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Directed to Extend All Proper Conr
tcfcles Appiilutments General
Washington eTd
Washington, October IS. The
Fresident, accomrand by several
member s of Lis Cabiret, will at'end
the State grirn'tural Fa:r at Rich
mond, Va., en Thu'Bday next. The
party nill leave Washington early
in the morning of that ly and
return the Eame nisht. On the fol
lowing Wednes lay the Prrsidet t and
his Cdbintt will go tj New Yoik tout
tend the inangu.-ul cerernonits cf tho
Baitholdi ctt'iu'.
Collar and
Mlver olo.
Washington, Oe.tiber 18. The is
sne cf standard silver dollars from tbe
mints during the wpek ended October
16th, was $861,904; came week last
year, $1,029,750. Tbe shipments of
fractional silver coin since October ltt
amounts to $508,139.
Foslmaatnrs Appointed.
Washington, October 18. Tbe Pres
ident tas appointed the following
named postmaster : Colusa, C.tl.,
Hiiam II. Thnrxa", vice B. A. P.yor,
suspended; Evauston, III., Geo. W.
Hess, vicn John A. Childa, sospended ;
Sterling, 111., William A. McCiinp.vice
C. M. Woithineton, appended ; Leon,
la., Edward K. Pi' man, vice W. J.
Sullivan, suspended.
Requested to Hrplj,
Washington, October 18. The
President has requested tbe accrued
Indiana office ho dtra to reply to Mr.
Swift's charges of violating the civil
service law.
Appointed C 8. Wlv later (o i'olom.
Washington, Oc'ober 18. The
President todny appointed Daboey M.
Maurv to be United States Eavoy Ex
traordinary and Minis'er Plenipoten
tiary to Colombia. Mr. Maury was
nominated to this office daring the pen
sion of Corgrers, but the Senate failed
to act on his nomination.
Directed to Extend All Proper t'onr
lei lea.
Washington, October 18. The
Acting t-'ecretury of the Trramry hss
telegraphed to the Collector of Cus
toms at ban Francis: as fellows: By
request of the Secretary of State you
are directed to extend a 1 proper cour
tesies to Prince and Prince's Komatsu
and suits and Piincs and Princess
Akibito aid suite, all of Japan, who
are txpeited to reach your port on the
18 h instant, and to pass thtir bajg-gs
and eflec s free nf duty.
Oar Wsubing-ton Letter.
Washington, October 16 The g:s
eips have ojruin revived the stiry of
the forthcomiog marriage at en early
day of Secietary Lamar to a lady of
Macon. Ga.
Much Borrow is expressed at tbe
death of Mrs. Richardson, nifx of Mr.
Frank R thardf on, of tbe Baltimore
Sun. Her remains wt re buried Tues
day in the cliurchvRid adjoining St.
James's Protestant Episcopal Church,
at My Lady's Manor, Biltirucra coua
ty. A large delegation of relatives
and friends from the unrounding
country, Baltimore City and this city
assembled at tbe churcb. The proces
sion was formed a' tbe outer ga'e,
headed by the Rev. Dr. Geo. K. War
ner, rector of the parish. Within the
church tbe u?ual Episcopal burial ser
vice was read by the rector. The altar
was a mass of floral tributes, conspic
uous amor g them being a large mound
of rotes from A. S. Abell and pons; a
large Grecian cros?, "tbe last tribute
to Mrs. Rieher'som frr-ni Newspaper
Row, Washiugtjp, D. O., and a beau
tiful anchor, heart atid cross from
Mrs. Ann Keyworih, of ton city.
There were many impressive features
about the ceremony. After the body
had been lowered into its renting
place the pall beartrs officiated in till
ing np the grave to the chanting of
tbe choir. The pall teirern were W.
Hutchins, C. H. Holmes, Z. C. H.
Streett, T. C. Hopewell, J. R. Rut
ledge end H. C. Hutchins. The Wssh
ingtoniana present were James H.
McKenr ey and wife, E. B. Hay and
wife, Mrs. and Miss MrFalle, tbe
Mis es Gittings, Mrs. A. B. Mu'let,
Mrs. Dr. Grnett, Mr. John Buteler,
Mis. A. D. Ktaifodd, Miss I'henowith,
and J. B. McCarthy of the Hartfoid
Times, R. M. Lanier of the Washing
ton bureau of the Sun, a caiumi tae
represeniing the Wa hirgton corre
spondent?, and be.irera of the lloral
tiibute from Newspaper Raw.
Judge Jobn J Key. of Indiana, who
was at one time a law partaer of Dan
iel W. Vooiheerj, died at h a residence
in Georgetown last Tuesday, age l 70
years. He has many friends in Mem
phis. Solicitor McCue, of tbe Treasury,
thinks the nomination of Abram 8.
Hewitt for Mayor of New York, in
sures harmony in the Democratic
party and the success of the ticket.
