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Military Traialnrtif British Officer!
Arrest4 for Beaistiag Eric
tloa General Kewa.
London, October 20. Gen. Lord
Wola At'juUt.t General, ha If atwd
a circular 10 the officers of the Eng
lifh awy intimating that the Duke (
Cambridge, Commander In Chief, it
dtfShtisbd ovr the mall progress
anade in their military training. - Dar
ing the recent inspection, tbe circular
tatts, the Duke obeeiTed that many
cffioars ef all ranks evinced tnarli
want ef knowledge of the duties
Tii''y importantto military efficixacy,
and be I'rongly Insitts tbat tbeofficeii
shall devote more time and attention
to the instruction of their treopa. The
St. Jam (rautta says that the Duke
of CambtidKe in the freedom of pri
vate con? nation exprewwa the opin
ion tbat many of tha officers in the
British army are "not worth their
salt," and be finds that be has bnen
obliged to address them in a circular
which wcnld scandalize the whole
army and alarm the conntry.
Arreld for Rotating Evlrlloav
Dcbun, October 20 A tenant
named Hurley, crs fted by a band ol
eixhbora, (uccee fully resisted evio
tinn at Clouakily, county Cork. To
day the whole band left the beus
they had lariraded and defended and
went out in a bdy to enjoy their vic
tory. Trie bi fllnd Dolion. however,
had not totally abandoned their side
of the iKhU They J;al retreated ana
gone in') ambush and wheallurey
and his little army had not well en
tt.eir way to the tavern the rffleeis of
the law quickly put themselves be
tween the abandoned La use and its
defenders tad succeeded iu arresting
all of the latter-
A fteraaea aialaal Meoallabiere.
London, Octiber 20. The Rev.
ThomM Kaliy, Komen Catholic B sh
op of Mi a h. pn ached a powerful sr
xuon in Lu' Ln Sunday anaitiht Moon
lighters. He denounced in the t-trong-enthrone
the acts perperattd by the
meonlighteis and calhd them the
great rat enemies Ireland bad today,
and raid the outrages they committed
served bnt to perpetuate landlordism.
which otbnrwiM, he doukred, was
deoaned. Heaekedthe moonlighters
to r store trie arms and other properly
they bad stolen to the Hahtitil own
ers. "Ynacun do thia qu'tly," he
said. ''You ran make this restoration
through me, if you wish, or yon can
make it through your pariah priests,
ano wm not betray your srcreia.
ContinnlnK. Bishop Nulty said
"If the moonlighters fail to desiit
from their catrsges I aaa determined
to organise a committee to watch
them and brina them to iaslioe. I
know many el tliene men myeelf. It
is impossible for them to escape. Our
coantry is on her trial. Her bapplnee.
and prosperity for centuries depend
on the stud behavier of her people
during the coralag winter. As eeon
as Ireland shall have proved herself
able to f ivern hrrsalf we shall have
the whole Ing ibh Drmncracy on onr
sliie. Then hums rule wi.i De certain.
The limn, commenting on Bishop
Nelly's termor, says: The Bishop's
itterarce was outspoken and vigorous,
nt it ceinrs too late. It puts the
'hole matter on a true basis, setting
at Miity and the repression of crime
tel r all pnl't'c! rhagee wnatever,
Th ataaward" oa Mr. taladatana'a
London. October 20. The Standard
thlnmorninir lavs: . Mr. Gladstone's
lateai conir button is not calculated to
elrentthtn h s portion. XHoOody ae
niei th'it the Irish rarliamenc of 18(H)
whs bribed. That is tio reason Mr
abandoning Ireland now ti the tyran
ny f he league and the American
eonipliators. Relerrlrg to the cm
ing itrnugle on the rent question be
tween thd hagtie and L rd Clanti
carde, t'te SUmlard says: There would
be littleoccasiou for rexret if the league
re-olved to precipitate a coi flirt that
would be cerUin to end in its own de
feat. vers Kanuejuake Maofke.
London, Octuber 20. Severe and
prolonged siiocks of earthquake Oc
cam d In 8erlnBur, Cashmere, early
this rooming. There wre brilliant
aaeteorolo. lc showers duiinir the night,
lantirsr antil eunrise. The shocks
created a panic among the people.
The eitent of the damage to propeity
Is r e; known.
A rails Paper Wants War.
Paris, October 20. La Rtmnehe,
one ol the new organs of the ex rente
ami G rinan patty, today publishes a
violent aiticle addroeed tn Gen. Bun
Urg' r, Minister ol War. The article
uVcarea that it is high time that
Fiance raited her voice and was pre
pared to reconquer her loot provinces
Ibe British I'ammander In Burmak
Rajo v.b October 20. Mier Gen
eral Mir II. 1. MaiTuersou.commai der
of the British armv ol occupation in
Burmah, is dead. He d n d from lever
after hut two days' illness.
