
Cairo 0 6 -
Chattanooga.... 1 5 1
Cincinnati 5 2 6
Davenport 3 3
Fort Huiith 1 7 1
Keokuk 3 2 2
Helena 6 3 1
La Crorse 4 1
Leavenworth... 5 2 1 -
Little Kock 2 2
Louiavil'e 4
Memphis 5 8
Nashville ,
New Orleans.... 8 0 6
Qmeha 6 6
I'i It-' burn 6 1 5
Nt. Louis 6 0 1
Bt. Paul 2 2 1
Hhreveport 4 0 4 ........
Viokshurg 4 5 2 ,
Itanaer l.lne Feet and tenths of a foot
abte sero of gaugot
Cairo, to feet. Chattanooga, 33 foot.
Cincinnati,. 'iS. Davenport, 15.
Dubuque, 16. Pert Smith, 'il.
Keokuk, 14. Helena,-.
acroiM, 24. Leavenworth, 20,
interlock. 23. Louisville, 25.
Memphis, M. Vw Orleans, UJ.
Nashville, 41). Pittsburg, 22.
Omaha, 18. St. Paul, 7.
Bt. Louis, 32. Vioksburg.41.
Shrevsport,28. Yankton, 24.
Pittsbdbo, Pa,, October 14. Noon
River 6 feet 5 inchei and stationary.
Weather cloudy and pleasant.
Oincisnati, 0 October 14. Noon
River 6 fet 1 inch on the gange and
rising. Weather clear and cooler,
Wheeling, W. Va., October 14
Noon River 2 feet and falling. Weath
er raining. Navigation is suspended.
Evansvili.e.Ino., October 14. Neon
Rivm 4 feet 0 inches on the gauge
and fa'l ng. Weather threatening and
windy; thermometer (ill0.
Louisville, Kv., Ottober 14. Noon
River stationary, with 4 feet in the
canal and 1 ioo', 10 inches on the foils'.
Busineas dull. Weather clear and
ccoler, with binh wind blowing.
Caibo, III., Ottcbtr 14. Noon
Rivtr 0 feet 7 inches on the gauge and
rising. Weather clou ly acd ccol. Ar
rived: It. 8. Hayes and harties, New
Orleans, 9 a.m. ;lity of Csiio, 8t.
Louis, 10 a.m. No departures of regu
lar packet?.
agnaraniced specific for liystaria, Dini
nesa. Convulsion., Fits, Nerv al Neural
gia, Hea'iaohe, Norvo" Prostration, eausod
by the use of alcohol or tobacco Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, So'tenlng of the
Brain, resulting In insanity and leading to
misery, deoay and death I Premature d
Age, liarr.nness, Lota of Power io either
Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, can i by over-eiertlon nf too brain,
nlt-abnseoroverlndulgenoe. Kaoh boi con
tains one month's treatment. II a boi, o
si i boies for V, lent uv mail prepaid, on
reoaiptof nrloe. We gaarsntca Six Boxes
to ouro any ease. With each order received
by as for six boxoa, aoonmpanlod will II,
mm wilt .and tho ourehaear our wrlttan
guarantee to refund tho money if the treat
AtM not aflfeet a .nr.. Onarantaaa
Usued only b A. RENgJtllT k UO., Pros
iiU, Meatpkla, Tens.
The Bteamer
Will leave f.rCAT ISLAND DAILY, oom
mencing TUESDAY, Oct. 19th, at b o'eloek
P . JAS. LRU )., Pup't.
Nt. I.onla stssd Nw Srlsisia Anrhor
I luf-lT.N. Sfnll-FOK VlCKalliKlt.
ilyof Cairo, r!
Lishtner master, mKSiartv
Will leave tho Klevatnr FRIUaI, Oetober
IMh.s'Up.m. For rr.i.ht or passage apply
c. L.
Arkaa.as Klvor Paskst fe.-For Pino
111 n tf .n,l .11 . - - ..I. Di....
Sir. It. L. cuuu,
Will leave SATURDAY, Oct. 16th, etf p.m.
for freight or pansage appl r at No. 3 Maai
aon street, or to II. C. LOW K, Agent.
c.ail 1 els phone No. 62.
Ml. l.oiil) and Now Orirana Aarsie
x.in u.n. rnnii-cAIKO A ST. LOUIS.
Arkansas City, jv
Brolaski... master. alM4aadreJL
Will le-tve the Klevator THIS DAY. (int.
l.'ith, at 10 a.m. For Ireight or passage apply
V. I.. Hl,l Pass. Ant. Al STUHM. Snp't.
For Osceola, Hales Polat, Carathersvtllo,
itayoso anu iipionvuie xno aew ataej-
wheol passenger stealer
W. P. Hall master. I J. D. Fuller clrrk
Will leave as above, and all way points.
p.m. Portreinht or pnsage apelyon board.
N.iiille,f rlitrv t'olni nnit SJrtr:itsia
att'l ee'l; t'liosiel o-uimiiT.
Fcr Uelona. Uiondaln, Friars Point and al
nay i.anCirgs eteainor
K. T. CLA(1(1 ETT Mn.icr.
Will lesve as above on KvlCRY MONDAY.
WKDNKSDAY and tiUDAi at6o'olock.
For Randolph, Fnlton, (iscoota aa V ay
Landloa Stoamor
J. U. COOPER M..lr.
and FRIDAY at 6 p.m. The boats of thi
line reserve the right to pass all landings
the o.ptain may deem uns'aro. dfflce, No. 6
MaHinn st. ,1 A M US 1, V, K, .1 a., Sup't.
