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TUESDAY, t t 4 OCT. 19. 1886.
R0B1RT L. T AY LOB, of Washington.
JAMBS PHKLAN, of Shelby.
The few words AdiirMsed to the
wgro by Mr. rhelao, the Democratic
nominee lor Congress, in bis speech
at Somerrille on Saturday, should be
printed in circular form and pllced In
the bandaof every co'.oied voter In the
dia'rict. Heretofore the neiiro baa
ben indissolably wedded to his Idol,
Ma'Publisan pjrly. He was Impr.s3ed
with the btlief that the war was Inau
jnratad for the exprets purpo-e of se
curing bis f ree do3 azd th it the D.'mo
rrnla tvrrA anxious to reatora him to
slavery and won'd do bo if C!eve'and
was elftted President. Thpy begin to
ere that thc-y have been deceived y
the R imbli.aa leadjts, and tho.o is
much unrest among the colored vott-re
of the South. In the Aiignst election
bundre ls cf thtm p nly and ivi-
antly vctcd tha straight Democratic
ticket and, the reason given was that
they hud been led and deceived long
enough by the men who used them as
"bowers of wood and drawers of
water," ( gt office for themselves.
The negro, for the fl st time since the
war, is thinking for himself. He has
discovered that the Democrats are not
his enemies, that the white Republi
cans are his friends only bo far ai
they can nss bim to put whits Ra
publicans in tfflje, and Mr. Thtlau'a
speech at SouiervUle was siugalarly
appropria'e and did much toward en'
ligh'ening the mind of the negro ts
to the cause of bla freed jm and bia
duty as a citizen. Mr. Phelan could
have added force to bis addreis to
the colored people by referring to the
fact that recently when the Republi
cans of the Third District of Louisiana
in convention assembled nominal
Davidron, a negro, for Congress by a
two-thirds vote, the matter was taken
In hand by the Congressional Com
mlttne, which threw Davidson over
b?ard and nominated his white com'
petitor, Chttaier B. Dm rail, on the
grounds that no negro wai a fit can
didate. - and that bo could not be
elected, even in such a etrong Repub
liean district. And who is Dunell f
Why, he is the most offensive carpet-
bigger from Pennsylvania that ever
came Smth. to rob, plunder and hold
' '.lice. He has held office ever aicce
68, by Tiegro -vote) aeaured by tell.
4 them that if he wai not elected all
,i blacks would be again slaves.
ie negroes have discovered tuat the
(bite Republican cares nothing for
them only so far as they consent to
bind themselves in a new and mueh
more galling slavery than that of
bodily bondage. The Republicans
want their votes; but they do not
want them to have any ihara in the
offices. These are reserved e xcl hp! vb1
for white Republican, -fofwlioni
colored otrare expected to match
up to the polls and vote as so many
slaves to the Republican party. At
the last Piealdential election the Re
pnblicans east- 14.890 votes for
Blaine in this Congressional Dis
trict. The coloied people furnished
I'O'O of th:sl4,S!NJ votua, and they
ought to be allowed the honor of fur
nishing acjbred candidal for Con
gress. Dot the white Republicans
take all the olllces and expect the ne
groes to furnish the votes by which
they are to be elected. It is bo in
a 1 the Republican San of the Noitb.
. Pi-niigylvania gave Illaice nearly 100,-
, 000 majority, and in 'h'B S ate, whte
the colored element . supplies the
averse mcj rity, no negro has cvur
bean nominated for a 8tte, a Con
gref eional, a Senatorial or a Legisla
tive oflki by the Republican party.
Worthy men of this nice have maAe
' themselves candidates, and ' have
' pushed their claims with eons picoous
abili'y. But not one has ever been
nominnttd. In one of tbe Fuikdel
phia districts, where almost one half
cf the vr.tsrs are colored men, one of
the ablest wen In thsir ranks was re
cently defeated simply bfcause he was
black. Ttie rame exneiience came to a
prominent colored man cf Danphin
connty. He wasdefea'ed for nomination
in spite of the fast tint the members
of his race were alrmst unanimously
fi.r him, and in spito of his Ability and
pirty eervhe. Hi had a black skin,
and men with black Bklns may vo(e
wit!i fie KipiiblicainauJ kslptoelect
iti tic'i:t, bit fiey nro Lot entitled to
any consiileralioa whnn honr-rs ar to
bs distributed. The Dainocratic party
has not possd s the espo, ial and only
friend of the neirro, but it has bson
bin frit-mi ir sickness and in trouble,
acd Cleveland's appo 'ntinent of Mil
thews af.tr his rej c ion by a Ropub
wJickvk&tndOm ud Vh many negroes
!TrSoCt4 - to tbe Legislature in the
SoaUiern FUtes, shows that the Djin
." rcrt are the bt friends of ths
- lAjfk'.tin I no wonder they are tired
' ' Cfb'ing used ai footballs, tabs kicked
about by white Republican olice
..." s.'i!L.xa. .. ' '-
.iv,, ' TIIK BITNISIKNN bl 1 1' ATIOl.
