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lor the AdTanccment the Inter
cits the Worklngmen
Ihelr Candidates.
oaspoKDinoi or tbi
Kin Yoaa, Octobsr 23 8onthern
employii of labor, especially in the
cotton nli!s, have for years com
plained oiAhe shiltleFsnesa and rreat
cost of labor A cotton picking ma
chine ba?at Iw-t been perfected which,
committees ot the Nsw York and
Charleston Cofcoo Exchanges say,
picks st the ra e of 180 pounds per
hour, or three ba rer day. The only
present drawl ack i Ks cost, but if rial,
the comp'aiLU pgabsx Ub3r are gen
uine tbe machine will meet with a
rapid sale.
Manulaclurars of iron and et?elbavs
been induced within a lew weeks to
give a more carats', attention to the
facilitWs for cheap iron mkirj on the
lineofthe Norfo kand Western icadia
Virgir ia, where ore and fuel are nearer
together than anywhere elee on Ue
continent. Tbe Richmond Chamb.r
of Commerce has taken steps to shoa
Northern capitalists why that S' ction
Is a better one ur iron masirg iubu
Northern Ahbaiua. Southern em
ployers of labor are contempl.itingthe
erectioa of housej for incoming work
men, in ordur ti open the way for
greater imsalgration.
The nice any lor pure water for silk
manufacturing parpoees has led to s
very general sinking tf artesiaa wells
in Patter.ioa, N.J.
There are probabilities of a break
Jn the New York Knit Uoexls Mnu
facturer.' Association in New Vork
because) of the urint damar.d for
Soods. Powderly has telegraphed that
e will be at Amsterdam on Wtdnes
dsy to si-ttetlia trouble.
. The silk manufacturers ft Ita'y
have formed a syniicats for the con
trol of the silk industry and silk cul
ture in the interest of higher and regu
lar priees.
A British Chirese Consul writes
home that "our sheetings and cot on
piece goods are uv.eriy uuni. wneiuwr
in varn. in ltTBth. in males or ia
in 1IIU. - J fs M " -
width, for the ordinary clothing worn
by the millions. 'American,' f 10m the
point of view of the Chinese dealer, is
synonymous with excellent."
Manufacturers frequently assert
that in spite of the warnings pott id in
textile and other mills, workmen per
sist in cleaning the machinery while
in ruction, and the most accidents
happen from that cause.
The Fall liiver manufacturers used
200,641 balei cf last season's crop, or
43,810 babs more than during any
former seiiSan.
Tim DiNtr rt Assembly at Salem. PAINTED
Mars , seat telegrams Ust week to all
Kninbls of Labor Awemblies in New
England to hold thoimelvis in readi
ness it order 11 suoemakers in New
England to ceaie work on a'l the
leather manufactured at Salem or
I'eabody. Wobtirn may yet be in
eluded. The leather manufacturers
cay they will act as an association and
close if this stp bo taken.
i-abor is in demand in shops and
mills supplying railway appliances.
The railroad companies are the heav
iest buyers f products of iron, steel
and lumber, and their orders at the
present time are at h ast double the
volume of any preceding date.
Wcrklngmcn are certainly making
much ouieiy for political action. Away
down in Key Wist they beat both par
ties by --5 ot-s in munic'pal elec
tion. Two lab r candidates have bpen
named in linokiyn. The United
nartv of Bt. Louis haj nominated a full
ticket. The Central Labor Union, of
Boston, has formu'ateda teries of test
questions to be submitted to aspirant
for office. Toe Pennsylvania Green
backers threaten to send two disciples
of that filth ti Cot gross.
The Esiex County Trade Aisembly.
of Nswark. will nominate a candidate
tomorrow, expecting Dttmocralio endorsement.
The Independent Libor Party, at
Detroit, Mich., has put up a Congres
sional. LHitlalative and Kenatiiiil
ticket. There are three old printers
on the ticket.
The San Francisco Labnr Tarty have
nominated Henry Ueoigo s old Daily
J'ott nsrtner for MYor.
TheU.ka. N. Y.. workmen have
nominated a soldier 1 jr the Legisla'
The Cleveland workmen went tolid
for Farn with fie Democrats.
The indutt ial prty of Maryland
has nominated municipal candidates
in t wr ntv ward.
