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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, October 17, 1886, Image 6

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WttO UASALMitOIiitill?
And Killed Id Ohio by en Unknown
Peraoa Who Attempted MU
Life Man; Tinio Uifore.
Ntw York, October 13. Ther late
ly dn d id a cumy turne ia Oho
iun with record bo htntua k t 1
eaoaldtie f r bu VlJ in Mr-lory. II
WiB lei eived under the i ara"ol Alfro
Brut, HBd hie a.e wan r curded 25
11 j wm patily parallel), tun ro ul
of a bullet wound in the t B"b, an.l a
ttioiuh he was a i inmate f the haus
. j e r or tuoie, it nai not ui t 1 a ltw
dj imfor hie ie i'h that he leluttd
any Iicib ab ut Mas If.
Unit was born in 1) it tin, and whei
thirfd or fonr days old wig nut into a
ton-Vet with a supply of cm Iipi ann
J lODinimriey andlefton thodc orst p
ol an hiiiiihle mcbn;c lam il Ali-x-aniltr
Uiay. 1c wis one out of a scorr
of ra t'g reenrring every y(B', hut in
stead of the biy burg bu .died oH to
thn pro li'iusa it an anlum lie wb
takm ia BLtl rdariteJ. Uiay was
d u'b.'esB de-idtd i i i.ia aci i yU
ino-.ty. wbich. to a nviri in lis vi
emnum cp, and iu tliosu days of a
d i ar a d-y and iliioiay at lira',
Bejmed a fortune llonev-r, he li-d
no clnidicn ol his on, il.ougti iiav
iuK hieii rii rr o I bix or biivb.i yiar1
vnl the w fo r'o 1 y fi ll in wim the
id: a oi adopting t' o iiu.iij Hirrtiiw r tb
tlx ir own c .ild. The fin o t-xtn.e o
the cou.m ai d fio to I ol ni nny
were prnofa that t e baby a futro
hiiliii'L'ti-l to tte weilthy cIubs. Ttn-
Hbanuoiiment. was u'bo pro I that the
cmid wa niPitt'i LUtt", at. a ti n" tin
Kii Ity p rth-8 were Bet'ltiug to evail
tut) imiiitlim Lt of the r tin, b'd
these f mis did n t dis n-b thn Gray.
Tte ba km and cothts were la d
away, 'he cM!d was tent'oiiy i-arid
for, and tiw money was used to lt ei
the rouditina if tue 'niri'ly. O ily
two or tt'res of the necbboia knew
of tne (hild liuioft li ft, and none of
tuein (new ull tiie ciroiim -Unrc'S.
One day, whn tha baby had g otii
to be a cldid 3 ymrs did, and colli '
ran nb nit, tie wai playing iu thn ba k
yard wbn a man nought t ait at linn
away, i uo stranner einereit Dy itu
aMey tiaU and i nk d lilt o Alfred up
bo', r K'Vgfi i ng owmu ii U ay Bi
1aekd the rufUan aad made I i n diop
hie rey. Mm Ur y raw it ail limn a
wudov, aad the in.n'a "do lb con
tinued her tbat uhduc ion wai his oh
he'. K week Inte'. while the bo wh
in the vnrd egain one afternoon,!
ia ir bt lie was bulled at h iu ami
butly masul his head. Hiine bo
iwUe inl-creaiit as ho crept up the
alhy to 1 brow t'ni Htoup, gDd til p0'
lice were furnish )d with a descnpti.in,
bui th senri h for him avui ed no h
ing. The d tcclive nn ployed in ttn
Cmto M told all about the cbiM, and
he came t) the rone a ion that snmr
one hfd an object in putting the boy
ont i l the w iy. Litt'e Allred wuc
remarkably hancVome, and ptrlnpn
it whb f ar d to at his fouir.8
wou'd limrny his relation b in tj
me one. Gmy was cautioned
tikeiplnm clone, a"d t e did ao for
levoral roaIii, One November tvei .
ingater lamplight toe hoy piillnd
aside the cmt.iin from a winco v 1 ok-
gnnt up n the yatdi ( f afutory.
Id had ui t stood there ovr two miu
f( a when a shot wis firo 1 at h in
t'he bull' t cut a loi k of hair from h s
ie d and was buried in the oi po ite
wn 1 of the room. Iha nw out ag
wan ropor ed, Mid thn detective found
that iouuo ouo haJe'o d at the conn r
of a lumber pile ibout twenty feM
from the wit dw tt fire the shot. The
ground g.V4 evidence thai bebai
bonn on tne watch from that point for
ivi rat i inh'a.
There was a pationt eearch but no
tawaid. Il at clear no that the
V.oy's life waa songht a't-r, ind as
G ay h"d had an ofler of a poo.l tit
oa ioo iu Olevobmd, he dutonumed to
n move t ) that city. Wuh the help
of lha detective tie made h!n rrppuia
tint s vi ry rwretlv, his rooi'b lfv tin
the h'lUKo efier midnitthi, nnd tie boy
buing ti-ken o i trie tr.iin dcHod an u
g rl. II reached bis ni'w homn with
out ndventur.', and tnjoyod a net for
m s ly a joar before tuu ent-uiy uindc
anrt'ur move. One div a umn rami'
into t e shop whiri Uiay was at vtor
and insdo sninu iiqtiiriistf him, and
afcaituin"d tint he was Alex.nd r
J.ny. Two davs after that, an A find
waa playing outs il the gats at bom
with two other uMIJiod, tho tamo
m u who hid viit d the ahup diov
np wit'J a hortt' nnd bit.-gi" and
abebtrd. He certainly meant t ri izo
and (torry nil the boy, hut his objoi t
was dt'i -ot-d by Mrs. liray, who, w.th
an a qu liuttmc, suddenly tin nod tie
erpt er on ti eir wny tome from a
ahopp ur i-xpeiJiti n Ttny ia i f ill
upon ttioitr,irgerai ho was exbii.it
ing a p.t)t r of o. li'lits to t lie chlblron,
an 1 he s ninmercd an a,io!oy, and R' t
intohii hu??vnil drove If. Atr
this episKie Cray rosined that t e
B 'Htou iftrii 8 bid iu some m mnoi
tr ce I hi;i whTfab uts, and thai, he
was almost help'ea toclio kins eth r
macbiuatiors. lie an bet queutly limo
on ih a a Kirangur had mde iminirii-h
f r biin in suserul db.r citier, tuts
showing that, aotne trusted agout hud
bi'en eunt out to bant ih') whole cou i
try nviT ntlt.il t'lH flllllilv WOS foil nil.
