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1 la receipt of a larger,
tions,) thai was erer shown
stock comprises the choicest
aad most d arable poods In gentlemen's wear.
tff Samples and Prices
who aave left measures.
Kit JZUl V V -fflfl
Stock Open
The Itoniant's, Emoli jnal Actor,
a J no. W. Keller's modern sooiety drama
(Friday night Tb niirb'e llrnrt.
Saturday mi'lnee-Lat performance of
ond&y. Oot. K-KOZO, the Magte Usesn.
naene Kol-inson's Museum
' Omi dallv Irnm 1 antil 11 D.m.
OMISSION. 10c. Reserved seats, ltjj extra.
tJO-JO, th Dng-taopal Hot; Walter 11
aart. Armless ana-aiemess nonaer: i.
rague. th l.ilinr hkele ton: Miss Uoldie
i-aoa. the Logs- Hair Ladv. and a host of
orr cunosiiies end twe grani doable ooin-
cOie in the beaattlnl Is iou Theater. J 11
I noBil'l All Star Co. and Irne Fox's Mvi
vlnglo. Monday, Oct. lKth appearance
P.X. Barnaul's Grand International L'on-
lessor Giant, who were to bave appeared
ra with his company; alao, an entire new
in pan y in ma tna'r.
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JsVepangh & Samwell'
hrnivnl of Novelties and Trained
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a Manimoln Tent.
londay Night, Get. 18
on open at 1 and 7 p.m.
Commencing at 2 and S p.m.
4ee the Novel Street Parade.
rtmiwlon to All Only 1ft Cents.
rs. Florence Fin.ey Moore
S.itnrdnv. Oct. SMrt. nt 3 P.M.
' Telephone nnT-her Is 768 .
ISTKRMj Built aori ronaired and war
ranted. Invontor nf tbe Sanitary Prt
d Cement lump. Con'raotornnd briok
r. Telephone SUB. THOH CfjUKIN'S.
,R. O. J. HCF1KREH, Surgeon Chiropo
dist, 211 Main street. Sixtoen years
dice in Memphis. ChnrtroB moderate,
landsrehim. Oflioe hours from 8 a.m.
'P.m. Sundays frim 9 tn T2 m.
clopadics. T. ELLWOOD ZELL, Pub
cr, 1'hiladcltli'n.
rHIlU COOK-lOerraan pra ertel. for
laaily ot two; ood waves. Addroee
P., csro J.etter Carrier No. 4.
Apply t 15 Waahina-ton street.
roUNG MAN In Kahn & Freiberg's Dry
uooen Department. Unly sunn as bad
e eietlence and first-class relorences
1 apply
AIRY PLACE 8mnM place, suitable lor
ad iry, to rent. Address M-l Alabama ft.
OOMS-Tw o or three unfurnished rooms
i by two oerrons. App'y at Schilling's
rdinghonse. Adams street.
GENTS-In overv town to ll Pianos
and Organs HOUCK k CO.. Memph's.
TUATION As Teacher for Children not
over 13 years old; prefer private fami'y:
t-ive reference. Direct MlSS MARTIN.
Kannine street, Chattanooga, Tenn.
TERYBODY To eall and lee the cele
brated Gjpsv Clairvoyant, at ITT Tnlrd
et, near Poplar.
OOD MILKER Man o' woman, fcr
dairy. Applyat Koys'er's. 'M Second.
TUATION As sorter or house bev: can
jnve city reference'. PORTER. Appeal.
OUNG MAN-Eip.r'eneed in inh Print
int. No. ID West Court K-reet.
LBSMRN-To sell petit ledgers and ro
ilci. merchants with new novelty; big
Is; goi-d I oitions
B. G. LKMKN ACQ At!nnta.ji.
LESilEN la evory State in the i
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ultie.-i thuture popular and easy sell
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MANl'KG. CO.. llAMlVORy . VD.
IAMVF.RM AID With good reforenoe,
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AY B4ARDERS Or wi'hout rooms,
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order in belt styles at
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furnished rooms. No. 81
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I LK, Box 411. Ch eago, III.
31TI0N By ladv as mna'o tjoch ar. or
otoachyoungehildren English branches.
ry expected moiirratc. Good, home de
I. Address "Teacher," Columbus. Miss.
AN An lnfelliront.eampst man to ron
rwnt, in his un looality, largo re-.-ililo
house. A remunerative salary to
t party. Sten.ly position Hcti-ronocs
aneed. Amrricnn Manufacturing U-ju-o,
ircl ly r-t., N. Y.
rtf) LBS. FEATHBRS-Hlshest cash
' V. pniw paiq by GAUAY, Mooiphie.
EUYl'imy TO KNOW-That I wil
thirty da for 81 SM.
243 Main srnet.
DGOID k PILVKR-Forcash orer
!isuk. MULFyai. Jews cr, &'iUaiB
more varied and better so-
this Reason's ImpoU.
in this market. The
designs, finest textures
on application to those
jm -tfl jitli n r
for Inspection
The oldest, largest and bnnt established
Hardware Store in Lincoln, Nebraska, (or
silo, piocg consists ui (belt ana Heavy
hardware, iron, wagon material a'd wood
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shelf tin-aware or besvy hardware separate
ly. tine looation. long leare. low rent. A
rood chance to buy a paying bu-ims. The
name ttarawaro u.i.. Lincoln, f-ebraska.
NTRAYKI) or s olen.
MRh from my residence, SKI Union
s'rrot, one dark gray mare, 3 years old.
alioat 1J4 bands huh, livht gray spot on loft
nir. neiuru, ano oe rewaruo, r-i
.1 A. KiiKxKST CO.
Lf KAMhCnttaie.on Ofr. Raybnrn a. and
V Georgia st. lot 5tsl70. with a hr-use ot 6
rooms, in good order. This is a choice piece
of property, anl ctn be purchased on ensy
monthly pavment by pay n. part cosh. Ap
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A T PR' VA TE SALE For 21 days, in lot
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on -)izih Hevenlh anil Kiahfh stt. evI.nHMri
. Valuable Farm of HO aures, on Big Creek
roaa. noar rraser biation, on c, and U
Railroad. miles troaa MemDhia.
Ueautilui tiuoorban Uovt, with 2 acres of
land, on seaonrl s-reet, Dorth Ubelsea.