The Death by halera.
Vibnn A, October 20 Fllteen per
rorsdiid ycBturday from chole'a in
Petth and two in 'Irieste, and tliirty
two uew cases were reported in the
former place and nine iu the letter,
The Wa Literally on lre-Faperl.
rnee or Ike Arrlle ttlraiurr
Ottawa, 0t., O.tober 20. The
ofBc-is ol tie government Ar.tc
mtiiii t Alert, which hat jti-t retnrned
friini en t xpli rl' g expi-d tion to Hud
son l!a-, tep.i.t a etinnge phenomy-n-
r, which lh-y t'X)t'i-ueil duiina
their recent vnj ag.i. Tt;e et"ry is told
as (ol ows: Southampton ieUnd wis
mad' a' nnon on the L'S h ol Ann tint,
the ompaei workti g very hcdly.
Leaving thure ef er taking olrerva
tions, the vtsel pr reeded lo D gjs,
but, on account ol b-i l weather, did
not ar ive thre until t'e IKMi. Dnr
inti the t ig'it ol li e 3 ltd it got tin
lima :y da k, tlie air being flilt d with
dets-emok-, which rmoii like birn
inpit h. Ttieeta, itix rt'pre-entod,
was iiteraHy on Are, wlii e on the dect
of the fcte m r the emoke whs an thicn
thr toi e could co; see h s baud belore
h m. A furious iiale whs blowing at
the time, and t ie lead was the only
guide. Urp.G rdon, the coinmander
of tin exp dt iun, rep rin thut he :e ol
the opinion that gna' fl ei were n g
ing in ths center ol L'brndor and
tbat the dense fin ke and hta wliich
aboi t tiat time waexperneed niong
tlie-O-etf iimtheGnlf ol St Lawrence
to api Breton, we.e due to this
far tne ndvanerment af Wanaen.
Louivillb, Kv., 0..tob-r 20 The
KatLnJ AJnooiadon for the Advance
ment of Women began its session
here today, with a good attendance.
Mrs. Julia Ward Howe presided, with
Mes Ella Lspbam secreUrv. The
morning session was devoted to the
reading of the annual reports ol t&e
rffirere, and in the afternoon Mrs.
Julia Ward Howe, of Rh' da Island,
delivered tier annual address, aq
dreasta were alao delivered hy Mrs.
Emma Haddock, ( f Iowa, on "Women
as Land Owneis in the Writ," and
Mies Ellen M. Felson, of Ma sack u
seua, on "The Association of Colltgi
ate Alamni."
His First elraat a)eal and. the Ba
salta Wkat Ha la Bnaacea
In Saw.
Naw Yona, Octobtr 20 Eraatus
Wiman is one of the busiest and most
ubiquitous speculators this city ever
saw. He is so pro ifio In tchemes for
moaey making and diversion that
evrn his oloee friends flad it hard
work to follow them. He has a new
venturs, apparently, for each day in
the year. When yenr correspondent
called on him yeairrday he found him
reading a letter from Ool. Gilder, the
Arctio explorer, da'ed "Grand Rapids
on the Saskatchewan' and thankiag
Wiman far pa-set oa tbe Canadian
Pacific and letters introducing him at
the Hud-on Bay Company's stations,
almoit as far north as human life ex
ists. Another letter hsd just been re
ceive! from Sir Roger Tioh borne, the
alltged Tichhorne heir, for aes s'auce
rendered to the claimant, then sick in
bed iu Foarih avenue of an illners re
sulting from pminiiefsnets end almoet
starve ion. A third letter wa from
Russia, offering to Wimao a troupe of
seventy Oircatsian horsemen, tweaty
flve women ad twenty children to il
liis rdte the life, bahite and pattimcs
of that rude people on. btaten Island,
as a substitute for the Buffalo Bi 1
Wild Weet si ow.
Th s called to mind the most re
markahle recent achievement of this
arch speculat e. The Baltimore and
0'iio road wanted to entrr New York.
Wiman hal a railroad on H'aten Inl
and soiarc'ed with b"a's' in New
York. The Haiti mora and Ohio folk
offered him a large snra for Iri rond.
' I won't accept," said he, "but instead
I will give you a hblf intirtet in the
read ifyon will b'ing over yoar road
to my road as much busineia for New
York as I bring to it from New York,
tbe number ol pasiongers yoa biing
never to be lees than I contributs dur
ing the next two yeitrt." Tbe bargain
wan sealed, for Wiman had never car
ilud many passengers to Staten Isl
and op to that tune. Instantly the
ap -ci of things changed m ra ulotnly.
