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ettoii Steady Middling, 8 3 4c
Sales Yesterday, 4100
Money rules in stracg demand at 8
vper cent. Lo::al securities continae
The local cettoa market was steal y
yesterday ; middling, n. Sales, 4100
At New York spots closed quiet;
middling, 9 5-l6c. Futures easy ; Oc
tober, 9.069 08e.
A leading Kew York cotton circular
ysofcot'oa futures: "The market
reflected Liverpool, and after a small
advance at the commencement finally
. fell away, closing tamely 2 or 3 points
under Saturday evening."
At New Orleans yesterday spots
were wtak and irregular; middling,
8Jc. Futures barely steady; October,
At Liverpool a good bus;nes3 was
reported in spot3 at hardening rates,
and the market advanced l-16d; mid
dling, 61d. Futures dull and l-32d
higher; October, 5 10-64d.
I In the general market, bulk pork
, clear rib sides are higher at 7Jc ta 7Js.
f Ssven hundred and eighty-six brls
apples, 100 sks brnn, 145 brls beans
and pflM, 35 plsgs butter, 7!0 rls bag
ging, 27 pkgs bacsn, 202 pkgs boots
' and shore, 7500 bu cirn, 61 pkRB
cheese, 2 sks cofloa, 34 cuts cotton
' seed, 16,585 ekj c tton seed, 2 ' 8 pkfB
dry goods, 05 pkgs egge, 2133 b'ls
rl mr, 1029 tnies nay, zs pKgs nais, a
hd hegs, Vo7 hd cattle, 24 hd hoists
and mults, 751 pkgs laid, 64,000 ft
lumbar, 104 pkiB liquors, 1C0 brls meal,
brls ruo!as3e3,239 kgs nails, 1000 bu
oats,56 brlsooioop, 141 bth potatoes,22
cars pork sides, 99 bris sujia', 405 pkis
tobacco, 4500 bu wheat and 78 brls
: rice.
, : The fjllowing shows the amount ot
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by regu'ar c'.avatirs, as reported to the
Merchants Exchange yesterday:
Wheat none received or withdrawn;
ln store, 1045 bu. Corn received,
' 348 bu : withdrawn, 4607 bu ; in
? store, 8436 bu. Oats received, 1085
- bu ; withdrawn, 3611 bu ; in store, 165,
: 350 bu.
msrket was irregular but generally
weak for the first half hour, and mary
stocks reached their lowest point iu
the first fifteen minutes. Prices then
rallied, after which they were alter
nately weak and strong until the lut
hour, when rumors to the effect that
an influenzal opara'or wai in trouble
again, caueed free Selling and the mir-
ket closed weak in many cen?a at
the lowest of the day. Money was
run cp to 10 rer cent, iu tli9
afrernojn which a;ded the fiual de
cline. Sains, 523.045 shares; Hcckiug
Vally recorded 65,459, Jr:ev Cent'al
61,340, La kiwaona 63,830. 'Hocking
Valley is the only active sto:k which
is higher, i' a gain being 1; Manhat
tan lest 7, Jersey Cer.trai 6J, Lacka
wanna i, Nickel Plate preferred 2, the
common 1J, and Union Pacific t
Railroad bonds showed more strengtn
than shares, but were equally irregu-!a-.
Sales aggregated $.J,142,300; At
lantic and Pac flo incomes furnished
$495,000, Ohio Southern incomes $235,
000, and Hocking Valley fives $.'10,
000. The features of the trading were
the strength id toe Detroit, Mackinac
and Marqnettee issue and the Ohio
Southern it cornea, and the weakness
in the Jersey Central issues. Closing
prices show irregular changes. Alton
sinking funds rose 2, to 125 ; Chicago
and East Illinois consols 2j, to 113;
Detrjir, Mackinac and Marquette land
grants 3, to 43, and the incomes 2, to
41; Ohio Southern incomes 2 J, to 41.
Jersey Central consols lost 2, to IU J,
thedtbsn ur6, to8l; Denver and
Ro Grande Western first?, 3, to 76,
and Indiana, Bloomicgton end West
ern eecocda 3, to 71 J.
The total sales of eto.ks todav were
23,046 shares, including Canada
Soutbern, 7050; Delaware, Lacka
nanna andWes ern, f.3,83i; Delaware
andHudsjn, 5815; Erie, 10,535; Kan
Fas and Texas, 6300; Lake Shor',
16,835; Louisville and Nathville,
78U5: Manhattan Cineolidatid, 11,040;
Norto western, 5720; Jeist-y CiLtrxl,
61,340; Ohio and Mississippi, ?880;
I'aciflc Ma.l, 36t0; K ading, 2U,iau;
S . Pan', 18,800; Texas Pacific, 16,900;
Union Pacific, 7400; Western Union,
21,868. Closing quotations:
U.S. 3s, 1O01,. 4s, coup. 128.
ilA, coup, 1)1. PacifioGnof lbMo, 126J4.
La. stamps, 4, 7S'-,. Missouri 6j, VOX.
Cent. Pao. lHta.U-TC. Den A R.U. lts, 124.
DeriH.G.W ht.,78 tKrie 2ds, 101V.
M K.AT.a.-n.6,(M!'i.North.Po.li't8, W&A.
North. Pac. 2ds,101. N. Western oon.Hi.
N.West deb.ai.lOOM. St.L.S.F Gon.M.,109?,
Kt Paul con, 131. Bt.P.C.AP leti.lJO.
T.P. land grants, 56. T.P.R (J.ex oou,71.
U. P. Ism, 115'i. West Shore, lul.
Tenn.6s,set'mt,105. ',lenn.5j,iet'int,100i.
Term. 3s,set'mt,76X.
Adams Express, 142. Morrii A E..nflM. 140H
.t.., t. and closed steady; middling,
Vet, 4100 bales, 330O to export
era ana1 Pi"!S.M
Ordinary ..
Good Ordia
Low Middling r
Good Middling. -Middling
Fair.... -
Stock Sept 1. 1886.-
Rtceived today
October is,
Received previously ...64,. M au
,.16.088 I
Shipped today
Shipped previously.--
Home consumption to
Stock running account
Tbns far this week...
Thus far la .t week...,
Since September 1st..
M. and O. B. R
M. & T. R. R
L.andN. R. R
M. A L. R. R. R
0., O.&S. W.R.R....
L N.O. &T.R.R....
K. C , S. & M. R. R..
M.,S. &B. R.R.
