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Fatal India of the Stock Yard
Strikes, Which It Was Moped
Would Pa Poacefnllj Awaj.
Ii Followed by a Fusllade, Which
Keiolta la the Death of Two Hea
Arrest of the Murderers.
Chioioo, III, October 19. Thia
inrninr it looked thonth every
locked eat man in Ibe atockjarda was
ready to go to work. All around the
large sonars alleys were fl led with
hoadreds of men waiting for an op
portanity to ta k with the botsea. Ow
ing to the scarcity of hogs, however,
very Itw men vera ueiux enifaiiuu.
Armonr A Co. will start np tomorrow,
bnt will not be ready to cat op soot
until Friday, and it will probably be
Monday before the fall force of men
ia required. The Chicago Packing
and Pidvlaioa Company are a little
behind Armour, nod they have very
few hotrson hand. Fowler Brothers
will nrobably bfgin killing tomorro
or next day, anil the other houosas
soon as tbey cm Ret hogs. The price
of bogs on 'Change at the yards ad
vanced 25 cents pir 100 pounds this
Mr. CuJahv. Mr. Htteley and Cnpt
Markpv. the laltor of the Town of
Lake police fore, held a consultation
thia morning concerning the fuitber
employment of the l'inkeiton men.
Mr. IWiftlev thoneht tbe wisest course
topurme was to keep the apBciala on
the ground or several days, but Mr.
Oudaby thought differently. As a
result cf ti e conference it was decided
to discba'gn 0 of the armed guards
today and 100 tomorrow. Ibis will
leave only about 100 in the yards.
A great modus of imported men
will take place today. Mr. CmUhy
went among them and assured them
that they could stay at. work : that the
firm wou d protect them fully and
Srovide tbem with good boarding
onsfs, bnt at least two-thirds of them
aignifltd their intention of getting
away as soon as possible. It is said
that a large nomberof tbe strikers are
dissatisfied at tbe order of the Execu
tive Comruit'ee tending them bick
to work, and that they are holding a
secret meetiDg to dkcuss tbe situa
tion. Shortly after noon a special train was
made np at the b ockyarda to convey
the 100 discharged Pinkerton men
back to Obicago, it having been de
cided to dispenre with tbe servioaa of
300 of tbem today. As the men
march ed into tbe cars they were
greeted with yells of derialon by tbe
crowds of strikers and their sympa
thisers tbit surronnded the tracks. As
tbe train ttaited tbe crowd yelled and
groaned and threw stones at tbe cars.
The same scene was repeated at For
tieth street, where the crowd was very
large and abusive. At this point one
of too Pinkerton men, exjflrx-rated by
the jeers, pushed his Winchester
rifle through the window and fired
into tbe orowd. His shot struek Den
nis Bagley, a well to do teamster of
the towd of Lake, and it ia kelieved
that be is fatally wounded. The orowd
made a desperate uh for the train,
which, however, started off at a high
rate of spied and has now reached
Another train load of Pinkerton
men will start down from, the yards
this afternoon, and serlouB tronble is
feared, as the crowd are furious st
the shotting and vow vengeance.
Word wai immediately atnt to the
Chicago authorities, and npon the ar
rival of tbe train here, the entire lot
of Pinkerton men, together with some
forty non nnlon woikmen, who were
also on the train, were arrested, and
they are all now locked np in tho
Karrlson S reet Station. From lator
accounts it appears the shooting wes
not confined to one man, but that all
the Pinkerton men joined in the
fusllado. When the train pasjed
throngh tbe crowd at Ha sted street
the men were srsIu greeted with jeers,
whereat a large, stout man, with a red
face and cluthod in the Pinkerton
uniform, stepped out on tbe batik
platform anil fired his revolver Into
the crowd. This was the signal for a
general volley, and lifteen or twenty
Pinkerton men began to tire their
riflos from the car windows. Fully
thirty shots were fired. The fence
and shanties along the track were
marked with bullets.
The imprisoned Finkeitons sa'd,
concerning the (hoeing, that they
left tbe yards on their way to the city
in the company of about forty non
onion men who had quit work. Tke
latter were in the car ahead of tbe
officers. Stones in great number were
thrown inti tbe cars and anma of the
men hit. This S) enreged the men
that they levelled their rifles and fired
bout ten shots.
At 2 o'clock thia afternoon Wm.
Finkerton went to tke Armory and
asked all of bis men who had dona the
shooting to st?p forward. Four men,
Kobert J. Bertram, R D. Loom Is, Guy
Seivers and Emmons Shaw admitted
having fired off their rillss. Three
boya wbo were at tbe scene of the
shooting al'o went to the station.