A great ball ground was opened, the
Wild West show blopssmed out, and
there were concerts and prismatic
fountains and Mrewcrks, and the pa
pers and dead walla of New York
paraded the name of Stateu Island as
the most attractive place on earth.
One million five hundred thousand
persons were carried there at 10 cents
a head to see all these wonders. Next
year the excitement will be kept ap.
Among other attr.ctiona Mr. Wi
man says be ia going to lay out the
b'ggest cemetery in America there.
"1 lie great mej rity mutt be rared
for," he rays, lie is "Into" a thou
sand other thinvs. Tbe automatic
weighing machines one aees all over
lite connuy were Introduced by him;
be ia grttlng up a $7 sewing machine ;
he ia going to balld houses for the
poor, to be paid f jr ia a few years at a
fixed sum of rent, end hehasca'cu
laied that he can snVrd to give a house
lo the widow of any man who dies in
one before he 1ms pa'd (or it , he is in
a scheme for build' tig s eam supple
ments to sailing Vessels, which have
line hollow matt for a smokestack,
lie Is interested in the queerest spec
ulations at d the meat surprising
number of them, and yet he is grow
ing etouter and jo her and ricbor
every day iu the year. He is a Cana
dian and a junior partner in a com
mercial rating o mpatty.
A IllliBUiUl rXtl HAJir.
Ha Takes HI tt Ins la tka ajaleoas
and lajnrta Ilia Hcaaer la
Wlad I p.
Naw Yobk, O tober 20. The novel
spcctacleof an elephant walkinginto a
barroom and takiag his wLiaky
s'rnight was presented Uet night en
Mont Agasta street, Brooklyn. Char
ley Hmleloi, an old time theatrical
man, was responsible lo,-the attange
violation. The beast was the one
tut d by the K'ralfya In their epectte'e
ol Anmnd Ou M'ord itt Eighty Vay,
which Is being preset'tenl at the Brook
lyn Theater. The elephant consumed
all the free lunch in tbe saloons visit
ed and in ea h p'ate a pail tiled with
whisky and wat r was furnished him.
Alier uiaHing the rounds of all the
birroonsin the vicinity, the aiiimil
started lor home in a hilarious condi
tion. Jutt as he paved the rear door
' ot the poet' Ulce toe elephant graeped
llat 'lton about the waiet andslammed
him to the pavement. Toe ait was
done so suddenly th it 'ho spectators
were awe stricken. When friends
picked Mr. Huzleton tip he was insen
sible. Dr. Wortuington was railed ia
and plaatt rd the wouudj as well aa
he could 11-rletoa was tVen taken
home. At a late hour last aigbt be
wan doing aa well aa oou'd be expect
ed. The elephaut wat undoubtedly
Ilnw llmt l flrlntl W Oc-Uber meet
rltuflna aruund bright lenvtt of tola and
Pumli a to mk crown ofbittitr-tweat
And iuiniKr'cllo', to place uion her hvadt
WUilc nut train oi.anini burn fall Uilak
anil lt,
At 17 October bruehei awlftlr nut I
Tae iJtrden illll look lelendid. Dihliu
Their attte'j baada around, while ialtlaa
'1'ieal , ,
Their tonre t netaln. and hileou-i. a.,r
Wn mark the iu-nl7 caidinal'a brunt red.
All h'o'totna. now, look aorcenua in t tun,
Katlh'a " melancholy ily" hava not ret
The vary aaiea are alowlnt t Cloud on eloud
Vile up, ot ailrer. iliot w.th ritra of (old.
Then eritna. n voile fall o'er then, vails ta
Coenra bnlitr fir than earth-eyei ooald
behold. -We
look ar und, hImito, below, then aiah:
"A Ml '.'otobor. too, muat on rn by,"
Spif t. N'Afiii'lr, in Brooklyn AfnyaauM.
The Terrible Mar of t'kelera In
Sak Fbancibco, Cal., October 20.
The eti'S'iter City ol I'ekin arrived
fit nirrning, biiniiing Hong Kong
newt up to Si p!i inber '.'A I, and Yoko
hama t October nd. Cholera in Jaan
roi ihti bio r go with a tertihle per
cenUtrt nl m r al tv. D tween f-en-t
m it 10th end 2(1 h, there were 050
new ca-ec, and UiMO donf s, an average
mortality of I'll per cent. Iu Tokl
alone lh-te acre 5(10 new rases and
'0H d. a he. lo Se nl, Oorea, cholera
is repmted to have dieaipeared aa
euddeulyas tcin.e.
Notwcribe lor the M Appeal"
Restoring Lauds to Settlement aid
Entry Divpoiitloa of the Cap
tive Indians Scter.
