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X (laccesaar t
r I nuirrnn nnnro Trnnrsmnn
li la receipt of a larger, more varied and tetter te-
mad OVEECOimGS, (all this seasoa's import.
lions.) than was aver shown
tock comprises the choicest
aad most darable goods In gentlemen's wear.
t&" Samples and Prices on application to those
who Bare left measures.
tock Open
l2EMrilM THEATItlt.
Fve Nifchti snd Saturdnv Mntimsc-Com-iLoDoing
SOiimY, MUV. 1.
" Idol ov thi Tana Loving rciu-io,"
Miss Kato Castleton
JLnd her Famous Company of Comedians in
Srllllant Musicl Ludicrous Situations I
"Horn for you to fcol my pulse."
MrSeata on sale, Saturday.
Eugene Robinson's Museum.
Open Dally from 1 until 10:30 o.m.
Open Biturdeyt lrom H) a.m. to 11 p.m.
Vrowded Dully by the lite of tbe lily
In our beiutjifulBij on Theater.
Reserved Brats 111 K.Ttra.
At Exposition Bnildlii.?,
rThia will be the grandest event of
trie senaon- Adinl-alow, 01 OO.
MTJLKS On the night of Oct. 3d, 3 miles
east of Collierville, 2 black mare mules ;
about four yean old, in good fix and
trimmed up, with little white spot under
jaw; the other, ten or twelve years old.
rough, and not so well trimmed. Reward
far information, or return of mules to J. W.
Young, Memphis, or
W.T. PRICE, fMHorvlUe, Tenn.
DKSIRABLB ROOM Nowly furnished
rooms and board, at 49 Market street.
ROOM Nicely Furnished Front Room,
every convenience st 142 Madison at.
ELIGIBLE ROOMS-With superior board,
twohhekatrnm Qayos" lintel. 4,;,3Shelby
JAMES WA8UINGT0N, formerly cook at
' the Gayoeo, has keen employed as ca
terer tor 4f8 aad 4M Shelby a'reet, 2 aquares
below Gayoao. where superb meals, with
prompt attention, will be served lor $20 per
r7- i rtrr -, KC TEAMS AND TEAMS1EHS-To work
"DOOMS-Furnished, with board. OU on levee at. Austin, Miss. Will ra' 8t
XV At Wl Mhalby street. per dtiy, or hire by tho cubic ynrd. luO goo
ROOMS-Pleasant furnish-d rooms, with ''' IJ, VIUFJXu Wit'l
nl, JAMBS HOU8E-6S Aaams atreet.. " ; .... . -
O Board and lodning.Si: dny boird, $.150. XJA R TN LR W ith 0(iOcn)it:il; money se-
; X cured, or will give position snd salary,
BEAUTIFUL front rooms, sinsle or en wjth intereft on investment. Address
suite, furnished or unfurnithed, with or X. W., this ofBee.
without tnrd: ofierrooms, VH-)0H fowt ZZTZTZTZ '. ; . -,
f Pf" rpiNMiR An experienced Tmner, who
It hi L enn do general work, and understands
"Aljta. Qf Slenn, K:tt,ipg and Tump work. Ad-
NICB COTTAGE Of five rooms, on Shelby tress T E. UI.A.-S. Drnwnsvillo. f enn.
st.,withle;H2 tcot, fnr S'jiOO. Apply "pOARD-ln private family for gentloman
to MINihR PARK .til, J J and wife; good references required.
or A. J. MARTIN. 2SD Main st. i,t.lres P., No. 4 .Madiion st.
ELH3ANT FLACE-On Rayburn avenue. TtVERYBODY To know that the celo-
south of, Broadway: frnine boueor7 trattd health giving PINO BhDDINO
rooms, ia nice order liit2xl!s tet : no city con he booht at 46 North Court street.
taxes. Apvlyto MINTUtt PARhEK. or A. - .,rr"T : ; 1
J. MARTI N, 1M Main street. TATR To buy dairy doing a good
n . , ,.,,rm..T I' busmosj. Alio, man to drive wagon.
BD-HOOMskd PARLOR FURNITURE. Address DAIRY, this offiee.
Window oha-os, etc., lust receive'!. -
Special bargains this wek. Who'e.aleand LTIRST-CLA6S PIAMST-
retaU. AMniS, 1IKATTIE A CO.. X Apply at 14 Shelby street..
3-3 Main streat. "GENERAL AGENTS For Ze'l's Kncy-
Addresa W., this office. -lisher, Philadolphia.
T Or Choice Fort Pickering lot! no
Jul taxes
HINSON.27a Main st.
Onnxlsl FKET Two blocks from street
ZlJJ ear line, southeast part of city, for
heap houses only ; 11 per foot.
"M. T. O.
FRAllBCottage.eneor. Raybnrn ar. and
Georgia st. ; lot soxlTl), with a house of 6
rooms, in good order. This ia a ohoice piece
of property, and ean be purehased on easy
monthly payment by payin part cash. Ap
ply MiaUr Parker or A.J, Martin. 2HMain.
, RGAN Suitable for family or Sunday
KJ school. Apply at 5J Ons lee street.
PLANTATION-On the Arkansas Riyer,
Lincoln County 600 sores in high state
of cultivation; ;0Wl screa in tract; well Im
proved; steam gin, 2 larse barns, 21 good cab
ins and handsome duelling, 7 rooms, with M
mores lawn in front. Liberal terms. Apply to
372 and 374 Front street, Memphis,
er J. OAPRBTl'. Barassa, Ark.
HITZFLD'8 Oil, Vapor and Oas Btoves
for light housekeeping. 2-H Second Bt.
A. Hayes, Jr.,
XX resMenee. No. 362 Vance streot. A pply
to W,
0. H TK', etate National Dank.
FOR 8ALR OIIEP-No, 8 Washington
Hand Press, for nine-column taper;
gooa aa new. Inqniro at No. 37 Union st.
AT 1. A. Jones & Co. 's., one nice gentle
buggy MA HE that any lady can drive
rrido perfectly sae.
RESIDENCK-Noa. 3(1 nnd 83 Market St.;
in fod repair: lot 5T!-ixl4''-.i. Apply to
M.CKKNNKDi.47: Mosby st.
bideboards, Lonniie. etc.
No :ttil Main street.