They identifl d two Pinkerlons named
Hill and Andrews as having done
tome shco:irg, and these two, with
the fonr who l ad admitted their guilt,
were locked op. the other Pinkerton
men bcicg net five.
A Later Aeconat.
Chicaoo, 111., October 19. The
stockyards ttrike, which promised to
pass into history as n bloodlwm one,
baa been afendid by a sacriti eo!
Lunian life Terry ltpg'ey andam ther
man wera mortally wounded by Pink
erton men this altsrncon, and tome
150 of the latter vreie arreted to
wait disposition on achtfgeof ni or
der. All but tlx were afterward re
leased. Armour A Co.'s imported workmen,
aome 3J0or 400 in number, weiitoot
this morning. They bad made up
their minds that tbey did not cars to
remain any l inger it the old hands
were to come back. The report of
their fears were communicated to Mr.
Cndaby, who sesared tbem proteo'ion
if tbey desired to stay. They had con
cludtd, however, that while protec ion
might protect for while the other
butchers would ultimately make it eo
unpleasant for tbem that they would
be or able to work there longar, and
that thfiv bad belter quit at once. A
train was teli graphed for, and before
12 o'clock the last ncn union man
bad left the premises. As they
were being loaded on the train the
chiff clerk at Armour's main ofli o
told the u en to remember their cum
bers on the rollc, and as tred intra it
at any time within the next two via a
they want'd work th y would be
given the pn faience. The men wire
on tbe Lake Shore train, the butchers
' in the lioot cars and tbe guards in the
three at the rear end. The la ter bd
their rifle monies pointed out of the
windows. There was stop at Hal
sled and Fortieth a reels to attach
other cam and the train was switched
back eosne little distance. Quite a
crowd of cniions people bad as-em-blcd,
and as tbe in mat s of tbe train
were reoognifd there were some jser-
lrg remarks made. A tne train re-
pasted thia point Pinkerton man
pushed his rifle out, aiming at the
crowd, and, raising tbe hammer, tbe
m n fired ma wtapoo, ana xerry xeg
It y fell morta'ly wounded, 'lbe noi e
of tbe eip'o.-ion caused excitement in
andou'sideof the cars. In. mo
ment it was followed br a reg
ular volley from ths o her rifle
men and the crowd, which was
largely campesed of scnool chil
dren. Aid- in panic. In tbe
flight man tell and was hastily car
ried away by his friends, lis also
was wonnded. Tbe train stemmed on.
Capt. Maikey, of the Town of Lake
ponce, was at band with few men,
and would have arreeted the man be
saw fire the shot, bnt feared to ttop
tbe train, ai not m gbt have re
sulted, lie telephoned to the Twen-tv-aeoond
Street 8Ution,'however, and
when the train reached there it was
h-iarrlarl hv dntu-hment af Chicpro
nolice.who placed all the specials niidV-r
arrest. When tbe train reached the
tnrminal station at Van Buren 8 ation
there was another squad ot police
from tbe Harrison Street Htation, re
inforced by detec'ivee, and the whole
crowd waa marched to the a-mory
Capt. Ma kpy telephoned in that he
could identily tbe man who shot Bee
ley, and li s presence was anxiously
Begley, who ws taken to his home
at Emerald ana l'oriy-soionu fireeii,
wai still living late this aft-rnoon, but
bis dealb whs almost momeomaii y
expected, lie h an. employing team
ster engaged abont the yards, has
wifo and family, and took no part in
the strike.
Tho Pinkerton men say that the
Btrike's mnda the assault, first with
stones and then with revolvir., and
tbat tbey bad made no attack until
they had be in fired npon. Capt.
Merkey said, however, that the Pin
kerlon men did tbe fivat thnoting, and
without any provocation. When the
spi aials were lodged in the llarrisan
8 reet Station the city police bfgin
the work of assorting out the ones
who did the shooting. Capt. Markey,
three boys and a man wbo were pres
ent, all declared they could identify
the man wbo shot Bogey. Tne
specials were made to march before
them, and two were pick'd out as par
ticipantsin the shooting. Tbe weapons
of the snecials were seizsd by the
police. When the work of identify
ing tbe men who were said to be
gulty of the shooting began the no l
union men were eet free. Tbey
marched out of the station into the
street, but seemed afraid to go far
without the protection of tbe Win
chesters, and some of tbem loitered
about tbe station for some time. After
the bsya bad picked out two men the
whole force was fl ed bark into the
courtroom, where Llent. Kipley and a
Central Station detective examined
their lilies and revolvers to see if
there were any empty shells to indi
cate that they bad been recently dis
charged. Oae man's rifls was found
to have an emp'y shell in it, tnd the
beartrwaa toid to stand teside the
court railing. After all the men had
filed into the benches William A.