WAHHiHQToa, Octobt-T 23. Minuter
Uox bad a cecntt interview with brc
retarv Bvtr;l this mornittu and indi
cated a des re to be relieved of his du
ties as United fc'ti'es Minialer to Tui
k y. He was informed that he we u d
aot be r. Quired to nturn to Turkey.
as the Cherge d'Affaiiee, Mr. Pendle
ton Klr g, is re girded as luiiy compe
tent to discharge the duties of ibe
Micia eriul office until a succeaor to
Mr. Cox can be appointed. Tbe for
mal res:gnotlf n of ibe Minister baa
not jet hen presented to ibe Depart
ment of Bute, but it la expect d
promptly upon his acceptance ol the
Uongreisionai nomination, which, in
view ef his action thia morning, !s
now believed to be beyond douit.
An Oalalen en tba Oleomarsjailae
Washington, October 20 The At
torney-Ueueral baa given an opinioa
in retard to the cji structijn of sen-
tion 2 of tbe oleomargarine act
whit h is In euvct, tbat oils or bimplec,
usea in the mauol cture cl oieomar
itarinaaie not eubjutt to lax unlca-
made in imi.atu.ii or aemblAcca o;
Urronlino In Be Imprlwai d at Fort
Washinoton, O tober 2-3. Tile
s' crrtary ol War has or.lered Q-n
Sbeiida i te send 0rnr imo and foui-
teen of bis band to For' Pickets, Flo ,
to he kept in cYv e ronfineun nt antil
fmther oidtrs, ai d the other Apactei
captured at the earai time to be taken
to Fort Marion, Fla.
Tba Dlipoalllon or the Captive In-
Wahhinotom, O tober 20 The fol
liwing commuitiCAtiou touching tho
dippo'ttion ol Ueiooimoand b s leiiow
cap ivee, waa th 8 afternoon addressed
to Lieuii'mntruenerai Hneriaaa oy
the Secretary of War:
Was Dii'iBTHiNT. Wishinotoh Citt, 1
Ooiober 19, im. I
To Lieut. -den. P. II. Sheridan, U. S. Army i
Sib- By dlrec ion of tbe President,
it is ordered that the hostile Apttchr a,
adult lndinns, fllteen in number, re
cently cptitred in Mexico, end now at
l-an Autoi io, lex., v.r: ueronimo,
Natchez, Poiclo, Fud, Abnandria,
Nahi, Yahi ist, Fishnol, Toaez, Biehi,
Uana. Jbazaiyah. Molros, Kiitbdicai,
Zephonne and Lonab, be sent, under
proper ituir.i, to rort i'uke' S. rla
there to he keotin c'ose cus ody until
further order. Thee Ind anb have
been guilty ol the worst crime! known
to the law, omm fed under circum
stance of great etroclty, and the pnb
lic safety ditmards that they sSould be
removed far from the ecei.es cf I heir
depredations, and guarded with tbe
atiictr'St vigilance. The remain
der ol tbe band raptured
at tbe same lime, consisting of eleven
women, ii children and 'two enlisted
ecout". ou are to. send to fortftla
riou. Fla.. and place with tbe other
ApKCbe Indlens recent y conveyed
to and now under custody utthat post.
You will Bee that all detaili and ar
rangements are made for the prompt
and elUi lent execution of title order
Very respectfully, your obedient ser
fiaoretaryaf War.
It is stated that the above order
meets with the a jproval of the S' cte
tary ol the Interior. Fiotn i s terms
it appeals tbat Ueronimo and the bos-
tiles are to be separated from their
wives and families, who are to be aent
to rort Marioiu
Landa Kealored In Nrtllement and
WAmiNGTOit, October 20. The Spc
rita y of the Interior has ordered tbat
certain Wnrin in tho Walla Wa'la land
district in Washington Territory, lying
on rue uraucn line i t trie iNortnern
Pacific railroad, runulng botweea
Wallulla Junction and W.lla Waila,
now withdrawn for the benefit of the
Noithern 1'a iflo Itnilroad Company,
be restored to Battlement and eatry.
It appears that this tract, ah ch c ra-piis-a
ab.iut 2:1,001) ace?. was over-
li oked n the got e al ro to.ation in
18H1. of those lands whi h by a change
on tbe general route of the road were
thrown outside of its withdrawal
OS far Klckanond Today.
Washwuton, Ootober 20. The
Proaidential party, coneia ing of the
Prealdent and Mrs. Cleveland, Secre
tary Bayard, Secretary and Miss Endi
rott, PuatniBBter Goneiai and Mrs.
Vilas and Col. Laniont, will leave
Waebington lor R chmond tomorrow
morning about 7:30 o'clock and will
arrive there about 12 o'clock. Tbe
President will ho d a genetal recep
tion at the fa r g oundu during the
attornenn. He hai net fl-d the com
n ittee that he does not desire to make
an addnas of anv kind, and his wienea
in tbat neppct will be citrefullv oV
served. The panv wdl leave Rich
wood about 7 o'clock and expect to
fech Washington bifore midn'ght.