Wagons and other sources - 800
Total -10,019
Thus far this week 8.671
Thus far la-t week 4,843
Since Seotember 1st 33.923
M. A O. R. R
M. & T. R R
L. A N. R. R
C, O. A S. VV. R.
Steamers Ncr;h...
Now York toots oprned quiet and
steadv. and closed quiet. Middling,
9 5-16c. Kales, 433 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
Yesterday Saturday.
Ordinary 6 9-16 6 9-16
Good ordinary. 7 15-16 7 15-16
Liw middling. 8 13 16 8 13 16
Middling V o-io o-io
Good middling 9 11-16 9 11-16
Middling fair-10 616 10 5-16
Fair 10 15-16 10 15-16
New York Mures opened steady,
Allegheny Cent ', .
1. 11,
Alton A
AmericHn Ex.. 100.
B. C. R. AN, 55
Canada Pao.,7iH-
Uanada Nou tu.
M-Dnfy Quotations of Cottoa
.: Oil TrnHta and Hew Torn Ix
change Stocks are open to those
; Interested, at mr office.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
Naabville AC .66.
N.J. Central.
Nor. A VV.titd,45.
Northern Pac. ,28.
Northern Vnn ptd. 63X
C.A N.W pfd ,1414.
Monev in active demand at 8 per
cent. The Clearing House report is
as follows:
Monday, October 18th. $324,977 89;
tame time last week, $252,712 10; ro
responding time In 1885, $247,080 04;
corresponding time in 18S4, $259,
822 54.
Monday, October 18th, $94,694 88;
same time last week, $41,226 07 : cor
responding time in 1880, tfc04,uuv zv
corresponding time in 1884, $40,448 59.
New York sight on all points,
discount buying, osr sailing; Now Eng
land demand, i discount buying; New
England sight, i discount; New Or
leans, 1 discount buying, par selling.
Bank of Commerce..l46 bid, 149 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
gtate National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Plantere.,150 bid, 153 a-ked
Mercantile Bank 135bid,137Jaaked
Btuff City- 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... ssbed
"Hnmn 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis Cay 102 J bid, 105 a -ked
..mj nio, oo esaea
N.Y C.A St L.ptd,23H
Ohio Central,-.
O.A Misn.pfJ.M.
Ontario A Weal,, 20.
Oregon Nav , 1(6
Oregon Trans.. .
Oregon Imp., SO.
Paanma, 9H.
Peoria D A E.,30.
Pittaburg, 152.
Pullman f.Q.,U'.
Hock Island, 121.
Kt.L. A8.F .35'.
CheaDaake A O
C. AO. l.tpld.aj.
C. A O. 2d ptd.U.
Chicago A A.. 143.
C.i ll.ill ,139.
C, tit L. A N.O.,
C..8t.L &P..VAV.
C.St.LA P.pfd,
C.8. AC. 44.
O. A II. VsUsT.iSfflt
Del. A Hud , 10 Y..
Uel.,L. AW., 140J4.
Den. A Rio G , 32.
Krie, S'u
V.ri. nfrf. 75.
K..V..lT.nr..lPi Sl.l. (i.K Dr
NowE.Tenn. pfd.72,. Kt. b. A S.F.Vt p, llti
v.t w..n. lift 0. M A St. P.. 94H.
Hannibal A St. Jo M. A St.P,, n, 121Vi.
H A St. Jo pfd. . St. P.. NT A M..1 .
Harlem, 222. St Paul Omaha, 50.
u,,. Rt. Paul AO. nld. 111.
Illionis Central, 134. Tenn.OoalA Iron. W'A
lexas racini, ai
Union Pacino,.
U. S. Exp-eaa,6
W.. S. L A P.. 19.
W..8.L. A P. p.. 3i.
F. El.. 125. .
. Tel..7fy.
Colorado Coal, 30.
Home Stake. IS.
Iron Silver, 220.
Ontario. 25.
Uuicksilver, 5''j.
98 birl.LOOssRed
....107 bid, ... asked
25 bid, 26 asVed
35 bid, ... asked
20 atked
M. A O. R.R. sbares...36 Did, ... asked
M. A T. R. R. Bhares...45 bid, 50 asked
M. A C. consols, 7t' 119 bid, ... askcl
M. A L. R. Is, m. 8s..l05 bid, ... a k. d
Miss.AT.R.R.cs.B..10lbid,103 skerl
Tenn. wts. ser. D 90 bid, P ujked
Tenn. wts. s?r. E to J..83 b d, 8 ed
Shelby Co. fis 108 bid, . ked
Tax. Pist. 4, 6s 97 bid, 98; toked
Ts. D:st6s 104J bid,105J asked
Mem.G sbonds -104 bid, ... atked
Mem. Water binda...97 bid, ... asked
Hananer Oil Works b;d 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trust' 3 bid, 54 asked
Pioneer Cotton Mills.. .25 bid, 30 tsked
Mem. Stor.Com. O0...IO6 bid, 110 asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid, 80 a?ked
New York, October 18. Money on
call active, ranging from 610 per
cent., closing at 89 per cent. Prime
mercantile paper 45 per cunt. For
eign exchange is dull and steady to
firm; actual business at 481fS4814,
for sixy day bills and 48i4S4i
for demand.
Bondi Govsrnment bonds were
dnll end steady to firm. State bonds
were dull end s'eany.
Stocbs The new week opsned with
an excited and irregular market in
which the principal features were the
weakneps in Manhattan and Jersey
Central, which latter to a certain ex
tent effected the other anthracite com-
anifi". and the extraordinary etrenath
shown by the Hocking Valley and
BDme other of the specialties. The
elimination of tbe short interfel in
Manhattan caued it to ba otlered
down th's morning, which met seveial
strm orders, and a diop of 9 points
in the first fifteen minutes was the
result. This brought . m iiDerai
rinvinc whinh nuicklv ral'id it 0
point", thongi it shows a net lo'S of 7
per cent, at the cloae. Jerjey Central
was sold lreiy tnroiKiioiu inu uay,
being the weaset stock on the list.
The Vanderbilts and Grancers were
quiet thn uhnnt the dry. 'lneie was
some London buying of Nickel Plate,
but alter opening bigher it toiu on
staad'ly throughout the day. The
strengtn in toe market was shown en
tirely by tie specialties, and Hocking
Vallev, Susq'iehanna a d Westarn,
Atlant c and Pac rl , Ohio Southern
and Toledo and Ohio Central pre
ferred, show m t-nal gams. The
opening ws ureguiar out generally
lower, the dinereuces ueing ior email
fractions in a maj rity of cases, wh le
Jersey Ctntial was eff 1 per cent. The
Ind .B. A V.,20'4.
