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fljfllCE MD COjmEME.
Cotton Steady-Middling, 8 5 8c
Sales lesterday, 4300
Money rules in strong demand at 8
per cent. Loral securities continue
Tbe looal cotton market was active
and steady yesterday; middling, 8fc.
Sales, 4330 bales.
At Now Yok spots closed quiet and
steady ar.d 1-1 6c lower; middling GJc.
I'm tares it ady and 3 to 6 point lower;
October, 8.9008 07c.
A leading Mew York cotton eircalar
says cf co'toa faturea: "Under con
fined depressing influences, tbe un
loading ol long cotton was fuller and
more general, with another break of
some 4 or 6 points on c:s: on pretty
much all months."
At New Orleans yesterday spots
were steady; middling, 8 jc. .Future
steady and S to 4 joints lower; Octo
ber, 8.618.B2i.
At Liverpool spots were steady and
in ftir t'emand; middling, S5-16J.
Future etsy and 1-321 lower; Octo
ber, 5 9 C4d. .
lithe g'-rera! market there era no
features cf note; hog mea's a shade
lower; sugar cured bam, 51150(3)12;
clear lib side pr rk, 7 37. Oiher arti
cles unchanged.
Five hnrdrvd end thirty brio anpleB,
67 ik8 ba .t. r, 123 rls bagg ne, 27
pkgs b ic n, EC 9 nkga boots and shoes,
80 pkga cf ees-, 309 sks coffee, 23 ca-s
cotton seed, 9313 xki cotton seed, 300
bdis cotton ties, 14(5 pit gs dry goods, 101
pkgs egg-, 9 5 tie flour, 500 biles
hay, 25 pkgB hatf, 69 hd hoes, 24 hd
sheep, 121 hd c title, 61 hi horrea snd
mules, lln3 pKuo 1. r , 82,000 ft lum
ber, 17 ik.s liquor, 310 brW meal. 4
brla mo'a-ws, 4iy krn nail, 2000 ba'
oat., 27 brls oi i n-, Ctii) brli potatre,
11 curs pori: Bid', 9J brls pork, 110
brls rngir. 321 pks tobacco, 1E00 bu
wheat, :8 brli nee.
Tbe f Mowing shows the emount ot
grain r c -ived, withdrawn tnd in s ore
by reguarelav t rs, as reported to the
Merauaits Kicharga yeterday:
Wheat none lei e ved or withdrawn;
in store, 1C45 bu. Ccrn received
S32 bn: withdrawn, 795 bu; in
store, CS93 bu. Oats rectived, 2990
bu ; withurawn, 1300 bu ; in st .re, 188,
498 bu.
MrDnlly QnatatloBi af Cotton
Oil Trunin and Haw York Ik
Iiuhk Ntaeha are open lo Itaaaa
interested, at mjr office.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Term.
Monev in ac ive demand at 8 per
sent- TbaCltaJng House repsrt is
as follows:
Tbnraday, October 22d $310,620 53;
thus fr t?jis week, $1,810 107 06; fame
time last we"k, $1.3i0,978 10; co-re
spondiog timj in 1885, $1,245,515 88
correepotding time in 18S4, $1,091,
079 07.
Thursday, October 22d, $111,609 47;
thus far thiH week, J408.101 12; tame
time last week, $278,39 i 09: cor re
sponding limn in 18S5, $ 80,270 C9;
orr;apondingtimo in 1884, $131,572 59.
Hesv York sight on all points, J
discount bnyinv, oar silling; New Eng
land demand, J d'fcontit buying; New
England Bight, f discount; New Or
leans, i diraoutit buying, par selling,
Bank of C,mmerce..l46 bid, 149 aeked
First Na'tnr a 160 bid, 105 asked
Qermau Bnk 195 bid, 20 ) afced
Stain Na iorai 145 bid, 150 astod
Union au i PbiitercloO hid, 153 a ked
Merca&tiio B-nk 135bid,137a;ked
Blufl City- 100 bid, ... asked
Hernaitlo 100 bid, ... eeied
Home 75 b'd, 80 asked
MemphieCi y 102 bid, 105 a died
Peoples SO hid, 83eskcd
rhasaix fiHbid.lOOes'ied
Planters .....107 bid, ... asked
Tand-rbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlington 35 bid, ... ae.ked
Faatois 20 atked
M. & O. R. R. shares...30 oid, ... asked
M. A T R. R. shres...45 bid, 50 aeked
M.AO consols, 7c 119 bid, ... asked
11. A L. K. 1st m. 89..105 bid, ... ar-ked
Miss. &T.R R.C8.A...111 bid, 1)3 asked
Misi.&r B.R.cs.B..101bid,103asked
Tnn. nil. s r. D 90 bid, 93 aeked
Tenn. wt. s-r E to J-83 b d, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 atkd
Tax. Diet. 4, rjj 07 bid, 98 J aeked
Til. Diet. 6s t04 bid.lt'SJ asked
Mem. G sbond.i 104 bid,... atked
Mem. Water b mds 97 bid, ... asked
Hannner O 1 Woiks b'd 05 asked
Am. Cut. Oil trust- f 3 bid, 64 asktd
Pioneer Cotton Mills...25 bid, 30 isked
Mom. Stor.Com. Oo.-U'O bid, 110 asked
Mem. (Ja stock 75 bid, 80 asked
New York, October 22. Monr y on
call in easier, ranging from 3 to 7 per
cent., closing o(red at 2 Prime mer
cantile paper, 45 per cent. Foreign
eccbange is dull end Hneettlfd ; actual
busintss at 4SOf480i for six y day
bills and 483K4484 for demand.
Bond1) Government bonds were
dull end Bt ady to weak. State- bonds
-dull snd s'eady.
Stocks 8 tucks showed more trength
in the morning hoars, aided especially
by the buyioK of Lake Shore, Louis
ville and Nnshvi:lo and Reading by
housei with London connection. The
imp'ovementcontianed uutil well inti
the afternoon, when a combined at
tack was made upon Tiie ccai stocke,
Canada Boutbtrn and Texts Pacific,
and the ta'r s ( f (he mornicg wers en
tirely wiped out. Jtraey Central was
agan the special fiatnte. The North
ern Pacific weren'rticeably firm in the
'face ot the general wtakoess upon the
prospect of tin adj istment of the ditli
uhy betmnn the different com
panies. We tern Union .was
alsj not'eeahly firm on pood
buying. The roeni traders were
prominent in the hammering
proc.'ts, to whU h Jersey Central w.is
suhjfcted in the afternoon, although
other stocks suffered equally a3 heavy.
The market opened higher, in sympa
thy with Lindon pi ices, showing ad
vances of i to f. Prices rose without
much intt-rrui t on until the neigh
borhood of 1 o'clock, when an Increase
in 'be amount cf business done was
noticed, accompanied by decided
weakness of the entire rst. Pilcta
were crried down telow the opening
figures before 2 u'clo.k, a d a fractim
al ralty succeeded, b ing'ng final
prices small tractions above tbe taweet
of the day, th market closing quiet
and stfaiy. Mony roled eisier, the
maximum rate being 7 per cent.
