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MEMXSDAY, t OCT. 27, 188C.
tOR governor,
BOB BUT L. TAYLOR, of WwhintUi
JAMES P II ELAN, or Shtlbr.
k. a. odlum.
Evaiy true and reliable Democrat
in flbelby county will lejoiuo to see
that the parly has awakened to new
life. Inaction has Riven piece (o v'gl
lanes in every civil dittric', end it is
hoped this aroused activ ty will grow
until it becomes iireeiulibleon tLodny
of the election. The Democracy ol
Khelby seem to have reserved their
labjra fur tie la t week of the tlec
tior, and on Monday and yes'eniay
there w-s an advance all alone the
line. The work uf the pact two days
indica'oi that on Tuesday next tlio
Kiorions vic'ory of August will be re
peated, ard show to the world that
this county and this ConRiOBdonai
DiUrict heve been forover redteine'l,
regcneroUd and disenthralled from
BepublicRn ni If rule. On victory
ehculd be the battle cry until the
polls clo?a on Tuesday next. Demo
crat of Shelby, ol tVo Tenth Con
grotoloi al Dietrlct, you never had
greater incentive to duty thnu in this
eanvKBP. The bantu are of vital ini
poitanre. Du Tocqueviile in his book
on Amer'ca ssjs: "The natiou will be
divided between two opinions the one
tendiig to limit, the other to extend in
definitely the piwor of the people."
This la the distinctive dividing lino be.
two en Tt( publicum and Democrats,
The Republicans by tholr hatred rf
foreigners, their prohibitory leaning,
their tendency to centralization and
monopolies, feek to abridge I ho lights
and liberties of the people. The Dcm
crate, on the ether hand, by their
humanity, their love of civil, religions
and personal liberty, their desire for
local nt If government, tho'r advoi aey
of equal rights for all, exclusive privi
leges to none, show that their aim is to
perpetuate a government ruled by the
people for the benefit of the popular
masse instead of the favored few.
The Dcniccretic party ia the people's
party, and in all tilings, nalinnul,
State and ronpty polities, oympathines
with the monies. This Congressional
District is essentially Democratic, and
there is no exi use for disafluction, as
onr own candidates are as pure in in
tegrity as the principles they rep
resent. Bob Taylor, the Dem
ocratic nominee for Governor, has
made a brilliant canvass. lie has
had ro fact'ons to concilia'e, nore to
canqtior. Under his leadership the
party presents an unbroken fioi.t.
He has diflcusiul the issues ably, and
to the surprise of these who did net
know him, in a Bln'esmmiliko man
ner. There is no doubt es to his elec
tion. The qneitiou is simply as to Ids
majority, and the best informed Dem
ocrats place it at 40,(00. In
this Congressional Dinlriot James
rhehm has mtule a bright
record, earned the honors he
Berks hy bravely bit' tl ing for his
p.rty. Do'roc:atB, it oniy n inniiis
for ui to stand phcu'der to hlio iltler to
aernio htj triumphant a uction. The
D.uicciaMc ticket fi.r the legislature
ia compost l i f e'ean, honest and enpa
' ble men. They repteaeut alt the va
ried iittreuti of the comity,
and it would be impo.iuible
to edict a bolter or mcTii
uccrplable ticket. With stU'h a ticket
roprcsr.tiiin Biicli a party, a glorious
victory will be achieved on Tuesday if
Democratic voti rs will do their duly.
This they will di', judging from the
indentions as developed dining the
pu t two Cays. Dtmoeraip, lot us
mhreh riuht on to victory the huud
w riling to tn tho wail, and it reads
Bob Taylor and 1'ielnn have cariied
the Tenth Congressional D'stricl, and
thai Lynn, Montcdoniro, Ilttrrel',
Davis, Allan, CUpp and OJliim hnve
bun ehctcd by overwhelming ma
in: iths,
M NHIHMI-l'l 'l.4Itl. 1A1K.
H Mr, IViwdtiily's vmfortu'iHte ex
pM:B or, that "U'o ( o'ore.l people are
inrmt ing ia i umber and innoiainw,''
ri(jni:edr,i'ii! t on, it w. i.l.lbo amply
f upitiied by the coh red fair held im-i-.r.a'dy
in tho Suu'h. Hud Mr. Pow
d.riy b;eu told in his yoii'h that h
would live (o Bee I ho time when tie
nvici b of ,li i Smith w .uUl ho'.d their
own mu.u.l f.iiin, would ho havo bf
leve tt ix el U'tneiit? 'J ho fact that
. tie b : hi lived U a i triking and, look
it'g ba k tw.M.ty-fiva yi arp, en uh-
touir.iini: iiOLiiil i f hie i ta oinent. We
Lkvo b ?cro in a iJiiitly piinled
pamphlet of eixt'i n peg'-1, untitled
Kcntd Mnntiaf Fair of tlie Colored Sia'e
J'.iir Artucia'.itm of Mimmippi. A lie! ( f
olh i'e-16 is f. lhiwed by t: o r :lej uf t'le
fair, tht n t.-ll iw.i eilit peg. u detail
nig ni:i p'ein uin", ana a page ana a
hilf o t.tieg t.) triitla of l oiss eieed
vn i 31 miii my driila and tho til ing
t Uiuami lit. iNot milidl "n ere; si iu
ig?.oi - uco'' i:i i hie. Tlie fair is he'dat
Vic-fba-.g, a. id o; e .9 November 10th
The c loied p.opio cf Arkau
ens viil hold their fiir it
Pine Ulnfl. LouMann, Nurth end
South C. rolica an ! the Di triit
of Colombia iavo hell coio eJ faire,
and their u'Ciees is leading to tho
consideration of extending them to
othor States. Their advantage to our
colored population in iaeetimable.
