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SlXRn.lTT7" OCT." 80. 1880.
demockath: TICKET.
I0K 0 0 V&kSOR,
10BEKT L. TATLOH. ef Weahlngton.
JAMES PI1ELAS. of Phtlby.
yf. L. CLAPP.
The contest between J. N. Turker
cd H. L. Fowlkea, of Dyer'county, ia
prftini? considerable interest. We
cannot understand how any Datno
crat can hesitate as to Lis duty on
TueuJay next. It ia true that Mr.
Towtkea is a good citizen and has
fcien a (run end reliable Deuitcrat,
but in this contest he ia a baiter, and
pla'jii himtelf in the position of a die-
omanlx r who la lending himse'J to
H.eR'pnUicaaa to defeat tin Demo
rtic nominef. and t3 a'rike down
tho crcuni ton of. his party. Mr,
"P riti T. the D:-mosiatic nominee Lr
the Lfffislaturo, is a c;t.ou of Dytrs-
bnrtf, a woithy young man, a true
Pemocrat, and a grpduati of Lebanon
Collide end Law School. Tlie 1 mo
ara'ic Convention held at Dyersljurg
nominated him ov?r three other aspi
ranta, Mr. Fowlkta biing one of the
three. But, in utter dmrfgard of
Daily ueajzea, Mr. Fowlkta aniiourjcta
hinisolf an independent candidate,
He wa? a member of the body which
deeided whether candidates should be
aelectcd by a convention or primary
election, and voted for'a convention
every time, and now that be was de
feated by the methods of his own
clioosinn by a convention whieh he
preferred to a primary election he an
nonnces himself an independent can
di late, and every vote he receives is a
vote for Mr. St. Clair, tho Republican
candidate. Vr. Fowlkea ia. there
fore, seeking the election of
Republic in and the defeat of
the Pemocratio nominee Demo-
grata, let no such reareanoy to
party obligationa be successful. Yon
bonld realize before it ia too late that
every vote cast for Fowlkes aids St.
Clair. Maintain your organization,
and on Tuesday next crush the Re
publican candidate and defeat the
bolter, who ia a mare tool of the Re
publicans. If ambitious, selfish Dem
ocrats, who for some reason fail to
ware a nomination from a Demo
sratio convention, can secure Demo
, eratic votea as bolters, then party or
ganisation ia a farce and a mockery,
in open enemy ia much to be pre
ferred to a faithless friend, aad true
Democrats should see to it on TucnUy
next that St. Clair nhall not be elected
by the votea cast tor Fowlkes.
The lire of war t ill smoulders in
Europe. France continues to growl
about Eng'atid'a occupation of Egypt.
Kiieiia and Turkey back its policy in
that respect. Turkey has become the
creature and tool of Russia. It owes
that country a vast sum as indemnity
for the laat war, and it is understood
that Ruuia, which haa for some time
bi'en priBing payment, has become
an obliging and conceding creditor,
beside promising other favors, aa the
price of Turkey's obedience to its
wishes. Its services in Bulgaria are
now at Racsian command, and al
though the eucraln of that country,
it is the complaiaant friend and ob
sequious ally of Bulgaria's bitter
enemy. That Russia should send its
wanhlps to Varna, a Bulgarian pott
pon the Black sea, shows with hat
todacity that power ia braving the
sentiment of all Europe, especially ai
the intention is expressod of occupy
ing the city with 400 soldiers on a pre
tense of protecliug its own subjects
there. Russia sends its emiaiarles.
They break the law by , en
deavoring to induce the people
to rise against the government. When
they are arretted as foreigners en
gaged in promoting tumult, Ruralan
I alp and soldiers are sent te "pro
tect" . Russian subjects, Never wai
the labia of the wolf and the lamb
better exemplified. When R'issia
threatens to bombard Varna, aa it
has done, it lcoka aa it a crisis was at
band. Hungary, England and Italy
are on tbe side of Bulgaria, so is Aus
tria if it cannot advance ita interests
in other ways, but Germany makes
no sign, while France ia aacumlng a
position disgraceful to a f'ee Republic.
The goveranieut of Bulgaria, in the
meantime, holding close tj law and
conetitution, watching carefully lor the
reservation of Bulgarian independ
r.c, calmly, steadily and firmly per
. forms tho mouuntoui duties now de
volving upon it.
In the Second Miaiiaeippi Congres
sional Piltrkt Gen. Chalmers is mak
ing a vigorous canvast fighting with
tbat desperation which deepair al
ways inspires. lie met bis Gravelctte
two ean aeo, and knowing defeat
in this contest will be bis political Be
dan re ii madly rushing on his fate.
Soeh diabolism as was practiced apon
the (ax paying people of Mississippi,
by the very men ar.d party whose
vot s Gen. Chalmers now relies on for
an election, ia without a paiallul
tha history of tbe siviiii'.d world. The
borrow cf the wr were ne thing com
pared with the agonies of that fri.ht-
lul perio.l. But the noble D emocracy
cf yieaisaippi quailed not uudtr tie
terrible it fl.rXion. Siictaired by the
conv'c'.ion firmly Innhntf d n their
n,ind3 thut this lior rible tlate of af
fairs c;old nit latt; tlut ctrpetl ag
gers, barbnri'm nid ignorance could
not lorg rcb and domintte our vi tua,
te Tgecie aud putiiolism; tliBt a day
of deliverance would sorely come
with sublime patience and heroic en
durance they calmly bided their time
waited, and they did cot have to
wait long. ' The Democracy of Missis
sippi determined to rescue the r-.ate
and the peop'e ruled by thieves ana
ignoiant negroes. Deliverance came,
aud no two men in Mitairaippi con
tributed bo much to the overt! row o!
