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VOL. XLVI---SO. 251
JJjL U , Jo
I - - m ii i i 11 ' - 1 ' " "" "" '
Evib Democrat cf influsnce in
' Shelby c aunty crd in tie Tenth Con
grefsiorjal Di. t ic, should make it a
Bp3ial lan-intm to urge his neihbora
to rcaJiness for the perlornaaEce of
Me duty on the 2d of Novr.mbsr.
Evty Democra'ic vote should be cast
on that day for the Democratic tiikat.
Mk.Eichabd H. Dana tnuounciS
tint ho will tupport Mr. John F.
Ani'rew, t'ae Da:i OTittic nominee,
for Govern jr. Mr. Diua wan a mem
ber of the Republican Ward and
City Commit ee of Btin, and in a
letter to Iltnry Parkman, Chairman
of thecoromitea, resigning bis mem
beisVip therein, hs says that "One's
chief political doty is to induce par
ties to nominate the best paseible can
didates. As far as tbe Governorship
goes, the Repab'icau paity hss failed
us, and the Democrat have fulfilled
their duty canap'etaiy. It saema to
me I should hardly be inducing par
ties to name the beit possible candi
datea should I now fail to support An
drew. Hardly less important is the
duty of putting a stop to 'boodle' cam
paiens, and the manly stadof An
drew on that ground also demands
Tbk appointment of Mr. Francis
Fentress, of Hardeman county, by
Judge Howell E. Jackson, to be super
visor of elections in the Western Dis
trict of this State, is a guarantee of a
fair election iu every county. Mr.
Feutrtsi is a cultivated gentleman of
conservative habits of thought aad a
progressive Democrat, who is strocg'y
in sympathy with the views of the
young Democracy, who are urgent for
the education of the" children of the
. people, and for Federal aid in the
accomplishment of that nobhst cf
.purposes. He in anxious to are the
material riches of the State increased
and to assist in the maintenance of a
public sentiment favorable to the in
vitation of popnla'ion and capital from
. other Slates and from itarope. Thus
broad and liberal in his views, and
having the confidence of the people,
whom he has many times addressed
on subject j of public importunes, be
may be relied u-oa to Bee the law
fairly enforced, and to administer his
tract impartially, honorably and cred
itably. As will be seen from our Washing
ton dispatches, Secretary Lamar has
been the recipient of many indorse
ment! from the press aad from public
men for his prompt refusal to revoke
the commission of Maj. Wagner, Pen
sion Agent for East Tennessee. Jus
tice Field, an old time and staunch
Democrat, who has been 'several times
nominated for President by Demo
cratic conventions, thanks him from
the bottom of his heart for the ex
pression of sentiments so just, so
reasonable aid bo patriotic. The
Washington Star characterizes his
act as manly and his let'er
as "a masterpiece of healthy
logic and vigorous expression."
The Critic says it was "just, magnani
mous and patriotic," and that it "con
veys a peculiarly impressive lesson."
These are a few of the opinions ex
pressed, but they are sufficient to
show how magical is the effect of a
just ac'.ion, and how ready the people
are to applaud sentiments and pur
poses looking to an oblitera ion of the
sectionalism that stood to long in the
way of the material progress and pros
perity of the Sculh. Secretary Lamar
has by this let'er increased the confi
dence the people had' in him, and it
makes for Cleveland's administration
additional goldrn opiuiir.s and for
the Presidt-nt much strength, mak
ing a'so the nac." es of Hie Democratic
party in the future mora and more
Ko o a man in or ont of the Santa
has done more, or perhaps as much,
lor its advancement as Mr. John H
Inman, still a n stable figure on the
Cotton Exchange of New York, but
better known in this part of the coun
try for his connection with the Louis
ville and Nashville railroad. During
the past ten years he has made several
tours of the Sonth, and always with
company carefully selected by bim
for the individual and collective in
fluence of its members upon the
money market of the country and their
power to influence capitalists to in
vest in the South. Oaly last winter
he piloted such a distinguished com
pany all over the South, and brought
them to this city, where they
expressed themselves very gener
ously and in most favorable terms
as to the immediately available
and vast and teeming material riches
of the Southern States, their climatic
advantages, and the generally favora
ble sentiments of the people. The
result of this tour was a series of let-
inters to the Evangelut, which have
ecenuy ueen put in oook lorm ana
tare tin ding wide-spread circulation.