Kanaaa il.i
Lake E. A W . 21.
Lake Shore. 92.
Loa. A Nash., bi.
Lou. A N. A., 57.
M. A I'. 1st pfd..
M.AC, seconds, .
Mem. A Char., 41.
Mich, Cen.,94.
Min. A St. L ,21.
Min. k St. I,, nld.46
Missouri facino.llDM yuiousiiver piu., a.
Mobile A Ohio, 16. bouth Paoifjo, .
M. L. 8. AW, 62. Sutro, 8.
M L.8.A W pfd,94.
'Ex-diridend. Ex-June oouron.
London, October 18 Contois 1C0
13-16 or money, and 100J for tbe ac
count. United States bondi 4p, 132 J;
4Ja, 115. Bar silver is quoted at 45d
ptr ounce.
Paris, October 18. Three per cent.
rentes, 82f. 60c for tbe account.
Berlin, October 18. The statement
cf the Imperial Bank of Germanv
shows an increase in specie of 60 000
marks. Tbe Imperial Bank of Ger
many has advanced its rate of dis
couut from 3 to 3 per cent.
St. Locis. Mo., October 18. Bank
cWtinge, $3,273,036; balances, $432,
595. New York, October 18. Bank clear
ing?, $140,703,188; balances, $5,115,
85 1.
Boston, Mass., October 18. Bank
clearings, $17,134 516; balances, $1,
7182.9. Baltimore, Md., October 18. Bank
clearings today, $2,334,587; balances,
$197 956.
Philadelphia, Pa., October 18
Clearings today, $13,052,389; balances,
Chicago, III , October 18. The As
soc.ia'cd Bank dealings today were
weekly cliabings.
BoriTON, Mass., October 18 The
following table, compiled from special
uisptcnefl to tne jfoti irom tne man
agt r of t he leading clearing houBesin
the United S ates, (lives the groes ex
changes st facb point for the week
ending October 16, 1886, and the per
centages ot increases or decreases as
compared with tbe gr its exchanges of
the corresponding week in 1885:
and closed eav and 2 to 3 points
lower than Saturday. Sales, 62,000
bales. The closing quotations were as
October 9.00 9.07
November- 9.07 9.08
December - 9.11(4 912
January 9.19 9 20
February..- 9.27oi 9 28
March 9.3s 9 36
April 9.43 9 44
May 9 62 9.53
June 9 61 9 62
July 9 69'a 9.70
August 9.75 9.76
The NewOrleansspot market opened
ouiet. and closed wea and irregular.
Middling. 81c. Bales, 3500 bales.
Quotations were as follows:
Yesterday. Baturday.
Ordinary 6$
Good Ordinary ...-7
Low Middling 8
Middling 8
Good Middling 9 3-16
The New Orleans future
ocened steadv. and closed
steadv and 3 nointl lower than Satur
dy. 6ales, 13,000 bales. Quotations
were as follows:
October 8 78 8.80
November- 8.63 8 64
December - 8 64f4 8.65
bulk, 42 Jc; in sacks, 45 Jc; mixed, in
bulk, 40 jc; in sacks, 44&
Oats From store,white,37c; mixed,
35c: from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 32c; in sack?, 34jc; mixed, in
bulk, 30 Jc; in sacks, 3-'c.
Bran From etore, 70:; from levee
or depot, $12 o.l2 50.
FwcR-From store, Nj. 3 $13 25
family, $3 5003 75; cfcol e, J3 75(.ii4;
fancy, Ui i!5; ux'ra f .i-y, $4 -.5)
4 60; patei.tn, $5C5 5J.
Beans Navy, $2; milium, $1 50
175; common, $2 25; G.miu iu uiil!e',
$1 20 1 4).
Rick Louisi tea, 45J ; Caro'i a
Oatmeal In haH-b.rre'-:, $(J3 25
from s:ore.
CsACKKna Soda, extrt, 4c; soda,
treble extra, 5c; extra,7c; ginKt-rsrans,
extra, 66c; asserted jumt)l s,9Uc
Crack ud Wheat In haif-bairels,
$4 25 from store.
Hominy and Grits -From store,
$8 153 25.
Chicago, III., October 18. The
tone was a little firmer lu wheat to
day . eccasioned by a smaller increase
in tie visible supply than had been
expected, and larger export" for the
week tL.au u uai. rric.e nuctuated
within a range cf c and closed in
the latest trading at nearly outride
figures. The ceru market was very
quiet on speculative account and
closed at about Saturday's figure. Oats
ruh d firm und?r an improve! duniand
and i(lc bisher. Flcur ri-niains
steady au nnchanged. Cashqnntati us
of wh.'t wereas lollows: Nn 2aprin(r,
7l571lc; Ai. z red, Uiru,
2, 3-ls. Ua s, iso. zt -'oc. kvp ,0;
40&4Sjc Bjrlev, No. 2, 53c.
Flaxseed, No 1, 9c. 1'rmn timo
thy seed, $1 041 6S. Futures
ranged as lollows: Whi'tttO to
ner opened at 7Uc. h'ghwet 7Jc,
lowest 711c, closiiif 71Jc: November
opened at 72 , higheal 73J.-, lowctt
cloaing 73jc; lJecemner opened
at 74 jc, highest 7";Jc, lowst 4ic,
closing 75c; May opentd at
81J -, highes' 81J, loe t 81Jc,
closing 813c Corn Oc ober openeil
at 345 ', highest 34JC, lowist
34c, cLeing 34jc ; November opened
at 35c, highes'. 35g , lowest lioj;,
closing 35Jc; Pectmber op?uod at
Hic, liighesta6JJ,I0eBt dfl , closing
3(ilc; Mav opened at 40highes'. 40Jc,
lowest 403c.c oiug 4Uic. ua'e uctnDvr
opened at 24jc, highest 248c, lowett
24). closing 24,3; November opened
at 25c, highest 2'Jc, low.-ft 25Jc,
closing 5Ic : Df cemb-r pene 1 a' 2 )1 ,
bight st 26,c, lowest -jojc, cioeing ujc;
MuV onued at avc, nignesi jic,
lowest 30jc, cioeing 30jo. liveip's
Fluur. 19,000 brla; wheat, 81,0(0 bu;
corn. 167.0U0 bu: oatn.126.ti0J bu;
rye, 2000 bu ; barley, 63,1)00 bu. Ship
mentsFlour, 17.000 brls; wbeat,.),
0(0 bu; corn, 427,000 bu ; oat--, 138,-
9.08fA 9.10
9.10 000 bu ; rye, 1CO0 bu ; barley, 63,000 bu
9.14 9 15
9.22 9 23
9 30W 9.31
9 46 9 47
9.54 9 55
9 63(4 9 64
9.71 9.72
9.77 9.78
9 3-16
January ..
