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6f the Treasury The Ifew SiWtr
Certiflctes-Tlie Signal Office
Account Notes.
WsniKOT0N, October 22 The
Prerident haa (elected L. N. Bn fiord,
of Mis ievppl, fur appointment as
Depot F. ur.h Auditor of ttieTreia-
nry, Mr. uvi, esgnea.
Xxulnlis salel'lrcular la KrferOBce
ts Booha.
WiiamoTOK, October 22. The act
ios 8 mtary of the Trewurjr has
written to bit. a. rponoru, j.mrarian
of Con eros'. an explanation oi the rc
'cent liictilar in rtgard to dctant'oa cr
iorfflitu'eot booka hy crutoms oflie-r,
when ti e same are imported into tb
United Ktitea without the content cf
th miner of tie convrent. tuat
"rtu'y aatbentictt.d Cirtlieiiei of
Win ownership are r quired to be
fil A by eacb owner of copyrittht with
M hand every cnllictar of cu tornn
In be Uci td fclates unuer me efi
Ol he Lbttrian of Congrrsa. buch a
M tificate may inc ude a list of all the
bo ks ni.w copyrights and owned by
AO ' author Ihtrtof, or by hia or bur
Nollr-st t nimlil airmbrra.
Wbhikotoi, Ooober 22. The
clerk of the House Commit tte on Ap
proprietor a is about to aetd out no
tices to mpmbfiB of the committo-p,
reqoe t ng tMr attndarcs at a ni cl
ing to be held in this tity November
22d next. The next eereion of Con
gie.'a, being a thort one, it is the in
tentiouof the chairman (RimTall) to
have the app oprihtinn bills intrusted
to the committee ready fur a tion by
the llocsa vn after it assemtlaa.
(lea llep on lh llmllnwnceol
(be UkubI Mm vice Acrounm.
WiBHiNOTaN, October 22. 0-n.
linen, when aoked by a reporter thin
evening rfgirdirg the disnllowai ca by
tbeHeiondO mptnllor rf the Hienal
Bervice account, aid : "The published
annoum emeU of the 1,000,000 d s
allowaoce ia very aiialtading, and
the statement wide by the becond
Comp'ndler that Capt. Mills and
Lieut. Craig were not bunded 1 incor
rect. A fair Matemtu t would have in
cluded the fact that llie;edidlI(iwanon
were caly bantd upno alleged Infir
malltloe, and that these expenditure
were bated upon the ordera of the
Hecrotary ol War upnn precedent of
fifteen years, and the approval and
io'.tlemenl of these accounts had boeu
made previously by the Tretsiry De
partment. The question of copies of
leb grams ni t being 11 ed with the to
ounti ia simply this: The lew
Comptrol er, eeii g a regu'ation re
ferring to a pnrti n of the army that
copies of telesrams should accompany
accounts, erroneously assumed that
It pertained to the Sgnnl Sirv ce
when in fai t it did ni t and never hod
done f o, and his whole claim now res'a
cn this errrr wbiVi he adheres to, now
that all apparent R'tund for it has
been swept away It lH 0D this alone
that be claimed $50ii,000 has been mis
applied. To thiso facts he replied
that tbe cnit s were necfs-aty lor ac
counting flioials to audit. But this
was not true, because of all the eight
great department of the government
none but a portion of tbe War Da
partment ever furnished any copies
for that purpose. It would not have
been necest-a y in thin case ondui any
circums ance, liooe thecomctnesa of
the vounhers ia always roi titled to by
a disii tsreated commissioned f ill er,
which is always ecia pted ts sulliiiei t
evidem e in nil suca chop, ar.d bad
they been luralshed ro one butaa ex
pert in the 8 goal Oilioa could have
andltid t' ein, since they were all in
cipher and without addreis or signa
ture, and any number cf conies nvght
have btt n BUhetitntod and no other
audi or e uld have detected it."
"This Is an o d mutter," Geo. listen
continued, "and is now brought np
simply as an at'empt to annoy me on
my return. This is the second time it
his been given to the preen of the
country beiore be'ng given to the f 111
cers concerned. It is unprecedented
and inviduous, since no mor tion in
made of the itrext sains aviinst all
bnreans r f ti e army suspended hyths
same ofllviil. I.h.iB been a well rec
otnridd custom to nUais lolursuoh
il.llerence Brut to the tjtlli oh interest o;1
for their (i'ut"min a bffjre making
them pub lc. No Biatoineiits i f this
kind have tvirbrn fnrn:shi!il these
olllcer.". Th;s cour e;y lias now, as
well as lat y ar, been v ol iled."