Meuiplils and Vicksburg Packet ( on
pauy U.S. Mail Linn.
Tor Helena, Concordia, lorrene and Arkaa
las tlitv Tho elegant passenger Iteawer
M. R. Chook... master I W. 0. Blanker,..clerk
l.e.ves Meiiphls
For Concordia and all W4y landings.
'I he M.iitner
A. L. Cummins. Mast'r I t.nw Price..
'rice 0 erk
LeaveaTUUDAYand SA t'URDAY atSp.i
For general information apply al
No. 4 atadiioa street.
JOHN ftARR, Psss'r Arent. Telephone ..
The St. Francis Klvcr Trnnsportatlo
Co. 'I rine Side-VY heel U. a. Hall Steaissr
Jil Foster,
fl 17 T .. M . t
wili, iCAVK Meni'ius irsai
t. ik. w ui'i in ....... uinrwi.
a af Bbna.A a ,
at 8 o'clock, for Marianne, the Cut-Off. aa
Intel mediate landings on St. Franoil river.
Tbe captain reserves tho right to past al
landings ho deems unsafe. JAS. L Kit, Jr..
Hmrint.nHM tlftlce. No. 4 Mnillson St
Memphis & White Ulrer 1'kt.Co
For 4 lnrailon, Dsivislla Blall,, Dee
Are, Augusta, Searcy. Newport, Jaekloa
pnrt, Uatesville and all Way Landings,
is. 0. Postal master, ""' "
Will leave KVBRY WKDNKSDAY at 5 p.m.
Albert B. Smith master.
Will leave EVERY SATURDAY at S p.ns.
Through rates a-iven to all Dolnts. Frelahft
consigned to the Men-phis and Whit Kiver
Packet Co., at Memphis or Terrene, will bo
forwarded promptly. For general informs
tlon apply at omoe, No. 3 Madison it., ort
s ;n I rampnnno vj. st sr. i,on s, ri,
DIt. 1). 8. JOHNSON'S
No. 17 JefTerooB Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established In 1860.1 "
1 VR.J011N80N Is acknowledged by all par
ties interested as by far tbe most suo
cessful physician in the treatnientof private
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent cure
guaranteed in every case, male or female.
Recent easel of Uonnrrhaa and Syphilis
oured in a fuw days without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance front
business. Secondary Syi'hilis, the last ves
tige eradicated witho-itthe use of mercury.
.Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
time. Sufferers from itnpotency or Ion of
exual puwers restore to free vigor in a few
weeks. Victims of self-abuse and excessive)
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea ana
loss ol physical snd mental nower, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular at ten -tlon
paid to the Diseases nf Women, and
oo res guaranteed. Piles and old lores oured
without the use of caustic or the knife. AU
consultations itrictly confidential. Medi
cines eent by oxpiasa to all parts of tho
aurWorVlns men onred at half the usual
rates. Office hours from 8 o'clock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. D. S. JOHNSON. M.D.
Proposals for Const meting Levees.
Foa Tua 6TB LutnatsHA I.svsa DisTaror, J
Dsi.ta, La., Octobers, HWrJ. )
SEALED PROPOSALS will be received at
the office of the Board of ommiasioners
nf ftih Louisiana Levee District, al Delta,.
Madison pa'ish, La., or at the office of tho
f resident, Vicksburg, Miss., up to 12 o'clock
noon on Monday, tho lath day of October,
181, for tho oonstruotlon of tho following
Aonrox- Deno.
Sblpp'i Bayou...
Miller Field
Deer Park
Lake Concordia,
Locality. I mate. It re
0 Yds. eulred
E. Carroll, M'.imo lnu) 00
K Carroll,
Madison ...
E Carroll,
Msdison ...
Madison ...
l.'Ki.imo 4H0 00
loy.iiO 3 00
12, MO
220 00
4.V) OS
Ion 00
800 0
P.nmi.l. for .hove named works must bo
separate, and each p oposal must be ligneil
by the person making i ho same, and sealed
in its own envci.jp and marked " Proposals
to build levee, in palish,
Irnin giving name of levee, and
of parish, and of person making proposal.
A del os t ol cutren' money, or certified
bank check la reiiuired for each levee to lb
amount above stated, whl h should be en
cloaed In the sealed envelope: said deposit
to be forfeited to the llaar.1 ol Commission
ers Mh Louisiana Levee Di.trict in case the
person to whom the work may be awarded
shall fail to sign artie'ea ot agreement, snd
omnplete bond within forty-eUht hours alter
notice of adjudication.
Bond will ha rcuuired In a sum not to ei
cetd Bve (5) rents per oubio yard on tho
amount above stated in advertisement, with
two (2) sureties, ho will be required to
make oath that they ere each worth, over
and above liabilities and exemptions, tho
anoint of bond.
Tbe Hoard resrrtea the right to reject any
and all bids, withdraw from letting such
levee, as they may deem proper, and to in
crease or diminish tiioofforii g as they see It.
Inf. million as to Iroatiun and character
nf work and terms of payment aa also blank
forms for priposal, mar be obtained at tho
oftice of Board State Em-Infers, New Or
leans, La. 11 1-0. t) WADDILL.
President !h LouislanaJvooJtamoJh,
- rzr-7 a A book ol 100 pages.
NEWSPAPER 'be best book for
XlW n rt. r. . aj User to eon-
newspapers and estimsl" o the ooet ot ad
vertising. The advertiser who wants to spend
dX, t ads is U V"'-lN,Vn.'i'o,n.
nnira. while for h m who will invest ono
SurTd lh'o!d doll.ri in advertising, a
si Uoase BquaM,, tiw York.

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