The good and benefit following upon
hese ton's, and these kindly and
bmpathetio letters, cannot be esti
mated nor rescued m words, it is in-
alcnlable. Bat Mr. Inman is not
lone. He does not propose to stop
here. He has tendered to the Harper
Brothers an invitation for a six weeks'
onr of the South by writers and artists
f their selection, who will record
k hat they see and illustrate it A pri
sts car la to be placed at the disposal
f the party, who will visit all the
;ading cities of the South, the ex
ense of the trip to be borne out of
tie private purse of generous John
luman. oucra an enterprise rivals all
h-atory and all the extraordinary
Boris ot tne press, and will accom
lish more for the South than the
illions that have been invested in a
bar. Mr. inman u tne Booth's best
snefactor, her closest and most gen-
oui uiena,
The Iietnlt Received With Applause
oy tno fpectntiira Meier's
Future Plans.
Tne Mver (a?f, that has occupied
the ct enti n of the C Lninai Court
and t':in rta iiug public for the pun
f iw days, cu'mina'ed yesterday in a
Verdict of acquittal. Tl:e'ear( va-ious
s'ories ss to the jrrry'a d-.-liherationr,
one version being that th firs', ballot j
resulted, in a unanimous verdict of
not guilty. However that may be, it
is tvidt nt that the jury lost no time
in coming to an agreement, and when
they were called into court yesterday
morning, the foreman, in reply ta
Judge Duboee'fl inquiry, announced
that the jurv had agreed
upon a verdict. The courtroom was
crowded, ard a deathlike stillness
preceded the ntteranceof the words
that were to decide the prs:nr's
fa'e. Meyer sat in bie usual place
near the Attorney's table, with his
faithful and devo.ed little daughter,
Ca rie, by his tide. He turned just a
shade paler as the foreman opened his
lips to speak the latelul wo:ds. The
suriience sbaied in the eager interest
which he ma-Jfes'ed, and every ear
was strained to catch what the foreman
sa'd. "We, the jury, find the
defendant not guilty" paid ihe fore
man, and bamly had Ihe words es
caped from his lips when Meyer
s aittd from his chair, and with weep
ing eyes and heaving breast atteaapttd
to thank the jury, but his words were
Inst in the applause of the audience,
who clapped their hands and stamped
their feet in approval of the result.
Judge Dubnse sternly checked this
demonstration, and Mi-yir sinking
into his cba r cWped lililn Carrie in
bis arms, and, lrcktd in
each other's embrace, father and
daughter gave wav to tears of mingled
grinf and joy After the violence of
thtir emoiinn had sub-ided, Meyer
rose, und Accompanied by IU b,tt e
tlrl left the courtroom, sfter stippirg
t) rec-ive the congratulations thar.
wfra showered upon him. Carrie,
who had become quite a pet with
those who have watched the trial
frura the beginning, came iu for a
large share of praise, it being the
opu ion tf shrewd obtervers that the
ep-ttscle cf the sweet, devoted, bright
lu'le girl had much ta do with saving
the father's lifo.
Meyer wa'ked abaut the city yester
day and was evaiywhere warmly con
gratulated. To an Appbal reporter
who saw him last n ght be said bis
hand was quite lame with shaking la
reference to rep:.r td statements as ta
bis future movements, be said that he
would' remain in Memphis for the
present, as be owed some money here
and did not desire to leave until his
obligations bad ben fully discharged.
His wife he said would leave for her
father's home in Ca!ro, III., trday. His
1 tt'e girl Carrie he intended to keep
with him, not only now but always,
no; permitting her to absent herself
from him under any circumstances.
"Wherever I go she shall go; I will
never leave her again."
, Meyer showed very little inclina
tion to talk, faying that his past im
prudence in talking to reporters had
uught him a very severe lesson.
'J be verdict occasioned very little
surprise, and had bsen very ienerally
discounted. No one that saw the
scene in the courtroom when little
Carrie testifisd ever believed in con
v c ion. The jury were moved to
tears at her distress. That was
enough. Ti e counsel for the defence
realized that from that moment their
man vaaiife. The opinion was shared
by the members of the bar generally
and the attaches of the Courthouse,
and from there it spread to the general
public, urtil a verdict of acquittal was
generally looked lor.