the Radical party, stifl d by the a'ench
and fl th of its own foul rcttennes, as
Gin. Jhui6 R. Chalmers ai d the Hon
Janios Briitht Morgan, lhey tcok
the stump, canvassed the Htat?, and
were the cherithed ido's of the people
tbev hid reetued from ruin and an-
n by. Cbalmera waa elected to Con
eresn. and Morgan remained a private
citian. But both rejoiced in the
wonderfal change, the marvelous ad
vancement of tbeir State in all the
elements tbat go to nuke up a great
and nruaoerous commonwealth. In
j .
his contest for a second election Chal
mers "pointed with pride" to the fact
tbat since tbe Stats of Miesiflf ippi had
been ruled by Democrats, with firm
and steady tread (he was still march
ing onward and upward toward I
giand future cf illimitable pcsiihilities.
In 1880 he whibked through the Sla'.e
of Maine like a fiery come', to'd the
cooo'e that thr re wts "a free ballot
aad fair count" in Mississippi
nd that the teople were
peaceful, happy and prosierouB.
But in 1882 Chalmers was defeated for
Congress, and because tbe Democratic
majority in Congress, ii lluenced by
tbe tragic eloquence of W. R. Moore,
who, "in the name of the civilization
of the niaeteenth century," protested
against such a fraud tiking a seat
we say because the Democratic party
woa'd not give him tbe seat he sought
to steal from the negro who was elected
he severs bis former relatione to the
Democrats and allies himself with the
party and the men be denounced as
robbers and plunderers, and was
elected to Congress by their votes,
In the meantime Judge Morgan was
a private citizen, faithful to the party
tbat redeemed Mississippi from cor
ruption and mlamle and made the
BUte peaceful and prosperous. Two
Years aso he was called from the
seclusion of private life. He and Chal
mers caavassed the district, made flf'y
speeches in joint debate, and Morgan
I was eleoted by a aaajority of 4000
votea. Of ccurje Obalmeis suid lie
wai electee by fiaud, and would have
cheated him ol his seat, net as he
cheated his negro competitor ont
his seat in the shoestriag district
Bat, as Judge Morgan deleate 1 Gen
Chalmers by a majority of 4000 two
years ago, hia majority on Tuesday
next ought to be much larger, lor no
man in Congress has served his con
stituents S3 faithfully, emciently ana
Btifactorlly as J. B. Morjjan. He
tree to hinisolt and the Democratic
party, which rescued the people of
Mississippi from the robbery,
the cruel oppieasion of Repub
lican tornnnlora and persecutors,
to whom Chalmers looks (or support.
The white Democratic tax-paying
people of the Second Miouieslppi Con
gressional District have long memo
ries, aad they recollect wilh vivid dis
tinctness, the party which has -made
Gen. Chalmers i'B candidate, and
they will vote for Judge Morgan. If
anch a man faithful to his party, ef
ficient as a Representative in Con
gressshould be defeated through
negligence, through apa'hy, through
anything, it would be a calamity to
the district aad the whole country.
Duty to principle, to good govern
ment, to (he National Democracy, de
mands with a sacredneBS and sol
emnity that admits of no hesitation
or equivocation, that J. B. Morgan be
elected to the Fiftieth Congress ef the
United States on Tuesday next.
RiflBBHViLi.a. Tbnn.. October 29.
Alf and Bob discnased bere today Da-
fore an audience of 1200 voters, at-
moat eauallv divided. DOTS and
darkles, tbe majority Republicans.
making a f usa for the crowd and the
disorder waa on a par with Maryvllle
and Damlrldge, and worse, causing
Bob to clone bis speech before be
got through, much to the chagrin
of the considerate of both parties.
Alf bad rested and was much Inv
DTuved DhvBicillv. but he had evi
dently been under the tutelage of bis
snpplanler, Roderick Batler, causing
him te appear heated and in anger,
assailing a private individual not in
the race, calling him a magnifi
cent liar. All led in the de
bate and had fine attention from
all. bnt Bob was frequently in
terrupted by boys and inconsiderate
Republicans. Damp and cold weather
made it extremely el eaareeab'.e. Dem
ocrats were bold and enthusiastic,
while Alf and his whole following
seemed te be smarting from inevitable
defeat atarios them in the face, and
the people were aatnulsked to see Alf
cheek by jowl with Butler, in view
of tbe former rivalry and bitterness
mutually felt and expressed, and peo
ple wonder why, Alf allows hlmee (f to
De entrapped and entertained or uod
erick to subserve Butler's individ
ual aims. It will tell on Alf
Look for a fa'l and increased
Democratic vote from East Tennetaee,
t they are fully aroused and working
Hob will come over the moun'aioa
with the biggest Democratic vote ever
given to any candidate in Tennessee,
Aeeidftittal S)hl-
laraoiAL to tbi afpbal-I
Cuattahooqa, Trnn., October 29.
A yoang man named Mike Moore met
wan a terrible accident lest rigtt,
which may causa his death. While
walking on the street he stumbled and
fell, which canaed a revolver in bis
p. cket to explode. The bullet entered
hiB abdomen, iuliciing a mortal
A eeclion foreman of the Nashville
road, named l I). Mcltride, was
struck by a tiaiu in the outskirla e
iIih rity today, and instantly killed
Koine believe ho wanted to die and
stood in Iront ol the train as a means
of committing sulc-de,
Uood Weather, a Fair Atteadauce,
Hauy Horaeg in the Held aud
Helling Free and H'utj.