J littU used, and in good condition. Ap
aIiR lease snd fixtures of the St. El no
- Hotel, Mo'idian, Miss. Twenty-five
commodious rooms, within three minutes
walk of tho Union Depot; large sample
mn on the street nest door; now doing a
goi bus itiesa and popular. Can be had at a
oartain if applied for within the next thirty
days. Apply ta Charlei Elmire, proprietor,
Meridian. Miss.
OLD MATERIAL In the storehonses and
rlonate building, oecupied by B. Low
Dsteic A Broe.' ; must bi removed st once.
Applyti J Oil NR KID. Builder.
NEAT COTTAGE-Of six rocms, end lot
,iKMvil4, M Iean avenue, inquire on
-AJUbAP--One senond hand It
nenriy as good
at l!H lini o st
YRD.AK ItNiflNu POrS-i'orsale by
w. H l.ARKIM. LnrKinsville. Ala.
W' OODJ. 3 f,,CK FAR VI- In th.Hlod
one ltuirosnhl,r,d fiunnii.g Horiii fee
120. OraTriMtiaellnrne; fen, JUL fine Jer
sey Bull: fee. t2M Foa Salk-30 Uerfes.
t Milch Cowa, 15 h.-d Butcher Cattle, Pea
aorks snd Nemnu-dland Pups. Horses on
Saature.sVi per montht Texs. hore, 1"? per
ay. Telephone JW?U BfttNEJ', 2,
ia this market. The
designs, Quest textures
for Inspection
pr RKWARTJ For small akye terrior doit.
light blue nair covering ia-e nou evoa.
HORSK Owner ran have by proving prop
erly and pavi"g charges. ,
PIUMP UKAXT. cor. ISealn end Orleans.
1 OS l
110X Containing drny
J-l ce;
Witrdfl 1
cemts. Leave at this ouuennd
DR. J. D. wniTE-241 Main, cor. Jeffer
son St. Office telephi nc8 il ; residence i8.
(CISTERNS Built and repaired and war
J runted. Inventor of the Sanitary Port
land Cement Pump. Contractor snd brick
layer Telephone K. TIIOS CUHl'lNS.
HORSB-BIatk. with smnll white spot In
head, one on brenst, and raddle mark
on back; about Pi hands high, carries a high
head. A libetal reward lor bis return 19
eorner Hill aadtievonth strattt, Chelsea.
Ued cow, with white spot In face, white
spot on each Sang. Will pay a liberal re
ward on her re'urn to corner of beventh
and Carolina streets.
TAFE-One dark roan rony built mare.
HI- IS bands high, neturn to Vr. Wlliia
FORD and he rewarded.
MARE From my residence, 399 Union
street, one dark gray mnre,3 years old,
abont 14 hands huh, lirht gray spot on left
hip. Return, and ba rewarded, to
8 and 1 Adams street.
C"tOOK To ro to Texa ; good salr.ry.
J at 41 North Court street.
mo BUY COTTAUE Five or six rooms.
. south of Vance and east of Wellington
streets. Address
M.. Apne:il office.
BOARD By gentleman and wife in pri
vats family, eonveniont to car line;
must be fir&t-claes, ad terms moderate.
Address X. Y. ., tlii cfB"e.
MR. IVY, PAINTER To call at the M.
andT.R.R. Car: hops.
"VOHNa MAN In Kahn A Freiberg's Dry
-S- uooua department, unly such as nau
some experionoe and first-olasa referenoas
need apply.
"DOOMS Two or three unfurnished rooms
-Lb by two persons. Apply at Schilling i
iiosrqmgnoogB, Aaams street.
A UK NTS -In every town to sell Pianos
Xi- and Orsans. HOUCK A CO., Memphis
Li iVEHY BODX To sail and see the oela
XU brated G par Clairvoyant, at 177 Third
street, near Poplar.
SITUATION As porter or house boy; can
give city references. PORTER, Appeal.
yOU KG MAN-K.xperenoed in Job Print
in. No. 10 Wost Court Street.
in every Ktata in tho lit ion
to represent a
ING ESTABLISHMENT having several
Srsoui.Tiss that are popular and easy sell
ing. Can ba bandied alona or in connection
with othor gooda. Addresa Til K 1VH. B.
CHAMBERMAID With good reference,
I at 133 Maliaon street.
DAY BOARDERS Or without rooms,
At 92 KaatCourt street.
vJ oraer in bctt styles at
pOOMS-Well furniahed roomn,
m- v 1. 1 n pen PirosT.
POSrTiijNBya lady as tuus'c tesrhor, or
to toaoh young children Httgiish Irranehos.
Salary oxpootcd moderate. Good home de
S'rcd. Address "Teacher," Columbus. Miss.
f AN An intelliuent.eiirneat mati to rop
iX resent, in his own locality, a large re
(pnnsiblo house. A remunerative srilnrvto
ri.ht party. Steady position, lleferences
exchanged. American Manufacturing li juso,
l(i Barclay St., N. Y.
HU( LBS. FEATHERS Hirhest cash
ItJV lJ priee paid by GABAY. Memphis.
next thirty days for II 50.
243 Main sreet.
Jt hi L V fcR For cas h or eg
ehanre MUT-FOHD. .Tewo nr. lf4 Mnn
MJL- y IVt NRT1 no Bmaih Trxitmkst,
a guarontoel apeolflo for Hysteria. Dirii
nosa, Convulfinnsa, Fita, NerTom Nenral
gia, Headache, Nervcrs Prostration, csnwd
by the use of alcohol or tobacco: VVaito
fulnoss. Mental Depresiticn, 8 ,'tcning of the
Brain, resulting in iusaoity nr.d irn ing In
niLeJ,-, decay and death; P.-ematnre d
Age, Barrenness, Loss of Power in either
n: Iovoiuntary Losses and Spermstor
rhca, fau-i j by ovor-xertion of tno brain,
lelf.abnse or o riadulgence. Each tog con
tains oio raonft i- treatment. 1 a box, e
six boso for $5, sent bv mil piepald, on
rcotuptof nrioo. Wo ennrnnt'o big ljnxet
to cure any oase. VHh each order rereiveH
by us for six boxes, aocompajied wi'i II,
a will send the purohaser onr written
gnarirux torefuLd tha money If the treat
ment does -Gt atTcct a earn. Gniirsntaef
Isaned only h A. HNKKilT 4 00,, Diug
iiitft Momiitu, Tenn.
Climax, TVanoo, Ami'ie Wookcock and
Katie A. the Winners -Fine
Fuu Today.