Gray had a brother in Ind antipolin,
anaaf trsiraa neie-sary coneapnid
nce the bay was obippeil Ultra iu the
la e of a tro t d fr.ei.d.
It w a luovs b eti b: lll.'d tho rn
ftin for th e 1 ng yi'iiis. For iln
firU riirto months alter Alf ol led
v ry i'X'i' nt wan tcsott d to th t
f i. . Iht bo in t tin i hihl ni'uht hi
dLjcovcrid. Trd ndsd annli and
I Cl I IT., Il' Od HI tllH llO IKO ill tlOJCB
to g-:t tight of the child if hit via
btr , nt,d to qu s tbe in-thor wbm
tbi-y f ii id ro inn ni hiiu. t-iiny
halah iXKt t.ejm todi o, and itr tin
e ciiiih fie io hi d asknd for Ins lc
ti rn, b .t c )il not u'.nain it etii. So
Cill'd iii.'i ct.vea w :yh id Ura a-nt
cl a ge I f at hi' was ui dcr mi'pic" n
cf hiiv nit k.l i d tbn In y in a fit of pis
ei in, a i t .tt he it im' p odiiue A ir d
or sulfur tir.-i t-t, biitMiey could no.
icti I im i t ) rrtVi-.ili' g tie B 'l re .
B line cf the pigi b ing t fit'Or-wan
to 'ell 'ho hoy's hi'r. bnu a, hut is
none of thrni Im.1 b- n t kii into I c
co tiJeui:4 of tbu O H b tliey toild
m.MO no hoidffny. Now i.nd ttnn.
(or a wliiilrf yiar rfter thn biy b f
C ev;- B'nl, (ir;iy hid pro f t- at tin
cnin.y w.ro in the at. r', but liny
fl ui y s inni d t t ie of the ud w
ch i-'.a td lorttje n-xt two jia 8 noih
ioi "c: urr d to alnrm him H 'M.
Wtn-n A f'i d wai 7 y an old t e wa
80 bund t nun ia fe-tu ai.d irg'it"'
i ii.-ll.o that be whs nf nii po nt. d out
on f'ln ttrr-c', nnd on tbn e or fo'ir cc
cai ini I ii woniitrfiil ics-inb anon io
h p.-i micot.t cit s n i f lijstnu wa ti
pia ked by New Ku In 0 a. Mr.
iiay ir.omni'd bo niu h for him iha
O ay d.'cid d to remove lo Omrm
rst. . w' cri) h .top d to l ave At re t
with him. lit made a sen ret move
fgi'igit tin bDy Ircm I"dinnapolis,
ajd bad fcaicely g itstt led io hisucw
heme when the ei.emy appeared, hav-
h. g p otia i y uacieil ia ev iy .'ep i
pie tine precautions. Aitred k
i'0 over idi umii k bv a b irreHi t
t-t'22 v be wits co mi nit f om s to .
Ti e cv i ("rpn w o tre ewi h iiioi di
clun-d lha' tbn men onus' trnve done
o i t urn. se, at d ib'.t t.edmce midl
awi-vaicrtbe aicder t. It wai'er-
vl '.ily i-et d iwn am i'ceof care ers
ne:B,'but Cir y flrmly believd ti at. i
wi a d v no'Pon the r rt of th
enemy, une borte and vet ie'e we e
ho wel oiS 'tuiU tu.t lie f.iunii ti e
owt , tnt all tip could learn bb tha
a t ugrr ha I liir. d theouiGt fin
couple of Lonri and retorned it i
g:id cder. Tne biy bed an arm
n oken and wai hevfcly b u sed, but
Rtsout ag in in a fow wo. k. 'Ihr
wai tte Im-t at'empt on bis life ni t I
hi 8B 12 yet-ra old. A srangtr
tutneua kit him over the gnteoie
pveniig with an iron bolt, hot t be
bov d' dged the blov. 8ooDafUrth.it
i pisoilo Mr. Orny cliid and the wid
o and the boy went to Lcmiiv l' to
rftida w.ti one of her bro'.herR. H re
Alfred remained until be wane gbi-t-ou
witbi.u' aLOlber attempt (niiin
I fi'. Mr. Grayded, and cna of the
octal p'per', in roaug not ce of tne
fait, made a sens t onal notice a 'out
tho foundling and na nleJ no roe of
the attempt! upon bis lift. A monili
had not poeed before he wrflehota
ti r uh hi cha ubar wir.ilo. Ttn
wi u d be niu d r,jr con'd see t'n
y mnr mn'a Hhn ow on tha cur ain
b it hn but o: fa hd to re c.i t'io la--ij.
1 1 t fin d at. It no ha- ptnrt tht
polic juian uns at hai d . tnl Krretit d
tun nt io m ho(ir. il ttie bin t but he al
ei-.itb tit. sati acidat an I wa
no', hi Id. Ilowiaai entir i rtiat g' r
0 L luisvil'e hut eip'.iinoil biipeti
1 no i by i-s er ing lunt lie was s.-l lug
county li.hlB f r t a eut clniru and
tiv i Umic a model.