The L'niisvi le Trades Aes9mbly has
propoimdtd a series of questions to
The Leg ela'ive C'iramltteo of the
"labor unions of Njw Jersey has drafted
bills to be presented to the Legists
District Assambly No. 117, of Slock
ton, Kas., has taken an active interest
in politic.
Tha Massachusetts worklncinen will
vote the Ddinociatic .ticket largely for
The Memphis KnU'hta have noml
sate five memberj.f or Lrgislative poBi
New York voters have in frequent
Ins'ancea demanded of the store keep
ers they patronize to take down the
lithographic pictures of Henry Ueorge.
Five hundred speakers are to talk for
Henry George until eloction day,
(treat pnihn.iintii nrevails-among the
labor orannul o is but tho lines will
not be tighily drawn by the political
powers uaiil a day or two before elec
The Trenton Knights are about
starting a cooperative ehiit factory
and theB.wtnn sewing girls have or
ttnir.d au assambly. A co operative
laundry ha 4 been started in Denver
BiiHiripps ia dull there.
The Nutioeal Dittrict Asiembly of
Miners has dividod the couutry into I
eleven eubditt.icta for better future
Tbe recently attsmpted boycott
atrainst St. Louis brewers proved a
' failure.
The New York co-operative plumber
ehrps are making good headway. The
union, whio'r numbers over 2501)
plumbers, will keep them so:ng alter
the strike is ovtr. The sum of 1",000
was voted at Richmond to continue
the strike. The employers show no
The annual conversion of thelotor
ii at ion B.icklayeis and Mason's Union
will be held in Washington on the
Second Mo dy in January. Tha
knitting mi lockout in New York
involves 25,0)0 peisons. Filty-nne
mills aro in the combination. Tbe
Knights assist that thi-re is a precon
certed movement by 'he employers In
the clonk mkin trades of 11. b on to
break op th girl's orgar.iua ion. The
Boston Di.trict Atorn-y h-s p'oru
ised to prote d iq Inst ce tain Urns
Jmpo)tngUbro..ler cmtract, and
againfcta.acapuinsfor vwlauug the
law in soch ma:ters.
There ia ti be a mass meeting at
Cooper Intute next Wednetdayol
clerks and aaleemen to further tbe
early closing movement. An eflort
is being made among the mas
tar builders oi New York to form a
defensive uniea gainst tbe work
men. Three hundred men in eight
factories for making steam and water
brass fittings are on a strike. Help
has been received from Richmond.
Tha bartenders of New York bave
formed a nnion of 400 men. They
are demanding $3 per day and ten
boms. . ...
The New York hat salesmen furnish
Pa's to all oaions of storekeepers who
keep open on Sunday.
The New York clothing trades eee
tion are proteating against the manu
facture cf clothing in the State prisio.
A gcod many New Yoik builders
are t ying to re-establish the ten hour
The Brotherhood of Locomotive hn
giceera meets in New York cn Wed
lesday. About 400 de'egates are ex
pected to ba pre-ent. Tbe Metropoli
tan Oner linue has boenergag"d. W.
K. Vanderbilt has subscribed $")00 for
a local entertainment; Cjrna Field
gave $2;0 and Jay Gculd WJ. utu
when te committee called Gould
made it $500.
Tbe convicted bnycotters were re
leaned from 8ina Bins last Tuts loy.
The Baltimore marble workers have
drawn up a protest against the p! ac
ini of interior ma-ble work for the
Baltimore postollice in the Joliet
prison, where wages are i io oj cenw
Per aav. uaiumore is luoueu wim
rjhan marln hrnnm.
Ie Amalaamated Handing lra ies
of Cracinnsti are prosperous, ana con'
trol tt bal ding interests of that city.
icepnrts from tbe f smile coat seem
to indieita that the Ghimse are re-
lrnins to their hames in larger r.um
bers this yr than naaal. A ship will
i t ttus we-ic with a&J ar.a anomer
shin load will ai next month.
1 lie iHiiiaio workinsmen nave rs
tablished a Ichor lyceum, and expect
to make it a feature of the city.
A colon v ot enthusiasts Isabout heing
formed at lopoiibarrno Harbor, Mexi
co, comnosed of well to do Americans,
nuer the leauersmp ot uoi. w. iv.