The tun shone out char an J bright
yesterday, but the wind, as on the
opening day, blew a little too cool and
the attendance at the race track was
not as good as the sport, which was
excellent, deserved. D.-zsns ol ladies
donned their wraps, however, and rosy
cheeks aod bright eyes attested their
keen enjoyment of the fun, which
was good enough to make the small
crowd of men about the pooling stand
do a bitf'crowd'a betting. The track
was a little heavy with duat aod on
that account a trifle slow, but tte
difference could not ba noticed by any
but the timers. There were five in
viting events on the programme, all
of them hotly contested, though the
finishes were not as clcse, with one
exception, as on tho openirg day
There was a strong favorito in every
raca, big odds agairet all the others
bt-ing offered by the bock makers,
snd twice the mtjority was in er.or.
Wahoo and Ansie Woodecck, both
ehoit horses, were winner?. Below is
given an account of the day's sport in
Fir.yr sack.
Thero did not ureni to be any doubt
about the neu't of the first rat?.
(Jlimax beine so greit a favorits over
Dau man, irotue Lnnue, Lucas and
Clonte Ibt ncme of ihen were backed
t3 any ex ent tc win. i'or second
choicj Dausmttn had plenty of back
ern, however, largely on account of his
lockcv, tuo lucky Cuvington. iho
jdU3 ngain8; intui an wte erear, ou
to 1 being offered ssnicEt Clocee with
no taktra, while there were plenty
who hddilie caursgato put up 5 lo
win 1 on Cloneo. The distance was a
mile. BudDjUsraan and Lucas took
the drum at its tap, Clonee falling
back fifty yards belore the turn was
nude. Liu'iis was pushed from ths
etarj for all he was woith, but was
obliged to give way, miming nerk and
neck for ha' f a milo wl.h Dausman,
Fronie Loniao and Climax shutting
out the daylight bctweeD. At the
turn (J imax brgan to put in some
splendid licks, teemirg to move
toward the fi out without effoit, and
winning with ease by a leng h; Daus
man cecond aiut Lucas uiira.
The second, a heat race, s-ven fur
longs, puzzled the boys considerably.
There were live Btarters: Wanco,
Skobeloff, Porter Ashe, Fannie B. and
KflieH. The book makers did net
care about putting any money on
Porter Ashe and asked big odds, but
yelled Wahoo with warwhocps loud
and deep. Big odds were offered
Reaiost Armstrong's tricky entry
Eflie II., who has caused many a grey
hair in the heads cf spoits the coun
try over. The chestnut with the Rus
sian name was bandied very gingerly
by the crowd.
Firtt Heat. The start was easily
made, Skobylofl taking tbe hail, the
favorite geiting.ofi bailly and 1'aunie
dropping to tbe rear alter the tint fur
long. At the hill they were all
bunched agstin, Skobelcfl "s rod jacket
showing gaily near tho front when
they neared the turn. Wahoo pushed
him bard and the pair came down the
stretcn neck ana nci k. u hen wi;nin
nfty steps ol tbe stunj i'.iiit 11. was
urged forward end mode half a dozen
splendid bounds, but failed to score
Wahoo winning, Skobeloff second and
I'crter Ashe third.
Second Ileal. the second heat was
a repetition of the first, the hows
running woll together all around thu
cr.urg?, making a cl 63 linisb. with
Wahoo a scant winner, Skobeloff
eecond and Porter Ashe third.
iniRD BACff.
The third event was an uneventful
one for the insiders. Sis llimyar was
looked upon as a euretinng, witn lax
gatherer, War Sign, Ha1 lie Carliele,
Little Minnie and Annie Woodcock
in the Held. Nobody wented any
thing but tte bay filly with the East
ern name, but Sis got badly left. She
did not show up anywhere in tbe
race. Some etcck was taken in Tax
gatherer and Little Minnie, but no
body wanted Aurie at any price. Lit
tlo Minnie got a good start, her rider's
led Jacket being plainly visible ail
around the course, War Sign closing
in cn her as tbey climbed the hill.
Coming around the turn they were all
strung out, with the favorite dis
hearteningly near the rear. Coming
down the quarter stretch Sis made a
spurt which revived the hopes of her
backers, but soon gave way, Annie
Woodcock winning handily by a
length, Little Minnie dashing in sec
ond and Hatiie Carlisle a good third,
The field in the lest race, three-
quarters of a mile, was a big one, and
toe short horees, on which big odds
were effored, were freely taken by the
great majority who wanted to get
even. The startfrs were Bixby, Slick
away, ParagoD, Nina B, Faster, Alle
phaney, Tzurj, Steve Jerome and Katie
A. The latter was the favorito at
even money. It was hard to chooso
between Ailegbarmy and Fas'er for
second p'ace, and Puregnn was backed
by tho stable bnya. Tzura was the
tip but found few takers. Tbe start
wos the most unsatisfjctiry of the
mooting, but mist of t'to gipa wore
clotcd on the hill. As the Dyers
turned into the hoiiieotre'ch it wss
plaiu that Kattn A. would win, which
she did handily by a coup e of lengths,
without whip or spot, Bixby seeming
eecord place and Alleithiney third!
New Memphis Jockey Clubgroundp,
Wednesday, tecend day, O.tobpr 27,
1888. F(ir end cool, but du'ty. Track
slow. Attendance light. Betting mod
erate. Judgrt. John Overton, jr., H. A.
Montgomery, N. M Jones.
Timcrt. t'apt. Boll, Denver, Colo. ;
Cant. Williamp, Mobile.
Starter.-D. W. Woodruff, Mobile.
Turro, $i":n, of which rn to second; for
throe yT olds. Winners this year of any
race of ihe value of KliiO, 5 pounds eitra;
those not having won a ruce since (Septem
ber 1st allowed 10 pounds ; since Aucust lit,
l.r pounds; benion non winnors this year
allowed 'Ji pounds, tine mile.
l,ctnaney liius.' ch o Climax (115), 3
year. John Car!er-P.iric!os (William) 1
R.J. Lucas's ch g 1) nsman W V 3 yours,
Vcrniilles-C'Brrie Watson (Co. ington).... 2
L R. Kcichiim's ch o Luc as (Kki,, :i years,
l'iU! tut Lady host'es (Johns. n) 3
Nick Becker's bl Kruno Louiao (1(0), 3
years, Olcngarv-Rosa ('larva (Comer) 0
William hr duets b g; tlnree (Pi), 3
yo.ira, FMclicr Athcri .ea (Uystop) 0
Tino 1 :47.
