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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, October 28, 1886, Image 2

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Memphis: mmily appeat Thursday, uctobku 2. isec
the hm. i b. Muis
Tl Fr publicans of the Firt aikaa
iu Diet net Organ'- d lor Woih
Maine's Movements.
ol WiomiA. Tun to idwio am me
b m t the Oaten atrial candidi'ie
in ueiUr.t Hiatea lavirg Unnvrrne
Q verDi.rsat P'es'D' wincti tlect
Ucrio nT.indycf t ext are k,
Adorns, ol Nevada, aloiie beiuK a "
d m i a'.ion:
AfniM. JtmtMtrna. Drmnfral.
T iiorbla.J. . Bmn W lrtlnt.
I 1 N oomiot o...u. r. inr..
N tirii n n K ftniun J w -n.in..
N.wJ.r,.' H. V lL.rr .....R. a. Ureen.
Penn J. A. beaver
0. F. i) eck.
na n,Bklirn Ora.alaed for Pae-
kittle Victory.
.' i iBTIOlAb TO Till APFUL.t
Hibbka, Ar., O.tober 27. Yonr
orrer Ddml was 'odfj made aware
ol tan lm t beyMi' the p'BrioiIi'y o a
Ar,nlt that tie R-iubicaa U V a
Tint Congrcreioia D strict of Arka -aa
instead of b'nn wi boat oirbq'm
tioa, toe Demi e sts Ihi k, are
thcfBghlj aid cimplite'y otga i a d
Inr th ConereftelonHl (lector) ihe 4 b
ei November, at wbiih tin the? pn-
m to t it tol dlr for a Repubiicm.
Tha R, DOhliunni have made tln-ir
ralcal.tioss to wn. basid np-n ibH
inning ii leco-iy in tbe D tuo raio
paity that thi R-milic na aouirf not
hive a e-nd.daie an l tbe be p of
Oiom who wr oppo'ed to tbe no i.
Poind, x er Dunn reciWirg te lletn
eratie n mnn-tion. The ci'caietiou
nl n reomina tlie Demo r t-
Ik rnilnr tr br rolling: t'tir
fall o e ah le the DemoiMr.t', V ink
inn thme as no t poos tl n,
u i.w Mi init fl4-M, t a on
the tie tion and r rosin at home, is
welt i, '! tuantf- it iiiM
kbat Vf'T D nionat in the i trio
aa a to it t ikt bit aul b e i oin lio- ?i
tn ihe, io Ii aid VJ6. Tim K-n u
ltraia B'n In e rn. howtv r. when
. ihsv i r B'im ttial i m Dauoci ta
who ouii e 1 CjI. D nn for t noim-
nit ou Bill uow Biiopt-ri it e K-pun
liian lornn e. 'JU y retlai in Its
f nit bibo thtt the Iluc plH w.iiu:i
CjI Dji n. ae a lufuin-r ol t m Ue ih
CM'io i Brtv. has to dv. cnt-i T thosi
iii'h win h ntflt he nut nn. i d p r.
ticulaily our dtHtiiu , the moxt. It
wood he an irreimiab e c 1 mity to
the neop e ft he tin ru t o I-1 huu t) i
defeatod. Tnat ihe Itfipntlicans ha
nti a id rnnki a powi r tr 1 11 .rtt i win
is u a ture il a ', anil tl.o i.n y 'li-njr
tbit wul p'evoLt tin m from a li ft
Is lor the Dtum c ats to dj tuo r ttity.
Jndiie J. n. Worn mm Mnkra at Itous-
I a H ! li.
ra)HriiM)iesi'. or thi irpi..l
Babdis Mim4, Oi t iter i.7 Tae Hon.
J It. Mciiunn m.da a r mini Biioeli
to a IB'HO ano vpp'rui uivo muiouir
tbevotM Bol tiila county today. He
arraign' d the I'i uhliiim pa ty lor its
xt B.fsa ire ii it u pa t, domtiniitint
in iti u Juitlifiihx'iiN 1 1 thd tutor a a
Ol thi e 'Plf, tu t Blin y I1HU uedii
xt VBL'i t tn votlnKanay Uih pudl c
laiidi Lei DR 'tg '0 tin gover, inent,
and demoBi a'td thts u e t ie p ih-
nnl a mil is rut on lia I tiknn 11 Kl oi
tbe rriin tf novurunieut ni ho e.t
tffo t hrd cotBtntiy t enn in d 1 1 tv
cla m the land', a jr.at p uoa oj
wrhinb h. a already he. n to Uimod and
recn'ed 1 1 the pnple tl this country.
The JiuUb'a ip.ein wa ptruuuiauy
IntviAitinir and it a in ttve to mny
. otbfi r Kpeil. To Bum np tbe wtiole
mattrr tin Judge mude oierf bi
hrp is' t floiti. llisaptech aarot
nly h'gbly appiec'ftid by O o whitu
mnlrn ot hts and rue but a
li.innoil ti with niamril attention by
tbe ai l irrd peoptp. Thny atenitd to
tinnrn and with the idea that the
Jod.a wta rutooly a man of aMlttv,
- hiii una who wi e htne t and cooi
netei t. and also ono a ho wi tild rrp-
rmrnt IHH tOi)l 10 01 UIB umuiri iu
the Amnca(i C mgrtna without re-
Mr. I li im or n ilor.
