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Henry George and Abram S Hewitt,
and Dulr Views-Bub Ingersoll
Heartily for tieorgo.
The c.nvasB Ir r Mayor ct Now York
Cily is grow nif in intensity and pub
lic feelU'it is be.ng aroused to a high
pitch. S j far tue.-e ara but two candi
dates annonnctd Llcuiy George and
Abram 6. Ilewiit, fie former put for
ward by the workiegmen acd the lat
ter by iheTatuuoany Letnocrata. What
Mr. George is in principle end what
he will ba in prat t en if elected is
clearlv eet forth in the f Closing brief
Fpeeih delivered by him at a maeting
htld in one r.f the wsrds on the fast
aide of New York on Tuesday. Mr.
George hv ng been introduced by
thn Chaiiman, said:
I joined in the the;r forthecext
Mayor, for I did not coDsidtr it was
per-onal. If I am elected it will ba a
freat tiiuu p'i for labor. Applause.
am not so proud cf this Kupublic as
I was when a bt y. We have abolished
negro iLvoiy in the South, but
anttber form of e'avery exists right in
our midct. In spite cf all the horrors
of negr) slavery p'cturfd iu ench
atoms (8 Uncle Tom's Cabin, I be
lievethat the negro slave had more
real freedom than the white wajr,e
slave. The negro sieve had at hast
the aesurcnte of a living. He never
wanted for food or clot bin sr. lie had
medical stlmtfajce, too. See how the
woikini?m!n of this city lodge. See
tbealarmir g death ra'e. More tha-i
05 per cent, ut our people die belt re
they are five yea's of Fge. It is time
that labor thould make its'.-lf fjlt
Applause It ia time that the ncen
ai d womi'i who create tbo wealth
should put in a claim, for their
shate ot that w a!th which they
have ireiUd. Applame. We ask
but cb-jolute justice. If any man can
honestly earn tn or twenty milliotiH I
am willing lh.it he ehcu'd earn it; but
did you ever mset a man who could
honettly ern that amount? Ap
plause We call this our coumry,
but the niejority of us have not a fuot
of land cf our own. Is there a man
preterit who owns a lot? A voice,
"Daui a man." Latightur and up
p Hiw I am told that if the coffins
of all thosa who have died in thoie
tenement (inures were to be piled op
they would reach a hght much great
er than the tenement It b 3 f But I
muet close. If I am elected, as I hope
to be applause, I will see that trie
sanitary laws ct ibvs city are properly
enforced. I will not attempt to lea en
the power of the police if toat power
is exercised in a proper manner, but I
will htop the unjust and Uburped pow
er ot the police. Great cheeiitg and
Mr. Hewitt' Idena nnd Ills Views or
Mr. Weorge.
To a reporter last evening Mr. Hew
itt said : "I a never more surprised
in my life than I was when I was to'.d
that the convention had nominated
me. What I shall do I cannot say. I
muet have further time t) consider
the mat:er. There ara many questions
cf very grert moment involved which
must be taken into consideration. Ia
the first ple.es there is the que: tit n
whether, in view cf my present phys
ical condition, I should take up tho
burdens and duties of tinh an oflke.
Then, again, the election will be a pe
culiar one. For the firtt time in the
history of onr city there will be a
straight out contest brtwmn clasitB,
the laborer and capital. Mr. George
is sn honett man to a certain limit,
and for whom I l ave had great re
cpett; but, standing as be doe3
at the head of this move
meet cn the principles enunc'ated
by him at the Cooper InBtitute meet
ing, his candidacy portends evil for
thiscountiy. This movement isgrow
ing rapidiy, end threatens serious
trouble to our land. The qnestion
before me is whether or not it is my
duty to accept this noinii ntioD,f.hould
it bring about a union of the Demo
cratic forepp, ard thus do what I can
to check this evil in its early growth.
My pb yeic il strength is such that it
is a grave question with me whether
lam able to bear the strain of an tx
citing c.mpaign f.uch as this will be
and have strength enough to perform
the duties of the office it elected to K"
Bob Ingemiill for Henry George.
To obtain the vitv3 of the well
known free thinker, lawyer and poli
tician, Ivjbmt G. Imierdoll, upon the
complex pi litioal problem, a Herald
reporter called upon tl af. g' ntleuian,
at his mdeince, No. 89 Filth avecue,
Col. Ini'ers)ll was found in hia
"I ara interested in the present cam
paign," ra'd be in answer to the re
porter's gree'.ing, "and will gladly ex
press my viewi to the Haald. Now
go right ahead with your questions,"
and the rot nnd, pleasant features l
the genial free thinker broke into a
"It is sd, Ool. Ingersill, that you
are for Htniy Gsoigo," began the re
porter. "Ut course I 1 think it is the duty ot
the Republicans to defeat thn De
mocracy a solemn duty, and I b.--lieve
that they have a chance to elect
George i. p., an opportunity to take
New York fiom their old enemy.