'Alfred hid heen lo'd of all tbat 1 ad
rased before, and rtoou aforihinat
ti ni(.t, and unbekoown to any of hi"
f. 1 n . he f ecn t v I it Lout vi 1 and
WKiitto Misiouri and Kmiaiis, wln-ie
ui renialied unit ahont a yeir vg i,
1 1 4 was thtn 2 yiari of ar.d a
hrthul ro', ben nnrsud fur aovei
ieiri he deemed it sadi ti r. tu'o. He
lad not inaniiinid forrep indent e
with il B friendp, and hueurr.eiito
Lnii sviile 1 1 nnd t imn gone and tneti
whereabou a ununnwn. Tho r lat v
at Iiidtaimpolis bud removed ' Cl 1
ialo nnd could net b definitely
I 'cited B i t wta cn h a way t
C.i umbra. O.. and was sanding on
the p'Ltfunn f a pnerengir e ir while
the tram was just leaving tho ftit"n
hutweeu Diyt n and Xai.i', wl ea he
was sbot iu ti e b n-k by ho urn unanow
xnd tiiB OQ p run. It who Jus-, at
dink, a d be le i inaboip and wi
u n o mciouB lor a qnaner i f an to n.
Wlitfier he was rot by a p. ssanaer,
8 ime one wtio i'Bped i ll, or bysnu
one't nJing b aide tha trtc'',couri
i.o b) told. It was looked upon as an
aic di-nt by ad except Bit II wir
lent t i a luHpitit, o .r-d for whi e tiiH
m ineylusud. and ihon went 'o the
poir house of LiJ own acco'd. Wiihii
ioi I that he mig'it live a faw mouth
but cond not evr get wei, he ex
pressed his Ibirkfuhes that tu h
wothce Wh n bs laat da'B
were at hand he to d bia a ory, and
added t ift d. at i woull boarolnf
Ho had I een haunt d and bnn ed un
t lbs felt that 'he urive alone w.u'd
ir.ng him imnu I y.
Ormnnita Tht !! 'tvll B)tv,R Be
KKleitilra ( lb ludUa De
Birtinnt. Laei Moiionk N. Y . Oo'.ober 16
Tue tt si t 'pia t ye t-r.l. y roo ui"k.'s
Btrii n of th Li ke Motioi k u i I r
nnce atl e MisBton Indian if Cli
form. Mib Ui e', of Milwaukee, wl o
has takon up the wo k inttnnpt d by
tin diah of Helen Hunt J ck ti,
iravo a il nllii g oa-'ative of the iiit -(iil
condil on if i fl rs ia r-outtn r i
t'a ifon la as witn b ed by her. Hie
hougl 1 1 be eve idm tt liopel si un
Iihi a fl it i lass and itioor u t ble et-
ti rn y a ibtnipd to oiodoot the
fight io r ga n p wms-io i of tne lands
ii-o u wi io i ibc8 ladianf have be n
driven. B tiator U.w. B thou ht tbn
pa guge of the b II la t e 11 use n
ef -iei.es 1 1 th ir o Be woo d ii h'
the.r wron.s wi l.ou'. hi'l ig an nt
torney. 8mo al i e s.ms xpr Bsed th
od iiiou that it was ti ll ea to awrit
govrrumenl ic I in. The ques ion of
hiiing (Ouni waa unatty
forr.vi t a Bp"iial oommittee. Tin'
ii in ml r of tiio ton ion. h ch c.od
io fuioino, was d.vot d ti tie
d gciiBiio j i f va-ious ptaeiif the
queati'ii if Indian litB.nhp and
civil i t on and o r, puts f itie work
done bv a x'.lar eicie e'. Jucg
Oampbntl, of 1 hilfdelpl ia, read a
telHgiaprrc crrrtp n ente bi-tween
Sioietiry L tnir and tte tniicipal ol
Uucolu I Btnale arri'nuing f r the
nlioingcf nUigj Lumber of a pure
iliidien tec 'lhe conference
a touted a B'a'etnent call a on 0 .n.
iceis io ia?B the land In sever 1 y b b,
i ho 8 o ix reterva'ton bll . fti d 'he bill
f.r eitonli.ig b.wov. r all Indiaim
ai.d item inning t) at tbn provisions of
the e vl service ba ex ended to the
liul, an D puittuent.
Th chapel ''fill r chin laf
rt..ft on th a uiuar atr
At I rn or Iht l. oi doorway
At ill Boaruf erenloi iryr.
Tin only II t' yr ,
And yel hew cl im d tha p'nt,
Ai I i""k aor th dim old aid
And kuuw that uuotwmt io
Un ton from Hi niche, by th pillar,
Whrihroor rloh ialr r.
In I i it, tli". h t' a old .talnrd wladow
XouJhoa li ti no ui W4idi oair.
Ah I wh it wor d at holy thought
Lay hdo I ou th t fair n ow,
And whaiailr arjr, d- y wil
oiy In aiu( tu iu KjW.
II w nfion have I wt hej bor her,
1 b.me Ui'd'ly Isndor yn,
Kimu b m-alh lior .ilkan laahaa o1,
It.iiaad lo uiina gray in u iriij
And h com rfnt thaauddsn hlu.h,
at py in t my i inrt l.mki
thn" li i'l d u- their Ireinh lug vail
Fall aaalu ou tb Uoiy Uook.
An l now '.in nut that ahnrt, iwat dream
And now the naol o nve I ia atone,
Lo 'ku down in t'i erpity
F.r uiy rif U all unknown.
The rn of the O fao eeatea,
V. t tlll I Ii tor We.
Tlili'kiua nt line 'hat nevor touoh,
Alihuuih tney ooiue o uc.ir.
From the low atom poroh a email whit
In (he lat riy ofth rail
(lion un like any anut tier cro'l!
Uul lor uie thora onl . or.
Af w York Muit mi CLrpreee.
A VUn tw (! Bild Henda.