An amicable correspondence is now
being carried on between tbe 8 ate
Department and Iho Canadian authori
ties in regard to 'the troubles among
tbe border Indian trib'is.
Lieutenant General Sheridan bad a
conference ye.-terdiy with the Presi
dent in regard to Geror.imo. He says
nothing definite has yat been decided
The Washington police have dinned
their new uniforms. They are by lar
the bandsomtst of any in the country.
I see y n have in Memphis a Con
federate Historical Society. Why does
it not put itself in commuuication
with the war records at this city ? Col.
R. N. Scott, Third United States Artil
e'y, a native Tenmseean (born in
Franklin CDunti), and eon of the d s
tingaisheri Dr. U. A. Soott.of the Pm&
byterian Churcb, a so a native Ten
neeseean, is in charge of the publica
tion, and has dem -nstra'ed bis fl nees
for the position by bis work so far.
He is regarded by officers and loidiers
of both armies as ' trie right man in
the right place."
Under Col. Scott's orders, Gen. Mar
cus J. Wright, of Memphis, has been
engaged since July, 1878, in collecting
Confederate records for use in this
great work, Gol. Scott is willing at
all times to give such proper aid ai he
can to local historical societies, Union
or Confederate, at.d these societies
can give him efficient aid in his great
work. It is a matter in which the
soldiers of both armies are interested,
and all thould endeavor to contribute
whatever they can lo help it.
Tbe Treasury Department has de
cided that a b cycle purchased and
u;ed in Canadi 'by a jesident of the
United S atesis er tit'eJ to tree entry.
Gov. Pierce, of Dko'a, in Lis an
nual report to the Secretary of the In
terior, says that the Tenitory hai suf
fered considerably by tbe drouth. He
eays the whtat and oat crops maybe
reduced one-third lo s thau last year.
The cattle interest has made rapid
developments. The irrrr e of popu
lation is estmeted at Sj.OCO, which
will give Pak.u a population of
nearly 500,000. The Governor insis's
upon the admiation of Dakota as a
Commissioner Colman th'a morning
received a telerjram l oin Dr. Salmon,
Chief of the Bureau of Animal Indus
t'y, in which he states that the inves
tigations of ihe past week show that
plenro-pnenmonia :slrgely sca.tered
among tr e cattle of C ricago. He is
perfecti g arrpnjcmenti to eecure
quarantine of exposed animals and
ehiu.hter of diseased ones. In this
itork be has the r ealty coperationol
tceNateUatue Uommiuaon ot mi
note. A new quarantine notice has
been issued, iu which the penalties
provided by the national law are tet
The eovernment ree;Dts do cot
seem to fall olf. Ye.-terday the re
ccpta were from internal revenue,
$219,496; fr m customs, $1,042,191.
A i tranga result of th recent earth,
quakes is reported by Prof. John Col
lett. of Iadiana. He savs that a num-
bar of wells bored in Indiana and
Ohio f jr eas and oil which have hera-
tjfora made no yield, have since the
earthquake ehocks bsen yii-ldngpay
ins volume) of bo'h eas and oil-
Marcus J. Wiighf, jr., United
SUt's Signal 8ervice, hasbreu ordered
A- ( - - i If:.. . - - , U.nn
Sienal Corns for Misn.'sippi.
The Hon. Luke E. Wright is In tbe
city on bus nets b fore the United
States Supreme Court.
For the Pant Week, as Furnlabed
tbe "Farmer Re vl . w."
Chicago. III.. October 18. The
Farmer)' Riview publishes the follow
ing summary of its weekly crop re
port: Fall wheat eeedirg has keen
neatly finished in Mifsonri and Kan
sas and is f-t 11 progressing in Indiana,
unio ana Micaigtn. ine reports are
net yet tutb.aiei.tly compete t indi
cate the a.re?ge ai compared with for
merj years but the few returrs made
show en increzsa in Ohio and Indi
ana over last year. The Ohio reports
show that tiia seeding was accom
plished under generally favorable con
ditions, tbonen one or two count its
repoit insufficient indsfur?. Thsc ;n-
cition8 in Mi souri are gcerally r;-
poned favorable. Rrpor.s of drouth
ajain enrce fron Kansas, and iu Da
vis, Rush and Su:nnnr counties the
reports etate that the wintar wheat is
again thrsttecei with min owing t3
lack cf ra'n. In Indiana, Iowa and
Nebraska the cinditiona an reported
favorable for fill plowing and seeding
In Ohio and Indiana tbe marketing of
wntat is repor:ed to bs t ee. wnila In
Iowa and Minnesota it is fair, and in
Kaneas, Missouri and Illinois it is re
ported to be very small.