Wa pr-dct I t tin .Tnd;o an In-do-inifUtattle
In lot boa tha'. Bill
dorooi a rate that the pe pie ere a
prifi.liveof ttetervices of an h input
co'ilio fetvant,end all re I urn him
to Co gicm by an ovoiwhelu.iug m
Beilahi'BaNptPchal Bclltfowl't
Bai.i.iroNTK, P , October 27. Tbe
Bla lie party hal a dull tripthiKUioru
Irig. It rind Bt adily tb'Migliuut.
Tualia n wae do'nyd Lalfaniuur
ta tha t Utrt but th 8 ti ne wis innd up
whin Jot nstown woh icached, Hete
itwili'frn d that the e wra a laud
sliiloin Holm b uih S i d and afnirfht
wink lalf a mile Inrfifr oo. Ov.ir
an hour wta lost on this aeconi.t and
whn the pn t rpaclio.t AHooim they
weiettuent Ulelotite. Mr. IVa'ne
wa ciallrtd upoi ti lay somet' t gat
Tytonp, hutniKtoly bowed to the bun
dn d or morp persona wl o hd amtm
blpd. Lelit foutJ wai nn.dioJ a' l:2J
oVloik ThameitDR i I'tdd iu
the public i qn ire ami tl o aoeomblnre
Bmbted aojut 000.1 poiplo. Mr.
11UI a nimlx a nhrrl ndlr. ee.
A hraia hand and Heveral hundred
people w homed Mr. Walno and
ariy to Willium pirt. They w.ie
liken In rair'aiB to the pak, wliwe
about 8l)00 cit stb were waiting in tlie
tain. The lipnntilul nsidunms nl n
the rrn'e to the park w. re dec rif d
Mr. Ilia tie e Biictih vti ot ra tier a
humorous t no rnd piovoked much
DiMOCHAll.) I Alt 1)10 ATE
o. rf Noann.aal'aa ..J. P. Kioba'dion
Tn0fMe.A. A. Tarlor B. L. lanor.
Iiiu.A. H. tocDrn....u. u uh,
Ti a R-pab iflatit hara mde no
nom na'ioua i r wot ruor id iu
Del .ware or Hon h Uarntln. ne
Pmh hiilnniet have raid dat-s in a't
the revet) teen Btat a rrferie 1 toexe pt
N-vada, Houtti tjuolln ana enne.
ne. Oahforuia has a Kmn. t ing
tnd an Iodearndent cmnidat, and
Q pnba"k io nitiPP are In the fl 1J
n N II.mr.it irp. rennT T'nll anil
lsi.nix.ana n IHTOIKln DS Sin)
candi'Ute. in addi ion 'o the Kepuhlt-
. n DnmiM rai. and Piomb'tion nmi.1
num. and uonuexicui II aa a wout
arraig-ae tlia l..qnr TraiTle aa
tli.. Nashville fiatmer of Ta' siy re
rxr - J'.ne B n hubimub ro-i"
mm hi mum
Matfmnt of tha M aecnger Whom
HeUatged and V boie Life lie
fSertral Times Tbrealrued.
I. r Pr tub tion In triat ci y on mm
day night aud seyu g bt, owirg io
(lie l.eea oi Disserf ce in ''" ww
in oth. r I pli'ios in the State, he bad
,nn,n tn n 11 VI 11(1 Willi unai
m.-tanm. Haul he: "1 BDOW me
. arms ntai with whit h the jteoU ol
N ehtiile hive psa-mb eil lor mny
i lit j llr.nl, u. all ril iri.m an i
n..t nnuliii.H Hr reprt Beiiiod be e A 1
ithh am IlPte. MViiBra ami uiu i-,
s na and d-iiili ere are here. Th
wholn coru.iiili itr IS arfUOl. I I
n ill. xiinin'Mi 10 wrv ifau '
Ir m tlmlift of the UveBi"S i tr
w ild. lApljiiB'J I b-hevo uih
wmld ruuv.s i.m live in tun ne-i
en of the woilJ. Tm ne aee is m"P
pr duo 'vo tn lumni rnppu es-a
ihati any tither count-y. Von are
he ter IT tiu your sncetiois.
I'ne poorhnutei are np'ier te i-
(Iboccs than tho kings ra1""''
300 years aiti. T irre t pvor wa a
aingln widspr?d op nio i of 0J
yearflfgo Ihi t n ay h civ l r.Mion n ie
to. B'mupod as a li'. I appeal tJ
t e j,hi o oph r, ill atudi-n , to ens-
t4n n.e Tl ret huu rmi yenrs auo
tho w "Id b 'lievtd in rel niotu p 'tsi
l u ltm." He ti.en cited Ihe fait that
the only rol g oai piicciitl in if the
po ontdayws uguinnt tho e who
conipViil ol the at hub on their vetted
iIk ti for b plu l ty of wlvea ai d tho
ibI on nicn alio ccmplaiu for their
v tied rhih's to ruin end dbaaiih.
M.vry w.s ro'orred to. ani the
si eiker ra d thnt in the d.iys of Ohmt
Ihfro were 0,000,00.) Blaves on tho
eatth; but thai ou y a short tima.o
Fpiiu bad n moved tho huc'ihe fr m
tte laHt slave oo the Weto n corit'
neiit 'What'son trial now?'' a-kid
hp. ' Te fl to sm. The nobl s1 oH
sirini of tn.s goueritl m. I he 1 st
of t ese crinim la on uial. You are
the c art. Kvery man, woman and
child has sn I merest in it Wtia' ia
nur podtion? From the b Rlon ng
we hav appeal-d to the law.