Owens, a West Chester tivil engineer
of national reputation, who has also
on hand tho construction of a new
transcontinental road. Fifteen thou
sand shares of stock have been eub-
crlbedforst $:0 each. They are to
have their own money a s it oi green
back good for all service among
tbomse ves. No specniaMon in land
property will be allowed. All
stares wi 1 be required to sell goods at
the rarae prices. A central organist
tion will control. The colonie s have
never mat. and do not know each
other. Ex-Secretary Windoin is indi
rectly interested, and is president of
the railroad company.
BILL - . ; .
For Federal Aid to Education He
Is Still the Frfesd of the, -Colored
lie Met the Fate He Deserved i at
Cowardly, Ilrntitl HurJerer-Tbe
Land Well Bid f lllni.
dres.ed afewpleatant remarks espe
cially trjtrjem;
HiKlUa e)7B0Etf EKK, WHICH
Ibe Haprrmc Cmrl.
laoaacsroaDBscB or thb' afpsal. ,
B.nnfj Mim.. October 23 Senators
George and Walthall have been nuk
ing some excellent speeches in this
neck oi me woon, mu iuuo:u
the Democrecy and msde the people
even more hopeful of the future. B Ah
gentlemen have been warmly received,
end bo'.n, ll- is neeuims i "
Aitbal, are as popular as men ever
get to be with t he mscses. B th have,
put -iotic re c irds as soldiers, both stand
I igh in law, and both ate practical,
sensible business men, who, in all
that they do for Mississippi, b-ok tor
direct benent ior me peoj o.
this week Senator George mode a tell
ing fpBech hen?, which was reported
at length in tbe Reporter of yesterday.
Senator Ueorge was gietiea wmi
beartv applause, and commenced bis
speech by giving a sort t f general
outline oi avnat ueiiruHU""' u
CU5S bsfore his auuience, and then.
com'ng down to local issnes snn oci
he declared Judge Morgan
to have been a laitniui auu cbibiui
ntivn. Cosrf8imen, like
tf.Ur mnn. make mlfftaKes somenmee
W are all liab.e ti maxe mistaao,
and there are none of usthataie en
trely fre from them j and, ia the
r commendation of men for appmn
ment to clll jo, it must db rememoereu
11,.. r cflnorallv a large num
ber of applicants lor every omce, anu
here one is eiiDcesflul many are dis
appointed, and their friends share in
their disappointment. But personal
.Qnlr.tinnn and Drcferencss should
always bo subordinated to tle
welfare and weses of the
party and the best, interests
!,( i ho annntrv. One of the highest
duties ot a Democrat is vo suppori ine
nominees of his psity, and tbereriy
nrnmniA nrtv harmony and party
ooRiaroDi0B or thb ArriiL.I
WinNBiia Station. Ark., October 21
Ab much has been wntt n and told
ahout the "Swamp Argel," or Martin
Mitchell, and mum mai was irue an
well as innch that w;a not true, I
think it will not be outof nlace for me
- . i . .
to give you a few facts la renaru io
his past nisi aa ne, dbs gon vua wj
that moat all such men go. 1 will try
not to let prfjudice prompt me to say
anvthinoi that is not strictly true, la
n hi. ilARllnira he was for sjlf alone,
It mattere 1 not how much his friends
did for hln, when that friendship
MMtd to aid Mitchell in bis plans bi
nrtnded Inendi bin was turned ta Its
true element hatred and then the
victim was ready mart lor bis tus
bis trustv Distol or Win
chester, which were always at hand
when needed. Mitciieu was noi ma
brave man that most people thought
him to be. but did most ot his snoot.
s (mm hAhlml tlin hnah. and hi
- - i ,
domineering practice aepi iota oi soon
men away from the uoitom, wnsre
good men sro needed to develop one
of tbe best farming countries in our
State, to say nothing ci tne
banters Who were ueierrea iroui
coming to tho bottom to spend a
few days at a time ir pleasure ana
sport. But, thanks to Hun who cau
direct the snail or.- vengeancs vo biuji
crime where the law often fails, tbe
terror of the swamp baa mot his doom
at the bunds of one that he looked on
ss bolnn t ;o cowardly to shoot him in
his own style of shooting iroui tne
biiBh. While I don't admire the style
cf Andrews's ievorg, 1 do think if
we could call young Wallory bnca tnat
he would have added that he deservtB
credit Btd the thanks of all good citi
zens, for it is a notorious lact that n
Andrews had not tired the shot that
caused Mitchell's death it would have
been tha fane old story t)ld over
again: Mart;n Mitchell on such a
dy killed John Andrews, and per
baps one or two more that were
with him. I don't know how many
men Mitchell has killed, but ec
cordinir to his own statement he bas
killed more than he wdl ever get for
niveneBi for. Now. Meesrs. KditoiB, 1
want to say the people as a general
thina condemned bis conrpo. but were
powerleFS to help themselves without
raaortini: to mob law, which is not
nractictd in this portion of Arkansas.
