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The Memphis appeal. (Memphis, Tenn.) 1886-1890, October 31, 1886, Image 9

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Cotton Loirfr-Middllnsr, 8 1.2a
Sales Yesterday, 4100
Money rule3 in Strang demand at 8
per cent. Local securities continue
The local cotton market wes quiet
and 1-16 loner yetterday ; middling,
Sic Faiee, 4100 bales.
At New York spots closed quiet;
middling, 9Jo. Futures quiet and firm
and 1 to 2 points higher. November,
1 90(38.91.
A leading New York cotton circular
ays cf cotton fstares: "It was a
fairly active market, and the Inclina
tion of;prices were ratker downward.
Liverpool continued to drag. Oaly
about 2 pokts were lost, however, and
afterward recovered."
At New Orleans spots were quiet
and l-lfl lower; middling, 8 9-10c.
Futures quiot and steady snd 2 to 3
points lower than Friday ; November,
f.433.49. .
At Liverpool epcts were du'l in
bujera' favor and l-'.Cc lower; mid
dling, 5J1. Future quiet and steady;
October, 5 4 64d.
Ia the general market eg?;s were
firm at 17($18c. O.bcr articles un
changed. IMPOKTS.
One bualred aa d forty-teven brls
apples, 79 pkgs butter, 1683 rls beg
gng, 2:8pk bcm, 189 pkgs boots
and shoes, 6C0 bu corn, 091 pkgs
cheese, 40 sks c iflee, 18 cars cotton
seed. 24 iS nk rnttnn apnrl lmlll Iwl
t'es, 70 pkgs dry goods. 24 pkgs eggs,
665 br's flour, 49 i bales hay,
138 hd hops, 168 hd cattle,
35 hd horeet and mules, 618
pkgs Jard, 65,000 ft lumber, 88 pkgs
' hquois, 18 brla meal, 12 brls molasses,
1083 kegs noils, 7000 bu oa's, 210 brls
onion?, 193 bris potatoes, 5 card pork
sides, 60 brls ugir, 76 pkgs tobacco
and 2000 bu wheat.
Tie following shows the amount ot
grain received, withdrawn and in store
by repu'ar elavt rs, as reported to the
Merchants' Xxcbange ye?terdsy:
Wheat none received or withdrawn;
in store, 1045 bu. Corn received,
766 bu ; withdrawn, 786 bu ; In store,
338 bu. Oais iectived, 2986 bu;
withdrawn, 8J48 bu ; in store, 185,378
uwBmUj Quotations of Cotton
Oil Trusts and New York Ii.
bangs Stack are open to those
Interested, at my o flier.
9 Madison St., Memphis, Tenn.
'38 One Of the in.lilin,orl. Vn.
Tre mrrket nnmA i '
eraliy nenvy. though tha chain es
T,T? u:s.'i!nil1 "t, ncept in Pacific
Mail, whitn was up J. There wai a
moderate buite!8 only, but ni.-es
were fim and soenntinutd un'i! the
Urit Lou-, ihfii iteri rSf,i r4tj0Jk
checked tne gtnvral advance, except
forS.Iaul. 'Hi narketclosid Urm
at or rear tie bttt pries rcmlud.
Sales, 2oo 960 f h res: WeMern Ui ioa
fntn'tbed 2i.fii!i . ,i t bi... .n-.ii
iaal prces alm.iHt icva-isbly shew
advnrcep, and H. Paul and Dulu:h
6J; Lake Shore. ; Rj.huiomi and
ccipuim, 15 ; uo'or.doUoal, lj : Mo
ble and Oaio, ; De aware and Hud
3D, 1, and others tractions. Balta for
sm -W-?,k' V,768'049 .Ehirf8' Wintt 2"
tm,ux lot the previous week. Prices
are generally higher, but for small
amounts only in the active 1 St.
Bonds Railroad bonds were much
more active. Sales, $2,054,1C0. The
fonfp'cuously active issues were Frrt
Worth and Denver flis's, with $218,-
000; Erie second?, with J268.0CO, and
eatenorenrsts, witd f 116.000. Pices
were firm throushnnr ih ii r,ri
final prices generally show advances.
Lehigh and Wilkwbrr consils, as-s-nted,
rise 2, to 11B; Like Erie and
Wes ern firUs, l,t)104J; Milwaukee
and NditDern fi ets ol 1901, 4, to 106:
Ohio and MissifBippi and Upringfleid
firs'e, 2, to 98; Fart Wayne firite, 2,
to 143; Mobile end O.io fls s, deben
tures. 3, o 63; tecoud debentures,
io m. itie 8iie3 lor the week were
$9,087 000, agair st 11,550,000 for the
previous week. Sales cf mining
shares: Bolwer.KiO; Ba-t and Bilcber,
185; Cjlcd.mia Blaik Hil s, 115; Con
solidated California and Virglnin, 7;
uitmenu toreros, hj; Kiena .Neva
da, 120; Savge, 175.
Ti e total sites of s'o kstodavwore
265,903 shnrcs, including Canada
Soutnern, 3300; Dlawate, Latka
wanna and Wes'ern, 7601); Delaware
and Hudson, 9985; E ie,620D; Kansas
and Texas, ifi 00 ; Lake Shore, 32 950 ;
Louitville anu Nashville, 680J; Mis
souri Pacflo, 3000; Noithwe tern,
4130; New J. raey Central, 8915; Ohio
aim iui;BUB;ppi, vauj; I'ncinc Mail,
4530; Readicg, 9180; St. Paul, 11,380;
Texas and Pucfl'!, 6100; Westurn Un
ion, 31,590; Oregon and Transcon
tinental, 1900.
u.S. It, 100.
L. itnmii,4s, 79. Miaeonri 6, 101.
Def'iK.U.W l(t,T7HEri 2d. 10J.
M K 4 T.Gfn.6a.llll!North.f no.lftl, 1167.
North. P.o. 2At,WlY,. N.Woetem eon. 141.
N.W.t db.5.llu4. Bt.L.B.F Oen.M.,l(i
fct Pajl con, 1S2. Bt.P.C.4P.lst.,ia).
T.P. land rBnu,55. T.P.R.O.u cnu,71i.
U. P. lts, i;6. Wwt Shore, 101S-
Tenn. An, et'tnt,1ffi. 'ienu.5,et'uit.l00.
leno. 8,aet'mt,7ai.
Adams Fzareaa, 141 Morria 4 E..offd. 140.
NaQTill4C ,72M.
N.J.Central 50V4.
Nor.4 W.Md,47.
Northern Pe.,28.
nor mem rao pld, 63
. 3,628
. 3,5f3
, 1.174
, 1.2UJ
Thus fartliis week
ThiiH f,r la t wnt-k
Since September 1st ,
M. A O. R. R
M. A T. R. R
L. A N. R. R
C, O. AS W.R.-r
u, iN. u. & i. li.ll.
