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(Smcceasar to
i -
la In receipt of a larger, more varied and tetter ae
jnI QYEECOaTIaus, (all this season's Jmporta
Uani,) thai was ever ahown In this market. The
tock comprises tbe choicest designs, finest textures
aad most d arable goods In gentlemen's wear.
ggf Sample and Pricei on
who lire left measures.
The Vanishing Lady
As done in London, Paris and New York.
Miss CURTISE will cause a lady of the
sompany to positivelv disappoar wbjile in
plain view of 1 lie audience. Remember,
First time in Memphis, and the Latest
aod (Jroalost Stage Sensation.
Monday, November 1-KATK CASTLETON
in " Craut Patch."
Eugene Robinson's Museum.
Open Daily from 1 until 10:30 cm.
Open S turdiiyn Icm 10 a.m. to 11 p.m.
Crowded Pnllvby the Hie oflhe City
P. T. bThNUM'S
In our beiutifu1 B'jou Theater.
Me ..ADMf8"lOS TO ALL 10c
Boscrvad Beats 10 Hxtra.
At Exposition Baildiu.x,
vThin will be the grandest event of
the season Arttni.-hlo" 11 IO.
J 10 (fflS AX HOARD. . ';
ROOM Nicely Furnished Front Room,
every snrvenienoe ; f t 142 Madison 8t.
LIOIBLS ROOMS-With superior board,
two bl icksirnm Onyoso Hotel. 463 Shelby
JAMES WASHINGTON, formerly oook at
the Gayeso, has been employed as ca
terer tor 4;k) iind4oo Shelby s'reet, 2 squares
below Gayoso. where saperb meals, with
prompt attention, will be served lor 20 per
ROOMS Furnished, with board,
AteM Shelby street.
ROOMS-Plcasnn. furnish'd rooms, with
board, for ladies or sontlon en. Terms
very reasonable. HV2 Court Kstended.
DESIRABLE RuOMS-With bna'd, at
UOb'SK riS Adams street.
kJ Board and lodging, Aft
day boird,
BEAUTIFUL, fmnt rooms, sinsle or en
suite, furnished or unfurnished, with or
without bo.rd : ntVrr"om. Vd lonurtst.
"'ICK COTTAGE Of five rooms, on Shelby
i- St., witii V 392teot, for $'(,00. Apply
or A. J. MARTIN, 28J Main St.
El Ed ANT PLACE- On Ravbtirn avenue,
smith of Broalwav: frame house ef 7
rooms, in nice order: I"t!ti!x190 fo-t; no city
tuxes. A poly to MINTKll PARKER.or A.
J. MARTI V, l'S9 Main street.
' OR FtlitN'ITl'KK.
JJ Window
Sha es. etc.. iift rnfeive'i.
Special b.irain this week. Wholealeand
reiail. AMfcS, PEATTIR li CO..
3 HI Main street.
Address iv., thinonire.
LOT Choice Fort Pickering lot; no city
'axes. DR. HI NSON, 29 H'n flt.
tin.nXl " FEE" Two blocks from ttrcet
ZlJ) oar line, southeast part of city, for
cheap bouses only; S3 per foot.
M. T. 6.
FR AMECottage, on oor. Itayburn av. an'
Georcia st. ; lit 55sl70, with a h iuso of 6
rooms, in Rood order. This is a choice piece
of property, and cm be purchatod on easy
monthly pavment by pavn.t part cash Ap
ply M moor Parker or A. J. vtartip, iiWMnin.
OROAK Suitable for family or Sunday
school. Apply at 52 Uoiloe streot.
FINS Uorie and Burity Horse one of the
finest in the oity: any lady enn drive
him. r.unK? almost new Woodruff A Oli
ver make.
Wilt sell aepirstelv, it dr srod.
Apply at
44 fllMUIUU M KBBl.
PLANTATION On the Arkansas River,
Lincoln County K)0 sores in high state
of cultivaton ; lull) '0 es in tract; well im
proved ; steam sin, 2 larire harns.2i good cab
ins and hund'oute dellinir, 7 roon s, with 20
acres lawn in front. Liber il terms. Apply to
372 and 374 Front streat, Memphis,
or J. W M A" RKTT, Fsrnssa, Ark.
HITZF ID'S Oil, Vapor and Gas Stoves
for Heht housekcrpinir. 2il Second St.
rOUrii'l AM) LOT ' ho J. A. Hayes, Jr.,
rn-i.tonre. No. Ail Van.-e streot. Apoly
W. ). H Y stHt.o Natinnnt Hank.
Tj'OR SALE CHEP-No. 6 Wnehinitton
X1 Hand Pre?s. for nino-column wiper;
food ss now. Inqu'reatyo. 37 l.'nion ft.
AT F. A. Jones t Co.'s., one nice (rcntle
bnrrirv M A t b that any lady can drivo
or ride perfectly sa'e.
BSIDKNCE-Nos. ofi and SS Market t
in v Mir pair: lot.ST'slt
V. O. KENNBDV. 47!
'i Mosby st.
twobi.irds, Louobo", etc.
AMtS. HUATn K k CO.,
No otil Main street.
J little used, and in Rood condition. Ap.
THK lea o and fixture" of tha fit. Elmo
ilotol, Mo idian, MUs, Twenty-five
oomn.oeioiis rooms, within three minutes
wa k of the Union Depot j lsrijo sample
room on the street next door: nnwdidnxa
f'cod husino.s and popular. Can be ha l at a
anain if epplied lor within tho next thirty
J'.'V".-,. I'V. 10 Charles Eluiire, I roprietor,
JVierid'au, .Miss.
OLD M ATERIA L-ln the storehouse and
Srni,t lluildiiu, occupied by 1). L"W
eneteiD .t Bros.'; must he reoMned st once.
APidy to J."HN HKID, Builder.
NKAT COTrAlE-Ofsia rooms, snd lot
:'i0il4, fl L'enn avoLue. iLnuire on
CHIBAP One sneond hand ROCK 4 WAY,
J nearly as cool as new, (it lot llni' n st
KNflNu POSTS-: 'nr .win Itv
W. K LA K ilV, Ltrr liis'ille, Ala.
V one ihoroiuh'Ted i'.unniiia llorso; fee
120. One Tro'ttinr H re; fe, 810. OnoJer
sey Enll: fee, fi fsi Fob Salk-.30 llrri-es,
3 Miieh Cows, 15 bend Butcher Cuttle, Pea
eooks ami NowtoundUnd Pujis. Hordes on
pasture, 5 per month: Texas hore1. 10e per
day. Toiei hone JOSEPH BU RSiEY, 862.
ktJIilf II
to Stock Open for Inspection
application to those
REWARD For small skye terrier dog,
lisllt blue hair covering- a-e anil eres.
