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Cotton Steady Middling, 8 3-4c
Sales Y et-terduy, 3700
Money rules in Strang deinend at 8
per cent. Loral securities continue
Tbe locil cotton market w?s steady
yesterday; middling, 8c. fales, 37C0
At New York spots clostd steady;
- middling, 9 5-16c.' Futures steady ; Oc
tober, 9.079.09c.
A leading New York cotton c'rcular
ays of cotton futures: "After going
23 points above and then 12
points below last evening, tbe market
finally closed without change, but
Showing no great ttrength."
At New Orleans yesterd.y spots
were quiet; middling 8Jc. Futures
Btealy; October, 8.848.85.
At Liverpool spots were steidy,
fair demand ; middling, 6 3 16d. Fut
ures were flat ; October, 5 7-64d.
In the general market there were
no features ol not.;.
Three hundred and sixty-four brls
apples. COO skj bran, 85 brls beans aud
peas, 40 pigs butter, 004 rls bagging,
80 pk(.s bacjn, 405 r.kgs biota ard
shots, 10CO bu c irn, 31 pkss chteee, 68
ska iofhV, 20 cats cotton setd, 2942
sks c ttoa seed 200 brls cotton
seed nil, 1:57 pkg dry gooJs.
17 pkiis eeg?, 783 b;ls flour, 55
bd iKga, 19 tid cattle, 5 hd horns
and mutts, bl3 pkgs lurd. 72,000 It
lumber. 55 pks liqmrj, SO brls mo
larssp, 51 kgs nails. 1000 bu oa's, 161
brls oniru, 600 brls potatoes, 406 brls
su2a-, 397 pks tobiccj and 104 brls
Tbe f llowing shows the amount ot
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by refcu ar elavntrs, as repotted to tbe
Merchants Exchange je terday:
Wheat none received or withdrawn,
in store 1C45 bu; corn received,
624 bu; withdrawn, 892 bu; in
store, 7821 bu; ots received, 7863
bu ; withdrawn, 2830 bu ; in Bt-.re, 166,
863 bu.
M-Dailr Quotation of Cotton
Oil Trust and Sew York Ii
ebonies Stocks are open to those
interested, at lay ofliee.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Monev in ac'ive demand at 8 per
cent. The Clearing House report is
is follows:
Friday, October 15rh. $206,558 37;
thus fir this week, $1,320,978 10; same
time last week, $1,240,388 94; cor
responding tims in 1885, $1,114,566 15 ;
corresponding time in 18S4, $1,076
237 75.
Friday, October 15th, $39,567 89;
thus far this week, $278,398 95; eaxe
time lat week. $250,403 37; cor
responding tiinoin 18S5, $225,394 95;
corresponding . time in .lots, ioi-r
090 GO.
New York eight on all points,
discount buyins, oar selling; New Eng
land demand, discount buying; New
England sight, discount; New Or
leans, J di count buying, par selling.
Bank of Oimmerce.,146 bid. 149 asked
First Nationa' 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 201 asked
State National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Ptantere.,150 bid. 15i a ked
Mercantile B.ink 135bid,137Jaked
Bluff City 100 b'd,
Memphis City,
.100 bid, ... faked
75 b d. 80 asked
80 bid, 83 naked
...107 bid, ... asked
25 Wd. 26 as'ied
35 bid, ... aeked
20 ai ktd
Factors -
M. & O. It R. shares...3 .lid, ... aeked
M. & T. R. R. stmrea...45 bid, 50 asked
M. A C.coiHo's,7i' 119 bid, ... aiked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8s..l05 bid, ... Brked
Mies. & T.R R. cs.A...lll bid, 1 ! 3 asked
M S9.&T. R.K.C8.B..1014 bid. 1U3 nsKei
Tenn. wts. s r. D 90 bid,93ask- d
Tenn. wis. ir, E to J..83 b d, 85 - d
ShelbvCo.Os 108 bid, 1'" i-k-jd
Tax. Diet. 4, 65 97J bid, f '. ake 1
Tar. Dist. 6s 104J bid.' i asked
Mem.Gsbmds 104 h- .. arkI
Mem. Water b-mda 97 b . asked
Hananer Oil Works b u " asked
Am.Cot.O,ltrusti -R3 bitf, 4 asked
Fioneer Cotton Mill...25 bid, 30 tskod
Mem. Stor.Com. O0...IO6 bi i, 110 asked
Mem. Oas stock 75 bid, 80 a ked
New York, 0 tobsr 15 Money on
call active at 47 per cent , closiDg at
4 asked. Prime mercantile paper 4(.5
per cant. Sterling excheng s'nng
butdu'l; actaal rats 481 tor 60 day
bills and 484 for demand.
Bonds Uovernment bonds wore
In gosd demand and stronger. State
bouds wire dull and steady.
Stqcfcs The stock market was again
quiet, and pree entid little feature of
special iLteiest until toward the clo?e,
when the coal itocVs came into prom
inence and the volume ef business
was largely increased. The London
market, which was influenced by pros
pects of war in tie East, reacted upan
the market hf re and prevented buy
ing to a cert .in cxtenf, and the gen
eral list was ra:he- heavy throughout
the day. The news of the day was
generally of a favorable character, but
bad very little tffdot upon prices. The
advances mid9 were entirely on tbe
epeiiallus, Manhattan b-sing most
conspicuous, its advance at one time
being 7 per cent, and a
small frsctioi enly was lost
toward the close. Lit9 in the
afternoon the coal stocks weie the
prominent feature aad they all sd
vanc?d materially, efpeciatly Hoiking
Valley and Lac'nawana. The advam e
is ottrihuted to the favorable prospects
in consequence of tbe formation of the
new bituminous pool. The Nickel
Plates continued their sdvar.c?, al
though (here- is nothing cew to be
said. The opening was irregular
though generally hnavy, and the
irregula'iiy co .tinued for a shart time,
when the strength displayed by the
specialties rallied the general list
Toward noon, howi ver, the market
yielded aud be.rune quiet aad eo re
mained until the last hour. Jersey
Central dropped over another cent
lower at 1 o'clock, in consequence of
the appointment of the now receivers,
bat the great s'rength of the other
-coal stocks rallied it in the next hour
with the remainder of the list. The
market closed firm and active The
total day's bu inea was 415.H21 shares.
Lackawana contributed 77,080 shares;
SL Paul, 31,100, and Hocking
Valley, 25,703. Most of the
active list sbow fr ctinal
declines this evening .ranging np to
per cent only, but Manhattan made a
net gain of 61, Hocking Valley V,
Lackawanna and DWaxare and Ilud
sn 1J eac'i and Nickel Plate 1
Bonds Railroad bonds showed
come l.ttls increase in activity, which
wa however confined principilly to
Atlantic aud Pacific iocomes, in which
tbe sales were $418,0u), and Fort
Wcnh snd Denver firsis, vJiich
furnished $293,000 out of a total day's
business of $1,823,000. Both of tbe
bonds abjve mentioned were strong,
and the Atlantic and Pacific incomes
made a nt t gain of 2 rer cent , at 30 J,
and Fort Worth and Denver firsts 2i,
at 86. Central Iowa firsts, roupon
off, Ksined 2, at 196, and the Eastern
division sixes 5, at 75; Rock Island
coupon sixes 2, at 140; Denver and
Rio Grande firsts 2, at 124, and
Louisville and Nashville 10 40s 2, at
97. Indiana, Bioamington and West
ern firsts lost 2, at 95, and the seconds
6J, bt 72.