Total 3i5o8
New York epots opened qui it
and c'oad quiet. Jliudling, 9o.
i?lia, 349 bales. Quotatiors were
as lollwe:
Ordlosry 6
Good ordtrary 7
Low middling
Middling. pj
Good middling 9
Middling fair. 10J
Fair 10
New Yrrk tntlirM ntMnnl nnifll
and closed quiet and firm and 1 to 2
points h'guer than Friday. Sales,
54.50J balHg. The closing quotations
were aa follows:
October 8 90($ 8 91
November.. 9.('5 9.06
December 0.13M 9.14
January 8.23((i 9.24
i'eDraary... 9 33(5) 9 34
. 10
S5c: from levee or depot, white, in
Pba From atotU 7oC; from levee
or cef oi, ii3i iz i
Fioi'H From s'ore, No. 3. $"(a3 25
family, $3 5Cdf3 76; thoi e, J3 7.4;
fancy, H(4 25: :ru Lacy, fl ".ii
4fi0;paten'p, S5CT5 5.I.
Bkaks Navy, $2; medium, $1 SOfT
1 75; n nimou. Si 25: (I 'lm, mil!T
$1 LV1 4 . '
Kick-Ixu.;siara, 4(7,r,jr.. Carolica
6 J (at)'.
OATUKiir-In La i-barrels, 25
from more.
CUACKkbS Soda. Pitt Al. n i.
trebleextra, 5e; extr,7c: ginr enaop,
dairy, IflffaOcj packing s'or.k, 710c.
extra, f6c; asserted juiubN r.Uo!
kaikid uaaT m haf-bairui.
8 90(a) 8.91
8.90(5) 8.91
8.97(5) 8.98
9.05(5 9 06
9.13 9.14
9.3 (5) 9 33
9 4!(i) 9.42
9.S0'5) 9 51
9 58 9 59
0.63 0.65
4a, eoup, 12S,S.
Pacific fa ollwo.lM!.
Ma-cb 9.42 9 43
Aoril 9 61(rt R-i
May 9.f9'5) 9.60
June 9.6c 9.(16
July (,,)
August . .....
The NewOrlfans spot market opened
quiot, and closed quiet ar;d 1 16c
lower. Middling, 8 9 16c. Sales, 5100
bales. Quotations were as follows:
.Yesterday. Fiidav.
Ordinary 6 7.1c ji
Good Ordinary 7 3-16 l
Low Middling. 8 1-16 81
Midillinir 8 9-16 K
Good Middling....... 8 1316 SJ
The New Orleans future "market
orened steady, and closed quiet and
Heady and 2 to 3 points lower thau
rra.y. caiee, o,400 bales. Quo
tutions were as follows:
Yesteiday. Friday.
October ....2 Nominal.
November. 8 48 8.49 8 48'o)8 49
Dicember. 8.50 8.51 8.52 8.63
January .... 8 69 8.60 8.61 8 62
February... 8.7(1 8.71 8.72(o 8 73
March 8.80 8.81 8.82 8.83
April 8.91 8.92 8.94 8.95
Ma; 9 02 9.03 9.04 9.06
June 913 9.15 9.15 9.16
July 9.24 9.25 B21 9.27
August 9.28 9 28
Toue.l ReclPriceej Slock.
Alton k T. 11 37.
A. 4T.H.,pfd.,i-5.
American Kx., 1U0.
B. C. K. k H, 56
Canada R011..KM
N.W pl',1 ,141.
Central Pacillo, 4. N'.V.Central.lW.
CheapEakeAO.,t. N.Y.C.i St. U.,l4?i.
a. j, 1 1 pia, 19.
iu.2d via. id
ChionifO k
Money in ac'ive demand at 8 per
sent The Clearing House report is
as follows:
Saturday, October 30 h $303,724 27;
total this week, $2,039,996 97; total
lost eek, $2,163,416 11; ro respond
ing time in 1886, $1,582,422 17; eorre
epondmg time in 1884, $1,387,608 97;
total for October, $7,666 662 SO ;
toUlfor Ojtober, 1885, $6,595,745 06;
averase fur Ottober, eeven years, $5,-
Saturday, October 30tb, $9',776 61 ;
total this eek, $515,118 05; total last
week, $600,8"'l CI; coiresponding
time in 1886, $330,190 02; correspond
ing tine in 1884, $247 890 80; total
for October, 1886,91,885,687 75; total
for October, 1885, $1,210,445 47: aver
age for October, seven yet rs, $1,102.
791. xoHistaa,
New York sight on all points,
discount boyine, par selling; New Eng
land demand, J diecoant buying; New
Aogiana Biajni, f Discount; uew Or
leans, i dUoount buying, par selling.
Bank of Oommeroe.146 bid, 149 asked
First National 160 bid, 165 asked
German Bank 195 bid, 200 asked
Starts National 145 bid, 150 asked
Union and Planters.150 bid, 163 aked
Mercantile Bank 136 bid.137 asked
nravKiNca stacks.
Blaff Oitj 100 bid, ... asked
Hernando 100 bid, ... asked
Home M 75 bid, 80 asked
Memphis City.. 102) bid, 105 aiked
Peoples 80 bid, 83 asked
Pbajrjix 08 bid, 100 asked
Plasters 107 bid, ... asked
Yanderbtlt.... 25 bid, 26 asked
Aiiingwn so Did, ... uked
Factors 20 aeked
M.AO.R R. shares. ..36 aid, ... asked
M.4T.K.R. eh ares... 45 bid, 50 atsked
M. A C.eoinols,7e.....ll9 bid, ... asked
m. u k. 1st m. r3s.l06 bid, ... asked
Miss. A T.R R. CS.A...111 bid, 113 asked
Miss. AT. R.a re.B-101 bid, 103 asked
Tenn. wtt. ser. D 90 bid, 93 asked
Tenn. wra. ser. to J..83 b d, 85 asked
Shelby do. 6s. 108 bid, HQ arked
Tax. Diet. 4, 6s 97) bid, 98J asked
Tax. Diet 6s 104 bid,106J asked
Mem. a s bonds .104 bid, J atked
Mem. Water b-nds...97 bid, ... asked
Hanaaer Oil Works...... b'd 65 asked
Am. Got. Oil trmst'....F3 bid, 64 asked
i looter uorton M1US...25 bid, SO asked
Meoa.8tor.Oom.Oo,.nabIJ. lis asked
Max. ta stook .'. ..75 bid. 80 asked
Kaw Yom, October 30.Money on
call quiet at 46 per cent., closing at 5
5 Pilme mercantile paper, 45
percent. 8trlirg exchange dull but
steady at 480) for sixty days and 484
for demand. ,
Statement ot tha associated banks
howl the following changes: Re
serve, ine eaae, $929,100; loans, de
crease, $153 209 ; specielncreaee, $851,
800; legal tenders, ini-rease, $200,900;
dqpavito, increase, $194,400; circula
tijn aaerease, $11,500. The banks
now kold $3,393,679 ia excess of the
25 per eent. rule.
