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fottoa Easy Middling 8 5-8e
Sales Yesterday, 8800
Money ralea in strong demand at 8
-per cent. Local securities continue
The local cotton market was eeey
yeeterday ; middling, 8,c. alee, SSOO
At New Yoik spoil close" dull and
asy ; middling, 9Jc. Fatores dull and
easier and 2 U 3 points lower ; October,
8.898 90c.
A leading Jew Tork cotton eircolar
ssya of cetta fahires: "Under free
fforiEgs of yetsr?ay the matktt was
somewhat oversold, and the covering
of the thorls this morning led to an
pward turn of some 4 or 5 points.
As soon as that demand exhausted,
however, the position lost strength,
finally closing tamely at a email frac
tion above lat-evening."
At New Orleans yesterday spots
were steady; middling, 8jc. Futares
steady and 2 to 3 points lower; Na
Teinbtr, 6.478.4'Ju.
At Liverpool spots were dull in
nyc-re' favor; middling, 61 d. Futures
steady and 1-64 J lower; Ostobcr,
6 8 64d.
Ia the general market there ere
no changes of note.
Five hundred and tin brls apples,
845 rls buee ne. 41 pkes hacm, 68
pkfra boots hi d shoes, 130 pkge cheese,
SS eks coffee. 22 cars cotton seed.
6034 ska cotton seed, 89 phga diy
goods, 3 pkps egga, oil br's Hoar, C85
bales ubv, 17 pkgs naw, so na nous,
90 hd sijeen. 50 hd cattle, 37 hd
horee3 and mules, 14 pkatj lurJ, 12,000
ft lambflr, 24 pkis liquors, 114 brla
meal, JOI) kegs nails, 100 brls onion?,
541 brls potatoes 5 cars pork sides,
392 brls sugar, 130 pkgs tobacco and
21 brls r.ce.
TLe f illowing shows the amount ol
grain rec3ived, withdrawn and in store
by repn'ar elavi-t-jrs, as reported to the
alercharta' Hxchane e:terday:
Wheat none received or withdrawn;
in s'ore. 1045 bu. C.irn rrceived,
G'6 hu: withdrawn. 2K0 bu; in store.
8991 bu. Oas reutived, none; with
drawn, 100 bu; in st re, 183,342 ku.
urDoUr annotation or Cotton
Oil Trnet. Bad Km York Ii
obangf) Stock, are open to thoae
Jutercated, at my office.
roller x.. nortos
0 Maiitaon St., Mentuhut, Teun.
Money in active demand at 8 per
cent. The Clearing House repot is
as follows v
ToeBdav. October 26lh. $332,302 85
thus far this week, JG47.281 29; fame
time loet vtepk, J79Z 43U; rorrtsponil
ing time in 1885, t54,H0 93; coire
t ponding time in 1884, $498,4(10 86.
Tuesday. October 26ih, $73,611 08
thus far this week, $152,2(9 95; same
time lest week. $172,672 16: corre
nondiua lime in 1885, $126,939 21
sorresponding tircoin 1884, $04,123 87.
New York eight on all points,
diipour t bnvine. nor sailing ; New inc
land demand, i discount buying; New
England eight, i fliaeour.t; www
leans, i discount buying, par selling,
Bank of Commerce..l46 bid, 149 asked
Firet Natioijal 160 bid, 105 faked
florman Bank 195 bid. 20:) ssked
Blate National 145 bid, 150 asktd
UnioAand Planters..lfiO bid, lbi a korl
Mercauti:e Bank 135 bid,137 J asked
Blu8 City 100 bid, ... asked
Hetnaudo 100 bid, ... asked
Unmn 75 b'd. 80 asked
Memphis City 102 J bid, 105 aiked
Peoples HO bid, 83 esked
Phesnix 98bid,l00 8Bked
Planters 107 bid, ... asked
Vsnd-. rbilt 25 bid, 26 asked
Arlincton 35 bid. ... asked
Factors 20 atked
M. A fi. Tt. R. shares... 36 aid. ... afiked
M. & T. R. R. share...45 bid, 50 anked
M. & O. consols, 7b 119 bid, ... aiked
M. & L. R. 1st m. 8S..105 bid, ... asked
Miss. & T.R R.cs. A...111 bid, 113 asked
UiM..feT. R.R.CB.B..10U bid. 103 asked
Itenn. wta. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wts. ser. E to J..83 bid, 85 asked
Shelby Co. 6s 108 bid, 110 naked
Tax. hint. 4. 6a 97 bid. 98i asked
Tex. Iiist. 6s... 104bid,106j asked
Mam. (I b bonds 104 bid.... ancea
Mem. Water binds 97 bid, ... asked
Hnnnnor Oil Works I) d 65 asked
Am. Cot. Oil trusts r3 bid, 54 askt d
Pinner Ontton Ml Is.. .25 bid. 31) SKea
Mem. Stor.Oom. Co...KI6bid, 110 asked
Mem. Gas stock 75 bid. 80 afked
New Youk, Ortobor 26. Monty on
call active at 4J7 ptr cent., clcsiuar at
5 atked. Prime mcrcinti;e paper, 4(5
per coat. Sterlirg exctange dn 1
buttteac'y at 4S0J for Bix y day bills
and 484 for demand.
Bind (Jovortment bonds were
dull and steady, (state bonds were
dull find steady.
Stocks The stock market, until the
last lioar, pressuted the Eam's general
feat'irm that it hai for several days
pot, f.iur or five stocks monopolizing
the great majority of the trading, and
prices slowly sagging off npon a lim
ited bnsi ness and narrow fluctuations.
Jersey Central was 8ain a teuture of
tha trading, and was strong The
othor c:al stocks were qoiet, with the
exception of Reading, which became
one of the leaders in the last hour,
both for st rength and activity. Louis
ville and Nashville was remarkably
s'rongand active all daj, principally
upon buyi ng by London, which alio
traded to' some extant in Northern Pa
c flc preferred. Among the pungors,
8c. Paul w as the only one showing any
life, but it fallowed the general mar
ket. Uaio n Pacific w as the special ob
ject of attack by the busn, and it
broke 11 psrctnt.in the morning, but
in the ef er noon the lofS was recov
ered. The special fta'ims of the
trading toward the close of the day
was the gr eat advance and activity in
Nashl!e, ChattEnooBa and Bt. Loui",
which gai ned over 3 per cent. The
opentip: w ss firm to tt'ong, first prices
showitg cdvancos over the clceinu
figure! of lest evening, ranging from
to I. Generally New Enc'and and
Union Pc tie were no I. The trade
were trading, the only features being
the weakening in Union Pacific and
the strength in Jt-r.vy Central and
Looifcville and Nashville. The general
market was heavy and dull, and so
continued un'il the a;ternoon, when a
break occurred in Pecibc Mill, lhere
was then some improvement in p:icef,
whxh in the last hour bectice
decided upward movement
over tie whole ha, and tee early
losres were regained in almost every
esse. lhe market clcsed strong at or
rear the best figures of ih day.