4W LAl'Dt-KltALK ST.
HORSE Owner ean have by proving prop
erty and paying; charses.
PHILIP HR ANT, cor. Ilenlo and Orleans.
DIAMON D II AIR-PIN Will be rewarded
tor the return to
MIS9 MAUD APPERSOS, 173 Oayoso st.
T EATHER BOX Containing dray re
JJ ceipts. Leave at this office and i e re
warded. I'EKSOS.VL.
Telephone number is 7fi8.
fllSTERNS Built acd ropuired and war
V ranted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. ContrneUr and brick
l.vrr Telephone H. 1 HQS rUHniNS.
MDLES-On the night of Oct. 3d, 3 miles
eist oFCollierville, 2 black mare mules:
one about four years old, in good fix and
trimmed up, with little white spot under
jaw; the other, ten or twolve years old.
routh, and not so well trimmed. Reward
for information, or return of mules to J. W,
fc'ouDg, Mompr is, nr
W.T. PRICE, fellierville, Tonn.
MpRE One dark roan pony huilt maro,
15 nands high. Return to Dr. WILLI
FORD and berewarded.
MARE From my residence, IW9 Union
street, one dark gray mare, 3 years old,
about 14 hands huh, liuht gray spot on loft
hip. Return, and be rewar.i-o, to
J A. FOR ,KST ,v CO.
TJ BUY COTTAUE Five or six moms,
south of Vanoe and east of Wellington
streets. Address
M.. Appeal ofi'ico.
I"00MS Suite of nice'y furnished rooms
V lor two gentlemen. Addre-sR, A p p c a I .
BOARD By gentleman and wife in pri
vate family, convenient to ear line;
must be first-olurs, and terms moderate.
Address X. Y. Z., this ofliee.
"ifR- IVY, PAINTER To eall at the M.
4.U and 1. it. rt. car
tfJ on levee at Austin, Miss. Will pa' H
j'cr day, or hire by tbe cubic yard. 100 good
bands also wanted; will pat $1.50 per day.
Apply at F. A. Jones A Co 's stable, ill Moo
roe street, or on the work, at Austin, Mies.
C10L0RE0 BOY From 13 to lo years old.
J Apply at 313 Vance street.
PARTNER With $5000 capitil; money so
cured, or will give position and salary,
with intorott on investment. Address
T. W., this office.
AGENTS For a set (4) New CHRISTMAS
Books soiling from 10.) to 83. A now
iment sold 48 the firm wok. o-irning JS; an
othori'9 From 8K0 to $.l.r0 can bo wade be
fore Christmas by any one who can give a
few bours' time eaoh dsy. Addre&s CAS
SEI.L k CO. (Limited), 40 Dearborn streot,
rpiXNER An experienced T'nner, who
X. can do general work, and understands
Gas. Steau
1'ittii g and rump work
i ress T E. tl A
, Brownsville, Tenn.
J J land, long leases, and support to moke
first, crop; none but small amilics, who do
their own work, need apply. Addn as
, Cnre Steamer Kate A "am,
BOARD In pr.vate family for gentloman
and wife; good re'erences reuuirod.
Address P., No. 4 Mndi'on st.
EVERYBODY To know that th cclo
I rated heal'h giving PINO BI DDING
ean be booghtat 44 North Court street.
DAIRY' To buy a dairy doing a good
businesi. Al o, man to drivo wagon.
Address DAI RY, this office.
X Apply lalHaShelbjrjtjeotj,.
clorii'dias. T. KLLWOUD ZELL, Pub
lishor, Plnladolphia.
YOIINO MAN In Kahn A Freiberg's Dry
Goods Department. Only such as had
some exierienoo and first-olass relerenoes
need apply. .
ROOMS Two or three unfurnishod rooms
by two persons. Ai piy at Schilling's
Boardinghouse, Adams st'eet.
AGENTS- In every town to sell Pianos
aid Or.ans HOUCK A CO.. Memphis.
LJVERYBODY-To call and lee the eele
XLl brattd Gi psy Clairvoyant, at 177 Tiiird
BTroet. ne s r ropiar.
SI1 UATlOiN As porter or houe boy; can
city referonee'. PORTKR. Appeal.
OUNG MAN Kxper'iencei in Job Priat
X Inv. No. 10 West Court S root.
UAbabinan in every aiate in tho t" mn
O to reiroietit a PAINT MANUFACTURING-
EsTALLlSHMKNT having snvenil
ifr.ciAi.Ting thi.t n-o populnrand easy e!l
Inv. Cnu be haadlod alone or in conr.ee'.ii n
with othor goods. Address THE W'J. H.
( lUAMBERMAlD-WitU good rofo'rence,
J at l?.s Madison stroet.
AY BOARDERS Or wi hout rooms,
At S'l P'nst Court street.
O order in boit styles at
furuished rooms. No. 81
I. Linden ssree
POSITI'N Br a lady as mus'c teaeber, or
to teach young childron English branches.
Salary expected modi-rate. Good home do
sircd. Address "Tea ohir," Col rttnbus.Miss.
VI AN An inteliiKont. earnest man to rep
1' L resent. In hie own locality, a large ro
rponsible house. A reuiunerative salarr to
n.ht party. Steady position References
exehanged.Amrncan Manufacturing lljuse,
M Barclay St., N. V.
innil LBS. t KaTHERK Hi.hust ea.-h
Pr en pnid be HABAY, Memphis.
K NO W -That
next thirty days fur il 50
213 Mu in sreet.
, ll.Vf,u-For.s
i I,ViH It. T.. ...
f h or ex
W4 V. n
HO are in fsorof or(,Mriiiog a Rwitch
man Aid A-ointi.in oi o-th Amer
ica will meet at MIKE '.NEIL'S, No 112
Kansas avenue, Ociolio' 3th. at p m.
LVtXTS. Tho Sport Excellent, Flulsheg Ex
citiDjr, aad litttlug (iood-The
Favorites Snccessfal.