8ls, 389 765 shares; Jerey Cintr4l,
69,380, and Reading 35,770. followed
by 8 Pant.Laekaaaana and Wts'.ern
Unioc. Evtrything on the active list
is baer tonight, except Lake Nbore,
which shows a gain of t Nickel
Pla'e preteird is down )J. Jersey
Central 1. Oregon Navigation and
Texas Pao fic 1 eac d Cana
da Sjnthern 1J. Ra lr ad bonds
were active, tales $),147,O00 AtWotia
and Pci&o incomes c ii.tr bo'ed $277,
C00; Kaus s ard Ttm 7s. $204,000.
and tha 6i $192,003. Virginia Mid
land incomes were noticeably ac ive
and strong, upon funding of tuis iasue
kto a boud KUS'anued by the R ch
in on d and Dmviile Company. Prices
wt re firm in the mcsning, but gave
way later and final prices showed ir
rfgalar changes, though declines are
io a majority. Lemgm and WiUes-ba-re
aswnted are don 5 per cent , at
10G; Tdas Pacifio income tiu t re
ceip's 3J, at 54); the Ro trust re
ceipts 2, at 70. Denver and Ro
Grande Western fi sts roe Si. to 79J ;
Ddtroit, Mackinait and Marquette
laadg ants 2J. ti 45J; Union Pacific
coliat r.l trufl 6s 2, ti snd Vir
ginia Midland inomts 3, to 92.
Tbe total sUes of e o fcs todav were
389,765 slims, including Canada
southern, 16,810; D.-aware, Lacka
wanna and Westirn, 27,'AO; E ie,
5659; lake Shor-, 15,485; Ltuieville
and Na hvillo, 14,160; Mauhattan Con
solidate, 4125; Nortnwenern, f 010;
New Je'S-y C.-ut-i-l, 5938; N.rthfra
Pasifl", 7700; ?o fic Ma I, h435; R ad
in 3S.770; S . Paul, 28 8 0; Sr. P.ul
aud Oma'ta. 64U0; WtBtern Union,
23,835; Nor hern Pac.tic preferred,
61b0; Oregon and Tr. utcoiitiuenti,
11,780. Cli sing quota iona;
U. 8. J,, W,i. 4. roup, 12S;,'.
l, eoup, UVA. Pacific lit oi 126.
Lt. itDm?!, 4s, 79. Miwourl B, If OX.
Cent lao. lt,114H Den iKO.liU, 121
DenJtR.a.W lt,7.MKri 2d, 101.
M K 4T.0 n.6.to Worth P.o.l-U.116.
North, fan. 2(ll.l0l',... N.Wcslnrn con. 141.
N. Watt ilob.5.lUi)4. St.L S.F (lea M.,10M
bt ratil con, 1.11. M.f.c.ftF lat',lAJ;,
T.P. land grants, 54. T.P.R U.x oon.7lk
U. P. lata, l'5Va. Wtt Shore.lUl
Tenn.6. et'uit,t05. 'ienn.5,tet'iui.,102.
Xenn. 3a,tt'uil,7Ci.
Aiams HxpreM. 141H Morris k B .nffJ. 140
Allegbeny (Jent ' . J asbTillo & U , j.
Alton AT. It.. 3754. N.J. Central 48-H.
A.4T.H.,pld.,'r.. Nor.4 W.i.'d,4.
Amerioun Ex.. 106. Nortbern Pac..28!4.
B. C.K.AM. 55 Nurtiern l-ao nld. 65
Can-da Pao., 71K. 0.4 N. W.,116;,
Uanadr-m . bi;-,. U.ajN.W pld ,140.
t'eotral Pacific, 47'. N.V.I entral,113
Che-BD ake AO .In. N.Y.C.4 t.l...l3!-.
CtO.H pld, WA. N.Y 0.4 (it L.pld.22
v. ac u. i pia.i jrj utiioi entrai, .
Chicago A- A. .143. Ohio A Miss.,28'.
C. 4 A. pl.t, 160 0.4 Miss. pld.SU.
C.B. A CI, 138. Ontario A West,. 20i,
0., St li. .N.O . Oregon NaT ,106.
C. St.l. A P.. U'4. Ore, a Trant 31.
O.St LI P.pfd, U. Oregon linp.,2(iV4.
C. 8 A C. 45. Pacino Mil,55!i.
O. AO.,69'4. IWmn.SS.
f!. U. Vailey. !65i. l'oriaD AK ,30.
Del. A Hud , 105H. Pittsburg, 162.
Del.,L. A W , 14 Pullman f.O., 143.
Den. A Rio (1 , 31;i. Radm, S4',.
Erie, S5M- Rock Isiand. 125.
Erie nfd. 7A. fct L. A S.K .34'.
Me East Tenn.. 13. 6t.L 1S.K prefd, Wti
iit. lenn. pij,a. ti.u.x n.t . i-i r, no
Fort Wajne, 146 O. M. A t P.. U4.
Hannibal A St Jo .0. M.A 8t.P p, 121.
H A Ht. Jo . pfd, -. St. P..M AM., IIS';.
Harlem. 220. St Paul A Omaha, 48J.
Houston 4 T., 35.1 6t Paul 4 O. pld, 113.
IllioDlH Central, 134. Tenn.CoalA Iron. 72.
Ind , 1). A W., V.l. 'iexas Pacino, 2.
Kansas A T., Union Paoifle.61.
Lake B. A W.. 2uX. U. b. Exp ess, 60
Lake bhore, 83. W., B. L A P., lUVj.
Lo. 4 Mash ,54V4. W..S.L. A P. p.. S5S.
Lou. A N. A.,60. W A K Ex.. 128.
M. A f. 1st pfd.-. W. U.Tel., 76Vi.
M. A O. seconds. , Colorado Coal, 31.
Me-. A Char , 39. Home Stake. 171,.
Mich. Cen.,94. Iron Silver. 22s.
Min. A St. L , 21. Ontario, 24!,.
Min. A St. L. pld, 4.V5. Quicksilver. 5.
Miionr Pacific 114i Ciuicksilver pfd., 23.
Mobile A Ohio, 16. fcouth Paoifio, .
M. h. S AW., 60. gutro, 9.
M L.S.A W. pfd.w;;.
Lomdos, October 22 Consols 101
15-10 for monev, and 101 lor the ai-
nnnnl Tlnll J fit 1,.J. W1.
4,, 114L Bar silver quoted a-. 46jd
p r ounce. T-:e smnunt of bullion
withdrawn from the B nk of Englend
on Daianca today )8ittrOUO.
Paris October 22. Three per cent.
rentee, tzt. ii$a tot the account.
Chicago, III., October 22. Bank
cleariogs today, $8,278,000.