Voti (hli't. Climax, 15; Paii'mnn, fi-l ;
I'r. Die Louise, l.i-l; Lucas, 101; Clunce,
Parse, SJ50, of which f 100 to second; those
not having won a race of the value o I"'
allowed 5 pounds; sot having won a r.xce
this year, 10 pounds; maidens 15 pounds.
Heats of seven furb ngs.
T. II. Stevens's ch g Wahoo (10ft), 3
yiir.". KyrleD4ly,'n h-t-wabtJohn-
. ion).,, ;1 - 1 1
Lemaaney Rrcs'. .ch g Sko' el IT lltfi.,
ti years, ureucniti-Jn" "i" in n
liMina) 2 2
R, J. Lucas's ch g 1'ortor A.he (1(11) 3
years, Joe lloosor-Auooji t ovuigion o J
L.Wyntt'sch m KannieB. (In ) 5 years.
Anay jonnaon ei 3u i hi u v
. F. Armstrong's bmKfl ell. (lltfi),
aged, Pat Malloy-Penclope (ii'Uara). 0 0
Time-1 :3i' ,'. i: U',.
io.f Oild-First Heat -koheloff. 4-1:
Porter Ashe. 7-10: Wabno.4 1; Kaunie B.,
10-1; Kllie 11., 13-1. Second Heat ftkobe-
lotT.n-l; Porter Asne,o-o; nanuo, 2-o; tme
Pure. fVM. of which SKO to second; a free
handicap. Nine lurlonas.
. H. btavans t o I aoqio "ooacnex vjj,
4 rears. llillet-Caloiuel (Johnson) 1
Leiuasney Broe' ch f Little Minnie (10(1), 3
vears. King Alfonso-Miranda (Williams) 2
M. W alsh's b f Hatiie Carlisle v. HI, 3 Jeiir,
Longfellow-Ventiiria (Covington) 3
B. G.Thomas's b fBis Him r (.ui),;l years,
Alarm-Uira tuovin.toni u
) T. Pulsifer s br I Tavtuthcrer (l(tl),
aged. Tipperary-Huey Jo inson (Curlis)... 0
Win. Muekey's ch h War burn lii i), ;l years,
WarDance-Loinsa luar'MTj u
Time 1 :"''
Poti Orfffs-Sia llimyar, -S: Tmgatherer,
f-2; Warhisn, 10-1: Huttiu Carlisle, 'i-1 ;Llt-
tle Uirnie, a-2: Annie n ooui'ocg, h i
For two year old colts and fillies : f U) each,
h.f. ; H) added; second 1 1 teeive 110(1;
winners (fillies) who have won a'stake race,
3 rounds extra; two or more, ft
pounds icnalty; winners (colts) who have
won astuke race, S pounls; two or moro
pounds peonlty; in-1,1, mis at time 01
starling allowed ; pouuus. lurcc-iiuiir-
ters of a milo. . ,
S S. Brown's blk f Katie A lip, 2 years,
Byiler Alt-Jennie tiawirn n iinri) 1
G. M. Rye's b g Bixby (102., 2 years, Onan-
daga-lieitr ce ( illinmi-;.. 2
Jnmcs Sargent's ch t Alleghrny (1'7, 2
years, Court i.agrnnKo-.ii.iry roresi
(Cooper) ; 3
(I. M Rva s Ij gKlickaway (K:'),2 joars,
St. Miirtin-UypateatJohnsoiiV 0
Mni'Lowden's ch 0 Paragon iluM, years,
Plomno-Whiriig (Hiolu rasop) 0
C. II. llrackoit's b f Nina II (in,), 2 years,
Volleiieur-.viiss 11111 isnnini. u
L. R. Kocliuip's b g Fufer ili;,2 yonrs,
Faustus-Light Heart (hloval' 0
W. 11. Williamson's br f T.ura (102), 2
years, Loiigfcllow-Venturm troviil) 0
E. Corrigan's ch c htovo J. roma (110), 2
years, Lisbon .Peaceful Cm inuton) 0
Fml OiM.-Bi.xby. 10-1; Mickawuy, 10 1;
Paragon, 2o l; Nina B., -0 1: Kaiter, fi-1 ;
Alleghony, :"1; l.ura, 1 ; Move Joroiuc,
7-1; Katie A., 4-5.
T fit IT Til'.
Still tco cool,
Fivb go:d r?cts today.
A hurdle rat'9 t'.iis evening.
Wahoo sfemed to do it e.'sily.
Today promises to te a big ouc
Tub privileges this yar are all in
excellent hacds.
Col. Pkttit wa-i acxous for a tip on
Cloneo yslei day.
Thr crowd piomites to be larger to
day then je3terday.
Cot. Mkkbill used tho itramncnei
field glass yesterday.
Tub favorites were downed in two
and won in two races.
Tub ladies found their for cloaks
comfortable y03terday.
Col. Montgomery, as nsua', is the
toul and life of the meeting.
Copl weather naturally has a de
pressing efhet on tho Rport.
Dr. Thohnton bugged tho fence and
seemed to enjoy the finishes.
Tirs Little Joe. I-island, (iny
Cloud, Skobeloff and Hop Sing.
Favorites today Little Joe, P.tti
ccat, Little Minnie, Mona and Guy.
Thb winners yesterday were Climax,
Wfhco, AnnieWoodcock andKutieA.
Dr. , woll, he di n't want to be
given away to his Prefbyterian pa
tients. Col. Snowdes was bland and ua
ru tiled as u;ual, no mattor which
horse won. - - -
Ma. B D. JonDAti tan't win on the
tuif as well as he can when defending
the interests cf the couv.ty at the bar.
TnK nw arrangomont for infomiing
tbe public of the namea of joekeys anu
winners is excellent md much appre
ciated. Starter Woodruff won't have any
foolishness, and the hoys know it.
He d iecn't inflict any t.diooH waits
on tho crowd.
In the first rsce todny tbext are six
cntiie?, in tho second five, in the
third eeven, in the fouitli tcven and
in the fifth five.
TnaRi were so many entries in the
second race announreJ for today that
it wi-s decided to mitkfl two iacts of it.
They are rumbored one and four in
the list.