The fall met-ting cf the New Mem
phis Jockey Club was inaugurated
jeslerday with five exciting events,
all of them well contested. Tbe
neather was no' auspicious. The
wind blew stiff and too cool to be
pleasant, filling the air with clouds of
fine dost, the sky was overcast, snd
late in tbe aftercoon a few drops of
rain fell. It gtew colder as the sun
declined, and those who had failed to
provide themselves with overcoats
were not so comfortable as they might
have keen. There were quite a num
ber cf ladies on the grand stand and
oa the portico of the clubhoifce.
Among them weie noted Misses Ham
mond, Montgomery, Sneed, Pointer,
Duoavant, Mallory, Neely, Thomp
son, Milburn, Lighlburne, Ba;s,
Bririklry, Lvod, Galloway, Qrosvenor
and Bruce, and Metdtmes Falis.Jones,
Doyle, Miller, Arnold, Montgomtry,
Duravant and Duffy. Though the
crowd was not large, the coun
try people biiog in the midht
of their cottcn gathering, it
w.'S very creditable for the
oponing day, and . the weather
considered, uunsua ly bo. A better
humored crwd never tssembled at
auy race c:utse, and the betting ws
ts lively aa-the most enthusiastic old
sport conld have desired. The iudtice
nieiits to bet wete great, so evenly
matched were many of the starters,
and so well were the vatious events
filled up. Besides, the first three races
were lees than a mile, making it
large'y an;at'erof stait rs to finish.
The minority had a dim showing, all
of the favorites wiuning xosnt Faster
in the first race, who allowed Ovid to
fcoat him tinder the string. The b"g
gebt Sold was iu the second race, when
there were twelve starters and the fin
ish a ckse one. The steepkehasewas
one of the prettiest ever sesn cn the
track, the favorite taaily winning,
y crelul riding. The fox hunt,
which inaugurated the day's
sport, was too biief to be
interesting, but sliil long enough
to give those who had never witnessed
aoytbing of the kind some idea of
that acc:ent pastime. A dozen hounds
wero unleashed, and after caresiisg
for about ten minutes over the field
opened hot upon Reynard's trail, forc
ing him into the open and mak
ing abort, work of him in plain view
of the crand stand, half adozen hotte
nion riding nobly in at the death of
the li: tie fox. Reynard's murder was
scon forgotten, however, in the ex
citing spoit chich followed, the voices
of the book makers drowning the
howls of the hounds and c'oiuta of
dust cast up by the flying horses hid
ing the jury cf inqutet about the
corrsa of Sir Reynard from view.
Iu the fitst lace, five furlorgs,
there were live entries Ovid,
Fster, Volcano, Nina B. and
Virginia. Faster was a favorite from
the fl tet, but found so many tatters
tha' the id Is oa him were rapidly cut
down. Ovid was next choice, Ihoiih
Nina B. was quietly bought for a win
ner by a great many kuowing ones.
A gn-at deal more mosey wai put up
on the favorite, howovt r, than a l the
others put together. The etirt wjs
ersily mide, Ovid taking tha drum at
its tap and leading all tht way round.
The whip war not us "d by any of ttw
jock ey, Fiv-tT ciraing in ee.:ond by
turcc lengths, Nina li. third.
The secord wa? a dash cf seven
furlrm-s, the startors, tweh'e in num
ber, beiuiz Slickaway, Dawn of Day,
Hattio Carlielp, Mona, Donovan,
Climax, Gov. B.-tte, Brilliant, F.natity,
Du-e of Connanglit, Raee and Roger
Eastman. Tho epor s wore at first un
certain in their decision between
Moua and Climax, but when a break
was at last mods towards the latter it
was tuniultuotibly f illowed, Finality
and Rose alst bning taken freely for a
place, thoiinh few backed either to
win. The bt.trt, a scatteiing oiip, pave
Mona the advantage and until they
nearod tho string the lnohed like a
winner. Climax cloBfd in upon
her as they rounded the
turn, and the pace down the etretch
was very hot, the Duke making a
superb ell'.rt for a hundred yaids that
captured and erithueed the crowd.
11a could not keop up his lick, how
ever, and at they neared the gial
Watch 'm slipped by him. Roee
c'osed in, and while Climax capped it
by half a length, the two rnnde a
splendid effort forsecond place, which
wa awarded by lh jndgs to Rnne,
Finlity thud and Mono fourth, h.jr
rose against Climax's haunch. It wan
a pretty liuisb, and the crowd cheered
Tnmn RACK.
Tha third was almost if not quite 88
excitirg es the preceding; event Tnere
were n'ne s a ters Bob Hwimm,
Watch 'Km, Moi ath, Tony Pastor,
Twilight, Violin, L"roy, Little Joe and
Pa't'c at. The s'ahlu bays thought it
would do (o "Watch 'Km," and their
t;pson him were freely t ikon. Tony
Pastor had his hac'ters by tho leplou,
and tbe know in gores liked L'.tt'o Joe,
hut Petticcat waB a prime favorite and
sold freely. Monarch got away in the
lead, but snnn fell bck into the
hunch, Tony IVstor taking his place
and moving along at a gait that made
Petticoat's admirers very weak in the
knees. It was not until the home
Btretch wr.s reachod thai Lomasney's
liitle mare bo,"an to show her speed.
The puce h:mt) was terrific, Te'txoat
gaining at every jupip aad winning by
a fdiqrt length, Little Joe aga lantroc
end, VVa'chVm and leroy dividing
the hcno'S of third place. Twilight
appeared in the distance.
Mona 'and Hattie Carlisle were
scratched fi.r tt;e fouith race, mile and
an tig'i'h, Laving Warrirgton, Jim
Nave, Lilian, Lmuoa Maniey, Gmy
Coml ar;d B-rb"ra to fig' t ittu',
ulii.h tliey did with a wi". They got
awuy w-U log-thor, Jim Navo team g
ahead liks a qna t-r horse f r a hun
dred yard', the fuvorit, Gry Cioud,
ni"V nj; along in the midd'e ot trie
bunch well in hand, reserving hi
speed for the finish, MLith be made
in superb siyle, winning- by short
feogth; Barbara si cond, Ltgan a tood
tuira uuu jmi ihv luuitu.
