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To Ctrtiutors CorreepeoBd
ta. Commnsleationi tor publication Bind be
writtaa an as lid of the pair only. Bad,
with ill other matteri connected with tba
editorial department, ihould ba en1 dressed :
To TiiBuiToBOr Ibb ArriAL, Memphis,
We eanaot, M B rolo, nndertata to return
articles not found suitable lor publication.
Oar mBil booki ara kept by poatomoaa, sad
not by indivldaal names.
Wo solicit letters Bad eonsmunloationa npoa
tub oeU of general Interest, but auoh mutt
' always bo accompanied by tha name and
address of tha writer, uii uaxantM of hie
good faith and responsibility. No notloo
oanoe taken ot ancayaiou oommuntoa
tiona. Speniinen eoelea lont frao of charge.
Susiiees lettara should ba addressed !
In orderlm papers chasten irom on, poit-
offloo to another, tha names of both polt-
omoot tbnold ba iHnn,
M. 0 rjALLaWAYtl Second street,
J. M. KasTiwo.) Memphis. Tetin.
SATURDAY, : : OCT. 1. 1880
ROBERT L. TAYLOR, of Washington.
JAMES PHELAN, of Shelby.
J. 1). M0NTED0NIC0.
R. A. OW.HM.
The meeting of Dernocrats at the
OourthouBO last night for the purpose
of organizing for the campaign and
the enthusiasin manifested, especially
by the . young Democracy, was an
augury of ceitain triumph in Novem-
ber. This movement Is moot
opportune; it Is none too soon, for it
is only two weeks and two days to
the day ot the .election. The rhelan
Club thus so auspiciously inaugurated
will do its duty during the next
two week, and every Democrat must
join in ho ding up its hands. Money
will ba required to pay the expenses
of the canvass, and every member of
the party whose business com pels bis
constant attention will no doubt con
tribute liberally In aid of those who
are giving their time and labor to the
ticket and the cause. .The
Fholan- Club, it is needless to say,
will work as sealously for the can
didates for the Legislature as for
our standard bearer for Congress,
whose name it his adopted. All
money contributed to it will
be used to promote the elec
tion ot the entire ticket. The candt-
dates for the Lsgislaturd are earn estly
performing tho'r duty by making a
thorough canvass of the county, and
Janus Phelan, our candidate for Con
gress, is carrying the banner of his
party through the district with an
ability which has won the admiration
of all classes of the people. lie
has an old, level head on young
shoulder.', and has mada no mis
takes. The hearts of the people
are with him. He deserves a
triumphant election, and this he will
achieve if the Democrats of the
district imitate the example of
the Phelan Club organ'zed last
night, the members of which
from this time forward will
avail themselves ot every avenus that
leads to victory. Every sensible man
feels and sees and. knows that the in
terests of the people ot this district
can be- mors elllclently promoted
by a Damocrat than a Repub
lican, beotnse we have a Demo
cratic administration engaged In the
task of purifying tbe government.
7-ach Taylor can have no Influence
with the Pesident nor with the Daino
cratio majority In Congrees. Phelan
will have influence with both,' and if
the people are wiss they will elect
him. This they intend to do, but it
will require woik, unceasing, active
work, to the olose ot the pol!s on tbe
second day of November. Thors must
be no apathy or indifference, There is
activs work for every Individual voter
ss well as for the Phelan Club. There
must bs a conoentratsd, irresistible
movement all along the lino.
The Russian bear is a vicious ani
mal, shaggy and brutal. lis has
clasped his crushing aims around
poor Bulgaria and bocausa the rude
and destroying hug makes tbe victim
cry out, the bear declares that the
ootcry ju't:fis him in eating up the
land that will not submit quietly t
it! deadly emb ace. Spite of all that
eavjg) tyranny can do, Bulgaria,
avoiding publio disorder, calmly, but
vigenudy and manfully, opposes
the tytant. That raw of tie bear,
3vaulbar, with his sha-p talons, has
plitid tt e victim with cunning wiles
and oflVre 1 splendid bribes rank and
gold; he has used insolence and ar
rogant threats to win the people to
conssi.t to the lots of their indepnnd
ence, and votifata'ed atrocious pro
vocations to larouee disturbances that
would give the mean tyrant he sei vei
came to interfere with aruiod band.
Bat the constancy and fidelity of the
,pecp!e, their manly s'cadhmtness,
has bsfllil his wiles and left
'his threats disregarded. S.iite ot
all tii at Russian power, influence,
wils and firsts could do, the no
ble, lib erty loving Rulgsrians rsturnei
480s. und patriots to their Parliament,
while Ru:s a had only twenty-six.
All honor to tbe brave Bulgarians.
What upright heart doss not bonor
them and eympatblzs with them T The
telegraph announces that In Bulgarian
affairs things have reached "ih acote
stage." What is to be the result?
Joust Bulgaria ba sacrificed to Basaian
greed fir territory ind nower. or will
the Eaiepean governments at length
consult their own future welfare by
puttiog their veto upon the cruel and
on ait Russian programme?
Daring the last tares or (jar years
the destructive poweis of natarehave
been at work upon the surface of oar
globe to an extent that is moat extra
ordinary. Old people ear they hare
no remembrance of any period when
there were foch frequent calamities I
in the same (pace of time, asd they
ask what bas come to th e old world?