Wa have not tiiud to bnm the
Bullions loyalty on the pa't ol aTan
nes'ean is to obey tie la as, nn matte-
how unplns nt ir is. A gentleman
s id t ne, 'Piohlbition don't pn
hibit.' I oQered to ive h m two bonis
tn five m na es in rg'imnt. Uota d:
'Oa, I can't faciyou.' Jt Is n it me
ha f. in tn faiH. hnt the reonlp. If
tin r la ai alvi ca'e "I whiek boralrt
htm c mn lor a d." A snmtwht
lo 'gthy mfareni e W. a made t) the cir
cular recently lanif d by the Ivq ior
Dea'era 8 ata I'rj ective Assoclanon,
an.liah nirncrtih then of W 8 CMi
laed tn an eflVmtive mannwr. "Pral.l
hiiinn innil'l to the h art. of till 11100
aho ara In t a liquor u ibiovsp, nn
ntmned : "it is a politic! ine, and
vna curt atop poimoi tut oi it
Wnpnever a m j -ri-y of our p op'o
wiint a chinga iu govtramont t' ey do
t. In Ih1 f im We a o procrisaive
Wa want chareo. I'.'eiy biennial
el.ction is a perlodi.nl revi.lut on
Kvery four yo'ifl wo ImVJ a rv tut on
py a Cl'aige OI i rpsmeni.. n prir
nnpa a revnloti'm. but tint to kill any
fnHv. () ir a iver.. meat was n t ten
... i i i
vi.ara ou mi .ire we nan nniiurn
monts. We now want loihanno tie
In m of cir owrnmrtt t. and ar met
by the iiuruilo t ft t nipt t f a mino-
i y to privriit usa cl aiica to exp-oss
our w all. J) t you bol eve tha liquor
ir llln w oroY Ihcii yi n lave ia
mi. Ii riulit. 1 1 nrnhib it s vou lia V
to pril ihit'lintuibingpub in wmsbip.'
Tne law of Tenno sou v.a thon oit d
tn ilmw tin t lunor c.iuld not be a Id
to cert ia pcuoi s in icr iin coiniu
gi e es and mi ce'tnin days and ocja
eimis, ai d tho InoonB'atency of the
Irwiwhs bIh wii, in th.it it was 'nr
be ter to lemove the vl entirely.
Mr. Kt'ieriitge thon wad sn a il eal to
tho lailia 1 1 tin their nl no t for tjm
I era ce 8 id he: ' 1 wish that ovtry
nun oil earth 'hat gota drunk could
a i home und D m Ins w f idead dnink
Vo hayaalinr pa-ad, think U. d,
byr.owiloa L?(i''tire (lowing
fom-tliiig gool tat coine nr. cf
N saie'h) th t gives a woman
a divorce for the I ahilual drunk
onno h cf her hubtid" He
cl s d by nrgirg all to tints in tuo
ell ji t to ovon 01U9 tho whisky evil.
8r Louis, Mo., O.tiler 27 The'e
are do n-w oevalnpan nti iu in-
Adams Eiure a robtipry a this wnt-
ii g. Bir. umtei wss en at in in e
tbsmoriiog and and iht he gave
t ie Aa-o ia ed Pies a 1 of the facts in
the oa as ar ai they bed c ima t h s
k owied,e jes e'day, and ahsoluttly
lotninnnew tied tuned upeinc.
I ' reuard to t'le ep t itihtMeB'en
ger Fotherint an bad in d t a to f s
s on be stat d tnat h ri was no irmb
in it; that they were working on the
Ibeoiyth.tt e m steign'a story w8
true; tut he latter Ims not hie i ar
ret d nor placed under su veilianc,
i.at of b s own aicid was in con
ttatit cfmruu ii atioii w tn the ni
ters of beompa-iy aid the deec
nvea.wh i have the case in band, tnd
ia aidu g them as mucti aa he a tbe
i't then at.eiit ioti covertie wt-e e-
ib. as and i entity il ibo run
ter. Tfle d up nodes fr m piog
fi.dd piint d hira tilt mo uinii
a vina the itory of a man who t av
o e l fr nn 8 . L nm w ti an i divi liml
wnoenaerd the r bl). t'd de(rL
t n, and wh Ba chul lo itnoida
U'g 1 nu nb. r of b nk ui.tea d d up in
p (:(((!, wai 8' pan Mr. D .ins. I.
Ho tai.l tint if die bii ry whb t u- .t
WB4B vo y imi-oitan'. oiec .vmy, hu
it e e erj eo muny etor e Bflin ola
like nature 1 1 t it ivaB il (lieu 1 1 en
ie t the probable fio ii thi iinpio!)-
ah o ones, lli.-y wou u invent (.a .,
the O'lriir or c-i, hut ho donti e l if it
W Mild lead IO ih decoveiy of tne
rohhor. Tl e d t c ives h vj teve al
other clews, and are bar J at wuik
up n the cube.
to hern ghm wa seen st the com
pany's i Hi : th s m .rnii g by a re
porter, to wbotn In t i'd ti.e Btory of
die n I) o v. He m ide hie Bttti-m n.
ii a fivnU, s taightorw-rl uianner,
without ti o Biig'uiiat h i t a', eurmr
rd8ment or c nf ieinn. Ho tad tha
Canker, and
Can h
cured oy
the blood
I do nnt believe thai
Ayer'x Sarxupurilla has
au eoual a remedy
for Siroruioua iu
niorn. It ia (ileaaaiit
to taka, gives atrenirtb
and visor to the body,
and produces a tnort
pei'inmii'iit. iHHtinir, re
ault tlmn iniy iiicdlfine
I ever u e d . K.
l'aiin , No. l.inclalc.O.