February .
8 73 8.74
8 82 885
8 95(a) 8.96
9.06 9.08
9.17 9.18
9.27 9.28
July 9 37 9.33
August 9.39 9.41
8 81 8 83
8 60 8.67
8.68 8 69
8.76 a 8.78
8.87 8.88
8.98 8 99
9 09 9.10
9.19(a) 9.20
9.30 9.31
9.40 9.41
N. Orleans
Mobile .
Norfolk ...
New York
Phiiad'a .
St. Louis
Tone, rtec : nces
dull. 1123481
quiet. 12625 8
quiet. 44 7 8$
firm. 12894 8 8
quiet. 48:12 8
firm. 9 8,8J
s-eady 7229,9
quiet. 3869
quie. 200 9 6-10
quiet. 194 9 7-16
quiet. 409S
quiet. 1250 81
firm. 2086;8 7-16
19 437
6t. Louis, Mo., October 18. Flnnr
active, but weak and lower; XXX,
$2 c5(ii,2 45 ; family, $2 552 70 ; choice,
$3 053 15; fancy, $3 403 60; extra
tancy, $3 5o(n!3 8J; patens', jia)i to.
Wheat dull, strong and higher; the
market opened and advanced jSc
eased off Ui. lallied and remained
steady, closing firm at JJc higher
than Haturday ; JNo. z rea, cssn, :i
74c: November. 741 r74Jc, iloeing at
7(Jc; December, 76l70c, cloeinjat
7576jc; May, 85a.85Jc, clrsing at
85Jc bi l. Corn very dull, but li m
and l 3 higher th.tn 8aturday ; No. 2
mixed, cash, 3Jt(a)Xi4o; wovenmr,
33i(if,338c. clo ingat338c; December,
34 c; May, 38J38J closing at 38
38Jc. Ota extremely dun, bu' a
hinher: ISO. mixed, cssn. Zoli; iNo
vember. 26c: December, 263c bid;
May, 31c asked. Kye ns'd U mer at
49c. Barley very du 1 and nominally
uncharged. Hay active; pialrie, $7
9: timothy, $9(311 60. Flaxseed
steadv at 91o. B an firm at 4849f.
Cornrreal steady at $1 90 Receipts
Fiour. 4(100 brls; wheat, 28,000 bu;
corn. 93.000 bu : oats, 27,000 bu ; rye,
7000 bu ; barley, 4000 bn. Shipments-
Flour, ll.ouu bris; wneat, iu.uoudu;
cm, I2,uttu on; oats, auuu du; rye,
311O0 bu : barlev 3UUU.
Afternoon Hoard. wneat tiga net-
tr. Coin steady and nncnangeu
Oats strong and Jfa) J 3 higher,
Kansas City, Mo., October 18
Whflt weaker: No. 2 red, cash, (Uc
bid; November, 611c; Deemticr, u-'u
hid. Corn strorg-r; No. 2, cash, 30c;
NoTPmber. 30Zc bid: May. 35Jc. Oa!s
nominal, 24c bid casli.
Buttbb Butterine, 13J14c;
creamerv, 3!)(ua2:; aairy, inwuti
nnnntrv huttnr. 16(il8c.
lino Products Mem pork, $10 25;
sugarcu'ed hams, 1212c; breakfast
bacon, 819jc; clear rm siosh oasou,
7jc; bacon shoulders, 7J7ic; bulk
$1 351 45; coarre, $1 10l 15; pock
eta, bleached, 27c; car loads from
levee or depot, 5c cheawr.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per
doien: Pineapples, $1 25(31 60;
peaches, 2-lb, standard, $1 151 25 ; sec
onds, $11 10; tomatoes, 2-!b stand
ard, 90 (?1 ; 31b,$lU5; strawber
ries, $1 10l 25; rasnborrics, $1 10
125; b ackbrries, $iyi 10; green
gaties, $1 ouvU 75; ntars, $2
2 25; plum", $1 601 70; r.epan'gus,
SCf.; ,V0en W ??j green
pea, $1 6rl 65; cove oys ers, 'u''
weight, 1-lb, 8595c; ove oysters,
full weight. 2-lb. $1 6f(Al 80; cove
oysters, l;Rht weight, 1-lb, 00c; cove
oysters, l!ght weight, 21b, $1 ; con
densed milk Crown, $5 605 76;
Eagle, $7 507 75; Daisy, $4 75.
Uolasas Louieana, common te
fa;r, 182"o; prime to choice, 3040c ;
syrup, 2Y40c; common ti fair, 20
25c: prime to choice, 3035c; centrif
ngal, fancy, 3233s.
Tobacco Common. 11-incb, S7
28c; other rrades and etyles, 35c.
Snuff Barrett's, $10 85 pr -se;
Ralph's, $10 25 per case; R. R , $9 25
10; Gail A Ax's, $3 75.
Sugab Pure white, 6S6fc; off
white, 6j6c; yellow clarified, 6J
c; open kettle, HCoJofc; reuned a,
c; sranulaftl, nio; powdered, Vi(n)
7jc; cat loaf, 7Hc.
Santos, Oitober 16 Cofies Re-
coipta during the week, 71,000 beg';
purchases lor tbe (Jotted .Mites, 1:4.010
higs; clearances for the United S.atee,
24 000 bng;; s'ock, KR),O00 bags.
Rio dk Janeiro, Ot-tiber 16. Co -
fee regular first, 5100 rais ptr
kilos; good sacond, 4500 reis. Kt
ceipti during the week, 123,000 hugs;
purchasts tor the United Male5, OJ.uuo
bags; clearances for the United Slatss,
60,000 bass; stick, 311,000 bays.
New Yokk, October IS Coffoe
spot fair Rio firm ; options, 510 points
ower and nioieraiely active; sales,
35,750 lags ; October, 9.95c ; November,
l!)c; Uecemrjfr.a.WlKfrJ'.'-wc; January,
9.909.05; February, S.!H)9.!I5j;
March, 9.9;c; April, W.a(liuc; ftlay,
9.95l0c. Sogar steady and quiet;
cen rilugal, oje: rell'ied sieany ; ron-
feclioners A, 5i(a;& 13 Itlc; sland-rd
"A" 6 7 16o; cut loaf end crushed,
6 516c: granulated, 5&C Molasies
dull. Rice steady.
lIUDNKllOI.It NUPfl.lt.
