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The Tlilef Cwollj Helps Hlmsflf to
$50,000 From tbe Silo
ad Efceapib.
Sr. Louis, Mo., October 26. The
Adams Express car attached to pas
senger train o. 3 on the tit. Loirs
smil Sin Fiancicco road, which left
tliis city nt 8:2 last eight, was robbed
of over $'K),(X)U in r asli between hire
nd l'acifin, Mo. From la'tr 'orotts
it teems th.t after tbe train 1. ft here
a man, givirg the came of Cammirntp,
presented Utters to the ni(S'enger pur
porting to be s:gncd by the express
ollioorc, stating tbat.Cumminga was
bout ti take a ruu in the line end
aisking Folheringbam to give biin tbe
point. When near Merrimao tbe
straogor overpowered tbe meeeeDger,
gauged him and bound him to the
etfri, a'ler which he coolly rifled the
Bile. lie cut open the bugs con'ain
irgBilver, but to'.tk none. At Merri
mac the robber left the train. Tbe
robbery was not discovered until tbey
reached Marrimae, when tuu cur was
brcken open and Meisorgnr Fothcr
ingliam was found tied to the safa.
Tbe robbi-r is imperfectly described aa
a tall, d irk man, of prc-paFHitig njipeer-
anc?, drtsseil In lilr.car, witu veiy iage
hunt's and feet. It in a cirgular cnin
cidencu that he gave his r.Huieai Jim
Cninoiiiiira. tl e uiily luiiDibor (f tlie
James ca'ig who bus nevor been ac
counted lor.
'I hueirmigt r, who gave the nnmo of
Cuminings to l'oihiringti'im, tue tries
niuier. iirreeutml a citverly forirtd
kt;er, bearing a pHrfect fictminle if
tbe signature ot iiarrotr, u e local
nirent of the cxiiress comuany ft 8t.
Luu'b, The li't'er stated tiiat Air. Bar
rett bad dfcidi!l to put an txtra man
on the route, that tue bearer was Lo,
and that Mr. Fotheriiigham was di
rwlwl to lencli 1 i in the details of the
buaimss. Tliestrnngor was allowed
to inter the car, and took great inter
est iq all the movements of the mes
senger, Apparently desiring to learn
quickly the ins and oi.la of thtt dutlej
which ihe latter stated he was ex-
Eected to perform. Mr. Fothering
am's sui-piciimi were not at all
art.usul, and the stranger ImpreeBtd
him aa a quiet and prepoBHCBiliiR com
panion. The two men" busied them
eolvi a with the accounts, etc., and all
went well until a rloint between (St.
Louie and Tacillc, Mo., wrs reached.
In the meantime tho new assistant
was Informed that tlioro Wis nothing
more that he could doaltl at time, and
he seated himself in a chair
waiting ant 1 somo new du
ties were B'siitned to him.
Fotheringham was still engaged over
his accounts, with his back turned to
0imraii'g. In the cotmo of time
it became neceiwtry for him to go to
the tale, and, turnirg to do so, taw
the stranger calmly Billing in his chair
with a cocked tevolvor pointed Ht
Fotherlnghara's lal. He cmtluiisly
approached the dumbfounded mes
aenger and told him if he remained
quiet and made no outcry or laiaed no
alarm his life would nut be en
dangered, but that if he acted other
wise he could not answer for tho con
sequences. Fotheringham had noth
ing to do but to submit, and, accord
ing to his statument. the robber
bound him hand and Irot, pieseed a
gag into hia mouth, tied him to the
tnie ai.d proceeded with hia woik.
The safe had baen left open, and it
took but a fe minutes for the robber
to at cure thebauk notes and valuables
in the shape of jewelry, etc. lie cut
open theagj containing the silver
coin, but he evidently roacludod that
these were too heavy for him to carry,
and lie did not dieturb thoir con
tents. Of the gold, however, he took
a goodly amount, nud then pn. eroded
to muke good his escape. Tho read at
this point runs directly alongaiilo of a
nigh bin II, which, in places overhangs
the track, m;ikng the danger of wrecks
fioiu coliiiion with boulders, which
ouiasionahy fall from above upon the
tracks, very great. Tiaius therefore
slack no at this point and ruu slowly
until the dangerous phice is pwid.
Tn is tho engineer of train No. ;i did,
as iiaiial, and tillered the rohlmr an
easy meuns (if escape 1 lo llr t lorkd
all hit: one dorr, stopped out onto the
platform, larked the djor from the
ouUido end jumped oil. The iiii sneii
gor, Frotheringliam, in the meautime
could do nothing to rr-lrnss liimi-o f,
nm. lieimr i.le e'!! to call for help.