AI I for Buiralo'a Storm SulTerera,
Buffalo, N. Y., October 18. -Tbe
fend in aid of tbe storm sufferers bow
excee s 11530. A letter was received
from President Cleveland, this morn
ing, enclosing a check for $100 and
expressing sympathy with the dis
tressed people. There are 150 per-
tons being cared 1 r by tbe telief
committee, and fcod and clothing are
being liberally provided. There is
cors di'rable doubt expressed absnt
permitting tbe squatters to return to
tbe Islam's, to be tbe victims of every
severe storm, and it is probable the
city wid ref are 1 9 allow future occu
pation of that strip of beach far living
Tbe Slaughter Commenced and One
ao Far Found Diseased.
Chicago, III.. October 18. The
s'aoghter of tbe 2200 quarantined dis
tillery cattle began yesterday in a
email way. Twelve cows and two
bulls were killed at tbe StypB &
Bishop slaughterhouse, on the North
Side. The animals were from the
Shnfeldt. Chicago and Prceaix dis-
tUlen. i. A large cumber of cattle
owners and several well known pack
era were p-esent. The State veterina
rians conducted a post mortem exam
ination in each c Be. Only one in
fected animal was found. Tbe went
of ihe others was pronounced superb,
It is understood that all tf tbe meat
excep' that of the animal condemned
w?s dispoted of this oft?rnoon to local
butchers' shop 3 and brought good
Thb Voltaic Bslt Co., Marshall,
Mich., offer to send their Celebrated
Voltaic Bklts and Electric Appli
ances on thirty days' trial to any man
afflicted with Nervous Debi iity, Lose of
Vitality, Manhood, etc. Illustrated
pamphlet in sealed envelope with full
particulars, mailed free. Write them
at once.
Granted Iho Petition.
St. Louis, Mo., October 18. A tsle
g' am was teceived yesterday in Etst
K Louis from Judge Gresham, of tbe
United States Court, at Cbi ajo, to
the effect that he bad granted the pe
tition asking that United State su
pervisors be appointed in St. Claire
rnnnfv In finrnrtnaA tho raoialrnt-nn
) and have charge af the polls on elec
tion day.
Scott's Emulsion,
Of pure Cod Liver Oil, with Hypo
phosphites, is a most valuabls remedy
for consumption, scrofula, wasting dis
eases of children, colds and chronic
coughs, and in all conditions where
there is a loss of flesh, a lack of nerve
power and a general debility of the
Lx-Gov. HoadlT Mill Pay Hist hare
as Uondanian.
Cincinnati, O., Octoher 17. At a
meeting of Archbithop Purcell's
creditors this afternoon a letter from
Ex-Gc-v. George Iloadly, promising to
pay his share as bondsman of the de
faulting atBignee, Jehu B. Mai.nix,
deduc ing attorney fees. The sum
Mr. Hcadly will pay will be about
$54.000. '
"Onr Baby's First Tear."
by Marion Harland, with other valua
ble information; forty-eight page book.
Sent free on receipt of 2 cent stamp.
Address Reed & Carnrick, Mercantile
Exchange Building. New York City.
The Governor of niarjland Take a
Camdridgk, Md., O tob;r 18. Gov.
Henry Lloyd was married todey to
Miss Mary E. Stapbfart, of this town.
They will make a short wedding tour
befor gdng to Annapo'is to reside in
the Exe:utive mansion.
Like the Ptrfnuie Wafted
From beds of fhwers is the breath
that has bean rendered agreeably
odorous with Sozodont, which com
municates tu the tee th a corbie white
ness and to the gums a roseate tint.
Vie i', aiid b autifv your mouth.
Death or a Noted GeoIoKlst.
Cleveland, O., October I8.-C0I.
Charles WLi t'esey, the di-tinguished
geolog'gt Bud scholar, died thia morn
ing in the 79;h year of his age.
0 ..'"'i
Without Conditions Non-Union Men
Will Be Rctaiucd-Othcr
Labor Troubles.
Chicago, III,, October 18. The
great ttrie at the stock) arJs is prac
tically settled. De'egata Ba' ry, of ths
Kn'gbts of Labor, just stated to a re
porter that he would hive an inter
view with the paikers this af eincon,
and that he would toll tbem that tbe
men were prepared to work ten horns
a day as demanded by the packers. He
thould usa every endeavor to have the
packers discharge all the non-tini n
men 1 hey have brought in, but he
would net keep the men out, be eaid,
even if the packers refuted t) grant
this. Armour & Co. say they will not
dhrha'ge any tf the men tt.ey have
brought in, and that as far as they are
concerned, tbey feel almott independ
ent of the ttrikers. They killed 00
cattle yesleid. y with their new nen
a d expect to kill 6.0 today.