The total sles ol s o ks tidav were
415,461 Bhnr-e, including Canada
fcuthern, 7575; Delaware, Lacka
wanna and Wes:ern, 77,1U; Unaware
and Hudson, 7750; E'-e, 10,830; Kan
sas and Texas, vno; i.ane isnore,
16 800; Louibville aud Na-hvillo,
8580 ; 7415; Manhattan Consolidated,
S002; Mis oini Pecitlc, 54s7; Nortb-e-'tirn,
10,600; New Je'8-y Ceutrtl,
20,7i0; Pacitic Mail, 9211; Hading,
15 820; S-. Paul, 31,110: St. Paul and
Omat.a, 4082; Western Union, 17,387.
Closing quutations:
U.S. 38. 100. 4n, coup, V2X.i.
i'it, ooup, 111.. Pacific OJ ol liUj,l2u.
L. tPniH.4, Ti. Mi8ouri (!, KOJ,.
cent Fo. lHe,Uo'4. Den 4 K.O. lata, 124.
10"4K.U.W lsts,,SP Krio ViSt, 1IU.
M K 4T.a-n.6i,!WW North. Pacta,
North. P8.21 101H- N.Westorn con. US.
N.Wo.-t deb.5fl.lui
p-..L,.s.t .uen..n.,iirj;n
ot.P.O.Al' Uf.lil.
T.P.ll O.n cou.71.
WeBt Shoro.lUl?;;.
M Pitul eon, U0.
T.P. lnnil gMnta, 56
II. P. lata, 115S
Toon. 6. aet'iutJCrt.
XeDD. da.atl mt,7i.
Adams Exnrena. 142. jMunis.tE
nffd. 140.
Allegheny tent I,,
Alton & T. II,, 37.
Amerio in Ex., 10(3.
It. C. R.AN.W.
Cannrin 72
Nashville AC , W.
N. J. Central, l;i.
Nor. A W.nld,45.
Northorn Pac.,28.
Northern eo pfd.63
II N W .117'.
Canada Sou . &i
Central Paoifio, 48. N.V.Oentral.llii.
Cheimake A(
U.,lU.N..u.a M.i..,14'e.
CAO. 1 tul'd.lS
N.Y C.ASt.Ii.Nid,28!
C. A O. 2d pld.lW.
Chicago A A.. 143.
C. A A. nld, 100
C..B. AQ,138M.
O., Kt L. A N.O.,
C. Sl.h A P.. 13
C.pt.LA P.rfd, 33.
C. S. A C 44.
O. A C, 69.
C. 4H. Valley. 36
Del. 4 Hud, 106V4.
Del., L. A W-, 141K.
Den. A Kio Q , Si.
Utiln central, .
Ohio A MitfB.,2H3 A,
O.A Miaa.fd,78.
Ontario A West,. 20
Oregon Nav ,
Oiexi n Trans.. XS'A.
Or (ton Imp., 30.
Panama, H.
Peoria D A E.,S0.
Pituburg, Ibi.
Pullman 0. .146H.
KeedinK, 36'
Rock Island, 125.
Erie ifd, 7bJ.
New Eist Tenn.. IP4 St.L AS.K refd, ffll'J
NowK.Tenn. pfa,73. K.li. A o.r . ltt P, 117
Jort Wayne, lib u. m. a tn. r., wry
Hannibal A St. Jo .0. M.4 8t.P P, 121.
II A St. Jo., Pld, ,
Bt. P., M.AM..122W,
Harlem. 220 bid.
M fauuv uoiana, mr:-m.
St Paul AO. pld, 113!
Tenn.CnalA Iron,
Houston AX., 35
Illionia Central. 133.
Ind.,B. 4W.,11"4.
Kansas k T., 36.
Lake E. A W , 19.
Lake Shore. HI: .
Lou. A Nash.. n,.
Lou. A N. A., 58.
M. A n. latpfd.-.
M. A C. aecoada. .
Mem. A Char . 40.
Mich. Cen..91;,k.
ioxas facthri, zl
l'oioo Paoilio, M.
U.S. Express, 00
W., St.L AP.,19"
W., St.L. A P. P.. 30
W. A F. Ex..li5.
W.U. Tel.,77W.
Colorado Coal, 28.
Home Stake. IS
Iron Silvor, 200.
Min. A St. L ,21
, 41 ft uruario,
niiMi Ouicksilver. 6.
Min. A St. L
Missouri Paotho
&a,m'A. Uuicksilver pfd., 23.
Mobile A Ohio, Wi
South Pacific '
M. L. S An., !.
butro, b.
London, October 15 Consols 100
11-10 !or money, snd 100 lor the
tic co act. United States bonds 4,
131 . Bar silver, 45 3 lOd per ounce.
Paris, October 15. Three per cent,
1 enter-, 82f. 15c for tbe account.
Nkw York, Otobr-r 15. Bank clear-
ing?$132,0Gl,435; balances, $7,251,470.
St. Louis, Mo., Oc'ober 15. Bank
clearings, $2,40,50U; balances, gJ.su,
Baltimore, Md., October 15. Btnk
rlenrings todty, $1,955,5.5; balances,
Philadelphia, Pa Oiitcber 15
Cleanings today, 19,20 1,024; balances,
Chicago, III , October 15. The As
sociated lixulL cleaiiDL'S tousy weie
Boston, Mass., Oc'orjr 15. Bank
clearings today, 14,200,519; balances,
$I,8UJ,4yo. Money 4 per cent.
Tbe local cattui market opened
steady, and nlosrd steatly ; middling,
8J. S'es, 3700 bib s, 2930 to export
ers and 80,1 to spinners.
Yesterday. Thursday,
Ordinary JNom. Mom.
Good Ordinary.... Noin. Horn.
Low Middling 81 81
Middling 8j 8
Good Middling.... 9 9
Middling Fair 9 9
Fair Norn. Horn.
Mihfbib, October 15, 1380.
Stock Sept. 1,1880 4,009
Received todiy 4,458
Ri-ceivaa piev.oubly... 53,037
Shipped today ......
Shipped previous'y
Home consumpuon to
05 ' 26,457
Stock runnlne account
35 047
Thus far this week 26,192
Thus far la t week 18 25
S.nce Btp'.ember 1st 58,095
M. and C. P.. R 574
M. & T. R. R 509
L. and N. R. R 40
M & L. R. R. R 1,190
C, O. & S. W. R. K 395
L, N.O. AT.fi. R 223
K. O . S AM. R. R 48
M..S AB. R.R 17
StearreM 138
Wan ns aud o.her sourcts 300
Total:. 4.453
Thus far this week v 14,920
Thus fur latt week 5,19
Since September 1st 2e,252
M. A O. R. R
M. A T. It. R
L. A N. R. R
C, O. A 8. W. R. R ....