I Imve ued Aver's
Siii-snpni illii.ln my fam
ily, for .Scrofula, and
kiiow, if It is taken
faithfully, It will
thoroughly eradicate
lliia terrilile dineiise.
W. K. Kowler, M. V
Greenville, Tenn.
For forty years 1
have suffered with Ery
slpelna. I Imve tried
all sorls of remedle
for my cninpliiint. but
found no relief until I
eouiuienced ualng
Aver's Kui'Hnpnrllla.
Alter tnking ten hoi.
ties of tlili inedieiiie I
am eonipletely cured.
l;ry V. Auienbury,
Roekpbrt, Me.
I have suffered, fof
yrnrs from Catarrh,
which was so sever
that it destroyed my
appetite and weakened
liiysjatein. After try.
,ng oilier renieiiies,
and cctiinirno relief. I
tieKnii to take Avers
lSiii:ip:iriiiu. nun. in a
few months whs enreiU
Su-an L. Cook, WJ9
Alhinv st.. liobton
llii;iil;ill.U, Jlitss.
Ayer's Sarsiipnrilla
is superior to any blood
puritier that I have
ever tried. I have
taken It for Scrofula,
Canker, and Knit
Itliciiiii. and received
inn. li li. iii lit from it.
It is pmi, also, for a
weak stomach. Millie
Jane I'eiree, South
Urailfnrd, Jlass.
JUhEPH SCViaiill,
hikkt rat i Hit.
iotr.ru riuti
Cotton Factors.WliolesalB Grecer?
Pnsident of tha Oraat LOUISVILL1 COB-KXB&-JUURNAL
CO.. tails waat
ka knows of
Wintersmith's Chili Cure.
Ort ioi or thi Coriisa-JosaxiL,
LojiBTiLLa. Kr.
Dr. WintenmitkSin 1 waiva a rula 1 bar
21 Front tteet. Oppaalle Clwwtom I low we.
oburved for manv jaari, tbs value ot To
urlvata aBiaraoooa "I iu rmcaflj
I hud. and tho Rood reialtr of tU efeots I
I ramaidi pronp'ina mo to say. in roply ta
raouoac. won i aoow oi ruor vuu
I ba privata aBiaraooot "1 ita emoa
Cotton Factors and Wholesale Grocers
S9G-3&S front Ot., Slemphis, Tens
Cotton Factors. Commission Oerchantj,
TXn. 1141 ttoiftb Ifnln Nt.. tot. Trtnl.
Mis. 8 and H M'HKKT,
llf!HIfIIs, TEXN.
BjaOaaoalllaa In the Krgulnr Wciu-
PiTTBBrRO, Pa., O tob!r 27 Tlie
4issaiieti-d Democratic con fere of the
Twenty-first Ongr a-iousl District
met here today ami nominated Dr. II.
L D noilly, of Lattohe, l a , in op
nosilim ti GibtMt T. II tTtrty, tho
le&n ar nominite of the pa.ty.
oaalaeea r.tr f Jnvernnr to lip Elrrl
il un rauvi iubrr Mil.
Hi. l.onM u!:x jmocrnl : ss.yn
8 a f s b.tvp n'leacj e ecto.i OuVf? nora
thii ypr, nn i 8eTxi.lt n mme will do
so on No nber 'i I. Other r-'tita t f
flce'B, but no Hovermr', wil bo
ah re i on thst day in spvpii S a'es
lMii o s. In liana, 1 wf, M.e-o ni, Nhw
Yo k, Nir h OrMina and Olio Tie
B at.s wLiih hav-i nlr nd cl oun
G"T. nora thia ymr ar j sti 1. How ,
with da'e ol eltct'on nn.l ra:no i.u.l
piliti'S Of tlll'Clbblal C..(ii !l.tr:
.vtiiii. rf. roUiifi.
Kho.ia 1,1 ...An'il 7 ....U 1' Wilrnnrc... Hi p
Ayer's Sarsaparilla,
Prepared by Dr. J O. Ayer k Co , Lowell, Uaas.
l'rlco St I six botllea, SS.
O ra.in Jure 7...
Alaliama ... Jm. 2 ...
Arka ,a ....t.. ...
Vatmont Srpt. 7 ...
Maine Kvpl. Hi .
Ueoriiii. ...... Out. !-..-
HevOittPn ttittswill chooe
ernots on Toes lay t f t.i xt w-i k.
Pi. n..i( r I'eiu
Tbcina, rciy. ...llpiu,
I, nn eh ... I't. in.
K. .1. 0'iini.i e ...Hoi.
J. K. lluiUrll ..Ho,..
J. 11. jord a ....I) in.
C, .V
N i u
of tl om atpecnt havA Poiuhlc.n
Governrrj aud e'ght have l.Vino'.iatic
d'vi r.vorp. Too fi'loAinir no the
Sattthivlt-g Kcpublcn U.v,-rni.n,
with tl e ui iiiss nt ihe ciLd d ton it
the tffo g iat pi-rts:
Stt- fpi'i.'fia, Vn;.i.f.
C(.l.'lUilO...W. It ,Hry-' Alv.i A !.!..
I'oan ...... 1'. I', l.i.unitm . K r . i 1. 1 ,.i Tid.
Kai.t ' J. Muriiii T M. .. i i lit.
ftluM Illiior Ainm I 1
' W ebicmi C u.lu" h. Y el .
JMi. Bi-H.it i A. H. iVedi 1 A . . i.
Kab'a k.J M. Jba.r ,. r. ;it
M U.iii.i...!- II. H o.vir H" i.--
A i-cun-iii.J. M. Hu k J. Al Oi ii.