Tnn bug'er of the tally-ho coach
merrily sounded h's horn at norm and
a meny parly of ladies and gentlemen
roiio out upon the lof'y perch 1 flordod
by i's B2Bta. Beside a uuuibc-r o( gen
tlemen, there were Misms Lyon,
Grosvenor, Hunt, Snoed and Moiit
gomory and Mis Doyle. Col. Mont
gomery, as usual, hold iha reins. The
air was bracing and the spin out the
graveled road a deligMfal one.
Fint llace. Three quattfrs of a
mile, telling. Cloueo (100), f2; Duke
of Cnnnaught (9), $r); Dawn nf Dy
(103), 118: Simoon (W), fl; Probns
(98), $2; James Mack (lOii), $1 ; Lilt e
Joe (97), f25.
Second Race. One ini'e. Florimore
(85), $15: Katie A. (U2), 9; Little
Minnie (99), $.'5; Lucas (U2),f4; Grey
Cloud (115), $17.
Third Race. One mile snd three
sixteenths. Anna Woodcock (led),
$14; Ligan (95), $13; Bkobeloff (95),
$13; Gov. Bate (80), t?; I-eroy (90),
$2; Taxgatberer (10:!), $18; Kmma
Manley (100), $11; Mona (105), 125.
Fourth Race. Three quarters of a
mile; pure. Cuba" Queen (102), 17;
Lisland (110), $12; Tory Pa-tor (103),
$14; Warrenton (1071, $l: Watch 'Km
(101) , $3; Nicolinl (HU), $1; Petticoat
(102) . $10.
Fifth Rarjt.On mil" ami a quarter;
hurdle. HooSirgHO), $-: Mocum
(125), $2; Ju'lg-l!mntt (135), $3;
Gny (MO), $25; Claude Brannon (130),
Tan Nswranrkrt (F.car.) ICneea.
London. October 27. The tace-for
the Dwfmrct Plato for tw" y. ar olds,
seven furlongs, wai run at Newmarket
toJsv. Ton horses s a'ted. The Deke
of Beaufort's fillv Bevo D'O.- won b
three lengths, boughs Ilaird'e coit
Enterprise second, tno Duke of West
mirstor's filly Freedom thud. Time,
a Tin
Follow it up snd yon will come
out a sure winner.
I'lill rudorwear, Shlrf,
Hosiery, Ilandkcrclih Th,
And anvthing in Furnishing
Gooih. lie bus the b st s o k,
the lirsent aw r u.ent, a'.d sells
lir:er foods lor let" money tl;an
DDydhtr b iiisp, 1) 1 no: Ml to
seeh'a s'ock, and eavo money in
buying there.
OCTOBER 28, 18S6.
Fon ruE iiTr.
Chairman Adams Yljoronsly IVoU'sU
Against Certulo Kt publlcanR,
bat Is Overruled.
Taeslay llr. Frank IVutresF,
Chief Supervisor of Elections, tnada
appointments of (npervisois of elec
tion for each ward and distiict in the
county. L's's cf Kpublican suprr
vlsnrs were made out by (ten. W. J.
Smith, chairman cf the Hepublican
Congressional Executive Conimitt 0,
and lists of Democratic supervisors
were made ont by Mr. E. F. Adams,
rha'rmsn of the Democrat c Congrf ph
lonal Executive Committee. Under the
law', aa (onslrued by Judge Hammond,
rach side were ent t ed to hand in to
the Ctiiff Supervisor the ntun.'S of
those wanted by then, each liar, to bo
subject to exceptions from the impos
ing side. Gun. W. J. Smith handed
in a list Tuesday, on which Mr. M.
T. Willinmson was put down for the
Third Ward, Win. K. Moore for tho
Fcurih, L. B. Kjton for the Sixtli and
Ksed Savage for the Seventh. Mr. K.
F. Adams yesterdsy bonded in his lit t,
to whith no exceptinns were taken,
and also li el exceatiocs to thu ap
pointment of the four names above
I lit or Supt-rv laora for file) lt.
Tin following is a list of tho Super
vise rs for Memphis:
Wtirif. Vi.ioivoN. AV,u,'i.fln-.
First Pat (iilvspio..M II. Kiley.
Hecond Ins. V. Iliuiter. W m. M . Xmilh.
Third F.J. holly .. M. T. n iiiiaiiison
Fourth Mike Itcngan.Wni. II. Mnoso.
Fifth U. V. Miller. ..Viftor R. Smith.
Sixth J. T. Jefferson. 1.. H. Katon.
Sevi lh ....A I). Gibson.. .Fred Savage.
Kighth M. T (lutv in...!'. W. Brown.
Ninth W. .1. ' hiiso ...Rubt. 1'. Grant.
Tenth A. K. Hancock J. W. Vernon.
I'roloal Attstl.isit (crluln Kfiibli
caut XuiimxI lor Hiittervlaora.
The following is the protest cf Mr.
K. F. Adams:
To Capt. Francis Fcnt'ess, Chief Supervisor
of Klcctiot s ill the Tenth Congressional
Distill! of Tounossco:
Kxecptioni to the appointment of
the fol'oiriiig named Republicans is
sniie.vi .cra in tha wauls n;im -d.
1'he nriiii TH guid, cl ai man of the
Dja:octHtio Hxecutivo Commit vne for
tho Tenth C01 grcesioual Diotiict,
would rospoclftiliy bIio that four
names submitted by the Republican
Congressional l'.xoculive Ccmujiiteo
are of such character astopievtmt
rnthcr than aid end a 1st in bringing
abont a fair election. Uothtdwitu
quani-ju!icial functions these four
gentltinen aro more likely tosirvothe
purpose of getting votes fcr tho Re
publican nominees than preventing
any unluirneis by the Democrats.
lo the first place, Mr. M. T. Wil-
linm?on has been suugested for the
Third Ward in the cilyof Memphis.
It is a no.orious last that Air. Wil
liamson has but very recently been
United States Marshal, and has usen
for mny yesis one, if not tbe chief
organi.sr 01 me uspumican pariy,
a man who has always been a bitter
nnd dttermined pai'tismi. But recent
ly he was chairman of the Shelby
County Republican Conveniion. His
character and standing are calculated
to overawe voters, and liis pres
ence ia the capacity cl a Ftderal
snpervisir will give liira ollicial sane-
lion for this pnrr.o.e.