Sr. Louis, Mo., October 22. Bank
c'r-aunus, $2,2j7,9o2; balances, $360,
661. Philadslphia, Pa., Oitober 22
Cleitinos today, $10,059,161; bulaaces,
Baltimore, Md., Ontober 22. Bank
rleirinus tjday, $1,518,222; balances,
$188 792.
New York, 0:toVr?2. Bank clearing-,
today, $1:5,626,840; taaucte,
$3,904 096.
Boston, Mass., Oc'ober 22. Bimk
c'eirirjgs tcday, 15,370,472; balances,
The local colt hi market opened
steady, and closed stoadv ; middling,
8s. Si'es, 4300 baits, 3400 to export
er), and 900 to spinners. Week's tales,
29 100 bales, 21,500 to exporters and
910 to spinners.
Yesterday. Thursday.
Ordinary Norn. Nom.
Good Ordinar,.... Nom. Nom.
Low Middling
Good Middling..,
Middling Fair....
8f 8
OS 98
Nom. Nom.
Msmphis, October 22, 18S6.
Stock Sept. 1, 1880 .... 4,009
R-ceived todiy 5,619
Received piev.ouely...00,408 19,936
Shipped today 1,703
Shipped previously..... 42,002
Home consumption to
date 05
, 667
,. 80
.. 69'
,. 228
- 284
,. 711
. 500
Stock runcius account
Thus far tbM week
Thus far la t week
Since September 1st .
M. and C. R. R
M. & T. R. R
L. and N. R. R
M A L. R.R.R
C, O. & S. W. R. R
L , N. O. & T. R. R
K. 0 , 8 & M. R. R
M..K.&B. R.R
Wagons and other sources.,
Thus far this week
Thus f'.r last week
Since September 1st......
M. A O. R. R
M. & T. R. R
L. & N. R. R
C, O. & 8. W. R. R
L., N. O. & T. R. R.
, 17.450
Total 17C0
New York spots opened easy,
and closed quiet and steady and l-16c
lower. Middling, 9c. Pales, 458 bales.
Quotations were as follows:
Yesterday, Thundny.
Ordinary - 6 6 9-16
Good ordinary. 7, 7 15-16
Low m ddling 8 8 13 16
Middlmg.. 9 9 6-16
Good middling 9 9 9 16
Middling fair-. 10 10 3 16
Fair 10 io 13 16
New Yrrk fu urea opered barely
sleady, and clrsed steady and 3 to 6
point lower t:in Tbnr'day. Sales,
97,- 00 bales. The closing quotations
were as follows:
October 8 W 8.97
November- 8.87(3 8.93
December 9 03 a 9.04
January.... 9 lli'i) 9 12
9.02fa) 9.03
9 02'..'
9.07( 9 08
9.14 9.16
9.22(a 9 23
9 30(a 9.31
9.38 9.39
9 47(4 9 43
9.5(5 9 57
9 64u 9 65
)erjruary. y.tf:i) 9 19
Maicb 9 26 4 9 27
Anril 9.35 9 86
May 9.44 9 45
June 9 63 9 54
July 9 61 9 62
Aneust 9.63(4 9.69
9.71 9.72
Now York cotton statement lor tbe
week ending Friday, October 22, 1886:
Net receipts at all United Bales.
States ports for thn week... 265,6n7
Total receipts to date 1,082,152
Exports for the week 147,823
Total exports to date 629 999
Stock at U. 8. ports 645,456
Stock at 16 ir:terior towns... 102 887
Stock at Liverpool 291,000
Stock of American afloat for
Great Britain 223,000
The NewOrleans snot market onened
easy, ard elossd sttadv and it lower.
Middling, f 5 . ISa es, 5250 ba ts. Quo
tations wtro as f .iilow:
Yi sierday. Thurjdnv
Ordinary 6J 61
Grod Ordinary ...7i 7J
Low Middling 81 8
Midllin Si S
Good Middling...8, 9
The New Orleans futare market
ore ied steBdy at dtcline, a-d cloned
etedy and 3 to 4 pmiits lower than
Thu'sdy. Salee, 28.200 bales. Quo
tations were as follows:
Yfsterday. Thurs.lav.
October 8 51 8.r2 8.67 8.59
November.. 8.52 8.53 8.56 8 57
December 8 67W 8.58 8.60'tJ8 6t
January .... 9 6(i 9 67 8 69 8 70
Kehriviry ... 8.77 n 8 78 8 80 8 81
Mirch 8.8S 8.89 8 92M
April . 8.99;t 9 03 9X2 9.03
Ma? 8.10 9.11 9.13 9.15
June.. 9.21 9.22 9.25 9.20
inly 9 3l(tt 9.32 9 3r)(Sl 9 36
August 9 33 9.35 9.370ft 9.39
xiec. I Pi 1CBB
76768 13 10
24 340
5 S25
7052 8 i
Mnbile ....
Cbarl fiton
Norfolk ...
ew York
Philad'a ..
St. Louis..
Auemta .
8-55 8 0-10
3095 8
5523 8,
s eudy
60 9 7-16
Receipts at ports, this day, 1886..45,f80
Receipts at poits, this day, 1885..35.04S
188 i.
R'tj U. S
ti'rls 7 dav
Ex. Gr. Bi
St ck
R'tsScpt 1
For'gn Ex.
8(i 691
543 336
1,080 471
Decrease in ret eipta Ibis year.. ..37 ,674
At noon: Liverpool spots stesdy,
fair demand. SaVg, 10,000 balee, of
which Ameri. an 8900 bale". Rt csipts,
10,100 tales; Amoricar, 10,1(0 bales.
Clcsiot qnotutions were as follows:
Ordinnry, 4 Jd ; gond ordinary, 4 jd ; low
middling, 6 116d; good middling,
6 7-!0d; middling ui.lands, 5 5 10d;
mid'tling Or eane, 6 7-lfld.
Thepricet are given in ptneeand. 64ln,
Atu: 4 63 tneaiu 4 63-64d; and 6 01
meant 5 1 64A1
At nonn: Liveroool fu'ures wre
s'eady: October, 510d; Oftober-No-vember,
65 Old; November Decem
ber, 4 62 i ; December-Januay, : Jan-urv-Febrnaiy
4 62d ; February-Man h,
4 62(i!4 631; M.rch-April, 615 Old;
AprJ-Mity, 5 03d; MHy Juue, 5 061.
At 2 p.m.: L'verpool futures were
quiet: October, 5 lid, seller-; Oc-tober-Novembrr,
5 Old, buytrs; No-vembei-Decijmbtr,
4 62d, buyers; D-cember-Januarv,
4 6.'d, sellers: Jauu-ary-Frbrtiarv,
4 62d tellers; February
Miirch, 4 63d, tellers: March-Apni,
5 Old. eellera; April-May, 6 03d, val
ue: May-June, 6 05d, buyers.