Oiy two Lc(iuilPan (iovmo-g
Trira ren' m'nht-d in thi t m ,s utcs
jamtd MattiP, of K.'.nHa', and Kust,
Oar Bnplil Transitory Valatenee,
Drlif an It ii at ihe lonifMt, U llatila to bs
mntcrlallr eurtnilol by our oB Indtnera
tloni. Tlia ili.oiitia eat wbtt they sboatd
not, the Ijllioui drink ooJco Ineiotsi. and
the rhouraatlo, nouralglo and ooniunii tivo
lit Id drauiihi.set wet loot and remiln in
damp oloihoi, and thea wonder wbeo ill how
ther bcc.iuie io. To peraona witb s tsndanry
In nnHi'il. wa raco 'imnni a dully osa of
HiHlet'or tUiiooh llnt. ri, and alwi'a a
wmrKlaaiful !ir unnv .i.lai.le paio In
ilnniiiir ntlicrwtA I fii-lf-uicn wtiiihor. r.f.
ft iii.nl nrnivninn It fl .r.lct b tlita i'eaant
siifcmiAr.l. wiileh ilittin. a (loniai i"w
1 1. r.i . .. 1. I I.h rn. nl . ili.'lwiir.li, 111 it til nO. 1 1 .
ami tin' ui mwva iraniiuilitr. Kr and
Bv.ii-. bill u,iiri. enniiu.i.1 on, dM...
and rrn il d , order, rr atu'.iw tQS luaiauica
nutuli it ro ue.l.ei and prmnma.
Tlie Urotherlionil r I o.ioiuollvK 111-
alar ra.
Nkw Y, i:k. Oo t,h r 17 -Ttio oll'i
rera of tho National llro herhn. d uf
1. eorct vi Kiiirinnrr.t wra today r
lo'iieil. Thov nro as ful oai: 11 rand
rhief 0' cin er. T. M Arhu, of
O ev'ami ; iccond eta d oigi' CHr, J.
It rivaiii!'". of lVriu'n. O t. ; urit
trind aBi'n't ei'iiiiner. Hry V,
liny, 0 i vclatid; iccoi d grand ie i t
ant cuuinoer, A 1'. Havner, Kun Kiatl
p'hio. Tha tfl'in o( tl e grard cU of ia
th ee yta'r, tlie o hcrs one yiiar. The
intitti-r of Ihe IiiBOin iio Aasccl't'on
wan te'o red ti a C luimitt '8 of ton,
who w II tlev to Eorne ('ays 1 1 it' "n
r id . ration. Tho du'emies and their
w vim and daiuh'o'S will tonight visit
a Hunter and tmotroiv will eiubii'1'
on u eieamer from which th iv will
witueia tho D.rihotdi B.auia OiUbra-
A firry lost a plenums ch irm
T i ket p fie rosv gmiH lo;n h'rm,
T i lmojj fmin to t i iH'car si d diath,
Tobwbi ten a d pr fy tue lireit'i
lhia rl in tie faiy iott a uiorlal
I l it d,
Aud fM'y.oniNT 'tis called on cnithly
It- w s e 1 awtiro that i c niirtant al
vi once pom eJ a nngly 1 1 1 u b n g
an a c-is .ry to tue ro itieiy, out ttiat
eliid n ithing to lonceo end tvm
court. lent tVt he reml of thi invev
tivauo i Would v ear him ol ad snepi
con Tue on y piint in tlin niotocii-
r'a tatiuHiit whith was i ot g vm
out ve t r ley, a that tli r blio trd
rolhtriugimui lust ne tua an tccotn
plieo in o i tue trsi , who, if he ( In
line ) w is nnablo to carry out lm
plans unuidtd, would Cju.6 to hii ai-
L. (J. VVier, anperint'ndont of the
Oiuclnna 1 nivufoo tf tlie Adams
r mtp, arrived In thin cityf'im Ci i-
tiunstl this miming, a-d h e hem
tn ronferencs with riup nn eude t
Da'nto1 c inceinit gthe to ibery. It is
thouuht they wi I IT r a lame re ard
for tne cap'ure of tie n n er rotn-
erlngharo, n ro'a ing in de'a 1 hm ex-
erier.ee w t'l tbe Mhb r oday, sat ':
A for tind ng me. Cuninins, aj he
called bin sel , took th- ky to tneta'e
fiom my p ekn, anlncked the s ife sn l
tooa tha pt ucues ta'. He then to ik
hie griiao, ard, i pening it, t ird to
Io ce the poumei in wiii.ou' opening
tnem, hit emit no- do to. He then
u ok lita k ltd I o il n a ocet, cut tne
po ich. s opn ai d remov d itieir too
tents, ne r m.vei ioiih iric n u
ilothina from hi l 1 ag nil tirw them
out tf tbe w ndow . I t'ie suntiiid '
ontliPtar W were fien s me here
near Mo imc, I ehon'd j ide, 0' wa
hal ii't pared t.rougi a tunnel.
He tram-In re I the u oney to h.s
heg and was thm r--aity to m-k his
es up?. 15 for he left he ea tl 'o me
'!Y..ti wou d In mr r s d if 1 tod
win lam." 1 aid: "I d i ot know
an I would." Well," lit co itinned,
"I m Jun O.iininliKB, the last of thu
J ie.se J - iu s ga 'g. I wa in f at Bin t
Out ba d o ly got $lfO i out ot it.
H i co then I ave a eed ro istdnrable
time in Anstriliaaud r-'ai Francl co."