Bond, Government bonds dull and
ldy. State bonds dull and steady.
u w niocas stiowea mucn lees
activitv, hat p ices were strong, with
very little ii teiruption througr out
the !av. W. stcra Union and Lake
bhore attracted most a'tntion among
the active stoik, and the latter was
spec ally ait ve and f trong in the lest
hortr, wiion the advance in the iibt
had bireu cheeked. Among the active
stocks tl.e 8uttiweat.rn roaJs wtr
5f u ! 1T0 ,"J.h,:i,1. "uoag which
Mobile and O 1 ) became corep'cu iu.
The money maktt was euy and the
prospect of a continued f,a supply
O A A.nlH.lftt
C..B. 4Q..1MH.
U.,Ht L. A N.O.,
C.St.L &P..14.
0. St. LA P.pfd, 32,S.
C.S.AC.. 43.
C. C.,7I.
C. k II. Vailej. mi,
Del. k Hud , 107
I)ol.,L. AW, 141.
Den. Rio ii , 121
V.r'tt, nfH. 7R.
New Emt Tenn., 134.St.L AR.K nfd.n'
N Y C.4St L.pfd,275i
uniouentrai, .
Ohioi Mi.,2.H.
O.AMisa.pid, 80.
Ontario 4 Went,, JO.
Oregon Nav , luff.
OroK. n Irani. .:!,'.
Orriron Imp., 29.
Paoifio llmil.M'i.
Pannma, U8.
Peoria U fE.,3lii.
Pituburir, 15S.
Pullman f.l).,145.
N. Orleans
Norfolk ...
ew York
Philad'a .
St. Louie..
e-HV. 7828 Sj
a y. 6830 SS
itul . 30( 0 S
du'l. 7993181
quiet. 4113 84
nom. 16898$
q'litt. 4407
cull. 37
nmut 1(1 1
.. ...... ,...... ..
qu'et. i359l
(lull. 353 Oj
q '.let. 1508 8 1
quiet. 2153'8
8 15-10
3 835
Receipts at porta, this day, 1886.49,826
Receipts at ports, this day, 1885.53,014
Newt;. Tenn. pfd,74.
Kf I. Jt 1? V
Fort Wayne, 146 C. M. k ft P.. W
Hannibal k St Jo .'. M.4 Pt.P,. p, 12
ij a di.jo , piu, . or. r., man., n.
et rauiauuiaba, 50
St Paul 4 0. pld, 111
Hnrlm. WO.
iouaUn k T., 83
Illionia Central, 134.
JDd , IS. a n ., ill.
Lake K. 4 W,2i)J,.
Lake Shore, 95.
Loo. 4 Naah. .577a.
Lou. ft N. A-, 60.
M. A let pd,-.
M. 4 C. peconda. ,
Mem. ft Char , 42.
IMinh. nn . mu
Min. 4 St. L . 21
Tenn.Cnal4 Iron
' ot r ncuj , c i u
Union PaoilU,6u.
U. b. Exp esa, 00
W..S. L 4P.,19'i
W.,-,.1,. 4 P. p.. 3bi
W.ft F. Ex.. 120.
W. U. Tel., 70'.
Colorado Coal, S
llome Stake. 17)4.
Iron Silver, ,
uniario, 24
1886. 1885. 1884.
R'ts U. S.
p'rtslday 49,820 53,014 34.380
Ex. Gr. 13, 19 684 12,973
Kt-ck C2S.066 625,6fi0 671,626
R'taSept 1 1,386,2 0 l,439,ti62 1,459,178
ForVn Ex. 713,968 712,1771 61,077
Min. ft St. L. pld. 47. Ouiokail Ter. R.
MiBour; Paoifio 1VX. Quicksilver pfd., 33.
Mobile ft Ohio, 18J4. South Paoino, -.
M. L. 8 ft W., 69. Sutro. .
London, October 30 Consols 100 1
16 for both mnney and tbe a connt.
The Bank of England gained 8000 on
balance today.
Pabis, Oi tober 30. Three per cent
rentes, 82f. 70c fcr tbe account.
RNkw York. O itoher 30. Bank clear
ings today, $99,162,575 j balances, 3,-765,172.
Baltimore Md., October 30. Bank
clearinas today, $1,084,137; balances,
St. Lonm Ma. YWtnKa on t.-u
" ' " uu m.
clearinim, $1,970522; for tbe week.
$13,428,029. Balances today, $290,162
for tha week, $1,822,862.
Philadelphia, Pa., October 30
OleariDsa todav. f ft.f)4rV7Ko. a., .v..
week, $55,262,6ia , BjUnces tiday,
$1,208,618; for the week, $7,671,447.
Boston, Mass., October 30. Bank
clearings todav, $12,263,477; for the
w,fneki?l74181,; ,ame eek in 1885,
$79,974,841. Balances today, $1,763,
883; for tbe week. $10,4(.3 678; for
same week in 1885, $9,163,678.
Chicago, III, . October 30. Asso
ciated hflnk rlDaririM tfut, i
206.C00; for tbe week, $49,464,000; for
;,?I,e8po,;diI1 week ,Mt Jew. $48,-
771,000 an inerease for tbe present
Week of onl 14 nnr ranf
l W IO. 1M,
The local cotton market opened
steady, and closed quiet and l-16c
lower: middling filn o.i.. n
bales, 3200 to exporters and 900 to
Wffi: Norn, Norn.
Oood Ordinary.... Norn. Horn.
Low Middling 61 81
Good Middling.... 8 81316
Middling Fair...., 91 o
Fair. Norn. i)0m.
Msmfbis,. Oatoba so, iggg.
oiock Sept. 1, 1880,... 4,009
Received today.. 7.729 '
Keceived previonsly.,142,185 153,923
Shipped today...... 8,528 "
Shi iiped previously.. 65,021
Home conaumntion to
date 106
Stock running account
. Import.
Thus far this week
lnus lar a t wu.b
S.noe September lat-.l
M. and O. R. R
M. A T. R. R
L. and N. R R
M. A L. R. R. R
C, O.AS. W.R. r
L, N.O. AT. a. R
K. C , 8 A M. R. R
M..K.AB. R. R
Wag ins and o her suurcVs
, 6.661
At noon: Liverpool nrjots were
dull, in bnyera favor, r-'a'es, 7C00
bale, of which American 5700 hale?.
R'caipts, 10,000 tales; American, 18,-
cuu oaies.
ClOBiUH ailOtfltiorm Wpro ll Inllnmo.
Ordinnry, 4jd;gond ordinary, 4 9 lOd ;
iow mioanng, oa; good middlina,
5 5-10d; middlinr uplands, 6jd; mid
dling Orleane, 6d.
The price are given in pence and Githt,
mu: i oa meant 4 03-4f; and 5 01
At noon: Liverpool futures were
auu: ucitDer, o U3(a5 04d; Orto-ber-Novemhcr.