"If the Republican s stand by Geoi ga
he will succeed. All the Democratic
factions are going to unite to defeat
the woikingmen. What a picture!
Now is the time f)r the Republicans
to show that all their sympathies are
not given to binkr w, incorporations
and millionaires. They were on the
side of the s ave they gave liberty to
millions. L?t them take another step
and ex'end their hands to the eons of
"My bea't beats with thess who
bear the burdens of this poor world."
"Do you m t think that capital is
entitled to protection?"
"Ceitainly. And,, to tell you the
truth, I am sorry for the milliotiuires.
I heard of a very rich man who had
5,000,U00 pairs of trouscw, 10,000,000
shirts, hundreds of thousands of huts,
boots and shoen by the store full, and
ctavjts beyond ccunt, with coats and
vests to match, end vet that man
could get up at 4 o'clock in the morn
ing and woik like a slave until mid
night to gat one more cravat should
we not pity such a man ?"
"Seriously, I am in favor of accom
plishing all reforms in a leg il and or
derly way, and I want the laboring
people of the coun'ry to appeal to the
ballot. All classes and all interests
mti't be content to abide the result.
"I want the laboring people to show
that they are intelligent enough to
stand by each other. Henry George
is their natural leader. Let ihern be
true to themselves by being trus to
"The great questions bstween capi
tal and Tabor mu-.t be settled peace
ably. There is no excuse for violence,
and no excuse for contempt and
scorn. No country can be prosperous
while the workers want and the idlers
wast. Thoee whodothe mo:t should
tav the most.
' There ia no civilized country so far
a; I know, bat I believe there will b.
and I want to hasten the day when
the map of the world will give the
boundaries cf that blessed land."
"Wtat do yu think ot the nomi
raMonof Mr. Hewitt?"
"I regard Mr. Hewitt as an excel
ingly intelligent gentleman, and if
elected, be will make an txcellent
Mayor. II U n ,t a very good judge
of bandarriting, or was not iu 18S0,
but be may i ave improved since.
Probably the Democracy could no:,
have ntada a better nomination. The
trouble is thst a new ctptain d.ioe rot
necessari y mean a new crew, and I
am afr.-iJ that the old crew will con
trol the new captain. New Yitrk
needs a chiigp, and for that reason I
want Mr. Hewitt ti lack jast a few
volts just ecouuh tJ elect 8 'me
other man, a-d I lopn thatG-orge
will be the other man. J dou't know
anything ahout the R publu.au
chances without George."
Do yon agree with George's prin
ciples? Do you believe in ec c absru ?"
"In Russia I might be a nihilist, in
Germany a socialist, but in tl is coun
try I am a Republican. Anarchist
are out of phce in a couctry whera all
can vote. The ballot phould super
sede all other means. I do not unler
stand that George is a socialist He is
on the side of these who work so am
I. He wants to help those who n ed
hslp 30 do I. The rich can laks ce.re
of themselves. I ehed no tears over
the misoiies of cp':tl. I think cf the
men in ruin-s and ficlories, ia hute,
hovels acd cellar!" of the poor se wing
women of the pior, the hurgry and
the despnirng.
"The w r!d must bs made better
through intelligence. 1 do not go witli
the destri.yerf, with those who bat-i
the succeibfu', who ha e thegentrons,
simply becRU'ie they are rich. Wealth
is the surplus produced by hb"r. aid
the wealth of thn vfirld should kiep
the world from want."
When lie Deuonncea the Latter as a
FrolilblllovlHl Fowlkea Hunt
full Into line.