Sales, 315,215 shares; St. Paul, 37,100;
Lou;sville and Nashville, 35,100; Jer
siv Central, 25,400; Union Pacitic,21,
600. Final prices sto advances for
nearly everything on the active li-t.
Linisvills is up 2J ; Canada Southern,
1J; MickelPiateprefrred,lJ; Michi
gan Ceatral, 11, and Lackawaana and
Jersey Central, 1J eacb. Railroad
bonds were quiet. Sales, 1,474,000;
Wfst Shore funrs contributed 124 j,-
000; Kaneas and Texas sixes, $222,000.
Houston and lexas eeconda are P 1,
ft 86; Pecris, Decntur and Evansvnle
firsts 2, at 115. Hannibal and St. Jr,e
coneo's ere down 2, at 12, and Lake
Erie and Western income lours at a.
The total sdes of s'.o ks today were
315,215 shares, including Canada
Southern, 9S15; Delaware, Lacka-
eai.na and western, fctjo; Kiie, iw
Khuh s and lexas. 8J80; Lake
Shore, 101,311; Lr.uitville and Na-h-
ville, 31,lta; ivew Jersty v;enirai,iu,
390; P.citloMail, 4330; Riftding, 33,
670; St. Paul, 37,100; Western Union,
11,87: NortLern Pacific prtieireci,
4520; Oregon and Transcontinental,
4515. Closing quotations:
Z.B.U, 100.
4,'i4, tovr, W'to
i'aoifiotMut lb,13.'.
La. itmi,4(i, . Misourl 6, KOH-.
Cent. l'ao. UU.llM.- lon H K.U. 12J.
D8AU.U.W.lt."7. Krio 2da, 1W!.
M.K JtT.Om.6,101HNrth.Po.Ut3,11fi- ,
Mnrth Pun 9. In 1U-J. lM.Wutnrn oon. 14i'4
N.Weit.dob.&s.'ld'JJi. Bt.L.S.F Hc.M.,lw4
bt Paul oon, liH. St.P.C.f .lti, 1-U.
T.P.landirrnnU.S'jH.T.P.R.G.ax enu.71J.
U. P. lst, 1I5J4. West Shore. lolji.
Tena.tis,at'uit,ir4. 'ieUD.l,lt'mt,10-.
Xeno. ij.iut'iat.Tli.'-j.
Adami Eipren, 141!-ii Morrii k E.,orTJ, 141.
Allegheny Cent I, . ranhillo 4 1 , iU.
Alton x 1. llM-4. n. J. ventral. du;4.
IV or. A w .mu,"h.
N,,rlhorn zr..M'i.
Amoricun Kx., 106.
li. C. R. A N.55.
Northern Pan plit,
tVnuitu Pan . 71-''
Canada 8ou.. 6S-,.
C.4 fl.W ta.,lli.
tral Paoifio, 40. N.Y. Central, 11-V'1.
Che!fakeAO., N.Y.0.4 St.U.lS'4,.
C40.M l)td,l
N.Y C.4 Bt L.pld.a
pia.lt;. unioucntrai, .
Chioniro 4 A. .143. (lino A Mi. ,;:.
i h A ..i.l 11 (J A MiMA.nfd. 81).
c'. 11. i u'. KC'i. Ontario 4 Weft,, WM.
C.ht li. itN.O.,- OroironNav ,lun'4.
C. St.L.4 P.. 14. Orei1 n Tram.. Ils.
C. (St.1.4 P.)fd, 33. OrKin Imp., 2t .
C. H. 4 C. 43. Pauilio Mail.blti.
O 4C..69K. Panama, SS.
o! 4 H. Valley. 37. Peoria D.4 K.,.
Del. 4 Uud , 1U. J'.ttsburi, i.
lel.,L. 4 14ii"8. Pullman f.U.,Uili.
lien. A Hi tl 3Vi. Keadini, 36.
Erie. 343. Hock Island, 124.
vUVJx'nu K.. I., k s. K . ifiKi.
New Knst Tenn.. l.St.L 4B.K reld,75
NowK.Tenn. pia.iiv. di.h.o.i.ipi"
IT,,., w.,a Ua C. M. 4 ht. P.. 94.
Hannibal 4 St. J. -.tj. W.4 St.P,, S.
11 4kit.Jo..vfd,-. St. P., M AM..11S.
llarloin. 220. St Paul4 0inaha,4H.
Houston 4 T., 8). St. Paul 4 0. lld, 11 A
Illionis Central, 1S4. Tenn.CoalA Iron, U
Tn,l . It A. W..19,
'Pi.t Vanifta. 21r,l
Kansns A T., 3.VA.
Lake U. 4 W-, iWi.
Lake Shore, 95.
Lou, 4 Nairn. . 5i'b.
Lou. AN. A.. UVi.
il. A 1st ptd, .
M. 4C seconds.
Mem. A Char.. 40.
Hi,... (n..MI3.
Onion Paoifio, 69H.
U. S. Kxptess, .
w., S. L AP.,ll'i.
Vf.,s.L. A P. p., 4.
W.A t. Ex.. 126.
W. U.Tel.,77.
Colorado Coal,
Home Stake. 17.
Iron Silver, 210.
Ontario. 24.
OuioksilTer. 5.
Win. A St. L ,
Min. A St. L.ptd,4i
Missour' Pacifio,1144. Uaicksilrer pfd., 73i
1. Ilk;... la Smith Pftnitia. .
UUll, W - -V '
M. L. S A W., 00. Satre, 1.
1I.L.8.A Vf.pfd,88.
London, October 26. Consols 103
lR-i fnr both money and the ac
count. Bar silver quoted at 45Jd ptr
Tabis, October 26. Three per cent.
leDtes, 82f. 57Ju lur the account.
Bur.LiN, 0xb;r 2b. The specie in
the Imoerinl Bunk ot Germany in
creased l,9c0,C00 marks during tbo
pa;t week,
CnicAGO. III.. October id. Asso
ciated bank clearings today were $8,.
tkw York, October fO. Bank clesr
'wg today, $110,151,067; bulancis, 45,-
Baltimore, Md., October 20. Bank
rleonniiB today, $l,yio,2uU; Daiances,
Philadslphia. Pa.. October 20
Clearings today, $9,301,395; biilances.
Boston. Mass., October 26. Bank
clearings tcduy, 13,342,950; balances,
The local cotton market opened
seay, and closid etsy; middling, 85c
Su'cs, 3800 bales, 1200 to exporters and
2600 to spinners.
Nom. '
.., 1886.
Good Ordinary.
Low Middling.'..
Good Middling.
Middling Fair...
