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OCT. 17, 188B
ROBERT L. TAYLOR, of Washington.
JAMKS PHELAN, of Bholby.
"W'ebave received circular from
the euperintendent o! the Tennessee
School lor the Blind, Mr. Link, the
content ol which should be widely
known. The school receives the blind,
or those too netrly blind to receive
education at the common schools; it
gives them board, gives literary and
musical instruction, and has a work
shop and sewing: room where they re
nrorarid to get their living, to
as to enjoy comfort instead ol
livioiiin idleness and misery. These
ara nrrr.ionH lileHfcinnB. vet out of 300
blind children in the SU'e lfS3 than
100 of tbem aro in the school. Where
are the re t? The circular callB upoa
Inuprn nf I iirrunitv to fit d out blind
you'b and commnnic&to with the
tchool, when the sulTerera will be re
ceived there if between 7 and 17 years
of a(je, morally correct, round in mind
and free froja epilepsy or any conta
gious disease. Parents, fritnds and
relatives of the blind, and all who de
sire to alleviate human misery, should
at once accede to the invitation of Mr.
Link and have every blind youug per
son in Tenmsaee put where they can
be fitted for the duties and raaponnl
bilities of life.
As our. population, our factorief,
furnace and workshops Increase, our
manufacturing productions increase,
and the increase a the years go on ex
ceeds more and more what we can
consume within our own limits. Ibis
surplus must find an outlet to foreign
markets, or a large portion of our
capital must lie idle, and great num
bers ol our working people mudt'be
left without employment. If the pro
fective ey s' era be more favorable to
the extension of trade than any other,
that fact is prool of its excellence. If
it restricts trade, it is evidently In
jurious and a fttilure. Does it re
strict, or does it expand trade? That
t.h tnt hv which we may know
whether ii is a benefit or a failure.
This tt may ba found by comparing
the commerce of the United States
with that of free trade England,
where the compariaou can roadily be
mado and dearly nnderstood. The
rati'ls of ; such o ermparieon are
summed up by that trustworthy trade
authority, the New York Bulletin, and
that authority says: "Our great ;com
petitar in the world's markets today
is England. She confronts ui lu
eviry clime and at every point. The
Oermanp, tha Freuch, the Bpaniards
and I ti Hans to some extent manae
to underauil and ciowd ua out, but tbe
utmost they have been able to sc
imnlis in that respect is atrifl
compared with the operations of John
Bull.who, unhampered by a repressive
oouiujerciBi system, lacked by un
limited ciDital. and provided with
every pof sible facility fr the inter
change of product', scorns to roam
over the commercial world aa if to
tike poeaetiaion ol it at will." To ttBl
this s'atoment of the Bulletin, it is
giving great odds to the United Bute
to select markets near to, and espeii
al'y accessible to it, in comparison
with a free trale couutry faraway,
and soe wh.ther we ' or
iar off la .d bavins free tndeare doing
mist bu:iuees in those markets
whethsr they ara supplied by mch
fre trade country cheaper, better and
mire auliab'y t'jon by our prot?c'6il
marke'. The Britith Trade Journal his
an a icle that will help to maks th
ompriEon. -Tlia', ptppr shows, from
American fctrteruenta, what ii the con
diiioi of 'the! West Iudian trade of Ih
two countries.. Ttiose islands presen
most favorable conlitions to the Amor
kan merchant; they are near tj us
and their markets are equally open to
the trade of the two nations. England
exper b to those colonies to the amount
o! fl2.7J9.000, and !ait year's export
to them from tue United Sta'es
rewhul to $7,8,000. At tie same
t un the prrciias: s of the United States
from tl.oio Wands annun'eJ to $17,
7 10.000, mmI tho purcbasos of Etiglan
to in.MlODO. Up n these finures the
K-uli. h i urml exclaims: "The Yac
i-iMi is not in the rtc." Should w
ex .'nl t"o conprieon to Contr
and So'jth America, wo eh ruld et ill
find ilia liiiir s if exports
impiitt proclaiminn .n trade, t!ie
p.-v.iat.d ni ion of nearly (i.1,000,000
nsnln in bsit.-n tv barulv oS.000,010
id frejt ad r-. Ari the 00,00.1,000 less
lut L'llii!. nt, loss ic.lu.t iojs, less quick
wived, ing u iom and abut iu biitiots
thantheT fne traiU rival? If not
wha'. toji-liniou cm wo dr.w other
than tbal the diff jrence In succors lie
in the diilorjnt fundamental coiid
tions npoa wlrch tbe two peop'o con
duct their biuincB). Iu the couipar
son hard male t:iirt ara no hypulhet
;.?al fut'ts or tinn.'S. Tue lacts are
plain nl clear. They are worthy of
piolound coas'ul-rntioa by thisswbo
' know tha , in IriJo, fcft-d fact la woith
all the decliidiHtiou and a 1 tlie mtra
inference wi.h which poliiicians
BMjktDhida or mis nterpret ibvlous
It is ma ter for regret that a sort of
smouldering fire of irri.ation Is kept
vp on both sides of the Rio Grande by
who love Mcitemeot,
uripiaveu luanuroia1 uu uui"
liver who delight la mitchitf and
petty ineculators who hope to inaku
money 11 irritation can be urged to the
point of actual hostilities. Thf S9 men
are full of a pernicious abomination that
may be cal el Rio Grande patriotism.
It iag..'s on bath sides the Rio Giaude,
J J 1 1- .UM triA I
and those inspired by it lose no op
portunity o! fanning the flame of mu
tual wratb. They are load in boast
ing of the prowess of their respective
countries. Tney are the vmdlca cm,
if,uot the special sustainers, of the
honor of their respective flag?. The
gicredduly of patriotism is at thair
tongue's end, love of strife lies in
their hearts, and covetousnesa for
army expenditures in the neighbor
hood) lies deep in their degrade J
souls. Each aids Uses no opportunity
to heap intuits and spend their ar s of
trickery and feelings of malice
upon each other, carrying on, in
their way, a sort of petty war
fra upon each other. The war
fare Is cont'xuilly leading to vex
atious incidents, and by magnifying
ihesa occurrences, it is hoped national
Interference may follow. Cutting
having turned cuk, a blank failure, a
more doughty hero is looked for.