The ft'epltcbaie was es pretty as
one could have d. sired, the atariers,
who were Auteiim, Stocum, Judge
Burn-nt, Hop Sin,; ami Claude Bran
ton, keeping well ti g ther, first one
aad th?n tto othor le.'Jmg. Aureiian,
a tvg favorit?, wss superbly tidden
and won hands down, yiotum's eilort
to down him resulting in a dimal fail
ure rs soon as tb nV, was reached,
Hop Sing getting second moaey.
New Memphis Jockey Cub
Grjunds, Octobtr 2t, 1880. Fall
meeting. First day. Track heavy
with dust; cloudy and cool; attend
ance fair; betting lively ia a small
Judge II. A. Montgomery, T. II.
Miiburn, John Overion, jr.
TtmeTi.. Clifton Bell, Denver, Col. ;
Capt. Williams. Mobile, Ala.
btarter. D. V. Wodrnff, Nsw Or
leans, La. .
John D. Adams' Introductory Scramble
for two year olds. Purse SiMI. of which
JoO to fecund. Maidens allowtd five pounds
ai d those never baying run second in arace
of the value of $600, allowed ten pounds.
Five furlongs.
Brannon A Bros, blk t Cvul, 107, 2 years,
Glengary-Oront.es, Civinton 1
L. R. Kotehum'a b I Fa-ter, 107, 2 years,
Faustus Lightheart, O'ltara .. 2
C. 11. Brnekett'a b t Nina 11., 107, 2 years,
Voltigeur-MIss Hit', Smith 3
Mike Welsh's b e Volcano, loo, 2 years,
Vo.tumo-Experiencf, tiaks. - 0
Wm. Mulkey's b f Virjiuie, 07, i joars,
Virginius-Mack.... 0
. Time-l:ll
P,l OiMs.-Ovid. 2-1 ; Faster, 2 5; Vol
cano, 20-1; Nina B , (' 1; Yiiginie, 10-1.
Henry Luohrniann's purse, W), of which
$"0 to second, liorces th it have cot won a
race this yesref iho value o f((0, allowed
3 pounds. Those t'-at have uot won a race
this year nllowed V Pouuds; maidens, 2U
pounds. Six furlongs.
Lomasney A Bros' che f li ir n ,110,3 years,
John Cartor-Poridi-s, i'lin ma 1
L. R. Ketchum's b f R so, til, t years, Falsetto-Lilly
Duko. Covington 2
T. II. Steven's blk h kinanty, 112, li years,
West Hoxbury-Nora Worih, Johnson. .. 3
8. S. Browu'scbm Xoau.Uo.S years, Buck-
den-Monomania M, 0
G. M. Rye's b g oliekaway, 07, 2 years,
Martin-ll ypatia 0
E. L. Caruiuhael'a b m Dawn of Day, loil,
6 years, Ozark-Lotta Moure 0
Mike Welsh's b f Jlattte Carlisle 101, 3
years, Longfe low-Venliiria 0
Gun. Dcnonis'SH'h g "ausuian, tit), 3 years,
Vorsaillos-Carrin Watson 0
A. B. Goodwin's ch g Gov. Mato, 90, S years,
Long Bow-Bettie MeOruilor..... 0
S. Ki Tin A Ce.'s ch c Bril iaut, X, 1 yours,
Bullion-Willie Cr.ekott 0
Pawnee Stablo'a oh h Duke of Connanght,
101,5 years, Kauiadam-Fannio McKay... 0
May A Co.'s b k Rodger East i au, 10J, 4
years, Virgin-Hayii - 0
Pant Odd. S'lckaway,15-1 ; Dawn of Doy,
8-1; Uattie Carlisle, 8-1, Mona, 2 1; Dans
man, 10-1; Climax, tK'i Unto, 20 1; Bril
liant, 101; Finality, 2-1; Connaught, 30-1;
Rose, 5-1; Rodger Kastiuun,-. it 1.
third Race.
Floyd's Restaurant- Selling; purse, $'2r.O,
nl which $0 to second. Those entered for
Sl'Mk, wo'i.'ht for age. Allowances; 1 pound
for each $100 to $1010, and 2 pounds for euoh
$ 00 loss. Seven furlongs.
LemaBnoy A Bros.' b f Petticoat 10, 3
years, Alarm-Lady Scarborough, Wil
liams 1
Campbell A Kenton's b g Littlo Joe, 100,
aged, Conoord-usie Dorliy, Covington... 2
T. II Stevens's bg Watch'Eui, 101,4 years,
Wa'aon-W h'ssig Johnson 3
C. II. Drackett's b g Loroy, ldo, 4 years.AI-
lao Piukertnn-aourheiii t ... 0
Brannon A Bros.' bgll.il bwiuun 110,
aged, Brigand-Kitty Light 0
N- Armstrong's oh f Monarch, 100, aged,
Monarchist-Kith 0
Wm. Mulkey's eh g Tonv Pastor, 104,5
years, billy Meloourn-Nellie Hly 0
C. Weatherford's eh g Twilight, Ih), ttyears,
Quartermastor-Lissie 0
U.D. Bellon's b g Viollfl, Its, 4 years, Vol-
tumo-Poxana 0
Time 1 ::U!v
Pout Odd: Bol:Switniii.M; Watch 'Em,
7-1; Monarch, 10-1; Tony Pastor, 3-1; Twi
light. 15-1; Violin, 15-1; Leroj, 10-1; Littlo
Joe, 6-1.
Pcabody Hotol Handioap. For throe year
olds and upward; a handicap swoepstake ;
$:o eaeh, h f : '00 added; weights to ap
pear Sept.lrth ; $IOi to second; winners aftor
publication ot weights to carry 5 pounds
extra. One milo and a furlong.
N. Armstrong's gr g Grey Cloud, 9f, 4
years, lidera)i-Interpose, Lenson 1
Ch. Brnckett's chf Barbara, V.I, 4 years,
Maearooin-Bnlinila, Farral 2
Canuibell A Ponton's ch g Li (tun, 03, 5
years. Hob Wooley-Ida May, Coving on. 3
Wm. Mulky's b g Jim Nave, '.., 4 years,
Lucifer-t-iinser Pop 0
G. M. Rye's ch g Wnrrenton, 100, 4 yours,
Wandcror-Kisa Me Unick 0
Gray A t'o's. ch m Emu a .Mauley, W, 0
years, Martin-Cicoly J' linson - 0
Time lift,,1 5.