A wder ia lbs J'oftuar ttiwee
Mon A'y, with tie poetual mine if
V k I, ins takon sotn i very piantioii
ititerv t tie ut the de ay if bur on
the liuiua i male craiuum In the in
it re ts uf tcli-i C4 lo w iup.t h nn-olf
1 1 tea's ii i ho gal rie4 if tneater
-nut, o lit i ins ti lb i it ee, rttiinn d
i..tm tup a Btmiy if th) I arini f
ieh ad) i i tne pir. Ai a a ieutifl'
icaini o' i ii singular ciiriiiHdy, tti a
K'lf conalitir-d 'aoi" deduc-a th
abl fci that tha la-fl if iu- le da
a e an ually oumbT d, ra prul ctad n
be Hcriuture , a d t nt another gen
era' I ' or i wo will witneaj us oa ion
of ba d bifjfl.
Apparently a Clear Cane of ffatnral
Menuioi Um Nome InMucc.s
of I'rolorgd Meplng.
Ni.w YosK. O t&bor 13. Purislet er
to theiSrin; A fw weeliBBgoore Eti
doxie Hedou n, a woman 61 years of
fire, woke np in tbeS lpil it-re Ihe
ital, io P4i B, a't rei joying a pro
oncd a d trofound nnp of eighteen
d'yri' dura ion. It eiems, B-ys the
London News, tbat th s pi'ient, in
whom a lara-e amount cf public int"'
co I ai I a ura ly been excited, xbih
ite i aa a child certain pw uiaiitiiB cf
lie nervous Bstem wh cb presed
foms such lond t'on ts ebe bus lately
ahown. As a child rhe rrmembeis
'ughirg and cryii g without knowing
be cauae; and when the was 22 year,
of fgo ahe 6 at entered ihe ba'pe.rieie
to ue trean d fir prlyaie, lo wbicb
a I merit she is Bill Bnbj-ct. The prcs
n, hoev-r, ia not the fir t lony
i-l ep Mnne. Eudox'e Hedonin baa io
du'ued in. Komewh-ro ahout the. 7 h
o Mav, 1H76, Rhe fell trto a o ate of
rod.. Io th 8 itati her ihc wai cnl.n,
mid t'io ees wire friqotnty to
hasten pr lally uiicr.v.ded by ihi'ir
i !. rrom t'i'Bsatoof rom-olnce
a in w.'B eadi y aaaliei el boi h o i tl e
7lh of May nnd oti tbo luc.eed'i'g
Iuy. But. natoro wb appur. n iv p e
puing f r greater m l more ttiirting
tb iuh in tliH w.y of ie t. Ou t
ltliof May, 1875, E i b xie w nt fl
n leal ty lull the "Lai d of N d"
'lion began a elm pir .in which i be
did not B'aio t rl ibe li7 h d y "f Urn
m mti;. On the 28 h nt M ly "ebe looli
t full meal, laugi e I Violently, aid
then b lame doli.ioua r-u h ia t'n
p is i ian h re or - ot tier cim', d tb
latt. r rema k s ml. !' 8 h it in its way,
'a piov na tbat niri im dit.tulia ci i f
t e i.erv. uj ryatem did redly i x hi,
i nd miihlbi hi Id r epos ble for tl e
pr ilnn t il reBt i f 'In patient. We
i a" no di-tii a i f Euib x Hedouin'a
'..iitiiv b t e i Miy, 18 5. and ,) im
a y, 1S8'I. But in ih- 1 st named end
ku ceedmg ui'imh t ia voiua i slept
dur at fif y daya. Thoo o uiei the
aleep of eightee'i days Irom wh i h she
hBs"ji"t oka op. It is nio'e
than p ob ifcle that tii'B tende.icv to
, oiiinoence nil con it.ui, lor n ediital
eiperience pr vi a' lmatil) c inulutiv
in rs essHiti n Hat pnch cases ai
g veo tu r pea their i eculi ri y td .n
tin turn. Ti a tbeseep of II dun,
however, b rlers on tie cmditO'
known dmi ia-ly as I y toi l, and that
ii, is to be reg rJid 'aim rn t o mdi
i.ion limiiliiiing ah epi g than as th"
true a .d verpaole test of br in itttill,
re-ii.B '0 bo piove I by an uitereit ig
uper.me it nude by Or. Vosin, w' i
a in charge of t e case a', t e 8,1
etri T', D uin hr fl t at a k i f
sleep, D . Vu'Biu i cl b d in a piece of
a, e- a drug c iptbleof c us ne voro t
i g, ani pbo d Iih oi the eki i with
out raying auyt ii g to the paint of
h bi'oi 'if. Aa uiig it b-) ex lected. no
ruli foil iwed ibii p o'''din Tie
druu b ug leaiOtrei1, D . Voiaiu fold "
a pn ce 1 1 p ni r, perfec ly mp y, ai d
p ail' d it i ii the patn nt'e i k n, n m rk
I g i,t the tame ume uloi.il, and ti
n o patient's hearing, thai. ' m w.u'd
o rtaiLly vrnit." i en mi utes at r
ward this lattrr r.B'lt tap
pent d. Eudox e, it WB i 'eir,
w 'Mtevtr her con ition at io ei,
aitndly b ard what the pbyaiii in hid
a d. I hi ox d id a product) 1 by D,-.
Voiein's word i bid tj fftc . The
ai) ra eiublei tbat i f the p r oa who
awabows twenty dripi of urn w t r
ai der the t'lea t iat the fl nd ia mor
phia, i nd falls in a pnifnuud 8 eep, aa
if he ha t aitua ly t ken en p ate.