Fair -
Mkufbis, October
Stock Sept. 1, 1886-... 4,009
Received today 4,091
Received previously. 117,811
Shipped today 2,507
Shipped previously 53,747
Home consumption to
date 20
. 18,928
Stock running account
Thus far this wefk
Thus far la-t week
Smco Bi p'.ember 1st
M. and C. R. P.
M. & T. R. Pw
L. and N. R. R
M. & L. R. R. R
C, O.A8. W.R.R
L , N.O. &T. R. R
K. O , 8. &M. R. It
Steamers -
Wagons and oihor sources.,
Thus far this week
Thus far la;t week
Since September lot
M. A O. R. R....
M. A T. It. R
L. A N. R. R
0., O. A S. W. R. R
L., N. O. A T. E. li
... 802
... 419
... 490
.... 305
... 2(17
... 404
... 470
.... 500
..- 4,091
... 12,548
.... 11,235
.... 56,254
Total 2,507
New York spots opened wfak, ard
closed dull and esr-y. Middling, 9o.
Sales, 4..0 bales. Qiotaliors were as
Ordinary - tl.)
Good ordinary. 7j
Low middling 8j
Middling.- 9J
Good middling 9J
Middling fair-.lOJ
Fair 10i
. 01
New York fu'urea opened firm, and
and clcsed dull and easier and 2 to 3
points hither than Monday. Sales,
81,800 'bales. The closing quotations
wera asioiiows:
Yesterday Mondav.
October 8 89(.i)8Si) 8.88fl 8.89
November- 8.84(.t 8.9J 8.87(4 8.88
December- S.W'S 8.93(4 8.94
January.... 9.04( 9.05 9.0K4 9 02
February..- 9 li'ta y i:i U!i;n u i
March - 9.21(1) 9.22 9 184 9 19
April 9 3tV 9 31 9.27(
Hay 9.39(4 9.40 9.Sift) 9 3ft
June 8.4'i(4 9 4404 9 45
July 9 Bli(i 9.57 9 51C4 9 53
August V.bi U.bO V.SSy) V.OU
The NewOrlf ans spot market opened
easy, and clostd stesdy. Middling, t?.
8a, es, 5000 bales. Quotations were as
lrsterday. Monday.
Ordinary 6J J
Good Ordinary. ..7i 7j
Low Middhnit Hi t
Middlina 88 8
Good Middling. ...S, fc
The New Orleans future market
opened steady, and closed steady and
' to 3 points ciKber than Monday.
Sales, 22,500 bales. Quotations were
as follows:
Yfsterday. Monday.
October Nominal. Nominal.
November- 8.47(4 8 49 8,45(4 8.46
December - 8.62W 8.53 8.50(4
January (4 8 59(4 8.60
February... 8.6 (4 bus B.eiM.a s.u
March 8.71(4 8.72 80(4 8.81
April.- 8.82(4 8.83 8.91K4 8 91
Mar 8.9304 8.04 902(4 9.03
June 9 04(4 9.C5 9 12(4 0.13
July 9.15(4 9.10 9.22(4 9.23
Aacost ."at .-'o .stna w.i:o
September- 9 27( 9.29 (4
949 8
3 582
N. Orleant
Mobile ....
Norfolk ...
New York
Philad'a -St.
Aufjtinta ..
4371 813-10
'8 1516
328 Fi
Keteipts at pone, ibis day, 1886..
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885-46,453
R'ta TJ. S
n'rts4 dnvs
Kx. Gr. Bi
K'ts Sept. 1
Fbr'gn Ex.
Decrease in reieiiitJ.ttiis year.... '.9,679
At coon: Liverpool dull, in buyers,
favor. la'.fS. 7000 bales,- of wlrch
American 5400 bales. Kicaipts, 7000
bales; American, 5,300 bales.
Closing Quotations were as follows
Ordinary, 4Jd ; good ordinnry, 4ijd ; low
middling. 5 1-10d: trood midJlini,
6 7-10d; middling uplands, 6Jd; nid-
dhng Orleans, BJd.
Manchester: Cloths dull, moderate
erqniry; yarns trm, light demand,
f The vricet art given in prwtand 6lhi,
Oim: 4 63 meant 4 03-04d; and 5 01
ment 5 1-640. 1
At noon: Liverpool futures were
quiet t decline ; October, 5 08d : Oi to-bei-5ovember,
4 Old; November-De-comber,
4 58.1; December-January,
4 574 58d ; January-February, 4 bSi;
February-Marrh,4 59.1; Morch-April,
4 Old;. April-Mry, 5 d; May-June,
5 02d.
At2p.ro.: Liverpool futures were
dull; October, 5 08d, buyers: Ooto-her-Novembi
r. 4 62d. sellers; Novem
ber-December, 4 5Sd, boyfrs: Decem
ber-January, 4 E8J, value; January
Fe.hrnarv. 4 58d. buyers : February
March, 4 59d, tuyere; Marcli-Apiil,
4 61d. buyers; April-May, od, vai
ue : Mav-June. 5 03d. sellers.
At 5 Dm.: Livernooliuturfs were
steady; Ojtaber,508d,buyerf; October-
JNovenibor, 4 bm, sellers; rovtnn)r
December, 4 69d, selltrs; December
January. 4 58d. buvers: January-Feb
marv. 4 fiSd. buvers: FebrnarvMarch,
4 59 J, buyers; March-April, 4 61d,
buyers; April-May, 5d, tellers;
May-Jane, 5 02d, buyers.
Coknmeal Standard, $2 02 2
perl, 3 25(43 35; roller, $2 45.
Hay Clioice. irom store, iov; car
loal from levee or depot. Sll 50(412
Drimo. from store, 65wt70". ; car lead
from levee or dorot, 110 5011 ; prai
rie, lroui etore, 50c: car load irom
leven or denut. S7.
Oorn 1 rorn btoro.white.4yc ;mixoa
47c, from lovce or depot; white, In
bulk, 424c; in escks, 40jc; mixeu, iu
bulk, 4UJc; m satks, 44c.
Oats From store.w hite.37c : mixed
35c: from levee or depot, white, in
bulk, 32c; in sacks, 34)c; mixed, in
hulk. 301c: in tacks. 32lc.
Bran From store, 70c; from levee
or depot, $12(J,12 50.
Floor From store, No. 3, $33 25
fnmilv. $3 50(43 75: choke. 13 76(44
fancy, J4(44 25; extra fancy, $4 S!(4
4 fill - natente. 5(45 50.
Bbans Navy, $2; medium, $1 50
1 76; common, 5-i 25; German muiet
i wr"ii 4!).
Rick Louisiana, 451cj Carolina
Oatmeal In half-barrels, $3(3S 25
frnm ntnrn.
Cbacxers Soda, extra, 4)c; soda,
trebleextra, 5c; extra,7c; ginger snaps.
extra. 6(46c : assurted iuniuits,uwuc,
Crackkd Wukat In half-barrels
$4 25 from store.
Hominy and Gaus-From store.
$C 15(43 25.