, , The list of cearingB on our commer
r cial page still show iLcrease over last
- year, and this increase is tbe more
... worthy of uotice becauee at that time
the improvement in business that is
proving so satis'actory had begun to
. how i(Helf-Thea'e are some indies
' tions in Europe that busineas nnlntor-
rnpted by outside inflnences wonld as
nmi more encouraging aspect, bat
tbe unsettled condition of affairs thete,
and the uncertainty caused by appre
hensions that a meat serious war may
break out, have a strong depretsive in
fluence and check enterprise. Tbe
clearing home returns for lat week
show a total gain, in tbe thirty cities
reported, cf, 11.4 per cent, over the
corresponding week last year. Lead
ing o;:t New York with its Mall
ttrett speculations, the increase
atmuLlB to 14.6 p:r cent, an in-
... i .in- .11
crease wnicu epeens aeciacuiy wn
for industrial and mercantile, as dis
tirgni'-hed fr ,m speculative traussc-
tiors. Oij I-ur cities report a de-
creae canrg toe weett, tnree oi
them of 5 and 8 per cent, but one-
New Orleans amounts to 17.2 per
cent, flew lora; au vices report a
larne and healthful improvement of
all kinds of mercantile and manu
factured products." In iron and
steel, mills and furnaces are every
where oversold, and inquiries are nu
merous for winter requirements, with
no s'ea of over production. Leather
holdd its own; E. stern shoe manu
facturers report an active demand,
with decreasing stocks and crowding
orders. Railway earnings are incre?s
iiu-a decided tsiu ranee of increasing
trade. Indus rial produceis frequently
complain of small ptofits, and the
market will bear no material advance.
Labor dlflicalt'ea aid to kenp down
prices, as advanc:s lead to drtnands
for changes from the workmen.
The Iargs amount of orders re-
caived in aJvance also steadies prices
at their present level, bat in
ial, coal, lumbar, iron and cotton
sba-p advances are considered possi
ble. The Limber Trade Journal says
"Reports gathered f rem almost every
tine of trade indicate a largely lu
cra'od business over last fall. There
is no donbt but that stocks of all
kinds a'e exceedingly low in the in
terior towns, and mercbauta must buy
la-gtly to replenish their stocks to
meet the demands. The best element
of the present boom, the most cheer
ful aspect lies in the conservative and
solid biis npon which it is made.
Confidence is everywhere established,
and the business world takes on a new
hope, bnyi liberally, and prosecutes
with vigor and faith, certain that en
emy will bs rena d." The Baltimore
Record siys the West never saw pro
groJSSBch as the South is now niak
ing. The Philadelphia Record reports
labor in demand; the small Bhopa
espec'ally are actively employed, and
manufacturers and merohnnts are
buiy. In the Weat building is active,
with indications of scirolty cf labor in
maohiue shops, railway works
and mills. The demand Is
expected to bring many foreign
workingmsn over here. Tne Chatta
nooga TWuIeimcin reports: 'Through
out the South bnsiness has been good
in September, and October has so far
been a lively month. There has ben
no sudden climb in prices AU rates
have, however, stiffened and advances
have occurred in several lines. The
same paper says ths iron men there
ars looking for higher prices. Finan
cial affairs show no special changes,
tbe new $1 silver ceitiQc ites are taken
eagqrly, and the inconvenient silve
dollars will take refuge in the Treannry
vaults, a burial Instead of a welcome
for "the dollar of our fathers." Silver
In London quotes 45 Id an ouuee,
which mak.s the metal value of
the d)1lar to. be 76 cento. ' On
Friday the Nbw York Indicator re
ported: "There is tl,20O,0UO more
gold rAportod engaged for shipment to
Maw Yoik, making $2 4130,000 now on
the way." And on Thursday: "Ship
mnnta of $1,475,000 gold are reported
to have baen engaged for Naw York,
A gold boom is looming up." Oa the
whole tbe week's general business re
port is extremely encouraging, an
tIcss a Eniopean ar should change
the prominent look of things, tbe
proBpic: is all that could be desired,
Am Onlrnaaoailj ladeeaal PvriorUt-
auee on FrlUnjr Blgbt.