Apples App'es, $1 602 50; dried
apple, i'l3Ji! per pound Irom store.
Dnd peathOJ, 2J;1Jb Irom store.
Vicietaiilks unions, M irom
s ore. Cabbage, $J &0; per neau, oii)iuc ;
$1 75 Jrom lHvee or depot per crate.
Kraut, brls, $1(0)6 75; nail oris,a vo(
3. Garlic, 4060a per 100. Turnips,
50c per buabel.
Fruit Oranges, per tiox, jn ou ; per
barrel, $9 6010 l.emrns, $5500 per
box. Bananas, J 1 oiiyjz nu per ouncu.
Cocoannts, $5 per 100. Peanu's Vir
ginia, 71c; Tennessee, farmer s siock,
34c; roisted, 2Jn higher; ' shelled
10c. Alraonda, i(zuc.
Raimns London layers, $3 40 ; lay
er.', $2 75 ; Caiilornia, ; Imperial,
$3 50(i,4.
Pickles In iars, pints, 9oc; quarts,
$1 50; half-gallons, $2 75;gallons,$3 75;
loose, barrels, $0 00(3) ; nau-Darreis,
$3 75(4 ; mixed, barrels. $10 50 ; mixed,
half-barrels, $H.
Potatoes New, si Z!)()i ou worm-
nrn etack. $1 75(Y2.
Cider New Yorr. 10 ovt3 per Dar-
rel, and $3 76(i4 per ball-barrel.
Vineqar l(KiJ15n opt gallon.
Pecans Texas. 8(5610c for email to
medium, 1014o for large; Aikaneas,
Fish Mackerel. bRlf-barrels, No. 1,
$5 255 75; No. 2,$4 75(S5 ; No. 3,$4 26
f4 75: 10-lb kit. No. 1.90c; No. 2. 75c-
15 lb. No. 3. esc. my nerntigs, 1am-
v. 25c Der box.
Walnuts rrencn, ilx; xapieB,ioci
Grenobles, 15c. Filberts, I2c.
Oamb Hame mn. wkqvm.
Eggs Dull at 1415c.
In car load lots: Prime crude
cotton seed oil, new, 280i)')0cj oil
crude cotton seed oil, old, 24
20c; prime summer yellow cot
tun need oil, 353tic; off summer
yellow cotton eeerl oil, 3234o; min
ers' summer yenow cotton seed on,
3335c; prime summer white cotton
seed oil, 35c; choice cooking yellow
cotton seed oil, 37J40c; prime cotton
seed meal, $14 6015; off cotton bmJ
meal, $13I4J
Bagging Jute. 2 lbs, 8Jc: 1 lbs,
7Jc;lilhs,7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 3.
"in Si I .'lldll 1(1.
Nail Common, $2 202 25; ateel,
$2 35(92 50.
ArkaiiaiRlTer....JoiPKTR8, 5 p.m.
St.Prasoia RiTer...Rxm Macsiidt, I p.m.
Vleksbari Bills Maaruis, 10 a.m.
Coueordia ()ato, 5 p.m.
Friars Point ..Jiwia Lis. 10 a.m.
Whits Rirer Cuioiasak, S p.m.
Oaooola i.CoAUiix v 5 p m.
Nef Orleans Cit 6i 'NATcBtt, 5 p.m.
St. Louis -C t or PaoTtmxci, 8 p.m.
Arkansas City. ......Kati Adams, S p.m.
liptearllla CnHSAriAii, t p.m.
Arriifs Kate Adams, Arkansas
City; City of Baton Rouge, New Or
leans; James Lee, Friars Print; El
Foe'.er, Cat Island ; Ciahoms, Oiceola ;
Cheeapeake, Tiptonville; City of
Vickeburg, St. Louis; John Smith and
barges, Old river.
Departure. City of Vicksburg,
Vicksburg; Kate Adams, Arkansas
City; James Lee, Friars Point; Ed
Foster, Cat Island; City ol Baton
Rouge, St. Louis; Coahoma, Osceola;
Chesapeake, Tiptmvilln.
JioalM in Port. Rene llacready,
John Saiith and llayov,
Hoatt Dtit Down. lt.dle Memphis.
7ioi(a Due Up. Joe Peteis and
Mef Ipls ToaOrday.
C ty rf Biton Roage 25 tons mer
ch an dire.
Hty ot Vick-burg 78 hairs cottun,
1100 tk seed and 125 toua merjhan
dme. John Smith 31 bales cotton, 4S
bags toad cotton and 682 sks seed.
Gaoic 43 bales cotton, 1614 sks
sei'd and 3 pkgs snudiies.
El Fo.-ter 116 bales cotton, 22baga
eaed cotton and 1 155 tka eeed.
Chesapeake 172 hales cotton, 40
bags seed cotton, 2723 eks eeod and 1 1
pkus niudrics.
Jainxs Leo 871 bales cotton, H.t
bags seed ottOD, 1083 sks seod and 26
pkpi sundries.
Coahoma 744 bales to' ton, 182bapa
seed cr.t'on and 1966 sks seed.
Kato Adams 785 bales cotton, 8
bags Bsedcot'oa, 2800 sko seed and 44
pkgi Biimlnee.
Tut Leo Line packets tnmirrow
evening are tbe James Lee, for Friars
Polut, and Uoahoma, lor Usceota.
Tub Rene Macroady, Capt. O. K.
Joplin, is the packet this evening at
So'coik f.r Helena aud St. Francis
The Chicka aw. Capt. K. C. Postal,
is the packet tomorrow evening at 6
o'clo k for White river. C. M. PuBtal
is in her olllce.
Tub Belle Memphis, Capt. George
Baker, is the Anchor une packet
this morning for Vicksburg find the
bends. Al Nimpaon is ner clork.
The Anchor L'ne packe's tomorrow
are the Citv of Natctus. at 10 o'clock
a.m., for New Orleans, and the City of
Providence, st 8 o'clock p.m., for St.
The Chesapeake, Capt. W. P. Hall,
la the puck at Thursday evening at
o'clock for Hales Point, Tiptonville
and all way landings. Col. J. i. iui
ler is in her office.
Tub ftajoso. Capt. A. L. Cummins,
is the packet this evening at 6 o'clock
for Helena, Prlara Point, Omcordia
and all way landings. Lew Price and
Gus Cumins ire her clerks.