Kansas Crrr. Mo., October 20
Wheat lower: No. 2 red, cash 61j
bid; November, 62c bid; December,
634. Com, lower; No. 2, cash, ZHJa'!)
2!ij; Novimbsr, 2l,)Jc bid; DecemDer,
30ic bid Oa's no quotations.
r-T. Louis, Mo., October 26. Flour
nut;.?, anrt ,tadv. Wheat active, but
ami lower: the market openei
lower aud declined Jc steadily, later
prices rallied and closed l)(4c
lower rn3n yoBioruny; nu. a rcu, turn,
74JWJ3J November, 7cc, iloting at
75(4753 3; December, 702(477 )c, clos
ing at 77Jc; Mav, 85J;a8liic, clcsiDg
at 80J bid. Corn vory dull and
e.wy, closing J: lower than yester
day; No. 2 cajii, 3333Jc; Novem
ber, 33 331c, closing at 33)s; Do
cember, 34(434 Jc, clr.Bing st 341c;
May, 38J388j, closing at 38jo. O.tts
irregular, near options firmer, futures
No. 2 mixed, cesh. 25io; No-
vembir. 2(ijc; Decimber. 27c; May,
3H,c. Kye easy at 481 c. Barley nom
inal. Flaxseed neglected, llran tirm
at 60i-. Cornnioal steady ut $ 90.
Receipts-Fiour, 3t'00 brls; wheat,
2 1,000 bu ; corn, 60,000 bu ; ots, 30,000
bu; rye, iOOObu; barlry, 2,OlO b".
Shtrinents Flonr, 12,000 brls; v.h''at,
1000 bu ; ct rn, 46,000 bu ; oitt. 30,000
bu; iyc, 51,00 bu; barley, 6000.
Afternoon Hoard. Wheat Jftjc
lower. Corn ic lower. 0.,ta lc lower.
Chicago, III., Outober 26. The
wheat market was week and lower.
There was good trading early in the
session, the offerings being liberal,
and there was a'so a good demand,
buying, however, being chiefly to
cover shr.rt saes msdu at niy.ner
S rices. The otfenrgs txceeded the
emand, and the t peninp; was about
o lower than me i-lotinir neures 01
yesterday, and fnrth r dt clinel c.
Then followed a viry dull market,
with "bxht rallies, but the latest trad
ing in the afternoon wse at utarly in-
de jric-s. Xtie wtatnws was ptr
ally owin- to the less favorable ticor
of foreman advice.', snd a more free
movement of wbei.t in toe Nor hweet
The shippirg dtm.ind for corn was
good, but trie market was quiet.
Prices remained moderately steady.
and closed only a shade easier. Oats
rulf d slow, and clos h! about Jo lower.
Hour ruled quiet and uncbacgnd.
Cash quotations were as fallows: No.
spnug wnai, j(it7ajc; n. a
spnuir, t4c: xo. z red, ac; ao. z
corn, 34 Jo; No. 2 ont, 25o; No. 2 rye,
494c: H'j. ' barley, a.'e; o. l tuxseed.
97c; prime to good timothy,$l 05(41 07 ;
Leading lotures were as follows:
Wheat October opened at 73Je, hfgh-
at 73 Jc, lowest iZjc, closing 72Jc;
November opened at 731. highest
731c, lowest 73c, dosing Tile; De
cember opened at hiheHt 75 jo,
lowest 75 jC, Cloeing ,.ri)c; Jnnary
opened at 76jc, bihott 76jc, lowest
(Sr. closing oo; May opened at
8'JJo, highest 82J?, lowe.t 8!o.
closing 82c. Corn Ocobor opened
at 34J:1, liightpt 35c, lowest
S4j'", closing 34 jc; November opened
at 3.)jc, tigtiesi :.; lowest sole,
closing 35Jc; Peonnbtr optnad at
36Jc, highest S8,3, lowest 3fj! , closing
3(ijc; January opened nt 3i Jr, highest
37c, lowest 3tSjc, cli-sirg Ittijc; May
opened at 4ll?t hitlit'st 41Ju, lowest
4Uc, doting) 4Hi'. Oa-.s Octobi r
opentd at 25 c, behest 25Jc, lowest
ac, closing zoe, ni'TeniM r opened
at SSi'c, hignest -'jc, lowt rojc,
clos;i:g i54 ; Dtccinti r i pened a 2ti5:,)
highrst 26ji-, Iowcbi 2tijc, closing 26Ac;
Muv onnned at.oi'' liiiitiesi
lowest 30 jc, doting 3tijc. Heteip's
Fhnr, 18.li(K) brls; wheat, 91,000 bu;
corn, KiS.OUU du; on, i:n,tiuj mi;
rye, 3000 bu ; barley, do.IIOO bu. Ship
mentsFlour, 121,000118; wheat, 3v
0 bu; corn, lStl.OtO bu; oste, 138,-
000 bu; rye, tiw on; bsriey, a',
Bottsr Butterine, 13)(414c;
creamery. 30(;i-'c; dairy, uswiw,
country butter, 16(ij 18c.
lloa I'HonrcTS Mat's poia, tius;
sugircBied hams, 11 (41 l ie; breakfast
bavon, 839Jc; clear nn bhIs hacqn,
7ic; bacon slioutitfiis, i(i7jc; buia
pork clear sides, 7 jc; clear rib sides,
71c; shoulders, Ufo; long clear, ( jc.
Lard Tierces, p c iHii-narreis auu
kegs, 6jc; choice kctt'e, 7j(47jc.
Fbkru.Mats No. 1 heet, lc; mni-
ton, 8c; hind quarters ol beel, Hjc;
lamra. 10c.
Pocltkv Chickens, ppring, $2(4
2 75; old hens, $2 703
UnsKriK 1 'rune inns, oi($!)j; ew
Yoik fsctiry, 9c; full croain, 12 jc ;
Young America, lie.
1'iqs Feet. liarreis, !i ixi(uu; naii-
barrtls, $t 755; kegs $1 75.
St. Louis. Mo., October 26. Pro
visions quiet and steady. Bulk meats
Bbout sttadv: loose lots Ion; clear,
V! 50 ; short ribs, $8 50 ; short e'ear,
$6 80; boxed lots, easy; long clear,
$6 50; short ribs, $6 60; sbott clear,
86 75. Baron lore clear and short
ribs, $7 257 75; short clear, 0U(4
7 8 0. Miter ou et ami eay creamery,
2125c; dairy, 12(420c. Fggs strong
and higher at 14 j(41tc.
Chicago. III.. October 26 Pro
visions were I'gntiy irauiu in our.