L., N. O. A T. R. R
M..H.AB. R.R
Total 2,836
New York spots oorhel sady, and
c'osed steady. Middling, 9 5-16c. Kales,
794 balos. Quotations were as follows:
Yesterday. Thureday.
Ordinary 0 9-10 6 9-16
Good ordinary. 7 15-16 7 15-1 6
Low nvddlmg 8 13 16 8 13 16
Middling. 9 6-18 9 6-16
Good middling 9 11-10 9 11-10
Middling (air..lO 5 16 10 5-16
Fair 10 15-16 10 15-16
New York futures opened quiet and
,. 63(1
.. 328
.. 1,001
,. 203
- 200
.. 501
firm, and closed steady and 1 point
higher than Thursday. SaWs, 00,700
bales. The closing quotations were as
follows :
9.063 9.07
9.07(3 9 08
9.12 9.13
9.2(k3 9 21
9.35(3 W.36
9 44(3
9.52 9 53
9 6K4 9 62
9.69(3 9.70
9.75(3 9.77
October....- 9.07(3 9.09
November- 9.0S 9.09
December - 9.13 jr 9 14
January 9.21(3 9 22
Febraary..- v .-'sa 2
Match- .3too a 3
April 9.44(3 9 47
May 9 52C") 9 51
June 9 61 9 62
July 9 69'3 9.70
August .70(.r) v.10
Naw York cotton statement for the
week ending Friday, October 15, 1886:
Net receipts at all United Bales.
States ports for the week... 229.095
Total receipts to date
SI 0,000
Exports (or tbe week -
Total exports to date
Stock at U. S. ports
Stock at 16 iiterior towns
Stock at Liverpool
Stock of American afloat for
Great Britain 180,000
The New Orleans spot market
opened quiet, and closed quiet.
Middling, Vic. Ha'es, 3000 baits. Quo
tations were as f lowj:
Ordinary - ti
Gcod Ordinary 71
9 3-16
Low Middling 83
Middling 81
Good Middling 9 3-10
The New Or'.e;ns future
oreifld firm, aod c'oac.d stKPdy Ld
2 to 3 nniutj MRiior tnao liiurs.isy.
(ale?, 28,000 baU-t. Qootuliona wtre
as follows:
1 1 slordav. Thumlav.
October 8 84ft 8.85 8 8t(3 8 82
November- 8.66(3 8 07 8.04ft 8.05
December - 8 67t ) 8.6S 8.65(3 8 06
January .... 8 76:3 8 " 8.74 8 75
February... 8 86 8 So 8.84(1) 8.80
March 8 97(a) 8.99 8.95 8 96
April 9.09 9.10 9 00 9.07
Mar 9.1 !(tf H.-U y.lti'tt V.ll
June 9.30(3 9.31 9.27 9.28
July 9 40(3 9.41 9.3700 9 38
August 9.4i 9.44 9 3J 9 40
JKee. I ?rices
5339 8 J
7726 85 .
7258 85
1250 8
23 250
" 21712
N. Orleans
Mobile ....
Norfolk ...
ISew York
l(h' 9 5-10
17 9 7-10
Philad'a ..
St. Loui?..
Auunita ..
1650 Ss
2006,8 9-l(!
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886..S4.800
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885-37,071
R'ti U. S
Ex. Gr. Bt
R'ts Sept 1
ForVn Ex.
443 533
R14 (U
4: 9,990
Dtcreae in receipt! this year . ..42,067
At noon: Liverpool spots were
steady, fair demand. baW s,lU,0C0 bales,
of which American 8700 bales. Re-
clpts, 4000 ba'es, cf which An.erican
3000 bales.
Closing quotations wers aiinllows:
Ordinary, 41d;aotd ordinary, 4 Ad; low
niiddlifg, 4 I5l0d; gooa midauns,
63d; middling uplands, 6 3101; mid
dling Orlt an", 6 5-10d-
The pricen are given in pence and 64f7ij,
thus: 4 63 mm 4 63-64d; and 5 01
meant 5 1 64d.l
At noon : Liverpool fu'.ures wsre
stead: 0.:tobr. 5 C8d; October
November, 5 025 03 J; November-Da-
cember. 6 Old: December-Janu
aiv, 5 Old; January-Ftbrtiaiy. 5d;
Fibruatv-Marcb.5 015 03d;Mnrcti
April, 5 035 04i ; April-May,. 5 OOd ;
W ay-June, 6 08d.
At 2 p.m.: L verpool futures were
firm: October, 5 lCd, sellcra; October-November,
6 03d, buyers; November-December,
5 02d, sellers; D.-cember-January,
5 61d, buyets;
Ja.iunry-Febtuary, 6 Old, buyers; Feb-ruary-Msrch,
5 03d, selleis; March
April, 5 051, skiers; April-May, 5 C8d,
sellers; May-June, 5 lOd, seller.".
At 5pm.: Liverpool futurts were
flat et decline; October, 5 07d, buyers;
Octi ber-November, 5 Old, sellers ; No
veraber-December, 5 Old, sellers;
Decerr-bei-Jttnoary,501d, tollers ; Janu-ary-Ft-brnary,
4 63d, buyers; Feb
rnaryMarc)), 5 Old, sellers; Mrcli
April, 5 03d, huytrs; April-May, 5 Ood,
buyers; May June, 5 07d, buyers.
Liverpool wepkly statement fjr the
week ended O.tobur 15, 183 i:
1886 1885.
Weekly sales 63,000 40 000
Ol which American 44,000 34,OnO
Inclu ling for export 4,00 3 500
Ind'g for spec'lation 200 , l.tOO
Forw'df'm ship side 7,000 6,100
Total stock 316,000 362,000
Of which American. 150,000 233,000
Week's receipt? 28,000 20,000
Of which American. 18,000 17,000
Tot'lrec.fiDceSsp-l. 167,000 105 100
Of which Ameiican. 103,800 82,700
Actual week's exp't. 6,000 6 500
Stock alloat 209,000 128,000
Of whxh Americio. 180,000 119,000
Week end
ing Oct. Since Sep
15, 1880. teniber 1st.