Near Mjm'ko a Inu'der had fulli n
upon tho trucks, and tho train wia do
l. Yrdauhi ur b fore it could I o re
moved. Tho cciidnctnr trieit the door
(if t!io txprrcs car hut found it locktd,
and BuppoHiiitt the ims'epgiir to to
hi:BV, ilio in i uuk (or admission. At
fct. Clair he ngiiin tried the ilonr, and
K'iu found it locked, lie liRteiinl
for a minute and licit d the inna
te; ger struggling to free hluaelf.
ai-.il inaUni; all the noiae i osHiblo hy
k eking with his feet agairst the side
of he (Mr. The c.iuduiiuir euiipected
romi'thiiig wrorg and buret the door
open, lln lum Fotheringbiim at above
(ios ri eJ. He wai quickly rwleuai'd
and told hia experience. The robbor
had g it a ait of fully tvso hours and
it was usehai to run b.u-k and try aid
lint him; the train thcrefure pro
ceeded on i'B way and amy d In this
ti y this norning at 7 o'clock on its
retain trip. Fotheringham immedi
ately (ougtit the superintendent of the
compiny and woh cloioted with him
fo' s rim liint, at the end of which b
coinuiei.c?d a prepitration ( f his ('111
c:nl report, rtfuNing to make any statu
inert to ont iili rt regarding tlie rob
bery, excepting that the tutd losa
would n'liiuint io homo'hiiigovo $50,
t iO, Mr. l-'olhor"iig!i. in Miys the
r. Mi r v. nn abnnt '.' I yarn old. aix fft t
iit'l, weigtit at'om UK) pom (l, nud
;!ri'K't in ''ark. c'othes with a ihi'k
ov re nt. Hut) inks the robber ban
a io n, l e n, hi ho b( med to be talk
in.' wi li e: inn one ( n the f.oi t
platuirm ot thecir. Folheiinghnm,
tho ii c n.'i go, in Hlinut L'4 yoiira old
end li.c.-i i i iS.. Ueiiuvieve, Mo. He
I u' h 'i Ii i i tlie miipiny of the Adams
.ICx prose t'.niipniy for about four
io. rn. Sijeiinteuilent D.uiihoI, (.f
th.i cup t (Oinpaiiy, fays tint
l o In r iiglium's r-ci rd 1hh ho. n 1 1
t eb it lieu a ki-it where 1'. ther
ingiiiiiri ik, Mr. lhi'.mol itdied that
no hid none uptown wiiti Mr. i!-.r-r.
t-, t o route ag-:-iit, rad nothur
wi hi. I-V m the manlier in which he
ma 'o t:ie ftatment it in prpfumed
the " ' her inuu" waB an olli. er of I ho
law, t:i!itin Mr. H.oniicl would n u'o
no Milt .-went coi ti'inati-r or contra
I ct 'ry (.f tliis thiory. "Mr. l).nini I
:i i I e O'-uM m.t a'ato the exuet
inn n.ii'. htoUn, but it w.i under :J50,
() it.
Mi c i t'initoiit 1'aiiui' 1, of the ex
i.cbii (( i pan y, gives the lollowr g is
:he r. ici.t cf a long t x iiuiim'ioii of
1 lie ii.e-nern.iT nt the olhco nl the coin
V any this morn ng: Mr. l-'ot'n r !n.
lllllll PilV'. t-uit M h i W.ot ablaut to gu
out on i is tnn last ii'gvit a man amo
to h in With a h t it pibpor-ii (j to be
(cgntd by my-x If and Barrett, t) t .ke
the b.kror, Jiui CumuiiniiS, pn his
ran as far ta Pierce City for Instruc
tion. Ia Bccoiddnce with thees sup
posed instructiors Fotheringham took
theitranger and set him ti write
them tip Then be began bis own
work. Fotheringham wis s anding
with his back to ttie stranger, hia cr at
fl and the handle of Lis revolver
sticking out of bis pecket. Us was
tacked from tbe rear. Tbe ttianger
gtipped his nrck with one land and
grasped the revolver with the othor.
Before Fothtringham realized what
was being done he was thrown to the
flcor. He s'rnggled and f jtight, bnt
the itrnor oveicime him. J hen tc
put a gag in his mouth and tied him
to thesafo. Having secured the me'
senger he proceeded tt go through
the aafe and take all there wis in it.
Keveial pouches of silver he cut opea,
but lelt them when he fonnd what the
contents were. At Mlueke same men
working in limekiln flagged the
train on account of obstructions on
t e trick. While it was ttanding
still one tried to get into tbe express
car, but tbe robber stood over Foth
eringham end prevented bis making
any outcry. At Pari lie Station tbe
robber t ok h!s plunder and, opening
the front door, went out on the plat
form and closed tbe door after him.
What he did afteiward Fotheiirgbsm
dot s oot know. He ley on tbe floor
of the car until the train jeiihed Kt.
Louh, when be wis able to get tbe
gag out of his mouth and cry out for
usiiatanre. The train men hearing
him endeavored to get in the back
door, and Aiding it locked went
around to the front door, which tho
robber had left eper, and releastd
Mm. Fotheringham eays the robber
ws about Bit feet ligh, 24 years of
sue, and weighed about 2l 0 pounda.