.1.1 11f A
prices were Bteadier, and clcsed a
sha !e higher. Cash quotations wore
as follows: Mess pork, $8 87); lard,
$5 72)5 75; Bhort ribs, loow, $6 85;
dry salted shoulders, boxed. $5 45(4
a 60; short Clear iiuee, unxtu, Tiyiow
6 80. The lending futures ranged
as follows: Potk Ottober opened at
$8 84, highest $8 85, lowest $8 75, clos
ing at $8 85 ;No vember opened ct $8 87 ) ,
h'ghebt $8 mt, lowest ciuhhik i
$8 85; December opem d at $8 80,
highest $8 90, lowest fS u, cirsing m
$8 90; January opened at SMI in,
h'ghesl $9 85, loweai $9 J, cioaing nt
$9 77). Lard October oponed at
$5 70, hiirhest $5 7ft, lowe-.t o m,
closing at $5 72); Novemhor opened at
fr 10. hinrheet J5 7o. loweii o m,
closing st$5 72); Deeembi-r opened at
$5 77 j, highest $j 82),loweit $i 77),clr8-
ina at $j 80; J anuarv opened iwnii,
highest $5 90, loweet 5 85, closing at
ib 85. Short ribs-Oe!ober opened at
$6 80, mhi st $7, lowest $6 80,
closing atJOfcO; January opened at
$5, 02), highest 55 02), lowest $6,
closing at $5. On t' e Produce Ex
change todny butter ruled very slow;
good to choico extra tr-amery, 19(i)
25t, f:,ir to good creamery, 14)(418c;
dairy, 16(420c; packing stock, 7(ai9r.
Kgg, 1 J a.
SuoAK-Pure white, 6i(?.fl)fl; eff
white, CjBlc; yellow clan lied, 6J(
6c; open keitle, noni; refined A,
6(61"; grannlated, 6Sff6)c.
OoKrRB-Oi mmon, 10)c; ordinary,
103ll)c; prime Rio, 12j(413c; choice
to fancy, 13J14c; old government,
Soap 3(45)c per pound.
CANDUS-Bticks, all sises, in boxas,
pails and barrels, 7)("'9)o.
Salt-$1 20 per barrel; sacks, fine,
$1 al 45; coame, $1 10(41 15; pock
ets, bleached, 23(47c; car-loads from
levee or depot, 6c cheaper.
Canrbd Goods, Ktc Prices per
dozsn: Pineapples, fl 25f41 60;
poaches, 2-lb, standard, $1 16(41 25;sec
ondn, $1(41 10; torn; toes, 2-lb stand
ard, 90 f4$l; 3-lb,$l(4V 15; strswbor
ries, $1 101 25; rasnberrics, $1 10
125; b ackborries, .1(!'1 10; gresn
gnes, $1 60(41 75; pears, $2(4
2 25; plums, $1 mA l eeparegus,
$2 60(44; preen corn, 1(41 35; green
peaa, $1 5,(41 5; ove oyslers, lud
weight, 1-lb, 8595c; cove oyrtew,
full weight, 2-lb, S 60(.ftl 80; cove
oytterw, light welg t, 1-11), 60c; ci-vo
oyrters, light weight, 21b, $1; con
donfed milk Crown, $5 li(X4' '5;
E-nrle, 37 507 75; Paiy, $ 75.
Molas'as Lonicitna, common to
fair, 18(42.ic; prime to choice, 30(440o;
syrup, 21 (440c; common to fair, 20(4
25c; prime to choice, 30(4350; con'rif-
ugal, fancy, 32f.)33. .
Toucco-Columoll, 11-incb, r.7)(4
28c; other grades and s'vle?, 3,8.ic.
Snuff (arretfs, $10 8 p" as;
Ralph's, $10 25 per ense; K. li., $U io
felO; (Jail A Ax's, ?S 75.
New York, October 26,-CuffBe
nnt fuir. Rio firm. 124c ; options
15(420jonts higher and active jsnls,
64,750 hairs; Octoher, 10.66(410 90c;
Novemher, 10 )(.i iu.oc; irac-nnin,
January and Febi'ii'ty. 1060(410.75;
March ami April, it).5(.10.7oc; May,
10 65(410.80c ; Jure,
strady and qnist; refilled, qui.t.
Rice steady.
Hoist.iioi.ii svvei.iH.
Atpler Arp'eit, f l Crt2 50; dried
apples, fmujj ti"r p iind from B'.oro.
Dried noai hp.-. from Store.
Vkoktabi.es Cnionfl, 33 'rom
B'oro. Cabbie, f 250: per heed, 8(510c;
1 Is, from lvee or d' pot por crat.
Kraut, bria, (ib,S 75; bt-lf brl,$2 750r)
3. Garlic, 40WGOo por 100. Tarnips,
50c per bmhul.
Fbuit Oranges, per box, 6 50; per
barrel, 9 50(410 Um ns, 5 50(a!6 per
box. Banana, tl 5(1(42 50 per bineh.
Cocoanntfl, J5 per 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7Jc; TnnessBe, farmer's stock
3(44c; roasted, 2Ji- higher; shelled
10f. Altuimdi, 18(i20.-.
Rai'ins London layers, $3 40; lay
ers $2 75; Ca.ilorni, ; Imperial,
3 5t4.
- Picai.KS In jers, pints, 95c; qnarM,
$1 50; hail-gallons, 275; tailor a,$3 75;
lcoe, ba'r''s, $ 60(47; half-barrels,
$3 75,t 4; n-ixod, bane, a. $10 50; mixed,
balf -bairels, $0.
Potatoes -Nw, $1 2,')1 60; North
ern i-trck, $1 7542
Cideb New York, $6 50(47 per bar
rel, snd $3 7ft4 ier hall-barrel.
ViNBaAB 1 0(4 1 5e per gallon.
Pkcans Teaae, 8fi)l0.i fjr small to
medium, 1014o fur large; Ai kaneas,
Fien Maekerel, half-barrels, No. 1,
$r 2,5 75; N. 2 $4 75(45; No. 3,f4 25
(4475: 10-lb kit, No. 1,90c; No. 2, 75c
15 lt, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, fam
ily, mc per nox.
Walnuts French, 12c ; Naples,16c ;
Grenobles, 16c. Filberts, 12c
Am Oame ish, ll12c.
In cur loid lots: Piime erode
cot' on seed oil, new, 28(430c; off
crude cotton seed oil, old, 24(4
20c; prime snmmer yellow cot
ton seed oil, 35(3!'c ; off summer
yellow citton r-eed oil, 3-.'(434c; min
ers' summer yi-lb.iw cotton seed oil,
3335c; prime tunimrr white cotton
sed oil, 35c; choice cooking yellow
cotton seed oil, 87)W40c; nrime cotton
seed meal, $14 75(415; oil ro'ton reed
meal, m:no. Oc tt n s.ed delivered tt
depi t or levt e, J 9 p r t in ; from waon
nt mills, 39 per ton.
Baooino Jute. 2 lbi, 8Jc: 1J
7jc; 1 j Its, 7c. F ax, 8 lbs, 3.
TiKS-ft 05(41 10.
Nail Coiumon,$2 20(i:2 25; steel,
$2 35(-2 51).
PowiKR-Krg, $4; halt kegs, $2 25;
quarter kps, $L 25.
Clesrtiib washed, 31(430n; grease
wool, 23(426c; hurry wool, 13(418c.
Philacklpiiia, Pa., October 26.