Tub Kate Adams, Capt. Mark R
Cheek, is the United States mail
packet Thursday evening at 5 o'clock
ior Helena. Arkansas Oily and all way
landings. W. C. Blanker has charge
of her oUice.
TuBJoeTeters, Oapt E. B. Smith
is the packet this evening at
o'clock for all points on the Arkansas
river, going through to Pine Bluff.
Ohas. MiiB'clman has charge of her
office, assitted by Rufus Foster.
tue latter about $"!4,000. The magni
tude of the work may be judged from
the fact that the levee in Hancock
county will require the removal of
31X1,000 yards of earth, and that in
Adams cmnty about 430,00 The
levees join near O t) bay, and will ex
tend 4 miles into Adams county.
The iro'i steamer Cha P. Chouteau
left St. Louis on' Wedueiday la t for
New O'lonne, but li'd a prehap when
about (Omil -sLelow by s rik ng tbe
wreck 0' a bare coming into the
htad of St. Genevieve bend by the
lower creasing, tans ng her to take
wa'er in one cf tbe compartments.
Sho went b:ck to St. Louis to make re
Office Pignai Sbbyicb, TJ. 8. A.,
Mem run, October 18, 1 p.m.
The following observations are taken
at all stations named at 7 meridian
time, which is one hoar latter tbaai
Memphis time:
n.4.,K maaliRil. 3tro36R: grease
. I . . ' , - -. . 1 1 VIDtli t, . 'j " ' -1
pork clear sides, 74(g.7o; clear no woo 2326c; burry wool, 1318c.
Receipt! at ports, this day, 1886-56,779
Receipts a', ports, this day, 1885-63,723
1886. 1885. 1684.
R'ta U. S
p'ru-3 davr 91,864 97,989 105,091
Ex. Gr. Bi 33,402 29,185 15.988
Rt ck 471,604 490,042 492,520
R'ts Sept 1 906,497 9"i4,920 972,398
For'gn Ex. 436,782 395,891 430,558
New York, $774,127,054; inc., 10.1.
Bo-to, $87,072,833; inc. 15.5.
Philadelphia. $64,(100,183; ire, 18.6.
Chicag , $60,626,000; inc., 18 6.
St. Louis, $16,610,847; inc., 9.3.
San Fiancisco, $15 346,2i8;iuc , 3.
Baltimore, $13 654,950; ice , 6 3.
Ciucini.ati, $10,450,000; inc , 6.5.
NewOrea.ie, -0,977.3:0; dec, 17.2.
P ttsburg, 8,462 659 ; inc , 15.2.
Kansis City, 6 023,147 ; inc., 33.5.
Louisvillp, H 633,851 inc., 8.6.
Providence, $5 607,600; inc., 14.
Milwaukee, $4,681,000; inc., 13.8.
Omaha, $4,230,000; inc., 59 1. .
Miniiepolie, 4,07,421; inc., 63.6.
D -over, $3,981,807.
Galveston, $1,743,671.
Detroit, $3,474 0 1: dec j 5.
Clev.land, 2,955.334; inc., 14.
Indianapolis, $2,976,1-1; inc , 135.7.
Memphis, $1,619,408; inc., 12.7.
Columbus, $1,752,880; inc., 5 9.
Hartford, $1,7(0,477; dec , 9.4.
New Haven, $1,188,345; inc , 8 2.
Peoria, 1904,271; dec , 8.
Portland, $1,110.00'); inc., 2d.
Spiingfield, $D25,603; inc., 14 5.
St. Joseph, $1,608 600; inc., 98.1.
Worcester, $1,073,047; inc., 4.8.
Lowell, $63t,427; inc., 1 9.
Syracuse, 181 1003; inc., 19.8.
Tot.lf, $1.1 6,987,6i9; inc ,11.4.
OutxK.eof New York, $332,8i0,E04 ;
inc., 14.0.
Denver and Galveston not included
in tota's.
The local cotton market opened
At noon: Liverpool repor'a good
business in spots, prices hardeniFg.
Sa'fs. 12,000 bales, of which American
10,300 bBle?. Recaipts, 4000 bales;
American, 3700 bales.
CloBing quotations were as followB :
Ordinary, 4jd ; goid ordinary, 4 Jd ; low
middling, 4 1516d; good middling,
5d; middling uplands, 51d; middling
Orieans, 6d.
At noon: Liverpool futures were
firm; Oitobsr, 5 105 lid; October
November, 5 031; November D cem
ber, 5 02 1 ; December-Janua'y, 5 Old ;
January-February. 5 Old; February
March, 6 031; March-April, 5 05d;
April-May, 5 07d; May-June, 5 09 J.
The price are given in pence and QUht,
thus: 4 63 meant 4 63-64d; and 5 01
meant 5 1 64d. 1
At 2 p.m.: L'verpool futures were
steady; October, 5 lid, valnn; Octo-
ber-Novembtr, 6 04d, sellers; November-December,
5 02d, value; Decem
ber January, 5 20d, sellers; Ja.iuary
February, 6 02d sellers; February,
Mrch, 6 03d, huyers; Mach-Apiii-5
05d. buyers; April-May, 50 8d, Boil
ers ; May-June, 6 lOd, seller?.
At 5 p m.: Liverpool futurfs were
dull; O .tober, 5 10J, sellers; Octcbcr
Nrwomher. 5 03d. sellers; November-
December, 5 Old, sellers; December-
Jannary, 5 Old, tellers; january-reD-ruary,5
01d, sellers; February-March,
5 02d, buyers; MHrch-Apiil, 5 04d,
buyers ; A pril-May, 5 06d, buyers; May
Juue, 5 09.1. lellerw.
CoRNMKAL-Standard. $2 202 25;
pearl, $3 253 35; roller, $2 45.
Hay Choice, from store, 75c; car
loal from levee or depo, $11 6012;
prime, from store, 6570 ; car load
fron levee or oeroi, iu uuyyn , prai
rie, from store, 60c; car load from
levee or depot, $7.
Corn From etore,wnie,ouo;mixea,
48c, from levee or depot; white, in
Bides, 77jc; shoulders, 6Jc; long
clear, 7Jc.
Lard Tierces, 6jc; half-barrels and
69c: choke kettle. 71c.
F'bksh Meats -No. 1 beet, 7c; mnt
tan, 8c; bind quarters of beef, 8Jc;
lamltn. 10n.
Poultby Chickens, spring, $2
2 7i; old hens, $2 753
Cheese Factory, 9c, nominal ; full
cream, 1313Jc; young America, 14c.