InotiuroaDiaoa or ths irriiL.I
HiHNANno, Mins , October 17. On
f rni ay nstit was enacted on the
streets of Hfrnaado, Miss , a scene fit
lor ine wnus ot some barbarous conn
try. Between the hours of 10 and
o'clock some drnnken rowdies had
pissi eelon of the streets and nithing
was seenre from their destructive
hands. Windows were broken, fences
torn down, railings torn of! hom es
and lileendsngored by about a doaen
pmtol shots on one of the principal
slreeta. Even frVs property was not
respee'ed in their wild career. Planks
were torn off the fares around the
Central Prasbyterian Cnuich. A poor
old colore! womsn had her fence
pul'ei down, and cows destroyed corn
and bay that she was saving for win
tar. As yet no estimate lias been
made of damage done, but it is con
siderable. In Btieh a case as this
monny shonld be of socondary im
parlance It is a shame to the noble
county of Desoto! A d sgrace to the
cilixens ot Hernando, that such things
should happen, ami in a prohibition
town, tool
O t sens of Hernando, arisn in your
insulted nianbcol and redeem the
honor cf yonr town before a deeper
stain mars her fair record! Is Her
nando a peaceful place? Are the
citizens all law abiding? AIsb, no!
There the Invidious euemy of peace
and law jlcohol is me, in one form
oraub'her; there tho deadly p stol ia
tin fit on tha s reels at night, to the
danger of life. Lst the law arouse
hcr.-e'l in a'l her msjssty and see
imo these thinss. Keo tnat her edicts
are carriud out in all thing..
' (ibhuited o ntnnditrd Uaaio.
Sr. Louis, Mo, October 18 The
tTictscf the St, Louis, Aikannas and
Taxasrallioad, between Cairo, III , and
Texarkana, Aik., were changed totlay
from narrow gaune to standard gauge.
The remainder of tbe line will be
chang d on November lst next.
.oalavllle Oanoat.
iitarARS fob noons.
FotundationB, cellar walls and build
ings subject to overflow should be con
tructed with Lonisville Cement. It la
the standard.
DhcDssion on the Joilclary 8) stem
-Relief for Charleston-Relief
Cbicaoo, III.. O.tober 18. The
House of DeDutits of tbe Protes arit
Episcopal Church resumed its sittings
bs mormrg. The committee to
n ch was referred the refolatioi6
and memorials ic'ating to missionary
woik among the cskred people rfc m
mended the adoption of a resolutijn
t) the effect that, while the convention
recognized tbe oMigst on resting n wa
tbe whole church to aid in the educa
tion of the colored people, tbey snonid
leava the control of tbe work to the
bishops of the respectivediosesei.
A iecond resolution recommended
the appointment of a joint committee
of fifteen to actively superintend the
work In connection with trie uoara oi
Missions. The report was place! on
tbeca'endar. A Utter of thanks wis
received from the iiisboo oi soutn
Carolina for the $650 contributed by
he convtntien toward the restoration
of the churches in Charleston.
Thn Commit'ee on the State of the
Church reprt-d that the present
canon was eullcier.t in regard to lay
readers, and deem id ay lu-tner leiie-
lation inexpedient. Tha report waj
lue Lommntee on cxp.'.ns.'s repor:-
ed that they had found tho accounts
in gcoi sliape, and recomraendeJ
the re electing of Wi liam W. Astor
as trahniirer. Report udopted.
Tiie Committee ( n Canons repirt.d
. hat in their opinion the exieting
canon as to the registration of hinh,
msrri iKCS and deatns was autlicient,
and that further legislation was inex
pedient. Report ad pt.?d.
Tlie (jomnutiee on unariues report
ed that $35,000 bad been expn !oi
during tie psl. three years towirJ
the relief of aged clergymen.
The report on the judiciary syBtem
of the church was r ad, which reconrj-
meiided th it some crungo wps desir
able in the matter of the trial oF pres
byters and deicons, acd that until the
General Convention took definite ac
tion the respective dioceses be per
mitted to adopt tu:n reguutions as
they might dtem advleable.
Mr. ra terson, oi rennsyivanie, ar
guod etroimly for the adoption of the
ren r .
The Rev. Mr. Hoffman, of Near
Yore, argued in favor of the minority
report, declaims! tnal I tie exiieoc
was such as to call for the immediate
creation of an appellate couit.
In tbe debate during the afternoon
on the judicial system of the church
th) two great parties in the conven
tion stona anayeu separate ann uis
tinirt. ine doctrine ot Hta'e S'v-
ereignity was never more ably cham
pioned in an' e tieiinra days tnan it
was by many note advocates on tne
floor of the bouse. Their arguments
for the inherent rights of the
dioce e and i's original power and
iurisdiction were strong and earnest
un tne otner nana, ine aavocaies
of ceutialiiition and federal jurisdic
tion ware rnnallv able and earnest.