Two member", of the Ei"ciitiv
Board of D.strict A's nibly No. 67
said there would bs no trouble about
the non-union men. If they were put
to work iu the houses with the union
men, it would not be long before they
would quit of their own accord, as
things would bs made jret'y hot fir
A non-union man came from the di
rection of Armour's packinghouse this
morning aid was st upon by a crowd
of boys and severely tbra-hed. He
finally mada Lis er-cape. Stioit y after
10 o'clock a l'ick-rton man, in fu'l
uniform and ca ry ng two bundles un
der his arns,walked through the yards
toward the Town Hull. Jirst beforri
reschirg the Exchange building be
wes suircunded bv a crowd of bovs,
who boo e.l and y l'e.l at bim. lie
put his hand in his pocket cs thouiib
to draw a revolver. This act was
f reeled by a shower of stores, and tbe
cflicer started to run thiough the cat
tle pens toward the tracks on Fortieth
street, where he was caught bv n
crowd of fully one hundred. His
packages, containing his wardrobe,
were taken from him and torn to
piece, and he was poundod and
kicked ar:und the ftice, lira! and
body until be was insensible. While
lying there his coat was taken from
bim and lorn into shreds. He finally
oms to bis serses and crawled off' be
tween the cars juet as arothf r crowd
came up and wanted to kill him. A
search was icaJe for bim, hut he m.-n-ajed
to secrete h'nuelf and finally got
The a'rike of the packirg honc-e work
men was formally ended tnis afternoor.
Thestr.kers held a ma s meeting on
the pra rio a 3 o'clock p.m.. at wh'ch
between 12,000 and 14,000 men were
present. A preposition t) re urn t
work on the ten hour plan war carried
almost unanimously, and the strike
was declared at an end. Shortly after
ward Mr. Barry, the Knight of Labor
delegate, wa.t;d on Mr. Armour, and
said the strike was at an end, and that
tbe men would return to work tomor
row morning wi hout making any con
ditions. Trie packing house owners
will keep all their new men, and by
running the houses up to their full
capacity, expect to be able to re ain in
their employ cear'y all their old men.
The Striking- Kwllchmra at Minne
apolis. Minneapolis, Minn., October 18.
The striking switchmen chow no dis
position to do violence this morning,
but seem to be awaiticg the action of
the railroad officials, the trains on
one or two lines are moving with
out trouble; the others are ijle. Large
forces of special policemen are being
sworn in, and the Northern Pacific and
Manitoba railroad officials are aiming
(heir new employes with rifles, and
express a determination to move
trains at all hazirds. As 80Dn as the
preparations are completed an efl'jrt
to move trains will be made. No vio
lence has yet occurred, and one of t' e
railroad cfficials slates that the whole
trouble will probably be fettled with
in the next forty-eight hours. Ma) or
Ames bas istuud a proclamation re
gardirg the btiike, taking strong
grounds on the question of li e main
tenance of order aud declaring that
tne laws will be enforced.
Moving Tb.ir FreUhi With Im
ported Men.
Ft. Paul, Minn., October 18. The
switchmen's s:rike preBentH no new
features up ta tbiB 1 our. The Mini
t ba road has not b eu nbl( to move
a single car of freight, though all pa
semer trains are tunning en t ine.
Thu Milwaukee and St. Paul road, by
imparting iti men and crgaiiiz-ug a
large force of si ecial police, are mov
ing freight without hiudmnce and
tatting all card of freight, including
perishable, in and out of both cities.
Two engines were killed by strikers
this afternoon, but no collision between
the strikers and au horities occur ed.
The Northern Pacific officials have ap
plied for an injunction restraining
137 strikers, whote names are given
in the bill in chancery, from interfer
ing with tbe trains of the read.
Veterinary Specifics
Cure DImmob of
Horses. Cattle. Sheep
In nse for over 20 yenrs by Farmers,
Stockbreeders, Horso It. R.,
Used by U. S. Covornment.
Mounted on Rollers A Book Mailed Free.
Humphrey ' Med. Co., 109 Fulton St., N.T.
ii nA :u ifur. The onlr micrpufil remedr for
Nervous Debility, Vital Weaknf
nd Wortration, from uvr-worlc or other c
ft per vil, or 6 vinUaiid Ifiru vial powdtr, U &
SoLD IiV Dni'OdlHTH, nrHHiilporttnnni o.i recev M
prico. Wmykni nitllrlM lUttVultoB Ht., K
ely's catarrh
Cream Blrer.:irLY:&:i
...... ra&tAMBWHH!
Hay Fever,
or Powder. Froi
from In J u r ion t
Druga and Cffen
tire odors.
A particle if applied ir.to surth noklril and
n sirreesble. Price 50 oenW at O-uioiiiU;
Cj mail, reentered, fiOoents. Circulars fret.
ibl ifiuo., uruggutf, Oweio, . X.
if A
tymvw i
T")EST blood purifying and trer'Jj;th
J) cuing medicine made, ili-own's Iron
jliiu-rs oiires all discuses of the stornacli,
livvraml kidneys, and reinovosnll inipuri
Uw! of llio blood. ltcIrniiM'9 and purilien,
enriches and vitalizes the blood and given
strength and tone to the whole system.