They are encouraged to effort by
prises for noediework; farm, garden
and dairy products; jtllies and pre
Btrvcs; swine, sheep, goals and poul
try; hordes and cattle; for articles of
farm manipulation, Bach ai tin best
bale r,f hay ; for p!a;!B,drawing?, paint
ings, lian 1 writing, music, tic. Is all
thiaas'gn of "increasicg ignorance ?"
Better, perhaps, than all, the men and
woui"n are brought together under
cireumBlances that induce them to
diecusB the objects before tbem, and
thoy thus practically icaliza the.t tboee
who have learned most are most suc
cessful, thus comprehending the
necessity and value of education.
That such fairs have a most valuable
result is evident, ard those who go to
Vickeburg to a' tend the colored fair
will not only be gratified by seeing to
wh8tonr celcred citizens bave already
attained, but by obtaining an insight
into their capacity and characttr from
an entirely new point of view. The
New Orlerna Timet, in dilating
upon throe colored annual fair, rays:
"These expositions have been of de
cided advancement to the negro in
jutt that direction wherein ho needs
aid and education. The.e Ib no better
opportunity for the negroes to obtain
information and knowledge than ex
pisiiiinsof this kind, wh'ch arouse
rare pride and etcourcgo neweuorts.
Eieh aaccecBive exposition bai shoivn
as improvement in the chaact'jr of
the exhibits and increased interest
among the colored psoplo. We expect
to see colored fjirj held next year in
every Southern titate."
Ths nngrsei in tho mats) show
their ingra'.ltude by taking a mali
cijus delight in hnrling themselves
in every election egVuial tho whites,
who pay nearly all the taxes levied
and collected fr tho education
of negro children. In Georgia the
total property of the (Hate is returned
for taxes at over $300,000,000, of which
the colored people return in round
umbers about $8,000,009. In tho
difliributjnn of the tax for tchojl piu
poses, there in practically no differ
ence made between the white and
coleri'd children. Inc'uJiau the StaU
and lociil school systems and poll
taxes- nearly $700,000 is appropriated
for educational purposes, of which
nearly one-half goes t3 the education
of tke colored raco. It is just so in
all the Southern States. Here iu
8heiby county the colored children
have an equal chance for
eiJu.at'ea with white children.
They have primary, intermediate,
grammar and high echco's, the came
that the whites havo. The books of
the Tax Afseeeorand the Tax Collector
show tli at mowt of the taxes levied are
paid by the white). The negroes fi.il
the public schools with their children
to educate them at the expense of the
whites, but when the day of election
arrirea they firet ascortain how the
whites who pay the taxes that cducata
their children vole, eo that they can
cast n solid colored vote egainst them.
When a lying Northern Republican
emissary comes South the negroes
take him into their public schools and
"point with pride" tp their educational
facilities, and in the same breath fur
nish slanders against the whites whom
money odiicat-.s their children and
builds the sehoolhouso', the facilities
t which they "print with pride."
While the Repnb'ican party was
in pewer in the Southern State3
it tid nettling for the educa
tion of Ih'J whites or blocks,
but iu Tonne sice it stole) the
Bchool fund. Tho DeiiKeitttie whiles
of the South emerged from the dovai
Uti m of war and reconstruction with
a legacy of nearly $300,000,0110 piled
npou them by Kepublleou thieves.
Ho Boon as the Deturcratio whites were
given home rule they commencod
tixing theniBelvtM to educate the
childreu, whit', s and blacks alike.
What a cont act between onr school
syntum now and what it was under
Republican rule while the whites
were dinfranuhisod. The history of
the world does not furnish a grander
spec'a.'lo than that of the white peo
ple of the H.iuth tax'ng tbeuuelves
to eUicato colored children, when
the fathers of these children at every
elei'tion take a nialiiiom ploueuro in
voting asaiut the white taxpayer.
This ingratitude is attributable to ig
nirauco. But the negro is learning,
and ho begins tj see thit it is to his
interest to vote with the whites who
eJ urate his children. In the approach
iug election m iny will, It is hoped,
njienly vjte wilh tho Democrats, ai
t.iey did iu the Auirust election.
ThiB gt4itlman, who represents the
Fourth Mi:s'es!ppi Dis'rict iu the Con
greB uf the Unitiid Mates, has been in
Memphis fur tho pt,t two days rest
ing after milking a vigorous ranvnm in
his district, coxp sed of thirteen
etinnties. So gre.tt ii the prtpularhy
of Mr. Barry that he wa renominated
by l.i own party without opposition,
r.ud he I at made tlie canvass without
any opj ,iition from the Bepubiicaa
pu'ty. His unanimous electiou to
Conreen means tbut his constituents
lave frith in him becauee ho
has served them usefully and f.iith-
tuily. Iu Mr. Barry the peo
ple i f tlio Fourth Mies!s;ippi Con-g-ittVaiul
District Lava a ttrong,
wis", ii lluentiivl KeprcarnUtive, aid
they unght to hi- giad to have him at
Wavhir.gtou as lorg re le desires tit
reiiu.in there, lie ranks high ia C n
gre for intelUrt mid inlivri y of
chaia ter. He hua regleet d iu iu
toreet, and by the clo-o of )i:j next
t r,u l.d will untie a treined ami
valnabii- Ugielat ir. Ho is a li wyer of
great ability, one oi the mo-u c!o
nuent ep ok-us ol the St ,t-, and, hav
ing all tiiB elemeviii ot popu a'ity, he
has a brilliant future before h iu."