They contended ih.t the church wbb
His nnit: tnat tneuenerai uonvention
had the supreme piwer, and thet it
had the authcrity by implication at
I oust to establish an appellate cour.
The Rev. R. O. Fonto, of California,
was tne first speaker, lie thought 1
ioconiprehensible that anyone should
believe the present system was sum
cient He strongly favored the estab
liehine ot a court.
Mr. W. H. 8. Burgwin, of North
Carolina, tha next speaker, oppos
the proposition. There wou'd b 1 1 uch
expanse a'tached to the court, he
Slid, that it would be a predicate de
n al ot jus lcs.
Meters, toute and Bug arm were
followed by a great number, of other
sneakers pro and con. tbe Rev. Dr,
Hopkins, of P.nnsylvania, being the
las', speaker tor advecmne a conrt,
and Judite Shelley, of Virgin is, plead
ing agaicst it. Judge Shefley will re
sume bis address tomorrow.
Briua- A rfiied He rare tbe United
State! Hiiprem t'enrl.
WAamNOTOH, October 18. The Su
preme Couit o( the United Sta'es re
us mb'ed at neon today.ind without
r. ndcring anydtcieioua took np the
land grant case of the Kansas City,
Lawrence and Sonthern Kansas Had
roid Company against B II. Brewster,
Attorney Genera, brought here by
appeal fiom the United S at'S Circnit
Court for the Di trict of Kansas and
advanced on the docket by reason of
the importance of the qnest ion at isBue.
Jadga McCnry. of counsel for the ap
pelant. askd the Conrt for an exten
sion of time, which was granted. In
the argument today Mr. Britton was
followed by Mr. Win. Lawrence for
tbe appellee and Mr. John F. Dillon
for the appellant.
At the HlMlin Home Thoraday
Next Thursday, 21st instant, is ths
choeen day for the annual ingathering
or "Harvest Home" celebration for t he
benefit of tbe Mission Home, No. 101
Alabama street. Tbe public folly un
derstands the necessity which
makes this Institution (our only tem.
blanoe of a house cf refuge) a constant
pensioner on the bouuty of the pub
lic It is filled with human salvage,
the fhtsam and jotsam of life's tnesiug
surges on our shores, tender children,
naked and periehhig, drowning gir s
caught from tbe seething watera of
desolation by rescuing hands, to be
chafed and warmed agin into the
b)auty of a new life. Those bands
are sore burdened; the children peed
clothes, food, fire for the winter that
is coming, and for todny. They need
nursing and teaching and tending.
The gates of the Home w.ll staid wine
open for provision drays, and coal
carta and delivery wagons all
day Wednesday and to Thntsluy noon.
After that the f lont doorof the clothes,
closets and pantry doors and kitchen
shelves will be open In all their hun
gry emptine'S, and the children them
selves will show tboir gratitude ard
promise in their own innocont pleas
nr at Boeing so many friendly people.
Everybody is invited from 3 to 5
o'clock p.m., each guest to bring as the
Lord hath pnspered him.
THE A. O. U. W.
I.retnre Vmni Mam bjr W. H. Unrar
or California.
Mr. Wm. H. Barns of California,
Tast Grand Master Workman of the
Ancient Order of United Workmen,
lectnred last night to a small but re
fined and intelligent audience at tbe
Y. M. H. A. Hall, corner of Second
and Union street. Mr. Barnes is a
gentleman of about 45 years of sge,
rather stoutly built and somewhat
robust of form. Hit manner of speak-
is easy and convsnational
his matter is embellished
ith anecdotes and stories, whioh
he posse' ses the faculty of telling with
rare art and skill. His powrs of
mimicry are exceptional, and hia
versatility in tiking oil, with equal
skill, the bt sotted dninkarl, the aged
female pnoper and the garctimomcus
deacoF,is a source i f ir fl ite amuse .
ment to bis hearers. Mr. Dimes
voted himself to gaining ed-
berents to the order which
he represents, and made an
excellent showing for his cause. It is
a'i rrgai zition that not only pays
$2000 ro the wldofts of dece'(ipd mem
bers, but pays members $10 a week
w.ren tbey are irca-R ita eJ by sick
ness Irom earning a 1 veliho-d. Want
of epice forbids euch extended men
tion as tbe meri'sof Mr. Barnes's lecture
dtiserve. He demenstrated one thing
vary clearly, however, thit those who
sire to provide f or their lamiue?,
alter their death, cannot do better
than to al y them.elvca to so excellent
an organ z ti -in es the Aic'cnt Or Jar
cf United Workmen.