Wool quiet; Ohio, Ponnsj lv.'n:a and
Wist Virgin's NX and t-bove, 36 437c;
X,34t"435c; medium, 3S(440c; coarse,
Pt. Lorrs, Mo., October 20 Wool
quiet but st' ady ; medium clothing, 22
(a)-. 7c; c milling, 25(i2Hc; low and
.arse, 14v22c; flue 1 glif, 2024c;
heavy, lll(4-lc; Id 'ck, 1724c.
Boston, Mass., Oek.ber 26. Wool
quiet but fi m, with (air demand;
Ohio and Pennsylvania deuces,
extr.i, 315(4350; XX, 36(437o;
XX and above, 37(i';3Sc; Michigan ex
trn,33c; No. 1 Ohio, 38)(;?)39c; No. 1
Michigan, S738j; No. 1 Ohio comti
ing, 4()('f4 "c; No. 1 Michigan, 38(4
39c; Ohio fine delaine, 37(438; Mich
igan fine doloin", 3536c; pulled
wocls, clioico, 38(445it; common to
cood, 33C;35c; extra, 30(432c; lambs,
303515 ; ctmbing, pulled, 40c.
Coal Oil Prime white, wholesale
lots, 11c per gallon.
Cleveland, O , October 20. Petro
leum quist;s. w. 110, 7Jc.
PiTTsmmo, Pa, Oc'obcr 20. Pet:o
leum dull but steady, 65 Je; Na ional
Tiansit certificates openeil at 66 Jo and
etcstd at (:4Jo; highest, 05 Jc.
vrmsiKT, wink, 1. unions, ETC.
Whisky Straiaht Kentucky Bour
bon. $150(45: rediatilled goods from
85c t) $160, according to proof; rye,
$1 75(40.
Cbicago, III., October 26. Whisky,
$1 18.
St. Louis, Mo., Oatober 26. Whisky
firm, $1 13.
Cincinnati, O .October 28. Whisky
active and firm; sales of 1137 barrels
if fiuislud goodj on a basis of $1 13.
SIint.N A Pi lk TAM.OW.
IIidrs Dry flint, 12)(416c; dry
salt, 10(412c ; green salt, 71(48 jc ; green
5(46c: deerskins, 15(418c. Beeswax
firm at 20c: tallow, 3(43)0.
LIVE Hltt.
Grass Cattlb Choice, 31(43jc;
pood, 23(43Ju; fair to medium, 2)'4
2)c; sc'illawags, ll)c.
lloas-Ctioice, 4)c; good, 4(5,41o;
oommon, 3(431c
Siieki' Choico, 3)(44c; medium,
ftUc; common, l4l 50. Choico
land s, per pound, 4)Qj5c.
Kansas City. Mo. October 26.
The Live Mock Indicator reports: Cattle
receipts. 4078 head: shinmonts
2100 head; bfst quality of corn fid
and Brass ranrr . sieady ; others, slow
and weak; good to choice $4 10(44 15;
coninir,n tomeilinm, $.i 30(it)4 40 ;f lock-
sis, $2 25(42 76; feoiirg htfore, $2 SO
(43 00; cowp, l mHi'jS (10 ; grars rnge
alters. S- 2.K43 .!U. lines receipts,
110O head; stiipments, none; niarsot
week.with 5(4 10c lower; good to choice,
$3 8,r)(f 00; common to medium, J3 40
f43 80. Sheen receipts. 1000 neao
shipment', 1100; comnioa ( medium,
$1 (.0(42 50.
Chicago. III.. October 10. The
Droitrt' Jintmal repoits: Cattle re
ceipts, 80H0 head; shipments, 1000
head. Market weak and 10(4l5c
lower; shipping steers, 950 to 1500
lhs, $3 50(45 40; Blockers and
feodors. $2 30(43 60; cows, bulla
and mixd. $1 60(41 75; bulk
2 25(42 75: throutrh Texas caltls
steaHy; cows. $2 10(Ji2 00; stoerp.
if 2 00(43 30: Westrn ranters 10c
lower: wintered Texans. $3 25(43 75
Noithem rangors Montana, $3 60(4
3 55. -Wyoming Texans, $2 70(42 90
Colorado Texans. 13 30. Hogs re
ceipts, 25,(100 head; thipment", 5000
head; market steady enrly, closing
10a lower: rouuh and mixed, $.150 4
3 80; packing and shipping, $3 75(4
4 10: light Wi ightH,$3 5()f44 15; skips,
S3 35. Bhen reemtiK 0()n0 In ad
ahininents. 2000 hoad: market s'eedy
natives. $2 4 : Wnhtem. $3 50' 3 80,
Texans, 2 25(43 25; lambs, $3 750
4 50.
New York. October 26. The de
mand was very ouiet. as usual taTuis-
day, but ths distribution en orders
wssof firmer steadiness and the toue
of the market at previous Btciilincss,
V. 8. K
KiniHKiii Ohi(:k,1
;U Front atrcnt, f
i.,0ctoher, 1.J
Memrlil, Tonn
SEALED PROPOSALS In trlpllciito, iuh
jeot to the iiKual condition, "ill lis ro
eeired at thin ofjli o until noon of October iffl,
1HM1, to be then and there publicly oponed,
f..r tha (urniKhlna uf all neoi"iiry mutorial
and I bor, and laying ol about J miuarea ol
tin roofing.
Hpeoillnntlona and blnnk forma for propo
inln can be hid on aialionlin nt tin" nflice.
The guToriiuiant rcerve the riebt to waive
dofocti und to reject any or all bi,li
Tftptnin of Knainecn, I'. H. Army.
l)KrAHTM aitT or tub Isti aioa, I
Wa-hin.ton. Ootobor l i. l"Hii. f
elKAI.F.I) I'K' l'OSALH will be recoivod at
) 1 liia Diiiiiirlment nntil 12 o'clock m. No
vember lii, lH-ii, lor lurnlebin the material
and liihorreiiuired In oouiplotlnf tho nulvert
and other work In tho iiiiiirovoi untot tha
Hot Hiirinaa Ktaervntion, at Hut riprinira,
Arannaa. Ulank fiirina of p-opoial, apeoi
flontiona, etn , will be furnihed upon aipN
ra Ion to this Department, or to "Superin
tendent of Hot Hprina-a ltuiorvatlon, llot
Siirinna, Arkuniui.
L. i. 0. LAMAR, Beoretary.
Friar Point.. .....J twv l.ia.t a.m.
New Orleani C. P. Cmjitno, 19 a.m.
Onoaola h.Ooaroma, b p.m.
White Rinr Cinomsiw, 6 p.m.
Nw Orleana C'v Btim R i cr. 10 a.m.
ArkannaaClty Klta Anal, I p.m.
Tiptiinvilla Cunirmi, b p.m.
Jrrwos. Kena Macready, Helen;
GaycBO, Cjncoidia; Helena, New
Oi leans.
Vtparhire. Helena, New Orleans;
R. L. Cobb, Arkansas Kiver; Jos
Peters, Arkansas River: Kent Mac-
ready, Helena; Uaycao, Concord1 a.