K. W. ROVSTER A CO., 2H7 Sooond St
FINE Horse and Busgy Horso one of the
finest in the city; any lady can drive
him. Busgy almost new Woodruff k Oli
ver make WiU soil sepsratelr, it drs'rod.
Apply at 4H HUfrTUTUU r-TKEKT.
OLA KTATION On the Arkansas River.
X Lincoln County COD acres in hisrh state;
of cultivation; 101Uootes in tract; well im
proved t steam uin. 2 lars-e baraa. 21 s-ond cab
ins and handsome dwellips- 7 rooms, with J0
aires lawn in iront, Liner. ii terms. Apply to
mai. Lory. rawford a co..
372 and 374 Front street, Memphis.
or J. 0 GaHRKTl. Sarsssa, Ark.
liOslfiO, near Main St. ;
X-L.oan be had at a baraain. Applyat
-wain. Appiy at
"LJITZFicLD'S Oil, Vapor and Gas Stoves
.s-s- tor nsnt nonsekeepina-. z.i3rcond St.
A COMPLETE outfit of the latet Improved
uiuat new. ata onrwam. Adnress
Vickshurg, Miss.
Hayes, Jr.,
'eet. Annlv
11 refi.ience. No. 3H2 Van-e street'
to W. o.
HYK. Utat National Bank
Li'OR SALE CUE-lP-No. 6 Washington
J-' Hand Preis, for nine-column paper;
good as new. Inquire nt No. 37 Union st.
AT F. A.. Tones Jc Co. 's., one nice gentle
hugay MAtiK that any lady can drive
or ride perfectly sVe.
"O ESIDENCE Nos. 8(1 and 8S Market St.;
j-v in goa repair; lot hi 'oXM1
A mil v In
KbXNEI)V:47H ..losby st.
BEDROOM furniti;re
Kiidoboards, Lounvc, etc.
No 3ii) Main street.
little used, and in good condition. Ap-
fpilH; iua o and fixtures of th St. Elmo
X Hotel, Me-idian, Miss, Twenty-five
commodiuns rniims, within three minctos
walk ot the Union Depot; large sample
room on the street neat door; now doing a
good business and popular, ('on be had at a
barjain if applied loj- within tie next thirty
djya. Apply to Charles Elmire, proprietor,
JVieridian, Miss.
?LD MATERIAL In tTieTdorehonses and
rcnato iiuiiding, occupied by 15. Li
enstoin it Bros
miint he rcmnveil at once
Apply to
juiin nun, minder.
NEAT COTTAUk Of six rooms, and lot
21X1x44, 54 Dean avenue. Inquire on
CIUEAP-One second-hand Ri'CIUWAY,
t necriy as good es new, at 103 Unii n at
CI ED A II dENCINtt POSTS-For sale by
J W. R. LA R KIN, Larfcinsville, Ala.
one thoroughbred Running Horse : fan
HO. One Trotting Hore: fee. ilO. OneJer.
sey Bull : fee, !.50 For Sls-30 Horses,
8 Milch Ccws. IS head Butcher Cattle. Pea.
cocks and Newfoundland Pups. Horses on
pasture, V per month ; Texas horses, 10c per
gay, igiwnnone .mim-.kh nn n ky,
A Kim ANT ROOMS-At 07 Market street-
single or enaurte. furnished or nnfur-
nisneq, anon water, ana near business.
ROOM A famished room,
Atari Union street.
Seoond st
LJ next to fvater Works cane.
11. L.G I ION, It Madison st.
' At llfi Court street.
O O ACRES LAND Well Improved, two
J J milessouth of cit; good location lor
uairy ana maruei garden. Apply to
R. J. 1SI.A0K A 00
TnUKNISHEDROOMS-Snitahlefor two or
A' three gentlemen, at fiO Monroe rtren.
f tOTT AG K Sevan rooms, on Walker ave-
vy niie, on kioiwoou
troet car lino Apply
at 36 Unien street.
ilUI. l.B."
TWO STOKY BRICK 87 Pojilar, il rnotm
and ail modern conveniences. Apply to
oprsmiun m " agener, iU'iin street.
jqOMADldO.V STREET-New house,
loo Apply at 32 Madison str-et.
PLRASANT furnished room for gentle
me ; 111 Washington : rrferr ncerenuired
STORK-ROOV-On Main street, dwelling,
bouse on Court (true', arrt several vacant
lots. Anply to R. B. SNOWDKN or J. L.
GOODLOK, 38 Madison street.
BRICK nOUSE Two stories, nine rooms,
on Mulberry street. Apply to
Dll S A. POOL.
STOREHOUrJE-Foor story end basement
storehoora. No 2,ri4 Front strent.
HOOMS-Well lurnished rooms, No. 81
1 Linden street.
CIOITON "FllICE-Apply to K. M. Apper
J son Jc Co., No. 3114 Front i troet.
TiMN K OFFICES-05 Madison
street, next
X' to Llarcnaon ll'itel.
11. ni.
EHTES. m Madison Rt.
HOL'SE 220 Washington B .; f'rooius and
. ha'.hroom. Apply at 131 Poplar St.
S" xoii.EiiViiisr.s-
, No. 1(11 Main Pfraot.
No. 2 Main Kiraot.
No. ii7 Main Street.
Apply to JAMKS LEE, Ju., 4 Mudison Rt.
TJOOMS-Two furnished
Or Utlflirni.ha.l
JV rooms at
40 Madison street.
E ELEGANT newly furnished rooms, hath
; roots, stc. J n ( airs t liu Coart itrest.
la the Ccse of Kejer, Charged With
the SInrdcr of Dannavant,
Strong Indicating;
TeMInonjora Female ITilae.'g, Who
Was Present at a Lee Measur
ing Seante.
Tlie second dsy of tbe trial of Henry
U.Meyer, lor aiinon w. a. Dunna
vant on the afternoon of September
9 b, ended ypslerdry with tbe con
rlusion of tbe evidttccs of witne-eej
fur lt-e Stale. The interest manifested
in the rvxult of tbe trial erowa with
earn day's proceedings, and will only
culminate wat-n tue jury, alter i
patient hearing of wi trusses and et na
sel, tttarn a vera c .
. Tbe Evidence.