Col. Barney Huithes rrado a few re
marks in his own peculiar vein that
kept the audience lanehinc till tne
t?ars ran, but at the bottom f bis fun
there was a solid bedrock of common
sense that found its w.y to all hearts.
it goes Without easing tnat ne was
isteued to wi'h interest as neua1. and
frequently Interrupted by general ap
ine l)ltow:ng gentlemen occupied
"eats on the pla'form : The Hon. (ieo.
a. rnter., J. s. Kanke-'. J. u. Ma'nes,
Louis Goldsmith. A B. Hill. J. H.
Thompson, W. Z. Mitchell, Chitf
Davi , J. H. Duval.
A. Colored Fiend Who Held
Wife's Feet lu tbe lire.
Albany, Ga . October 18. Mrs.
Williams, coWrd. who died in Ca
milla last nlirht from the etlects ot a
nre, made a confession in which she
stat s that her hue and, who bad be
come anzered with he', se zed her
aid held her feet end arm in the li'e
nntil they were burned to a crisp
Williams was arrest d hare today for
Marlln Mitchell, Dies From Blood
PoInodIpr Saturday Night.
Forrest City. Auk., October 18.
Martin Mitchell, the "Swamp Anael,"
di'd Sa'nrday night a the residence
of J. S. Davidson, on S'. Francis river,
and was buried eunilay afternoon
Mitchell's death wes caused by blood
poison and loss oi b'ood from the
wound in msarm end iianu wnicu ne
received a fww weeks pgo at Madison,
Ark , in a difhculty with John An
for the Utile
J. Kail
OoLOURUB. Miss . October 18. Col
W. D. Grace, of the Barnes-Crane
syndicate, c.mo yesterday morning
and spent toe day nere, ana leit tor
Macon tontsht. accompanied bv Air,
Geo. H. Riasby. He speaks at Cnt9r
Point tomorrow In tbe interest of the
Little J. Mr. Crane feels very much
encourazed at the prospects, and the
road is gaining many friends daily.
As Boon as they have finished the can
vss of JJoxubee and Rankin coun
ties they, in company w:th Gen. Mar
tin, will return to Columbus and be'
gin a canvass of Lowndes county.
The Pratl Iroa Furnaces to Be Bnilt
at Once,
Birmingham, Ala., October 18.
Excavating for the first Pratt furnace
bus been enlarged to take in the three
' thr promised etickp, and a'l ar to
bs built now as rapidly as possible.
The first reck for the foundation went
rut today. The Linn Iron Works will
make all heavy parts for one of the
th ee furnecrS, as they hava for th
firs', which is now almoet ready to be
moved to the eromxl and erected
The other two mint be msde North,
O e huodrid and forly eix thousand
dollars worth ot stock in tne rratc
Coal and Iron Company, belonging to
the estate oi the late i. U wads
worth, was sold today at the court-
hon e at public outiry for car-h nnder
orierni the frobate (Jourt. Uol. bos-
ley, president of the company, bidding
it in at par for John Intnan, of N?w
A movement is on foot for a new
nat'onal bank here.
Statements of the Chicago and Hew
York Earhanges.
Nkw Yobk, October 18.The follow
ing is tbe official statement of the visi
b e supply of grain in store and afloat
on October 16th, as issued by the Pro
duce Exchange: Wheat, 621,820,1539
bu; increase, 1,041,104 bu. Cort, 13,
756.074 bu: increase, 178,032 bu. OaU,
5,135,001 bu; increase, 140,455 bn.
Rye, 614,245 bn ; decrease, 2,433 bn.
Barley, 2,075,730 bu; increase, 208,-
009 bu.
The Chicago Statement.
CniCAQO, III., October 18. --The fol
lowing is the report ol the visible sup
ply of grain on October 10th, as com
piled by the secretary of the Chicago
Board of Trade: Wheat, 68,829,000: in
creaee, 1,041,000 bu. Corn, 18,756,000
bu; incieaee, 178.0C0 bu. Oite, 5,(30,
000 bu; increase, 141,000 bu. Rye,
615,000 bn; decrease, 25,000. Barley,
2,075,000 bu; Increase, 2(7,0C0 bu.
Havb tried Tongaline, and find it a
sale, eaay and eflioieit neuralgia rem
edy. It is au invaluable remedial
agent, long needed.
A. L. BCUUICK, M.D., AihUnd.O.
Dnirball and Baelna.
Chicago, III , October 18. The first
game of baseball for the world's cham
pionship was played here today be
tween the Chicago and St. Louis
Browns befjrd an audience of 6000 to
6000 people. Result: Chicago, 6; St.
Louis, 0.
Brighton Bsach, N. Y., October 18.
The winners in today's races were
Belle view, Zitnora, Haluda, Bonnie
Prince and Montmore.
A unique feature of Lippincott'i
Monthly Magazine for 1887 will be a
Beries ( f articles describing the social
lifo of the etuden's of the vaiious col
leges of tbe United States.