Uen. Hi i n addml tint tho acconnlH
are the faxe as those d shIIiwciI lnct
year, but action v sg held up until
Capt. Mil's and Lieut. Craig should
have an o poituniiy to triiHwer in por
on. ''Tiiey have never," lie sad,
"hud the niatir bought to their at
tention." Tendered Ilia Ilenliiunt ton.
Wa'hinotos, Ojtobar 22. H. R.
Hubbard, principal kroner of the
life raving etatiou at Sitton Island,
K, Y., who is charged with secreting
goods Uki'n fioin the wr. ck of the
Oregon, hat (endured h s lesiiinstion
to the Hecreta'y of the Treasury. No
action will be taken on it, however,
until the investigation of the chutgttB
aiisinst h;m now in progiets is con
cluded. It the etinrgus are tu .ta'ncd
he will bediitmiBsed.
Tke 1MB arailver terllflrtttei.
Wasiiinqtox, October 22. It is es
timatvd at the Treasury Departuinnt
that the ullima'e i'sua of tlie new
$1 and $2 caitill ates may sgiftegle
:50.K) 000, and tha $i ctruflcatea
The gaiiie ( f the t-'t. Louis, Arlian
ras and T. xib rsilway, betweo'i I'airo,
ll!., and Tt-ia kai ii, Ark., !mi hetu
changej from nsrmw t) siandanl.
The lenikird r of the line will bo
changed ou Noveiiibcr 1st.
Tub Fast Tc uuib-ho, Virplnla and
Oeoigla sya'cin i!l na h Birming
ham in two d'fiVnnt dhect ons; or e
line connec'ii g lii'iniiihun and Mo
bile with the Mobile ai d Western rail
way, via Union'own rr Marion Junc
tion j the other ia Urierlisld, through
thet'eh'ba cni.l fleldi, t) B rruin -ham.
Tii'i Itt er is the m st piobablo.
The ctbt r lire will reach Biriuingtiain
over the Kant and West Tailaay, com
pleting t ut load from B oken Arrow
to Biru ln(jb' m. The terminal ficili
tiea at B rtnti gtiani, it is rcportod, are
already secured.
Tnt Litte Rock and Fort Fmiih
Railroad Cmijuny recently made an
efl'ort to invtHt the procetc's if i e
land Pales in its own scrip, by d ii g a
hill in the 1'tiitid Statts Co:ui ut
Wafting on, ak oe that thii riht he
granted. Und r the indenture ii is
restric ed to un invnf tm lit I its lxnd
money in the loads at a pr'ce not ex
ceeding liO. As the pres lit market
value of these i 11U it in imp H-ibl" to
buy them, and aif t'.e Cjurt tha'l
grant tha petition, tbe ecr'p could be
taken at par.it would maniUstly be of
advantage to the compa y to S3 place
these funds, A decision in tbe matter
is looked for between now and Janu
ary Is, and if the rivht deeired is
granted another f 100 000 of the scrip
wid be cal ed this year.
Tbi Louisville nnd xiasnviite
road Company has let the contracts for
the coistrucion of its lire from
Bsrdstown to Sprirgfleld, Ky. Tbe
road is to bs nineteen miles I ng, and
will be tompleted Joly 1, 1887. 'ihe
compsnv hat tbe choice of two routes
out cf Bards'ewn. This was neces
sary owing to the exhoritant demands
maJe bypeverat laad owners in nel
son couLty on what is termed the
Southern route. If the pending ne
eo lations on tbe part of the Cumber
land aLd Utiio uompany lor tne rtgn;
of war on this route do rot result fat-
'Bfactori y, the Lou'svillo and Nfh
villo eniiiuetrs are at libery to adopt
what ia known ai the N. rthem line,
alor g which very liberal oflYrd for
rigot ol way neva oeen tnnu?.
A confLAiar was ti ed ia Montgom
ery, A a., aiiainet the Tetern Riil
road of Alabima. It was alleged that
the company would issue through
hills of lading from Opelika to New
O lea s on evarv ottier cimmodity
except CDlton, and this was held a
ni clmlnation sga nst col too shippers.