Pinkerton said : "Those of yru who
fired out of the car stop here." One
young follow with a blonde mustache
aroee and walked up to bis chief. No
one else moved.
"Be ts manly as the brave fellow
here," cried Pinkerton, and the man
within tbe railing said: "1 shot." Ho
others volunteered. The two men
who bad first been picked out by the
boys stood under guard of two police
men in the outer entry of the couit
room. Jofeph Hill and Walter An
drews are the two men identified as
two cf the men who did the shooting,
lticlurd La'.cb, Guy Hevier, Kobert J.
Paitrarn and Siphon Peyner con
fessed to having shot into the crowd
of strikers. Those six men srs held
at the armory. The remainder of the
Pinkerton men and tho woikmen who
wore on t lie train were let go.
Capt, Juy was in charge of the
Pinkerton auon when the shooting oc
curred, lie was standing on the rear
platform. He Bild t'.ia: the men
picked out by the city podes were not
the gulity patties, lie said also that
the strikers gathered about the car
400 s'rong just ai they were about to
etart, aud began pelting tbem with
stones, and tome of thein shot also.
''We were tent down there," said
Capt. Joy, "to preserve tbe peace, not
to disturb it; but when some of my
men were flrel upon they returned
the shots, thinking ptrhnp9that the
Hvm of the employes who were in
thoir oharge were in danger. I was
standing on the rear pla f rm of the
train ftt ibe time. I rushed into the
Ira n and ordered them to stop filing.
1 did net know what injury was done
until I oiuio into the city."
Wm. A. Piokeiton eavs be baa am-
' pie proof that his men did not tire
upon tbe crowd until they bad baen
fired npon. GbarlesaBeck, one of bis
mta, wbo was ia tbe ru ahead of the
one froua which the shooting was
done, says the crowd fired at least five
shots before tbs . tire was returned.
One of the bullets passed through the
car and imbedded itself in the oppo
site wall. Bricks and stones were
then thrown until the side of the car
was well battered up. Mr. Pinkerton
says tbe men bad been the tubj c's of
constant assaults and abuse while in
t)iu s a .1 a nit mf nf t li m wa
laid op with wounds that may prove
f tbe Wvraen'a CbrUtian Honrd of
Kakhan City, Mo., October 10. The
na ional convention of the Women's
Cbr stir.n Board of Missions was called
to order this forenoon by Mrs. 0. M
Pearre in the t Imp rice of tbe lrosi
dent, Mrs. Dr. Jamison. Varions com
mittees on miction work were ao
pr.into J, aad ttie annual report of the
Children's Musion Und received.
The genoral convention of tbe Chris
tian churches and the Foreign Mis
sions convention will oryanlze this af
tornoon and tomorrow. Nearly every
oiais ia itie union is represented by
delogates, acd a number are present
hom aoioju.
They Art Not Horry.
There is one thing nobody ever re
grets tbat is, the duy they first adopt
el Parker's Tonic as thoir regular fain
ily medicine. Its range is eo wide
and its good effects so sure, that noth
ing else, except good nursing, ar
needed in a great majority of oasi s
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will Dot
require any praise from na.
Djelujr, aud ClenulDR.
Ladifs and gent.' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, also kid gloves,
ostrich f athera and lace cunains by
Louis Ueigel, 58 J ctleraon street, Mem
phis, Teno. tiooda received by express.
IllmselfPr boners Escape From
Jail Joined the American Colony
In Canada Fatal FalL
PiCiFic,M3.,Oatober 19.-Tbe Deph
flanderfarm, near this city, was tbe
scene last evening cf a deplorable
tragedy. CoosUnt Dept Hinder, tho
oldest eon in tbe family, became de
mented aome years ago, but as he was
never violent was allowed to wander
about tbe farm at will. Yesterday
evening he secured a revolver and
went toward an orchard, whence hie
mother was returning with a ba-ket
full of apples. He made rs it to assist
her, but suddenly drew the rsvolver
mnA LhM har in thn head. He then
nliuwd the weanon to bis own bead
and fired. Both are expected to die,
PrtaoBcra Eaeapo From Jail.