We proleis to be a law abiding people
and well advanced in civilisation. In
our township we have two school
bouses and have church twice each
month. swAMrKK.
Tor tha Apixal.
TO 1.1't ILI.f!.
At when we (aa tha slowing dawn from Eait
With liiuerlm, warm furowcll to Eiutern
Ami vi-nnt Hi. ilnivv flnrth with niiRtVffkica
Kuluctanl to unveil her toiiuiu(, blu.-biuf
To billi and bubbling krooki and flowery
She hide behind the miat Income frota the
Till umoJ b ielf Impelling love to do tbe
Bus shed her warming glnncei on theohillv
So when iweet Love In Lucillo'i heart would
She throws a film of bariifutneu athwart hor
She turni hatfwar around her blushing
Leit the warm love ahould hint through
tnnilnr .VM -
And when mj'looglng lout would Itrire to
Throunh miat of fulling teari tho brlghteo
lug ahioB
A woman henu t myatnrr or mtetenee
Thai . ooimia a Hoid of liirht in tendtr alow
liiat bill, in f ritnrd. throbbing tout aria
Anil tHKe my own true love tor we'll r woe,
Oh I aw et end tender rndure, ful' of lore.
lut nitii my gloom liKe nmt iroin neare
A ( !rk oi I leellon N.ni Jail
Chicago. Ill . Octohtr 2:t Jihn T,
Mullen, clerk if eitc.ii n of the first
precii ct oi tbe FitBt Ward. Who WAS
drunk reuit-trHt on dav. was be'oi
Jiulga Pieudeiga t ilna nioinirg
charned w.tti c iiitmiint of court. 1'
JuiIkb Bint Lim to the county j.'.illor
11 ty days.
you an efficient and f aithlul Represen
tative, and you owe it to the party, t
him and jour country, ray, yuu uwo
It to yourselves, to support mm ior rt
election. Wo have labored for years
nailer oreat dieaavantHges. ne nave
hd DHmocretic House of Represent
now and then, but every other
branch of the government has oeen
adverse. Now. for the nrat time tn a
nnarter of a oeuturv. we have a Dem
ecratio President But the Senate is
Republicin, and 1 very mucsi tear tne
Unnnhliran msioritv there cannot be
overcome during tbe present adminis
tration, and the gocd we hoped for
.ml looked for ia likely to fail in oon
tnnnnce. Still, sood has been done.
and will be done, notwithstanding the
nnnnaillnn Of tho KfPUbli-
nana in the Senate. It is
htcrkiw msorUnt batwe navsanar
monious Congress. We have the
UniiHB and must retain it, aca get tne
Haata when we can. but we must
certainly net yield sny of the ground
we already nolo, lanow r.
land, and have izlven his admlnistia
ticn my nnfl nchiug and unswerving
suppoit I like him because he is an
independent, Drave, doiu, iniun.iug
man. The Southern Senators all
nmnrratio have shown tbe willing
ness they feel at all times to contribute
in nav to nrnmots the welfare
of the whole people and the glory of
tbe whole country. And cere let me
tn 1 the cilcred men present that we
mnatatl work toirother harmoniously
fnr if the whites bo down the blacks
go dowu too. Samson palled dewu
ho iitmnln and he not only deBtrovod
all within tbe temple but himself
also. I have lived in Mississippi ever
ainr.A I was e'sht VOSIS OI SgS. All
that I own in the world is here.