R'o Gmiidi pa roiiam boss's that it
has got a tine hero this liine, and the
hoi or of the country must be asserted
in bis parson. His name is Thomis
Brawn ; he tlalmi to be tho eon of an
mftiifiin fa'.her and a Mexican
mother.and was bom in San Francisco,
lie says he was arrested ou the Mexi
can side on a fa'se charge of being
drunk; that ho was eentenced to a
month's labor, but escaped and
reached the American side of the Rio
Grands. Thither the Mexican officers
unlawfully followed and . captured
him and conveyed him within tbe
territory cl Mexico, and t!iat they
cruelly clubbed and maltreated him.
Rio Grande patriotism is up ai furious
ib ever Mother Partington's was when
she fought the At'antic ccean with a
mop. The R'o Grande patriots de
clare that American honor ia violated
ud all tbe stripes and ttara of the
flag individually Intuited, Bnd only
blood can wash out the indignity.
Rio Grande patriotism did contrive to
raise a few bubbles in the Cutting
case. b. it will scarcely get the couu
try to oome to boil because of their
present attempt to have the wnoie
land "done Brown."
Ntimra ofPbcIan eiommlUeemeu Ap-
polulrd Yoateiday.
Prcmident Emmet Woodson, of the
Prielan and Shelby County Democratic
Olub, In arcorriaucB wit'i Ihs rocom
mendaMtns made in the report of the
Oiimmittee on Orjsnniation to the
clnb on last Friday night, bas app:lut-
ed the following commute ea:
First War J, Jnhn Brentaan ; Second,
I)au HchHsj Tti'd, Johu J. Harry;
Fiiurlh, Gilbert Raine; Fifth, Gi-orge
Btttier; Sixth, Robert D. LBe;8ev
entu, 8. J. KhsppBrd; Eighth, Charles
Marshall; Ninth, Mik U Neil; Xentu,
Fr-nk Davis.
FiiB' DiBtric1, Jamf 8 Barre' t ; ec no,
8. A. Douglas; Third, O. W. Graves;
Fourth, E. J Wendell; Fjftu, Joe
Mhoon; Hix'h, F. L. Gibson ; Sevenih,
W. R. OrcBi: E ghtb, Mrk Young;
Ninih. J. K McKiuley; Tenth, Mar-
Bliall Farrahes; E eventh, J, H Weir;
iwe fili. W. u. Nt-lsoo; TUirteentti,
Wltor StvoiBoa; Fourteenth, Rivers
Groves; Fifteenth, A. h McCarver;
Hixt-enih, J. l j Ilynie; Meveuleeutti,
Dr. N, B. Harris; Eighteenth, L. 8.
ooMMtTraa on ci.obinq up btokks on
Fiwt Ward. Tom McKron; 8ectd,
Win. Rvn; Tnird, apoleon Hill;
Fourth, 11. M. Neely; Fif.h, William
Cunoingtiam; Sixth, John K. Npned;
Heventh, W. J Crawford; Eighth,
In Harvey; Ninth, W. J. unaee;
Ton th, Ktove Fitserald.
i'trst H'ard John J. Shea, Floy
McCarthy. Charles Fal'ow, Dive Ham
mer, lMfly Eoright.
mw(I. John unioen, who wan
den, Jan Cox, Dnn Scblose, Billy
ITifrd.-P. J. Kdlly, Mike Wolff,
Lous GHr.ochlo, Cnarles MerDci,
John J. Duffy.
Fourth. James Barlinelll, William
McLain, Pat Ean, W. L Andeieon,
Ben Fetherston, J. S. Mi lan.
Fiflk-Joha Wilier, Owen' O'Tcole,
Charles (iatlloi. Pat Duffy, A. Kis.
tiirft.- J. W. Alloy, J. T. JeflerHon,
Jemea Kicharde, Dave Lentaberger, N.
Srtimth. Henry JohnBon, Sam
Carne. Ham Patterson, Jess iorreBt,
Mat Hmiih.
Eighth,- Hugh Farrlo, Dan Shea,
Juliui Bohr, O. W. Dwyer, Aaron
Ninth. AM Hidden. Max Beatrice,
John Khehau (Buffalo J.ck), D.ck
Knndnlph, Fr.inic Carlln.
Tenth Wm. Davl, John Perde
gias, Cha. O'Neil, Dau O'Donnell.
hHrd Ward. I'At Cal'nhnn, Tom Kn
riuh', Louis Sjinbuci't'.i, Bub Dalton,
Jo'in Slianp.
Second Jack Connors, tUms. Win
tr, Harry B t-'chlcss, Walter Burke,
Mnrtiu Cohen.
Third 3 Algo, Wm. Groves, Al
ho't Hohr, F. Moj-wb, SumS'ager.
'our't Ttios. Taylnr, Frank White,
Charles McyeiB, M.J. Blts.-iog, Pat
r ck Qu bp.
Fifth. 3. R.Godwin, I N. Snowden,
Genrgi Battier, John Loaguo, jr.,To-.n
Sixth -William King, A. Garibaldi.
Joi B ggano, John McNichols, Ed
F. A. Jonef, Oorpe B
Putera, A. J. McLendon, Ji hn Daw
son, John H Mahon, H. B Dunrao.
Eijth. John N onan, Bon S el'g,
Dick Unpen", William Dear, Owen
jVt'rt'i. J. V. BluR'pr, John Kain,
Oioncy Wagner, Chulea Dougherty,
U U Kgrew.
7nfii. T. R Boy'p, Bud Duran,
Bill Koga ty, Johnnie Stiehl, Bob
The i cxt rune ting of the club will be
heild ir xr T(imtdy week, tho I ight of
(he 20 h invaot, at the OuunhouBe.io
Oiriui Court room. All n embers cf
the c ub and tho"e interpateil in the
e'oc'.i'ii nf the Democratic 'iikft are
requested to a'tend, a bu inees of im
portance will e tra sac ed.