To Ascertain the Deposition of Chris
tendom Toward Avrrclng on a
Basis for (hrlstiaa Unity.
Chicaoo, III., Oc'ober 2G. There
wasarae gor attendance cf depntie",
this forenoon, at the eeraioa i i the
General Conventinn of the Kpicopal
Conference. Tno Rsv. Dr. Goodwin,
from the Committee on Canons, pre
sented a report relative to the minute
from the Congressional Conven'ion to
present a memorial to Congress on the
tubjfct ol making uniform laws re
specting ma-rUge and divorce. The
committee reported that the qnestion
was one belonging proporly to the
Comnaitt-e on the Btate ol the Church.
It was so referred. A Lumber cf
mesaagcs from the House of Hiahops,
exprewing aprroval cf the proposed
amendment ot certain canons, wers
concurred in. President D x pre
sented a report from the joint com
mittee appointed t recommend a
plan for tno proper obte'vance of the
Centennhl period, It r.:c ttumended
the observance of c?r:ain days
in the Centennial year. The re
tort went or. the calendar
The resolution if tho IIoubo of
Bishops, naming Wedrojd:iy as the
day of adjournment, was ni;i con
curred in, and a joint committee of
conference was opp unfed to consult
the Bishops and eli oi.'e npon a da" of
adjournment. It was urgsd that the
convention s'-ould cornp'ete the work
of liturgical ra"idon and the cinnn
on ria'riagi and divo-ce b' fue ad
journing, ami a'so two important re
ports on Christian unity. The
deputies then renewed the considera
tion f the amendment and changes
in the Book nf Commin Prayer.
Considerable debate wns created by
a propeeal to coftcnr with the House
of B;shopf, inpcting a form in the
order of the conl'umntion reported in
tho book of nctitlcalion for present
ing the cardidato to the Bishop. Us
advocates c'aimed it would enhance
the Bonie of reBnorBibility ef those
affected, and uplift the ceremony.
Tboee who opposed the insertion
prnnouncod a travesty. The ho.iee
did tot enncur, the proposition failing
to carry by a non concunencu of the
order. The work of revi ion wns
timprrily STspndeHo pass as? its
of resolution's directing the appoint
ment of a spnriitl committee cf five
from the order to open a curespond
erica with other Chris'iau bidies for
the purpose nf ascertaining
the disposition rf Christendom
toward egreeiig unon a common
basis of Christian unity. To the com
mirsion were r.'i'errod a'l memHms on
the Bubject of that pa t of tho Prayer
Book levisinn which ran bo made im
msdiafely effective, and some p'Ogrfss
WB mxilo with the alteiations,
which will require action by the next
convention. It was about U o'clock
p.m. when the deputies relinquished
their tk till tomnr ow. Bv ao i.m
of the Honse of Biehops this after
noon, eubeequently concurred In by
the depu'iee, the convention will end
n the afternoon of Thursday, Oo'o
bsi 28tb. The closing services will
take place in the Central Mubio Hall.
The French lel-tnlr Nevliia; Ihe
NlKhlK of the HI elropolU.
Naw York, October 28. The French
delegate! to the Bartholdi dedication
were escorted todav to Inppect the
Brooklyn bridge. From there they
were driven ti various p Intfl of in
torett in the city by the member of
the American committee. Prince
Louis Napoleon and the Chevalier
Michaelis vsitd the Battery and
Castle Garden todav. None of tho
Frerr.h delegates havs called npon
the Prince vet. Official y they are
not suposed to know that he is in
the city, as he is under an assumed
The I'rcnlilrullnl I'arly.
Washington, October 26. The
Presiilen ial party to Tieit New Yo.'k
to a-8; t in the inauguration of the
B.iithnldi etitue will cmisint ef seven
pnrsnns, es follows: The Presiden',
ihe yeorotary of H Oe. the Nonrotary ol
War, the Scretarvof ilie Navy, the
tierretarv of the Interior, the Pos'
master Gwnrral and the Presidtt'a
priva'e eecr. t.iry. Tlwy will leave
Wethington at 3:50 o'clock Welns
day a'ternoon, ad ixpi-ct ti return
hero by midnight of Thursday,
Mmlm 1 the ConrthOHfte I.nnt
Mljht The lliiniumi TrnnSHPtvU.
A meeting of the Phelan Shelby
Couit y Democratic Club was held
laet n'ght at tho Conr liousi-, PiBBi
dnt fc L. Wnodsnn in th chair. In
the abRenc of Secre-t iry Higgins, Mr.