Volcanoes roll oat destructive flimes
and caver the country around with
still more destructive ashes. Earth-
quikes shake vast territories and de-
stioy large cities, stretching their de
vastations to lands hitherto unac
quainted with more than rare and
faint tremors. Cyclones, hurricaaej
and tempests devastate the land and
destroy vessels upon the seas. Gi
gantic title', raised by winds of awful
velocity, sweep upon the shores, flood
cities, and sweep off crops, rattle
sod human lives. Waterspout i,
deluging rains, ar.d fusilad
ing bail Cirry consternation and de
Btruc'ioa over miles of country; and
lightning! sat dwellings 01 fire aid
explodo prowder mills asd coal oil
titks. Losses to propjity are ira
menre, crops and stock are swept cut
cf existence, and human lives are cut
short. Only a chapter out of the Book
of Revelations can describe the havoc,
the lose and the destruction, "men's
hearts failing them from fear." What
hat co no to this old world?
The high tariff causes a larger
amount of revenue to flow into the
Treasury than the public service has
need for, and the inquiry is made,
why should the country continue to1
pay the immense duties collected on
sugar? Tears ago a cry was raised for
a fros breakfast table. But tbe break
fast table is not free as long as $50,
000,000 a year is extorted from the
people as a penalty for using sugar.
Bugsr is a neceeeary of life necessary
tor the poor as well as the rich; neo
easary to make the cup "that chsers
bat not inebriates;" necessary in the
preparation of a large portion of the
food the people) consume. Is it neefs
sary as an encouragement to the
growth of sugar in Louisiana? That
growth is a mere fraction of what
the nation consumes; only one
seventh part of the whole.
Basldep, the exlravagaut tax
does not encourage the home
growth of sugar. L'ss cane sugar Js
produced in Louisiana today than was
produced during free trade times
before the war. In 1850 Louisiana
produoed 220,000 hogsheads of sugar,
in 1885 220,000 hogsheads. Therefore
the extortionate sugar tax does not
encourage home production. With a
surplus revenue, and with no good
protective effect secured, wby should
the extravagant sugar tax be retained?
We want a fres breakfast table.
Tho Cincinnati Itwlile, Dr. Wise's
Jawish organ, in lis last is:ue had en
article ragrettirg the decreased ob
servance ot the Sunday rett, owing to
the increase ot foreigners from lands
where little attention is paid to Ban
days, and quotes admiringly D-.
Holmes's saying: "He who ordained
the Sabbath loved the poor." Ia
ahnrt, tbe weekly rest day was any
thing but ono ol "tbe mistakes of
Mrses." The Itrculile proceeds to show
the absolute need ot a period of rest;
considerations of health, and the wel
fare ot man's mental condition require
as a rule, periodical repose from the
ordinary efforts and toils ot life. This
the nations of tbe continent and Eu
rope are beginning to disoover, and
proteMs are Bribing against carrying
on Ordinary occ upations on Sundays
That paper cays: "And it is just at
this stage of experience that men be
come crnvkced tf tbe evil (fleets of
the laxity ot law, and the wisdom ot
appointing one day in even as a day
of reel. For when life hts been re
duced to a dead and continuous nni
fortuity It has lost almost a'l
that made it valuable and becomes
an exhausting burden." Well in
formed In European matte re, the
Jirarffa relates that a movement is in
progiers in Germany for tbe beneficial
ebeervar.ee of Sunday, and among
various cUskw of the people tbe re
form is pushed vigorously. A Nurem
bu'g paper states that the Sunday
work was discussed at a recent meet
ing of the peper makers there, and a
resolution was unanimously passed to
clo:e the mills on Sunday at once. In
Oared the people assembled and peti
tioned the pcs'ofllce authorities that
nojapcis or letters be delivered on
Sunday, except such as are marked
"express." In Lunenberg and Griefs
wa d a powerful Nabbath Union fcns
b; en formed, and its object is to agi
tato in favor of the ceosation of lahor
as far as possible on Suudav. In
France and in Saitzerland similar
movements are in progress, the cry
f. r rest, for a break up in the weary
sameness of tod without cessation, is
spreadiDg, as it ouuht.
Advices to a prominent broker from
Chicago yesterday sny : "Ondahy and
h a frienda sailing whea. With war
out it wiil tell lower. Advices from
Northweit indicate liberal movement
of wheat and show no sins of falling
of!. Wheat Is a sale on all bu'g.
Iralev's wheat will com ont tomor
row if market d v nit rll."
Uavi attended a pa lent tor a jear
who Buffers periodically with neural
Rta. Lat-lythe pa ient had one of
theee at tacks and Ig.v.s herTongaline.
to take a teaspornful evry hour. I
called the next day and found her at
tending to her household duties, free
from ail pain.
W. A- 0'BRYANT, M.D.,
..-.. LawtaaoBton, Mo.
Alfof Them Pledging Themselves Hot
ts Touch Intoxicating Liquors
During Their Term.