He bad dflrk, straight hair, cut clcte,
a thick, djirK mustache, a low fora
head, wore ('ark clothes and a dark
stray overcoat.
lie was yapged with handkerchiefs
tied in knots forced ihto his mouth
and bound around his bead. His
legs were fastened with strap taken
from valipea in the car aud with the
cords and the heavy strap which wore
around the safe. Ho win tied to the
Mr. Damsel said In rfp'y te qius
tiona that it was ciiH'emary for new
ruin out on the road as mesm ngers to
receive instiuet'ons ntch as t'other-
ioghain cays acre piesr.nUd to him
by the robber, and wnu'd le lrsiiud
either by Kou'e Agont Barrett or him
self. He aluo htateil that Fothering
ham telegraphed into tbe company's
depot that be had been robbed and
that he (Mr. Damsel) was eatifcflol of
the fa t at ubuotlO o'clock this
morninir. Mr. Damsel says he can
notytt name the amount s'oler, but
as tbe run was untHiially heavy,
thinks it w 11 exceed M0,()K). Not
much ia known hero of Fotheting
bam. He had only brcn en the
'Frisci rim tince June, lis worked
for the c nipany prir.r to that time in
Kan s a City. He had mn on the
Southern Kansas, Kat sns, Fort Scutt
nud Ciuif, and MiBtouri, Kunias i nd
HAM LiaitOMf
a 4I Kmnurtiiiillon Prrlnmtlon
We Wna Always I of ul lo Ida
t'uunlrjr ! I'nrly.
Waahirg'on special in the Cincin
nati 7ime.' The reports that Kmereon
Ktheridgo, of Tnnnecsee, is going inte
the Taylor campaign to take the phv:e
of Alf Taylor, the Republican candl
dale, are denied. Alf has so fiir Recov
ered hifl health aa to be able to go on
witu. hts can vans, and Mr. K'.heridge
baa left the HUte hum visit tt come
friends in the North. A gentleman
who recently met him in Uis own
Mate says that bo is a well preperved
old man, and would bave been able to
do good service for the Rpubllcans
if he had been called int i the field.
He baa bren nut of public life for
many yearc, piet'y much ever sinca
he retired from his pcaition am Clerk
of the Hou-ie, bat ha retains his old
Interest in public afTuira, He lives on
hia fine farm iu Wes'ern Tnino Ho,
about a hundred niilisfrom Memphis,
having given up all other husintsa.
He has act uuinlnted s.ime pioperty in
hia long lifotiuio, and is underHtood to
be iu a very comfort -tile condition aa
regards flnaccrs. Ho is a hale,
hearty old nun, will picsnrvoJ,
and taking bis rid tiino In
toilet in uatioral elbt'rs, and it would
have heun a rure treat to hia aduiireiB
in Tenneatce and ebewhere to hnve
him Ukethrt stump. ItiitHiid thitt
bo may pnaaihly mako a few hi Oi;hrs
lor the rrohitiit on party, of whose
doctrines be ia a firm supporter. 'T
remember Ktheiidga very well when
he was here," snht an old Wnshington
man when apeaking of him. "He was
one of tho few Tetinespeani who sup
ported I'reeldeni Lincoln. Ltheriilg.1
uml Avrfrew JohiiFoti an 1 Mr. Muy
nard were the piinclpal Union men
in Tennossee iu those dnyp, I mean
the piioc.inal Union men of any prom
ii once, hmeis in was Clork of the
House in thoe days, though he had
been a meal d s'iegiiiBhed ni"iuherof
tiiat body befoia that time. I remem
ber a htrarga incident of emancipa
tion days, l'ltteiidge did not agree
with Prei-ldent I.liuo n on ttie eman
(ipa ion proclamation. He had fully
indorsed him up to that lime, bu that
he could not agree with. 1 remember
his cour.io on hearing of it. He did
n t ay anything about it for tho
llrst day or two. lie read it carefully
and digested it. Ho lay on his
cufii in his Koai, and when he was
apekr-nto aranem! in monosyllables
or dua requested to be let alone. We
thought he was a ck. About the sec
ond ilny, when someone was speaking
of the prcc'aiuation, he Fuddonly roi-e
up and began an i xprers'.on of bin
ies upon it. I never heard enoh
lmiiUHgo or such a iltar prrsenHtion
ol an aigmi'.ent. He predicted for lis
remit all tho unfmtuuate fi at urea thnt
have iu:ultP'l fr. m it. He tulkfd upon
it f jr a full hour without stopping. I
never heard such a apiwch anywhere.
H was Ivupr.on K lun idge wi.b aU bis
ild fi'O and vigor, lime has ptoven
tlut his vievia a-.d fe recast of tho re
sult wore very dear and cirrict. But
tho f int ti nt l.e did not ngieo with
lVnnilcnt Lincoln on this question
di I i o'. leu on his devo ion to the
caino if the (ountry or of his purtv.