The Railroad Cumm siion held (hat
no railroad la foried bv law to f ran
connections with other companies and
f ive tnrongn bull ol lading, nut nav
n g fouud connections to !ew Or
li ars, they held that as all other com
modities are shipped on through bills
ia ting, the refusal to issue one for
the single article if Cut'on is, under
the ttatnte, an unjust discrimination
in t ansportatioh, deficed by the
ttitute to be extortion.
Planing Mill unci Cara cf Lsmkrr
Buffalo, N.Y., Octobrr 22 Calk
ans Sc Ci.'h large planing mill, at
Tonowanda, was entirely destroyed by
fiie lostn;ght. ii plaoing laachiaes,
a la ga amount of o her maohint-ry
and a quantity tf lumber wure dn
str.)tnd. 8ix cara of lumber cn a ai !
ing of tho New York Contral railroad
and two c.ird on the Kris were a'so
bii'ned. Tho loss on the mill is $25 -000;
insurance, (12,000. Tbera was
no insurance on tue lumber in the
Canada Panrr factory Bib1
MoHTniAb, October 22. The woiks
of the Causda Taper Company, at
Windsor, were burned la t right. Tha
loss is t20d,000, which falls entirely
upon Amorlcan companies.
Mnllrhrara Klrlae nt I.onlavlllr.
Louisvatt, Kv., October 22. The
day switchmin in the Louisville and
Nashville yards, tliirty-fuur ia num
ber, quit work this morning and not
out) of the old foice nro ou duty.
Transportation of fieiaht hr.s been
greatly dJayed but railroad ofllcials
ram tlieywill nave aa ample lorce
at work in a few days. There is ce
uiHtuibanre of any kind. Tho men
8y they do not intend to go back to
work until their demand for more pay
is granted. They sir they do not in
tend li rcsoit to violence.
Our Knpld Trnunlfary Kslntcnce,
Brief It ll at tho longtat, ia liable to bt
materially eurtallod 17 our own Indica
tion!. Tha drapoptlg eat what ther abould
not, tha bllloni drink eoffo Inexossi, and
tha rhaamatln, neuralgic and oonsainrtlra
ait in drauihta, fat wet feet and remain la
damp olothea, and than wonder when 111 how
tbojr became io. Toperaona with a tendenoy
to nroratala. we raootimen J a daily nae of
llontetler a Htnmaeh llittpra, and alwaia a
wineglaaaful alter annrnldable eipomre In
dtrupor otherwine inoleiuent wettber. Kf
fiolent protection ia nlT-irded by thla ploaaant
aafeauard. which Uifluaca a enll (luw
throua h the aytteio, trniortei ai d tonea It.
and pro 'i oten nerva traniiutlity. Fever and
ami, biltouinena, oonatipatiun, dyapopnia
and renal diaorder, are anion tua inalaiiiea
which it ramadiee and preventi.
I.oeoraollve tnttineera Keep Hum.
Naw YoJtK, October 2?. The oin
ctaU of the Convention cf the Bntl
erhood of Locomotive Knglneeis, now
intcH-lon in this city, refute to give
any information at present as to thulr
discufia ons or aitrs. It is, to never,
mysteilouslv doslart d that tho sarsian
id the most hnportnnt one of the twen
ty thieo years existence cf the order.
Matters, said a delchta today, piTeitt
li g all the people of the land wi:l be
acted upon, but we cannot, divulge
their purpoit until they are dcfln'.t ly
se ed upon. It is said that tho work
li o impoit nt that tho tosbioa ill
last two wechp.
Ia Ilia Iteur ll
We differ in creed and politics, but
we are a uuit all tho enme on the de
Blrahlenofis of a fine head rf hulr. If
yon mourn the los.i of thin tilesHing
and ornnment, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hnir Br.lcam will mnko you
look an you did in (tin denr uld days.
It Is worth trying. The only standard
60 t outs article for the hair.
$ "
IIUAlneaa Failures lar the Week.
New Yoiik, OoU-bnr 22 The hn i
ne8 failures recurring throusjhontthe
country daring the tat sven days, as
ripnr'elto U. O. Dun & Co., num
bered: Forth' United States 182 and
for Canada 1(1, t r a total of U8 fi -ures,
ascimpaifd with 170 Inst wetk
and 100 the wetu previous to the 'at..