St. Locia, Mo., October 19 A iail
delivery occurred at Maryville, Mo.,
last night, and three prisoners, Frank
Oliphtnt, the forger, Grant Wright,
accused of outrage, and J. T. M.na
werth, a horse thief, gamed their lib
erty. Th jail stands d rect'y benind
the sheriff's residence and is of the
most improved pattern. Aftsr supper
tbe prisoneis were allowed to remain
In the corridors for an h-ur, and at
tbat hour last evening the Sheriff, no
ticing tbat unuiual quiet prevailed,
invettigated its cause, and found M.
F. Sweeney, a prisoner, about to crawl
throucrh one cf the windows, fr )in
which two bars had been cut. The
above named prisoners bad already
escaped. They have not yet been re
captured. Accidentally Shot and Hilled II Ira
elf. St. Joseph, Mo., OctobsrlO. Word
was received here yieterday that Oen.
Bacon Montgomery accidentally shot
and killed himself while bunting at
Lomnla, Mexico, where he was inter
ested in mines. He was born in 1849.
When the wnr broke out he j lined
the Sixth Missouri Cavalry asapri
vate,aad was promoted over his fa her
to the rank of lieutenant colonel com
manding. Joined lbs American Colony In
Eorton, Mass, October 19. John
F. Dukemier, b lokkeper for the cloth
ing firm of Burdell, Young & In-
?h1 b, has joined tbe American colony
u Canada, and 140,000 of the firm's
money is misting.
A Fatal rail.
New Yosk, October 19. The ctge
in which theworkmen in one of tho
shafts of the new aqueduct at Tenth
avenue and One Uuudred and Seven
ty sixth atreet are borne to and from
their work fell this morning as six
men were ascending in it Oue,
Thomai Burke, was killed and three
others badly injured. When near tbe
top of tbe shuts tbe rope that held
tbe cige broke and it went down with
a crash m y leet roeiow. .curie waa
taken from the wreck mingled and
dead and the others were dragged
forth terribly injured. The injured
were taken to tbe hospital.
Ilia Application for naturalisation
aad t'ltea Precedents for
III DeeKloa.
Chicago, III , October 19. An ap
p'ication for naturalization as a citiz -n
of the United Stages made to Judge
Pretidergast in the County Court yej
terday by Moy Ah Kee, a Chinese
laundryman. was lefused on acc out
of ihe applicant's naiioualiiy. Moy
presented his first panera issued by
the (supreme Court of New York City
five years ago. lu refusing the rppli
ca'ion Judge Prendergast ea d he was
ingieatduubt as to the eligibility of
Chinese t become citizens and told
Moy to employ a lawyer, whose argu
ment could bj heard at a future dav.
Moy bai baen in the Uoitt d titatoa fif
teen yeais, bin his family with 1 im
and Is di siious of b( coming aci'ixen.
It wruld eoBin, neveithelo-s, Judjte
Prendergast said, i h it the law is againet
him and is well settkd bv the d cision
of Judge Dwyer, of the Ci cuit Court
of California, of Jadga Chonte
of tbe United States Court cf New
Yoik, and of Judge M.irai in tho
Criminal Court of Cook county in
1831. Tin SB all hold that the natu
retention law of Febrea-y 18, 1875, is
decUiveon the negative tide of tbe
question. The law provided that
"An alien being a free white person
or an African, or the dFcandant of
an African, may be admitted to be
come a citizen." A native of China,
therefore, being neither a white per
son nor an African, caonot be natu
ralized. MLLE. CLIN i It AM PS,
lead or tbe Dne d' Anmale'a
London ZVatlA.- A New York journal
has been marrying the Due d' An male
and Mile. Clincbamps in an old fash
ioned secret way, at midnight, with a
biabop o officiate, and in the Cathe
dral of lteauvais. Such a mirriage is
not p'silble in Fiance, where banns
have to be TtnbllHhod in the mayoral
ties of the Commune or Communes in
which every couple aspiring t) matri
mony resides. In the pub icvion tbe
names of tbe parents of the tunce and
fUncee have to be given, ai well as
their proforslon, trade or calling, aud
their respective ages. There is no
possibility cf a Gretna Grten arrange
ment; and a bishop or priest joining
the hands cf a pair who bad not first
been "civilly" united would incur
heavy penalties, wbich little Goblet,
the Ministtr cf Cu ts, would bo de
lighted to apply. Tbat Tom Thumb
is, lite mosi men of small stature,
rageur and somewhat rancorous when
he bai a grievance to avenge, lis
rep-esented the Somme in tbe Cham
ber which expired a year ago, tnd
having been beaten there lost Oc
tober by an Orleaniet combination
he bears no love to the Orleans
IVc?s. The Due d'Orleans. whose
wile, a Bourroo Trinctss, hid a pttile
moiaon near Ymeennes.rmde nostcret
of marrying an actnss Louis Quiuzs
was present at Ihe widding, and gave
the lady a patent of Marchioness. 8he
bad 1ml, before her titua'ion
was regularized, two sons, one of
whom went ii to the church, and was
known 88 L'Abbe d'Or'ears, and was
always r-tylei mononcle by Louis Phil
ippe. Ti e actrers was a model of de
corum. She resided with berhuHb ind
at the c at-an of Villers Cotterets in
summer and in the Talais Royal in
winter, and he regieti that ha bed not
begun by marrying her instead of a
Srincess of royal blood, who con
uctei heiself like a Ron an lady of
tbe Decadence. The American journal
states tbat Mile. Clincbamps waa
hcasekeeper at Chant illy, and refused
to keep the honse in exile for the Due
d'Aumale unless as bis wife. She did
not exactly discharge that fur '
tion, but abe was virtually at the b
of the establithment, and wher Be
Cnmtesre do Paris was not ,rBnt
she did the honors. If n"!