Ho was ln; constant and un
wavonng in bit loyally to country ar.d
Ihr ParlHdd il I wo I'libu Mer
Woilnrpi'ay lu-t SenorK.lu irdo Mar
qesdol Vino a id Ntiii.r Ln.aio Vila.
wo Cub in geiitleiuin, resiibnta ol
New Ycrk, where they aroei gied in
the tobacco louiticsa at No. $ V.mt
Thirteenth strce', met a J'icnii(ii re
porter. Ihe oljo.t which 'brought
tt,r Ns vititoia to New Or'eens waj the
c illectionof tho sum rf J 10 OOil from
tlie Louisiana Smie Lot'cry Oompnnc,
to whi h they weie entitled bv vinue
ol lichlirg oni-hnl( 0f ticket' No. 72,
IS;), which iror, September Mth, the
thiid capital pr of J'.'O.OOO. New
Orleans (L ), V'tcnmie, Setitembcr
Suspensions by the TresU' at-Official
Eeports Mlns Lamar a He
bataate Cabint t Jf eetlsg.
Waphikotoh, October 20 The
meeting of the Cabinet t d?y was the
first rxeeting at which all the mem
bera weie present tince f-'ecretary
Mani-ing was taken sick in May last.
Tbe Canodian .fisheries question and
the Cabinet participation in the Bar
tholdi atatae icaaguratian wt-re die
ensstd. AppaialnKwIaky tbe Prenldeat.
WasniNOTea, October 20. The
Tretident made the following appoint
ments today: Abner B. William?, of
Washington. Ark., to be a member of
the Board of Registration and Lhction
in lbs Territory of Utah, vice James
R. I'ettigrew, deceased, and Fred A.
Bukr, of Keene, N. H.,to be Marshal
of the Unit d (States for the D. strict of
New Hampshire.
BIh Lamar a Iebnnte.
' Washinotok, October 23. Among
the "Cabinet r. aebuds" who will blcs
s m out into Bicietv here this winter.
the mott attractive by fur is Msa Jen
nie Lamar, the 18 year old daughter
of the Hpcntaiy of the Ii.terior. She
is already know n in s ciety, since (he
has been for a year the chief toe al
support of her widower father. Phe
is a tpii al 8outheru b-au'.y. Her
form ie lotnewhat tall, lithe and wil
lowy; her movements particularly
gmce'ul, and her maoijer uaked by
the peculiar Ivgh culture observable
in blue blooded Houthern Indies. Hhe
has an ov.il face, almost perfect io con
tour, olive complexion, a pretty rose
bud mouth and velv. tr brown eyes,
which are wonderfully xprcssive.
As a converser si e his fuw cqua's
here, while in the mutter cf toe al
tact, thosB who have been at her fath
er's receptions say that she is like a
vetoran society worn in. For the tint
time (tince Mr. Lumar dime to
Washington he h i taken a whole
lions and proposes to entertain this
winter ou a scale ou'y below that of
Secretary Whitney. Whether he re
lies only on his daughter ns an a'sist
aut, or whether he expects to have a
wife ct the bead of the bouse noon, is
not known for csitain. Anyhow, he
might well rely on hia lovely daudi
tr, f jr she has all the qualifications
that go to make uo a linilur in cociety.
The Hecretary is raid to be very fond
of Miis Jennie. She generally accom
panies him on his fnqnent horseback
rides, and he never 1 oks so happy as
when she is leaning en his arm. Mr.
Lunar hud seen very little of his
daughter befme List w'nler. When
be was olected to the United Hta'es
Senate he placed her, then a little girl,
under the tare of a rela'ive who kept
a young ladies' seminary at Oxford.
Miss., and there die remained until
ho becaxe a raenibor of President
Cleveland's Cabinet- Kngaged in his
duties and dreim", he tot.k Utile
account if tbe child at home, to
that when she came here Inst win
ter te help her father in his
social duties be was lmmenfoly eur
piised at and prond of her develop
ment into a lovely young woman. It
Is probable that the Secretary would
never have a thought of a tecond mar
rigfl venture, having such a beauti
ful daughter, but for the fact that he
saw the wes not destined to renrtin
with him long. From her first appear
ance here tbe ycung men havo been
elapsing her among angels and other
sujiematural beings, and she has had
bo many puitors that it can hardly bo
in her feminine nature to hold out
much longer. The Secretary rerog
nis.s this fact hence his turning
towards a life paitner.
Iaveallgaflon Ordered.
Washing in, Ooiober 20. Oora
miHiloner Miller has directed an in
vestigation to be nude of the charges
Uiiiinst W. H. S:holldd, ex-Collector
cf Internal Rovenuuof the Klret Penn
sylvania District. The investigation
is with the connent and approval of
Colloit ir Frederick Corker. Lnvylng
political atsesHinonts amounting to 3
por cet.t of thoir ra'aries from the cm
p'oyes i f ihiic snrvice, in violation of
the law, is tho charge.