They will occupy a epecial train and
will go straight through with as few
Btors s poctible.
Japanese Keyaliy at Han Franelaeo.
San Fbabi isco, Cal , October 20.
Piincc and Princess Sama'nu, of the
Japanese royal fami'y. and stiiia, ar
rived here this mo.-uing from Yoko
hama ou the eteimer City of P.king,
ea rou o (or Eur p.
Prot. Cho.iufjwtg von Seeger
ir or inratrmr., A . r,
irr UaMIn; Kneit Alma
n Order nt th, Kni A'le; '(f4.',"K"'
ANteAf uf fa ni ynl Au?Z, r.T,""
a Ontrr
ni Ikm lMaim a llnmir. Kte. . Ktf . ,.ii.mIm
i.iehiu tto.'N t'M'A ner.i' rosiro
thonld not be ennlounded with the horde
ol traahy care-alli. It lain no lenaeotth
wo'd a iatnt remedy. I am thorouahly
onnreraant, with IU node ot preparation,
and Know It to berotonly a leaitmst jilmr
maoeutionl prodant. but alao worthy nl the
hlah ooin'nandaiiona It baa reeelved in all
nana ot th world It eoataini i-ani ol
Iteef. C. oi. (Jllnlne, Iron and Caliaaya,
whi-n are dhaolved In nare eenulne Siau
lah Imierlal Cri'Wn "hrrry."
Inve.-abl, to all who are Rnn Down, Ner
voua, lyietlo, Htltoua, Malariona or al
fllotr.l with weak kidneys, beware at
He Mlealy'a Favorlla Cosmelle
CW fry Wr Kuvnl Wi Wat (1 IVMKwwoy
Wore and th nobility. For th Skin, Com-
tltin, Krupllone, Chapping, Houahneaa.
!". (if drniatats.
tlKH o? Ueaalae Nyrnp al
HeraaitMrlllM la auaraataad u ih. k.t
8a-fparill In th market.
Dyspepsia I
Indigestion ! Weak Stomach I
Iaillad'aiui : Iizihuan, Jaic!: of
Ajijditc, Sour iloma?h, Flniu
Ivwy, ILurtburn, Xwroiut Pro
Guixch:. Over-rating and drink-
iny ; ttto UlUc food; impaired
diymlion ; hurried eating ; too
little, rent; loo close confinement.
Oit re :
Brown' fron Bittera.
Does your stomach reuse to assimilate
the food you cat ?
Itrown't Iron Jti(fn furnishes aid to the
stoitKic h to accomplish itt work. Only a
nicdicinewhich has a specific action upon
tho Htomuch will do you any good, and
Crown's Iron Bittern will net directly
upon that organ, toning it up and giving
it stietiKtli to do its work, relieving the
prcritiuro ii (Hjii the nervous system,
blrciithcning the nerves, quickening und
improving the appetite, removing llatu
lcncy and heartburn, rehiring the appe
tite, and dispelling the dizzy spoils which
ato bo annoying, ami may prove very
Anxirly, care, de.ipondrney, gloom, which
havo resulted from the dyspeptic condi
tion, will no longer cxi.-t if u faithful use
of this vuhiuhlc medicine is made.
It will not produce comtijtuiion or head
llrown's Iron Bitters
is the only iron medic ine that will cure
both of these complaints.
The scientific combination and skilful
preparation of Brown' Iron Bitters en
sures a remedy always tho same and al
ways effective. It is composed of tho
Lest vegetable alterative medical agents
known. With these iron is bo assimi
lated that its strengthening and tonic
properties are added to and form a part
of the blood purifying elements of the
bust medicine known for the cure of till
blood poisoning, stomach disorders, kidney
and liver troubles, and diseases arising
from impure, weak, or vitiated blood.
Ladies can take
JBrown'i Iron Bittera
without producing nausea. Growing
children derive grout benefit from small
and frequent doses. It will not injure
or discolor the teeth ; of no other iron
medicine can this he said with truth.
It has no deleterious aition upon the
system, as no whiskey enters into its com
position. Prepared hy the Brown Chemi
cal Co., of Baltimore, j!'.
llrown's Iron Bittera,
the groat blood purifying, kidney and liver
medicine, can he obtained everywhere.
Price only one dollar a bottle.
Do not he deceived by imitations. The
genuine lias trailo-nmrk hud crushed red
liuca on the wrappor-nnif will cure
l)llprisia and Indigestion.
Not only hortent the lime of labor
and leeaona th pain, but it areatly
dlmlniehea the danger to life of both
mother and child, and leavei th
mother In a condition more favorable
to epeedy recovery, and leai liable to
Flooding, Convulsion!, and o her
alarming ayinptoms. Iu eflioaoy in
thia reapeot entitles It to be oalled
Th Mothhr's Fbisnd, and to rank
aa one ol th life aavini remadiea of
the nineteenth century.