d'Aumale marries her withont
making a settlement Bjje win
under French law. inber lt tfcere be'.
ing no ch ld-en, all , fr,nne. i
eao, therefore, under nd her refug.
ing to act as hosier when he eiB
company io Eng AnQt BHgion) .
lets be marriea h o birwise, at
bis age and b' jt woolJ be rDpid
to go before B 8yor M(1 bi,0p.
Elderly p ople jn France can set up
asfrienusin the same establishment
wi'hout. scandalizing thn most pru
dish. Whom a gwat French poet,
after his wife's dralh, was asked
wb t'ner be should not mary a lsdy
fr'iend, wbo had left the stage thirty
years previously to act ai bis secre
tary, tie said tbat to oner to do so
would be not only ridiculous, but an
insult to ber. Ihe re'atioDsblp bad
been of such noble charae'er that it
could be only altered for the wo.se.
What Befell Twa Lucky Men In
Dal lata.
Mr. J. Y. Spellman, the dairyman,
is known to everybody in Dallas. He
came here ten years ago with $2 in
his pocket. He has made money,
owns property, at ends t bis businees
ss carefully as ever. YeeWday he
lea'ned that be drew $oCO in the
Louisiana State4 Lcttery. He held
a one-tenth cf ticket announced as the
second piizj. Mr. CharhsW. Swin
dell, who holds another one-tenth, is
b young man w-dl known, uis petition
in tbe ticket cilice of the Missouri Pa
cific reilrrad bringing him inrn daily
contact with the citizens. Nobody
who knows them doubts for a mo
ment that they have each bf en lucky
enough to gut $5000 on the invest
ment of $1. Dallas (Tix.) Evening
Timet, September 17th.
Matlonal Aselatl for tbe
Ivanrement at Women.
Louisvii.lk, Ky., Ojteber 19. The
Na ional Aspocia'ion for the Advance
ment ol Women meets here tomorrow
and continue two daye. Tho Execu
tive Board met at tho Loaiville Hotel
tonight ard arranged the plens of the
sefS'ons. Mrs. Ju ia Wa-d Howe, the
president, Mrs. Julia Howes Smith
and Mrs Carolina M. Brown, of Chi
cago, au('otber distinguished women,
arrived th'fl morning
Impure Jilood !
Weak, Watery, Vitiated, Stag
nant. Impoverished Jilood f
What remit f What follmes th is condition t
Impaired digestion. Loss of appetite.
Lou of strength. languid feeling.
Hectic fever. Pallid or flushed chcekt.
Eruptions. Weakness of the muscles.
What a list of horrors I Ilia untold
suffering. And all can be cured, and the
suffering entirely relieved, by one simple
and perfect remedy. That remedy is
Brown's Iron Hitters.
The most perfect blood purijicr made.
Composed of vegetable remedies of
well-known alterative and purifying
properties, so combined with tliestrength
cuing elements of iron, and without the
use of whiskey, tliut its action is directly
upon tho blood, removing nil impurities,
strengthening and vitalizing it, inciting
it to healthy action, sending it coursing
through the veins and arteries of the
body wilh a vigor and life that quickens
and enlivens the whole system.. It re
moves the pallor of the cheeks, chocks
the fever destroys languor, furnishes
strength to the body, aids digestion, cre
ates an appetite, and restores health.
This result always follows the use of
Jirown's Iron Bitters,
which, in furnishing the vital fluid with
its life-giving principles, removes and
prevents eruptions, and gives renewed
strength to the muscles.