A Branlirul ring Preaentcd to (be
Capital Light Uaards f'actrnl.
Isrtoiar. TO THI irriAL.l
Jackson. Miss.jOc.ober 26. A beau
tiful Bilk flag, with heavy gold trina
rninaa, s nt by M. 0. Li ly & Co., of
C i nmbns, 0., to the sponsor of the
Capi at Li Kht Guards, was presented
by her to the i ompany at her father's
residence last evning. At9o'c'ock
the company, in full dress uniform,
preceded by the Gem Band,
morcued from their armory ta
Col. Power's residence, where
Ihey found a large number of
friends waiting to receive them in th )
brilliantly lighted parlor. Miss Katie
Power, accompanied by Capt. A. M.
Nelson, of the Winona Rifles, stepped
forward and presented the flag ins
chiate and beautiful speech, praising
them for the honors already won, en
couraging them to renewed exertions
and predicting brighter laurels in store
for them. Mr. Marcellus Green, on
behalf of the compmy, received the
ft ig, expressing in fi ting terms their
appreciation of the gift and of
their sponsor, voicing many pa
triotic sentiments, and paying
a handsome tribute to womaa. At
the invitation of Miss Power the
company partook of elegant refresh
ment, which were greatly enjoyed.
Aftsr passing an hour or more in so
cial conversation the company depart
ed to their armory.
The funeral of the lamented A. J.
Kerr took place "from the Methodist
church this afternpon, the Ksv. C. G.
Andrews officiating. The large num
ber of sympathizing friends in attend
ance b-spoke the high esteem in
which he was held in this commu
Connolldalloa mt Papers Assign
ment Svatracrd ta the
IsnoriL to TBI ArriAL.I
Nabhvillb, TiiCN., October 26. A,
T. Redmond, of the Park Theater,
made an assignment today to Adam
Diehl, as trustee, for the benefit of his
creditors. The liabilities amomnt to
The Spirii,of the Farm, of this city,
baa been consolidated with the Farm
er? Home Journal, of Louisville. John
W. Morton will have charge as man
ager. Atba Thomas, State Treasurer from
1883 to 1885, and at present one of the
State Railroad Tax Assessors, will be
appointed State Treasurer tomorrow
by the Governor to fill the place of J.
W. Thomas, deceased. Atba Thomas
is no relat.on to the lately deceased
A queer scene occurred in the
Criminal Court here today. Two ne
groes, Goa Stevenson And Brownlow
Kirby, wera on Hal for house b-ci-k-ing,
S;evenson rs principal And K'tby
as accessory. The couts l for t:e
pro?fCition made such a strong argu
ment f.ar c ruvic'ion tlittt Kirby was
bailly f i btt-ned, ard w! eu tlm jury
withdraw he entsrtd a plea of guilty,
hoping for elemenev, end was sen
tenced to the penitentiary far two
yeara. The jury came in with a ver
dii tof not gniity nga nst trie princi
pal, S:evenson, and he walked out of
ihe courtroom a free man, vl ilo the
accensrry, through his impruloi.t
haste, ks to Eirv the Siale. A
waise du-appointed darky it wou'd be
hard to find.
!Vama of the NullVrera nud Ntatc
tent ofTht-lr Lumen A Whole
Block Coannnied.
MrjBFREB-BORO, Tenn., October 26.
Between 12 a 'id 1 o'clock la it night a
fire broke out in the Jo-dan Block, a
large structure on the northeast cor
ner of the Public Square. Tne entire
block was soon enveloped, and now
the rxoat aubstaut'al business budd
ings in the town are a nass
of ruins. The oflicei in the
upper stories in this building wero oc
cupied by the Cumberland Telegraph
and Telephone Comrany. Dr. Hart
man, dentist; Leo Jord in, lawyer, and
Hayne & H gYower, deakrs in
wall paper. The lower floats were oc
cupied by Thoma? Tobias, dry goods;
Sol Tobias, clothing; the Stone River
National Bank aud Smith & Lowring,
dealers in books. The flames spread
east lo the house rccapied by W. D.