We cannot pnbll"h certiSe&tea con
cerning thia remedy without wound
ing th del I -any of the writers. Vet
w have hundred! on file.
Send for our book, "To Motheri," mailed
Veterinary Specifics
Cure Diaeaeee of
Horses, Cattle, Sheep
...... (ii tranisi l.t t,V
ill unu xut u ft j " - aniiuotU
Stockbreeders, Horso K. It., io.
Used by U. S. Covornment.
Mounted on Hollars A Book Mailed Free.
Hiimphrct a'M. d. Co., 109 Fulton St.. N.T.'
In uj M ymrt. The only enccwrii remrdy for
Nervous Debility, Vital Weaknf;
ntul I'nt ration, fnirn oTr-wiirk or oilier vt . i.
f I trial, urft vilmul 1nri vml jtowtio
11 V IB1!rtlHrriH. or awm (in'll'HUI i, rvjflii
Dissolution of Partnership.
Now rirm.
MR. J. 11. KKNT baa this day withdrawn
from tbe firm of -peed, Mr,hall &
Kent, and the buaineaa, liabilities, etc., wll
be aivauied by th remaining lmrti era. who
he aaaooiated with them U. W. McKlNs
TnY.of Mraiphte, in a partnerahip for the
pracllee ot law, making a apeciaity ot uom
'Tma HU1.T n u.
tor iimadeei
f rjiLV' th oum
th generative
ganf. Ther it no
miauke abou thiala
strument th con
tlnaoua stream ol
moatim throuuh th.
them to haalthv action. Do 3t confound
..i,..w"h Bltrio Balu adrartiaed to enn
all lilt from head to to. It It for th ONt
lcilo purpoae. For clreulart giving full
nformatllon, addreaa Chver Klectric Bl
On.. 1IH Wiiw(nn .,r,t. CMi-. til
ft.vn'ni L,aw ana vni lo'umn. lueaifie 01
Sr,'vTi7I. Offloea, No. 3 Madinon a-r7et,
iirZt vV.w vTn d X-,4? w-lnio
itreet. V loV"bnTiilM Oe'obor 12, lsi.
MKOf QNTH, atia Nwat
A Mil a''1'1" i" " -''! ' ft-M. aa-
- aAYn"niiftlir mm
W. A. GAGE & CO.
No. SOO Front Street, : Memphis, Tenxv
W. A. SMITH, Proprietor.
TVyjif -Jit:.:,
l -Jjtt'-v t
F0UJiDIl & MACHINE DBFT,160tom AdarasUMemphif
Iroai and
lattw.mils, ? ,:
!; w. x .. ,, ,Ar"-B,..iH
IKON & RAILWAY SUPPLY DEP'T, 226J and 228 Second St
tSnocMsora In thfi lepartment to J0I1N MAN08CB.)
axrWriba n for information on ANY THINft In eithnrline.
D. B. SMITH, of Guthrie, Ky.
All Regiatered in the HoliUin-Freelan Ilord tlook at Iwa City. Iowa.
Will Pontively tell, to th highoat bidder,
mil. 01, ojanu 11 jionroe atreei,
Memphis, Tenn. , October 37, 1880. Hale lo commence at 10 o'clock prompt,
Nora Mr. Smith it on of the first to embark In the Holateln catt'e in Kentucky, and
Said down mora money in the atart for the txinoation of hia herd than any man in the
outh. With oar be haa aelected hia Cattle, and hia herd will ahow lor ihn,n.W. IU ia
joined by th well known breedera and import, J. W. Stillwell A Co., who have told and
Imported mora cattle thau any uther brecdora ol thia breed in America. In thia lot will be
03 one iowa, ranging irem moa yeara old; coming I yer ota lloiters in calf; 20 heifer
Calves and 16 finely bred Bulla. The beat butter families will be represented such aa Mer
oides. Print of Twisk, Aagie, Ech, and many others. This will he a fine selection, all in
One ahape, and in oaif to noted Bulla. Send in your nam for catalogues to V. B. SMITH.
ot Uuthri. Ky or J. W. bllLLWELI. & CO
toe umeio ouy at jour own price, nam or some tny
R. K. KDMlNnON. Auctioneer 1. B H alTII. J. W.TII.I,wn.l, A t'n
J. W. Hti'lwell A Co will sell 75 head at t'hlcHiro dnrin. the Pat titock show in November.
it f , 'A '. !r. Tt
i.-tiM.i,. . n y l
o. o. Him.
UMesal Orocers
- Sfi rrcat Stroet, Momphi, Ten a.