Pth. rbolaa and tiktlbjr Co. la. Club.
The Brothers Tailor at Centerville
Speak to a Very Large Crowd
Congressional Nomination.
Csntsrviixb, Tenn., October 16.
The people couomei eel flockirg toeee
the Taylor brothers at Dixon this
morning, greeting and shaking handf.
At Bon Aqoa Miss Weemsp: evented a
baautiful bouquet to Bob, and at Lar
kin's All received one also. At Dix
on Conductor B own' little sou came
riding up to the depot to see and
speak to B)b, as the Ii tie fellow said
be was a gocd Rob Taylor Demo
crat. At Lyell 8!ation G. W.
Dodton presenti d the brothers
with a fine box of Taylor ciga'B, wh'ch
the nresi and the brothra enjoyed.
Crowds had gathered at the depot at
Conterville to leceive the brothers,
and All's procession formed and es-
corieu mm ro iub uuvei iu vo
tnrvilln. qnd Bab's Dror.esaioa then es
corted. bim uo town and around
and back to the courthouse, wbeie
t ih Breaking took place Bob
H ienkins firs'. He was introduced
by Mr. John H. C avgett, and he then
ma in a mnft nonerfiil speech, edilv
ins and delighting his audience of
several the uiaods. It was the larg e'
asstmblare ever seen in towo, and
thev listtned wiih rapt a'tention
Bob ppoke ju t about an honr and
held tho oeoDle ecellbonnd. and they
all eeemed to regret when he hud to
close, in order to Bet tbrouizh wiih
both BP8;chej- by 12 o'clock m
to re'.urnonth-) traiu to BoujAqua ana
theuco to Xashvillo. Tbea toilowed
Alf in one of his bist efforts, his voice
and a 1 bring much impruvtd, a'id ho
made a nr.e lmprewion on tnoio eB'
H'rnbled and anxious to hear bet
thn brothers with coUrteuus and
fixed atent'ou. The county
wdl eiva about twice as
many Democratic as Ripub'ic-m
votes, ard make a Democratic gain
Tue crwd had not been wrought to a
liih pomt of enthusiaim umil after
iiob haa tegun epraK:ng, aua ne inea
eo soon electrified thnm that ttiev all
caught tuore or le of tbe Infection of
ardent and earnest t'evotion to their
respective parties. Many of the ne1
groes are repoited as going for Dem
ocracy this fall.
I'ormitll.v Aeccpled.
Nw Yoiik, Oc'obtr 16. Messrj.
Hewitt and Koosavelt have written
formal litters accept! r g, respectively,
the Dt;mncratlc and K publican com-
InatloLS lor Mayor ot Www loiit.
Blaloe Open lh Nint Vainpitla;n a
1'HiLADKi.i'HiA. Pa.. October 16.-
The Hun. James G. B aine arrived
here thoitlv before 1 o'clock p.m
and was quietly taken to the Conti
nental Hotel. Tonight he will u ae
an addresi in behalf of tbe Rpubl-
can State ticket, and on Monday he
will etirt on a tour through the Siate,
winding up lues lav at futebnig.
Confrrsslonal Nomination.
New York, October 16. The follow
irg Cngre'Siinal nominations are re
ported: New York Four eenth Dis
trict (Republica ),Jmes Wood; Mas
sachuaeiti Firat Dibtrict (Prohibi-
llon). the R. Edwrd H. Ha-field
OonoecUcnt Third D strict (Demo
cratic), Frederii k Hyde j IVr'n-ylvanin
Tenth Dibtrict (Refmolioan) as no
Reoublican would accent tbe nomina
tion, a resolution indois'ng the pree-
eni niemner ana a uomucrniic cauui-
dfcf, Mr. Sowdrir, was aropted.
Tbe Work lu
Ra nrgun
laj a.
In a Few
The following leiter from Capt.
Leach to Wbarfrcaster Kaluher ex
p airs it-elf:
P. Kallahtr, Wbarfmiater:
I have receive d vour letter addresc ed
to Mr ReoB r qoenting tbe removal of
our i o it below ii als tt'rt. in reply
I have to inf irm yiu tbat it is my
rumnae to noeiu in a few davs trie ex
penditure of ihe recent appropriation
mad a by Couxresa for. tbe protecioo
of tbe Memphis levee. In doing this
worit it will be neresnary to have ttie
levee cleared in blocks or stretches of
BOO to 8110 feet at a time. The fi st
work will be dotn at tbe lower eud,
and I ehali fir -t rr quire a e'ear spat e
from the ruddle of tbecoal fleet do r.
There is no doubt but tbatdurinu
the progrers of this work the levee
will be very much crowded and
stamboats will have to be content
ith mnch leas space than they have
been accustomed to use. Tbey wi 1
not, however, ba any more crowded
than they always are at o hur prlnc
pal ports on the river.
The boats must accommodate them
tolvea temporarily to these conditions
or let the levee go into the river,
wtich it is now rapidly doing. Very
repp c in v.
SMITH 8. LEACH. Captain oi Engineer!,
James Yhrlaa aad Bach. Tartar In
joint iiaruioB.
lesaRuroiDiaoi or tai ArpAi.l
Bbunhwick, Tenn., October 16. Tbe
Hon. Z ch. Taylor and Mr. James
PhtUn v hi tod our town Wedreiitay,
aa per appointment, lo fddrese the
people. Owing to tbe inclemency of
the nuiht thete wore hut few present.
Trie lloii.Zicb, opened tho discussion,
dwe ling at soma length upon the
purity o-tha ballot box and airaign
ing the lA-mocrats for broken prom
is-B. He ai eb y answered by M.
Chelan, lio 8-iid all ctT its m de by
Dem- crata -oward r.dorm aera mt by
etnina re i-t,nM bv h Rt-oubl cans.
M'. 1'heUu'a idea of the Blair bill met
with our people's appr val. It wa
present! d in a manm-r quite different
from the way wx hid looked at It. Mr.
Phflao mailu a good imireesioo upon
us anil we feel c ntldeut of his eucce-B
ovr his oppjnent.