JtoMt 1ut Down. Uiinhoma, (Jhts.
P. ( houtean snd City of New Orleans.
tioau inie tii. James Lee. Chick
asaw and Belle Menijihis.
Hrreiaila Tmtprdny,
Rene Macready 280 bales cotton.
140 bags eei d cotton and 731 iks reed.
Gayoso 110 bale cotton. 57 bam
seed r Uton and 2064 ska seed.
lleloita 23 bales cotton, 61 bus seed
cotton, 3236 sks seed,3 bags motes and
57 pkgs sundries.
Tub Chicka aw, Cnit. K. C. Postal.
is the packet this evening at 5 o'clock
for White river.
TiixCoahoms, Capt. Henry Ccorer,
s the packet this evening at 6
o'clock for Osceola and the upper
benda. Wm. bmither lies chance of
her ollico.
Tub James Lee, Cept.Thoaas C!g-
ri-tt, is lie packet this evening
at 5 o'clock for Helena, Kriiirs Point
and all way lardmgs. Will Athford is
n hrr crllce.
Tub Chesapoake, Capt. W. P.Hall,
ia the pheket tomorrow evening at
o'clock for Tiptrnville end a I way
lnndimtB. Col. J. D. Kulkr ia iu
chargo of her fffico.
Tut Anchor lino steamer city ol
Biiton Honge, Capt. R. T. Whitk-dge,
will pa s down this morning at 10
o'clock for Now Orlenna and ail way
po'nts. William Masson is her clerk.
Tub Kate Adams, Capt. Mark K.
Chotk, is the United fctiates mail
patkot tomorrow evening at 5 o'clock
1 ir Helena, Arksr.sns City and all wey
landings. W.C. Ulnnktr has charge
ol her ollico.
Tub great iron rloamcr Charlos P.
Chouteau. Clt. Wm. 11. Thnrwegan,
s due down tuts mornina at lUiVc nt1
for Helena, Qreenviile.V'ii kshug, Now
Orleans and all way landing!, (mo,
ftiiltenberger pietidi s in her otllce.
Business (air.
Wbathrr cloudy and coolor.
Thb river here ia on a stand with 4
feet 1 tenth on the Range.
KiccaiiTS by river yesterday, 413
bales of cotton, 222 bngs ol sotd cotton
and 6971 tacks of seed.
Ma i. John D. Apauh left by rail last
evening for Little Kotk.
Tkb Charles P. Cbontean Is due
down today, bound for New Orleans
Tun Arkansas tiver rackets It. L.
Cobb and Jon Peters chared last
evening with fuir trips.
John F. Wimianks, ct the New Or
leans Calton feed Asunciatinn, was in
the city yesterday, ond hit by iail lor
Tub pilots ot the Helena report 6
feut water from here to Frairs Point
and the channel vory narrow in a
great many places.
Tim Qayoso arrived yesterday
morning from Concordia with 110
bales cotton. 67 bans seed cotton, 2004
ska seed and returned last evening
with a fair trip.
Tub Rone Mscrcndv arrived yester
day morning from Helena with 280
lia'o? ot cotton, 104 bgs of seed cot
ton and 731 sacks of seed, and re
turned lHht evening.
The bit- Helena. Cant. Alf Grifsom,
arrived late Monday night from New
Orleans with 23 bales of cotton, 64
bsgs of seed cotton, 3236 tacks of seed
and 67 jisckaites 01 sundries, fine re
turned y.B'orday altcrnoon with 135
bales of cotton, and 1ms enpftKonients
li i!ov for all the cotton and seed she
can carry on the water.
OKi'ica Kiqnai Hkiivicb, U. 8. A
Mkhpih", October I'll, 1 p.m.
Tho following ohscrvntlona aro taken
at n'l stations named at 75s meridian
time, which is one hour fa'tor than
Mcnipliia l.i mo:
Ab've Luw
10. lis
Fort Nmith
La Cropse
Little Hock
New Orleans....
Ht. Louis
Ht. Fanl
Pittnbdbo, Pa., October 20. Noon
Kiver 5 feet 5 inches on the rhiiko
nd Blatinnary. Weatbor raininu.
Whrumho, W. Va., October 20
Noon Kiver 1 foot 3 iuches or the
ptngoand r-tationnrT. Weather rain-
Cincinnati, O., October 20. Noon
River 3 feet 4 inches on tho pange and
falling. Wtather cloudy; thermometer
Louibvillb, Kt., Oi tohor 2G. Noon
Bivor Btationary, with 3 foot In Ihe
canal and 1 1 Inches on tho fall", liuai
neBHfair. Weafher cloudy and cool.
Cairo, III., Oi.toV.ir 20. Noon
Ri vt r 1 feci 3 inches on the nau(r.e and
faUins Weuthcr clomly anal cold. Ar
rived: City of NewOrleanB, Now Or
loann, 0 s m. Departed: City of Virks
burg, Ht. Louis, 7 p.m.; City of Baton
Kouko. Now Orleans, 1 a.m. ; City of
New Orleans, HI. Louis, 11 a.m.
A hook of 1(K payna.
lha beat book tor
nawppapera and aatlmatea oi tha o,.at ol ad
S.rtiain. The alTertlrer who want? toepond
one dollar. OnJa in It the inloruiation i,e r
yuirea, whila for him who will irye.i one
hiir dred thouaand dollar In adyortiaina, a
Jcuo'i o la Indicated which will meet bia
very rau1 irumeot, or can be made to do ao
by allahtohanana eaJiily arrived at by corre
ipondonoe. Ooe hundred and BftT-thraa
editiona hnve been Ihiw I. Bent, Poitpaid.
to any addroaa Uir ton oeiJ. Apply to 0 KO.
VKHTISINO BUUKA1L10 Spruoeit. IPrint
ni Uoaio Snoare), tiew York.
For Helena, Arkaniaa Oily, OreeariU.
Vlokibari, Baton Kene ana all Wajr
Chas. P. Chouteau, .iv
W.H. Thorween...iua: t!r awWrW
Will 1i.t nbore frmu Klevatnr W KUN U.
1)AV. Oct. L'Tth. at 10 a.m. For fremht .r
paisaa aiiply at Ho. 3 UadVon tet.
11. i. ijun n, Arent.
Sit. I.oaia mnil tivw 4rlpan Anehar
l.ln-l'.H Jloll-KUHMlr. OnLKAAa.
City of Baton Rouge $5
K. J. ThitledM...maiLr. f?;3fS3
Will UaT lha Klevator W KDN ESLl.i 1 , Oat.
27th, at 10a. m. Fur irsigni or iuaaa apply
r. ii. him., ni A i. a nniKM.Kup i.
Arkaaaaa Itlvrr Perkrl Co. For Pia
llluff and all war landinn on Ark. Kivar.
JStr. U. L. tu, aJSw
Ed. Now'und.. matter, 'r1at'"aiif
Will leave TUIS IAT. Oat. StLh, at 6 p.n.
for freinht or paiaaca applr at Mo. 3 Maaa
ion (treel, or to II. C. LOW tt, Af aaC
Cull Ti.phna Nn. Hi.
for llrlrna aiad HI. Franrla Bivar.