4 W,i,.
Decnmhpr. 4 RQH ' Ikramb. T...
, v. vvujuDifauUBIJ,
; January-February, 4 69d; Feb-
mairy-raartD. on j March-April, 4d;
April-May, 6d; May-June, 6 02d.
At 1 p.m. : Liverpool futures were
quiet and steady ; October, 6 04d, sell
ers; October-November, 4 62d, sellers;
November-DnnniTiher 4 t.Q, .n.. .
-. I - octiciq,
December-January, 4 68d, buyers;
Jatauary-Febmary, 4 68d, buyers;
Febrnary-Merch, 4 59d, buyers;
March-Apiil, 4 61d, buyers; April
May, od, sellers; May-June, 6 02d,
1886. 1885.
Net port receipts
toOctober29,n...l,336,394 1,386,042
Overl'd movement
to8eptembei30h. 19,615 23,668
Est. South, cons'n
toSeptembei30th 31,000 29.0C0
Am't marketed....l,387,009 1,438,706
auu ini r stocas in
eKcessoteeptat 180,937 190,457
Amount in sight... 1,667,946 1,629,163
iarrsBioB MovaiuNT, octobsb 29, 1886.
Receipts this week 192,758
Same week fn 1885 P5 917
Same week in 1884 163,861
increase compared with 1885... 3,159
Increase compared with 1884... 28,895
Shipments this week 149,282
Same week in 1885 ISO 792
Same week in 1884 137316
Increase compared with 1885... 1 510
Increase oompared with 1884... 11,966
stock this week 228 997
Same week in 1885 206 307
Same week in 1884 156,058
Increase compared with 1885... 22,690
Increase compared with 1884... 72 939
1886 OOOni
J' 313,028
1884 301,691
The New York Financial ChrmicU
of October 30th gives the following,
fignrest Total visible supply, 1,861 349
bales, against 1,896,454 in 1885. These
figures indicate a decrease of cotton in
sight of 35,105 bales, as compared with
the lima data in lKRfi anH
va unuivncn
of 200,865 bales as compared with came
date in 1884.
$4 25 frnm n'nrn.
Hominy an Gaire-Fiom etore,
$ 15C)3 25.
Kansas Citt. Mo., October 30
Wheat dull; No. 2 ted, cash, 61 c;
November, 61Jcbid; December, 62io
bid. Corn lower; No. 2, raih, 29ja
bid; November, 29c; May, 3335,0.
Oats no quotations.
t. Locta, Mo., October 30. Flrur
qni.t and steady; XXX, $2 35(5)
2 45; 'amily, $2 b,)- 70 ; , ht,ice.
$3 053 15; family, J:t4i!S50; ex ra
mncy, fo oo(io cU ; Pteuis, $t4 35.
Wheat ai!tive, but eay and lower;
the market rnnned p u a. a .1..
cliued Je, ril,ied o, M oil ng,iip, tut
etreng tieued aud closed, alter a slight
reaitiOD, Jfatjo lower Uian veeteiduy ;
,'2 ed' c"'h, 7,i ': Novrmtu-r,
4i,4c, living ai 74 bid; De
cember, 7576Jc, elnamg at 762u
a-ked; Jannaiy, 77j'.i 7s,c bid, clos
ing at 78 jc b.d; Alav, -i 8 lc
closing at 851c Corn du'l but about
Btiady; prices rultd weak in the
6Mly dealing', but stri ng bened and
closed about tie s.niu an yester
day j No. 2 mired, eah, 332 ; No-
,utv, g,t i,iu,(iui gat aic lint ;
December, Slo bid; Jamiar, 3i()
36J( nltsng at 3 J2 bid; May.
38i(30Jc. ilr.s:ne at 39J Oals ve
dull bur eauy.and Jcluinrthun yeetor
day; No. 2 mixed, c eh, 23 jc; No
vember. 26c naked: lwmK,. v,7
27c; May, 80Jo. Rye easier, 4sV.
Rarley very dull and unchanged.
Hay sctive and BTmuer; praire
$7 50(ai0; timtthy, $av so. Flax
seed, 94-. B an firm, 50,'. Oornir eil
eteady, $1 90 Receuts-F:our, 400i)
brls; wheat, 27,000 bu; corn, 43,000
bu; oats, 21,000 bu; rye, 2.0J0 bu;
barley, 11,000 bu. Shit mems-Flonr.
rOUO brls: wheat. 1000 hll nrr-n 1 tl
0OOJu ; oats, none ; rye, none ; barley,
Chicago, III., October 30. There
wts a rather heavy f,elii;g in all
the grain marke a durirg the early
hours, accompanied by a lower rage
of pr ies. I u'. rallied toivanl ih i-ia
and fin:st:ed at abrutyetteiday'spiicei
a shade eaBier. In wheat it wan esti
mated that the next visibV supply re
port would ehow an mh r large in
crease. Roceipts at the Njitbwest
were aleo iepotcd la.er thau mual.
The market finally closed Jc lower
thau yoiterJay. The clToiirgs of corn
were lr,je at the opt nine, and prices
declined Jv', but rallhd and clcsd io
tne laien trading jc Higher than yes-
Vflfc f r I (1 T1 Thorn .1 n. n 1 ... I . .
1. -v. u-j . .nolo r, no r j j jjbiiu npecu
alion in oats, ptices clusing lower.
Fiour v.a quiet and unchanged. Cash
quotations were as follows: No 2
spring wheat, 72J(572c; No. 3epiing
wheat, 63f65JojN). 2ied, 73o; No.
2roro, 35J(35jc; No. 2 oat,251ia
25jo;No. 2 rye, 60c; No. 2 barley
63Jc; No. lfl.xsoed, 97c; prima tim
ott,y, $t 72. The leuiing futures
langed aa follows: Wheat O.tobor
opened at 72c. highest 73c, lowest
cioBing rto; JMovemlier opened
at 72Jit, hinheat 73-, lowett 722i-, rloa
irg7ic; December o;ened at 74 jc,
hiaheet 74Jc, loweet 74?n, closing
74(i: JunHnv nnanail ol 7.M.. I, I, .!,.
75jc, lowest 7fjc, closing '6Jc; May
opened at 81 highest 81 -, lowe t
811c, closing 81 jc. Corn Oc ober
opened ac so nighcst 36c, lowest
S5if, ctoeiua 35jj; Noven.ber opened
.Mic, oiguest BO! lowest 35Jc,
closing 36c; December opened at
Sdlc, highest 373, lowest 3le, closing
oio; .rauuary openea at 37c, nigheat
37jc, lowest 37c, cloeirg 37 jc; May
orened at 42c. hit hem 4'lc I narant
41 jc, cloeing 42e. Oaia-October
opened at 251e, higheet 25Jc, loweit
iujc ( H-o ujj ojo; wnvemoer opened
at 26Jc, highest 25jc, loweit 266c,
closing i6jo ; December opened at 26c,
DigueBiioju, lowest 2ojc, closing arijc;
May opened at 80n, highest 30Je,
lowest 309c. nlnnino HM Raalni
Flonr, 14.000 brla; wheat, 82,000 bu;
corn, 152,000 bu; rye, 4000 bu ; bar-
ity, o,uuu du. onipments flour, 12,
vw vim; wusat, lo.tajv du; corn, 10,
000 bn; rye, 2C00 bu; barley, 34,000
- 5H0
- S61
- 8C0
B il E A li Stt TFM.