John M. Bradley was unaniraonsly
elecied eerretaiy. The chairinau re
ported tlint all the Phebin Club list
had been returned, with the excep
tion of a few in ounty d striata and
in one or two city wards. Thore were
at res-nt enrolled in the club the
names of 2000 acive workers who
could be depended i n to put, their
shoulders to the wheel on election
'the following gentlemen were ap
point' d a committee to confer with
Chief Supervi r Fentress tn to the
nppointmont of Supervisors of E'ec
tion for ti e different pri encs in the
rity and county: V. W. McDowell,
W. D. Cannon, jr Hirvry Miithes,
T. 11. Btvce and K. T. Edm mdsin.
After listening to riniting 8puerlies
by Mesers. F. T. Klmondeon and Bar
tow the n e tnii mlj inmed till Haiur
i'ay evenin,;, Outohar 30lh,at8 o'clock
The Women of Ihe Konlti.
To the Editortvl tbs A.el:
Ycur editoii d i n "Ob, How Shift
lees," in this nion ing's ir-sne, wss a
wi 11 timed, no', lo defense cf Southern
pluck, patience and persevoranie
the three p's that have made her what
Blie is no thanks to Northern capital,
and certainly none to their eyn pathy
and magnanimity. For in every in
stance we, the Southeru women, are
Bubj"! ts of grossest niisstfttenients anil
mom ill in.tuied j etj. As pictured by
the Northern p es, we aro crea'nres,
hind y w mien, wl o live in a "d.ilct
f ir i ieude" condition, in hammorkc,
rocking chtitra, ahtais unndy, uu
w manly, lo;ng iiotniiig, hut be ng
eiily, L.xy and always im
p n ti al, wsiig ewry "preci-us
ii niii' iii aoil re io, siin.it v that ti J
ha given nn, wiBtmg e,ur lusbai d'
menus, c'ogging tii umbi ion, niti.ing
onr children hyafoolnh syntein ot
(letting and pampeiing nHer by any
uioniiB e tailing to that h'ginet,
sweet st ile-tini a tiun wife, a goo 1
mother. We are nunc fit, accoru-
ing to their idea', S3 exprepsed,
for an Oriental harem than
for the dignity cf daughters, wivee,
motbeis of the Southern cation. Oar
Northern siatera may ba more
"thrifty" ("a term they eo love to ose).
their hand' my be roughened by toil
and care (and 1 can bear witness to
tha 'sine of many of cur lovely wom
en), but is not the'T sense r,f coaTt'sv,
justice a-'d good nature a little
lengthened, too? Why they (the
North) should be continually
doing thh is to me a
s' range prob'em. The mighty ehonld
always be the grtieet to the misfor
tunes of the week . But that they do ne t
do bo is a notable fact. There is scarcely
an article written of the South that do; s
with ns (the women) in a truthful,
much less impaitial, manner. Silence
's golden in many irstances, but the
"Silent South" should wake np now
and refute the slanders (as you have
o bravely and calmly done this morn
ing) that are continually beingthrown
a?ainrt the land we all love so well.
Yours truly, l. b h.
The Try Poor Hreilvg field at Ex
pokltlon Hull Lant 1'ltfht.
Thirty four men, seven of whom
wero wtiite, aeseiiib'ed at Exposition
Hall lastidght to hear the Hon. W.
K. Moore resj.and to ti e invitation'to
diecus3 the larifl". 'J ho f igners of the
pet tion were conspicuous by their
ab ear e. He Eent n let er wh'ch ws
read by Judge 1 V. Brow. , defining
his view?. Speeches were alpo mndo
by Jm'ge Brown, G n. W. J. Smith,
and alabor:ng man ur med Pickering,
who announced th t i'COO whi e labor
ing men of .Viompi ia would vote tl-e
Republican t ek a', tt-e coming elec
tion. Mr. Picerin? also advised the
cdored mou to tesert their rights, to
shake iff the'r na ural t'midi.y, an !
RBuured them they would ba protected
iueodo'ngby wirte men. This a
Burattce saemed to ;npire the few coi
ored men with rullicie' t ene;gy to re
ward the sneaker with a round of
applause. Mr. M. VV. Farell, a white
man, an employe ot the United Slates
engineer C' rp?, rccupied a front Beat,
and ojcaeionally interrupted the
ipeakerswtth eu.:geitiors of his own.
Amoi g ether thii gs he BUi!ftt)ftDd w s
this: Mr. Pickerinir, while advieicg
lus colored friends to cast off their
timidity, said, "Gj and cast your
votes boldly, and - and " Hers ho
hiei;ated and Farrell eu.gested,
"Keep your eye on tha guns."
"YeV sj'd Piikmijg, "keep your eye
on the guns."
There was more of that rort cf
advice offered deri-g the couree ef
the meeting, end ii vtai received in a
spiiit tht may h e"d m selref.
Of hirl'ion t'rri Ives a Irllrr anil
Coolribmiiiu from the
Chaeleston, 8. C, October 26.
President Cleveland has sent $10 to
the; pastor rf the Emanuel African
M ithodifit Episcopal Charch with the
following letter:
WAsniNiiTos, October 9,1880.
Hev. L. Kuflia Nichols:
My Dxab Sib I have read your let
ter Bilking for pecuniary ail in
repairing tue Em inui l African Meth
dist Episcopal Church which was
seriously damaged by 'the recent
arthqu-Ae. I a n very glai !o con
tribu e 'something for bo worthy a
cause, and though the eum is not
large it is accompanied by the wish
that tlnouuh the kindiiesj of those
who appreciate the value of such in
strnuieniali y for good your church
may soon re -ume its career of useful
ness, YoiiW, vmy trrtty,
Fnneral or the I.nivKlnte Treasurer
Ibpsoiai. to Tn APriAL.I
Nashvillb, Tbs.v., October 26 The
fueral xervicei ot Maj. James W.