Our ci isiens petitioned the County
Ooutt a few dya ago for a c rtam
email approi riilii n which wes abso
lutely necersary for t cir t ri too ion
They do not under tund why they
wre so comp oteiy sat down upon
They any that they hud lng lo rked
upon the lion miblri court as b. ing
lomp sed of ti e very b.st men of t'm
county, wlirsa ilnlioo were to make
appropria ions, ridjo raaries, reduce
afRjnieLt8 and iu I T olll :-.
We join "Your g Detnoc a " in call
i'ig upon the Legieia'ive randi' ates to
come t the point and t ike th -'reUi d
tor or aga ns: the snnmiasion quts ion
L ' ua k how vou stand.
Dr. W. D. llorue is exoected from
Hot 8piing8 Monday. Immediately
upon his arrival lie tuny expei t to
oinuieiico lid ng. es there is much
ei kutss In t'im v cluiiv i tat now.
Mn, W. H Bond is qu t low and
ber friends enter t-in but little hope
of her rec i very. Khe his been quite
lo- ble for eome time,
Old Undo Stephen Jonee, who died
and was buried in Pieaeantllill Cem
tery, was the oldest man in the dis
trict, and we expect the oldest man in
the county. He bved to fee all cf bis
ch ldren grown (ol which he bad a
very huge lamiiy), two or .tbje of
whom are now qu io otd innn. Uncle
S e peo, un h as fml:ar'y known,
wa lored by Ml wnn Koew ivi.
Mrs. 1. V. V m k j will itart lor Aiis-
eies'ppi e rly next week, her future
boms, bo.9 will leave Dtnina quite a
n u iibf r of etrnii'' f iucds. who will n-
gret loairg her. We will always re
member her as a good stmari an. as
abe was ever readv to adm:nuter to
t rios9 wno were suiiencg oy re.'s: n 1 1
Mies Pinkie F eetwocd, of ew Or
leans, who ties been BOjnurning with
lelttives in our town during the sum
mer, will decant for her torce Mon
day nex Mis Pinkie is a charming
voune ladr and will be m 'fifed ty
those who knew ber best. We hope
to have hrr wiih ui again some time
in the fu'.ura. nath.
Kew ! Complete Invrntlona Ibat
Will Prove or Orcat Benefit
to I be Farmer,
A plain, strong bui er that can be
easily uu, to occupy but lit.Ie space,
am requireB OJiy iirfut eugwie power,
has long bson adru t'ld to la one ol
the net da ol the cotton farmor. It is
gratifying to kt ow ttat bu hit holler
lies row Deen inver.ua anu jb ueiug
manufectuifcd in this c ty, at the Mil-
bum Gin ar.d Machine Wirks. The
beauty ebout t! is inveiition ia thnt it
ii so simple in d strcng. It will hull
Ironi eig'.t to ten tons ni ceea per
day. When the seed is d'y It will
d aoope ol a (onudiue.oiy larger cuan
ti y. It oceupii s bu". liitle epice, end
chu be D'a.ed under a k n or bntir,
oties'djit or t.to-e i H hul s rs
fas as the rei!" nan be linted t y a very
nn:d lin'er. Tiiia n.achino ie likely
io oomo rap.diy to tbe f ror.t ai the
Torv thinn the cotlon nlantrfr neee'e.
Thny are being nr.anufaciU'-f d by thn
Miloi'r;;B fo' tlia Minonti uot on ee;U
liu Inr ComnauvAtd tan bo inspected
bv tbo:e io'erestd. lhn msc'.unc
will at ortca rccuve favorable lepoits
from a1! ho cau apprec.a'e i'.B worth.
I', will be sold at renBombie figures
Thn Mi'hi ro L ttr. which Is hura
run in cocntcuoo with th s bu Icr, is
mbi an ex e'ler t machiLe, doing work
v r? rai idlv and turning out the lint
ingoodahnpo. There will be another
exult)it:on ol u:e woraing ii 'n:-re
machines tomcrrow, at Mitburuv,
lifclnninu a, 10 o'clock. A g-mral
iuviiat oa to attend ia exttndc-u o n'l.
ftonthern Jiraicne t'onlrncli to B
laricur. to tbi appial.I
Nashville Tbnn.. October J6. Tie
follown b letter was received today by
President Morrow, ft tue fcou'nern
Leaune, from N. E. Young, pr.sidei.t
o! tbe National Bseball League:
WAsniNCiTdX, D. C, October 13, 3886.
John Morrow, l'e'i :
Your favcr of the 9 h lra'ant at
hand. The Southern Lieguo ie
a aualitHd rriemotr nnuer trie na
tional agreement, and auch member-
liiti ia continuous UTil withdrawn
or tbe e sirciation disband0. 0"ntra:3tB
m?du after Novmber 1st tnd pro erly
nrtced. a'e entl iid io it taon,
The annu l c ues are f5C, payable lo
tbn Becreta y on or betoie April is'
I think I thnll call the e.nnual meet
'ifltf'of tbeB'B'dof Arbitrktion to b
held m: Louisville, Ky., on December
7th. N. E VOUNO,
emphl Theater "Tangled Liven.'
Tha a lucre, "Coming eveuti cast
their shadows before," ia being aptly
ll .ustratoil by Ihe a vance sales l ir
Mr. R. B. Manti-lt s forthcoming en-
gagomeut in thin eity next wek. The
d:aurims indicts nn ui u tul internni
in tha p'OJuct on of Tangled Live and
we contluenily p'ed ct a aigh;y sur-
cofsful eng g ment for this popu ar
0'gnizttiin. Their performances
hve mot wi n u lvenai commenaa-
ton in other cine?, and we have
every na-on to b vi-ve that Meinph-s
tbea -r iroers will enjoy a rar treat,
especially is there will be an entire
cl anae of proeramme on Fridav
niirht. on which the ehtrmipir a-d
cI-bbc ploy of the Marble
Heart mli ba rresnted with
a remmamy strong cast, lae
B"8 on rorr sno'id-n' of the Nxvt
York HorW. writine of tin fi'at p o-
duction ' f Tangkd Livn ia Bo ton,
tais: "John W. Keler'e four ec'
emotional ply, 7anoa Lwe, waj
nroduutd at the Globe Tcn-atre. B ib-
t n, last right Rt beit B Mantel , in
tbe liadine part, r.ceivtd a heaity
we come und austained the favor of
thetulene thruniihotit. ThO ge:-
erl verdict w 8 that both piny and
s ar achieved aa unqualined fuccis'
William warren. in vateran acior,
was en auditor, and laviahly prt,i:ed
tbe play and tbe c nnrany."