The fourth day of; the fall meet
ing of the Jockey Club was a Buccess
so far ai weather and attend ince waa
csLcerntd, but was a slight diBsp
pointmcnt to tbe:e who went cut with
the expetta'ion of witneas ng several
(iood races. Oaly two of tbe reces
were well eonleited. The Unit, one
mile and half a furlong, had ten start
ers, and it wis ran for all tbe horses
were worth. Tbe second rr.ee was
drawn, owing to the failure cf Rose to
s'art, and the conditions requiring
three starters. The third bad four en-
t'ies, all of which had corns backer,
first Emma Manley and then Damman
being the favorites. The fourth, in
which Sir Joseph and Ilopedale con.
tested, was the dullest rice of the
sces jn, as Sir Joseph h id it all his
own way.
For this event there wero (en atart
ers. Petticoat, Puil Lewia, Probua,
Jim Nave. Dawn of Dy, Fronie
Louis", Bnb Swiinin, Lsroy, "Watch
'Em and Monarch. Pettieost was fa
vorite till nearly time for tbe siart,
when B b Swimm web bringing mait
money In the pools. Considerable
time waa loet in stsrt'ng. When the
word was given tho horses were wall
together. PeticOit and Down cf Day
roon got a sl'ght lead, which they held
till near the foot of the hill, when B b
Kwimm was even wltl thorn. The
wtinle lot earns int the homestretch
well togettier, and four of them well
to tbe Iront till the fiuieh, when Petti
coat was first, Watch 'Em aeeond,
Fronie Louine third, the balance close
behind, except Dawn of Day, who had
broken or been cut down near the
head (if the stretch, where ehe was
left. Pet'icoat sold under conditions
of the race, was taknn by her owner at
tbe selling price, $ 1300.
.Fi'ri Heat. There were four start
ers Fflie H., Dauaman, War Sign and
Emma Mauley. Fcr tome time tbe
latter wai the favorite, but jUBt before
the atari Uauxman tied become popu
lar, it having been given outthat hia
owners had 13500 on him, and aime
taking bim because he bad light
weixtit and a good jockey. At the
stait Ellis II. and Emma Manley had
just a little the best of it, on even
terms, and -Daysman and Ellis 11. to
gether and nearly even with the lead
ers. They ran In pairs till the third
Quarter, when they were in a bunch.
Coming down the homestretch they
all woiked well, end tbe whip was
viaoiously applied to throe of them.
Daueman finished fire t, by about half
a lergih; title li. second, and Manley
Hecond Heat. Dausman was still fa
voiiie, although there were many who
doubted whether tie would hold our,
some saying Emma Manley won't
outlant him, and others thinking ElOe
H. would bo belter in the second heat.
They eoon got a good fcUrt and made
a rapid rare, nnistung wen toaretner;
Dauemau nrd, Manley second, tune ii
Warrenton had boen withdrawn
and Sir Joseph and II iftdale were to
make the race, if it could have been
so called. The bookmakers didn't
want to bet anything against Sir
Jcsnph, but a few of them kindly put
up 1 rgaiost 12, and a'l were paying as
much s0 to 1 against Ilopedale. i he
two hoiBis went up to the hend of the
Quarter BUe'cti and were given tne
worl on the first attempt. They came
paet the a'and very near together, Sir
Joeoph with a si ght lead, which he
increased to several lengttis Doiore
reachins tha half mile. On the third
nuarter Sir Joseph took it easy, and
Uopedale came u.) so near that they
turned into the straight nearly even.
Sir Joseph retained a slight lead to
tbe nmsb, winning very easily.
New Memphis Jockey Club grounds,
Friday. October 29, 1880. Fonrth day
of the fall meeting.
Judatt. Mesws. Overton, William
son aud Brown for first race. Meters.
Overton and Cochran and Senator
Harria for others.
Tinner: Yf, R. Brannon and A. D
arfer. D. W. Woodruff, of New
Bellini. Part, WQ, of which W to -
end; tboi cnUrtd lor JW, waiiht lor ire;
llowanMi. 1 Dound for aaoh 1100 to I1J00.
Jpoindi foreoh 100too00,3 poundi (or
LmMn Broi.' b f Pittltoat (99)
Alarm-Ladv Bt-Arhrnuffh...
7tt 0 7DW.I
X. u. BMTont t b i Wktoh 'in
11. 81
(IT). 4
r, HAUon-Wblijit ..Jo
Niok Btokor'i b f Front Louiu UH), S
Mri, Oikrk-Lotli Moon..... Coopor
PawdM HUbl.'l br h Phil Uwl (US),
jmti. liiwtk Binm Smith Bodon
A. B. Onodwin'i b i Probui (90). S Mara.
IiODi How-Llnit llajdan Warwick 0
Wm. Malkfy'i b t Jim Mara W), 4 jfeari,
Lucifer-Uinier Pop.,.,. Freeman 0
B.L. Oarmicbael'i br mPawn of Day (101).
4 yeari, Oiark-Lotti Moon Uenlfea t
Brannon k llroi ' b ir Bob Swim (Wl, aied,
Hrifand Kitt? higbt Oorlngton 0
0. 11 Brankett'i b a Leroy (W), 5 yean, A I-
lan Plnkarton-Sour Heart Taral 0
N. Armitrnni't oh g Monarch (S3), aied,
Monarohial-Kitk . Morgan 0
Poit Mh.-Pattlookt. X ll Phil Lewii,
-l! Probun, 10-1 1 Jim Nare, 7-1; Sawn of
Day, 5-1 1 Froiia Lnoise, H I; Bob Kwim,
7-6: Leroy. SO-l; Watch 'Km, 10-1) Moo
arch, Ml.