Do not delay f Tbe impurities in your
blood, if not corrected by the use of
Brown's Iron Bitters,
will cause a oenerof debility of your whole
system. Your stomach will become dia
ordered; dyspepsia and indigestion will
add their horrors to your suffering j aA
kidneys, and sluggish, inactive liver, will
result, and increase the dangers which
already threaten you.
Hut if you haveueglectedull warnings,
and your whole system has become thus
disordered, disorganized and diseased, do
not despair. There is still hope for you
if you will now be wise. In
' Brown's Iron Hitters
lice that hope Use it freely, and you
will soon see an improvement in your
condition. Contiuiie the use, and you
will become well.
Brown's Iron Bitters trengtbrns your
kidneys, relieves the clogged liver, drives
out the bilo, and the whole- aystem is re
paired, reorganitcd and rebuilt.
Health and strength, happinets and long
life, may bo yours if you will use
Brown's iron Hitters.
Can be obtained anywhere. lVieeonly
one dollar a bottle.
Prepared by tbe Brov n Chemical Co.,
Baltimore, Md.
Dissolution of Partnership.
JNTovc rirm,
MR. J. 11. KENT ha thin duy withdrawn
from the firm of Mfed, Marshall 4
Kent, and the bmineaa, liabilities, eta., will
b auumed by the remininr pxrtr ern, who
have emo-iaUd with them U. W. MoKlNS
ThY. of Memphis in a partnership for the
practice of law. making a ipecinHf of Com
nierool Law and Cnl'eo'lons. The stele of
the firm will be SPKKD. MAKMtALL A
MflKINHTH Y. Uffion. No. S Mdion aireet,
Memphis. TB nd Mo. If) Wa-h'ntwn
street. VicVsbBrt. Min. 'e'oh.r 12, im.
nK4lil,YN,N. T. Board on the Hill,
Mrs. 11. C. Howard. 'AM Wuhttixtoo
Park. Rooms Uriel location deluthlfnj.
Convenient to ears to Manhattan Beach,
Ooner Island. Lona Beach end Central Park I
all to New lork plaoaa of aauitaien-
n 1 ss!r . pi s
W. A. GAGE fc CO.
Cotton Factors,
Mo. 800 Front Street. : UenaphU. Tenia
W. A. SMITH, Proprietor.
FOUNDRY & MACHINE DEP'T160to 174 Adamst., Memphis
Iron and
1 i V
7."""" iV,'if 5A?H
Mf Zir '., . sr. liefP
BllllllluK ri
IRON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEP'T, 236J and 228 Second Sf.
(Snoeeeaori In thia lepartment to JOHN MAN0QUE.)
sorWrlte n for tnfnrtnatinn on ANY TIIINft in elthwrllne.
D. B. SMITH, of Guthrie, Ky. J. W. STILLWKLL 4 CO., Troy, 0. r
All Registered In the Holitein-Frieslan Herd Book at lews City. Iowa.
Will Positively sell, to the highest bidder, at K. A. JONES Jt CO. 'tj Commission Stable.
Nob. 61, 63 and 71 Monroe street,
Mempbls, Tens)., October 27, 18S6. Bale to commence at 10 o'clock prompt,
Hotb Mr. Smith la one of the first to embark In the Holsteln eatt'e In Kentucky, and
t l w "Mrw uionoF iu wo biwi lur ,d
ouutu. n liu unrv uo una laiauuu uis builte.
oined by the well-known breeders and importers. J. W
mporled more oattle than any other breeders ol this br
more oatile than any other breeders
OA A n : r ).-o . . i
irqm a io a years old;
Calves and 15 finely bred Balls. The best batter families will be represented such as Mer-
y uui vuwb. r.uKina irvu in oymirB um,
oldea, V rinoe ot twisk, Aagie, tchu, and many others. Thia will be a fine seteotioo, all in
fine shspe, and In ealf to noted Bulla. Send in your name for oataloxues to D. B. SMITH.
ol (iulhrie. Ky., or J. W. STILLWKLL A CO , Troy, Ohio. Don't forget the day. Now ii
the time to buy at jour own price. Kain or shine they sell.
H. K. EDMINhON, Auctioneer. D. B. MnlTII. J. XV. BTII.I,WELI. ft CO
J. W. StlHwell Co will sell nhei at China go Horins the Pat Stock Show in November.
o. o. nnr.
UMosale Orocers & Cotlda Fuctoiri,
SSS Front Street SSempMi, Ten a.
Oattea teailtntd to at Kill hart ear earefnl attention. We aarry at all Uaes a wall
aeleated stook ot
Staple & Fancy Groceries, Winss, Liquorsjcbices & C.Bart,
and 'HI eolt
34 and 3G 3Xadison
A. YMiCCj&MO & Go
J. T. tiPRADE.
Late J. T. LaPrad i Co.