Thee are oil ere em n a iu tb"
case at the ?a pitr.ee Ho pi a', t'nt
tieiong to a la g and ever incnaiing
gr. uo of incidtiu 8 wi ii h t a b us bow
h" b ai i may indu e ttie a.'pei'aiic
a' d co. d tn n ot sleep or rei t, wi.iln
ittlnaitu lim-i it Bbiiwa aa iv y n
c -ita o of ti parts i r ceu'e b. Dr. am
n i a id b p ki. g 11b rat ' t ne
nupex 1'clioii of Hi braii io a lei"
iniiioispi eeihan dies the casi of
E io xii tteJo iin, win1, for a 1 prat i
ca purpoaei, iu y, i ideed, be reiar le t
ai t x bui g n a state of natural inte
rn rl m.
O e p n t cf tl ii B'a'i mjpt 's f un l
in Dr. V is n's expenm ntof givi g
her ai unp y uhs', ahi ih she was
n. 1 1 1 o .'ai ed ch iiupagi e ami on' of
wt icb m e ir edily i rank tha sup
pos d liq'tor. Miuii ar'y a piece, uf
allien a giirtu hi r in ih i pla e of u
nar, and wutnia'en provoked, wa e
lob), "niilv a 8 'g t grlmac ." Here
time i evi ten ly a iionfa'ed Bta'e i f
ti e s i sea, Rii :h as s b ml'ia to every
one won Ins wines', d a m autre
eiit rtali meat, in winc'i tbeBubjeuts
red yia aid dink tie mos hitur
subs ai c 8 and fl i ds u titer the im
pr ased ib a tl a', they ae if se t
and p'e sa it cbario ir Hut ab ed t
the n l,ietrei-H ibbmb that if a true
nanoe, or rolo gfd 8 e.'p, ia win h
eli thi uih. td (hCiiiuei ire hIihi lute y
dulled. Ttu re was anch a ui BB trta'ed
nit long alio In a GUigiw Ivs la,
where the pa im slept on sou iuly,
and apparoutly in a c nditn.n ot
(ran e f r wekt. If wa se.irch
among ttie r (0 ds of our learned
orients w nay fl nl niinerona
ca a of like kiud. Take, for ex
ample, that of in e Mary L a 1, wl.ioh
i iel t d io thn eighth v In in of toe
Tran-neli nt f the Rtnal Su -ifty of
Et uburyh. Heie t ie p t en- failt
ai-lnup uu the m im ng of ttie 27ih of
J ii e, a'id r-mai a bound in ttie
chaiiBnf ai mn iienoH u i il the ev-'-niutf
of tt e 3tJ h of Jiin. Then enmea
a pen. d of mdn r I fa Bn i i c Iv tv.
Wheu the 1-t nl Ju y dewned M ry
Lya'l wentiffaaiu into her Blniub
iria 'd rtmaii.ed imti--iv. m to the
to n 8 i f ' rdnurv exis i nee u.U 1 the
18 111 of Angus'. I i ib.. . uyi nf wl i h
we a'O ei iaU g mei i '.ii tr a men'
wa of a vena n r.ing'i-, nd r a 'y
rler for wh toad of Mav Lai
bein I led and b tatered and b.h d,
by way nf a o i mg l er, but a I m i o
avail. After evoo d.iya ot hrele'p
sha t'lgan lorn ke Big is that ebe de
s red fo d. Buz thej owernf h anrg
was ahe nt, a "I did n t rB u n iii.iil
f ur ilayi h fie her full lecovery.
Her ri.ht lnJ an I arm wereBidd ti
havo been 8 mewhat p:ratz d aid
inreiiti lie. (o toiiiih. When' she did
wak' the aliened tl at ehe lud no
k'l.iwloil.o of enyt .ing which had
h punned in her sleep. She hal not
b 'i n ennan oiib of iski' g food, a id
ei t 'itaio d i o ie " leu io.ia of t avtug
b'wn Ii i t r d or M d
In 1788 .ne EHBihith P rkin. Ml
Imn a p'onu it b limb r, end re
mained in tl ia elate lor at n ast iwel e
d s. "whin siieai)kft of be own bin
or t," adds f e a c miit, "t th :reat
joy f bet r la' ve ami wo- e'er ol he
i.tigbbor 'i od." Mra. p,.i tins -a 'h n
B'. td io lave to e ah' ut her orb.
na'V btt Ii eas . bit in a week t ie eb ep
ttikiu e v r ed, and a' e a. a n liy
f r aniiie days in d 'epalonib'r. Then
03 u red I" ervala of wakeiulneea be
te i pe i di of eleip for some
on nth', b u the patie n in thi cais
d id if e' a com i art ivily ah rt ex
pjitenciol the unuatuial alata. Ao-
t i r i ate ii t it if a pa eiit at K rk
hea on, who for a per od cf iwe ve
mntithH w s se dom waV e three ho ra
0 it of the twai.ty f ur. 'ihe'L dyol
N ameh" ii tl-o a wi I -kn ,wn inrtau. e
if tnoWged somnob no.1, aid a rt
p r ed i i tbe Memoirs of Oie Lrrlin
AcaJrtny of Sciaict for the y.ar 1777.
Tb s p racuaireifufTdied fro a aia ks
uf tleep, wh!ch orcuned periodi
irllr at Biin.iii and ebout roo".