Drumwright, procerixe, and the nd
joinicg store. Over these sre was
located the operational. Here the
fla-nes were checked by the d auble
brick wall of Ivy & Neileon'a hard
ware store. The fire ihen ppresd
north from the Jordan B ock,
destroying in its path Belmont's
warehouse which was filled with
wheat ; the Rotherford Democrat r ffice ;
the stores of John Krr, sewing rna-
hiueH, and Mr-. John Kerr, milli
nery; the express and telf graph
rtli :ep, and the armory of the Sparks
R titan. The fire cea-ed here, having
reached College street. Beiow u a
partial lift of th) losses and insur
ance: Ivy & Xeilson, loss $10,000,
insurance $12,00). J. W. Neleon,
drugBi-:t, Blight damage by water,
insurance, $2000. Joseph Frank,
clothing, damaged by water and re
moving, ioOOO; insurance, $18,000. AV.
R. Bell, jewelry, damage by water,
$200; fully covered by insurance. 0
born & Co., confectioners, d ani
se . $400; ful y insured. The
Jo'dan Block, owned by E. L,
Jordan, sr., valued at $14,000;
insurance, $10,000. Lee Jordan,
haw office, loss $rM; no insurance.
Bank furniture, less unknown; the
hoots are in good condition. The
operahonae, owned by E. L Jordan
and W. Y. Elliott, valued at $15,000;
insurance, $7500. Rutherford Demo
erat office, loss J000; insurance $400.
The total losa is estimated at from
$75,000 ta $100,COO.
In the Caae of Brgly, who Was Sbot
by Plnkciton Hen.
Chicago, October 26. A coroner's
jury completed the inquest npon the
body of Terrance Begley, who was
shot dead when a detachment of Pink
erton's special police were returning
from the stock yards sficr tke recent
strike was ended, and fired their Win
chesters from the train into a crowd
at Haktead street The verdict de
clared Begley 's death shot came from
a rifle in the hands of an unknown
party, who was aided and encouraged
by Guy Stevem, Richard Lobe, Geo.
J. Bartram and Mern-tt How, all of
whom are Pinkerton officers, new un
der arrest, and by others whesa names
cannrt be learned. It was recom
mended that the officers named be
cemmit'ed to the eonnty jail and held
to the grand jury without ball. The
verdict concludes as follows: "We,
tbe jury, belitve the Finkerto'i De
tective Agancy has been derelict in
keeping snd withtioiding the names
of the 223 mn on tbe train where
from caid sboo'.ii g t jok i lace."
A Prospective Wedding Business
Uenerally Livening Up.
Columuu?, Mi83Oi:tober26 Cards
'e out for tbe marring-1 oa November
3d of Mr. Cba-les W. Humphries and
M'ss Mggie Spinrs, two of our most
popular society members.
This sre'ion was visited yesterday
by a good rain, tbe first we have had
n some weeks The weather has
turned very much cooler.
Cotton is com!ng in very fast; over
200 bales received today. Business is
picking up generally.
Tbe Concordia O ub opened the sea
son with a ball at their hall tonight.
Death or the Ksv. I. F. Harkhaaa
Grknaba, Miss., October 20. The
Rev. J. F. Markbam, of the North
Mississippi Conference, died here at
1 o'clock a.m. today.
Old and young, rich and poor, all
uni e in testifying to the merits of Dr.
Bull's Cough Syrup.
Miss Cleveland in Poor Health.
Chicago, III., October 26. Mr. A.
P. T. Elder, cf Literary Life, said today
that he was in recipe of a letter from
her physician in New York certifying
that iM.bb Cleveland's health is en
tirely broken down and that he for
bids her devoting her energies to tbe
excessive labors of editorial work.
UnlcRS there is some change in Miss
Cleveland's health she will spend the
winter in the south of France or in
Another Quake Nov. 1st.
D. H. Baldwin & Co , music dealers,
will be found on the 1st at No. 2;8
Second street, shaking firat class
pianos and organs down to second
class pricrs. Here you will find
Decker Bio. 'sand other pianos, Estey
and other organ", on same terms they
offer in their Cincinnati, Louisville
and Indianapolis houses. W.T. Miller,
whose fair dealing has won for him an
enviable repu ation, will be found
there, r.ady to give you a new piano
at $25 cash and $3 per month, and an
.n.n .f tlflfa.h and $5 ner month.
He has an eye to business. Come to
see him, but don't roan, ne comet
toitay.- J. auwi co,
Gladstone I'.old.s on to IMi.ies In tire
Hope of Benefiting Ireland
What the Tories Prcnuse.