Ttioma, let t-tatoTieanrerjWere hBld
at the WeitEnd Oourcb to isy. The
church m crowd.nl, end beautiful
floral offerioirs ccvo-ed the coffin end
aitar. One of the lunceat tMiusuf cr
ringee ever seen in Na-hville followed
the corjsj to the grave. The nail
bearers wsre Gov. Bitf, Capt. P.P.
Pickard, Dr. W ,T. McM array, D. O.
Scales and R. W. Ciintreil. Besolu
tinns wete dubhiI bv the Merchaiits
Exchange and th ' ex Con'cderates eif
the Twe ntieth l 'line's Riaiment.
All oftiiKS at; tL.i Canitnl Bulldinir
wore closed and the htate il'g ba-i
hung at half most since the Treas
urer's death.
Mr. SrcoKTON's new novel, "The
Hundred h Mw," will beb gon lathe
November Ctntury.
Fowd & Howabii will publish rext
Saturday The Volcano Vtuier the City,
hy a vo unteer ep ciul. It is eaid to
be a very clever production.
Tub first public rdsult of the rfopnt
Invcstiga'iuns ef the American, G o.
Keunan, in'o theSyberian Exile iSve,
tirn will be publiBlied in The Century
for November, und r the head of "A
Siberian Tragedy."
Tub Interatete Puhlishirg Compa
ny, though but recently established,
is doing a muob needed and important
work in an educa'ional clireition. In
addition to its recent pub ications tn
the wy of handbooks in science, 1 te
rature and art, the regular month y
issue of a eeiiei cf supplemen ari'
readeri has bt en commenced, graded
so ai to n.ett the needs of the differ
ent classes in our public schools.
Dk. Chablks Wai nsTms, the young
American woo is si pieseiu tlie ilirec
'or of the F'tx-Wilham Mu-i-u n in
Oiimbrh'g-', Erg and a lecturer
in tlie i niversuy, hi s on impnrt-n
cintribu i n in tt e f inhcoming No
ve:nter Century, in which he i'es r nei
ti o Temple i f Diana ut the Ephf.'B'is
and iilentitlfS a iccenily iluo ve ed
aucieot s Iver p'als i s the wort of tho
JEphe-Hiau s lversmiil s, wh Bit indas
iry is cits :ribd i i tlie Acts of the
Fatal Kallrnnil Arrlil.'UI.
Mri.WAi'KKit, Wis., Oo o .i r 20.-By
a cod don tliH nfterno-u i,t
Pine Blnil', betwevii a wi'd tmia
end a patseng-'r train wheh wbb
duo here at 4 o'ekclt, one man
wi killed, two ctt)i r.i f dally inju'od
and three others B:'te y hurt. Both
engiiKB were wrek"d and the mail
car was bnrued. B .tli engines were
g ling at the rate of t,venty five miles
nu hour.
A Sliamvtiip Willi llprrliiPrnUnac
ompar uu niK.
GiLTiisMN, Tt,0 tober 2t!. Tho
et nun r Rowora, widih has been
tl ltd with refrigendi g c.mpirt
ments by the Ang o-Ame ican Fresh
Moit CmipHny, of Lno oi, has r
lived be e, to ttkn fie fl tt cars-oof
fresli be f to L 'nih il from uny Trias
pert. H ie will entry KiO tons on her
iuit al trip. If tho v ntnre pioves a
Bucotss h-. R iw ca w ill matte reuulnr
trip?, and other Vi s e's will be built.
OCTOBER 27, 186
What It Will Do to Irreae the
Trade and Mannfuctures of
the Latter Place.
Here in Memphis, as well as in
Chattancoga, as the Timet tells ns,
there has heen for montha pait Bome
Ulk about fie probable exiension of
the lines of the Memphis and Charles
ton rsilioad from Stevenson to Chat
tanooga. It hss been aa open recret
tbat ihe oflieers of the roid strongly
favored the building of the line, and
have made several surveys and en
tered into mndry negotiations for
rights of way, and bave been investi
gating the mott favorable locations at
which the river cm be crcs33d at or
near Chattancoga. The rou'e which
b; ems to be meet popular with the
raiirafld men parses through Jasper,
Tenn, and follows the course of the
river op and through the 'Suck," and
from thence over the Chattanooga
We iter o right of way to a gap in
Stringer's Ridge, just opposite the
Ruins ironwo-ks, where a splendid
approach ib offered for a bridg ). The
bridge will, on the east side ot the
river, havo its approach abont
Gille?pie etreet, about 200 yards
west of H. Clay Evans's resi
dence. Frum the bridge it ia
contemplated 1 1 usa the Belt railroid.
The annual meeting of the stockhold
ers in to be held at Iluntsvilie, Ala.,
( n November lltb ; and it is s'attd on
reliable information that Pieiidt-iit
Thomrs on the part of the Board of
Din ctors will report favorably upon
undertjking the work at once. It is
fur her s.-id that bo sure are the c ul
cers of the read that the extension
will be atoace ordered that they hnve
already arranged ti p'ace the cecee
enry amount of bonds to do the woik.