Mr. Wm. K. Moore, rccsntly mem
ber of Conares', has bueu inggaated in
the Four, li Ward, and Is objected to
for tbe same reasons.
In tho Sixth Wa d the name of Mr.
L. B. Eaton is especially objectiona
ble. He is the reputed author of the
famr.us "Sou hern Democrat" loiter,
in which, under tuc guiee of a Demo
crat, he advocated tho use of fores for
tho prevention ol the uie of the elect
ive franchise by then'groesai a race,
and even went to lar as to advise
bloodehed fr.r this purpose, and also
advised the or.trncir.ing of all Hepnbli
cans, both socially, politically and oth
erwise, became of their opposition to
the whito race. This letur was dc
signed to stir up race antagonisms, to
fxcite stctional prejudice and to sub
serve nnwtrthy political ends. Ho
assumed a false position, and tried ti
cover up his evil dnsifins in a manner
far from odniitablo. It is submitted
that such an appointment is out of
keemnif with thesplntol the Iftw, tnd
is intended to stir up Btrifo and preju
dice. If he were the only lionejt and
trus'worthy Republican in the Sixth
Waid thoro might ba some excuse for
this app intment. Such, hawever, is
notthecase. Mr. Eaton, a?aTo Mr. Wil
liamson aud Mr. Mcoio.lsappoinledto
exercise by their very nrtsence and
ollicial prsition, an unilus influence
over tno m nas 01 n large e ass 01
voters, who have baen taught to re
gard these men as their political
mentors and directors, air. t reu .lav
age has been suggested for the Seventh
Ward. Mr. Sivage Is a colored man,
who is perhaps mora influential than
any other Bepnblican leader. He his
always exercised a slavish influence
over the minds of bis own race, and is
appointed, not is a fair minded Re
publican, in order to see to a fair elec
tion, bat as a leading Republican par
tisan to teenre votes. None of these
appointments are in tbe interest of
fairness. It is submitted that names
abould be suggested of Kepabliems
who stand well, who are of undoubted
honesty, and who have not been in
the habit of controlling and dictating
to any class of voters what ticket they
should vote.
It. is, therefore, prayed that these
names be rejected and that other
names he smrgLBted more in keeping
wish the spitit of the law under which
these appointments are rando.
Chairman of the Congressional Democratic
Lxccutlve Committee.
Tl:o charges msde, if proven, would
cot disqualify tho supervisors to
whoso appointment exception is U
ken. NoUs'imony hm been adduced
that the persons excepted to do not
possess the qul ficaiions pr.pcribod
by law. FBANcis ibntui -w,
OctobeO, 1W. Chief Supervisor,
JiirtKellAuitiiond Stintulne 1'entreta.
An appeal was taken from Capt.
Fentress to Judge Hammond, who
sust lined his ruling. After it became
known that the leading sp'rits of tho
old Federnl riim had been appointed
as sanervlsora of election it was at
once taken as a determination on tho
part of tho Kcpmlican leaders to at
tempt tho same kind of control which
Chairman Williamson exercised at
Ihe late Republican convention. Gen.
Smith i regarded as having made a
ajionnl mi tsks in his ennointtnents.eS'
p?cially in the caie of the members cf
ins o:a rlnif. it will destroy tne en
thusisfm of tho Kotinhiii ans nnd
a' oils1' the Democrats Ths author of
tbe "Southern Democrat" lantcvor
regain grice in tlra community.
And it rttimnlatas and promoto the
erowth of the hair.
Brtrnett's Flavoring Extracts art the
Tailor and
KIT PALI. ITOCK tt now eomp'ete. Tha largott, Chofaastaa
Moat Varied ! have ever ofTerad In Memphis, consisting of all t
PANTALOMS fn gTat variety, all of tha LTKVr UKKIGMS,
Introducad by tha leading Importers of England, Kranoe and Cat
manor. 1 wlat to make !?( 1AL sikntiox to my ciittomort an4
Ua puMlo to rail and taapaot my UAiiMFICENT lOCak. at mf
Cor. Sicond and Jefferson Sts., Memphis, Tire
(Jnllant ratnilnrtol Joacpti I. cm la,
Urnve F.najlnmr.
The 10:10 ptsserger train of the
Louisville and Nathvillo road, that left
here Tuesday night, met with an acci
dent that might iiuvii resulted eoriime
ly but for tho brivery and horoistu of
Jrs'ph Lewis, thn engineer, and
Thomas Fox, tho firottiac. The train
was movirg at a rapid rote of speed,
and when near Fi! y.gibhon's Grove it
came in ccntact with a couple rf
stray mnlee that woro Irttiitii on tho
track. The rngltotr, ss eoon aa hn
saw that a collision who inevitable, re
versed his connecting r id and put on
the brakes so euddciily that t'ie (ei
der iu the rour jumped twetty fn t
in'o the air and luudr d in front of tl.ei
eniine in ashiitterod tonditiow.
Iha fireman wfti thrown from tho
engine into tho bivTi'ss" car, and is
cjped with elii;ht ttu'ft's, The en
gineer never bini'd, but with bin
hand on the throttle s aye l at l it
rot, and ntiver r-lnNod his grip,
thonsh three of hisllncera were baillv
mnshod. '1 he train wns composed of
an fnginp.tenili r. expriv.icsr, bsRK.gn
nnd mail car, emigrant car, pn'si-rg r
coach nnd twi nhepme. All tha cirs
were derailed, but atiangn to g .y, no
body was hurt hut the gn'laut ergi
neer. The South t.ouvd pai(eiigr train
duo bote at 5:ir o'clock ycsttidiy
morning whs delayed to hours by t 'no
accident, but tlio oLst uction was
cltarf d from the truitk yenttrdiiy aftci
11 ton aod trains went out ;u iittunl.
The fact that no lives were lo t in
d'ubtless due to tho biovery of tl.o
engince', Lewis, and il he losts his
ting rs he Bhould bo pensioned for
t allantry.
Itonr. Jonkh, jr., waaelectsd a uieui
ber of the Coiton Kxchauge yester
day. The New York Cotton Kxchauge
will close today after the noon call of
futurtB, on Recount of the unveiling of
the Bartholin ttatue.
Vikitoih on 'Change yesterday:
Mr. and M s. W. A. Johnson, Tuscum
blf, Ala.; V. L. Starr, New York; A.
8. Kyle, Ihteeville, Miss. : Theodore
Nathan, Chicago; Isaac Motter, St.