The firnt wi.neu examined yester
day wa asti, (jiatberie, colored, wh
tei ifiel as follows: 1 wnrk for V
B. Djnnavant & Co. 1 diivn a tmm
and was to ensreged on the 9 h of las
September. I wis at kbe sbop th
day before Air. Duautvant was killed
A litt'e sirl cntne and Hsked for Mr,
Will Dunnavanr. I told her he had
gone t j Missisrippi. I bad just etsrted
np tbfl ft?ps t3 go into ttm rlop, nd
I tlu-.k it vat htiout 2 o clock p.m
When I told her b was not at hem
she left. Tbe little girl was Mr.
Meyer's lit le girl. 1 know her
when I Bee her. Bbe remnrked her
mother wanted to fee Mr. Will D.io
navaut. When she left sbe wer
b-ick up the alley t-watd where Mr,
Aley r lived.
Tne next State witneen was Mr. X
ritard, of the Appeal, who teatitied
I am a reporter on the Memphis
Appeal I saw the preoinr lor ihe
first time on the dy f tbe kinina;; I
BiW him at tho ill rbint 5 o'clock
p.m. Mr. Pickett, Mr, Taylor and my
s!f wi-nt d3wn to the Jail tog-ths-r,
flierer made a Btaiement, t Mr,
f'itkeit in try tirereoce. He t?ai
thut s'atement he camo to M, mpliij
tue Mgut previous to tbe Kiiiirg: ir
rived at 10 o'ckci p m. by the
Charleston road; tbat he teurettd
l:inne t in the 1 t'.le Lai I iojiu ad
ittiing tbe front rojm.wtiern Le sty-d
until this Nhuotinir oicurrcd; ha b id
bis pai pose in tLus stcrdting himtell
to watcn nis wile, wro u tie sue
put: ted of ii fidelity byra-onof ore
cr moie ltora which be had received
while away from the city ;hedeprcated
the idea ot at.emptirg to k.ll
Duunsvatit: 'aid he intxnded to cetcti
bis wife and Dunnavant in aausptciou
attitude, then induce Diinnavant to
give bitu ( Meyer) money enough to
leive 1 iwn wih bis children. He
aifo said he had only $10, aad t ilhed
about bring penniless. We taw the
Jailer, t -la him we wanted to see
Meyer, He sent for the prisoner, and
we saw h'm in tae ante to in. His
wife and child came into the ro-irn just
as we had abont eot tbrcngh the in
terview, rim little sirl bp ke to him
andeaid, "Papa, hcra is mammacome
to toe you." Tney kisaed and threw
themselves into each other's arms and
conntenced to weep, As to how'de
fendaot got in tie tionte: He said to
us tbat be cot here lat at nluht. wait
ed ui.til he saw an opportonit?. tien
weut into tbe little h4l room; that he
went as toon as it wa safe to do so to
tie t-afo and But toaietbicflr to eat
He said he pas-ed tbe night nading
in t -ie Ji tie ro in.
CitH Kxamintd.l thought Meyer
apprra ind us st tbe fail rutner tan
tiou ly, aeeniing to be laboring under
arnreut nion. tin betrayed consid-
eirib'e netveus ag t.tion. He din say
he was adver.-e to murder acd did not
intend to kill Dunnavent. That h
was at one time about tn jump from
the window ti f scape Duonavant.
d'd not understand from whut he paid
about ju npirg from tbe window that
be wad to avitated mentally over the
condition of li s wife and children tbat
he would commit suicide, but that it
wsstienapa from Duunavont. He
sa-.d ro:bi.'g that I can leroemter
about liis boiiiK educated averae lo
tbe killing of any puis in, hot did tav
lie d:d not intend to kill Uunnavaut.
He d-d say bis fimily or children
were reined. I will ttate I don't
think lbs prisoner knew we were in
ternetting him for j 'st as wewer
going to leave Mr. Pickett
took out his note bok end
Meyer said you do rot
intend to publith what I bave raid.
He also eaid to us what he witnessed
in tlie room between Dunuava it and
hit wife. He s id Btiniavaot came,
and Bit nesr his wife ami put bis band
upon bur, end then got up and walked
and shut Ilia d- or, and came back to
his wifa end threw her on the bed.
Tbat when he ( Meyer) saw that he
could stand it no longer. Tbat then
he raid to Dunnavai-t "Hold ud
there," or "Hold on there." Then Dun
navant rushed upin him. He re
peated. That as Dunnavant press d
I apon him the pistol was fired, be did
not know how. Then Dnnnavant
threw him (Meyer) down and took the
pistol, when Mrs. Meyor got it from
Rt crott. Examined hy State. Meyer
stated to us tbat he presented the
pistol when he said to Pannnvaot,
"Hold up, there," cr "Hold on, there."
I caw the dead rody of Dunnavant nt
tbe nndertaker's the ntxt day.
Tbe State next introduced Mr.
James Degnsn, who testified: 1 am in
the wall pep-rand painting t-aints'.
My place of buiinots ib now nt 225
(Second Btiett, first door north of the
steps going up in o tbe rooms of
Meyer, wbure lmonavint was Billed.
Oa the Oth of (September last I was
getting tea :y to move imo thu utore,
bu; had not ni"veH. 1 had an en
gagement with W. B Dm liKvant to
m-et ni" nn September 9 h, about 2 or
2:"0 o clocx p. m.t to tee about nxtng
tlie store for me. He met me avoid
ing to tbe app.intmen'. and wa talked
ou the pavenieLt in froct of tbe store,
ct 225 Second street, about tbe work
I wanted done. We riifTeied $10
abcut the price. While standing
there talking twn little cMscamenp
and nhojk hands with DnuLavant,
askicg him when he git
back, and semtd glad to
see him. Tliei eldist said
to bim hr mother wanted to aee
him; that she bad been after him
several limes. He told her to tell her
mctbnr that he would cmoup in a
few minutte. I suited Dunnavant who
thn little oi'l were and ha remarked
that tbey were Mis. Meytr'a children,
r friend of mine who lives upstair.-!.