1) KADV ior irurnudiate use, in snmll
( doses it no! - promptly and mrrely.
lir-own's Iron Hii' rs is cpially valuable
for children, who i! 'rive most benefit from
frequent and ismu'.Ulosi's. It is an agree
able medicine, will not produce nausea to
the rrrost sensitive stomach.
i lit? mosi- t;u
XLY m.
t 8iillieu.ii
which will nc
niedicir.o containing iron in
-t qiuintiiies to bo of value
which will not iiimre or discolor tbe teeth
or cause headai lie or constipation is
llrown's Iron Hitters. This remedy cures
both headache and constipation.
WHISKEY does not enter into its
oonipositi it. It is n perfect tem
per.uiee inedicine --never is sold by the
glass or used as a bovenige. Hrown's'lron
IJitters gits its streiitlirning nnd p::i'il"y
ing properties fro:u the vegetable ultera
tives and tonics o; which it is composed.
Nl'.KVOUS prostration and general
debility are relieved promptly and
surely by the use of llrown's lroii Hit
ters. It strengthens arrd soothes the
nerves, and braec up lhu whole system
from the cllocls of the prostration.
SUKFKUEKS from chills and fever,
intermittent levers, and niahiiiul
fevers of all kind, arc cured by Hrown's
Iron Hitters. It drives the poison of
malaria out of the blood, and leaves no
bad nfler-eHects, bu.1i as result from the
use of quinine.
IKON is combined in this preparation
without the aid of deleter ious and
dangerous acids, with vegetable ultcni
tives ami tonics, in inich a skilful man
ner that Brown's Iron Hitters cures head
ache and constipation, while all other
iron preparations produce loth.
RHKUM.SnsM is cured by Brown's
Iron Hitters; the blood is made
richer, tho chemical constituents of the
bones regulated, and strength given to
both hone and muscle, and Ihe torture of
rheumatism is dispelled by its use.
Nh of tbe niost distressing and an
noying troubles win li nllhct huiiuin
beings is dyspepsia. Brown's Iron Hit
ters tones tho stomach, relieves heart
burn and belching, anil cures dyspepsia.
NKUKALG1A is cured by" Brown's
Iron Hitters. Thu body and the
nerves both receive tho benefit of its
wonderful power as a strengthened and
purilier, and respond to its action by dis
pelling the pains of neuralgia.
TlLIOUSNEyS is removed by
13 Brown's Iron Hitters. Its action
upon tho liver is tnompt and efieetive;
it stirs up its sluggish action, removes tho
torpor,dispcls the bile, makes thecounten
ance bright and thesk in smooth and while.
IN'DIUKSTION is cured by Brown's
Iron Bitters. It stimulates the ac
tion of the stomach, furnishes assistance
to assimilate food, promotes digestion,
and relieves suffering from this cause.
riillAT tired feeling cau ho dispelled,
I theexhatistedvitalitv restored, vigor
and strength given to the system, and
activity and elasticity to the movements,
by Brown's Iron Kilters, and the feeling
of languor and lassitude will be removed.
TIilOSE pains in the back ami sides
X. are caused by weakness of the kid
neys, and can only be relieved by thotiso
of llrown's Iron Hitters. It furnishes
strength to the kidneys, and dispels the
pains. Bright's disease is prevented by
timely use of this remedy.
11 VERY lady should keep a bottle of
jj Brown's Iron Hitlers in tho house
for use in ease of general or special
weakness. This remedy is specially
adapted to relief of such infirmities as
they alone aro subject to. It gives them
health and strength.
RELIABLE testimonials are con
stantly received from all sections
of tho country, where Brown's Iron Bit
ters has been used with benefit, by per
sons suffering from Iho various diseases
mentioned above.
CJOLD everywhere. Tho price is only
O one dollar a liottlc. Brown's Iron
Bitters is kept as a household remedy
wherever it has once been used. Genu
ine has trade-mark and crossed red lines
on the wrapper. 1 Made only bv Iho
Brown Chemical Co., Baltimore, Md.
DR. C. McliANE'S
Coanterfoite ere made In Ht. Louis, Mo.
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
IBaUblinbed In 1860.1
DR. JOHNSON li acknowledged by sll pr
tiei interested a by far the moat mo
oessful physician in thetreatroentof tirivaU
or secret diaessea. Quick, imm anent ourel
guaranteed la every csae, male or female.
Recent oases of Uonorrhea and Syphillt
cured in a I'-jW days without the use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business. Beoondnry Syphilis, the last Tea
tine eradicated witbo'itthe use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of emorj stopped in short
tirao. SurTorers from Inipotenoy or loss ol
sexual powers restor e to free viiror in a few
weeks. Vintims of eell-abuse and excessive
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea nd
loss of phyaioal and mental nnwer, speedily
and permanently cored. Particular stum
tion paid to the Dineiwes of Women, and
oures guaranteed. Pile' nit ol "or18 cured
without the use of oiiuatio or the knife. All
consultations strictly oonodential. Medl
oines sent by eipresi to all parts of the
surVi'orklngmon enred at nalr tbs usa
rates. Offios hours from 8 o clock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. I). S. JOHNMON. M.D.