Louis; Mrs. C. - A. Htinbeck, Sotnor
ville, Tenn. ; Mrs. Wilson, city ; Miss
Fannie Jones, Bolivar, Tenn. ; Mrs. T.
B. Vanes y, Somervllle, Tenn. : Chas.
Robert, Chester, Pa ; Mrs. C. T. I'r
ton, city; D. A. Rees, Pittsburg; J. M.
Houston, Town Creek, Als.; J. M.
Gardner, Nashvil'o, Tenn. ; J. P. Wal
ton, Sinatobia; A. H. Kyle, Batesvllle;
R. T. Williamson. Keeling, Tenn,;
Wm. Blanks ami E. r. Johnson,
Tr .evant, Tenn.
The Manchester Uuardian, in its
commercial aitiole, fays: The mnr
kat is inactive. Only a few selluis
yestorduy made the average Tues
day's sa'cs althongh tbe gene.al
totie was fl m. Piodncer", meny
of whom are under engagement, hold
firmly to latt week nset pnoes and a
fow aro taking a small advance Buy
ers do not putchnso freely except at
the lowest rate ol the fortnight. Tho
demnnd for China in small. India ad
vices trscnurago the expectation of
much biiaine8. I here in nsmall, steady
dumnnd for tho lcsier foreign cutleiB
snd some for the horns department.
Kxpott yarns aro sluggish and Iheio is
a poor inquiry. Orders for China and
Japan are few. Bnyeri for India and
tho continent are stcKca. iiomocon-
suinprs aro unwillirg to pay cinrent
rntes for any cornrdcrablo qnantily,
Clo h Is Inactive, llnyots with orders
are unable (0 do hettr.r tlinn on Fri
dav. India and China shirtings are
tt cady but the demand is still. There
are snme inquiries for Friday's rstes.
Dl.onties and jaconets are nnnimu
well under contract bnt solleismake
no progress. Fine printing cloth iB
very strong and many makes sra fully
under engagement. Lower Reeds do
not improve. "T." clotha and Mi x
icaus are slow. Prlci s ara unaltered.
(ikaucery Caurl Ellctl, Judaja.
In State vs Button, title decreed to
Thos. Coyne.
Argument wast concluded in vross
vs Brinkley, nnd snbmitted.
Today Is tax motion day, alter near
Inn of arhlrh thn rflses ol Coonev VS
Carter and Pavocnyk vs Rocco will
be heard.
llinmnvivha ntannia f'allino' for
.."' J I I r "
inram wnnlil Hn well to entianlt the
rule of the Court as to application be-
, 1 I
lore causes are rcgnmriy reuiiiuu.
Crluilnal Court- Dtibotr, Jntla.
Calendar for today : George Hous
ton, Rohoit J. Powcrc, .1. B. Heoly,
Fmnk Thoinaj, Frank Monivrother,
Kd Dav's, Bob Baily, All Davis, Bill
Dtason, llunry Trice.
Clrmll Cotara-Kaloa, JsmIb.
InthefnsB cl Irfe Wtbitcr, usi of
(ico. Arnold dk Co. vd G10. Washing
ton, judgment sgainst deleudiint lor
$2.10 62 ai d costs.
Thera eol Bhoildan vs 8, afford w.is
on trial jest rday.
The calendar lor ycaleiday etnd:i
good for today.
Charles Morrla. jr., to Bethel O. Jor
dan, lot H, J. M. Povino's subdivision
of lots 32, (11 and 65, of Willo Wil
liams's subdivision of tho McLemora
trsct, 40x150 foot, on Hernando road,
for $12l!0.
Ciscinmati, O.,0ctobcr27. Night
P.; v r 3 feet 4 inches on tht gauge aad
stationary. Weather colder, with r.iln
and snow.
Ixiuibvius, Kt., October 27 Nkdit
Hi ve r 3 foot i n t h e ra11.1l tnd 10 inch- h
on the full' ud a'al ona y. Businca
lnll. Weather cloudy and col.with
1 ght rain.
U'. .'- -Hi
AdvcrliHlug dpuces for Itcnf.
on th fence snrtoundicg B. Loen
rt"in it Hrn.'a new buitdinK, Main and
Jefl. r. on strtets, by Hook & IaU.IH.
Apply at once.
ArrlMtl nl Itoatoiiorn I,n( That Ai'S
(v l'.c Stiltl In nrnipbtc
Xexl nuntli.
The fo!'oin ti'legriui from Boe.oa
refers t ) tho lot of import 'd IIols!.ein:
that will b" rol i here cext month
"llamhaiit, I'niun Si-.fkyar ls.Monifihi,"
"Cattlo all in fp'endid condition.
Leave quaiaiit'ua Friday fcr M.'nt-
plllH. V -Alii."
Winona (Mis.-.) jld.'inrv V,"e
that cotton cao bp shipped tr im Si em
phis, ov.rth" Mis i t-iptd tind lear. 'i,
see road, and down ti e Illavis Com ia
t N w O 'i'iii'p, a di taai e of abooV
lOt) iiv.Y I r M.5I) p' r bole, vhen tlu
r:ites from Winom to Ni w Orleans,
a (iis'an"e of 271 nii es, ne $j pr
bale. Do you h ('.' Ktom Vei:tpl;i
hew ia e'liiipeti tii. f.-om Wiitta..
there is nor.t.
AiunniiKN -rji i'niT.' Fulton "if.
boon vety roughly trea'cd by '.tie
Memphis road in tho new i 'i 'i.
for which her county dole,"aliuii
wcrkt d a ) h ir.l in tho l.e .islctirro 'ES'.
wiiit r; aod if wo n't not mt.st.i k n,
she tec-ivf d an ( dd tioral blow t" 1 Le
cn.iciimnt cf tl.o la,r which forhuis
tho buibb'ng f any o hrr eiet- ,-r.u
woe', r.i. 1". w.thin tvielvn miVe of fun
loc it'oii of the It. -e ttmt belt .jc.-i be-.
If tlu.t 1 w is oi'.htitu iniul, rt e , in
only bo I'ea.'hi d lrom the v.-pft ,)" a
road crts-.lrg '.ho i'.V.bilc no,! )'.-,io '.
the n . igl.lrn 1 o dot (iai.town :i '-i.o
north, ik Mi ".n". 11 cn tt.ifi utli The
'.'.i 11 wi old' never did 1 i 1 1 her ' ,n
lonu ded f.T li r wotl., but dii :-ot
think th . I tho lino wtull ilod.": ' U
Wiimha county entirely.