We did nut ttlk mote than ten rain
ntes, wben Dunnavant left. 1 did not
notice where he went to. I saw no
more of him until I beard he was
killed about one hour afterward. I
saw ids brother John directly after I
had talked with Will and he onke 1 me
how Will and I came oat in our trade
and I told hiai ws diff-.-red $10 as tj
the price cf the work. I think I talked
with Dunnavant about ten minu ea. I
know it was the oldest Meyer girl who
spoke to him as I r.ave lean ber ire
quently siote. Tbe yonngeit gitl
a bo sroke to him and
shook hands with bim down on the
ttreet. wnire we wee taking to
gether. I now live st No. 89 Poplar
street Dunnavant t as lived here tbe
last time abont two veers. I think.
am well acquainted with Meyer. We
worked together several years (go, in
1874 and 1875. I have heard bim,
when I was working at the fame slop
with him. talk of his wife. He said
he and hii wife ould not get slong
tocethor, and that she had run ell at
one time with ano'.htr man. that she
was a e endthrifr. etc.
Crvs Examitud He laid sbs bad
run off wi h another man ; that she
a as extravagant and they did not t et
alns felt her. I did not hear him
a-v anything nbout Madison. Ind
This was in 1874 or 1875, I heard
him talking abont h s wife. I know
it was hter tbaa 1:30 o'clock p.m.
when Duncavant was killed.
Jobn A. Powel. constable, was
next called bv the Stat?, and teetifled
1 flret saw Meyer the day of tbe kilting
at Ihe Slatiea idotiFe. l rervoi a
States' warrant on him and carried
him to jail. I saw him tarly the next
morning at the jail. His wife arid
two children were tlicie aad came
with u to Justice Powel's office. Tbey
8' emed very aflectionat , and coming
from the jail walked arm in arm in
wba; I cell, d the dude style (which
witness illustrated). I wa ked behind
ihem all tbe way. Ihj tiiuldidnot
rooie off tbat tu omi rig and I cp.rr ed
Meyer back to jail. ll;s Wife at-d
children started with us, but there)
being cmBidetHbte txi'itPtnent and a
lr;b crowd following n, 1 advised
them to go back. They did so. He
told them good byp, kis-ing his wife,
and ehu s-id she would come down t-
jail to meet him, where! found her
nut morning early ta king to h.m in
the wauii g room.
Then ii witnesa introduced was
Fred Fertes, who eaid: I work for
W. B. Dunnavant & Co. I siw Will
Dnnravantcn fc'epten.btr 9th at the
hhnp. He wss out of the city tbe ray
h-forr. Ho returned on the morning
oftLeSKh. I know Meje-. Have
known him finco 1882. I have worked
with him. I krov him very well.
Meyei'e oldest daughter came with a
me-BJiio fit Will Dunnavant to the
shop on Wednesday. She a ked for
Mr. Will Duncavant. As she s'srted
nut Ispoke to her in German and she
t'ir ird and said, "Uol o, is tnat you ?"
1 bid never ceoa her in the shop b
fi r j she brooght tbe message for Mr.
DtiuLavriDt except once, qtiito early lu
ihe year. Mr. Dunnavant made a
sinaii table fi r Mr. Meyer. I saw
Duiinavant the mornlnghe was killed,
alieut ten in nates bef ire lie
waashot. I kpow ha hd just left Ihe
sbop after dinner. ' He had been
about te ebon a 1 morning. I don't
think I saw Mr. Deznan that day.
I'm hmdly acquainted w th him. I
went tJ Meyer's room anout one-hall
hour a ter bunt avant was ki led. li t
was 1 mg on ihe floor where he fell.
Hit vest and s utwerecp n. I saw
no powder burn on Lis Clothes. His
tanti were buttoned. I think Mr.
Stanley, tbe undeitaker, drt sied ' h ni.
(Here tbe clothes taken from Dunna
vant were exhibited to witocss.)
Dunnavant was abont a medium s aed
man, weighing ah Hit 135 ponnde.
Ye, I had a conversation with Meyer
about Lis wife. It was last spring,
In my room, on Poplar ' etreni.
Meyer aame to my room, to see Mr.
Kay, wno hed been working for him.
lit did not Siem to be in anv. harry
and we sat in my room and talked for
S'ime time. In c jurse of convocation
Meyer aked me wby I d d not marry.
I told tim 1 d 1 not ieel lik-t doing se.
lie ttieu remarstd: "If you do, don t
many a woman like 1 have. She
spends everything I make; 1 cm
keep anyihing. 1 make about $'.000
P'r year, and she tpecdi it ail
unly pay J10 for rent and my other
exp-nsoa are light, we di not g
along well t geiher." He s id they
had nnd a eeparati n, ai.d us;
young m -n lnBUltuU bis wife at
ball con nlgnt. Mi 9 told mm
about it next morninu, when h
looked tht! yonng fellow up and they
had a fijbt; that the young fellow
drjw a gun ou him; that tie and his
family hud numerous diflicu ties; tbi
the children were ail that kept, then)
togiiiher; thxt he did not love her
end could no" do no; that he only
liven wiiu ner tor tiiO purpose oi ia;a
iog his children.
CVofn lu-aniuiafion. Oen. Turner
Did not Mever ted oa it waa his in
teution to go t-J iMirope to complete
his edu -ation in painting, and thi.t
this was the caus? oi th-eir temporary
eei aratirn ?
"Ho said nothing to me about eoinz
to it.uropa.
Uen.lnnif r Are you not mad with
Meyer, and did yt-u nnt have a dis
pute w.lh him in his own house, and
did you not have hot words, and did
you not get bud' and lsave very
man .
"I hayo nothing against bim. I did
have some words with him in Lis
nonee about lorming a painters' union
aud 1 tbought 1 bad a right to
Gen. Tomer Are you not a fugi
tive from justice from Cairo. III., aud
is there not an indictment against you
there now for thessduction of a young
lauy, ana are you noi siraid to go
back there, and would von not he
afraid 'o meet the Sheriff of that
couniy :
"lam not a fueitive from inatire
Am not alrmd to go to Cairo. And as
to seduction, Meyer has Bedimed
woman in Louisville, and is as deep in
the mud as I am in tbe mire. I bxve
heard that 1 waa indicted io Cira,
but I don't know wha' for. - I have
met the Sheriff irom Cairo, and lie
nevr rarrt'Bzeo ms.
t . i . ,
r, A vj. xerryman. conuuetor m
ie Memphis and Ctiarlejioa railrcmi.
testified : Ic one in on the n'o;ht
nam on cuuuiiu or on iiionaay n g-t,
Hejitembar (Jth.and Wedneiday night,
S ptembtr 8tn. Tiain atnved nt
i , . ... e- .
iiompbta at 10:20 o'clrck p.m. My
reports sHow that on Monday n'glit.