Rcjtulniloii Motl.llcd.
WAPniNOTON, October 20 The
Commi-i-bnor of Internal It jvenuo has
modified the regulations in re
gard to the oleomargarine law so as to
make them conform to tho opinion of
tbe At'orney General, that the com
ponent purtfi of oh ouiarg rine are sub
ject to tax only when m-do iu imita
tion or sumb anco of butter.
Slnnuiiit to lie Heut lo Fort Vlrkitnu.
Wasiiinuton, October 26 The
BecioUry of War 1 as directed that
Chiof Maligna and the two bucks who
were captured with biin In sent to
Fort Pickeus, Fla , with Qeronimo
and his band, and that the vquaws
and children in Matigus's band be
sent to Fort Marion, Fla.
Sfdonil Comptroller's Knport.
Washinoton, October 20. fecond
Comptroller Maynard baa made bis
annual report to the Secretary of the
Treasury, from which it appears that
during tho fiscal year ended June 30,
188(3, he settled accounts, claims and
rash to the number of G0,fi08, Involv
ing the sum of 225,:il0,310, being an
increase of 30 per cent, over the num
ber of claims and accounts adj'uettd
during the previona lineal year, and
an increase of $105,1-10,102, or over 3
per cent, in the amount of accounts
aud claims adjusted. The larg in
creare in the amount of accouiita ad
justed, he taya, is the leault of an ef
fort to d'Rpoae ( f the untlniMied work
in the adju-tmont of recounts by tho
Dishiue iu Ollleer which had ac
cumulu'ed in previons years, and
mainly those of army paymasters aud
pnnuion agents.
Keport of llio ConimlMlonrr ol
Wabiunoton, Octob t 20.-In his an
noal report to the Scielary of tlie In
tenor the CiinimiBiioner of l'atente,
W. V. Montgomery, tays that tbe
current business of the Patent OUice
ia in much better aud more pr-isper-oua
condition than when Secretary
Itmar a-sumed charge of the depart
ment. At thnt time the business of
ttie cllics was larga'y in arrears, the
averiif e time that an applicant wasro
quired to wait after the lillrg of hia
app'ication before tlie same could bu
re died for examina'ion was live and
a half months, and in some of thn di
visions he ti compelled to wnt from
twelve to thirteen months. This time
Bii'. h div'sions a-oon anavernge about
llirco and une-thtr.l monthsiiiarrrar,
end hut iwa are six months behind.
Thu C 'lnmi-B oin r prvs tho President
ai ted liba-uily with the Patent Ollice
and gave it nil the force
really needed. Ho exnects to
he able to hrn g the work puh t'intial
ly up the data within the next few
months. AUsntioo. is called to the
imperative ned of more roia for
the Patent Ollice. The committee reo
ommer.ds that S' me provision of law
be made for securing from federal
ennrta certified cop es cf decisioi s or
decrees for patentees, and that lawful
amendment be ma-la in the statutes
re'atirg to the data cf patnU, of as
signments and record, and tbe reim
bursement of persors who bave erro
neeis y paid into the Tr-au'y f-es
accruing at the Pa'ent Olliio. Tne
office turned into the Treas-i y doling
the calendar year 1883 NJ f 3700, mak
ing a balance in the Trea-ury on ac
tount of the Patent Ollice fund of very
nearly t.'l.OUO.OOo
I.amnr's Waiarr Latter Indorsed.
WAsniKOTo. O;toter 20. The
Wadiiogton Star gays of S.-cre'ary Li
niir's letter decliuirg to reveke Wag
ner's commbsion: "Could ail the
active partakers in the sectianal war
fare of a quarter of a century ago
pargs their souls of bittrrness ts thor
oughly as Becreta'y Limar appears to
have done, theie would be little to be
gained by the wraDgle which the par
tisan whippersnsppers are trying to
keep op. Lamat s refusal to recom
mend a revokal (f Peneion Agent
Wagner's appointment, mere'y be
cause of that gentleman's extreme
anti Cr nfoderat- (.pinions in 1805, ws
a manly set, and his lett r is a master
piece of henlthy logic aud vigoious
Today's Criiic pdvs: "Secrettry
Lamar in declir inj; to lecrmmnnd a
revocition of the appoBtment of Mj
Wagoer, will be approved by all got d
citizens, without n-giid to party or to
section. It is juut, magnannicus and
patriotic. Coming fn in Lainar, whtse
H.mtheri Bymputiii'S ho never acught
to conceal when tho rinuth stood in
need of his fyni athiof, but
which he has nt-ver permitted to
bii.s Irs olheial fctions, ihi-i res
ponee to the nriii-nt dnrcar.d for re
lonsidorntion of Maj. Wagner's cane
convi-ys a peculiar y impres;ive hsson,
especially t J Southern Lemocr:.ls who
find it so hard to foicct or to forgivo
anyihlcg that in the perilous duys
of rcconstiuction bore tho s ighteat
eemblance to ho-tiLty to their full po
litical rehabilitation."