and I look at no public policy
illinuf rnnHidfllirjff hOW it will
eflect Mississippi. Mr. Cleveland is
nnr (r nnii. and l can aebU'e you toai
so long as be occupies the Presidential
chair he will lei no narin come io
Miaaisaippi. He will stand by yon
and the Constitution. lie stands ss a
bulwark lacing all the cohorts of fa
na'.lciflin,anil will see tha. thry do you
no barm. Ther are more good and
capable men in the Democraiic ranks
in illlSfilBBippi U!U 1U lUO 1W()UUI11.U
by a thouffttid ti one, and they are the
fi tet men for cilice. The Demcc a'e
bold that a puhlic rflice is a puotio
trust and a public oflker a public Eer-
VnU Tbe Kepublicans, on tne con
trary, bold that all pub ic offices bs
lorg to them and their friends, and
public offlcors are masters and not ser
vants. '1 Hepublicans had an a'my
of 110,000 jaeklen pol ticians and jock
eys in cilice who fattened from the
public cno anu grew ii iroui iuo puu
lio treasury. Now, when "one man
grows rich at ths eapenee of
the government another u?comes
poor, for what tho government
gives to one it takes from
another. The government has
nothing except what it takes from its
citistns. TheTreaeii'y is like a cis-
tirn. Bafore you cui pump water
out of that you mutt put it there, and
before vou cau draw money out ot the
TreaBurv you must put it in the
Treesuiy. t he government is a spend'
thrift, and not a producer, and it be
hooves tboss who manage its ail'airs
to exercise vmiiance and economy, so
bs to liuhten the burdens of the peo-
file. The Senator then re'erred to the
and gra ta and dwelt briefly on the
national b.tas and the tariu, ana saia
that hs had striven to have the tax
taken ctl the implements of the farm'
ers and mechanics the toilers of the
country bat was told by a Northern
Senator that those taxes were necra
aarv to the factories Of the North
Slid he. I advocated and voted for
tlm lliir educational hill. It conlerrert
benefits tlpon all c'ast-es and colo 8 cf
clt'snns, and I have ro', and will not.
cat a vote except for tiie benefit of all
alike. Now, I tell yon, colored men
that I will i-tanil tvy you in the niain-
tnnanre of vour lii: its. and befriend
vou in every way lb it I can, but I
never will cmm-i't to a reinaugma
tion of the infernal rule cf 1875. Mut
ton became so intolerable, and the
prospect looked so dark end forbid
ding then, that I thought I would
take my family and emigrate, but
when 1 looked arouud and eaw how
many could not do to, I gave up the
idea of going and dttonnined to re
main in M Bsi sippl and share her fate
and to sleep wUhlu her b sora whn
phosld ci me the closing scene of life.
Thank God, the cor u t adventurer)
who w m'd have wrouuht ruinnn hoth
rnriee of our Slate have been ronted and
expelled, and we are ab al ke tree and
living in harmony. 11 av not yon,
my colored fri inis, found yotr taxes
lighter, and your lives qii'eter and
bspp'ar, than whe'i thoneaalveiituiers
ruled the Stat ii? Yon have, and you
kn w it. The white people the
DtniKcrata of the South a'e your
friends, but we era two distinct laco.
God Himself pat us ai-under, and
what lie b pat aennder no man can
i in togetber. Before cl sing, the
Senator turned to the ladite and ad-
CiiitAOq, 'li&r-Gitoba 23. In sn
Interview ;With a socialist here, he
ays: Mr. Partonaf is mnkicg over
100 a dat ahjve Liar exoenses. and
... : : -.k.: ia
me oioiifT ia co aim a to vnicaiiu iu aiu
.1 l. r ' ' : T .. If .
oi ine cuuicuiw ivouiy euw, uin "'J
from her diiei4ly Aiibera'e of $750 a
week, but as tfcfe retjtf'jt at her enthu
laim and earnfetrie from indirect
source at vuaarlyetdonble that rate.
Cipt.vB ack an bis tsjociate counsel
are jubilant, and ars renewirg their
efforts with moio ajal than at fiist, In
fa;t. noeald. tbe socialistic world is
alive from Germany to ai Francisco
on behalf of the coademned men, aud
thrre will be no la-k of funds. "The
trial and convic ion of these eight
men, continued tbo reporter s in
fnrmant. who has ori sided at many a
socia'ist meeting iq this city, "Las bad
the enect ot brineine enarchis s, so
cialists and free thinktn generally
into a closer union."
"How about the anarchists of uni-
? Have thev diebacderl fitce
the conviction of their leadeis?"ssked
the reoorter.