BicnitoND, V October 15. When
the General Assembly of the Knights
of Lahor wtrnt in'o session this morn
ing at 0 o'clock the first business to
be completed was tbe eloot on oi tbe
remaining general officers, two mem
bers of the. General Co-operaiive
Bard. It ws expected that this
would lake but a short t me und.tbat
the consideration of the report on the
revision of tbe constitution presented
by the Committee on Laws would be
resumed. This in lura was to
be followed br reports from other
commit ee, nearly all of which arj
ready to report. Among tne nist to
be presented is the report of the Com
mittee on tne etate ot ins uruer, oi
which KalDh Beaumont is chairman.
This repoit indorses the repo t of tbe
Committee on L'gielation, of which
Beaumont is alto chairman, and
recommends lhat tbe fu, piementary
repoit of tbe same committee in wuicn
a plan for a congress, comp sed of
representatives ot the KuightB of
Labjr ba estuDiisnea at wa-uinKioo,
be sunt out to a'l (be local assemblies
for their approval.
M'. Beaumont Is daily in reaetp' oi
httrtis bith (r.m Kuiahti of Lbn
and o'hers commending his idiia lbs
Com mitt e on tbe fetate of tho Order
n'so indorses tie General MaBter
Workman's address to ttie Gauerul
Assembly Bnd ricoitm nds the in
dorsement of the repoit of Charles H
Litchuiann, special agent eppcinted
by the General Master Workman to
represent the order before tne Con
grF8innal committee appo nted to in
vestigate tbe cause and effect cf the
Southwestern railro d etrikes. In his
report Mr. Litctrmann recites that
bearings were he'd in vaiiona places
in TexHB and Aikaness, and rays: "The
testimony in bahalf of the railroad was
mainly to show what graat darraie
hud b. eu caused by the strike to the
railroad property and commerce that
it bad been begun cn a Livolous pre
text without real cauie, nd that tbe
order of tbe Knights of Lsbor was
directly responsible for all damage
done and all acts i f violence commit
ted. With tha unlimi ed resources at
their command it wes comparatively
enflv for the railroad officials to care
fully di ill their witneeses in a line of
statements which should fit each
other, and this preliminary drilling
was painfully apparent in tne teeti
mony given. Like a lot of parrots
they all echoed the statement that the
only came they had ever beard as
f igned for the strike was the discharge
of a man named ttaii, at marsnau,
L. C. T. Scbeibler, of Massachusetts,
and J. M. Brought n. ol Ralrih, N.
C, were elected members of tbe Gen
eral Co-operative Board. David B.
Gibson, of Hamilton, Ont., was elected
Canadian supply agent. His duty is
to receive supplies of printed docu
ments of all kinds in buU, aod dis
tribute tbem lo local assemblies
throughout Canada. This completed
the fall corps of general officers, and
their innta lat'.ou immediately fol
lowed. Mr. Powderly, addressing the
General Arsembly, expressed full con
fidence in the men elected, and pledged
himself to tbe faithful pnrformauce of
the duties intrusted to h'ni. He nrged
upon the assembly the Importance of
temperance, ana ssitea toem to en
deavor to impress tbe Importance ol
this subject tn the various local as
semblies. He called attention to the
fact thtt not one of the general j ill era
elected at ttls General Aes.-mbiy usett
In oiicatins l aura.
Each of tbe eeneral officers then
formally plelged himself to total nb-
Bttnence lorn intoxicating nquers cur
ing his two years term of office. Tbe
General kla.ter Workman ins'alled
all the officers elected. None of thera
made speeches The following tesolu
tion was presented by Delegate Bar
rett, of Pennsylvania: '
Whxreab, ReportB have been circu
lated and impiessions tave been cre
ated by tbe prees tf the country re
garding the position of tbe Knights
il Lienor upon me question oi soc:at
eanal v: and.
Whkrbas, We believe tbe wel'are
cf tbe order in the South requires
that this General Assembly take sucn
action as will cll'pel tbosa wrong lm
ore'fions: thereiore.
Betolved. That the organizat'ou ot
the Knight of Labor promises the
civil and political equality of men,
and in the broad field of labor it re
cognizee no dis'lnction on account of
color, but it has no purpose to inter
fere with or distupt the social rolat on
which mar exist between tbe ditldr
ent races in various poitiocs of the
To b resolution was adopted without
Mr. Powderly, when asked whether
the assembly would be able to adjourn
tn s wees, said tt was impossible to
A committee has been appolrted to
make arrangements f r securing an
other hall in case the assembly cannot
continue its session in Armory Hall if
tha sessions should be prolonged into
next week.
Five Exciting; Kvcuta at I.Monln.
Cincinnati, O , Octohor 15. Latonia
Jockey Club fall meeting, rixth extra
day. Fine weather. Track in fair
condition. Good attendance.
Firnt Ract. Selling purse $200, of
which $50 to second, I t fmr year
olds and upwards, non winners ; B-ven
furlongs. Watch 'Em came in half a
lennth winner; Lea second, Monarch
third. Time 1:111 1
i&courf Knee. Soiling purre $250, cf
waich $50 lo second, fir non winneis
this meeting; six furlongs. Bob
Swim won by a length; Mat'ieCor
bett second, a head in a'vance ot
Prohu, third. Time 1:181.