(lOTTAUK-Throa rroms, on Klniwi
J street ccr line, near south ito l.lmi " ..
A pply at Ji.V.l.,.1S."-k ,-,t J? '-Hw
KAT PIUCK COTl'Ai:K-Wih'iracu:o
good ci.tetn, No. 77 Fnntelne. A pi'h;
No. M I'CNIOT JUtit.
101 anil UK Koiieson :
liMNM BKBIDHNOK-Trooms, atahlos. ,sr
Ji1 riago house, etc. 1 S.1 acrea of land, r ii
able for dairy or market garden; gooe1 'H
and eistcrn aster on the place: too miles
south ol clly. Apply U
ttiJ.ilI.lj AvKiCO.-,iM adi.ai in st
HOPSK-No. til l Lauderdileskrael: aow,
ivith nine rooms and Inrgo yaril j ucl
Miss lligboe'a school. M. I. SKI.OHV,
W Main atroal.
01,'Itl.K COTTAOll-On Virginia a
niie. Ave minutes' walk to strootfttUsi
new, cheap anil convenient. Call at ISA Pay
bnrn for pa'tlculars.Mrs. K. lWRUJlilV
IIOOMH-Nictly furnished roomi
V At 11 J Monroe stTOw
1. Thomas avonuo, contatning tlx roomi ana.
kttchco. with a good well nnd ciaiern, al able,,
eoal snd woodhouse. The lot la Mixlikl I .(.
iuil of lluwers, shrubbery, etc.
r will elan cell all niv Furniture, eon-'
sl.iling of lied room nnd Parlor Hals, ant
l'iano, Curiiots, Kitchen Furniture, ale..
Coal and VVnud. I will sell in get t or in
S .ml nn nrHmlSAS.
FKICIC-First Soor
At Mainaon strew,
IjlUIlNItillUO ItOOMH-Wlth boaret. "On
J' iaino ol pootiliar oicellence." Ill Cooi t..
4111,1'til N T KOO M H At M M arkol ilrao t :
tingle or en suite, furnished er uotar
nlshed, good watur, and near buainees. m
00M A furnished room,
At i union atTivn.
OAllDlNUIIOl'SK -No. 2(8 Seonnci si.,
nextto Wiitor Works clttce.
11. Ij. Hi ION, U MaSlson at.
CIOTTAUK-Heyen rooms, on Walker see--J
nun, on Klinwood street car line. Apply
3M .n(?" ' ' .Itij. LHVNW, ri
rpwOSTOHY UHlC'lv H7 Poplar, S r'ut
1 snd all modern conveniences. AsHy l
llortmann A Wagener, JK.S Main strow.
1 O MA 01 SON STKEKT Now hat).
O Apply at li Madison street.
1JLKAKANT Itirnished roca fer geBtlte-
nen; 111 Wathinfton; rrferrnceraiiainyt
STORK -noOM-On Main strset. Uwelllrts:
housa on Court atreot.ard several ratol
lots. Apply to It. II. bNOWOkN tr ). IV.
0(101)1, OK, 3H Ma lison street,.
STOniCIIOllBK-Fonr story and bistei.ui
atorehonse. No. i'14 Front atroet.
OOMS-Woll furniahed
roams, Mo 8V.
Linden street.
10TT0N OFFICE -Apply to K. M. Apiwr-
son A Co., No. tint Front stroet-
HOUSM-i:! Washington 8'.: 7 rm."swi.
but h room Apply atllPi)tr ;'-
No. HK1 Main Street.
No. "iirj Main Street.
Ho. a7 Main Street.
ApplyJa J AMK8LKK, Js.. 4 Malison V.-
ROOMH Two furnished or unfirniehBO,
rooms t fl Madlsoo f5roai
PiLKOANT newly furnished rnoan, ! atW
lj roTl.etc. fn,nlra at II Onart stiej'.-
No. 17 Jefferaon (Street,
(Between Main and Front.)
lEstabllahed in 1VS).!
1 -R. J0I1NK0S is acknowledged by alt ns e
1 ' ties interested aa by lar tha most too
ce'sful ehyslcian in the trettmentof arivala
orsocrutdisei.se. Quick, pet luanent ctrt4
:uiir.ititced in every case, male or fctui ic .
lUo'ent eusoa of tlonorrhea and Srphi';a
cured in a f ,w days without tho use of mer
cury, change of diet or hindrance fiotm
business, hecondnry Kyrhiiis. tho last ves
tigeeradicatcd willni itthe u"e of mercnty
Involunsiiry loss of semen Hopped in abrt
time. Sufforers from impotauoy or lias ol
seaual powers rnstore to free vigor in a Sow
weeks. Victims of soll-abme an 1 eicoselvit
venery, suSonng lrom iorina:or.-ne
lossol physical ind monul i.or, siaeuily
and permanently cured. Particular anan
lion paid to Hie Disoases i f Women, an1
cures suaranteed. Piles and old sores mrcc
without tha uro of caustic or the knife. Ail
consultations ttrictly oonfl lnntial. J.aoi
einrs sent by exptess to all parts et uo
ooontry. , ....
trVorkiniiinen enred at half tae-e
gjr'.k vTmiiA.
Planta'ic n of A. La & Co. on Island 3-3
for division 0 an estate. It eantsiinJ aboul
2T,(k) si res of rich bott.on Ian I; about oi
acres in cultivation: several hundred acres
above any ovsilluw. Can be made oo
of tho finest stock tarns, c nipletoly tt'
r n.ide.1 by WH'er, which Pr.;vanta tiie as
cure of stock. Als ...iK"u! lWllosd of Cattle,
which are In 8 no ..;d.tt,..n. includtag .v.--rul
tshort-burn linrlisai Dulls, Cows and
Yoarh.is. V'hi'v' W . FiHton. Ton,.,
or IV. A. (iAilK Co.,
f!o t .1) IV nt treotinijdiisTee.'i:
"l 1 rii'l are in f wor of n'gir iiing a Switch
n'ati-' Aid Ao-i,iti n 01 M,.-th Auicr
Ira will loect at M I K tt ti'.N yiL'd, No. 1
Kantaa avcuuo, h,'!!1HKJr;:.
.JAti. IKl-AUi-V.

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