Putt Odd. W atrenton, K-l; Jim Nave,
lol; l.ig.m, 2-1 ; Emma alanloy, li 11; Grey
Cloud, 1-2; Barbara, 15-1.
Sloeiilochaso, purse, Kilifl, el which $75 to
second and 8i" to third ; light welter noiglits.
Entries to be made ai4o'clork p. in. Mon
day, October ')th; four ImrsH in. start,
thtce of tin in to he the property of ditlerout
owners. fchopt oourso.
John Gra er's ch g Aurelinn, 14.1, aged.
Springbok- nrelia. Uus oa 1
J Ita-kley's b g Hop Su.s. H", 4 yoari,
Virgil-Mary Martin 2
John Than r's br g Claude lir.iniiou, 14:1,
ng.d, Buckden-Sallio Pen Iv 3
May A Co.'s b g Sljouin, lol, 0 yoars,
Glenolir-I'ot, 0
Joe Albrink's b g Judge llurnett, 143,
aged, lluckdon-Joiephiiiii Redding 0
Time -3:0"! a.
Pt Odd. Slocum, 3 1; Burnett, 4 !;
AoroliHii, 1-2; Hop sing, li lt CluuJe Bran
nou, 3 1.
a Turri'lpn.
Good sport today.
Col. A. C. TREAnwan. wai lift visi
ble. ,
Short horses didn't count yester
day. Ovkrcoats were at a premium yes
terday. Survbyob ToniN smiled on his
Col. J. T. Teitit bobbed np
Judos Hammond hes becomes lover
of the tuif.
Col. Napolkon Hill enjoyed the
Parson Doak looked oa at tho mad
dening crowd,
Capt. Huoir Anderson was an in
tertBLed spectator.
Tub betting st tho Peabody last
night was very lively.
Bardara might have wo'i yesterday
had she been bet er ridl n.
Capt. Lkhi tr bad thn tiatial numbor
of tips stored in hid left optic
Only one of the favor t '8 got left.
Ho should have been l a ter.
Ovid, Climax, Grey CI nid, Petticoat
and Aurelinn wero the winners,
Capt. Wakpikld Rem mm ke t his
eye peeled for the two ycor o'da.
Dr Rai'ndkfs knows awinrerwhen
he s . es him dash under tho wire.
The wind whistled through the
whiekerjof the judges and the t:mers.
J. S. CAMi-nKix took in f'J.r)0 in tbe
first raco yesterday. Ho put f 1C0 on
John Duffy doubled bis dollar on
Ovid, played the double on Mona end
Ed Ray, whose headi"nfters are at
Washington, was on the ground yes
terday. Those whoaot pecinri phces yester
d'y WMre Fatter, lise, Little Jceand
Col. ARTiirR GiriKoi was the only
nnn on ihe gnundi who had the
hardihood t wear a ouster.
CArr. Fenton, of Camp'-cll & Fen-
Ion, isooeo' toe beiviei t . IU' gera and
tho mos; nic tsaful tn t1 o raok.
Attorney Gknhrsl I'btkks didn't
hack hs judgment, but he aymp'
thtze.l with th i:-e who did end lost.
Badges for each day will be for sale
at D. KanfmanV, c"0'ner Mtc md and
Madison, street?, an.4 at I'. Hughs a
Fa' tkb downed tho bu? n the firat
clip, and many of them baJ to slan
empty pockets the remainX.t.- of tho
Carr. W. B. Ukkgnlaw, of Dalla',
lex., went out ear y to nee iho fox
hunt, and thoroughly enjoyed what
there was of it.
TiiKRKwtra tarro tips given and
fewer tips ttken at yefttrdtty'd i.v es
thttn at any previous mee ing. Tbo
stablocriwd ii nuusually largo this
Tib Memphis ard Charleston rail
road gave excellent service yesterday.
The trains wete s'rictly on lime, and
they atToided ample room for tho
James Palmer, Marcus Cartwrisht.
Wm. Barnaby, Henry Carter, Frank
Keiplee, Thos. Bnrgo, Cass Hale, W.
H. Cheatham, Van Kirkman, a.l nl
Nashville, aro hete attending the
Tua Vieksburg Eerald favs: "On
Wedresday Messrs. Bender and
Bts'nsky will go to Memphis and
there arrange with turfmen who are
coming to Vicksburg (or stable room
and transportation to this p'ace. '1 he
race track is now in firm class con
dition, and the trsck his beon put in
perfect order. An indication of thn
interest taken in the prona Bed raccj is
that the county supervisors have
rilled a special meeting on Monday,
iNnvewbor 1st, and will take stops to
repair the roads and bridges to the
fair grounds."
I'inl Race One mile. Climux (115)
f'.Ti, Porter Abe (118) $IM, Donoven
(iii)53, yronle L n:a- (100) $5, Lues
(100) J4. Clonee (100) ft.
Stand Rate. b'oven-f iithth rr. ile
heats, rikolielnff (106) S4tl, Porter
Ashe (10:1) fitj, V abort (100) Fau
nie B. (100) lit, Kllie II. (105) $12.
intra jare. llaitdicnp, mile snd an
eighth, bis Il'myar (1(10) $10, Tax
(rathnrer (103) $25, War Ki:i (;t) $12,
itivtio i'ai-iis e tin Little Minnie
(100) $:S0, Anna Woodcock (t7) $13.
j-onrm Jiact. liitston Btske. three-
natters t f a mile. Fes'er (U'.'4 id.
IStuve Jerome (110) ?(1, Nina 11. (107)
$3, Allegheny (107) $12, Ratio A. (I7)
$:f, Paragon (It),')) $2, Volcano (105)
$.', Bixhv (102) $;!, s ickaway (102) $2,
- . J t I.
Iho Wnliliictoii Knoi'M.
' Washinoton, October20 Fitst dy
cf tbe f ill uioeting of tho National
Jock .-yClub. Weather showery, track
Firtt Race. Tkres-quarlers of a mile.
flleaner won by a length; Mamie
Hurt aerand, Tom Merlin third. Time
Second Race. Anlumnal handicap,
mile and a half. Vohnte won by half
a length ; Irish Tat second, Uroenileld
third. Time 2 ,'l(ij.
Third Race One mile. Millie won
by half a length ; It, initio Princu sec
ond B'rauru third. Time 1:431.