"Disbanded 7 Gams vou sin t much
about the ArDeitcr'Znttmq cmce. .LiS'
banded? Why, there a'e at leet two
groups that meet once or twice a
week, wu, no; uie anarcnisis uktb
not diebanded. They are moving
forward. but they are not talking dyna
mite now. They are not arming and
not talking abcut, immediate furce,
but they are energtic all the fame
and are being heard from. It is to be
honed tbatin the future this method
will not be so objectionable. Iheir
principles are all right. What we
oblrct to are their meil.ois?"
uircn are nave.recenuv appearea in
lame numbers addrtsnd: "To the
O ganiid Workingmen of Chicago,"
In which thev are addresFed. "Worthy
Cooriradt'S," sta'ing that W. L. Lieb
necht, member of tho German Parlia
ment, will SDeak in Herman fnaay
evening, Movember 5th, at West
Twelfth Ftreet Turner Hall, and that
Dr. Aveling and ' Mrs. Aveling, a
dauahter of Karl Marx, will lecture in
Knulieh Monday eveumg, wovemoer
8th, at Aurora turner Hall. The ciri
cular concludes : "It is in the interest
of the Chicago people that they reme
end hear the ain.s acd objects of
socialism in ami and clear scientfie
lecture discussed,' and, therefore, in
the first line that organized' workers
must bs on hand and maniully stand
ud to their riebts."
This iB sisned: "In fraternity, C.
Barthele, M. L. Morris and J. O.
Krueger, Arrangement Committee."
i e
For Falsely Certifying to Payrolls.
Cincinnati. O . Oitber 23. Chas.
Herron and Fcrdirand Springmeyer
were before the Police Court this
morninii to - answer to charges of
faleely certifying to payrolls and
other vouchers, whereby the money
of the citv was mtsana ied, while they
were numbers of tne late Board of
Public Works. Their caes were set
for hearing early in November. Mr.
Charles Herroa immediately after
ward swore out a Warrant fo ' the ar
rest of M. Haletead, of the Commercial
Gazette, on a cnarte of criminal libel.
for a publication two days ago of
what purported to bs a sketch of Mr.
Herrou's life.
Nnlional Christian ItUaleuury Aa.
Kansas City, Mo., October 22. The
National Christian MiiMonary Con
vention adjourned at 5 o'clock this
afternoon, to meet next Ootober at Io-
dianapblis. At the morning session it
was decided to CDminue the Vuewtei
Year Book, the pries being fixed at 25
cents per copy. It was voted to eon
t;nueaad extend the mi' si on work in
Colorado, and the b ard was instruct
ed to investigate tbe fiald of New Mex
ico. The Foreign Missionary Soeiety
vnted to discontinue the Franch mis
sion at Paris. This subject produced
lenetbv disciiES on. in the alter-
noon several addresses were made, in
cluding one by Mrs. L A. Crictian, a
delegare from the National Woman's
Christian Temperance Union, in
beln'f of that: organization. Over
$20.0 0 hos been tubur.bed for vari
ous objacls daring this convention.
Mortanry Beporl.
Mortality report for the week end
Inu Saturday. Ostobtr 23, 1880, at 6
o'clock p.m.:
mal. tevor.
a mal. fever.
Mr MoUouwl
Sarah Davis...
H Molten
Tho Aolain...
Ida Harris
t; Miller
Mra C licrlea.
M W Doan
L I Cami.hell
0 HericK'....
Colon .
In Annel'ryor
Jankep Hlorey
Jane llawkinp
Mnrx't Burns
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C Tborlkille..
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Mollio Caab ..
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Ch K Taylor
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Fifth, 2: Si
7; Ninth.:
2. Still bi
l'l Tntal
S.croUry board ot llealth.
Causa Death.
inliiu ol'elomh
sept cat ma.
mil. of brain.
Old nire.
inll of womb.
mal. fever.
prem. birtn.
Fever and Ague !
Intermittent Fever !
Tliere are several causa for Viesc
f evert. Home, of tJicm can be
avoided. But not all can le.
Decayed vegetable matter. lAving
near stagnant pooh of water, or
on low, marshy ground, are fre
quent causes of attacks. Moving
into a new cou)xtry when suffer
ing from general debility, is
quite sure to cause one- of tlie
above forms of fevers.
But from whatever cause the attack,
the cure the only sure cure is
Brown's Iron Bitters.