The cKSiinltics in the UnHi rn and Mid
dle States are light, whllo in tho W st
ein, ponthern and l'aclflo Stntea the
nnmler rcpor;ed this weekisabjve
the aveinge.
I IB . .1.
Womeu'a a'br'miaat Tenaperanr
Minnbapolis, Minn,, October 22.
The Natonal Convention of tho
Womon's Chrislian TcniperanccUnion
oi ened this murning ia the Cis no
Theater. M as Fm. c s K. Wil ard
p teided. The roll cjII showed tint
nearly av?ry delegato wns presiii', in
cludini' a number frmu C.inaile. Mrs.
May 1. Widen!, niottier of the presi
dent, a lr.dy82 yeisold, ccuipied a
phce on tha pla'i 'i m. The prmiilont
anuctinced a CominitUe a CredcntiHls
and thon delivered her snnuitl ad
dresf. Foreat Flrea la Fennay Ivanla.
Rbadino, Ta., Oittob'T 22. During
the psst few days florce Uros have
b en raging in Ilia bins mom tains
nliich si ara e Btrki and 8chuy k II
out tiep, and tonight tho reflection of
the llnti.ei can hs seen nia"y miles
d s'aut. lu consequence of the d'Oii'h
the words is unsually dry, and the
fiamesmake rapd prefrma, notwith
standing the laitthht many farmers
a e llithting tlie lire to prevent its
spread to the crcha cta and farm buil I
ingi at the f.iot of the mountains. It
ia tB'imatcd that lutwrn-u 1000 and
1.00 ;w of onland have been
burred over, ami the IcfB in lumbor
Is it us far eKtiinat d tit $:I5,(K)(). Thare
hasbi-en no losi of I il, though many
narrow escapes ate rerx-rted.
Mho Ihe Prrlame Vtanxl
I'rotn Luli of tliaeis is the bieath
t nt lus bevn romlertd agieiahly
odori us with t'oziiuoNT, wh eh com
nuniicntiB t tho tc tha lanrble wlnto-re-s
und to the funis a roeen'e tint,
Ute i, ai.d btautifv jour mouth,
Brother Confessed to Marderlngr
Her Ilnsband Two WomeaMnrr
dered With an H-Suicide.
CHEYXNaa, W. T., October t2.
Newj reached here lart niLt liotn
Carbon that John f. Kerr, a stock
grower residiog at Elk Monntain, W.
T., shot his younger brother, W. H.
Kerr, yes'.eiday. The Ironble orui
nhtrd from tbe fct that wbile J. 8.
K rr wai away from home the brother
B'-duced his wife. Ilia eon, a bey of
17 years, first to d Mr. Kerr of this
sta'e ol attatrs In his household. Mr.
J. 8 Kerr immediately deedud a l his
property to hia con and wnt away.
Finally attempts were mtde to rob
the boy of h e title to the property
deeded to him by the father, and the
controversy brought J. 8. Kerr back
to the scene of hi i disgrace. In trying
to fettle tbe aat er with the brother
hot words ensue 1 and W. 8. Kerr shot
at his brother, the bll tekit g efltctin
one of his tegs. J. 8. Ke r. the in
jured husband, ehot back and killed
his brother. J. 8 Kerr last year rep
resented Cirbon county in the lower
house of the Lislaturd and was
Bpeiker of the Ilousa.
Blaterloua Btiuotlnx.
Si'bingfiki.d, Mass, October '2
Patrick Moynaban, about 2i yea s of
age, who is enoagetl in the trucking
biisinesi at Ilolyoke, was shot last
night while going to his barn by some
person or iersns unknown. Two
tints were fi ed, the last cf which
nt'U k Movnahau under the left eye,
the bill ertering his head. A doctor
was summoned a ad probed for the
ball, but was not tuce-Wul in floding
it. The victim is of the opinion that
the shcot ng was aojidetit-il, and was
piobably dore by boys An investi
gation 1j being mads. The wounded
man m..y recover.
roBfrased to Hnrderlns; Her II pa.
Cadillac, Mich., Oclobsr 22
James Craft and Mr'. Emu Brass were
arrested late in Joly for the murder of
the woman's husband, who disap
peared Jnne 10ti last. They confessed
tha murder, and yo-terdBy pleaded
guilty, and were ser t 'ncrd to State
prison f ir life. Mrs. Braes confessed
that the had killed her h unbend with
an iron and helped Craft bury the
body. When mr. eti d Craft and Mrj.