Ihe tttn, I tnck up four andone-bttf
tickes add tt Jackion, Tenn., fir
Memphis. Oj Wednesday night I
took tip no tick its from Jakton,
Tenn., io Mompnia. Ne.thtr niht
did I collect a fate from Grand Junc
tion to Memphis.
Mis. Olell, being sworn, testified:
I live at No. 227 Second ttreet, on the
earn.! flo r with Meyer aid fjmi y.
He has the front room, Mrs Gl.n
ning the middle rooms and I occu
pied the back rconie. There is a com
mon hall rurning tho length of the
luilding, into which eh the looms
open. I know Mr. Meyer end familv.
On Monday night, September (Jth.'i
was sit'iug np lat?, wailing f;r my
huabacd to come borne, f hoajd a
scratching mise in the ba'l seveml
timee, aj if some una was tiylog :o
strike m'tchei. Expec'.ing my haa
band in I tot up aud wer.t to the d or
and looked down toward the rooms
of Meyers The ball w.-s quite dsrir.
B the light of a match I
saw Meyer and his wile standinrr
in front of their door as if trying to J
open' it I did not see tbe children
but by tbe I'ght of the matches watch
tbey struck I kcow it was Mayer and
his wife. My door was not c os:d
and the striking o! the match- s oa tl.e
wan attracted my '.leminn, Krg.
Meyer tad been gone tD.nt two
weeks. I th nk is was about 11
o'clock a', night when I saw them in
the ball. Tnete is a lift e window in
the lit le room at the ecd of the ball
which opens into tbe ball. Thtreare
a'so transoms over Meyers drorr
There had b en no cur'a n over the
window cr c iterlng ovtfr the trarsrms
pr.or t the ariival of Meyitr
ana bis family on Monday mirbf,
Oa Tuesday morning 1 saw a enrtain
ovr tbs wir dow of the little room at
the end rf the ha'l. Tba reason I no
ticed this was that tbe hall became
mnch darker when this window was
curtained, as the light came through
the street window, then through tiis
little window into tbe hall. I also
noticed the transoms bad something
over mem. Aire. Meyer usd a rafo
lines ove, which stay, d in the little
room I hnd tesn it'there frequently,
I don't know where it ws whon Mr.
uimnavant was kil ea. 1 did not go
int flieyei'a room alter they go ,irme,
1 uotic: d they kept the r doors closed
more than usual. I did not see Meyer
attar aionnay nisbt n t l tne killing,
r-'aw his wife freqnently. I know uotn
ing of any $10 trar.sitt;on.
Croat S.r iminiJ. Gen. Tamer Did
you Lot send your hesb-nd t me
and reqiitst 1 1 a ', I should not bave
you euintuono J, as you knew noth
ing? "No, fir, I t'id not."
"Don't you know the man you taw
in tue Hill tnat clg t was a negro
wiui some o rd cageeT '
Xp, sir.I know it was Mr. Meyer
anu nis wile.
"Do joa tell this jury tbat in a dark
hall by ihe light of a match ynu could
distingivsh what, it was at the other
ct d o- tee hail?"
"l ee, air, I do. I Hid not tee the
children that night. I, raw Carrie the
rext. mornins; hut 1 know I Haw
Meyer aid his wife ,by the light of a
mMeh that night"
Mrs. M. Glenning was the next wll
ness iti'ro.luced. She testified: 1 l;ve
in the rooms idj lining those orcupied
by Meyer and idmily, et 227 Second
street. I am a mariied woman. Mrs
Meyer hal bcea away from thei-ity.
She tamo bavk Monday or Tuesday
nikht, I don't know which. I saw her
next day afer die came hack. Theie
are transoms ovur ihe doors of the
rarma. I have lived next lo them fur
a year. There was nothing over the
tra -Bom before she left. After the
kdling I noticed paper hid b:en
placed .ovi r them. The cuit in put
over the little window matie the
ball dark, end 1 noticed that
tho dav at er p-he returne 1 from Ja ik
son. The cookiusr alo.'e ttaved in t e
little room. Oa tue dty of Dunna
vant's dsth tli stove wrs m the big
room. 51m. Meyer kept h-r door
cl eed tiK-re thau tisua1. I ha I net
reen li-r cinre them before in this
way. The day tbe ehrotit g recurred
1 was in my room. I wis Ijing npon
my bpd, trying to eet my baby ti
leep, when 1 heard the pietol fire. I
ha I heard no noise in the room ad-
joinugme t rior to tbe firing of tbe
ti'stoi. I went out into the hall, acd
met Mrs. Meyer. I do not know
whether tbe windows to Meyer's
onms were tip or not. I know 1 was
wide ewako. 1 Went into the hall
a-ter the shoo ing, when I raw Mey
er's Utile, girls curbing np the steps.
I thick thoir agss are about 12 and 8
j tar.
Cross Aiarnns.---I wis in Meyer i
rooms iwo-ir three t'me3 sfttr Mis.
Meyer letarmd I only spent one
evening in her room after she came
horn rioshville. Several cersins were
there, among them Mr, Dttmavaot
and a gent:eman faenti of bis. Dur
ing the evening it was proposed to
measure una. lea, when Mr. Imunavaut
tm k a 'aptline and n.easur d the la
di.a' ankles. I saw Mr. Hamler, in
H e abs-nce of Mr. Meyer, talkinir to
Mrs Meyer, he ttauding in the clcor
and she lying upon her lounge. Gen
ret 8 unit t.niei lijvis came to my
to an and tautd to me about what
knew. They left ma to understand
that 1 would not lie watitod as a wit
a si. I never stat'd to Mis Patick
tr Mis Odell er a-oy other perann at
any Mine ur at any place that 1 knew
or had beard of any person that had
been hind to swear in this case.
mver told anyone I knew nothing
about the cftsp. I neyer raw Mrs.
Odt-11 in Airs. Meyer's room after her
returj from Jai-k-uin.
Jit. rrvus Examination. Mrs. 0;lnll
eauie to my room about a weok after
tbe shooting and told nn she was
eor'y, but that she eaw Meyer come
home with his wife e.l Monday night
btiore tilts shooting.
Cant. Lawlema, tlie jailer, te-flitd
that ho saw Meyer and bis wile lie
qnr-ntly together at tbe jail since his
c iLllaemeut mere, vyrien be was
first put in jail she came to fee him
nearly every day ; that tbey were ex
tr-uiiely affectionate toward each
other. I have teen them freqnently
throw themselves into each other's
arms and weep. Her visits to the jdl
b4ve oen very lew lately.