Corn meat-Ktundard. to n4 oe.
Hat Cho Cf, fiom etore, 75c; car
loan irora levee or uepof, n 0I2;
prime, l orn store, to(i70r. ; rr load
from levee or derot, 10 5011; ptai
ne, fnm etrre 5"c; car load frorn
levee or di nut. f 7.
Corn From i toie.w hi'eO-; ;mixed,
44i-, frfin lree or dprt; white, fn
bnlk, 43jc; in fecks, 4lljc; m xed, in
bu k, 41 Jc; in eai k, 4ftc.
Oats Fom etoie,white,37o; mixed,
Bottbb ButUrine, 13Jai4c;
reamery, 3032o; dairy, 18Ji)20c;
onntry butter, 18c.
Hoo Pboddots Mees pork. $10 25;
sugar enred hams, lllljc: breakfast
ojvawio: ciear rib sides Daoon,
He: bacon shonlders. 77ic; balk
pork clear sides, 7Jc; clear rib sides,
6Jc; shoulders, 5ic; long clear, 6o.
Labd Tierce?, 6Jc; hall-barrels and
uju: cuoice aeuie, TUfMXO.
xnun ncATano. i beet, o ; mnt-
wu, oc, uinu quarters ol beet, 84c;
Pooltbt Chickens, ipring, $2(
s i a ; om bbdb, 92 (aaB. TurXeys, $8
urecse, JUUCX", 3.
York factory, 8e: full cream, 13Jc;
nas rarr.uarrels, $9 50 10; half,
barrels, $4 756; keg, $1 75.
St. Locis, Mo.. Ootober 30 Pro-
visions rniea quiet Pork was in
light demand and firmer, 9 87 J Lard
firmer and2j5c higher, $5 8(iJ5 85.
XJ 11 J ak XI1BM1.9 HMHlflr Anaa Inlal Iin .
ciear ana snort.riDS, 90 80; short e'ear,
$6 60; boxed Io long elear, $6 25;
duui 11. 'o, m ouj mioii ciear, v& w.
Baron dull but firm; lorg clear,
$,7 25;,,B5!'rib' 7 10Q7 25; short
clear, $7 37J&7 60. Hams quiet and
steady, 0jemjo. Batter dall; cream
ery, 2425j dairy, 1220c. Eggs
Ul US Mli itUa
Chicaoo, III., October 30 -Pro-
pork decliced 67ic, but rtcovered
again. Lard ruled 2Jc lower. Cash
quotations were is follnws: Mees
potk, $8 95 per brl ; lard, 5 80 ner 100
lbs.; short rib sides, lo-me, $rt; dry
salted thoulders, boxed, $5 45(a$5 60;
.nun uicar Biuer, DPXeU, 0 0UWO 00.
Leading futures ranged as follows:
Po-k November opened at $8 95,
higr e t $8 97, lowest $8 90, cloeina at
18 95; Jaimry opened at $9 97J,
hheBt $10 C2J, lowest $9 95, clcsing at
$995. LardNovembcrr.penedat$6 77
h!ght S6 80, lowen $5 77, rl
t $5 77 j I De'wmheronenid at $5 82,
Mwh.s' $i85, loweit$8'.,, i l. a na at
$." 8 i : J innnrv m unol .,-. 0'l .
et J5 9, loweit ?5 '02-, clo-.ii g at
695. Mil rtr bs-Oc obirrpened et
$ti 05, hih.at $0 or., lowest $6
cloHirg at JO; .l.irna v opened at
15 10, hlghes'. '5 10. Jowis!$- 10,
clrs ng at $) 10; Felrii,ry niKiiMl
at$ 15, h g!:i'Ht J5 15, , wvat$i 15,
clns n tit $ 15. On t' e I'r.HuceEx
ci ang btitfcr nrt q.iie:; g od to
fancy cr a-nery, 20(:'5:; medium to
fulrc eamcry, 15(n19j; choice to fine
"i'f; ycccw clar fl-d, 61(3
flirt I MCkAx L A ' ' . '
iiJ-, F u " l p- "on": renned A
PlCiPJc; trsnnlat d, 6a'.
Corrn 1'( niiiinn. ii ui.
rarv. r.Vl'.M:: nr-n.n W iobioi
choice to lancy, lly.iSc; old".ov'ern-
Soap 3(.iif Jc ror nnnn
CASmis-Siicka, all sixje, in boxes
pailB ai,d tarrela, 7jra.9.j.
8.1I.T-I1 20 tl( r Ixinul.
uib, uieacnea, zj;a.7c; car loads from
'evee or denot. 5; hnnir
Cansbd Goods, Etc. Prices per
ooarn: rineapples, $1 25(Al 60;
peaches, 2-)b, standard, $1 15(3)1 25 ; sec
onda, $1(A1 10; tomatoes, 2-lb atand-
aia,nu.Qti; a-in.sifau 15; strawber
ries, $1 lul 26; raai.berriea, $1 10
wo; 'Bcorne8, l(i 10; green
gaees, $1 tHXl 75; pears, $2
a to; piums, 91 oui 70; aeparagus,
j ouv, aren corn, j(3)i so; green
peas, $165lt35; cove oyeters. full
weight, 1-lb, 8595c; cove oysters,
full woiirht. 9.1 h tl nnr1 an. . .
r-- -, v v ' ov, vuva
oyeters, light wetgt t, 1-lb, 60o ; cove
oyeters, light weight, 2-lb, $1; con
denaed milk Crown, $5 60f35 76;
Ea!e, 17 507 76; Daiay, $4 75.
Vki.as'as Louipara, common to
fair, I8(a)2ric; prime to choice, 30(?40c ;
svrup, aitrtHOc; common U fair, 20((i)
25r: prime to choice, 30335o; centrif
bh1, fancy, 32;3n.
Tobacco Ccmmon, 11-inch, 27(
28c; ether grades and style, 35(,S5c.
!niiff (Barrett's, $10 85 pr ;esn;
Kalnh'a, $10 25 jer rase; R. R , $) "6
(cMO; Uail A Ax's, $8 76.
Kkw Oiilraks, La., October 30.
ouurr irregular; upm uatle, Jnlly
f .ir, 4jc: fair, 4Jc; centrifugal, choice
whito.63.': off whitn. n$r.i)F.ln- ni,nl,.o
yellnwrhrfl-.il, 5,(.e3jo; pr.tne yllow
c'a-ifi d, 6J(J55c; Beconde, 41(5c.