CEivKD. This Last This Ijist
Year Year Year Year
MAORR.... 344" 1939 6859 4454
MATRR... 2947 2274 80:8 6H98
LANRR... 3377 1702 7156 3322
MALRRR 4805 3577 10Si9 10H90
C.OASWRR 2184 977 4199 2174
L.NOATRR 1053 932 1914 294
KC.SAMRR 858 852 2154 2059
M.BAARH 832 515 1452 1307
Miss, river... 2949 4378 74''8 14105
White river. 3642 1259 3220 3HIU
St.Fran river 140 375 162 10n7
Ark'saa river 96 490 628 904
Wagons, etc 1800 2050 4150 6100
Total 20192 21320 68093 59931
MACRR... 3922 1 6 ?5 0395 2959
MATRR... 1475 304 2109 308
LANK R... 3448 2804 1 0362 102.'0
C.OASWRR 3122 3090 3621 8870
L.NOATKK 837 345 1466 3582
M, B A A It R 283 181 406 673
Steam's n'rth 1818 507 1818 4164
Steam's s'uth 15 1047 15 1218
Total 1492011993 20252 32200
Cornmeal-Standard, $2 202 25;
pearl, $3 253 35; roller, $2 45.
IIav Choics, Irom store, oc; car
load from levee or depot, -$12i3;
prime, from store, 65(370?.; car load
Irom levee or depot, 1112; prairie,
from store. 53c. : car load from levee
or depot. $7.
Cork From etore,white,50c -.mixed,
48c. from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 43c; in sacks, 46c; mixed, in
balk, 41c; in satis, 44 jc.
Oats From store,white,37c; mixed,
35c; from levee or depot, white, in
balk, 32c; in sacks, 84jc; mixed, in
bulk, 31c; in sacks, 33c.
Uban rom store, vuc; irom levee
or depot, $13 10.
f LocB From store, no.s, .t(jt)3 25;
familv. $3 503 75: choi e, 3 764:
fancy, 4(34 25: extra fancy, $4 25
4 50; patents, J5(?5 50,
Kkans Kavy. ?2; meamm, ji 60
175: common, $J 25; Gernuo mille',
$1 20.l 4 ).
Rica LouisUca, 45J-; Caro'iaa
Oatmeal In balf-bmels, $33 25
from store.
Cpackbrs Pcrtla. extra, 4c; soda.
treble txtrs, 5c; extrs,7o: gingtrsnaps,
extra, 66c; asscrtsd iuniblts.9llc.
C'Kackkd Whbat iu naii-Darreis,
$4 25 from store.
Hominy and U bits -r 10m store,
fg 153 25.
Wheat higher; No. 2 red, caah, Clc;
November. 611c: My, 7Ue bid. Cora
higher; No. 2. cash, 291c; November,
301c b'd; May, 36 Jc. Oats tominal,
24c, b d cash.
St. Louis, Mo., Oc'ober 15. Flour
quiet and firm; XXX., $2i5?2 45;
lHmily,!r-'M)(a (o;;cnoice, j luy.t.'j;
fancy, $3 40(S3 50; extra, $3 6u3 83;
patent-1, f44 35. Wheat nct've and
lower. Thematket opened ur settled
snd so icma nud until about nocn,
when war nvwsand favorab cdoniPttic
influences slartid prices up, and a
sharp advance of 1U" followed.
Later puces cased ou anu ci we
i(f jo over yesterday ; No 2 re
7374c ; NovemWr, 73v.741c
74c; DCiJiiiber, 75j!70ie, clt
Later ptices cased ou anu ci wca wena,
reu, cnsii,
c, t losed
losinji at
76jt70l!:; May, 841 a 85e, c'.rsing at
85ji t ora dull but stroii?, in sym
la hy witi wheet; piices cioted iOJc
higher than yesterday; N . 2 mixed,
c-sh, 333o: Noveiub r, 33Jc; De
cember, 34j343e, rlosiiie tt 34Jc
aked; Mav, 38f;38ii, dosing at
381c Oils dull but sirr.nir, and45tf
highor; No. 2 cash, 20(2t.'o; Ojiober,
2tU; November, 2ti26i", Dtcnmhor,
27c; May. 30Js. Rye w-ink at 471c
Barlev cu 1; prices rangd fr.tm 50c to
6!c, according to quality. Ilay dull
and weak; p'airin, $78 50; tiaiothy,
$t)1150. F.axseed neglected. l!-an
steady at 471. Oornmeal, Si 90 Re
ceipts Fiour, 3(03 brls; wheat, 20,000
bu; corn, 30,000 bu; oais, 36,100 bu;
rye, 31)00 bu ; barley, 31 ,010 bo. Ship
ments Flour, 0000 brls; what, 3000
bit: corn, 9000 bu ; oats, 1000 bu; rye,
3000 bu; barley none.
Afternoon Board. Wheat stesdy
and a ehmle better. Com firm and la
higher. Oati weak and Jc lower.
Chicago, III., October 15. The
whekt market opened eayend with
free cllerings. Novenlur declined to
725c with; few scittering sales a shade
lower. A reported decline in British
consols and Russisn securities, to
gether with a larger expoit movement
at Nf w York and Philadelphia, caused
a sudden advance, November advano
irg to73gc, with "shorts" covering
freely. A partial reaction followed,
the market tiaallv closing c higher
than yesterday. Corn was firmer and
a shade higher, inlluencf d by the ad
vance in wheat and smaller estimated
receipt". Oitts ruled very steady, and
closed J(3!ij higher. Flour was quitt
ar.d unchanged. Cash quotations wera
as follows: Wheat, No. 2 spring, 71 8c;
No. 2 red, 721'-. Corn, Nr.. 2, 34jc.
Oas, No. 2, 24Jc. "five, No. 2. 4 Sc.
Burley, No. 2, 62J53c. Flax
seed, No 1, 981c. Prime timothy seed,
$1 65. Futures ranged and closed
as follows: Wheat O.tober opened
at 71c highest 721c, lowest 71c, clns
ing71j; November opened at 72 1 1,
highest 735 , loweit 72 jc, closing
73c; December opened at 74 jc, high
set 7c 6c. lowest 74lc. closing 751s;
May opened at 8: j highest 82J, low
e t 803e, closing 811c. Corn Oc ober
opened at 341 highest 34Sc, lowest
341 closing 31J s; Noveiiiber opened
at 351c highest 361 c lowest 35ji!,
closing 35Jc; December opened at
36lc, bighost 37c, lowest 3( io, closing
3(ic; May onened at wf, n'nuesi
4llc, loweit 40c, clot-ing 41c. Oats
October opened at 241c higheBt 242c,
loweet24jc closing 241a; November
opened at 25Jc. highest 2'Jc, loweet
25c. closing 5!5lo: Deceinbtr opened
at 2'lc, higlifst26l8, lowest 2c, clos
ing L'lilc: MavoDHnad at 3l'lc high
est 301c lowest 30Jc, closing 303c
lteceins Flour. 10.000 brls; wheat,
92,000 bu; corn, 211.0CO bu; oiSf,
157,003 bu; rye, 3000 bu; barley, 74 -000
bu. Shipments Flour, 13,000
hr's; wnept, 54.0C0 bu; corn, la.i.wiu
bu; oat', 76,000 bu; rye, none; bar
ley, 61,000 bu.
Bpttbb Bntterine, 13114c;
creamery, 3U(a ; dairy, ioui:;
country buttttr, 1618c.