304 Front street,
vTJavlnc retired from the Saddlery and Harnese bnsinesj and orened an office as above,
we are pleated to announce to our friends and the pnblio aenerally that we are now prepared
to serve them in our new capacity. nuirmn uiu.. .
tended us in the old line, we trust to merit and reoeiye a 'f8K Afr7h?ttRJIt(8W-
Cotton Factors, Wholesale Grocors,
ITi. 11 Union Styeet. s i MemphU, Tenn.
Cotton Factors & Commission erclris,
rSg .Cwttou Warebotwe-Noa 88 Cnloat Street.
HAXcrioTtraia or
W. A. SiultlTa Pat. Separator.
Eagle Eclipse Huller tiing,
Plain 10-Ioch (Jin, and
Price at Factorf. aioo and HO.
ajar All kinda of Glm Bepaired. Bpecial
Discount to tbe Trade.-
391 anil 89.1 Front St., Memphis!, Tens
Bar Iran,
Boiler Iras
Hoop, Bant
4:' f
- y;3 - - ?.' - .t. iP"
Sheet Iron
3 1 II Iff I
Eta., Etc,
Irli-jsr, m ba m aa
iiunaaiion or nia nera than any man in the
uu UIS nera Will BnOW 10r loeiASClVeB.
Ha is
IDOrterS. J. W. fit wa i A (In., who hv .nM ..j
ol this breed in Amrrioa. In this lot will ba
zueomins; i year old Heifers in ealf: 20 Heifer
AuoooiiDK x year oia ileiters in eair: ao Ueuer
. i
Manufacturer's Agents for
Daniel Pratt Cotton Gins,
Manufacturers of
Pratt Eclipse Holler fllns. Feed
era and Uln Bepnlrers,
03 to 104 Poplar St., Menipkla
sn-Pratt Rerolrlng-Head Gins nne
qualed. Stook now complete. Prioei
reduced. Correspondence ana oraeri
lolicited. Old (iins Repaired in First
la a Ord . All work guaranteed.
B. l. woofer
Ui.. : RXernvhU. Te-n.
Late with J. X. LaPrade & Co
Memphis, Tcnn.
Reopens October 4, 1886.
PCPIL8 prepared for "The Art Btudentt'
Le.irue.''of New York, er. any other
first class art school they may deaire to enter
lWEWtWl-. TBWW. t
M. tE.313h 8(., Washington, D.C..
opens October lMh. Provid'a a i raotieally
usefulbuFinesaedttoatioB. Terms! Lifeachol
arahip. M0 Boardinir. sUtwnery. eU...
twelrs weaka' enurse, T5. Fo"ir?ufar (lreej
address Martyn'aCommsrojal College.
Tnlane Uniyersity of Louisiana.
Formerly, 1847-188. the Tnireraity of
ITS adrantarea for practical Initrnotloa ta .
diseases ol the Southwest are unrivaled. .
as the law seoures it superabundant -els
from the great Charily Hoepita with its -7U0
beds, and 20,000 patients annually. Btu
dents have no hosp tal-fees to pay and spe
cial instruction is daily given at the bedside
oltbealck.aa in no other institution. Jfor
oataloaue or inf rmation, address
Prof. S. B. CHAILLB. M.l., Dean,
V. 0. Drawer 2fil . New Or'nens. La.
Tlekeis ouly 89. Mhares ls proper.
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
" We do hereby Certify iJwl we supervise the
arranaements for all the Honlklv and Vuar
terly Drawings ot the Lauumna Stnie Lottery
Company and in p-rsoi iBonaire and contrU
the Mrawinyt themielvei, anil Idal the same are
conducted with honesty, fairncu, and tn too
faith toieard alt parties, nnd we authorise th
Company to ute this certificate, fmc-nmUet
of our eiynatures attached, i its advertm
menti." Commlsslonei s.
We, the undersigned. Banks and Bankers,
toM pay all Prises drawn in The Louisiana
State Lotteries which stay 6 presented at our
J. H.OGLESBT.Pres. Hnt'I Bank.
J. W.KII.BRETlt ,Prcs.Stte Nat'l Bk
A. BALDWIN, Pres. S. O. Hat. Bk.
Incorporated In 1868 for twenty-five year a
by the Legislature for kiduoational and
Charitable purposes with a capital of II ,
000,000 to whioh a resorve fund of overJSM.
OOOhas tincebeen added.