The extensive Impiovemestj to ba
luado at Sonth P.ttsburg, the erection
of several furnaces in me tequatchje
valley and the pr.spects cf heavy
buuoe:-B torn innumerab eco.il mines
almost penetrated by the proposed
line it is said ercourages the building
of the road. From thosi who have
inveetiiia'i'd the mutter we learn that
the bui ding of this road will tet at
rest al! d uotsaito the superior ad
vantages ef Chattanooga as a point of
nianufai ture, for it will eolva the coke
and coal problem by giving the city as
cheap fuel as can be found in the
United State'. Atoiher great advan
tage to ba secured by tlm x ensioti of
the railroad will be a btide aero s the
Tennessee river. By a small expendi
ture on the part of tha county
a carriage and footway can be
added to the bridge, and it will be ad
mirably lotated if put nt the foot of
Gillespie etreet in the Roane Iron
Company addition. A jroniicoot
bridge builder was in the city Situr
day, and said he made a careful esli
innti ef the coct of the bridge, bur. he
did not Fay for whom be did so. It is
well known tbat toe Grand Bend U nl
Estate Company have proposed to do
nate the right ef way to the Memphis
end Charleston rtdlc.ad through their
1000 acres, and have also ex
pressed a willim?noF8 to help defray
the expenso of building on the bridgn
a carriage and foot way, There hes
been recently pome heavy tran?act:ons
in the stock of the Grand Bend Real
Eitato Company, atd it ie sarmi-ed
t ti at some one is in a position to know
that the property ia Boon tj enjoy a
Jay Gould UoIi-k to Chattanooga.
Chattanooga 1'imes: A report has
reached the city, nod fiom vnry reli
able souices, tht.t Jay Gould, who
spent several days in Memphis last
week, has rllioially announced the
feet that he would nt once build a liuo
from come point cn the Iron Moun
tain road to Hiekm-in, Ky., where it
will connect with the Nadivilie, Chat
tanooga and St. Lmii railway, where
by tho great Gou d syttem wi 1 secure
a direct outlet to the South and South
eatt Mr. Gould hai felt the neces
sity of such an outlet for long tirne,
end eep cially eince the Kansas City,
Fort Sco t aiid Gulf ratbotd invaded
lis territory, and by means cf a
shorter r.iute canturod a great deal of
bukine-s from the t-outuwett which
I ad hiiheito beu mo opnl zed by the
Gould linns. By the building oi the pio
poced liue he could o iviute the neces
sity of tmnofer of t e fr. ight now
being made at C. lumtu, Ky ,
ti Union Coy Xver the Mo
bile and Ohio railroad. Presi
dent and General Manager
Thomas, of the Nairjvil'e and Chatta
nooga railway, wa? teleg apbedforaiid
went to MemphiB, wnere he had a
long cunferenco with the gree t railroad
msgnnte. He infomed Mhj Thrm'S
that he pro(.oed bui ding a doe f o h
Coarle-iton, Mo.,oo the Iron Mnun'a n
line, to Hickman, to connect the two
eyetemoif ttie neccsscry arrangements
could ba miide. The matter was held
under dviienient by President
Thomas for two day?, when he in
formed Mr. Gould that the Nashville
and Chattanor-gft would be g'ad to
efllliate w th the Gould system, and
toe deal wes at once comploted. The
ei s'ance fro.-n Hickman to Charleston
is abont fifty miles, and it is e.tid the
l ne will be completed by June. The
building of the link will give the
N.shville Bnd Chattanooga road a flue
and direct rcate to Kansas City.
The I.ltlle J. Kntlroatl.
Jackson, Miss , Ocobr 20. O.ting
to the iaia last i.igtit thero was a
email attendance at t he meeting called
to ooi. aider the euhBctiption by the
city t) the "Little J." railroad. A
pet tinn is boing circulated tor aig
n itun s, Bbking the Mayor end Board
of Aid- rmen to hold an election at an
i aily d y for a Biib.ieript on by tho
v ty of $100,000 to Cipi'al stock of ea d
r. a I in twenty years 7 prr cent.
1)01 els.
To lirrltle the AitltiMle of ih(.'it!:
olio Ihurch Toward the K. of 1..
BAi.Ti.Monn, Mn.,t) itober 20. Areh
bishopi l eland, F.o'cher, Wi'iliao B,
Kennck and Kysn, arrived in this
city to day. They are hero ftr tho
purpose of tioldirg a con
ference with Unrdinal Gib
bons. It is understood that
they will meet tomorrow to de'e-mine
tho" attitude of tho Cutbo'io Church
toward iho Knights cf Labor as an or
gan z'tion. Tt er.auitof their delib
eration will bo made public by mears
of a riicn ar addr. s-ed to the clergy.
IV o lluo tor Npronlo.
Ottawa, Ont., O-tober 20. Tho
Mii H'er of Jus ice holds out no lnpo
fnr Sproul:', ihs A ne hian r. til m U '
der Honti'iioo ot death a. Victoria, B.
C, whose reprive exp r-s on the i9:ri
instant. Tlie .Minister flvs that the e
are no migittlng riroutisiarccs con-n-e'ed
w to the ctse and the govern
me t cnut o', eommut t the ecrtenc.
S(roula will i!oubilo9 bang on Friday
ComuilKcca Appointed to Super l
the "French Market."