Look Out
th'stime for fine imported bulbs, ri
Hvaoinths. Tulii e. Ciocnses. L. Hit
and other winter hlooming plants ard
fine Ri s a also. I have a large stuck
nn hand and this is tbe time to p'act
F , i i ..:n.. 1 U..IV.C
Bit K.1UUN UT IlVtUIIllinH ItUU ""'"Oi
Greenhouse two blocks south of Her
nando carvo.
HENRY MOORE, Jflorlat.
Furniture, Caapeta and Lace Car-
ti ins.
Rec-ivi-d today a larpe 'o' of ba"ti-
ful c-rpets just from the Irom some
new p'erns iiever before in the mar-
ket. r.xt a super ewe wool, exi.a
tu"er C. O , end sme lonely designs
in B dv UnnselP. Aleo new intrs, 'ace
enrtains atid window shades. Elega it
nidi boanlx, bat-racka, center t.i'lee,
nnd w-rdrobpa with rencu plat-
ir'nss door-. No troub'e to sho-.v g d-
and qu 10 pr CCS, Winner yiu want
to bny tor caah or on ipb aumeuie.
f!a'l anJ txauiine onr )nriii Block.
(1 W. KISIIEft.
274 Stonnd street, opncnile Court Square.
So I Your Time
To buy wati hep, diamonds and jewerly
!t vour own pnc. 8. A. Godshaw, at
V08 Main s'ree', has a lot of expired
unredeemed ploitg-8 on nanu wnicn
t.a mill mil a il Hiivnnn waritins a V-
ihlnir in ti at line will do wo'l io call
nn turn. He also makes liberal ad
vances un good collate rale.
X w litleurU.
Only t fw months cg N. Each, at
Xn a4 Miiuoa iiiee'. embarked into
aav mi!iin -ellniir wa'che-
.llamoi ds a' d ieelry on eay weeKly
pgymeoia-aud io his smpriee it is
becmiig as potular as auy o' the
mi.pr ini.ulimniit i laua. lie bIbo does
. inn Ii.imIi .Rs. n akiou bb ral ad
vances nil gin-d collaterals. Paitiia
f,r a few r'ais will
find it to heir irt rest to call oa hloi,
at No. 4t Mo- res reet.
Rmm tlii.t h riDV bOV
dance and
"liimrj for i .v.f' The happy cbild'i
mothur tuea Balvatioa OiU
To Rrmiin Unchanged I'ulets They
TheniM'lvrs Cinisent t. Change
WlU Adj mm Jlunday.
RlCHMOSD. Va.. October 1C Wboi
the Gent-ral Aiserubly cf the Kijig'itB
of Lttor resumed its Heaaiun this
rooming dicusr.OQ of trie reiort on
Air. uoweys plan lor the eaubliBb-
ment of a labor journal aitho organ
o( the order was re umi d It wes ex
pected the debate en tbe subject
wou.'d tot ba permi tei to continue
l"ng, end that the reports of the Com
mittee on Ltw and the Committee n
the Rev sio a cf the Constitution, ac
tion on which bad been inter-utid
by tho election (f eeneral efficers.
wonld be again takmi np. It ru
mored thnt tbe Corxmittee cn Law
hed changed its rerort oa tie r
v.S r.u ot tbe coueti'uticn ai
o finally submitted by tha Brxciul
emmutee oa tuo tubic!, so as to
prese.ve Intact thtrict isiemblies
as they ex'Bt 1 1 present, and tbua re-
iuue iub i uibu I' ll ra a: u aiiiti luia
clause cf thn reviled rouet tuiion.
General Treasurer Turner le!t htie
this mornicg for Philarie phia, whore
more man j-zuuuu wor n ol money
o:dorn are awa.t ne-b's sizoa ure. Ho
win raiurn cn iKO 'd-y.
Discueei m on ihe rcwepapir fro
ie-.:t was brjui'ht 'oacos-i i-v "be
adcp'i'jn ot a m;tion to la to m itter
oa tu j tavle. in tiomm:"o-J
on Law a;aa uot too floor and t i."l
pert of ia r. p.;rt cn the revipi'-ri oi
ihn coucti:utinn r-l. ting t r ue uu'ies
of the tienenl office s waa ad 'pi-d.
Di: c nsion il t;e c'au o id t og ti
Stat fiB-einbl es was ia pr trusn w!ie
the hi-urfortbe nce.i rt-c!8 ar.-ivid
and was resumed at tie fernoun
Mr. Powder'.y was not uelmg well
toiavend was abs: nt from the cos-
ventiop-, rarna:niL'g in his roi'm tl.e
g eater portion nt tre dny. In his
absmce General SocretHry LitchnDam
Arieruuun bennlon.
At thiB's afternoon B'ssion the eon-
slderatioa of the report of the Com
mittee oa the Rtv.aion of the
Co Btitution as it came from the
haa da of toe Cotr.rmttee on Liw
was continued. Amendments were
adopted by whic'.i tbe jurslio ioo of
esiaiirir ds'rict (Riombli s remain
unchaugpd unieis ttiey inemeeivea
rnriRftnt tj cbanire. The General As-
semblv r8olved r.o'- tointerf:re with
the national trades diitrict und an
amendment iu the sec ions relating to
them wb adot.ted. providing that r.o
local atsembv shall ba Compelled to
ioin a die .ret BEiemby, thus
p-rm t ing traao iocai auceui
blies to r-taia their iudepenrioiiCr,
Anoiber amndmfnt, vliich was
adopted, provides for an interchange
of worsire cards with tradis nninns
tg e ing to reciprocete by nceiving
Kuigh s ol Liitiort a aa. xuu uen. ra
Assembly artioumed ui.til Monday,
wheneuch Lo tions tl u.e rtvi l in oi
the constitution as it is dete'mioed to
ant. on the prapent 88' Bion Will be dis
posed of. Busiueas wes tr nsittea
with euch dis.:atch in tbe afternoon
that some delegates entertain hopes
of an aM mroniHut Monday evening,
A number ot delegates ie;c nero ior
ihe:r homes but tbe great major ty
wid cairv cut their determination t
remain umil the o k ot the cunvea
tion is conc'uded.
tbe Trenton Aarlcollnrnl und
JMeebanlctl Aavotlailun.