Jos Devlna, a saloon keeper at tbe
corner of Jefferson and Second streite.
about a half a block from Mever's
room, testified that on Wednesday
night befoie the killing, some time
between 8 o'clock and m'dnighr,Meyer
came into bis saloon and got a dime s
worth of beer in a tin bucket Didn't
know w at hn did with it except that
Le didn t drink it in tbe siloon.
Mis. Wyatt t-etilitd as fellows: I
lire on the third flior, wbove the
roam occupied by Meyer and family,
Ou Tuoed-iy, the 7ih of Hjptomb.-r
about 10 o'clock in the morning,
t.otc:d a curtail ovjr the
inuow oi tlie lit lo hall room,
as K, male tba hall dam.
Mis. Meyer camo home Mondiy
right. Bjh ro PHper was put over her
room door tnn oiue, you could, in bb-
cendirg thettairs tu ihe third floor,
lo k Uiru 'lithe trnn o n intD her
bedroom. Titse aftsr uhe returned
wer j t! vred. I kooiy she kept her
conk eiove in thelit lo hall rootn.
Gau. Turner tsked witness ss to ber
rohriety and if eha wis not frequently
drunk, to which she gave evasive an-
swuts, taylrg if she d;d get drunk it
was nonocl his busineis. etc. She
fined she h;d heard nf no one bi-ing
oiieroa money to tesiiiy in tne tase.
The Suti h-re resttd l's case. Tho
l ndaat's evidence will be offered
oday. Aftnr the argument of counsel
end tho re .ding of many authnritiea.
Judge Duhcsa luled tha', the defond-a-1
could not odor as evidence what
lunntivant said as hi was dving on
t.e floor, bis worda being "It is my
.in it. This is not such a c info sion
asite laar r.wsn xes, as many con-
tructious could bo put upon it.
Dl.-S'ilntlon of (,'opartncrublp.
The firm of 2 Lords & Di ihl ii this
l -y UiB'olved by mntual consent, M.
S Ixud te'iring All iudeb ednoea of
the firm will ho paid hy George Lord
and Ad'tn D ebt, who aro a one au
thuriyod to collect iadcbednesi due
tie eaid firm, end who will continue
tie business at tbe old ttand.
. Ell 8LAGER,
Tailor and Importer.
1ST PALI. STOCK fa now ooraplete. Ths Largest CfaotMat aJ
Moat Tar led r have aver otTerl la Memphis. oonsisOnw ofaU U
P1NT1L4HINS la rrM Tsrlety, all of tho LATEST UKSIGNt.
Utroduood hrtno Loadkig Importers of Rngland, franoo and Ger
many. Iwtsi&saeJie SFItllAl, WBNTION torn y custom ers and
L&"HAKO Ud k"P0t nAMlFICItN'r SlOCli. at my
Cor. Sieond and Jiff.rson Sts., . Memphis, Tnnrt.
(Vnerul Aversge 6,5,ll70 Italea-
Lottost Kstlruate, 5,000,000
BalcB-lllgbcet, 7,125,000.
The f illowing are tho Memnlvi e'i.
mates on th tot on fiop of lSSti-87,
reported to La'ham. Alexander A Co..
of New York :
Al'en. Thomas II. A Co 8 ,'7i,iKI
Arbuckle k Kii-hanlton it.VMI mm
Armutciid X Lurdee H tt, 7riMtM
Aim n. J. A. ,s Co iI.I71.kwi
llabb. 11. & Co (i,iiii,iHl
Ilark-ditle. Demon Jt Co ti..'.i Kl . lei m
lliiyliea, 11. k Co .... tViiO.ium
Bowilro Bros. A Co li.ont.Oi'O
Bowles. Win. Jt Sons., ,7ih,(sh)
Boyd. Ahloa ti,434,7U
Brewn, W. N ti..'.ini,Kn
Biickinsham, M. S tl.7V'.d o
Cocke. J. L. A On rl 7'm isk)
I'ay, Ilorton A liai.oy li,7il"i,4V.i
Ileasoiuiiici, 1,. A li S":t,ihHI
Dillard A Cillin .;-!-- e hi
Doual.M n. R. L. A Co itil,l:t,')
DuDlte, Chss li, Pi,(io,i
Esies, Z N. A o .Vie (so
Fader, Frank A Cu rl.:VS(l,i ml
Fulls. 44. A Co Il.'i O.mid
Fnrgaaon, J. T A Ou t finooot)
Farnsworth. 0. F. A c'o il.Til-' :inl
Frank. J. F. k Co d.4tl,'i,lKI
Froyser, H. Dudley S.vim.O 0
Frolich. Wm A- C,i il sir, i
i-uiiiter, mormon ,s i o n.coi.isi.
rurst inlio-in A Wellfi rd. H.7il.l J-
Gage, W. A A Co S.M'i.usi
Gavin, M. A C-o..... tl,77,,.i
Garoso Oilworks r.,i;;.r,,mnt
Gereinn, A. U. k Co (l,7.l (sl
Globe Oil and Fertilizer Coujp,.ny..it,7xi,l 0
Godorin. J II A C'o .
Goodie: I A Cu
Gordon, llro. A (to
Hampton. 8. W. A Co
ii.ioi emi
j., sn. mm
Hart in us A Co
llityuon A C
Ilott-.r, Henry
Howard, 44. 0. A- Go ,
Hunt. C. V. A Co
Jacobs A llostor
ff rsoii. J. W. A Co
Jones Bros St Co
6 l'.i.'i,'J(HI
,7 (l.aiXI
hatrenliorger, S Sons
Keeling, hi A
Lake A Oorion
ii s.-nsi
Litlsn, M B. A Co.
Loague, R. E
McDavitt, Jauies A Co
Mallo'y, Crawford A Cj......
Moacham. K. B. A ;o
.ii.iilii.n ii
Mosby. O. W. A Co
Oneuahaw.W. II. I
Patterson, Mullnr A Ca
Pearne, At. C. A Co
Pollard. C. R
tt,il7 Ht&
A,7iH mm
li.filMI (MS)
ii,h 0,1m)
Porter A Macrna
Post, John A. A Co
Proudftt, . P
lUlne, C. il ......