Justice Field, of the Supreme Court
eaid to Secretary Lamar today: "I
just want to thank you from the bot
tom of my heart for your action ar.d
the eentimtnt vou cxpier-aed iu refer
ence to tbe Wa.s'ni r pen-ion agency
matter. The ar is over, end the
prejudices and pi nions might be
buried and forgotten."
These are not die only Indo semen ts
tho Soeietary 1ms received. Every
bo'ly of any note iu the city baa ni-da
haste te thank him.
Ullirliil Npupcmled hr the I'real.
Washington, Oclobor 20 Th
President diraiteil tho suspontion of
M. E. Benton, United S ates Attor
ney for the Wcftem Dietrict of Mis
souri, and of Wm. A. Stone, United
States Attorney for tho We.Hera Dis
tiict of PeniiHylvania. This a jtion,
in the case of liii-tr ct Attorney B.-in-ton,
wfB bused i iuforoiaiion that he
is now and has been for some time
engnged in addressing political
meetings throiigliDi.t Mitsouri, with
appointments alvenised fir nearly
every evening tip to the time of the
election. The President indorsed tho
paper setting fort i tbe above ptute
meat, ''Let ttiis oHi.er be enspendtd
at once and return it to the Attorney
General for an enforcement of this
order." The suppensinn of District
Attorney Stone was made for eimilar
reasons. Of the sunpnded otHiiern,
Mr. Benton is a Demociat aud St jue a
Ettlinnlrn of Esprnsen.
Wabhinoton, October 2G. All the
annual estimates have bean received
at the Tre-ifury Department except
those for public works, for tbe naval
establishment ami for the pcetal ser
vice. Those a'rrady submitt-d, which
cover all the regular civil expenses of
the government, phow very little
changes in amount from the apprnprl
A'ions for the present year. The
Treasury Depa taioiit will have the
estimates in plmpe for eubinisaion to
the Appiopriation Committee e.t its
mietinir on the 2D;h proximo.
I do not believe thnt
Ayer's Snrsaparillu has
mi cipnil ns a lrincdy
fur Acromions Ilu
mors. H is plcicsioit
to dike, gives ntreii!?tli
and vigor to the body,
mill produces a more
permanent, lasting, re
sult than any medicine
I ever used. K.
Haincs.Xo. Lhidulc,0.
I hnve used Ayer's
Sucnpnrillii.inmy fain
ily, (or .Scrofula, and
know, if it is taken
faithfully, it will
tliiiroiiKhly eradicate
this ten llile dinense.
W- V. Fowler, IU. D.,
Ciivenvllle, Tenn.
For forty years 1
have MitTcrcd with Ery
ultielas. I have lii;d
nil noils ef remedici
for my coinplnint, hut
found no relief until I
co in me need using
Ayer's Sarsaparllla.
After taking ten hot.
ties of this medicine (
am completely cured.
Jlary C Amesbury,
Kockport, Me. ,
I liavn suffered, fof
veins, from Catarrh,
which was so severe
Unit It. destroyed lay
appetite and weakened
my system. After try
ins other remedies,
nud getting no relief,
bewail to tnko Avcr'l
Sarsaparllla, and, in a
few months, was cured,
Susnn J,, t'ook, Wi
Albany nt.. Boston
Highlands, Mu.
Ayer's Snrsnpnrllla
Is superior to any blood
puritier that I' liuva
ever tried. 1 lisva
taken tt for Scrofula,
Cnnker, and iSiilt.
liheiini, and ceived
niiicli heiiedt. from It.
It U good, also, for a
weak stomach. Mllllo
.Innn l'elree. South
ltrndford, Mass.
Canker, and
Can h
cured uy
the blood
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prpard by Dr.J.C. Ayer Co., Lowell, Miua.
1'rlce ! : six botllen, fid.
Non-Kesldent Aotbe.
No. 6.1M-In th I'luinepry Coert of HheltiT
Cnunty, loan. Sarah Minsk v. Samuel
lti'ierin frem Hie Mil whirli U worn
lo in tli is ealhst tho ilrfcmhinl, Siinuel
BUek, l a nen-resiileiit of the tut of Ten.
nrrsno anil thnt hia ilueo of reeidonra la
U ia, thercforn, ordered thnt he make
hia neuesrane herein, at the Courthvase
of Slielliy ctuitty, in Moo'ehia, Tone., on
or I eiere the Srsi Mon.l.ijr in Pciiuilxsr,
ISSit, suit elonJ. nnawor or de ur iii
lluinHnt Mil, or fie fume will be taken lor
eonteasei n to h in ami art for hcurmit ex
parte! anii thnt eoy nl this order he loih
lihhml enr a week l.ir four riieeefaive woeki
in ilia Memvhia Aeixut. Thia plih day of
Oetoher, 1.SSA.
A copy Att :
H. I. WclMlWFLIi. Clerk and Mter.
By T. It. I'n1 Jw.ll, Doruty C. and 11.