Fourth Race. Arlington atakos for
two year old, three-four:hs of a mile.
Or s -tie won by a longth; Laredo sec
ond, Goliuh third. Time 1:10,.
Fifth Race Selling, mile and an
eighth. Pegasus won by a length: Ferg
Kyle eecoud, Herbert third. Tiino
Sisth yinof.-IIandicap s'eeple chase,
Abraham won by seven lengths; Capt.
York eocond, DjsturbaccB third. Time
Follnw it up and .you will come
ont a sure winner.
Tall liiidcrwear, NhlrlM,
Hosiery, Handkerchiefs,
And anvthing in Furnishing
Good. He has the best stoi'k,
the largest asBr rlraent, and sells
finer goods for los money than
any other house. D.) not fail to
seo his s'ock, snd save monoy in
buying there.
John Lot, et nx. to John M. Hill,
Jr, to reeure (1, l.u n in tho sum of
J324, lot 4 in block 7, Brinkloy &
Huonddu'a subdivision on Ohio ave
nm. W. P. Wilann to Jonas T. Moore,
lots 25 and 28 In Polk's subdivision,
eath fronting 50 feet ou tbe south
sido o( Georgia street; consideration,
Jamen Foppianuo e,t el to John
Currat'o, lol f in Claybrook's eub
di vision on Claybrook avenue; con
sideration, flOiiQ.
A Self Ilvldoiit Trui h.
It ia gelling to be every day more
apprrent that tbe Birnplest remedies
are the most elective in performing
cures, and this is especially true in
the caste of the dlseattes of the stom
ach, from which few are entirely fme.
Long continued neglect of familiar
nvmptoras is sometime dangerous,
Hence it is important to check indi
gostion in its incipiency. Tbe next
time you have a headacs or heartburn,
try a piece of Ko-Ko-Tu'u. Every
body keeps it. It in the best, (heertKi
est, I he sweetest and most palatable
remedy dver devised.
Iryu'lng ami Cleaning.
Ladies and gents' clothes cleaned
or dyed in any color, alio kid gloves,
ostrich Lathers and lace curtains by
Louis K'ditel, 58 Jefferson street, Mem
phis, Tenn, Guodn received by express,
Thoy Are) Not Norrjr.
There is one thing nobody ever re
grets that in, the day they first adopt
ed Parker's Tonic as their regular fain
lly medicine. Its range is bo wide
and its good effects so euro, that notb
ing eloo, except good nursing, nr'
needed iu a great majority of canes
Buy it, try it, and afterward it will not
require any praise from ns.
Advertising hpuces fur UcuU
on the fence surrounding B. Lowen
rtein & Bro.'s new building, Main and
Jeflercon streets, by Hook & LaGrdl.
Apply at once.
A l)rHKKlt'i Htory.
Mr. Ioiiac O. Chapman, druggist,
Newbnrg, N. Y., writes us: ''I have
lor the paet ten yearn sold r.overal
gross rf Dr. William Hall's Bait am for
the Lnng. I can say of it wli.'.t I
cannot a.iy of any ether medicine, I
have never beard a customer speak of
it but to praise its virtnes in the high
est manner. 1 have recommended it
in a grn.ii many cases ot wuooping
coiih, with the happiest efioctd. I
hove used it in my own family for
many years; in fact, always have a
liottlo iu the medicine closet roady for
Subscribe for tbe "Appeal"
Tailor and Importer,
HT FIH BTOCK If mw eompleita. Tbe l arge Cboleert and
Moat Varied I have over oVTered la Memphis, consist in of all Ue
rv.tvKi.iii x raivct si i tsus, wh"i"k
ii'JL.1A i K!rr' 'I.HI, OVI IIMA l lt.N AN,n !"
PAMTAl.4o.ilnfTfTarlty, all of the LtTKT . K8IG8,
Jatreduced by tha ladtnf Importere of England. Franoe and Ger
'any. 1 wtai tosuke SvPICl lAl, Ml to I ion to inycustoi ,,,r and
"TAmS U"1 to,p mf lBAilNrltaiN r ACk v at my
Cor. Sicond and Jiffinon
W. A. Jounhon, a prominent mer
chant of Tuscumbia.is in the city.
Sydnt J. WitsiN bos gone to Sen
atobia on business). He will return in
a few days.
Thrri will bo a wedding at the Fint
Methodist Church ton'ght at 7:30
o'clock, Mr. J. O. Davis to Miss Ada
K. Bonghton.
Mss. Tuomas Gale and daughter
Miss Addie May Uaio. returned ltt
evening from Kama Citv, alut
spending a pleasant week.
F. II. Davih. ironeral na-ent of the
Doris circus, wes intiiecity yesterday,
making ananucmontH for the ai-psar-
anre cl that famous circiu nex".
Tins ia a gsla week for Memphis.
Uicemennr.d a r incprs are throminir
the city, aud I. Haiunlson A Co., who
are always no to the t ines, have a
stock of tho (lncit cig-irs from two f. r
:'f cents to three for $1 to be had in
this country.
Fhancih Fkntresh, recently appjir t
ed Sopervieor of Elections by Jtulg-t
Howell K, Jackson, an i veil in the city
y Htordav aud is stoppinx at the Pen
body Hotel. He'wtil remain bore un
til bin appointments of supervisors for
this counly are completed.
The Hon. A. F. Dii.wortii, cx-Soe-reUrv
of Ktate of M'adsntppi, a bosom
Iriend of Jeflntstn Davis and the Uto
Jacob Thompson, is in thee'dy. It hai
been years since Mr. Dilworih v sited
Memphis, aud he was at ouco struck
with the unpreceden ed grosvth tii..t
lias attended her.
Tub lKtliesof tho Central Bitptiat
Church will give a very intoro.tirig
eritoitiitiiiie nt on Friday evening nex',
in the lecture roomn of the c'lutch.
Tho entertainment will consist of tub
loan i, music, etc. Prf. Braunner
will have clmrgo of the music and it
will no doubt be very erjovnbl i. Toe
tableaus oro of various kinds and will
he quite interesting. The admission
ia ouly 25 ctnte, and childron 10 cent?.
Cincinnati Tirnea-tSW, 23d: Next
Thursday Mr. Charles 0. Kotli, who
for several y eats has beon managing
the fct, Clair Hotel, will, with his wfe,
leave for Memphis', whero he will as
sume the management of the O.iyoBO,
one of the finest hotels in the Runny
Southland. Ilis last days at tho St.