LiNnaN, Octob'T 23. A r- nf renre
of Tories was held at Brwif -d to-dfy.
There we:e S00 delegit-" p wnt.
The canfurence adapted inir e ial fed
eration as an article of tbe Conserva
tive fa'th.
Lord Randolph Churchill, speaking
to a mi tii n propoing the approval of
Lord Beaconliold's Eisteni policy,
said the government wou'd follow
that p licy as closely as th changed
condition of European afl'ai s wruld
allow. A healed dircusnn toik
place over the woman suffrage, ques
tion, afttr which the previous ques
tion was carriid. A rtsolu'ien was
adopted expressing cacfl Unce t' at
the government would follow Lurd
Beaconsfield'H policy, and would vin
lautly guard British interests sgainist
RcifsUn aggressior, and esptcially
prevtnt any Beizura of Constantina-
The Egyptian Uiiesllua.
London, Oc'obar 26. Tlis lima
hopes that Lord Iddesleidh, tbe Fur
eiga Secretary, will tell M. Waddirg
ton, the French Ambassador, plainly
and firmly that E.igiand will jtnltte for
hertelf when her task iu Egypt is
Suited Willi Kng'and'a (olaaisl
Berlin. Octobor 20. The Xorth
Germm Gazette, Prince Bismarck's or
gan, says that G ermany has no cause
to complain of England's colonial
palicy. Tbe few quebtions under dis
tusaion b-tween Germany aud Eng
land, that imper says, will shortly be
settled desirably and justly to the in
tertsis of both.
Knllonal Leagne Kecelpt.
Dublin, Oa ober 20 At tbe regular
fotti ight y meeting of tbe National
Lipgue toJay, the receipts finca the
last modi eg were staled to have been
German Canal Improvement.
Berlin, Oct.b r 20 Pjans have
been completed to dtepen the Main
and Danube canal, in order to give a
sufficient water link between those two
streams. Canals have been com
menced between the Rhine and tbe
Emi, and between the Spree and the
War In Africa.
Cap.Town, O.tobar 26 Ten thous
and Pond shave invaded Xetibeland,
burning the K'attls and committing
depredations. The government is
raining voluntoers to resist them. The
situation is c iticat.
The Hornby Dock Flie.
Livmpool, October 28. Ia the
Hornby Deck warehouse fire last
n gh, 5000 bales of cotton and 30,
000 bushels of grain were destroyed.
Details of the Massacre of Native
I'htisllans ! Africa.
London, October 26. Details have
been received of the massacre of na
tive Christians of Uganda, Africa, by
the order of King Ninanga. The
massacre Dfgan in iane, suu--ai
rectly due to ihe refusal of a Christian
lady as the King's pegs to commit an
abominable crime. Many Christians
were tortured, mntilated and speared,
and thiity-two were burned alive to
gether. The appeals of the mission
aries for a cessation of the atrocities
were unavailing and did not s-rve
to frigh'en candidates to bap
tsm, and within a week after
the massacre many natives were bap
tized at tbeir own desire. LtauVts con
taining extracts from the Kcriptnre,
mayers and hymns in the Uganda
language are freely bought by the peo
ple, a'tbough their possession involves
danger of punishment. The diary of
Harrington, who wB put to death by
the Kii g, will soon be published in
Londou. It is a tbrillingand pathetic
ranative cf hio experiences in Ugattd
up to the day of his ile;tb.
The Address ot a Proleslant ltixhop
t hum's a Sensation.
Dublin, O. tobtr 26 The Rt. Kev.
Dr. Uicgg, ProtfBlait Bishop of Cark,
in an address to tbe clergym en of
bis diocese eaid: "Every ir;tere t
languishes, every business is do
pressed; careh sne He, neglect and
despair are to be seen settling npon
the people. I expect you not to allow
prejudice to prevent the acceptance cf
auy justolau5e likely to benefit Ire
land. ' The Bishop's language has
caused a sensation. The Nationalists
claim that be has been converted ta
the home role faith.
Mr. Gladstone's Response to a Be
quest. London, October 20 Mr. Glad
s'one, in response to a request to con
tribute to a book defending the Lib
eral programme, says: "My friends
forget my years. I hold on to politics
in the hope of possibly helping to set
tle the Irish question. But general
operations of the party and particular
subjects I am obliged and intend to
leave to the hands of others."