0ta taatlg ad t at will hava oar aarefnl attention. W tarry at all Mat a wall-
teleeted ttsok ol
Staplo & Fancy Groceries, Wines, Liquors Job&ceo & Cigars
And will )ll f aw t V
31 and 3G Madison
T if t . An a TiW
Lata J. T. LuFrado i Co.
AWI) CO ill
Xn. 201 Vnmt aireaL
aa-navlng retired from the Saddlery and Harne bnalneat and opened an office a above,
wfar. Pl.i-.d to .nnounc. tn our friendn and th public n.ra'lr that . r now Prepared
to aerve them in our now capacity. Roturoing thanks fjrth very liberal patron ag ex
tended ut in the old line. w. Ju.t to merit and r.ceiv. a sh;re ot your
Coiloa Factors, Wliolcsala Grocers,
TT. 11 ITwIon Utvt.
M. 0. iEAKCS.
Cotton Factors & Commission Herch'is,
Cattoai Warchoaue-Ifo 8 aaa Vmlmm 5lwl.
xmcnoTuaiE or
IV. A. SuiJth'ai Iat. Separator
Eagle Eclipse Huller (Huh,
Plain 10 Inch Gin, and
Price at Factory, 100 and 8110.
r All kinda of Qina Repaired. Special
Diaconnt to th Trade.
9l anil SS Front Nt., Mnniihla, Tana
Bar Iron,
Boiler Iraa
! Hoop.Bav
Mbefil Iron
-i1 : t
it , Rata,
J" Hlvela,
J. W. STILLWELL 4 CO., Troy, 0.
at K. A. JONES oi CU.'d Commitaion Stable,
, Troy, Ohio. Don't lorget the day. Now it
Manufacturer's Agents for
Daniel Pratt Cotton Gins,
Manufacturers of
Pratt Krllp,c nnilvr Ulna, Feed
era and Gin Bepalrnrs,
OS to 101 Foplar St., Memphis
jrarPratt Beyolving-llead Gins une
quuled. btook now complete. Prices
reduced. torrepondcnoe ana order,
rolioited. Old 0)ina Repaired in Kirat-
la a oru . All wort guaranteed.
1. L. WNIH,'
& Cotton Fsoton,
. P. ItOlVDKE,
fit.. : ftlcmntli.a, Te u.
Late with J. 1'. LaPrade A Co
: Memphis, Tcilll.
; t Jewipblsie Tenn
Reopens October 4, 1886.
PUPILS prepared for "1 AIt.B';d.Bv.UI
Uagui.'of New Terk, ' t.hr
Brat elaaa ait school theysaay o ,,irtoenUr
NO. 57 M.41IM.V STV."EEr
WtSPHI', TatWia.
MlRTTm ftotilf rfM'IAl, I
lltia..313-h St., Wakingt.)D.P. -
opeat October loth. Providr a r-rneliest. '
usefulbuinaidaoatloa. Terma: Ufsci
arahip, I0. Boarding, ttatioaery, at-.,
twelr wekt' enarae, ft. Fer oiroutar lire)
address Martyn't Comatroial College.
Tnlane University of Lonisiana.
IFormerly, 1M7-1884, th Uniwsity of
ITS advantages for practical instruction ia
diseases ol th Soathwest ar aarivald
at th law secures it superabundant materi
al! from the great Charity Iloaa-ital with itt
700 beda, and 20,000 patienU annually. Stu
dents have no boap tal-fee t pay and spe
cial instraction is daily given at the bedstd
olthesiok.aa ia n other institution. Sot
catalogue or Inf rmation, addreat
Prof. S. E. CHaILLK, M. D.. Dean.
P. O. Drawer Kl. New Orlpane. I,.
817 and 819 JTeRT I QUIS
N. Second St. V ri'lT?'
KiirOTAOTmiiiu or
A Valuable Patent.
Daacy'a (Horso) Corn and Pea Plan.
HA VI N 8 perfected my invention, I with
To plaoe it before th public, eapooially
manufacturers. At a Corn Planter, it it a
perfect anooett opens th drill, distributed
th seed accurately, nniniurod, and ooverd
th same, thereby on man performing th
work of three. Thev hav been used ia
this section for over a doaen years with per
fect satisfaction, fan civ rasponibl testi
monials. Address
JOHN U. DANCY.IIanoyvill,
Havwnm! ennntv. Tenv-
weeoriiaHy rec.nBeii4
mkudifbM raw-ty
boM to S3. Uaaanbuea
W.uS aold eoaada.
taa, Mdbi nary cm. U
haagta aatlatarrlcD.
Akott Llak.
Haiton. H. T.
r,in Sl.f.
No. 17 Jefferson Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MEMPHIS.