Clair are being made happy onus by
the resident guest at the house, to
whoso solid comfort ha has so long
Kiven his time ami attention., Mr.
Koth will ho missed at the Ht. Clair,
and that his services have boen appre
ciated, the array of gilts bestowed
upon liimelf and charmtng bettor half
speak with far more empbaais than
nan be given mero words. Two
employes cf the house snrprieod them
with a solid niahogony writing desk.
The resident guests, not to be on done,
presented an elegant parlor cabinet, a
hammered brass lamp and several
Hungarian aud royal Worcester vases.
Upon tho cards that were tied by
silken ribbons to the cahaiet weie the
names of thn doners: Mr. and Mrs.
Ueorge W. Bishop, Mr. and Mrs. Cl
ear T. Knpel, Mr. and Mr?. Hum ue 1 H.
Tail, Mr. and Mrs. Weeley Cameron,
Mrc I'D. K, Minshall, Miss Carrie
Beach, Mrs. O. O. Weatwor, Mrs. J.
M. Clark, Mr. n, BorjimK Mr. W.
C. Complon, Mr. CharleH H. Bishop,
Mr. Jtsoph Wilson, Mr. and Mrs.
H aiti r Oravoeon, Mr. and Mr. Chas.
B. Mflieh, Mr. and Mr. O. 1). Bryant,
Mr. and Mrs. U. II. Ititbour, Mr.
and Mrs. Charles J. Park, Mr. and
Mrs. K. Kelm, Mr, Unmuol Osliornp,
Mr. I). W. CI ancey, Mr. F. Huhn, Mr.
N. Ricklai d and Mr. A. IStiitbui'k
li.ilibi Hot jimin's gift wns a royal
Derby vese. Mr. and Mis. Both may
bnMire tbo.tt'ie good wihes of their
Cincinnaii friends will follow them to
their new Memphis home,
Crlinlunl Court-r)alinr,Jtiilgs,
Calendar for today : C. Kasseer,
habeas corpus; Wm. Allen, Joe Kyan,
Frank Merriwetbor, Fortune Dow,
John Jt fl'oriep, Chnrles Itosi.
Jim Travis, habeas enrpu', dis
missed. Defendant remanded to Tax
ing District authorities.
Chancery Court Ellett, ;jnle.
DicLiir.ns yesterday : Blackwell vs.
rryor, demurrers of Wynn and wife
and McDivdt and Jones overrnled;
Hiegler vs Cowgill, receiver denied;
Vaccaro vs Kocro, reference renewed ;
Greenlaw vj Greenlaw, discharged
stop order.
1 lie rase oi nines vs tirceniaw was
concluded and cases nf Cross vs Brink
lev and Brinkloy vs Cross, on trial at
No now calendar for Wednesday,
ppmo as Monday, of nudiHfOted ot
Tho next c?no for trial will be Par-
srr.yk vs Bocco.
Judge K.lotl approved trie report rt
the committee appointed t ex 'mine
tbe accounts. o( the Cierk and Ma tor,
ami ordered Iho tamo eptead ou the
Cirrnlt Cnssrt EsjteH, JikIk.
Jury calendar for October 27 h : The
calendar ia the saino an published ves
tcirdHy, with tho addition of No. 9008,
Lee Webster, for nse. etc., vs (ie rgo
Waehingion nt al. The cttse of fSheii
dan vs Kutflord is now ou trial.
The jury in J. W. Knott, jr., vs Con
rad Wagner, re tamed a voidict for
$500 in favor ol tho plair t ir.
Cincinnati, O.,0ctober 20. Night
River 3 feet 4 inches ou the gauge and
stationary. Weather cold and wet.
Louibvim.k, Ky., October 20. Niidit
River Sloct ia the canal and 10 inches
on the hula and slntionary. Biisiiiitaa
dull. Weather cloudy and chdiy.witU
signs cf riin aud snow.
Oaibo, III., October 2t. Night
River 4 ('"' 3inthe on 11. e .um t and
fitllirg. Weather dr xiliu r.-tt n and
cold. Arrived : ( has. P. Chouteau, St.
Louts, 6 p.m. No depatturts.
8t. Loois, Mo., Octo'ier 20. Niaht
Kiver stationaty, and ftinde 6 1-10 fo1 1
on the gituv'o. Weaklier 'el only and
cold. Njatrival". Departed: Oity of
Cairo, Vickaborg,
Memphis, Tinn.
toot oiitera, No. 77 Hontoto". Al V'T at
UH and ISO Hnhesnn strse -
LPINK KKHIDKNCE 7ronint, staMes, est v
J' riaae hiuse, etc. ; S3 nerea nf laM. suti
ahle tor dairy or market lanirn; go4 weU
and aistern water on the alaoe; two mile '
south ot oity. Apply to
. R. J. BLACK A CO.. Madison st.
HOUSK-Ne. o(i Lauderdila street: new,
with nice rooms and larrs yard: aear
Mtssllinleo's johool. M. L HKLOrl.!,
-7 Main street.
DOIIBbK COTTAUK -tin Vkaiaia ave
nue, live minutes' walk to street cars;
new, cheap and convenient. Call t P'n IU
burrfT particulars. M. K. I,. WH illlT.
OOMS Nic ly furnlshoirrotis
At 11m Monroe sreet.
1. Thouiai avenue, eontalnlnsi six r v.m land
kltrbon, willi a aood woll aut ois em. taile.
mal utm woodliouse. Ihe lot ia Xti tret,
luil ol 11 inters, thru bbery,eto.
I will also cell all my Furniture, con
sislinif of Hed room and Parlor Sots, one
I'kmo, Ciirte(s. Kitchen Kitrniture. etc..
Coal and Wood. 1 will roll in part or in
lumps. Apply on nroicsrs.
KFJCli First floor
At ,vz MMtlirton Ptrdet.
LUUNISHKl) ROOMS-With hoard. 'Cu-
I8ii ol ixvuliiir uxcoUin
21 (HTt.
4KI.KU ANT Ul'OMS-At M MurkMitrMti
ui n vie ir en svito. lunnl;t'.l tr uulur
ninhil, itnt vrittor, h?h1 rear lniw,nr.
A furnihtitiU mom,
At ljn Union utroct.