Ey an overwholming popular vote its'
fran ch ise wa! made a part of the present State
Constitution, adopted December id, A.I),
The only Lottery ever voted es tnd endorsed
by the people of any iSVate.
It never scales or poetpemee.
Its Grand Single Ranssr Draw
lns take place monthly, and tke
Extraordinary DrasilnKS regularly
every Thre Monttsa Instead of semi,
annnaliy as nereio'ore
Bio vember 0, 1886 IttSCh Monthly Draw
ing. CAPITAI. PRIZE. 875.000.
lOO.WOO Tickets at Fire ttollars Etseta.
Fractions, In Fifths, las
1 Capital priie I 75 ,0(8
1 Capital priae . 2ft, (J00
1 Capital priae......... 10,000
i Prises of $riIO.................. 12,000
5 Prises of 2000 10,010
10 Priaea of 1000 10,010
30 Prises ot 600 ....... .. . 10,010
100 Prises of 200 20,0(0
300 Priaes of 100 30,0(0
600 Prises of 60 26,00
lOOOPriiesof 25 25,00
9 Approximation priaes of 8750 6,750
9 Approximation priaea of W) 4.6 0
9 Approximatioa priaea of 25..... 2,2t0
1967 Prises, amounting to........... S26S.S0
Application for ratea to nlubs should be
made only to the ofiioe of the Company at
hen Orleans.
For further Information write clearly,
givint full address. PONT AL N 4tT IKK, Kx-
fireas Money Orders, or New York Gxohacge
n ordinary letter. Curronoy by Express la
oar expense), addressed
New Orleans, la.
Or M. A. dahphik,
Washlnitton. D. t,
or at West Court St., Klempbla, Teas
Make P. 0. Money Orders payable
and address Registered Letters to
Nw Orl.es.. I.a. ISjU&i
So, 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and ifront.) MEMPHIS.
(Established tn 1800.1
DR. JOJINSON is acknowledged by all par
ties interested as by far the most suc
cessful physician in the treat roan to f private
or secret diseases. Quick, permanent ourea
guaranteed in every case, male or female.
Reoent cases of Gonorrhea and Syphilis
oured in a f-w days without the nse of mer
cury, char (re of diet or hindrance from
business. Secondary Syphilis, the last vet
tine eradicated witboitthe use of mercury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
time. Sufferers from impoteooy or lota ol
sexual powers restore to free vigor in a few
weeks. Viotima of aoll -abuse andexoeaaive
venery, suffering- from spermatorrhea nd
loss of physioal and menUl newer, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular a Men
tion paid to the Disease of Women, and
cores guaranteed. Piles and old sores cured'
without the nse of oaustio or the knife. AQ
consultations strictly confidential. Medi
cines aent by expreet to all parts of the
sMrWorkintmen onred at half the nsn
ratea. Office hours from 8 o'o'ock a.m. to
o'clock p.m. D. B. JOUSBON. M.D.
Newspaper Tb..nr-
jTaUVLRTlSINhenoe'd cr otherwise..
.' 'i.tAMlt contains liaU of
newspapers and estimates ej tha cost ol ad
vertlsing. The advertiser who wants to spend
one dollar, finds in it the information he re
quires, while lor him who will Invest one
hundred thousand dollars in advertising, a
aoheme is lodicated whioh will meet hia
every reqilroment, or can be made to do so
by slight ohanvoF easily arrived at by corre
spondence. One hundred and fifty-three
editions have been ieaaed. bent, postpaid,
to any address lor ton ceavs. Annlv to GKO.
ng Honse Ponnvw . H ew Yorlt
Removed to 308 Front St.
Between Monroe and Madison', Nearly
' Opposite PostoBne.
WasT. Naava asd Daaia TaaaTsasr,
a guaranteed speciflo for Uystorla, Diaai
ness. Convulsion. Fits, Nervnui Keural-
Eia, lleadache. Nerves Prostration, caused
y the nse of aloohol or tobacco i Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Softening of the
Drain, resulting in insanity and lea ins to
misery, decay and death; Premature md
Age, liarreunoss, Loss of Power in either
e-: Involuntary Losses and Spermator
rhea, oaom 1 by over-exertion of the brain,
self-abuse orovnrindulsonoe. Each box con
tains one month's treatment, tl s box, e
six boxes for $5, sent t. mail prepaid, on
receipt of orioe. .We uarntre Six fioxes
to cure any case. W Uh each order reoelved.
by as for six boxes, aocnmpsied with II,
we will send the purchaser our written
guarantee to refund the money if the treat
ment doe. not effect a onra. Quarenteea
issued only b A. HOKiiii A (...Drug
gists, Memphis, lean.

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