Trenton, Tbnn., Oct .hoc 16 Tho
seve- tn annual 'a-r oi ir e lreruon
Agricultural nnd Sl-thauical Aesoci: -
iou. which w,s op?ned lueeuay.
c ojed this oveni-ip, tno crowd on tbe
urmnd numbering tb ut 20U0. Tbe
. . . . j
stt nuarce lias oi-en mr every cay
bur. Iftr.est on Wednes.iar, wh'ch wa
tc'.ool dv. an-.i on viBerday. The
arccietion h 8 r?uors to b proui
of the succe s of its ff rts to cr ate
i niu a ion amr nir the firmrs and
bt ck raiten r f this c utny. The c'is-
p ay in Apricu toral Hall as ixo 1-
ieut. Ite 8peclmns oi corn
nhnwn w re eDe,ia,ly flae. ibe
fork extiibition would have bemi
liBiitnuia envAii ri. o.uio ui mo
... i . i . u. i ,v...
r nLs wero fi,r above the fcverage.
ihere wer at least a d am ot toe
m. Bt HUnerb itvlicns tha most enthU-
nil b ic lover of bora flesh eonUhave
deHtred to see; tnd in Ilolrtein catt e,
u bdown the'p, and in pigs ana
poultrv t ie o was a very good show-
mo. Mverai tanacorue unto er
given for equosiriani m, aad tbe en-
iripn in i nn nt.nr.i'81 inis Bvuiinm uuui
b.ied lixieen. The whole amount ol
premiums offered was in tbe neigi-
burbood oi jiouuj.
Mortnarr Jteport.
Mnrtalitv renort for the week end-
inn Baturday, October 16, 18ae, atB
o'clock p.m. :
Cause Death
C Bnyle
O.pt l Fields.
L Smith
typhoid fever.
cong. brain,
noph tis.
conir brain.
Inf K Porter...
F -inith
M Sullivan ....
hem. bowels.
mal. A neglect
K mi i
nd. carditis.
F Spencer
Inl of Eston.
E li btne
prem. birth.
scrofu a.
oring. chill,
cong, brain,
K L Mitchell..
M BHclng'lupo
I. M.irliuell ...
Mrs McU.-ath.
white debililr.
M Hiuliunn....
whi e cerebral cong.
L V Canutil...
JT Knight ...
Int i avender
white inanition,
white meningitis.
F Blnkeinooie
O Hi von
wh to cong. brain.
11 FurKtenh m
wniio ceotocenra.
ah ts consumption.
Int S uavis
wiiite itiioiu. birth.
T JO'Neil
P P Uiggias ...
white eoaianption.
whit heart tiisease.
W W Kitohie
rol'e i eft. ot brain,
ool'od still born,
nol'ed inanition,
ool'ed ftill born.'
ooi'ed diarrhoa.
'-ol'ed mal. lever.
aiI'mi! f-rtiim.
11 Parson
Inf II Brown..
M Kaunersi' k
Int 1 1 & Louis
A Dunlat) ..
V II or tun ...
A I hanrnan
C B..yd
F ghts .
ojl ed unknown,
col'ed mai. fever.
L UiiKn.,
nia(,iKt;.-,n hv Wanls B'iret, 5;
Reoond, 1; Third, 1;
J.l-l I 1 UV. J . , ft.
Fiit.li. 4: S its. 3: isevenin, a
tt: Ninth. 3; Tenth, 5. City Hoapita ,
7. Slill born, uiis,
10. Total, 37.
: htl:i. OT M n1n1,
S oritftiV Board ot Ualth.
tr n lv I I.I.I A ill
Kan-ab City, Mi , O-tober W-In-
a : :U 1. ll.ittl.f 'anil 1PB-r H'liiu'i
Hnl,l.,.i,licHt. that import ir.t changes in
the Musouri Pacific are in cmZ lii'
1 tint' f n - --
vda, Ha
am trw.
LM.iftoK,,n,nsO,rhv,rtaJi ;
I h r..m. vl uf the (tnera
mini up' n. .,1,. 1 .rtlie
th purchase ot grouud tear the city 1 r the
concent ation ol the shops o te
r-ar,ons. Kas.. and Pleasant llill ana We-
id cono
Sorgrlxixna. Brills,
A Large Stock and 6rl Variety of
Jewelrjr and Silverware at
No. 890 Main Street.
For many years Byrd's V as been the
great jewelry store of Memphis. It
carries mnch Irrje' Flocks ot superior
goods thaa aiy other htuse iu tbe
city. Theelegaici cf its goods, end
the fiB9 tasto of its propritor in de
figuing articles to be made to cr er,
have a'ways atttacted the priiee ol
thoee who ray e tt-ntiou to euch
thirgs. Many stocks of prjtty j w.-'ry,
elegant diain nds end euoetantiat
eilvirwnro tava been batdled by
Byrd, batle rever before had so
menv rrettv article! in etor as e.t
piesdLt. He wa its all wlio are con-J
terep'atii g purcbrees to look tt his
ttoek. It iiua bi-eu r-elf ctod with firet-t
c-ire, tna f,o ua a-e s iu cn euiuh
pr. ti 8. and Mr. uyra levis sautueu
,11 .t De cau pioiBO an tun wuii auj
Uiing u uillj kept in jewelry ito.-ee.
Chrlatlnn Brofllicrs CoIJege.