Llrerr and Bala Stable' pnra, 1400, of
which 1100 to leoond; fre handicap. Mil
Ueo.Denonli'i oh g Paotman (fW.S'yean,
Vrille-Carri Watton Covintton 1 1
flray k Oo'a. oh m Rmma Manley (. 6
yean, Bt. Maitln-Cloely Jopaon (John
ion) 1 1
0. T. Armalrong' b m Efli II. (9S), aged,
I'at Malloy-l'enelone Oooeer t 9
Wm. Malkey'i ch h War Bign (UK)), 6
yara, War Dane-Louie Taral 0 0
Tim-1:47, IM.
Poil ()(M.-K(ti II., S-l; Daniiman, S-J;
War81gn,5 1; Krama Maaley, 7-6.
Oayon Motel Bwpitaka. d00. For all
ajrem l0ech; half forfeit; HM) ti aeoond;
wmnera of a nUke race thia year of th Talu
of l(lX),5 pounda extra; two or moreatakea.
Ill pounda i hor.ei that hay run and not won
thia year, allowed 7 pound: maiden, 8 and
4 yaar old, a lowed 7 pound) 5 year and
upward, 10 poundi. On mil and a quarter.
D. T. Pulaifer'i ah o Sir Joneph (11V), 3
year, l)k ncl-Hiie Linwood Mono 1
n, Armrtrnng'a bg Ilopedale (lift), 4 year,
llurrah-Bilenca Jon 1
Time 2:iriS.
Poil OiVii. Sir Joseph, 1-12; TJoptdal.
Rxcrswill bo cslltd at 2 o'clock
Startbb Woodbitk ia lucceeding
admiiably with 1; is d.flicult task.
With six races this day's programme
pin uid draw a Iiukh crowd, aa it will
be the laet day of the races.
All classes bf olll e hold-r, from
United K at' a Senator to district con-
stable, were on nand, and all seemed
Caft. 8am Bbow.v, whore stable has
made ro great a reputation, is as
healthy and happy lookiog a man as
can be found.
Thkrb were a great many ladies at
the clul lion'e and many prelty ruro
onte. The strive would he delightful
if the dnat was not so plentiful.
This ii tbe eec nd winter in Mem
phis for Mr. Gray, of Gray & Co. He
is considered one of the rea'ly hor.cst
and earnest men in the ra.e buRino.v),
and there ae alwavs w&ny whobst ou
hia entries.
At least ten st&blei will winter at
the Memphis track. These are Ed
and Pat CorriganV, Gray & Co.'s, Le
masneyJBrcs.', Pat Donoven's, Ketch
urn's, Pu'sifer'a, Avis's, W. Gratz'a,
Mike Wesh'p.
Tin match race between Katie A.
and Faster is talked about considera
bly, and many people wonder why
Faster'a owner made snch an agree
ment: Distance, three-quarters;
Weight), 107 pounds.
Tai.KQRAMS at the trfck yeterdey
announced that a winter meeting
would be held at New Orleans. Some
rare men Bay tbat winter meetings at
New Orleans and eummer meetings at
Brighton Boacb are very much elike.
Campbeu. 4 Fkston bought Daus-
man yettaiday for $1500. They won
$3500 in bets, and he won tha purse
for which he aiarted yesterday. A
good day's work for the firm. He was
bought from George l;nal, ot or.
Louis, who bought tiim this Bummer
from r-ara Ecker, for $150.
Kntrleaaud I'ooU fer Today .
Firtt Race. Seven-eighths of a mi'c.
Tonv Pastor flltt). !): Lisland (112).
$2; Phil Lewin (i)8J. $0; Utiy (101),
$5: Probns (101). $H; Bob Bwimm
(103), f'J; Ligan (!)7), $25.
(Second Ance. M;itun i"r VMU. tlirea-
quarters of a mile. Katie A. (107),
$30; at,ter (107),
I lard liace. ltirfe-quarters ot a
mile. No pooIb sold. Kife (102),
Tznra (9!)), Paisitun (102), Florimore
Four in liace. Hire ana a six
teenth. Finality (t8), $15; Portt-r
Ashe (102). $13: II flavtit (10S), 20;
Sis llimynr (03), 10; Hat ie Carlisle
70 , fH; liarban !) , $7 ; L,utie fliin-
nie (95), $13; Gov. lUti (75), $2; Mona
(101 ),.'&.
Fifth Race. Beven-eighths ot a mile
Little Joe (105) $20; (Jluuila Brannon
95), 5; i)akof (Ja-inaugUt (!)o), jo;
lim 'ave(105), f5;Monaich (100),$5,
Sixth Ract. tiiteplechaBe, mile and
three-quarters. H p King (140), $S;
Aureimn t I4i). i. ascoii inaj, io;
Judge iSnrnett (1 Jo ),-'.
Mntlonal Jochf-y 11 ob Bacfi.
WasnrKoroN, O.itober 29. National
Jockey tunb recta:
Ftrtt Race. Oae mile. Urann Wara
won by two lengths; Gleaner second,
Iristi l'at third, time 1 :li.
Sicond Race Hxndicap, mile and a
quarter. Greenfield won by a neck;
Richmond second, Bonnie Prince
third. Time 2:111.
Third Race. Hie Capitol st kes, for
two Tear olds : eevon-eiKhtns ol a mile,
Connemara won by four leng'hs;
Urieat'e second, Laredo third. Time
Fourth Racem'e and an eigfc'n
Baruum won by two lengths; Lizz'e
Dwyer eecoud, Bigonet third. Time
Fifth Race. One mila.TFeirasus won
bv fouMouathe; Banner Bearer B'.c
ond. Mamie llugan third. Time
S"i'.r(t Race Handicap steeplechase
Wellington win by a short length;
Jack second, Will lUvis third lime
1 :30.