Str.Rene Macready jShE
0. K..lofMn maitar.
Unvrafnr Helena KTBKY TUBSDAT an4
TltOKSDA Y at ft p.m. Uivo lor Relanav
andUt. ITrancii rivarKVBKI 8A11HUAI
at 1 p.m.
The rnplaiu raervan tha right to yaas tM.
landing hedoeuafl uaBat'o.
J AS. i.r.K, Jl., Saa't,
OfPen. No. 4 Mndi-ea rf.
For Onoeola, Point, Caruthoravtlta,
Uayuao aud ltitonvui iba na Nt!-
w heel paflKonsrcr wtoairer
W. . 1UH miiiitcr. I J. D. Pallor crk
Will )nro hn nbovoi ud nil wiy iinU.
p.m. Kor t rwirht tr f ntpngw npf'y otftf.
Forilolma. ac'.idal, Krim Pilnt and al
Via iiau M'.iia cnoainar
R. T. CLAHBTT Mn.i.ir.
Will lv an lib, ve on KVBKY MONOAV,
WliUiNtSUAV and t HlUAi at 6 o olaok.
For Randolph, Fatten, Oaoeola
Laadlan rtaaiuar
an Way
Coalioiion, xaiS1.
J. U. COOPKH j...Malor.
and Kill HAY at fi p.m. ThoTloata of thi
line reorve the rlht to p.-iiia all landinrt
thecipiain may (loom uniifa. t.'flitfo, Mo. 9
Niiihinn t. .IWKS l.h'f, .In , "-nii't.
Uc'iittiliis ami VickidmrK riicUeltor.
Bttiiy U.S. Mail Hue.
For itelen.i, t'oneordia, Terrene u.id Arkaa
an t!i rUn elcant tmnfonuiT ntv : cor
M. K. Ohh...aiaitr 1 W. O. Blanker
Ik "von Wniln
Fur ConoorilU and all wy laudiuw.
The :tlinlor
Air xs&
A. I.. Cnmmlni, Mait'rJ Lew Price (! art
LeaveaTU K1)A Y and PAl'UKDAli at 6 p.a
For nem-ral Itiloriuauou iply at
No. i Madiion atrwt.
JOHN CAWH, Pnw'r A.rent. Tolnnhona 5.
Memphis White lUTer 1'kt.ci
For 4'larrndAn, Drvnlla Hlnll,, Ds
Ar(, Anauata. Searoy. Nawport, Jaakaod.
port, Ualo.fllle and all Way Laadiara,
K. 0. PoiUl mat.r.
W 111 leave K V KRI WEIIN Kbl) AI at I ..
Str. ALUERTA NO. 3,r,yiip
Alhert B. Fsitth maatar. ' " .
Will leav. BVKKY 8A1UKDAT
Thronah ratal glvoa to all polnti. FnUU
eomignad to tho Meu'iihli and WhlU Rivyr
Pai'ketCo., at Memphii or Terrene, will
forwarded promptly. For aanaral iafaraaay
tlon amdy at olSoa, No. 8 Madiiioa at., art
CnllTelephona. H. O. LOWK. AaC
For Of eppptu,nll tloi n jemenU
f the Migrative Orjrail iviid th
ILIver, Skin lllaoiiana. tula, Uarne,
toalde and llriiiave. ACIU 1UOH
EAH I'll le a Hpnclt'lc.
Ilheainatlain, Itlnlarlal Dlatr.
etore. Chronic Ularrhuiat and or
tin ate cneoe of Rlood Pelaoailna;.'
yield without fall to IM toade'
f al raraUve bVwt.
AM foe-tree Mehlot, t he hed
f all dealer aw aeat, faetaaM,
Irom the A. I. K. Ca., ITUMIe, Aha.
At Wholesale by YAH YLKETA CO.
No. 105, E. D.-Phaocery Court of .err
enutity Hrneal Mo. Androwi otal. va.Juea
II. Andrawa et,al.
"tjy virtue of na Interlocutory deeree nt
J J aalo, ontereu in me auuj. c.u
imh day oi October. 1KH, M. 11. M, naea
4tnt, I will aell. lit publio auction, to thehurh
enl bidilor.ln front ol the Olork and MaaUa- a
olhoo, courthouse of thelby coenty, Meaa
phia, Tenn., on
Snnriliy, Norcmbair I. iaa,
within loaal houra, the followln 4e
roribed property, aitnatcd in tie laxitia: Dli
trictof Shelby eountv, TonneBnoe, t-"t:
lloainninu at a oint on the north itde el
Carroll avenue Uf teet wcatol a larked i
oornori thenoe north 40 eat with jaid ave
nue l.H loot to a (takes thenoe aorth ea
arvA fort to rt atako; thenoo "outbSIS eaut
llfi IVet to a ankoi thenoe aouih .Uvi weat
loot to tho beKinnlnr. Iieina piu-t er let
14 and 18 o oauoiiy lot MI4 and ert or lee
John 1). Urnham auhitivmioa. a tully de-ar-nbedln
the died of John K. llobba to Je
lia A. Andrews, Ihea Julia A. draco, ia i the
Keaiator'a offlao 01 bhelby eounty, in ke
1:T.rm of Pale-Ono-third oath i balnnoe ia
equnl iimliiliii iiita at und Uuioniha; note
with fecurity riquired; lion retained.
Ootobor 1, Wt- , . . .
rt. I. MoUOWEUi.ClKrk and Waaler.
Tty T. R. Onldwoll. Di euty 0. and M.
t'raior St Boylo, Pol tor eoniorat.
on Itosldout Aoticn.
No. tlT2-f n the I'hancery Court of
county. Tenn.-J. S. Tuof ' '
va. alii-
bill which la aworn to l
thi. o'.u,e that the t:font"'rFva Davii
,, Dura Diiviea, Hoea l)a ic. Jv.v.2 STibS
and l'narl Wilaon. are waidonW o the 8tat
ot Arknnaaa and all non-roidenU of the
S,IeronoV. oViloed. That thoy make
their at oin 'e hr-ln. at the courlhouae
if Shelby county-I" M"u;.U:n. a
before the lirv iu" " ""'"-r.T-....
A "i'l'Mol'oWRLT., Clerk and Matter.
Tly T. II. Caldwell. Ileputv 0. "'M- ..
OaottAPiHoon,l3oU.forooinl w
Sa9 lrn Karih.
Vatam Kabk.
nn if WftUifflcii
I Trailo fl rk .J
and lileii l. anaweriroemuriooiMnpiin
bl'K or ihiaainow.il be Uken for coafeaaol
i i the... ard act lor he-rina Hri.!J
that a copy ot th a ordr be 'h'"!,
wek for lour ancoo- iive weeka. in the Mcm
TThi , A IpVa " Thia 18th day of bctokar. 1.

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