Bra s were living together.
Bonnif, ajinaaeal aud Robbed.
VaitMONTViM, Mich , October 22
Tbiee unknown men entered the t tlire
of tbe Americin Exprers Company
lust evening, and reding Agent W. M.
Utile, bound and farged him and tied
him to the iafe. They then buret the
afrt open,eecurirgaVoiit$80('. Char es
Hull, running to a fire, heard tbe
noise iu tin office, and found Baile
and release! him. He had been
handcuffed around a leg of the aafn,
and it was nccsary to lift tha Bcfa to
release him. He can give but a vague
description of tbe robbers.
Knlclde of a Prominent New 11 a ill p
ablre Man,
Makchi&tbr, N. II., October 22
The ll.n. Joseph B. Clark, oce of the
most prominent ci-izans of this city
and btate, committ'id suicide in his
barn today by hanging'. He was
we gliel down with busings cares,
which, togilher wiMi hia b.tter dissp
puiotment at his f. ilure to receive the
nomination for Congress in the Firtt
District, undoubtedly kd to his taking
his life. He had boo a Mayor of this
city and a membar of the Legislature.
HesRivtd as cap tin in the Eleventh
New Uampehira regiment during the
aar, snd waa intiuia'e'y ass:ci,itfd
with many bunness enterprises here.
Another Trlnl to He Aaked For.
Chicago, III., Octobea 22. One of
the totinstii for the eeven condemned
annrch's's sh.tod teday that another
motion for a new trial would be callnd
to the a t 'ntinn of Judge Gary on the
ground cf newly d ecovured acciaion?,
which it !s claim' d show th it tho in
etnic ionBof the C nit weio improper,
which held that a man who inci'ea au
ofl'onse by speech or writing was to be
ho d equally gutily with the actutl
rerpctia'or of the doed. I' is claimed
that as tho term lias net yi t expired
tha Court can grai t the motion.
Two Women Mnrdrrert With an Ai.
Cbiiab Ur:na, Ia., October 22.
Ta'o 11 ilifiiiirtu farmers' wives livinir
i.ine milcBifroin here were murdered
lrtbt nirfht by a B iht mien, who cut
their heals open with aa ex. He wrb
captured. No chuho is given.
Infantile and llirth llmnnra Mpeed
lly (ureal by t uiieurn.
FORCIeanaint tha Skin and Soilp of Birth
tin morn, ler allnyina ltoblna, liurntna
and Intlitrnmation, lor cut-in ihe flratayuin
t irni of Kcaium, Pioriania. Milk Crust. bo.Ud
Head, Kermula and othar InhariteJ (kin and
blood diee, CuTiflima, tha areat Skin
Oure, and CuTicaat triie. nn exqiiiaire rjk n
lienutiller. eitercally. end Cvtiouka lt
BHI.TKNT, Ihe new lilood Purifier, internally,
are intallible. Alt utoly euro.
Now lia yxara of ate. when an lnfunt ail
nionlha old. wei atlaoked with a virulent,
mnlirnnnt nkin diareae. All ordinary reuie
dvaalailina.we called aur family phynoian,
whoatlenipioii to cure it; but iUpread with
aluioiit inorfdible rapid ly, until the lower
portion ot the litle Mlow'a p(ron, Irom
tha arddlc af bin back down to hia rncea,
waa one aolld rh, unly, pa-aful, nlo'ched,
and uiancioui. Ho had no reat at nifht, no
wane by dy. The phyaician did not know
then, and doel nut know now, what il waa.
Finally, we wire advieed to try L'UTtceaa
Kauauiaa. Viihout tte knowlcdm of our
phtaicinii, 1 procured a box ol CnTioon
and aeake ol Istiuura Hoie. Tue effoot
tlalna the two toaethrr, Aral wnthint htm
thnrnuahb with (' i iroA-oir, then anoint
ing hiio wuh carroia. From Ihe Hrat ao
plt. aiion a obane lor the batlo. nppenrrd.