The New British Minister at Bis
Constantinople October 26. Sir
Wm. White, the new British Minister,
has arrived here. It is rumored that
he will propose to the Porte that the
Bulgarian question ba submitted to a
conference of the powers for settle
ment. Cable Plashes.
Bbrlin, October 26. It is officially
denied theie is any intention to pro
claim Prince Llntepold King of Ba
varia. Sofia, October 26. It is expected
that the Sobranje will impeach M.
Karavelcfl, and compel bin to reign
from tbe Regency.
Paris, October 2(1 The Minister of
Public Works has intimated his inten
tion to reaiga bis seat in the Cabinet.
Boh Taylor Speaks ta Two Thou
sand People.
Clinton, Tnn., October 26.-The
Democratic clans filled Clinton today
fuller than ever before, and the en
thusiasm of the crowd was un
bounded. About 2000 were here to
hear Bob, whereas Alf, when here,
had about 400. Everybody ws
pleased, and Bob made a fine speech
and splendid impression, kind and
conciliating in manner and matter.and
11 were completely magnetUsd,
and listened intently, catching his
every word. Backed and cheered by
Dm -era's, and ;ome lH.inn men
g ii.g f"r Bi b. His rp-.fch will exert
tine ipflueuce amarig those renpK
IIt oo-nirig remarks vaii'd r-hgl.t'y
from his u-'iial ep 'ich, while the lial
arne w.'" tibont what it litis t etvi l.err-tofor.-.
It is reported that letting Ka
pnViipqns wh l.ea.d Ivm inn e in
fflir.ai'g that ht is b a i.b e t-tnniivr
and t uh-ionad co:ppo!'.t r, Mill ilia1
h') i 1 nil i vrttS in Arder.i n L-iWn
s!'Owed Howors, ami Bjb r.ai onded
in Lis fine ty!e.
lO M Hi t' 14 1 II K TniltV
OuThii b tbe Deinorralic randidnte
fur Uoveraor Was BelarsinK to
Hnomvtllel'roin Mnrjvillc.
Visiivn i b TKNN..O?.toher 27. The
American this morning publis iiid a
B.iajtfnn -il .lia-inrh fr-m Knnvvilli..
tellirg how, a'ter being strmd, an at
tempt was mule tn wreca me irain on
which ths Hon. R L. Taylor w. s re
turning from Afaryviilu. The Amer
ican'i ere.ial said that a larga
cress-tie had been pitted rvrtes
the tra.k to throw the train oft' th'i
track, tbe intention bing to convey
11. .1 T -1. T- 1 1 1
viae impr38ion inai iwu auyiur uu
miiaculonsly escaped death at the
hands of a sa' g of censpirators.- Tne
Unt'on'i Kncxville iptclal tonight
eavs the obstruction whs nothing but
a f -nee rail which had fallen from
iVin Inn nf tli int thrrinah wtlir'h
the railroad ran and lodg d serosa
the track, xne same biociui nom
Knoxville B-ys: "Tue following card
iiom Gen. K. N. Hood, president of
tbe Knoxville and Aunusta rai'read,
will appear in the Journal tomorrow.
Many leading Democrats aie furious
that such a report eh old ba started at
this juncture of the campaign in the
interest of a caudida'e whom they al
ready csnvider electsd by a very hand
some majority.
Ksoxvillk, Tnn., Docoiutier , 1SW.
To Ilia Kditori of the Journal:
Yuur fnvor of this date is jujt to
liand. I notica a publication in tbe
lYlbiirw this mornirg that an at
tempt had been made to wreck the
train on whicii the Hon. R L. Taylor
was returning from a Deuicc a'ic
meeting at Maryvilte yeiterJay,
and that the train w s stoned. The
last staUment is utterly 'u se; tho
train was not stoned and such a thing
was never huard of until it appeared
in the Tribune. The train left Mnr
vide after dark ard I was in the coach
next to the engine. The engineer
whistled down brakes and stopped li s
train. I went out to the front of
the engine and feucd that a
fencarail and not a trcsstie wai on the
track. This was In a deep cut, whfre
a rail fence is on the edge of the cut,
and frequently rails fall off the fences
in such places and obstruct the
track. I am sure the rail
had fallen off the fence
by accident, as if anynno had wanted
to obstruct the track it would hive
been fasy to procure mo.e tails or old
c roe sties and made the obitiuc
tion more dangerous. Tbe peo
ple of Biount county are a iuw
abiding people, if a majority of
them are Republicans, and 1 don't
be isve there ia a man in Blount
cennty that would do so dastardly a
K lHOOD. Pr.aiJnt.