At 5pm.: Livmpool iuturfs were
eisy ; Ojtoher, 5 t'OJ, buyers; October
Novmber, 5d, eelhvs; November-De-rember,
4 61d, sellers: Decembet
Janimrv. 4 60.1, buyers; January-Feb-ruaiy,
4 60d, bnyere; Febrnary-Ma'ch,
4 61 J, buyers; Merch-April, 4 63d,
bnyera; April-May. 5 02d, sellers;
May Jure, 6 04d, sellers.
Liverpool weekly s'a'e mrnt for tbe
week ended October 22, 18SJ:
' 1880. 1885.
Weekly sales 60,000 62 000
Of which American 47,000 40,0r0
Ioduding for export 4,200 200
Incl'gforspec'iaton 2,000 200
Fotw'df'mehipeide 10 500 8,000
Total slock 294 000 330,000
Of which American. 134,000 228 000
Week's receipts 46,000 61,000
Of which American. 37,000 44,000
Tot'ltectinceSep.l. 2i3,000 15o.K'0
Of which Ameiiv'sn. 140,800 120,700
Actual wetk'sexp't. 3,600 3 000
Stock ark at 239,000 1 48 000
Of whtch Americn. 223,000 139,000
Week end
ing Oc:. Since Sep-
2a, 1880. tcmbcr 1st.
crivkd. This Last This Lnat
Year Year Year Year
M&CRR.... 4721 25 6 11580 (1970
M&TRR... 3958 2280 119H6 0178
L&NRR... 4388 i'471 11544 67H3
M&LRRR 6080 4628 16939 15524
C.OASWRR 'AH ( 1418 7399 3692
L.NOATRK 2050 2172 39G4 4860
KC.SAMRK 1381 845 3535 2904
M, ISA ARK 1078 817 2530 2184
Miss, river... 50',9 5D5l 13i 67 19359
White river. 3r7 299 4583 4130
StFran river 440 358 002 1305
Ark'sas river 320 8i 848 1 049
Wagons, etc 3200 3100 7350 9.60
Total 3782 20243 95927 86174
MACRR... 3289 367 9(584 6320
M&TRR... 922 153 3031 401
L&NRR... 4061 4948 14423 151IH
C.OASWRR 6589 3.-92 10210 12208
L,N OATRR 8(ill 31:-5 2332 0717
M.B&ARR 247 791 713 1364
Steam's n'rth 1482 2441 33(H) efi05
Steam's s'uth 25 15 1243
Total 17456 1725! 43708 49452
Cornmial Standard. $2 20OU 35:
pesrl, $3 253 35; fuller, $2 45.
Hay Choice, from Hore, 75c; car
load from levee or depot, $11 6012;
prime, from store, 6570-. ; car load
from levee or depot, $10 50011 ; prai
rie, irom store, 00c.; car load tram
levee or H pot, $7.
Corn From store,white,49o ;mixed,
47e, from levee or depot; white, in
bulk, 42 jc; in sacks, 45Jc; mixed, in
bulk, 40Jc; in saike, 44c.
Oats From store, hile,37c ; mixed,
S5c: from levee or depot, white, in
bntk, 32c; in sacks, 34Jc; mixed, in
bulk, 30 J-:; in eacke, 32u.
Bban From store, 700; irom laves
or depot, $12 ,t.l2 60.
Flour From store, No. 3, $3S 26 ;
family, $3 603 75; ci oi e, $3 75 4;
fancy, $44 25: extra fancy, $4 2l(
4 50; paten's, $55 5 J.
Beans Navy, $2; medium, $1 50(3
1 75; common, i 25; German millet,
tl 201 4).
Rica Louisiaca, 45,c; Carolina
Oatmeal In half-bsrrels, $38 2
from store.
Ob act ebb1 Soda, extra, 4Jc; soda,
treble extra, 5c; extra,7c: ginger snaos,
extra, 6(S6c: assorted iumbUs,9U.
Crackkd Wheat Iu half-batrels,
4 25 from si ore.
Hominy and Grits -From store,
(C 153 25.
Chicago, III., October 22. Wheat
opened firm this morning, eased off
slightly, became firmer aguin. and on
the a'ternoon board took a buoyant
tone. The price rose 2c from ear y ir
side quotations and dos;d at nearly
tnp li.ures. Tbe tenor of the Euro
pean adv.0'8 was strong, and there
was good buying bere ou K'Bternac
couur. Thi strong tone in the after
noon wssdus to tbe reiiort that a la'ge
quantity had been taken a' tbe Ext
ern seaboard for exnnit, es imated at
45 boat loads. The c in ial tradiDg was
at prices l,2o higher than yesterday.
The receipts of corn we e tuiall, the
shipping demand was tood, and tbe
market ruled ttrongnr all round and
tloicd nearly lo biglier than yester
day. Shoitj bought freely near the
clo'9. Oa s ruled steady and lira), in
tympetl-iy with tbe other markets, and
Ciosd J(a j J j higher. Flour was eteidy
and unchinged. Catih piuea were as
lollnws: No. 2spiing wheat, 74, c: No.
2 red, 75Jc. No. 2 corn, 3oJc. No. 2
oattf, 251c. No. 2 ryp, 49o. No.
2 buricy, 62Jc. No. 1 flaxseed,
90jc. Prime timothy, $1 93.
Leading futures ranued as follows:
Whoat O. tober opened at 731c, high-
et 74Jc, lowest 74jjc, ensuu 74,3;
November opened at 73c, highest
7fJ', loweit 7.' J p, rloaing 7Jc; De
cember opened at 753c, higheht 77c,
lowest 7oJo, cloBiriK 77e; Janutry
opened at 7t!c, highe.'t 77, c, lowest
76c, c'o iim 77Jc; May opened at
8-'c, highest 3J'', loae t 81ijc,
closing 83jc. Corn Oc ober opeued
at ;i4,', h'ahest 351c, lowest
34J -, closing 351c; November open'-d
a'. 35,i, highest, 35 lowest 340,
elohiug 35!u; Decepiber ppaned at
30 c, lnifhtet 37s, lowest 3f,j, closing
37: ; January opened at 36jK highest
371, lowest 36Jc, closing 37jc; May
mensd at 40 J,', highest 411c, loweH
40Jc, doting 40Jo. Oa's October
opuued at 24g", higheet 251c, loweet
24 5 elcs:ng 25Jc; November opened
at 251c, highest 2 ijc, lowett 251c,
closing 5e; Dtcembi r opened at 2)r,
light st 26 d, lowest 26c, closing 26c;
My opnned at 31'lc, highest 30lc,
lowest iiOJc, closing 3ti i 3. Rfceip's
Fluur, 7U00 bils; wheat, 92,000 bu;
corn, 151,000 bu; Oats, 109,00 J bu;
rye, 3000 bu ; barley, 62,000 bu. Ship
ment Flour, 13 000 bra; wheat, 111,
OtO bu; corn, 259 OCObu; oat', 14(1,-
000 bu; rye, U00 bu;, barley, 65,
000 bu.