Otmonde'a ilrnt Bccord.
Londos, October 20. Tha private
sween.t-ikea of 1000 aovereiiins each,
half in teit, arranged to take place at
the Newmarket Hi ughton meeting,
proved a failure. 1 be Duke of WeBt-
mineter's thiee year old colt Ormnnde
was tbe only hoise to appear, and he
wa ked over tne conrse. Tne cither
horses expected to start were Lord
llaatina's four year old co t Melton
and K. Peck's three year old colt Tbe
Bard. Omnnde goeB into winter
qnariera. He has not yet been beaten
and has gained one of tbe greatest
records of any race borse of tbe cen
tury. The race for the jockey club
cup, Cesarewitch course, was won by
J. Hammond's five year old horse St.
Uatien: Lord Heating's four year old
colt Melton second, J. Hammond's
fonr Tear old colt Eurasian third.
There were no other starters. 8t,
Gatien won by eight lengths. Time
Follow it up ind you will come
out a sure winner.
Fall Underwear, Shirts,
Hosier, Haadkercbiefg,
And anything in Furnishing
Goods. lie has the best stock,
the largest assortment, and sells
finer goods for lees money than
any other bouse. Do not fail to
see his stock, and save money in
buying there.
A Failed Flraw to Rranana Bniiatu,
Ohioaqo. Iu.., October 29. The
statement is made this evening tbat
within a week or ten days the firm of
A. S. Gage A Oo. will probably be do
ing basinees on its own account with
out the assistance of an assignee.
Nearly, if not quite, half of the 360
New York creditors have signed an
acceptance of tbe terms offered, name
ly, 45 cents on tbe dollar. It is under
stood that one or two parties atand
ready to come to Mr, Gage's assistance
in satisfying certain creditors; that
tke firm is about to be reorganised,
and that the astisting parties referred
to will herea'ter nave an interest in
the business:
The lataraaatioaal Alliance.
Ci.kvsland, O., October 29. The
session of the International Seminary
Alliance at Oberlin today was opened
with Mr. Herrick, of Princeton, in tbe
chair. The committee to select the
nnxt nlace cf meeting reported in fa
vor of Alexandria, Ya., aud the report
was adopted, rapets were read by
the Rev. R. D. Schmidt, of Lancaster.
Pa., and WalterE lis, ol Yale Divinity
School, on missionary work. Three
minute reports tf much interest were
made bv the representative of the
thirty-one seminaries represented.
ProtoataHl laaoreare.
Montbial, Oiilolier 29. In tbe
care of Mrs. Fannie Ward, who diid
from the effects, it is al egad, of an
abortion, produced by Dr. Crevier,
fuither medical tuHiimmy goes to
show the blocil pe'i-oninn, which waj
the immediate auso of her death,
could only have b-en produced by an
abortion. Dr. Crevier still protests
bis innocence.
OCTOBER 50, 188G.
With aa lafornial Reception,' Which
tlie Elile of the City At
tended In Masce. '
The informal opening of tbe armory
of tbe Cbicka'aw GusrJg lust n'ght
will probably take tank as the social
event of tbe saasoo, and tha company
gathered together to do honor to the
splendid ml i'aiy orgacization, whose
fame extends from A'ew York to New
Orleans, was notable as being com
posed of tbe very b st elements ot
Memphis society. If anything were
needed to revive the grateful military
tradtinns tbat cluster around the
name of the "chicks and to give a
new impuba to its career, it is iuct
snch an occasion es last night, and
tbat man mast be unimpresuor able
inded who could fail to
catch some roit of iaeplratioa
from the bright eyea tbat flashed
encouragement to new triumphs on
the temed fijld. And theie ia no
doubt that tbe effect of laet night's
reception will lead to imoortaut re
sults, r.nd will culminate in an effort
to bring back to Meiaphis the
banner cf m'l:try Buperio.ity, and to
bang it where it belongs by right of
merit on the walls of the Chickasaw
Guards' armory. Tbat ws the spirit
luav ricv.,ii.u wci nunc mob i-iguu
and it reqaiied no prophet to foretell
that the "Chicks" will bring thut bin-.
rer hack or make a nallaot hunt lor it.
The present headquarters of the com
pany are not only admirably adapted
lor armory purjpos.B, but for su 'h
eoiial mes as may tend to make it tbe
natural resort ol the members of tbe
company in their bourn cf leisure.
Entering on Second street, tbe visitor
ascends a flight of broad etaiil leading
to the 11. or above. At the head of tlie
stairs ou the right is the led.ea' recep
tion room, coziiy luimehed aad pro
vided with every appliance in the
way of toilet articles, mirrors aud
other indinpenBab e adjuncts to fem
inine comfort. R.omy closeia for
theetoraue of wraps aud ciO:ki aie
also provided, iu shrt everjtbiug nec
essary to make it a very jewel ol re
ception rojms. Oppobi e the ladits'
rtceptioa room is a long and gor-
ueouily carpeted drawing room, ex
tending back something like eighty
foit and opening into the readiLg
room, where ljug tables, provided
with the latest periodical literature
and surround d by luxurious a m
cbHirs tempt tbe tired wayfarer to
half an hour of quiet diversion.
Electiic incandetcerit lights are sus
pended about the tab es and throw a
soft but brilliant light aound.