J. 8. DuTal, aol. tor cvaaelaiiiaut,
OUTOBEH 27. 1886.
iti f atelotals Cncers
20t Front Sfroet. OppowilffrnMoni Tlonse.
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
S8G-S9S Front St., Meraphla, Tenau
Cotton Factors, Commission Oerchants,
3To. 11C fSantb Main St.. St. Ironls.
Window Shades, Picture Rail Mouldings and lixod Paints.
lr ocers & Cotton Factors.
Hox C3a Bala Street. Uarcso Block.
Corner Adams
niKBLK, We are prepareu totumieD
In every respeot and to dive entire aatisfuction.
We solicit your patronage and request that you call, examine our stock, prices, etc.,
hefore rurfnn."inir eUewherej
y ew u
Nos. 201 end 203 Madison Street, Hemphis, Tenn.
ESY Tnirnonliind Snmplp Onnrmilxi il. Good weights, and remittances promr
l.mBile. All Cotton In.nn-d while in Transit and at (Jin. tmrka furni'hed on an
plicntion. We nwe the ltcni l'nlwKlr"
SDeer s Cotton Gin
Iluling from Mulberry to St. Martin Streets
a?- Insurance and Sachs free.
Tho Largest and only
war Best Yield. Best Sample-
J. H. ntT. W. II. IIORTO. J. W. BAII.ET.
Lata) of I. B. Day A Son: Late of Moaoham
360-362 Front Street Memnhia Tenn.
Quarter or a Century in
Nos. 323 and 324 MAI W ST.. - MEMPHIS, TENN
WMssal Grscers
K. ajawlai.
J.h. B. alllvaaa.
And Car.. ilcSiGti iv'srcii&nts,
232 ami 234 Froai Si, OempUs, fens,
IO. X. . 1AHTIT devoUa hta wH.ile time te the welchiif and sale of Cotte aitrair
t ir !-. P'.ttrn ly,'.''"." Itfc "hlnl.i. tmt
No. 331 Frout Street, Cor. Uuiou, Memphis, Tenn.
and Second Sts.
now worn lromiuieiioesigna on anon nonce.
and nnlond x'1 wn-r-'n cntton. (-live na a trial
C7omplete Gin in tho city.
A Uorton. . Late of Bailey A CoTinito'
the Hardware Business.
lOI'JTH, 1I1J3.
& Coifoss Pastors,
rnoe. rinrk.
m. t. riai k.
Wyiwa &
01 & 60.
Tiekels only $a. atbaire Im firoBwri
Louisiana State Lottery Co.
Wt do kerthy certify thnt wa Mipervua fi.
arranaement or all tht Monthly and Quar
terly Dratcingt of tht Louitmna Lottery
(timyai'V- and im pertun wno,i and tontrtl
the Drawing thentelve; aud tnat the tame art
conducted vtith honetty, fairnett, and in good
faith toirard all partiet, and we awAorue mt 9
Company to ute Mil certiUmte. wilk uc-timiltt
of our tignaturtt attached, in it advtrtin
mentt. We, tht unenigntd, Mankt and B anker t,
mil pay all rntrn drawn wt Tht lowitiani
State Lottenet which may be presented at er
J.H.43l,ESBT,Prea.La. Sat'l Bank.
J.W.KII.BRETII,Prcs.Htntnat'l Bk
A. BAXDWIS, Pram. H. O. Hat. Bk.
Ineorporated la 186 for twenty-five year,
by the bonslature for Bdnoational and
Cnaritable pnrpoaej with a capital of 01
fiO,0()0 to which artaerrefnnd of ovtrlvJi' '
OX' has since been added. M,-
By an orerwhelminir poI)nlftt Toto
franohme was made a part of ihe preaentSti,i
Constitution, adopted December Sd A n
Vie onh Lottery r vtlcd en and endarA
by the people of any State. ttaorni
It never tcaltt or tmm.
flu Grand NlnKle Ni.uii...
an lle plnv moiittil. . .ad ,7.
l,r,ll.,ar, Drawl..,",.;
very Three Month lukiead ul neiuL
iiinuiill.r " hereioi.ire.
a NMWIlin I'P'iKTITiTr
a.kn a i '-mam
iiniiii'iiir i
UIIA WIN(i. CLASS 1., IN TIIK apa ntvf
November U, ISSa-lSthMontUl, h,ll'
100,000 Tlotcelaal Five Dollar &u,k
CraellonH, in riitaai, Iu
1 Capital prine .. ....I 7",0f
1 Capital priae ..... 25,i)oo
1 Capital prize ,. 10, HH)
2 Prites of 8im . 12,(MiO
5 Prkea of '2m 10,(X t
10 Pmeaof (Ml 10,1X8
0 Prizes of 500 Ui,(X0
loo Prisoe of m ai.oto
?.H0 Prizes cf loo .. SO.OCi
Mai Prizea of 50 ....... 25.00
1CO0 Prizes of 6 25,00
Al'fKUAliHAl lUJM I'm ilia.