Hoo Proddcts Met-s pork. $10 25;
sugnrcuied hams, 12121c; breakfast
bacon, 8J9jc; clear rib shihs dbcod,
7jc; bacon shouldetrs, 717Bc; bulk
pork clear sides, Vlta-VJi:; ciear no
Bidei, 717ioj shoulderd, OJc; long
clear, 7Jc.
Lard Tierces, Ulc; naii-uarreis anu
kegs, tijc; choice kettle, 71c.
1kkhu Mbats sso. I beet, ie; mnv-
ton, 8c; hiud quarters of beet, tsjc;
lambs, 10c.
Poultby Uhlckens, spring, t-'t)
2 75; old hens, $i 75 3.
Chek'E Fact)rv. 9c nominal; full
cream, 1313Jc; lyonng America, 14o.
Fias Fbkt. Barrels, 9 &tKo)iu; nan-
barrels, $1 755; keg', $1 75.
St. Louis, Mo.. Oclobur lo Pro
visions dull snd easy. Pork, $9 37.
Lard steady. $5 75. Bilk meats, loose
lots Ion clear and short rib, $6 70;
short e'ear, $7; boxed lo s long clear,
$8 75: shut ribs,$6 87J; short,clear,
$7 12J7 25. Baconlong clear, au ;
shmt rib', $7 50; short clear, $7 02j.
Hams steady, 101121c. ftu'ter quiet
and easy; cieam-ry, 24'-'C. Hggs
fiimr, 12j13Jc.
Chicago, III, October 15 Pro
visions weie nrmer. 'esi pora ai-
vnnced 510c and closed at outside
piices. Mess pork, $9. Lird, $5 75
5 80. Short lib tides, loose, 6 7U
Dry talted shou'dsrs, boxed, $5 40
5 45. Short char sidn, 16 65 U.
Futu'es ranged as follows: lor
October oper.el at $!, hig' eft $9,
lowest $8 9.1. clorirg at J9; .November
rpned at a uj, Digtiwi v,
$8 f 0, closing at K9; Junuary opened
at $9 92, highest $10, lowest rJ J.
closing at $9 95. J.a'd October
opened at l!5 75, LlgheHJ'o, lowmi
$5 70, clofing st $5 75; Movetnber
opened at $5 75, higliPtt ) si', lowest
Jr. 75. clrminir at S.5 774 ; Jannary
nnpnRd Bt S.J 1 1. h crliPH'. ii) 1. 10WOBI
15 95. cloBiiiB tl5 07. Short ribs
fpinlier nnHiied t$6 7tl. highest $0 70,
lowest $0 70, closing at 6 70; January
onened at$5 07J. hiirheflt 5 071, low
est $.5 07, clos ng at $' 071. On the
Produce Exchange : Butter ruled Orm ;
creamery, 1828c; diry, 10(3; Jo
packing stock, 79o Kas 1718t:.
Cofkkb Ormmon, 10c; ordinary,
10J(7idllc: prime Rio. 12l13c; choics
to fancy, 13J14c; old government,
SriAi 3(n),5o nor nrund.
CANPIFS-Siicks, all s tes, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 7191'!.
Handled Fall weight. 991c.
8alt-$1 20 per barrel; sacks, fine,
f 1 351 45 ; coarse, $1 101 15 ; pock
eta, bleached, 27c; car-loads from I
'evee or depot, 6c cheaper.
Canmbd Goons, Ftc. Prices per
doin: Pineepples. $1 2,Va)l 60;
onds, $11 10; tomatoen, 2-lb stand-
ard,90.(3fl; 31b,$ll 15; strawltor-
ries, $1 10(ftl 25; rasnherries, 11 10($
125; b'ackberries, StQt'l 10; green-
gKes, Ji OLK"U s; pears, $2
'I 25; plums, $1 601 0; BeparegiH.
$2 60(M; green coin, ll 35; green
peas, $l65(a165; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lb, 8595c; cive oysters,
full weight, 2-lb, $1 60(31 80; cove
oysters, linht weight, 1-lb, 60a; cove
oysters, light weight, 216, $1; con
deneed milk Orown. $5 fiO(A5 75;
Eg!e, $7 50(Ji7 75; Daisy, $1 75.
VltiLAs.AS Louisaea, common to
fa'r, 18(325c; prime to choice, 3040c;
syrup, 20 40c; common to fair, 20(3
25c; prime to rhnioe, 3035c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3233c
Tobacco Common, ll-!nch, 7
28c; other grades and stvlee, 3i85c.
Snuff narretts, fio ta pr i-ss
Ralph'a, $10 25 per raw; R, R, $9 25
10; Gail A Ax's, $3 75.
Sugar Pure white, 6jj6jc; off
white, 6Jf61c; yellow clarified, 01
(ijc; open kett'e, 661c; retlned A,
die; sranulut d, 6c; powdered, 7J
7a; cut loaf, 718e.
New York, October 15 Coffee
Spot fa r Rio firm, 11 gc ; optiors a
sliailo Mgber and active; sates, tu.iu
baH: October, 9.8510s; November,
9.859 5e; Decembr, ftSiXtMOe; Jan-
nary and February, 9.859.95e;Mareh,
9.8f10t; April and May, 9.90 10c.
Bngr etea'ly ; cnnlecti merb A, fie
powdered, 60Jc; granulated, 6 13 16
6;. Molaeees dull. Rice s oady.
IIO!'ftF.IIOI.D NI Pfl.llN
Atplks Apples, $1 60(32 CO; dried
apples, l'l3u per pound from store.
Drid peai'he, 2131a from stnre.
Ykgktaiilbs Onions, J3 from
s ore. Cabb 'go, $2 50; nor head, 8 10c ;
$1 75 Irom lnvee or depot per crnt.
Kraut, brie, $"R 75 ; hnlf brls, $1 75
3. Garlic, 40(i)00o per 100. Turnips,
50.i per bul el.
Fruit Ora'tgps, per box. $5 50; per
bairel.$9 6010 1
$9 5010 itnrns,$5 50(.6per RENE MACRfc'ADY r.-rZ
Janatias, $ 1 60 2 50 per bunch. w , , f ,r CAT ISLAND UAILV.oom
nts, f5 p.r 100. l'eanu s-V .r- un TUESDAY, Oct. lt'th, at 5 o'clock
box. Bana
ginia, 71c; Tennessee, farmer's stock,
34c; roasted, 2n higher; thoilod
10c. Alminds, 1820j.
Rapins London layers, $3 40; lay
er', $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
$3 504
5c; qimrts,
llotia$3 75:
ill ' 'iV
Pii'Klbs In iars. pin's. 9i
$160: half-gallons. $2 75: sail
loose, barrels, $6 50(37; half-batrels,
$3 75W 4 ; iii ixed, barrels. $10 60 ; mixed,
half-barrels, $6.
PoTATo8-New, $1 25l 60; North
em etock, $1 752.
Cidbr Now York, $0 507 per bar
rel, and $3 754 per half-barret.
Vineuar 10(315n per gallon.