Pigs Feet. tfarreis, $9 &0C1U; nan-
hsrrels. $4 75(5,5 : keg. $1 75.
St. Louis. Mo.. October 16 Pro
visions light trading and market
uiet, forit, ja 3j. lAra, o "()
85. Bilk meats, loose lots lonu
clear. $6 70; short rib. $6 70; ebort
e'ear. $6 70: boxed lots long clear,
$6 70; short ribs, $6 85; short clear,
$7 12j. Bacon long clear, 7 30 ; short
rib', $7 30; snort wear, suouw1
Knitxr nutnt and weak: creamery,
242Gc. Eggs in good demand at 13
St. Louis, Mo., October 18 -Fro-
vision", everything firm and active ex
cept lard, which was dull and eay at
S5 70(55 75. Pork steady. $') 37J.
Hulk meats steady; loose kta un-
changed; bixed lots long clear,
tn 75: abort ribs. $3 871: short clear,
$7 12j715. Bacon firm; long clear
and short lib". $7 37ia7 50: elnrt
olBur. J7 75. Hams steidv. 10iriil2lc.
Batter unchanged. Egg! firmer, 13J
Chicago, III, October 18 Pro
v'sions wre mora actively traded in
Vphsi nnrk ilHRline d 25(Si30c. and clo:ed
at inside figures Mesa pork, $S 75
8 80. Lird. 15 70. bhort lib fides.
loose, $6 90. Dry raited shoulders.
boxed, $5 40545. Short clear sides,
boxed. 1(1 65ft,6 70. Futures ranged as
follnwa: Pora Ncvember opened at
$8 95, highe't $3 95, lowest $8 75, des
iog at $8 77J; January opened at
$!0 02J, hige-t $10 021, lowest $9 70,
clo-ing at $9 771. Lard November
opent-d at $5 75, h'ghent $5 75, lowest
$5 62J, closing at $5 65; January
opened at $-5 92J, h'gliest $5 9:'i, low
est !5 80, closing at 5 86. Short ribs
October opened t$8 90, hiirhfet J6 90,
lowest $6 70, closing at $6 80; January
opened at $5 121, highest $5 121, low
est $5, closing at $'?.
Coffss Cimmon, 10c; ordinary,
10Jllc; prime R o, 12113c; choice
to fancy, 1314c; old government,
Soap 3(Sinlc per pound.
Candies Silcks, all sixes, In boxes,
pails and barrels, 7)9io.
Salt-$ I 20 per barrel ; sacks, fine,
St. Louis. Mo.. October 18. wool
in good demand and nrm ; meuium,
997iii7r! combing. 25(3)203: low and
coarse. 14'?22c; fine light, 2026c;
heavy, 1021c; blacK,
Wmsirv-Straight Kentucky Hour
hnn. i 60(05: redistilled goods from
85C to $10U, BCCOruing w ruui,rjB,
$1 76(56.
CsriCAQO, III., October 18. WblBky,
$1 18,
St. Louis, Mo., October 18. Whisky
firm. $1 13,
rtiMniNNATi. O.October 18. wntHky
firm; sales of 1098 barreled nnlshea
goods on a basis ol i u
Cairo -.
Furt Smith
Ii Croree
L aven worth...
Litt'e K ick
New Oi leans....
St. I.nllis
St. Paul
Itnuurr l.lne-Foet and tenths cf a toot
ah ve sero of laufe:
Cairo, 40 feat.
Cincinnati, fe.
lHitmiitie, Id.
Keokuk, 14.
l.iltle Rock, 23
ktomphis, M.
Nasliville, 4U.
Omaha, 18.
St. Louis. S3.
Bhreveport, M.
PiTrauuR(, Pa., October 18.
Chttaaoa. !Vt foot.
ISiiV. apart,
Kurt Haiita, 21.
Helena, .
Le.veaworth, 20.
Lnuiiville. '5.
Kw Orloan. 3.a2.
H. 1'aul, 7.
Vidksburg'. 41,
Yaakton, 114.
River 6 fact 6 inehei and statiouary.
Weather clear and pletsant
Cincinnati, O.. October 18. Noon
River 4 feet 2 Inches on tbe gange and
filling. Weather clear ; thermometer
Wheeling, W. Va., October 18
Noon Rivnr 1 foo 8 inches on the
gauge and fa'.lin),'. Weather cle.tr and
Louihvillb, Kt.. O tiber 18. Noon
River 3 feet 6 inched in the canal
and 1 fort 4 Inches ou the falls and
falling. Busiueas du'l. Weather clear
and pleasant.
Cairo, III., Or-tobsr 18. Noon
River 6 lent 6 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather clear and mild. No
arrivals of regular packets. Departed :
Arkansas City, St. Louis, 10 p.m.
HI. I.oala anal Slow Orleans Anchor
I.lnr U.N. Mail-KOH VlChJSUUHl.
Belle Memphis,
duo. Ilakar maeter.1
Will leave the Klevater IV) aaUAli ueiouer
ISthi at 10 a.m. For fralghtor paasace apply
O. I.. Hl.l,. Pans. Art" AO STPHM. Hnp'
Ul. Inie and Ksw rlvaas Ascber
I.lu-U.N Mall-KOHNaW OKLKANtj.
City of Natchez,
fl. E. lliiby master. KfS,
Will leare the Kleator W KDM USD A V . Oot.
20th, at 10 a. in. For treigtu or passage apply
C. L. IWii, Pats. A'at. AP8I
Obass Cattle Choice, 313c
good, 2J3Jc; fair to medium, 24
2c; scallawags, lllc
IIogb -unoice, j(2aic ; gouu,iwiiu
common, 331c.
Hnssp Choice. 314c; medium, ,
rasiii: common. l(nl 60. Choice
lambs, per ponnd, 4J5c.
Kansas City, Mo, October 18.
The Live Stock Indicator reports: Cattle
receiotB, 2117 head; shipments,
mm; hustnualitv of grass raogs fairly
ective; others quiet; good to choice,
4'3i4 60; commin to medium, $3 30
3 90: etockers, $2 252 76; fHeding
Btetw,$2 803 60; cows, $1 602 00;
grats range steers, $1 253 10. Hogs
receipts, 4628 head; shipments, 1731
head; the marsel opened s'.rong anu
5c higher, but closed weak, with the
advance lost; good t choice, $4 25f)
4 40; common to medium, $3 75(,4 20.