Ma. Riobr Haggard's story, "King
Solomon's Mines," has been one of
the greatest literary successes of the
day. Up to the pressnt time 60,000
copies have been sold, and now Cas
Bell A Co. announce a new edition in
cloth at $1, a .so a new edition just
ready in paper covers, 25 cents.
Tnrongh Pttition by tbe Knights of
Labor Resolutions Referred to
the Eiaeative Board.
Richmond, Va Octobor 18. Dele
gates to the General Aatetnhly Knights
of Labor are loth to apeak ahout it,
bit thie were scarcely 500 of them in
convention when it was called to
order a. 9 o'clock this morning.
Scores cf them departed from tbe city
ou last n'ghl'd trains and many more
have bellied their hotel bins and will
leave today. There is, therefore, evt ry
reason for adjournment within tbe
next thirty hours. The officers say
the wrrk rf revis ng tbe laws wi 1 be
iken in regular order and poshed
trough today, tbe object being to
complete all of this before the
c'.t se of the afternoon session. There
ill be, it is believed, nothi"g radicsl
n tbe matter of boycotts. .Nearly
every one is in favor cf increasing the
salaries of the general cilicsre. That
of Ueneral Matter workman will like
ly be raised to $2500 rr $3000 from
$1500, and the otter c libera miy get
$1500 or $1800, whereas they low re
ceive $10:0 annna'ly.
At trie forenoon session tcdav ihos.
O'Koilly, of tbe Telegraphers' District,
otT- red the following recolut'on:
Ketolved, rua tbe orvan z.d roarer
of the order of tbe Knights of Labir
be direstid in dcmiudi. ga' the hardi
of Cougrees the pacstge of a meesure
recommerding the purchase, unoer
the right of eminent domain, of ths
tdltgrajjh system of the country; that
it ia the duty of all to asr'st in nomin-
na'tng and tu; ponlng with tneir votes
only such candid&teB as will pledge
their eupport to sach a measu-e, at:d
thatepeoial inetruc ions be i'sued to the
L"gisla'ive Uommittea at Washington
to axita'e for euch ownership and
mae governmental totegraphy one of
tne burning questions ot tbe diy.
Bin i'.tro tucme the ie.:olution Mr,
O Heuly called at entiontothofa tihat
t -iieir'anh lines in every country except
tbe United bta'es and Canada are
owned by the government, and
claimed that it was an absolute neces
sity here that the telegraph system
should be controlled by the govern
ment in the public ioteiest.
lhe action tiken by theuenern ac-
eembly Sa'urdey in reference to tbe
clause of the revised coDBtitu'ion re
lating to national trades districts was
rec insidered.'and when an effort was
made to readopt the clause as
amendetl.it fuled for lack of a two-
thirds vote It was then moved to re
fer all of that part of the revised con
stitution noi yet acted on to tbe Exec
utive Board and a Bpeciai committee
of four to take action on it and submit
thsreBult of their labors to the local
assemblies for their approval. Action
on this motion was pending wnen tne
noon recess was taken.
A telegram was sent to Thomas
Barry, instructing bim to remain in
Chicago, where he wps snt t en
deavor to B:t'le the differences be
tween tbe pork packers and their em
The afternoon cession was taken up
with .the acoption and reference to
committees of various reFolutiots
It is now hoped that the convention
may adjourn tomorrow evening.
There only remain to be preaente 1
the renorts of tbe Uommittees on fi
nance and Appeals and Grievsncrs
and six special commit eea. '
Chancery Court lle(t, Judme,
Calendar for Ojtober 19th: Nos,
B430, Hollenbera vs Uollenberg; 5431
P. la vs Polk. 5434. Jobe vs Wtddran
5435, D'Aru mont vs Piciad; 5436,
Smith vs Smith: 5437. Lstura vs Wa
kins: 5438. Sjowden vs Liuisville
New Orleans and Ttxas railroad
fi4::. Bonds vs B, nils: 5441, Marcan
tile Bank vs Wo:dmff; 5442, Weit vs
Brinklev: 6443. HatcheU vj Least
5444. Pric vs Harris; 5446, 01en vs
Olsen: 5447. Johnson vs McNairy
6448, Olsan vs Miller; 6449, Doughfrty
vs Tyler: 54oO, White vs wnite; oui
Howard vs Howard; 6452, 8tte vs
Me npfois City railroad ; 5453, Mosby
vaM sbv: 5454. Roirers vs Koner3
5465. Graham vs Graham ; 6456, Joaes
vj Apperson: 5457, Williamson Ts
Havs: 5458. Snowden vs Bahrincer
6459, Jonkermaa vs Junkermin; 6460,
Benenm vs Hessom: 6461. Webb vs
Qninn: 5462. Jones vs Brchus; 5463,
Dickens V3 L gorlo; 6464, Holmej vs
Carr: 5465. Hamlet vs Hamlet: 5466,
Enter va Onnirer: 5467. Cowarill vs
Griffith; 5409, Pepper vs Memphis
and Arkansas Company; 5470, Padget
va Porter; 5471, Loague vj wrowa;
6472, Moare vs Moore; 5173, Pierce vs
Woodwtid;044, can vs vauu, utio,
Hooch vs Ntucb; 5476, Lucke va Tx
)nn TVctrlnt. R477. RaHbV VS AlgOO 1
Ki7H Btor ihuilTl VA UiC8 1 5480, Wai'
... .. ronnnn- f,iM. Dent VS Wat
" " ' - K,o
iace; 6482. Jacobs V8 Jacooa;
Oa'es vs Klrby.