Richardson. J. W
Snvi'e, Herbert
Hoarbrouvh, L. A. A Co
hchoolfiold. Hammer A Co ..
Shcrrill. F. W. A ito
Shoemaker, J. J, A Co
Sklpwith, W. (I ,....,
Taylor. W. F. A Co
Toof, iMrllowau A Co
Treadwn l, A. U. A Co
Wormely, Ralph
Lowest ealiraa'e.
Highest estimate
General average of estimates
Total ciop,c,alciili,toil from esiimn'.ps
rf local Im rcase or decrease in yield
from 1871 letters, 6 4:14,512.
Ayerave of eaiiiiuitee made by fl ins
and individuals, 0,150.90.').
Tho average of the twd estimates
aSove wr ulii iii&k-t tho totnl crop of
the Umtd Sinus, 1880-87, (i,2i,708.
l.onl Wlins (he Ursi Usais on
llcr Own Wroiiuils.
St. Lot ie, Mo., O. lober 21. Clark-
S'.io, al er piti hing egalnet tbe Biowna
jrsterd ty in Chicago, ut'etnpted to do
so sg'in in St. J.oii'B Hub afternoon in
the fourth gaimi of Ihe world 'h cham
pi(insh:p per cb, hat. be met with little
HiKtoeEH. Ha ash.ttd for but odh
mo o hit tha i thn Obicagos got off
Vow., bu ins Im.s'H on ta Ii end gon
eral mobility to control the bail at
critical tin-erst hseluh the game
Both c.lolu fielded exccilently. AI-
ihnniih tbe weather waa nil tn nnlil.
fully 12.0C0 peop'o turnel out to see
the game. Score: HL Louie, 8; Chi
cago, 5.
I.IKIe Itock Wlon Slot of Three
roui Itse Illissola ( lull.
Inrsciii, to tiis irrsL.I
Lithh R (tK, Ark., October 21.
The lai-t of the series of three games of
hall between tho aniocia'.ion nine of
this ci'y and the Madisdn Club of
Kdwardaville. HI., was n'aved this af
ternoon mid resulted ia the score of !
to 1 in favor rf Litt'e Rock, ft s
claimed by friends nf the vi'iting nine
tbat the umpire's dec nions were not
square. Tomorrow the clubs will play
a contest tame for $001) a si do. Con
siderable feeling exists over today's
name. A tremendons crowd witnessed
the game.
Kdgar E. Geotge and wife fo Ju'ia
Baitmr, lot 9, etust sido of Hernando
street, Provines subdivision, 40xlf;0
Ie"t; consideration, f 18(10.
Berry wiutesiilos to Lee A. OouIt?r.
lot 48, 11 ue's subdivision, 00x153 L et,
sonthemjt corner Houty and Somer
vills aventie3; onnderatiou, $100.
Thomas L Ktisaell, Ini-t deed to se
cure Mrf. M. 10. Ade.ini in the sum of
$.0?, to K H. Bi-gi, irjs:te, lOdaciea,
Winih O.ttncf.
lola Catnpl'ordam to l.h.'p Dolieir-
ty, snti'h half of loi 1(!0, K T. Kiel's
BUbdivtson, Nintli Waul, :!7ixl4Hj;
consiJoration, f I oO.
Mrs. M. A. Leonard to Charles
Grosvenor, trustee, to se ttro John
Overtor, jr., guardian for Jessie Ove -ton,
in Ihe tun of $148, lot 1)2 of sub
division of country lot 52, 73 3 lOx
120J fet, Looney ttreot.
James Iwcnn to K W. Wilson, for
the sum of $4(10, all bis in'ertst in the
firm of James Bsoon A. Co., rocs sting
of wood, c-cal, c.tJ1, mules, etc.
Wnr KhpIiI Trnnaltory Vxialenre,
Brief as it Is at tho longost, is liable to b
materially curtailod by our own indlacre-
tionr. T he drspoptio cot whit they should
nnt, tbe Idllnus drink co3ce In exooss, and
the rhoumatis, neiirnhlo and oonsuinftlvo
it in draughts, got wot leet and remain in
damp clothes, and lhan wo?dor ehen ill how
they became so. To perrons witb a tiudcncy
to nsuraliria, we rccommsn l a dully uss of
Hostetter's Stmnach llittrre, aod always a
ineclasslul athir uunvunl.t'ile exposure in
Uttnpor nt'nerwiifl incleiiK-ti' ws-utinr. Ef-
ticient tirotottion is -itiunicti or mis pleasant
salamifiril which diHiises a soniul glow
through the systom, iiivigiirlc at d tunes it.
and pro-' otos neeyo tranquility, rnver and
ague, biliousness, constipation dyspepsia
aud renal disorder, aro among tue maladies
which it remedies and prevents.
aveausj Dayboard jnd lodging.
ELIGIRLI ROOMS With superior boaH.
twobl ickstroin Gayoso Hotel. i.Uhhelhs
I AMES WASHINGTON, formerly cook at
tJ the Gayeso, baa been employed as ca
terer lor 44S snd4.V Shelby s'reet, 2 f luara.j
below Gayeso. where siperb metis wi'ls
prompt attention, will tt served lor fM jr
ROOMS-Faraished, with board. '
At cHI Shelby street
bxne.iin -i'ieasant turnish-d rooms. wiUi
I board, for lauies nraenileu en. Terna
very reasonable.
WJ Court Kxtiwdet
DHS1HABLK R0MS-With board, at
OOMS-Farnishud rooms witn hoard.
I 12H!onrt tree'.
10 Hoard ami lodging, Vi: dav boir l. Si S.
BHAUTIKUL front rooms, sinsle or ei
suite, lurnielied or tintiirnishsd, with
without nord : oter rMtn, li'l liii ''otir i'.
Ml'LKS -On (he
esst ol Cellieri
nisht of Oct. 3d. : mi:a
erville. -' blank tnara m in.
ene about foar years old, in good Si sol
trimmeil up, with little white spot aalar
jaw; the other, ten or twelve) yo.irs old.
rnuth, and a t so wed trimmed. Rowarl
ler inloruiatioii, ur return of malm lo J. W.
xuubg, Mempi is. cr
WjT. VKli'K. f.-lliervlHe, Ts-ia
Or Choir Nr-lecfeil liupnrted
Ilolstciu Cattle,
At I'nlou Slill-U Sj nrete,
SI c in t hie.