I Established ia 1860.1
1 VR. JOHNSON is acknowledged by all par
J' ties interested aa by far the most sao
eessful physician in thatreatrnentof privat
or secret diseases. Quiok, permanent cure
guaranteed in every cane, male or female.
Recent cases of Gonorrhea, and Syphilis
cured In a f w days without the us of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance from
business, becondary Syrhilis, the last ves
tige eradicated witbo'ittne use of mercury.
Involuntary loss of t-emen stopped in short a
time. Sufferers from iinpotauoy or loss of
sexual powers reitor to free rigor in a few
weeks. Victims of sell -nbuse and ezoosslva
venery, suffering from spermatorrhea nd
lossof physical and mental nower, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular atten
tion paid to the Disease of Women, and
cores guaranteed. Pi'es and old sores cured
without the us of caustic or the knife. All
onnsultafons strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent by ei press tu all parts of th
arWorkingmen enred at half the usu
rates. Ilflioe hours from 8 oVoek a.m. ta
o'clock p.m. D. S. .JOHNiWN. M.D.
A book of 100 paget.
I he best book for
in-. . Vanadveitisertooon
" S i-" It oontaint lists of
newppapsrs and ej tire ales o theooatot ad
vertising. The advertisOTwhowantJ to spend
one dollar, finds la it the information ne re
quires, while for him who will invest on
hundred thousand dollars In advertising, a
tcheoi is indicated wuioh will meet hit
very roqcirinent, or can ha made to do t
by slight chango) easily a' rived at by corre
spondence. One hui:drd and fifty-three
ditiont hav been loaned, tout, postpaid.
to any address tor ten cot'S. Apply to ttMU.
VERTISING BURKj.lT.i l Mpruoeit, (Print-
na nouf mhih . ew ycr"
Pennyroyal Pills.
Tbe Orltrlnikl and Only Uaanltsa,
Bat and always Reliable. Eevturoof worth.
ii - imitations. Indlspendablctxi tAssiau..
A your UratTKlHl lor "thl heater's
Kairli fRn.1 ti.btt nn other, or inalosa 4e
(stamps) to us for partioolurs m Laa by
reiara snail, ai . PAPett. C'tal.
r stealer t taeinleal t'o.
IIHIS ntliHa Haianre, Plilliuln , P
4 TKA UK ,al,plied by aK0.C,00DWH
Wbnleaale rt ltati .
1)7 THK HUMAN P.'i
pTUI..(,THKXr:D. V.i
(t CVirlfM.-P (if lilt
.i'l HiU. Oi tlif o
tab l' n Iffrtit'Ta nr" r n
t r ft .r.il fli'ti1a.ri v. tu c ml 1 r.tc.iliirti, Tt' l Jr"la)i
S'. V.-T. IfJr. Bvawtrnr Uf.
Removed to 303 Front St
Botwoen Monro and Madiion, Nearly
KAL'IH IN 1.1 H Da. 8. O.
Wist'. Nanvt nu l,i Ihi.twiit.
aguaran'ml specific for Hysteria, Diiii
nens, Conruilioi -n, Fits, Mertoui Neural
gia, Headaobe, Kurr-: Proftratlon, caused
by the us ol alcohol or tnhaoooi VTak
fulness. Mental Iicnrnasi'm. H.-tunlnir of the
Brain, remlting in inri-ni'y und lua ing to
miseiy, decay v t drtb; Prematur '"d
Age, uarr,nneii, Loan nl Power in ithr
f Invcinntari Lewis and Spermator
rhea, oar t hy ovcf-enrtlon o( tn brain,
sell-abuse aroi'?rirdnik-Die. Bach boxoon
tair.s one n-nrMI, trr :!inent. Ill a box, o
six boiea for r rti i mail prepaid, on
roce'ptot price. Ho fcunrrnt 61X Uoxea
to our acyoase. 'Uh eaeh ordor received
ay nsrnrsia boioa, a-'''r.ipajieu wtti ti,
a will ...nd th imri-hnser ear written
guarantor ti rmund the amuey If th treat
ment doe" C. lac.-. a -inm. onaranteet
(tried or, r h- vjik r nu., wrng-
gists. Memphta. Tn o .
ILHTWar.n. Rom.
Krre. A victim
youthful itcpru-
01U"insI r rnunmi n "vv i 1,1 V( thus
a 1I..I ,M . U 4-1.1
I tl tA T.naw V.aa-Hi
J, 10 Il llUi'u v mi. i MlVtl
very stniw rmrn , atwcoTeretl
e isii.oura, wh'ch he whliend FRJfitt
in vain
ft linji
ot hii
BllVW UUBIvSTaJ. ft-u wi
f JT l TO t DAVftVv
K MrtwIybyUj
lfllrins Chemical Oa.
i J- IHAMrn,
Pott Oflot Box 317V. lNr lork City.

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