Auceuding another flight cf stairs
one is contron ed with the billiard
room, aleo brilliantly illuminated and
provided with four tables cf the moat
approved manufacture. On the oppo
site side of the hall and parallel with
it is the Cirdrjom, modestly and
quietly yet e egantly famished aud
aula to accommodate as many as ntly
players at a time. No gaming is per
mitted in the room, aud games of
skill, like whist aud hearia, are favor
Kunnieg at riitht anzles with the
hall on the same Usor, and ex'endicg
tbe entire width of the building, is
the gmna:iam, a roomy apertment,
furiiitthed with trapiz-s, hcrizontal
bars, Indian club.', aud other appli-
auces tor gymnastic exercise, where
such cf the members as are that wny
inclined may devote themselves to
tbe development of the mueculur eyJ
tern. Ascending still higher one enters
tho armory prrper, a long room lor
drilling pnrpo es, tarnished with au
elegantly fluishi-d stand of arms, con
ing 1UO guns. To the r gut is a some
what smaller room, lined with narrow
cedar clcse s, about 100 ia number,
each separate to itstdf, and provided
with a luck and key. 11 is here tbat tbe
uniforms cf the company are stored
way, ench member having his own
compartment for tbe parpoee. This
rapid outline will only serve to give a
rough idea of tbe commodious man
ner in which the iiew armory is ar
ranged, and how admirably it is
adapted to the purposes for which it
ia used. There are many regimental
armories more exteneive than that of
the Ohickasaws, but we hazard noth
ing in saving that no single company
in tne United (States can challenge
comparison of armories with tbe
company whose name ia a pait of the
city'a piide.
The ladies whojwere present last
night seemed never to weary of visit
ing the various departments ol the
building, and aeemed to find quite a
fascination in tbe billiard room, where
they lingered with yearning lpoks,
some even venturing to take up a cue
with gloved hand and endeavor to
propel the ivory spheres. Ar
nold's band, aa nsnal, furnished
delightful muse, but it waa too
crowded to dance with comfort
nd the attempt was not made till de
parting gueeta made gap, bere and
there in the crowded drawing room.
The gentlemen present were, as a
rale, in evening dress, but others wore
the fatigue uniform of the Chickasaw
Guirds. There was no attempt at
elaborate costuminz on tbe part of
tbe ladies present, tbe informality of
the cfctsion rendering it anneceesary ;
but few were verv elegantly attired,
nd vleitirg lady who wore bla k
velvet en train, with white silk bio-
cade, waa verv much admired. .
ins stream oi vihuutb couunueu an
the evening, and at times the jim
was so great as to make locomotion
difficult, but all who came were hos
pitably enter'oined, and there was at
wavs someone ready to do tbe hon
ors of the house. Capt. Carnes, in
fatigue uniform, was particularly at
tentive in this way, and did much to
eause the evening to paea pleasantly.
Among the tadiea present were :
Mia Kat Bet,
Miaa Mamie Laoaa,
Miaa Utile Blratton,
Misa Cam Hunt,
Mia Mary Mallory,
Misa M.rion lloyle,
Misa Kate Maary,
Miaa Pearl Neely,
Miaa Metla Strattoa,
Misa Liaaie Hunt.
Mia Maud Milbura,
Mia Mette llumas,
Misa Jen ni IJay,
Miaa Mary Martin,
Mis M Light burn,
Mia Edna Kambaut,
Miaa badie btranie,
Miaa Ida Bruoa.
Miaa Madu Bruce,
Miss Viraie uaan,
Mis Magsie Maora, Misa PetUalloway,
Ml.. Klli Tavlor. Mi.a Mamia Soaife.
Ml.i.l.niil. W&lkar. Mi.. Louis Bneed.
Mta Cha lloisseaa. Miea A Polk of Helena,
Mra W L Smith, Miss Anna Bruc,
Mr l i rorier, Mr in n luun
Mr RF lata. . Mrs Doyle,
Mr Jno L Cocke, Mr E K Meacham,
Mra J 11 Poston, Mr K W Harris,
Mra H 1 McDowell, Mr A D Waly.
Mra W W Tavler. Mra Wm Bowles, jr.
Atifsllettie l.ooney, Mr W R MnUomery,
Mis lyd Thornton. Mra L K Donelson,
Miss M CVaaa.Mobile.MJa Lnka Wright,
Mrs K M Manslord, Mrs J J Polk,
Mrs J R Uodwin, Airs J 1 Papuy,
Miss Klla Don.vant, Miss T.lla Lyons,
Atrs J W Jonj, Mobile, Mrs II C Uoskins.
Mr. W L l;lAnn. MrlJWuwnllKI,
Miss Laura VVrixht, Miss Anni Patttrson
Airs. I I'Wallace, Miss, Mis riallie Drown,
Aliss Piitih, Airs Raoh Semros,
Mr I 11 Polon, AlistC (looduiao,
Mi. Vrnttk .lithntn. Mr. P Ktilith.
Atr O B Bryan, Mrs Holier Anderson,
Mrs Mi.-i' Roger, Min Kat Writht,
Mrs Juke Williams, MissMHUdie freadwe.l
Mrs 1'tias Jordan, Mrs v u Manory,
Mr O V Maora, Mr Ilaiu Patterson,
steam rirrwcs and pipe,
U. O. MULUNS.o! lataJ.H.aodw)4Co. JA8. YOHSK, lateol J. W. Caldwell A Ca
Cotton Factors Commission Merchants
No. 1 Ifoward'a Row, far. Front and Union, Ifflniphtg.