Third Hare. Selling pure r.f $:I00,
of which $"0 to second, $2" to third;
mile and half a f iirlong. Littln Fe lnw
won by a InnKth and a half; King
George second, Athlone a bad third.
Tim 1 :52J.
Fourth Kacf. Purse of 1350, of which
$75 to second, $25 to third, lor thrt e
year old non-winners; one mile. 11a.
tie Carlisle won by hsif a length;
Wandemo second, Hettie 8. third.
Tim 1 :45.
Fifth Ana.-Pure of $409, of which
$75 to eecond, $25 to third, for two
year olds; five fiirlong. BanHnrj
won by a length; Katie A. second, Van
third. Tim- ' :!):.
Over tha Newmarket Caara.
London, October 15 The race for
tbeniuth great ihallunga etsk s was
run tid y at Nsstmarket over the
Great K.kes cou ss, six farlor gt.
Prince SoltykoQ's three year old colt
Mephis o woo by two lengths; H.
Carringtm'a two year old co't by
Gecrge Frcdaiick, out ot Ma Balls,
Bee nd, L. Jennings's three y?ar old
colt Exmor tbird. The Prendergast
s akis for two year olds, about two-
fhitfij nf a miln woo ami hv J A l"!ra.
vens's colt Hngo by half a lenittb ; the
Duke of Beaufort's fil'y R ve d'Or
crn1. Prince Hnhvl nll'a ca'.t Devii'a
Hoof third.
AS Brighton Beach.
Bbiohtos Bbach. N Y..Octc ber 15
Fint liace. Tniee-qatrt rs of a mile.
Won by Theodoeus br four lenetbs:
Pol Bx Becond. Pa muster ttiird.
Time 1:13.
ikcjnd Race. Se'liDg allowances:
one mile. B.il Owens won by aienutb;
Mentmore eecond. Moonshine third.
Time 1:40.
2nrd Kace. Selling allowances:
reven furlongs. Winona won by three
lengtbs; Petersburg second, Miller
third. Time5-! :32.
Fourth Race. Handicap, mile and
an e'ghtb. Won by Lancaster by a
head; Jce Mitchell serood, Super
visor third. Time 1 :563.
Fifth Race. Mile and a sixteenth.
Won by Jim Douglass; Saxon eecond,
Mamie Hunt third. Time 1:51.
A Honres of flatixructlon to 1I1
f'rleu-ta, and Insure ConUileace
lu Hie Future of tho Boual.
Louisville Courier-Journal: Aitprcon-
sidirlng for a few 'lays the recent
change in the Louisville end Nash
ville road, ennfernrg with the rppre-
sjntalivtB of the stockholders, a-.d
wi.h them rarefully inveeticatinir the
condition of tho property, Mr. fcmitb,
at trie meer.iug n ine JU.rettors
yesterdny, signified h(s coneent
to serve as vice piesident and its
chief execut'veoflictr, the chief finan
cial officer being in New York. To
tbe merchants of Liui-ville and to all
interested in her prospeiily, tf is an
nouncement is especially gratifying.
Ic as ures them of the c-n-tinuanca
of a nmnagemeut which
is bold, aggreFsive, and in en
tire accord wiih their own vinws and
their industrial purposes. It nil! quiet
at least the grave Apprehensions
aroused by the action of those holding
tbe pr .'i 'es a1, the siockho'ders meet
ing on vednesday. It is eert jin that
if Mr. Smith accepts the po-ition.be
does it aseured by the directors
of their ' support in bis effort to
devolop the country, to build up trpfj
flc, and to secure for tbe city and this
eystepa a recogn't'on from nil rivals of
their commercial rights and privileger.
In the popular mind Mr. Smith repre
sents a tendency among transportation
companies to coi. serve tbe interests of
their patrons, a policy which subor
Cina'es temporary advantage to per
manent and increasing Buccecs. He
commands pnblic cocfiience and
public respect. ine inges
tion that be would leave the
road has caused treat apprehension
and nneasinest. It was a shock to
growing confidence in the company
and ia Its fccnriti' s, the effect of
which will bs felt for some time.
Moreover, it has awakened thinking
men to the corsiderat on of means for
restricting foreign capitalists ia their
disregard ot 1 p putar wishes and
popular rights. Already the peo
ple have declared against tbe
land syndicates, contro led abroed,
and now even the most careful
and conwrva'ive are striving to devife
some means, hot fir governing' roads
or regulating rut s, but for securing
minority representitiou on boards oi
direction, and public ty for all fioan-
c'al transactions that add to tbe fixfd
obligations of a propei ty. The stock
holders cf the LoufcvUe and Nashville
Company could find no one with whom
their great interest would he so Bafa
as with Mil'on H. Smith. No one is
so we'd qualified for the work that the
manager of this eysrem has to do as
is be. Ho one is more careful than
he of truets imposed upon bim. and
no one can so fully command popular
conndecceor secure to such a degrae
popular cooperation. The company
and tbe community ere alike to be
congratulated because of bis accep
ance of tbe position.
Sold Out IrnquoU BrlDBa 920,000
Mr. JLorlllaru Betlrea frem
tbe Turf.