It is the purpose of the managers ef
tbe Women's Exchange, assisted by
their friends, to hold a "French Mar
ket" at their roomi, beg'nn'og Tues
day, November 2d. The visitor will
there find etalls fi led with all
kinds of articles, b th useful and or
namenUl, that are u Uilly fannd in a
Frerct market. These ttal's will be
presided over by some of our mott ele
gant matt or s, f.ue's'ed by cherming
ma dt-cB. The housekeeper can there
find everythiEg necessary f rthe n.ost
elabnate dinner, 4rorn a well drested
turkey or floe roast of beef, to a pot of
golden butter, or delicate paBtry.
At a meeting held yeterday morn
irg a'.'3"6 Second street, the fullowing
ladies weie appointed:
Stall No. 1, Bakery. Mrs. S. Mans
field, chairman ; Mis. M-ttbes, Mrs. Z.
N. Estes, Mrs. Hugh Martin, Mitees
Carrie Grrsvenor, Corinue Mjnsfi.dd,
Annie Msr.tfldd, Mamie -Savrgp,
Coidele Mathee, Virnio Cash, Bowena
Heifkell, Addie May Gale.
Stall No. 2, Heats and Vegetables.
Mis. Hailie Simisoo, cl-.airmaa; Mrs.
M. T. Williamson, Mrs J. O. M:
Davi t, M:s. T. J. Latham, Mr?. II. S.
Kirp, Mips Helou Kmat.
Stall II, Groceries. M". E. S. Ham
mond, chairmau j Mis. Henry Martin,
Mis. Hoskius and o'hers.
&tu(i4, Dairy. Mn. Pnipps Miller,
chairman; Mre. F. T. Auderuon,
Mrs. Nick Williams, Miss Madge
B-nce, Miss Ida Bmce.
Stall 5, Paper. Mre. F. M. Nebon,
chairman; Mis Sam Watson, Mrs
Lipscomb, Mrs. B. D. Frsjser, Mrs.
Fred Fowler, Mn. Jick Doylo, Misset
Dav, Mmiry, Posto-i and Adams.
Stall (i, Fruits and Flowers. Mr?. J.
W. Fads, chairrn in ; M s J. B h-nery,
Mn, Sa-n" McO lum, Mr,!. Maclaren,
Mrs Aleton, Mw. R. F. Patterson,
Mis. Hiwolls, Miss-is Mionie Lee
Flle, C ara D inn, Bessie ML04n.
Stall 7 (Refreshments), French Co fee
and Huns. tars. Nep Fails, ca. rmao;
Mrs. K. E. Vance, Mre. T. J. Uan-hai,
Mr. M. L. Selden, Mis. J. H. Phehi;,
Mrs. Scarbrongh.
Stail 8, A't Department. -Mr.. W.
VI. Seward, tt;:-.ir.t an ; Mn R. C. Mc
Lean, Mre. B B -bb, Mrs. W. VV. Tay
lor, Miss Pearl Neely, MisiEva Light
bum. Reception Committee. Mrs. M. C.
Gillaway, chairman; Mre. S.Watson,
Mr3. Joe Bmce, Mr?. Phoeba Es
monds, Mrs. C. W. Frayser, Mrs. T.
J. Latham, Mn. Angns Camnbell,
Mrs. A. C. Knowlton, Mis. Iiabel
JFwe Furnishing Committee. Mr. J.
O. Johnson, Mrs. E. S. Hammond,
Mrs. B. F. Hall'r.
Absolutely Pure.
This powder rnvnr var'ei. A mirvel or
purity, utriitidth and whoioomon8. More
coonomioal than tho orii'tiiiry ktnits, and
cannot bo Bold in couipoiitiun iih the mul
titude of lour tost, abort weight alum or
BttOPphnte pnwilom. Hol.D only in CAMS
H i Wall ttreet. Now loik.
xiie a McCarthy, Pnipr's,
U'JIM Front, lleitiphts.
.'-iNS CtflSlJt UftKOHST 2011. BB til'.ObH
( ) la titalii, n,l tre obit nomi'
&ittard Est.n lien Wovki ia theolij,
JtiuKKssH'Ctrs'T cf fcenvr plt trau
mnrUt ot tj- ctwrli'llo-. Siott
ftllAil'An rl"w -i'nn'.iri Wfrle
bans, Aniniuuitton, FfshlDic TacS'e
and Npnrtumeiih' Snptilles.
Hi Sl Slrvtt, IW eiiililii, I tiua
Mnuii:tPirff nd Hepftirir-n , Onnf
pijt'i:. l.nryesl Stork. Trout Hynrrroont.
mHHTVX' 'on.H K IA9. i U
J l.K-J.,:tr,lfl'b St., Wuhinf inn, U,C,
opens Ootiler IMh. ProT'd a rracfmlly
ujeful bu-intte o I jonUon. 'jl'nr.n: Lileiehnl
nriihip, $10 Brritinir, ttationory, etc,
tw li e week' c- umo, J S. i vr i-ircular ttieo)
adurea Martyn' Commrri-il Co'lop-e.
DVKK' j Ttl.AKrt KUMIl
r. -.-"sev. c. -v ecT-nt
bituartacaa - -
iff! i
To PlMolve ropwrtqffrahlp.
C-r Our entire atuck hae to be fold by Jnn
uary 1, Wl, tn liitanlve Copartnership
our cotnpany retiring,
9 We of.nr our iiuoioLte stock Reunrd-
stnn a;iiNi.