The d..otor 'ad we kd no fu ther rend ol
liim.and oeaacd hlaviaita. la three or four
!'1."V,.,.,00'V,l',,,,0.IMlro m" "rouiiht. loaf n
the little fol'ew a iierton at wbite and
beajthy ai rhouch he bad never bien at
tked. In my opinion, y. ur t nable rem
diea eartd hia lif,. and today he ia a alronrr,
healthy child, perfectly sell, i o repetition
ol tbe d anaao niTlng etor occurred, lou
era wi looiiie to make ay o-eol livouinay
deem beat. OKI). 11. c'MlTH,
Att'y ?thaw and Ki -l'r.-i. Att'y.
n i t,,.. Aalilend, Ohio,
neterences J. 0. Weiat, Drumist, Ashland,
t Ori4 I H V HKMFniGS
Are aold errryvhere. Price: CHTicraa.W
oantai Raa.ii.vaNT, !. Soar, 'if centa.
Prepared by Pun ai JJaoo tra Cauioii.
Co., lloaton, Maaa.
Send forMHow Io l ire Nkln Dlaeaaea."
RABY."r ' "'enrn hoap, en ei.iuir-
Italy rertumed Mkln ItrHnuli-r.
A'ruralRin, Sciatic, Hudden, Sharp
and Nrryoua 1'uii a and Mreina
r II;vmI hi ,ilnlr by the
t ! urn an.l.i-nia rlaltr.
Warran-ed. At el druaciatf, a-,
Lvnii- II. t at tA ll.... .
enH l'hm'"al C-1 , ltnin.
ft''M T.-l!oardon tbe llill,
Mra. li. C. Howard, i Waxhinaton
Park. Kouuii Uraei looittlon delihltui.
Convenient to i tin to Manhattan I each,
Coney Island, Lon lleai-h and Uentrel I'arkl
alM to taw lork llaceapl auaneuiott.
' I do not believe that
Ayrr'a Saraaparilla baa
to equal aa a remedy
tor Scrofulotie Ilu
mora. It ia pieaaant
io take, aivea atrentrth
aiaJ vigor to tbe body,
uid producoa a ntore
prniani'nt. laatimr, re
ault than any meilicine
I. ever uaed. It
L'ainea, No. Llntlale, O.
. I have uaed Ayer'a
. Saroaparilla, Id ray fam
ily, fur Scrofula, aud
know, if it la taken
faithfully, it will
thoroughly rrnijlcate
thla terrible diseaae.
f.-F. Fowler, M. D.t
ji'efiivillc, Term.
For forty yearn I
have Hullcrcd with Hry
iIiicIhs. I buve tried
all aorta of rcracdietj
for my compliant, but
funiKi no rulicf until J
comnionced using
Aver a Suisuparilliu
Ator taking t bot
tle of tills medicine I
am completely cured.
Jlnry J. Amcsbury,
Rockport, Me.
I have suffered, fef
yenra, from Catarrh,
which wna aa severe
i hut it destroyed my
appetite and weakened
my sj'Btem. AfUr try.
in!; other remedlea,
ami getting no relief, (
licKim to take Ayer'a
Snrniiptirllln, mid, In a
few months, wna cured.
Susan L. Cook, 009
Allmny at, Boston
llij,-liiinds, Mass.
Ayer's Samapnrilla
Isauperlor to any blood
purifier that l luiva
ever tried. I luiva
Inken it for Scrofula,
Canker, aud uii
Uliciitn, and fccelved
niiich bencdt from iU
It It good, nlso, for a
neuk htnnmi-h. Millie
Juno Pelree, South
llradford, Uiw).
-t :
. j ' : ' I ;
Canker, and
Can be
cured by
the blood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J. O- A yar Ie Co., Lowell, Maaa.
Price rl aix bottlea, IS 8.
Question is enioglnroa' agrlenttural son
munity. Maiars. K. U. CR Aid CO., Nos.
S7 aad Sit Union atreet, Memphis, Tenn,
daily in receipt of -
reports on growth In diversified cropping
oorn, oats, wheat, rye, barley, oereals, and
orohard, herds, elorcr, tall meadow oat
graai aad timothy trail
AU our wornont ledne Unds may be ra
otalmed by lowing rye and clover on them in
fall or spring, or lowing eow-pe.na in May,
June er Jly, then turn atider, and
improve tha land.
Aftienltnra Implements and Bead Dealera,
MlMPHla, T8SN.
"D Cr-
Set theOennlne A rllcln. Thrarreal
pepularity of "Wilbor'a Compound of Cod
LirorOil and Lime" baa induced torn un
principled persons to attempt to palm off a
simple article of their own manufacture;
but any person whoiaaufferina; Irorn Cwugha.