Johnstown, N. J., Octob?r 15. At
the Raicocs breediig faim today
Pierre Lorillard sold all bis s'allions
and brood mares. The prices rec-ived
were (air. and (he total raahzed was
$142 805 fir e'ghty-three lets. The
averave for the five stellions sold was
$6300, and for (he br. od mares $1422.
Iroquois, the winner rf ths Eng
lish Derby, was bought bv
Gen. William H. Jackson, of Belle
Meade farm, N ithvi lo, Tenn , who in
a short speech, dec'srei he bought
the cairier of tbe American colo'S 6n
foreiga soil for fear he might be tekn
away. The piice paid was $20,000.
Mr. Lorillard was not pr. s -nt, but bis
son announced that the stle meant bis
father's retiiement from the turf.
Wba'a Bailifaa Porlioa Do
Blrayad ajiatrlbutlona
Askad For.
Eabtpokt, Ms., October 15. The
fire which broke out at 2 o'clock yes
terday afternoon rged furions'y for
len hours, defying ah eflb'tsto con'rol
or ar-rest it. It etrt d in Capen & M
Clean's rardine fa t ry. and swept in
a northerly directs n along the watwr
fr ont and th'OU.h H'ar sireet, burn
ing ten s rdine factories, two hotele,
ab tut ihirt d we'll i g husef, a d the
enstom h' use and pnii fllne, and every
ilare of bastnesH, w lrre goods of uny
d-Bcripti n wre k' pt for Ble, exc-pt
the email grocery itorB, mbinh were
out o' tne pith of tha fire. It is im
pes b'e it this timt to make a detail-
d report of the 1 res suet lined or
to ascer aio tbe amount of insurance,
but the total I-m w 11 probably
amount to at Ih $500,000; fairly
covered by Insure' ce. except the lo s
on the tardine fct ile, which cou'd
not pre.cure insnrance. The factories
gave employment to at leaet 2 Oi) per
sona. Much snfl"ring rtust ensus un
less iinmedi te aid is rendMred. Con
trihni'ns cm be f rwaid-d to tbe
Hon. N. B. Nutt, Collector of Cos
ton s. Telegrstiblc coiumunlca'lnn was
rut oS nt 4 o'clock p tii. yenterday and
baa Jrmtbea rcopeni-d.
Litfr. It t rain's; heavily now,
and the fires ire f itiBguiahed. All
the insureacs avert leeorda were
bu'ned. Nearly ail the sad a were
also d'S'iOya-', with the-ir ronterils,
and Diar y inurmie p iiiclee. Th
t us om bona", o t Ifiira and United
Htau-a Big i al eei vice re ords and bcoks
Wtre burrifd.
Iy-lu( stud I rta it In K.
LsiIi.b and gU' c'othea e'eaned
or dy d ia any to or, also kid gloves,
OBtriih f attrr-ra inl lace cur'alna by
Lon s It'Uel, 68 J- hV n street, Mem
phis, Tenn. G-ods received by express.
OCTOBER 16, 188G.
Of the Young Democracy of fchelby
speeches Made ou the ccalon
ouimittees Appolntetf.
PirTEOant to a r ublishert rail, annm-
ber of c tizens ass' mbled at theCoun
houas hat night for the purpose of
organizing a Prelaw and Shelby
Conntv Democratic Olub. Mr. Em
ms t Wordson was called to the Chair
and Vr. James Hun.er was elected ss
The Chsirmsn etited tha nhinft nf
the meeting and ca'led the mntinir in
Sheriff W. D. Cannon mr.vsd that a
Committee on Permanent Organiza
tion, and coasis'ing of seven, be ap
pointed by the Chair. Adortel.
Ibe Chairman appointed the follow
ing committer: We-ss Lawrerca
Lamb. J. T. Walsh. W. D. Cannon.
John Leslie, W. Madden. John JJ.
Altuo and John M. Roarke. .
When tbe committee rt'red. on
motion Mr. Dennis Smith was isl'ed
upon for a Fpsech. He stated that the
obj-'ct r,f the meeting was to organize
the nomocracy ol tt e county so as to
te ibla to maxa on to vicV rjr in No
vember. '1 here w ere many who no
doult thnugbt that nwintt to tee late
Democrat c victc-rv in l.st Auaust in
the county eh ction, thnt the Repub
lican party was dead enl would be un
able to orgauize for Novemb r. but
this was a gr. at mistake; that par
ty is alive and it will require
tho entire etiength of the Democncy
to defeat the enemy. Mr. Smith eul
giza i the Democratic nominees for I lie
Legislature and for Congreesas woithy
of r uMic, confidenca and support. Ua
believed with many others that Mem
phis should own its water work, and
the DflmOi'ratic candidates may be
needed to aid in th'B work in the Leg's-
laturo. Tbe Democratic party
has an able leader in James Phe
lan, and the people should
follow him and aia a glori
ous victory. Mr. Smith drew a com
parison between the Republican acd
Democratic parties, and believed that
the hope of the country depended
npon the success of the grand old
Democratic party. They should go to
work at once with energy, and do ev
erything that can ba honorably done
to secure lha eleoiion of tbe Demo
cratic candida'e for Congress and tbe
candidates for the Legislature.