Fkcanb Texas, 810i! for small to
medium, 1014c for lurge; Arkansas,
Finn Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 2fi(3r 75; No. 2 $4 755; No. 3,f4 25
(3475; 10-lb kit, No. 1,90c; No. 2,75c
15 lb, No. 3, 65e. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25c per box.
Walnuts French, 12c; Naple,15c ;
Grenoble, 15o. Filberts, 12c.
Gamk Game fish, ll12c.
Eoos-Dull atl415c.
In car load lots: Prime crude
cotton Beed oil, new, 28.'10c; off
crude cotton seed oil, old, 24(3
26a; prime Bummer yellow cot
ton seed oil, 353ttc; off summer
vellow cstton teed oil. 8234c; min
ers' summer yellow cotton seed oil,
33f3135c: prime summer while cotton
seed oil, 35c; choice cooking yellow
cottan seed oil. 87JWi40c : prime cotton
seed meal, $14 6015; off cotton seed
meal, $VA(a)li.
Baooinq Jute. 2 lbs, 8Jc: 1J lbs,
7J; U U s, 7o. Flax, 8 lbs, 9Ja.
Tikh $1 05t7til 10.
Naii, Common, $2 202 25; steel,
$2 35,' 2 53.
PowiKR-K-gs, $4; half kegs, $2 25;
quarter kegs, $1 25,
Clear tub washed, 3136c; grease
wool, 2326c; hurry woo), 1318c.
Sr. Ix)Uis, Mo., October 15 Wool
qnit but steady; medium clothing.
22f3Vi7c: combing. 25 263: low and
c aree, 14 22c; heavy, 1621c; black,
Boston. Mass.. October 15. Wool in
good demand and prices firm and ad
vancing; Ohio and Pennsylvania
Mepcefl. a and above, atajjHc; aa.
35f37:t: extra. 34341o; Michigan
extrs, 33o; No. 1 Ohio, 3839; No. 1
Michigan. 37(o)38j; wo. l uuio como-
Ing, 3840c; No. 1 Michigan. 38c j
Oliio fine delaine. 37(3371: No. 1
Michigan. 3536c; pulled wools.
choice, 3S45n ; common to good, 33
(iXr.; extra, 3032o; lambs, 3035c :
-i It.l Al-
PiiiLAPBLi-niA. Pa.. October 15.
Wool firm, with improved demand;
Ohio. Fennsvlvnma and West Vir
ginia, medium. 3830o: Michigan, In
diana and Wes'ern. medium, 37(338j(ii
washed, combing and delsine, coarse,
37fa.184r: Oani.da. waelied, combing,
3738lc; tub washed, choice; 41
43c; fair, li'jtoc; coa.no, auyjiuc;
uowesned omning ana neaine,
medium, 3032o; coarse, 2931o;
bright nnwaahed clothing, medium,
30fo32: coarse. 2931o: Esstern Ors-
gon, medium, 2426c; coarss, 23
35c ; Valley uregon, medium, zh&mc i
arse, 26JHc; JNew Mexican ana
Colorado, coarse (carpet), 1719c.
r vruiki vii m Minn rT
Coal Oil Prime white, wholfBale
lottf 11c prr gallon.
Clbtblanr, O.October 15. Fctro
leuin, a. w. 110, 7e.
PiTTHHtiBO, Pa, Oc!oberl5. Petr-
leinn dull; National transit certifl-
cat s opened at 04 So and e'es tl at
Mis; hiKhe-t, (15c ; loweBt,6ISR.
Whiskv Straight Kentucky Hoop
bin, $I 605; rediHtilled gwda from
85n to $1 50, according to proof; rye,
$1 750.
Ciiicaqo, III., October 15. Whisky,
$1 18.
8r. Loijib, Mo., Oclober 15. Whisky
firm, $1 13.
Cincinnati. O .October 15. whisky
steady ; sales of 974 barrels of fluishtd
goods on a basis ot i l.t.
Rocelnts cf cattle the pat week
have boen fair: prices were firm at
last week's quotations; todays sup
ply is light and tho demand, especi
ally for beat butchers' and youn?
feelers, omte st'iod : prices firm as
auoted. Fair supply of hoiis on rale;
prices lirm. wgnt rectipw in sneep
and no good grades on sa'e to lay;
prices firm. Market bare of lambs;
demand very good for choice gradoa;
nncra firm. Uilotation:
Gba"s Uattlb Choice. 313Ji:;
good, 2l3Js; fair to meJium,
VJf ac awars. l(AUo.
lloos-Ohoie,414Jc jgood,4'lJci
pom iron. ai-i31
Hnagp Choice. 8)4o: medium, 3
3io: common, tll 50. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4 5c.
Chicaqo. In., October 15. Th
Drover? Joumat repotts: Cattle re-
ceipta, 7000 hel; 6liipment8, 1S00;
best cattle eteady, others lower; ship-
ping steers, 950 1500 lb?, $3 40
5 20; a'ockers afcd feeder., $2
3 25; cows, bnlls rd mixed, $160
3; bnl, $2 252 50; through Texw
cattle 10c lower; cennt'rs, $! I5C33;
good steers, $33 40; Western
rangers 10(.il5e lower; nv uves and
half r.ree-'s. ;?3 8i; wint red Tex
ans, $3 2(K;3 60. Hng reroute, 1100
bead; ilucments, lOtH) head; mat kit
slow. 10' lower; rough and n ixed,
$3 60 ?4 20; packing and ship) 'ing,
$3 7c4 40; light we ghtf,$3 5t'4 35;
skips, $2 25(33 75. Sueep receipt,
3000 head; shipment, 1500 bead;
nia'ket Btealy; natives, $2 254 20;
Western, $;! 60 3 tO; Texans, $2 20
2 75; Umis,$4475.
Nbw York, October 15. The de
mand for cotton gocds was well main
tained, but busiuess in spot goods
restricted because of the nominal sno-
nlies. Agents bays advanced Cabol
36 inch bleached to 71 c, and Clifton
CC661c in brown. Agents have
had more inquiry for flannels, with a
fair business and prices very steady at
nncuangeu quotations).
Hniiill nml Nrw Orlrnna Vhl.
Chas. P. Chouteausv
Thorwoitrn muter JfuiBfl
Will leava the fclovator o li M L) A k , Oo'.
lTtli. lit 10 f.m. Fur freijiht or imasitK. ani,.
O. L. Ili.i , . Ar't. All ST,. KM. Ac'i,
Nf. I.onlo auil New Orlcnn Anchor
l.luo-H.N. Mill-FOH VICKSllL Kd.
City of Vicksburg, .fTSr.
i-a- A hte mas'.r, tKmM
Will leave tho Klevator HUNDAY. Ootoler
17th, at HI a.m. For ireintu r iiHasnae V'T
C. I.. Mai.i, A'irf.. AUSTdHM.NMp'i.
The Hteamer
JAM. l.KW .la.. Sup't.
Arkan.aa Klver Farkrl '. For l'ina
llluff ami all war landing on Ark. Klver.