Circuit Conrl-Kstai, Jodse.
Jury calendar for today: Njs. 90fld,
A. J. Knapp vs George B.itt; 9001, W.
J.Smith vs Ismu W.st; 9002, W. J.
Smith vs A. B. Brown ; 8992, M'S. Ann
Lagrill vs Dr. II. J. Shaw; 9008, Lee
Webster vs George Weshiogton; 9016,
Ed Johnston et al vs Isaac Slippy et al ;
9051, Wm. Glenn & 8nns vs Southern
Express Company; 9052, J. W. Knott
vs Conrad Wagner; 9062. G. O. Har
man vs J. A. Forrest et al ; 9063, Terry
Colloghan vs K. 0., S. & M. K R. Co. ;
9004, J. B. Heiskell et al vs L , N. O. A
T. It. R. Co.; 9U05, T. J. B igas vs
Wouthern Express Compauy ; 91)79, M.
E. Conaway va Geo. P. Mnnch; 9080,
K. J. Black & Co vs Ed Shaw et al ;
9081, John K. Hurley vs L , N O & T.
R, R. Co.; 8 86, Gei. Hecktr vs Jo?.
Eastman ; 9091, J. H. Coffin & Co. vs
John E. Cirr.
In tbe case of John E. Gjodwin
againt the Konnesaw Manufacturing
Company, the jury rendered a ver.lict
for ilefeudant
The cases of Bowdre Bros. & Cj.
vs Stewa-t, Gwyono Sc Do. and Bjw
dre Bros, & Co., vs. Star Oil Mills, was
on trial yesterday and will be con
tinued today.
Criminal Cnr-lnbof, Judae.
Calendar for today : No. 64,Alo-a
Aiken; No. 67, H. E. Whiteskles; No.
69, J. B. faly ; N 62, Louis PJoler;
No. 53, Arthur Wheatiey et al.; No.
62, Will P..sley etal ; N .61, Sylvester
McDona'd et al. ; No. 68, Ella 6wift;
No. 26, Wm. Allen.
The esse of Sam Hawkins, colored,
charged with attempt to rape a 45 year
old colored woman, waa on trial yes
terday and will be continued tcday.
Emanuel Lehman and others to
James M.- Smith, sauth side of Beale
street noir Wellington, 250x75 feet.
Consideration, $15i0.
MONTH, aiuw. -fTS? i?.
riieire tn tT r fl. s a"F Z
Sorgb.um IIills-
is Jockey
Four and File Races Each Day.
KtrepletliaMCg ami Hurdle Mace?.
Wauy off the Flint CNt IIorsoH In America will participate.
Itacca comnieuce at 3:S0 o'clock p.m.
II 4 I F llTFN on all KwUroartH ami Seainboai.
Ghk OLvbi
r j
Dinner, Toilet and Chamber Sets in Great Variety.
-Aaenta for Ibe celebrated GHEES WOOD THRU IEO CHINA, apcclallj
adanftxl for Hofla. Ri(nrii. ami Htmlaa.-w
Confections, daces, Nongat Ctnimel?, French Fruit Glaces,
Cream Bon Eons, Fine French Handmade Cream and
Bon Bons, Chocolates, Ices and Nongatines.
Ton can find the goods " AT RETAIL," in any qaantitiof , at . . .
The Peters & Sawrie Co.'s Retail E-tabllshment,
. Ko. 48 Jeirt-rson Street, Opposite Tlielr Factory.
TheBS are tbe Snett Confections that tbe Memphis Publio bar ever had the opportunity
to purohafe.
tfiyTry Our "Sew Crown Loaf" "Delieionw."-g
Capital, $200,000. Surplus, $25,000,
J. K. 60DWLS, Prest. J. M. ftOODBAK, Viee-Prest. C n. BAI3E, CAskiea,
loerd of
. n a irru
J'al". HBLSOlf ,
tvnJH anniaiaAU,
l. IS. n
arA BlMttorr r the Htate of Taaasaaoe. TrMsaett dcnorol K-aiHgj
Biuimi and alvaa Beatal
3XTe"W Firm.