Mo a;Bee in tair demand ; open kettle,
choice, 45(i;4(ic; contrifugals, lair to
prime, 2025c; Louisima syrup, 38is.
Naw Youx, October 30. Coffee
spot fair Rio nt9ady,12j!; options mod
erately ai tivn; salt a, 30,600 bags; No
vember, lO.OOOiUO.e'x; l)ecmbt r,10.55
10.70c ; January, 10(.r,10.65c; Feb-u-ary,
10 55(aH0.0rc; March, 10.60(
io.ooc; April, lu.boe; May, KlOUfW)
10.5c; June, 10.65n. 8ug dull and
more or leea nominal; ruQned dull;
aioia ses uuu. u co steady.
hovijiiiiojlu Hvrra.ua
Afplks Anp'ea, $1 60(3)2 60; dried
nppies, ittaMjo par pound irom store
ajtirq pear ne, .'j(a);ia Irom store.
VXGBTABLICS Oninna. 'l Irnm
s'ore. Cabbage, $2 50; per head, 810c ;
u to irom mvee or depot per crat.
Kraut, brla, $r5 76; half brie, $2 76
o. uaruc, utouo per lot). Turnips,
60c per bmliel.
Fruit Oranwa. nar lim R ko-
, ,,, .7. '. r I""
unrrei, w outiu iximc nB, $5 50(;6 per
box. Bananni". $1 60(i!2 60 nnr hnnrh.
Cocoanuta, J5 por 100. Peanuts Vir
ginia, 7c; lenneasBB, farmer's itock
84c; roasted, 2o higher; shelled
Raimns London lavers. $3 40 : lav.
era, $2 75; California, ; Imperial,
(3 50(4.
1'iczt.M Io jars, pinls, 95c; quarts,
iou; iiaii-gaiiong, io ; galloiis,J. 75;
looae, oarreis, ?o 00(a)7; Half-barrels,
$3 75(34 ; mixed, barrels. $10 60 ; mixed,
uau oaireie, yi.
Potato- New, $1 251 60; North
Ulll rL(!(:K. X1 JiiiaYl.
Cioaa-New York, $6 607 per bar
rei, aim o(j4 per tiall-tiarrel.
Vinkoab 10(ial5n ner irallon.
Pkcakb Texas, 8&l0o fur email to
mndium, 1014o (or large; Aikaueas,
Fnm faskerel, half-barrola, No, 1,
o zngii n; no, z 4 .')(; Wo. 3,T4 26
IHio; HMD air, xvo. I, wic; no. a, 760
15 lb, No. 3, 65c. Dry herrings, lam
ilv. 25c ner box.
Walnut French, 12c; Naples,15c;
urenouies, joe. f utiertR, lc.
(Iamb Game flab, ll12c.
Eaes 1617c.
rete'pta, 321 head; sbHiment, none;
market at-adv: tor. 1 1 , -I, ,,;.. ., .
3; Comnioa to med;am, $1 t0(ii3 25.
Chicao, Iil., October 30. The
vimru jmtrrun renoit: Cattle re-
toi "eau; Btiumenta. none;
market bIjw : dlrjrpirg tfen WiO in
16P0 lie, $3 5; .Vskers ,d
eerier?. i JMf:, ;n-
nnxHO, $1 i6(.i.2 75: Irlk, $2(S2S0
thtonglt Tcx.s ctlht i2 a: (nil 20;
""'"".""gen naiirpH nil, i(
urietie, i i.i 4 c w. 9.-.ir tk.
tfrr't 'lexane. 2 mt;, :i . n J,..
: Wvuaini'j. U. ,,,,. i ...i...'
- ,u "K''-receiptp, Z0,-t(Jt) l.ed;
ihu mentf. 50T.0 lua.t n o.b.i . '
cloaiua: lower: ronah m.lml.l r.n
, . ' - .1 , , o IJ v.
;Vi'.i,K 2J 0US) ,ui Bkii8 -16
PiyfJ 40. bhHfn-rcrr.il to , n i,. .i .
stiipments, 1000 head: market steady
oi'nyZ' $'2 3 75 : Weatein, 3 40(3)
o iv, Jeians.j;laaibii, $3(a)4 60,
0tnlnln. k. D, .
ARAHai Bill k-r-u n.. . . . .
j .iT! ? Ky'. n "'laaatea to lead
down thalrfreiahn br 4:i m m.
K WAI.WOKTn. Ar.nt.
Fur Ualena, Tarrane, Arktnaaa City, Uraea-
..... .uu , ...neuorg-fioamor
W y oiiil.ig, mffVK
At, at 111 a.m. For frotuht or muvnut am-)
V. L. H.U.I.. P.m. Ac't. A t KtVitt M . aV'i.
for llrlrna mid Nl. I'roncia Klr.
Str. Rene Macrcady jJ
luiMioiFAi o p.m. l.ivca tor Ilelora
andtft. Francia rltarKVKllY W ATI) HI) AY
at f p.m.
i'ha captain nanrvea tha riaht to aa all
landtDf hodouin? uneafo
JA8. LKH, .H.-Snp't,
OHttw, No. 4 Miitirnn .tract.
For Oaoaola, Ilaloa Point, Omrothamllla,
(laynao and TiitonvilIa-Tha new aid
wheel paaflenirnr ateairtr
Will leava aa above, and all war nainta.
RVKRV WDM in v . -.1 irViriiTJ V1?r'
" d . , n..i i m
r-in. yortrolKhtoriMiaaaimapplyon hoarJ.
Friara Point. ...jAkaa Ln.B p.m.
ArkanaaaCity Wili,8. Hit, a. .
Oioaola Coihoua. a n
Tiptonrill Ciia-uraii, S m.m.
ConaorJia iliuin. a n.m.
Vi.kbur Wroaiio. 10a..
Whit Hirer Cuiciabaw. fl n
Arrimlt Gvnm fm.,l;. . i.
anias City, St, Liuig.
Denartum Cliarla T fi
ew Orleans; Oayoso, ConcerUia; Ar
kanaas Citv. t. Louis.
Iioau in Port.-V, U & Uays and J.
N. Macomb.
Boalt Due Down. Coahoma, Chesa
peake an! Citv oi Cajro.
Boatt Due I In t.n.iu T i ii i
JNo. i, Kats Adams and Rene Ma-cready.
allala Teaercla-.
OaVOaO (id rialoa ntt ii 1
seed cotton and 1 777 tks seed.
is the V ednesday packet (or Whit
Tna Wvomtno. rmi ir . -
Keith, will puss down Tueiday morn
ing for V icksborR.
TnaGAvoso. Cnpt. A. L Commins.
is tha packet '1 uosuay evening f.ir Con
cordla and all way point.