Ft. Lodis, Mo., October 22. Flour
in better dmsnd; XXX, $2 i52 45;
family, $2 5 2 7(1 ; choice, $3 05 3 15 ;
fancy, $3 40 3 50; extra fancy, $J 65
3 8 J ; patent", f44 35. Wheat hinher;
market opened steady, advanced 11",
full off lle, and closed Jc above
yeaterdav; No 2 red, cash, 751c; No
vember, 74 c76Jc. 1 locing at 76f c b d ;
Decambfr, 76J77c, clowine at 76J;
May, 85J' 86jc, closing at 8(1 Jc asktd.
Corr. Market stronger but quiet, clos
ing lJo above yeetsrday: No. 2
cail',S333' Novembir, 33J33jc,
clotiog a !'3i!33Jc; December. 34Jc;
May, 37J38l , eloping at, 38lo bid.
Oits firm; No. 2 csb, 25jc; Novem
ber, 2Uc bid; Decemh.'r, 2(a bid;
January, 28 j rsked. Ryu, 48c b.'d
Barley rlnll and uncbangil. May dull
andenk; prairl", $77 5'J; timothy,
$9(5.9 50. Flaxseed Bteady, 91c. Ban
l.itrher, 29J-. Oorrn eal qniot, $190
Riceipta-Flour. 4000 brls; wbear, 34,
000 bu; corn, 49,000 bu; oats, 27,000
bu; rye, 300(1 bu; barley, i9,0L'O bu.
ShinmentB Flour, 10.0C0 brls; wheat,
16,000 bu; corn, 123 0(H) bu; oat", 15,
0C0 bu; rye, 2000 bu; hurley, 2i00 bu.
Afttrnoon Hoard. tY'loar en i ed
and jlc higher. Com ln Jc higher.
Kansas City, Mo., Ootobrr 22.
Wheat sttady; No, 2 red, cash, 63o
bid; November, C31c b'd; May, 73o
lid Corn strongHr; No. 2, rash, 29Jj
b'd; November, 30Jc hid; May, 35o
bid. Oa s nominal at 21c bid each.
BtrrrEa Butterine, 13J14c;
creamery, 30(5 32c; dairy, 1820c;
country butter, 1618c.
Hog Products iUh's pork, $10 29;
suifircu'ed hams, HJ12c; breakfast
baron, 8j9Jo; clear rib sidns bason,
7,c; bacon shoulders, 7l7,c; bulk
pork clear sides, 7J("Sc; clear rib
sides, 7c; shoulders, tijc ; long clear,
Lard Tierces, 6Jc; hall-barrels and
keirs, 6c; choice kettle, 7jc.
FaiBii Meats No. 1 beet, 7c; mnt
ton, 8c; bind quarters of bdef, 8Jc;
lambs, 10c.
Poultsy Chickens, spring, $2
2 7o; old bens, $2 753.
Cbbb,i Factory, 9c, nominal ; full
cream, 1313Jc; younir Amrir, 14o.
Pigs Feet. Barrels, $9 5010; half
barrel,, $t 755; keg,$l 75.
Chicago, III, October 22 Pro
visions were more active snd stronger.
Me s pork advance 1 r.f 20c ear y in
tbe eesiion, receded l(l(" l-jc, rallied
aud closed at meoinni ti'"irs. Lard
ru'ed stronger and 71(M0c higher
early, but loai a poiti'm cf the ad
vance. Canh qnoutatmnn were as
follows: Mees pork, JS 90. Lsrd,
$i70. Short lit) tides, looso, $6 80.
Dry salted ehou'drs, b xed, $5 45
5 50. Short clear sides, br xd, $6 8S
6 90. Futures ranged af follows: Pork
October 0 f ne t at $8 72.j, h'Khest
$9, lowest $3 721, cloang at $8 90;
November opned at J8 75, highest
$9 02 j, lowcet $8 75, cl ni"g at $8 00;
December opened at $S 90, highest $3,
lowe.t$8 75, cl sing at $8 90; January
opened at $9 67, lrgbev $9 871, low
est $9 67J, closing at $9 8 ). Lard
October opened nt So 071. hitrhpst
$5 75, lote-.t $5 67J, c'osing at $5 70;
nnvemncir cpenocl at ifotirj, li'g'ieet
5 77, loweit Jo 67, cl wng ot $5 72 ;
December ooxned at f 0 8.'4. hiehts:
$") 85, lowett $i 80, cls na at $5 60;
Janngry opened ht $5 87, highest
$5 05, loweet J5 67, clo.di.ii at 16 02.
nnurt rirs-ooioDcr openr O at, to or j,
huhfstJO 87, lowest (i 87. closlna
at id 87; Janua'y opened at S5,
higheet 46, lowest $5, closing at $5.
On the Produce Exct.ange butter rn'ed
dull; good to fancy c eamery,1820c;
daiy, I5l9c: packing s'.ock, 79c.
.ggs nrm at ljc.
St. Lodis, Mo., October 22. Pro
visions firmer with a (tood demand.
Pork, $9 37. Lard higher at $5 65
15 70. Bnlk TslAara lrwa Inla Inn at
clear, $8 65; hort rib, $6 65; short
c ea', oyo; roxed lots long clear,
t600 65; short ribs, $165g6 70i
short clear, $4 57. Baren lorg
ctear, t Mnflii 01 1; short ribs, $7 25;
short clear, $7 607 62. Hams steady
at $10 S012 60. Baiter da;l and un
changed. Fgs firm at 14c
Cofpii Common, 10c; ordinary,
10llc;prlme R:o, 1213c; choice
to fancy, 13 lie; old governmeut,
Soar 3ic per pound.
Candiis Sdcks, all sisse, in boxes,
pails and barrels, 79o.
8alt-$I 20 per barrel; Backs, fine,
$1 851 45; roarre, $1 10l 15; pock
ets, bleached, 2f 'a)7c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 6c cheaper.
Canned Goods, Etc. Prices per
dosm: Pineapples, SI 25(al 60;
peaches, 2-1 b, standard, $1 IE 1 25 ; se
onds, $11 10; tomatoes, 2-lb stand
ard, 90 $l; 3-lb,$ll 15; strawber
ties, $1 101 25; raanberri, $1 10
1 25; blackberries, $11 10; gren
gages, $1 biKl 75; pears, $2(
i 25: plums, $1 60 1 70; asparagus,
$2 60 4; srern corn, ll 35; green
peas, $1 651 65; cove oysters, full
weight, 1-lb, 8595c; eove oyatew,
full weight, Mb, $1 601 SO; covs
oyeters, light we'gtit, 1-lb, 60c ; eovs
oytters, light weight, 21b, $1; ton
denced milk Crown, $5 605 75;
Ea'e, $7 607 75; Daisy, $4 75.
Voi,asas Louieana, common U
aiir, 182',c; prims to choice, 3040c;
svrup, 2040c; common ti fair, 20
15c; prime to choice, 30 35c; centrif
ugal, fancy, 3233c.
Tobacco Common, 11-Inch, J7
28c; ot'ier grades and atvles, 3")S.c.