To the Editor! of the Appeal :
DvmwntJKQ. Thnh , October 14. In
yoor paper of th's day appears a let
ter from Mr. J. N. Parker, candidate to
represent Dyer county ia the next
General Aasemb'y of Tenneteee, in
which letter he claims to be the regu
lar nominee of the Democratic par y
of this county. Now, Messrs. Editors,
I am Bure y.)u take his bt-.temi nt for
the fact, but, nevertheless, will you
stake your judgment sgaiutt pure aad
tru Democra's, who were present,
and will take pleasure in making oath
or affidavit to the ftct thit tee so
called courty convention was com
posed of Gie'nbackers, Prohibition
and Republican delegates. This being
true is it good policy for men who
love Democracy better than Bide is
sues to tupport such a nominee. I
think you are bjundto say no. We
did Dot take the precaution that your
county convention did. I see from
the ai'tion of your convention that
prohibition was snowed under, and
yet in the fitce of all these ftcts, you
a"k Dyer conty Democrats to support
th j regular nominee. Yes, he is the
irregular nominee of part o! four po
litical prti;8 Gre?nback, Prohibi
tion, Republican and Democratic. Is
it good p licy for Demccta'p, tecsuee
they have been bandicepped in cm
ventbnp, t" fill in line and support a
man who is a better r.-ohtbitiorist
than he is a Democrat? If we are to
surrender our priniip'es becaugj we
were negligent and failed to te rn oat
at our dittrict conventions, then we
would occupy a strange position in
deed; giving our strength and our
eupport to the enemy of cur rariy. I
am sure that there h.-s been a strong
eff.jrt made with your paper and the
Avalanche to boycott the Fowlkes
Djmocra's cf this c unty, by the edi
t jr cf our connty paper, ont! alio by
tho chairman of the Coun'y Executive
Ocromiltte, who has bten making
speeches for Mr. Parker, but you will
ses that Capf. Fowltes will beat both
of his competitor-". The cbairurui
tl inks le is the Democratic party,
but tha people think th-yare the
Nr-xt week tin Dytr County Nrws,
a nessprper of pur Democratic prin
ciples, will be publis' ed l ere in the
NiorolStBu.ldme. The IVohibit'on
leiders went to Msrs.Todd & Thomas,
pfoprietora, nnd snid if they did nut
put Mr. Parker's name at the mast
head as the Demo ratic nem'nee they
would net eopport tha paper. Then
wa t, Meetn. Kditow, and fee both
sides as p'Oenied by cur papers, ond
then you can give us a fa;r di n'nion.
Favorable Report or the Condition
or School, Stale of tnlll
vatlou, Elc.
Winnipbq. Mak.. October 15. In
opening the North West Council at
Kegina, Jhurtday, L,ientiant gov
ernor Dowdney ttatrd that the 137
townships in the Territories heard
from reported that 71 950 acres wers
under cnl ivation, and that 1400 acres
of new land bad bf en broken. Thera
are ninety schools in the Territories,
with 2786 pupils. With rfg'rd to In
dian affairs, the Lreutcnant Governor
ttatod that there never was a time
when the Indians were more con
tented and cheerful or better disposed
toward their white brethren than at
Tnn Voltaic Bklt Co., Marshall,
Mich.; offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bults and Electric Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debility, Loss of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet in Bealed envelope with full
particulars, mailed free. "Write them
at once.
Verdict or Murder la the First
BBLViDKBrr, N. J., October 15. The
jury in the Titus cise rrnd. red a ver
dict cf rr.nrder in the first degree at 6
o'clock this morning. Foreman Lake
buret into tears after announcing the
verdict. Oa the first ballet the jury
stood nine to three asainst the pris
oner as guilty of muidar in the first
In tha Dear Old 1)J.
We differ in creed and politics, but
we are a unit all the same on the de
sirableness of a fine bead of hair. If
you mourn the loss of this blessing
and ornament, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Balsam will make you
look as you did in the dear old days.
It ia worth trying. The only standard
50 oents article for the hair.
Subscribe for tlie "Appeal." I
Tbo Segro, Matt Wanhlngtou, Suf
fered Death at the Hands of
un Organized Mob.
DYKRsnuno, Tknn, Ooiobir 14.
Mrs. Leecb, a white widow woman
living about one mile and a La f or
two miles Irom here, was raped last
night by a regro named Matt Wush
inxton, a mulatto, about twenty years
of aga, who came to this connty from
Shelby cmuiy. Mrs. lecb and h:-r
child. en livid in the cjuri'ry, and it
waj about bait a ui'lo to tho secre t
house. The house ha I no dxrre, a ;d
the neuro wai in lb houe before he
was discovered It w,s about, 11
o'clock p.m. Mr j. Let ch had two lit
t'e boys, one 12 and the o;h r !) year)
eld and a daughter about 10 years old,
who, fortunately, was not at h' me.