The Coahoma, Capt. Henry Cooper
la the packet Monday evoning at S
o'c'ock far O.neoa aud the upper
bends. Will ftniiher :'s ia her cfll, .
Tus Jame. Lie, Capt. Thos. Clag
Rett, is tlio p cki t Monday evening at
5 o clock for Helena. Kr:nra Point and
all way laudirgs. Will Aahford ia in
hor i llico.
TusCliesapciike, Capt. W. P. Hall,
ia the packet Monday evening at 5
o'clcck for Hales Point, Tiptonville
and all way landings. CjI. J. 1). Fal
ler has charge of her cilice.
The Will 8. Hay, Capt. Mark R.
Lheek, in j.hte ol the Kate Ad line, is
the United Niaiets mail packot Monday
evoning at5oVlo(k for Helena, Ar
karaaB City and all way landings. W.
U. Blanker bai charge of herefflce,
BB'iated by Auioi D,y and Morris
Homphln,rrliira Folni ami lrD.innlii,
ami Uacnola ItMK I Uumpany.
For lielana, Ulendals, Vriara Point and al
t. nauainta etaaojsr
n M , . .... a
H I. UliAHUeJlT ............Ml.t..r.
,A2!iblve..n.,'jyKRY MONDAY,
njn.iaovAi ana laivAi aiaa alaok.
For Randolph, Fat ton, Oaooola an Way
uauuinit euamar
it rvmpirn
and FRIDAY at 5 p.m. Tho'boaUot thl
line raaarva tha riaht to paaa all Umlini a
the explain may (loom amnio. Ilflloo, Do. t
MaHifonal. JAM Kri LICK, Ja. . Sa.-t.
McmplilB and VIchKhnrx Packet Cos
1 1 u u..tl ,
pnuy li,r. mull time.
For Oelona, llonoordia, Terrene and Arkaa-
i eieaani pnaaenuer atomer
lA t. AUAmS. r.l
H. H. 0hMk..,iuaatar I W. O. Dlauker.. olerk
Le.vea Memphta
For Coneordla and all way landinga.
A. L. Cnmmlna, Maat'rJ Lew Prioe O.'erk
WeaTIIH'DAY and 8Al3llDAV ati p.a.
No. 4 Madiaon atreet.
.TOFTN OAHR. P.M'r A gent. Teleiihnna ATI.
Memiilils&lviilte Klrer rkt.Cn
For 4iitrrnlen, Dvnll BlarT,,
itq, nnan.ia. cearay, nawprn, Jaokaoa-
l,nrt. lUf.Bvtll. ..J .fl U.. I ...II
...... .... i.m. .1, ..... MMUUIIIKG.
R. O. Poatal
vi. vmtm mKHUir,
Will leave KVKBY WKDiihJaDAY at t p.m.
Str. ALKEItTA NO. 3,-1
Amen u. rniik maator, 1
Will leave KVERY SAID Kb AY at 5 p.m.
inreuin raw. viran an an poiara. yraiioi
eonaianed to tbe Meu ihla aad Wklto Hirer
Packot Co., at Memphla or Terrene, will be
ffirwarnnii npnmnllw Vn mh..1 ImI.....
tlon apiily at odea, No. S Uadlaon at., or
Uall TelenbnneMI. II. O. I.OWH. A.'t.
In cur load lots: Prime crude
cotton seed oil, new, 28(?:t0c; ofl
crndfl nnlton annH nil l,t 9ArJi
2flo; prime summer yellow cot
ton seen on, aotajjuc; ou summer
yellow cotton seed oil, 32 34c; min
ers' summer yellow cotton teed oil,
S335c; prime mmmer white cotton
eeuon.aoc; cncice cooking yellow
cotton seed oil, 87 J(340c ; prime cotton
mtwA meal. El A 7Rfa1lfi fr ..t.n ...j
, T -l7.w, VV.VVU WUU
meal, none. Cotton seed delivered at
aepi t or levee, w per ton ; irom wagon
hi uiiiia, u per ma.
Basoiso Jute, 2 lbs, 8 jo: 1 lbs,
o; i irs, c. iax, Blttl, Wlo.
Naiia Common. tS 2V512 In- ataal
$2S6f2 50.
Powdjb Kegs, f 4 ; hall kegs, $2 25 ;
quarter sega, u 20.
ClAartnh wuli.il QITl. .
wooi, toi&ioc ; onrry wool, 13(aJ18c
Bt. Lonw, Mo,, October 30. Wool
outb auu aiwauy ; meiainm Clotlllne.
MAr.l.. . 1 ' ....... . . Of
itSiOo; ooaiQing, rotzojos WW and
cuaruB, iratiC! one I'gtlt, ZQ(Z4c J
. . i.
Coat Oil Prime white, wholesale
iow, no per gallon.
Clevelakd. O., October 30.Petro-
leuna a. w , uu , 7c.
PiTTHnnno. Pa . On'nKa an r..
, , - , v . .... w, . x cn-
lanm dull; N.'lnml T..r. a
catea onencil at HKIn mnA .
. . u u .inmcu Hb
A1.. l,ll,. !.. 1 ' t "
Whiset Straight Kentucky Boar-
uuu.iowoo, reuisiiuea goods Irom
85c to SI 60. accord I no- tn
, .E. ' mj"i
ut9a " ' ' ; r-i -'i i .
CnicAao. III.. Octoria !U1 im,i.i.
tl 18. ' """""
Br. Loom. Mo.. OoliK.r ttn tii,i.l.
a. ' '
0lHOlHVATt.O..fV4nKttv 90 urif-i.
oti?e And firm mImai fiiou.Mi.(
. , " , ' w. UAV U(l 1 cjsj wi
nnianea gooas on a basis of SI 13.
TTtDm T)rr flint iiaia.. j
sal t, 10llc ; green salt, 718 Jo ; green
69e; deerskins, 15(lc Beeswax
Arm at 20s; tallow, 3ci3 Jo.
'tmmA Start
I Trade jnrU.
Bl!8INK.8 fltir.
Wkathku cV tr and pleasant.
Tub G iyoeo do artod hat evoning
for Conuoidia, on time.
Tna Arkansas City passed up lata
last evi'iiiug for St. Louis.
Tun Port Ka le and barges paused
tip oarly yesterday morning for H.
Tna river here it undo 3 foot 8 tenths
pn tho gauge, a fall of 2 tenths last t!4
liKcaiPTs by river yesterday: 60
bale of cotton, 11 bats of seed cotton
and 1777 sacks of seed.
PsvmtAt. of the local packets failed
to arrive ycatordny, d iubtlees detained
by fog, iow water i.nd busiDew.
Capt. C. B. Ritghkll Lai been re
appointed agpnt tiere f ir the Memphis
aud Cincinnati Packet Company.
James B. Rooitaa, No. 7 Madison
street, lira been appointed ajent here
for the Southern Traneportatiom Una ,
ol steamers.