Snuff arietta, $10 85 por tms;
Ralph's, $10 25 per raie; R. R , $0 25
10; Gail A Ax's, $3 75.
Sugar Pure white, 68c; off
white, (36,i; yellow clar, fled, 61
6c; open keitle, 661c; refined A,
6s; grannlst.'d, 6c; powdered, 7J
7s; cut loaf, 78c.
New York, October 22 Coffee
spot fa'r Rio Uroi, llji-; options a
shade stronger ; ales, 67 750 ha,rs;
October, 10.1('10.15c; November,
10c; December, January, and Febru
ary, 1010 05c; March, 1008c; Aoril
a-i.l May, 100510 10c; June, 10 10
10.15c. Sugr Bttady ; Triuidad,4 3-16c;
Barbados, 4o; rellat d steady ; mould
"A," 5 7-l(!c. Mclasfej dull. Rice
HOllSt.llOLIt MIItI.Ita.
ArPLEs Arp'es, $1 602 50; dried
apples, il3c nr pound Irom store.
DriPd peuc ho", 2l3.t from store.
Vegetables Ouinns, 13 from
s'ora. CabbKge, $2 50; per head, 8 10c ;
$1 75 from Imvss or depot per crat.
Kraut, brls, $"(..V 76; half brl,$2 75
3. Garlic, 4060o per 103. Turnips,
60c rer bushel.
Fhuit Oranges, per box, 15 50; per
barrel, $9 50 10 Lemmfl,$5506per
box. Bananas, $1 602 60 per bunch.
Cocoannt", J5 per 100. Peanu's Vir
ginia, 7c; Tnnnessoe, farmer's etock
3 4c; roasted, 2o higher; sholled
10c. Almonds, 1820j.
Rai-ins London layers, $3 40; lay
er', $2 75; California, ; Imperiul,
$3 60(4.
Pickles In jars, pints, 95o; quarts,
$1 50 ; half-gallons, $2 75 ; gallons,$3, 76 ;
loose, barrels, $6 507 ; half-barrels,
$3 75:4; ruined, barrels. $10 50 ; mixed,
half-barrels, $6.
Potatoes New, $1 351 60; North
ern ttcck, $1 75().
Cidbr New York, $6 607 per bar
rel, end $3 754 oer half-barrel.
Vinegar 1015r! per gallon.
Pbcans T xas, 8IOo for small to
medium, 1014u for large; Atkamas,
Fisn Mackerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$5 2r5 75 ; No. 2 $4 755 ; No. 3,f 4 26
476; 10-lb kit, No. 1,00c; No. 2, 75o
151b, No. 8, 65e. Dry herrings, fam
ily, 25o per box.
Walnut French, 12c; Naples, 15c;
Grenoblei, 15c. Filberts, 12c.
Game Game flih. ll12c.
luus-Diill atl3(o)14:i.
Iu cr.r load lots: . Prime crude
cotton seed oil, new, 2830c; off
crude colton seed oil, old, 24
26c; prime summer yellow cot
ton seed oil, 353(!c; off summer
yellow cotton seed oil, 3234c; min
ers' eummnr yellow cotton seed oil,
3335c; prime summer white cotton
8'ied oilk35c; ohrire cooking yellow
cotton sued oil, 8740c ; prime colton
set d meal, $1516 15 ; off cotton seed
meal, none. C tt in seed delivered at
dep t or levee, 19 per t m ; from wagon
at mills, $9 per ton.
Bagging Jute. 2 lb. 8j(i: 1 lbs,
7c; 1 Its, 7c. Flax, 8 lbs, 9t-.
Ties-$1 051 10.
Nail Common, $2 202 25; steel,
$2 35 a 2 50.
Powi)KR-Kegq, $4; half kegs, $2 25;
quarter kegs, $1 25.
Clear tub washed, 313(tc; preaie
wool, 2326c; burry wool, 1318c.
Philadelphia, Pa., Octobor 22.
Wool quiet and unchanged.
St. Louis, Mo., October 22. Wool
quiet andetady medium clothing,
22i 7c; combing, 26 26s; low and
c-arse, 14 a 22c; flue l'ght, 2024c;
heavy, 1621c; black, 1724c.
Boston, Mass., October 22. Wool
less active; Oh o and Pennsvlvania
fleeces, extra, 3435o; XX, 3637c;
XX and above, 3738c; Michigan ex
tre,33c; No. 1 Ohio. 383ttc;No. 1
Michftran, 3738c; No. 1 Ohio comb
ing, 4042c; No. 1 Michigan, 38
39c ; Onio floe delaine. 3738 ; Mich
igan fioe delain, 3536c; pulled
wools, choice, 38(u'.45c; common to
irood, 33,a36': exira, 3032o; lambs,
30 35c; combing, pulled, 40c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lot-", 11c per gal on.
Cleveland, O., October 22. Petro
leum; s. w. 110, 7Jc.
PiTTHiiuRO, Pa , Oc'ober 22. Pet.c
lenm fai ly active and weak; Na'ional
transit certificates opened at 66c snd
closed at 65c; highest, 66c ; loweet, 01 c.
Whisky Straight Kentucky Bour
bon, $1505; reoistilled goods from
85c tn $160, according to proof; rye,
$1 756.
Chicago, III., October 22. Whisky,
$1 18.
St. Louis, Mo., Oc'obsr 22. Whisky
firm, $113.
Cincinnati, O .Octobor 22. Whisky
firm; sales, 930 batre's of fitjistitd
goods on a basis ot $1 13
1.1 K NTOC'K.
Gbaps Cattle Choice, 3J3c;
rood, 2J3Jo; fair to medium, 2jn)
2c; scdllawagH, llc.
aommon, 331c.
Sbbip Choice, 3 j4o; medium, 3
31o; common, $Knl 50. Choice
lambs, per pound, 45c.
Cuicaoo, Iil., October 22. The
Drovirt' Journal reports: Cattle re
ceipts, 8000 head; shipments, 2000
head market strong; shipping steers,
950 to 1600 lbs, $3(5(0)5 30: s ockers
and feeders, $2 2d 3 00; cows, bulla
and mixed, $1 253 30; bulk, 1210
4V.nr.k Taw .AI .
v; "vuku v, ,m w aver,
$2 253 30; Westarn rangers. 1015c
lower; natives and half breeds. $3 10
(a3 90; wintered Texans, $.953 40
Hog4 re e'p's, 26.C0O bed ehip
merit?, 13.0U0 head; market etea'y
and more active; rough and mixed,
$3 40:l 95; packing and eliipp rg,
$3 75'4 10; lieht w ights, $3 60)
4 15; skirs, $1253 40. SheeD-rt-
cetpt, 3000 head; ehipmenti, 1500
head; market stfaiy ; rativee, $2.1)
a an; western, (uojjtt 00; Teiana,
$2 1U3; lamts,$44 60.
Kansas City, Mo, October 22.