This excellent and popular educa
tional institution LaB 'eiened its
claisBes this lean n uuder the tappittt
auauce', and the prcte.it yeir bins
fa'r to bebv far the mos; eu.ceasful
ncorded in the a n Is ot the college.
Already there ae ovr auu i tnden's m
a tnndiiriip. and a m;ro refined and
lntellgrti't elf ai of pupils It would be
indeed difficult ti uncover. ioe ex-
tecBivo new buildinis wnich have
been eiectsd rcceitly in conueclioa
with the main coil-ve Diuiamg an
nnw well niirh completed. In Ihei
ronatruction 'he obiact for whicn they
were Intended wa3 kept cons'antly in
view, and for light, ventilation and all
mooera improvemenis iuey aro un
surpeBsed. The bteaio beating appa
ratlin, wh'rh was Diaccu in t,ue duiiu'
tno hv Mr. M. II Crane of Uincmrjatf,
was t.'sted yesteraay aau wuuu iu
n nrlr in the most eatu factory manner.
. -- . , . , .-
Tbeciaai rooms, re'fec ories, Bludybi lis
and boarding apcitmeniB invununw
hnililinir am elrrifdv o copied, and
ia a few deys everything : will be
in the mojt compleie working
nrrlrr. Parents desirous ( f procuring
fnr e.hB;r rhi drenaaood education
collegiate. Bcinritific. or commercial
will find the Uhr.etian crotners uoi-
lese wed worthy cf their ratroaace,
'fhe additional ficlities afforded bv
iha raw hiiildinc will enable the col-
leire to accooam. da'e a coneiderible
nnmber of boardine ttudttts. Parties
from the city or country who rootem
plate attending a b arding school
would QO wen iu S'uu vn i uo ,i
this inttitutim. Ir, will bsaiwaysa
nlcasura for tho mtkoriti03 cf the col-
leoe to show vi-itors through tbe
ctarses.thnsfn Dtirg item lojjee. i r
themsvlvea tho tystem employed in
the classroom.
Mai's Emporium,
The lesding hcu e ia the city. Twenty
ve3rs expeneiice iu tue trade, ana a
comnlete knowledae of tbe be t man-
nf-icture's ai d imp irtero enaiicsus to
i ff r tbe fiue t Block at lowest pncei
ever i r'seo'ed o the Memphis public.
Our Men's Furniebinst Department is
now in Ehaoe for the fall rea'cn. We
have the be;t asBirtment of Under
wear, Hootory nd Han kerchiefa ever
shown. O ir I ne ot JNi ctwer, oiis-
nend, rs anil Put Hindkeri hiels can
not bi t quailed for . vm; ty in style
and twte in selection. The increaeel
d mad for our Shirts iB a sure B gn
'ba', they are the beat made, we
g.mrantee a tierfi ct fit, and thev ae
uat quilled fi r myle aud material. Go
to way's for tha best goods at the
lowest price'.
Westrrn Union.
List of undelivered teleerams re
maininr at tha Western Union Telegraph
Office, New Cotton Exohange Building, cor
ner Madison and second streets. Ulnce
hours from 8 to 10:30 e'olook a.m.. and front
6 to 9 p.m.:
J S Price,
J W Etainet,
n w now,
J SDvant,
K it llart,
is 1 lirko,
lh e;t.s,
Fhe Welsh.
Airs Koignt,
Louis Mererwald,
Jolin Conway,
K 11 Wbips,
L A Dearoinees,
E II Leidv.
Wm F'dhiich.
John E Burke,
I Samelson,
Wm Washington (c), hrb Ic Uo
Geo Haokey,
J C Curry, m J
J M Edwards.
CP Hunt A Co, .-.
Chns D Cran, . ' '
T J Courtney,
T G Dahney.
H W Hampton A Co,
Hohinsi , Druggist,
Frank Gray,
Watts Bros,
J S B A Co,
F,C Atkins,
Girard Steles,
C W Goyer,
M--hanios S Bmk,
J B Gotthelf.
ktr Hose McKee,
R D ( lack.
F B French A Co.
j v rage,
Capt KB Pegram,
M G M Co,
J hn Coane.
J 11 Wood.
Uol tt L;ion"y,
W Gnyer A Co,
Pratt Gia Co,
Nat Carver,
W A Warner,
J M Williams,
K G riin:i Do,
rreeuman Bros,
Mrs 11 .Marshall,
Leo Krniner,
Harry Gates,
Sol Coleman. .
Col J T Burns,
A ir Albert,
Absolutely Pure.
This nowder never varies. A marvel of
puritv. strength and who'eomene'S. aiore
eoonomloal than the ord-nary .' ,Di'
titode of low test, short weight alnm or
nhoiinkaU now,4erl. SiLD ONI.T JB Cam
HUIAli BAKin" rum's? v' .v
108 ttolistreei, new ani
royal nmi j m
Will Be Held Today nt the Tarlona
Cbnrcnea at the Uonrt Named.
B'thtl Ooapel long and pralaa tervioa a
S:30p.m. . v
Spiritual Hall. 258 Second ttreet. Meet
ing at 3 p.m.
Sultm Bavtiid Ckureh. Carelma alrcot. ma
Ber. Ii. W. Williama, pastor.
Saifaratu Street Mtthottitt Church.Chetiea.
Eervicei at 11 a.m. bj L. II. Ettes.
St. Man' i Cathedral. Ponlar Itreet. Ser
vices at 7 atd 11a.m. and 5 p.m.
Oeoraia Street Methodiit.Tha Rev. D. D.
Mnore, pastor. Preaching at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m.
firaiwfri' Church. Union stroet. The Ret.
N. M. Long, pastor. Serviced ut 11 a.m.
and 7:45 p.m.
McmphU Bethel. Praise service at 7:
p.m. uoou singiig win De in attendance
nelcoine alt.
Immanuel thurch. No. 254 ThrH Btreet, be
tween Jefferson and Court. Service at 11
a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Central Mcthod'al Church. Union street.
Services et 11 a m. akd 7:30 p.m. H. II.
Mahon, D.D., pastur.
Vance Street WnVinn Church. Preaching
at 11 a m. and (p m. by tbeKer. S. K. Wil-
kins, of Baltimore, Ala.