I1' e Btinrisc attack endu-ed usnallv
1 II will. in a short time of thn occur
euie of th - noon attach, 'ihe la t:
'as ed till 7 or 8 o'clock in tne eveo
ing. It is eat sfautoiy, however, to
note that ibis laiy remained awake
i l the auLrise, ro tVat s'te npp a'8
simply to have rt versed the ooinarv
order of things in reap' ct ; o the period
if sleep, and to Lave imitated the
bats and the owIb ia reppicttober
n'icturnal wakrfuloe r. The mot cu
r ou3 fait, pe haps, wb ch ib re atad in
c mnection wi b tois ca e, is found in
the statement tha the flist i r mo i lnu
aitep invinably took place a', daj
b'eak. No miilt'-r at w bat per'od o
t' e morntr g dajb eek happei.eJ, the
Li ly of N Boes fell aslcen in B r ct
hiruiony with the d wa. Tnsre wai
a m i.e et aoid n ,ry ca e st-. l report
ed accurat ly by a D.. Uooyoe toward
th . t loae i f the laat c nta y that o' a
C '. Towurhenil. lbs gntlemau
visi ed Ba h lo 1'rii.k ttie wat r-,
a d inloro e d Dr. ('he)ne end
nther I his ciai a tt nt li ' c uul coup
ler! it dt-atti a", wil. The V :onel
ro id ity coi tet t d to in. k .1 th- exp ri
r.cnt, and ro, with t ree doj oia in
a' tepil ini:e,he laid himBdf Of a c u 'b.
t:isp ilBe g rw ihr 2dy un l Binall
.nd tin lly a opiel; lit hr.,.t:hg
co a d, aud whin the i potheiary, o. e
vir. bk ine, huld a g is to l it iu.io'Ii
tho i u luce wbb u -t i iipm d. The
wi.iti y p ijeicai vln told ii: B'orv
aa 8 tliat. hnnai If tin t bia coIIi hoib
t u u i) t that t ie Oi 1 "iel lat really
ii V"h u.i th wb vt But the pulae b
g n ti rv vo, his heahi g became
e t ibl el e l.'Hi'd so;iu tne Co' inlr.. t
up and o't'Vufiel. Ihe siq'iel tn
this nairatioo is cur an in 'mkii In ite
vy. to'. I'owt al end ( i d shorty
:lt. r vrd at B uh, hut ilia lody was
f uind t be free from ::ny Ira ea of
illae: BO T lit'ier Cl: (1 t'LO Blich a
might explain the po vi r he p B'CB ed
iivi r bis t ea t and lnnus. Ttu nci sii
i f mic1i rases i nly adds a' oti.er phase
in tie i t fi enri in mti n lifim-y
xhib t. It w'B Sui cho Phi z i ol im
mo lal fan e wh i c led: "ii d b en
'ie man who flit i .vented el.e..!"
Bu it w. i l t appear b t evtn the
wor hy rqiiiie ot iho "itiirentoiiN pen-
t mail uiiuht liivu dis ovo eil thai
t in poeaible to Ii iva toj much ot a
koodthinit, after nil.
Wi era a' la to rnnounre t' at
M bsis A. E. Davs & Co., i f O i-
a.o, wi l b ""i tsene in rok fo m
'.he big- ly pot u'ar tt iy 1 1 Apple Blot-
tnmi, w ii cn ep,jiarbd lu B r.al lor in iu
The Currtht.
Thb edi ion o? the Novrmb- r Cm
tury, couta nirg tha first ihuihra of
the an In nze I L fe 1 1 l.inn.l .' eno
itie op iiitig f FiBiik B. St ck'o iV
new novpt, "T"e HuudredtJ Man,"
wi i ba uU ttu J t opto i. .
ThbiiK wi I eoon he iFBUnd Ir ra the
prees of Meaera, E. A Davis & Co
of Cli'cpgo, a new book en itled
Remarki bu lii'l AT, io ba 8 ild bv rub
s'"ip on i. nly It w 11 b pr fu e v
il u trot d, 8i d will c " tain ahou 4 in
i etivo p ges, ot the b Bt work of ne
an bor i.f wh m it wou'd be gilding
n tin d so d to p'a so.
PBOF. CllAhLtS A. YotiNO cont'th
u - 8 in lh N ,v, m' er I'opu'ar Science
Monthly no ineuuetive pa. er on ' Be-
"i t Aitvamea in r-o'ar Aiir nomv
I i it he mnimar ze-in a very rend-
r.b'e w.y tl e le-ultn obti cel and 'he
niai overies m-de dm ii g 'he 'a t five
ie ri nv thn prucuai lnvesngitor
who have b eaB'udy.rg the pbysiis
1 1 the tnn.
Tn Rev Dr A. II. Liw'b w rit0 in
the lorthei m1' g numher of ThePopu
far Science Monthly ou t e n Liu a .0
reeiil'B if Mind y 1 yie.1 tion. Hi
c nte. ti' n is 'lit ile day wa1 fi s'
ineti'u ed by pag n bu i wnshippers
ai d that it bai o y be npnsibe to
maintain ttu t in inU'rettain -
ions bv the io st'i t exercisa of tne
an t or 'y i f th Mate
Db. John N. NikWnBRRV, t' e rlist'n
guieherl p,i f, Bnrol g ologf in On'om
i i i Onlb't'O. dl on- n t'e N 'venb
l.uniher Ol Thn Popular Scietic-t Monthly
wi n in 't ry ol tt (iraa. o'"e t nt
ahce' which oi'ie eoverid h If ou
cnii'ineii ,'and wl ich. more t an any
o her single .as. (,tvei toils pr.
mt bo ane coiib turut oi. With in
aid ol II u tra ins tie recmd loft I y
t' le n.iihty g i cy of the pait ii ver
ilea ly in e pr ted f ir tue fe i era'
leader, who wi I nbtein from tha ac
count an instill' into the mode of
workitgofn t reV foic a that oly
years ot special tt 'dy c uld afford.
Tn Pcpular Scirncb Monthly! ir
Novi mber b co. ttin nn iir i le b.
De B. W. Ri ba'dsnn ou "Tr e Hy
iieni ' Triat ne t of ( oipump'ini , '
which ia f 11 of Informa ion ol the nt
tn t piactical va u i io tbo e who er'
sufiarii g. or who are threatened, wi h
ttai. fa al dieetB The paper eon.