Mri Ilober Jonea, Mr S P Walker,
M'a Tel Seldon. Mrs A'.W Juhnton,
Mm .In, Inn MrDaweh.Mrg G E Tucker,
Mra W M Wilkeraoa, Mr J M Seinraea
Mra Dick Writ-hl
Miaa Nellie White.
JIrn C F Karnswurtk,
Mra W L Cameron,
Mi- Julia Le liner,
(Hits Mangie Poaton,
Mrs Cecil Vlosby,
Mra R T Lonney, jr
Mrs J II Smith,
Misa Crinne White,
Mrs C M Cole,
Miss Id i Cameron,
Airs II J Mnhoa,
Mrs Pr Overall.
Mra W D Beard,
Alra 8 T Carnes,
Itli.K C Grofivanor.
Alia? Hadie birimge,
Misa Clyde Thornton, A'ina LilaLyou,
Mils mattie (iluas, Slift Alcorn,
Mis Juliainor, Mrs l.ueas Ulapn,
AI-saFrankirJohnaoiMrs J U Chirk,
Miss M Dunlup, Tenn Mrs .las Williamson,
Aliss Cordclo Mathea, Mrs C S Jones,
Mrs Frank F Woods, Mis Julia Phelan.
Mrs Straltm, MrsW P Dunnarant,
Urs W A Wage, Wit Jennie vt aiKor,
Miss M Burton, Mrs C B Church,
Airs Ij B McFarland, Mr Benrd.
Airs Dr Overall, Miss t McKinney,
Miss M Mearhain, Airs Selden,
Miss Mary Moore, Mrs Cleveland, Cal
Mr Fllis lacker, Sirs Alareo raoii
Mrs 11 J Muthea, MUs 1 "n Loonoy,
Mra Mast, Alra Btnrk,
Miaa Mary S'coueo. Miss llcnnio Smith,
Alra Dr Nelson, Miss B Willi". Tenn
Mifs Anna WrUiht, Alra E L Woodson,
MissUodwin, Miss Miittie liu-1,
Mra W A Collier.
A Wnlhover for the Vl'orld'a Cham
piona att Little Kock.
Littlb Rock, Abk., October 29. The
carJcladiue etme ot ball was played
between the As ociation r.ine of this
ci'y end the Browi s of Bt. Louis at
AHSociatiou Park this altar noon. A
laree crowd witneseed the same.
Time was called at 3 o'clock, with the
he me team at the bat. Caruthera
was in the bcx. and the aidience
cheered bim until be lifted fcia hat
in acknowledgment of the hnncr. Hie
Ditching was Rood, but the home
tf am butted his balls all over the
field, and. of course, wtrj put cut al
rapidly as the bullet went up and at
tempted tJ light. Four innings com-
rjltted tlie scora for the Afscciat on
team, all of which were made in the
sjcond innine. The Browns scored
lot il of fitteeo. Some flue playins
was performed by both clubs, and the
enthusiasm that arreted each exniDi
bition gave both ninfs good
opinions of themselves. William
foa. of Chic.'BO. umpired the
game. Tonight tun Browns are being
wined and dmerj- by the asaceia'ion.
O'Neill, of the Browns, simply tore
the leather clean off the ball every
time he' struck it, while Latham's
stheics created considerable fun,
NeTt week the Maroons, Of St. Loul
will plr-y thres games in this city.
Hook of all Diseases,
Cloth & Cold Binding
144 Pag, with Hlrl EngraTlpg,
M tlU n FRPK.
Fevera, Conotion, Inflammations...
W orms, Wino r evur. Worm t:olie....
Crvin 1'ullc, orl'uelhing-n Infanta.
Illarrhea. of (children or Adult.
Ilvai-nli-ry, HriiiM)r, Bilious Colic...
Cllolera lorlMia, VomiUug
('ought. Cold, Hronchiti..
. .2
. .25
.a a
eurnlllla, looinncue, raoBBcuo
Ili-adnohp.. Sifk Hi-1ai-h. Vfrligo.
llyftvet.in. bilimiH Momacb
Illlliri'sxra ur I'nillllll I ruim.
Vhltea, too FrnfiiKu 1'eriods
4'roillt. t'oudta. Dithcult Kreatnma....
Hnlt Itlieiim, Erjmipela. Kruntion..
I a
ItheilllintlHIll, Hlieuuialio lain.
Kerr and Anr, Chills, Malaria
I'lle. Blind or Uleedin
tatarrh. Influenza, Cild In the Head
W hooping :onn, vioienouKii...
General leblllly,Phyaioal WaknM
a .no
Kidney lllaea.e...
v ......... Il.hilllV
I rinary AVeakne., Wettin Bed.
ll.en'. or the Heart. Palpitation.. 1 .WO
bo.d by DruggmUj or awnt potp)d on receipiot
DliO. Mt lrUM UUltiA W. IVW wtvai ae
Not only shortens th time of labor
and lessens the pain, bat it greatly
diminishes th danger to HI of both
mother and child, and leaves th
mother in a condition mora favorable
to speedy recovery, and less liable to
Flooding, Convulsions, and oiher
alarming symptom. Ita efficacy In
thia respect entitles It to b called
Th Mutbh'i FaiKNn, and to rank
a one ol the life saving rem (dies of
the nineteenth century.
We cannot publish o.rtifloate con
cerning this remedy without wound
ing th delloaoy of the writer. Yet
w have hundreds on file.
Send for oar book, "la Mothers," mailed
Qf Q
3et tho Ornntae Article. The a;rat
popularity of "Wilbor' Compound of Cod
Liver Oil and Lime" ha induced aom un
principled persona to attempt to palm off a
(imple artiele of their own manufacture;
but any peraon who la suffering from Coughs.