The negro iir.-t asked where the little
girl was, and finding that she was not
at home he attacked the mother, who
fought him with daspi ration, lie
choked hnr almcst insensible, and the
marks of Irs fingira are plainly visi
ble on her throat. lLr phjs'cien fays
her condition U precaiioua and that
she may not r. cover. She hal been
in deli'. a'e health for some time a'iy
how. Mrs. Lech ond her b vis knew
the netr., and while' the fiendish,
nine was cut agicg their mother
tha title bojs, witti courage
woithy of litt e beioee, under
took to defend their mother, one
using the ax, the other a c'ub, but the
negro knocked one of tt.em down,
held ore down with Lis fuot, drew
bis p!s i!, and threi.t-Mied to ih o:
either one or both if they mov- d or
attempted to laise the a'arm. After
he bad accompiisi ed his hellish pur
pose be remained iu the hud of ih-t
helpless woman for an hour or more,
and did not then leave until she tola
him h'.r brother would be there in a
few minutes. AHr ha luft one o' the
boys ran to Vr. HendronV, a broth: r
of Mre. Leech, who lived a .out a half
mile awy, and gaee t:ie aUnn. A
few neighbor collected and went in
pureuit, and f tund the ne.ro at hia
come, pretending to be asleep. He
was taken in charge, and tiiu condi
tion of hissliorB and clothing (:t had
bacn raining) showed that he had been
in the Min. When it b'catne evident
to him that the proof of hij crime
ws a mutter of abioluU cer
tnitity, he vuluu arily and of hs own
accord mai!e a full cotifeision of his
gul.t. lis s.id ha 1 ad contemplated
the ctijie f ir some time ai Fgainst the
little daughter of Mm. Lech,and that
he went there for that purpose. lie
ea'ul he knew it was a crime he ought
to be hung for. Rapidly the ciiizniH
and neighbors gath'-rd together es
the news of the ciime spread abroad,
and it toon became evident that the
negro was doomed to die ut the hand-i
of an enraged community. About 9:30
o'cluck a.m. the nero was brought to
Dyersbu-g under guard of a number
(f men armtd with shotguns and
Winches'er rifles, and followed by
some 200 or 300 men. Assembled ut
the courthouse, Mayor B. L. Thrmai
addressed the mob, and counseled
moderation' and remonstrated : gaintt
mob law, and finally told them it they
were determined to ha-g the regro,
that he, iu behalf if t e (iizous of
Dyersburg, jequ1 sted theao to
take Liin out f.f the curpora
tion limits. Capt. John W. LiudTr
dale a true law abiding citiz-'u as ha
is-thea addressed the crowd and
strongly and urgently remonstrated
agaiuet mob law, its evils and its dan
gers, telling the mob that our Circuit
Court, would sit in two or tbieeweoke,
and the prisoner, if guilty .could then be
lawfully hung and reproach upn our
community avoided, !o which several
voiceB in the mnb replud, "That's t:o
long to wait." 'J he mob listened courte
ously to Capt. Lnvlerda.e's r.mon
s'ranc?, but at the clue a hundred
voices shonted, "Hang hitu 1 hnng him !
iang him!" After a Lw momenta the
determined band of men nia-rhed the
nrgro out of the cour li'iure and
aero s the bridge an 1 hu lg him to the
limb of a tree. The negro was j.iven
an opportunity to consult wi:h hia
friend; 'o talk if ho desired to do so,
nrd ti pray. Ha kneeled down and
f r peveral moments s?emed engaged
in s lent, prayer. He showed no fe.ir
or t epidnt on, but m-t his Lte
with htolid inditl'erei est. He arose
from his kne"", the tooeo at
idjusced, aid hs vai drjwn un
from the ground and "choked" to
de.ith, dyirg almost willnuta s'ru(.
gle. If be s .id anything r.t Ihe "im
promptu fallows" your corr- spondent
whs not able to hear it. Soma man
who wore a straw hat end bad a bald
h a.l harangued the mob in an i xcited
way, and made himeelf quite cou
ep cuorjH for that kindo(aj b. O.tr
law abiding citiz'no, rocrgmz'rg the
enormity of thn crime, yet regret, that
mob law was res'-rled (o, and would
have been glad if the mob could have
been persuaded tl let the law take its
course. Our Sheriff left town about
daylight on other husinese, and before
any rumor of ths crime came t) town,
and be never knew it until several
bonra after the negro was hung, or he
would, we are s'ire, huva do.ie all in his
power t3 prevent it. We understand
the negro's remains will today ba ex
pressed to his re'ativea in Shelby
'Onr Baby'a First Year,"
by Marion Harlaud, with other valua
ble information; forty-eieht pagebok.
Sent free on receipt of 2 cent stamp.
Address Red A Carnrick, Mercantile
F.xchnnen Riiildino. New York Oitv.
Prot. Chs. Ludwig Von Seeger
Profftnor of Medicine at tht Royal Untmrritvt
Knvhl af im ttynl Austrian Order 0 the Iron
troiim; Knwttt Commander 0 ihe Hoyal Xran-
Order of Jtabelln; Knight at the Knynl
Prueeiatt Order of the 11' d iale; Chevalier
of the Legvmoj lionor, Ktc.t tc , iayn:
"liebis co.'Ni oc nrr.r tonic
honld not be eontounded with th hord
ot truhy onre-alli. It ii ia no lent ol the
word a patent remedy. I am thoroughly
conTersant with iti moda ot preparation,
and know it to be Dot only a legitimate phar
maceutical product, bot aldo worthy of the
hixh commendation! It haa received in all
parti of the world It eontaina erxinoe ol
beef. Coea, Quinine, Iron and Calinaya,
which are dissolved In pore genuine Span
ish Imperial Crown Hherry."