Ornci of thi Boaro or Eductioh,I
Memphis, Ootooer 13, IsHS. f
BIDS For repairing and repainting ths
roofs of the Mrket street. Clay street
and Peabody Schoolhounos will be received
at this office up to 1- oi. ild instant.
By order ol the Board.
A. U. HILL, Secretary.
IJ1S4LIH IN wr.Al-TH.-Ds. K. 0.
Wsst', Kkrvi and Bsirs Tsbatsbrt,
a guaranteed specific for Hysteria. Ditii
neas, ConralsfoD-f , Fiu, Nervout Neural
gia, Headache, Nerc" Prostration, caused
By ths oss of alcohol or tobacoot Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Soltcnlng of the
Brain, resulting in insanity and leu. ing to
misery, decay and death: Prematura n d
Age, Barrenness, boss of rower in either
e: Involuntary bosses and Spermator
rhea, cau-. j by over-exertion of toe brain,
self-abuse or orvrin.lulgenoe. Ka?h box con
tains on montli ' treatment, tl a box, o
six boxes for $5, font bv mail prepaid, on
receipt of price. Wc uiri'tit.e Six Eoxos
tooure any ease. Vlth eaoii order rpoeivnc
by us for six boxes, accompanied witn tl,
e will send the purchaser our written
guarantee to refund the uiouey if ths treat
ment doe, "ot eSolt a cure. Onaranteel
issued only b A. KKNiUliiX A CU.i .Drag
fists, Momphii, Tcnn.
. I,-, n rJv.tf.'a,
W. A. GAGE & CO.
Cotton Factors,
No, SOO Frout Ntreet. s 5f emjshls, Tbk
W. A. SMITH, Proprlvlor.
: y, t.T----,i,A.
-iP-Vyi' .2l fi'SiiXl Pr t Factory. 100 and I10
W .T TWf . V rk --wjl in i, I.. -,,. n, - -
O- AV J rC- wtj ri ALLIEN E COT! ON (X
OsS'i S--'"' .VX&vSt: a All kinds of Gins Repaired. 8
Js. 5 p;-V4;r,ri-- lliseounl to the Trade
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DBrr!l(Otol7I Adamst, Memphir
Itraas jms - - p.
- n.
Oris- Mills'
UnlKllnsri, ft -iiC - A'&
IKON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEPT, 2: and 22H Second 81.
(Snoceiaors in this lepartment to JOHN MANOQUE.)
sxwWrlte us for information on ANY TIIINi In either line.
D. B. SMITH, of Guthrie, Ky.
All Registered in the IIolstein-Fr'ealan Herd Book at I-'waCity. Iowa.
Will Positively sell, to ths highest bidder, at . A. J0NKS.ii CO.'S Coiuuiiasion Stable,
Noa. 61, ii and 71 Monroe atreot,
Dlrniplilf, Teoa,, Vrlobor 37, INHtt. Hal lo roimiioneo stl lOoVlurh prompt,
Nots Mr. Smith is one of the drat to embark in ths Ilolsteln catt'o in Kentucky, and
paid down more money in the start for the f 'uniiBtion of hia herd than any man in the
South. With care he baa selected his Cattle, and his hordwill show lor ilin-oH'-lves. lie is
joined by the well-known breeders and importers, .1. W.Stillwell i. Co., who have sold and
imported mors eatrle than any other breeders ol this breed in Anurloa. In this lot will be
211 One Cows, ranging from 2 'o S years old; 'incoming II leur old Ilnilors In calf: 211 Heifer
Calves and IS finely bred Bulls. The best butter fainliles will bo represented -such aa Mer
cidos, Prince of Ywisk, Aagie, Erhu, and many others. This will he a nno seloctiou. all in
line ships, and in calf to noted Balls, Send in your namo for caUlouurs to i. B. SMITH,
ol Uuthrie. Ky., or J. W. bTILLW ULI. A CO , Troy, Ohio. Don't lorgot the day. Now is
the time to buy at your own price. Kain or shine they sn'l.
R. K. KDMlNhON. Auctioneer. I. H. NnlTII. J. W. NTII.I.Vt F.I.I. A .
I. W. Htlllwell A Co will sell 7Sbead t I'hinnirn diirln. the Fut Mtwfc Nhow in Novemter.
' m i V !.'" ' r-'r WW--'.i
I. T. lAlffABOI. 0. 0. HIIJT.
vMcsalcs Grocers & Cotton Factors,
S3S Front Street, Memphis, Ten a.
Osttes eentlgn.d to as will hays our eareful attention. We carry at all timet wsll-
eleoted itock ot
SUpla & Fancy Groceries, Wiim, Litjuors.Tcbaceo & Cieini,
rjf will1 W "ft t.nw.
15 I and 3G W ml I sou
t m T . T1TJ A ri TJ
Late J. X. Lal'rads A Co.