The Jam Slock indicator report): Cattl
receipts. 2900 head; ihipments, 1900
neau ; meraei s emiy lor best; slow
lor common; medium to choice, $4 10
f14 60; common to medium, $3 3l'4;
etookera, $2 252 7n; feedini steer.',
$2 803 60; cows, $1 60 2 60; grars
range stee's, $2 263 20. Hogs re
ceipts, 6700 head; ehipments, 1600
bead ; market weak snd WoilOc lower;
good ti choice, $3 80(S4; common to
medium, $3 503 75. Sheep reoeipte,
247 head; shipment, none; steady;
good to choice, $2 503; ccinmon to
medium, $1 102 25.
Hides Drv flinL l?oi1Ar.! dr
salt, 10t2c; green salt, 78c; green
66c; deerskins, 15 1 8c. Beeswax
firm at 20c; tallow, 3oil Jo.
New York. October 21. The ien-
eral markol wis iruc ive, stilt a good
bus'ness was reached in a quiet man
rer, with the movtmout on ordara ot
n evions larg- proportion. Agents
have advance I Vic oria R. hiown
sheetirgs, Roi kport and Ltcnnia cor
set jeans, V.stiria oatcona, Americau
inuigo 1'iintsan 1 Ul t on drills each to.
Ht. I.oulx ami New Orlsans AarK,,.
Will leave the Elevator flATll RD A T. (W
231. ate p.m. For freight or im iply
C. I. II u.!.. 4s. Art. All STUH fn. Swu'i.
Par Helena and Nt. rranrl It Ivor.
Str. Rene Macreadv rQ
lWfj!'lMtn. KViST TUHnYnnd
TllllHSDAY at ft p.m. l,v tor tlnreim
and St. Frunw. rlf.rKVhRY UATfJttlMV
att p.m.
The taplaln reserves the right to sat) all
landing hedcems unsafe.
J as. cr K, Jt., Pup't,
Oftirn, No. 4 Mndirm lri.M.
For Osceola, llulos Point, Caratherivll e,
isaroBo anu iipionviue ine n,w MJe
wheel passenger s(eairr
CHESAriiAKE, riSft
W. P. Hall master. I J. D. Filler eltrk
Will leave as above, and all way point,,
p.m. Portreightor passage applvon hoard.
Mrmplile.rrlnra Point and rarinptan
and tsaotxila I'aeavt Compaa;,
Tot Helena. Olondale, rrlara Point and al
ntj iiaodingt eteamer
James, Iec, xalfil
It. T. OLAOSKTT "m.i
Will lenve as above en EVERY MONDAY,
n&unnouAi ana rnurai aioo clooa.
For Randolph, Valton, Ososola aa w ay
i.anainst nieaunr
J. H. COOPER Master.
and FRIDAY at 6 a.m. The boats ot thl
line reserve the right to pail all landings
tueetpialn may deem unaafe. Office. No. D
Mndt.onst. .IAMBS LKK. J. , Nnp't.
Memphis and Tlcksbarg Packet Com
pony U.S. Mall Line.
For Helena, Oonoordla, Terrene and Arkaa
gas Oitv The elegant passenger steamer
M. R. Cheei...maiter I VY. 0. Bluuker...elerk
Leaves Memphll
For Consordlaand all way laodlagi.
'J'he tStsatnor
A. L. Cummins, Maat'rJ Lew Price 0 era
Leave TDK-DAY and SATURDAY at I p.
For general Information apply at
No. 4 Mauiioa afreet.
.tonw CAWD, Pa'r Avent.Telei.hnne
Slemphi8& White lMver PktCo
for 4'lnrendan, Devalla lilnrt,, nie
Are, Augusta, Searoy. Newpr rt, Jaokaoa
port, Uatx-vllle and ail Way Landings,
8! Jt. CHICKASAW, - fc,ir
R. O. Postal master, a3aV
Will leave KVERY WKDNKSDAY at 0 p.m.
Albort B.Hnilb master. 1 111 "
Will leave KVttltY HAIVKDAY at t p.m.
Through rates given to all points. Freiatit
eonsigned to the Nleu phis and While Rival
PaokatCo., at Memphie or Terrene, will be
forwarded promptly. For general 1 nK.ru. -lion
ani'ly at olloe, No. 3 Madison at., ort
CallTelfphone. H. Cl. LOWK, Ag't.
'ARKbK'B 1UNIU wuui Uatinv. is Dim mirt
tniiv; of Itto wor-l cnmti ammI U Ihsj ,mit TVij firs
ITiitloiiNof tlto tlinintatnd lunsra, suxl dlttttawti sul1p
rom hiipunt liliMMlaiiitiiuuilluav t hufcul.le untt loI
Inirvrllritc lunihift liinAj, utl nktwi ilrlftinir to U
ro,wtU III iniwlrnirfiT4JTirllktir honMh Lf Uws tlm.
wt or I'AltHrii'ii 'Ionic, littl iUIavv 1m tfuurieroiiti, Tnkei
I tlm. n wliiin all Joet fWU. Uivr fieiw lirSkS
rwtf1.lt to Uf sprU swttbaUrtn. $1 M Urmfglff.
No. AlOn, R. D.-Chanoery Court of Shelby
eounty Krnest Mo. Andrews etal. n.Joba
II. Andrews et al.
BY virtue ol an Interlocutory deoree for
gale, entered in the above oause on the
18th day ol October. lHHrt, M. It. M, page
4H6, 1 will sell, at publio auction, to the high
est bidder, In front ol the Clerk and Master'!
offloe, oourthouia el Uhelby eounty, Mem
phis, Tenn.. on
Natnrilay, November IS, 1HHO,
within legal hours, the following de
scribed property, situated in the Taxing Dis
trict of rihelby eountv, Tennessee, to-wit:
lleginning at a rolnt on the north 'ide of
Cat roil avenue Un Irot west ol a forked sum
onrner; thanes ncrih 4(1 west with said ave
nue 111) (rot to a (take; thence north tW'east
i't'i feet tu a stnko; thence south M'i mat
116 feet to a stake: thence south S.'tV' west
3"(l foot to (he beginning, being part ef lou
in and It) ol country lot 104 and part of the
John D. Orahsta subdivision, as lully de
scribed in the deed of John K liof.be to Ju
lia A. Andrews, Ihtn Julia A. (Irace. In tho
Register's ollioe ol Hholby couiity, in book
12, pase4'.l.
Terms of Hale-One-third casli i biince In
eiiml instalment et (t and llmemhs; note
with socurllv rriuired litn retained, this
October 11), IWi.
H. 1. MuDOWRLL, Clerk and Maeier.
Tly T. 11. Caldwell. Deputy 0. and M.
Fraier Ajloylo. t-'ols. lorcomprnt.
And Iron Roofing.
rir, Wind. Wtr and I lahtatna
proor Huitnhle for all kinds of buildings.
For prices and estimates at faetory rates
Ball en or address
138 k 440 Main it., and 21 A 23 Mulbenv it.,
Headquarters for Iron Fenees and Cresting,
Qalvaaiaed Iroa Cornloe.Hn Rcofi k btoves.