Jnvalunhle to all who are Ran Down, Ner
toui. lypeptia, bilious, Malurioui or af
flicted with weak kidneys, lieware of
Her JHaJpkt' Favorite Coametle
Ueed by her Royal high nee the Prmeeu of
Wale and the nobility. For the Kkin, Coin
pleiion, Eruptionii, Chapping. KourhneM.
). Of dniLBini.
I.IKBKl O.W Uennlna jrnp of
Narttapnrilla U guaranteed aa the beat
Baraapariila in the market.
Day and Wight
During nn scuto uttui-k of Kivnclillis,
ceaneleas tickling In the lhro.it, and an
exhausting, dry, hacking cough, afflict
the sufferer. Sle p Is baiilshed, nnd groat
prostration follows. This dUeaso is also
attended with IIourMHit, nml souk-limes
Loss of Voice. It is lliiblo to becomo
chronic, Involve the lungs, and teiinluato
fatally. Aycr's cherry lYctonil affords
gpcedy relief and euro In cases of flron
cliltis. It controls llio disposition to
cough, and induces refieshlng sleep.
I have been a pnu-t Icing physician for
twenty-four Venn, and, for" tho puxt
twelve, have sutl- n il liom nnmriil attacks
of Bronchitis. Alter exUuusting all the
Usual remedies
Without Relief,
I tried Ayer's Clu i ry Pectoral. It helped
me immediately, nml tili-ctcd a specdv
cure. Ci.Stove'ull.M.D.,C'rrollton,Jdis.
Ayer's Cherry l'l cioi al is decidedly the
best remedy, whhiii my knowlcdp', for
chronic Itionchilis, and 'all Inns ilUcascs.
M. A.ltust, M. 1., Suiilli Pails, Mo.
I was attacked. Vm winter, with ft severo
Cold, wlilcb, from exposure, crew Vforo
and finally settled on my l.uncs. Hy
tilgbt sweats 1 im reduced almost to a
keleton. Jly Couth was incessant, and 1
frequently spit blood. Mv physician t!l
me to (tive up business, or 1" would not
live a month. After taklm; various rcruo
dlcs without relief, 1 w as linally
Cured By Using
two bottles of Ayer's Cherry Pecloral. I
am now In perfect health, and ablo to
resume business, after having horn pro
nounced incurable Willi Consumption.
8. 1'. Henderson, r-aulsliurgli, l'enn.
For years I v :n In n deollue. I bad
Weak luns, and suileieil froia Hioneliiiin
and Catarrh. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral re
stored me to benllli, and I Ua'vo lieen for 11
long timo comparatively vigorous. Iu
case of a sudden cold I ulwnys resort to
tbo Pectoral, mid find spccilv relief.
Edward E. Cur tis, liul lurid, Vt'.
Two veiu-s ni:o I suflcr-ed from a severe
Bronchitis. The pbvsiciau attendinir inn
became fearful that the disease would ter
minate In Pneumonia. After Irving vari
ous medicines, without benotit, be linallv
prescribed Ayer's Cherry Pectoral, which
relieved me at once. 1 continued to take
this medicine a short . time, and was cured.
Ernest Colton, I.ogansporl, Ind.
Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,
Trcpan-d by Pr. .!.('. A ver & Co., Lowell, Mane.
Void by all l)rug(ilK. 1'rlcofl; alt tioU.c-.,
President of the (Ireat LOUISVILLE COU-KIl;R-JOl!K.AL
CO., lella wnat
b knows of
VV'mtersmith's Chrl Cure.
Officii or tui Coi'KisH-.lorHHAt,,
LiiLiiBVii.ni, Ivy.
Dr. WintmnitlSi': Z wnive a rule I have
bsorved lor umny years, the vulue ol your
reuiAdy proiuptiuK mo lo suy.in roph- to
your re'iOMt. what I k ow of your Chill
Curo. 'lbe private asur:inct'H .f its rffieaoy
I hd arid too Kood result- .of its efteets 1
had obsorved on Mr. K. VY. MoioTtti, who,
for more than tlfu.cn yenrf,bul 1 een lore
uian of my o(ho, in'luced me to Uet it in
my fami'y. XhA lesoilts have bfon cnliroly
tatinbtotory. Tho fir t cine wits of two
years' standing, in which 1 belinve every
Knrion remody had boon t'ieil wilU tempo
rary rtdiel the ehllls roturning periodically
and with eeetnintrly illoroaed sevrrity.