Vn 20 1 Vrnnt fitrifL '. MoillI)llIS. TcHD.
arHavlng retired from the Saddlery .nd Harden bnsinesa and opened an office as above.
we are p eased to announce to our menu., anu iuo iiuuuu
t serve them in our now capacity. Returning thanks for the very liberal patronage ex-
tended u. in tbs old lino. w. tru.t to mer.v
Colloa Factors, Wholesale Grocers,
Tim. 11 Union Street, t t Memphis, Tcnn
Cotton Factors & Commission Rlerch't's,
Cotton Wareboase Nos
V. A. Muiltli'M Pat. Npparator.
Eagle Eclipse Ilullcr (ilns,
l'luln 10-Iuch Oin, and
SOI anil .19:1 Front Ht.
, Mpmiihls, Titt
- .-- . r Bollrr lrt
J. W. STILUVELL k CO., Troy, O.'
Manutacturer'a Agent, ior
Daniel l"ruU Oiltuii JIiih,
jMiLur, Hmru a to..
lUanafaoturors of
I'ratt Kcillpse IlaHor Ulna, Feed
era aud Ulu Hvpalrstrs,
08 lo 101 Poplar St., JHomphK
Pratt Revolvlne-Ilaad (11ns una-
quiiled. btook now complete. Prloei
reduced. Correspondence ana onion
oliolted. Old (lins Repaired in First
la Urd . All work guaranteed.
w. i. iiouinti:,
Ht.. : Vafontphlu, Ttvn.
Late with J. 1'. LaPrade A Co
am, re..... - yyijf j A'oo.
88 nud 90 luloa Street.:
m CO.
Reopens October 4, 1886.
PUPILS prepared for "ihe Art Students'
League, of New York, or any other
first class art school they may desire to enter
X(. 57 M 4IISO.V STIt 1 ET,
wBUPHi", texi.
laKTlK HI.K(At tt
"m l-;,:Ul6'h Sr., Wasbingtoi, I. (!.,
oient October lMh. ProviJ-a a i r.c r illy
usefulbuinaseiuoallon. Terms : Llie i hol
arship, HO ltoanlinir, stationery, tt.t
twlr weeks' eourne.l 5. Foroiroular .Iree)
address Martyn'. Commr.;inl Col less.
MF.mrAL r.rAKini:.it'
Tulane Univtrsity of Louisiana.
IForiuerly, IS4T-1WI, ihe Universi'y of
I , Louisiana J
TS a Ivantiges for pructical Instruction. In
diseHvnsvt the Southwest are unrivaled,
as the law socures it superMtundiint mnrerl
als from the irrrnt Charity llospiiul with its
iiKI beds, and ai.lKK) patients annually. Stu
dent have no bosp ial-fies to pav and spe
cial instruction is daily given at the bed! Js
orSIhe s.ok, as in no other institution. Jfor
oatalogue or inf rination, address
Pro! S. K. CUAILLK, M. I)., Dean,
I'rngpr WI. NVw 0Vr. I.a.
Proprntnls for CoBstrucIln? Loroes.
For ths 5th Liiimsijina Lkvkk liisrairr, J
Ds.i.T. La., Ouiol'or f), J Hart. J
QEALKO PROPOSALS will he received at
0 tl e oliii'e of the Hoard of ' niumis-i ners
of r(h Louisiana Lovoo Distrii-r, at Helta,
Mudisin pa i'li. La , or at tho office of the
1 resident, Vickshurv, Miss., up to l'J o'clock
noon on Monday, ilia ltb day 0 October,
lssit, ior the coustru'tljn of the f.llowing
lovers :
Approx- Pepog
Locility. iuaie- it ro-
C YoV ll'llr.,1
rihlpp's Bayou...
Miller Field
Dcur Pirk
Lnke Concordia,
K. Carrn'l, l.l'.IHnl f HO in)
r. tiirrii'l,
Msili.ton ...
K Carroll,
Concor in,
totic. rdia,
M'.diFon ...
Madiron ...
1,(I Ml (HJ
Hsn.i 10 :i'S tO
orjj 0
I3.S Hi Ian 0
SU.lslO 2(K1 0
-im no
'Stl.lKlil -I'll 00
ii',.V'ii iii m
l'roi o ills for .hove nani'd work- miist ha
soiuirate, and each p oposat must U signed
oy tne pernm miiKing ne ame, anrt .eil. U
In iu own envel .pe and marked " I'ropo.nls
to build levoe, in pi ish,
from - ."giving tinine of I. veo. and
of parish, i.nd of porson n akiug proposal.
A lift: OH t ol I'Uiront n-.m.ev. i.r .Artttlail
bank check is ro iuind for o. eh lnvoo to tha
amount chovo slalrd, whl -h t-houl.t he en
closed in the re'ili'd envolopa: said tepoait
to tie forfcilcd l.i (lie llnr.l ui Colnuilision
crs 0H1 1. nis ana Lereo District iu care tha
pcr.'in to wh:ni Ihe work mav lx, jiwMr,lm!
shall tail to sign artie'es i:l ntircrmer.t, and
compietn bond within forty -eliht h mrs alter
notice of niljudiciition.