9 Approximation prizesoi S750 6,7rt
9 Approximation prizes of 500....... 4,510
S Approximation priaes ef 250....... 2,2:9
19C7 Prizes, amonntinf to ......t2i5,50
Application lor rates to einoa snouia ue
aJa only to the office of the Company at
New Orleans.
For further lnformntton write clearly,
Kivin full addreas. PONfAL TltJ, Kx
nresa Monoy Ordors, er New York Exchanii
in ordinary letter. Cnrrenoy by Express (a .
our expense), addressed
New OrlaosuLa.
WaalilnKton I. ..
or at 6 Went t oon tit., Kiempbla, Tea.
Make P. O. Money Orders payable
and addrees Kcgistered Letters U
Ktewr a.rlean. S.n.
Qnestion ia engaging one acricultaral eora
munity. Mesara. K. Q. CRAIG 4 CO., Nos.
87 and 39 Union street, Meaaphls, Tenn.,
daily in receipt of
reports on growth in diversified cropping
corn, oats, wheat, rye, barley, cereals, aad
orchard, herds, clover, tali meadow oat
grass and timothy irai
All our woroout sedge lends may be re
claimed by sowing rye and olover en them in
fall or spring, or sowing cow-peas in May,
June or July, then turn under, and
improve the land.
It. G. CKAIO afe CO.,
Agricultnra Implements and Seed Dealers,
ajS yarn ntnller for ttii Original 83 Shoe
llowrtroof Imitations. - ...
KonoGennino mileau licaiiiiu tbleStnmp.
Had In Button, Conrrf3sn?ifl Lacn. Beat Calf
ril'ttu. Cum fort avd Armcaf
CIU.-C, A iwtalc:irdsnt to
OS win liniiR you inmrmai
ifonliowl-oK' -tthisshoo La
any btiitoorlorrltor.
41 uncom
Uoaum, jiasa,'
;;jJsitcNais. -aiiaia-
rm..- aKnA arnnda hlebnr In the estimation of
Wearert Uian any oiliur la the wori.l. Thou
suIe Uieiu. '
Koch's Fat. Store
Nil FLVIXCJ is adjustable to meet any need
orbusineaa. It ia cheaper than old style. Can
be put up by any one. I'aieqoaled for
Pauirjr anil Book filielv. Addrets
KOCII A. B. CiK, Mfm
841 MAIN KT., PKORIA, I LI,., or.
Mmmnn. Tf aril ware o.. 31. t.onia.Mo.
K falnaWe Patent.
Dairy's (Hone) Corn and Pea Plan,
HAVING perfected my invention, I wish
:o pUoe it balore the poMio, especially
muriulnoturera. As a Corn Plainer, it ia a
pertoet Fiicoess opens the drill, distributed
the seed aoccrataly, nniniured, and eoverd
tbe fame, thereby one nmn performing the
work of three. Tbev bave been nsed in
thia ae-tion for over a doicn years witu per,
feot aatislaction. fan givo roipuiiaibl testi
znoniala. Address
J0IIH 11. DASCT.DanpyrlUe,
WnTwooi ffnnnlv. Tenr-
No. Bl'il, R. I). Chaneery Court of St-elhy
county Ida Stewart va. (iooruia fcan btew
art. BX virtue ot an interlocutory decree for
Snle outcred in th" above oaurfe on the
IHth day of Ucober, 18KG, M. II. M. paxe
4SH, I will sell, at public auction, to the
hiebest bidder, in front 01 the Olerk and
Maaior'i oftioe, courthouse of Shelby ooanty,
Memphis, Tenn., on
Nfltnrilny, Kovenifcer IS, 1SS6,
within leiral boors, the following described
property, aituatcd in the tow of Arlington
(formerly W ithe Depot), hhelby county. Ten
nBaeo to-wit: Dmiiining at a stake 50 foet
from the cantor of llio Lon-aville aod Nah
ville Riilroad, on the aruib aide of auidrail
road nndon the weat aide pl Urenlco a'.reet l
running (hence wilh and rui.rnai snuth
west Si-haina and 91 linUs to a atako on Jack
aon atTi'otj tlcni-a with Jackat n atrpel south
east china and links to a Hake on Jank
aon and Walker "trot's ; thenco with IViilkar
street nnriho.at 8 ciiair.a andl't links to a
atakeon (Ireenlce atreot j thence with (Ireen
loe atrei t norlhweat 3 chains an I 42 linka te
tlie beginning containing i acres, more er
Terms of Sale One-half cash : balance In
twelvemonths; note lic.irina ititereat. with,
npproved seocntv, roguired; lien retained.
This October H,
8. I. M(i DOW KLt, Clerk and Masha
By T. H. Cuidw II, Deputy 0. and M.
Craft i Cooper, Sols, for cosnpl'at.
N fir

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