Col Ja or Coaaumption, ahouid be earotul
where they purchaae this article. The re
sults of its aae are its best recommendations ,
and the proprietor hua nmple evidence on
file of its great bucccns In pulmonary com
plaints. The Phoapbate of 1ime poaaeaana a
moat marvelous hi-nling powor, ae combined
with the pure Cod-Liver Oil by Dr. Wilbor.
It is prescribed by the medienl faculty. Held
by A. li. WiLaoa, Chemist, Boston, and
11. 8. EsmNiceri CrpiCK,')
i!0 front street,
Memphis, Tcnn., October 9, la'. )
SEALED PROPOSALS in triplicate sub
ject ti the usual conditions, will do re
ceived at this ofllce unril noon of October
IS-rt, to be then and tlice publicly opened,
f-rttie iurniahins uf all noci-panry mHteriiil
und I hnr, and laying ol about SIX) squates o i
tin roofing.
Hpeoiflciitions and blnnk forma for propo
sals can be h id on application at this ,fli'0.
Tho povcrnicent rt-.trrves rheriiztit towuive
defoots and to reject any or all bid".
Cnritiin of Kia-inoor', U. S. Annv.
iutual Life Insurance Cd.
RICHARD A. 1UXTRDY, President.
The Largest, Strongest and Cheapest Company in the World.
tZt m tSm H i
Cotton Factors and
No. 3H Frf ut Street, Corner
Confections, Glares, Nougat
Cream Bon Hons, Fine French iianumaao ureamj mm
l'on lions. Chocolates, Ices and Nougatines.
Yoa caa find these foods " AT BKIAII.," In any quantities, at
Tho rctcrs & Sawrie Cos Retail Eitablishmcnt,
iaj ii i tr.,-ur... ki root. Onnofaile Their Fnetory.
Thcie are the finest Confections that the
aay-Try O'lx "New Crenin
jxo.1Ttio: h! i7. ' mooowanT
Yholesale Grocers and Colton Facior
AuIBeIeriinI.eTecaiMl Ilallronil Suijlle,
No. 274 Front Street
OCTOBER 23, 1880.
fniua Saai.
Joss Ln.LT.
t offee Roasters.
205 Kain St. (Lee Block)
MFlflIII, 1ES1S.
gar-TrU prion au
i ii
1r, ,,-; a
u.;:; L;u
For Drapcpslattill ittr.ni;rmcn
f the) JDIgeatlve Orfjam and tba
Ilrer, Skin Oiaeuaea, Cota, Kuroi,
Bcalda and BrnUoa. ACID IIIO.I
EARTH la a apocitlo.
Uheamatiein, malarial Disor
ders, Chronic Diarrhoea, and ob
stinate caaea of Blood Polsonlnsj,
yield arltnont tall to lis wonder
fail evtattvo ootr.
Aasa few tm fnisplalvt, t bo saad
of sail dossiers or Bonn, goatotaM,
from tho A. I. K. Co., lReMIo, Ala.
price, Firry cents.
At WholoMla br YANTLEET& CO.
Moctof thodiseaHOa which auut-traiukirid areohinii
ally ciiumbu by ttOiaoidorwd condition oltUe Ll VkR.
r or all oomplainta ot thla kinj, audi aa Tm uidity uf
tbe iiiver. Uiuouuness. Nutvoum Urapupai.-s ludiiccs
Uon, Irmgularity ot Ilia Uowela, Cuqmi iimtion. KIhIu
iency, liructatlona and burning ol tho fotooiacb
(aoln. tiiuiw cnllnd llojirthurnl, Miaame, atnlana.
Bloody Flua, OOuIs and 'wTHr, Bntakboue rwvt.
Eahauatiun botore or etter Kofam, Olirouic Diar
rhoea, Lorn ot Appetite. Hu&Uucue, Foul Breath.
Irrea-ulur tios inoidenul to r'cmiiles. Binit
down Faina. Backache, ., Ae. STADICfcR'S
AU RAN Til ia Inyalualjlo, It h not apimatoa
Rr all diMaa,bnt will CURE all plaaagea ol
chaiiKoa the conipTomm fjoro a waxy, yellow tinire,
to a ruddy, healthy oolor. It entirely remotea iyw.
Hloomy apinUl. It ia one of the (xrt Atltratin.
and l artjirri if llool, m4 u Mtooia Umic.
For aale by aU DruwtWa. Prioatl.00 per bottle.