He te m d familiar will ihe tare'
a d do ng4 of the v riona uu mbe 8 of
tho J.iuio g-tt g. VVien wh btgin
talking he removed the g g f tm my
month, but h m the tram ruaot ed a
point i ear Paifli he r p aced it so
tha' I .oulii nmke ni tucy, n tie
mea.iii.nn thramiiig to blow niv
ir insiut f I Rttdnptid tj attract
ni y ont'a at ention.
To test thn me'ienro s a'atpmant1. a
H' arc'i tas md- forilinelo hot which
ho si id tue r litier hi d thrown fr uu
i tar, and o i tho loutll tid of the
track mar Mertmon 8-VKra' a tides of
cloiLini m d some old printed p ipera
nod iiiin't'd bo. ga wore foil d ai d
have been bronghl to tliia fity. O m
of tho g.imoi.ta mea ured about OS
inches aiouiul t'ln waist, b i.rmg nut
V therirgtiatu a Rl.-tem-i t is to the
sisiot I . waster.nno laiunoni,
ot coii'se, tn bo t o robbor. A Ni.
10 co Har aai aho fomii, nhion
hiiru'a stn'cineiiiB lnve thus f r been
remarkably cl ar and straightforw r.i
and deo frmn coutridictiouB. T e
opinion h gainirg etr. ngth thst the
loohpry was a liinillle all ttr and
that th metnger was in no way ac
ccs.orytotr. FKOM lI 'Mtt ltiS.
liaderf Ihe Krrut I'lllbuaterina'
t.ai-ui.inii niioi.
founlerfdit, are made in Ht. Loun. Mo.
fi .YJ iDR. HUMHHKtTb"
Mia lfook of ull Diseases,
Cloth & Cold Binding
if Pny.. wllb Nlr.1 Kn(r.,U(,
H lit I D FIIFK.
Window Shades, Picture Kail Miuldings and Mixed Taints.
tco. 225 Hii:(ii faiiu ivr. ... - nifflriiiM. uvui
k.J i.h..nd HI .Mr K. W. Mara. Mb. WHO.
for mora tbun fliieon yeara, hai tsanfaro-
luan 01 my oinco, in-iocou mm iv w.. i.
mr family. Ib reiolu have baaentlraLv
atiafaotory. Tha fir t one waa of twa
yaara' itaodin. in whioh 1 b iee avoir
known remedy bad bean tleu with tempo
rary roliet the ebiln returntnt periodically
and with aaeminsly inorearea leverity.
Your sure broke them at onoe, and there has
been no recurrence of them for aiore thaa
ia monthi. The other ease waa ol a milder '
form, and yielded more readily to ether
remrdies; but the chilli would return at in
tervali a-.til your medicine waa uMd.iinoe
whioh time, now eeveral months, tbey hava
entirely duappeared. From the epporta-
nlty 1 have baa to jnara. i "
exproM my belief that you' Chill Cure u a
valuable speoiflfl. and i .forms all yoa
promi..t.r it. ''xBMAH.
ARTHUR PETKh k CO., AataU, Louia-
vtlie, Ky.
Of Choice Selected Imparled
Holstcin Cattle,
Aft Colon Bloch TirlNf MMpbln,
van. on
Wednesday, Nov. 17, 1886.
(Sale Bejioi Promptly at 13 O'ol ak.)
THTIaipnrt ion of Ilo'itein Ce'tle hu
b- en made ey uu undnr the aa.piees of
"Tbe Nona American llul-tein U.rd Hoek
Associ'tmn, ' nm tuun lali.ii. itnei I r sne
herei in the South exteren Stntu, t-i ein
br.cei on y,u b aniuiuli ai b ve f.r their
a ri-i and dnms tne mom eupermr nria ana
butler icourda to be lound in Ni.rtb Uoilana.
The entire iinen In'ion b ii'ee i rntered
I in the " foith Holland Herd Um.k of Hol
land nn.l win nln i no rtivniorou in hi
Ninth An oriean llrrd Bnnk of America,"
embracing 65 lieilera in uli b Inmt Uol-
iHiid nuili. Also, a aenor.i oesonmeni oi
fm imini BulU, ready lor eriee. Heifer
and Bull Calve of lining ot 1-Sri, and grown
tow- from 1 to a ean o d. A comeleie rac
alotue in now tn prom, I'Vinu Iu I Iiedinree
ami milk uud hut'er reror. ooi.ii elml with
etoh animal. n bese ont'le bar ' eaniblpped
direct Iroia lioiiana io inn tii'.m dhih
Yards, and wi I arrive betwea" the lit and
7tb 0' November, where , ur. haierf can In
ipoot the auie Koanimdaill he diipoaed
ol ut private nale, but ptrtiei who attend the
ra e uiav roly uiio" oaon aniii.ai vein pm
nn and anld ndvoriireil. btrietenr. now
run io within three Mock' of Bi"cU Yaide.
A V MsOi a in 'ri l.tu.. lavo'tora.
asP-Fii' ' ata ouo or inf. ruiaii in addrox
O. V. HMilAlll, Pre, i.. out Union btoek
Y'ardii a d Frrt liter Oinnpany
Gr ocers & Cotton Factors, 1M?
Max ma Maria Htrrxtt. Out Blawk.
i IJlUIIU.LilJMi ggawa
Corner Adams and Second Sts.
a. wr i nun ninnTIr f TB BIB OITt I
TTTJ DERE TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO uu tl bwtsiiim.avi '1 , ,
V V alAMBI.lt. We are prepared to lurniru new wur nun w.iiutnilu
In ararv reieeot and to give entire satisfaction.
W. mtlnlt vonr oatronaae and r. auojt that you oall, examine our itock, pricei, st
h.fora pn-eh.lna elaawbf r.