Oood Fnlt Hate P0
Kino Kulc lints, New Mtinpe , worth $1.25, 7 )0
llonuitio L'-aver 11 at 7r,a
Job liottt lluis, wi-rth f'oiu il tofc; afio
Iloaulttul Ko as, nil Uolo's 3 tor Wo
Oitrich Fooipons loe
Chililren'a I runnioil lints, Hnr h 2, t. r 81 utt
Uoys's Cloth, Velvet and Plush Cip,
worth (t I fOe
Ladios' Trimmed Mats, woilh U i2 OS
Lima; l luuvs IV" in Mlo up
Ostrich Tip", 3 in Bunch, from r.Oc up
PiidM. Winifs, VHnov Ffnthem. Featiier
liatide, etc., at Kill Ii u tiily u a-tlcva
KDon't bo'e Vour Chance, "emember
troru this day to January 1, 1887.
UrUridnl Hurt MoanilnK "nlflH.
rTho finest otiortmcnt oi DOLLS tn the
trvllats Reshaped, Feather) Cleaned, Dyed
nnd Curli-d.
orilolden lluir Wash by tho Small or Lars
Is notaliquid, snuff or ponder. Applied
into noelrilsisguickliahsorbed, U cleanse!
iheliead. AUausinjiammaiitn. UcalstJit
sores, licstorestke senses of taste and smell.
eocenUat Druirftata: by mail, rtfUUrtd.OO cents.
ELY BROTHERS, Druggists, Owagi, H. Y.
"Lotidco" Trouser stretcher
Patented In Europe and Uni
ted States. Hole Atfi-ula la
! mini Ntntm for colobrater?
John Damilton & Co. tjtrotoh
er. Takes baxirlnic mil of
knees reptoros pantaloons to
original shape. Only patented
Stretcher oombining; screw roe:
in combiuatien with olamps.
All others infringements,
II UJ I I original ana om jsirviouri
"3,L Or li.r ic-siil.inpu' nn. Br
Express securely packed. Price (2 50. Write
for oiroulnrn. Aeonts wanted in every eitj.
H W.MHMONNit HnMlon,HfHH(,
M,.f ..1 lti ilii.eniti which mulct m iniiij an-uriKili-
ally uf iim-.l hy a il.o.irdre.l conil.Uun ol tlu; LIVtR.
l.,V .ill cjiii,lina Miia kino, aiutll a 'l'uil'iilnj or
the Llvrr. Killiiuanw.!. Nwvoiw lylli. llulwis
tiuu. I nimnli-rity uf tha Uonela, Uoimiili.iUol;. I' latu
liii'y Kr.icLiti'iiii and liuruinK ot Wio Woiuacll
(s.ini timin called Uoartburii), Ahimnia, Miliaria,
lllondy l'iui, Cluua .ud.H'Bvyr, Uiwk Kme eer.
ri.oia. " Appotile. iloadrtlie. luul Bti,
lrreiiular.lieo liwHleutal to ''"'".S'i'l"
down Pi"l. Bickacho, ., 4o 8TADICER
AURAN Til ialnyaloaPlB. It la not a pnnaoaa
tlio L.IVt.SiTOtl1ACH a3 bOWtUb. H
. liaiwua tlio compkuLion turn a tiaij. yellow Owe,
10 a ruddy, hoallhy color. It ontiretr removes 1"W.
S,,.,.,, H'lt toon? Aitar
"r-'nirrDHS AtlRANTII
in. I I'linrrm i tit uwwavmw
Icr .Ho by all Dnimtiirta. Prlee 81 .00 per bottlo,
C. F. STADICEH, Proprietor,
40 SO. FRONT ST., Phtlndelph a, PU
Electric Belt Free
TO introduoe tt and obtain wrents wewu
for the net aiaty claya rlvo. aWi fr
of chare, in each county in to v. o. a "m
ited number ot our Uerinan rJoriro.WiU.
vhiiic ip.uiry MeJtu. Price fi: a
positive and unfailing oure for Nervous De
bility, Varicocele, Kmisaicns, Inipotfnoy,
em. t5no.HO Bewari paid if T:y Blt w
maau-astrire dew apt gonerat a qentne
steetria oar?ent. AiJroai at once LLKC
TRIO BiLI AQiSC. P. O. Bo 178.
Hronklrn. N T. .
tUXMTCn AKNT6.Mn and Women,
WAN I tU to sell "IllS CHlhhi
BIBLE." Introduction by Hov.J il.Vln
eant. D.D. One ajrent ha old to tn a town
of "74 people; ono'R in sT'.llr.e of 714; one
new aiicntHS in 1" ita.?s: injij two sicoee
sive weoUs; one 40 tn 3 days al two diffirent
times, fcxperione nc t Deceassry Addro.'l
OHNKLLJtvli. ',LVd.)
u. 'u.,i,i.m .-I--i Chicago-
Frank Schnmsim,
Importer and Dealer in
Unni, FtHhlDa: ViMilile anil Niorls
men's Sni.pllem. mar Bpei-ial attention
tiveu to MANTJf ACTCRINd ard R
PA1RINO. -rm
41'J MmIii Wt..lWe)iliN. Tftiin
J, G. gCHMmT & SON
t-np'.ir'.orj aad i!eri I-q Onun, Animn.
nlilnn and VrnhlMK t'aoail, Urtnilora"
Harilaare, .lnlrl Bi-vln iwsd Au
auiitlwlnrifor tlotle and lleiinenjn,.
n-ln Htrffl, "Jrmplila, rouo. iiiectrie
snpplier alwnvs 0B bal Ki'iirM sostl j

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