LJ AKIlNnllOU,i:-No. -M tioeoud St.,
Lj neat to Wiiter Words i.flloo.
II. I,. OT ION, II MadUan st.
1?1'UNI5UKI IlOUM.-i-""
J-1 At. lift Court itreet
'llIRNISllEP ltOtiMS-Suitahleror two or
.1. three Hontlsinco. at on Monroe "tret.
CKtlTAtJK-heveri rooms, on Wa ker uve
t nne, on Klinwood ttreet cur lino Aoiily
nt lit! Union street. .UH, I. UN- w.
rpwO STOllY iiltlCK-S7 PAi'.Tur, H rooms
1. Hid ail nioilt-rn oonvetiionse). Apelytni
Bermnahii A V'atfeiior, H.i Maui street.
1 ' ' M A 1)1 il ) N "Kt it KKT- New house.
Is) Apply at XI Mndiann mr-mt.
PLKA8ANT tiirnishad room I'or i;c.ile
ii on; 111 Wnslimirton : refer' ni'o roouirod
OTOKK 1100 V (In Main slr.ei, iiwoTiuiK
O house on Court street, ard snv ral vaoant
lots. Apply to li. II. (SNOWDftiN or J.L.
OOODLtil;, m Madison street.
SiOHKIIOllaiiVW" story" ami hasemuat
storehouse. No i.rit Front street.
KOOMSi-Well luniished roiuis, Na. 8t
l.lnden street.
C"i0tt0N I'tl'IoU-Apidy to K. M. Ayper-
sod A Co., No. lull Front stroet.
HO 1 1 S K 220 W iial 1 1 iik t i . n St .; 7 rooms aud
hathranm. Appl J at 1 Poplar Ht.
D No. I'M Main Street.
No. 2tlr Main Street,
No. 207 Main Ktreot.
Apply to JAMKrt LKI8, Ja., 4 MaJlsan St.
T" OOMS Two furnisbel or un"lirniske3
V rooms at to Madison street.
TilT.H(JAr!T newly (urnlilieil rooais, bath
I'i room. eti Ini)illre at US Cnnrt .treat.
"To tho VICTOR
Pft-tminnt In tvry hi(;ht quality, V f
HANAN SHOti hoa bfcome th nici-f;ni;ed landud
tor Ittio war among tliKilnnnalifig tintltri
A Man wUU !truln ni.d 'oiiHch'nc
will drop prity prn.jiiilicM r.ii lrisly pi( keit Up
whrij truth kiHH ktnl ihr door. Sin li iirt- invitri
ft try mir pmr ( " I Ijinan't " slinrs. VVr know
tlii trnull : rvcry Mian wlm VvanK iliwtt tni
finfsi Hiiit Ir in the itiMrkct will Imiutiir n prrpeW
tul " J I anna '' i.un.
t (j mil VLttriu
he it k. fJ Wll i.OVlJ 19
No. 17 JofTerbton Street,
(Between Main and Front.) MHMFII1S.
IKitablishod In lwm.l
1 tR. JOHNSON Isaeknowledirodbyellpar-
J.,' ties I n te rested as by tur Ihe most
eessful physician in the treatuiontof pr
orseoretdisea.es. Quick, per.-nanent c
ties i n terosted as by In r the most suo-
Ruaranteea in every oase, mnie or lemaie.
ecent cases of Onnorrhea and Syphilis
curod in a I days without the use of luer
cury, ohanae of diet or hiudranoe front
business. Secondary Syphilis, the last vee
tiae eradicated witbo'ittbe use of aieroury.
Involunsary loss of semen stopped in short a
time. Sufferers from Inipntenoy or loss ot
seiual powers res tor e to free visor in a few
weoks. Victims of sell-abuse and eicessiv
vonery, suffering from spermatorrhea nil
losaof physioal and mental power, speedily
and permanently cured. Particular attea s
tion paid to the Diseases of Womea, aa4
oores vuaranUed. Fi'es and old sores cured
without the use of naustie or the knife. AU
eonsultat tins strictly confidential. Medi
cines sent ky express to all part of th
s-Wnrkina-nten enred at half Oleosa
rates, tllina Lours from H o'c'ock a.m. te
o'clock p.m. 1). S. .InllNSOM. M..
gi i:i.tii is wi:a.,ru.-i)K. K. C.
'- Wier'. Nnava 4 mi Bbai TaaiTrfear,
a suaran'ood si.ecilic for H rsterla, 1issl
ncss, ConvulBin-, Bits, hetv. os Neural
fia, lleadaclio, I,urc s Prostration, euusei
by the use of n'ool ol or t- haoco: Wake
folness, Me.ital lioi nsston, So'Uiiins: of th
l'.rain, rciultins in itisanity and I jk io t
mlse.-y, decay and death) I'rorsature i
Aije, Bnrrcnness, Loss of Power in either
Ir.vo'untary L-nsses and Soeroiawr
rhea, oan -i i by over-osertion id the draia,
soil-abuse oro rinjnlaence. Ks"b boi com
tiiitis one inort; 'i- tr.-t:-.ent. r a box,
sit boxes ior ti.seni l mail preea-J, oa
rooolptof mice. We uoarim e lux rot
to cure orfy case. With w-eh order r.-cotvy
ty os'ors'.x bosft, sociinipn.'ied who il
we will "end the purchaser our wrtttea
iuars"tf0 to refund tUe mooty if tha tre
meut docs ot oli il cure. Guarantee
Issncd onlrk' A. "VNhabr A 00.. Dw
fists. Meniohls. Tenn.
Planta'i n nf A. L"a .'iCo on Island 34
tor division o' un eitsto. It eontains aM
2SU0 acros of rich bottom laud; ah. ut 'Xm
ernes in eultivat'on: sovrral hundred acres
aliove nny oveitlow. Can be made on!
of Ihe llooit stoca laruia, ma eielv su
ri utided by wa'er, wliioli prevents the es
cape of sto.'k. Also, about IV He .d ol Cattle,
which are in flue ootid Hon. m.dudins seve
ral Short horn Durham liulu. 0o( an
learliniiS. Addrets
A. LKA A CO . Fulton, Tena..
or W. A. HAOK AC"..
No.SO Fr nt str et. eaiphis. Tann.
mm tfS s a ff-lsonfllelnlTilIaderthCw
N. rv.AYSrt)yN.uurUUwrlw,b'l'-t-

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