Mr. Smith's address was loudly ap
plauded by the meeting.
Col. Barteiu wa3 next called and
made a few stirring remarks, which
were highly enjoyed.
OA. II. M. Doak was the next
speaker, and that gentleman expressed
bis pleasure at seeing the movement
to oreanizs a Democratic club pro-
eres-ipg. Tbe party needed all the
organization and work possible.
Thev had a wide awake and
active foa to meet, and should be
ready to meet tbat foe et ail
points. The Demociatic party in
times past had its internal differences,
and has its differences at present on
many ques ions ; but when the great
issues i ame up they closed np ranks
and went together, forgetting the past.
The November election muet ba won
in order to ba prepared for the great
contest in 1888. He appealed to every
Democrat to go to work, do his full
duty, and labor f r the success of the
Democa'ic psrty.
Judge W. W. McDowell on bsing
called out, excused himself from mak
ing a epcech as he was snffi-ring from
sore tbrost and a severe cold. He re
maiked, however, that tbe Democra'B
should be up and doing-, ss he knew
that the Republicans were haid a'
work to defeat tbeDemoc acy in the
coming election. Tee August victory
was apt to make many Democrats
over confident, bit there must ba
thorounh organizit'on and then suc
cess will cron their effirts. Hade
clinod to sneak fuither or more
at leog h, but promised to address
bis failow citizens at a future time.
C-'MMITTKE eeport.
Bv this time tha 0 immiltee oa Per
manent Org it izi ion app ared acd re
ported as follow, aod the repoit was
unanimou ly adopted:
We, your Comaiiltoe oa Permanent
O ganizaticn, heg leave to repoit the
following: Nam of this club to be
the Phelan and Shi-lby County Demo
cratic C ub. th s club ;s organized to
work for and insnrs the e'ection of
theentire Denccratic ticket Congres
sional, Legisia'ive and Gubernatorial.
For pe-mrnent chairman we recom
mind Mr. Emmett Woodson, aid for
permanent secretary Mr. William
Higgina, and we recommend foither a
committee ot fiva ba appointed to
supply tte mimes for the fdtowing
1 On Oioaing Stores One in each
ward ; this committee to work in con
nection with a similar committee to
be appointed by the Democratic Ex
ecutive Committee.
2. Oa Increase of Membership One
in each ward.
3 On Work at tbe Poll Fivo In
each ward.
4. Committee on Bringirg Out
Voters Five in each ward.
J0IIN O'ROURKH. Chalrnaant
J. 11. ALSlP, Baorstary.
President Emmott Woodson thanked
the committee and the meeting tor
the honor con'err d upon him, but he
feared be lacked toe ability and
necaseary experience to accomplish
the work required, but he would do
hie be-t. He stated that he would se
lect the conaniit'ees mentioned in the
r"port in due tim ami make publica
tion in tha morning papers.
Srtveral club lifts are in circulation
and have bstn nuinerouR'y signed,
and 8 une fi tv i ames eie added to
the ii-ti last night When raady the
list of members cf the c'.ub will bs
On motion the club aeljourned to
met Tuesday nijjht week, the place
f mo-1 ng to be duly announced by
the president.
Revere Mform at Bocheatrr.
Rochbrter, N. Y.. October 15 A
severe s'orm of wind and rain struck
thia c ty yee-terday, and though no
particular t'l astrous c-fleotB have been
felt in the city, the storm at Charlotte
(the port, ot Rochester) isnowVtry
sovore. Ssvtral schooners have been
to we. I into the harbor with sr;at diffi
culty, an I at present lie in a Disabled
condiii n oil the shore. The life sav
ing crew ara at wrrk on a threa n'S--ed
schooner east cf Charlotte. The
wind ton'ght is steadily increasing,
and heavy dunoaga to chipping is
Fob bronch'al, aethmatic and pul
monary complaints Brown's Bronchial
Troches maiiifeet remarkable curative
properties. Bold only in boxes.
Sorglaum BXills-
KO. 43 MADIM)3f STREET, - - . ... MEMPHIS, TEAX.
B. D. Fraybir, Prei. W. N. Wilkkrsos, V. P. B. J. Black, Cashier. ; !
W. D. Bethel). T. H. Allen, W. F. Taylor,
Godwin, S. P. Rend, W. A. Wllliamaon, Joan
kerson, il. J. Xiiacn.
Deposit received from SO cents upward, and interest allowed on aaua ieml-annttally.
Will buy and toll local securities, act as Trustee, Receiver, etc., for cori-orationa or indi
vidual. Hive a onmmodious vault for the deposit of valuablea for the benefit of REGU
LAR CUSTOM KRS, free of chnrite. Safe Deposit Boxes for rent. Mnvlutia Bipeclallo
Noll-ll I. Auihnrf aril to ! it ticni-rnl HtDhlnic Ituln.
(rw- A siltnry f 1 1, n mm r j .