Bieti of ten si nple roll 8 of livi. g,
with lull e p ana O'ik i f the reesns
for theni, Wiiioo aiyn e of mdiuary
o p city Jtta i uiiderbtaod. They n ay
he loUiiwetl wtri or without tne aid
if a ib otor, w th the cert duty of ra u
tirv nrulia. wt ira the n'-re t me h
ods id treaui ent. usually end in d mth
Thr American Kindukoarten and
Pkimabt 'liicuKrt for Oa i bar ful y
iii- ains the momi en siven in tie
fliet n'imhi r, i pn ing wnh "Tepch
ing Vocal Music to Y. ung Childie ,"
by P of Andiewa A uio.e ttody of
ppparmt y oh tl'P child eo is siven in
"Au Ex ei ni-mt in Te crvng"by
W. E. Parnc'g- I' ' Mot' ere in
Council" Dr Allen follows up h r
' Plvn Ta ks W th Motoera." in N .
2 ebe gvei ina'u he advice. "A
S 't h in T ine," by M b. A Elmir..,
re at-s vn " culen'. from real lif -, th
tenting of hch w ll doub lesi
etr ngth u (iood iuieuttons ia mo:ber
The Quivir for Nivembr gives u
a a ln'i.ilp eci the piot ire of a l-r.e
eye 1 1 i tu tgqti uiaid n, Lo'dim h r
f i l or'a B tile in l er hand, au idu -triton
t i o-m foui.d fu-ti er on in
tbemagaxiie. Tne open ng paper ia
m the Divine Genin- ty" by the
Bv. Ha ry Jirea. TIih v-'erable
Arthur Hoie writes on the "E "iftl
if tie Cipivity," whip Lo'd Br.ba
r.on ta Isi.flhavli n b i rii gOi inir na'
Liagtie." A ve y int'e tirg paper
d cri fB sn ne umablo "Oi l Ohnreh
Clo k '.lu E 'tftand and on th Ccn'i
netit." ' A Viafi ti Br dit HoiiBe." a
i famous E .iilmh Iforre f r wa fa and
i Urns Ugra heal yd scribed. Inthe
1 ' a nanet on ' K.,1hO P rn' elB I f Ihe
Fas,' M In niet is diatu 8 d. Tha
a.ral rt ry, 'The H ir of SanforJ
T 'ie"," is I'cnolndid and a new on,
"For My S.ik." begun. The e era an
tinuiuil niiu.ber of puma and the
stunt arrtwa are nomeious aud of
gnat var'ty.
Foahrnuhal, irthmatio ard rnl
monary c mn aints BrowuV Bronchial
Troi h a mu if- t reu arkable curative
projitrt ee. Sold on y in boxes.
I Singnlar eparall m and Restora
tion A Life of IMs-dnallon
lio:i:anco In Beat Life.
IIev-dfb'wn, Ky., Oi toner 10. Tbo
'eatn tt O ba i aie laat n'gbt bring'
to mind ihe roman ic career of h s
I fe. T.ito ws8 b in and raired in th:
c ur.ty. H:s father w s one of the
iro?ptrns jlanttrs of anta balluui
days. J he 1 rif fact of 'aud be
owued W8 in Walnut b torn, in th
0 oit praou. tivo parr, of lh' auction.
He bad a large number of 8 cve, and
tefer, itiil, a lags bank account.
Gahe had grown in an atmrarilpra ol
uxnry until luxuries were common,
lie utd been kciustoaied to haiicg
1 is own wiiv nnd to bav every waui
eupulied. Wh n Ida f nber died the
e late wastiivided be weea him and
i is sist ir, Mm. D . J. A. lla-ding. who
hid K"n ti the home .f her bubtod
n J. (To s in cou in y, now a j ar', of
Lmi-vil', Kv. Theri be me- M es
Annie Shot well, the daughter cf Col.
,. L. hiiotrt'Hi', a mu who wai iou
in a doyen dilleieot wrya, II s s'.enn)
inter st was cn y b cond to Lia ini ded
.Ma e,an) hii c tiimiseion nieicl ni tV
bii iitaa but ba-rny ou Btripiiuir his
o i' ing rgbte. The vaai toat fiada
of Union county, now owned by
Ir n & Jjiei, t'-.e Pitts
org' coil kiic. were his io-
divi.iualy. At that tin?, in 18rW,
th re v.eri only two cuiil iriii es
"i-raed on trie Orio livr below
PiiU-burg, Pa , the ouo ot Car.retltmi,
lud., and rbo b ot'Aell Mint iu Uu'O.i
outitv. S 1 1 xbau-tliis is thororp'j
it: coal, and ro superior tie qud t-,
ih.d a idilro.d has ju tbenn completed
ti tl e m lies ir.'in ibis c t. Fabul u
onuujt'S b ivo been mUe fmni t';t
lla. i of cod am. Sjuth from t'r.iBi
m D'9, I is reen by this whit oii
ema'grndeur waa iu t e r ac'o of
(laba Ta'e rnJ Mi i M otwell, with
thair form us when ur.itnil l y war
rive a-, ti e r e d"i ca cf Col. Shotwell
hi Louisville. Alt r mar.i.ite Mr. and
VI s. T..te, w nt ti toe ho'well mii is,
whore ttie poluc's of a thoura'd
in ners mppii.'d their yta ts. Foi
s nne y a s mey lived at the mine,
Hiid ah wi n' wi 1 . Two or mo e cbil -r-n
bbs id 'h ir utim. , Mr. Tft- ief'
h sh .me, and to this dry the publie
o nit k"'W tie cause. Sirnret'f
weie pli n if a bu". tin kcowl dge of
ihe caiis-i was ever had. Ic waa kcowp
fiat bin esta e was iton", I ut ttu.t wn-
f small importance, lor his who was
i- iv.