Your ouro broke them at once, and there has
boon no recumnoo of them for more than
six months. Tho other case was ol a milder
form, and yiol-led more readily to other
remedies; but the chills would return at in
tervals until your uie.lioine was used, since
which time, now snvoral months, they have
entirely disappeared. From tho opportu
nity 1 have bud tojudKe, I do not hesitate to
up reus my belief that you' "hill Cure is a
valuable speoific, ana ..rlorms all yon
promise tor it. llespoi'tfully,
tv. n. Aalpkman.
ARTIU'R PETKH & CO., Anerits, Louis
ville, Ky .
w OIL4 AND LIME. , .
Uet ttifiGetinlnt- rtlele Tliegrrrnl
popularity of "Wilbor'a Compound ol Cod
Liver Oil and Lime" bas induced aome un
principled persons to atteoipt to palm oil a
simple article of their own insnutHoturei
hut any person who's suPering tioiu Coughs.
Colds or Consumption, should bo cnre'ul
whrre thoy purchaso this arriclo. 1 he ro
aulta of its use are itF best 'ecomnmndationa,
and the proprietor bus luni'le cvb encoon
file of its great success in pulmonary 00m
plalnta. The I'l d't.hnto of Lime paawsses a
most marvelous Valing power, as combined
with the pure Pod-Liver Oil by Dr. Wilbur
It is prescribed tiy rl-.n medical faculty. Bold
by A. II. W11.K0R, Clie nist, Boston, an!
- i" 't'f.J.V.?
Mnstof thedii':"aKhim.ietiBiiulilaUarjiirigiii
ally uaubed by .0 nl.-nsl unnditliMi ol tta. LI V fc. R .
For all uviiniiiiitiMol lliis kind, sui-ti aa Tureidity of
the Liver, llili.iuniicsH, Niirtoiis ll)i.ii, ln.liges
tl.in, Irreirul inly ut Ha Hiiwuls, C01iHiipnM1.il. 1- ll u
iflnoy, K.-jcLiIi ins sod burning nf the hteniM-U
Isoiti.tiinns ll'l llrtliurn), Mlnsina, Mlri,
Bloody Mill, Cllllla soil Favor, llrtuikhone I'nnir,
Kiliaustlon Imloro or tur Kovwn. O irooic Uiar
rliioa, Loss ol Ai!liU. UeiKiUe, oul Uroalli.
E all.
diaioN- iT... ...... .i.l.iiinfl friltn 1KI1V
,y, yttlliiw titiffu.
to a ruddy litinJ'hy color, it entirnfy rvnidTM
KW'iuy pi'ritu It It on of tha br Atttraiivn
an-1 l',triirr f Hto.tt ond t$ a wiuaM tonir.
For sale by nil Ilruggist Price 1 .00 per bottln
C. F. STADICER, Proprietor,
140 8O. FRONT ST., Philadelphia, Pa.
Copartnership Notice.
TUB undersigned hive termed a copart
nership, dating from the H'h instant,
under the drrn name and style of UKAN A
LILLY, fur tho parpose of conducting a
Wholesale lotTeo, Tea and rpioe basinss at
2o6 Main street, l.ee lllock. Memphis, Tcnn.
The builnc s will be conducted at ltd Poplar
street unt'l the mnc.iinery and futures at
the new .bind are oompM.d
MgHPnrs, ScptomberW, 1HHD.
WlI.LliS Drs.
Jons Lm.lt.
Coffee Roasters,
205 Kain St. (Lee Block)
Kocknridge Co., Va. High np in tht
Virginia mountains. Pictnresiiue aurroend
inga, extensive and beautifully ahuded lawn.
Oss, electric hells, and all modern Improve
ments. Two dill? anils, post, telegraph and
express otices on the premises. Table the
very be"t. Luxuriously furnished rooms:
sui erb band of uiusio. Send for illustrated
fiampblet. Charges moderate. Open for vis
tora, June 15th. BVifrrs: Aumt Vhalybenti
and 'tewtuM. R.T.VMLKlVSt ) NJV) an'r.
THIS Pfir tha' "lo NewK,uipcr Adrer!
i I"' Using Agenry uf M.-ssnl.
Ms Ws A VCK SON. our auLhurUid agocr.
- ajr, ia
To Dlaaulte 'npnrtnerll.
cr Our entire stock hss to be sold by Jan
nary 1, 1 1 li. lie Copartnership
our company retiring,
(r oiler our luiu.ouso sto-k H"aBr.
Iraaol tVal.