Bayou Rd Nlxly.Flve Still MiaslDK
,obb of Lire Unprece
dented Oranob, Tux., October 15. The fol
lowing late account of the destruction
by the storm at Sabine l'a;s and John
s n Bayou is given by the editor of
the Tribune, who was with the relief
party on the boat: The loss of iifa is
greater thsn here stated, but in the
confusion a full -is. of the names of
the lost was unob ainabla. Oirstesm
er found the rerxa nirg inhabitants
eufftriig for food and wa'er, aud from
tbe nights of teirible exposure, and the
work o! relieving them whs at once
begun. The water in tbe s'raeis of the
town was from one to two feet deep.
All. tbe tuffaiers were go ten aboard
the iteameraa speedily es pessiole
aud their wants supplied es best we
could. When ell were aboard, the
steamer pnt off for the lighthouse
tower, out of which a number of suf
ferers were taken. II re a
small craft was sighted ont
in tbe Gulf. The steamer
went out and picked up eight men,
the crew of a Mexican school r whi,;h
was swamped about ten miles iff the
pass. Having supplied all who were
hungry and thirsty, we eet cu'. for
Bt-aumont with ninety-thne residents
of Sabiue Pass aboard, moitly women
and children. On tbe way across tbe
bay Mrs. Oito Brown and a number
of the others were picked up, having
been rescued by tbe boats dropped by
the steamer in the r ornicg Beaumont
was reached at 12 o'clock, and here toe
prope p:ocseded at once to provide
for the furiher comfort of the suffer
ers. The s eimar wiil return at once
to the pe:ss aud then proceed to
Orange after doing all in her power for
the d:s rested prpie. A f-ni'.ll host
tent out to Jolmtou's bay.-.u returned
to tbe steamer in the af erncon with
the most die tressiDg reports from tbat
C03imunity,huudreds of persons being
drowned as well ss fearful and complet
des ruction of property, including
thousands of hea l of live etock. Tne
Cameron Beach Hotel was seriously
threatened, t ut wai sived by cattle
crawdiig into the loweretory, thereby
preventii tj tbe building Iro n fliating
off with l's upper it ries filled with
tenor stricken humrnity. The Euily
P. and ttie relief party ftom Johnsons
bayou are yet unhe ird fr.m, aid fill er
particulars of the diaister in that
Bection cannot be given un il her
return. It is ea;e to say that no euch
deatruct'oa of life and ptoperly was
ever kno.vn be'ora on the Gulf of
Mexico, acd h;lp will he ne.dtd and
is arked fr m ail quaitera of ths
country. Tbe people are with
out clothing or shelter, and the sur
lounding coun'iy is too poor to tup
ply their very urgent needs. At the
late t s x bodies had been picked up
at the mouth tf the Sabine liver, hav
ing floated across the lake, a distance
nf ttiir'y mi es Three ol tiem have
been id?ct fi d, being tbe bodies of
Mr?. Mulligan and child end Mrs.
Later. The Emily P. has just ar
rivod with sixty-two survivors. Thir-ty-eevan
bodies of petcons who wera
drowned at Jo'jnsoa's Btyou have
been ricoverad, and sixty-five are still
miesirg, 1 ut their r.arms rannoi yet
be given. Previous accounts have
tot been exg?erated. Tha relief
parly teport feai ful devas'a'.ion. The
government tng Penrose has also ar
rived, bringing the body of M,k.
Janker. Tfioee on board give cloomy
Bcronnts of th-; sitnat'on at the Paa.
At thin mtuon nfturlv mmw imm tvitirla ta niM 4Vtttib1
i.t this fwuon nA)
ioltonio. .IKOJ
itui's irreecriptioo
tori of tonic. IKON entasw into aUniort tmtrj ptiy
Hcun DToecnption ioc uiow woo iwsa ouuiun ul
i ncrsrv, -lr., it HAS NX 1-
I nwll ndo, Lack
and ia
he only Iron nioiiicm. that la not iniunoiia.
not Idu:
Jt Minrum tun itifMin. mu,i',- iiio
Myeteni, Keatores AppeUto, Aliin l)lc.tlon
It doM not blacken or in jura the toMU, oause head
aobd or prwiiioe constipatiiaHar iron mcitHnM do
i)B O. H. BiHirt.RT, a leadinc phjaiciaa ol Bprint-
all. Ohio. ira:
Urown'a Imn Bitten In a thoronirnly Bond medi
cine I nno it in nur practice, and tind its action ex
cels all other forms of imu. In wkntiw. or a low con
dition ol tb ytm, Brown'a Iron BltWm to usually
a poaitira neoeaniljr. It ia all that ia claimed for it."
Pa. W. N. WiTBua, 131 Thlrty-mwnd Btraet,
(IrixlM-mn, P. O.. says: Brown's Iron Hit! is
th. Opinio of the ate. Nothing better. It crentee
appetite, aire atranxth and improves difastloo."
Oennine haa abme Trade Mark and crowed red llneB
on wrappm. Take Ba other. Muleonljby
Koch's Pat.Storo
aniF.I.VlXS Is adjustable to meet any need
m husiness. It is ehaalter tonn old strln. Can
be pot up bv any one. Vrifqiinletl fur
l'autry anu huuk nnvivra. AdUresa
KOCH A. n. CO., Jlffrtu,
841 MAIN ST., l'EORIA, ll.L.,r,
ajlmmoti. Wnl wars To.. St. Lnuls.Mo.