So quick in its action, so sure iu its re
sults is it, that it is known in malarial
districts as Brown' t Iron BUtcn, the Mala
ria Specific. Its action is directly upon
the blood and liver. It purifies the one,
and strengthens and stimulates the other.
A pure vegetable medicine ; a specific
blood purifier; it topee and strengthens
the whole system, giving it power to
throw off the effects of miasma. '
By furnishing the wasted and lost ele
ments of bodily health it removes all
malarial tendencies, and, taken as a
remedy, it cures. As a preventive, it
so fortifies and imbues the system with
health-giving properties that malaria,
fever and chiUa, and intermittent fever, can
gain no hold upon the body thus pro
Use No More Quinine.
It is an old and exploded idea that
quinine is a specific in malaria. It pro
duces troubles more dangerous than ma
Constipation, Headache.
JJ4untafisni and neuralgia are the fre
quent results of its protracted use.
If you suffer from these troubles use
Brown's Iron Bitters.
It will cure constipation, remove the
headache, relieve you from the tortures
of rAumottsm, and the still greater hor
rors of neuralgia. .While
Brown's Iron Bitters
will do ull this, it can be taken by the
mast delicate lady without producing
nausea, and in small and frequent doses
is invaluable to growing children liable
to many disorders of the blood, liver and
Don't forget that
Brown's Iron Bitters
is the great anli-malariid medicine.
Prepared by tho Brown Cliemical Co.,
Baltimore, Md.
It is sold everywhere. Price only one
dollar a bottle.
Of Choice Selected Imported
Holstein Cattle,
At Tjnloat Stoch f arda, Memphta,
Wednesday, Nov. 17, 1886.
(Sale Begins Promptly at 13 0 olcok.I
THIS Importi! Ion of Holstein Cattle has
been made by us under the auspices of
"The North American iiomnn
Association," as foundation stook for fine
herds in the South esteron States, and em
braces only such animals as hive f:irth,r
sims and dams the most superior milk ana
nutter records to be found in North Ilol and.
The entire imputation i his been registered
in the "Nortn uoiiano nera i "'..'A.-:'
Innd " and will also by "Kistored I in Abe
Nnrth Amerioan Herd Hook of America,
7 ec n.iu.. . i. r hnflnml no
emoraoinu oo nuuoio .
land bulls. Also, a (teneral assortment of
a ,,,, tin lis. roadv lor service, no. i'
and Bull Calves of f prim r of WW. and frown
vown iroui Lr' " ' - - .
alogne is now in press, giving full l'aUree
and milk and butter records oonnseted with
each animal. These catile have been shaped
rfirect from Holland to the Union Stock
i -ur A-;,. haiw.an me isi anu
7th of November, where purchasers can in
Iph,o?lh7.eme. o animal will be dispo .
ol at private saie, m v - .
sale mar rely upon each animal beinfput
!,nrt .old ai advertised. Street csrs now
rup to within three block, of Stock aras
mm-Vor Oataiofuesormfirmation address
rt v. RAMUA1 T. Presidont Union Dwoa
Yards anil rertuuer mimimuj;
0 "
Doow, Sasli.BUnds.lfoldlaKs, all kludu ofDoor and Window
FranieH, Bracket f, ecrou-w orsa,
I. u labor, fsUingles, Laths, Water Tanks.
All kinds ol Wood Work xeeuted at Short JVotice.
Xos. 157 to 173 Washington street, Memphis. Tenn,
i: am.. ov
98 Seoond St. Memphis, Terrnl
" ', I l ...rlnU ItitlloKI tkUUIIlillU.
Bradford Corn and Wheat Blill..
Cotton Press, Cotton Gins,
Shafting, Pulley, Jr 1
SPKCIAIi NOTICE We are prepared to fill ordert J
on short notioe, for the eelei rated Bllodar VattmU
Wronitii-yu' Palloy. We earrr in stook over
Two Hundred Assorted aiacs.
mw Send for Cataloaue and Prloe-Iist.
SLEDGE BBOS of Coma, MJsi. I F. . K0BFLEET, BesWeat Fartaw.
HoB age and 358 Front Street Memphis Tenm.