Some time aber Mr. Tate Ief c home
Mrs. let' proem ed a dtvo ce, aui
ahmtly ai'ter ard narret Him Chur
chil1, a p aperouB p a ter, who 1 ad
died ne rtmiu in 8, aod with wh im
ha was a qua n ed du ing Ler tun
r ed 1 fa ut i ne mi at 8 In the mo -time
And ew Tate au old bachelor
uuetc, nd oied, and It f his vas eh
t t' to Gabe late and bis sister, llugti
Tate, aiiiiih"r bocbe'oi uncle, econ
oied, nnd added his lortu' e to that of
is bri tier Andrew, for the benefit of
his leohew a. d niece. N.,t lunitiif ir
hat Mu 8 N ncy Tite d i d, and led
' er iaori a-ed f ir u ie f om her own
r yht mil undivided ioteierts in tbe
e.Utaufher tobotbeB, Andrew
nd Hug to Gnbe Tata an I ba as
ter, i'hesd thing, b iove:ied a pen'od
of r eatly teo ears N twitliB'atid uii
t ie fact, thkt c ii. tid 'able, atvribing
lud been done, no hii g o uld bei In ard
of Gihe 1'i.te, aud be w b suppos d to
bide d Atl,.tit. he was heard from
a 0 iio, II., aud 'oun.l. Ainving
b me, he fom d bims-if aii 'h ma
aga n. Un wr ta to P 8 wif ti B-nd
be i hi dren to h oi a Evansii le lud.,
a be wan nl ti see t em, 8 e met
him th re wi hl'ec ild en. Sr ortly
f er a-d a d vo ce wa-- pr. cored 'r m
8.m Oi urit' i I, the b coud bus 'and,
nd sp e. lily fol ownit bit civine
li e marr euv o Gabe ! a e to Ihe
ea.mi wo can wh i had pr mrod a di
vo'ce fmm tiim yearn h fore.
Sncaih n ihey have li'ed here
m Bt if the liie, a r audio - e
u lOrba l home b ing tb i'B. Mr.
I'a'e brB Ii d a d a ipatad ii e sii cul
ti et knew him, hut was en eremy
in Iv to I im elf. Ha l as been th-iro'd-o
g os i f. r moie th .n one at ar,i.
1 1 Ida iillliion e he waa g'T.eroua'o
ex raiBga c, and hutidrrtfa of poor
dev lsoAe a iiiot of comb rt and a
aodme lti tie plenti ul pursaol
Oa'iH Ta e. Frtwo ir ukto yenta
he ha. b-i-n failing raptdlv. and a t
li.htledidat tie te'idmce of hie
eiblH', Mr. D.Hirdog, who lives
hi w in U in county, and wit I in
cvamiicaof hot wen's mines, whi re
'ia early ua r.ed ii!e was p.t3.d.
Mr. late m l her c i dreu ar
il .r. O p, to see the 1 dy in he
quiet di mean, r, w u d navee r-uppo e
tua-. Iter lifj wis ro ever tful. fche
i'ihb toi. p. e r 1 1 be over 00 years of
un il o i eie berfciowo u idaugi
ter iy her fcide. the ia a m 1 woman
of i"ua pearl Bty'e.btiug neituer bhnde
A irettT (Irl sits 'n a rni-ker at cue,
And iwaii t and trn,
Now laat, a d i.iw elnw.
While hir ihouahU wander far they
p t,u.
She h' Ida In on dim hand her needle and
Il fl ei in and oat.
You'll are ahit about.
Al her thuuthU fly w thin her bant lead.
A romance I tell, and don't think it shocking,
bho aiu le. th n fha e'ahs,
r-ott nma bor ne it oyen,
Ai ihe daintily darui on ber iiooking.
Each rtltrhholdi dream of tha future io
A.i 'hey back ard forth wend
In tn Mocking hey mend,
Oo to the ih ma ol her boari'a hm p? beat.
What rtney U waft In Ibeawift flyinirthriad?
Aa it woavo b' r b iiiht ur- anil
Of lh - lu'ure. it aeauia
Bo h to wave them with Baud and with head.
Ah! aweet, diinty form, to gayly you're
roehlOk I
I" your dream at an end?
Or doen it li poid
On the hi-d In read wt.fr In th etooktnr?
Itulk Hnmi in Ken Orlraiu Hicaymit.
A Yellowlah leal
Upfn the tooKue'iiartioularly near its ba,
Il ol itieif furhciont to denota bilioaenosa,
an ailn,ent tu th development of which tbe
h t weather It may be remarked in palling
i tti. etiiely favoral.le, and which antnmn
oftru i.rinai id ita r on aa a linAring err
aoy. It not remed'ed whioh it -.fii.y
in-V be witn ho iv.ler'a bnnuaeh Biltere
ihrn ini ow aa ravaied dieord ta ot the
lo.i toh ami b .welt, dull paiM benea h the
I wer right ri -", a .uaea end htnl'Cb. A
liroiiipi uiieof 'h i inva uslil epe,i6o H at-
ay d -airaiilr, no 11 alter what lhe ae a n.
I con loa Itver iu xeriaan indue'iaa direetiy
hme eiiil. Ihi bile, in obniuoiion lo ti
fl 'W liuirer re ieve d by the ra'wiation ol the
I'oaeia, relurna lo Ita natural channel, and
t (.onion of it hl h baa torrid I'e way
imoaud contauiinaud lb blood ia llle.l.
Ibe aininHe-i ' reruinea I' olae.t vo lunc-
II n. h eumali-in. fv.r and au aid k'd-W'it-ouhe
aia tniHiumh '0. 'ha -'i'tra.
Ii. W. A V fcR aM. iUwiM a'.
Centaur Liniment is the most wonderful Tain-Curer
tho world has ever known.
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P. 8. AhS ' 11N.
Vro,hl-.TenD.,Sei.taibart.lriW II. II. MaURY.
TOn retiriui a-mve. I bespeak fcr my luoccssori a contanition of the lder ,i patron
act heretofore extended the old firm. K. VI. ttUin tvLb.
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And Commission Merchants,
SGO and 203 Front St., Memphis, Tenn.
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Memphis, Tenneui
tt. B. WITT.
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