No. 321 Second Street Memphis, Tenn.
orpine BtooU.-w wBtyllwh "TtimoMtw.-w
Liberal Advances
2C6 yront Street,
Han. Uenident Notice. I
w n7arn ih Ihanoery Court of Shelby
Sv Mr-"
thn oaue that .the defe."". H. Smith,
Mm. Smith and husb. and non-
are resldenti of the State of . ,!, A.
residenU of the btate of Tenn. ther make
Jt is therefore ordered. That rourtouse
their appearanco herein, at the TcnD 0B
of Shelby county, in Memphis, ,mber.
or before the flrt Monday in Dev com.
1H86, and plead, answer or demur to . (he
plainant's bill, and amended bil s. or ,m
same will be taken for conlevsed as to th. T
and et for honrinff ox imrtn t end that a cop.
of this order be i.ublishedl onco a wook, for
four lurceasive week, in tho Memphis Ad
peal. This lHth day ot October, IStfti.
A copy attest:
8. 1. MotOWELT, Clerk and Master.
ByT. D. Caldwoll, Deputy C. and M.
II. and C. W. llenkell. Solicitors for
complainant. tnes
Special Notice to Shippers.
Miastaeirri and TuNNKaaia RiU.ROio Co.,1
Memphis. September 3, lOMti. j
THE completion of the Ysioo and Missis
sippi V u Hoy K.R., from Jacknon. Mias.,
to Greenwood, Miss., OPKNet UP AN ALL
RAIL LINK, without break of bulk or trans
fer of freight, to following named points:
Taaoo t'lly, Edon, H. I.akp, Clood
HP i,n Milvavlllr, Slmrfclrford
Trbula, Kclrn, Crugrr,SIlou, HUIbs
gun, Ureenwood.
Shipments to landinirs near these points
should he made to nearest station named
above. Your bnainess is respectlully so
licited over the M. and T. Road, as freitht
reaches ita dostinution the following day ol
delivery at our depot. A. J. KNAPP,
General Freight Agent.
To Contractors.
acr 1,000,000 Cubic Tarda Levee Work
in Tunica and Coahoma oounties, Miss., to
let in quantities to suit outfits.
1000 stttion men can And employment at
12 to 18 oenti per yard. Also, 300 teams.
Apply on work, or to xoof, McGowan k Co.,
274 Front street.
JIFFERSON k MoTlQHB, Contractors
J. R. 80DWTB,
n. e. corns.
u. ri. vvr r lc,
tlx AM.
Alteatioa to DllMtlnna.-a
on Coiislgnmente.
Memphis, Tenn,
Tnii BELT or Ra
(enerftor is madee
nreaalv tor the oor
of degeneration ot
the generative or-
. gang, . mere j n
e mistake abon. thisin-
trument the con
tinuous stream ol
fcRlU jOnMI I meatin through tha
Lll V'i.t' UI'iLI parts mosl restore
them to healthy notion. Do not confound
this with Klectrlo Belu advertised to curt
all ills from head to too. It it for the ON I
specifia purpose. For circulars giving fall
nformatUon, address Cheever EleotricBalt
(In.. 1IH Waninyton Atrnet. Cblosit". III.
mnum a
To Dial lr Copnrtnetahlp,
a-Our entire stock ha.V '? T Jan
uary 1, 1887, to Dissolv CPrtnerhip
our company retiring, .. . .
arWe oBer our immense i "Kel
Ira ol Coat.
flood Felt lists...,. Vu'i"V S98
Fine Felt Hats, New Shape , worth 7fto
Genuine Beaver Hats.... 75o
Job Lot el Hats, wcrth from II to $2 2bo
Beautiful Koe, all Colors .S for lOo
Ostrich Hompons.. lite'
Children's I rimmed Hat, worth $2, for II 00
Boys's Cloth, Velvet and Piush Caps,
worthll 50o
Ladies' Trimmed Uete, worth II 12 00
Long flumes from ,50c np
Ostrich Tips, 3 in Bunoh, from 50c up
Biids, Wings, Fanev Feathers, Feather
Bands, etc, at Klillrnionel (.on nlcee)
-Don't We Your Chance. Remember.
Irom this day to January 1, 1887.
aw-Rrldal and nourulng- Oatflla.
avThe finest assortment ol DOLLS in tha
a-Hats Reshaped, Feathers Cleaned, Dyed
and Curled. .
awttoldan Hair, Wash hj the Small ot Largej

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