The Hallucination of a Country
Littlj Rock, Auk., October 2tl.
The champion baseball club of the
world, the tit, Louis Browns, will play
Ihe Association nine cf Little Rock two
games ia this city, Thursday and
Friday, the 28th and 20 h iiiBtant It
is the intention of the L'.Me Rack
Ciub to wiest from the Browns their
badge of honor (if they can), and there
ia money in this tiiy that will bick
our home t;ara that they can do it.
Tnit cashier of tho German Bankrl
Biltimore, August Weber.Esq., ret: m
mends Kalva ion Oil for headache,
nnr.inn nml nenmlgiB.
the popular farorlt for drMfrinfr
tb hair, JUMtorlnir color Khwi
f ry, tuid prttvaBtlug larufruir.
lualr faUlinc rul i u' plnufO.
60(1. a nil f i,00 ftt I'pirnrtwtfc
Thmroi.t,. iunrt anil heet ooro fr Orlil, Bunion. (
toMall Miin. Rnsiir.1 oomrort to Uio rrt-t. M.r fay
bailnou and for eonlorrlns the Heleot Maa
tor'i IJegres oa a olm of throe R. Maaten.
Attoet: Dudoi C THAUia, Rooorder.
Loam and DiioonnU. $1,437,244 02
Banklnghoaie and offios Aiturea MM) 00
Ovardrafti .W 2
Kiponiioi and tsisi ..,-.. 7.1M 42
HiahtKiohangs Jtr8.226 36
Cain on hand 308,717 73- 620,943 09
12,1)29,(141 7
LI A Bl Lit IE.
CaplUI Paid np. 29
llndirldod ProBU. 12J.377 87
Kzohange and Intereit J1.341 V2
Duo other Dan ki on
Billirediioounted.t m,V9 K
Dovoiiti 1,074.126 15- 1,277,225 00
I2,TO9,'.H4 7
NAPOLEON HILL .........Preiident
WM. A. WILUAM80N. Vlco-Preiidoot
8. P. READ Caihler
A. Vaccaro, Wm. A. Wllllamion,
Joaoiih Uruoo, Napoleon Uill,
R. Duilloy Frayior, E. k'niley.
8. P. Rtad. BonJ. Bahb,
John K- Pepper, Jaa. II. MoDavltt,
liaao N. Bnowden.
EMOTED AM VE, in from 40 to 90
1 Minnl.1. rnm.Uu. with haad. or no
rharn. Medicine pleaasnt and harmlaia.
NO FA8TINU. Can ba aduilniitorod with
afoty to ohild or adult. Cation
At Mn. Bocktol'i bouio, onrnor Third and
Madlion it. Coshltatios Faaa.
Young & Brother,
Booksellers and Stationers,
3 1 Maia SU, Meuiphla, Tenn
a hew otplt r
ClKYPTof Kuroka Connoll No. B,
J K. A 8. M. A Called Airoinbly ir
f thi I nunetl will bo hold thiiT jr
(WEUNESUAlf) niaat. Oct. 27th,at W
Everj tiling
New, Stjlinh ami
to lie Found at
OF MESIl'lllS.
Removed to 308 Front St.
Dstween Monros sad Msdiiun, Dearly
Oppoits PontoBce.
Funeral Directors.
AFULIi nd complete ttock of Wood and
MsUlllo tlucl and OsaksU, Oloth-Cor-erwd
Csskettand Ilar'.sl Kobsi slwsyion
hnd. asrUrdsra bv telscrsvk promptly
61 J.
"aFiiTd I'diej-Holders In 1HH5, jW,00,000, and Not a Dollar of
Contented claim
a-Such a record Ii rnally romarkablo In 11 exhibit of onoraollo and aklllful roanaao
ment and llhoml troiilinent of polioy-hnldo l. Tho proaent atatoinont la iili.inly the boo
tho New Vork I.I fx hits sror mado and that II laying all tuat need ba laid. Da
ibmmtrcial Jinltrtin, trbruary 12, 18W.