Vfoirnn Mitnion. Fort Pickerinir. Ser
vices at 11 a.m. and -7:30 p.m. by the ltov. F.
W. Young, i t Jaiikson, Tcna.
Ihrittian Church. Corner of Linden and
Mulherrv stre-U. J. II. llnnej, pastor.
Berviqeaat0;4i a.m. and 7:30 p.m.
Evauaelical Lutheran Irinitv Church (Ger
man). Washington street, between Third
and Fourth. Service at 10:30 a.m.
Youno Area's ClruXwia Annciution Will
hold a dospel meeting at their rooms, 205
Main itreet (Lee block), at 4 p.m.
Cumberland Pretbvteriun. Court street.
Sunday School at tf a.m. Services at 11 a.m.
and 7:30 p.m. Kov. 11. A. Jonos, pastor.
Second Pretbiterian Church. Corner Main
and Beale streets. Sorviois, at 11 a.m. and
7:30 p.m. by the Kov W. E. Hoggs, pastor.
Central Bavtiet. Seoond street, near Beale.
Preoehinr at 11 a.m. sud 7:30 p.m. by
lievi A.W. Lamar, pastor. All seats free.
tirtl Preebuterian. Corner of Third and
Poplar streets. Preaching at 1' a.m. and 7;30
p.m. by the Kov. Eugene Uaniel, D-D., pas
tor. Hernando Street Methodiet CanrcV Corner
Linden and llornando streets. Preaching at
ll a. in, and 7:30 u.ui. by Ker. J JU. bpence,
St. Peter'' Roman tatholia Church. First
nrasa at 7 a in. i second mass at 9 a.m. ; high
maFS and sermon at 10:30 a.m.; vespers at
7:30 p.m.
Calvani Church. Corner of Second and
Adains streets. Early celebration of holy
communion at 7 am. Mori. ing prayer and
sermon at 11a.m. livening prayer and ser.
mon at 8 p.m. Monday (Feast of Luke),
morning prayer Lecture at n a.m. jtven
ing prayer an Wednesday, and Friday at
J. w. x.
Browne, Ne,
351 Second
Tuo already large Bnd constantly
inore.BiDir dtmatidtir ttiorouKU ana
eaoitary p uuibiog his nc ssitated
the carr; iriL t ff.rce Blocks ol
eupp los iu ti.e I t'ttanii mode ap
proved stylts ol bitu tuDS, wasn
Btindf, waur cits ts, traps, cotk?,
valves, etc , us wen 83 ine employ
ment of a large fores of the most
bki.led and reliable wo kmeD, in order
to fxecu'e pr.mpt y tfco orders lor tins
woik, and "Krowte, ine nmotiDer," ia
prepared to fn ly eopp y the wabtfi of
the e'.ty acd snrrtui.diiig country. It
Is not necersaiy, or even profitable, ta
go elsewheie Lr plumbing work, or
for the lines in which Biowlo is en
gaged tbat :b ibe fmnir-hirg of gas .
anu Bteim i i.e., uoi-a-, yaivi-r, jiiojji
rators, ttam poDipa, fiitii'gi and en
gine trimmings for the country and
ci y trade wh ch is cniriidin large
quantities ana an sizts, iroui uix. iwu
pipe and fittngi down to the
tmallfst B zes, and iu order to
fl l ti e crne'B of the jobbing trade
as well aa midt and lie ories promptly
and in the b?8t manner, Mr. B owne
hBS ncentlv iddod Bteam power in
bis ett.bl shmeiit with cBpicny for
cutting and threading p:pea frjiu the
smallist liza up to at.d includiog
eight inches in ciiamf pr, which is
equal to the capac ty of any housa in
tee West or touin.
n tue Rai f xtore line tne la-gest
ilnnk and moBt varied selection oi
mwPBt rlpn'miB are to be fi und here,
aud at pricfB 88 low as in the Easttrn
marker, lo may t:e proper "y
hora that thin hnnne ia now the oldest
and mo a sui.p f-sful In this line in the
city of Memphis, and it will prove to
tne lntereM ot en to place iuir murao
rlth J. W. X. Browne, zo dscouu
street. ...
Dyelug and Cleaning.
r ttvdic-a and gmte' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, aho kid gloves,
oatruh fTBtbersand lace curtains by
Lou's Reigel, 58 Jefi n Btreet, Mem
phis, TeDn. G odi received by express.
Quick Time.
Mr. .TmMUer. butcher, corner of
Fouiteinthand Beate etrtet, Wis yea
tpr n rniie ved ol ataps woim fi ty feet
In length iu fiftyfivi mitu t8, by Dr. i
M. isev emitn, bo'chusi, hi ciriuj
filil. Mo. Anv doubtii a per-ons can
s-.t s'y themselves aa to 'he Irjth of
tr la bv calling at in d v HruruBB.
D.-. t-m.tti rfQintfSt.o inmna, meoicine
cauBPB no niiknt'tB, atd he guarantees
the Le?d in nil cfbci-. who could bbk
for a morn fui propoaition? Hn can
bco;tu tea iree at no. fi aiaiueon
stieet, corner of Third, for a few more.
days. J
Ttn.Bmhr T.r.vbne'e. in Odd Follows
T, . 1 . 1 ; nl.an' linn W II t. t H O VlPftt
ll t)a BaU UOnnewj, w-iiu iu' ii
in great qtiamiiies a- d selling Vcfj
Found at 1 ast
And the discovery is a 1 the
greater lor oemv so iodk
A f
TrnT UVtlTftTtril
I HJlJillliOluuiaii jjt
By its use Lot Power, l ost Fnei iry, IJrninc i
Jirain anu 1-xnauslea Vl'lity are uuicau -and
permanently r stored
Msny cases are "toay eurable, tomor- a
row hjpoless ' f
Indorsed by I.ourtnai noelora. ?
It has cured thousands abroad. It is ouri
thousands here. Illustrated Medical Bo
Craiale Wed leal Cllalr (Aim. Braae
r ' ' i'n' W....n ilreel. Maw York.

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