Cold or Consumption, ahould be careful
where they purchase thi artiole. The re
mits of it as are its best recommendation ,
and the proprietor ka ample videnoe on
file of it great success in pulmonary com
plaints. The Phosphate of Lime possesses a
most marvelous hraling power, as combined
with tb pure Cod-Liver Oil by Dr. Wilbor.
It ia prescribed by the medical faculty. Bold
by A. B. Wilbor, Chemist, Boston, and
Our Book contains illuitrrtion of Human
Ani.tomvand Eleolricltv: illustration and
facta in relerenca to Nervous Disorders. It
will advi you how to avoid lellow lever
Choltr. Small-Pox, and all o cnlod conta
gious diseases and kivos inferiuation which
will at any intelligent mind. Mailed on
application t but nodr"..
TH.K ll.llTKH'IO.,
" 7,t Hromtway, T,
A A 1 rj.y I O-Wa.hington. U. C. No
pay asktd for patent until obtained. Writ
or Inventor uuide.
Reopens October 4, 1886.
TDCPILS prepared for "The Art Student
I T ........ . ' ' f K.w Turk. A. am nthr
first class art school they may desire to enter
Ml.ineillN, I'EBiaj.
Wot Dyepepxla.ull flcrriM;;rinent
Of tha Dlffestlre Organs und the
I,lTer, Sltlu Dlsentea, Cata, Hurna,
Icalda and Bruiaea, ACID 1B6S
EAKTI1 ia a apecllle.
Rheumatism, malarial Diaor
tier, Chronic Dlarrhosa and ok
atlnat cnaea of lllood Poleonlnf,
yield without fall to Its wonder
fal rarntlTs fovsmw.
Acta Er Breo pa-aitptiij)!, c ha tataal
fall lsaIo7 oa aena, ?
from the A. I. K. Co., B3Mle, Ala.
At Wholesalo hf TASTLEET CO.
iitD8. Aininnnltlon, Flsbliitr TactJe
and portsruena' Mipiilics.
S24 Stain Nlreet, iHempltln, Tenn:
Manntaotnring ana RplHrgnf Bon a
Bpeniftltv. Largest Stock. Best assortment.
No. 6251, R. D. Chancery Coart of Bhelby
county Ida Stewart y. Georgia Ban Stew
virtue ol an Interlocutory aecree ipr
tale entered in tbe above oauae on th
18th day of October, 1886, M. B. 64, pan
488. 1 will cell, at public anettun, to the
hiRhest bidder, in Iront ot the Clerk and
Master' oflioe, courthouse of Shelby ooanty,
Memphis, Xenn.. on
Batnrdar, November IS, 1886, '
within legal hoors, the following described
property, situated in th town of Arlington
(formerly Withe Depot), Shelby conty. Ten
nesee. to-wit: Beginnina ata ;Uk 6J ft
Irom th eenter of th Loutarille and Nash
ville Railroad, on th south aide ef laid rail
road and on the west aid f Greenlee tret;
runnina thence with id railroad oath
wast 8 chain and 91 link to a tak on Jack
ion street; theneawith Jaoksoa street sou th
eat S chain and 4J links to a stake en Jaok
on and Walker streeUi thne with Walker
street northeast 8 chain and SI Jink to a
aUk.on Oreenle tret : thi with r n
lee atret northweat chain and it link te
th beainaini containing aereii mere r
'cn?' . .f o.i. n.V.K aulit halaneeia
twelvemonth; note bear! n a iatereat. witn
approved eonrity, requird; Ilea retained.
8. L M0D6wEL1. CI.rk and MU
BiT. B. Caldwell. Depiy v. ana a.
Craft k Conpar, Hols, tot
Coopr, Sol, for oompl'nt.
xit oecvuu oi.
1 1' ri ti-(i
HMKTTTaOTtnUtnl or
wnrria yon cataiogtjk. -a
a guaranteed apenific for ilyateria, ini
ne" s"convulsfona., Flta. Kervout Naural-
Til' arr;nn..rio.. ofTPow.r in elth.r
invoiunvary " . -r
Thea. oau. i by over-xrtion ol the brain,
elf-abuse or overindulgence. Kaon bog eon
taint on month's treatment. (1 a bog, e
ill bore for 15, gent b mail prepaid, on
receiptor nitre. We guarsntee Slg boloe
to oure any caio. With eaoh order received
by us for alg boiea, aocotnpaaied wit'i 81,
we will end the purolianer our written
gaarnrtxo to refund the money if th treat
ment rto "Ot efie-it a core. Guarantee
Esued .1t bv A. HKNKJilt'f km.. Drug
i.is. Memrbis. Tenn.
IVUMTrn AGENTb.Wrn rpd Woiren,
WAN I t to seii " 1 H K CtULlJ'S
BIBLF." larroda-Hion by Kev.J . 21. Via
oont, D.D. On agjint ha sola to in a town
of 674 peor-i; ine i.l in avillv of ' 011
new agent 86 in 1) das; -n.-i J; two succes
iv wee'ic); on 40 in i days at two different
tiuti. Egpcrienoe nut necessary. Addret
CAti!-El.LUl. (L't'd.)
ti) Dearboin Itrcti. Chicago
inn mnv rnin
iu id ii
Iron fcartb.
ESS9 3fv SOT Al
ROM flSSVliArtificifi
I Trar7o irijrl- .1
ia, lieaaaon, wervor rrw r
y th ne of aloohol or tobaoi Waka
ilnes. Mental repression, S1?'",.0,''??
rain, resulting in inaanlty and le.'lngto
ramnuri riu

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