Wedieday, Nov. 17. 1385,
(Sale Begins Promptly at l 0'ol ok..
THH I in pott i ion of Ho'stoin Catio his
..nn, ',"n '""do by us under the aa-aii-es n
"The North Amerii-an Hnlitein Hird ux
Association," ai toun lmion stock far dnn
herds in the Souths eteren Stales, io! cm
bracoi oniyiu -li animals as hive fur time
sires and dams Ihe most superior milk ml
butter records to be lound io .Nona ll-iland.
The ontire Imon-ts'lon h,s bce-i nsisteM-l
in the " North Holland Hord iloilc nt Hol
land" and will also bo rogistoro J in " l'i i
North American Herd Book of A uieri,-i. '
embracing .rJ lleilers in Cair l) ilnost Hol
land nulli. Also, a genersl assonmenr if
line voiinar Bulls, rnsdy lor 'crri -e, Ueif.vr
aud Bull Calvos of spring nt liii, and grow i
Ciiws Irom 4 to f loaia o d. A complete oat
'f now. "S "if 1 pedis.-eii
and milk and Imtier recorna connreteil with
each animal. 'I'heie cattle hare (won ihippeil
direct from Holland to the Union Stoek
lards, and will arrive between the 1st and"
ith ol November, where puri-hniers can in
1ki,u the same. No animl will be disposed
ol at private sals, but parties who attend tha
sale may rely upon each animal boing poc
np and sold as advortlsed. Street cars vow
run to within three blocks of Stock Vi is.
-"For I'atalogues or inft ruiation addreea .
g. V. RAMUAIrl, President Union Utouk
lards and Fertiliser Company.
Blank Book Manufacturers,
No. 872 Second Street,
(Ayres Block)
New and Latest Styles Stock. Sew
Type, New Machinery.
Prices as low iu anywhere, North
or East.
Increased fai'llltlcs Tor doinr a
kjndw Lilhmrraiililinc
AaK tout sntnllcr for Km OWclnal 93 HhSMiJ
' llownroof Imltiu.iua. .
HoneCHmulne uulosa Ix-uriug tbluPHamp
AiiAiomuuuoisHiDfnvManl Istvw. t-jrf rvif
i (m. lilirtA,MMlilIMr.-
m-4i, A piMiul oart -vtur x
tiftwfil tji-inff ynu Iiif rm4i.
tion liowiort'ttriUaixi4 ta
J. Urns & Co J
J IJII.Ultl M',
ikMUm, ,
Tht elioe stamls htitlicr tn tlieevflntatlm nt
llanrsrs SUo'i any ulln l 111 llio worl.i. Ttrn
sniij, who wutfltwtUuiUyou too tvamta tf yo
ask Uioiu. ... ,
Crr- Van adyortlser to ooo
' ' lt oontulos lists o
newspapers and eatlmatos oi tba xtt ot a.1
yertising. The advertiser who wants tu spend
one dollar, flnds in it tha Information at rw
qnires, while lor him who will Invest on
hundred thousand dollars ia advertising, a
schema Is Indicated which will meet im
very requirement, or can bo mads to do so
by slight ehaugei easily ar-4ved at Hy oorra
spnndenoa. One bundled and drty-tbroe
editions have been iNurxi. deal, poelpa-4.
to any addreas lor ten oea4. A:iplT to &XI).
VBRnsiNG BURZAfMtlHprtioan. iPruM
ne House Hunarei. New Yore
WW KALI II IH WKAl.TH.-p-i. K. 7.
MJL Waar', Naavs ano Bsatg TssaraavT.
a guaranteed speolflo for Ilystaria, Disss
ness. Con vuisionss, Fits, Nervous Neural-
Ela, lleauucue, Nervovt rrostratmn, canse-i
y tha oso of aloohol or t-iliao-io: Wake
fulness, Mental Depression, Snttonlnj of too
Bralu. resulting In Insanity and Ioj. Ioi tn
misery, dticny aud ileo-th; Pfonianqxe (Oi
Aire, Jlarronness, Loss of Power in either
rr-.t! Involuntary Losses nn 1 tlnerutic.
rhea, om J by ovar-owrtlon nt .b cram,
soil-abuse or or nrindutgonoe. bta-ih b-)xo)Q-tains
one morto'i-trea'.meut. Si a box, o
sit boxes t-ir $!, s-nt Uv mail prnpoii. 03
receipt of miss. Ws vuireiu.o Sia aoiea
to cure nuy oase. With eanu rii tr r-oeireif
by nr'.irm boios, acoompadinil wlti- Jt,
e will send tbe poroliaor um wrtctea
(.norantoe t-j refund the mouey It 'he treas
lriant doe ot a')ecr a lure. 'lur,riutAa
issued nlv l, . "hNliiKI A JO.. Draa-
guts. Mctnuhls. Tenn.
Urethra! Strictare Cured!
4 IKK I'F.HTI ArsltsrT.
Removal Complete. Neither knife, eaaetig
nor dilation. No pain. Nu husubag
Adr's lilt.
Bsx ins.
ATI, a STA O t
1 1 , i s.
I "t5x.
Non-Itealdent Notice.
No. ,WW-In the Chancery Court of Shelby
rouuiy Tenn State o! Teoaosseu vs.
Thomas Boyle et al.
It oppsnring Irom the Sheriff' rotim ia
this o use that the ilet'eritiavts, M.'iry Mor
ricoy, John Morriscy nd Alico O'Neal, are
nor to Po 'ound In bi ivuut :
It is thert-lnre onlord, That '.hey maie
their appearum-a her.in.At the .'ourtlmuse
ol r-hodiy o unly, in Mompuii, Tunu., cn or
let-ro t o fjrat Monday in December. isi,
no'l pic. id, answer or ilt-mur t-j cn m idnii,.! tit's
bilt. or thasarne will bn token fur confessed ,
as 1 1 them and set for hearing et parte: anl
that acopy nt this or-ier bo publieltt l once a
wcok, tvir four sucre,.iv6 eos, in th
Vnmi hid Appual. i'bii ltt& i.ty ot 'Jotobec,
l9o. A oopy a!tet :
8. 1. MeDOW Kl.L, Clerk and Master.
By T. n. Caldwell, Deputy C. aud M.
F. II. A C. W. UcirkoO, Solicitors tor mm.
ainant. f i

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