In) II 13 - I 3 mv 7
KM Fl Ba W
rata bJ J aataaha, W)i latJeBjL
a aatr sw UU haaaB Ll.l
R. Dudley Frayeer, R. B. Soowden, J. R.
Orartcn, Jr., b. I. MoDowell, W. N. WU-
Office Siqnai Skrvicr, U. 8. A.,
Mkmpuh, October 15, 1 p.m.
The fol'owing observation are laken
at ail s atioua named at 75 meridian
t me, whiuh is oue hour fa-.ter than
Memp'iis tim:
Ab've Low
Cairo j..
Chattanooga ....
Davenport. ....... j
Fort bmith
La Crosse
Little Bock
New Orleans....
St. Louie
St. Paul
Daater l.lne Feet and tenths of a foot
ab tb zero of gauge:
Citiro, 40 feet.
Cincinnati, 56.
Dubuque, 16.
Keokuk. 14.
Chattanooga, 33 feat. ''
.Unvenport, 15.
Fort Smith, 22.
Helena,. .
Learen worth, 20. ' -Louisville,
Kew Orleans, 18. t.-" '
Pittsburg, 22.
H. Paul, 7.
Vioksburg, 41.
Yankton, 24. ..
Lacroara, 24.
Little Hook, 23.
Memphis, 34.
Nashville, 40.
Omaha, IS.
St Louis. 32.
Shreveport, 28.
Wheeling. W. Va. Ostcber
Night Kivnr 2 faet on the gauge and
tailing, w earner ciear ana coo;.
PiTTiDUiio, Pa., October 15. Night
Kiver 5 feet 1 inch on the gauge
and stationary. Weather cloudy and
Cincinnati, O., October 15. Night
Biver 4 feet 7 inches on tbe gauge and
falling slowly. Weather cleitr and
Cairo, III., October 15. Night--River
6 (net 4 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather clear and cool. No
arrivals or departures of regular pack
et?. Louisvillb, Kt., October 15. Night
Rivorstationary.with 3 feet 11 inches
in the canal and 1 'oot 9 inches on the
falls. Business good. Weather clear
and cool.
8t. Louis, Mo., October 15. Night
River f .lien 210 feet, and etands 6 7-10
fr et on the gauge. Weather clear and
p'easinf. Arrived: Jay Gould and
barges, New Orleans. No departures
of regular parkets.
Most happily meets the demand of tha age
for woman's peculiar afflictions. Itia a rem
edy for WOMAN ONLY, and for ono 6PK
OIAL CLASS of her diseases. It is aapoelflo
for cenain diseased o inditions of the womb,
and ao controls the Menstrual organa as to
regalate all deranements and Irregularities
ol her Monthly Sickness. The proprietor!
claim for this remedy no other medical prop
erly. It is striotly a Vegetable Compound,
the studied presoriptioa of a learned phy
tician wh e specialty waa Fkmiib DiatasEa,
and whore fame became enviable because of
bia success in the treatment and euro ef
lemale complaint. Suffering woman, it
will relieve you of nearly all eemplalnta
peculiar to yoar lex.
For sale by drupgl'(. Write for book,
"Message to Woman," mailed free.
BRturim.o Rbqulatob Co., Atlanta. Oa.
Special Notice to Shippers.
Mississippi ind Tknnrsskb Rn.aoo Co..)
Memphis, September 3, lbSO. i
TBE completion nf the Yaaoo and Missis
sippi V,lley K.R., Irnm Jackson. Mist.,
to Ore.pwood, Miss , OPttNH DP AN ALL
RAIL LINK, witboutbreik of bulk or trans
fer of freight, to following named pointa:
Taroo City, f dan, 11. l.akr, C.uoil
Hope ,ln, IMilravlllP, Kliacblerord
Tcbnla. Urlrn, i'raKrr.Nlrlon, Blslna;
Snn, OrreawooS,
Shir meets tn Hndings near these points
should be made to nearest station named
above. Your business is respeolfUlly so
licited ovor the M.andT. Road, as frolght
rexches its destination the foliowini- day oi
delivery atour depoi. A. J. KNAPP,
(Joneral Freight Agent.
. Ko. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established In 1860.1
DR. JOHNSON is aoknowledsed by all par
ties interested a by far the most suo
cesstul physician in the treat men tof privata
or secret diseases. Ouiok, permanent cureB
uaranteed in every ease, male or female,
tecent cafes of - Gonorrhea and Syphilis
cured in a f w days without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary Syphilis, tbe last ves
tige eradicated witbo-ittho use of mercury.
Involunsnry loss of bemen stopped in short a
tiuio. Sufferers frni Impotency or lost ol
sexual powers restore to Ire vigor in a few
weeks. Victims of sell-abuse and eioessiva
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea and
lose of physical and mental nnwer, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular attan
tion paid to the Disease of Women, and
or res guaranteed. Pi es and old sores eured
without tha-uaa of eaustio or the knif. All
oonsultat ona Btriotly confidential. Medi
cines tent by saprasa ta all parts of the
BxrWorkingBBea enrad at half the osa
rates, tflice hours from S o'clock a.m. to
e'tlook p.sk , D. B. JUllNbON, Sj.D.

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