Sir. It.L. COM., vKEk
KJ. Now anil. ..master, "V'T.,'aiil"irr i
Will leave BTUKl)AY, Oct. ltith, alt- ii.in.
For freiaht or iia aaKO applr at No. 3 Maui-
ion stn-ot, orto II. u. LOn h, Aa.ut.
tall i'Mithone No. o..
For Oaoeola, llalea Point, OarutheriTH'e,
Uayoao and iipionvine ine naw iui
whi.nl itusHnntrer Nteair.r
W. Y. Hall master. I J. U. Fuller olerk
Will leave as above, ana all way nointi.
KVKUY MOMUAY and TllllKhUAt at
p.m. Korlreiffhtor pnssnye ai't'lyon hoarrf
Uemihl,t'rnrai tnlni nat Kruiputi
and tlacnoln Pftchrt t'omiiaiij.
Forllolena. Qlendale, Frlart Point and al
wa lianiimn ttiaamar
TaineN liee, j-tj
F. T. m.AOURTT Master.
Will leave as above on KVKRY MONDAY,
WKDNESUAI aud iKlUAH atso oluoa;.
For Randolph, Fnlton, Oaeaola an Way
liaadiDit Dtaamar
Coaliomn, itjESf
J. II. COOPKR 3laster. .
and FRIDAY at ft p.m. Theboataol thl
Una reserve the right to paaa all lamtlnirl
the eaptain way deem nnaate. umce, no. a
lundtson St. .lAmsn i.r.r,, rvip
Meuiphls and YlcBshurg Packet Cob
pani u.n.maii Line.
For Helena, Ooneordla, Terrene and Arkan
sas i;u v l ne eieranc passenger a learner
M. R. Cheek. ..matter I W. 0. Blanker...olerk
i,evea mempms
For Concordia and all wy landinia.
The titetimer
A. L. Cummlna, Maat'r I Lew Prine 0 erk
Leave! Til KD AY and SATURDAY at&p.a
For general information apply at
No. 4 Madlion afreet. .
B. TTAblluniU,
JOHN CAWK. Pass'r Aeent. Telephone !.
The Ht. Francis Kler Transportutloi
Oo.'i Fine Hlde-W heel U. B. Mall Hteamei
Kl Foster, rjjT'
0. K. Joplln -..master,
WIJ.1. leave naairuin
at S o'olook, for Marianne, the Cut-Off. as,
Intel mediate landing! on Bt. Franola rlvor
The oaptain resorvaa the rl.ht to paaa al
landings he deema unaafe. JAB. LKK, Jr.,
Hnrlntndn 11(11, No. 4 Madison st
MemiihiH& White Hirer 1'kt.Co
For t'lnrenden, IiotmIU Illiill,, !)
Are, Augusta, bearoy, Newpurt, J ao son-
port, Uato'vllle and all way landings,
Hill. 1I1CKA8AVV, r.
p i',
B. 0. Postal. master,
Will leave KVBRY WKDNKbDAY atft p.m.
htr. ALIJERTA NO. 3t- P
Ainerii u. r urn "i in r" i vi i .
Will leave KVKKY HAIUHDAT at 5 p.m.
'rtir..h p.tj,. irivnn to all nnlnts. Freight
eonaigned to the Meu rhle and White River
Packet Co., at Memphla or Terrene, will be
forwarded promiitly. For general informa
tion apply at oiuce, do. a meiiison ii., on
Hall 'leleinone. n. v. u"" m ..
)M Tit K HIMAS H"l Y KM.sHOI.H, IT. V H.l lfF.1
Rl It.s Mil Itri.U, t . 4 nit tnh-falti, 1 tit I in.'
i . v?r Wl 11 aaj IB
.,1 ,.t.O,
,1, Y.V .-
Proponnla for tonairnciinff i.eTeea.
v.. irua r,TM I.lllllflllMA LRVRH DlHTK
QEALKT) PROPOSALS will lie received at
i ti. ..... uru unrii, inmi
of (lih Louisiana Levea District, at Delta,
Lt , - mtM nf the lloara nl oinmtasionrra
Madison pa-Hli, l. , or ai toe oniya 01 me
t reiident, Vli ksburg, Misa,, up to VI o'olo.k
noon on Monday, the iHtb day or October,
1SI, lor tbe ouiiatruoiijn of the fallowing
leveeg: . n .
Levae. Looillty. imiiU. it re-
C. Yda. quired
w.lv K. Carroll, i:i ',ti Hi iJ
Halelah ' Carroll, l:i,tnw 4IK) (HI
Bhipi'l ilU)u... T.n.aa W. J
iann. . (,""
Milier Field Madison ... 42,.1'xi 1M) 0
Klton uarroii, tin
Deor Park Conoor-lla, n(,ism zli (si
I.akeUonooroia, yinmirma, ' " -
Killaruoj Medium... lisMHI
H.1,1....... Madi.ou... 2MO.0UO 8IIU0
Pro, oala for above named works must be
aeparate, and each proposal muat be ligned
by the person uiRklng the saine.and seaifd
In Its own envelope nou uini.vu
to build levee, in parish.
irolB ," giving tame of levee, and
of parish, and of person making proposal.
A (let OS 1 III ourrouj luvn.j. ... .
bank check is required for each levoa to the
amount above aiaieu. wiiicn iu ..
elosed In the waled envelope: said deposit
to be forfeilcd to the Hoard of Commission
era 5th Louisiana l.evee District in ease the
person to whom me wora niu (ra
shall fail to sign artio'ea of Bitrc euient, and
eomnlelo bond within forty-eUbt buura after
.r .,li,li,,nti(in.
llond will lie rtiiiiired In a lum not to at
cofd tve (M con per eubio yard on the
.t.uM.lnt.d in advertisement. With
two 11!) sureties, who will be reunited to
make oath tliat Ih.y are each worth, over
and above lisbllitiei and exemptions, the
J"!"- e.. I e a. 1 akaeaalag
of wotk and terma ol payment ea alio blank
fmoa'f lloald Bt. 'knn.er.. New Or-
anoint or nonu. ... ai-wrra AUKNTii.Men and women.
The Hoard re.-r ea the right to reject any WANTED to sell Til B .CHILD'S
and all bids, withdraw from letting suoh 7n7.oduot"on r Hev.J U. Vln-
leveei aa they rnay daain proper, aad to In- BIBLK. 'fl haa aoU 10 In a towo
ereaie ordu uinish the offer ng aa tbey tee at. I eeni. ..Mia,, of M; ona
Arkaniag River.... R. L. Con, S p.m.
Friara Point..... Jamsi Lai, 10 a.m.
White River .ALatTA Mo. 3, 5 p.m.
Vicksburg Cittof Virgsiugii.lO a.m.
New Orleans C. P. CHvViiau, 10 a.m.
Friars Point Jaugs Leg, 5 p.m.
Arkansas City .Kati;Adams, 5 p.m.
Osceola .Ciiihoma, 5 p.m.