Good Kelt Hats fOo
Fine Felt Hats, New Shape , worth f 1 .25, 7oo
Oenuine laer Hat. 75o
Job Lot r t llii's, w rlh from II to t'i 2.Vl
llcautlful Ko'es, all Colors 3 for loo
Ostrich I'oinpons - 10c
Children's I r mined Hats, wor h 12, I. r 11 W)
Bnys's Cloth, Velvet and J'.u-h Caps,
worth II foe
Ladies' Trimmed lia s, woith 14 12 od
Long 1 luiuea from flic up
Ostrich 'l ips, 3 in Bunch, from MM up
Bitds. Wings, Fsncv Feathers. Feather
Hands, etc., at Klilleliloii-ly l.ow sleea
"Don't Lo'e Your Chance, "emember
Irom thia day to January 1, W.
a-Brlflnl nrt MoiiriiloaT Oulltla.
sisrThe finest siaortmont ol DOLLS in the
atrllata Reshaped, Feathers Cleaned, Dyed
and Curled.
sr 'ol.lcn Hair Wash by the Small or Largs
Question ia en ragins ou- asricultur.it com
munity. Messrs. K. U. CK Aid A CO., Noa.
87 snd 3d Union street, Memphis, Tenn.,
are daily in receipt of
reports on growth in diversified cropping
corn, oats, wheat, rye. barley, cereals, and
orchard, herds, clover, tail meadow oat
grass and timothy 1 rnia
All our wornont scdso lands may be re
claimed by lowing rye and clover on them in
fall or spring, or sowing cow-peas iu May,
June or July, then turn endor, and
improve the land.
ClKAMJ fc CO.,
Agricultural Implements and Seed Ikealirs,
tha popular fTor(t for drnnilnff
tho lr, lirtorin(( nlor hu
Fray, and i-cvuUnir linndmir.
t clean the ca1p, iIoim tlm
luUr falUnff, and 1st miit to iiWmm,
6nc. and 1 .00 at nmntrtnlK.
The sn rest, surest and bsstcorefer ns, Bunions
totwall IMln. :nRUrMCnitirnrtlOthof4t. hnvertal
, cure, u nnu at Urugguie. Ulscoj. A Co., N, 1
A 1111 mi) Mectius of Sloikliolilcrs.
Okfics or Mimi'ius isn Charlihton)
Kailriiaii Co., 10 Wai. 1, Htkkkt, f
Now ork, Oetnher 6, lxKii.J
NOTIttE is herehygiven that Ihe auinial
MeotlsiK of (he Hlockholdors ol the
Memiilila Mini 4 liitrlratiiii Knllr oil
t niinny will he held at the oltie. of fie
company, at H ntttavf il., 01
TlmrailHT, Ihe 111- liy of Novem
tier, 1SXH.
The transfer books of the company will re
main oln.ed from October 12tb to November
11th, both inclusive.
L. M. BCHWAN. Secretary.
The agents of the several stations will fur
nish stockholders with free tickets to and
from the meeting.
II. 0. WILTON, Treasurer.
For Dj epmll,iil! iler.'iti;;" tireinta
Of the Dlffoatlvn Ititin . .viul (he
Iver, Mklll llsf ..e. t ula, ICiirne,
Scalds and Iliulsi. At'lllt IUO.I
EAItl II la a ioi I tie.
Ilhouinallam, ITInlarlal Ulaor
den, Chronic JDInrrlionn and Ob
llnato caes of lllood Puleonln(,
ylold without lull to Ita sjrosiders
fail crw4!va fsossrer.
AMt for tiro iphleit, to ho Mad
ol sill dossier ew , yaMtpaUd,
from the A. I. II. Co., IMasollo, A I at.
At W holesale bjr VA VLKETA CO.
Removed to 308 Front St.
Between Monroe and Madison, Nearly
Opposite Postofflce.
J. F. HOLST & 1JU0.
Funeral Directors.
A?0LL snd complete stock of Wood an!
metallic Oases and Oaskeu, Cloth-Covered
Caskets and liar's! Kobes always on
hard, ear-Orders by telegraph promotly
N.r. .
Kr.NTOstMS. Hem
rdjr t'rrs. A victim
of youthful impru-
drne, causing Premature Decsy, Nervnuj
llebility. Lost Manhood, etc.. having tried
in vain every known remedy, haa discovered
a simple sell. cure, which he will send FKhh
of his leliow sufferers. Address
Foat 0-o Box 317i, New York City.
r i
AM- Iron Kairtli.
-! Uaiui.
I Trodlo pi 1 . .
s iifcR isBr l r-
Cotton JF'otoar,
No. 304) Front Hlrel. : If em phi ft. Tenia
W. A. NMITII. Prirlelor.
ral stud
Hra a
w j .... - . . r i
V..-Lv-, ki 'W :'a.
$ f Price at Kactorr. and olio.
V'?'' """J'tSk '' sMTAII kinds of (line Repaired. Special
vJt-'K- Hisoounl to the Xrade.-e
K.iKl-ea. I TLSlm.S J Mh""lross
ssiw'i.- "'iwf? ;i "i'vs.k4-. ' ft.
sinsr.lHIIlN, .,. v JJTviv'diH'nwM'aairiwiulel ' sS Unto,
IiV"B :'J g Hist u,fi-S "'.