11 L
White River..
6t. Loais
Arkansas River..
Friars Point....
M.Oireso, 5 p.m.
. A La tar a No. 3, I p.m.
,.Crrv or Vicgaavaa, 8 f.m
..Jos Prrgas, 6 p.m.
.Jiuaa Laa.S p.m.
St.Franoii River
Frlan Point
...Ring MAoaaAor.s a.m.
...Jahes Lai, I p.m.
Katb Asams, Ip.aa.
-.Ooaiuma, 6 p.m.
...Cbuapkaki, 6 p.m.
Arkansas City....
Arritult. City of Natcbe and
barges, St. Louis; Coahoma, Oiceola;
John Smith and barges, Old river;
Oayopo, Coneordia; City cf Cairo,
Afaorlurei. City of Natchei and
barires, New Orleans; Citv of Cairo,
St. Louis: Coahoma, Osceola.
Boat in Port,-Oayoso and John
Hoat Due Down. Arkan aa O'iy.
JSoati Due Un. Joe Peters, Jamea
Lee, Albena No. 3, Rene Macreadj
and City of Vicksburg.
Kecclala Tatrday.
Clly of Natchts-3F,0 brls flour.
Citv of Cairo 93 bales cotton and
4467 tks feed.
Uaycso 49 ba'fs cotton, Slbagsot
ton seed and 2067 eks s- ed.
John Smith and barg s 18 ba'es
cot'on, 43 bifs seed cotton aud 780 ska
Co.ihoma 338 Inlei co'ton, 61 bags
teed cct.ou and 2611 eks seed.
Tin Lee Lne parke s Monday
evening are t ie James Ii f ir Friars
Point aud the Coahoma for Osceola.
Tut Rene Mncrendy, Cait. O. K.
Jopltn, lathe tacket, this evening at
5 o'c'OLk f :r Hoh na and St. Fr.u cis
Tub Alberta No. S, Cap. A. B.
Smith, is too racket tills t venire at
5 oYlo k for Wh t.i river. II. C. Wil
toa is in hi r cltlco.
TtitCitr of Vicksburg, Capt. I)n
Able, is the Anchor h tm packet tliia
fveniig at 6 o'clock for C.ciio and St.
Louis. Ueoigj Wultou is her clerk.
The Gajoto, C;pt. A. L. Cummins,
is the packet th s nven ntr nt 5
o'clock f.,r Kriais Point, O ircordia and
alt way l.itut una. Lew 1 r:uo una ui
Cuiiiniius are hor c orks.
Tub Chesapeake, Capt. W. P.Hall,
is tho packet Monday evening at 5
o'clock for Hales Pou t, Tiptorivillu
and ad way lndinvs. C"'. J. V. Ful
ler is In chn-go of hor efflee.
The Jetties L-e, (apt Thomas Clxg
gitt, having been unavoidably de
tained is ihs t aeket thu evening at
5 o'cloi k for Helena, Friars Point aud
all way landings. Will Athford is in
her oQiee.
Tn Kate Adam, Capt. Mark R.
Cheek, is the Uni ed States mail
packet Mrmlav evening at 5 o'elook
for Helens, Arkansas City and all way
landings. W.C. Blanker has charge
cf bur of lice.
Tue Joe Peters, Capt E. B. Smith,
having been detained by low water
and business, will d mbt'ess ba In port
this morning, and if she arrives in
time will leave this evening at S
o'clock for all p"lnti on tha Arkanaaa
river. Cbailea M us-el man and Ruhsa
Foetor are her clerks.
Wbatueb clear and pleasant.
The river here is on a stand with 4
ioet 8 tenths on the gauge.
Piiits of the Citv of Natchf report
6 feet 4 inches at Phillips and 6 feet (j
inches at Island 40.
Receipts by r'ver yesterday, 621
bales of cotton, 140 bans cf sold cotton
snd 0931 tacks of seed.
Teia great cotton carrier, tbe bir
Helena, Capt. Alf Griseom, will be
due here from Now Or.eans Tuesday
Capt. Bice Jolly, late of the gov
ernment steamer Odiigu, and Robert
K.irk patrlck ate the pilots of the Hel
ena. Tua City of NatnhfB aad barges
passed down yeetoiday afternoon for
New Orleans with 1500 tons of freight.
She put oft here 850 barrels ol flour.
Tna City cf Cairo passed np last
even in a for St, Lou s. She dii charged
here 08 bales cotton, 4407 tacks seed,
and added 600 ba es eastern bound
The Gayoso srilvcd yesterday morn
ing from Concordia wi'h 40 bales cot
ton, 31 bags B 'td c ittou, i'C67 sacks
seed, and returns this evenlrg at the
usual hour.
Ike Bbooks and Nip Jenkins, well
known Ohio rivor pilots, wore passes
sois on the Ciiy of Natchez yeaterday.
Thoy are looking at tbe liver aud get
ting pO;t.'d.
Tna Coahoma arrived yesterday
morning from O.'ceola with 356 balea
cotton, 61 bags seed cotton, 2611 sacks
seed, and cleared eg tin last evening
with a gocd trip.
Tub John Smith and barges ai rived
yesterday morning from Old river witti
18 bales cf cotton, 48 bags of seed cot
ton and 786 sacks cf seed and, return!
again this evening.
Trta Friars Point packet Jamea Lto
failed to arrive in tune to go out yes
terday evening. She will doubtless
be found in port this morning aad
leave again ibis evening.
The Paducah Newt nays: If all (ha
water iu toe Ouio river conld be put
into a permanent narrow channel at
the shoal plaot s it could be navigated
by regular packeta all the year round.
Mrm. Capt. Geo. W. Vicksrs was
reported by telegnph lo be dying at
St. Louis yesterday. Capt. Vickers
loft the City of Vickeborg at Arkansaa
City to go by rail to St. Louis, and
id Wheeler, second dork cf the Coa
homa, son of Mrs. Vickers, left by
rail last night for fU. Louis. Mrs.
Vicker.t was formerly a retident of
Vm muvri r Tan.. October 22. Noon
River 2 feet 3 inches on the gauge and
falling. Weather clear and cool.
PiTTSBCBd, Pa., October 22. Noob
River 5 feet 5 inchtw on the gauge
and stationary. Weather clear and
Cincinnati. O.. October 22. Noon-
River 3 feet 10 inches on the gang
and fining. Weather clear ; thermom
eter 60.
WnEBMNa. W. Va., October !2
Noon River 1 foot S i inches on the
iranee and stationary. Weather sle
and cool.
n.,r. Tu.. Oitnhir 22. Noom
River 4 feet 4 itches on tbe gauge awd
faliliiB-. Weather clear and cool. No
arrivals or departure?.
Louisville. Kt.. O.iobec 12. oon
Kiver 3 feet 2 inches in tbe canal
and 11 inches on the fulls and fat nf.
Business go 3d. Weather cloudy and.

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