C. F. STADICER, Proprlotor,
140 $0. FRONT ST.. Phlladelph.a, Pa.
-JaV ..' , -
Funeral Directors,
havk Kt:nuTr. i
Kt. 330i frECUXl) tT MEMPHIS.
A FULL and somptete stock of Wood and
Metrillicv'tmiie and Caskets, Cloth-Covered
Caskotaand Bcr'sl Kol ca always on
huid. asp-drears by teleirrnh promptly
ft .
Koch's PataStoro
Nil r.I.VlX isudjustahle to meet any need
orbus neas. it is cheaper titn old style. t'n
bo put up bv any ono. t'rtqnalwl
l'nnlry mid liinik a-liclva. Addrees
Komi a. it. at., miVh
811 Ma IN ST.. VEORIt, I I.I,., or.
Nlm.non II iirilwui l'o.,st. liOilia. Mo.
Commission Merchants.
ot Monroe, Memphis. Tenn
Caramels, French Fruit Glace?,
Memphis Publio hare ever had tha opportunity
l.onf" "lieHflons."-TH
J.B.McXWiiR w. Q. patteso'n.
Elemplils, Tenncsseer
atoM Iron Karth.
'BatM llina.
I Trade iHiirli.J
1 So.
M. n. GOOVER & GO.
manufactcbers of
Doors, Sash, Blind Moldiaga, U kinds of Door and Window
Frames, Ilraeket, frcrll-Work,Itonghand Dressed
Lumber, thinglcs, Laths, Water Tanks.
All kinds ot Wood Work Executed at Short Aoliee.
Nos. 157 to 1751 Washington street, Mrmphis. Tcnn.
ltr-A'ia XI
m m w
'jJ.Pi?,i-r'-r BPfjsjiAl, NTICK-We are prepared to fill order j
ff Lteitr- on aon notioe. for the oala..rated lr mua
SLEDGE BEQSm of Coma, Hiss.
Koa. 3S8 and 258 Front Street Memghift Team.
Old Stand, No. 9 Union St., Mempliis.
J4P0LE0N HILL. President. W. 5. TTILKERSOJI, TIcrTes!lei h
II. J. LIN5, CaslHar. ';
MempMs Cit? Fire & Gen'l Dis. Ctt
0 . - '' 1.
OfHoelS If n.l Ik aii Street, MerapbU, Teiiii
All Cotton Covered by Insurance on Se worthy Vessels c;
Ginhcuse. Sacks furnished to responsible parties.
D. W. FLY,
Lata ol Oommeroe, Miss.
Cotton Factors and Commission Merchants
324 Front Street MemPhi" Tenrm.
CoUoa Factors, Wholesale Grocersp
No. 8A0 Front street. IZetnpht". ITczsv,
oods Sl
Buggies, Wagons and Harness,
Ktenra EiiKlncx, Matliinery of AH I?scrIptionfS
O iiiiiiiij ihiii iai inrn'mif-at"--r 1 .Sa'iaaaaft-'.skiaiAauiJfci r '
Doors, Snsli, Blinds, Molding,
Liitb and Shingles. Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Touts, 'i't
tw Deposits raoolrsd in soma ol fl and
a-WaUbi'aiid sell looal Inrestment Bonds and Peonritles woerallr, pay tales, aol ai
trnsteos, and, In ceueral, szeoate any finanoial busineas requirins a sate and rwponsibla
0W e Issue drafts. In snrei to salt pnrohasors, on all parts of Eorcrj.
a- We have a commodious Vault for tlie deposit ot valuabln, which la at th Samoa oJ
onr oastoicers, 'rre of 1 liartte.
I). T. UADDO, rresitlrnt. F.WI). 0I.DSXITH, Tlce-PrefclJent,
SA1UAN, Ctuhlcr.
Chickasaw lrcnworkz
B8 Seoond St. ElempMs. Tonni
uKlues, Hollers, Sawmills,
Bradford Corn and Wheat Hill
Cottou Press, Cotton CUei:-,
Slianins. PnlleyK. t m.
Wrooslii.nr Pnlley. We carrr la ftoek ovar
Two Hundred Assortod fcias.
artnd for Citaloane and Price-list.
Lata ot Cuffeeville. Hiss. LaU of Brooks, Neeiy ft C.
aAUtivrtu ra,nMB.
upward, and lnterast allowed on lama BtnH

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