Hon I will ha reiiuired in a fuio not to ex
ceed five IISI rents ner cool vaitl on thu
amount above stated n adveriiccment, with
two VI) sureties, who will ha mpmed to
moke oath that thty sre each worih, over
and nhove li'ibilltius aud oxemptioos, tha
amn'int ol bond.
iae Hoard roi"r es th righ' to reject any
and all bids, wtthiriw from loltim. ru:h
levoe. as they may (tnnni prorer. and loii.
orcine ordiminish t' eolVorii g as (bar soe lit.
Inf- riu'ition aa to l( c.itiun anil . tn.r ictor
of work and terms 11I payinout as a!s. blii'.ilc
forms for nriii- snl, ni;ir be htuined t the
ollice of Board Mute Kn incers. New Or
leans, La. Ur'O.c WAOHII.L.
President 5th Loui'iuna Levre I'lsirlct.
ttnns v. tl A book 01 IU0 pass..
li orA rate took tor
fff enaiivo,llsortooon-
iu mrru "pi o 1 it ri u 1
suit, ns oe etteri
enoed tt otherwise,
it contains lists of
nswspapsrs snd estimates o the eost ol ad
vertising. Tho adrertlisr who want, to spend
one dollar, find, in it the information he re
quires, while for nlm who will lnvet one
hui.dred thousand dollars In advert sing, a
oheme is ludicatsd whloh will mnet his
srery rei ir. ment, or can bs made to do .0
by alighl ohanuof easily arrived at S corre
pondenos. One hundred and ri fly-three
edition, hays boss istsed. Bent, postpaid,
to any address lor ten oesia. Apply to OKO.
VEKTlKlNil UllRKAl'.HI Kprneett. iPrint
w. House Kiinwe . ew Yorlr
Ask jtmr mtatler tor K'eOrlclnnl$3BlioJ
lhiw-aronf IniltalUiFia. i
Kone Oannlue unless bearing thlsHtamp,
Wit y, VutnJVrt ana A ifMOi
mm, A iKJHtalrjirdaH'ut
vn win uruiB juu ini"riiwi
Bitue or TumuiiT "vm
f. 2feans & Co.;
Unoolrl su
TW slioe stnmls higher In trioesMmatlon of
enrar. man any nihor In Olo wori.l. 1 lioa
niula who wear if will lU you the tuuuuK Jo
ask tiioui. -A
Remcvcd to 3C8 Front St.
Botween Monro nnd Madison, Nearly
Optinsite PostooVe.
cueiis & 00.
817 and 8W VT!iT PI C
N. Second St,-?'. '
MiMDTiCTrn!-ob or
A Valuabls Patent.
DaiTK 'n (Ilnrartl Cora and I, a 'lnn.
t. i-.
HA VINO perlectr.d ny ln,nntlj:i . I wish
.0 pl-ice it b'.-lora the i-nl1!:.!. i.-f , 'iu-.;'.:ly
umr alM'tarora. As a Cura P';.ntsr, it is a
perieot suooeis - por.s t'.e drill, ilistrihnteil
tiis seed a.'Oi.raU lj. unin-uro'l, and corord
the same, thcrot.;. one u.a:r per orining tha
work ol threo. Xi,e huve b" o...j,t In
thi. section ior over a dos.-i' you-s wi'r- oar
fect tatialaaiioij. '..at. give ri'v-o:.j'li j toil)
uionials. Adlrr.i.
JOHN U. DANCT.I'aueyviiie,
Hnr' r,nin Trt
WC roHhlTr rsvpmmrft4
Vutif 4m a ill i- txt ritr iy
VJMtl tO Utoiit9HaI ibkfft
'Aia fold coa;itlcfiB
ft'si. min irttf cut 14
LaU-tf.n AMWisKtllB.
AleatC fc Lbk.
HuJiofl. x. r.
Sold by Drujjpist
Pcmiyroyal Pills.
Th Slrlfc'OHl noil I'nly eeinlne.
Sale an lal nays Kcliable. jtlow,.rcoi vr((i.
li Imitations. Ii,.lispenabli. to "IW,
yjur IsriiKKiat tor " Irif ftoisi r'a
f.HKli "and take no other, or !r,o!e"o lo
(stamp') 'o us for particulars iMsiiisb
...urn IIIXJI. N.v. fAI't.Sl. KLi-
.jieMtr t liaiilral I'o,,
J.tlif I:mI'su Nnare", Hlillartm., F-,
j THA UK supplied by UfcO. C.UOODW1N
H bul.tleArai llo.taa, Urtas,
ri a aht
i7 1 U JBW 1
fflj iff tt.. m. Boeton,
, (Juriniat1 M H 9
KLaV UM Htl iBa,
lsfl 4ooly by tb
VtT.iii CiemlcjJ Ct,
V ClnoInnati.ltFni

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