IIarby Millar, late ol tha Charles
Morgan, is handling the river column
of the Commercial Oattlle, Cincinnati,
during the absence of I is father, Col.
buns miliar, anu lie is U ilng it well.
Tub attention of shippers is directed
totlie imnort-ine of having freight
for the Will S. Hays sent to the land
ing ai eHrly as possile, the low water
compelling her to leave at 6 o'clock
p.m. eliarp.
Tin Onus. P. Choutean got away
at 11 o'clock yesterday morning for
Now Orleaiis. Her deck crew jumped
her Friday night. Tha men shipped
at St. Louis for the trip at the rate of
JI10 per month. Here they quit, Capt.
Thorweaao then offered all who wanted
to work to come back and he would
pay $t0 por month from here to New
Orleans, but they refuted unless thelf
wages np to reaching this port weiw
paid them at once. The captain de
clined to do thia, knowing full well
that had he paid them off last evening
they would have went up town, and
the boat would be in Just as bad if not
a worse fix,
Office Siqeai 8bvicb, TJ. 8.
Memphis, OotoborSO, 1 p.m.
Tha followina nkwrminn. . t.l
at a!l stations named at 7 meridian
time, which is one hour faster than
r Oyawepalat,ll dersnfeniatiM
f (laa 0lf (! Orani and tha
g.lrwr, Skin DlaenMs, Cata, Bairaao,
VeaUala an4 Hralaea,' ACID R1
RABTB Is m apacllle. .
aahawnaaUetai, ITIalarlal Blaan
m9rmi, chrwale Dlarrhona auaal
Uaatw eases ! Blood Polaoalaaaj.
rll wltkosM tall mm Urn woaa1r
GBAaS (jATTI Chnlnm QlOiOl..
vuviuof mjw Ati Wli .
ffOOd. 2irtiff- fair r wwkJrlf.JL ofck
2Jc; scallawapa, lllc.
Hoos-Choice, 4Jc; good, 441cj
eommon, 3(S)SJo.
Hnip-;holce,3J4o; medium, 3
3o; eommon, H(ol 60. Choice
lambs, per pound, 4J(jec.
KiNBAl ClTT. tin D OH
Tha Live Stoct Indicator repmt: Cattle
leceipis, 129 1 hi ad; ahipmente,
none; market about Meady; good to
choc, J4 l(k-i4 CO; comm. n io me
dium, 3 3( (4: tto. kera.fi i5ft,2 7i;
r-ediiget e-,f8v3; c.ws, $i 6(u
2 60, gra a rng atie.s, l iH i'D.
II- gs-recei j's, 3110 head; tbpmn s,
534 1ie4(l; market flrmrnd5 h'gh
er; good t choice, J3 HO t'5; com
mon to medium, JS 50(3 80. rih-ep
mt mil .aMlera s mmmt.
troaw the A. I. E. Cm., mMI, AJaa,
At Wtolegale by TAit TLEET CO.
Ab've Low
Water. Change.
Rise Fall
Feet. lOtba lOtha loth
Cairo . 4 3 8 -
Chattanooga.... 2- ,
Cincinnati 8 4
Davenport 3 0
Dubuque......... 6 6 1
Fort Bmith 1 7 ,
Helena M 8 6 ........ 1
Keokuk 4 2
La Crosse. 4 8
Leavenworth... 6 . ......
Little Rock 1 t
Louisville 2 7
Memphis 8 8 ....... 2
Nashville 6
New Orleans.... 1 8
Omaha 8 8
Pittsburg i 8
Bt. Loals 7 1
St. Paal 8 7 1
Bhreveport 8 8
Vickahura 7 2
No. 2rM. R. D.ChftDMry Oovtr. ff 0I-lbf
TJ Y Tirtoe of aa IntoalaoaUry (Uerea for
XJ aaleenUre4 in the abore maMon the
lath dar of Uo ober, law. M. B. M, aaae
ann.t win eaii, ai aaona aaoMea, to tbe
la-noai oianer, in rroni ml tbe Clark and
uf.r'a .n.M. r( h i, u Utk-t k . .
Halnnlav. Hovemb ia. iaa
within lexal heora, Ue rbllowka 4eairiba4
propenr, .nuateu ia in uael Arllnatoa
lrn... -l. ibitk. n.i kk.ii.. .
' ' " v .Bn,.,,iiB W IH1
Irom tha earner ol ihe l.om and Naab-
rv -iirue.1, .a .n- iuvir .iaa or aaia rail
road and on tbe aelt aide ef tlr-enlee alraett
runnlna thenee nh add ri Dread aouth
weat 8 ehaina and HI link a Iaa .take on Jack
aon etrwli th- an wlib Jaekaua .trie' anith
aiatS ohul' l ao.1 41 link, to etude ea Jank
an and Walker tre-'a; thenrew ih Walker
airrat nrihenat R .haina aalvl iinka ti a
itukeon (Ir-on'ae .tree.t tkeaee wl'h (irtaa
lee litre t nnrchwe.t A ebaina an ) 41 linke to
the baainniua eotituiniug i aerea, aiure or
Terma of Site One half aaah ; hat. nee In
tw.l.e Dinnthm O' le hearma tatereat, with
apnroxd aee r tv, reijuiradi Ilea retained.
Ibia October II, lv-.
S, I. MrllDW KI.L, Clerk and Ma.ta
PyT. B C.ilJw II, Deputy O. and M,
Craft A Cooeer, Uola. lor oomprot.
PrnasuM, Pa., October 3aNooE
River 6 feet 8 Inohei an the gaaga
and stationary. Weatber-ralay.
Whiemee, W. Va., Oatober SO.
Noon River 1 loot 4 laches on tho
gauge and atatioaary. Weather cloudy
and cool.
Ciacias ati, 0., October 3a Noon
River 3 feet 4 Inches on tha gauge and
stationary. Weather clear ; theraaom
tertl. Looiavnxa, Er October 88. Noon
River atationary, with 8 feet in tke
canal and 10 inchaa on the falls. Busi
ness fair. Weather clear and teed.
Caiio, III., October SO. Moon
Rlvir 4 feet on the gang and station
ary. Weather clear and cool. Arrived:
Future City aud barges, New Orleans,
8 a.m. No defaiturea.
"Londtn" Trouser Stretcher
v i
Patented In Enrona and Uni
ted KU'ea. aw.lr lrnu la
I mml " foroalebratod
John Hamilton A Oo. Blretoar
er. Takea lu ..al oi
bn re-t.ire poataloone ta
or'X'nnl ahai. Oaly patentee
Stretcher oumhininaaorew roe
in combination with olaiopa.
All other. inlrinireiiienta,
Drialnal and on j aln-lolira
fcii reaa aei urelt parked. Price R 50. Writ!
tT Pirrin'.r'-. rtw.i,,. n-.,,.i,v, ,u w.v,r uurt
tl. W. MMSIOJIN CO., aiMIa,kaMt

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