Queition is enssgina oar at riea'tnral eoi
munity. Meisri. K. Q. CHA1U A CO., Not.
87 and SB Union itroct, Memphli, Tenn.,
daily in receipt of
reports on growth in diversified aroaprni
oorn, oati, wheat, rye, barley, cereals, asf
orobard, herds, clover, tall meadow oat
grosi and timothy trans
Mew Cotton Gin,
Vo. 201 and 203 Madison Street, Memphis, Tenn.
list of rniacii'AL kos.
I Ircvcrii, l iinnf-ntlon,
New Oiu.banh, La, 0 tob'r ?7.
Advices fr .m Pujito Co-e, II in
itnras, stat-i llit o i the 10 h tnttint
(l.in, K. Oehado, LientiUint C i'o tel
Juda Iudilulj Ga ci, Connns' de'
M gaol Coit r. pn i Lou'. Uahriel
Lyono wire takan ir m the prison nt
Uiimayagns aid tho', ia siroidiiico
wi ll 'he een'oi cn p onmiiic d by the
mi 1 ary cour'. martial. Oi n. Oeia-lo
Biii hm uiifo.tuQt rotnridot were
tho'ptdtrs in tne r co t tl bii -to i g
ixoidit'on ti nt unen led on th
c ns a of Hu ilnriiin tlin in'ere-t of
ex Preil lent S .to. I! int ary t.i their
i xin c a Ion the people hu o t ti rs-
u ion thir luudii K, ht-mg ea isfl c
with t'ie prisont g .ve ntn t, and the
ei.t ro narty wcro tap ur d by a com
pany of mr 1 guarus uncer c inutuud
of an nlc 1 'p.
VlttoriliM. Worm Feer, Worm ('olio....
.'ill rvlim :olle, orTmlhiiiB ol Intuits.
-I I Diarrhea, ol Cliildn n or Adult
Mllv.eulerv. tiripiiiir. n. vuuu....
I.( iioli ra Mii.rbiia. V ..inning. .
( (Ml
....I.. Cold Itronrlnli,.
Mi-urnlula, Tootli.clio laci-.r' ......
tllllrnilin tli-,. WKk U.1.1I1..I10. Virl.go.
nnv Inrnnnl n-d NmnlMOi'irHiiien. noon weiRn's.onn romumnr. pnimi
-I i.m.rt.. All Ooti n In.nd wb to in Irai sit and at Uin. hacks furnubed on an
.1 ..ii.. w. n.. th. "Poli-iii l'.l...IT" and anldsd a I wnit n cotton Hive ns a trial
llMH-dn. IllllOU. Mntllflrll....
11 lilll'l .( (I Cl 1 iiiDii.i , .'imu,
White, too I'rnfiisi. Cnoil
II 'roue. 'ouflll, Piltti ult liri-sl ii-kt
Snll lllipmn. r itmi"-...". ., "i'....."-
llipuinntomi. 1. 110 1 1." .oi"
l eer anil Auue. lolK Malaria
Hle, llliii.l or llloeilinjf
Cntlirrll. Intlilpn, I .1.1 in tho lli-na
huiiplnc roiiah. yi....iit I 'liiiiilw..
(Ji-lienil Di-lillitv.l bywual IVeakueaa
Klilnev Jllene
N,Toii Kclil II y... ... ... -
I rlniirv Wenlini-". "'it.nn MimI...
lilHrnm-. oi no- iii-ori. . in...
1 .oo
Sneer's Cotton
All our wornont sedge 1 ndi ma bo re
claimed by lowing rye and olevor on them ia
fall or ipring, or loe-ing eow-pesa in May,
June or July, then turn asder, and
Improve the land.
Agtienltura Implements and Seal Dealer.
aa jonr xctnller for C o Orlstnal 83 Shoe.
Biiwarocif Imiuaions.
RoneGenntue nnloaa beariua tblsStamp.
Hade Is Button, urn Teas ana urn. jiroiim
ot. s postal card sent to
lwiH In-iim von Informa
tion how toext this Shoe la
ItUl? Btato or Territory, -rf
41 JJneoin Bfc,
novum, auwa.
Sold l.v llinml-l-., "r Hi-ill li i. ip.-.i.! .it, rrcriptof
priuo.-iiiai'uauib'BbDiiiM.iu. iuoiiui.u n.i.
Ilulini? from Mulberry to St. Martin Streets
I55 Tn mrniirn and Sacks free.
"The Largest and only Complete Gin in the city.
oTBest it-Id. West SnmplB.
awa. -
-am t i - . u
si mm. m m h i i x u w
8 fl 1 1 II Kh :L.
mm .Tff'im htirlir In theeaMmatrnn of
ITmran i than Tttuy other In tho worli Tbo
anndii who WCaxll WU1 " "
ask Owiu. "
j. n. nT.
Lata ef J. 0. Day A Son.'
6 tn st ira
I Id 6 UUi
Late of Meaoham A Uortoa.
lilts of Bailey A CoTinriow
817 and 819 tf I. IlllilS.
36O-302 Tront Street Memphis Tenn.
austrrAOTrnxRS or
Not onlv ihnrtans th Mm ef lsbnr
a-d l.sens tbe pa n but it greatly
diminishes the d-mrr t liie of both
iu ther and child, and leaves Ibe
mother In a condition more lavornMe
tn speedy reo verr, anil Ions liable to
Flo .ding, Convulsions ard o hor
alarming symptoms, lis rtliesoy In
this respect entitles it in be ca led
Ths Motbsk'b FaisMi, nnd to rank
as on oi the lifo savins, remedies ol
tbe nlnetee th coniury.