IKON RilLAV Sri'l'LV WEPT, (ijanil 22S Noconti St.
tSuccossorn lo Hits lepartment to JvlhM M ANOdll ,)
"Writs .r Infnrtnetinn on ANV Til I Ml n itHcr line
I). D. 8M1T11, of Uuthrio, Ky.
All Registered in Ihe lluljtein-Fr'esian llord Hook at I"wa Citv. Iowa.
Will Positively sell, to lliv liiglmsl iiiildnr, at e. A. JONK.S Ji CO.'S Cummiaslon Btahle.
Moa. til, til aiul 71 Mniiroe atreot,
M,liilllle,'ln.,)-loleT 27, lM',, Niilo to rmiiivii' nl lOn'.-Inrk proiupt.
Not Mr. Smith Is one nf the first to ooilmrk in Ihe Ilolslein cntt'e in Kenlii ky, and
paid down mnro tnoncv in tho start f"" the i Mindatlnn of his herd than any n. an in the
Houth. U' ith care he hss selected his Cattle, and his liord will show lor ihn.nsi-Wus. Ho is
joined hy the well-known liroedors and iniporters, d. VV. Stillwoll A Co., who have aohl and
imporled more cal ls thati any ollu r breeders nl this breed in America. In this lot will be
HO One Cows, ranging from iltii S years old: incoming i esr old lloilers in citlft 20 Heifer
Calvos and 13 finely brtd Hulls. The host outter lamilios will he roirescntod--such as Mer
cidca, l'rince ol Twisk, Aasie, Kch.i, nnd many othors. This will be a One seloctiou, all ia
line lln ". aad i" cull to unto I Hulls. Sond in your name for catalouuts lo I'. 11. ciMITU,
ol Outline. Ky.,orJ. W. Kl I LLW ULI. A Ctl , Trey, Ohio. Don't lorgot the day. Now is
the time to buy at vour own prlus. Huin or shine they ss'l.
H. V. HUM1N.-0N, Auctionrcr l. II. Null II. J. W.lilM.HDI.I, t '.
.1. W. r-ttllwn!! A Co will sell 7.S hesd nl I'llicniro ilurintf the Kilt Stock Mlw in Novottirer."
i . i i
'- llj'.;. ! V-. ':' , 3D 1 3
. .t-
I, t. lAHAUOM.
0. 0. !.
ThoIesale Grocers
806 Trout Street, Memp-iii, Ten-.
Oettea senalgsed to as will have oar sarefnl attention. We carry at all Msses a well
selected atook ol
Stanla & Fancy firocersos, W
Mft Wl
w. T ikiwiihi:.
li t and .10 HiullNon
u. A. birnsun.
Late J. T. Lai'rade A Co.
No. 30 1 Front street. : Momvlifs, Tcnu.
-a-nvln retired from the Saddlery snd Ilarno'8 hnslnesa and opened an oliee as shove, i
tfa".". We'd to .Xnc. Uiour frfends aad .1,. public .cneraU, .that -car.
to serve them in our new capacity. Returning; thanks far tho very it- a jy1''' "
tended as in the old line. w. trust to morn
Cotton Factors,
N. 11 IT it I on Ktreot.
Cciton Factors & Commission Berch' s.
No. 280 FKOrs T ST11EET, ttBB.El S, TENN.
Colton Worhone-o.il end 90 Voleis 1ge.
. A. Nniiili'H liil. Nt'piimtore
I'uirlo EclliiHO lluller dins.
l'lrtln 10 lncli (Jin, and
Kioto 174 Adam. St., Vemphlr
Hue lrn,
Tlotlftr lra
' llo4i.HltllSl
J. W. STILLWEI.L 4 CO.. Troy, 0.
Manutacturer's Agents for
IlimU'l TriiU Cotton Glua,
Mannluctiirers of
I'mii Krll lluller Wine, Feed
rrn sail fcll Hopnlrrre,
US to 104 Toplar St., miihfe
oarl'ratt Revolving-Head Gins une
qualed. cltnck now complete. Prices
reuuceil. uorresitontienoe ano oniera
oliclted. Old tlins Repaired In Klrat-
laattrd . All work guarantee t.
1. Is. W9wMri
& Coifon Factory
ii.es, Liqunrsjcbcco & Cigan,
Mi., s iiw nH. T-.
AKO & Co
inilN Mr JR ATI1.
Loto with J. a. Lal'ra.io A Co
anu mcoi.e p i K , l . i K A TliAC0
)2&lz Grocers,
Memphis. Veveti.
-St. bs smnrs arms. ys srwa jct frr

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