Sheep receipts none; shipments, 784
head; steady; good to choice, $2 50
3; common to medium, $1 cuinji zo
Chicago. III.. October 18. Ihe
Drmeri' Joitrnal repo.ta: Cattle re
ceipts, 9000 head; shipments, lOdU
head; good Beady; common lower;
shipping steers, 950 to 1500 lb', $3 50
(Sib 20; s ockers snd feeder", $21 60;
COWS. PnilS anu miaou, i uuvyj uu,
bnU, VI 3liy)3 oojwirnug'i ini"
tle a shade lower, $2 4n3 4'J; West
ern rangers Blow; natives and half
breeds, $34 20; cows, $J 30133 15;
wintered Txans, i 3 45 ; Wyoming,
:i aur3)4 20 : Texans. J3 10. llogi re
ceipts, 13,000 bead; thip-menta, 11,000
head; market ttrong 6n higher; rough
.nrt mlrd. $3 65(u 4 30; packing and
shipping, $4'4 60; light, 3 654 45;
akii 2 30ffi3 40. Sheep receipts,
4000 head; ship uents.1000 head; mar
ket steady, nativea, ajio;; western,
$3 40S3 65; Texans, $2 303 26;
lambs, $3 760476.
Business brink.
Weathkb e'ear and pleasant,
The Leo Line packets were
out yesterday with bio 'ps.
Capt 8tac iKEioir last evening ou
the Jouies le for O. K. Landing on a
Tub river here stands 6 feet 4
tenths on the gauge, a fall ol 2 tenths
last 24 hours.
Receipts by river yesterday, 2370
bales of cr.ttnn, 383 bags ol seed cot
ton and 14,023 sucks of seed.
The Ed Foster arrived from Cat
TJaml with 146 bales of cotton, 22
bags of seed cotton and 1155 sacks of
seed, and returned on time.
John F. Wh-banks, a popular
.tpumhns.t clerk, is now connected
with the American Oil and Trust
Company, of New Orleans.
The City of Baton Rouge passed op
last evening for St. louis. unedia
rharired here 25 tens and added 802
bales eaatern Dounu coiiun.
Tub Gayoso arrived yesterday
mnrnino from Concordia with 43 bahs
of cstlon, 1614 sacks sf seed and a lot
of sundries, sad returns vnis evening
at the usual hour.
Tirs John Bmitb and bar a bp. Capt.
Krn k Cubbins. arrived yesterday
morning from Old river with 31 bales
of cotton, 48 bags of seed cotton, 1582
sacks of saed.sntl return! this morning.
The City of Vicksburg passed down
yesterday morning for Vickaburg. She
discharged here 784 balfi of cotton,
1100 Backs of seed, 125 tons ol sun
dries, and and added 15 tons for points
below here.
The Rene Macreaily Btarta out th's
evening in flrat class condition, having
recently come on tne ways at rauo.
..al. ,nr hIia hatl a thorough over
hau ing, painting and refurnishing of
her cabin.
Tiia ftliBsanFaVe arrived Sunday
night from Tiptonville with 172 bajes
Of cotton, 4U Uags r.i bhbu cuhuu, -i-j
sicks of seed and 11 packages ot sun
dries and returned last night with a
good trip,
ins Kate Adams anived Sunday
morning from Arkansas City with 785
ha'es of cotton, 8 b.'gs of seed, 2800
Backs of seed, 44 pucksges of sundries,
and returned lat evening wim a goou
tiip and a big list of people.
Cait. Geo. W. VuntERS, late ol ihe
n u Pnarvli. la in charge of treClty
of Viekeburg this trip and Capt W.
W. Baker will eouie ou me v. it.
Powell. Capt Dan Able stopped oil
st St. Louie to attend to some private
Saturday night while the transfer
etramer McComb was lying at era lie
. u,,,r. l',,int inc'tne five loaded cars
cf the Texas and St. Lon'S road, f tend
ing on the lido track, were started
down the incline by e me unk' osn
canse snd ran into the boat, causing
$2000 damage to the boat.
The 8t. Louis u6ican of Sunday
..va- A nnw levee "ill be bu It in
Randolph county, M , to protrct the
buttomlanda from overlbw. It will
i, m ml na in Innaih. 45 feet bass, 8
' " ... : . : . . i.
(at h oh snd 4 leet u wiu'n bi mo
.n rti lavfa is to be ioiotlv coo
.trnntnit hv Adams ami Hancock cnun
ties, the former expending $50,000 and
1 ansl rtfaaa- '"'" aBBWsT
o. ty of Providence,
Will leare the Blerator W BDNUSUAY, O
'2llth. at 8 u.m
C. 1.. II i.i,. Pass. A at
For traight or nassata apply
The Bteamer
Ed Foster, r -KZ'
Will leave for CAT ISLAND DAILY, Don
menelng MONDAY, Oot. ISth, st 4 p.m.
JAM. IiHH Ja., Bnp't.
ror Heilena and St. rranels wiysg.
Str. Re fie Macready.jBL.
U. K.Jopnn master.
Leaves for Ilolena and Bt. Francis river
KVHH.Y TUESD Y at 5 p m.
Learei tor Helena KVUUY 8ATURDAT
at o p.m.
The nantats reierros tb riant to pail IK
las ding he deems unsaf.
J AO. MSB, ill., nup (,
Offli-e, No. 4 MaiiUon street.
For Osoeola, Ilales Pol at, Caratharavills,
tiayoso and TiptonvUls Tk new aids-
wheel passenger sueirxr
W P. 11.11 master. I J. I). Fuller....
Will leave as above, sad all way point..
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and osoooln Park tlanapaaj'.
For Helena, aiendalo, Friars PohH sad at
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K. T. CLAOQETT . Master.
Will leave as abuve on E V Kill M ON DAT.
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For Randolph, Fnlton. Osoeola sa Way
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and FRIDAY at ft p.m. The boats ot thf
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puny U.S. Mall Line.
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M. R. Oheok...master I W. O. Blanker ...elark
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A. L. Cummins. Masi'r Lew Price lers
For general infonnatioa apply st
Ho. Madison street.
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Memphis& White Kirer 1'kt.Co
For larndn, Dvyalls BlasT,.
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port, Datvllle nd ail Way Landinas,
R. 0. Postal master, ' "
Will leave EVERY WEDNESDAY at p.m.
Str. ALBEUTA NO. 3, r-Sfi
Albert B. Baiith master. .
Will leave k.VaRY HA 1 1) RDAY at S ..
Through rates lives to all Pin"-f "S f."
eonslnned to the Me phis and Walts Bivst
P.oketCo., at Memphis or Terrene, will be
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