Old Stand. No. 9 Union St., Memphis.
diPOLEOH HILL. President. W.1T.; WlLIEBS0I,TU).rrf(lIi(wj
H. J. lIHH.'.UlBlueia
CSaV ' .
ar r
OHlee 19 SXadiaon (Street, Henaphi, Te
All Cotton Covered by Insurance on Seiwerthy Vessels 0
Ginhcuse. Sacks furnished to responsible parties.
D. W. FLT.
Late oi Oommer.e, Miss.
Lateot Coffeeville.Miss.
J. F. H0LST & BRO.
(successors to u. h,
by Wards-First, 1 V WWi
1; Third, a; ourtn. y; mmX.iUM2X
xth, 1; Seventh, 3; EiKhth, v UM'M t to, ifi
nrn,-. "".. vuiusm., My: .j -iv
A I La, Ifmi. --lvr -' . - "
Funeral Directors,
Tho iira.th of a c'iroijio catarrh
patient is often so oflensive that he
cannot ro into society and lie becomes
Bl CbjfCt Ol OlSgUHl. Alter a llims
ulceration se's In, the spongy bones
are alUiked, and frequently, entirely
dfs'royed. A constant source of dis
comfort is the drippiog of the puru ent
secretions inlo the throat sometimes
rroduiiiDE iuveterate bronchim, w hich
in its turn has bten the c xciiin? cause
of pulmonary disease. The biil iant
results which bava at'ended its use
f ir years past properly douiiinate E'y s
Craam Balm as by fur the butt, if not
the only re .1 cure for hay fever, rote
cold anil catarih.
PlPAdcxI enllly.
Titt; nnao, Ta ., O Hobf r 23.-Sam uel
K. Way, the dt'faulting c'lief cleik of
tl e KlUburg Pension Office, pleaded
gui ty today on twelve counts, and
sjuttnre whs dt'ferred.
In the Dear OKI Days.
We differ in creed and politics, but
we are a unit all the fame on the de
sirableness of a fine head of hair. If
yon mourn the loss of this blessing
and ornnruent, a bottle or two of
Parker's Hair Balsam will make yon
hok as you did in the dear old days.
It ia worth trying. The ouly standard
50 cents article for the bair.
Orders bT
erel. Cask.U and Eur .1 Kobe. a-.a,. o;
Urethral Stricture Cured!
removal Complete. Neither knife, eaustlo
nor dilation. No pain, us '
Adr's DB. B. W. TUTniLt,
... ATI.4WTA
B'sja s"
....a ti KSITII.-Dl. I. 0.
. .uarrntwd. .Peoioe for U y.Urla. Dta
er the ..s .aloohal or tobacco. Wake-
"''.".l.o.rofw.rin either
5 invomnvr
rhea, can
.nd Hoermator
j l. ...rtinii oi the brain
tains '".: ".;.iT nreoaid. on
:.!l.it of orice. V e rnarsntre bix boiej
to oaf any ease. Vith eaoa . """'i
us r s.;oo.. ,tun
rnUrU'lo refund 'the mon.r if
j . nt .fl.ot a care, ttueranteei
S.n.d onlrhi a. " KNKKfiX W..ruf
gists, Memrhis, Tenn,
. 7
Lte ef Brooks, htely A Co.
if uuiLiua.uiJ uuuuueuup
otton Factors and Commission llerchantg
324 Front Street BJqmPliig Tsnn.
er.Thornton & So
No. 306 Front treet, s
MenifiliiH. Teni
I Ills
Woods & Swoope
Buffgics, TVaqrons and Hanlcss,
Steam Engines, Machinery of All Description,
O 1 . - , 1 . a?
Doors, Sash, Blinds. Holding, Lnnt:
Lath and Shingles, Flooring, Ceiling and Cedar Posts. ' :1
-DenosiU reoeWod la snms of 1 and upward, and InUreit allowed on lam Bemh
or WeUba' 'and sell loeal Investment Bonds and Securities fenerally, pay taxes, aM M
trn'tee., and, In teneral. eieouto any financial bojmesi requmns a sale andresponiibla
-trenisiine draft, In snms to suit purchasers, on all parts of Europe.
li-Webaveeoommoilious Vanltfor the deposit ol valuables, whioh U at the serrloa St
oar oustomors, of 4 harue.
rt P. 11ADDO, Presidpnt. EWD. OOLDSUTU, Tice-rreeideut,
v' JA3IES HATUAH, Cashier.

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