Tiptosville CHitaiPUgg, i p.aa.
Arkansaa Klver.... Jos PgTKia, 5 p.m.
St. Francia River. Er Fesrsa, 5 p.m.
Concordia Oit.io, 5 p.m.
novEwir x'ra at the lbtbe.
mtyiJi,-Coahoma. Osceola: Oa-
yoeo, Concordia ; K J Foster, St. Krancia
river; Alhetta No. 3, White River; ,
Arkansas City, Vicksburg.
IfepartHTft Arkansas Citv.St.Lania :
Coahoma, C)ttBola; Oayoso, Concordia.
JSoaU in rort. K. L. Cobb. K 1 Foe-
ter and Alberta No. 3.
Boat Ihie Down.- Wty of Cairo,
itoal Due ('p. James Lee.
Kerrlpls Teatrrday.
Arkanats City 10 bales cotton and
208(1 eks seed.
Kd Foster 214 bales cotton. 252
bag seed cot'on and 700 sks seed.
tiiyoso 04 halts cotton, 92 baw
aeed cotton, 7t3 sks eeed and 11 pkgt
Coahoma 3S1 bales cotton, 42 baca
seed cottjn. 3110 eks aeed and lot
A'berta No. 3-320 hairs cott.in, 4
bnS wed cotton, 3li5 t-ka Botd aad I t
pkgs Biindiica.
Tub, Toe Peters, Oapt. K. 11. rimith
is the Tuesday packet for Arkansaa
Tim Oayoso, Capt. A. L. Cummins,
is the racket Tuesday evening lor
C mcordia.
Tn Ktl Fost- r, Capt. O. K. Joplin,
iroi out Tneedny evening for Su
Francis rivt r.
Tin Leo Lino pnrkels Moiday
evening er J.-iints L" for Fr.am
l'oint uud Coalu ma f. r Osceola.
Tn a Alloitit No. 3, Capt. A. B.
Smith, in the pnclot tliisevenirg at
5 o'clock for Wh ta river. H. O.
Wilson is her olerk.
TiiaCityof Vicksbnrg, Capt Pin
Ab'e, is ilie Anchor I. tie packet to
morrow nicrntnu at 10 o o'ock for
Yickshutg and the bends. Goo. Wal
ton Is her clerk.
Tn Chesapealtn, dipt. Vt. P. Hall,
is tin packet Monday evening at 5
o'c'ock lor Ilalca Point, Tiptmiville
and all way landings. Ool, J. 1). Ful
ler hi s t'ha'g i ot her olliee.
Tits It. L. Coll'i, Capt. F.d No land,
is the pHckot this evei iug at 6 o'clock
for all point) on th Arkanata river,
going t.-rongh to P.ne lHutr. Jainoj
N. Thompson hss clut'gsof hor trlice.
IITur Kate AtlntnK, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the Uni'ed H a'es mail
pneket Monday eveningat 5 o'clock for
lielena, Ark-iiisas City and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker has charge
of her olllce.
Tna great iron steamer Chas. P.
Chouteau, Capt. W. 11. Thorwegan,
will puss down tomorrow morning at
10 o'clock for New Orleans and all way
landing. Ueo. Miltenberger baa
cliaige of her olllce.
Tin James Lee, Capt. Thomas Clg
gett, having been unavoidably de
tained, will be found in port this
morning, and will leave at 10 o'clock
this morning for Helena, Friars Point
and all way landinus. Will Ashtord
has charge of ber olliee.
BfHiNiss fair.
Wiatukr e'ear and pleasant.
Tin river hero stands 5 foot 6 tenths
on tho gauge, a fall of 2 tenths in tbe
last 24 hours.
RacKins by tivor yesterday, 992
bales of cotton, 300 bags of seed cotton
and 7050 sacks of seed.
Tub Ed Foster arrived yesterday
morning from 8t. Francis river with
214 bales of cotton, 252 bugs of seed
cotton, 70(1 sacks of seed, aud letorns
Tuesday evening.
Tui Coahoma arrived yesterday
morning from Osceola with 384 balea
of cotton, 42 bags of seed cotton, 3110
sacks of seed, and returned last even
ing with a good trip.
Tub Qayoso arrived yesterd-iy morn
ing from Ounconiia with 04 bales of
cotton, 92 bags ci seed cotton, 783 sacks
of seed, and retii'ncd again last even
ing with a good trip.
Tub Arkansas City pasned up last
n'ght at 10 o'clock for Bt. Louis. 8he
discharged here 10 bales of cot tin and
2011 sacks cf coed and added 000 bales
of K istern bound cotton.
TnK Alberta No. 3 arrived last even
ing from White river with 320 balos of
cotton, 4 bigs of srod cotton and 305
sacks of seed, and returns "gain this
evening at the UMial hour, r-he re
shipped at Terrene 18 bales of cotton
for Mew Orlears
Tin St. Lonis RcpuWt'catt of Thuriday
says: Capt. Thorwegan backed the
iron hull steamer Charles P. Chouteau
out for New Orhans last night with
25 passer gers and 950 tons of f reluht.
Khe will remain South in the ctton
trade between Memphis and New Or
leans nntil next spurg, when she will
return here and resume the f xcursloa
Pittsbcro, Pa., October 15. Noon
River 5 fnet 5 inoliei and statmnary.
Weather clear and cocl.
Whkkmno. W. Va., octoner to.
Noon Uiver 2 feel and falling. Weath
er cloudy and cool.
Louibv!M.b, Kv., October 15. Woon
Kivtr 3 feet 10 Inches in the canal
iid 1 fo it 8 inches on tne tans ana
fillinir. iSuBlneesdull. tv earner ciear
and coil.
diaxiaaiTt. O . Oi-tobe r 15. Noon
River 4 feet 8 inches on the gauge and
fulling. Weather clear and cool.
Cairo, III., Octubtr 15. Noon
River tt feet 6 inches on the gauge ana
filling. Weather clear and'cooi. Ar
rived: Ivy and bareo", Memphis, 5
a.m. Departed: C.ty of Vicksburg,
midnight; Ohio, Cincinnati, midnight.
Kv AN8VIM.K, In o., October 15. woon
Kivoi 4 leet 1 inch cnttiegangeana
fa'brig. Weather clear; tbermotneier
5. -
Crab Orchard Springs,
T INCOLN COUNTY, KY. The egpellea
Ljof the ouUlna, and a;comniod.ti..na char
a teriatioofthla hotel during the paal t three
veara shall be ful y maittainod Ihia aeaaop.
Kr.Wrt 'to 'he .XX'S. fioti
and N. Hallway are good ria Ll a''vi''e,'.??
"ing and returning, to l-rowed, OB ftrattram
succeed. ng arrival n Loui'Ville.
W. T. UKAN f. Yr-ri J. t.Ktlnn.
I axf HTeV tkAaMllS I ODV (
new went SS In iu "'-j
ne two a acoee-
two Oinereua
I UbM. MglJVfe
A aaresa.

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