We cinnot puoinn c. rtinoites ene
eerni. g this remedr without wound
inn the eli a-y of ih ariteri. lot
we have hundred.' on tile.
Bond for our book, "To Motherr," mailed
Quarter or a Century in the Hardware Business.
mr t-OR
TSIBt Tl,J. U a..JaSH.
Qtst tiaiy porfrtct uf). lit uto -or Mothtl
Nos. 322 and 324 MAIN ST.. - MEMPHIS, TENN
llEl!3mr' A Valuable Patent
Dnirya (Home) Corai anal P nn.
HAVIMO perfected my Invention. I wish
o pinee it before the public especially
m mntaeturors. as a V"",,,"., .'il T!
porieet sneeen opens the drill, distribute
the seed acciratsly, nnimurod, and cevc-d
tue same, thoroty one njeo par'nnning the
worh ol three, jne; nave neon ciiu n
this section for ovsr soojen rearew.th ir
fect satisfaction, fan give respOLiible tin
moaials. Aliiress -m
JOBS il. DANCY.Dtincyviila,
1.1 .ii
A prt5 Wi'ttt t ft
Fooc. for Dw
l9cf lhfiwrf-"1nt writ' It Thvrrit
r.rul'Tty of ' Wilhiir'n Cmitonnd of Coil
ivr 0t nnd Umo" .a in'iurd eai "t.
princl'Id irri tn ttouit fo oulm ofl a
i tir rtiol of Oiolr own ttianuUpturm
tmi iu -ernn who KuOurint tiotn Oucht.
Crtlitu or Conuiiiloii. limit caro'ul
h'ro thy iur.'hto t n Ib wrtiole. h ro
HttliK of t9 uft i'f l-cct rtomtintlli'iii ,
fini t'i iirnpriftt'T hif nnip'a ir.;nonn
hie ol iti (fTOrit pui'' in iMil:nofiary ooui-
lit. Th iiyO' hi.t of Li in ,K!rMi"'"-i
imt tTttrviloun flliiiki p'twep. ni poMtnnfJ
with th pt Co.M.ivor Oil ht lr Wiih-.r
It t uTOpp'ttttxl hf th tiirdtc'l fn-u'ty. 8cld
Iit A. K. WanuH, CtiOiLrixt, li'Mton. mi
P uttcistn.
ni.vMj inviviui
vnd TawAthlnn'.
nsnt iok. CnnflurnDtivtii, Convalescent
frioot Dut4lont to U W.iMtng Dlnensa.
KOHris no oooklnR. Our Ho,.T, Tho Car
nnd Ceedlnic of Infnnts, u.tuid fr.
J. F. U0L.ST&15K0.
U(JUiJAl LHi:Ml.UclNll.lea.
v',. .1--,..'".'
Funeral Directors,
wavb s'stivru 'i't
So. 33J ECOI) M.. MF.MPillS.
ArilLl. and oomploM it. li nf Won,! end
.. Virtallio Jaias and iwin.i, Ctoth-tof-e-.-d
Caketsnd Bnr'.al K.-hri always on
bind, nr t'rders bv telctrapa promptly
Wliolssalo Grocers & Cotton Factors,
TBoa. Clark. tf. t. Cla-k.
la. falsa . BalllTaa,
, . a a. s m- .m.
And CoramlS3ioti Kerchmts,
232 SEfJ 234 Front St., Hemp
SOT WE ft 9 A0 OTMaOl,
B. t w tintiT ki. -hut, ttm to th ifhlsf nJ faI M Cottea ttttrow
bjlx a -a - - v - - - - - - - " far w ,n9fnt .
Ko. 831 Front htrcct, Cor. Fnlou, MeiapUi, Tcna.
So. C2T.1, R. D.-Chanoery Curt ef BVelby
onunty Idaoiowort VI. ueorgia c
BY virtue nf an interlocutory decree lor
ale entered in the above sauseon the
IHlh day of tlo ober, li, M. b. 6t, pajre
4SS. I will rail, at publio auction, to th;
highest bidder, In troni oi in. ...
Moaior's oil ce, courthouse of Shelby oounty,
Momph'S, Tenn., on
ftatonlay, Sovemb" ib,
within legl hours, th; following Jesenbel
pmiierty, sitiinteil in ihe towa nf Arlington
tomierly W ithe Depot), fchelhy ennnty. . Ten
neseo to-wit: Beginning at stake fO feel
irom the cuntcrol the Lou t srtlle and Nil- h
vi'l U llroad, on the south Hoe ot sn'd rul
rnsd mdin the ot side of Or enlee street;
running tnenre wnn n. i ..-w ,..uu
west S chains and 1 links to a stake mi J.ck
.onstrrct : th nee i'h Jocks, n sine' s nith-
eis. K ehsi" nnd lioki to a lUke on Jnck-
n and v ai a or -no , iumrn. m
Street nortbensc a riinin .01 i 'ices 11
ft.ilioon llrenieo 'tree'! tlmrcewi'h tl'nea
le. tre t norionoM . ... u .11 hkhi iu
tha beslnnins-eontaimug I asrei, aiore er
Icrmi of Sale One hall cash! bal.nceln
twelve mopths; note iou na interet. with
.riTo.e.l scc rtr, reiuired; lien ictainoi.
Ibis October 19, lM. ' .
p. 1. liiri'vjii r.L.u, viora aoa jot.
By T U Calda. 11, D?pntr C. .nd M.
Craft t Cov'i-er, SuU. lor oosnpl'aU

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