Ifoom 1, Cotton Exclinns;o liiiiltlin?.
Capital, $200,000.
,8DW15,Prei'U J.M. tfOUDBAlt, Ylce-Preii't. C. n. ClOE, tkicai,
rtmrtX of
Ilf kEbqIi.
i. UAVin.
n ufua
fweallory af sna "taae
MsnUBeaa an1 Klweni
575. BHYAN
ml Tannease
Dry Goods, Notions, Hosiery
Horn. 320 aad 328 Mala St., Memphla,:Teaa.
COMPLSTB THAN ITIK1UIHI, and oar rrioei wlU oonpara wlta Uoes of say k4
la UoUaiUd titaUi. Rssre AgeoU for
TmmW XHafactirlag Co.'t Plaids, DrMls, SheeUnf, SkJrUar, ZL$
x-ixrjaVEavxoivr a o a t,t.
' i - -ta
And Commission Merchants.
lies, nnd SO Hodlion fitreeU HcaF3?"1
"i II I IB I sf II "r,J
And Conulrj Ktore Insnranre lvea
SiM-riiil r tlcullon, by
Room 1, Cotton Eichm ga Ituildinn.
4HhI K.-,rrNoir, ll'oio,m)0.
Oe'Iiivitrs Crrp-'pond'-npft nnd IntfirvlrWj
"Dir. II. L. LASKI,
I'liydcliin, Nnr':ori and Accoachert
UtlHulii li-el, nr I'nlon.
TkIbi hon Vt X.
THK bunlnsn of our housa will bo conttn
'eil i. hrl'"r.
n iwi t.MiF.il a wi i i.imin.
Main Oflloc 120 Itroadwnj, X. Y.
HeniihU Ofllee, iS5 Jluiu St.
OB-!Ioiituart.rfnrtlio PROMPT OOLLEC-
IIjN t( Notoa und Aooouatf.
r-Dni- Attornor will Hand Circular toll
vt o will write f T tlii-m.
KADUATK of tho Watchmakers' Acad
J s-uy ol tini'.zirlund,
rraclicil tratrlimakor and Jeweler.
rr Pino Work s Sl'6 'liiHy.' (
No. 7tt lt. Mle Mrn'l, WeinpMssi.
Of Interest to Ladies
"I T will ho money navod ta siyr lady eon
I ton;'lntini( ilu i'urchio ol a Hnwtna-.Ma-ohino
in tlio net nii oty ilayi" I" "all and st
priori of too Lilit-Kunn iin SK HustlS
and oo ttioir la pt itniirovamenr. hn Auto
miitto lto'ilvn Wiodor, whiob plaooa ths
NrW liotll. fovernl yean uhoad of any
uiaolilno now Iu luo uiurket.
New Homo SrwIiifMui'Miie f'o .
4a Kur il I'onrl Nlrci-I.
MIssisHiiiiA.Temussce U.U. Co.
Anniml Mei lliiK of Stiu-hliolilrrs.
TUE annonl inootln? of tho atookboMorl
in 'ho Miaalanippl and 'loiim-iiHon H:iil
r"n l l'oiii.nny will bo bold at MLMl'HIji,
TKS.N, ou
Wednesday, Novrmbrr 24, 1SSC,
at whloh ttins s Plnotory wi 1 ho elootnd for
tho onmiuK ymtr. Slixtkh.il'iora will ho
pained oor tho road by apilyiK to ths
B. U. LAMB, lyrotnry
And Iron Roofing.
rire, Wind, Water anal l lgbtBlnc
uroor. bnltftbit for all kindi of l-"tHtoi.
For prli' ai... itiwaMa ot faota
oall on or sddroat ,
4.18 k UO Main at., and 11 A S3 Mulberry rt..
Uoadquartori for Iron Fonooi and Crsttlnc,
Oalvanlaoil Iron rornl.ii. 't in Hoola A HtoTM.
Surplus, $25,000,
- J. W. fALLfl, .
R. J. tllACtf.
IPBa, 11. F. COKflN,
u a is- nrwmri:
lease. Transaeta ueneiral nVeaiitV
AlaeaUon ia Uelletl.'M

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